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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 23, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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don't get that sick of it as quickly as he has. >> tucker: the fully emancipated mark steyn. thank you. that's it for us. we will be back tomorrow. "hannity" right now. >> sean: welcome back. we missed you. welcome to hannity. we have huge developments to bring you surrounding the fbi's investigation into so-called trump-russian collusion. according to devin nunes, no actual intelligence was ever utilized to start the russia probe. none. that's right. it's day 341 of mueller's investigation and questions still surrounding why the fbi's initial inquiry into the trump campaign was kicked off in the first place. t an incredible development. so much for fair, open, transparent system of justice. also tonight, james comey is on the second week of his book tour and he finds himself in big trouble. according to the office of the inspector general, the disgraced former fbi director is under
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investigation over serious claims of misconduct. we tried to warn him right herec on this show. we will break down comey's misdeeds. coming up, new information on what is the dnc's laughable last-ditch attempt at a lawsuitn against the trump campaign and the president's responding. we'll bring you the groundbreaking diplomatic developments surrounding korea. we have economic achievements right here at home. later you will meet conservative writer candace owens. she will weigh in and join us on the left's disgraceful outrage over the public support that she got from kanye west.ft a lot to get into. tonight's breaking news opening monologue. ♪ we start, house intel committee chairman devin nunes revealed something that should concern every single american watching. the fbi's investigation intot whether or not the trump campaign colluded with russia
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was started without agn single shred, zero intelligence. i am not making this up. take a look. >> counterintelligence investigation uses the tools of our intelligence services that are not supposed to be used on american citizens. we have long wanted to know, what intelligence did you haveer that actually led to this investigation? what we found now after the investigators have reviewed it is that in fact there was no intelligence. >> sean: that'sig right. the fbi began a serious investigation about american political campaign unprompted by any intelligence at all. wow. listen to what chairman nunes went on to tell maria bartiromo. >> we know longtime associates of hillary clinton, including sidney blumenthal and another person, corey scheer, were actively giving information to
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the state department that was somehow making its way to the fbi. this is from two people within the state department who have publicly come out and said this in major news publications. we know there was no official intelligence that was used toas start this investigation. we know that sidney blumenthal and others were pushingon information into the state department. we are trying to piece it together. >> sean: it's a deadly serious charge from the intel committee chairman. it was a few days ago that the freedom caucus chairman mark meadows, he made a similar claim and even suggested that the obama administration played a key and vital role in kicking off the investigation into the trump campaign. you can't make this up. take a listen. >> we now see the state department and it appears the white house at the highest levels, including the president himself, were involved in this
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whole narrative of investigating donald trump. the messages, the text messages i've had the privilege of reviewing and the other correlating information would strongly suggest that there was not only information given to the white house, but indeed theo were involved in directing some of the actions of the department of justice and fbi in the fall of 2016. that is troubling. when you see one president allowing their doj to get involved in a politicalou campaign. >> sean: do you still think the obama white house would never tamper with a politically charged investigation? think again. according to a completely underreported part of the recently released inspector general's report about firing andrew mccabe, "mccabe said a high-ranking obama justice department official expressed concerns about fbi agents taking overt steps in the clinton foundation investigation during the presidential campaign."
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listen to what they say. "mccabe told us the conversation was very dramatic and that he never had a similar confrontation like that call with a high-level department official in his entire fbi career." think about this. remember, this was all happening while andrew mccabe's boss james comey was giving hillary clinton the white glove treatment durins the criminal investigation. we know she broke laws, committed felonies as it relates to the private email server. these two fired career bureaucrats are likely headed toward a major collision course. it's going to be interesting. andrew mccabe in deep legal trouble over his lack of candor, lying under oath while serving as the deputy fbi director. and mccabe is probably going to have to cut some this may involve turning on the other guy, james comey. mccabe should have plenty to say. for example, remember when comey agreed to call the investigation
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a "matter." at the request of then attorney general loretta lynch. james comey looked the other way while clinton obstructed justice by deleting 33,000 subpoenaedd emails, acid washing with bleach bit, destroying cell phones and devices with a hammer. try that at home. good luck. maybe most damaging of all, it was the exoneration before investigation. comey and his team cleared clinton of all charges months before they did the interview with her and 17 other key witnesses. ironically, the crime clinton may have committed and should have been charged with, our own gregg jarrett and others have identified this, 18 usc 793. mishandling of classified information, it is now the same charge james comey is now himself being investigated over. i hope he's hoping he hasey a james comey in his life after he leaked those memos dealing with his meetings with president trump. those were not allowed to be leaked.
