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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 22, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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i'm paul grigot. hoe to telhope to see you here . . and we start off with the fox news alert. the suspect in the deadly waffle house shooting in tennessee remains at large at this hour. and right now a manhunt is under way for this man, 29-year-old travis reinking who may be armed with two weapons. they have no motive and say mental issues clearly may be involved. we're on top of the breaking news here at america's news hawrheadquarters. i'm erin shaun. arthel: and i'm arthel. this happening in antioch, tennessee, 12 miles outside of nashville. and the scene could have been a lot worse if a hero did not step in. we're going to bring in brian
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llenas right now and brian is going to tell us morant the hero, 29-year-old james shaw jr. >> there's a lot of information about the suspect that and hero. first the suspect. we just learned that 29-year-old travis reinking from illinois just moved to nashville over the fall. he was arrested in july of 2017 for crossing a security barrier near the white house. the secret service interviewed him, the fbi in illinois in the springfield office also interviewed him. based on that arrest and interview, they decided to take away his four guns. they revoked his firearms owner identification card that he received in illinois. they took those four guns away from him and gave them to his father. and that is when they took -- they gave those gun to his father. his father then, according to police, gave him back the weapons. they gave him back four of the
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weapons. and today's waffle house massacre there with that shooting, one of those weapons, the ar-15 was used to shoot down and kill four people, two outside the waffle house and two inside, while injuring four others, two who are in critical condition. this could have been much, much worse if it weren't for the heroics of a 29-year-old customer names james shaw jr. the 29-year-old had just gotten back from a club with his best friend. he was eating. he thought initially the gunshots were plates falling but they weren't. james shaw then, after he saw the shooter, went behind a swivel door near the rest room. when he saw the gunman come in, he charged towards the gunman hitting him with the swivel door. he grabbed the gunman's gun and threw it over the counter. take a listen. >> there is a chance that reinking is at large with two
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weapons. >> at the time he was reloading or the gun jammed or whatever happened, i ran through the swivel door, hit him with the swivel door and then the gun was kind of jammed up and pushed down. we were scuffling. and i managed to get him with one hand on the gun and then i grabbed it from him and i threw it over the countertop. and then after that i was trying to get out the door and i think he was pretty much in the entranceway, so i took him out with me, out of the entrance and all the way outside. >> police said they do not have a motive. but incredible that james, for him to be able to charge age go after the gunman definitely saving lives. right now reinking is at large. they lost him this morning. he was shirtless running through the woods last seen. the police lost him. they went to his apartment, checked his apartment and that is where they noticed that two of the weapons that he had in possession were missing. that is a hunting gun and a
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handgun. so that is why they're concerned. reinking is out there with two weapons, they believe. guys? arthel: brian, dea definitely mr. shaw was the hero who saved a lot of lives. james shaw jr. telling police he went to church this morning. he was out last night at the club with his best dpren friends many people do. i'm from the south. you go to the waffle house if you're out late at night. going about your daily life and this guy comes in and unloads. one of the things they mentioned earlier that according to police, mr. reinking pulled up to the waffle house in his pick jum truck and sat there for three and a half, four minutes looking inside the waffle house before he got out of his car, the pickup truck to goo inside and start shooting at witnesses. eric: he was naked, only a jacket on, no pants, no shoes or
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underwear. you have to wonder not just mental issues but if drugs perhaps played a role in this. if they're saying they don't have a motive yet, the police chief saying that mental issues involved p. mr. reinking had been arrested at the white house complex, entered a restricted area in 2017, had his weapons confiscated and the same ar-15 that he used at 3:00 in the morning was returned to his family and police say his father returned the weapons back to reinking. clearly they're looking into the legalities of that in the state of illinois and dealing with any laws in tennessee. right now reinking is still at large and that's what's important. arthel: we're going to bring in ted williams later in the show. he's a former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney. he'll be able to answer some of the questions that are being asked in this case. eric: we'll have an update momentarily back to the national news,
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president trump heading back to washington from his home in mar-a-lago. the president gearing up for a big week ahead. several key events should prove crucial to the administration's foreign policy. of course there is the fate of secretary of state nominee, mike pompeo lie in the balance. right now mr. pompeo lacks the support that he needs tomorrow when the senate foreign committee votes but the whole senate is expected to approve his nomination when he gets there. as the commander in chief is preparing to host french president emanuel macron, his first state visit on tuesday and the first state visit and dinner by the trump administration so far. this as north korea announces it will close its nuclear testing site and end for now its long range missile testing. that of course starting short of scrapping all of his nuclear weapons. mr. president trump tweeting, we're a long way from a conclusion in north korea.
