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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  April 24, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. >> harris: thanks for watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox alert, a lengthy news conference and president trump and the french president wraps up at the white house. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino live from nashville and this is "the daily briefing." president trump and macron conducting state affair, finding common ground on the need for north korea to get rid of its nukes and discussing what to do about the iran nuclear deal. >> when they made the iran deal, what they should have done is included syria, before giving this kind of tremendous money, okay. $150 billion and $1.8 billion in
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cash. they should have made a deal that covered yemen, that covered syria, that covered other parts of the middle east where iran is involved. >> dana: rich edson is live at the state department. rich, they covered a lot of ground, but certainly iran was probably the headline. >> reporter: it really is, dana. it's a key part of this week as european allies come to washington, d.c. to push president trump to keep the united states in the iran nuclear agreement. president macron says that he wants to address iran's aggressive behavior around the region, but says he wants to do so with the iran nuclear deal intac intact. >> translator: it's about building something new that will cover all of our concerns. >> reporter: german chancellor
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merkle will be here this week. president trump responded this afternoon that if iran restarts its nuclear program, it will have bigger problems than they've ever had before. the president set a may 12th deadline for european countries to agree to changes around iran policy. if not, he said he's withdrawing the u.s. from the deal. those negotiations continue, dana. >> dana: and then let's talk about north korea for a moment. president seemed to compliment kim jong-un, at least in one aspect today. what was that all about? >> reporter: he did, as it seems to relate to discussions potentially between the president and kim jong-un, the north korean dictator. he said he is encouraged, the president is, by some of the recent developments. >> kim jong-un, he really has been very open and i think very honorable from everything we're seeing. now, lot of promises have been made by north korea over the
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years. but they've never been in this position. >> reporter: a reporter asked basically how the president could compliment a dictator who starves and murders his own people, prisons americans. the president just responded that he hopes the u.s. and north korea can deal in an open and honorable process and wants to fix the problem that previous administrations failed to do, dana. >> dana: all right. i imagine he was very clear eyed about kim jong-un as a person. thank you, rich edson. joining me now is jonah goldberg, a fox news contributor and the best selling author of the new book "suicide of the west." thanks for joining me, jonah. we know president trump has a much more muscular foreign policy posture when it comes to especially to iran and north korea. but on iran, if we could for a moment look at that. so both the french president and the german prime minister are going to make stops to the white house this week. this is in advance of the may 12th deadline on iran.
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do you think that they're going to be able to change the president's mind about how bad a deal the original iran deal was? >> probably not. and i don't think they should. it was a bad deal. and all of the benefits were given up front to iran. they can't be clawed back, which i think is probably explains a lot of donald trump's frustration with it. what they might be able to get him to do is kick the can a little while we try to figure out a way to fix the problems with it. that is a tactical move is perfectly understandable. i think he is on that. i don't think the german ors the french could persuade him that this was a good deal. it was a good deal. >> dana: the other thing is that we talked about the money and giving away the money. there's really no clawing that back at this point. the president saying i'm -- he
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was trying tot to show his hand too much. the french really want the united states to stay in syria to help. to keep isis from coming back and to deal with iran. >> i think we should be staying in syria, too. i understand why president macron wants to get out. it seems like we gets bogged down in these thing. we did make a commitment to syria. i think it should be thought through more than a throw away line at a rally. but i think long term, that's where donald trump is heading. that's where he wants to head. will be probably pretty difficult to convince him otherwise long term unless assad does another chemical weapon attack. all of a sudden his red line isn't crossed again and we're going back into the same old pattern. >> dana: you can imagine the president's opponents are going
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to look at his comments about kim jong-un being very honorable. i assume that he was talking specifically about in the advance of these talks, not about kim as an actual person or leader. but take a listen to see what he means when he means denuclearization. he actually means denuclearization. watch. >> on north, what does that mean exactly? >> it means they get rid of their nukes. very simple. it would be very easy to claim victory. i don't want to do that. >> dana: i feel like the president is very clear eyed. we're going to walk away. i feel like he's clear eyed going into these talks. your thoughts about the posture leading up to it. >> i think expectations are high on this one. i have a column in the l.a.
