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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 26, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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you will be inspired by this young man. most-watched, most trusted and grateful you spend the evening with us, shannon bream, see you tomorrow night for fox news at night. >> thursday, april 26, 2018, the hunt for a cop killer expanded. >> we have issued a nationwide alert, the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. >> authorities in may launch a dragnet after a deputy is killed. cold case cracked decades after his reign of terror, police same at the golden state killer. who he is and how he pled -- managed to hide in plain sight all these years. donald trump and kanye west turn twitter on its head.
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the hip-hop star challenging liberals and they are not taking it too well. welcome to 2018 and welcome to "fox and friends first," it begins right now. ♪ >> good morning, i am todd pyro in for todd childers, the area, thanks for joining us this thursday morning, straight to our top story, armed and dangerous, the urgent hunt for cop killer nationwide, this man wanted for gunning down a
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sheriff's deputy, cpl. eugene call was a 13 year veteran of the force in somerset county, maine. 's murder the day after two officers were ambushed, one of them killed. let's get to jackie ibanez, what do we know? >> police on the lookout for this man, john williams. they say the 29 unit guns down eugene calls in the early hours yesterday morning in maine just north of augusta. williams drove to a nearby convenience store and robbed it. police releasing this video capturing him from inside the stolen car. he abandoned the car nearby and has not been seen since. >> many times we say there was not an ongoing threat but that is not the case today. there certainly is an ongoing public threat. he is considered armed and dangerous. >> he had been on the force for 13 years, he leaves behind us on. >> he was an outstanding
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employee, one of the finest deputies you would want to meet. >> this attack a day after two officers were shot at a dallas home depot, one of them killed. he died from his injuries after police say armando warrants shot him in the back of the floor for trying to make an arrest. >> he was an amazing young man. is what the citizens expect. his family raised him right. >> the other officer is surprising doctors in her recovery after being shot in the face, although she still hasn't been able to speak. the war on cops escalating across the country, 22 officers have been shot and killed so far this year, more than double from the same time last year. dallas officers joined the force
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the same day and graduated the academy together. >> we are not even four months into 2018, the senate finally said to confirm mike pompeo is a terrific of the cia director entr'acte get 55 years votes with support from across the aisle. >> 5 democrats have come on board, should have been a lot more, this nomination shouldn't have been so contentious but nevertheless we have the votes and he will be confirmed tomorrow and be able to get started on representing our country abroad. >> the nomination move forward after rand paul switched his vote to yes. fresh off the heels of the visit with the french president the white house preparing to host the german chancellor, angela merkel arrived in washington dc today to discuss trade and the iran nuclear deal, french president emmanuel macro the and wrapping up his visit with the prediction the us will pull out of the iran agreement. >> seems to me is not very much
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eager to defend it. do i take it personally? no. the campaign commitment he took a long time ago. >> donald trump must decide on the iran deal by may 12th. than it was number of donald trump's legal team is tackling the mueller investigation head on. new york city mayor and us atty. rudy giuliani met with special counsel to discuss the potential of an interview with the president. giuliani joined the legal team last week with the goal of bringing the mueller probe to a end. the leaked comey memos that sparked the council investigation were more widely shared than we first thought sources telling fox news james comey likely gave the information to us atty. gen. or us attorney patrick fitzgerald and possibly another person in addition to a law professor comey has admitted giving the
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most friends to kickstart the mueller probe. fitzgerald is not responded to fox's request for comment. get this. a big break in one of the worst unsolved murders brise in us history. the so-called golden state killer suspect who terrorized california for decades finally behind bars this morning. more on this cold case breakthrough. >> i'm shocked. >> neighbors reacting to the news former police officer, 72-year-old joseph james d'angelo is suspected of being an elusive serial killer who police a terrorized california in the 70s and 80s committing 12 homicides, 45 rapes and dozens of burglaries. >> kind of crazy because i live behind him my entire life. >> authorities say d'angelo was the golden state codes of the original night stalker. he wasn't considered a suspect until 6 days ago, that is when police made a major breakthrough
