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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 25, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> dana: your podcasts are great because they are interesting people and digestible. 20 minutes is exactly what you need. >> greg: of the length of a sitcom without the commercials. >> kimberly: her book tour is starting. a lot a lot of the "fox & friends" people show up to support her. please buy the book. set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next hello, bret. >> bret: hello, can relate. the president's pick for va secretary remains defiant in the face of new accusations and allegations. talk about good friends. fox news learns the professor behind the leaked james comey memos. new fox polls out this hour on how the president is doing. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. an administration under fire tonight and at this hour, there is no sign that anyone is backing down. the president's pick for va secretary dr. ronny jackson plans to stand firm against allegations of improper conduct and to press forward with his nomination. attorney general jeff sessions gets into a testy exchange on
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capitol hill over presidential pardons and the omb director and current head of the consumer financial protection bureau mick mulvaney pushes back hard on newspaper reports about comments he made in a speech this week about lobbyist access to his congressional office. it's wednesday at the white house. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us with the latest. good evening. >> good evening. a busy one. today democrats without any evidence to back it up released a laundry list of allegations and accusations against dr. ronny jackson, the man president wants to leave the veterans affairs administration. among the allegations are accusations he mishandled opioid drugs and that at a secret service party he got drunk and wrecked a government vehicle. after meeting with the press secretary and chief of staff late today, dr. ronny jackson dismissed new democratic allegations that he wrecked a government vehicle after getting
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drunk at a secret service party, insisting it never happened and that he is going to go ahead with the confirmation process. the press secretary today saying none of the allegations now raised about jackson were uncovered in successive background checks. >> dr. jackson has had at least four independent background investigations conducted during his time at the white house. during each of those investigations, dr. jackson received unanimous praise from dozens of witnesses and the investigations revealed no areas of concern. figure sarah sanders noting none of the allegations were raised before jackson's nomination. the background check should have picked up a medical inspector general's report in 2012 that found dr. jackson exhibited poor leadership in a dispute with a colleague and as a result of the dispute, overall unit morale is a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. one of his biggest detractors is montana senator jon tester, ranking member of the va committee who insists jackson
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has problems beyond leadership. >> this doctor has a problem because he hands out prescriptions like candy. in fact, in the white house, they called the candy man. the word is that it on overseas trips in particular the admiral will go down the aisle and say who wants to go to sleep and handout the prescriptions. >> on overnight overseas trips, white house doctors do after staff, even journalists, sleep aids. >> aromatic government -- i recommend everyone takes a sleep aid at certain times. >> the pills given out are recorded with names and dosages. tester's comment drew sharp response. >> it was absolutely unfair for him to drop the candyman line. there have been multiple, every year they come in and do a review of the white house physician's office on things like prescriptions. every year they have said he is in compliance with what he's been prescribing.
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>> the white house continues to push senator johnny isakson to reschedule the confirmation hearing. also on capitol hill today, attorney general jeff sessions under fire over reports his recusal from the russia investigation does not extend to the investigation of michael cohen. >> are you recused from the federal investigation of the president's attorney, michael cohen? >> it's the policy of the department of justice that those who have recused themselves not state the details of it. >> sessions got into a heated exchange with democratic senator chris van hollen over presidential pardons and whether they went through the appropriate process. >> did the pardon of sheriff joseph arpaio go through the attorney's office? >> i don't believe it did. >> did the pardon of scooter libby go through? >> i don't believe it did. >> i am quoting from a statement you made saying it it was an
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abuse of process and a particular case made by president clinton. >> the pardons president clinton made were shocking, stunning, and on a comfortable. >> also facing heat, the presidents budget director mick mulvaney over comments made yesterday in a speech to bankers and payday lenders. speaking is that of the consumer financial protection bureau, mulvaney told the group it was important to make personal contact with their member of congress to get things done. mulvaney saying we had a hierarchy in my office and congress. if you are a lobbyist who never gave us money, i didn't talk to you. if you are a lobbyist who gave us money, i might talk to you. if you came from back home and sat in my lobby, i talked to you without exception regardless of the financial contributions. democrats pounced on the remarks, slamming mulvaney for promoting pay to play. in a statement, ohio senator ripping the kind of pay to play that understandably makes americans furious with washington, d.c. mr. mulvaney should resign.