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times today about this. the denuclearization which came out of kim jong-un in china has a long history and diplomatic jargon which does not mean getting rid of all nukes. that means getting the american presidents out of south korea and leaving the peninsula up to the koreans themselves. there's no way that north korea will ever give up for real its nuclear program. and it's perfectly legitimate for donald trump to say that's what he means by denuclearization but that's not what the north koreans mean by it. it would be destablizing for the korean regime to give up their nuke. as for complimenting kim jong-un, i don't like it but at the same time this is diplomacy. this is one of those places where those things are allowable and understandable. >> dana: there was some news on the domestic front as well in regards to this president's nominee to head the veterans
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administration agency. that man, dr. ronny jackson, the president's personal doctor at the white house, running into some opposition. john roberts asked him about that. take a listen. >> are you saying, mr. president, that you will stand behind him? >> i will definitely stand behind him. he is a fine man. if i were him, actually in many ways i'd love to be him. but the fact is, i wouldn't do it. i wouldn't do it. what does he need it for? to be abused for by a bunch of politicians that aren't thinking nicely about our country? i really don't think personally he should do it, but it's totally his decision. i would stand behind him. >> dana: jonah, is it fair criticism that the white house should have thought of that before nominating him? because now he's facing a possible terrible press, might affected his military career as well. >> yeah, this seems like a dropped ball or unforced error. if you're not going to do the
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background check. i can see how this slipped through the cracks. this guy has nothing but a sterling reputation from both democrats and republicans until it seems to me like five minutes ago when these allegations surfaced. if these allegations aren't true, it's a real slander against ronny jackson. you're going to have to ask where do i go to get my reputation back? if they knew this was in the wings or this was possible. he wasn't an obviously good fit for the job, i don't see how this was their highest best moment. >> dana: all right. before i let you go, your book "suicide of the west" came out today. i was lucky enough to get a sneak peek. one of the comments you got over the weekend is you have an ability to write for a very broad audience. you're not narrowly targeting somebody. i was curious, when you're writing this, who did you have in mind? what did you want the reader to take away from this book? >> if i have to pick one thing i want to take away from, it
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doesn't sound like it in the title but i wanted them to take away gratitude for what we have. the country on the left and right in a lot of ways is suffering from a crisis of gratitude. we don't appreciate how good we have it, how wonderful our civilization is, how wonderful our country is. instead, we concentrate on sort of the negative side, negative news, how much we don't like the other side of various arguments. i was aiming this basically to anybody who is interested, who's a reader in good faith and who wants to figure out how we get out of the nasty moment that we're in. >> dana: well, congratulations on the new book. we appreciate you coming on the show. thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: officials in toronto laying flowers at the scene of a van attack that killed at least ten and left another 15 injured. the suspect, alek minassian appeared in court this morning. he faces ten counts of first degree murder and 13 counts of
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attempted murder. rick levinthafl is in toronto. what are we learning about a possible motive? >> reporter: law enforcement source says that after the suspect's arrest, authorities scrubbed his social media account, found disturbing facebook and twitter posts paying homage to a california mass killer named elliott roger who shot, stabbed or ran over 20 people near the university of california santa barbara back in 2014, leaving six dead, 14 hurt before killing himself. roger left behind a manifesto saying he wanted to punish women for rejecting him and for women for being sexually active. the suspect in this case apparently had similar issues with what he calls involuntary celibacy. his social media made this clear according to the source with no apparent references to al qaeda or isis. but, of course, the investigation continues. >> dana: what more do we know
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about what happened in court this morning? >> reporter: well, our producer who was in the courtroom said alek minassian showed very little emotion and didn't speak except to say his name before the judge. he was wearing a white zippered jump suit and handcuffs and spent about five minutes in the courtroom before the judge charged him with ten counts of first degree murder and 13 counts of attempted murder for that horrific attack at 1:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon with minassian alone in that white ryder van hitting pedestrian after pedestrian at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. the prime minister spoke to the nation. >> we cannot, as canadians, choose to live in fear every single day as we go about our daily business. we need to focus on doing what we can and we must to keep canadians safe while we stay true to the -- all the
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canadians. >> dana: rick levinthal, thank you. farmers worried about a potential trade war with china cutting into their profits. we'll talk about all of that with tennessee's governor live from nashville. baby boomers,
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reinking a suspect in the waffle house shooting that left four dead. the incident prompting calls for changes to tennessee's gun laws after confusion over whether reinking was legally allowed to own a gun here despite losing his rights in illinois following his arrest at the white house last summer. >> these are extreme measures. this is a part of an agenda to chip away at the 2nd amendment. most people in tennessee think this is the law already. >> dana: joining me now is bill haslem, republican governor of tennessee. before we talk about policy, i want to spend a moment. you got to meet the person considered the hero of that night, james shaw jr. he was honored earlier today. >> it's really an incredible story. he comes in, wrestles the weapon away, throws it out and basically the shooter flees. the cool thing, mr. shaw said, i'm not a hero. i was just reacting trying to save my life. he goes to the hospital, gets
11:18 am
his wound fixed. goes back and takes his mother to church that morning. >> dana: i'm sure everybody wishes this had never happened. i'm curious if you think there is confusion it seems about federal and state laws. illinois and tennessee have different laws. the father of the suspect gave the weapon back to him. do you think he should be held liable? >> well, i'll let the law enforcement sort that out. the weapon was legally purchased in illinois. law enforcement officials gave the weapons back to the father and the father gave them to the son. i'll let law enforcement and the proper jurisdiction make those decisions. i do think there's no questions that come up about state laws, federal laws. we have borders that people go back and forth. >> dana: there was a poll from a great local university here in tennessee. people in tennessee saying they would like to see more strict gun control, 58%.