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maybe things will work out and maybe they won't. only time will tell. but the work i'm doing now should have been done a long time ago, all this coming as the leaders work to finalize plans between the meeting between kim jong-un and the president coming up in a few weeks. phil keating is live near mar-a-lago in florida where the president had been spending this weekend. hi, phil. reporter: air force one and president trump right now are up in the air northbound flying up the coast, having departed west palm beach international 20 minutes ago. and they flew low delighting all of the locals who stood out to check out the scene. some reports and some critics lining the street. and the president when we got to the ta mack tar mark at the air, went a little off script. posing with sheriff's deputies
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in front of air force one, making the day of the deputies who escort him. president trump climbed the stairs and when a reporter shouted if he had any comment on north korea, the president replied very good, very good. and that was it. air force one took off beated the expected thunderstorms here before they arrived and headed north. one final tweet from florida, this, quote, funny how all of those who couldn't come close making a deal with north korea are all over the place telling me how to make a deal. when the president lands in a couple of hours he'll motorcade back to the white house. there's too much setup at the white house for him to land. including tuesday's state department with french president macron and his wife. macron spoke with fox news sunday chris wallace exclusively about what some consider an
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unlikely friendship between these two presidents. >> look, i think we have a relationship because both of us are probably the maverick of the systems on both sides. i think president trump's election was unexpected in your country and probably my election was unexpected in my country. we're not part of the classic political system. reporter: tomorrow president trump and first lady melania will host president macron and his first lai lady of france wit mount vernon, the historic home of george washington for a private dinner before tuesday's big events. eric: thank you so much. arthel: thank you. meanwhile the president is talking about efforts to denuclearize the korean peninsula saying so far the u.s. has not given up anything in negotiations as he prepares for historic summit with kim jong-un. jillian turner is in washington with more. >> in just a few weeks president trump will likely come face to
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face with kim jong-un, the first time an american president has agreed to meet with the head of the north korean regime. >> i'm glad they're meeting. i think all of us look at this with great caution and skepticism. it's been going on for 25 years and obviously kim jong-un has learned about public relations and is setting it up well for him. but everyone that's been around this looks at this as just the beginning. >> kim is expressing a willingness to make major concessions that in the past the international community would have deemed almost impossible. north korean state media announced this weekend, quote, from april 21st, north korea will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles. the north will shut down a test side on the north side to gain transparency. so far america's allies across the world are reacting for praise and support for the trump administration but they also
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caution that this meeting in and of itself doesn't constitute a victory. >> and i think we'll always have to be very careful about this kind of deck layer rations. the pressure that he put plus the chinese role, because the president works closely with president xi but now we have to deliver. >> on monday the senate set to vote on mike pompeo's nomination to back secretary of state. hiwhatever way the vote goes, he'll undoub undoubtedly gettine lie yoon's share of the united states first negotiations with north korea if and when the trump-kim summit goes forward. eric: let's bring in retired navy captain bob wells a former national security adviser to vice president dick cheney. kim is not giving up his nuclear
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arsenal. it's like asking a mob underboz to give up their weapons. they see it as protection and kim sees it as protection. do you think suspending is enough? >> it's not enough. and as you found out, we have to be realistic here. we have to see additional deeds. and i think one of the previous points made on the news feed talked about public relations. this isn't public relations. this is truly national security. this is security for not just the united states but in particular the korean peninsula and northeast asia. it's something that the international community looked forward to for many years and hopefully we've got a good process under way to deagain to denuclearize the korean peninsula. eric: that infers gaddafi giving up your weapons. all of the betting he would not give up the nuclear weapons. it is a nuclear state. as the us allies recognize him
