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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  April 25, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> sandra: we are back live tomorrow at noon eastern time. thank you for joining us. and now here is harris. >> harris: we will begin with this fox news alert. the white house is now launching an all-out defense of the president's v.a. nominee as we go outnumbered overtime. i'm harris faulkner. from president trump on down, the administration is defending rear admiral ronny jackson. that is the president's pick to lead the veterans affairs department. this amid allegations that as the white house doctor jackson oversaw a hostile work environment. improperly prescribed pills and possibly drank on the job. again, those are allegations. >> i would definitely stand behind him. is he a fine man. i would always stand behind him. i would let it be his choice. here is a man who has just been an extraordinary person. >> this is a person who has received praise from two different presidents, two different parties. over the course of a significant amount of time. two people that have spent a lot of time with dr. jackson.
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>> harris: if you were watching, you know yesterday on overtime about this time. republican senator jerry more ran sits on the veterans affairs committee, told me about a conversation he had with admiral jackson before appearing on air with me. watch. >> my question to the admiral jackson was tell me what's out there that i ought to look at that either shows that there was misconduct or that there wasn't misconduct. and he knows of no -- he indicated to me knows of no inspector general's report, nothing that is out there that would confirm or deny the kind of rumors and allegations that are circulating his nomination at this point. >> harris: chief white house correspondent john roberts joins me now from the north lawn. john? >> harris, good afternoon towvment the white house continues to insist that it is up to dr. jackson whether or not he wants to continue with the confirmation process. but the white house, throwing its full support behind him, at least for the moment the white house yesterday releasing some
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fitness reports. job performance eval united evas of dr. ronni jackson at the momt that includes comments of barack obama. barack obama writes most impressive leader who continues to perform at the flag officer level. ronny has earned the confidence and gratitude of my family. the flag immediately the president writing in october of 2016. ronnie does a great job, great enthusiasm. poised under pressure. incredible work ethic and follow through. ronny continues to inspire dvd's for the care he provides to me and my team. promote ahead of peers. dr. jackson is a great doctor and leader, two-star material. while it was republicans who put on hold indefinitely dr. johnson's confirmation hearing, one of his chief critics is montana senator john tester who said this recently.
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>> we need to be able to do our job and we need to get to the bottom of these accusations to find out if they are true. they are very serious accusations, whether it's prescription drug handing out like it was candy or whether it's intoxication or whether it's toxic work environment. reports we have heard he treated people above him very, very well. he treated the people below him very, very poorly. that's creating the toxic work environment. >> referring to the allegations that jackson was overprescribing medication, tester referred to jackson as, quote: the candy man, which brought a sharp response from the white house legislative affairs director mark short earlier today. listen here. >> it was absolutely unfair for him to drop the candy man line. i think there have been multiple, every year they come in and they do ryu view of the white house physician's office on things like prescriptions. every year they said that he is totally in compliance with what he is prescribing. no, it's totally unfair. >> yesterday at the news conference in response to my question about dr. jackson
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president trump said repeatedly if he was the one who was facing what jackson is facing he probably wouldn't go through with it a lot of people thought that was giving jackson an out. after an oval office meeting yesterday afternoon with the president, jackson has decided that for the time being, at least, harris, he is going to face the long knives head on. >> harris: john roberts, thank you very much. the question though looms today with the new allegations is jackson's nomination in trouble and what are we supposed to make of the glowing praise he received from president obama and prior administrations? republican congressman mike kaufman sits on the house veterans affairs and armed services committee. he is also chairing the subcommittee on military personnel. so, a great person to talk to about this. and, in fact, i was reading you are the only member of congress who served in both iraq wars. sir, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: let's start with just the track record leading up to this on ronny jackson. and other presidents who have praised him and whether
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that should play a role as we look to his confirmation. >> well, what should play a role is his complete record. his complete military history. his personnel file. starting from the time he entered the united states navy, certainly to his service in iraq, supporting the united states marine corps. and then his, obviously his duties in the white house. what's probably more relevant is his military career before the white house, in the united states navy. and so, i know there is a lot of hearsay stuff going on. but, let me tell you what is most significant is what he will do as the v.a. chairman. the last three had extraordinary background, but they all failed to change the culture of incompetence. bureaucratic incompetence at the department of veterans affairs. the question is can he be as a marine corps combat veteran can he be marine corps tough in cleaning house in the v.a.? we -- in 2014, we gave the authority to the department