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classified information were in some of them. this weekend the president tweeted: "james comey's memos are classified, i did not declassify them. they belong to our government! therefore, he broke the law! additionally, he totally made up many of the things he said i said, and he is already a proven liar and leaker. where are memos on clinton, lynch and others?" according to the office of inspector general, comey is being probed over whether or not he acted unethically when he leaked those potentially classified memos to his friend. the columbia professor. his name is daniel richman. we know that he went on to leak these memos to the press, putting the wheels in motion for the appointment of robert mueller as special counsel. this is very congressman jim jordan, he is shining a light on this unusual relationship between danielig richman and the fbi. i had not known this before. watch this. >> the oversight committee and judiciary committee interviewed
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jim rybicki. during the deposition, it was brought out that daniel richman, the guy who information was leaked through to "the new york times," had the special status called special government employee y status whe he could come and go in the fbi which may not mean much but it seems interesting the guy that comey leaks to had this sort of unfettered access into the fbi. >> sean: amazing. congressman jordan detailed possible deep state collusion between the media and some of the highest ranking officials in the government over the salacious anti-trump, untrue, unverified, clinton bought and paid for, phony russian dossier. take a look. >> james clapper probably leaked it. >> the press was working on it, the dossier. you have the cover-up, briefed the president-elect. >> it gives it weight and that's what happened. my guess is that clapper is one who orchestrated. he said to comey, you talk about it.
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after that, cnn talks about it, prints it, and then buzzfeed prints the whole thing. b >> sean: this same dossier used to acquire the fisa warrant against the trump campaign associates. they lied to the fisa judges. remember they never disclosed to paid for this. make no mistake. this was campaign opposition t research bought and paid for by clinton, her campaign, funneled through the law firm, perkins coie, put together by a foreign agent based on russian and russian government lies and used as evidence to get a warrant during a political campaign against an opposition party all the whileis comey and his cohorts, they never disclosed the true nature of this document, and they lied to the fisa court judge. that is a crime which brings us to our next top story. the democrats' laughable lawsuit against the trump campaign, wikileaks, and russia. we know this court filed conspiracy theory. it's nothing. please understand. f
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it's a desperate publicity stunt.. breaking tonight, the dnc's brand-new lawsuit revealing what is almost an unbelievable double we told you about the anti-trump dossier. they presented it to the fisa court to get the warrant. nearly every night we have w talked about it. the dossier that was used to get the warrant that supposedly links trump to russia in the most salacious, embarrassing ways, that was never verified. in this lawsuit, it is nowhere to be found. it's not even in there. let's lie to the judge but not the next judge. okay, i really understand this. the democrats along with a clinton campaign were the ones that paid a foreign spy to piece together this document on russian lies and rumors and so-called russian intelligence. listen to what chairman nunes had to say about this totally embarrassing political hail mary. take a look. >> we know who colluded with russians.
