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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 24, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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you know -- don't do that to me. >> probably saying thank you. right now the two leaders are meeting here. you know the play-out on camera. >> more coming up from the two leaders throughout the day and tomorrow. thanks for joining us. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: a fox news alert on another first for president trump. he is set to host a state dinner tonight for his french counterpa counterpart. 45 minutes from now, they'll have a joint news conference. good morning. i'm jon scott. >> and i'm julie banderas. president trump and president macron are holding a private talk, a high stakes meeting foe viewing on a number of issues that could strain the relationship with america's oldest ally. >> the wonderful friendship we have developed over the last year is a testament to the enduring friendship that binds our two nations. it's truly fitting that we're
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holding our first official state visit with the leader of america's oldest ally. the proud nation of france. >> chief white house correspondent, john roberts, joins us live with more. >> good morning. president trump making a point of saying that the united states and france do share that long friendship because it was the -- it was lafayette that came to help washington in the revolution ordinary war and they have been friends since. the two are going to an expanded bilateral meeting them and their aides to talk about the thorny issues between the two. there's disagreements and then they'll have a press conference at 11:45ish. we'll have that when it happens. we can expect during that press conference some questions about the policy differences between the white house and france on
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syria. emanuel macron warning on fox news sunday that if the u.s. leaves syria, the vacuum that is left would be filled by bashar al-assad and iran and supporting new terror groups in syria. on the iran nuclear deal, macron will urge the president not to pull out of it, but the president again this morning articulating his displeasure with the deal. listen here. >> people know my views on the iran deal. it was a terrible deal. should have never been made. we could have made a better deal. it's a terrible deal. we paid $150 billion. question gave $1.8 billion in cash. that's actual cash. barrels of cash. it's insane. it's ridiculous. it should have never been made. we will be talking about it. >> the president issuing a very sharp warning to iran in that oval office meeting saying if they were to restart their nuclear program, they would have bigger problems than ever before. the president and president
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macron do appear to share a really interesting friendship. at one point here in the oval office when the two were meeting, the president brushed a little bit of dandruff off of macron's collar rather than being offended. macron took it in stride. despite the friendship, there's some big policy differences. one of the biggest over the u.s. decision, president trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate accord. president macron alluded to that in the welcoming ceremony this morning. listen here. >> it is together that we will act effectively for our planet. i'm not just referring to climate but also to the oceans, to bio diversity and to all forms of pollution. on this issue, we do not always agree as to the solutions. but in the end, such is the case in any family and in any friendship, and it is also where the fate of our children is at stake. >> one other moment of note on
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the spool spray when the press pool goes in to take pictures and ask questions, one of my colleagues asked the question if he would pardon michael cohen, his personal attorney should he face charges, federal charges by the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. the president pointed an angry finger at my colleague and said stupid question. so john, i expect the president didn't appreciate that one much. >> doesn't sound like it. he doesn't love those of us in the press. thanks very much. john roberts. >> julia: for more none, ari fleischer, press secretary under george w. bush and a fox news contributor. thanks, ari. i told my children there is no such thing as a stupid question but i will never allow them to enter the media. because we ask a lot of those. anyway, how will macron's visit and angela merkel who plans on visiting later this week, put real pressure to keep the u.s.