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as a nuclear state and move on, maybe like accepting india, pakistan, et cetera? >> that's an important question. i think that we will not recognize him as a nuclear state. i think we'll try to get beyond that, more like a gaddafi type situation where you -- and i think kim jong-un also mentioned the fact that nuclear weapons may not be useful, especially if he's talking about doing economic development for north korea. eric: look at what happened to gaddafi, his stuff was shipped to oak ridge, tennessee. iit's all there. is it going to put a noose on him or shoot him in the head? >> apples and oranges here, eric. i think that north korea looking at the korean peninsula itself, the culture, language, the relationship they've got with the republic of korea, president moon's diplomacy right now. and i always like to remember that this is not just a korean
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peninsula issue. this is the united nations issue. as you remember, president truman calls it a police action and this started the beginning of the korean war lasting from 1950 to 1953. it's a unique sticke circumstann the world. and i do think this process that we've got for the korean peninsula itself, and particular with north korea is unique. and i think listening to everything that mr. kim says, as well as getting our team on board, getting mr. pompeo come firmed as secretary of state is critically important. eric: the president is threatening to walk out if he doesn't get what he wants. would that mean a failure or they've achieved something? >> i think the president has achieved something. i think walking out is not something beyond reason. your objective is is you're in a national security discussion with a state that's never had a bilateral relationship with the
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united states. it's something that would be a little bit of a give and take. i like the fact that the president consulted with prime abe this week. one of the characteristics of the macron visit is france is a power and a permanent member of the u.n. security council and this is krits cli important for france as a u.n. party at the security council to work with the united states to actually continue the pressure as well as to communicate the objectives of a nuclear-tbre nuclear-free kor. eric: we are in solidarity with them. i have to keep it short because of the breaking news. we'll continue. thank you. arthel: and we're continuing to follow that developing story, eric, that you're talking about, the manhunt for the suspect in a deadly shooting at a tennessee waffle house. we'll have the latest details ahead. plus, new fallout over the
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release of james comey's memos and his alleged leaking of classified information. >> if those memos contain classified information, he purposely did not, he purposely leaked them in order to get a special counsel started after he after he was fired he leaked pieces of these. as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient
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eric: the new questions at this hour over what sparked the russia information, whether it was based on the disputed steele dossier and if it was a potential setup. the chairman of the house intelligence committee devin nunes says his own review of the communications at the fbi and the justice department show that no inte intelligence was used to begin the investigation. and he also wants to know information about former trump campaign adviser george papadopoulos was really obtained by the fbi, beyond that australian diplomat that claimed papadopoulos told him. >> we think there's some major irregularities at the state department and we're trying to figure out how it is that this information about mr. papadopoulos, of all people, who was supposedly meeting with some folks in london, how that made it over across into the
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fbi's hands. eric: and ellison barber is lye with more. >> an agreement to share various information, signal intelligence between the u.s., the uk, canada, new zealand and awes traiaustralia. part of the agreement is that those countries don't spy on each other. house intelligence chairman devin nunes seems to suggest a tip reporting former trump campaign adviser george papadopoulos would have appeared in some way on channels related to five eyes and there's no evidence that it does. listen. >> it took us a long time to actually get this -- what's called the electronic communication. what that is, it's the original intelligence, original reason that the counter intelligence investigation was started. now this is really important to us because a counter intelligence investigation uses the tools of our intelligence
