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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 23, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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appreciate it and back here next time heather: it is monday april 23rd, i'm heather childers. this is "fox & friends first". happening right now on the east coast, fox news for you, urgent manhunt for cold-blooded intensifying in tennessee as the hero who took him down breaks his silence. >> it was at that time that i made up my mind. >> you saved people's lives. heather: what we learned about the gun-in. >> now we will have to deliver. heather: north carolina -- north
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korea, iran and trade all center as president trump welcomes emmanuel macron. customers are turning up the heat. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ heather: there's a live shot of new york city for you. actually finally beginning to feel like string outside of fox news studios. we always appreciate you joining us especially beginning your week with us. let's get to top stories, fox news alert, frantic manhunt for armed and dangerous killer who opened fire at waffle house in tennessee. kelly wright with brand-new information, good morning,
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kelly. kelly: heather, good morning to you as well. early sunday 3:30 when a lone naked gunman began shooting at them. went inside where he gunned down two more victims and wounded four others, patron chuck cordero. >> he gets out of the vehicle, wearing nothing but a jacket and shot some guy at the door and shot my buddy who was trying to run to sidewalk, i dropped and there was a guy wrestling with the gunman and got quiet and that's when the gunman had taken off. kelly: the guy wrestling with
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gunman was shaw, wrestle the gun away. >> at the time that he was either reloading or the gun jammed or whatever happened is when i ran, i hit him with the door, i managed to get him with one hand on the gun and i grabbed it from him and threw it over to counterpart. >> life and death struggle continued with shaw fighting all the way outside and at that point he was able to break free from him and run away. police are conducting the massive man hunt to capture him. this is not first run-in with the law, he was arrested by the secret service for trying to enter restricted area near the white house in august. police seized four weapons he owned, somehow the weapons got back possibly through his father, they are saying. heather: a lot more to look into this story. let's hope they find him quickly
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before anybody ends up injured. kelly: real quickly, he's believed to be armed. heather: okay, believed to be armed. death toll in afghanistan has risen to 57. terrorist group claiming responsibility. fourth attack on the election process since voter registration started on saturday. officials say at least 5 small children were killed and more than a dozen were wounded. the syrian military held districts in demascus, isis has held the area for months but agreed to vendor stronghold after reaching agreement with assad regime. most of the 6,000 of camp has been misplaced to nearby areas. leader of isis is alive.
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sources telling fox news that was mentioned in a speech by spokesman for the terror quote asking allah to preserve him. u.s. intelligence officials said that he was serously wounded. most-wanted men with 25 million-dollar bounty on his head. well, president trump preparing to welcome french president emmanuel macron in the white house today, the two to have major talks including discussions with north korea this as president trump said he's given up nothing to rogue regime. but lawmakers remain skeptical. griff jenkins with live in washington. good morning, griff. griff: french president macron is praising president trump for progress in north korea but says he still has to deliver. >> i think what we always have to be very careful of
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declarations that i think the pressure plus the chinese role in this region because president trump worked with president xi was useful but now we will have to deliver. griff: north korea announces halt of nuclear testing but stopping short of suggesting it would give up nuclear program. president trump took to twitter, we are a long way from conclusion with north korea, maybe things will work out, maybe they won't, only time will tell, but the work i'm doing should have been done a long time, the developments came before the rogue regime and lawmakers in capitol hill with optimism. >> i think all of this looks with great caution and skepticism, it's been going on for 25 years, kim jong un has learned about public relations an setting it up well for him,
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but everyone that's been around this looks at this as just the beginning. griff: white house is reiterating that caution but making clear what the ultimate goal is. >> you heard the president said many times, we are going to keep up maximum pressure. we are not going stop until they denuclearize. he also said i can walk away from the table. griff: finally for the historic visit the macrons will dine twice privately tonight in george washington's home in mount mount vernon. heather: macron directly conflicting with president trump's america first policy. newt gringrich says that the u.s. is involved all over the world and doesn't seem to be leaving any time soon.