11:19 am
this is a little bit of a pattern throughout the country. you're also the chairman of the republican governors association. i want to know if you think that's a weak spot for tkpwubians going into if election. >> my own feeling is one of those that neither side will give an inch for fear that they'll end up giving a mile. there's reasonable things we tk do. stronger background checks. eliminate bump stocks. putting an age limit on assault weapons makes sense. to me those are all commonsense things. rather than say we can't get there, let's start inching our way toward something we can all agree toward. >> dana: it's very interesting. we were talking before the show you were chairman three years ago. you had a backup for this year. it was going to be nikki haley, mike pence or ray scott. by default you are now the chairman. >> i was the chair three years ago. i had a plan for each of the three years. scott walker was the chair last year. nikki.
11:20 am
maybe mike would be the chair the following year. nikki and mike got other job. rick scott decided to run for senate. >> dana: do you think governors make for good senatorial candidates? >> most end up being frustrated. they're used to being in an executive position. the senate is a different place. it is a lot slower. most governors that i know that served in the senate feel frustrated. >> dana: marcia blackburn is a congress woman from this area, nashville, but she's running state wide against the man who was the governor, considered a moderate democrat. president trump won this state by a mile. >> right. >> dana: but is this likely to be a tough race in this midterm? >> first of all, she's been a great friend. she's supported me eight years. i'm having a fund-raiser for her next month. she's been a great friend and supporter. a midterm election when your party is in the white house is difficult. i think republicans need to be aware there's a huge intensity gap in favor of the other side.
11:21 am
we saw in the virginia governor's race a year ago, it wasn't just a big turnout in northern virginia, but the richmond suburbs, traditional strong hold. my message in chairing our ga is we need to go into this with our eyes wide open. this is different circumstances when we had the last eight year. >> dana: how many seats do you have up? >> 36 governors races. 26 we hold the seat now. 14 incumbents are running. 12 folks like me term limited out. >> dana: lot of republican governors have good approval ratings across the board. >> highest 15 approval ratings are all republican governors. >> dana: governor bill haslam, thank you. we had a good time here. >> welcome to nashville. come back. >> dana: thank you. former president george h.w. bush hospitalized after his wife's funeral. we have an update on his condition coming up. plus the president's nominee to be the new veteran affairs secretary in the hot seat.
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11:26 am
>> reporter: dana, president bush is, according to his spokesman, quote, responding and recovering here at met methodist hospital. he was admitted after hours what must have been an emotionally physically draining day burying his wife of 73 years, barbara bush. we, of course, saw him at that funeral in a photograph standing with other presidents. former presidents clinton, obama and george w. bush. president trump, of course, did not attend barbara bush's funeral, but today at the white house he sent his best wishes to the entire family. listen here. >> this morning we all send our prayers to the bush family as we wish former president george h.w. bush a very speedy
11:27 am
recovery. >> reporter: now, president bush was admitted to the hospital here because he had an infection that apparently spread to his blood. in other words, septic. doctors tell us that is a dangerous condition for a 93-year-old man who has already suffered a series of health scares in recent years. but those same doctors also say it is treatable. and president bush's spokesman is optimistic saying in a statement, quote, the 41st president wants to go to maine this summer. he's the most goal oriented person on the planet. and i would not bet against him. and today at barbara bush's grave site is open to those members of the public who wish to pay their respects. i think it's safe to say, dana, that we all hope to see president george h.w. bush in his kennebunkport this summer. dana? >> dana: indeed. with those ocean breezes.