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mulvaney spokesman insists the comments were taken out of context and he was from merely praising the group for coming to washington, d.c., and making the effort to knock on doors. any development this afternoon in the mueller investigation, sources tell fox news that rudy giuliani has taken over negotiations with the special counsel robert mueller for a possible interview with president trump. president trump has said he, has set in the past that he's open to the idea but he's not sold on it. rudy giuliani passing that message along to robert mueller appeared to finish off where we started today, the white house would like to see dr. ronny jackson get a hearing in the senate on his nomination. but at this moment tonight, they don't know whether he will stay in our whether he will leave. one official telling me if it was them, they would get out. >> bret: john roberts, busy day again. on the north lawn at the white house, john, thanks. how do you feel about
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president trump and the job he's doing? new fox news poll of tonight say that voters feelings are made about the same on the president's job performance. 44% of those polled saying they approve. over half responded disapproving of his duties currently in the white house. when it comes to the economy, 43% say it's in excellent or good shape which is a bit of a downturn from january but up from, as you see, april of last year when the tax cuts were passed. a short time ago on capitol hill, attorney general jeff sessions also said at that hearing today that he is happy with his deputy main criticism by president trump and others and rumors that rod rosenstein might be fired. >> do you agree he's doing a good job? >> he works every day to do the job that he has been called upon to do. >> do you have confidence in him? >> i do have confidence. >> bret: rosenstein oversees
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the investigation now into russian interference, alleged russian interference by the trump campaign into the 2016 election. new questions tonight over fired fbi director james comey's friendship with a columbia law professor after fox news learns that professor also had security clearance. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge reports on whether a line may have been crossed. >> an email to fox news, columbia law professor daniel richman confirmed he worked for then fbi director james comey as a special government employee. known by the shorthand sge. on an unpaid basis. sources familiar with richman's work say comey assigned him a special projects. had a security clearance and badge access. republican lawmakers want more answers. >> maybe we need to talk to mr. richman under oath in front of members of the judiciary and oversight committees. would've been nice if we would've had a full understanding of the full
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relationship mr. comey had with the guy who orchestrated the leaks. >> during his june 2017 testimony, comey did not describe richman as an fbi employee. the former director testified he gave the memos, documents and conversations with the president, to richmond kick start what's now the mueller probe. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. i didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons but i asked him to because i thought it might prompt the point of a special counsel. a good friend of mine who is a professor at columbia law school. >> and other special government employee would come under scrutiny, hillary clinton eight huma abedin. senator chuck grassley among others previously questioned the special status of huma abedin that allowed her to work at the state department and private sector at the same time. the fbi declined to answer specific questions about richman, fox news understand richman would send talking points on the clinton email investigation comparing and contrasting the use of an unsecured personal server for government business.
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the case of retired general david petraeus and sandy berger, the late national security advisor under president clinton. sources tell fox news that some or all of this beauty memos were shared with at least one other person beyond richman and former u.s. attorney patrick fitzgerald identified as the likely recipient. former special counsel and now one of comey's personal attorney did not respond to multiple requests from fox for comment. >> bret: thank you. i will ask james comey about this and much more during my interview with him tomorrow night live here onset of "special report." be sure to tune in or recorded. 6:00 p.m. eastern time. the time for a friendly chat with president trump is over. today french president emmanuel macron wrapped up his vision to the u.s. with an address to members of congress, one that directly challenge president trump once again over the iran nuclear deal. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reports. >> president emmanuel macron
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used a good portion of the nearly 50 minute speech to continue his appeal for the u.s. to stay in the iran nuclear deal and emphasized failure is not an option. >> our objective is clear. iran shall never possess any nuclear weapons. not now, not in five years, not in ten years never. >> macron came to washington to sell president trump on his team on developing a more contra copperheads of deal with tehran. >> we shouldn't abandon it without having something substantial and more substantial instead. that is my position. that's why france will not leave. we signed it. >> senate foreign relations chairman drew this conclusion. >> i think he was sort of
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prodding the executive branch towards being a little bit more involved. >> the timing is critical, as president trump is threatening to reject an extension of the nuclear agreement facing a may 12 deadline. yesterday alongside macron, the president blasted it again. >> people know my views on the iran deal. it was a terrible deal. should have never, ever been made. we could've made a good deal or reasonable deal. the iran deal was a terrible deal. >> today the iranian president directed this insult at president trump. >> translator: you have no clue about politics, have no clue about the law or about international treaties. you are just a businessman, a tradesman. you are a tower builder. how is he going to pass judgment on international issues? >> tough talk comes as moscow and beijing are pledging a new level of cooperation in a direct challenge to the u.s. that includes military and political ties as part of a strategic pact on issues including syria and iran.