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they don't want to admit that they colluded with russians but they hired fusion gps. they hired a law firm that hired fusion gps that hired a british spy that colluded with russia. i don't understand why they didn't just open up a lawsuit against themselves. they should name themselves and sue themselves so they can get to the bottom of what do they have on their servers. why didn't they give those servers to the fbi? this is nothing more, nothing less than a continuation of fund-raising off this scandal. >> sean: it's unbelievable. clearly, as many are noting, this move from the democratic party whiffs of nothing but desperation. even some of the democratic party, including claire mccaskill, they are admitting this lawsuit is merely a distraction. by the way, she is up for reelection. it's probably just for political expediency. president trump announced his response on twitter. "just heard the campaigngn was sued by the obstructionist democrats. this can be good news in that we
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will now counter for the dnc server that they refused to give to the fbi, the debbie wasserman schultz servers and documentsme held by the pakistani mystery man and clinton emails." by the way, we will bring you more information if that plays out. finally, we will end on some good news you will never hear from anybody in the media despite what i describe as the five forces working to defeat this president, one to prevent them from getting elected, then delegitimize him and get him thrown out of the office. you have the media, you have the never trump-ers. week establishment republicans, democrats, and of course the deep stage. now the trump agenda keeps seeing massive, major progress both here and abroad. this includes big progress on the economy. look at this. 14 states, 14, have now hit record low unemployment numbers, including alabama, arkansas,
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texas, even california, wisconsin. the u.s. is also seeing record low unemployment for african-americans and hispanic americans. on the international front, we will talk more about thesese developments later. late last week, north korea announcing. this is huge. little rocket man. they will suspend all ballistic missile testings they plan to close a nuclear testing site. according to reports tonight, kim jong un also has dropped his demand that all u.s. troops leave the korean peninsula.n they can stay in south korea. this comes ahead of the president's upcoming meeting with the north korean dictator. these major groundbreaking o developments came as a shock to many in the mainstream media. one fake news cnn reporter literally became speechless. this is priceless. take a look. >> kim jong un saying north korea no longer does any nuclear testing. midrange and intercontinental ballistic missile testing. he is saying that the nuclear test site in the northern area near the chinese border has
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completed its mission.n. therefore it will likely be closed. this is an extraordinarily significant development. frankly, a huge win for president trump. i am really almost speechless here at the pace at which north korea has done this u-turn. it all started with donald trump agreeing to sit down for a summit with kim jong un. >> sean: good news for trump, good news for the world, makes cnn speechless, that speaks volumes. what we are seeing tonight is the latest and one is a long list of accomplishments. you can see right there on your screen. but you will likely never see these things reported in the mainstream media.el now i have been talking about and this message of these five forces working against the president, these narratives, are now dying, especially trump-russian collusion and the president's agenda is working, which is good for the american people. here is my final word. it is time to put this hatred,
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this obsessive-compulsive hatred in the media, in the deep state, and the democratic party, aside. work for the american people, a more peaceful, prosperous america. maybe we'll actually get along. coming up, wait until you meet our guest candace you hear about the support she is receiving from kanye west. it's driving liberals nuts. you will hear a viciousness against this young woman that will shock you. later, i have an answer to the media which is clearly obsessed with me. a hi. glad you are joining us with reaction to the monologue, former white house press secretary sean spicer. you know how to make the hose to laugh. that is so unfair. gregg jarrett. nationally syndicated radio talk show host larry elder. >> this is what happens when you invite me in studio.
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walking over here, officer boning said to say hello. i said to him thank you for your service. he said are you on "hannity." he said tell him i said hi. thank you for protecting and serving. >> sean: thank you, sir. >> jim jordan and i were talking about the fact that theseou interviews that comey has done to my knowledge, no one has ever said you found that hillary lacked the intent to violate the espionage act. where in that particular section does it say intent is required. i haven't heard anybody asking that question. george clint-anopoulos. he didn't ask it. >> sean: georgeh clint-anopoulos? [laughs] >> stephanopoulos.
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excuse me. this is done. the end game is done. there is enough shade thrown. you, gregg, jonathan turley. >> not a lot of us. >> sean: how ironic is that, and i almost remember the first day we put up 18 usc 793. now we, look at all the criminal referrals last week. mccabe, lynch, peter strzok, lisa page, comey, hillary. the list goes on. >> the great irony is that comey appears to have done what hehe cleared hillary clinton for. by the way, 793, people don't understand. comey didn't understand the law which tells me he's not much of a lawyer. 793 was amended by congress to remove the intent requirement.a comey didn't understand. extremely careless is a synonymous term. hillary clinton clearly violated the law. if comey took with him out of the fbi building 4 of 7 documents that are classified, he committed a crime. >> sean: we know he did it. >> yes, but we don't know what
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parts were redacted. that's the big question. >> sean: if it was redacted, it would help him? >> yes. but something tips me off here. the fbi went to the offices of daniel richman, whom comey leaked the memos to, to seize material and contain the leaks. that tells me the fbi is of the opinion that he leaked classified information. remember, it is the content, noi the markings that dictate classification. i >> sean: let me go to sean. the president has basically not had a single free day without this hanging over his head. and still the accomplishments are massive. who would have ever thought little rocket man is now willing to capitulate? china. going to have a trade war. china gives in on everything. 14 states, lowest unemployment level ever. african-americans, hispanic americans, lowest unemployment
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records in history. never does anybody in the media talk about it. you were there. bring us inside how difficult it is to compartmentalize. >> it's not easy. >> any time you are on a roll, you can almost count down to one of these salacious palace intrigue stories. it would take us off message. the reality is, i tell people this.ri take away the smoke in tweets and everything and focus on the accomplishments. whether it's foreign policy or domestic policy, how many people are going to work, how we are doing in terms of trade, all of those metrics, at the end of the day, it's a rousing success. to your point, you don't hear enough about it. people want to talk about what could have happened, what might've happened. speculated a lot. when you talk about what's happening, what has changed, the president has been extremely effective following through on what he said he was going to do
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as a candidate and the proof is in the pudding now. talk about north korea. the reaction is all over. how many people thought they mocked trump and said, oh, he's calling him names and doing this.ho now we've got a summit and the potential denuclearization of that continent -- the entire peninsula. they gave president obama an award eight months into office and this is what results look like. >> winning. >> sean: you are both lawyers. how much trouble are these deep state actors in? >> some of them are in serious trouble. the big target of course is donald trump. in my opinion, he's not in any trouble. i think the end game will be that james comey will be in trouble. i think the report will come back with no collusion. >> sean: how they write it is t going to be interesting.
