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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 22, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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. congressional lawmakers are finally getting their hands on the memos kept by james comey. president trump tweeting james comey's memos are classified. therefore he broke the law. >> james comey is a disgraced, disgrund ld and now discredited individual. he leaked and laid about leaking. why veftion won't name a second special counsel. >> world leaders joining president trump in applauding jim jong-un's decision to close the nuclear test site. >> president trump having strong language and rhetoric in the beginning got to us to this point. they ought to be suing themselves. they're the ones that colluded with the russians. >> we might not think they're very bright in all of that.
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you need to have respect for your citizens. your country isn't going to pull itself apart. an emotional day as hundreds of people gathered in a church in houston to pay their respects. >> barbara bush was real and that's why people admired her ad loved her so. ♪ ♪ >> this is one of my favorite songs. never gets old. >> welcome back. >> it's good to be back. i was on vacation in an undisclosed country. >> we'll feigned out later. >> mexico. i'm going to let it out there i was following the caravan. just sitting on the beach. >> a little swamp vacation for you? >> no, empty swamp. i love vacation when you can see
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the white house correspondent's dinner. >> i got a little excited, there was a guy behind me with the blue jays. he works behind me or something, he was ragging on the jan yanke. i got really anowed. >> well you brought your medicine cabinet. >> i got ricola, i'm ready. it's a great show for pete because i can talk less. >> and for our audience. >> it's national earth day. did you know that? is it national earth day? no? earth day. i don't care about earth day. >> happy sunday morning to all of you. we're happy to be with you this morning. there's always news to get to on the weekend. james comey's memos are at the top of the conversation. president trump was tweeting about this yesterday saying i've been untreated unfairly in this whole process. he tweeted saying, james comey's memos are classified. i did not declassify them.
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they belong to our government. he broke the law. additionally he made up many of the things he said i said and he's already a proven liar and leaker. where are memos on clinton, lynch and others. to his point he's saying why am i getting treated differently than the others. if you're upset with loretta lunch and hillary clinton, why didn't you write your personal diary on them. >> there's no memo on that. >> no, no memo for any of the others. hogan gibbly was on this channel last night, pointed out some important aspects of the comey memos we want to bring to you. listen. >> james comey is a disgraced, disgruntled and discredited individual who got fired from the fbi. he leaked and lied about leaking. he set up a systemic way in which he could get to one of his friends to take classified information. he classified the documents. >> yes, he did. >> and then set this elaborate
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scheme to somehow leak the classified information to the "the new york times" so the american people could see it? i don't think this is the end of what we know about james comey. i think this is the beginning. and more stuff is going come out. >> and all-out war now. >> that last part caught me ear, at the white house saying more is coming out. i've spoken to some in the last few days, the president is saying more is coming out. that was not an accident nal line. in private the president is saying, james comey, get ready. more is coming. is there just more bad stuff about james comey? more is coming. >> the doj inspector general referred andy mccabe for criminal prosecution. the inspector general is investigating james comey. there and ap op-ed pointing out we know comey was a leablger, the memos were fbi material,
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there was no urgent need to leak and the memos were classified. here is part of what all fbi statements sign, quoting all information acquired by me in any official duties with the fbi and all official material to which i have access remain the property of the united states of america and that an agent will not reveal any information or material from or related to fbi files. and this is key. or any other information acquired by virtue of my employment to any unauthorized recipient without prior written authorization by the fbi tell me how, when you lk at what comey did, he didn't break the rules of what he swore an oath to. for the doj inspector general not to be looking into him, it ain't just mccabe. comey will be next. >> controlling the narrative. it may be the beginning between these two. more may still come. a busy week ahead in washington.
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you have the president of france macron with a big state dinner early next week. he's decided not to invite democrats or the immediate yoo to the week's din wer that president ther there's an interw with chris wallace and macron. it's clear that these two have a strong relationship. president many crown and president trump. >> it's his link to europe. >> they're going to be talking about a number of issues, north korea, the iran deal probably one of the most important ones. but not a surprise that the president saying, democrats, media, you're not invited. >> i have my thoughts on that. before i do, ed, you've covered this. that is the normal protocol, who gets invited and why. this is the first state dinner for this president. >> members of congress of both parties and usually some members of the media. i'm not surprised that the president is not inviting the media. people are going to whine about
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it. but it's a mistake to not reach out to some democrats. show some bipartisan support. >> they've shown s he's shown sn support. i'm looking for the ol viv branch when they're suing you to discredit the election that you won when you're dually elected, and their handlers in the media are doing the same thing. >> you've got democrat tons foreign relation committee. >> i think you reach a good point. you're ultimately the president of the united states. the democrats aren't going to do it, the republicans aren't going to do it. it's up to the president to bring people together. >> i think we should have a party with republicans and the republic of france. >> i want pete to live with a democratic family for two months and film and come back. >> that could be a reality show. >> my views would not change.
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theirs would. what about kol listen kaepernick. >> he was given an award in amsterdam, i believe, wins the amnesty international award. you know about him from this program a and others. the kneeling protest that he brought to the nfl. this is colin kaepernick after being given the award. listen. >> how can you stand for the national anthem of a nation that preaches and propagates freedom and justice to all, that is so unjust to so many of the people living there. how can you not be a race when you know you're always at risk of death in the streets or enslavement in the prison system. how can you be blind to the treet u truth of systemic i injustice. my love of the people fortify me on my mission and meets me with when faced with dehumanizing
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norms. that lead to one's life by simply being black. >> i think he's been out of a job. we don't know where he'll end up. rumors he may go with the seahawks. i want to read part of the speech. he says, racialized oppression and dehumanization is woven into the very nature of the effects that can be seen in the lynching of black and brown people by the police. some very strong words there. >> the idea of lawful lynching by our law enforcement. to attack law enforcement continually is where he really messes up. he can speak up. he has strong views and this is america. he should be able to do that. but when he attacks law enforcement again and again, it's ridiculous. >> tell us to the cops who serve us every single day. >> what about the ones that lost their lives in no reason at all.
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>> you receive an award on people who don't love america any way and then you crap on america telling them it's a terrible place to live. i'm glad you're hear. play for the seahawks if you want. sit on the bench. it's self gran diezing at this point if you want to protest, protest all you want. we'll see if the anthem protest continues into the next season. >> if he wants a job, come back and focus on that and get better. he hasn't been great. >> e-mails us friends@fox news. com. >> no that is not our question. >> he's getting fired up. >> welcome back, pete. >. i want to bring you some headlines that we're following. yesterday the emotional tribute of the life and legacy of former first lady barbara bush. america's grandma is laid to rest at a houston church where loved ones remember her humor
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and passion for education. >> drinks and dignity are her clothing and she laughed at the time to go. >> she was our teacher and role model of how to live a life of purpose and meaning. >> a powerful moment as daughter dorothy is seen consoling george h.w. bush as he says good-bye to his wife of 73 years. also in attendance first lady melania trump. what a day to remember. major league pitcher danny remains in critical condition, whys sox carrying the reliever out of a dougout after a collapse on friday night. his jersey seen there in the dugout 0 as they continue their series against the houston astros. and the supreme court preparing to tackle two blockbuster cases on r.
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within wednesday looking to decide the fate of president trump's third travel ban. the juan affecthe ban affects f. also this morning. mitt romney is heading for a primary runoff in utah the republican candidate for president i is failing to secure his spot. he's going to face kennedy in a june 6 runoff. the very same event where romney reportedly said he's not ready to endorse president trump for reelection. well despite receiving president trump's full support for this race, we're going to talk more in-depth about this one. >> we are. >> turns out the people get a vote. can't just run back to the state and be like, i'm about utah now.
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>> that's what conventions are for. >> we might talk a little more about it. >. the liberal professor undr fire for celebrating barbara bush's death now sparking outrage. >> look at this. >> [bleep]. i'm just like [bleep]. >> and somehow she still has a job. a student at fresno state here to weigh? plus, north korea halting its nuclear program in a stunning reversal. how much do we trust kim jong-un. we're going to ask the author of an unauthorized biography. does hillary clinton have a crush on ed? the new bombshell revealed in the new hillary clinton book. >> wow, ed. >> i have no comment. no comment.
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a stunning reversal in north korea. kim jong-un halting the nuclear testing and closing one of the sites ahead of the summit with president trump. >> hear to explain of the unauthorized biography of kim jong-il. wacko you makwhat do you make oe developments? >> something doesn't add up. let's suppose we're having a meeting with trudeau and ahead of the meeting he says we're going to give you this and that. it wouldn't make sense. maybe at the end of the meeting but certainly ahead of the time he's not going to put all of his cards on the table. maybe jim jong-un is reading art of the deal first. >> president trump said fire and fury, you're going to go down if you take us on. >> then he said they were going to hit guam with missiles.
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so it takes a lot to go from we're going to kill you in november and in april we're just going to give you everything you want and ask for nothing in return, especially in light of what happened in syria. syria was struck less than a couple of weeks ago and they're saying they're going to give up their nukes and perfectly comfortable have american troops in south korea as part of the deal which has been a sticking point for them for decades. again, as i was saying earlier with regards to trudeau, this is our close ally. here we have our worst value. to trust them at face value makes no. >> if you listen to ki kim jongn the other night saying, we've finished our nuclear weapons program. he can now deliver for his dad and granddad, that his his dream, that was all he wanted for the country. it's a win-win. we have the nuclear program and now we can open up to the west and fix our economy. >> these people have been lied to for 70 years. we're thought that we started
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the korean war for example. so can you imagine what would happen to a nation -- like if we learned that george washington was a genocidal dictator, it's not going to make us like the federal government a lot more. if they wanted open up, his hold on power which is teen yous would implode. >> what she we be concerned about? you're saying this came out of nowhere. why should we be nervous? >> the same way that a couple of days before the election hillary clinton was tweeting out happy birthday to the future president. everybody is cheering like we won, that north korea is going to give up their nukes. let's celebrate when they actually happen as opposed to a lot of hot air. >> kim jong-un is going to come to the table saying i tried, i did all of these things a month ago and i go to the table, president trump is going in a different direction. i'm done. i tried. >> i would be easy for him to
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say that, we tried the peace way we have no problem. >> we don't know how president trump is going to approach him and president trump is playing his cards close to the vest. >> you know this all too well. good to see you. well the dnc suing team trump, the russians, wikileaks and more over election interference. does the move show the party's desperation? we're going to debate that. this liberal professor celebrated bush's death and attacked trump supporters as stupid farmers. this woman still has a job, believe it or not. a student from her college is joining us right here next. >> look at this. >> [bleep]. i'm so proud that people walk out. i'm just like [bleep]. depend silhouette briefs. feature a comfortable sleek fit. ny
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welcome back to fox and friends. right now samples from the site of the horrific syrian gas attack are in the hands of the chemical weapons investigators who gained access to the site many times. those sampments from douma will help determine whether banned substances were used in the april 7th strike. mike pompeo will face the senate tomorrow for another round of confirmation hearings. lawmakers holding their final vote for president trump's top pick for if office as some dems accuse him of lacking deplomcy all right. well, the liberal professor for under fire for celebrating the late barbara bush's death in a tweet calling her an amazing
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racist is sparking outrage. professor randa jarrar, take a look at this. >> a person tell them to shut the [bleep] up when they annoy them. no woman asks you questions. look at this. [bleep]. >> yeah. it makes the argument more powerful. here to weigh in were correspondent for campus and student at fresno, burn death. bur.she said this recently sayg fresno is one of those places like a lot of the a agriculturea lot of the food that americans heat are grown there even though a lot of if farmers are trump supporters and just bleeping stupid. between the tweet that mocks a first lady and the quote i that
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you heard. where did the mind-set come from this professor. >> this is disrespectful and shocking but honestly, i'm really not surprised this is coming from a university professor and i think other students on other campuses would say the same. and while professor jarrar has the right to free speech, her comments this past week and before have been vile and absurd and certainly not up to the standards that a professor should be. as a professor she's always teaching whether it's in or out of the classroom and she serves a as a role model for the next generation. while i disagree with her comments and condemn her comments, she does have a right to free speech. i believe that firing her on the basis of, specifically on the basis of her comments this past week would be a mistake. a slippery slope for deciding which comments -- who decides which comments are offensive enough to fire a public employee. >> what a terrible
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representative for that university. she says, sweety, i work as a teen youred professor. i make 100k a year, doing that i'll never been fired. i'll always have people wanting to hear what i say, even now with one of them. what do you think the university should do? i mean does this speak to a bigger systemic problem with our education system that you can get away with saying these things? you're the ones that are teaching the future of this country. >> absolutely. i think education upon which free speech entails and what respect for different viewpoints is key for students, staff and faculty and her comments do reflect intolerance and hatred towards those she disagrees with. and the bias and intolerance from professors is something we see and report on all of the time at the leadership institute. i'm the president for a students for life campus on campus and last year we actually filed a lawsuit against a professor who
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actually recruited students from his 8 a.m. class to erase messages, university-approved messages that we chalked on the sidewalk outside of the university. and what this professor did was actually sensor student speech. and unfortunately this professor and professor jarrar are putting a negative light on our university and this is unfortunate for our campus and other professors on campus. >> what does your organization think should be done to punish her? should there be a punishment? >> what does the pro-life organization think should be done to punish the professor that erased our messages? >> no, the professor, do they think anything should be done to send a message of who is representing the university? >> i think the key would be to educate upon what free speech entails and what respect would be for different viewpoints. and i think that this is a thing
3:28 am
that we see. >> you're educating us this morning because you're standing up saying they're saying these vile things but they have the right peach. but you know that professor would shut you down at a moment. hoi does that get squared. you're talking about real tolerance and real free speech and they're saying certain speech is acceptable and some speech is not. >> if this is affecting her teaching within the classroom, then i think certain disciplinary actions need to be taking place, especially if this is inciting any kind of violence against students or any other group of individuals. but again i think firing her on the basis of just her comments this past week on barbara bush would be a mistake because it would be a slippery slope upon who deems what speech to be offensive. >> because you believe in actual
3:29 am
intellectual liberty. thank you. just imagine, abby, if it would have been a conservative professor saying obama supporters are stupid. what would happen. think about that double standard. >> good to have you on. thank you so much. coming up, these deputies ambushed while eating lunch in florida bu this morning you can give back to their families in a big way. gq magazine sparking outrage for calling the bible one of the most overrated books of all times. and we always knew that ed loved democrats. anything mainstream. and now we find out one democrat really loves ed. the story of hillary clinton and ed henry's romance coming up.