11:28 am
hopefully give him a little bit of a lift. president trump seeming to open the door for doctor ronny jackson to drop out as new questions put his ability to run veterans affairs in jeopardy. plus the iran nuclear deal on thin ice as president trump blasts the agreement. we'll talk to congress woman marc marciablackburn next. >> iran deal was a terrible deal. we paid $150 billion. we gave $1.8 billion in cash. that's actual cash. barrels of cash. it's insane. it's ridiculous. it should have never been made. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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11:33 am
live on capitol hill. what next now that the hearing has been delayed? >> reporter: it sounds like it's up to dr. ronny jackson. the panel's top democrat put a hold on his confirmation hearing. some critics are ripping the white house vetting process. republicans say they're doing their job. >> the allegations that have come out against admiral jackson are very disturbing and have let the committee, appropriately so, to postpone his nomination hearing until these allegations can be examined more thoroughly. >> never would this president send job to advise and consent not being rubber stamped. >> reporter: so now senators are taking a closer look before they proceed with this nomination, dana. >> dana: mike pompeo's nomination is moving forward. he will be second take of state.
11:34 am
what are you hearing today about that committee vote last night? >> reporter: sounds like he's going to be our next secretary of state, most likely on thursday. three democrats up for reelection in states president trump won say they will support mike pompeo's nomination. they say they will vote yes. and we will see if there are other. the senate majority leader say they will follow the recommendation of the foreign relations committee. >> later this week we'll take their advice and vote to confirm him. we'll be lucky to have this capable public servant on the job. we know mike pompeo is up to the task. >> reporter: crisis is over, but some republicans definitely sound upset. they feel mike pompeo deserves more democratic support. dana? >> dana: what have you been hearing about the iran deal, after the president said it never should have been made. >> reporter: you've got some republicans who absolutely positively agree with him who
11:35 am
say that basically the europeans should step up with enforcement and some democrats are urging caution. >> i hope our european allies will step forward. they're the ones that liked the deal. we hope they'll step forward and sanction all of the companies and help them build these missiles. otherwise, i think the president should get out of the deal. >> if the united states were to unilaterally pull out of the iran agreement, without -- with iran being in compliance, that would make it extremely difficult for america to be able to enter into other agreements that countries would have confidence in. >> reporter: a warning about bailing on the iran deal in the context of the current talks with north korea. dana? >> dana: thanks, mike. more on this with marcia blackburn, a republican from tennessee, now running for the senate. take me back. presidents obviously have the right to set foreign policy decisions. but when president obama made
11:36 am
this deal with the iranians, there was not a lot of congressional support. do you think president trump is leading the congress in the way that it wants to go to be tougher on iran? >> there was not a lot of support and there were a lot of question. it seem likes every day new questions arose about this deal. you have basically a new axis of evil, iran, russia, somewhat syria and then china and north korea. and the president has been very forceful in dealing with this. he knows this was a bad deal. he knows iran does not want to be transparent. i applaud his actions moving forward. >> dana: listen to what he said about what would happen if iran restarted its nuclear program. >> you can mark it down. they restart their nuclear program, they will have bigger problems than they have ever had before. >> dana: those kind of comments give some people heart burn, right? goes back to the fire an fury
11:37 am
with north korea. your thoughts on that? >> he is letting them know that they better not try to restart this program. where are they getting their uranium? why are they trying to move forward? are they surpassing those enrichment levels? he's just saying don't go there. >> dana: i want to talk about your senate race. >> sure. >> dana: you've been a congress woman for several terms. you decided to take the plunge, run state wide. >> that's right. >> dana: there was a poll. i know there was some question about this poll. former governor of tennessee, the democrat, he was up 45/35 in a poll. does that have mostly to do with name i.d.? he had been governor, he was known state wide. what do you need to do to make that up? >> well, what we do know is that there are plenty of polls that are out there. but the one that's going to count is in november. lot of them have that race very close. me up a little, him up a little. then you have this poll that has the difference. but do you know what? what i know is that we are connecting with people on the
11:38 am
issues that count. conservative judges on the supreme court. they want more tax cuts. they want the border secured. and they want to make certain that the senators going to support president trump in his agenda that they elected him to do. he's very popular in tennessee. >> dana: we have some campaign photos here. let's talk about something close to home in the minute we have left. you have tried to support the music industry. all these technological changes have moved forward. it's going to be on the floor tomorrow. >> so excited about it. the music modernization act. what it does is allow for payment because of all the new digital downloads and streaming. it also will let the legacy artists pre1972 recording great songs like "soul man." they'll be paid for that and then also it will allow for your engineers and your studio musicians to be paid. it is a major piece of legislation. it's going to have a very
11:39 am
positive impact on the creative community and the music industry. i am thrilled after all these years. >> dana: washington is always behind technology. >> truly. >> dana: this feels like something that's a long time coming. >> it does. this is why it's important not to legislate to the specific technology, but to look at the end use. this turns the corner on that. >> dana: interesting. marsha blackburn, thanks. you have a lovely home town. >> thanks. >> dana: a high stakes election in arizona. which of these two women is likely to win the house race? plus josh turner joins me to talk about his brand new album and the state of country music. where he thinks the senate is going. stay tuned. your heart doesn't only belong to you.
