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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 24, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rob: geese are mean. don't mess around. don't get close to the egg. that hilarious picture. is he upended by a bird. jillian: thank you so much for joining us this morning. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. >> police say a tenth person has died after a driver driver a rented van. >> i have never seen a scene like this in my life. >> manhunt waffle house police shooter appears to be over. >> he got on the ground immediately proned himself out and put him into cuffs. >> president trump's pick for secretary of state mike pompeo has enough votes to be confirmed. >> what i have been concerned about with director pompeo i wasn't sure if he shared the president's vision. >> today the president will host the first state dinner with french president emmanuel macron. >> we can expect this to be a very productive and very positive state visit for both countries. >> central american migrants traveling in a caravan or home stretch i have theirdowny to the u.s.
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border where president trump has ordered officials to keep them out. >> sign these while we are talking. look at that. can you draw? i don't think anyone wants drawing on these, baby girl. >> it's a good morning ♪ wake up to a brand new day ♪ nothing in my way ♪ good morning steve: what a cheery way to start this tuesday live from new york city. it's "fox & friends." thank you very much. brian, it's a very big day. we have somebody special seated betwixt us. brian: always exciting to drop a book. to do it on your life. what is that like? ainsley: am i crazy? brian: you did a great job. ainsley: aren't you supposed to be like 70 when you release your memoirs. they approached me about doing a book on my faith. i can't say no to that. like god saying you need to do this.
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you can't say no to that. i am very vulnerable in here. i'm very nervous about that. brian: your dad will be here. ainsley: my dad and hayden will be here today. steve we had a signing in his neck of the woods about two minutes from his house. thanks for the people who came out for the book signing. steve: going to bay ridge brooklyn. ainsley: at 7:30. steve: ainsley's new book the light within me out today. brian: in your hometown it will be fantastic. ainsley: i definitely do not deserve a library. that's like presidential. steve: thank you for joining us on this very busy tuesday and we are starting with a fox news alert. because the search is on for a motive. trying to figure out why a man intentionally sped through a crowd of people in toronto, canada, killing 10 people. ainsley: investigators are not ruling out terrorism. brian: what do they know?
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mollie line is live in toronto major cities like new york city are on high alert, mollie. >> good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. stand toghtd side of young street. this is where the incident unfolded. police blocked off the scene and it goes on for several belonlong blocks. they expect to be here for several days. police have not shared a motive at this point in time. there is a man in custody. they believe he is the man that rented that white rental van driving it into a multitude of pedestrians. he has been identified at alec, a 25-year-old from the rich monday hill. 10 lives claimed. at least 15 people injured. the beautiful force leaving some dead at the scene others fighting for their lives as they were rushed to hospitals to care for severe wounds. >> he just went on the sidewalk and started hitting everybody. bus stop. everything got shattered because a lot of people got hurt. i seen a scene i never seen
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in my life. >> a van with extensive front end damage and bearing the required truck rimghts. driving waving his hand soon that item was dropped and that man was ultimately taken into custody. personal leaders have expressed solidarity. potus and i have closely monitoring the attack on innocent nominee toronto this afternoon. we are with the canadian people tonight as they grieve the loss of life and injured the american people stand shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors in canada. meanwhile, back in new york, counter terrorism officers have been deployed out of an abundance of caution. at this point, quote, there is no known nexus to new york city. ralph the minister of safety said there is no national security link based on the information they have at this time. the suspect is expected to be in court about 10:00 a.m. this morning. back to you. steve: mollie line, thank you. it was deliberate. it appeared to be
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intentional. no link to tear. wheterror.he said kill me, kill. he was looking for perhaps suicide by cop. brian: if you walk through times square you can't do that anymore. barriers there stopping car from getting there. bar barcelona, niche, new york city all vehicle. ainsley: stay as close to the buildings when you are walking on the sidewalk. sad we are at this point. steve: somebody traveled to the big city of d.c. yesterday. french president emmanuel macron. they are mr. macron and his wife. on the denver sol. asparagus. brian: there is a room in mt. vernon to the left. you are not allowed to get in there we're not allowed to get in there.
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the president of france and the president of the united states allowed to get in there. where george washington and lafayette laid out plans en route to the final battle of york ton. lafayette had indispensible role between a friendship between our countries, obviously. as chronicled in hamilton rambeau a key guy. i remember sarkozy said the first thing to do when he became president i got to come to mt. vernon. he went to mt. vernon. great relationship with france. ainsley: these are political newcomers. sarah huckabee sanders was saying they are friends. steve: sure. ainsley: we have seen them, our president went over to france for bastille day for those two days in france. they do have differences. they will be talking. that's on the agenda. steve: absolutely. here is something important. it's been months ago the president of the united states was complaining hey, how come the president of the united states is paying so much of the freight on
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nato? every country is supposed to pay at least 2%. that's a defense spending minimum. well, as it turns out. mr. macron yesterday announced that they are going to go ahead and meet that 2% minimum which means france, starting shortly will start paying 35% more to nato, that is a direct result of the president of the united states lobbying him saying look, come on, france, you were our partner with this syria thing a week or two ago. how about coughing um more cash mr. macron seen there behind the president's desk in the oval room said okay. they said wi. brian: first president bush and ronald reagan. i don't mean to be the guy at nato but not the only guy at nato. spend for your own defense. france is speaking up. the question is what are we going to give in?
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when it comes to syria, they want us to say. when it comes to the iranian deal -- excuse me, when it comes to trade they want exemption. when it comes to paris climate trade what it's going to take to get us back in and when it comes to iran. ainsley: they want u.s. to stay. brian: might be a side deal. a side deal with germany, would you stay in the iranian deal for now as we try to make it better? we have until may 12th to stay or go. ainsley: this is the first state dinner that they have had in the white house since the president has taken office. melania is doing this behind the scenes behind herself. she did a seating chart, 130 people that will be there tonight. she also came up with the menu that is american cuisine with some hints of france. brian: i hear she is amazing with the organization everything from the color and size of the cushions. whittling the guest list down 300 to 120. only one democrat will attend going against tradition and it's the governor of louisiana.
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steve: we will have highlights of that. in the meantime yesterday at this time it did not look good for mike pompeo regarding the senate foreign relations committee. it didn't because every democrat and rand paul were going to vote against him, we presume. well, as it turns out, the president of the united states called rand a number of times, did some lobbying. and he got some reassurances from mr. pompeo that he does agree with the president that iraq was a mistake and got to get out of afghanistan as quickly as possible. they started to have the vote. they realized because johnny isakson was at a funeral it would be a 10-10 tie. that would not -- then it wouldn't be a positive result. so, as it turns out chris coons from delaware, he voted present and it did then advance to the full senate. ainsley: well, there is really no reason not to confirm. west point grad. harvard grad. three term congressman.
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steve: political. brian: bobob corker was so moved that he did that, buckled his party. is he friends with johnny isakson. they are friends. johnny is giving the eulogy at his best friend's funeral. we know how he stands. chris coons said i will vote present we will put it to the general floor which means is he going to pass. democrats who said they would vote for him. joe donnelly all supporting him on the fence is you chuck schumer, mark warner, angus king claire mccaskill he is going to have votes. you are right, ainsley of alabama. we are used to getting 80 votes for a secretary of state. but, for some reason it's just so partisan. having a hard time. ainsley: watching "fox & friends first." they had a full screen up. they had a chart up of all the people that have been confirmed in the past for secretary of state. colin powell 100 to 0. they supported whoever the president wanted. condoleezza rice 85-13.
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will john kerry 94-3. brian: if we wanted to get that chart how much would it cost us? jillian: a lot of money. brian: you are the one that made it. jillian: i did not make it. ainsley: i was watching you this morning you did a great job. brian: tell us the full screen number. jillian: 500 bucks and call it a day? brian: fantastic. ainsley: it covers your screen. jillian: full screen. suspected waffle house killer under arrest. police finding 29-year-old travis reinking in a wooded area near the restaurant. reinking's guns were taken from him last year after he was arrested at the white house. his dad reportedly gave them back. that includes the ar 15 that was used in the waffle house shooting which was eventually stopped by a hero customer that man, james shaw jr. will join us live on "fox & friends" later this morning. former president george h.w. bush hospitalized in intensive care. just days after wife
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barbara's funeral. the first commander-in-chief was said to be broken hearted her over her death. he has a blood infection. responding well to his treatment. the 41st president wants to go to maine this summer. he is the most goal oriented person on the planet and i would not vote against him. the senate joined the confirmation hearing for v.a. secretary nominee ronny jackson. lawmakers raising concerns over the white house doctor's qualifications and allegations of improper conduct. it's not clear if the hearing originally set for tomorrow will be rescheduled or postponed indefinitely. he was picked to -- it's a boy, but we still don't know what to call the new royal baby. prince william and the duchess of cambridge haven't announced the little prince's name yet. top three bets, arthur, james and albert. check out little sister princess charlotte stealing the show owflts hospital with a smile and a royal wave. how cute.