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the french president reminded congress and america's role in saving the planet, saying he's confident the u.s. will rejoin the paris climate agreement. macron saying there is no planet b. >> bret: mike emanuel, thanks. just getting breaking news from the hill. tomorrow the senate will vote on the nomination for mike pompeo for secretary of state and ric grenell for u.s. ambassador to germany. that coming just before the german chancellor arrives here in the u.s. ric grenell's nomination have been held up by some senators. both getting voted on tomorrow, we are told. a roller coaster down wall street ends mixed. dow rose 60. s&p 500 of 5. nasdaq lost 4. in just a few days, south korean president moon jae-in will meet with north korean leader kim jong un in a summit that many see as a preview to president trump's possible meeting in june. but as senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot
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reports, the possibility for peace with the north could be complicated over reports about just why north korea's leader announced a shutdown to nuclear operations. >> along the dmz between north and south korea, preparations for friday's summit involving south korean president moon jae-in and north korean leader kim jong un. >> translator: we have instilled a theme. >> it will be the first time in years leaders of the two countries have met and as a summit is on the south korean side of the border, it will be the first time since the korean war a leader for the north has come to the south. there is a lot riding on it. >> hopeful and half expect the beginning of a process. i think the most important thing about this inter-korean summit is the next step which is a summit between north korea and the rest. >> a south korean official said the summit to confirm north korea's committed to denuclearization, a key goal of president trump.
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as well as move towards a peace treaty which would finally end the war in korea. negotiations made more tricky amid fresh reports the reason kim offered to hold new testing at one site was that it had collapsed and was dangerous. still, south korean president moon's push for talks is seen as another factor in getting this far. then there is president trump. >> no previous american president has issued a credible military threat to north korea, and he did. secondly he's the first american president willing to sit down and talk with the north korean leadership. >> the maximum pressure sanctions the u.s. pushed. locals who have lived through war and peace are cautious. >> i hope north korea walks the path of denuclearization. >> plans are reportedly underway for south korean president moon to share notes from the summit with president trump before the president meets with kim jong un. that might not happen until mid-june.
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bret. >> bret: greg palkot in seoul, south korea. nicaragua's president seems to be bending to pressure after dozens of people died in violent protests over the governments rule there. correspondent rich edson from the state department tonight where they are watching what's happening in that country very closely. >> they started over proposed changes to government benefits. >> translator: i'm here because i am indignant that my grandparents are going to receive 5% less of their already anemic pension after having worked for 45 years. >> antigovernment protests spread across nicaragua, demonstrators fought with pro-government groups. the army deployed. the government blocked television coverage. human rights groups say dozens are dead, including a journalist shot while covering the protests. protests. then president daniel ortega relented. >> translator: the delegates will be ready to enter into talks and the first topic to be discussed will be the pension issue. >> despite promising to alter the proposal changing government
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benefits, protests continue. ortega is a nicaraguan revolutionary. he governed the country in the 1980s, was ousted in the 1990s and reclaimed power in 2007. his wife is his vice president. he has a limited term limits and consolidate power. the state farm it condemns what it says is excessive use of police force there and calls for discussions "to resolve the current conflict, restore respect for human rights, and achieve a better, more democratic future for all nicaraguans." >> translator: it was a matter of time, the ten years of oppression, the ten years of electoral fraud, the ten years of when we could not take to the streets to protest freely. they are over. nicaragua exploded and took to the streets. >> and a region where others in venezuela and honduras have taken to their streets. this week the state department ordered all nonessential employees and diplomats' families to leave the country. state department also advises all-americans planning to travel to nicaragua reconsider going. >> bret: rich edson at the state department. thank you.