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>> in the unlikely event that the democrats take control of the house and try to impeach president trump, i think there will be 20 or 30 democrats realize it is so stupid, we are not goingts to do it. it's trivial. in the unlikely event that i am wrong, goes to the senate and in the history of this country, a senator has never voted to throw out of office a president of his own party. never. >> today, yesterday when we learned what devin nunes discovered. not only was there no probable cause evidence for a criminal investigation of trump, comey had tried to be clever to do a counter intelligence probe. you have to have intelligence for that but it is always secret. devin nunes uncovered the secret and discovered there wasn't any >> sean: let me give sean the last >> larry is right. they have to be careful. the dnc lawsuit is another fake, phony attempt to raise money. they are setting an awful, bad precedent that is going to come back to bite them. >> sean: good to see you.
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and into that office thank you. a busy news night. trace gallagher updates us on the health of george h.w. bush. he has been hospitalized. a horrific incident in toronto, much more, straight ahead. if you are new to toujeo, that's something to groove about. ♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ share the spice of life. from the makers of lantus, ♪ baby slice it right. toujeo provides blood sugar- lowering activity all day, all night, and beyond, proven blood sugar control all day and all night, and can significantly lower your a1c. toujeo is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 milliliter as standard insulin. don't use toujeo to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you're allergic to insulin.
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>> sean: following two big stories tonight involving george h.w. bush and the deadly crash in toronto. joining us from our west coastge newsroom, trace gallagher. trace, two sad stories. praying for the former and of course, these people inid toronto. >> we are, indeed. >> the former president admitted yesterday morning hours after former first lady barbara bush was laid to rest. the 93-year-old bush is suffering a blood infection. a family spokesman says
10:27 pm
mr. bush is "responding to treatment and appears to be recovering." this is the fifth time in the last six years the elder bush has been hospitalized, including a year ago this month where he spent two weeks in the hospital for pneumonia. on friday during the publicr viewing of barbara bush's casket, the 41st president greeted some 2500 people who came to pay their respects. in toronto, witnesses say a van traveling at 30 to 35 miles per hour on the walkways of yonge street, one of the busiest avenues in the city, appeared to be swerving back and forth, trying to kill as many people as possible. tonight the death toll has been raised to 10 with 15 injured, some critically. toronto police say the attack was deliberate but are not yet calling it terrorism. they have identified the suspect as a 25-year-old who lives 15 miles outside toronto. he was arrested after appearing to wave a weapon at police. still no word on motive, but the
10:28 pm
killing follows a recent pattern of attacks around the world that involved rented vans, including the attack on bike riders last halloween in lower manhattan. the 2016 attack on the london bridge and 2017 van attack iner barcelona. isis has called on followers to steal or rent vans and use them to attack civilians. >> sean: thank you.. joining us with more reaction from "the hill," joe former deputy assistant dr. sebastian gorka. dr. gorka, the justice department now investigating comey. criminal referrals on every top figure. lynch, hillary herself. on comey, mccabe, lisa page, peter strzok. the ig criminal referral as itab relates to mccabe. all that we have talked about is now happening. everything the media has talked about has been wrong.