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that's a photo to wake up, too. >> it sure is. >> it's not valentine's day. >> it might as well be for ed. what does this mean? we found out from the book that hillary clinton, then candidate clinton may have had a thing for ed henry. >> no way. >> absolutely. >> i've heard about this but. >> haven't read the book. this is a book by a "the new york times" reporter. wear not here to talk about the
3:34 am
book but about this quote. listen to the quote. hillary clinton on ed henry. despite aggressively questioning clinton about her e-mails, ed henry became a favorite. quote, show would regularly look past her entirely female press corps to find the fox news corps with his cherub cheeks. >> oh, man. i had heard this quote but now i'm 'em b rar embarrassed. >> you kept the secret the whole time. i didn't know you had that bond. >> i thought pete would really tease me. >> she loves you. and is this poochy? i don't know. i've heard heard of poochy but got to be nice. >> one of her producers sean who knows nothing about this, goong l poochie. she loves sparring with me.
3:35 am
it fired up her base. >> now when he try to walk it back. >> that's the real story. >> you had some great moments, seriously. >> thank you. >> go downstairs. it's time for you to do another interview with our cherub cheeks. we're going to turn to a few headlines. starting with this video that will shock you. a bus driver seen here paying more attention to his cell phone than the road as he navigated the crowd ud streets of new york city. the passenger recorded this video after noticing the driver scrolling and watching videos. the driver's name hasn't been released. the company says he has been fierdz. well, president trump says he is considering a pardon more boxing first black heavyweight champ, jackso jack johnson all s to sylvester stallone. he called me with the story
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about jack johnson. his trials and tribulations great. life controversial. othershave looked at this over the years. most thought it would be done. yes i'm considering a full pardon. many think he was wrongly convicted for having a consensual relationship with a white woman. tributes burning in this morning over verne troyer, the actor best known for playing mini-me in austin powers' movies. >> i shall call him mini-me. >> who does not remember that. troyer's team remembering the star as extremely caring, an inspiration to others. mike myers calling his costar a consummate professional. quote, he will be greatly missed. and actor dean cain showing this picture on twitter. he was 49 years old. no cause yet given for his
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death. all right. well to another sad story, the two sheriff's deputies shot and killed in an ambush on thursday hailed as men of integrity. >> i know noelle and taylor personally. men of integrity, men of loyalty. men that want to do the right thing. i could not say enough good thing about those two individuals to do them any justice. >> the tunnel for towers announcing a campaign to raise money for the families of the fallen deputies. >> here, the president of the tunnels to tower foundation. always good to have you on. whenever you join us, it's for a good cause. when you saw what happened, why were you so motivated to help? >> it really was like a flashback to december 2014, if you remember here in new york city when detectives lou and ramos were just sitting in their cars and somebody came up from maryland and just shot them
3:38 am
because they were cops. and here they are, two deputies sitting having an early dinner and somebody comes into a chinese restaurant and just kills them. and you know, there's been a false narrative out there for so many years about police officers all across the country. and it almost gives a listen to some of these sick individual to go do this type of things. when they happen and leave young families behind, we want to be the foundation to make sure, the tunnel to towers foundation raises the money to take care of the young families left behind, take care of the mortgages. >> i spoke to the sheriff yesterday on the show and he talked about good coming from charity. i mentioned this. what do you want to do for the families? >> first and foremost we know that officer ramirez had two kids, a 5-year-old and a daughter turning 3 in may. we want to pay off his mortgage. we understand he has a mortgage.
3:39 am
that's what we do. we just did it here with the raguso family and the briggs family. >> they were in new york fire department and lost their lives in iraq was as i remember. >> correct. they had young families left behind. we're about taking care of the young families left blind. my brother died in 9/11 and left five kids. >> look at the stats, we're in month april, 22 officers have been killed by nonaccidental gun fire, more than half of all of last year combined. we're only a few months into this year. what is your message overall about our officers . >> they're the best, the finest. they protect our communities and protect our lives. and for somebody -- you know, it just irks me to listen to people that go after and preach this narrative where -- you had a segment on earlier today with
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colin kaepernick. i'm watching say, what is this guy talking about? our police officers are the greatest and put their lives on the line for us every single day. but when they die in the line of duty, we want to take the high road and make sure we're there for the families. >> tell us where people can help. >> tunneltotowers. org. my brother died on 9/11, ran from the tunnel to the towers. 100% of what you donate will go to these families. >> thank, thank you for all that you do and for being with us. according to the democrats, if you cannot beat the trump administration, you sue them. >> we know that this administration is putin's poodle. they're not going to do anything. we'll continue to act. we're going to punch back and that's what the lawsuit is about. >> what is it really all about? is it a move of test operation? we're going to debate that next. ohio congressman jim jordan,
3:41 am
katie pavlich and kellyanne conway all here this morning. a big three hours still to go this sunday morning on "fox and friends." sphai witstay with us. ancestrydna has 5x more detail than other tests...
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. come quick baseball head lines for you now. the 2018mlb season has its first no hitter courtesy of the oakland a's sean ma niya. the pitcher linking the year's hottest team in the 3-0 win. and in l.a., the home run homecoming of an air force captain. watch this. >> i wish i could be with you tonight. have a great time and i can't wait to see you soon.
3:45 am
ho>> how sweet is that, captain robin wolf surprising his wife jordan after a six-monthdy employment to afghanistan. so cute. very keul. well according to the democrats, if you can't beat them, sue them. >> we are raising the cost of your interference. we know that this administration is putin's poodle and so they're not going to do anything. so we will continue to act. if you want to do that, if you're going to punch us, quite frankly we're going to punch back and that's what this lawsuit is about. >> well the dnc suing the trump campaign, russia and more over so-called election interference. does this move just show the party's test operation. here to debate, antwuan sea sf wright and former political director for president george w. bush, matt schap.
3:46 am
if you're a democrat, your talking points have been to let bob mueller do his job, with let the special counsel get to the bottom of it. why is the dnc preempting bob mueller and taking their own legal action here? >> the dnc wants some answers and the dnc wants to send a message to the russians, to anyone else in your world who may want to try to attack our democracy as the russians did the last election cycle. this is not the first time the democratic national committee has filed a lawsuit against a presidential campaign committee. it happened with the nixon crew during the watergate situation. and they have a real reason to. it was a trump campaign and wikileaks who essentially worked together to hack into the dnc for the result or trying to sway election. >> in that were to be the case, wouldn't bob mueller be able to investigate that and find that?
3:47 am
this to you, matt. >> absolutely. this is the whole problem, the democrats do realize that this russia made up narrative is not working. and what i love about it pete. >> russia didn't hack into our elections, matt? >> what i love as a republican, we've all said all along on the republican side this is all about politics, all about just delegitimizing donald trump. and you know what the democrats just did for us? they made the argument better. it's all about politics, all about what's in the democratic party's interest, not in what is in the interest of americans. and i think it makes this whole thing, after a year of a special counsel, it makes most americans who aren't that political say enough is enough. put your cards on the table, tell us what you have. if there's no collusion, we don't want to hear about donald trump's 70 years of life on this earth. that's not what this is about. it was about russian collusion. and if there's none, let's move
3:48 am
on. >> matt, keep in mind we're having this conversation between the russians hacked into our elections, they went after our democracy. we're having this conversation because it was the special prosecutor appointed by a republican because ag sessions had to recuse himself because of his contacts with russia. >> your argument -- you're conflating the issue which is what democrats always do. >> i'm not conflating the issue. i'm giving you facts. >> bob mueller's purview is to look into whether there was collusion. >> that's right. >> it doesn't look like they have found any. why is the dnc making this political as opposed to letting. >> they're not making it political. what the dnc wants to do is to get answers, just like the american people want answers. >> you got answers. >> that's why 69% of the american people agree that he should continue his investigation. >> okay. go ahead, matt. >> we've got our answers. what we know is. >> what are they? >> the ig said jim comey needs
3:49 am
to be investigated. >> antwuan. >> mccabe has been fired because of his leaks. we have our answers. they're not answers that the democrats like. >> and if the narrative isn't continued for democrats, what are they going to talk about on the campaign trail. my own personal perspective. thank you for your time this morning. coming up, candace owens comments about black lives matter getting the attention of can way wesconkanye west. g scwrks calling the bible one of the most overrated books of all time. next.
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all right. it is among the most sacred of religious texts, existing since detailing the relationship and moral code between god and man. but according to gq magazine, the bible is the most yor rated books of all time. >> saying this, quote, the holy bible is rated very highly by those who live by it but have not read it. those who read it know there are
3:54 am
some good parts but overall it is certainly not the finest thing that man has ever produced. it's repetitive, i don't know the word, contentious, foolish and at times ill-intentioned. >> right after that he was hit by lightning. father, what say you? >> i thought this might be just a columnist who was trying to do it -- you know, make a sensationalist column in order to get attention. but this turns out, this is the e editors of gq magazine. this is the e editors. which means the mag deen is going on record saying this is what we believe. and it's just, to use their language, foolish. even if you don't believe this is the inspired word of god, in the last 50 years, 3.9 billion people have read this book. 3.9 billion bibles have been published. that dwarfs every other book
3:55 am
that has been read in the last 50 years. now this is the last 50 years. the bible is almost 2,000 years old, 1700 years old. it's just foolish and it's a shame. >> what do you think their motivation is behind that? why would they come together and say you know what, this is a good thing to write for our readers. >> they took 21 books that they think should be digitally burned, which doesn't sound like a very hip thing, right? and they throw out a lot of the best books of "wall street journal" civilization. so i think what they're trying to do is say, listen we need to go a different direction. we've already thrown the bible out of schools. i was speaking to someone the other day who moved to a very, i would say, elite school here in new york city and this little girl was telling me that they're now starting to read the bible again. but they read it purely as literature. okay. the bible is not just literature it's history.
3:56 am
>> it's the deconstruction of western civilization. >> that's right. >> digitally burning our history. >> do you like it? >> no, i hate it. >> good to have you here. from jesus to wrapper and hip hop store can ya west setting off an online firestorm. why kanye is all about candace at the top of the hour. >> i don't know why people like being oppressed. 400 years of slavery, jim crowe. none of you guys lived through it. it's embarrassing that you utilize their history.
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. james comey's memos are still at the topic of conversation. >> they sure are. >> president trump was tweeting about this yesterday saying they're classified, i did not declassify them. they belong to our government. therefore he broke the law. >> yaims comey is a disgraced, disgruntled and now discredited individual. he leaked and lied about leaking. >> why jeff sessions won't name a special counsel when you have that happening. >> kim jong-un halting missile test up due to his upcoming summit. >> dnc suing trump, the wikileaks and russia more over election interference. >> they're the ones that colluded with the russians. >> we might not think they're very bright in all of that.
4:01 am
you need to have respect for the rest of your citizens. be. >> kol inkaepernick given an award. >> how can you stand for the national anthem of a nation that preaches freedom and justice for all that is so unjust to so many of the people living there? ♪ ♪ . naifort song. >> ifavorite song.>> it is. one of my favorite artists after britney spears. "party in the usa." >> welcome back. >> it's great to be here. your breakfast this morning, oatmeal? >> it is my favorite breakfast. when he was on m maternity leavi brought in some oatmeal.
4:02 am
>> grandpa needs some oatmeal. but now you're eating it. >> you get two-minute commercial breaks, you pour a little water on oatmeal. what is your favorite breakfast in the morning. >> do you put brown sugar in our oatmeal? >> brown sugar. >> what's your tip for good oatmeal? >> flaxseed usually. >> i knew it. >> and hillary clinton has a crush on ed if you haven't seen the show yet. >> a lot to get to this morning but there's some news as there always is on a sunday morning. an all-out war between james comey and president trump. he's tweeting out and getting pretty upset about how james comey, as he feels, is controlling the narrative. saying james comey memos are classified, i did not declassify them. they belong to our government. therefore he broke the law. additionally he totally made up many of the things he said i said and he's already a proven liar and leaker.