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in the iranian deal? >> smart question. i've said in the oval office and heard a lot of these types of meetings over different disagreements. what foreign leaders do, they try to reach a rapport with the president and put pressure from outside lobbyists that can only come from a head of state on the president. they know he wants to get out of the iran deals. they'll walk him through the ways that it would backfire. that's what macron will do and what merkel will do when she comes on friday. the problem is, the president probably won't listen. he has a track record of doing what he thinks is best. the only compromise is if france and germany really come up with tough, tough changes to the deal that allows us cosmetically to stay in but crack down on iran. even there, iran has to go along. i don't see it. >> you pointed out that president trump usually doesn't
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get pressured to doing anything he doesn't want to do when you threaten him, even less. so i want to know how he will react to iran's threats of severe consequences is what they said if the u.s. actually backs out. >> well, you just heard the president say, if they try to restart their nuclear program, it's going to be worse for them. that's what the president does. he uses the power of the united states to not back down. send signals whether it's to north korea or iran. don't threaten us. frankly that's like ronald reagan. i'm not directly comparing donald trump to ronald reagan. i'm not prepared to go that far. but in terms of the use of tough rhetoric, donald trump does that with good effect. now, i think what you do with germany and france, any ally of america, you appear on the base of reason and you say here's the consequence, mr. president, should you do that. you don't threaten the president as an ally. you try to walk him through consequences. >> julia: when you talk about
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tough rhetoric and it has worked for this president, unlike any other president before, up trump made it clear that the current iran agreement is a terrible deal. if he were to cancel the deal and let's say they don't negotiate a deal. he says okay, fine, i'm not getting my end. how could that complicate things with north korea considering his meeting with kim jong-un is either weeks away? >> you can see it's a deal for kim jong-un not to deal with the united states because we get out of things after a predecessor tried to agree to something or you can show it means business and you better not cross him because he will do what is in america's interest and be tough on you. so i don't think -- you have to separate the two deals. and the problem with the iranian deal, they can go nuclear in seven years. we paid them billions to help them to do so and they can proceed with the ballistic
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missile program and the regional -- their aggressiveness, the support for terrorism around the area is unabated. the deal is a failure and that is what is driving president trump. >> what else is driving president trump, why is it the united states is constantly doling out billions of dollars to all of these countries in order to get them to abide by an agreement that they should abide by regardless? you should not be developing nuclear weapons. we shouldn't have to pay you to agree to that. like you said, there's an eight-year cap on this, so it's a bad deal. the question is what is in it for macron to get this deal and get the united states to stick to it as is instead of making some kind of negotiation and tweaking it a bit? >> as been the modern history of what is in the deal is commercial relations with iran. germany and france want to do business with iran. they want to sell products for the iranians. that's nothing new for western europe. the united states has had a moralistic approach to these things.
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one thing on the money. it's not that we gave them money. we unfroze their money. this was iranian funds that were frozen. but the money should have stayed frozen. that's what's wrong with it. they shouldn't have gotten their money until they operated as a peaceful nation around the world. it was a terrible mistake by the iranian deal. >> thanks, ari. we appreciate it. good to see you. >> thanks, julie. >> julia: jon? >> jon: now a fox news alert on that horrific van attack in toronto. the 25-year-old suspect appearing in court this morning. now charged with ten counts of murder. he's accused of driving a van on a crowded sidewalk killing at least ten people. police are still piecing together a motive but have not ruled out terrorism. justin trudeau spoke this morning. >> the entire community of toronto has shown strength and determination in the face of this tragedy.
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as i was indicated by our public security minister at this time, we have no reason to suspect that there is any national security element to this attack, but obviously the investigations continue. >> jon: rick leventhal has the latest from toronto. >> the suspect, minassian, spent five minutes in court. the 25-year-old wearing a white jumper suit and handcuffs. he faces ten counts of first degree murder and 13 counts of attempted murder for his mile-long rampage in a white ryder rental van that happened here, john. started at that intersection there where you can still see a lot of vehicles, including trucks and police cars and made its way down yonge street here, a busy neighborhood, 11 miles north of downtown toronto. we had a bunch of police officers walk down this strip looking for more evidence in a forensics search.
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this incident happened at 1:30 yesterday afternoon. minassian accused of striking more than two dozen pedestrians, killing ten and leaving 15 hurt. he stopped and asked police to shoot him in the head. he got down on the ground and handcuffed and arrested. >> we cannot as canadians choose to live in fear every single day as we go about business. we need to focus on doing what we can and we must to keep canadians safe while we stay true to the freedoms and values that we all as canadians hold dear. >> and we are learning more about his possibly twisted motive. we'll have to get that to you a bit later on because i understand we have breaking news in new york. >> jon: thanks, rick. thank you. >> julia: all right. we're going to take a look now
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at the white house. we await president trump's joint news conference with french president emanuel macron. we're going to go to that as soon as it happens. and after a close call in a senate committee, mike pompeo's nomination of secretary of state now heading to the senate floor. what cleared the path for his likely confirmation? >> i don't get to pick the secretary of state. too bad on that. the voice i want to project out there is a voice that we've been at war too long and too many places. my hope is somebody was listening. or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain.