10:29 pm
>> yes, absolutely. for the last 14 months. let's tie it together. the jigsaw puzzle must be made into a full picture. we know andrew mccarthy's hypothesis is sound. the look of sara carter, john silliman, our own fox's catherine herridge. it's clear the obama administration wanted hillary to she was protected by the highese echelons of doj and fbi because her felonious use of a private server to send classified information on implicated the president himself. we know president obama under a pseudonym contacted her and sent sensitive information on the private server, which meant if she was prosecuted, guess who has to be prosecuted as well. president obama. that's why they perverted the course of justice and everything should be renamed not fisa-gatet not surveillance-gate.
10:30 pm
it must be renamed obama-gate. >> sean: deep state, obama gate, whatever you want. their coverage. not expecting an apology but thr level of breathless hysteria especially on the cable networks, not fox, and in "the washington post" and "new york times." anonymous sources, fake news. conspiracy theories. this now represents news in america? >> "the new york times," the biggest complaint among readers, and it's been going on for years and years, is the use of anonymous sources. the utter reliance on them. usually the motive is probably nefarious. they are not innocentem whistle-blowers. looking to push the narrative to hurt people in positions of power. we have seen that over and over again. devin nunes, who is obviously the head of the intelligence
10:31 pm
committee in the house, he has been dismissed by the media for the most part. he has been called a lackey. his counterpart, adam do you know how many interviews adam schiff has done? not talking print or online. i am talking television. he has done 240. if you need to know if the media is picking a side, they are giving adam schiff a huge stage while nunes is seen as the guy trying to support trump. >> sean: it's interesting, dr. gorka, you mentioned there's a group of us. you're included. sara and gregg and larry. i can't mention everybody. the bottom line is, this is the biggest abuse of power we've ever seen in this country's history. the biggest corruption case in history. i've never seen unmasking, leaking, surveillance, fisa abuse, exonerations before investigations, felonies notot
10:32 pm
being prosecuted. f every one of these stories is unbelievable. >> we have had problems, scandals in the past. go back to the '60s and the '70s. we had scandals in the fbi. guess what, in almost every case it was the good guys overstepping the mark. they were bad people, radicals, terrorists like the weatherman underground. they were overzealous in the application of intelligence tools. sean, in this case, it's notot going after bad guys. it's going after your opponent in a democratic election. it's going after somebody you politically disagree with and using the intelligence community -- >> sean: criminalizing political differences. >> that's a massive scandal for the republic. >> sean: last word, joe. >> we talk about the bias ofic
10:33 pm
omission, the worst kind. you talked about not covering some of the more positive aspects of what this administration has accomplished. i'm not going to put it out there as a cheerleader. i look at pew research, and here's what they said. top three issues voters voted on. 84% the economy. 80% terrorism. 75% foreign policy. we look at those threeee issues and foreign policy we have to look at north korea. the president is doing quite well on the issues that matter most to people, yet those are the issues they get the least reporting by the media because we are looking too much at russia and stormy daniels and things people don't care about as much as our media thinks they do. >> sean: thank for being with us. when we come back, huge news about how the president's peace through strength approach with little rocket man is working. wait until you meet another guest tonight. ♪ (♪light musical cords)
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♪ >> sean: major breaking news with the stunning announcement that north korea will suspend their nuclear and long-range missile testing and will close a major nuclear test site. there is no doubt a huge win for the peace through strength policies of the president and his administration. we are guessing liberals in the mainstream media are a little bit red-faced. remember when they predicted donald trump was going to lead all of us to a nuclear war with north korea? >> the idea of a nuclear showdown with north korea keeps you>> up at night. i would recommend deleting your twitter app. >> he is not merely being cavalier with the threat of nuclear war. he's being cavalier in a way that makes him seem demented.s >> these are the messages from a person who is not well, a leader who is not fit for office. >> president trump isno goading kim jong un to test a nuclear missile again, to prove its reliability, to show him wrong.