4:03 am
where are memos on clinton, lynch and others. >> wreb thi remember this week,d andy mccabe, there's a criminal referral to the u.s. attorney in washington for his leaking and lying. and now james comey, "the wall street journal" reporting that the inspector general at the justice department investigating the fact that at least two of the comey memos had classified information. so critics are going to say the president is pulling this out of thin air. no. it's being investigated. >> as we speak ap and i had a comans to review the 15 pages of memos. a lot of redactions inside those. now owe when something is redacted, we're not supposed to see it as the general public. hogan gibbly wassen our network last night and had this to say about the comey memos. >> james comey is a disgraced, disgrund ld and now discredited individual who got fired from the fbi. he leaked and lied about leaking. and the best part was he didn't
4:04 am
just do it once. he set up a systemic way in which he could get to one of his friends to take classified information. he classified the documents. >> yes, he did. >> and then set up this elaborate scheme to leak the information to the "the new york times" so the american people could see it. i don't think this is the end of what we know about james comey. this is the beginning. more stuff is going to come out. >> number one, james comey under oath told congress last year year i wept out of my way not to put classified information in these memos. wait, what? it's the opposite. >> he classified one himself as secret and personally redacted portions of it before he leaked it to professor buddy. >> the president is telling people in private there's more coming on comey. i don't have the details yet. but. the president's tweets are the start. >> you're a d.c. man, ed. is it less swampy to leak
4:05 am
something through a friend versus you doing it correctly yourself? >directlyyourself? >> you know what's also funny? >> it's worse that way because you're so strategic about how you're giving it to someone and what you're giving away. >> one of the comey memos, the context was is he going to stay on as fbi director. he said i don't leak. i'm not a weasel. that's what he said. >> one of the frustrations is that the fbi agents at the top and the bottom are not treated the same. jonathan turley did a little digging, wrote an op ed. he pulled up what every fbi signs as a statement when they come on board. see if this should apply to the director of the fbi. all fbi agents sign that all information acquired by me, any fbi director, in connection with my official duties at the fbi and all official material to which i have access remain the property of the usa and will not reveal any information or any
4:06 am
material fro or related to fbi files e or any other information or material acquired by virtue of my employment to any unauthorized representative. >> does the next sentence say you can put anytime a book and make a lot of money on it? it's not in there sphwhr we're going to have jim jordan on in the next hour. there is other news to get to, surprising news out of utah yesterday. the convention. if you haven't been following that race, orrin hatch is not running for reelection as senator in utah so romney is running for that seat and he's long been talked about as the favorite, the golden boy of utah. we had the convention yesterday, hundreds of delegates. my dad ran for governor in utah. i remember it very well. and these delegates are so fashiosopassionate. not only did mitt romney not win
4:07 am
the convention, he lost. so he now has toz go to a primary against this guy, dr. mike kennedy he ran against 12 of those, runm named abe lincoln. >> and having lost at a convention myself in a former lifetime, you're exactly right. these activists are dialed in, they care about authenticity. they want to know what you believe and they support the president of the united states. >> might have to deal with romney saying he's not sure about supporting the president? >> i think it's before that. if you remember during the campaign romney was very very strong against donald trump in this state of utah. and i read some of the quotes from these convention goers saying he was one of the biggest people supporting hillary clinton during that election. he was asked on cnn if he would support president trump in 2020 and here is what mitt romney said. he said, i will make that decision down the road as a person of political experience
4:08 am
if i endorse someone i will want to know what's in it for utah and what help he provides for us. >> i think he has a game, how many times hi can use utah in a sentence. remember, i'm from utah. you're going to run to a primary, raise gobs of money. it's going to be hard for the state rep to win. but i know president trump previously endorsed romney. >> remember ed gillaspie running for governor was wishy washy about the president, didn't win. he got the nomination but didn't win. >> and the mood are in the country for the voters is they want authenticity. when you look at mitt romney and his past, he had the senate race in 1994 against ted kennedy, lost 60-40. people have seen mitt romney, they know him and they know many times he can be wishy washy. there's a lot of money to be had
4:09 am
here. we'll see what happens. >> we'll follow it. but the people have power. that's what you like to see. you know candace owens, on our program, turning point usa. she was at the university of ucl ax on campus with charlie kirk, she was confronted by black lives matter protesters. let's listen to what she had to say when he was confronted. listen. >> i can guarantee you what you're seeing happening is victim mentality very scus victor mentality. >> that's great by the way. >> victim mentality isn't cool. i don't know why people like being oppressed. 400 years of slavery, jim crowe. none of you guys lived through. it's embarrassing that you utilize their history. you're not living through anything right now. you're overly privileged americans. >> she tweeted that video, got
4:10 am
tens of thousands of retweets, including one important set of eyeballs. >> kanye west says, i love the way candace owens thinks. well that got a lot of backlash and continue to. >> a firestorm after that. >> and raquel willis tweeting candace owens has proven to be antiblack, anti-lgbtq. for kanye to align himself with her is messy and dangerous. >> tom arnold said this, aside from being an insane alt-right race pimp, you might want to reconsider. >> we're going to have candace on the show at 9:20 a.m. this morning. this is a reminder of why people don't want to speak out. if you speak out against the way a lot of other people think, you get piled on. >> or the way we any you should think. >> you get piled on and this is why it's so hard to have debates about some of the most important
4:11 am
issues of our time. >> one of the other tweets that kanye west had was, i want free thinkers. candace owens former demeanor, turn conservative republican speaking out on a college campus. interesting >> roseanne barr tweeted as well. >> i would love to see a colin kaepernick debate versus candace owens. >> kanye the moderator. >> unscripted, she would eat his lunch. >> pay-per-view. >> all right. censorship of conservative views on college campuses seems to be growing. but my alma mater is embracing these nonliberal people. listen. >> uh-oh. >> is it better or worse today than it was when i was here. >> situation has gotten worse. but i'm glad to say that here at your alma mater there's a strong and vibrant conservative dissent. >> it's not perfect but we're going to bring you behind the
4:12 am
scenes of what one professor and one program is doing differently plus, california's governor deploying national guard troops to the border but laying out strict terms. our next against says that brown won't help sale the southern border, there are plenty of other states willing to pitch in more on that next.
4:13 am
4:14 am
4:15 am
. california governor jerry brown says he's deploy 400 members of the california national guard but plum presidet trump was les than impressed. saying they won't enforce immigration laws. our next guest, retired
4:16 am
lieutenant stephen blum joins us now. how problematic is that? >> well it would be very problematic but i honestly don't think it will be. i read governor brown's let tore the secretary of defense and department of homeland security and while we are dealing with political polar opposites with the president and the governor, there is a lot of common ground and that common ground happens to be exactly where the border patrol is expecting and anticipating support from the national guard to help them do their job on the southwest border. and i expect that that's exactly what will happen, the political environment aside. i think operationally this is going to be a very successful deployment and it will have a good effect. >> but general they're going to
4:17 am
stay within the bounds of law. but i've got to believe having commanded an element like this, it's never helpful when a state comes with additional kaf yaits. caveats. as a commander you want the ability to utilize them. isn't it still proble problematt he's putting parameters on what they can do? >> yes. but it's not a problem that cannot be overcome. as you well know, even when we deploy overseas in a combat zone or peace keeping missions or human train missions, when we do it as a coalition, every country that comes comes with their caveats to include us. we've imposed caveats on some of the military deployments that we've done. but in this thing you have to understand, in this particular mission the guard will be in support of a civilian law enforcement organization. so they are in a support role. they've nothey're not in the le.
4:18 am
but it's much better if there are no caveats. but when i was in bosnia, we had 24 caveats with the international force for the peace keeping. when you were in iraq, we had caveats with our allies. there were things they would or wouldn't do. but in this case nothing that governor brown is saying he won't do i don't think will matter with the operational deployment. because the border patrol is only asking for things that they have agreed that california guard will do. and if the california guard were to refuse, the president has other options. i mean there are other national guards from all over the country that could come in and come in in a variety of different status to perform specific missions. >> well you talk about the specific mission because it is just around a specific period of time. the national guard troops are there only until september as james mattis signed it. what is the long term solution
4:19 am
snr wha?what do you do after th? >> frankly, long-term, to secure the border rs, you're going to have to have unity of effort between the locals, the state and the federal organizations involved in enforcing our border security. the border patrol is the federal law enforcement agency charged with that mission and the president clearly has equities in this. but so do the state borders, new mexico, arizona, texas and california. and they're not the same -- there are nine different border sectors. they're all totally different. and so the tasks sean the missions that have to be performed in those sectors have to be tailored for those particular sectors. >> sure. >> so what the guard will do is what the customs and border patrol asks them to do and then that request will be vetted by the department of home lapd security and the department of defense. and the governors and the
4:20 am
federal government and then we'll go, we'll go execute the mission and i think it will be highly successful. >> yeah. >> i don't think this will end in september. i think as long as we have a border we're going to have a cooperative effort along the border because things change. it's a dynamic situation in mexico. it's not static. >> it's also tough to have unity of effort when you don't have a wall and you also have sanctuary cities and states that don't want to cooperate between local and state officials. >> that is a great point, pete. and the reason that california is not interested in a wall is that they already have a wall and it's highly effective. >> thank you for your time. >> great to have you with us. >> thanks, guys still ahead, ohio con man jim jordan is live here on the curvey couch. a rash of conservative censorship on campuses but my alma mater is bucking the trend. i'll give you a look inside the james madison program at
4:21 am
princeton, coming up next.
4:22 am
4:23 am
you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet. you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses!
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yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. from protests that turned violent to speakers being outright banned conservative censorship exists on college campuses. >> 69% believe that students can express their views on campus. >> it's something i experienced as a conservative student at princeton many moons ago. a unique program there started by one of my former professors is seeking to change that and bridge the growing divide. it's a mini movement at princeton and we when inside it. >> huge protests at uc berkeley. a republican group on campus
4:25 am
asked milo u nop louse to come speak. >> preventing a lecture by charles murray. the protesters later turned violent. >> mcdonald was set to hold a lecture on the war on cops. police had to shut down the events. >> ben shapiro. >> incidents like these becoming all too common on campuses across the country today. >> when i was a student here, conservative views were barely welcome. but professor george says the tide may be turning. he's the founder and director of the james madison program in american ideals and institutions, teaching an understanding in our nation's founding principles and encourages students to think critically and decide for themselves. >> is it better or worse when i
4:26 am
was here? >> i suppose the situation has gotten worse. but here at your alma mater there's a strong vibrant conservative movement here at princeton. there are a number of faculty members. >> many of the faculty members get together on tuesday for a discussion of current events. i spoke to a few about their experience as a conservative on campus. some of them have been at princeton since they were students themselves mghts you graduated a couple of years in front of me. were you a conservative back then in. >> yeah. but back then we didn't label ourselves. we weren't as well-organized today. >> conservatives on come pause have learned how to exist in this environment and may be getting better at it at and maybe there's a greater acceptance of that because we're not afraid to speak up. >> would you consider yourself a conservative? >> i would, yes. >> do you feel comfortable being
4:27 am
a conservative. >> in my own skin, yes. do i advertise it, no. that's the first time i've said that publicly on this campus. >> are you a conservative in. >> i am. >> you feel comfortable saying that these days . >> i do. the mission of any college is the pursuit of truth through the exchange of ideas. and to have that free exchange of ideas you need a broad spectrum of informed opinion on campus and that's got to include conservative viewpoints. >> the professor's job, the university's job is not to tell you or anyone else what to think. >> i think in some places the conservative voice is so far absent that when an outside speaker is brought in who represent as conservative point of view of me sort, it strikes students, left-wing students as outrageous, as extreme, even a kind 0 personal insult. >> i sat down with students on
4:28 am
both sides of the aisle to get their perspective. what makes the james madison program special here. >> it's extremely helpful for creating a space for people to meet and mingle, become friends with others to realize just because we disagree, we're equal. >> the professor has a moderating force where students might not have that example to follow of a reasonable person of good will disagreeing with the liberal orthodoxy on campus. >> it helps foster the level of respect. >> do you enjoy going to a james madison event and being introduced to ideas or people that are different from the way that you think? >> yes. i mean i've always liked engaging with people that have different points of view because there's a lot i can learn from the experience. we're friends just by very different political etiologies which is very important, i
4:29 am
think. >> for robbie george, finding america's common ground as a way to bridge the political divide is what it's all about. you have famous and public friendships with friends at cornell west. >> the goal is not to get everyone to agree but can we respect each other, can we get along with each other, can we listen to each other? absolutely, yes we can. >> when i asked him he said there were two conservative professors when i was there. today there's 25 and they'll actually say it out loud. which sounds like small progress but it's huge. a lot of the universities there are no conservatives. >> one said for the very first time when you spoke to him, he used it for the first time. >> the campus dialogue is actually somewhat balanced because you hear a conservative per fek tif. >perspective.
4:30 am
>> i'm proud of the program. >> it's nighs to hear that students want to be challenged. >> i think it's true. coming up, former nfl star jay fly under fire for holding a gun in this picture with his daughter and her prom date visualizing a famous threat from fathers a ul of the time. katie pavlich on that coming up. the justice department watchdog taking a close are look at this man, james comey. what could it mean? congressman jim jordan has been all over this from the beginning and he is here next. come on in. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain.
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4:34 am
. i think what folks will say if they get to see the memos is i've been consistent since right at the beginning and i'm consist consistent in the pook and try to be transparent in the book as well. >> senator grassley says there are seven memos, four of them classified. is that right? >> i know when i created some of them they were classified but i don't know how many from that glowp. >> noog bu nothing but consiste. jim jordan, thanks for being here. you've seen james comey, you've read the memos. where are the discrepancies. what's the truth here? >> the biggest thing that jumped out to me was the january 6 meeting. he talked about cnn wanted to
4:35 am
talk about the dossier and print the dossier which they ultimately did. but the news hook was james comey talking about it. it gave it the legitimacy that the press wanted. clapper i think is the one who leaked it after that. >> the press was working on it, cnn, the dossier. >> they had it. >> if you have the cover of we brief the president-elect. >> gives it weight and that's exactly what happened. my guess is, i don't know this for sure, crapper organized this. you brief him on the dossier, and then of course right then after that cnn talks about it, prints it and then buzzfeed printed the whole thing. >> now the idea of looking into the memos, what was classified. is any of it illegal? has how do you think this ends for james comey in. >> probably not good. mccabe did the same thing. he leaked information, did it for personal reasons as the inspector general points out, not for the public interest or
4:36 am
the benefit of the fbi. it could be the same thing. the other thing that jumped out at me was when comey wrote the memos, he talked about these, personal, wasn't really a leak. but he sent them to mccabe, and jim baker. what's interesting is andrew mccabe has been fired, now facing criminal referral, jim baker has been demoted and the former chief of sphaf has left the fbi. >> not a good sign for jim comey. >> he also discussing my initial assessment is that this memo should be classified as secret. this is someone who understood his own musings even after a meeting or something relevant for classification. >> we'll see. we don't know how much he sent. it's been reported that four were sent to daniel richman. >.we interviewed the oversight committee and the judiciary committee interviewed jim ra
4:37 am
vickie. and during that deposition it was brought out that daniel richman had a special status called special government employee status where he could come and go from the fbi, which may not mean much but it seems interesting that the guy who comey leak to is a good friend with unfettered access into the fbi. >> there was a report that jeff sessions told the white house if rosenstein is fired, i'm gone too. you met with rosenstein, what do you think? >> we met with him to give us the information. two weeks ago mark meadows and i met with the new point person, the guy facilitating getting the information to the congress. the u.s. attorney from chicago. he seems like a nice guy but i asked him four simple questions. i said what's the proximate number of documents we're entitled to, what's the number of steps in the counter process, what's the standard use to determine what gets redacted and what doesn't and when are we going to get the information that we're supposed to get. and the answer to all four questions was i don't know.