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of veterans affairs to the secretary to remove without all the civil service protections senior v.a. bureaucrats, mcdonald, secretary mcdonald never used that authority. secretary shulkin never used that authority. will he go in there and program run by senior bureaucrats that year after year have had documented failures and just clean house? that's what we need. >> harris: you know, have you had a talk with him? i was speaking with people yesterday, one of them from kansas, senator jerry more ran who was saying that he had just met with ronny jackson? is that something you are doing. >> something i have asked to do i know i'm a house member and his priority is senate confirmation right now. >> harris: right. but information is good no matter where it comes from on the hill. >> oh, yeah. no, i certainly have reached out to him to talk to him. and to, you know, as a member of the house veterans affairs committee, as a
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military, marine corps veteran, to lay down what needs to be done there that hasn't been done. i don't care how great his background is. if he is not going to be tough in cleaning house, he will fail in that job. >> harris: you know representative coffman, it seems almost impossible to get somebody to run the v.a. effectively. we have had people die on the waiting list under the past administration. >> sure. >> harris: it is a mess. is it a point you would say to him if you don't think you can change things step aside. should he withdraw. the last thing you would need at the v.a. is distraction but i don't want to put words in your mouth. what would you do? >> well, the question is he going to be tough? i mean, the fact is. >> harris: how do you assess that? >> well, i think you have got to sit down with him in his testimony. the issue is he going to clean house or not? i mean, nobody has gone in there and given the current authorities to fire people, senior bureaucrats has not
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used that authority. is he going to use that authority to clean house for those bureaucrats that have documented failures through government accountability office reports, through v.a. office of inspector general reports. well documented failures. people haven't been fired. people that haven't been held accountable. is he going to do that? >> harris: right now the confirmation process is on hold for him. and i would ask then what should be happening in the interim? i know you say you want to reach out to him. >> sure. >> harris: what to make of these allegations and they are purely that, allegations. >> i think it's unfortunate. because, you know, i have been in the military. i'm subcommittee chairman for military personnel. you have -- there are ways that conduct is formally documented. he has no formally documented problems. these are all hearsay things by disaffected subordinates. i think that's really problematic. that's not the way we
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function in the military. and so they are held accountable, certainly, by their conduct but, this is all just rumor control. and so that's the sad part about this. >> harris: interesting. i'm reading now from your statement i expect admiral jackson to face the same amount of scrutiny for the physician in the senate as any other nominee for cabinet position. we will be watching for it. sir, thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: for more, let's bring in christopher, contributor from the hill. military police sergeant and republican pratt gist. great to see you today. >> great to see you, harris. >> harris: if dged, just for a minute, put the politics aside and look at what you need. you heard congressman coffman talking about what you need in terms of leadership. they need to be able to fire people and utilize the tolls put into place. what do you need at the v.a.? >> a strong leader. the president sees leadership attributes in admiral jackson. that's why he is putting
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them in there the last several v.a. secretaries have not been able to fulfill that mission. we have issues with getting access to healthcare and getting leadership managed. he sees leadership traits here. that's why he is putting him in there it's ironic, i respect senator tester. he does a good job as a senator. he should know better than to go on cnn and national news with just allegations and use the term "candy man" there was a real candy man at the thoma, v.a. a doctor thanks to president trump getting the v.a. accountability act through was fired. and a veteran got killed under his tutelage. this is serious stuff. we need a good leader in there. we have to look at these things and they are allegations. we don't even know if they are true yet. >> harris: what is the v.a. dealing with right now, today, that someone would need to step in on? we know about the wait times but there are certain issues that people may not know about. >> well, we need to get the right balance between getting the v.a. strong where it's competent and allowing veterans to have choices to do other healthcare options if they can't get in a timely manner. just here in washington, d.c. v.a. hospital a few
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miles from the capitol. veterans are being offered appointment times weeks and months than what they should which is outside of the scope of the law. we have got to get that right. get veterans through the bureaucracy that is good once you receive it. we need a leader in there who can imagine that. work with congress to get that funding through. i think admirable jackson admir. stupid terms like candy man completely unverified when we had a real ceapsd man that thanks to president trump's leadership we were able to fire. >> harris: talk to me about the morale right now with regard to leadership inside the v.a. >> i think it's confusing. you've had a lot of presidential appointees that want to get the job done. they feel like they had some tension with the former secretary who i think tried really hard. i think he's a smart guy, but he faltered, you know. >> harris: shulkin. >> can implement this agenda of getting through the unions, getting through a process where can you remove folks that do a bad job and put in leaders that can get things done.