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using dna. >> we knew we were looking for a needle in a haystack. we also knew that the needle was there. >> reporter: d'angelo worked for two police stations in a 70s. >> he was coming crimes during the time he was employed as a peace officer and we will look at whether it was on the job. >> reporter: his brother and sister-in-law were beaten to death by the golden state killer. for him the arrest means a step closer to justice for the victims. >> time for the victims to begin to heal. so long overdue. >> reporter: d'angelo was arrested on tuesday and is held on suspicion of at least four homicides. >> hours from arizona teachers expect to walk out of class in a protest that could keep hundreds of thousands of students out of school indefinitely after educators voted to strike for
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more educational funding and a 20% raise. schools in colorado will be closed as thousands of teachers march to the state capital, demanding more state funding. donald trump's travel been in the hands of the supreme court, several justices siding with the administrator request to reverse a lower court ruling that struck down the ban, barring travel from 7 countries, many of them with muslim majority's. it is in effect since december, a ruling is expected by late june. the white house as they are quotemac prepared for anything after donald trump meets with his pick to head the va. the pres. suggested adm. ronnie jackson specified, he created a hostile workplace and overprescribed drugs but the white house still taking his side. >> dr. jackson's reppert has been impeccable because dr.
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jackson has worked within arms reach of three pres.s, receives more vetting than most nominees, very thorough investigation and vetting process taking place. heather: halfhearted suggestion by the pres. senators postponed the confirmation hearing until they can investigate. former pres. george hw bush moving out of the icu, to a regular patient room, alert and talking, more focused on the houston rockets, florida governor jeb bush saying his dad is a fighter. >> the guy is stronger than an ox. hope you will pray for my dad. i'm not objective about this, totally biased but i believe he's the greatest man alive and wanting to stay alive a little bit longer. >> bush was hospitalized for a lot but infection after laying his wife, barbara bush, to rest. 9 minutes after the hour, 1-on-1 with an elite law-enforcement
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team hunting the worst of the worst. >> whether it be ms 13, these gangster eyes our communities. >> we have been man hunters since 1789 and the best in the world at it. >> us marshals making america's borders safe again, the inside reporting you will only see right here. here we go again. a closet for stressed-out students. don't they know this is the easiest time of their life? a quiet place to cry when "fox and friends first" on thursday morning returns.
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>> welcome back, taking on ms 13 and other violent gangs operating on our southern border, fox news getting an exclusive look at the undercover
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product called operation triple beam. julian turner gives us a front row seat. >> this is a 1-stop shop. >> the us marshals service invited fox news to join the hunt for the worst of the worst. gang leaders, drug dealers, fugitives and human traffickers. today's target, 3 murder suspects, mission accomplished. >> commercial's job is to grab the body. we have been man hunters in 1789, best in the world that it. >> kind of like federal sheriff and constable all rolled into one. >> us marshals are running operation triple beam, joint effort with state and local police to take down major gangs that proliferate along the border including ms 13, the 59 bounty hunters and tango blacks. they on the border region to
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generate revenue anyway they can, selling drugs, illegal firearms and sex trafficking. >> we have high numbers on the border. >> the world's most dangerous gangs consider the us-mexico border their home turf and the marshals expect the operation in a single secret location to produce several hundred arrests. innocence what the marshals bring from city to city. and the strategy has yielded some major results over time. more than 6000 arrests, the seizure of 1500 illegal firearms, more than $1.5 million in cash and $6 million of narcotics. fox news on the scene as this crack must went down in the parking lot known to be a favorite spot for dealers was the acting director explains the initiative spread across the country in order to route out gang members wherever they are. the goal is simple and straightforward, protect americans in cities and towns where they live. >> whether his ms 13 or others they are terrorizing our
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community. >> marshals office claim they try to stay outside washington politics. the deputy director says his focus is on what communities need and if marshals execute without focusing on citizenship status of the people they protect. they are just in it to get the bad guys. julian turner, fox news. >> the governor of new york insulting the agency, dir. thomas homan accusing andrew cuomo of grandstanding for these comments following an ice raid. >> we believe ice is violating the law. we will put them on notice if they continue. because the state has the responsibility for upholding the constitutional rights of the people who live in new york. >> homan calling those remarks and insult to ice's sworn law enforcement officer to conduct a mission professionally and with integrity. in itself owners slamming for