10:39 pm
fundamentally i think it comes across as two kindergartners jostling each other, except that each has nuclear weapons. >> too late after 100,000 americans died. >> after a nuclear holocaust. >> or after 1 million died. >> that's where we are. not an exaggeration. >> experts worried trump could inadvertently trigger a catastrophe. >> sean: media geniuses.s. yesterday president trump responded to these naysayers and tweeted: "funny how all of the pundits that couldn't come closl to making a deal on north korea are now all over the place telling me how to make a deal!" today defense secretary mattis had this to say about the potential summits between the president and kim jong un, which is slated for late may, early june. take a look. >> i think there's a lot of reasons for optimism that the negotiations will be fruitful. we will see. >> sean: here with reaction, retired cia officer daniel
10:40 pm
hoffman. haven't had you in studio. it's an honor to see you. 30 years serving the country. >> went by like the blink of an eye. i miss it, these days especially, all over the world. >> sean: you are an expert at russia, lived in pakistan. unbelievable. >> and iraq, as well. >> sean: unbelievable. unless donald trump backed up cargo planes filled with $150 billion in cash or tried to bribe him john own like kim jong il, his father, was bribed, liberals will never like him. "don't make him mad, he'll hate us." strength works every time. >> i think some of those pundits forgot the lessons we learn from ronald reagan, who was equally as hard on the soviet union. >> sean: evil empire. >> call them the evil empire, made some of the most eloquent speeches. we remember the tear down the wall speech. at the same time, he was negotiating arms control agreements. it was the determination he had
10:41 pm
and his ability to show strength which led to the potential for negotiations. i think we are seeing the same strategy play out quite well. >> sean: it's amazing because nobody saw it coming. why do you think the reversal, the economic sanctions had that big of an impact? look at kim jong un's desire to get into the olympics. >> i think for sure the sanctions are stinging north korea but i also think the president's direct outreach to kim jong un matters a lot because the chinese would like to be involved, and they are out right now.ot i think the president caught everybody a little bit o off guard. he also mounted this incredible extraordinary tactical diplomatic initiative completely shielded from the public view, avoiding any collateral damageal that public scrutiny might have caused until the time wasng right for all of us to know what mike pompeo was really doing over easter weekend. >> sean: i've always liked mike pompeo. he was number one at west point. this guy is a smart man. thank god he will become the next secretary of state.
10:42 pm
i want to ask you, we also got the concessions from china as it released to intellectual property rights and trade. hadnt to ask you, you written a piece about former cia director brennan. what about him? >> my concern about john brennan was at some of the tweets that he made regarding the president and his comments on "morning joe" a couple of weeks back -- >> sean: liberal joe. >> he was insinuating, he said he was speculating that vladimir putin could blackmail president trump. that's causing and risking a lot of collateral damage to our national security. he should be taking the hippocratic oath, may have been exercising his freedom of speech but i think it's unseemly forer someone involved in intelligence to come back and get into partisan politics that way. do no harm to our national
10:43 pm
security while you are exercising that right. >> sean: isn't it amazing thatar the people that are most angry about the things that have come out about the fbi, justicet department, fisa and these things, unmasking and leaking. the people that i know that are angriest are the people in the intel community that protect usa every day. and the fbi. rank-and-file guys who protect us every day and all of whom put their lives on the line. they are apoplectic, and a lot of the information coming out is because of their bravery and honesty. >> i think there is some frustration when down in the trenches, you see things clearly. you are briefing to your director. who in turn is briefing the president. sometimes politicians in the previous administration i saw, they like to start with the answer and twist the informatiov to fit their solution. from the perspective of somebody in the trenches and saw the threats to national security.
10:44 pm
you look at syria, iraq -- >> sean: how scared would the average american be? it would freak most people out. probably. pick one. >> we know the results of what happened in syria. isis had a lot of geographic space. iraq, we retreated from those places. we know that in south asia the president completely swiveledet with his policy on retaining our troops in afghanistan when the obama administration wanted to remove them. >> sean: you are a true patriot and hero. an honor to have you. >> thank you. >> sean: liberals have been vicious, i mean vicious, attacking conservative candace owens. kanye west has praised her on twitter. she is here tonight to exclusively respond. that next. ♪ y respond. that next.
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♪ >> sean: they left attempt to shut down and demonize >> sean: the left's attempt to shut down and demonize conservatives is ramping up. this time they are attacking african-american conservative commentator candace owens for taking on black lives matter protesters during an event at ucla. take a look. >> what's happening now in the black community, there is an ideological civil war happening. black people focused on the past and shouting about slavery and people focused on the future. the victim mentality is not cool. i don't know why people like being oppressed. i love oppression. 400 years of slavery. jim crow, none of you lived through it. it's embarrassing that you utilize their history. utilize their history and come in here with more emotion than they were living through it. more emotion than they ever had when they were living through it. it's embarrassing. you are not living through anything right now. you're overly privileged
10:50 pm
americans. >> sean: on saturday kanye west praised owens writing "i love the way candace owens thinks," but not everyone is a fan with compliments. look at what tom arnold went on a sexist, brutal, vicious, hateful racist tirade. here are some of it. "aside from being an insane alt-right she thinks donald trump is literally the messiah. not you, kanye west. you might want to reconsider." he also wrote, "good luck, climbing onto kanye west. you are a phony and a fraud." i don't even want to talk about this anymore. candace joins us. you are a total star. i watch that tape. i am so impressed and so happy for you that you have this gift.