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huge bureaucracy, tough job, burr the president sees leadership traits in admiral jackson. he deserves to be vetted. i think he is going to get the opportunity to present his facts and, hey, obama people alleged pill popper was running around doing these things. is he not getting a fair shake on that right now. >> harris: both presidents, both president trump and obama and even previous presidentpresidents have given s current nominee glowing remarks. clearly, he had a track record potentially since there was an inspector general report about it. and interviews done with regard of that. why didn't the past administration step in on that? >> and we could do a whole hour on a lot of things the past administration should have done better. i think that's a great point. ultimately, each if there are true or there is context to things, people can make mistakes and come back and do great things and be big leaders. we have seen that time and again with people across industries. i think he has potential. i think he has the president's support and deserves to have a vetting process and not have senators go on tv over
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allegations and make pejorative remarks without getting the facts right. i don't think that's fair, harris. >> harris: christopher neiweem, we appreciate your time today: turns out columbia law professor worked as the a special government employee? where? the fbi. why we are only learning about this now and what it could mean. and the president of france addressing a joint meeting of congress today and the iran nuclear deal in his remarks as he tries to convince president trump not to leave that iran deal. whether we could see a new deal and the potential fallout of our president walks away. >> they restart it, they're going to have big problems. bigger than they have ever had before. >> if iran threatens us in any way, they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid. ♪ ♪ patrick woke up with back pain.
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10:18 am
the may 12th deadline. watch. >> we should not abandon it without having something substantial and more substantial instead. that's my position. that's what i want to do. and once we decided together with your president, is that we can work on a more comprehensive deal addressing all his concerns. >> harris: that was happening as iran's president was going after ours saying that president trump's experience and asking trades men how a trades man can make judgments about international affairs. that was iran's leadership. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on the hill. so now we are hearing back from rouhani in iran and he is going after president trump. >> a lot of feisty language there, harris. this comes as president trump has made clear he is not a fasten the current iran deal and there is a may 12th deadline on the horizon. french president emmanuel macron received about 30 standing ovations in his
10:19 am
nearly 50 minute speech to a joint meeting of congress. the french president calling for new deal to strengthen the iran agreement suggesting something more comprehensive that would also go after tehran's foreign meddling from syria to yemen and its ballistic missiles. the fear from the french perspective is president trump walks away from the iran deal and the international community is left with nothing on that issue. macron was very clear on this point. >> as for iran, our objective is clear. iran shall never possess any nuclear weapons. [applause] not now, not in five years, not in ten years, never. [applause] >> on the issue of climate change, president macron made note that is one area of disagreement he has with president trump. the french president noting there is no planet b and he
10:20 am
also made this point about the paris agreement. >> with business leaders in communities let us work together in order to make our planet great again and create new jobs and new possibilities. [applause] guarding our earth. and i'm sure one day, the united states will come back and join the paris agreement. >> macron has the french accent which can you clearly hear and as you would understand. but he is clearly very comfortable in english and was able to make his point very comfortably in front of all those american lawmakers. harris? >> harris: mike emanuel on the hill for us. thank you very much. and yesterday president trump issued this warning to iran. >> it's a bad deal. it's a bad structure. it's falling down. should have never ever been
10:21 am
madmade. i blame congress and a lot of people for it but it should have never within made been made. i will say if iran threatens news any way, they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid. >> harris: strong words from president trump and some of the conversation about iran has fallen down political lines. i want to bring in now a top democrat. senator ben car den of maryland. thank you for joining me today. >> my pleasure. >> harris: let's start with this idea which seems to split along party lines that the iran deal is bad. your thoughts? >> well, i'm not sure it does split along party lines. i opposed the iran deal. but i think it was a mistake for the united states unilaterally to withdraw from the agreement if iran is in compliance. i think a lot of my members who voted against the agreement agree with what
10:22 am