4:38 am
we stressed with rosenstein that's got to improve and if it doesn't, everything is on the table. >> and you're sending a letter tomorrow? >> we're sending a letter tomorrow to the attorney general and we're going to ask him, on this raid of michael cohen's office and business, was the attorney general consulted? because it was sort of done outside of the umbrella of the special counsel. and rosenstein has been reported as the one who made the call to go ahead and seek the search warrant. i want to know if the attorney general -- if if it's outside of russia, mr. sessions is not recused. and we're not talking about any attorney. we're talking about the attorney for the president of the united states. it would seem to me that would rise to the highest level of the justice department. >> a u videoe instead of gettinh warrant for clinton's laptops that held classify e-mails, the
4:39 am
justice department negotiated access over a period of weeks out of concern of attorney-client privilege. and they barged down the door for cohen. >> exactly. they called cheryl mills, what time can we come over. >> at 4 i 4:00 in the morning. >> as ooh posed to kicking down the door of michael cohen. when we had secretary clinton under oath i asked her -- remember she had 60,000 e-mails. would you agree to let a neutral third party, a retired federal judge, examine e-mails on the front end and let that individual decide which ones are personal, you get to keep and which ones belong to the committee, the government for the american people to see. she would not agree to that. president trump would take that deal in a heartbeat today, right? that is how different it was. she and her lawyers got to decide on the front end which ones they kept. >> a double standard. before we let you go i want to
4:40 am
get your thoughts on the speakership of the house. paul ryan is not running for relex. and according to one op ed they say that jim jordan could be the one to save the gop for 2018. what are you thoughts . >> i don't know about all of that. if and when there's a race for speaker, i have been encouraged by some to entertain that. i'm going to do that. the most important thing -- i said this on the floor of the house a week and a half ago. more important than who is speaker is next year is what republicans do this year. and if we don't get back focused on what the american people elected us to do, sent us here to do, then there may not be a race for speaker. may be a race for minority leader. but if we build a wall, make sure the tax cuts are permanent, reform the welfare system, if we do that, we'll be all right. >> if you did run is it a reflection of the fact that conservatives have been dissatisfied with house leadership and its commitment. >> the biggest example is what happened four weeks ago.
4:41 am
the omnibus spending bill. we got one hour of debate. spent more money than we've seen in the last ten years with the exception of the obama stimulus package. and when it came to policy we funded things in the bill that we told the american people we wouldn't. it was wrong on a policy standpoint and wrong on the process. that's what needs to change. >> thanks for coming in. >> a lot of topics to get to. all right. still to come, former nfl star jay sealy under fire for holding a ghun in this picture with his daughter and her prom date. we're going to diswas that katie pavlich. >> it is time for spring cleaning. looking at all of the gadgets and gear to help get the job done. rick is already at it. coming up. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check
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welcome back. former nfl store jay sealy spark some outrage with this picture of himself armed between his daughter and her prom date tweeting wishing my beautiful daughter and her prom date a great time at prom. >> social media not seeing the joke like this twitter user writing, how is this responsible gun ownership. when did guns become a vehicle for twisted humor. another saying this is terribly out of touch with gun safety and out of touch with not making that picture and night about you. >> here to react, fox news contributor katie pavlich. great to see you. no surprise, reactions are all over the map. this issue when it gom comes tos is so divided. what is your response? >> people are too sensitive and too offended by this. dad being armed protecting their daughters whether it's prom or them dating or getting married is the oldest dad joke in the
4:46 am
entire world. and just because he's doing it at prom and putting it on social media like we didn't use to see doesn't mean it's an outrage. people need to react. he's from arizona, the most gun friendly state in the country i would say, which i'm proud to be from. i think people are reacting to this in a way that's overly sensitive and they need to relax. >> does it sometimes happen that people who know nothing about gun safety love to yell about gun safety. do they really know anything? >> they probably don't. it's a joke. he's not using the gun inappropriately. his finger is out of the trigger well. it's a joke. dads have bj makin been making e for centuries. do you know how many country songs have been written about dads protecting their daughters from prom dates? pete, high school boys, you got to be careful. >> that's a fact. >> you have the other side of the argument saying we live in a different world.
4:47 am
this has long been the classic dad joke we live in times where there are mass shootings all too often and they are mainly against young children. you see young children and high school age, for people who have gone through it personally that are offended by it, how do you respond to the other side saying we may should be more thoughtful. >> anybody who has been through a mass shooting can have whatever opinion they want to have. if they're offended by this, understandable. but the fact that people who don't have much about firearms are going to sensor law abiding gun openers who simply are enjoying their rights and making a joke that has been on the books for decades is ridiculous. we see they're not actually interested in debates about gun ownership. they're interested in censoring anybody who disagrees with them. >> we've got a new mini movement here, liberal celebrities and activists teaming up to join the
4:48 am
no rifle association, including alec ball win and jimmy kimmel. are they revealing what they ultimately want, which is to take away the guns . >> they're completed interested in repealing the second amendment. here we are with hollywood elites lecturing the country about an oorgs that's been protecting their second amendment rights since 1871. the ld 0est civil rights organization in this country. and while hollywood elites can pay people with guns to walk them down the red carpet to protect them in their gated communities, regular people can't afford that and we need to protect ourselves. the nra has been lobbying to protect those rights for centuries now. they can try it. but as the hollywood elites have been attacking nra, they've seen their membership skyrocket and over the next 100 days they're trying to get another 100,000 members to show up. i've met a number of people who have never owned a gun, never shot a gun signing up to be nra
4:49 am
members because they see it as an attack on civil liberties. it's not just the gun owners who are members of the nra. it's people who believe in freedom. >> katie, always good to have you with us well, still ahead, kellyanne conway is going to be here joining us live. and it is time for spring cleaning. the gadgets and gear to help get the job done. there's ed out on the plaza. >> hot feet. i don't know, is he dancing or is he avoiding a -- i don't know. i can't tell. blrn (daniel jacob) for every hour that you're idling in your car, .
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4:52 am
you may be ready for warm weather but what about your house. >> here are some gear to elh. tackle all of your spring
4:53 am
cleaning projects is skip, a hope improvement expert. >> what's going on. thanks for having me back again today. happy spring. time to start entertaining again. we've got to get the house cleaned up. you're going to need a good quality hose. that's good year's max lithe li, 100% rubber hose but it's got the cuff link ons that doesn't require a wrench or pliers. it doesn't kink or leak. >> can you drink out of this one yet? >> yes, you can. >> it doesn't kink and it doesn't leak. >> no leaker. >> power washers make the job really easy. these are great power washers, electric model, 200psi. blast the deck off there. >> there is amazing. >> get it cleaned up. >> one is electric and the other one is gas here? what's the difference in power. >> one is electric, one is gas. so here's what i'm going to show
4:54 am
you. the electric model is great because it's compact, got a hose reem builreel built into it. the gas model is real quiet when you're not using it but there's multiple attachments. you want to get the gutters clean but everybody knows getting on a ladder is dangerous. look at this awesome attachment, sells separately for your gutters. >> tree down. i got it! >> watch this. we're going to make gutter cleaning easy. from the ground you put your attachment right in there, we're cleaning the gutters with your power washer. no more up on -- give it a shot, guys. no more up on the ladder. give it a little squeeze. that's good. now listen, it's all about the attachments. the attachments are sold separately. clean the gutters from the
4:55 am
ground. no more up on the ladder. and that's really important. >> i fall almost every year. >> you don't want to do that. >> you want more information. >> >> abby, you need none of these things in your apartment maybe some day. colin kaepernick is still out of a job but he's back in the spotlight. >> how can you stand for the national anthem of a nation that preaches and propagates freedom and justice for all. that is so unjust to so many of the people living there. >> the former nfl quarterback now being awarded for his kneeling protests. plus, kellyanne conway, sara carter, candace owens and anna is back with her beautiful baby boy book. so much more to come on the show. stay with us. >> now i got to do it. >> get it!
4:56 am
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entresto, for heart failure. ♪ >> james comey's memos are still the topic of conversation. >> they sure are. abby: president trump was out tweeting about this yesterday saying they are classified, therefore, he broke the law. >> there is now a criminal referral to the u.s. attorney in washington for his leaking and lying. >> and my guess is, i don't know this for sure, but clapper is the one who orchestrated this. you go and talk to him on the dossier. >> missile testing president trump. >> president trump having strong language and rhetoric in the beginning got us to this point. >> the dnc suing team trump. the russians, wikileaks, and more over election interference. >> they ought to be suing themselves. theriot ones that colluded with the russians. >> collin kaepernick given an award. >> how do you stand for the national anthem that preaches and prop gates freedom and justice for all. that is so unjust to some of
5:00 am
the people living there. >> jim crow which by the way none of you guys lived through your grandparents and it's embarrassing that you utilize their history. ♪ ♪ >> it's sunday morning. half way through the morning. as always, do not get dressed unless you are going to church. abby: please do get dressed. pete: no, pull the covers up. pete: if you have it enjoy a grilled cheese doughnut. ed: a brand new grill at home depot. they are making chicken out there and ribs. pete is already sampling. abby: grilled cheese doughnut. there is this new hot thing in the food world called the glazed doughnut burger. my brother is obsessed with
5:01 am
it. ed: he probably created it. pete: do that next weekend. abby: we should. ed: it's basically finally spring. pete: i went to a baseball game. ed: aaron judge hit a home run for the yankees. pete: you lost your voice trash talking. i hope someone had camera phone of ed henry yelling at a blue jay's fan. abby: pete is back with us this morning. we are thrilled about that. good to have you back. there is always of course news to get to on a sunday morning. there is an all-out war between yom and president trump. he made that very clear tweeting out yesterday his thoughts about the most recent news of james comey since james comey's memos are classified i did not classify them. they belong to our government. therefore, he broke the law. additionally, he totally made up many of the things that he said i said and he is already proven liar and leaker.
5:02 am
where are memos on clinton, lynch and others? pete: questions being raised as james comey goes on book tour. a lot of glowing media coverage as we predicted would be the case. when you actually look at the case, james comey was a leaker. we know that we know that the memos were literally fbi material. he knew they were classified. didn't have to leak them. and, you know, ultimately he knew that, one, he wrote secret on one, eredacted some of the others. we got the chance to see them this week. now as the inspector general refers andy mccabe for criminal referral, the same could happen to james comey. we don't know that for sure. ed, always have pointed out the president saying where could it go from here? abby: there is more to come, ed. ed: the president is telling people in private that there is a whole lot more coming on comey. more allegations of leaking. and that it's not just going to be tweets flying around. there is an actual investigation at the justice department. and this could, i underscore, lead to a criminal referral as well.
5:03 am
hogan gidley at the white house was on with judge jeanine last night. one he said there is more coming just as i just noted. people in the white house know this. secondly, he said comey is like 6'8", he is pretty tall. and it takes a lot to come up with small. the book makes him -- his own book makes him look small. abby: petty, and potentially very bad timing. but, you listen to the tweets. and read the tweets from the president, pete, you could tell is he frustrated that james comey continues to control the narrative. wants to do it exactly his way. he did nothing wrong. he didn't leak any information. he wrote those memos. he wanted them to be public. he says one thing and then he says something different. he says he didn't lie. he says that mccabe, that they were on different pages. everyone is so confused right now with james comey. pete: of course. some of the things the president said of course the president denies saying. of the president also a couple times in those memos said please investigate. please do that it will exonerate me. please go out and do. so comey tries to make it
5:04 am
sound like bad thing. when you join the fbi you have to sign a statement about the things you can and cannot do. james comey signed it like every other rank amend file member. it says all information acquired by me, anyone who is an fbi agent, in connection with my official duties with the fbi and all official material to which i have access remain the property of the united states of america. and, quote: i will not reveal by any means any information or material from or related to fbi files or any other information or material acquired by virtue of my official employment to any unauthorized recipient without prior fbi authorization. there is about four ways in which comey violated that statement. ed: does it say can you put it in a book and make a lot of money off of it? no, not from government information. abby: he might make money but is it ultimately worth the risk of losing reputation? if you worked your entire life and career to get to that point to have respect, to not be political and this
5:05 am
is how he is going to leave. this is how he will be remembered. ed: coming back to comey, jim jordan saying this first on "fox & friends" sending a letter about the raids of michael cohen office and home and hotel room. what i find fascinating is comey's own book says, we mentioned this a few moments ago, with hillary clinton and her lawyers, comey says the fbi, justice department spent weeks negotiating how to get information from clinton's lawyers because of the attorney-client privilege. michael cohen gets the door barged in. abby: 4:00 a.m. ed: we don't care about the president's attorney and his attorney-client privilege. here is mr. jordyn. >> we are sending a letter mr. meadows and i to the attorney general. on this raid of michael cohen's office and business was the attorney general consulted? it was sort of done owfers the umbrella of the special counsel and rosenstein has been reported as the one who made the call to go ahead
5:06 am
and seek the search warrant. i want to know if the attorney general -- because if it's outside of russia, mr. sessions is conceivably not recused and we are not talking about just any attorney. we are talking about the attorney for the president of the united states. pete: buy questions there it always strikes me that we would be having none of these conversations if the candidate they all preferred had just gone ahead and actually won the elections, which was the overwhelming assumption that james comey had that andy mccabe had, that lisa page had, that peter strzok had. that all of them had. now it's coming out in the wash. and andy mccabe points at james comey and him pointing back at the other. hillary clinton getting preferential treatment, more to come is an understatement here. abby: or you can be the dnc and sue wikileaks and russia. more to come on that there is surprising news, if you have been following the senate race out in my home state of utah because orrin hatch is not running for re-election. mitt romney, of course, recently moved out there. he announced he is running for the senate.