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services that are not supposed to be used on american citizens. we've long wanted to know what intelligence did you have that actually led to this investigation. so what we found now, after the investigators reviewed it is that in fact there was no intelligence. there was no intelligence that passed through the five eyes channels to our government. >> in december the "the new york times" reported that the russia investigation began not because of the controversial steele dossier but because of information provided to the u.s. by australian diplomats. papadopoulos told an australian diplomat that russia had thousands of e-mails that would embarrass hillary clinton and hurt her campaign. a few weeks later hacked e-mails stole frn the dnc leaked out and australian diplomats told u.s. officials about what papadopoulos said in this bar. and just right now i've received
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a statement from congressman adam schiff, the ranking member, the counter part to chairman devin nunes. she says, quote, the information concerning overture to trump campaign foreign policy adviser george papadopoulos which resulted in the initiation of the investigation has proven to be well-founded. as mr. papadopoulos' plea makes clear, the majority seems to believe if they can discredit the investigation by attacking the fbi, justice department and state department, it can get the public to ignore the growing body of evidence of illicit contacts between the trump campaign and the russians. this approach is as disingenuous as it is destructive to your understand teution. institution. that is coming from congressman schiff. something we've seen a lot when it comes to the russia investigation, disagreement from
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the left and the right. eric: schiff firing back on those claims. arthel: we're going to bring in a senior legal fellow at the heritage foundation. and a former doj official. more than a dozen u.s. intelligence agencies confirmed that russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election. what was the entry point into the investigation about whether anyone from the trump campaign worked in concert with russian ooperatives . >> well, look. i have to disagree with that assessment. so far we haven't seen a single piece of e evidence released tht the trump campaign worked with the russia government. only indictments we've seen from bob mueller have been of russians who, throw social media and other things, were trying to sow sa chaos into americans.
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arthel: you answered my question. that's exactly what i'm asking you. is that the case? i mean we were going under this assumption at this point but is that the case. i want to move on now to a tweet by president trump yesterday saying james comey's memos are classified. i did not declassify them. they belong to our government. therefore he broke the law. additionally he totally made up many of the things he said i said and he's already a proven liar and leaker. where are mem moos o memos on c, lynch and others. is the president the only person with authority to declassify comey's memos? >> at that high of a level, i think he is. and the point is if comey in fact -- arthel: hang on one second. this is really important. are you sure that he is? it's my understanding, per what i'm reading, that the fbi director has that authority as well. >> yeah, but if he's going to do
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that, i think he has to go through a formal process. and there's no indication that he ever did that. i think there's a problem here with the former fbi director potentially having broken the law by disclosing classified material. arthel: was director comey soft on hillary clinton and former attorney general loretta lynch? was there good reason for him to investigate them? >> there was good reason to investigate and yes, he got the law totally wrong. passing classified material over a home computer network was in fact a violation of the law. we know that because john deutsch, former cia director during the clinton administration in fact was pardoned by bill clinton just before he was going to take a plea agreement because he had done exactly that. arthel: i want to confirm that you said that director comey did break the law by sharing his
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memos, four of his memos with his friend columbia law professor danielle richmond, also a former federal prosecutor. he intended to get the information to the public and the media designed to continue the fbi's investigation without political interference. again, did mr. comey break the law in the process? >> if they contained classified material that did not been declassified, then yeah, he potentially broke federal law. arthel: do you think there's sufficient reason for attorney general sessions to probe the former fbi director and the former democratic nominee who is hillary clinton? >> yeah, i think there's more than sufficient information there to reopen the investigation that comey closed on hillary clinton. and an investigation into whether the fbi director disclosed classified
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information. any other federal bureaucrat at a much lower level would needily immediately be the target of an investigation. arthel: thanks for being patient with me. this is a very important case. americans want to know if nothing happened, they want to know. and if something did happen on anyone's doing, they want to know. i appreciate your time and patience and i'm sorry for jump in there due to the breaking news i was tight on time. eric: more on the breaking news coming up. new information right now on the massive and desperate manhunt for the suspect. his name is travis reinking, the deadly shooting in the waffle house overnight. what the authorities are saying about reinking and the patron thing hailed as a hey are at this hour who prevented even more carnage. get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy