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up next, u.s. up in court listen to arguments over the president's travel ban. first here's what some are fox affiliates for the country are covering today. fox 7 in. the coast guard stopped 12 tons of cocaine and 1 ton of marijuana from being smuggled into the country. the drugs were intercepted off the coast of mexico and central and south america. drugs seized this week are worth an estimated $400 million. fox 17 in nashville, the waffle house where four people were shot to death sunday reopened today. a restaurant spokespersons had all the money from today's sales will go to help the victims families. the suspect in the shooting remains behind bars. this is a live look in indianapolis from our affiliate fox 59. one of the big strays there tonight, the commission on basketball, college basketball calling for sweeping reforms across the ncaa. independent commission led by former secretary of state condoleezza rice wants to separate pro and college tracks, permit players to return to
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school after going undrafted by the nba, and ban cheating coaches for lying. tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. $59 to di. so instead of telling stories of where you went... can tell the story of where you come from. get ancestrydna for just $59. the lowest price of the year.
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speak >> bret: travel ban 3.0 in front of the supreme court as challengers make the case againt the restrictions on people from several muslim majority questions. shannon bream reports several justices seemed supportive that president trump has executive authority over immigration even though lower courts have struck down this a version of the ban. >> the justices hearing one of the most controversial cases last. much of the argument over the
3:23 pm
third version of the president so-called travel ban focused on the balance of power between congress and the president when it comes to immigration and vetting. justice sotomayor or asking how far the executive can go. >> what i see the president doing here is saying i am going to add more to the limits that congress sets and to what congress said was enough. where does the president get the authority to do more than congress has already decided is adequate? >> justice alito addressed claims by critics of the ban that it is thinly disguised religious discoloration against muslims. >> i think there are 50 predominantly muslim countries in the world. five predominantly muslim countries are on this list. the population of the predominantly muslim countries on this list make up about 8% of the world's muslim population. >> of course there was plenty of discussion of the president's
3:24 pm
previous statements, including one removed from his campaign website calling for a "total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on." chief justice roberts asking attorneys if the travel ban would be problem free if the president simply disavowed his earlier comments and then reissued the ban. >> if tomorrow he issues a proclamation disavowing those statements. >> the the court seemed split g ideological lines. kennedy may once again be the swing vote. >> bret: there is another ruling about daca that raising eyebrows. >> another judge has struck down daca. this administration's ability to put a stop on it. other judges have said you have to freeze it, this church is gone further saying not only do you got to protect the people in the program now, you have to start opening up to new
3:25 pm
applications. with that, they give the administration 90 days to file a new memo to say why they are justified in shutting it down. it won't start for at least 90 days. this judge is saying you have to ramp it back up soon. >> bret: congress could short-circuit all of this by doing something but it's not likely. >> i wouldn't hold my breath. >> bret: thank you. see you at 11:00 tonight. in great britain a last ditch effort by parents to try to save their severely ill child. that effort has been rejected. religion correspondent lauren green reports on the case of little alfie evans and his parents' desperate attempt to get there some treatment at a hospital outside the u.k. >> a heartbreaking legal feet. -- legal defeats. alfie evans parents pleaded to let them move their toddler to italy where a vatican hospital would continue to provide care. this afternoon, the court of appeals rejected their bid. for more than the year, tom
3:26 pm