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>> shepard smith at the fox news death. president trump slamming the iran nuclear deal calling it insane and ridiculous and making the comments while he sat next to the french president macron,
11:43 am
his big buddy, who said the deal is important and must stand because there's no plan b. we'll speak to a journalist who said it's possible they'll work something out. that and two important news conferences top of the hour. watch of the dow, down more than 2%. lots of news. we'll see you then. >> dana: the fda is cracking down on e-cigarette retailers who sell the minors. issuing warning to stores. a government led sting operation found retailer weres illegally selling the leading e-cigarette brand jewel to children. the fda is also asking the manufacturer for marketing information that might indicate why the product is so appealing to kids. political test ahead of this year's midterm playing out right now in arizona voters casting their ballots to replace republican congress men trent franks who resigned in december amid sexual harassment allegations you might remember.
11:44 am
alisha akunys an outside phoenix. they're voting today, alicia. >> reporter: hi, dana, yes, they are. democrats vice president even put up a candidate here since 2012. but if they can pull off a surprise victory over even a slim margin loss, that sends a message to both parties. former state senator debbie lesko is the republican on the ticket. republican polls voter registration advantage in this district. arizona is heavily mail in ballots. much of the ballots returned before today show higher participation from republicans. the independents here lean republican, too. >> this really is a race that should have never been a race. this was supposed to be decided in the primary. who ever the republican nominee for that position, it was just going to move on and be the
11:45 am
congressman that was accepted wisdom around here. but it feels different. it feels different this year. >> reporter: and republicans have spent a lot of money here for this race. barnes said the 2016 election has taught everyone the old rules don't necessarily apply. we're told by political players that president trump plays well here. he just tweeted on the race within the last hour saying arizona, please get out today and vote debbie lesko for congress in az '18. great on the military, time is ticking down. get out and vote today. we need debbie in congress. so, dana, while it's predicted that lesko will win, what it's going to come down to is by how much. it's the margin here. i'm told if it's less than a two digit victory, that will send a chill through gop watch parties, dana. >> dana: then they'll say a win is a win. all right, alisha. now we're going to get our country on. look who's joining me.
11:46 am
country music star josh turner. he will be with us on the other side of the break. okay folks! let's team up to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of (great tasting) ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you. and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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>> dana: fox news alert. we are awaiting updates on two big stories we are following. the mayor of toronto and the city's police chief will hold a news conference on yesterday's deadly van attack. the suspect in custody, accused of killing ten and injuring a dozen more. meanwhile, we are watching for the davison county tennessee sheriff for an update on the waffle house shooting that left four dead. for more information, keep it right here on fox news. ♪
11:50 am
that was hometown girl the latest single from country music super star josh turner. since we are in the home of the grand ole opry we had to bring a little nashville flavor. my next guest just released his sixth album last month. this is josh turner. great to have you on the show. you dated yourself. last time you were on fox news was -- >> well, not the last time, the first time was on hannity. >> dana: that's going back a long way. i feel country music fans and fox news fans overlap. you get out there and meet with people all the time. i'm sort of in new york a lot. what do you see from your fans? has there been a change as country music has come to be more main stream? >> yeah. i mean, there has been a change. and i think, you know, for me, i have always held to that idea and that concept, which i'm
11:51 am
finding is true. some guy wrote a book and i hate that i can't remember his name, but he wrote a book years ago about the shift in country music being from, going from like a rural background to like a suburban background. i think that's a big part of it. i think also the technology is a big part of it. just, i think i'm one of the last of the breed that, you know, grew up working on a farm and actually knows what a dirt road is instead of just singing about it. the newer artists out there, they grew up working in retail and lot of different kind of things. not that that's wrong. it's just, you're coming from a different perspective. that is reflected through the writing and the publishing side of the nashville singing. >> dana: how do you keep close with your fans? >> you know, just -- i do a meet and greet or two actually at every one of my shows.