i'm saying that we don't want to walk away from an agreement i think what the president of france was saying is we can expand it we can certainly get together to counter iran's behavior in supporting terrorism and violating human rights, what they're doing in regards to ballistic missile violation. the congress has already given the president stronger sanctions that he can impose in those regards. working with europe, we could effectively elevate our pressure on iran on the nonnuclear side. and as the president of france said, and i agree, iran has made a lifetime commitment not to become a nuclear weapons state. we certainly can enforce that. >> harris: okay. we can't even do really effective inspections on the ground from everything i'm reading i have lots of questions from what we think we can enforce iran to do. as the moment is right now
10:23 am
we are talking about rewriting the deal and expanding the deal. have you read the side deals? do you know what's in this thing? >> i certainly do. at the time we had to vote on the iran nuclear agreement, i can assure you that i was all the material available both open source and also classified. >> harris: do you think there is material in that that the american people need to know about. and i say side deals bawb maybe can you redact some of it. buff don't you think before this president moves forward since the americans have indicated through polling and otherwise that they would really like to say this taken a look at, is there more that we can learn? >> you raise a very valid point. the iaea, that's the inspecting arm that goes into iran, much of their work by agreement cannot be made public. there is information that's not known. the iaea and the american intelligence community believes that iran is in compliance with the agreement and that there has
10:24 am
been adequate opportunities to inspect. can we do more? absolutely. you have to make sure iran doesn't cheat? absolutely. and we have to force this agreement very strictly. >> harris: you are talking about intelligence community, the inspectors on the ground. but you voted against this deal. so there is something stinky in it. and my question to you is: wouldn't it be better, according to our current president, to re-look at this, pull back from certification on may 12th and look at what can you get done outside? they got a lot for sitting down at the table. >> well, look, my mainly concern was that this agreement, although it's lifetime on not being a nuclear weapons state, the specific restrictions have sun sets. what happens after those sun sets? and that's what we're talking about now. how do we make sure that iran never becomes a nuclear weapons state? >> harris: do you think that
10:25 am
other members on the hill. better deal to put america first? is this something he could get support for on the hill? >> absolutely. i have said, 99% of congress voted for additional sanctions against iran in regard to their ballistic missile violations and their support of terrorism and human rights violations. we clearly want this agreement enforced. we are prepared to give the president additional tools to enforce the agreement. what i think congress will not do is not legislation that would violate the iran nuclear agreement so long as iran is in compliance. >> harris: all right. real quick question about north korea. because we expect the conversation ting to gel back to that as the french president is visiting macron today. where are you with supporting this president and sitting down with kim jong un? >> oh, i'm for diplomacy. i think that's the only effective way to use this program. military the consequences could be catastrophic.
10:26 am
i'm for diplomacy. i applaud the south koreans for using the olympics to start these negotiations. i support the president's contacts with kim jong un. i support his sending a cabinet level official to meet, mr. pompeo, with kim jong un. i think we need to have diplomacy, but let's not be naive. kim jong un, you can't trust him. you know that. >> harris: the president has said this. that. >> absolutely. we have got to be clear-eyed going into these discussions. and recognize that we have to have realistic objectives and we have got to be very strategic in getting them. >> harris: senator cardin, the president has said if he sits down he will get up from that table if it looks like certain things are not being done. i appreciate your time today, thank you. >> my pleasure. good being with you. >> harris: the united states supreme court is hearing arguments on president trump's travel ban for the very first time today there are reports several justices may have indicated how they may rule on this.
10:27 am
judge andrew napolitano is back from our first hour of outnumbered and the couch to weigh in on all of it i have lots of questions. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> harris: the supreme court hearing arguments on the third version of president trump's travel ban for the very first time today. the administration is arguing the ban is in the best interest of u.s. national security. critics call the move discriminatory, since it
10:32 am
impacts mostly muslim countries. the justices voted in december to let the policy take full effect until they come to a conclusion in the courts. and they took the rare step of making an audio recording of today's proceedings, the arguments that were going on available immediately. same day relief. here is associate u.s. supreme court justice samuel elite toe, watch. >> i think there are 50 predominantly muslim countries in the world. five predominantly muslim countries are on this list. the population of the predominantly muslim countries on this list make up about 8% of the world's muslim population. if you looked at the 10 countries with the most muslims, exactly one, iran, would be on that list of the top 10 would a reasonable observer think this was a muslim ban?