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not signing colin kaepernick after donald trump took on and some protest in october. eric reed who knelt beside him during the and some saying quotemac i feel he was out to dry. nobody stepped up and said we support his right to do this. we let him become public enemy number one. owners still face a grievance from the unemployed colin kaepernick claiming they are colluding against him. 250 other players will be available in the nfl draft. the first lady spending a few weeks in new york but it is not what you might think, mme. trussell unveiling a new wax figure of milania trump, standing behind the wax donald trump in a replica of the oval office. it will move to dc in june. today is her birthday. happy birthday to the first
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lady. it is 15 minutes after the hour, praising the president, a budding romance between kanye west and donald trump. the rap singer's bizarre twitter rant throwing his support behind the commander in chief, reaction flooding social media. correlation curse who are referred to as dragon blood here to share at all. dragon blood. ♪ you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. todd: praising the pres. kanye hands processing his love for donald trump on twitter. correlation kiss here with the
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rap singer's wildland. i can't get enough of this. >> the elements, so many different portions to the story. everyone is reacting to it and he did dive head first into the world of politics yesterday by throwing his support behind donald trump. he sent a series of rapidfire tweets yesterday and even at one point called the pres. his brother tweeting you don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not let him. we are both dragon energy. he is my brother, i love everyone. i don't agree with everything anyone does. that makes us individuals and we have the right to independent thought. that generated a response from the pres. who said thank you, very cool. kanye west also addressed the democratic party saying he does love hillary clinton also but took a jab at former pres. barack obama, he was in office
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for eight years and nothing in chicago changed. if there was any question over how kanye really feels about the pres. he also tweet these pictures of him in his make america great again hat. the pres. responded to those tweets with a simple make america great again. in 2016 kanye west was hospitalized for exhaustion and his tweet storm called into question his mental health status, his wife, kim kardashian defended them on twitter saying he is a freethinker, is that not allowed in america? because of his ideas differ from yours you have to throw the mental health card, that is just not fair. he has been himself which is very expressive. it looks like he still wants to run for president because he also tweet the year 2024. >> i haven't thought that much about kanye ever. this is wild. can do so when has been on "fox and friends," we talked a lot about this controversy, she had
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some interesting comments about the kanye west donald trump controversy. >> they have enslaved our minds, they told us who we must love, who we must hate, what we must think about what ideas are an acceptable and it doesn't add up. kanye west thinks differently. if he and i get in the same room we will have a lot of disagreements but one thing we will celebrate is our right to think differently. i don't understand what is so controversial for the left to understand this. they have demonized him in the last 72 hours, almost sickening but will have adverse effects, i will guarantee you that. >> kanye west did come's defense. >> her opinion is very important and speaking of opinions, everybody has one on social media. look at the viewer reactions was paul on twitter says he is his brother, the sooner we realize
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we need to work together, some powerful stuff is going to happen. there is a different perspective, coming together, that is never a bad thing, that is how to come up with that third idea, not mine, not yours, when that is best for all. now my father won't cringe when i plays music. conservative millennial problems. conservatives love this. it is a win for the republican party to see somebody from the hip-hop world come to the pres.'s defense. i have a feeling some of his fans feel differently. >> it is all about refuting the mob mentality, think for yourself. >> that is what he is trying to say. >>, shimkus thinks for herself. >> let's have a dose of dragon energy. >> clinking to life, the parent of alfie evans refusing to leave his side. we are live outside the hospital
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in liverpool. the caravan of migrants at our border claiming to be asylum-seekers but are they? mexico offered asylum so are they motivated just by money? our next guest, an economist, says illegal immigration like this cost you billions. he blames democrats. >> we deliver strong opinions and the viewers expect that. they know with me they would get a straight shooter, knowles bard, i'm not going to cut people's lack but i love to be fair. there's room for real debate and really respect the traditions that made this country great.
