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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 26, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rob: if i don't complain, no one is going to know what show this is. >> seriously, thank you pretzel factory. national pretzel day. have a great day, everyone. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. >> sources claiming that fired fbi director james comey may have now in fact leaked hits private memos to multiple individuals. >> i see no credible claim by any serious person that that violated the law. i think mr. comey's troubles in his 15-page memorandum, which were rather lengthy suicide note, is committing suicide publicly every day. >> mike pompeo primed to take over as secretary of state. the crucial vote happening today as the white house issued a strong warning to object destructionist democrats. >> we will be confirming him. we have the votes. rob ron humidity for a cop killer expanding nationwide this morning. this man wanted for gunning down sheriff's deputy and stealing his cruiser. >> rapper kanye west did
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something stunning on twitter. support for president trump. you don't have to agree with trump. the mob cannot make me not love him. >> the one thing we will celebrate is our right to think differential, i don't understand what's so controversial for the left to understand. this. steve: is that the music they are listening to at the white house right now? ainsley: probably they are this week. steve: that's kanye west. flashing lights. the lights are flashing on the camera. good morning, "fox & friends." this a show unlike any we have ever done before. we have never had a sitting president of the united states phone us at 8:00, the president, donald trump is going to do what he used to do back in the day when he used to call us every monday morning at 7:00. only this time it's going to
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be on thursday at 8:00 a.m. brian: i wonder does he know the number? it's the same number. steve: triple 8 tell fox. ainsley: brian, what is that number in case he forgot. tell the folks at home. brian: we give him a special number and if this goes well. and it probably will. try to find a slot with him every thursday. steve: i don't know, we are kind of busy. it is national pretzel day. brian: i take that back. we will see what we can do. steve: if you have a question. ainsley: yes, if you have any questions, sorry. i interrupted you. i'm sorry. if you have any questions send them in at and we will ask him some of those. there is so much to talk about. we played kanye. more news about kanye. first, we want to tell you about james comey and those famous memos, we are getting word now through catherine herridge our intelligence correspondent down in washington that there might have been more people that he shared those memos with. more leaking, more
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individuals. brian: in fact, one of them is patrick fitzgerald. he is thought lawyer for james comey because he needs a lawyer because of those memos. there might be a third individual besides daniel richman, the columbia professor, who we find out now was working for free for the fbi, perhaps, with a top security clearance. this is getting ridiculous in terms of what we didn't know before this book came out. steve: he is on this book tour. apparently he told 600,000 of those books. that's a big number. i think he went over to cnn yesterday to do the town hall with anderson cooper and he thought it was going to be really easy. anderson cooper actually was very good at trying to pin him down about leaking these memos. anderson thinks he leaked memos. we think he leaked memos. mr. comey, not so much. listen. >> you did leak memos. is it okay for somebody at the fbi to leak internal
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document even if it's not classified was that leaking. >> there is a whole lot wrong with your question; i didn't leak memos, i intentionally gave this information to a friend intending that it be out in the media. i wanted it to get in the media. as a private citizen i could do that and did that just asry written about it into n. my book. brian: private citizen with documents that you wrote when you were the fbi director. there's a difference. he said i clarify -- and he said i will just paraphrase. i look at leaks that were classified that go out into the open. that's a leak as opposed to telling information to the press not using your name to come out. his definition of a leak, i think is where bret baier will pick up the ball tonight when he speaks to him. ainsley: bret is interviewing him today. brian: most of the town hall were layups. young people saying how bad president trump is and how great you are anderson
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cooper does a good job with follow-ups. steve: i gave that to my friend as we told you yesterday catherine honorable's other information was that the friend was actually an fbi employee, dr. daniel richman. mr. comey gave him special government employee status. sge where he had security clearance. he had a building pass. so this was not just a friend. this was somebody that he knew he could trust to leak that information to the big papers. ainsley: sounds like he was cushioning it so that he wouldn't get in trouble. this guy's attorney. it could be the client attorney privilege. this guy, james comey, gave him fbi special government employee status. he is also a friend we will see where this goes. rudy giuliani, the president's new attorney appointed last week. he goes in front of robert mueller in washington. >> they have a meeting face to face to start negotiating. robert mueller is investigating if there was collusion with the president
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and with russia. and they are trying to negotiate because mueller really wants to sit down with our president. he says i can't end this investigation until i sit down with him. rudy says the president might do it. is he hesitant but he might do it. brian: before the raid it seems on michael cohen, who was the president's personal attorney for years on four different locations in which he worked and somewhere he lived president saying i want to sit down but john dowd doesn't want me to. they disagree on a bunch of things. mainly that now, this time it looks as though after that raid, the president different approach to it i'm not cooperating with this guy. rudy giuliani who says he has known robert mueller for decades sat down. some characterize it as a feeling out period, a feeling out session. steve: absolutely. to see what mr. mueller had in mind and mr. giuliani wanted to tell him what he had in mind. keep in mind, as well. when rude wawhen rudy was going.
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he said i can get this russia thing wrapped up in a week or two. are we any closer? stay tuned. if you were on line yesterday and looking at twitter account and a lot of you don't so you probably saw it on other media. kanye west officially melted the internet when he the day before was talking to a friend who was one of the djs at hot 97 in new york. the dj went on the air and says kanye really loves the president of the united states. and yesterday, he doubled down via twitter. ainsley: he said you don't have to agree with trump. but the mob can't make me not love him. we are both dragon energy. i love everyone. i don't agree with what everything anyone does. that's what makes us individuals. and we have the right to independent thought. steve: what is dragon energy. ainsley: they have fire in their belly.
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brian: different than the five hour energy. kanye tweets out i don't agree with everything he does but i like the guy. remember when steve harvey came out and said something similar. i met with the president. nice to know what he is thinking and tell him what i was thinking. respect each other ♪ steve: shania twain this week she was asked with her upcoming album if you could have voted in the american election last time, would you? and she said yes. and then she got so much blow back she caved. kanye did not cave. in fact then he tweeted out a picture of his make america great again hat which was signed by the president. he also tweeted out another picture and look at all those fire emogis. he tweeted out a picture of him wearing the hat with a couple of music execs and then the president of the united states retweeted it and said thank you, kanye. very cool. brian: right. so this was back and forth about 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday. kim kardashian went to bass bat
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for her husband who she doesn't agree with president trump. he is a free thinker? that not allowed in america? question mark. that's exactly the thought you think of when you see some of the celebrities step up that go against the grain. the blow back they get, there are people around them say listen, commercially, we can't afford for you to come out and say what you think about the president if it's indeed popular. chance the rapper, i'm not pretending i know the rap community as well as steve and ainsley but evidently famous. black people don't have to be democrats, which is the point that stephen a. smith said about two years ago to a college audience. ainsley: i think this is great. brian: make people earn your vote. ainsley: we can have different opinions like kanye said. that is what makes america wonderful. you don't are to agree with everyone. you don't have to hate someone because they think differently. that's where the society has taken us. look at shania, she answered the question. she made the president
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supporters happy with that. then she said i wish i hadn't done that i wish i hadn't answered the question the so now she makes his supporters mad. so now everyone is mad at her. steve: once upon a time it used to be okay to give your point of view. ainsley: and still be liked. steve: jason whitlock from fox sports one had this observation about what happened yesterday betwixt kanye and potus. >> i think he's probably trying to inspire african-americans to have a more open mind about politics. and to be less demonizing of people we disagree with. we're all flawed. our president is flawed, but that doesn't mean we should -- it's an effective strategy to write that person off or to write that side of politics off. there is no competition for the black vote right now. >> right. >> and there has been none for 50 or 60 years. i think we should look around at other ethnic groups and other groups of people. they make people compete for their vote and politics tend
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to help them and move them forward while we're not experiencing the same thing. brian: a lot of it is production' fault because the republicans don't try. they say we're not going to do that or that's an urban community. we're going to lose that city. we're going to lose that county. i never understood why they feel that wait a minute go in there and find out what the african-american voter needs. find out what the concerns are by the way, it's hard to blanket. everyone is different. everyone has different opinions. republicans don't put it on their target list that by the way it starts with them. steve: when donald trump was running for president, he was very interested in that demographic and talked about how they had been so poorly served in the past. >> so anyway, we are going to talk to the president about kanye and include some of your questions as well on this busy thursday telecast. brian: the president should serve them. offer those programs out there because he promised to do it. the unemployment numbers are down. they are trending the right way. let's see the programs and then it will be game on on election day.