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arthel: a fox news alert, a manhunt under way for an accused
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killer in tennessee. police serging for the man who opened fire at a waffle house earlier this morning. here he is. police are looking for him. his name is travis reinking. he's 29 years old. police think he might. armed and they're trying to find him as soon as possible. brian llenas has been following the story all afternoon. what can you tell us. we were both listening to that news conference from authorities a an hour ago. >> a remarkable news conference at that. 29-year-old travis reinking is on the run and now the newest member of the fbi's top ten most wanted list. reinking is considered armed and dangerous. a white male, 6-4, 180 pounds. known to authorities. reinking was arrested by the secret service in july for jumping a security barrier near the white house. reinking said he was trying to talk to president trump. after that arrest, the fbi's springfield office in illinois
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investigated him, revoked his illinois firearms card, his four weapons were given to his father. his father though gave the weapons back to his son. police say reinking used one of those guns, the ar-15 you're looking at right here, to shoot and kill four people inside a waffle house in antioch, tennessee, 25 minutes southeast of nashville. this all happened at 3:25 this morning. reinking drove up in his pickup truck, sat for four minutes before shooting two people outside the waffle house and shooting and killing two others inside. he injured four people including 29-year-old james shaw jr. who is now being hailed a hero. he was inside the waffle house with his best friend. they had just left a club. the gunman came inside. james ran for covered behind a swivel door within hen he saw his opportunity he charged through the swivel door attacking the gunman. the fbi, the mayor, the police, everyone says he's a hero who
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saved numerous lives. >> i made up my mind, there's in way to lock the door, that if it was going to come down to it, he was going to have to work to kill me. i'm not a hero. i'm just a regular person. and i think -- and i think anybody could have did what i did if the they're pushed in tht kind of cage. >> he is a hero. earlier armored vehicles and s.w.a.t. team members descended on an apartment complex near the waffle house. the apartment belonging to reinking. he was not there. he is now on the run. they believe two op his four weapons may be with him. hunting guhunting rifle and a h. as for motive within they do not have one but the sheriff says
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she likely has mental problems. reinking went inside this waffle house and began shooting while he was naked. he were only a green jacket, a jacket that had two -- had more ammunition inside. so again this could have been much worse if it weren't for james shaw jr. arthel: thank you. james shaw. remember his name. he is a hero. eric: for more to ted williams, a fox news contributor. so ted, reinking is arrested a the white house last year, had the ar-15 that he used in this shooting overnight. heard mental issues likely involved. how do you go from the white house to the waffle house and the tragedy and the carnage that happened last night. what does your gut say? >> well, you know, they're goins going to have to try to put this puzzle together. no doubt about it. because when he was arrested in july for unlawful entry at the white house, the fbi did in fact
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interview him. they closed their investigation in october. but they turned everything over to the sheriff's department in the illinois area there. the sheriff's department, at that stage, revoked, revoked his license too carry -- to have a firearm. they wound up turning over four firearms to his father. and his father, at some stage or another from what we've been told, gave the firearms back to him and now we have a very tragic incident here in nashville. eric: do we have any indication the police chief did not know in gun laws were broke nn tennessee. he thought perhaps in illinois, if there were restrictions on those weapons, to give them back to his family, to say no, you don't give them back to reinking and police say he was known to police for some incidents but he had no arrest record apparently and no contact in tennessee, at least. >> but you know, eric, the fbi, as part of their investigation,