10:33 am
>> harris: judge andrew napolitano is with me now. have you had since the last hour since we saw each other outnumbered the couch,. >> right. >> harris: opportunity to listen to the same day recording. you have a conclusion and you never do this sort of thing. tell me what it is and why. >> that the president wants travel ban will be upheld 5-4 vote with the traditional or liberals voting in the for and the traditional conservatives four plus justice kennedy being the fifth vote. i don't like to make this kind of a prediction because often questions by the justices do not reveal how they truly feel. but having read the transcript as well as listening to the tone of the questions, it is very clear to me how they feel. this is not an evaluation of the wisdom or political propriety of what the president did. but just whether or not he has the authority under the constitution to do it. >> harris: that seems cut and dry. what did you hear? >> i heard that the four liberal justices, ginsburg,
10:34 am
kagan, sotomayor, and breyer are concerned that this targets muslims and that concern is born out of some of the more incendiary things that the president said before he was president and since he has been president. i heard the conservative majority saying we are not concerned about what he said, we're concerned with what he did and whether or not he has the authority under the constitution to do so. that's about as clear cut of clash as you can get you know the follow-up question. my follow up question would have been with two countries at it, nort -- add it. north korea and venezuela. that list of countries, as you heard justice alito saying this is a very small mostly muslim. you break it down the population of muslims is very small, too. why is that important? >> sometimes justices and justices ask questions to
10:35 am
lawyers to test their knowledge of the law, to stretch where the law is going to go to try out new theories on them. sometimes they ask questions because they really belief the core aspect of the question i think justice alito whose question we just heard was put to neil kato, a brilliant lawyer who was the government's chief lawyer before the supreme court when president obama was in office was trying to say, even if i accept everything you say as true, that donald trump hates muslims, he is only singled out fewer than 8% of the muslims in the land, in the world, can't he do that. >> harris: look at countries you are talking about. venezuela, the economy has pulled people into the streets desperation, obviously. when you look at yemen and syria, those are countries whose government right now they are war ravaged. governments right now we are leaning in to see with we trust them to do the vetting
10:36 am
they need to do. >> one of the most interesting -- more interesting and challenging questions i heard from chief justice roberts to the same lawyer representing the challengers. suppose the intelligence community said to the president that 20 yemen agents were about to enter the united states and set off biological weapons, would the president have the authority to stop everybody from yemen? answer, yes, of course he would. and we're talking about visas, not biological agents. this tells you how the justices think. that the president's authority, whether they agree with how he exercised it or not. >> harris: right. >> foreign affairs and national security is broad and deep. >> harris: yeah. most importantly you say that those votes for the president are 5 to 4, according to what you heard on that tape, those recordings and having seen the transcripts. >> yes. >> let's talk a little bit about the daca program and a judge today saying, as i understood it, it could open the door now, his ruling could open the door now for new daca recipients. where does this put the president?
10:37 am
>> it puts the president in a tighter box than he had been in. and a wish to negotiate a permanent daca deal with the democrats. right now daca, which is deferred action on childhood arrivals, talking about infants that came here. >> harris: so new children can come here according to this judge? >> stayed his order for 90 days. two previous judicial opinions on this said if you are in daca, donald trump can't kick you out. this is the only one that said if you qualify to enter, he has got to take those applications but is he going to hold it up for 90 days. >> harris: in the 90 days the white house can appeal. will they and what should that look like? >> i'm sure they will appeal. i don't know which way the courts will go. but i know exactly how the president feels on this. he wants a permanent fix with the congress. he doesn't want to be writing the laws. >> harris: do democrats want that? >> yes, they do. they may not want what he is asking from them in return for. but they want. correct. >> harris: judge andrew napolitano breaking it down
10:38 am