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>> jon: mike pompeo's nomination to be secretary of state now heading to the full senate. pompeo narrowly getting a favorable recommendation from the senate foreign relations committee. it all came down to senator chris coons. he volunteered to vote present
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in order to make johnny isaac son's vote count. he was unable to be there due to a funeral. bob corker praising the actions of his colleagues. >> i'm thankful that our committee voted the way it did to move mike pompeo on a positive vote to the floor. in particular, i want to thank senator coons for displaying the statesmanship that i've been accustomed to seeing in the senate. i'm proud of him, proud of our committee. >> jon: joining us now, another senator, rob portman, republican from ohio. senate finance committee member and former director of the office of management and budget under president bush. so how long will it take, senator, for the full senate to confirm mike pompeo to be secretary of state? >> probably wednesday or thursday if democrats object to moving forward with his nomination, they can push it off until thursday. then we'll have a vote.
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it's about time. you know, we need someone there badly. you talked earlier about what is going on with regards to iran, north korea obviously is an area that we need attention right away. syria, what is going on on the eastern border of ukraine. lots of stuff going on right now and we need somebody there. i was disappointed that we couldn't get democrat support in committee, including a number of members that supported mike pompeo as cia director. >> jon: there's a number of democrats, joe manchin, heidi heitkamp, joe donnelly have said that they indicate to vote for pompeo. if that's the case, he has the votes. why stall? >> exactly. donnelly from indiana and joe manchin from west virginia are taking a look at it. heidi heitkamp says she will vote for him. it shouldn't be this hard and shouldn't be this narrow of a
8:18 am
margin. john kerry won by 94 votes, his confirmation. hillary clinton got 94 votes. you know, it's -- it's traditional when a president wants somebody as secretary of state that the members of the senate republican and democrats alike say we may not disagree on the policy issues but this person is qualified, it's the president's choice and we need somebody in that job. mike pompeo graduated top of his class at west points, became an army officer, he was on the house intelligence committee. he's a magna cum laude graduate of harvard. a smart guy. most recently he's done a good job at the cia. he has the qualifications for this job. it's dis appoiappointindisappoi. it's a sad commentary that he doesn't have more support. >> jon: also a guy that undertook a top secret mission to north korea and met with kim jong-un to lay the ground work for what we expect will be a meeting between president kim
8:19 am
and president trump. your thoughts on his work there. >> well, that's incredibly important right now, that you have somebody that understands that issue. he still would be someone who has more background with regard to that issue than any other person probably in the country because of his work at the cia and his understanding of the complexity of that issue. so yeah, you want to have him and you want him now. that meeting i think could be constructive. it could also be a waste of time. depends on preparation and again, i think having mike pompeo there as secretary of state will help make that a s successful meeting. >> jon: you talk about the numbers that john kerry and hillary clinton got, the numbers that they received in the senate. what has changed since then? >> well, from listening to my colleagues and i talked to a number of them on the committee and off the committee, encouraging them to take a look at pompeo and to meet with him, the concerns that you've heard
8:20 am
raised are about president trump, not about mike pompeo. i understand that. people have differences of opinion. donald trump was duly elected president. he is our president. he should have the opportunity to choose the people he wants in their cabinet assuming they're qualified. there's no red flags about mike pompeo as an individual. it's more about concerns about policy. the other concern i heard is that they're concerned that he's too focused on the use of force other than diplomacy. i directed you to his testimony before the committee in which he said as a former army officer, someone that has been in the military, he understands better than anybody the need to have soft power and diplomacy. he committed to that. i take him at his word. i believe that's where he will be. i think he will improve the morale at the state department. i think he will get the state department in the mix more than it's been in terms of using diplomacy. my hope is the concerns will be misplaced and he will earn their
8:21 am