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ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you. let's start with a fox news alert right now. a nationwide manhunt from the man who gunned down a sheriff's deputy in cold blood. police say john williams killed kohl in maine and stole his cop car. >> many times we are able to say there is not an aoun going threat. that's not the case today there certainly is a ongoing public threat. is he considered armed and dangerous. jillian: kohl was a 13 year veteran of the department. he leaves behind a son and sheriff's deputy. kohl's murder comes one day after two officers were shot. and one was killed. a meeting between president trump and his pick to lead the v.a. according to reports admiral ronny jackson did not discuss withdrawing his nomination but did say he was frustrated with unverified allegations against him. the white house is standing by jackson. >> dr. jackson's record as a
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white house physician has been impeccable. in fact, because dr. jackson has worked within arm's reach within three presidents he has received vetting than most nominees. very thorough investigation and vetting process has taken place. jillian: jackson is facing allegations of being drunk, crashing a car and overprescribing drugs. president trump's personal lawyer will plead the fifth in a the stormy daniels case. michael cohen will use that right to avoid self-incrimination against allegations he paid hush money to the adult film star. follows fbi raid where investigators reportedly seized information about $130 payment to damages -- $130,000 payment i believe that was. president trump denies the affair and knowing about the payment. that's a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. steve: thank you very much, jillian. former hillary staff sending a warning to fellow liberals why she says they need to stop being such jerks.
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ainsley: and this mailman is delivering more than just letters. he shows off his moves straight ahead. steve: that's right. ainsley: the ring doorbell ♪ dancing in the street ♪ advil pm gives tossing and turning a rest and silences aches and pains. fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer with advil pm.
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from one liberal to another: can we stop the ideological purity test and admit that there are more ways than one of solving a problem? can we please stop being such jerks? that former clinton staff member is the founder of flip side and joins us live. >> hi. good morning. thank you for having me. steve: you are calling your friends jerks. what are they doing? >> i really am. i won't say all but most of my liberal friends are very well-intentioned. but their comments are so arrogant and elitist and symptoms of a much larger problem. the media bubbles and echo chambers are so consistent they don't know how to engage constructively with ideas that are not their own. steve: you write 63 million americans voted for donald trump. they can't all be nincompoops. >> that's right. arrogant to think all
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63 million are sexist or xenophobic or some other negative connotation, right? steve: what kind of negative blow back have you gotten from your friends after you wrote. this it's been interesting. there have been plenty of comments. one friend texted me to say i have some critiques i understand if you are overwhelmed by the negativity. i really appreciated that. the pressroom mills of the flip side is surprisingly simple. we provide readers with the daily five minute digest of what both sides are saying. i can't believe it's all controversial let alone invoking such strong reaction. steve: look at that you are interested in both sides like kanye west. >> like kanye west, yes. we actually wrote about kanye west this morning. it was fascinating. he didn't even express his political views. he just expressed that he likes the president. and if he is being bashed by so many people for just saying he likes a person. what does that tell us about where we are as a society?
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steve: what does that tell you about the not so tolerant left, your side. >> i will say our side does not do a good job of reaching out to others, of admitting that there may be more than one way of looking at a problem. and that's what my op-ed is about. i'm really worried about 2018. we thought hillary clinton would win 2016. right now we are expecting a blue wave but -- steve: you're not so sure. >> i'm not so sure i'm really not. steve: what's great of the "wall street journal" is the fact that you submitted it to the "new york times" and "the washington post" before and they rejected it? >> yes. they did. steve: they did not bic it up. >> they did not pick it up. i was sorely disappointed because i was hoping that it would be read by liberals. "new york times" and "the washington post" my new york liberal friends' favorite. i would love to have it in there. the "wall street journal" was an amazing publication and so lucky they accepted it. steve: interesting words. we thank you so much. >> thank you so much for
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having me. steve: you bet. 6:20 in new york city. next guest says students, including her son, are being used as pawns. ♪ ness ness and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. they're like a friend of the family. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life. save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance. get a quote today.
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let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. brian: glad you are up. hope you're dressed. mountain above the site in north korea stressed under the explosions. following announcement by kim jong un that he paused nuclear weapons testing in that area. it's only 60 miles from the chinese border. meanwhile overnight intercontinental ballistic missiles successfully test launch from the california coast there you are seeing it. trying out the access of the
3:25 am
system. i will talk about that more as ainsley talks about this. ainsley: public school in philadelphia sparking outrage for displaying anti-nra and anti-g.o.p. signs. look how big they are. our next guest planned to send her son to that school. it's an elementary school. but she says not anymore. joining us is aaron he will moore. a public strategist. sara gatt for president trump. we had her on during the campaign. also an nra member. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> you live close to the school. you take your child to play on the playground. 5 years old. this is where you are zoned for your tax goes here. what did you see on the door. >> i saw walking by one day several signs that said g.o.p., no more b.s. guns suck. bad things about the nra. a sign that says nope is dope. which is allegedly some sort of television reference that no one in the school is old enough to watch but also
3:26 am
drug slang. school is saying things like suck and bs. bull you know. what huge signs. ainsley: what happens. >> i send the school a right to know request. i challenge everyone in america you don't have to be a fancy lawyer just file a right to know q you want to know when were these signs made? what resources were used? did you consult with any outside political groups? did you do it through school email? ainsley: what did they say? >> radio silence on that. i believe you might have a response from them. ainsley: they sent us a statement. they said we support student's rights to self-expression as long as that express does not disrupt orderly school environment. they have not in violation of school district of philadelphia policy. what is your response? >> they only represent one point of view. these are actually divisive signs. our president, as a member of the g.o.p. he won the election. this is simply divisive.