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mom kate showing off the baby in a red dress similar to the one princess diana wore after harry was born. brian: is that by mistake or coincidental? ainsley: honor harry because is he getting married in a few weeks. jillian: do you have a bet on the name. ainsley: andrew. steve: charles or philip. brian: i think rocky. ainsley: maybe apollo like your dog. brian: thanks, jillian. see if you can get full screen number. first, they wanted to disarm the police and our military. now one socialist group hats a new target the rotc. fantastic. steve businesses giving workers a bonus. uncovered a plot by the left to sabotage the economy. former labor secretary andy buzzner here to explain next
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>> we got the greatest economy maybe ever, maybe in history. if we didn't win, this economy would be a wreck. they would have added more regulations. you wouldn't have 3 million jobs. you would probably go negative. this country was headed in
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the wrong direction. steve: president trump repeatedly touted the economic benefits of his tax cuts. but our next guest says the political left is waging a war on profit and is trying to sabotage trump's economic gains. here with more andrew budsner. trump's former u.s. labor secretary nominee and author of the brand new book comes out today it's called the capitalist come back the trump boom and the left's plot to stop it. andrew welcome back. >> thank you. steve: more bonuses and money in their pocket thanks to the left tax cut. how is the left trying to sabotage. >> there's never been a president that has faced such a concerted effort and the left and the media to discredit his economic accomplishments. i wrote the book so that president trump's supporter boots have the ammunition they need to fight back and be able to share under reported acheements that the president refers to that we
3:19 am
need to get the word out with respect to those. we are in a very different situation than we were in, say, when ronald reagan was president or george w. bush was president. we have now got an opposition that's actually openly socialist. there's no longer -- this isn't the party of john kennedy anymore. it's now the party of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. the democratic party really has been captured by this progressive socialist ideology, particularly young people. so it's a great book if you have children or grandchildren and you want them to understand how free enterprise works, this is a great book. they are not going to get it in school. have you got to get them a book. steve: let's take a look at the trump boom. you talk about it in the book but, over on the big screen we have some of the highlights. and you can see 3.1% gross domestic product growth over the first three quarters in office. the congressional budget office predicts 3.3 growth this year. and it looks like the fewest number of americans on unemployment. these are all great numbers. >> one thing that kind of
3:20 am
summarizes it all. you remember when you would interview me during the obama administration, the big problem was people couldn't find good paying jobs. steve: right. >> too many people were working part time, too many people unemployed. terrible situation. now you look at the unemployment numbers. unemployment benefits it's the lowest in 44 years to when the population was much smaller. there are over 6 million job openings. the situation has changed so dramatically gone from an economy where workers couldn't find employment to a situation now where the biggest problem facing us employers can't find enough qualified workers to fill the job openings that exist. i'm surprised by that i didn't realize or really accept the incredible resilience of capitalism in our american free enterprise system. the book is about how that works and about how these -- the left, you know, really, really out there to prevent this and to stop this president, no matter what they have to do. brian: brand new book is
3:21 am
called capitalist come back. andy puzder thank you very much. >> nice talking to you. steve: retired the left is wrong. i am a warrior not a victim. his story next. joying a slice o. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? ew imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with
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[chanting] no justice, no peace. steve: we have quick headlines for you right now. first up. protesters flooding the streets after border patrol agent was found not guilty of murder. lonnie shot through a border fence killing the 16-year-old mexican boy in 2016. he says he was protecting himself from a group of rock-throwing drug smugglers and that is what happened. border patrol agents nab 56 illegal immigrants from an
3:25 am
alleged stash house. homeland security and police tipped off about suspicious activity at the home in laredo, texas. men, women and children from guatemala, honduras now in the custody of ice. brian, ainsley? >> a retired and wounded green beret taking on identity politics in this op-ed, quote: the left is wrong. i am a wa warrior, not a victim. ainsley: retired first class gregory a. stooby and the author of acquire anything. we are both familiar your story. most of the people watching are probably not. tell us what happened to you in average and what you have done fighting for this country. >> well, i spent 23 years oakive duty army. in afghanistan the unthinkable happened and i was the one wounded.
3:26 am
i had been a medical sergeant, tweeting the wounds of others had been my primary role. that was me and i got to feel what being a patient feels like. brian: right. so you are a tough guy can you take on any challenge. all of a sudden your body is damaged and you have a choice. do you feel bad for yourself or do you make what's left of you stronger? what decision did you make? >> well, i think at the time, you know, the words wounded warrior came together and i don't really like them coming together. i think you have to choose one you are either wounded or a warrior. i don't want to portray the kind of honor it took to raise my right hand serve in the first place. if other people getting wounded still allowed it to be the right choice, it shouldn't change just because it's me. i volunteered and i think that really keeps me from being a victim. ainsley: you wrote this amazing op-ed. the left is wrong i'm a warrior not a victim. let me read a quote from
3:27 am
this op-ed on we shouldn't allow ourselves to be deceived by the left's identity politics. the left too often insist we behave as victims of the powerful of our physical limitations and more. we must, instead, define ourselves by what's inside us. can you explain that? >> well, and i don't mean to be politically charged by any of this. but, when i think about serving something greater than myself, it brings me to a place where i'm thinking of george washington who is on the purple heart. i think of john f. kennedy who said democrat, and he said ask not what your country can do for you. ask what can you do for your country. i'm still interested in what can i do for my country. and all i keep hearing from the left is what my country should do for me. but i want to get to work and save this thing because we're facing perils even on our home front now and warriors like me are crying a little bit inside because
3:28 am
what we fought to prevent on the home front is happening by and large around the world now right at home. brian: tell me about what your dad said that was quite moving when he said to you what's in the short-term and what's in the long term. >> well, dad always told me where to find sympathy it was only in the dictionary for him. sympathy it can pay very well in the short run. i experienced that as a wounded veteran in an organization where everyone wants to pay you back for what you have done for them and their freedom. i feel bad for vietnam veterans and i want to say welcome home to them. some of them haven't heard that yet. we are a part of a grateful nation. so my dad needed to tell me sympathy can pay well in the short run, but it will steal your soul from you if you adopt it as a principle. and it will lower the common denominator of joy in any route. brian: all in your book conquer anything. great story. thanks for sharing it gregory stube.
3:29 am
ainsley: i know you are a father and husband your wife through tears was so glad to get a phone call and not a knock on the door so are we. conquer anything, a green beret's guide congress core anything. thank you for fights our country. >> thank you, such an honor. brian: coming up straight ahead. the professor who slammed barbara bush after herr death still has a job. the momentum to fire her is next. ainsley: 14 states now have record low unemployment rates. brian: stuart varney fully employed. first, happy birthday to our friend phil robertson. he is 72. his beard is 61. ainsley: happy birthday, phil. >> content, blessed man. life is good coleman. life is real good. ♪
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what's in your wallet? brian: harper collins smart enough to sign ainsley for her latest book this is about her life it's called "the light within me" that's her on the cover. good choice on the cover by the way. ainsley: thank you so much. harper collins came to me and they said we know you talk about your faith on air have you this light within you. we would love to share that with the world. so, anyway, i am so honored and humbled to have this to share with you. this was last night. we had a book signing out in steve's neck of the woods. steve: that was walter from
3:34 am
book ends in new jersey. a lot of folks from northern new jersey. in fact, if you dropped the banner there is ainsley right there. we are doing a selfie with the big crowd. ainsley: more people were excited to see steve than me. that's his neighborhood. they were wonderful and i really appreciate it please join us tonight in brooklyn. we will be in bay ridge at book shop at 7:30. friday boiling springs baptist church 5:30. i'm doing the show down there friday. drive to spartanburg. drive back to my hometown on saturday and barnes & noble 2:00 columbia, south carolina and then new jersey on may 6th. steve: sunday in north vale new jersey at books and greetings. if you would like to get a book and have greetings for ainsley, you will be able to have -- ainsley: dad is coming on the show. my dad and my daughter will be on the show a little later. brian: we'll find out more about that. meanwhile, stuart varney has
3:35 am
been waiting patiently here knowing he missed the signing in new jersey. you are the host of varney and company. ainsley: i will sign it for you. >> thank you very much. brian: stunning numbers. 14 states. 14 states are recorded record low. including one record high, hawaii. record low unemployment. >> record low. just over 2% in hawaii. extraordinary stuff. look, this is more clear evidence that the trump economy is a fully employed economy and expanding fast. brian: back in the workforce. >> prosperity extends all across the board here, including the states which did not vote for donald trump. california, oregon. do you think they say thank you, mr. trump, for what have you done for the economy? i think not. what we have got here is a fully employed economy. there are, let's see now. we have maine, nebraska, idaho, iowa, all with an unemployment rate below 3%. that's extraordinary. that's a record low the problem is not new jobs.
3:36 am
it's finding qualified workers to fill the positions that are currently available. brian: wages going up? >> wages are going up but not fast enough. i think they goal up much faster later this year labor shortage has to be filled by people moving from one job to another. steve: bernie sanders wants the minimum wage to go up to at least 15 bucks an hour and federal government to guarantee everybody who wants a job should get one and they will be paid that. >> it's called a vote buying operation. that's what it is. $15 an hour a government job with benefits guaranteed by the government. steve: who pays for that? >> i'm sure it will be tax the rich because the rich will be paying their fair share. in fact the rich already paid the vast majority of taxes in this country. i'm sure that bernie sanders will be saying a guaranteed job for all paid for by the rich. it's a nonstarter. ainsley: is it possible to even guarantee there will be jobs for everyone like free
3:37 am
college for everyone? >> i don't think it is. can you imagine the vast bureaucracy which you have to create to provide a government guaranteed job for everyone? another big bureaucracy? you will never get rid of it and do we need it? at a time when this economy is a fully employed economy, along comes bernie sanders and says oh, 15 bucks an hour plus benefits for any job. brian: automatic, everybody gets 1,000 bucks a month. steve: that's a politician who has come up with universal pay. >> he was on my show yesterday. his name is yang. he wants $1,000 per month from the government to every single adult between of 16 and 24. cost $2 trillion. steve: that too is vote buying. >> are you kidding me? of course it is. steve: stuart varney, thank you for joining us live. brian: works or else we are all screwed. varney and company comes up 9 to noon i look forward to
3:38 am
it. >> ainsley is on the show this morning. ainsley: yes i am. i love coming on here. brian: could you toss to jillian? >> jillian, it's yours. steve. jillian: thank you very much. steve: that's how you do it. jillian: best toss ever. mother is killed when a wrong way driver slams into her car head on full speed. terrifying moments caught on camera. man, that's hard to way. the car bursts into flames. sending debris flying into the air near dallas, texas. several other cars also involved in the cash. good samaritans tried to save the 23-year-old amberly mccrea. she leaves behind a nine month old son. the accused drunk driver flores faces manslaughter charges. a petition to fire a barbara bush bashing professor is
3:39 am
gaining steam. 14,000 people now calling for rhonda jar's dismissal. at fresno state. she was scheduled to resign over the weekend but declined over the controversy. when her name was mentioned the crowd broke out into applause. jarrar tweeted last week calling her amazing racist. demanding rotc be shut down. campus reform spotting poster young democrats socialist of america city college of new york saying rotc off our campus. it reads, in part, quote: the be a sense of rotc prevents the military from taking full advantage of their large ethnically pop diverse populations. mitt romney pulling out all the stops to get votes in utah even taunting mvp russell westbrook. [cheaters]
3:40 am
[cheers] >> russell coming back. jillian: can you read his lips saying that's four. senate candidate throwing up four fingers after he picked up a fourth foul between the utah jazz and utah city thunder. rocking a custom jazz jersey courtside as his team took a 3-1 series lead. you know who also has a 3-1 series lead. brian: philadelphia. jillian: yes. hello. brian: i my mitt romney went to the gift shop after. i don't think you leave the house wearing a tank top over the shirt. steve: it was customized. it had his name on it. brian: very unromney like. steve: is he running for something. she is number one. janice: that's so nice. no heck cling. take a look at the maps right now. current 47 in new york. we are getting there feels like springtime across the
3:41 am
northeast. we will deal with few showers across the northeast overnight and into tomorrow that could bring kind of a wet, soaky commute. dealing with a storm system across the plains. bring a mix of rain and a little bit of snow u it's almost over. ainsley: what? janice: little bit of snow. i'm sorry that's my microphone making all that noise. pull my hair back. see what happens when we wear our microphones, we have long hair it headaches noise, sorry, to be ball. 53, 54 in new york. take it rain in the forecast. you know what? it's springtime here in new york. ainsley: most beautiful day yesterday. brian: why didn't you lead with that? janice: springtime in new york? steve: have you got to be prepared. you have to wear the right clothes. janice: be careful of microphones and long hair. that's the advice for the day. ainsley: that's why brian doesn't grow his out. brian: exactly. first he said he loved the way candace owens thinks. now it looks like kanye west is a fan of president trump.