trust. >> jon: senator rob portman, republican from ohio. i'm sorry i put joe donnelly in your state. i know he's next door. >> he's my neighbor. close enough. >> jon: thinking off the top of my head sometimes. i don't think so well. thank you. >> take care. >> julia: so the hillary clinton e-mail investigation in the headlines again after two gop lawmakers get the justice department to hand over documents related to that probe. so what's next? you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> julia: we are closely watching today's special election in arizona. republicans there trying to keep the seat once held by republican congressman trent franks, gop leaders pouring money in the campaign. debbie lesko spending on ads and
8:25 am
robo calls. and meanwhile, the political head winds facing the gop usually putting the red seat into play. this is the very first time since 2012 that democrats have even bothered to field a candidate for the seat. >> jon: meanwhile, we're two weeks away from primaries in west virginia. voters will be picking the republican challenge to face off against senator joe manchin in november. here's republican candidate don blankenship. >> i see a tremendous opportunity brought on by the president's election. we don't want to miss that opportunity. that's what i'm fearful we will do without good leadership. >> jon: peter doocy is live in charleston, west virginia. peter? >> jon, this republican primary
8:26 am
is being reshaped with outside money from republican groups and democratic groups. the spending suggests that these republicans super packs don't want don blankenships to represent the gop. he's a former coal boss. so why would democrats want to boot him? >> a whole host of reasons. they think that manchin can beat me and can't beat them. i don't think that's the case at all. could be they don't like me. i don't know. >> one of the republicans called duty and country is trying to tank congressman evan jenkins. >> over the last few weeks, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and
8:27 am
their dark money pacts have been pushing tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars into west virginia. when the democrats are trying to beat you in a primary, that ought to tell you something. >> the attorney general, patrick morsy is dropping republican leaders. >> i like scott walker. rand paul just endorsed me. other folks in the senate are very thoughtful. there's a lot of folks that care about concepts of freedom, limit government. that's my model. >> this is a race where everybody is trying to cast themselves as the biggest ally to president trump and we're going to know more about where they all stand at 6:00 tonight when the first fox news poll of the primary voters is released. jon? >> jon: peter doocy in charleston, west virginia.
8:28 am
thanks, peter. also this reminder, we'll have completed coverage of the 2018 mid-terms here on fox news including a debate may 1 for the west virginia senate candidates. that debate to be moderated by bret baier and martha maccallum here on fox news channel. >> it's the first state visit of the trump presidency. in just moments from now, we'll have live coverage of their joint news conference. stay tuned to that. plus, george h.w. bush is now in the hospital just one day after attending his wife's funeral. we'll have an update straight ahead. [ doorbell rings ]
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>> julia: a fox news alert. we await a cabinet meeting with president trump and president macron. we're supposed to get what they call a pool stray, which is a video released by the press and the white house so we can view this interesting meeting and a historical one. the two intend on talking about obviously the iran nuclear deal, one that the president has called "horrible." believing that, you know, they made a raw deal several years ago and should be changed. getting a lot of pressure by world leaders such as macron and german chancellor angela merkel. she's going to be coming in to
8:33 am
the white house later in the week to try to put added pressure on that. but meantime, we're expecting a news conference that is supposed to happen. that will happen as john roberts called it 11:45ish. so apparently they're running late. that news conference is supposed to be held in the rose garden. because of rain, it will be held in the east room. so we'll wait to hear more on what is happening there. meantime, we're also talking about the -- in toronto, canada, the terror attack that is not being coined a terror attack but the van that basically plowed through a crowd of people. ten people killed and 15 others injured and how the president might react to that. we haven't heard much from the white house on that. much of the focus is on this bilateral meeting. jon, this is a meeting that people talked about the relationship between macron and president trump as being the strongest relationship between the u.s. president and a french
8:34 am
president in the history of both countries. you've never quite seen a friendship like this that could potentially play out when it comes to negotiating on international issues like the iran nuclear deal. >> jon: that do seem to be of like minds on issues. seems like anything amazing can be accomplished when they spend is much time in front of the press. you saw the pool spray when the president shook hands with president macron in the oval office earlier. then they have their meeting in the cabinet room. we understand there will be taped play-out of that momentarily at which the press was present. then there will be the news conference a little later on. probably ten minutes or so from now as john roberts said. again, these things can run a little late in the white house. there was that moment when the