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>> there's economic presence, there's all sorts of way the u.s. can remain involved and the president can be very clear. he could figure out a way to figure out a saudi, jordanian egyptian force probably paid for by the saudis, he's trying to figure out a way to maximize impact while minimizing american risk. i will point out, we are involved everywhere in the planet and how we are going to withdraw somewhere, where are we withdrawing? heather: 61,000 troops in countries all over the world. senate foreign relations committee to vote secretary of state nominee mike pompeo today but there may not be enough votes to recommend him for confirmation, all ten democrats and at least one republican have said that they will oppose him, however, the committee could still send nomination to the senate unfavorable which would allow for vote in the full
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senate. the senate comes after pompeo met with north korean leader kim jong un, quote, a good relationship was formed ahead of the upcoming summit. the house speakers, former driver looking to take his office, wisconsin republican brian steel making bid to replace paul ryan in the house of representatives. >> no one will work harder than i will. thank you and let's get started. [cheers and applause] heather: 37-year-old attorney for hometown, likely republican front runner to fill the seat he's leaving behind. ryan has not endorsed anyone to succeed him. primary is august 14th, and then there's this, mitt romy is heading for primary run nawf utah, falling short of 60% needed to support nomination in the race for orrin hatch's seat.
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kennedy emerged with 50 to 49 advantage in state's gop convention. breaking news for you, new little royal is on the way, the duchess of cambridge has gone into labor, prince william and kate middleton's third child and fifth in line to the throne, the baby will follow behind prince george and charlotte. people have been camping out, they have been doing that for two weeks, live outside the hospital and we will let you know as soon as the new little royal arrives. good luck to all of them. the time now is 10 minutes until the top of the hour, isis taking direct aim at america, the brand-new targets outlined in latest threat and knocking on the door, caravan packed with
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illegal immigrants at u.s. border and more on the way, guess who will be there to greet them with open arms? >> relentless negative news has had a leveling effect that opens the doors to charlatan, hillary clinton with her never-end blame game. s
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", remember the caravan we have been following for you packed with migrants hoping to get into the u.s., they have now reached the border and hundreds more on the way seeking asylum, todd piro with the caravan status, good morning, todd. >> they have arrived, group of
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50 central american migrants have reached u.s. border in tijuana, méxico, 10 have reportedly turned themselves in to u.s. authorities, mostly shrunk under president authorities. the group left guatemala and el salvador. some of the asylum seekers say they are fleeing gang violence in honduras, el salvador and guatemala but in order to gain asylum they must demonstrate they have suffered persecution or fear due to five factors, race, religion, nationality, membership, any particular social group or political opinion. organizers to have caravan claim people are being turned away from the u.s. illegally while demonstrators say we shouldn't turn anyone away. >> they deserve the right to asylum and we as a country
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should be meeting them with open arms instead with national guard and more guns at the border. as they are coming here fleeing violence, to ask for asylum which is a human right and a right that all immigrants have. >> more migrants will reportedly be arriving in the coming days so expect the story to gain a lot of steam. heather: significantly less number made it the whole way. >> dispersion there in and around méxico city. heather: keep your eye on it for us, thank you, todd. dnc chair defending its lawsuit challenging, russia, the trump campaign and wikileaks, tom pérez denying lawsuit of alleged interference distracts from rebuilding the party. >> i don't know when director mueller's investigation will end and we need to file to protect our rights, we have elections in
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november and hard to win when you have interference and they have done it with impunity and i'm concerned it will happen again so we did it now. heather: wikileaks says it is constitutionally protected. well, failed presidential candidate hillary clinton adding just one more excuse to growing list of what happens the media. >> the mainstream political coverage was influenced by the right-wing media ecosystem. relentlessly negative news has had a leveling effect that opens the doors to charlatans. heather: the political race since she has lost have been fairly covered, what do you think? belgium court finding the terrorist guilty of attempted murder in a bloody police