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>> back with a fox news alert armed and dangerous, nationwide manhunt for cop killer intensifies after a sheriff deputy is going down, his cruiser stolen. john williams killed cpl. eugene call in maine in nearly hours of yesterday morning. police all over the country told to be on alert. >> many times we are able to say there is not an ongoing threat but that is not the case today. there certainly is an ongoing public threat. he is considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: cpl. call was a 13 year veteran of the force leaves behind us on, this attack one day after two officers were shot at a dallas home depot. the officer died from his injuries trying to arrest suspects armando warez. the other officer, crystal, was shot in the face but surprising doctors with how she's recovering. little alfie evans fighting for
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his life this morning despite efforts to receive karana vatican hospital. the uk court ruling against new arguments aim to overturn a decision that prevented a terminally ill toddler from leaving britain. sky news outside the hospital in liverpool with the latest. frazier, good morning. >> reporter: another legal avenue was closed to alfie evans's parents, another appeal rejected meaning they have been to every high court in the country, the european court of human rights, rejected at each, they have appealed against those and rejected again so alfie's father, tom, questions whether to continue down the legal route because there are legal options available, they go back to the court of human rights but at the
1:32 am
moment his concern is showing signs of improvement, the family being very positive about alfie's condition, he doesn't need to be in intensive care anymore. he is lying on a bed with oxygen and the rest is all him. some people say it is not a miracle but a misdiagnosis. alfie may be allowed home in the next couple days. >> reporter: thank you very much. todd: the senate expected to confirm mike "america's nightly scoreboard" pompeo today but if democrats interfere it could put north korean negotiations in danger. douglas later live with on what is at stake. >> reporter: this will all start coming together later this morning, we think mike pompeo will be confirmed as secretary of state but getting there has not been easy. a lot of democratic opposition coming down to the wire here.
1:33 am
>> 5 democrats of come on board. should have been a lot more. this nomination shouldn't have been so contentious but we have the votes and he will be confirmed tomorrow and get started representing our country abroad. >> reporter: most democrats will oppose pompeo, even many who voted for his confirmation as cia director and chuck schumer says pompeo is a bad pick. >> i don't doubt the president could nominate someone with the right experience, the right values and the right commitment to our core national principles to earn my vote to be secretary of state but i do not believe mr. pompeo has those qualities so i will be voting no for his nomination. i you'll before. >> the context is important. the white house is gearing up for a possible meeting between
1:34 am
donald trump and kim jong un and pompeo met with kim jong un to help facilitate that for the president. >> he wants to have the ability to sit down and have these conversations and in that process they have been open with their willingness to denuclearize and that has been the focus. >> this week a critical test for that summit is kim is expected to cross over into south korea to meet with south korea's president. >> thank you. the first of several busloads of illegal immigrants arriving at america's doorstep as the migrants caravan nears the end of its march from central america to our southern border. they say they're here for asylum, mexico extended it to many of them but are they really motivated by asylum or money? what does illegal immigration cost us taxpayers? peter moricci is a professor at the university of maryland school of business with joins us with more on this and i will ask you, is it clear to you there
1:35 am
keeping asylum in mexico to come here for our taxpayer-funded benefits? >> it is clear they are coming here for asylum and the benefits of being in america and part of that of these taxpayer-funded benefits. they will get a better education then they came from. more than half of america's immigrant population is on some kind of means tested program. about half of the immigrants have hardly a high school education if that, they pose an enormous drain on public schools and the public welfare system and pull down the wages of ordinary working americans. >> in your estimation what is the cost to the us, federal, state and local taxpayers? the number we have is $116 billion a year but do you see different costs? >> that is a cost that can be calculated for means tested benefits and all that but on top
1:36 am
of that think about the problems it creates in public schools. in fairfax county, virginia, there are 50 different languages spoken and resources they are diverting from native americans for their education and consequences for them in the job market. when the public school system is completely distracted by these kinds of problems it is very difficult to provide a quality program for the people it was put there for. >> in your estimation what should be done? >> these people should be turned back. of mexico wants to let them pass through their territory than it ought to keep them. the second thing is we need to finally reform the immigration system so we don't have chain immigration, get rid of the lottery system. the canadians and australians face similar problems and are very strict, you have to bring a skill the country needs, half of
1:37 am