8:35 am
two shook hands this morning when president trump brushed what appeared to be dandruff off the french president's lapel and he took it with a grain of salt. he thought it was a humorous moment. let's listen to the two men now. >> a little meeting that turned out to be a long meeting. we could have gone on another two hours. we discussed a lot of things, a lot of problems in the world, a lot of problems that we think can be solved. we have come a long way just the two of us as understanding. we talked about iran. we talked about syria and we talked about a lot of subjects that really are big, big hard situations. we think we have solutions to a number of them. so we're going to continue that now and then emanuel and myself will meet again after this meeting. but we wanted to get the opinion of some of the experts in the
8:36 am
room. we have great experts on both sides. so we want to get the opinion of some of the experts. very good numbers coming out on our businesses. you're seeing the numbers getting released on our companies and our businesses. very strong. the economy is really incredible. unemployment now is at the lowest point ever in history in many, many states. the states were enumerated last night, late last night. the numbers came out. we've hit the lowest unemployment numbers in many decades in some cases and in some cases the lowest numbers, period. it was just reiterated that unemployment for african american families, it's been the best in history. for hispanic families, the best in history. for women, the best in 18 years. that's very close to going much higher than that. so really something very special. so we're very happy about that.
8:37 am
the president and i working on trade. the trade with france is complicated because we have the european union. i would rather deal just with france. the union is very tough for us. they have trade barriers that are unacceptable. our farmers can't send their products into the european union as easily as we should and we accept their products. we have to make a change. we understand that. we're negotiating with the european union. it's been very unfair a long time. we had a trade deficit with the european union of $151 billion last year. that's unacceptable. this has been going on for many years. it's unacceptable. the treasury secretary steve mnuchin will be going to china in a new days to negotiate on trade. i think china is very serious. we're serious. we have no choice but to be
8:38 am
serious. you know we've put on very substantial tariffs. that will continue unless we make a trade deal. i think we're -- we have a very good chance of making a deal. as they just stated. xi, a good guy and a friend of mine, but he's representing china and i'm representing the united states. president xi made a speech four days ago that he said china will be up opened up. they trade with us, we can't trade with them. they did 405 billion last year and we did 120 billion. that's a tremendous imbalance. we can't have that. we're going to have a delegation at their request go to china. they came here and now we're going there. that will be good. the european union, we're going back to that. we're negotiating with the european union. they had their representatives come here. we're negotiating very seriously. nafta, as you know, is moving
8:39 am
along. they have an election coming up very soon. it will be interesting to see what happens with that election. we're doing very nicely with nafta. i can make a deal very quickly but i'm not sure that's in the best interest of the united states. we'll see what happens. we're doing very well. south korea on our trade deal, we're doing very well. as far as north korea is concerned, we're going to be having a meeting with kim jong-un, and that will be very soon. we have been told directly that they would like to have the meeting as soon as possible. we think that's a great thing for the world. a great thing for north korea and south korea and japan and france and everybody. so we're having very good discussions. kim jong-un was -- he really has been very open, and i think very
8:40 am
honorable from everything we're seeing. a lot of promises have been made by north korea over the years. but they have never been in this position. we have been very tough on maximum pressure. we have been very tough on, as you know, trade. we've been very tough at the boarder. sanctions have been the toughest we've ever imposed on any country. we think it will be a great thing for north korea and the world. we'll see where that goes. maybe it will be wonderful and maybe it won't. if it's not fair and reasonable and good, i will unlike past administrations, i will leave the table. i think we have a chance of doing something very special with respect to north korea. good for them, good for us, good for everybody. with that, thank you all very much. mr. president, would you like to say something? >> thank you, mr. president, for the words.