as you always do. pleasure. >> you are welcome. >> harris: james comey's decision to leak sensitive memos to the friend through the press. turns out the person he leaked to that law professor at columbia had acted as a go between for comey on those leaks and been a special government employee status at the fbi previously. should we have known that detail? catherine herridge lye next. ♪ ♪
10:39 am
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>> harris: wonder if he will take these on his book tour. new questions for james comey. fox news learned new information about the law professor who provided details of comey's private memos to the media. now daniel richman confirming to fox news that he worked as a unpaid basis. here is ohio congressman jim
10:43 am
jordan on the house oversight about it? >> the oversight committee. jim rybicki. during that deposition daniel richman the guy the information was leaked to through the "new york times" had special status, special government employee status where he could sort of come and go in the fbi, which may not mean much, burr it seems kind of interesting the guy that comey leaks to is a good friend who in this unfettered access into the fbi. >> harris: looking into it for us catherine herridge live in washington. catherine? >> thanks, harris. fox news first contacted daniel richman on friday about his special government employee status and he declined to comment. and then we got additional information about the scope of his work and the nature of his work and we went back to him. but, yesterday, and to his credit, richman confirmed that he did work as an sge or special government employee under director comey. sources familiar with richman's work at the fbi said he was assigned to special projects by comey and had a security clearance
10:44 am
as well as badge access to the fbi here in washington. during his senate testimony last year, comey only described richman as a friend, not an fbi employee. >> my judgment was i needed to get that out into the public square and so i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. i didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons but i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. so i asked a close friend of mine to do it. >> one of the things that richman emphasized to fox news is that his position at the fbi was unpaid and then he referred the rest of our questions to fbi public affairs. as you know, haste, for some context, comey's handling of the memos and the presence of classified information are now the subject of an inspector general's review, harris. >> harris: it furthers the question, too he wouldn't have been the only person to know whether or not information was born classified because he was talking to another person who had been an fbi agent for a period of time if you want to say it that way since he has the clearance
10:45 am
and access. what is the reaction? >> the fbi declined to answer specific questions about richman and his special projects role at the fbi. but fox news understands richman was also sent talking points on clinton email investigation. an fbi spokesperson emphasized over the years of bureau has had a number of sges or special government employees and that no one as the congressman inferred has unfitter the access to the bureau. comey's publisher did not respond. another special government employee certainly come under scrutiny was hillary clinton aide huma abedin. senator chuck grassley who chairs the senate judiciary committee and others has questioned her special status that allowed her to work at the clinton state department and private sector entities at the same time. in a statement republican congressman mark meadows weighed in on this issue and he questioned the arrangement at the fbi. that statement reads in part: it isn't just that he gave these memos to a friend. he gave them to another fbi employee he hand picked to act as a special government employee of the fbi.
10:46 am
the question becomes how many other people did he give these memos to. and that's particularly important issue that we are investigating right now, harris. >> harris: we can't wait to heart results of that as you learn them. catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> harris: former fbi director james comey will now be sitting down next with fox news for an interview with chief political anchor bret baier. bret told me yesterday. i told him we will watch and now we will remind you catch it all tomorrow 6:00 p.m. eastern on "special report." republicans holding on to a closely watched seat in arizona. by just an edge but they won. whether this shows the reddest of descreckets could be up for grabs at a all this fall. the power panel will weigh in. stay close. >> it's not donald trump that was a different election. i don't think you can compare those two. i think the big story here is a republican won. it doesn't matter whether you win by 25 points or 2 points. a win is a win and she is
10:47 am
going to be in congress and the democrat's not. ♪ ♪ alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you.