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shootout, the last surviving suspect in the 2015 paris terror attacks that left 130 people dead. do you remember those? he did not appear in court today. he is being tried for the attack in a separate court case. we will continue to follow that development story for you. will, the time now 18 minutes until the top of the hour, did someone call for a doctor, celebrity who jumped into action saving students from a bus engulfed in flames, here is a hint, it's not his first roadside rescue. yedi under fire for getting political, cutting ties with the nra. carley shimkus with the online boycott that is now trending. good morning. ♪ you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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heather: welcome back, the popular outdoors brand yeti cutting ties with the nra, nearly two dozen companies ended relationship and customers aren't very happy. i'm very surprised that yeti made this move. carley: president marian hammer explained the situation, yeti has declined to do business with the nra foundation, they no longer wish to be nra vender and refuse today say why. now the company, heather, is facing backlash from some customers who are using the #boycott yeti on social media, one twitter user says, wow, it was a bad decision, it was the all-american cooler of choice, you to know your market. another twitter, they dropped the nra, we drop yeti, done, bad
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move for business and saving america says, bad move yeti cooler you lost my business #boycott yeti, gun control advocates are applauding the decision. heather: nra's foundation raises money for educational programs nationwide. carley: a lot of people are saying people who buy yeti cooler are outdoorsy folks who are supporters of the nra. heather: guess who wants to run in primaries? carley: if no conservative steps up i will challenge donald trump, america deserves leadership and he goes on oh to tweet this, in fact, let's make it official, i'm in, so the
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reaction to this has been split, he does have a big fan following and presence on social media but trump reporters aren't feeling it. no, thank you, we already have the best relationship. amazing that running for the presidency has become a pure publicity play. sounds like someone wants to sell more books, skepticism out there over his potential run. but let's see if he goes ahead and does it. heather: he's been on fox a lot. carley: i do know him personally, he's a very nice man. heather: definitely an emotional week for folks as former first lady barbara bush was layed to rest. this picture is one for history books, take a look at this photo that is going viral online. it says it all right there, man, that's an incredible image. scott on twitter says, this is how it's supposed to be, put aside everything else to remember a great woman and each
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other and i should mention as of this morning the first lady's grave site will be open to the public. i'm sure many people will be interested in visiting. heather: absolutely. thank you so much, carley, we appreciate it. group of high schools dramatic race to escape, they were saved by dr. oz and she stopped to make sure that everyone got off safely, the group was coming back from musical in new york city, no one was injured. look at all the thick black smoke. it's not the first time that oz was sprung into action, he was honorary firefighter after helping victims on the same highway and in 2013 he tended to a woman that was hit by taxi outside of studio in new york city, jumping into action. and then there's this, 93 world war ii veteran gets a chance to take to the skies one more time.
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a bill kelly chosen as the guest of honor to ride in b-17 bomber that travels around the country teaching people about world war ii. >> i thought my flying days were over. flying has been my second nature since i was 8 or 10 year's old. kelly was the crew chief on the way to japan back in 1940's, so taking to the skies again, good for him. well, the time now is 26 minutes after the top of the hour and the media having a meltdown over the high-stakes meeting with president trump and kim jong un that hasn't even happened yet. >> so far in this potential summit, north koreans have gotten a lot out of it, what has the united states gotten yet? heather: president trump firing back at critics saying that the u.s. is conceding too much, is that true, we will debate it. 500 bucks for an apple, how free airline snag ended up costing
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some woman big bucks.
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heather: we are back, half past the top of the hour, fox news alert for you, the manhunt intensifying after a cold-blooded shooting killed 4 people at a waffle house. police looking for 29-year-old travis who opened fire at the suburban national restaurant before a hero, a hero customer brought an end to all the mayhem. >> i made up my mind, there's no way to lock the door. it was going to come down to it. he was going to work to -- work to kill me. heather: james shaw preventing further tragedy, suffering only minor injury, we learned the shooter had previous run-in with police who arrested him near restricted area near the white house last year.