evans and kate james have been waging a legal battle against the hospital in the u.k. health care system. the court continually citing with the hospital in liverpool that alfie's condition warranted no more treatment and that alfie should be allowed to die with dignity. he was removed from oxygen monday but instead of dying within minutes as expected, alfie began breathing on his own. >> has proved to be resilient. i would say he is a living miracle. >> alfie's father turned to pope francis. >> i am moved by your courage. speak of this week the pope renewed his support in a tweet asking in part to the parents' desire to seek new forms of treatment be granted. there was also a petition appealing to queen elizabeth who intervened with nearly 200,000 signatures and counting. alfie's fight is nearly a carbon copy of the charlie gard case last year, the british toddler was taken off life support after his parents lost all appeals to bring him to the u.s. for
3:27 pm
treatment. charlie died last july. in both cases, the bigger issue became who has the ultimate authority over a child's medical care, his parents or the government. the british court says it has the final say, and while that may be legal, the court of public opinion is asking is it moral? >> bret: will follow the story. thank you. george h.w. bush is out of icu, and his son jeb says he's headed home friday. bush family spokesman says the former president thanks everyone for their prayers and good wishes and that the former president is focused on the houston rockets closing out their playoff series against the minnesota timberwolves and also making it to maine for the summer. up next, america's election headquarters results from arizona and a top candidate in the west virginia senate race, he raises some eyebrows with a controversial statement. insurance that won't replace
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>> bret: it was a close race, closer than people thought. republican debbie lesko won arizona special election to replace trent frakes who resigned amid controversy last year. correspondent alicia acuna in phoenix. the reasons why some believe it came down to the wire. seek a republican spent more than a million dollars to help get debbie lesko elected. the president recorded robo calls and tweeted about the race and house speaker paul ryan held a fund-raiser all in the fight to hold on to a district that's been so reliably red, democrats haven't run a candidate here since 2012. in the end, lesko won by less than six points. >> they are wiping their brow and saying it was close. they are saying to themselves this is a real issue. >> notable when you consider president trump won the district by 21 points. arizona republican political consultant stan barnes says there's a temptation to blame the president. he says it's inaccurate.
3:32 pm
>> it's not his fault. it's the people's fault. something is up with the electorate of the united states. >> something the mainstream media seized on. >> the republican retain the seat. however there are signs here for democrats. >> huge signs. >> one could say a win is a win. a five-point win doesn't feel safe. >> democrats feel they are on a blue wave even when they lose that's because it's every special election since 2016, they have managed to narrow margin. democrat hiral tipirneni out raised her opponent and had big support. >> something is happening. it's not bend about one candidate. it's been about the collective mission we've been on. >> would it have been nice if i had won buy more customer gas but a win is a win. it's awesome. >> the victory was short-lived. democrat started collecting signatures last night for the
3:33 pm
rematch in november. bret. >> bret: thank you. in less than two weeks, voters will head to the polls in west virginia to vote for the republican they think may have the best chance at beating democrat senator joe manchin in the fall. the incumbent. the top g.o.p. candidates are out trying to get the most votes but at least one of them raising some controversy over a comment he made about someone in president trump's cabinet. correspondent peter doocy has our report from charleston. >> it was strange to see a half to supporting tom willis last night because tom wallace wasn't wearing it. it wasn't -- he wasn't invited. the cap was supported by dan blankenship. >> is a veteran, a good guy. he deserves an equal chance. >> now blankenship's attack on the establishment is raising eyebrows because the former coal baron who did a year in jail due to a charge due to a mind.