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i would have to believe found out that there was something mentally wrong in his background and that very well would have been the reason for the revocation of the actual firearms. so the big question is, if he had some mental problems -- and when you go half naked -- by the way, he only supposedly had a green coat on when he went into that restaurant. that tells you that there possibly is a person that had some mental problems. and the question is did his parents, did his father, did his relatives know that and if they did, why in the hell would they have given him the gun guns bac. eric: and what potential does the family have. could they face any charges? do we know about that, in terms of the fact that reinking did have access again to those weapons? >> from a legal perspective, it's going to be what the parents knew or should have known as the result of the initial investigation with the fbi. did the parents or did any of
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his relatives know that he was on his way to tennessee and that he had the propensity for carrying out this kind of a carnage. there are a lot of questions that have to be answered that are unanswered at this time, eric. eric: there's no note. he just opened fire on the two people in the parking lot, went inside, opened fire on someone inside before james shaw, what a hero, what a guy to grab that door and do that. can you describe what's oing onn right now? let's show a picture of reinking right now. put it on the screen. there is an intensive manhunt right now. how do they get him? what do they do in terms of any car? he was on foot hitchhiking . >> well, what is going on right now is they've got heat sensing helicopters in the air, they're using dogs to try to pick up a scent and this manhunt, they're saturating the various woods. and of course law enforcement
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officers have to be very careful because they still have two guns unaccounted forfor. eric: james shaw, he took the rifle when there was a pause, flthrew it over the counter at e waffle house. a great american to have the presence of mind in the middle of a shooting to do that, ted. >> eric, james shaw is my hero. james shaw said when he first heard the first crack of the sound of what later became gun fire, he thaight was dishing that had been dropped. and then he heard several continuous rounds. he ran behind a door. he shoot through this door. james shaw wu injured but it was a swivel door. james shaw then pushed this gunman down. grabbed the weapon, threw it behind the counter, wrestled with this guy, reinking. reinking then in fact got away. they believe he ran to an
1:41 pm
apartment complex nea nearby whe he may have been staying, grabbed some pants they believe, ran in the woods and possibly is armed also. so james shaw is clearly an american hero. eric: that he is. this nation owes him thanks. ted williams, hopefully they'll get the suspect soon, mr. reinking. we'll see how it develops throughout this hour. arthel: thank you. border patrol agents gearing up for the arrival of illegal immigrants making their way through mexico to the southern border. we'll have details on their journey coming up next.
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. arthel: there is growing pressure on so-called sanctuary cities across the nation after a report from the department of homeland security claiming some dangerous illegal immigrant gang members were shielded from deportation and released into local communities.
1:46 pm
meanwhile some residents of california are pushing back against those sanctuary laws. san diego county in favor of joining the trump administration's lawsuit against california's sanctuary law. the chairman of the san diego county board of supervisors explains why. >> we have a governor who is rolling out the welcome mat for ms-13 gang members in the state of california. we have a governor who consistently lets criminals walk out on our streets. and pardons others. it's all packaged in the interest of neighborhood and school safety. but in san diego we're saying enough is enough to governor brown and his unsafe policies, including sb54. arthel: that was chair kristen gas per. we're bring in a former member of the san diego city council. and karl, i understand that you support the president's lawsuit. tell us why. >> exactly. because we need to be a country with a rule of law. this is not about immigration, not even about illegal
1:47 pm
immigration. this is about whether we should shield criminals and rerelease them into the community when we have an opportunity to get them out of the country. and this is why 74% of californians oppose the sanctuary state law, even 62% of latinos oppose the sanctuary statcity law. this is not racism, but it's a public safety issue. and it's time that the democrats stop playing politics with public safety. arthel: who else is on board and who is not? >> mainly the general public, they get it. they are perplexed when they see that local law enforcement is threatened by our own attorney general with arrests or sanction. that small business owners are threatened by our very own attorney general with fines and prosecution. if they dare to cooperate with federal law enforcement to get criminals out of our neighborhoods. i mean who are we supposed to serve? are we supposed to serve criminals and their interest and
1:48 pm