3:27 am
also, the philadelphia school district has only a 70% graduation rate. 10% below national average. doesn't the school have an obligation to teach our children how to read, how to do math, science, instead they are posting things that are just divisive. schools are supposed to be safe places. ainsley: was this an assignment. the older kids in the school were they assigned to make these posters. >> i don't know yet. children as young as 5 go to this school. they are being used as political pawns and it's scary. ainsley: that's messy. it doesn't even look like. taxpayer take away what those signs say that looks junky and messy in my opinion. conservatives that live in this area, are they allowed to make posters and put them up, too. >> under the constitution if the student wants to express an alternative point of view they have to be able to. there is a loft things that remain to be seen. they might be violating the constitution and other laws
3:28 am
that don't allow to you contribute to parties during schooltime. ainsley: your money goes there but your son will not be. >> that's right. ainsley: james comey says is he not a leaker. >> i didn't leak memos. i intentionally gave this information to a friend intending that it be out in the media. ainsley: but that friend also worked for the fbi. is comey trying to hide behind attorney-client privilege? judge napolitano come up: supporting president trump can get you out of a bar apparently. a judge says that's legal. happy birthday to the first lady melania trump. happy birthday to you ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ it's a beautiful day ♪ and i can't stop myself from smiling ♪ if i'm drinking ♪ then i'm buying ♪ and i know there's no denying ♪ it's a beautiful day ♪ the classics you love,
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♪ sweet caroline ♪ good time never seemed so good. brian: pictures at the university of south carolina. why would that be? steve: why is neil diamond singing about sweet caroline-a. ainsley: with when that would play at the university of south carolina. everyone would go crazy. everyone would go bum bum bum. steve: time for road trip. ainsley: i'm flying outs after the show today to south carolina. turn some stories today that you will see tomorrow morning. we will interview senator tim scott. congressman trey gowdy. we are going to interview some of the students, my family, the co-anchor that i worked with down there. steve: that's awesome. ainsley: going to be fun. we will highlight some of our schools and start doing some of these road trips. summer is right around the corner. brian: will we actually see the actual dorm room as if
3:33 am
people can live in it now. ainsley: that's a good idea. brian: have they retired it. ainsley: like a time laps. brian: no one could live in ainsley earhardt's room. ainsley: did i find one in my dorm room. i thought it was beautiful and decorated so nicely. i thought this is so junky. steve: dorm room number exactly? ainsley: i don't. steve: i lived in 515 ellsworth hall at the university of kansas. one day i will go back. [knocking] can i take a look? where is that little refrigerator. ainsley: i would like to do that in the little house i lived in spartanburg. i will be in south carolina visiting my family. i will have a book signing tomorrow night and one saturday in columbia. brian: that will be huge. ainsley: i have it all on my twitter page. thanks, y'all. steve: brand new book came out this week called "the light within me." ainsley: thank you.
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steve: 27 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian: i can't wait to see all of this. that's exciting. ainsley: i don't want to go first. i want to see yours. jillian: mine is not exciting. get you caught up on headlines. the suspected golden state killer now behind bars after decades on the loose. police arresting 72-year-old former cop joseph d'angelo. accused of murdering 12 people and raping dozens in the 70's and 80's. wasn't a suspect until just six days ago when police made a major break using d.n.a. >> we all knew as part of this team that we were looking for a needle in a haystack. but we also all knew that the needle was there. jillian: a new book "i'll be gone in the dark renewed interest in the case this year. d'angelo being held on suspicion of at least four homicides. tomorrow a cold blooded cop killer will walk free. her man belle's release comes after a last ditch effort by the petroleum's benevolent to block his parole failed. a panel of judges will hear
3:35 am
a motion to put him back in state prison. two officers were ambushed by bell and two others in 1971. steve: supporting the president could get you thrown out of a bar in new york city. a plan claims he was kicked out of a place called the happiest hour for wearing a make america great again hat. he says the bar claimed it offended his sense of being an american. the court ruling only religious, not political beliefs are protected under discrimination laws. delivering the mail and some pretty sweet moves all at uns. take a look, this texas mailman caught dancing on security camera. the surprise routine now has almost 2,000 views online. the home owner posting the video online writing and people wonder why we love our mailman. that is great. steve: that is first class. jillian: is he having so much fun. steve: he know what is a ring doorbell looks like.
3:36 am
he knows the homeowner winds up with a notification. is he doing a live telecast. how many other houses does he do that at? brian: hard enough to dance but with a sack of letters on your shoulders. you would think a backpack you can dance. ainsley: i think you should demonstrate it get a man bag for brian and he dual it in the break. brian: i haven't made a formal announcement i have left the man bag and gone backpack. i should have made it formal. ainsley: one strap like a cool guy. brian: i go both ways, both shoulders. i might as well have a man bag if you are only goings one shoulder. i don't want to think balancing anymore. steve: i have no idea what that means. today we have the president and pretzels. janice: my kids are coming on as well for take your kids to work day and pretzels are their favorite. i'm so excited about that national pretzel day today. joining us with a lesson you don't want to miss is philly pretzel factory ceo dan
3:37 am
dizio. dan, tell us about philly pretzel factory. >> started about 20 years ago. this is our 20-year anniversary next week on may 2nd. today is national pretzel day and what we do is give away free pretzels at all of our locations. nine states and 175 locations open. every one of them no gimmicks, walk in and get a free pretzel. janice: that's fantastic, what do you like to dip the pretzel in. >> i like cream cheese. philadelphia cream cheese. the normal melted cheese is my favorite. janice: you have pretzels for my kids when they come. >> all day hot pretzels out of the oven. janice: you will at the me how you make your pretzels with the philly pretzel factory. >> here is the dough. we have dough that comes out like this and hand twist every pretzel. grab each end of it just the
3:38 am
very at this point a little flip just like that. and then tuck it. do the flip one more time. do people order it like this. >> we sell individual pretzels. most come in and buy 20, 30. pto moms. we sell a lot of pretzels at individual locations they are all connected. janice: can i eat it like this? >> any way you want. >> i love national pretzel day! all right, thank you so much, dan. >> thank you. if you are the first 100 customers that come to each store this morning they get a free card. and with that card they get a free pretzel the whole month of may first customers in our stores. january. brian: that's a lot of carbs.
3:39 am
steve: that's okay. they are delicious. thank you very much, j.d. adam sandler and chris rock back together again. brian: starring in adam sandler's fourth netflix movie the week of. ainsley: stream the movie starting tomorrow. step in the fox light with our senior v.p. of marketing michael tammero who sat down with these stars. >> i did. it was great. what a way to spend the morning. sixth time they have teamed up together. i caught up with them yesterday morning and they told me all about this very funny movie, guys. >> every father looks forward to making a wedding for their little girl. i haven't been able to help my kids the entire life. >> whatever happens. >> i will figure this one out. >> i love this movie. i think the best day at work yesterday watching it i felt a little guilty. >> like a new york boy. >> long island. >> yeah. >> another reason to like
3:40 am
this movie. >> that's right, pal. we gave you the island. >> what made you sort of want to bring it out to the island? >> felt good like a real man out there. loves his family. trying to put it together. and the old l.a. connection comes back and tried to bring his ohio state ohio hoity. >> another day, another life. >> father of the groom. >> what is it about weddings and families so rich for material? i feel like i saw my inha laws? >> a lot of good conversations at every wedding and that's what the movie the week of the wedding and everybody hanging out and fighting and bickering and trying to get along. >> what do you hope that people take away when they see. this just hope, you know, this goes in their pantheon of family movies.