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>> dana: hi, everyone, i'm dana perino, we are waiting for the vetting process of dr. ronny jackson president trump's nominee to head the v.a. senator bob corker joins me for reaction on that and on
10:51 am
the fate of the iran deal after the president of france says today that we can't get rid of it and disturbing reports out of north korea about a partially collapsed nuclear test site. we have a live report out of south korea on that on the daily briefing. ♪ ♪ >> harris: republicans are holding on to an important arizona house seat today. after last night's special election, debbie lesko won by five points in a district president trump won by 21 points. meanwhile, republicans are hoping to unseat democrat senator joe manchin in west virginia where a new poll shows a tight race between the three g.o.p. candidates in next month's primary. let's bring in our power panel zac. a former senior advisor for the dnc. i like the way he nods like we confuse him with anybody else. head of the rapid response team like hillary clinton's presidential campaign. you must have really been busy. aiamos is press secretary for
10:52 am
house republican whip roy blunt. great to see you both, gentlemen. >> great to be with you. >> harris: first of all, the significance of the win in arizona last night for lesko? >> i think if you look at this, i mean, look, democrats are motivated. republicans know that it's tough out there right now. if you look at the -- they got a win. republicans held the seat and they are going to have that vote in congress. i do think it's a warning sign from now to november though. >> harris: zac? >> sure republicans breathing a sigh of relief like democrats breathe ago sigh of relief if we almost lost a seat in san francisco. i mean, what this represents is a 15-point swing to the democrats which is actually larger than the average swings to the democrats that they have gotten over the last 8 special elections there has been about a 12-point swing to the democrat. i agree that democrats are motivated. republicans are a little depressed. and we're seeing this as a special election. and it's portends pretty good news for democrats. pretty bad news for republicans come november. >> harris: you know, i thought it was interesting when sarah huckabee sanders
10:53 am
the white house press secretary was talking about the facts that these candidates in the republican party are not donald trump. so they may be able to eke out wins in those areas. but he is a different type of candidate on the ground. why is that important? >> i think if you get outside of the d.c.-new york bubble and talk to people across the united states, they are not completely obsessed with all of the news cycle and different news every couple of hours changing topics. i think if you look at this, i mean really republicans have heard the warning signal. they know it's going to be a tough fight out there. i think if you look in this race in arizona the nrcc and all the political campaigns they knew they couldn't take their foot off the gas. >> harris: do you yoke yourself to the president? >> depends on what state you are in. >> harris: let's talk about west virginia. that's an interesting state. because i thought by now maybe joe manchin would have been like courted by the republicans to join their side. >> he was. and they said no. >> harris: but let's take a look at this new fox news poll. look how popular president
10:54 am
trump is compared with joe manchin in west virginia. what does that mean to you, zac? >> look, i mean i think what it shows is that joe manchin is the perfect candidate to be running in west virginia. he supports president trump when he agrees with president trump. he disagrees with president trump when he doesn't agree with president trump. and on key issues, somewhat the republican tax plan the recent fox news poll shows is deeply unpopular with the american people. is he right in the place where a democrat can get elected in west virginia. let's remember. >> harris: interesting. >> he ran the ad about the climate change bill where he took a gun and he shot a bullet into it. that's the kind of candidate that he is. that's why he is going to win in west virginia. >> harris: i want to put a fine point on this. this is among likely g.o.p. primary voters. if he is hoping to get republicans to vote for him. this may put more of a focus on the three who are running in the primary. because maybe he is not really an option for republicans. >> i think you are right. harris, have you watched many of these different elections. i think republicans could take the senate seat if we could not have all of this
10:55 am
infighting. these three are running neck in neck. if there was one strong candidate. >> harris: infighting vs. competition. we have seen presidential races with like everybody get in. >> yeah. >> harris: on both sides of the political aisle. you get in, you get. in you get a car, you get a car. >> get a friend. >> harris: yeah. you don't see it that way? >> >> the longer that although of these candidates stay in the more it helps senator marchagen. >> harris: republicans are running ads against blanchenship, why? >> i'm a morsi supporter. i think he had the support he could take out manchin if he doesn't switch parties between now and november. >> he certainly won't switch parties. this is a perfect storm in west virginia. pro-democratic environment. anti-trump energy that's out there. manchin is really good for west virginia and there is a brutal republican primary. these are all the conditions needed for democrats to keep the seat. >> harris: but some democrats thinking that maybe he has a little bit of an identity crisis at times. joe manchin, i mean, that's
10:56 am
fair. >> he is west virginia first. that is a kind of senator that west virginians want. he is tied to the democratic party. is he not tied to any party. is he tied to west virginia. that's how you win in west virginia. >> harris: zac has his air thumb going. he should hire you. [laughter] >> harris: always great to see you. >> thanks so much. >> harris: thank you. we'll be right back.
10:57 am
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>> harris: i just talked about it with the panel.
11:00 am
may first, next tuesday, in the mountain state, west virginia, fox news channel will host a debate for the senate primary race. the co-moderators you see there will be live in morgantown, west virginia. all part of the midterm election series right here on fox. >> dana: the white house briefing set to get under way amid growing questions about the president's nominee for va secretary. the white house defending ronny jackson as we learn more about misconduct allegations against him. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." earlier on capitol hill, french president macron addressing a joint meeting of congress, calling for america to maintain its role as the global defender of democracy and human rights. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. what more did the french president have to say on the critical issues facing the united states and france? >> reporter: he made


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