8:41 am
we wanted to gather just to say we've had a very good discussion on syria, on iran, the overall region and other topics regarding security. and i think we have to work together because we've always worked together on these issues. it's very important to preserve the stability of this region. i think what we want to do in the interest of our people is to preserve stability, sovereign states. as for the trade issue, you presented your perception of the situation. you were fair to remind everybody that the bilateral relationship is balanced between the u.s. and france. it's important to bear in mind, regarding so important issues, it's impossible to make any
8:42 am
trade war. we have to deal with common global challenges regarding our trade. one of the global challenges is definitely overcapacity and we have to fix the situation. i think we have now to work fairly on that. we need several descriptions. but our willingness is to preserve the frame work and to work very closely in the middle and the settlization of our trade situation. as for the other aspects, we have the paris agreement and our common challenges regarding climate. i have to say that our business people work very closely together and we want to increase this cooperation. we know everything about the
8:43 am
treaties and the international agreements, but i think i don't that, we have a lot in common and we will follow this description in the coming weeks and months. we will go in details on a lot of these issues. thanks very much again, mr. president, for the very direct and fruitful description we have and for the important discussions with your vice president and secretaries on this issue. >> we've had a great relationship on about everything. too bad it's not just us doing the negotiating for the rest of the world. but we have had a great relationship. and our trade situation with france by itself has been very good. the trade product and the trade deals we do with france -- unfortunately the european union represents to a large extent france. we've had pretty unfair situation with the european
8:44 am
union. but a very fair one with france. so that will continue. that will always continue. we will always be very close to really our oldest ally when you think of it. france is our oldest ally. we will -- we are going out of our way to do that. we've had some substantive talks on iran. maybe more than anything else. we're looking forward to doing something, but it has to be done and it has to be done strongly. they've been butchers. we can't allow that to happen. so we understand each other and we'll see how that comes out. and we can have at least an agreement among ourselves fairly quickly. i think we're fairly close to understanding each other. i think our meeting, our one-on-one went well. i hope you feel the same way. >> definitely. >> thank you, emanuel. thank you, everybody.
8:45 am
thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> jon: the president, vice president and the president's cabinet in the cabinet room along with emanuel macron, the president of france who has been in town for what the president described as very fruitful and successful meetings. among the issues they've been talking about, how to deal with north korea. the president said kim jong-un of north korea has been acting honorably thus far in their discussions leading up to an anticipated meeting between those two leaders perhaps in a month or so. we'll be hearing more from president macron and president trump a bit later on when they hold a joint news conference. for the moment, let's bring in congressman darrell issa. your response first of all to
8:46 am
this first state visit by president macron during the trump administration. >> it's a culmination of a series of phone calls and getting to know each other where these two men have very different political views in some areas, have decided to work on the things they a grow on. president macron said it was direct and fruitful while the president talked about the positive relationship. it's those sort of things, almost margaret thatcher ronald reaganesque that the president has been known for in his past negotiations when he was in business. seems like he's really struck this with a number of leaders and president macron seems to be the latest. >> jon: you judiciary committee has reached a deal with the department of justice to turn over some of the documents related to the investigation of hillary clinton. how do you feel about that? are you confident you'll be getting everything you're
8:47 am
looking for? >> well, we're -- remains to be seen, but it's a refreshing change where the department of justice is recognizing our right under a subpoena and our right to unredact it. so whether some of this may be in camera review, meaning we'll look at them before making a decision about whether we need them, but the idea that the department of justice in the last administration for seven years denied documents even after being held in contempt and it took federal judges ordering them to get even a semblance of cooperation. it's nice to at least have an agreement where we can sift through some of these documents. to that extent, i appreciate the attorney general and others weighing in. >> jon: one of the crucial things have the timeline. the department of justice has been slow-walking these
8:48 am
documents out to your committee as they've been requested. how confident are you that they're going to come through with what you've asked for? >> this agreement is different. although the frame work hasn't been made public, essentially it's going to be get to see the documents as in get to see the documents. not a few pages after someone has poured over and black marked over, as we say redacted, information to where you're trying to figure out what it really mens and so on. the haas administration withheld documents but used the same technique of slowing. so they're used to doing it in the bureaucracy and it's taking cabinet officers intervening and saying, no, congress has a right to get to it. this is not just an interest from outside groups. this is a congressional responsibility. >> jon: thanks, congressman.