3:42 am
>> i do love donald trump. kanye west, quote: i love donald trump. brian: what about candace oklahoma city? what does she think about kanye thinks about donald trump? ask. steve: i'm confused about that house intel chair says the russia collusion probe is not based on any official intel. does that mean the investigation is tainted and political? all rise. we're going to ask the judge that he's next on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ go ahead and jump ♪ jump ♪ go ahead and jump ♪ and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to...
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>> long wanted to know what intelligence did have you that led to this investigation? what we found now, after the investigators had reviewed it, is that, in fact, there was no intelligence. steve: wow. ainsley: no intelligence. bombshell from mr. monday nunes. what does this mean for the collusion investigation? brian: here with insight fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. what does he mean no intel? >> this is why it's a little troublesome. brian: they weren't blank pages. >> no, they weren't blank pages. congressman nunes as the chair of the house select committee on intelligence enjoys the highest security clearance. same security clearance as the head of the cia or the president or the head of the fbi. gets to see everything. when he looks at top secret raw intelligence data, and selectively pick tssments cherry picks it for a political narrative. i think that's dangerous. that's going to induce his opposite number congressman adam schiff, the ranking mirntsd member of the
3:47 am
committee to do the same thing. they are both going to look at the same raw intelligence data. one is going to say there is no there there. the other is going to say ah-ha, there are three or four things there. this is an active criminal investigation. i happen to think the case against the president is bogus. they are still pursuing it. there are legitimate indictments in there like of the 13 russians who were indicted for interfering put election. they will never come here to stand trial. the congress and the president did sanction them. some of those sanctions are pretty serious. you can't say the whole thing is bogus. that's out impression congressman nunes gives. i think it's wrong for them to look at intelligence and cherry picking. steve: it looks like. when you think okay, there was no no intel. i know victoria toensing has said this on the channel in the past it looks like a brazen plot simply to frame the president of the united states. judge: yes, it does. it looks like it was commenced by his most virulent political enemies,
3:48 am
politically sid bloom that you will who is sort of fixer if you will of for hillary clinton and that branch of the democratic party. there is no question but that the democrats are behind a lot of this. there is also no question but that mueller's grand juries have indicted people for crimes that they believe mueller's people believe they can convict them of. whether it's money laundering or whether it's russian interference with the election. i don't think this has gotten anywhere neither president and i don't think it will. but, in the old days, by which i mean before mrs. clintons got off the hook. if congress wanted raw data from a criminal investigation in the middle of the investigation, the doj would say go take a hike. steve: sure. >> congress would serve a subpoena. the doj would take a subpoena to a federal judge who quawciousd the subpoena. you cannot interfere with a criminal investigation midstream. you will tip off the potential defendants and you will scare off witnesses. under a will frustrate investigators. that's what's going on here. ainsley: thank you, judge.
3:49 am
>> how this ends, brian. ainsley: will it end? >> listen, we learned last week they were listening to the president's phone calls while they were talking to his lawyer. steve: rudy said he would like to have it done in two weeks. >> thank you, all the best. steve: straight ahead out hero who disarmed the gunman at the waffle house and saved many lives. he will join us live. ainsley: plus, candace owens broke the internet getting star support from kanye west after her message for black lives matter. now both of them are facing backlash from the left. candace is here to respond next ♪ hey now ♪ i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles]
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>> i don't know why people like being he oppressed. the weirdest thing i have have ever heard i lo
3:53 am
oppression. 400 years of slavery jim crowe which by the way you didn't live through. your grandparents did. it's embarrassing you utilize their history. you are not living through anything right now. you are overly privileged americans. brian: wow. conservative activist candace owens calling out black lives matter protesters who look to disarm her. they caught the attention of rap mega star kanye west who said he loves the way candace thinks and since his tweet both he and owens have received major blow back. here with more on how she is responding to those attacks is communications director for turning point herself candace owens. candace, first off. when did you actually respond to that heckler? when was it posted and when did kanye west get involved? >> so this was just last friday so all of this has transpired pretty quickly and then his tweet went out i believe on saturday and it's been absolute firestorm since. >> and when kanye west said i like the way you think. when you looked at it, did you think oh, that can't
3:54 am
possibly be him? >> somebody actually cents it to me in a text and i thought they were pranking me because i have spoken about kanye west so much early on in my career here. i have said that he is the only person that is in hip hop or that has a public stage that is willing to think independently. i was just surprised. >> what do you think about your message that he saw kanye west saw that appeals to him that he goes, yeah, i'm with her on that? i do not subscribe to group think. i think independently. i'm a free thinker and i don't believe that because i have a certain skin tone that absolutely have to subscribe to all of these ideas which, on paper do not make any sense whatsoever. ainsley: once i read what kanye tweeted i wondered if he backlash if he regrets that and then ebro darr den famous hip hop dj. he talked to kanye. he said he doubled down basically on trump.
3:55 am
listen. >> he said i do love donald trump. kanye west. quote, i love donald trump. >> that's what i was going to ask you. people have been saying he has been saying he loves donald trump. he said it i love donald trump. ainsley: candace, why is that so shocking? >> it's not shocking whatsoever to me. if you have been following kanye west's career he has always been a outlier in terms of having his own mind and thinking his own thoughts. they cold kanye he couldn't be in fashion he created an entire brand. they told kanye he couldn't like kim so he married her. this is no surprise whatsoever. this is who kanye west is fundamentally a free thinker. brian: same guy said george bush doesn't like black people at a telethon for victims of katrina. >> yes. absolutely. i hear people saying that all the time as if people are not allowed to evolve and have their ideas evolve over time. i hate that i hate that.
3:56 am
brian: he never took it back. >> opinions overtime. i understand that but that's something that i was two years ago a liberal. so is that how we work now on the right that we say that if you have a certain idea can you never evolve away from it with time? so i think that's a ridiculous offense they keep launching towards it. steve: sure. candace, exit question. what have you learned about speaking out at ucla the firestorm that ensued and kanye backing you? >> i have learned that the left would like their slaves back. they created a system where black people are ideological slaves. we tested this theory very quickly. he simply said seven words i like the way candace owens thinks. this became a front news story across every single platform can you possibly dream of. that's only because he is not allowed to think differently as a black man. steve: all right. candace, we thank you very much for coming on live and telling us your story. ainsley: candace, stay strong. i know this has been a difficult week for you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you guys so much. brian: coming up straight ahead over the next two hours. it's going to be easy to
3:57 am
interview senator cory gardner and mike pompeo. he and bremmer is going to be here live dr. oz saves people from burning buses. anthony scaramucci would have if he had been there. ♪ do the walk a line.
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from stretching. unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth and strengthen fibers. so, next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. >> search is on for a motive trying to figure out why a man intentionally sped through a crowd of people in toronto, canada killing 10 people. >> holy god i have never seen a scene like this in my life. >> the manhunt suspect of the waffle house shooting appears to be over. detective williams. told him to get on the ground he got on the ground immediately and proned himself out and put him in cuffs. jillian: mike pompeo is one step closer to becoming secretary of state thanks to last minute vote changes from key committee members. >> tonight the president will host state dinner with french president emmanuel macron. >> they are close friends. their relationship couldn't be better. brian: wounded beret taking on identity politics.
4:01 am
>> >> all i keep hearing from the left is what my country should do for me. ainsley: huge news for our economy 14 states now have record low unemployment rates. >> this is more clear evidence that the trump economy is expanding fast. ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: i have never heard this song before. ainsley: you haven't really? brian: never. steve: i read on the information ainsley's father and daughter are going to be. ainsley: was that on the zipper? steve: it was. ainsley: thank you for putting that up, producers, because the book comes out today it's called "the light within me" now available on amazon and all book stores if you would like to pick it up. steve: this was super touching for you. ainsley: yeah. steve: revealing because it's about your spiritual life. ainsley: i'm so vulnerable
4:02 am
in this book. so it's a little nerve-racking. i was asked to write a book by harper collins about my faith. and when someone asks you to do that and you are a christian and your faith is very important to you, you can't say no, because it's like saying no to god asking you to do something. brian: you showed me something yesterday and i don't want to give it away but yeah i will give it away. pictures of you as a kid sitting by the white house standing on the fence and another picture of you in the oval office with the president. ainsley: god is good. right? i had no idea. get ready, buckle up, for the ride of your life. not necessarily when you read my story but your story. we all have a story and a light within us to tell. steve: it is available everywhere today. meanwhile, we start this hour with a fox news alert and people are trying to figure this out up in canada. the search is on for a motive after a man intentionally sped into a crowd of people in toronto, killing at least 10 people. brian: wow. investigators not ruling out terrorism. ainsley: mollie line is live
4:03 am
in toronto with the latest for us. mollie? >> we are here just off of young street. this is where the incident all unfolded. they bloxd off just blocks here in the city and they expect to be here for several days. combing over the scene. a memorial has already begun to grow. the city is just beginning to come to grips with the nature of this attack. authorities have yet to reveal what the suspect's authority was. the suspect is in custody after this white van plowed into a multitude of pedestrians. a 25-year-old from the toronto suburb of rich monday hill. 10 livesy claimed. at least 15 were injured. the brutal force of the large van leaving some dead at the scene. others fighting for their lives as they were rushed to near hospitals for care of their wounds. >> we don't realize anything. what we have to do is follow what we have. very clear just from a general perspective to say that the actions definitely look deliberate. >> the van with extensive front end damage and bearing
4:04 am
the logo ryder truck. driver taken into can you say today. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders released this statement saying the united states stands with the canadian people in the aftermath of today's tragic event in toronto where a van drove into a crowd people killing several and injuring many more. our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those affected. we wish a full recovery to those injured. the united states government pledges to provide any support canada may need. canadian authorities say it's too soon to say whether terrorism played a role in this case, meanwhile in new york city counter terrorism officers have fanned out in the city. they say at this point there is no known nexus as far as new york city is concerned. no relation to this case. back to you. steve: all right, mollie, thank you very much. brian: meanwhile we did have the same thing in berlin, barcelona and niche and new york city on halloween. four minutes after the hour. if you are looking for the president of the united states he was visiting our first president's house in mt. vernon yesterday with the leader of france.