our immigrants qualify that way and those are people that should be getting it. todd: what happens with the migrants caravan? >> >> how to what donald trump will do about anything but if they get across the border it will be hard to send them back. >> always a pleasure, thanks for getting up early and giving us great insight, appreciate it, 37 minutes after the are, senate race in west virginia gets downright vicious. >> your new jersey approach of trying to interrupt, why don't you let me finish? >> i take offense to that jersey approach. the war of words reached epic levels in the mountain state, not so happy hour, where you can get bounced out of the bar just for wearing a make america great again had. ♪
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>> republican primary turning vicious in west virginia's senate race, things got heated between the republican candidate ahead of the fox news hosted debate. >> it was strange to see a hat supporting tom willis on the debate stage because tom willis wasn't wearing it. he wasn't even invited. and to the was worn by don blankenship who never took it off. >> is a veteran, a good guy who deserves an equal chance. >> now blankenship's latest attack on the establishment is raising eyebrows because the former coal baron who did a year in jail on a misdemeanor on the disaster the 29 is talking about the affinity of labor secretary elaine chao, the wife of mitch mcconnell. >> i have an issue when the father-in-law is a wealthy counter person and a lot of
1:42 am
connections. >> reporter: a fox news poll finds blankenship trails congressman jenkins and atty. gen. patrick morrissey. >> seconds is a frog, spent 20 years as a career april democrat supporting nancy pelosi, john kerry, rallying for hillary clinton. >> bob morrissey locked horns with jenkins over regulations. >> make sure you have your facts. >> your new jersey approach of trying to interrupt, why don't you let me finish? >> jenkins reminds republicans morrissey ran for congress in new jersey at the turn-of-the-century and denigrates morrissey as someone with new jersey values. >> i called him out in a fun way at the debate last night because he was just as pushy, kind of jersey values approach, jersey through and through by his own admission.
1:43 am
>> in the mountain state not much love for the garden state and candidates running out of time to change voters minds because early voting is underway, that means some west virginians have heard enough and are casting ballots that cannot be swayed in the next 2 weeks by controversial comments or expensive attack ads. >> a lot of jersey hate. from jersey to arizona, foxbusiness, the e. coli outbreak linked to tainted romaine lettuce is growing. dozens of new cases, this is scary. >> reporter: 31 new cases of this traced back to that tainted letter from yuma, arizona bringing the total to 84 cases of e. coli and also spread the 19 states, colorado, georgia and south dakota have been added to that list. you can see the other states there. the cdc hasn't traced it back to
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an exact grow or distributor, just from the arizona region so it is best not to eat lettuce from that region. >> it is easier to get your heat on at disney these days. >> this something you don't hear often, something free from disney world but when you put your magic away vacation package, 5 nights, 6 days at one of the disney world resorts, you can get a free dining package, there is on your screen, two options to choose from but each package comes with two meals and two snacks per person per day per trip. book is by july 7th and there are some restrictions on when you can use it but free is free. >> looking at the mom, she probably thinks it was built in. speaking of getting your eat on it is a day i am hosting so we have some. explain why. >> these are the krispy kreme lemon glazed donuts. in january there was a vote
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report pizza choose blueberry, maple, caramel or lemon glazed. this is what people have chosen, lemon glazed which we will try them from krispy kreme only available through this sunday. it is not permanent. >> the lemon as you open it up is very good. >> is pulling it. >> for some reason the lemon makes you feel healthier. >> it is not bad. i'm not a lemon hater but when i hear lemon doughnut i thought it would be filled with lemon cream which takes it up a notch. >> this is a healthy doughnut, dainty. >> it is delicious. >> interest in conversation. >> if you eat donuts before you don't gain any weight. >> the panel is mocking me, i'm going to go to commercial and eat. 45 minutes after the. a restaurant owner refusing to back down despite facing $1000 in fines for flying flags in
1:46 am
honor of our fallen officers. >> honoring fallen heroes, military and law enforcement, the names of the fallen heroes on the buildings are not coming down. >> that owner joins us with his stern message to the city. crybaby closets. the university offering stressed-out snowflakes a quiet place to cry. ♪
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>> welcome back. restaurant understanding his groundwater fallen police officers. johnny brand said city officials sent him a letter telling him
1:50 am
the flags outside the statehouse violate zoning ordinances and fined him $1000 for flying them but brand says they are not coming down and he joins me live now. thanks for getting up with us, appreciate it. what is the city telling you? >> the city had a complaint filed, i respect that, they told me i have to have the flag and the sign on the building down by march 8th. it is long past then and they are not coming down. if i lose it it doesn't matter. i wasn't going to file an appeal why waste the money? i'm not going to take them down if i lose it. a lot of the officers in grand rapids around the area had ago fund the account set up for me, certainly wasn't expected.