5:07 am
pete: remembered he was from utah. abby: now he is from utah. there was a convention yesterday as you know well pete and ed, hundreds of delegates. grassroots activists. these are the people who cared deeply about the issues they care about authenticity. romney often described in the state of utah is being a shoe-in. goldible boy. really not going to be a competitive race. he not only didn't get the 60% you need to win a convention. he lost. so 49-50 the state rep mike kennedy. up against 12 candidates. surprising news that he didn't just walk away with this thing. people are wondering why did that happen? you remember back in the campaign in 2016, mitt romney very vocal against then candidate donald trump about immigration amongst other things. pete: that's putting it kindly vocal. you remember the speech he gave that we all covered where he came out and said all you get is a hat out of it? ed, does this surprise you at all? ed: no. because he has been, you know, on the fence to say
5:08 am
least about donald trump. these are the grassroots people in the party. why are you not supporting the president? in fact, romney is saying he may not support him for re-election. pete: this is mitt romney to that other network he mentioned on supporting trump. i will make that decision downtown road as a person of political experience. if i endorse someone, i'll want to know what's in it for utah and what help would he provide for us on key priorities in utah? i can barely finish the statement. that's why a lot of people on convention floor probably felt like you got an opportunist coming back for next chapter of political career. won't support this president who is under siege and so why do i want to give that guy a vote? i'm going to vote for the local state rep and hope he wins. the guy has gobs of cash. um probably win the primary he has 100 percent i.d. there. don't ram a candidate down our throats. abby: they want a candidate they know what they are getting. not just to win a race.
5:09 am
ed: mitt romney is a man of principle. i hear a lot of bashing of him. abby: it's more of the authenticity struggle with. say one thing, do something else. you look at throughout history and times that he has run in races. ed: look back to 2012 he was right about russia and barack obama made funnel of him about it being our biggest geopolitical foe. he hasn't been wrong about everything. pete: no not wrong about everything. abby: i think you are right. he will ultimately pill this out because there is a lot of money behind him. other news someone not talked about as of late is collin kaepernick. getting an award in amsterdam. one of pete's favorite awards. pete: amnesty international award every year i'm in the running for. yesterday he gave a speech there in the netherlands. this is what collin kaepernick had to say about his anthem protest, listen. >> how can you stand for the national anthem of a nation that preaches and propagates
5:10 am
freedom and justice for all that is so unjust to so many of the people living there? how you cannot be in a rage when you know that you are always at risk of death in the streets or enslavement in the prison system? how can you willingly be blind of the truth of systemic racialized injustice. my love for my people serves as the fuel that motivates me and fortifies me on my mission. is the people's unbroken love for themselves that motivates me, even when faced with the dehumanizing norms of a system that can lead to the loss of one's life over simply being black. pete: now only a portion of his speech was played online. the rest we have from the written remarks. and he went on to say this in the speech as well as if that wasn't bad enough. he said racialized oppression and dehumanization is wove into the very fabric of our nation the effects of which can be seen in the lawful lynching of black and brown people by the police and the mass incarceration of black and brown lives in the
5:11 am
prison industrial complex. abby: we had frank tiller on the show. of course, he is the founder of tunnel to towers foundation and giving, helping families that have lost loved ones and helping those cops and first responders and cops. ed: law enforcement. >> we asked him what's going on in this country why we we are seeing so many deaths of police officers and things like that. he actually mentioned collin kaepernick specifically it's talk like that that causes so much hatred. ed: allows people to normalize that that we can just kill a cop. outrageous. pete: on foreign soifl feeding stereotypes about our police who serve us honorably every single day it's terrible. abby: keep emailing your thoughts we want to bring you other head lines we are following closely starting with a fox news alert. a massive manhunt underway right now for the gunman who killed at least four people and hurt several others in a waffle house shooting rampage. this is brand new video of the scene which is just outside of nashville. police say the shooter arrived in a car registered
5:12 am
to this man, 29-year-old travis, he is being called a person of interest. the rampage started around 3:30 this morning when gunmen stormed the restaurant with a rifle before being tackled by a brave customer and was taking off after that. we will keep a close eye on that story. also, major league pitcher danny farquar remains in critical condition moments after coming off the mound. dramatic video carrying the reliever out of the dugout after his shocking collapse on friday night. his teammates keeping him in their prayers. hanging his jersey in the dugout as they continue their series against the houston astros. thoughts with him. emotional tribute to the life of first lady barbara bush. affectionately known as america's grandma. remembered her humor and passion for education. >> strength and dig natalie dige
5:13 am
her clothing. she laughed at the time to come. >> she was teacher and role model on how to live a life of purpose and meaning. >> and there was this powerful moment as daughter dorthy is seen consoling an emotional former president h.w. bush as he says goodbye to his wife of 73 years. melania trump sitting next to the clintons and the obamas. a woman will be so remembered. that day. what a powerful day yesterday. >> all right. abby. >> thank you. coming up, james comey accused of lying to congress about that anti-trump dossier. so will the fired fbi director face any fall-out. sarah cartedder has been following this story from the beginning and she weighs in coming up next. abby: gq magazine sparked outrage for calling the bible the most overrated book of all times. ed: no, comey's book is the most overrated. pete: how about the what
5:14 am
happened by hillary?
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
♪ >> we were told by mr. comey, when we asked in early 2017, where did this come from? and he said well, he says i think it -- it was started from republicans. that, in fact, was a lie. now he claims he didn't any the democrats had anything to do with it. pete: that is how intel committee chair devin nunes accusing james comey lying to congress. what kind of fallout could he face now. here to weigh in is sara carter. on that issue or others, what legal issue could comey be in at this point? >> well, comey is in a number of legal issues. let's just go back to his interview recently with george stephanopoulos the first interview he had, where he specifically asked,
5:18 am
you know, did you tell president trump at any points during your first meeting with him, when you briefed him on the dossier, that the democratic national committee and the hillary clinton campaign paid for this dossier and he was like no, i just didn't think it was where we wanted to go, it wasn't something -- do you think you should have? i don't know. then he tells them in january. listen to all of these conflicting statements. in january, congress asked him. he asks directly, devin nunes and the others: where did this dossier come from? and then he says once again i think it was the republicans. he is consistently lying about this dossier and getting himself into hot water even with the memo leaks and that's another thing is he conflicting himself on. even if he tries to say i didn't believe this was all classified, why not just declassify them yourself and hand them over to congress? why all the run around? why go to daniel richmond the professor and turn over those documents to him. two of when which we know
5:19 am
contained classified information and have daniel rich monday leak them to the "new york times." and then come out and admit that you were the leaker? because you wanted to move forward with a special counsel with the hopes that they would call a special counsel. you know, comey is going to have a lot to answer to. and inspector general michael horowitz is sifting through tons of information and i believe they will catch him in multiple lies. abby: think about the timing right now of the media, the media blitz book tour he has been everywhere this past week. how much worse has he made it for himself? because i had seen people on the other side, on republicans and democrats saying that he is actually made us question him even more through his media interviews. >> oh, absolutely, abby. think about this. the ig didn't release the report on mccabe until comey started his book tour. you have to ask yourself this question: why was that? he is obviously listening to comey closely. listening to everything he is saying.
5:20 am
collecting evidence as well. this is very important. because everything comey says now is going to be either used against him or support him in whatever report horowitz is putting together. remember, there were many times he was under oath and many times that congress felt that he was not being truthful to them. so this is also something that congress is investigating and it's the reason why devin nunes and others have fought so hard to get these documents. they continually have to keep forcing this threat of contempt against the doj and the fbi to get these documents. and out of all those millions of documents, right now i have been told, you know, they only have over 3,000. i have been told 47,000 of them pertain directly to the investigations that they are conducting. ed: big stuff coming. abby: a lot of questions remain. ed: appreciate you coming in. abby: thanks, sara. some reporting the white house is skeptical of north korea's nuclear freeze. is that true? we will ask kellyanne conway. she joins us next. restlessness , it's gas.
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xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> a stunning reversal in north korea. halting the country's missile testing and closing one of its nuclear sites ahead of its upcoming summit with president trump. pete: the trump white house is reacting skeptically in private to north korea's announcement to freeze nuclear weapons testing warning that dictator kim jong un could be setting a trap. ed: counselor to the president kellyanne conway. good morning, kellyanne conway. >> hey, kellyanne conway. ed: i know in the arc of this story the president's critics with charging his rhetoric was going to bring to us a nuclear war. the opposite seems to be happening. are you still skeptical that north korea is going to deliver. >> the president has made clear if the conditions are right we are making the
5:25 am
preparations but also taking the proper precautions that, perhaps, a deal can be made. what does that look like? well, in very short order, you have kim meeting with the leader of south korea. have you him halting ballistic missile tests. and you have him more willing, more open and willing to talk about nuclear disarmament, if you will, just stopping all of this. i would note that the previous president received a nobel peace prize less than 8 months on the job in part if you go back and read the clips, in part for his work on nuclear disarmament. this president is actually getting it done in swift fashion. people are reminded when they watch what's unfolding here, reminded of the process that took place under president ronald reagan with respect to the soviet union. and that president reagan always said trust but verify. so, look, we are a long way away from any type of conclusion here. but the president, as he has been open and willing to do
5:26 am
since he took office last year, is -- can come to the table with people who are interested in doing things that are good for the world. even some of the president's most virulent critics are crediting his leadership with bringing kim to at least this table so far. it's clear that kim probably wants some economic revitalization for hirst country. things are not going well there. but denuclearizing, the korean peninsula, benefits everyone, number one, and number two, it shows the success of president trump's maximum pressure campaign on north korea. pete: another maximum pressure is about the special counsel and james comey. ask you a two-part question here. does the president still believe that the special counsel is illegitimate and the president has talked about jail time and these memos. where is he currently on what kind of justice james comey should face.
5:27 am
>> the president has answered that question extensively during his tweets. he knows that we were promised a russian collusion with a campaign early on. that was the point of this entire exercise. and it's gone into many different twists and turns. the president has also been fully cooperative. even "the washington post" admitted a few weeks ago the president has been told he is not a target of this investigation. james comey told the president at least three times privately that he was not under investigation even then but wasn't willing to say it publicly. everyone should wonder why. the president is very focused on big things like the -- like getting director pompeo confirmed. you go back to the north koreaible situation. and you see that president's trust in director pompeo by sending him over to start to talk about the preparations logistics and then you see that we need the nation's top diplomat confirmed for a time such as this when so many important things are going around the globe -- going on around the globe. but in terms of the special counsel, i think the
5:28 am
president this week, too, took account of who james comey really is someone hot president has said hardly knows the president. they had very limited contact. jim comey was on the job 111 days. he has been off the job for nearly a year and somehow some expert into president trump's thinking. and he is trying to sell books. everybody can appreciate that he is also a witness in the mueller investigation and clearly going to be a witness in the mccabe investigation. mccabe his former number two, had criminal charges referred this week. they are going to be battling it out, i believe mccabe's attorney had pretty tough words for jim comey earlier this week. and everybody sees through this stunt to sell books. people should be very concerned that the fbi director even admitted in a podcast to the "new york times" on friday that he does worry about how is he politicizing the fbi, perhaps. he does know that his ego sometimes gets in his way and as the president
5:29 am
referred to him grandstander and show boat. all of that is going on while special counsel investigation and some congressional investigations are still underway. abby: there are a lot of investigations going on. someone else in the hot seat, michael cohen, the president's personal attorney. your thoughts on how the president is thinking about this? because people have said if it comes to jail time, michael cohen is someone that will flip on the president. he will end up saying things that will get the president in trouble. the president tweeting about this the other day saying that he is a good family man. he is not a guy that sphwtion to flip on him. critic also say the fact that the president is speaking publicly about this, is that showing that he is, in fact, concerned about him actually flipping? what are your thoughts? >> the president has expressed concern that someone he likes and respects and worked with for many, many years has been subject to an fbi raid that the president himself called a disgrace and is overwrought. he believes is overwrought at the time. and he has got great compassion for a situation like that.
5:30 am
in terms of that particular raid and what's going on in the southern district in new york, that will have to play itself out. but the president has made very clear that everything that this was originally supposed to focus on, why the special counsel was appointed in the first place has very little relevance to some of these chutes and ladders that have happened ever since. the president has shown, you know, and people say the president is not loyal to anybody. that is just not false. you see that in his posture towards and his words about michael cohen. abby: does he have any concerns? we had alan dershowitz that shouldn't be the concern where he could find the real trouble is in this michael cohen investigation. does the president have any concerns about that or where that might lead to? >> i have not discussed that with the president that i can speak about. can i tell you i'm his counselor not his counsel.