4:05 am
emmanuel macron. and their respective wives. they had dinner and today is going to be even a bigger dinner the first state dinner for the president of the united states. ainsley: so much planning goes into these dinners. melania has been working hard. it's going to be a gliltsy state dinner with american food with a few french flairs. 130 people will be there. she is in charge of the menu and seating. steve: menu rack of lamb, green salad. rice jamba lay a. tart ice cream. serving three different wines, two from oregon and one from napa. however, the main course is how the countries of france and america are going to capitalize on the personal connection between those two men seen right there, planting a tree from france there on the south lawn of the white house. brian: that oklahom oak. key battlefield in world war 1. sometimes it's ceremonial. they actually planted the tree and filled it in themselves dressed to the
4:06 am
nines. ainsley: they did that to remembers marines who died in that battle. steve: talking about a lot of stuff over the next day or so. today it's all going to be talk and then tonight they are going to have the big wing ding. but during the day today, the items of interest between both countries, what's going to happen with north korea and syria. trade internationally. the iran nuke deal. trump wants out. macron wants him to stay. in and climate change, same thing. what's going to happen? well, hogan gidley, one of the press people down at the white house, he says when you look at this president, and given how much we have changed in the last year and a half, it's thought surprising what's going on they thought the barack obama apology tour was the way to get friends and allies. exact opposite. feared again and respected again. is he growing these relationships. france has been with us forever as you know. one of the first trade deals
4:07 am
we ever did quite frankly was after we signed the declaration of independence. it was with france. he has only gone to make this bigger and better. they are close friends. they talk all of the time. their relationship couldn't be better. brian: what france gave is they now will spend 2% of the defense budget like they are supposed to mandated by nato. they vin ceased that they have shown cooperation militarily, especially in syria. what has a date on it now has nothing to do with north korea. they will be bystanders. when it comes to the steel and aluminum tariffs coming up the first week in may, the president of france says i would like an exemption. you don't want to start an argument with an ally. i'm an ally. don't tax us, because it's going to answer again in tariffs. next is going to be the iranian deal. 12th to verify to reup it he says listen, i don't love it either but it's the best thing we have got. maybe work out a side deal with germany triggers and certain aspects to it that will pull back on some of our investment and put forward with some sanctions. ainsley: you pull out of america, we might resume our
4:08 am
nuclear weapon arsenal again. so, that's very important that they get this right. this is what negotiations look like though. because these two leaders, they are new to politics. they get a long. they are friends, sarah huckabee sanders was talking about their relationship and how much they respect each other. they look like they have a lot of fun. they have differences on iran and trade and obviously the paris climate change. france has to walk out with something. or else he is having a hard time at home. he has got to walk out of this relationship with something. ainsley: do you believe he will. >> absolutely. >> i believe the president has to give him something. steve: negotiation, both sides will wiped up with something. over the last couple of weeks we have been telling you about this caravan of my grants. it started in central america. intention walls clear. they had u.s. reporters with them. they wanted to cross into the united states. and whether it was legally
4:09 am
or illegally. we now know that about 500 my grants made it up via the trains and other ways. >> do you know the specifics of this picture? it's disturbing to me. just riding on top of the train? brian: they go right through mexico. a lot of the them are not mexicans. steve: estimating 500 riding the tops of trains. ainsley: mexican government allows that and doesn't stop the train you need to get down you are not doing this? steve: after the president said mexico better track down they did crack down. they said a new condition of nafta, also i'm going to send the national guard down there. but the president did tweet out i've directed the homeland security secretary to do something about it. and then he said. this i have directed our u.s. attorneys at the border to take whatever mead reaction to make sure we have whatever prosecutors available and commit any additional immigration judges to adjudicate any cases that may arise from the caravan. brian: this is symbolism. obviously 50 people aren't
4:10 am
going to put us over the top in the country. caravan the president wants stopped. he asked metzger to stop it. they thought 50 would well up by the border. ended um being a few hundred. when they get here, since there is no wall and no fence in certain areas, they could somehow get refugee status. or catch and release which i understand theoretically is stopped but has not been stopped. they will get a ticket and they are in to the country. he wants to stop it. ainsley: the president said yesterday in a tweet, i'm warning you, you are not getting across our border. that was his message to these m mi grants. steve: filing papers to get asylum. what happens next. don't know. brian: jillian didn't sneak in she was born here. we don't need to check your paperwork. we don't need everify. i would be shocked. ainsley: unlike governor cuomo she was born here. jillian: i was born here, yes. get out caught up on the
4:11 am
situation we have been following out of tennessee. suspect you had waffle house killer is under arrest. police finding 29-year-old travis reinking in a wooded area near the restaurant. reinking's guns were taken from him last year after he was arrested near the white house. but his dad reportedly gave the guns back to him that includes the ar-15 used in the shooting eventually stopped by a hero customer that man james shaw jr. will join us live on "fox & friends" in just a few minutes. former george h.w. bush hospitalized intensive care just days after wife's barbara's funeral. former commander-in-chief was heart broken over her death. he has a blood infection. is responding well to treatment quote the 41st president wants to go to maine this summer. he has been the most goal oriented person on the planet. i would not bet against him. special election day in arizona. today's vote could play a role in who controls the house come november. republican debbie less co-is favored to win the 8th
4:12 am
congressional seat over challenger. position left open by republican trent franks following allegations of sexual harassment. do you recognize this medal? look at your screen. police in new jersey are on a mission to reunite the world war i relic with the family of a rightful owner. someone found it in the woods with a metal detector and hand it over to the police department. police say it belonged to a man named daniel pattaglia. no relatives have come forward so far. hopefully they find family. steve: absolutely. that's cool. very niles that they would rather than try to keep it trying to. ainsley: we should do a follow-up on it when it gets reconnected. steve: thank you, ma'am. cia director mike pompeo on track to become secretary of state after the senate panel recommended his confirmation. senator cory gardner sits on that committee and voted for pompeo. he will join brian next.
4:13 am
ainsley: it's a wild goose chase like have you never seen before. steve: that's a goose. ♪ nowhere to run, baby ♪ nowhere to hide ♪ nowhere to run, baby ♪ experience lexus safety system plus standard in the 2018 lexus es and es hybrid. lease the 2018 es 350 for $399/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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4:17 am
>> reporting to the floor in a positive manner. want to thank the members of this committee for the dill jennings they've displayed. i think we've done the right thing together. brian: cia director mike pompeo on course to be confirmed as secretary of state after a last-minute vote in the senate foreign relations committee. you just were listening to the chairman bob corker who got pretty emotional. what's next? joining us right now is a member of the senate foreign relations committee colorado senator cory gardner. senator, first off, the dramatics that got corker emotional. it's all about chris coons. describe this scenario. >> the vote was 11 to 10 with the proxy vote of johnny isakson. weighs at a funeral for one of his very dear friends in georgia. unfortunately the senate rules in this circumstance
4:18 am
require all members to be present. effective vote was 10-10 meaning a tie. johnny isakson wasn't coming back to 10:30 at night. chris coons changed his vote to present. allowing the outcome to move forward. now, the outcome was the same. it didn't change the outcome it just expedited the hearing by many, many hours. brian: by the way 10-10 would have been very embarrassing. here is senator corker. listen. >> i particularly want to thank senator coons for displaying the statesmanship that i have been accustomed to seeing in the senate. i'm proud of him. i'm proud of our committee. and i'm happy for the american people. brian: here's thing. this shouldn't have been tough. he was qualified. he might not agree with you. senator menendez over 600 questions that needed to be answered before he would consider voting for him? that's an insult. >> absolutely. some people were apparently offended that they weren't clued into his meeting with north korea.
4:19 am
he is the cia director. we want this to be successful. don't have your feelings hurt and allow that interfere with your vote on committee. this isn't about whether or not you are going to see eye to eye with president trump's nominee on policy as a democrat you probably won't? is making sure the fit to serve. cia member, member of congress. private businessman. graduated first in his class at west point and harvard law review. these are incredible accomplishments he has. wasn't good enough because doesn't agree with him on policy. brian: a lot of people didn't understand. marco rubio gave him a lot of tough questions. in the end that's what the president wanted qualified. get heidi heitcamp and joe marching when it goes to the floor. he probably should be confirmed today correct. >> not today but majority leader filed cloture to shut off debate. make hard decision how they vote. they supported him for cia director.
4:20 am
he has done exactly whether a they wanted him to do as cia director. now they have to do some political gymnastics and do contortions to figure out how to justify a reason to vote against him when there is no reason to vote against mike pompeo. brian: you aren't functioning. leaving a lot of nominees out in the wilderness. mitch mcconnell will not make you guys work seven days a week to get that 20 hours needed. this three day a week workweek is leaving the president playing more than one man or woman down. next is gina haskel. next is going to be ronny jackson for v.a. what's happening with them? they're not in front of your committee but they will be on the floor what do you think? >> that's correct. you will see the same kind unprecedented obstruction that we have witnessed already. i believe we should be here 24 hours a day, seven days a week there are a lot of members who feel that way. they will make us spend 30 hours on every single one of these nominees because they dislike the outcome of the election. they dislike president trump so much that they are going to do everything they can to create road blocks,
4:21 am
obstruction and log jams to back this up. brian: senator cory gardner. thank you so much. not anti-trump, an anti-americanti- there's little rest for a single dad.
4:22 am
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[ phone rings ] look at you. this tech stuff is easy. [ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. constitution. next 1,000 bucks how much a presidential hopeful wants to give every citizen every month as universal basic income entrepreneur andrew yang says he would implement a 10% sales tax to cover the
4:25 am
cost to give everybody 1,000 bucks. finally $15 an hour. that's the minimum wage bernie sanders is promising as part of upcoming proposal to give jobs to anybody who wants one or needs one. according to the "the washington post." the plan is still missing some key details like how bernie is planning to pay for 15 bucks an hour. brian: from day one, president trump promised hope for the forgotten men and women of america. >> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. everyone is listening to you now. you came by the tens of millions to become part of historic movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before. jillian: well, in the new book, "us vs. them" there is a picture of the cover the failure of globalism. ian bremmer digs into the rise of president trump. he writes donald trump didn't create us vs. them.