8:49 am
we'll be anxious to see what those documents show. >> i will be, too. >> julia: so we're expecting president trump and french president emanuel macron to hold a joint news conference any moment now. we'll take you there live as soon as it happens. only tena intimates has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample call 1-877-get-tena. for a free sample sarge, i just got a tip. that'll crack this case wide open! turns out the prints at the crime scene- awwwww...did mcgruffy wuffy get a tippy wippy? i'm serious! we gotta move fast before- who's a good boy? is him a good boy? erg...i'm just gonna go.
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>> jon: the man accused of killing four people at a tennessee waffle house is now in custody. 29-year-old travis reinking facing four counts of criminal homicide. construction workers told officers they saw someone matching reinking's description heading into the words. the four shooting victims all in their 20s. reinking is set to appear in court tomorrow. i'm former president george h.w.
8:53 am
bush is in a houston hospital right now. the 93-year-old diagnosed with a blood infection. this comes just after a tending the funeral of his wife, barbara. jonathan hunt is live from houston methodist hospital with the latest. what is going on? >> julie, obviously attending the funeral of his be loved wife of 73 years was an extremely emotionally and physically draining event for president george h.w. bush. in fact, it was just hours after that that he headed to methodist hospital here in houston. his spokesman, jim mcgrath putting out a statement saying "president bush was admitted to the houston methodist hospital after contracting an infection that spread to his blood. he's responding to treatment and appears to be recovering well. we will issue additional updates
8:54 am
as events warrant." we have seen that wonderful photo of president bush sitting in his wheelchair surrounded by former presidents, clinton, obama and president george w. bush along with their wives and current first lady, melania trump. president trump did not attend the funeral of barbara bush but he did send his best wishes to the bushes during a rose garden ceremony with french president emanuel macron earlier today. listen here. >> this morning we all send our prayers to the bush family as we wish former president george h.w. bush a very speedy recovery. >> president trump on the south lawn of the white house earlier today. of course, president bush was also there for visitation during the ceremony for barbara bush, shaking many hands. we are told that the infection
8:55 am
spread to his blood. that is obviously very dangerous in a man that is 93 years old and has had a series of health problems. his spokesman truck an optimistic note saying the 41st president wants to go to maine this summer. he's the most goal-oriented person on the planet and i would not bet against him. very few of us would bet against president george h.w. bush. i'm sure the entire country hopes to see him in kennebunkport later this summer. >> julia: thanks, jonathan. >> jon: we're continuing to await a joint news conference. presidents trump and macron on the first official state visit of the presidency. as soon as it begins, we'll take you there live. somehow we always leave
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
packing to the last minute. guys, i have a couple of things to wash we got this. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great 6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide
8:59 am
french president and president of the united states, president trump. as two are about to hold a joint news offense conference in the east room. >> usually happens, it's been delayed. it was supposed to begin about 15 minutes ago. and you know the way things work in washington, it's never on time. >> but keeps on you your toes. >> it does. >> and keeps us tap dancing i should mention, these two are going to be talking much about the iran nuclear deal, a deal the president has called horrible and wants to see changing. it will be interesting. they have a close relationship. how much influence wilma krone have on him whether he decides whether or not to pull out of the deal. >> fascinating. >> thank you for joining us today. >> that's going to do it for us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert awaiting president trump's joint news conference with president manuel
9:00 am
macron. making big news on the iranian nuclear deal and potential talks with north kree a we'll bring you to that news conference live. this is outnumbered, i'm sandra smith. harris faulkner host of kennedy on fox, kennedy, jessica tarlof and joining us on the couch, conservative commentator and editor in chief of campus, he is outnumbered. >> big lof. >> a busy news day. we're praying for the former president as well. >> absolutely. we will begin. president trump hosting french president macron, here they are in the oval office. it is the first official state visit of the trump presidency. the two leaders set to field questions from the media in just a few moments from now. variety of i


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