3:41 am
>> you guys get it together? yeah. >> give me one more try. [grunt] >> so the week of. >> the week leading into his daughter's wedding. and all the drama that ensues in comedy. so not only has adam sandler grossed $3 million throughout his career. his movies are the most downloaded on netflix. ainsley: he is so funny. >> it's fun and light-hearted. it's not political. it's a break from everything going on. brian: what does it say to you because you know this industry so well that he goes to netflix? that's huge. they just wrote him a check and said come up with whatever you want. >> this is the fourth movie in his first four movie deal. they signed him on for another four. that's where the industry is future. he is the first one to do. this. ainsley: when can we watch it. >> starting tomorrow. steve: on netflix. brian: any time you want. >> that's the beauty of it. steve: i have a feeling right there on the front page. >> right after watching "fox
3:42 am
& friends." steve: thank you, michael. remember this moment from when mark zuckerberg testified on capitol hill? >> you recognize these folks? >> i do. >> who are they? >> i believe is that diamond and silk? >> that is diamond and silk. ainsley: for 300. steve: yeah. and today is diamond and silk's turn on capitol hill. but, before they head up to the hill, they are going to join us live from d.c. in the next hour. brian: plus, the fate of president trump's travel ban is now in the hands of the supreme court. the judge has an idea of what they may -- what they should rule. is he very close. he walked up the stairs. he is about to approach the couch ♪ taking what they're giving because i'm working for a living ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ working for a living ♪ taking what they're giving ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ working for a living ♪ whoa, whoa whoa ♪
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i didn't leak memos. i asked a friend to communicate the substance of one unclassified memo. i intentionally gave this information to a friend intending that it be out in the media. i wanted it to get in the media. >> right. >> as a private citizen, i could do that. ainsley: this as the professor you see there daniel richman confirms he works as a special government employee for the fbi. is this an attorney-client privilege? here with more fox news senior jcial analyst judge napolitano. it looks like comey is covering his tail. >> this is not the attorney-client privilege. is he not claiming that richman former justice department official when james comey ran the prosecutor's office here in manhattan is his attorney. he is saying he had a
3:47 am
security clearance such to allow him to lawfully receive the contents of these memos. this may not be too popular here but i thought he was compelling with anderson cooper. brian: was his argument solid. >> i think bret baier is going to ask him some more challenging questions in an entirely different format. steve: judge, he was saying that you know, it's not a leak if it's not classified. that's not right. it's not a criminal leak. >> he has a very narrow definition of leaks. not all leaks is criminal. that's what he was talking about. if it's not classified. it's not criminal. at the time this occurred, by this i mean professor richman reading to selected members of the media, selected nonclassified portions of one of the memos, james comey was a private citizen. so he could. brian: he covered himself? judge: yes, i thought he covered himself. but legally he did cover himself. the guy has a security clearance. that's why he got it. >> yes. brian: the guy turns around and tells the press stuff
3:48 am
that is not confidential. >> correct, corrects. now, i jumped the gun here the other day. not knowing that professor richman had a security clearance and one of you, i think, said to me did jim comey break the law? it appears he did. it now appears did he not. we didn't know about the professor having the clearance, which is why as a judge, i ought to have nope have you got to get all the facts before you form a judgment. steve: some people have said that was not his property. it was the property of the fbi that he leaked or did not leak. >> that's for the inspector general to find out. but if that is the case. at the most, it's a violation of doj regulations it's not a crime. steve: it's a leak. >> the fbi leaks all the time. steve: that's washington. >> the justice department leaks all the time. ainsley: that doesn't mean it's right. we read the memos there were so many redactions. blank ink all over it did he hand it to the professor with those redactions? >> i doubt it. ainsley: because he has
3:49 am
clearance. anyone at the fbi can read the. >> not all their jobs don't require it. brian: travel ban, what do we know now? by looking at the arguments with your discernible eye it looks like the president is going to get. >> listened to the arguments and continu tone of voice and rd the transcript. i am very comfortable predicting 5 to 4 upholding the president on the theory that he has this authority. whether he exercised it wisely is not for the court to decide. brian: i hope we taped this show because i would like to play it back. i'm not sure we are taping it. brian: 5-4. >> 5-4. brian: late night hosts losing their mind over president trump and kanye west new found friendship. >> kanye west tweeted that he and trump are brothers both dragon energy. trump made kanye.
3:50 am
>> just like that council yea west became our new secretary of state. [laughter] brian: another famous rapper is coming to the president's defense. ainsley: veterans helped rebuild houston after the devastation of hurricane harvey and now they are being honored for their service. their story is next. ♪ you can be hero most? just for one day ♪ we can be heroes just for one day ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
brian: our nation's heroes dedicating their time to help those in need. janice: team rubicon celebrating the veterans who helped rebuild communities after the hurricane season
3:54 am
salute service awards tonight. we have team ryu con ceo jacob wood is here. >> i'm happy to be here. janice: thank you for the work that you do. >> of course. janice: tell us first of all how you got involved. >> we started team rubicon 8 years ago after the haiti earthquake. i served four years in the marine corps. got back and getting out. when the earthquake happened i looked at that situation and thought that's what the marine corps trained me to do. working tough situations. and so we went down there. and over the last 8 years we have built up an organization that's brought in about 80,000 volunteers across the country. responded to 250 disasters around the world. brian: 250 disasters around the world. you hope to do 40 rebuilds this year. rebuilding people's lives and homes. 100 by 2020. when people join your organization, they don't necessarily know each other. the only common denominator is they are in the military, right? >> exactly. so they have that brotherhood. that sisterhood from their time in service.
3:55 am
these are people that representative of the best of america. they have service in their blood. they want to help communities on their worse day. and we are just giving them the avenue to do that. janice: firemen, too. >> yes. janice: a lot of firemen after they saw our piece in houston when i joined new houston after hurricane harvey. >> yeah. janice: son-in-law of my husband's friends, who is a firefighter said we want to join. >> exactly. what's great the police, the fire, they bring that real world civilian emergency management experience. we combine that. there were so many firefighters that were former military as well. it's a great community. brian: what's going to take place at the gala tonight in terms of fundraising. what do you expect to do. >> gala salute to service. how do we celebrate these stories of our volunteers. we are going to be raising money. we are bringing in one of our fellows who is a new jersey native. she joined the army to escape the streets of new york. she found herself in houston team rubicon.
3:56 am
tiara will speak tonight. we are excited to have her. brian: what do you expect from janice tonight. she is going to be hosting. >> we are bringing her in as eye candy. are you kidding me? janice: oh my gosh. that's why we had this segment. >> thank you, jake. just tell us how important it is for these military and people to serve their country after their service? >> i think service, you know, our belief is that as a military man or woman is transitioning out of the military, they need to replace that sense of purpose that the military gave them. they have been serving their country. it's a part of their d.n.a. i think if we only focus on things like jobs and healthcare and housing, we're missing something. that purpose and that community is really important. janice: thank you for coming. i can't wait to be with you tonight. happy birthday, jake. it's your birthday today. brian: all right. happy birthday. janice: you are awesome. i hope can i come this year as well. >> all right. we will get you out there. janice: team rubicon. brian: get her in early she
3:57 am
has a early day on friday. brian: what does think about donald trump and exclusive interview coming up at 8:00. is he going to be on our show without a jacket on and his tie will be open. ♪ from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. your hair is so soft! did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
ainsley: james comey and those famous memos, we are getting word now that there might have been more people that he shared those memos with. more leaking. >> i see no credible claim by any serious person that that violated the law. >> i think mr. comey's troubles in his 15-pages of memorandum, which were rather lengthy suicide note, is committing suicide publicly every day. >> mike pompeo primed to take over as secretary of state. the crucial vote happening today as the white house issued a stern warning to object destructionist democrats. >> conservative duo diamond and silk will testify before a congressional committee today where they will discuss allegations of censorship on facebook. steve: kanye west officially melted the internet. ainsley: he said you don't
4:01 am
have to agree with trump, but the mob can't make me not love him. >> the one thing we will celebrate is our right to think differently, i don't understand what's so controversial for the left to understand. this ♪ ♪ >> take a second ♪ your hand on mine ♪ the clock is ticking ♪ so stay brian: i imagine he is up already. the president of the united states will be joining us at 8:00. we are thrilled to have him call into the show especially with his busy schedule. on tap today he has a lot going on as he says goodbye to emmanuel macron. he has to go home to france. in comes angela merkel tomorrow from germany and a lot of stuff in between. ainsley: today is his wife's birthday. melania's birthday. steve: the clock is ticking. one hour until the president of the united states joins us live right here on "fox & friends." we asked to you send us any questions you would like us to ask him. i have already -- we have already received questions
4:02 am
from kevin mccarthy the guy who follows movies. he wants to note president's favorite question. favorite movie of all time and catherine herridge just sent us a question asking if we will ask him about james comey who leaked those confidential memos to his pal, the professor at columbia university. ainsley: speaking of comey, speaking of catherine herridge. she has broken a story this morning saying that james comey might have leaked those memos to more than one person. we know about that professor, that he gave special clearance with the fbi. that's also an attorney. we know about him. but now, catherine herridge is reporting that memos were more widely shared, maybe with patrick fitzgerald, his friend, a u.s. attorney special counsel, now comey's lawyer and not ruling out a third person. brian: it's pretty important to find out because this story spreads and i think one of the bigger stories is that daniel richman, columbia law professor, had security clearance. he was basically a volunteer.