5:31 am
mr. dershowitz has offered advice through the tv and met with the president very recently they white house. i will leave that between him and his official legal team and with others hospital he may be consulting. abby: kellyanne,always good to see you. >> my pleasure, thank you. pete: coming up, the weather is warming up hopefully where you are, it's time to fire up the grill, of course, we are having a spring barbecue on the plaza. abby: anna kooiman and her baby boy on the plaza. he shows us how to work out with your baby. i'm nervous about this. i can't go up against anna kooiman. ♪ it's a beautiful life ♪
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pete: we are back with a fox news alert. at least 48 people are dead and more than 100 are hurt in a homicide bomb attack on a voter registration center in the afghan capital. isis now claiming responsibility. abby: this comes as chemical weapons investigators get their first look at the chemical attack site in syria since the april 7th attack. ed: our own mike tobin is live with the latest in jerusalem. >> good morning. those chemical weapons inspectors have made it inside the syrian town douma two weeks since the alleged attack that prompted strike strikes. taken samples on that town outskirts of damascus. many delays. including reports of gunfire
5:36 am
directed at the security team advanced at the inspectors. accusations have been made syria and russia have had time to cover up the attack. only collected samples from one of the sites of the attacks. killed more than 40 people in the town of douma. witnesses say they died with foam pouring from mouths and noses. world health organization 500 treated with symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals. syria and russia claim that the chemical attack was a hoax. shortly after the attack the rebels vexing douma and region surrenders and left the town. the assad regime is not backing out. warplanes, helicopters, artillery damascus and surrounding area. those areas largely held by islamic state militants as well as al qaeda. fighters, allied militants hold up around the southern area of damascus as well as one palestinian refugee camp in that area. guys, back to you in new
5:37 am
york. abby: such a sad situation. mike only to bine live for us. thank you, mike. turning to other headlines we are following. president trump says is he considering a posthumously pardon for black heavyweight all thanks to sylvester stallone. called me with boxy weight johnson. his trials and tribulations great. his life complex and controversial. others have looked at this over the years, most thought it would be done but, yes, i am considering a full pardon. many think johnson was wrongfully convicted 1913 for consensual ri relationship with a white woman. calling out black lives matter protesters after they tried to shut down her appearance at ucla. watch this. >> victim mentality is not real. i don't know why people like being oppressed. weirdest thing i have ever heard. we are oppressed. 400 years of slavery, jim crow which by the way none of you guys lived through. your grandparents.
5:38 am
it's embarrassing that you utilized their history. you are not living through anything right now. abby: that got the attention of rapper kanye west. i love the way candace owens thinks. kanye is getting a lot of back lark for that tweet. candace owens has proven to be antiblack, annual at this lbgt and fact hating. there are so many more distributedders for kanye to align himself with her is messy and dangerous. candace will join us next hour to talk about that madness. look forwards to talk to her. gq magazine slamming the bible calling it the most overrated books of all of time. repetitive self-contradictory, foolish and even at times ill intentioned. father jonathan morris joined us earlier in the show and here is what he said about this. >> it's just foolish and a shame. 3.9 billion bibles have been
5:39 am
published. that dwarfs every other book that has been read in the last 50 years. abby: well said. father morris said the bible isn't just literature in history it is inspired word of god. those are some of your headlines. out to the plaza for some food and some grilling. of course, you will find pete out there. rick: they keep on writing in this the weather is getting warmer. not really. few places is meaning if it is getting warmer time to heat up the grill. pete: of course. here is celebrity chef george durand. author of "take this dish and twist it." he joins us today. thanks for being here. >> one of the food hacks that i like to do is taking one of those muffin tin pans. ed: that never get used. >> different dips inside of it in the grill as they bubble up like art choke and bleu cheese. pop chips over here. pete: warms up the dip.
5:40 am
>> match it to the dip. there are little buffalo chip over here goes perfectly with the bleu cheese dip. these guys have half the fat of potato chips. rick: don't you spend. >> the larger more cupcake like. whatever you like. more sour cream. pete: i don't do enough bleu cheese dip. >> put it on the grill and serve it up. lighter way to serve chips. this way can you kind of enjoy the dips. little appetizer. pete: amazing looking chicken on this grill. >> i will tell you thousand make spat chicken. flatten dollars chicken. zero antibiotics. never ever do they use antibiotics in their chickens, all natural. cut off with a shear the backbone over here. pete: that's what they did to ed. [boo] >> nice right there.
5:41 am
rick: s that watt line of the day. >> once you cut off the back bottom you are ready to go. flip open and use your fist to push it. in flattens up and make your marinade. wipe my hands. canola oil. right in the bag. marinade with canola oil, sugar, garlic. sesame oil. bar but key, just bare and you mix that in there. throw the chicken in there. you put it inside the bag for a few hours. and once that marinades. you want to put it directly on your grill. high quality chicken that has never seen any antibiotics, and what you see here, is the beauty of all these dishes over here. this is the vision grill. this is the. >> the vision grill. >> the vision grill. >> this grill is amazing by the way. >> it's kamata style gaza strip grill. maintains its heat. not only use it with charcoal this insert comes off and use it as pro-taken
5:42 am
during out weekdays. available at home depot and sam's club. watch this chicken falling off the bone. this is the way you want to have a really nice beautiful hormone free. it's fresh. you are going to try one of these, right? i'm going to go ahead and cut a piece of the thigh over here just like this. rick: did you make a grilled cheese doughnut. >> mandi ever. the beauty of this is can you do low and slow cooking. i ended up making this grilled cheese doughnut. literally a doughnut i have cut in half. thrown a piece -- throwing some pieces of cheese inside of it throw bacon in there, too. ham, peperoni whatever you want and repurpose the doughnut like we don't have anything else to do with a doughnut. rick: you are amazing and the vision grill. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. ed: abby, maybe we will bring some in for you. abby: i don't think pete said a word during that segment.
5:43 am
mitt romney won't commit to backing trump in 2020. is that a winning strategy? coming up next. we always knew ed loves democrats. now it turns out one special democrat might really love ed the most. the story of hillary clinton and ed henry's romance. was he the one that got away? we have more on that coming up. ♪ it don't matter where we go ♪ we always find a way back home ♪ with esurance photo claims, you could have money for repairs within a day. wow! that was really fast. so it doesn't have to hurt for long. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish.
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ythen you turn 40 ande everything goes. tell me about it. you know, it's made me think,
5:46 am
i'm closer to my retirement days than i am my college days. hm. i'm thinking... will i have enough? should i change something? well, you're asking the right questions. i just want to know, am i gonna be okay? i know people who specialize in "am i going to be okay." i like that. you may need glasses though. yeah. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade. pete: mitt romney heading for a primary runoff in utah after failing to secure the g.o.p. nomination for the u.s. senate. the 2012 presidential nominee also revealing he isn't a sure guarantee to support trump in 2020. saying, quote: i will make that decision down the road as a person of political experience. if i endorse someone, i will want to know what's in it for utah and what help we provide us on key priorities in utah. here to weigh in former trump campaign polster.
5:47 am
first of all, these numbers, and the fact that he didn't hit 60% at the convention, does that surprise you? >> no. because it's not the party of the g.o.p. establishment swamp anymore. this is the party of donald trump. donald trump is more popular even in utah than mitt romney. mitt romney, the latest poll was in february. he only had 60% of the vote against an unknown person. this time 60% means it's a 60-40 primary. he goes to a convention and won't endorse trump right before, these are trump people. trump, i mean, this is the party of change, the party of donald trump. where we know in our last national poll, republicans want change 84-11. they like donald trump 83% approve. it's over 90% of republican primary voters. pete: you say 84-11 want change. >> right. pete: is mitt romney part of the 11? has the establishment not learned. >> he hasn't learned. president trump endorsed him when he announced for the race. and he has not endorsed donald trump. donald trump has done good things for utah. he has opened up federal lands for economic
5:48 am
development. he has good relationship with the lds church. senator hatch likes him. tried to keep senator hatch there because he has done a lot. popular governor. he inappointed him to ambassador of russia. donald trump has changed the republican party and even in utah. mitt romney it's a mistake because it looks like he is using it as a stepping stone to run for president again. that's a huge mistake. it opens up -- this is the second time he has lost to a kennedy for u.s. senate. he lost in massachusetts. this opens up his liberal record. pete: it sure does. he could be a never trumper senator from utah which people have seen and have rejected. does he ultimately get elected. >> he should. pete: does he win the primary? >> after this mistake he has a real primary. he has to double down. first things he needs to do is return the favor to donald trump. endorse donald trump for president in 2020. put to rest the idea he is going to run again.
5:49 am
people are still mad he lost to barack obama. he blew the race in a last week. he was ahead of obama after the debates and blew the race in the last week. people don't want to have that happen again. pete: you pointed out in your polling folks run half and half on trump have not run as strong as people endorsed and movement that brought him to the presidency. thank you for your time appreciate it. pete: appointment of bob mueller special counsel was illegal. is he right? we will ask ken starr who investigated bill clinton next hour. anna kooiman and fitness expert are with abby on the plaza. there is anna. hello anna virtually. how to work out with your baby. they are going to show you coming up next. ♪ you don't know because you're dead wrong ♪ what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel.
5:50 am
flonase sensimist.
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abby: welcome back. not only being mom hard work, but it's hard on your workout schedule. that is why health coach nikki galore created a booty camp video how to have fun with your kids. vicki and her daughter victoria along with anna kooiman and her daughter all here to help us work out. good morning. >> good morning. wonderful to be back especially on a weekend with you. >> a little chillier than it is here in australia. so nice to be back. during my pregnancy and also during the helping me feeling good. >> give me for tips working out. this week i was with her all week. i kind of did sit ups holding. >> don't wait for them to nap. that's when you need a nap. work out with your baby as they get heavier two and a
5:54 am
half you will get stronger. we will start first with glutes and outer thighs and dips and lifts. so you are squatting working your quads and glutes. what do you think isabel, is this one? >> outer thigh, your buy your b- biceps. >> seeing them smiling and laughing. >> instead of just jiggling around. they get so excited. >> what about the stroller? because i'm often pushing her in the stroller, what type of things can you do to work out? >> in the stroller, getting a great job in the stroller. do lungs with them as well. i'm going to show you guys beside that baby rocket move i was just doing. take your little to it down into a klee a squat and press into the sky. give you fun look on faces. baby booty camp 15 minute workout can you do
5:55 am
throughout the day. baby is fussy. sooth the baby and slim and scalp mommy with the baby booty fitness workout. lay down with the baby on your lap and do patty cake lungs. give that a try. victoria checks out the slide here. >> lay his head, isabel hold it against your legs and lay back and the baby can straddle here. >> oh, i see. this is great. hold their hands and do you your little crunches, do your v sit where you are just here or can you patty cake crunch. >> did i have a little bit of a.b. separation a lot of new moms have you have to be careful with the early stages of that. splint your a.b.s with a towel. i had the same thing. >> stroller. >> actually, i think playground now. if you had a baby, and a toddler you are doing both things. and it's hard for a workout
5:56 am
then. so victoria, can we get in the swing, please? come on over. if you guys want to put your kids in the swings, can you. abby: i don't know if isabel is big enough. let's test it out. try this one. >> so in the swing, can you do -- have you ever seen the a.b. roller move? it's something as you know on t. have a product where you roll out do it for free with your baby. on your knees and then your arms are working and your anns are working. this is the first time she has been on a swing live tv. what do you think isabel? >> finally we will get to the stroller. >> i want to go. >> go ahead. >> when you are on a playground with your kid as they get a little bit older, can you use the slide. you can do little lungs on the steps, then use the slide, crawl up. because sometimes you go down the slide with your baby or. >> that is the perfect way to go out of this segment. anna you will be here all week with us. >> lots of mommy segments.
5:57 am
abby: some great tips. thank you so much. >> abby: we'll be right back after this. more "fox & friends" to come ♪ ♪ girl, i never seen new this town ♪ if you need somebody to show you around ♪ ... the closer you get to home, the more you know the commute is worth it.
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6:00 am
>> james comeys memos are still the topic of conservation and president trump was out tweeting about this yesterday saying they're classified. therefore he broke the law. ed: there's a criminal referral for the u.s. attorney of washington and he's leaking and lying. >> my guess is is that clapper orchestrated this. you brief him on the dossier. abby: halting the country's missile testing ahead of his upcoming summit with president trump. >> president trump having strong language and rhetoric in the beginning got us to this point. abby: the dnc suing team trump, the russians, wikileaks and more over russian interference. >> they should be suing themselves. pete: kanye west setting off an
6:01 am
online firestorm. >> by the way, none of you guys lived through your grandparents did and it's embarrassing that you utilize their history. abby: oh, there is ed out on the plaza. pete: dancing or is he avoiding what, i don't know. i can't tell. >> ♪ who says you can't go home, there's only one place to call one of their own ♪ pete: you saw that last video that was ed dancing with a power washer. and that's abbey, now rising off the couch and she was just outside doing baby workouts. ed: that was a workout. pete: changing back into her professional attire and now she's here, just like that. abby: guys i had my workout for the morning i'm good. pete: great hustle.