1:51 am
that money will go to to -- been blueline. >> we have ago fund be paid on our screen right now. obviously this site is personal to you. why? >> the flags represent families, heroes that i know. we don't want our son forgotten, that was consistent among all of them. i will do my part and stands with wonderful people. a shirt on now, a police officer killed in the line of duty, went to protect, lost his life in the line of duty, god bless him. all the law enforcement in the united states should get more respect, more support by elected
1:52 am
officials and more money should be appropriated through equipment, and 75 less officers than we did 10 days ago, that is absolutely ludicrous, no one is standing up and taking the lead to make headway. todd: the other end of this 22 offices killed in the line of duty. we are not out of april yet. what is going for your head? >> every time i see the news, lost an officer, fallen hero, we lost two in dallas, one -- can't
1:53 am
remember, in the last -- >> the one officer in dallas fighting for her life. >> i heard different. and he wasn't going to make it. he is fighting for his life. and they protect us. doesn't matter who you are or what time it is. they risk their lives every day to do the job. spouses worried about them and i sleep alone, so you can sleep safe. law enforcement and military are vital. the signs are staying up -- todd: thank you for getting up early and telling your story.
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>> group slammed for snubbing the first lady on facebook, the democratic party in texas cropping milania's picture out of a picture of barbara bush's funeral, pres. obama and both the bushes along with hillary clinton, michelle obama and milania trump. the edited version posted by accident. opposing the president to get you thrown out of a bar in new york city, the judge ruling against a man who said he was kicked out of place called the happiest hour for wearing a mag a hat, it offended his sense of being an american, they ruled only religious, not political beliefs are protected under discrimination laws. snowflakes taking stress prevention to a new level. across closet available to students at the university of
1:59 am
utah during finals week. >> i say what is that? >> great place to decompress and that is what it is for. >> all this decompression. a small pop up room features a few simple rules, one person at a time and you can't stay longer than ten minutes which are viewers reacting on social media, celebrates college kids are going to turn into adult toddlers instead of a productive adult. to weighing into the get a blank he too? ryan says sums up the meaning of snowflake. he will soon be able to get wasted away again, it will happen in new york city. the jimmy buffett resort and franchise coming to the heart of times square, the 29th story, 234 room space will feature shopping, rooftop pool and several restaurants, the $300 million project is expected to
2:00 am
open in late 2020. i didn't have anything to drink before that. "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> certainly is an ongoing public threat, considered armed and dangerous. todd: a cold-blooded killer on the run. happening right now a manhunt intensifying for the suspect to guns down a deputy in maine, one day after two officers were shot in dallas. the shocking new numbers showing how bad the war on cops has become. jillian: mike pompeo taking over as secretary of state of the white house issues a stern warning to deck democrats. north korea peace talks on the line. todd: a budding romance, kanye west's wild twitter ranch supporting donald trump,


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