4:03 am
had a path to get in and out of the fbi building. so he wasn't just calling people randomly. i remember james comey said on the beginning of his book tour, when he first interviewed george stephanopoulos. he said when i looked out my window and saw all the media at my driveway, how do i pick one person to give my memos to? i just thought i would call my pal at columbia university. it turns out he probably didn't deliberate that way. ainsley: then he says last night with anderson cooper on that town hall that he didn't leak. what's your definition of leaking? do you think that he did? steve: well, he was probably saying it's criminal leak. if you leak something super top secret but then that would be why somebody got out the story this past week that apparently this guy, professor richman, had the special government employee access, which is interesting because there are 35,000 people who work at the fbi. so, why did he have to give to mr. comey, give to that special guy the leakage?
4:04 am
in fact, there are a lot of people who say what he did broke the law. and tonight, bret baier is going to be interviewing mr. comey live here on the channel. and, in fact, mr. comey kind of previewed that last night on another channel. and i should have said this to you before anderson because the facts matter here. i'm going to be on another network tomorrow that thinks i should be in jail. [laughter] the memos that i gave to my legal team after the unclassified memo to dan richman went nowhere besides my legal team. brian: we're about to find out. keep in mind, too. one of the questions for him and some of the audience actually from anderson cooper, he asked him a question he goes i can't answer that i have to go to my attorney. he goes are you lawyering up? he says i guess i am. one of his attorneys is patrick fitzgerald if there is nothing to worry about. did nothing wrong is he taking precautions. steve: three members of his
4:05 am
legal team one of them is the professor as well. isn't that interesting? ainsley: interview will be tonight at 6:00. you need to watch. bret is going to ask him very tough questions and i think james comey is trying to soften the blow. because i'm sure is he a little nervous saying they hate me. they want me in jail. brian: i don't think he had any idea that this story would accelerate like it did with andy mccabe getting criminal referral and discounting what he said. they both can't be telling the same story. with all his memos are now released thanks to republicans forcing the justice department to act he is going beyond what he listed on his book. it's got him on his back foot. ainsley: i'm glad he is coming on fox. hillary wouldn't do that we asked her during the campaign she said no. i'm glad he said yes. steve: is he being very careful. big important tweet out. did you see it yesterday in the president of the united states tweeted out is he going to be on "fox & friends" at 8:00 this morning. then he also retweeted some of kanye west's tweet love. and keep in mind the day before we had heard up here
4:06 am
in new york city from hot 97, one of the d.j.s that he had talked to kanye. kanye does like the president of the united states. and yesterday kanye west made it very clear he is right. i do. ainsley: he says you don't agree with trump. but the mob can't make me not love him. we are both dragon energy. he is my brother. i love everyone. i don't agree with everything anyone does. that's what makes us individuals. and we have the right to independent thought. brian: i asked alexa what dragon energy is i got nothing. maybe i will ask siri a little bit later. ainsley: fire in their belly. brian: i'm not as creative as kanye west. he tweeted this picture out my maga hat out signed by donald trump in a distinctive way. president trump tweeted back thank you kanye, very cool. and then it was game on. what i also thought was interesting is chance the rapper also in support. no, sir necessarily saying donald trump is my man but
4:07 am
chants rapper came out and said. steve: that's coming up. he said black people don't have to be democrats. brian: black people don't have to be democrats which is a theme we are starting to see build. steve: kanye west very popular in culture coming out saying he appreciates donald trump. ainsley: his company is worth a billion dollars he says. steve: so many people started saying kanye west is crazy. he is out of his mind. he has got to be mentally ill if he would support the president. and if you were watching late night television. a lot of you weren't because you are up early in the morning. we put together a little montage of how late night comics reacted to kanye west's love for president trump. watch. >> kanye west tweeted that he and president trump are brothers and quote dragon energy. >> trump respondent responded saying very cool. [laughter] in a related story trump just made kanye the new secretary of dragon energy.
4:08 am
>> trump tweet add photo of his maga hat either signed by trump or ekg. i'm not sure. the president then retweeted that with his now famous acronym maga and just like that council yea west became our new secretary of state. >> independently think that kanye has lost his mind. [laughter] you know what, kanye? you know what? donald trump is your brother. it is true. i am your brother, too. and brother to brother i just want to say put the phone down. brian: unlike stephen colbert kanye west doesn't need to like or dislike the president to be successful. if stephen colbert didn't come out against president trump, nine people would be watching. so he is able to just grab those people that hate trump and they know where to go. steve: it's a cottage industry now. this whole kanye west thing got started when candace owens turning point u.s.a. was responding you at a town
4:09 am
hall to black lives matter protesters and kanye then tweeted out i like the way she thinks. ainsley: this is what she has said most recently. >> once they enslaved our bodies, the democratic party, they have enslaved our minds. they told us who we must love and who we must hate. what we must think and what ideas are unacceptable. in the long run it doesn't add up. listen, i think differently. council yea west thinks differently. can i guarantee you if he and i get in the same room we have a lot of disagreements. the one thing we will intraft is our right to think differently. i don't understand what's so controversial for the left to understand. this the way they have demonized him in the last 72 hours is almost sickening. at the end of the day it's going to have adverse effects. can i guarantee you that. brian: i think it is. the message isn't support donald trump. can i speak as i want without being hated? i don't agree with everything he does i like his approach to things. the other thing that i think is important, is republicans used to have the so-called
4:10 am
african-american vote for over 100 years. they gave it up and haven't tried to get it back. i would love to see a strategy to try to get it back. they always want to get the hispanic vote or the female vote. no one ever talks about trying to get the black vote on the republican side. steve: i just think it's interesting that the tolerant left is not that tolerant of people who have an opinion, it might be contrary to somebody. steve: obviously the person is crazy if you don't think like me, that's troubling. brian: you know what i think is crazy that jillian doesn't think like me. but i'm not going to judge her. >> nobody thinks like you. i think that might be a good thing. this is not breaking news, this is very well known. >> sought animation. that's true. good morning to you guys. we do have news we're following starting with fox news alert. right now a nationwide manhunt for the man who gunned down a sheriff's deputy in cold blood. police say john williams killed corporal eugene kohl in maine and stole his patrol car. >> many times we are able to
4:11 am
say there is not an ongoing threat. that's not the case today. there certainly is an ongoing public threat. is he considered armed and dangerous. >> kohl was a 13 year veteran of the department. he leaves behind a son. also a sheriff's deputy. comes one day after two dallas officers were shot. one of them was killed. parents parents of a sick toddler taken off life support. comes after a last ditch appeal to send alfie evans from the u.k. to italy. to treat his degenerative brain condition. alfie's dad says if the toddler dies he will sue everyone involved. is he now asking to take the 23 month old home. former president george h.w. bush moving out of the icu. is he now in a regular patient room alert and talking. a bush family spokesman joking is he more focused on the houston rockets than anything else. his son, former florida governor jeb bush says his
4:12 am
dad is a fighter. >> the guy is stronger than an ox. i hope you will pray for my dad. i'm not objective about this. i am totally biased about it but i believe he is the greatest man alive and i want him to stay alive for a little bit belong longer [applause] jillian: bush hospitalized for a blood infection a day after barbara bush's funeral. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: 41 has made it very clear he wants to go to kennebunkport this summer. when he puts his mind to something, he always aaccomplishes it. ainsley: i think his rockets clinched the series by the way. brian: by 24 points. steve: comey says he is not a leaker. >> i didn't leak memos. i intentionally gave this information to a friend intending that it be out in the media. steve: what does congressman jim jordan think about those comments? he is going to react next. ainsley: corey lewandowski is going to join us live coming up.