6:02 am
you know, you nailed it you really did a great job. abby: thank you. well i'm here. it's good to be back. pete: although we do have a love story between ed henry and hillary clinton. we can't bring it to you right now, just a tease as they say in television business. look at those cheeks turns out hillary might like those but we'll bring it to you in a minute. abby: that's a tease a great tease but in the meantime, it is an all out war between president trump and james comey and those classified memos, were they classified were they not we keep hearing different stories from james comey himself so here is what the president tweeted yesterday saying james comey's memos are classified i did not declassify them. they belong to our government therefore he broke the law. additionally he totally made up many of the things he said i said and he's already a proven liar and leaker where are memos on clinton, lynch and others. ed: and we had kellyanne conway on last hour and we asked her where is the president on all of this. here she is. >> the president this week took a count of who james comey
6:03 am
really is, someone who the president said hardly knows the president they had very limited contact. james comey was on the job for about 11 days he's been off the job for nearly a year and somehow some expert into president trump's thinking and he's trying to sell books, everybody can appreciate that but he's also a witness in the mueller investigation and clearly going to be a witness in the mccabe investigation. people should be very concerned. pete: kellyanne mentioned the mccabe investigation of course the doj inspector general referred him for criminal charges. ed: u.s. attorney. pete: now we know, i'm sorry i dropped my pen, the same is being done for james comey that he's under investigation at least they're looking into any number of things and he's on this book tour and talking and talking but what we know is he's a leaker, what we know is those documents were fbi material and we know that some of them were classified and he had a special relationship through a professor to someone whose leaking this information to the new york times. that to me spells oh, no and you can't really talk your way out
6:04 am
of something you shouldn't have been doing. abby: but ed he's said he did not have these. none of them were classified. he wanted to release them to the public and he also wanted to ultimately lead to that special counsel that we now have with robert mueller so there's so much confusion here where you're hearing one thing from james comey and now he's under investigation these memos are on were they classified or not. ed: number one the comey memos were supposed to set the stage for the special counsel that there were allegations of obstruction of justice and now we see the memos and you scratch your head and say this led to the special counsel it seems bizarre and number two you're right james comey told congress under oath i tried to keep classified information out of these memos, now we see the memos and there's redactions it's blacked out. pete: and he self-classified as one of them at the time as secret even redacted something that he sent to his law professor. abby: also the bigger question too, i mean the president addressed this in his tweet why are there only memos on president trump? why do you only write your personal diary on him? what about loretta lynch, what
6:05 am
about hillary clinton, they all had, he had question marks about them why didn't he come back and take his own notes. pete: what about the special nature in which the hillary clinton investigation was conducted? abby: still a lot of questions remain and we'll see where those investigations go, but probably the biggest news story of the weekend is north korea and they have frozen their nuclear program. ed: no more tests. abby: president trump still stands strong on the two of them meeting together at an upcoming summit we don't have a date of that yet but says it's still going to happen, but people are saying tread lightly on this. be careful. don't fully trust north korea. we had michael malice on whose the author of dear reader who says something just doesn't add up when it comes to north korea. here is what he told us. >> it takes a lot to go from we're going to kill you in november and in april we'll just give everything you want and ask for nothing in return. everyone is cheering and applaud ing as if we've donald north korea will give up their nukes and close down the concentration camps. let's celebrate when these
6:06 am
things actually happen. we don't know what's going to happen because we also don't know how president trump is going to approach him and president trump playing his card s close to his chest. pete: well so he wrote the book on it certainly understands a lot about the nature of that regime. well the president is up this morning tweeting minutes ago on this very topic. first tweet saying one of my favorite nicknames, sleepy eyes chuck todd of fake news nbc just stated that we've given up so much in our negotiation with north korea and they have given up nothing. wow we haven't given up anything and they have agreed to denuclearization so great for the world, and in a second tweet he said we're a long way from a conclusion on north korea, maybe things will work out and maybe they won't. only time will tell but the work i am doing now should have been done a long time ago. ed: i didn't see exactly what chuck todd said but if in fact he suggested that we're giving away this tour and north korea is not giving away anything that doesn't sound true. north korea is freezing the nuclear testing as abbey pointed
6:07 am
out and on top of that there are also reports that when mike pompeo, cia director, secretary of state designate met with kim jong-un secretly over easter weekend that kim jong-un put on the table the idea in these talks they're willing to give up these three american hostages. it sounds an awful lot like north korea is giving up something, a lot. pete: some said it's not done yet. ed: what are we giving up? i'm confused. abby: also what is the alternative, right? what do the american people want do we want to go go to war with north korea? ultimately diplomacy is always the best solution. pete: we want a world without a nuclear north korea and if it can be done through diplomacy that's fantastic and if it comes to war you might have to do that but the point is you have to believe you'll go to war which is exactly what president trump said. we will bring you down if you don't come to the table and only thing i would take issue within the tweet is they're very agreed
6:08 am
to de nuclearize. they said we'll look at the state of our nuclear testing but they will cling tightly to that because kim jong-un knows the only way he keeps his regime is with his nukes so that means you have to give him other assurance s so north korea is meeting with south korea next month and in june we're hearing. abby: don't forget the importance of china of all of this by the way. the president i don't think got enough credit when he pushed china and they stopped oil & gas from going to north korea which was terrible for the north koreans so anyway keep a close eye on this. we don't know where it all ends but we will follow it. ed: absolutely. abby: to other headlines we are also following a serious one and a fox news alert a possible sighting in the hunt for the gunman who killed four people in a waffle house shooting rampage. nashville police confirming reports a man believed to be this man, 29 year old is the person of interest, travis rinki ng, spotted in the woods at an apartment complex mere that scene, the rampage starting around 3:30 this morning when the gunman stormed the restaurant with a rifle shooting
6:09 am
several people and he was tackl ed by a brave customer before fleeing that scene and to another fox news alert i.c.e. is claiming responsibility for a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan that led 40 people dead more than a hundred hurt. the bomber targeting a voter registration center in the afghan capitol. this is the fourth attack since voter registration started last saturday. also, this this morning, starbucks is in hot water again and this time after it hidden camera was found inside of a bathroom at a store near atlanta a 25-year-old customer reportedly found it taped underneath a baby changing station. well police say eight to 10 people were captured on the nearly hour-long tape coming 10 days after starbucks was slammed over the arrest of two black men inside a philadelphia store for allegedly trespassing. and some sports now the 2018 mlb season has its first no hitter the oakland a's how do
6:10 am
you say it? the boston red sox. >> 2-0 pitch. >> grounded to short and scoop ed up and it's a no hitter. >> [applause] abby: the a's would go on to win 3-0 the red sox have baseball's hottest team off to a 17-2 start pete: yeah, he beat one of the hottest teams in baseball. ed: amazing. pete: the best team in baseball, ed? ed: no the yankees are but their record doesn't reflect it yet. pete: but ed you've got a bestie , and her name appears to be hillary clinton. it reveals a bombshell nugget that hillary clinton has a crush on ed henry, his cheeks and pocket square. ed: i keep getting e-mails about this. abby: so here is the quote from the book and it says despite aggressively questioning clinton about her e-mails, ed henry became a favorite. she would regularly look past her almost entirely female press
6:11 am
to call on the fox news correspondent with his cheeks and pocket squares. ed: wow. pete: let's get a close up of those. ed: i don't know what to abby: i think you're blushing ed. ed: i think this is brooks brothers. here is the thing, i think hillary clinton actually liked the sparring. she liked the idea that i'm taking on the fox guy. i don't think she liked me and in our private conservation she was always sort of needling me when we were talking off the record. pete: but the cherub cheeks? abby: you can't deny it there. ed: well do you know what we were teasing todd yesterday about his fan club because we had these six people in naples, florida holding up his head shots that he had send out there abby: piro-mania. ed: so some of my friends in florida said we're going to print out your head shot so these are the pyro maniacs. abby: that's in jupiter, florida
6:12 am
ed: about 20 miles from jupiter in lake worth, florida my friend lee owns a restaurant called ben ny's on the beach and he printed out head shots and i didn't send them and -- oh, oh, boy. pete: i didn't have anything to do with that stunning photo of myself. abby: ed where is the humility? ed: i don't have any humility. ed mania. it's not just hillary clinton. abby: unbelievable. pete: how much did you pay them? how much did you pay them for that? ed: i'm writing a check. abby: well done. pete: fan club, lowest bidder. no we love you ed. ed: thanks for teasing me. abby: and your cherub cheeks. pete: i've got it now. all right, coming up, rapper kanye west starting a firestop after telling the world he loves the way candice owens thinks, what does he love? her shutdown of black lives matter was part of it, watch. >> i don't know why people like being a press, 400 years of slavery which by the way none of you guys lived through your
6:13 am
grandparents did and it's embarrassing that you utilize their history. pete: candice owens is here live along with texas congressman john ratcliffe and maria bartiromo and ken starr all on a final big final hour of the sunday issue. >> ♪ it was my very first car accident. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life.
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pete: well the justice department watchdog now taking a closer look at james comey for potentially leaking classified information and our next guest says what we learn from this could change the entire mueller probe. ed: here to explain how judiciary member former u.s. attorney texas congressman john ratcliffe good morning. >> good morning guys. ed: so where do we stand now that james comey is part of the way through this big book tour? >> well, i think for whatever purpose the james comey wrote those memos, they're largely
6:17 am
proving to be exculpatory of any claims against donald trump relating to obstruction or collusion. in particular if you look at the march 30, 2017 memo the fbi director records that donald trump asked him to investigate fully whether any trump campaign associate was colluding with the russians. that's the opposite of obstructing the investigation. that's the opposite of trying to end it. in fact if you look at all 15 pages of james comey's memo the word obstruction never appears once. the first time we heard that word was in retaliation after james comey was fired. pete: congressman -- >> i think that'll have a significant legal impact on the special counsel's investigation. pete: so the legal impact is different than the public perception because he's seen these memos, robert mueller has we haven't so we now have a chance to catch up to his thinking has this already been baked into his investigation?
6:18 am
i mean, have they, and will it accelerate it as you suggest? >> well remember that james comey has to or robert mueller has to prove any criminal charges to the criminal standard of beyond a reasonable doubt and if you're trying to prove that donald trump committed obstruction or collusion, the admission by the fbi director that he was ordered to fully investigate in and of itself creates reasonable doubt. ed: i also wanted to ask you, the presidents tweeting that there was classified information in these mep os, so should james comey be prosecuted? >> well look we know that james comey created those memos as the fbi director used an fbi computer to do them and he shared them with fbi employees. we also know that he shared them with an unauthorized person, a law professor. james comey himself recorded that the first memo was secret, so the only issue is how much of
6:19 am
the information is classified and how much of that classified information did he share with an unauthorized person? that's what the inspector general is looking at to see whether or not james comey violated the espionage act. the irony guys here is proving that anyone violated the espiona ge act has been made more difficult under the james comey standard or the james comey precedent set in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. remember he said he added a criminal element of having to harm national security. it wasn't enough to be extremely careless or grossly neglect. you could take america's most sensitive national security information in a grossly negligent manner leave it in a starbucks outside the kremlin and you can't be charged under the espionage act unless you have intent to harm national security. pete: john ratcliffe thank you for joining us this morning appreciate it. thanks for having me. pete: well still ahead, rapper
6:20 am
kanye west starting a social media fire storm after telling the world he loves the way can dice owens thinks this is what he was talking about, watch >> i don't know why people like being a press, 400 years of slavery, which by the way none of you guys lived through your grandparents did and it's embarrassing that you utilize their history. pete: she is joining us on the couch, live. there she is, coming up. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ i try so hard, ♪ i can't rise above it ♪ don't know what it is 'bout that little gal's lovin'. ♪ applebee's new bigger bolder grill combos. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ancestrydna has 5x more detail ...and it's now on sale for just $59. it can lead you on an unexpec ted journey... discover your heritage. get ancestrydna for just $59. the lowest price of the year.