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threatening attack on several institutions, isis supporters issuing this recruiting poster showing jihadist shooting an automatic weapon in figure labeled titanic, cnn, universal studios, nasa, united nations and the federal reserve, the poster also says those who believe fight in way of allah. tensions rise between the two countries, head of iran's army warning missiles are ready to launch should there be acts of war, days after second in command in israel could fade away in the next 25 years despite support it receives from the united states, israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu, quote, we will fight anyone who tries to harm us. in a rare moment of agreement, chuck schumer backing president
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trump's effort to pressure china on trade issues and the senate minority leader says the president is on the right path. >> i'm closer to him on trade than i was to either obama democrat or bush a republican, we have to get something with china. if we stop being tough with china on trade, they will stop pushing north korea and we will get nowhere. heather: schumer's comments come as china and the u.s. prepare for bat until the supreme court over a controversial chinese trade policy involving the price rigging of vitamin c. political pundit slamming president trump's plan talks with north korean dictator kim jong un saying that the u.s. is conceding too much already. >> i have to tell you, there's a lot of people asking there's not many preconditions the united states is asking for, so far in this potential summit, north koreans have gotten a lot out of it, what has the united states gotten yet? heather: well, this despite north korea just announcing end
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to ballistic missile testing program, so is this really a better deal for north korea so far? joining me now to debate media group with the beverly and mustafa, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> good morning. >> good morning. heather: take a look at what president trump had to say in response to chuck todd, you heard what he had to say, this was his tweet, sleepy eyes chuck todd fake news nbc just stated that we have given up so much in negotiations with north korea and they have given up nothing, wow, we haven't given up anything and they have agreed to denuclearization so great for site closure and no more testing. as we continue to take a look at his response, who do you agree with, chuck todd, leave aside the lazy eyes whether he has those or not in reference to north korea, what do you think, are we give get away too much? >> i don't know what chuck todd thinks we are giving away, say
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we are going to stop missile testing, stop nuclear program, that is a huge victory for the trump administration and everybody should be praising him. if we are able to do this through diplomatic efforts and not military efforts, it's an understatement that this is tremendous victory but i will say i have concerns, i don't think we can trust the worst human right dictator of our time to tell what you say the truth is. if president trump does go over there and meet with kim jong un, they need to be careful that everything he promises that is tested because i don't think we can take him at his word. heather: i think the president has showed as well through tweets and other avenues that he's being cautious. >> look, he is not being cautious, kim jong un has 60 nuclear war heads according to experts, he's tested since donald trump have been in office more than father, grandfather combined, more missile tests, more nuclear tests.
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the president agreed to meet with him, we don't know what the preconditions are although he said he's not testing anymore but the conditions he's not testing anymore is because he already has those capabilities, the kim family has wanted one thing and one thing only which is to sit in the same stage as the president of the united states and the president has given him that. we have to do a much better job, rather than president worrying about what chuck todd is saying, he should prepare for summit. he has a thick skin rather than preparing for this. what we have to hope for is the president spending time going through briefings and understanding what's at stake, this is nuclear war we are talking about, this is not some twitter war. heather: clearly he had mike pompeo have a meeting with kim jong un so that alone has already happened, beverly, what's your take on that? >> yeah, he definitely is preparing and i would agree that we do need to be careful about the meeting but i would ask
1:36 am
democrats if this isn't the solution, then what is, it didn't work under the obama administration, that's when we saw north korea escalate nuclear program. but when it comes to trump meeting with kim jong un, i do want him to be careful about the optics, i'm hoping it doesn't turn into a big camera show where we see them smiling and shaking hands. once again, someone who to your- tortures his own people, once again verifying everything he promises because i don't think we can take him at his word. heather: the president has said that maybe things will work out, maybe they won't, only time will tell and i would think that he's definitely preparing as we move forward. let's talk a little bit more about mike pomp intea, mustafa, i want to ask you about that, will democrats end up trumping the north korea's diplomacy so to speak by playing policies with pompeo? they actually approved him for cia but not saying so much about him as secretary of state, what do you think?