4:13 am
steve: don't forget the president 8:00. ♪ ♪
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
>> i didn't leak memos, i asked a friend to -- i intentionally gave this information to a friend intending that it be out in the media. i'ed it to get out in the media. >> right. >> as a private citizen, i could do that. brian: that's daniel richman more than a friend. he had a security clearance working for free for the fbi. james comey denying he leaked anything when he gave those memos to his buddy, he also worked for the fbi unpaid basis. this as we learn more about those memos even shared with possibly more people? g.o.p. congressman jim jordan sits on the house judiciary committee and joins us now. what's significant about that exchange for you? >> first of all, james comey never told congress that he wasn't just leaking this information through a friend to the "new york times." this friend was a special government employee, sge, had access to the fbi we presume he had full clearance. so he didn't disclose that. frankly, there is no one on capitol hill who thinks this was the first and only time james comey used daniel richman to leak information to the press. my guess is, it happened lots of times.
4:18 am
brian: congressman, does he have didn't if it is in fact true that he had security clearance and have it confirmed you are not leak because you are leaking to somebody else who had the same clearance you had. >> no. and we don't know if there was classified information in what they leaked either. we don't know the answer to that but a leak is a leak. a leak is when you take information and give it to the press. i was no longer an employee because i had within fired a few days before. say what you want. he didn't fully disclose. the only way we learned about daniel richman having this special government employee status at the fbi is when we deposed jim rybicki, james comey's chief of staff in december. that's where the staff on the oversight committee learned that he, in fact, had this special status at the fbi. and was, in fact, an employee. brian: can i really dig in here but i want to get to other topic. james comey said something else in town hall yesterday about your party. >> i have been embarrassed and ashamed by the way the republican party has abandoned one of the two things that led me to consider myself republican
4:19 am
in the 1980s when ronald reagan was president. i was attracted by a notion that character matters and values matter most of all. that's where you start in evaluating a person and entity or country. what are their values. brian: so, because those who support donald trump have embarrassed james comey, your reaction? >> this is ridiculous. the american people are so fed up with this two standards. one standard for us regular folk and different standards if your name is clinton, comey, loretta lynch, learner. that's what american people are fed up. the fact that five of the top people. this is what should concern mr. comey. he has been fired. andrew mccabe has been fired for lying four times, three times under oath. jim baker, former chief counsel has been demoted and reassigned at the fbi. peter strzok deputy head of counter intelligence. lisa page, fbi council demoted and reassigned. these are the top people at the fbi. that's what he should be concerned about. what the american people are rightfully concerned about. i would also add the american people thought the fix was in on the clinton investigation. but since we got a hold of
4:20 am
the page-strzok text messages, we know the fix was. in that's what should concern james comey. this idea that he is embarrassside just ridiculous. brian: he just insulted 44% of the country because that's the president's approval rating which is going up. only james comey knows what's right and wrong. that's the message i'm getting. i look forward to hearing more. congressman jordan, thanks for getting up with us. >> you bet. thanks, brian. brian: remember this moment from when mark zuckerberg testified on capitol hill? >> you recognize these folk folks? >> i do. >> who are they? >> i believe is that diamond and silk? >> that is diamond and silk. brian: yep, today it's diamond and silk's turn. but first they join us live. they are going to capitol hill. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over
4:21 am
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4:24 am
now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. ainsley: here's some quick headlines for you, a political group slammed for snubbing the first lady on facebook. the lubbock democratic party in texas cropping melania trump out of that now viral picture from barbara bush's funeral. the original shows president clinton, obama, and both bushes along with hillary clinton, michelle obama, laura bush and melania trump. the group says it was posted by accident. and the first lady is spending a few weeks in new york. but it's not what you might think. madame tussauds is unveiling a brand new wax figure of melania trump. do you think it looks like her? this is at the museum in times square it will move to washington, d.c. location in june. speak of the first lady, today is her birthday. happy birthday. steve: indeed.
4:25 am
today two of president trump's most vocal supporters heading to capitol hill. diamond and silk will testify to the house judiciary committee about their long battle with facebook over censorship. brian: the social media network itself will not be there. joining us now is diamond and silk. what something s. going through your mind right now with everything that lays ahead of you? did you ever think you would be going to capitol hill? >> no. you no. but what i can't believe is that we're not going to see facebook and twitter and youtube sitting in front of us. it's really sad that they tried to dismiss our concerns as if we are just some piece of whatever. but, the mere fact that they can't face us proves that they're guilty. >> that's right. that's what congress do. they run from the truth because they don't have any answers for their lies. steve: that's right. because if you are sitting at the same table with the people from facebook and you just turn to them and say hey, why are we dangerous to the community? what are they going to say?