3:34 pm
talking about elaine chao, wife of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> i have an issue, they father-in-law was a wealthy china person and a lot of connections. >> a fox news poll finds that blankenship trails evan jenkins and patrick morrisey. >> jenkins is a liberal fraud. he spent 20 years has a current level democrat supporting nancy pelosi, john kerry, rallying for hillary clinton. >> morrissey locked horns last night with jenkins over regulations. >> our lawsuit got to stay. make sure you have your fax. >> more to come on this. next question. >> your new jersey approach. wanting to let me finish. >> jenkins reminds republicans morrissey ran for congress in new jersey at the turn-of-the-century. he also denigrates morrissey as
3:35 pm
someone with new jersey values. >> yes, i called him out and kind of a fun way of the debate last night because he was just a pushy, kind of jersey values approach. he is jersey through and through by his own admission. >> here in the mountain state, not much love for the garden state. candidates are running out of time to change voters' minds because early voting starts today. that means some west virginia's have heard enough and they are casting ballots and cannot be swayed in the next two weeks by controversial comments or attack ads. >> bret: peter doocy in charleston. thank you. those top three candidates with or without the hat will join martha maccallum and need for a debate in west virginia. top three in the fox news poll. we will bring it to life or morgantown may 1, 6:30 p.m. eastern. this kicks off the america election headquarters series of debates all across the country. it is worth tuning in. new claims of bad behavior by the president personal physician
3:36 pm
and now va secretary nominee which he vehemently denies. the panel weighs in on that and what it means to the nomination process. leave it here. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> we need to be able to do our job and get to the bottom of these accusations to find out if they are true. prescription drugs, handing out like it was candy or whether it was intoxication or a toxic work environment. >> he deserves his day in court. i assume the committee will give him that. it's troubling to a lot of us. >> dr. jackson has had at least four independent background investigations conducted during his time at the white house including an fbi investigation conducted as part of the standard nomination vetting process. during each of those investigations, dr. jackson received unanimous praise from dozens of witnesses, and the investigations revealed no areas of concern. >> bret: as of tonight, ronny
3:40 pm
jackson is still the nominee for veterans affairs secretary, and the white house press saying to get a confirmation process started again on capitol hill. let's bring in the panel. charles hurt, opinion writer for "the washington times." mo elleithee, executive director of the georgetown institute of politics. jonathan swan, national political reporter for axios. jonathan, is the white house firm in the pushback, seems so. behind the scenes, are they saying the same thing? >> the white house is conflicted in the sense that they almost unanimously, i have yet to find anyone who doesn't think he's a good man who is being unfairly -- allegations are out there. we don't know if they are true or not. some of them have become personally, those close to him feel upset to see this happening to a guy they consider to be a good man. on the other side, it's very hard to find a senior white house official who thinks that he's the right selection for the job. and beliefs trump unannounced
3:41 pm
him in the correct way. trump tweeted it out without any vetting over john kelly's objections and almost no one in senior staff that that was a good idea. >> bret: sarah's point is that he had been vetted for his job as physician to the president. very closely. the fbi checks and all that stuff. >> doctor to the president is quite different from running the second largest agency and the federal government. he has no management experience that would be relevant for that job. that's their concern. i think this is all new information for them and they are absorbing it. they don't know what to make of it. for the moment, they are on a flat foot. >> bret: two different sides. one is that the white house puts someone out that perhaps, with the allegations back there and they know about its end and it comes out. the other side's democrats in the minority put out the press these allegations that publicly say they don't know are true. the minority saying multiple
3:42 pm
individuals citing the nickname candyman used by the white house staff because he would provide whatever prescriptions they sought without paperwork. describing handing out ambien to sleep. without triaging patient history. no intakes, no questionnaires. i can tell you personally i was chief white house correspondent. i took ambien from doctors on trips overseas. these are controlled substances that require tracking. on one occasion dr. jackson could not be reached when needed because he was passed out drunk. at a secret service party, jackson got drunk and wrecked a vehicle. jackson denies those things vehemently. as far as the passing out of ambien, unless it's something bigger or more serious as far as the drugs, that happens all the time. >> you raised two good questions, right? democrats could have brought this up in a different way. a product to the white house, said this is what we are seeing
3:43 pm
and we are going to ask about this in a hearing. they could have done that. the second issue wouldn't happen to have the first one not happen first. the fact that the president did not vet, the white house did not vet him or they would've caught that there were 20 allegations. true or not, they would've caught it and prepped for it and they would've addressed it on the front-end. it fits a narrative and a track record of this white house of being less than careful with vetting. i don't think either side put its best foot forward but i think the white house certainly caused this problem by not doing basic vetting. >> bret: which was my point in saying, charlie, both sides could do things differently. the democrats could have reached out and said this is what we are hearing. what do you know about it or let's move forward with the hearing if you want to address it. >> if all these allegations or any of the allegations are true, it sort of reflects more poorly over time on the previous administration that it does on the current administration that all of these terrible things
3:44 pm
were going on inside the white house on foreign trips. under the previous administration. that said, the president does have a habit of crossing the street without looking both ways. but it works for him. and i think the accusations that this guy is not qualified to run such a large, complex organization. my goodness, who is? the previous person in that spot had a lot of experience with management and he was a disaster. that goes to the nature, if you ask me come out of the whole problem of the federal government today. we have these agencies that are completely ungovernable. >> that's the conversation i think a confirmation hearing should be about, right? it's not going to be, at least for now, because of the fact that the white house student about the guy and these other allegations are popping up. it goes to your point, right, they are not looking both ways before they cross the street. they are creating -- >> bret: this is not accurate.