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pete: welcome back. couple quick headlines for you president trump hill host french president macron for his first state dinner this week except this year there won't be any seats at the table for democrats
6:24 am
or ed's colleagues in the media, reporting a guest list of about 150 people expected to attend tuesday night's event which is held in the state dining room and second story, for the second year in a row president trump will skip the annual correspondent's dinner instead localing a re-election campaign rally in michigan the president is expected to discuss economic policies including tax reform and last year the president missed the dinner to hold a rally in pennsylvania. seemed to work last time doing it again. all right, well, rap super star kanye west setting off a social media firestorm after he praised conservative activist candice owens in a tweet. west told his followers that he loves the way candice owens thinks. abby: just hours before that, candice took on black lives protesters at an event at ucla. >> what is happening right now in the black community you'll hear from this first, there's an ideological civil war happening about people that are focused on
6:25 am
their past and their futures, okay? i can guarantee you what you're seeing happening is victim mentality. victim mentality is not cool. i don't know why people like being oppressed. the weiderest thing i've ever heard i love oppression, we're oppressed, none of you guys lived through and it's embarrassing that you utilize their history. you're not living through anything right now. you're overly privileged americans. ed: well here she is, very powerful from turning point usa, candice owens good morning. >> good morning thank you for having me. ed: can't imagine what the last 24 hours or so have been like. abby: i didn't realize you've been called every name in the book after that kanye west tweet >> in about 10 seconds i became a kkk member, anti-lgbt you name it just because i think differently and i refuse to accept this narrative that i'm a victim. i'm not a victim. pete: first take us to the event at ucla. you were there with turning point to talk to students, some black lives matter folks came in
6:26 am
and tried to shut you down and rather than, you took them on. >> correct. we told them that they were welcome to get in line and ask any questions but they refuse to do that. we were there to talk about capitalism and free markets not really that controversial and they were up and screaming f the police, as we had police sitting in the back so i took them on because i believe their ideas are poisonous. i also believe that they are intellectually dishonest or intellectually lazy depending on what you want to take a pick at because the truth is numbers are in. police brutality is not an issue abby: well just an example of some of the tweets you have received since that event took place. this one says aside from being an inside race pimp candice owens thinks donald trump is messiah, not you kanye west so you might want consider. they're mad that kanye called you out on twitter, that's all he said, i like the way candice
6:27 am
owens thinks. what does that say bigger picture that you can go out and say things they might disagree with and this is the backlash, the reaction. >> well i think it's pretty typical of the left. the truth is the left wants to strap black people to this idea that they are victims. that's what it comes down to. they do not want black people focused on their future. they want black people focused on their past, they don't like to see black people that are free thinkers and are independent and i think that's what kanye west and myself represent to the black community and that makes them very nervous ed: and so democrats might be nervous about this kind of talking you were a democrat. tell us what you mean when you say don't be a victim be a victor? >> there is no value in being a victim. there is no value in being oppressed. there's only value in looking forward toward the future and that is what i preach and what i practice every single day and what i'm trying to wake up the black community to understand, for too long we have been used by pawns in black lives matter is an example of that. they are pawns of the democratic party that go out and ruin their
6:28 am
lives for something they don't even understand which is fundamentally false. pete: well you were attacked but so was kanye west. this is from cnn chiming in saying this is so disturbing, this says more about you than her for those that can't, that don't know candice owens she thinks donald trump is a saviour , so you're apparently a race pimp who thinks donald trump is a saviour and evil for this country. >> exactly i've said publicly that i believe that donald trump saved the left. they are now trying to make that a biblical and misconstrue that into something biblical so look it's cnn, i don't think anybody takes them seriously. abby: had kanye west kept up that tweet because he's received so many attacks so much backlash is it still sitting there? >> it's still sitting there and i'm not surprised. kanye west is not one to fold the controversy. pete: he said in a tweet after yours i support free thinkers and that's his idea. you spoke freely, something that
6:29 am
maybe wasn't supposed to be said in that community for a long time, and that's dangerous to people. >> correct. if you look at thins historically, kay yeah west has represented the battering ram against political correctness long before donald trump came down the escalator, kanye west was public enemy number one for simply trying to tell the truth to people about things going on so i'm unsurprised that he supports me and my ideas and me just thinking freely. ed: in terms of where you take this forward, what would you like to say to kanye west? >> i would just like to thank him. it was a moment that i will never forget. i was extremely emotional and it was an affirmation i needed to go forward so thank you, kanye west. abby: you shouldn't be bullied and threatened for having different views. great to have you this morning. >> thank you for having me. abby: well president trump suggests the appointment of special counsel mueller was illegal. what does the law saw we'll ask ken starr the independent counsel who investigated bill clinton. pete: and treasury secretary
6:30 am
steven mnuchin may soon be heading to china. maria bartiromo says it's a good sign for the future and she's coming up next. >> ♪ how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at are made with smarttrack®igners material to precisely move your teeth to your best smile. see how invisalign® treatment can shape your smile up to 50% faster today at
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>> ♪ ♪ pete: well it's not home without
6:34 am
maria bartiromo. good morning. sunday morning futures host will be on this channel in 26 minutes maria: yes looking forward to it hey guys how are you? pete: we're doing great great to have you so you're talking a little bit of china this morning at least we hear that steven mnuchin will be heading to china amid all of the trade back and forth. what's the goal on what the administration is doing toward china? maria: well i think the goal would be just to meet with his counterparts in china, to try to come to a middle place in terms of coming half way china, so that it stops its companies from stealing intellectual property from american companies, stop making it so difficult for american companies to get a foothold in china. as you know, right now if you want to sell to the 1.3 billion people population in china, you have to get a joint venture together with a chinese company and you can not own more than 49 % of that, so there's really no freedom for american companies in china. pete: and it's super easy for chinese companies to come here so the playing field is -- abby: it's not an example then
6:35 am
when you think about president trump and his tough talk and how he's been so often criticized for that and it's only going to lead to a trade war, a war with north korea and et cetera. is this an example of maybe when that tough talk can lead to something promising? maria: it really is abbey. with the president with what he's done with regard to china because everybody gets this. everybody knows china has been fueling our intellectual property for decades and everybody knows that china makes it incredibly difficult for a foreign company to get a foothold in china. they have 10 industries that are deemed off limits. you can not even, i mean, defense, food, shipping, there are industries that the chinese government will not allow foreigners to have any foothold in and so we know that but china has a completely different situation when it comes here so i think what the president has done is very smart and, you know , if it means cutting into that $375 billion surplus that china has, why not? he's trying to get that down by $100 billion. ed: so its been the week of comey where he was supposed to
6:36 am
try to hurt the president's credibility and it seems like maybe comey's credibility on the line as well you've got devon nunes i bet he has a lot to say about it. maria: he really does ed and i think its been a really bad week for james comey this past week and his book tour as of course we know that there are major congressional investigations going on looking at his govern ing and his fbi and the massive abuse of power that took place at the top of the fbi. devon nunes is investigating how this whole trump investigation with collusion with russia began and what he has found after looking at the electronic communications is that there was no intelligence used. let me say that again. there was no verified intelligence used to launch an investigation into collusion between trump and russia. that's extraordinary. that's what i'll talk about with the chairman of the intel committee next, devon nunes. that's a big statement. abby: it is a big story look forward to that. maria: no intelligence abbey? pete: verified intelligence? maria: exactly. we have verified channels where
6:37 am
we go with other countries by the way none of that. pete: interesting all right we'll be watching. abby: thanks maria. turning now to other headlines we are following closely this morning, nancy pelosi top lieutenant wants her and the rest of the democratic leadership gone if they don't re take the house this november. assistant minority leader says if we're still in the minority all of us have got to go. the 77 year old saying the democrats need a reassessment of the party after election day regardless of the outcome. and the economy maybe taking off under the trump adminitration but the army says it's putting a damper on recruitment efforts. recruiters say they're struggl ing to meet this years goal 80,000 additional active duty soldiers forcing them to officially lower that number by 500. so far the army says its brought in just 28,000 soldiers. also this, a milestone most of us would never want to match. a colorado man can now official ly claim that he has survived a shark, a bear, and a
6:38 am
snake attack, all in less than four years. the 20 year old man suffering deep cuts to one of his legs in a shark attack off the coast of hawaii last week but he did live to tell his tale about that with his run-in with the 300-pound bear in colorado in last july and a rattlesnake bite from a 2015 visit to utah. he's still around to tell us, amazing. well, tributes are pouring in this morning to vern troyer, the actor for playing mini me in the austin powers movies. we all know him. >> i shall call him mini me. abby: troyer's team memberring the star as extremely caring and an inspiration to others. mike meyers calling his austin powers co-star a constant professional and beacon of positive it saying he will be greatly missed and actor dan kan ex sharing this picture, he was 49 years old still no cause of death was given.
6:39 am
ed: they asked that guy about the rattlesnake and the bear and bite and how it feels after all of that getting beaten up and he said it's a little bit like pete going up against ed. pete: [laughter] abby: [laughter] pete: that's exactly what he said although i was in the ocean two days ago and a sea turtle came at me, came up by me. ed: were you okay? pete: no in my mind he was coming to bite my face. it was a sea turtle it wasn't actually like a violent turtle. abby: don't share that on national tv. pete: i just did. well you know someone we're never afraid of is our own rick richmuth although you haven't given us great weather recently rick. rick: we saw you with the animals a couple weeks ago. pete: you know i'm not an animal guy. they're just unpredictable. rick: is there one you do like? pete: cats. rick: nice, that's very tough of you. take a look at the weather map guys show you what the going on. i tell you what you're absolutely right there has not been much summer or spring for a lot of people at least across the northern tier of the country
6:40 am
southeast you've seen plenty of it here is your temp as you are waking up this morning down across the southeast unfortunately another rainy weekend for you here you go, here is a look at the satellite radar picture florida starting out okay but there is a storm that brought a very heavy rain yesterday across parts of oklahoma into arkansas and it's very slowly a really slow moving system so the rainfall totals are pretty extreme that means flooding is a concern and this is the future radar how the storm plays out for the day it moves very slowly and if you're getting rain good chance you'll have it the better part of the rest of the day. tomorrow pulls off across the carolingians by tuesday evening into parts of the northeast rainfall totals are extreme that's why we see that flooding a lot of flood watches in effect the areas of red are talking about maybe three to five inches , temperature wise start to get better take a look at this, little bit cooler out across the west again denver on tuesday, 46 but take a look at this guys we have temperatures back into the 60s so we'll take that, how is that 60s? abby: i'll take it.
6:41 am
rick: still no 80s but better slowly. the sun just came out. feeling better? >> yes. pete: you're out there in the crowd ed. tell them to calm down. >> [laughter] pete: thanks appreciate it. all right president trump suggesting in a tweet that the appointment of special counsel mueller was illegal. is he right? we're going to ask ken starr the independent counsel to investigated bill clinton, next. abby: and it it is time for spring cleaning, we're seeing gadgets here to help get that job done, that is just ahead. pete: cleaning the building? i hope so. >> ♪ ♪
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6:45 am
new york city streets maybe he's just very experienced. the company says the driver was fired. and, a minnesota school bus driver is removed from his route for leading students in prayer. george nathan quality admits to praying on the bus but never forced students to join but the school says his actions aren't sitting well with parents and he was fired from another district in 2013 for the same reason. abby: that is disturbing thank you, pete. well president trump questioning whether the appointment of a special counsel for the russia investigation was legitimate. todd: trump on friday tweeting this. "james comey illegally leaked classified documents to the press in order to generate a special counsel, therefore the special counsel was based on an illegal act. really, does everybody know what that means? " ed: here, with insight the former solicitor general to the united states ken starr who of course investigated bill clinton good morning counselor. >> good morning.
6:46 am
ed: ken we asked alan dershowitz and he said it was troubling the way all this played out and he said it would be a stretch to say this is the legal principle of the poisonous tree and that everything gained from the special counsel now is illegal. what say you? >> yes, well i understand the president's frustration. all this information is flowing in, the information is very troubling, the comey memos are very troubling, but i agree with alan. i don't think this will prevail in court. by the way one great thing that happened this week, as i see it is the president widely selected rudy guiliani. i served in the justice department during the reagan administration with rudy. obviously he was a great mayor, great united states attorney but here is the point. he's a great lawyer and he will be, if rudy goes in court and says it's illegal then it's going to be taken very seriously but i think it's a hard argument ed: real quick before we move on the subject have you had any
6:47 am
conservations with the president or any of his representatives about joining his legal team? >> no, the president's very wise, very astoot, and so i'm sure he has a 10-foot pole but no, i've not been asked, no. abby: ken where do you see this going? what is the long game here? does the russia probe, do you see that coming to an end in the near future and then michael cohen that investigation is going on is that something the president should be more concerned about? just help lay this out for our audience and what the long game ultimately will be. >> i think that the investigation has obviously focused on paul manafort and those issues involving the ukraine and registration and all that. it's focused on lying to the fbi we now know please don't lie to the fbi in these interviews. i think the key thing that we've seen thus far is the indictment against the 13 russian individuals and the three
6:48 am
russian companies and the key that i read in that very detailed indictment not one word suggested, didn't even hint at collusion or a conspiracy, so and i think the president should also feel good that very recently he was told by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and he was on the whitewater trial team a long time ago, he's a person of integrity. i know the president has issues but the president should rest assured that rod rosenstein is calling them the way he sees then, he's not political, he happens to be a republican but he has nothing against this president. he's just trying to make these very very tough judgments. so let's see what happens in this disposition of this indictment which i think by far and i'm talking about the russian individuals, well-funded and three organizations. i think indirectly it was an indictment of vladimir putin. pete: ken from what we now know publicly from the james comey memos, is he in jeopardy of criminal referral or his own
6:49 am
legal troubles here? >> well i think it's very serious questions. it is simply not permissible to leak information. if you have information of concern you go to the appropriate individual that's the office of professional responsibility. it was not just irregular, just raises very serious legal questions. we do know that the inspector general and the justice department knows how to calm the way he seems them with the criminal referral of andrew mccabe and the opr, office of professional responsibility investigation before that said there are really serious questions here of his truthfulness and again to fbi agents, so i think we've got really honest people occupying these offices that are really unseen by the general public but should give people a lot of confidence that there is integrity in government. pete: i pray you are right sir. abby: ken starr great to have you on. pete: thank you, appreciate it. >> thank you, my pleasure. ed: up next you may be ready for
6:50 am
the warm weather what about the house? we are going to see the gadgets and gear to help get that spring cleaning all done. >> ♪ ♪ just can't satisfy. ahh! ♪ your wing nut has you covered. ♪ hi. ♪ introducing planter's crunchers. a nutty crunch inside a flavorful crunch. ♪ fthere's flonase sensimist.tchy and watery near pollen. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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abby: welcome back, well finally the weather is warming up. pete: that's right which means it's time to tackle those spring cleaning projects you've been leaving behind. ed: the guy who knows how to do it is the host of catch a contractor. >> i'm back, everybody how are we doing so we're spring clean ing talking about stuff that gets the job done easy because nobody wants to spend a lot of time cleaning, right? so earlier we started out with pressure washers and not everybody has one of those so if
6:54 am
you're cleaning your house, this easy house wash is amazing all you need to do is hook it up to a good quality hose and you simply spray it on your house and it'll go up two stories so allow you to clean all the way up to the top of the house without getting on a ladder and leave it on for 10 minutes for the mold and mill due and it's e pa registered so it cleans the whole house and all those black stains hard to get off are gone. this stuff is amazing also have deck wash. it's the same thing so that cleans your deck you have like black stains it's really great stuff so coming into the garage we're cleaning out the garage and sweep down all of the debris in there, this is a great product this is a job site super duty multi-surface broom. check out this broom it's fiberglass. abby: you're a great broom model >> the fiberglass with these padding on it makes the job really easy so anything that makes the job easier -- pete: don't push it abbey.
6:55 am
>> you don't have a lot of broom experience. abby: my parents would be so mad at me right now. seriously. >> she's like snow shoveling. >> [laughter] >> all right i've got to tell you about this because i drove my convertible in here just to talk about these. this is heavy duty microfiber. these things are great because they're washable so they clean-up everything from heavy stains and microfiber so you can use it to wash your car, dry the car and even wax the car so they're great for the environment so rather than using rolls of paper towels you can re use them. pete: and when you're done with them you use them as a pocket square. >> it's great. pete: well look at that. >> this is also my favorite, this stuff is the fast 505 you can use it on everything your patio furniture and decrease on the car, unbelievable it's commercial quality cleaners that
6:56 am
you use around the house and lastly the foaming glass cleaner this stuff is amazing you spray it on it stays in place doesn't run or drip allows you to clean the windows really quickly. pete: wow. ed: so does abbey have a future? >> try this again. abby: i'm going to redeem myself >> all you got to do is go like this. there you go. you've got it. [laughter] pete: we know that technique. >> [laughter] ed: who knew you could have so much fun with a broom. abby: okay, thank you. >> i think that actually looks really good right there. >> ♪ ♪ but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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with esurance photo claims, you could have money for repairs within a day. wow! that was really fast. so it doesn't have to hurt for long. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. abby: such a beautiful day to be in new york. ed: enjoy the sunshine. pete: thanks for being with us. we've all just been polishing the car. ed: i'm going to polish the car
7:00 am
with this. rick: i'm going to bring my car and see if i can get them to clean it. ed: go to fox & abby: have a great sunday everybody. we'll see you next weekend. maria: good sunday morning everybody thanks for joining us new controversy surrounding james comey after his private memos about meetings with president trump go public. another california county joins the trump adminitration in the legal battle over the golden states immigration laws, and celebrating a life well lived president george w. bush and former first lady laura bush reflect on the passing of barbara bush as they sit down with me, hi, everybody thanks for being with here i'm maria bartiromo welcome to sunday morning futures. key lawmakers say the james comey's memos about his conservation with president trump prove he was politically bias while the inspector general recommends criminal charges against comey's ex-deputy andrew


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