4:26 am
homnanahomana. >> we are excited going up there and testifying and presenting our testimony stating the case about censorship and conservatives being censored all over the place. ainsley: what were you planning on saying to facebook before you found out they were not going to be in d.c. to testify? >> i still want to say it. ainsley: say it. steve: i have a feeling you will. >> i still want to say it i still want to make sure that i let them know that we were being censored. >> that's right. >> why did they target us maliciously and deliberately because we support the president? because we are patriotic? because we are black women? what was it? what was the reason. >> that's right. >> we want to know. >> we are still waiting on an answer. brian: couple of things. number one, what about the reports that have not been confirmed that diamond and silk were misidentified? they got you confused for somebody else? that's why you were banned? >> six months 29 days, what, five hours, 40 minutes and
4:27 am
43 seconds? we have been back and forth with facebook on this one issue. how did they get us wrong? we have 1.2 million followers. >> right. okay? they didn't get it wrong. >> no. they know exactly what they did. >> they knew what they were doing. >> they knew it. steve: spin it the way they have to spin it. are you back to normal? do you have normal status now. >> we see some engagement. but we see complaints where we are not showing up in people's news feed and they are not getting their notification that we have dropped our video or our content. >> that's right. we also feel big decline all of the sudden everything has gob down. brian: wow, diamond and silk, one last question, kanye west back in the news. i think this is the most significant line with the president. chance the rapper tweeted out black people don't have to be democrats. isn't that what you have been saying. >> we have been saying this here for almost three years. we see these people coming out and talking about free thinkers. we have been telling people from the beginning, you don't need them thinking for
4:28 am
you. you don't need anyone spoon feeding you a narrative. can you think for yourself. shout out for all the independent thinkers. >> just because you are black doesn't mean you have to vote democrat. >> right. steve: diamond and silk, who are not in their diamond and silk world headquarters location they are in our nation's capitol because later today they are up on capitol hill. ladies, thank you very much and good luck to you. ainsley: have a good day. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: you are welcome. inside look at one of america's most elite law enforcement teams going after ms-13 and other gangs. look at this. >> marshall's job is to grab the body. we have been the u.s. government's manhunter since 1789 and we're the best in the world at it. ainsley: the exclusive hide along you won't see anywhere else. steve: plus, james comey admits he gave memos to a friend in hopes they would make it to the media but he says he is not a leaker. really? corey lewandowski is here to react. ♪ head games ♪ head games
4:29 am
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4:31 am
4:32 am
fbi to leak something, an internal document even if it's not classified? is that leaking? >> there is a whole lot wrong with your question, anderson. i didn't leak memos. i asked the friend to. i intentionally gave this information to a friend intending that it be out in the media. i wanted it to get out in the. >> right. >> as a private citizen, i could do that and i did that just as i have written about it in my book. steve: oh, really? somebody else who has written a book corey lewandowski first action and, of course, he co-authored let trump be trump. so, which part of that sound bite montage would you like to unpack first? >> well, all of it is a lie. you know, this is the most important thing that the american people have to remember. when you are an fbi agent,
4:33 am
not just the head of the fbi but an fbi agent. you sign a form that says i will not leak any information i've obtained as a member of the fbi without the written authorization of my supervisor. very important. now, the written authorization of his supervisor would have been the deputy attorney general, the attorney general, the president of the united states. jim comey has now admitted both under oath and in public that he has taken information he received as the director of the fbi and gave it to a media outlet with the explicit indication that he wanted that in the public domain. there has been no accountability for jim comey whatsoever. for not at minimum breaking fbi protocols but very likely he gave away classified information when he wasn't allowed to do it there has to be accountability here. brian: technically he gives to this guy richman who happens to have a security clearance that gives him unpaid role at the fbi and gets him into the fbi with a pass. is he actually leaking to the media. richman leaked to the media does he have didn't that he
4:34 am
didn't now. >> you are cutting something very -- slicing the apple very uniquely. the bottom line is jim comey knew the information he was giving to somebody else, the explicit goal and he has been very clear to make sure that this information was put out in the public domain. so somebody has given out classified information to the media and there has been no accountability. and, you know, jim comey said the reason i want to give up this information is to put pressure on the attorney general to recuse himself because there was no process in the protocol to require the attorney general to recuse himself other than public pressure. that's exactly what jim comey did. ainsley: do you think he would have released those memos if he hadn't been fired? weighs taking these memos just in case the president figured out he didn't like him and he did the memos? he never hillary clinton or anyone else just with this president and he releases them when he is fired as a sore loser. >> that's exactly what he did. jim comey and his team huma abedin and cheryl mills not under oath. never took memos from it. he never took any memos
4:35 am
extemporaneously when he spoke to barack obama or hillary clinton or anybody or loretta lynch, right? but all of a sudden he feels such a compelling incident where the first time he supposedly meets with president trump. he relays information about a false dossier. forgets to remind the president it was actually paid for by the president's political operatives, opponents here, and says that really wasn't my job. i'm going to go back and take a memo and write this for future use. look, jim comey is a bad guy. what is he doing right now is profiteering off. >> hesitate tenure in the government. brian: while an investigation is going on. >> jim comey, his number two, andrew mccabe, the ig report that came out against andrew mccabe was very clear. the ig has now said that he believes andrew mccabe has lied three times under oath to the fbi. one time not under oath. look at the very small footnote at the bottom of the ig report. do you know what day andy mccabe was lying to the fbi? may, 2017. do you know why that
4:36 am
significant? same day jim comey was fired. becomes the active director of the fbi. the ig is saying is he lying under oath. why has he not been prosecuted? ask other people who lie to the fbi. even if you are not under oath and you lie to the fbi it's still a felony. andrew mccabe has been accused lies on of lying three s and no prosecution yet. steve: like ronny jackson to head up the v.a. over the last couple days there were all these unsubstantiated allegations two pages democrat senators have circulated about bad stuff he did. sounds like the white house is standing behind him. however, the president has made it clear, you know, if i was him i don't know if i would want to put up with this all this junk. >> this is the reason most people don't want to serve in the government. you have got admiral jackson served our country honorably and admirablably both in times of war and now for three different
4:37 am
administrations in the white house. never have these accusations been brought before. he served under the obama administration, under the bush administration, and now under the trump administration. he has passed three fbi background checks. he has passed a senate investigation. when he received his first start. is he up for his second star. all of a sudden you have unsubstantiated, undocumented information. and they have maligned this individual. and, look, one of the accusations against him, if you can believe this is, he missed a telephone call one time. they claim he was drunk and missed a telephone call. maybe he overslept. maybe he was on a different call. these accusations have so egregious? steve: who is behind them? >> i don't know who is behind them to. malign somebody like, this a military officer who is serving his country with distinction, where are the people from the obama administration? ainsley: some of them. >> david axelrod came out and said is he a good man. david spent 8 years in that building and worked with him and never saw anything to. have these unnamed sources saying that he has overprescribed prescription drugs. he has destroyed a public vehicle that would be fairly
4:38 am
easy to verify. ainsley: do you know him. >> i have only met him a couple times. he has been a very rational person. i don't have a lot of interaction with him because i don't work in the building. this is one of the major reasons people don't want to go into government service. this is a good man. brian: right. the thing is, too, john tester who comes out trying to tell anybody in his state that he really likes president trump and goes to bat for him because is he a democrat in a red state has led the charge of unsubstantiated rumors to defame this admiral who decides during the heart of his career to go to iraq and lead a 12-person surgical team in the worse fighting this war has seen. so this guy has already done more in his life than most will ever do. ainsley: he didn't take a phone call. brian: because he missed a phone call, crashed a car, both things would have come up in three background checks but didn't. >> that's exactly right. this is an individual who has chosen to have a very good job in the white house. and said, you know what? i will take the next step. i will go and help the v.a. because as an active duty military officer i'm sure he has a lot of friends who
4:39 am
have left who have support and needed support from the v.a. he sees a broken system. a man who has a medical background who understands the military and the needs of those military officers after they leave, to have better care from the v.a. would be a great choice. ainsley: the headline though like you said no one wants to go into public office anymore. you are scrutinized. if you have one flaw in your history or background you are doomed. >> that's right. steve: we'ring actually going to ask the president about it in 20 minutes. >> i love being the warm up batter for the boss. brian: didn't break anything so you did all right. steve: 20 minutes now before the top of the hour. brian: what else is going on, jillian? jillian: following a number of stories. headlines starting with this. the suspected golden state killer now behind bars after decades on the loose. the police arresting 72-year-old former cop joseph james d'angelo. he is accused of murdering at least 12 people and raping dozens in the 70's and 80's. he wasn't a suspect until just six days ago when police made a major break using d.n.a. >> we all knew as part of
4:40 am
this team that we were looking for a needle in a haystack. but we also all knew that the needle was there. jillian: a new book i'll be gone in the dark renewed interest in the case this year. d'angelo being held on suspicion of at least four homicides. nfl players and owners slammed president trump secret meeting following these comments on anthem kneelers. >> get that son of a [bleep] off the field right now. jillian: according to the "new york times," several owners expressed concerns about those remarks and the fallout from the protests last fall. patriots owner and trump support robert kraft saying, quote: we have a president who will use that as fodder to do his mission that i don't feel is in the best interest of america. several players also blasting owners for not hiring collin kaepernick. a newborn at home means little to no sleep. i know a lot of can you relate. that's even true for royal
4:41 am
dads. prince william appearing to nod off during a church service two days after he and the duchess of cambridge welcomed their third child. the royal family has still not announced the newest prince's name. i think everyone can relate to that right? steve: right department nod off or was he deep in prayer? >> maybe. but it's kind of fun if we go with the fact that he was asleep. steve: all right. thank you, jillian. ainsley: what do you think the name will be? steve: i'm still going with rocky. brian: or billy. that or billy. meanwhile, next on our rundown. i hope you have the same one that we do. inside look at one of america's most elite law enforcement teams going after ms-13 and other gangs. >> the marshall's job is to grab the body. we have been the u.s. government's manhunter since 187. we're the best in the world. brian: ride along you don't want to miss next. steve: taking a hard left
4:42 am
ahead of the mid terms. what message do they need to send? we'll talk to senate candidate from michigan john james is coming up. ♪ ♪ summer is here ♪ bring it on ♪ ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪ ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪ hello. give me an hour in tanning room 3. cheers! that's confident. but it's not kayak confident. kayak searches hundreds of travel sites to help me plan the best trip. so i'm more than confident. forgot me goggles. kayak. search one and done.