3:45 pm
let's listen to senator tester, another sound bite in his interview where he is laying out these allegations. >> he hands out prescriptions like candy. in the white house, they call him the candyman. comments about him being in the hotel room and couldn't respond because he had been drinking so much. the stuff happened mostly during the eight years of president obama. i don't think president obama was aware of the stuff or he wouldn't have tolerated it if it was true. >> bret: so which one is that, they call him the candyman? october 2016, the president writes "ronnie does a great job, genuine enthusiasm, poise under pressure, incredible work ethic. ronnie continues to inspire confidence. continue to promote ahead of peers. which one is it? either they don't know or they know. >> i don't usually try to get angry on tv but i actually do
3:46 pm
feel a sense of deep concern and anger at some of this because i broke that stupid story on sunday. they had deep concerns about him in the white house, on the hill. his confirmation were was in p. the reason i wrote it that way is not because i didn't know what the allegations were. i knew what they were. but i don't know if they are true. i have no earthly idea if they are true or not. i'm not just going to go, it's alleged, and i am hearing that this guy did all of these terrible things, x, y, and z. because i have no idea if it's true or not. clearly neither does jon tester. it's a problem. >> bret: the white house says they called him the candyman but may be president obama didn't know about it because he wrote these glowing -- at the end of the administration. there is a disconnect here. clearly this is a guy who has
3:47 pm
a sterling reputation, a lot at stake. we saw the somewhat humorous response from president trump when he was asked about whether he stood behind ronny jackson and he said i don't know if i would go forward with it if i were him. in washington speak, everyone was like oh, he is not backing ronny jackson. >> bret: that's exactly what i said. >> but if you think about donald trump and the way he reacts and, he doesn't speak washington speak. he was just trying to say you have this good guy getting dragged through the mud. he looks great in a uniform. i don't know why -- and then he had that moment -- >> he also said it's going to be up to ronny jackson to decide whether or not the confirmation goes forward. i agree with you, the first might be lighthearted and fun but that's a pretty clear thing to say only ronny jackson will decide whether or not it goes forward. that's less of a ringing endorsement. that's the president saying you've got an exit ramp.
3:48 pm
i'm going to stay hands-off because none of us know what's going on. you don't know what's going on because you didn't check. >> bret: i will leave it there because we could talk about this for a long time. next avenue, new polls to review about how the president is doing. keep it here. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. looking for a hotel that fits... whoooo. ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor. i'm not really a, i thought wall street guy.ns. what's the hesitation? eh, it just feels too complicated, you know? well sure, at first, but jj can help you with that. jj, will you break it down for this gentleman? hey, ian. you know, at td ameritrade, we can walk you through your options trades step by step until you're comfortable. i could be up for that.
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♪ >> i am just really thankful that i won. would it be nice if i had won buy more? of course but a win is a win and i'm the nest congresswoman for congressional district 8, and that's awesome. >> republicans have a reason to be worried. i am a lot worried. lesko deserves credit for winning but she didn't beat the spread. >> bret: that was all the talk. arizona and the special election last night. debbie lesko winning but really only winning by five points.