1:37 am
>> well, let's look at the facts, the republicans control the senate, they control the committee, it's rand paul that is the one that's voting against mike pompeo. so when you begin to say that democrats are the ones that are problem, it makes republicans look weak. you control the u.s. senate, you control the foreign relations committee and it's rand paul that's voting against mike pompeo. mike pompeo is a weak nominee. heather: what i want to ask you is in reference to democrats, please pull it up on the screen, democrats who said yes on cia director as pompeo but no for -- >> i think you should asked rand paul who has worked, a united states senator, elected by republicans who ran as a republican nominee for the presidency of the united states who is voting against who has said clearly he's voting against
1:38 am
mike pompeo, that's the question we should ask ourselves. heather: beverly, what about you -- >> you're mentioning one republican who by the way rand paul is always going to have more of an isolationist perspective on foreign policy, so this is right in line with what raund paul would do, where the hypocrisy is where the same democrats who voted for him as cia, now all of a sudden are saying he's not qualified for the position but yet at the same time pch. >> he's dangerous. >> more about political posturing, hoping for their own liberal base -- >> he's dangerous. heather: thank you both, thank you. well, the time now 20 minutes until the top of the hour, night mare for travelers, southwest canceling more flights after deadly plane accident that left a passenger dead, what you need to know before heading to the airport. plus turning the tables, debbie wasserman schultz former it aide is blowing the whistle,
1:39 am
explosive documents he claims she's trying to hide and the damage it could do to the democratic party. >> it's all fake news, it's phoney stuff, it didn't happen, fake news, fake news. [laughter] >> fake news. heather: do you think it's fake news how you will soon be able to call a hotline to actually report fake news?
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heather: turning to extreme weather, tornadoing in the south and two twisters touching down in alabama including rv park, first responders rescued people in mobile homes. swirling water spout at fort
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walton beach, tornado touching down in louisiana. a woman's healthy in-flight snack turns into a tough reality to stomach, $500 for bringing an apple through customs, she got the fruit on delta flight and threw it in her bag for later which ended up being searched h. >> he had asked me if my trip to france was expensive and i said, well, yeah, you know, well, it's about to get a whole much more expensive aafia charge you 500. heather: unexpected fruits cannot come and delta should have warned her. southwest aerolines canceling flight for engine inspections following last week's deadly explosion. tracee carrasco here with the latest, good morning, tracee. tracee: southwest canceled flights to do inspections on the
1:44 am
engine that was involved in last week's deadly accident. on friday regulators said that there would be about 700 of the same type of engines that needed to be inspected because of this to make sure everything was safe, southwest said that they would be completing the inspections over the next 30 days so we have not heard if there will be any other cancellations or delays just yet. heather: comey's book, he wrote a book, everybody in the world knows that by now but you can't review it on amazon unless you can prove your read it? tracee: yes, it's a little difficult. they've changed their policy actually, you will have to prove that you have a very verified purchase that you made a verified purchase of that book if you want to make a review. this appears to be a new policy, look like it was put into place, i know that there were issues with hillary clinton's book, with michael wolff's book, people taking aim at them and not really their book, amazon making the policy change there.
1:45 am
heather: interesting. that'll be difficult to actually verify that you bought it but i don't know. tracee: maybe if you purchased it through amazon, maybe that's how they are going the track it. as of right now it has 5 stars. heather: tanks, -- thanks, tracee, appreciate it. comey under investigation for unethical laws, why our next guest says that the indictment writes itself. >> i think it would be a great challenge and you'd have to think long and hard. heather: bloomberg 2020, the former new york city mayor brand-new cryptic message that has rumors swirling this morning. you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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heather: welcome back south korean officials confirming that a peace treaty will be on the table when president moon and north korean leader meet this friday. president trump has given blessing and could play a role in negotiations, commander in chief is planning to meet with kim himself with the next few months. the rogue nation announced that it's suspending nuclear missile testing, a lot of movement on that front. the so-called pakistani mystery man, former it man has documents, former dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz doesn't want prosecutors to see. according to daily caller, court documents show lawyers have contents from a laptop thought to belonged to debbie wasserman schultz. the documents also allege that she's trying to block prosecutors from seeing them. that laptop left with a note for prosecutors in a phone booth after he was ban from the house network for unauthorized access to data. he's due in court next month.