4:26 am
us vs. them created donald trump. and those who dismiss his supporters are damage the united states. steve: author and president of the europe ian bremmer joins us live. ainsley: good morning congratulations. >> kicks off today. steve: us vs. them how polarized the country is now. everybody is dug. in why? >> because the promises that we have made about free trade and open borders and sending our troops all over the world to make the world safe for democracy and technology is going to solve all our problems. they are working really well for a really small group of people. the average american around the average european and increasingly the average citizen in lots of countries that's not working for me. of the idea that trump caused those problems or when you get rid of trump that suddenly they are going to go away is ludicrous. >> what does work? >> in the near term what's actually is working is walls. which is not the kind of country we want. but i saw that you guys put
4:27 am
up just last week that, you know, last year of obama we had 13,000 syrian refugees coming in. this 2017 was more like 3,000. this year so far 11. i posted that number, 11, up on my social feed. a good 4568 of the american respond dents said too much. that's not the mercury grew up with. may not be the one any of us want. the fact is when you continue to forget about your people in the united states, they're going to respond really strongly to america first. they are going to respond really strongly to those people out there. they are not like us. brian: right. 89 other thing is donald trump believes what he said. it was the right message at the right time. if he ran in 88 or '92 he would have had the same message. >> it would have gotten destroyed. it's not just him winning. it's brexit in the u.k. winning. angela merkel saying we will take as many refugees as can you give us and getting destroyed in the elections. brian: hungary stopped a wall. germany said come on in. who is better off? >> that's right.
4:28 am
the only problem with that and it's a big problem. look at israel today. trump says if you want to see if walls work, look at israel. want to see extreme vetting? tel aviv, no question. they have have one of the effective advanced democracies in the world. transparent. free media, anti-corrupt. the only problem is those palestinian as cross border aren't people. there is no two state solution. the israelis don't need one. the worry is if we keep going down this division path that in the united states we're going to keep thinking of other people as not americans. ainsley: do you think this president will win again? >> i think if the democratic message is impeachment, and the people that voted for trump are immoral like comey said is he morally unfit, which means we kind of knew that perspective, that means the people that voted for trump are themselves themselvesy unfit there sach better chance that trump gets a second term. they need a constructive message. brian: if this is a push back on open borders and
4:29 am
free trade, what's the next push? >> because it's not a crisis, we are right now nut best global economy, best u.s. economy we have seen in well over a decade, right? this level of division happening at this kind of economy, when we can give everyone a great big budget and give everyone tax cuts? what's going to happen when we have recession? that's what i'm worried about. that's what no one is thinking about right now. steve: the book premiers today is called "us vs. them" the failures of globalism. ian bremmer. >> congratulations. brian: it's going to be a big hit. ainsley: 29 after the top of the hour. one high school is rebelling against their own rebel, their mascot it. trying to ban it to be more inclusive. steve: okay. and more winning. 14 states have hit record low unemployment states should the president get the credit and will he? take a look who just came through door number one? scaramucci here live. anthony, say thoi ian ♪ let's get loud
4:30 am
4:31 am
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4:33 am
>> i'm so very confident that we have the best negotiator at the table. steve: and look who we have got at our table right now anthony scaramucci former white house communications director joins us live. >> she does a great job. brian: that was the shortest we ever had a soundbite on our show. 4 seconds. ainsley: we thought that sound bite was going to be longer. she was talking about the president negotiating because we have president macron from france here with his wife. first state dinner is tonight. what do you think they are going to to be able to negotiate today? >> probably three or four things on the table. one of them is the iranian situation. i don't really think the president is going to move on the iranian situation. he realizes that. brian: they talked about a side deal, anthony, that they're trying to push him to and the german leader is coming in friday. >> i don't know the entry
4:34 am
crazies oentry crazies of the t. he will come out because is he on the right side of it i predict he will get the north korean situation exactly where he wants it. they will denuclearize and surprise the world and figure out a way to cut a deal with the iranians. this is the power of his presidency and his personality i think he is surprising these european leaders. what ian was just talking about the us vs. them, the great thing about the president he is both. is he operate in a world of that intellectual elitism. he also understands the common decency of the american people and the blue collar people in america. so, that hybrid approach he is taking to the europeans and i think they are very surprised by him. steve: whenever it comes to the north korean deal. summit at the end of may or in early june, if what you say is true and the president winds up with some sort of a deal, i mean, that is a gigantic thing and, yet, people are dismissing
4:35 am
him. nothing is going to happen. he gave away too much stuff, blah blah blah blah blah. >> knowing his personalities, he probably didn't give him anything he probably said listen, you're in a tough spot. your economy is devastate you had. you're poor. one of the things i was very surprised by when kim went to south korea. if you caught this he was dressed like us. he had a european style business suit on. he wasn't wearing that mao outfit like his father did. that to me symbolically he was there to negotiate. symbolically he recognizes that he has got an economic ruinness situation there and that the president and president xi can really help him rebuild that economy. and it will be worth taking those nuclear chips off the table to do it. brian: fascinating because north and south korea are meeting this week. we are coming in next. the thing is we have gotten to the goal line before and we thought there was a degree of trust and verify. next thing you know they kick out inspectors and we are back to zero. if we knew exactly why he
4:36 am
was dealing, because there is another theory out there that he feels like i have proven everyone i'm a nuclear power. i'm going to be a responsible nuclear power. >> that's the establishment theory. i understand that theory. but i, you know, do i give a little bit of an inside track on this. that's not what i think is happening. the president's team, i think, has already got a little bit of a negotiation already done. again, secretary designee pompeo was over there. also president xi wouldn't be sending out photographs of him and the dictator from north korea. they are very tight on the media and the way they control themselves if they didn't have the semblance of a deal going in. steve: so you are saying it's pretty much baked in the cake? everybody is going to get something. >> i believe it is. i think the most important thing now is that they have to come into the family of nations. and the president, you know, he said it over the weekend. i got to tell you the tweets have been very enjoyable to me lately. one of the things that he said was that i'm doing the work that should have been done over the last 25 years.
4:37 am
ainsley: real quickly since you are a finance guy domestically. charles payne has been on our show 14 states record unemployment rates. why is that? >> people are unleashing cash. if you go back, ainsley, to the obama administration, most corporations, large and small very defensive in the obama administration because of excess regulation. we built up trillions of dollars of cash on the s&p 500. the president's tax reform is actually unleashing that cash and getting deployed into the marketplace at the small company level and large company level. and that means more jobs, more growth, more investment capital. the very good news as i said to you guys a few months ago, that's going to start to filter into wage data as we go into the mid terms. once again, i think the president is going to surprise people because the expectation is that we are going to lose the house. but i was out last night with to tom macarthur. helping to fund raise. a congressman here in new jersey. we think we can still keep
4:38 am
the house. brian: couple things. he has two gifts. story anstoir andsteny hoyer ans saying we are going to raise taxes. >> bad rhetoric for them. defensive rhetoric. any time you are in aspirational mode you win. think of the president's campaign tragedy? 2012016. ing to lift americans up. wanting to lift wages and increase employment and opportunity. the democrats coming at them like that, he will whoop them pretty good. steve: it's the us vs. them stuff we were just talking about. >> president both he was a billionaire but also understands the blue collar people. that's why the title of my book "is a blue collar president" like donnie his son talked about him being the blue collar billionaire. brian: you have a book out? >> bad since you brought the mets up last time on the couch. let me rub you a little bit. go mets. steve: a lot of mets fans on
4:39 am
new york city. that's where janice dean is with the weather. janice: good morning where are you from and what your names. >> kate from manhattan, kansas. >> and. >> matt from new york. janice: do you want to say hello to anybody? >> my kids sleeping and brian on two books. janice: take a look at the maps and talk about brian's books later on. maps will show you potential for rainfall across the atlantic looking good across the central u.s. and system moving into the northern plains. look at phoenix, 97 degrees. here is your pollen report from claritin. des moines, iowa, the pollen is high today to sake your claritin. tulsa, oklahoma again in the high zone, so your claritin should be close by. say hi to anybody real quick. >> say hi to my husband aaron. janice: say hi to steve, ainsley and brian, irving? [cheers] steve: she is from manhattan, kansas they call that the little apple out in kansas. ainsley: they could?
4:40 am
steve: they do indeed. ainsley: left one to come to the other. hope she will stay. brian: hard to cook with kids in the kitchen with the hot stuff. anna kooiman is about to find that out with baby brooks. we brought in daphne oz to share some tips with her coming up. ainsley: and then hayden. steve: plus? ainsley: i'm sorry. i'm looking at my daughter. i should be reading. disarmed the waffle house gunman and likely saved many lives. he is going to join us live next. >> i'm not a hero. i'm just a regular person. and i think -- and i think anybody could have did what i did. are clearly no substitute for real ones.
4:41 am
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i'm not a hero. i'm just a regular person and i think -- and i think anybody could have did what i did if they will just push i -- pushed in that kind of cage. ainsley: it was incredible act of bravery, an unarmed man confronting the waffle house suspected shooter. joining us now is that hero james shaw jr. good morning to you, james. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. thank you for having me. ainsley: i know you were emotional. have you gotten emotional in interviews. you say you are not a hero. we all think you definitely are you probably saved a bunch of lives by doing what you did. tell us your version of the story. so me and my friend were out during the night and we went to another waffle house actually closer to where we
4:45 am
were located, probably three times as many people at that waffle house. so we went to the one off of murphies burrow road. actually closer to where he lives. that's why we went to that one. so we had good parking and we pulled up why seen the shooters' vehicle and seen his face. we looked at each other. then we proceeded to walk in. we set at the counter tops. i was in seat one. my friend was in seat three. so, we weren't in there two or three minutes, and the only thing we kind of remember is the cook was -- the cook was washing dishes and stacking clean dishes on the cook stop and stacking them pretty high and we had said to ourselves, to each other, that the dishes are
4:46 am
going to fall. so, about probably 20 seconds later, we heard what we thought were dishes crashing to the ground. it was actually the first shot and then the second shot. and then as i turned and looked at the employees and staff there, they were kind of scattered and dropping down below the counter top trying to take cover. ainsley: that's when you realized gunshots. >> i realized it was gunshot and i actually saw the jirs gentleman that was shot in the head. he was by the entrance door trying to come in. and then as the guy proceeded to come in, he was shooting to the left. i had dove already on the floor going to the right by the bathroom entrance. as he saw several of us at the bathroom going through the bathroom, i was actually standing in the hallway. i was trying to keep my eye
4:47 am
on him because i didn't want to go in the bathroom because i couldn't keep an eye on him if he walked in to that area. because it was only one way in. ainsley: what made you jump in? you are a hero. you saw people dying in front of you. we have all been in waffle houses. can i picture the cook. i know they put the dishes right above the stove top so they can grab them easily. you are a hero. thank goodness you were there. i'm sorry for what you witnessed, but you did save lives. what made you do that? >> just the way i see it is it was either going to end with him shooting through the door and getting in there and killing me or him if i got if the bathroom he was going to come through the bathroom door shooting and killing me. when you grabbed the barrel of the gun it was hot because he had gone through an entire magazine and then you burned yourself? >> yes. it was very hot. i actually don't remember it being hot at all while i was wrestling with him.