protect them or are we supposed to mike sure that we have clean and safe neighborhoods that's what this is about. just in the first two months, january and february here in san diego county, the sanction rare state law allowed 227 criminals to be rereleased into our communities. 227 criminals. and you know that many of them will probably go on to recommit crimes. that's what this law is all about. it doesn't benefit ill liam immigrants. it benefits criminals and it's time that we stop becoming a rule of law state again. arthel: and i know that the san diego county board of supervisors heard about 45 minutes of public comment last week. many of those who speak are against president trump's lawsuit against california, one of them the residents living near the border concerned that backing the lawsuit would discourage immigrants from reporting crimes. does that make sense? >> this is just a dog whistle. the reality is this. we've seen no data to suggest
1:49 pm
that immigrants are unwilling to communicate with local law enforcement when they're victims of crime. in addition, federal law, since 1998, has allowed for a special visa for individuals, even if they're here illegally. they can get a special victim visa and all they have to show is they've been a victim of a crime and they're going to help prosecute the person who carried out the crime against them. this is nonsense. the fact that california democrats are trying to stir up racial division, they're only resulting in loier public safety here in california and they're shielding criminals. i ask the governor, anyone who supports sanctuary state, what will you tell the family of victims when these criminals carry out their heinous crimes. are you going to stay to sadie versety, including? i think that those will be hollow arguments when you're talking about people who have been raped or killed by criminals shielded by the sanctuary state law. this law has got to go. it's a matter of public safety.
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arthel: thank you for joining us. i have to leave it there, a little short on time because of the breaking news. good to see you. eric: meanwhile in syria they have some samples so say the international chemical inspectors weeks after the suspected chemical attack in douma. but the international experts finally visited the site and have questions about whether syria and russia cleaned the place up to hide the evidence. before i had the shooting, burning, pins and needles
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eric: samples from the suspected
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chemical attack in syria are about to be tested. you know that team of international specialists have recovered some samples. connor powell joining us live with the latest in the middle east. >> wit the syrian government tug its attention to the districts held by isis outside of damascus. syrian helicopters, jets and heavy artillery pounding the isis fighters near the refugee camp. this is home to thousands of displaced palestinians caught between militants and syrian troops. isis has held this territory for
1:55 pm
months. but they agreed to surrender their strong hold last week. they were supposed to leave on friday but they've yet to actually leave and the say said regime has launched an offensive trying to displace them. however isis militants not budging. the fighting has been intense all weekend now. after two weeks of delays, meanwhile u.n. inspectors have finally entered the site of the recent chemical attack to begin their investigation. the trump administration along with great britain and france accuse the assad regime of using chlorine gas on the rebels in douma. the attack prompting a limited missile strike against the assad regime. both syria and russia say they had nothing to do with using chemical weapons. what wesh we're seeing on the g, despite the u.s. led strike against the assad regime, the assad regime is as strong as ever. they're gaining ground and they're really taking the fight to the rebels across the entire
1:56 pm
country. eric: seems that for now he has certainly been entrenched. connor powell, thank you. we will be right back.
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arthel: smiles, tears and lots of priors as family, friends and dignitaries gathered to bid farewell to a beloved former first lady, barbara pierce bush laid to rest yesterday at the george h.w. bush library and museum at texas a&m. the grave site will be open to the public starting tomorrow at
2:00 pm
10:30 eastern, which is 9:30 central time. eric: quite a lady, quite a legacy. wow. that does it for us for now. thank you. . the man who wrote these memos is our guest tonight. >> i don't know i don't know. i don't enough enough. i don't know enough. i can't answer that. i could but i can't. i don't know whether i could answer that, rachel. >> let me ask you a related question that i also don't know if you can answer. >> come on, he's got to know something. >> i'm not permitted to answer that. i have no personal knowledge of that. i don't know anything about that. and if i did i wouldn't say. >> i'm i going to ask you more questions you can answer. >> i don't know. i don't know. i had no yesterday. i didn't know. i don't know for sure. i can't recall. and that's another one i can't


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