1:50 am
president trump says his administration will sue for those documents and that's an investigation that we continue to follow. well, fired fbi director james comey is on media blitz, we all know that, bashing president trump defending controversial memos. >> i think they will see if they get to see the memos, i have been consistent and even when i created some of them were classified but i don't know how many of that group -- heather: doj's watchdog has opened innovation review it all, just how much trouble is comey in? here to weigh in director of investigations and research judicial watch, thank you so much. >> good morning. heather: you heard james comey says he's been consistent, has he been consistent in breaking the law? >> the answer is yes, i can tell you that at a minimum looks like he's under grave legal jeopardy
1:51 am
which general portreus was prosecuted under and the applicable charge which is felony of mishandling of information, 793f, the reason i'm familiar with the statutes is in my past professional life as special agent of army counterintelligence i've investigated and assisted in the prosecution at exactly these sorts of cases, i'm not guessing it, i've done. heather: how many people have been prosecuted under these two things but james comey is not being treated the same way? >> the one that shows disparity of treatment is the -- the sailer on the submarine that president trump recently pardoned. he took an unauthorized photograph. it was resident on his telephone, didn't transmit it and post it, the fact that he
1:52 am
took a photo landed him a year in penitenrary, particularly poll incomes the armed services who get hammered for dumb mistakes who they try to lie about or cover up or compound the problem n. this case you have comey stealing government records, then leaks them to college professor friend who leaks those out to new york city, this is grave stuff. this is the director of the fbi having confidential communications or conversations with the president of the united states and leaks them for own advantage, he use it is same documents to go on a book tour. heather: leaks them -- the two
1:53 am
memos he gave friend outside of the government and now considered classified. he actually admitted that it contained classified information. this is from january 2017, i'm unsure of the proper classification so i have chosen secret. so he knew that there were some issues. >> he's the director of the fbi having confidential consultations with the president of the united states, how can it not be secret, it's preposterous in face value. when comey puts in a memo about page 3 or 4, folks look on the internet, he says he's not a liar, not a leaker and not a weasel, guess what, he's all three. heather: the question is will he be held accountable? is anything going to happen to him at all and who could in fact, do that? >> it's up to the department of justice, the attorney general to -- to seek an indictment with grand jury. they cannot frankly because if
1:54 am
they show this disparity of treatment over the supreme court it says equal justice under the law, look, you can't -- you can't let this slide. heather: we will see what happens next, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it, chris that was a great segment. >> thanks. heather: time now six minutes until the top of the hour and fake news, brand-new hotline. how the country star is now caving to liberal pressure. my name is jeff sheldon,
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heather: welcome back, former city mayor leaving door open for 2020 white house run. >> if god said i'd appoint you it would be a great challenge, you'd have to think long and hard. at the moment i'm not running for president, i'm trying to do a good a job as i can. heather: bloomberg donating $4 million to cover some of the lapse commitment after president trump dropped and hope it is president will change his mind. that don't impress me much, that's what fans are telling
1:59 am
shanai, she would have voted for president trump if he cast a ballot in 2016, twain from canada, even though he was offensive he seemed honest, i would have voted for a feeling that it was transparent. the musician apologized for the comments in series of tweets saying she regrets answering the interview president. don't go out there, it's too dangerous, don't do it, penn state administration banning club from going outside, camping, hiking, canoeing, they are just too risky for students forcing group leaders to shut down outdoor trips next semester. outing clubs, 98-year-old organization, one of the longest running in penn state history, what do you call it if you can't go outside? that's not fake news, by the way. if you do have fake news a media
2:00 am
service making easier to call out. >> it didn't happen, fake news. [laughter] >> fake news. heather: the company called news guard, hotline to report suspected fake news site. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", hope you have a great day, "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye. >> he went inside and started shooting. >> there was a guy inside wrestling with the gunman. >> for people to think i was terminator or anybody like that -- jillian: monday april 23rd, armed and dangerous tennessee on lockdown amid intensifying manhunt for a cold-blooded killer, what we learned about the waffle house shooting suspect's troubled past. rob: north korea, iran and a 50 billion-dollar trade dispute at the top of the president's agenda today but democrats are focused on block


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