4:48 am
i have a second degree burn on my hand. and blisters on my fingertips. but i don't remember it being hot at all. i juster with i just neede justo disarm him and get the gun away from him. ainsley: you said you went to church after that. why did you do that? >> i just went to church just so i could begin kind of like the healing process and kind of persevere through this situation. and i just wanted to be around, you know, some love. my fraternal brothers came to support me my family and church and my may was there to support me. it felt good to be around a lot of love. i actually didn't want to be in the house alone or in the hospital. detained by the police just to give them statements or stuff like that. it made sense for me to go to church. ainsley: james, i know you don't call yourself a hero. i know you don't want the attention brought on you. i'm glad you are doing these
4:49 am
interviews. our country needs. this our country needs heroes. you weren't in the military. you weren't a wrestler in school. you are just one of us. did you this and you are a brave gentleman, have you also gone above and beyond by starting go fund me pages. if you want to start james go fund me page to help the victims the ones that lost their lives and families and help with the burial costs and also help with the ones in the hospital, go to and see a link to their go fund me page. thank you so much. you are definitely a hero, james. we appreciate it god bless you. >> yes, ma'am. thank you very much. ainsley: thank you. >> listen up, he demand commanded the most liely decorated special units of the iraq war. jocko will let has a new book to teach your kids to become young warriors. is he a tough guy and hero. is he going to join us live next hour. as we all know as moms and dads it's hard to cook in
4:50 am
the kitchen. anna kooiman is about to find out with baby brooks. we brought in daphne oz who just had a baby, too. to share some tips with all of us ♪ ♪ i never loved no one but you note why you do me like you do ♪
4:51 am
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4:53 am
steve: navigating the kitchen can be overwhelming with children. ainsley. ainsley: so how can you keep your little ones busy so they're not. come here, baby girl. so they are not underfoot while you are cooking? steve: tv host and author
4:54 am
bee bee share with anna kooiman and her son. daphne, back in the day before she had children was our intern. >> yes, i was. ainsley: had a baby a little girl congratulations. >> my little domenica is about your son brooks' age, thank you for letting me live vicariously through the moment. normally it's me doing the whole juggling act. i wanted to come and show you guys because this sort of the reality. either one or both hands totally occupied. how are you going to make your family a delicious meal. >> bouncing. >> at love bouncing. good for your quads. i thought i would show you one of the hacks for easy week night dinner that you can buy and most of it done at the store. so it gives it a little homier feel. >> looks like a gourmet meal. >> what you really need are two beautiful women to hold the babies while you do. this i will show you what i do is i go to the store and buy rotisserie chicken. no bother spending the hour
4:55 am
and a half making it at home. perfect. steve: $7. >> organic ones. >> beautiful organic flavored ones. kicker when it is cut up for you. grab a big bunch of scallions and give those a quick mince. need your eye once the cutting board and not on the kids. put the kid in a bouncy chair or swing or something. >> 1,000%. over the years i have a 4-year-old philomenia and john is our 2-year-old and domenica is our 4 month old. over the year i developed a couple tricks to keep them occupied long enough. steve: put them in the high chair? >> here is all of us right after i brought the baby home with my husband john. i will put them in the bouncy chair. my daughter, the little one because the big ones want to come and help and touch her and everything. just to be safe. ainsley: best friend. >> it is my best friend. art projects a great thing.
4:56 am
snack time especially around dinner. healthy snacks. snacks are always a good occupier. ainsley: daphne set up a coloring station for the babies. >> just got a lamb minute nature inspired your kids to take more time on artwork which buys you sometime. >> it's a $30 laminator from target. you will love it. >> laminate all of it? >> not all of it i have mint and parsley and scallions. steve: serve that up. here is the rotisserie chicken she has slide up moments ago. okay you add a little bit of that recipe will be on sea salt. >> sweet potato fries. ease dinner. little side salad. check that out. >> healthy and delicious. >> you can make so many things. i make white chicken chili with them. made a cocoa. >> what do you need me more. you have the whole thing. steve: you can tell daphne used to be on a tv show that did a lot of cooking.
4:57 am
ainsley: i don't know how do you all of this and manage three kids. we want to thank bye-bye baby for all the baby gear. you will be on tomorrow. steve: dr. oz in an hour. ainsley: mom and party tomorrow with all of our kids. . . [whispers] the search was intense.
4:58 am
4:59 am
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5:00 am
♪ steve: search is on for a motive. >> the suspect is in custody after 10 lives were claimed. 15 people were injured. >> actions definitely looked deliberate. brian: cia director mike pompeo is set to be confirmed after a last minnesota. >> not whether you see eye-to-eye with trump's nominee. this makes sure that the nominee is fit to serve. >> police finding 29-year-old travis reinking in woods. ainsley: now both of them are facing backlash from the left. >> simply said seven words. i like the way candace owens thinks. this became a front news story. brian: president hosts first
5:01 am
state dinner with french president emannuel macron. >> he will surprise the world and figure out a way to cut a deal with the iranians. steve: ainsley's father and daughter will be live on the program. ainsley: because of the book comes out today. it is called, "the light within me." i'm so vulnerable in this book. it's a little nerve-wracking. ♪ steve: live from new york city as we see the skyscrapers come on in to the world's most famous curvy couch. ainsley: that's true. brian: exciting day. because anytime a book comes out it is extremely exciting. it is an honor to do it and have it out there but when you do it on yourself you feel like you're out there. your dad is here. ainsley: peyton is here.
5:02 am
lots of pictures about our family and my parents and their influence. it is called the life within me. i talk about the death of my grandmother. losing a child through miscarriage. ups and downs of my life. getting here to the most famous curvy couch. it es extraordinary. i'm so greatful to god. that is what the light within me is. my faith is important. that is harpercollins approached me writing a book about my faith. you can't say no so that. brian: one whole chapter against me. the whole chapter nine is everything i do wrong. ainsley: one on everything steve does right and two chapters on everything you do wrong. that is forgiveness. brian: i had to voice that part of the book on tape. that is hard to do. steve: there are parts of behind the scenes on fox and friends you never heard in the book. it is a great moving book. a memoir. spiritual memoir available everywhere starting today. ainsley: thanks for y'all's
5:03 am
support. y'all are so awesome, i'm so blessed. steve: ainsley's dad in half an hour. brian: if we find you on tour where do we go? ainsley: we will bring it up. this is more important story. thank you, brian for doing that. brian: since my name is on this, i read it. fox news alert. looking for search for a motive after a man intentionally speeds into a crowd in toronto on the very block killing 10. ainsley: investigators have not ruled out terrorism in this case. steve: what is the theory. molly line in toronto with the very latest on this tuesday morning. molly. reporter: good morning this is off off yonge street. this is where the massacre unfolded. they expect to be here self days pouring over the scene. as you mentioned the police have yet to release a motive. they have arrested the driver. the man they believe used a white van to mow down a multitude of pedestrians, traveling more than a mile
5:04 am
before taken into custody. that suspect is i.d.'d as alec c al minassian. >> he started hitting everything. i seen a scene i never seen in my life. reporter: the van with extensive front end damage and bearing a logo for ryder truck rentals finally stopped. video showed the driver taken into custody. america's leaders expressed solidarity. vice president mike pence tweeting in part, the american people stand shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors in canada. minassina will appear in court. back in new york counterterrorism are out, active in the city. at this point believed to be abundance of caution. back to you. brian: molly, thanks.
5:05 am
we'll try to find out the motive to unwind to stop the next attack. four minutes after the top of the hour. big week with the president. will close out with angela merkel. he begins it with one of his best friends on international scene emannuel macron, fresh off an interview with chris wallace. after going to mount vernon, the french helping us win the revolutionary war and lafayette stopping at mount vernon first that means a lot to people. they will be at a state dinner. macron made it clear, i got the message, mr. president increasing the defense spending. they increased defense spending 35% to get to the 2% threshold mandated by nato. steve: exactly. they have not been carrying their weight for many, many years. the president made it clear the countries that do and do not carry the freight. so now that's good they would do that as we look at images last
5:06 am
night from mount vernon, when you look at the live shot of the white house right now, you can tell they're getting ready for the state dinner. you can see right there, notice how down at the bottom in the front of that portico, the front porch, that is one of those shields so that the macrons, even though they are staying across the street at blair house, they can just drive through the northwest gate around the drive. they will be able to to in without anybody seeing them from the street. ainsley: for security purposes. there is gate in front of the white house where you can see through and see the front porch area. some of the things on agenda, north korea, they will obviously talk about that they will talk about syria. macron told our president don't pull out of syria. as brian mentioned trade. and the iran nuclear deal. macron says stay in the deal. fix the deal. pompeo agrees with that. iran is saying if you do pull
5:07 am
out, america, then i will continue, i will continue making nuclear weapons. they are also going to talk about climate change. they disagree on that. as brian also said they are very close friends. so you can disagree. it is okay to have different opinions. you don't have to hate each other. steve: that is negotiation. brian: macron has to leave with something. he already has given something. my hope way back to the paris climate change. that is a long haul. in terms of iranian deal. he knows what he wants in it, the president. macron maybe understands how bad the deal is. will use opportunity to make it better. iran has a say in that. we already told banks internationally not to bank with them even though the sanctions have been released. they are mad with us as much as we're mad with them. steve: macron will not come to the united states without -- macron will give a thumbs up. he would not come to the united states if he didn't wind up with
5:08 am
something. that is all part of the negotiation. that is what anthony scaramucci told us on the couch 41 minutes ago. >> i predict he will get the north korean situation exactly where he wants it. they will denuclearize and surprise the world figure out a way to cut a deal with the iranians. this is power of his presidency and personality. he is surprising european leaders. he can operate in the world of intellectual elitism but understands common decency of american people and blue-collar people in america. that hybrid approach taking to the europeans. they are surprised by it. steve: there is big state dinner tonight, talks today. by this time tomorrow we should know what is accomplished. >> to learn more about the state dinners read laura bush's book. it is beautiful. they put so much time and energy into the dinners, from the colors to the flowers making native to the country. brian: word is, melania is
5:09 am
one-woman machine. she has every detail. her staff says i don't know what i should do she has everything planned. ainsley: i am sure everything will be beautiful. steve: east wing is busy with that. home land security secretary nielsen issued a warning of caravan of migrants if you come into the united states illegally you will be arrested and prosecuted. attorney general put out a statement yesterday after the president tweeted about it. brian: hopefully they are serious because they said it, i have directed for u.s. attorneys at the border to take whatever immediate action to insure that we have sufficient prosecutors available. i also directed we commit any necessary immigration judges to adjudicate any cases that may arise from that caravan. this, listen, we can handle 50 to 100 people. that is not the point. that is sending a message. we know your life is not the way you want it to be but the answer
5:10 am
is not sneaking in here illegally. ainsley: president tweeted. this is not why why i don't think they have sirius radio on top of the train. steve: secretary of homeland security said this last night. ainsley: a sovereign nation that can not or can not get worse i assume what she means, choosing, is this written right? steve: not right in the prompter. chooses not to defend its borders chooses to cease to be a sovereign nation. the trump administration is committed to enforcing our immigration laws whether persons are part of this caravan or not. brian: we had so many continents in the prompter. >> it is live tv. it is okay. they work hard back there. brian: a lot of ns and a lot of ts. >> i read it off the tv just like folks at home. brian: i had it memorized.