10:51 pm
but i am so sad for you also that you have to take on those vicious attacks. >> thank you so much for the compliment. it means a lot coming from you. let me tell you, do not be sad for me. this is exactly what i wanted and it's exactly what i intended because i knew exactly what i was going up against. when you go up against the left, this is what they do. they try to say you are not allowed to think differently. i say it all the time. blacks are ideological slaves and pawns to the democratic party. >> sean: try and invest in real estate. if you don't put your money under a mattress, believe me. it's not the same, though. i watched kanye west -- i was so happy that he did that because that's what i always thought everybody should embrace this freedom. why do so many have a problem with this? >> it's not a problem. you have to think about what the left has done successfully. they have hijacked education, hijacked family via lbj and the
10:52 pm
great society, taking away black fathers. getting black youth to look at hip-hop culture and nba athletek for direction. they are constantly utilizing hollywood. they've developed this underground thinking of kanye west is the first person brave enough to come out swinging against them and saying he has a right to speak. >> sean: it was so refreshing he did that and i was happy for you. a very dear friend of mine, she's been a guest often. she wrote a best-selling book "black-lash." she writes "google my name." because she happens to be a black american who's conservative. the things that come up are the most vicious. why do you think that is? >> i think the reason is because politics is downstream from culture. if they lose the culture war,au
10:53 pm
they lose everything. they cannot afford to have black people thinking differently. if we move the black vote 5%, the democratic party's finished. it's a house of cards they have been building when you get black icons like kanye west. black stars speaking out, they are in serious trouble. >> sean: under president trump, black and hispanic unemployment is at the lowest level it's ever been.n. 14 states have record low unemployment numbers. after eight years of president obama, 13 million more americans were on food stamps.s. 8 million more in poverty. i said that every night. do you think it's going to change?mi democrats, every election year, they play the race card. republicans don't want to count you in the census. is there a cultural shift based on results?
10:54 pm
>> 100% there is going to be a cultural shift. you mentioned the black caucus which stood for more food stamps when obama announced it but sat when trump announced black unemployment. it's disgusting. the work for leftists. it's been inspected. it's a swamp and i'm telling you we are on the brink of an ideological revolution and the black community is going to start waking up and i'm happy to play a part in it. >> sean: i admire you so much. you are a force of light and a s star and i am going to really enjoy watching your career trajectory just soar. i wish you all god's grace and success in the future. thank you for being with us and thank you, kanye, for what he did, too. >> thank you so much. >> sean: when we come back, the media can't stop talking about me.he i am number one. all about me. we'll play the video. ♪ just one free hearing test at
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>> sean: now becoming funny. the liberal media. they can't stop talking about me. they're obsessed. watch. >> sean handity. sean handity, hannity. sean hannity. sean hannitj. sean hannity. mr. ha,nnity. hannity. >> sean: it is truly unbelievable. all right. now the answer to every report about me from this weekend can be found on my web sites. hannity.y. for those who love me in the fake news, because we exposed you for who you are go there for the truth the show will always be fair and balances. wewe w are not the destroy trump
11:00 pm
media we never will be. let not your heart be troubled. one of, my favorite biblical quote. laura ingraham is live in washington. i'mli here 23 years. i do haves for you. >> laura: ahoh. >> sean: good advice. put your money under the mattress. don't ever invest it and create jobs. >> laura: let me say. i've been joking for years with you. i like, i have a different approach. i like to lose money in real estate. e okay, so. >> sean: i have lost, not every deal has been successful, trust me. >> laura: sean, i'm the. only person in washington, d.c. , that manages to lose money. it is a art. it takes a talent to lose money. >> sean: you want the heat on me. it is only on me, since you got back. usual wish is granted. put it under a mattress. by the way, when will they all expose their stocks, their investments, their loans?


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