11:52 am
so it allows me to connect with them. it gives them an opportunity to tell me how my music has affected them and their lives. and it also keeps me humble, too. makes me realize that the music is powerful and it's not just about me. it's about how it affects people. >> dana: you grew up in south carolina. faith helped define your life. we just came from the funeral of barbara bush, people willing to talk about their faith in public and the first family doing that. do you find out on the road one of the wayious connect is those traditional values that you grew up with? >> yeah, absolutely. the majority of my fan base, you know, kind of comes from that traditional background of, you know, hard work and family values and community and church and sports and all that kind of stuff. and so my songs have always sung to that. i think that's what my fans appreciate about me is that i'm not afraid to just talk about the human heart and the human
11:53 am
emotion and the stories that go along with real every day life of americans. >> dana: we first met at the grand ole opry. you're here in nashville. you get there quite a bit. has nashville changed a lot? >> nashville has changed a lot. it's grown a lot. we need more roads. it has grown a lot and has changed a lot. but, you know, i have been very blessed. this town's been very good to me. i have been here since 1998. i had a lot of success. i have had a lot of hard times, too. i have a lot of people in this town that are friends of mine. it's changed my life for the better. >> dana: so i work with a couple of guys that don't really love country music. i'm trying to help them along. one is a hopeless case. i'm never going to get to greg. but can i get the jesse waters? we're doing a charity event tonight. i'm trying to get him into the swing of things. >> you might could get to jesse. he's impressionable.
11:54 am
i like jesse. i don't want to take him away from what he's doing 'cause i think he's doing a good job what he's doing now. but, yeah, we could probably put some hunting boots on him and get a chain saw in his hands and might just change his outlook. >> dana: i'd give anything to get that photo. josh, if we can make that happen, i'd want that photo. josh turner, thanks for being here. the reason i'm in nashville today is to take part in a special charity dinner. my co-host on "the five" jesse waters and i will be joining a host of athletes, musicians and more for the waiting for wishes celebrity waiters dinner. the event benefits make a wish of middle tennessee and the kevin carter foundation. we're really looking forward to it. no visit to nashville would be complete without a trip to a small bookstore making a big impact in the community. i'll take you on a tour next.
11:55 am
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>> dana: no trip to nashville is complete, at least for me, without a visit to the independent bookstore owned by best selling author ann. we were able to catch up with her yesterday. ♪ > reading is just my joy. the older i get, the more it's true. i was a big reader when i was growing up. but now books are the thing that i just can't do without. >> this store, for authors is, a big destination. you always have really good crowds. what is your thinking about bringing authors into the store? >> i can get my friends to come, for example my friend kim williams paisley who wrote "where the light gets in." which is a terrific memoir about dealing with alzheimer and her family. we have over 300 events a year. >> dana: writing a book was really fulfilling for me and sort of a dream. and i love being a part of this community here in nashville with parnassus.
11:59 am
parnassus is such a vital part of the nashville community. >> i'm working on fishin finishg a book nashville south out this fall with a wonderful photographer heidi roth. she took pictures of the city because it's changing every minute. it's just exploding. i used to always say that i would write the book that i want to read. the book that was missing for me. now i have a sense of i want to write the book that's not in this store. and i want to write a book that people are always coming in and asking about. >> dana: i'm a big fan. if you are looking for a book all of hers are excellent. good news is you can catch more of my interview with ann and kim online at daily briefing fnc. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. it's been a wonderful time here in nashville. and i guess we have a little bit of time left so i get to
12:00 pm
tell that you tonight, don't forget jesse watters and i at charity event we have a package on the five in a couple of hours to preview it for you. all right, now i can turn it over to shep. here did you go. >> shepard: four big stories now on fox news. first, the french president visits the white house. emmanuel macron at odds with the president on everything from climate change to the iran deal. >> it's insane. it's ridiculous. it should have never been made. but we will be talking about it. >> shepard: might president trump be willing to budge? plus, the one topic he did not want to discuss. >> stupid question. go ahead. anybody else, please? >> shepard: plus, breaking now. police in toronto set to give an update at any moment on the deadly van attack. investigators have not revealed a motive. not yet. as the accused killer faces a judge for the first time. now live update sched


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