5:11 am
in rhett slow speck i should have. steve: memorized hear it again. brian: only thing i have memorized toss to jillian mele. jillian: excellent toes. two florida deputies murdered in ambush attack will be laid to rash. 30-year-old sergeant knoll ramirez and 25-year-old taylor lindsey they were shot and killed in a restaurant in trenton, florida, when a gunman opened fire through a glass window. he took his own life. deputy lindsey was a three-year veteran of the force. former president george h.w. bush hospitalized in intensive care. the commander-in-chief is broken-hearted over his death. a spokesman said he has a blood infection but responding well to treatment. adding quote, the 41st president wants to go to maine.
5:12 am
he is most goal oriented person on the planet. i would not -- teams stop a basketball, take a knee. ainsley loves the story. because after passing funeral procession. family member posting photo on line, how much it meant that the boys honored their loved one. they did not know the person who died but the coach taught them importance of showing respect. this foto is going viral. it gives you chills. ainsley: what respectful young men. playing basketball on a court. they stopped. steve: anytime you see a funeral procession you should always stop. ainsley: that is precious. we need more of that in this world. jillian: yes we do. steve: jillian, thank you very much. democrats lining up to vote against mike pompeo as secretary of state. are they messing with national security or trying to score political points. we'll talk about that. brian: one high school rebelling
5:13 am
against its own rebel mascot, an bag it to be more inclusive. ainsley: in the green room, my father and my daughter hayden and her doll babies. it is a special day for us, we're -- hi, hayden. she has lipstick on. makeup artist -- brian: need it. it is television. ♪ greatness comes in many forms. lease the gla250 for $349 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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5:17 am
♪ brian: looks like mike pompeo will be the next secretary of state for this country. the official vote will come later this week as he gets out of committee. what will it mean for the country? we know the state department gets a seat at table where rex tillerson didn't have the pull with the president but what does it mean for pompeo's philosophy especially after months at the cia? joining us ryan mauro, national security analyst and also with the professor of counterterrorism at liberty university. ryan, in particular, what do you think we'll see as secretary of state we didn't see as a congressman and cia director? >> well he basically will have a forward-leaning foreign policy with idealogical focus which we haven't had before since 9/11. that is standing up for human rights and muslim reformers in
5:18 am
the muslim world. this is very positive, arguably progressive for the sake of muslims in the middle east that want to bring about peace and also bring about national security for the entire world. brian: the fear he will be too aggressive at state where diplomacy is really paramount. do you think he will segue a little and change his approach because he is chief dip low empty? >> of course. there is going to be that diplomatic element how you phrase certain is things but there is diplomatic element waging idealogical war. in turkey or iran, there are protesters being locked up, you can expect to see the state department leaning in, we stand behind those guys, how can we help them. very important. he is not a warmonger. brian: no offense to rex tillerson. cohave the best idea or worst idea. he just wasn't on the same page as the president. >> he was not. brian: briefing president on regular basis seeing what wrong with tillerson, how do you think pompeo will approach his job? >> some of the biggest contrasts with regards to turkey and qatar
5:19 am
and their support of radical islamic movement around the world. some of the biggest moves will happen under pompeo, designation of muslim brotherhood as foreign terrorist organization. right now they can really operate in the united states. expect a lot of blow back over that and this other group which has leadership in pakistan. they are the group has isolated communes throughout the united states. i expect pompeo to take action against that also. brian: democrats are to the necessarily against anything you said in particular. they were against anything trump liked. is that what you got from the vote and ridiculous 650 questions he needed answers? >> if you took the policies in isolation, you could see most democrats, if it didn't have republican identity attached to it, that is a great idea, that is our idea, that supports progressive values as well as national security. you get showboating. get basically cory booker who needs a new acting cove. it obvious le he went in there scoring a youtube moment making
5:20 am
like pompeo was islamaphobe, talking about his associations and cory booker support as radical imam in new jersey and defends it when he is called out on it. brian: gina has pell the cia want her to get the job. what will it be like for the first female nominee. >> i think it will be very rough because of accusations in regards to allegedly covering up enhanced interrogation or torture, whatever you want to call it. i expect a lot of leaks. that is a big problem. there is faction in the cia does not like what she stands for. brian: can you imagine someone ultimately qualified to run the department and first female she pushed back. she did everything she was supposed to do to keep america safe. she shouldn't have to defend that. thank you. coming up, we've been telling you about "diamond & silk"'s battle against facebook over censorship.
5:21 am
facebook is taking action. we'll explain. he commanded most highly decorated seal team in the war. jocko willink will teach your kids to become warriors. i never thought i'd say this, but i found bladder leak
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♪ ainsley: here is quick headlines for you. protesters flooding the street after arizona border patrol agent is found not guilty of murder. [shouting] lonni schwartz shot through a border fence killing a 16-year-old mexican boy in 2012. he says he was protecting himself from a group of rock-throwing drug smugglers. border patrol agents nab 56 illegal immigrants from an alleged stash house. police tipped off about
5:25 am
suspicious activity in a home. the men, women and children from guatemala, honduras are in i.c.e. custody. steve: steve more of the fox news alert out of toronto, canada. investigators are looking why a man would intentionally drive a van on a crowded sidewalk killing 10 innocent people. he led the most highly decorated special-ops unit of the iraq war. he joins us live. good morning to you, jocko. >> doing okay. steve: up in canada, they're trying to figure a motive why the guy did it. he got out of the van, telling the cops, kill me, kill me. he was evil or deranged or something. you spent much of your life going after and eliminating evil. because it is something very real to you, isn't it? >> yeah, i think that is one of the mistake people make they don't think evil exists.
5:26 am
they think everyone is good-hearted and has a good nature but you have to watch out because people can be evil and this is a classic example. who knows what his motive is and doesn't matter to the innocent people killed. steve: ainsley was talking to the hero of waffle house outside of nashville where the guy was hiding behind a door when thefyguy smarted shotting. ultimately between magazines, and jumped up grabbed the guy's gun and wrestled the gun away from him. >> that is standing up to the face of evil. steve: hard to do that. your second book, called, "the way of the warrior child." because there is so much evil in the world. it is important to raise what you call, warrior kids. what are warrior kids? >> warrior kids are kids, first of all do the right thing. they stand up. they have discipline. they study hard. they work hard. these are all things that we
5:27 am
would love all of our kids would do but a lot of time there is no influence to push them in that direction. i saw that with my own kids growing up, i would buy books. a lot of books didn't have values i wanted my kids to v i wound up writing first book, the way of the warrior kid. that did well and got great feedback. they're studying, reading, doing pull ups. eating right foods. so i wrote another one. so here we are. steve: that's right. when you see the expression warrior kid, some parents that will teach my kid to be aggressive? >> actually this book, the second book i cover that topic in pretty good depth. so there is a new bully in the second is book but this bully is kind of a psychological bully that makes fun of other kids and mark, the lead character in the book, the warrior kid, he wants to fight him. his uncle jake said, if you want to fight him, you have to learn about him. you have to understand why he does this. make a long story short. as he uncovers what the kid's
5:28 am
background is like, the bully's kid background is like, he has tough childhood. he has old shoes and jeans are ripped. he doesn't get good food for kid. the warrior kid, realizes that other kid, this bully, has a hard life. instead of fighting him he ends up helping him. steve: mark is the kid in the story, there is former navy seal by the name of jake, jocko,. >> uncle jake is a lot cooler than i am, i can promise you that. steve: how did your life as navy seal prepare you for this story telling? >> taking lesson i learned being in the seal teams, learning about discipline, learning about hard work. i learned how to study in the navy. when i joined the navy i learned all this stuff. i didn't know how to study. i wasn't a great school in high school. they told me i had to memorize this stuff. i had to figure out how to do it. these are lessons i passed on in the warrior kid books.
5:29 am
steve: in addition showing how to be a warrior kid and family ultimately it is about patriotism as well, isn't it? >> it is certainly about patriotism, i would say the main focus of the book is not patriotism, it is individual success driving forward. another big piece of this book, marc wants money to buy a new book. how do you get money when you're 11 years old. his uncle jake says get a job. since it is hard for 11-year-old to get a job he starts his own business and mows lawns and earning money. learn how the value of money. steve: that is how i it worked when i was a kid and you were a kid, and a lot of parents want to be share best friend, here is the money. >> that doesn't help the kid ultimately. you put a smile on the face. they don't learn about the value of money and hard work. that is where i think the book will help kids out. steve: the way of the warrior kid, mark's mission. jocko, thank you for joining us. thank you for your service. >> it was an honor to serve.
5:30 am
steve: 8:30 in new york city. one high school rebelling against its own rebel mascot. tried to ban their own rebel mascot to be more inclusive. what is that about? the story straight ahead. a a day for ainsley and celebrating with her father wayne and daughter made den. she has a brand new book coming out. ♪ her. we needed a car that would last long enough to see it all. (avo) subaru outback. ninety eight percent are still on the road after 10 years. come on mom, let's go!
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5:34 am
authorized buying graph if i. ainsley: that is exactly right, brian. it is called "the light within me." i was out in new jersey. steve lives around the corner from book ends, stopped by. steve: absolutely. >> those are the owners. they're so nice. thank you so much for having me out there. i have other pictures, that was the table of backs. steve: just pick one. you had your many books available. ainsley: there's steve right in the front. he introduced me last night with some of the crowd. brian: today you are in brooklyn at -- steve: book mark shop. brian: book mark shop. that will be great. ainsley: 7:to, come out if you live in the area. out of spartanburg, south carolina where i was born. boiling springs baptist church. then 5:30 p.m. that will be right after work. on saturday barnes & noble in columbia, south carolina, at 2:00 p.m. may 6th, north vale,
5:35 am
new jersey. steve: her father wayne was with us. what is she talking about? ainsley: she wants a mint. here you go, baby. what do we say? what do we say? you're welcome. steve: wayne, ainsley's book is described as inspirational memoir. a lot of inspiration for her spiritual life came from parents. >> more so the mother, than from her mother. >> from both of you. >> we went to church like most families do. ainsley was always a strong christian and it was great, i learned things in the book i didn't know about, to be very honest about. steve: like what? >> smoking about it. steve: tell the story. >> her mother used it smoke. the habit may have come from that. i think ainsley started. i think her brother smoked. ainsley: no one does anymore. we did. used smoke the little virginia slims super slim.