3:52 pm
if you look at the 2016 election, president trump winning in that same district by 18 points. so what does this tell us about anything? the presidential approval numbers are out. new fox news poll out tonight and the job performance roughly about where it was. 44%, down a tick and you are seeing a change, not much, over the past year. hovering around those same numbers. back with the panel. you listen to a lot of channels today, is it evidence of the democratic wave? how do you take it? speak up you have to look at the special elections together and what they are telling us about the moment. and every special election since president trump took office, democrats have beat the spread by a law. if you are going into trump plus 20 districts when winning by single digits, what does it look like in those trump even
3:53 pm
districts or plus two. democrats are beating the spread everywhere you go. congressional special elections, virginia house of delegates. they went to being down to the dead even. there is something happening out there. we are democrats, we have every ability to mess it up. we have done that before. but you've got to believe that the wind is at their backs right now. this is the latest data point. >> bret: it doesn't really track with the generic ballot question. seeing in the special elections. the fox bull 2, opening of the democratic and republican parties. the democratic party has a bit of an advantage here, but not that much. >> obviously these are special elections, it's all very strange. without any doubt, there is an enthusiasm on the democratic side that we have not seen in a long time and it's real, and republicans better be braced for
3:54 pm
it. they better pick good candidates and really a lot of money. i do think it's also worth pointing out that in this particular race trent franks had not had an opponent since the last two cycles. >> bret: left amid controversy. >> exactly. it sort of a weird voter population to try to glean too much out of. without a doubt, republicans better be on their toes. >> bret: house balance of power, democrats need to flip 23 seats. 43 republicans not up for either they are running for another seat, retiring, resigning, including the house speaker. >> you right it's not as bad as it was in december when democrats had a 12-point advantage. now it's anywhere between 5 and between 5 and 7. reporting says if there's a seven-point advantage, that's enough. probably be enough for democrats to take the house. we are right in the zone that's
3:55 pm
going to give democrats what they need to take the house. all i know is they are really worried in leadership. they are worried on the hill. they are universally worried. people around the town starting to worry about the senate in the way they weren't. >> bret: very close in the senate. better map for republicans on the senate side but still pretty close. we like to track it. we have a long time between now and then. thank you. when we come back, unemotional day on the baseball field for members of congress. at a comfort inn with a glow taround them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows?
3:56 pm
just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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ancestrydna has 5x more detail ...and it's now on sale for just $59. it can lead you on an unexpec ted journey... discover your heritage. get ancestrydna for just $59. the lowest price of the year. ♪ >> bret: finally tonight members of the republican congressional baseball team returned to the field last night. it was the first time many of those numbers have been back since last year's shooting that wounded congressman steve soliz and three others. this morning, the team took some time to reflect on that horrific
3:59 pm
day. >> today is an emotional day. lester i was on this field, i was standing right behind home plate at that fateful moment when the gun opened fire. it was probably one of the worst days of my life. >> the capitol police of the reason why we are here today. otherwise it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel. >> sometimes you start wondering, is this a really bad dream? >> it is important to show continuity and show that our team is not intimidated. >> baseball is great, play ball and may god bless all of us. >> bret: great stuff, play ball. thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. we'll see you tomorrow for my interview live on-site with former fbi director james comey. believe it or not, there's a lot to ask him. he has a book out.
4:00 pm
"the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. i'm asking you for questions. >> martha: we are looking forward to that tomorrow. thanks a lot. breaking tonight on this story, the man who cracked the case of the golden state killer today, making an arrest after searching for that man for more than 40 years. his unbelievable story is live here moments away. but first, 292 nominees are waiting for senate confirmation and now the logjam may be starting to break. good evening everybody, i martha maccallum and we might be expecting mike pompeo to get his vote for secretary tomorrow. the president wants them on a plane to brussels tomorrow for a meeting at nato. two men that helped make that happen are here tonight. one equally and one somewhat reluctantly.


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