5:36 am
i had a cigarette case. i wasn't truthful bit when i got caught in high school. i did hide them. we were able to smoke in high school. this is 20 some years ago. so, yes, i knew my parents would be disappointed in me. i did some things that i knew my parents would be disappointed. that is what the book is about. i need god. that light in me is what god has done and changed me. brian: i can't picture ainsley giving you a hard time. am i right? >> brian, one story, one night about 12:00 midnight i get a phone call from the sheriff's department. steve: okay. >> we have your daughter down here. ainsley: not true. >> she hid in closet. party going on. she hides in the closet. ainsley: it was prom night. there was a big party at the one friend's grand parents house. grandparents were not home. the cops game. they called parents of anyone younger than 21. yeah. i wasn't doing anything bad.
5:37 am
i was a party where we weren't supposed to be. steve: you were normal kid. normal ups and downs. i. ainsley: i was hiding in the closet with my prom dress by myself. i ran upstairs in the closet. police officer opened the closet, i said, please don't call my parents. of course they did. yeah. brian: mr. ear -- did you see this talent in her as on camera person. >> i think we have been blessed with three really good children. ainsley is one that spent a lot of time fantasizing in her room. with the dolls and talk to them, vivid imagination. always well-organized. brian: what was it like being at home watching her, seeing response of people? >> ainsley and i talked about this. we're from south carolina, a small state. you wonder what in the world she
5:38 am
is doing on national tv and how blessed she is to be. steve: we're blessed to be with her. ainsley: thank you, steve steve in your book you you about everybody in your life including your father sitting next to you. would you like to read a passage. ainsley: i would. this is about my dad, and it says, my father taught me confidence which allowed me to follow my dreams and never be afraid of rejection. dad always said don't let fear get in the way of you and your destiny, just go for it and be happy. >> i'm sorry, that's right. steve: also kind of a message from you from your coaching days. >> that's right. some of my players may not agree with that. you know, always, had little quotes, one that walt disney came out, i think walt disney went broke three times and always said i hope i will never be afraid to fail. i try to encourage our children, don't be afraid of failure. steve: bigger the risk, bigger the reward. >> that's right.
5:39 am
brian: the key you will not judge them by their success you, judge them by the effort they put in to get the success. >> exactly right. >> i remember flying in for interview here, seeing new york city, sobbing. i wrote that in the journal. that is in the book. there is a also a story about my grandmother. i knew all four of my grandparents. steve: you're lucky. ainsley: my mimis was on the deathbed, in the hospital, my mom and her sister, aunt lynn were by her side every single second. i write about that they say when someone you love is dying you should let them know it is okay to go. i wanted at same time to do that, but sell fishily i couldn't bear the thought of not having her in my life. i didn't want to let her go. my mother and aunt spent every waking hour. they played cards and sat by my mother until she took my grandmother. until she took her last breath. to say it was a sad moment is a huge understatement. at mimi's funeral the minister
5:40 am
read the passage from the book of proverbs, i write proverbs 31. i too wanted to be a proverbs 31 woman. charm is deceptive, beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears, serves and loves the lord will be praised. no matter what else i may accomplish in my life that is the praise i long for above all else. my grandmother -- steve: beautiful. ainsley: she woke up early, food was always on the table for her groom, my grandfather. she took care of him. she was the best wife, best grandmother, best mother. all four of my grandparents were amazing. that is where they learned it. hopefully i will be the same for hayden for the great family i have. brian: you are. ainsley: thank you. brian: get the book. see all the signings see if you're coming near us where do we go? ainsley: follow me on twitter,
5:41 am
facebook. i will post where i will be. friday in brooklyn. spartanburg outside of boiling springs and columbia, coming back to new jersey. i am booking more in soon. steve: if you were locked in a closet on your prom night we like to hear your story. >> i need god in my life. i'm a sinner. brian: yeah, right. steve: the book is called "the light within me." 18 minutes before the hour. jillian. ainsley: was not locked in a closet. jillian: i never got in trouble. that is true story. get you caught up on some news. facebook wants to be more transparent with users. the social media site publishing the roles their moderators use when reviewing content. they will also launch an appeals process for people that think their posts were unfairly removed. weeks ago facebook came under fire for censoring conservative
5:42 am
duo "diamond & silk" for being unsafe. >> i see a lot of things on facebook, shootings, killings, people being beat with stiletto stilettos. jillian: they will testify before a congressional committee on thursday. a high school doing away with highly debated mascot to be more inclusive. south albany high school, in oregon, changing a rebels mascot a confederate soldier. the school representative says she doesn't want it to offend the community. the students will rename the rebel mascot by the end of the school year. did you see this. a high school golfer gets attacked by a very angry goose. the bird going after the the after he got too close to the egg on the course. the high school posting pictures. i like the sound effects which have gone viral. the school tweeting quote, you thought golf was boring. the golfer was not seriously hurt. is that not hilarious. steve: a little scary.
5:43 am
ainsley: jillian: can't imagine seeing that. ainsley: i feel bad for the guy. steve: we're minutes away from the president and third e first lady's official welcome ceremony ahead of the first state dinner. we're live at the white house. brian: escaping a fire in a school bus on the side after the highway. guess who is there? dr. oz. the doctor is coming up shortly. ♪ feel the clariof non-drowsy claritin.
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♪ steve: all right. we are back with a live look outside the white house where president trump will formally welcome french president emannuel macron in just a few minutes as the band plays. brian: how many lawns have a band on them this morning? they're holding top priority talks about the fate of the iran
5:47 am
nuclear deal and threats from north korea and syria. kevin corke is live on the front lawn of the white house. reporter: i have been to a state dinner. it is fantastic to go. i can hear the band over my shoulder. clearly for viewers this will be a fascinating watch on fox news this morning. for policymakers to be quite frank, this is a mere appetizer guys, before the main course. the main course being conversations, high-level discussions about myriad of issues well, frankly threatened to strain the long-standing alliance between our two countries. last night in case you missed this, the trumps and macrons spent time at mount vernon, his tore rick home of very first president george washington. after a welcome this morning on the south lawn, it is down to business as in discussions about the iran nuclear deal. what what to do in syria?
5:48 am
what about the north korean nuclear program? what to do about trade? maybe throw in a little climate change for good measure. the two leaders will work together for for a alliance and their respective country. >> we have incredibly good negotiator for the united states but we have two leaders who have a great deal of respect for one another, a great deal of friendship. both have a great deal of interests doing what is best their country. reporter: that is exactly what you expect the president to do. this is donald trump -- melania trump on twitter, preparing for the main course. i will be watching just like you. steve: whose state dinner did you go to? reporter: i had a chance to go to the state dinner for president of ghana. our colleague dana perino was there. she was kind enough to invite me and put me on list of
5:49 am
dignitaries such as it is. it is a great time. steve: what a memory. kevin corke, on north lawn. festivities start on the south lawn in 12 minutes. you will see it on fox news channel. a raging fire in a school bus on the side after highway. guess who came to the rescue? dr. oz. he is in next. just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
5:50 am
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5:52 am
>> we are awaiting french president emannuel macron and his wife at white house for president trump's first formal state visit. we'll take you there for their arrival in moments. plus senate foreign relations committee chairman bob corker is here as mike pompeo's nomination to head the state department now heads to the senate floor. and the results of an arizona special election could be too close to call, too chose for comfort.
5:53 am
the republican favored to win that race. debbie lesko, she will join us live on "america's newsroom" in just moments. join bill and me in about five minutes. steve: meanwhile "dr. oz" proving that he is always on call racing to the rescue after he drove by this bus full of high school students that had burst into flames along i-95, the jersey turnpike headed south. ainsley: as you know this, is not dr. oz's first roadside rescue n 2015 he was named an honorary firefighter helping victims of a crash on that same highway. brian: in 2013 he help ad woman hit by a tax city in new york city. he is an accident waiting to happen. here to share his story, host of "the dr. oz show," dr. oz himself. ainsley: you're a hero. no accident. brian: no time to do makeup. >> i look so rested in images. i was in a plane flying to a big
5:54 am
conference in las vegas a month ago. this is ubiquitous. i do travel a fair amount as you guys do. you run into stuff. the one happened outside of my office, right out here, right outside of our building. sean green, wonderful dancer from england came to the u.s. first time ever as part of an organized trip. cab fighting with biker, runs the biker off the road. by mistake runs off the road, crushes her legs amputate. i was right here. i tried to help, but the guy who really saved her was the plumber, dave, who pulled his belt off, plumbers do, put it on the leg, turn that kit. he didn't know what he was doing. made sense. he kept her her live until i got there. all these heroes, own this bus thing, the real heroes, bus driver, the tire blew out pause of intense heat, it exploded the back of the bus. this is music school. northwest baltimore school.
5:55 am
and i, actually coming from new york city they had watched wickets not realizing real fire was on way home. dr. ben carson has great scholarship all over the country, academically giving to kid to help communities. all of sudden i see tire flying in front of me. everyone weaving around and high speed. your world slows down. i see the bus bursting in flames. the young people want to save their instruments. teachers managed to get the kids off the bus after the bus driver safely guide it off to the side. they want to get their used tuba. third-degree skin grafts in a hospital are not worth getting clarinet out of a bus. steve: dr. oz, how many people in the cars could have stopped but didn't stop. you're always willing to take the chance and stop. >> you're kind. i think you guys all believe this too. evil is not when people do bad things. that is going to happen. evil is when good people watch
5:56 am
bad people do bad things. we have a obligation to do what is needed. food crime and through crime. these kids, 13 kid, held in california, six kid run off the road by their two moms. you look at these stories, what happened? people saw but they couldn't get enough people activated to do something about it. brian: your mind says i'm getting involved if i see it. >> i saw the kid running with flames behind them. you get off the road. do what you can to help. steve: always up the street waiting for us. "dr. oz," thank you very much. >> god bless you. steve: we'll step aside. south lawn, waiting for president of france as you see right there. brian: life pictures in a moment
5:57 am
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but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. >> a big state dinner tonight.
6:00 am
>> imagine he comes in the other side and they're in the back. >> everyone will be confused. the state dinner for 130. melania put together the menu and seating. it should be mute bull. >> stay tuned. >> bill: thank you, guys. breaking news on a horrific attack in toronto. at this hour the suspect will be in court. officials saying he is 25 years old. rented a van. drove down a busy street and killed at least 10. they haven't ruled out terrorism. we're watching this story closely. on a related matter. watch the relationship of these two leaders. first a bit of history and busy day at the white house getting underway as we speak. president trump and first lady officially and formally welcome the president of france emmanuel macron and his wife for their first formal visit to the united states. good morning.


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