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4:45 am
brian: taken on ms-13 and other violent gangs operating on our southern border. ainsley: fox news getting exclusive look with undercover project with the u.s. marshal service called operation triple beam. steve: jillian turner is live in our nation's capital with the big look at our nation's take down. gillian? >> oldest federal law enforcement agency in the buyer nation and today they are taking on the most violent gangs. the 59 bounty hunters. the bloods, crypts and
4:46 am
ms-13. going to be one stop shop to get all three in custody. >> join the hunt for some of the nation's most dangerous criminals in houston. gang lords, drug dealers, huge forgives and human traffickers. on today's agenda, capture three capital murder suspects mission finished. >accomplished. >> we are the best in the world at it. >> fox news was with the marshals as they staked out armed robbery subject hiding out in this apartment complex. the marshals think of themselves as america's sheriff and constable all rolled into one. their current rubbing operation triple beam take down major gangs that proliferate along the border. houston chief of police told cartel activity leads to increased crime in his city. >> we have people and drugs
4:47 am
that come north. and going south we have guns and cash. >> president trump has made taking on gang as centerpiece of his homeland security agenda. >> it is the policy of this administration to dismantle, disseminate and irradicate ms-13. >> gangs thrive on the border region by generating revenue any way they can, selling drugs, illegal firearms, and running trafficking rings. >> we always have high numbers on the border. >> in essence, triple beam is a franchise operation. the marshalls bring it from city to city. working one location for 90 days at a time. they expect houston to yield several hundred arrests. over time the strategy has produced major results. since 2010 more than 6,000 arrest. the seizure of 1500 illegal firearms. more than $1.5 million in cash, and over $6 million of narcotics. the acting deputy director of the marshals explains the mission is spread out across
4:48 am
the country in order to route out gang members wherever they are. >> whether it be ms-13 or any other gang, these gangs are terrorizing our communities. >> the marshals say they strive to stay outside the fray of washington politics and after spending time with them, i'm happy to report they're succeeding. they are really just in it to get the bad guys, ainsley, brian, and steve. steve: all right. thank you very much. john roberts is reporting that apparently ronny jackson is pulling out. pulling his name from consideration for the v.a. this is a fox news alert. president of the united states is going to be joining us in 12 minutes. we will get his reaction live. brian: they had a hate huddle last night to decide about it whether it was worth it for everyone in it to go forward. i guess they decided against it democrats are taking a hard left ahead of the mid terms and even the 2020 election. what message do republicans need to send? we are going to ask iraq war vet u.s. senate candidate judge aims next. ♪ radio's on ♪ you make me want to roll
4:49 am
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steve: breaking right now ronny jackson the admiral is out as president trump's pick to lead the veterans affairs administration. here with a quick reaction is john james. is he a u.s. senate candidate from michigan. is he also an iraq war army veteran. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. steve: ronny jackson just issued a statement. he said going into this i expected tough questions about how to best care for our veterans. i didn't have to dignify baseless and anonymous attacks on my character and integrity. >> character assassination is a classic trick used by the democratic marketing machine to impugn lifetime
4:53 am
servants like admiral jackson. this is why we don't get the best talent into washington and we are seeing the results of if by some of the gridlock that we are seeing. i believe that i'm running because i have a passion for service. i'm a combat vet who understands national security. i understand how to create economic opportunity. and i believe that this type of mob think, led by the liberal left has greater threat to our democracy than any foreign army. steve: we scheduled to talk about going into the mid terms what the message will be for the democrats. and we're going to put some of the ideas any have some up with lately up on the big board. bernie sanders, who loves free stuff for everybody, he would like to guarantee a $15 job for every american, corey booker announced the federal jobs guarantee development act, which would call for the department of labor to select up to 15 areas to institute a job guarantee. then a fellow by the name of andrew i can' yang universal
4:54 am
income. everybody gets $1,000 a month regardless of what you do. >> so here is one the big reasons i'm running. i believe that i present an opportunity to broaden the back of the elephant to include millennials and minorities the way no other candidate can. because what you are talking about, what you just brought up is mortgaging our children's future. and when i talk to college republicanrepublican and high schoolers all over the state of michigan, i say the torch will not be past. it must be taken. right now we have a critical situation right now. we need to move forward and also for minorities. being able to think freely. we don't want free stuff we want a fair shot. when given the opportunity to think for ourselves and compete we will win. steve: when you do the thinking have you got to wonder that sounds great. i would love $1,000 a month. >> who is going to pay for it? steve: they don't answer that question, do they? >> no. bernie sanders in washington legislating a future that they will not be a part of. i have two little boys and i have an obligation as their father to protect them.
4:55 am
we would have to be good stewards of the amazing country we have been given. it doesn't belong to us it belongs to future generations. steve: have you democrats pushing an agenda that is further to the left than what mainstream has seen for a very long time. then have you got yesterday with the kanye west back and forth on twitter, have you got it very clear that some on the political left want to demonize anybody who supports the president just because they know that that -- people will be less likely to say yeah, i think what he is doing is a good job because they don't want to be tagged as the mentally unbalanced as many people have suggested that kanye west is out of his mind. >> in an era when mental health is such a serious issue, by trivializing it like this is terrible. but the biggest thing is a free-thinking person is a threat to the democratic marketing machine that poses itself as the only solution for america's -- when you take -- when you take god out of government, then you
4:56 am
make government your god. and that's exactly what the liberal progressive left want. i believe in faith and family. god and country and service before self. i'm going to be fighting for conservative values in washington. steve: right now fighting for a job you would like to be the new senator from the great state of michigan. thank you for joining us live. we're going to step aside. i don't know if you heard but in about three minutes donald trump is going to join us live from washington, d.c. ♪ ♪ i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. new fixodent ultra-max hold gives you the strongest hold ever to lock your dentures. so now you can eat tough food without worry.
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♪ >> we have never had a sitting president of the united states phone us at 8:00. the president, donald trump, is going to do what he used to do back in the day. brian: i wonder does he know it is the same number? ainsley: james comey and those famous memos, we're getting word that there might have been more people he shared the memos with, more leaking.
5:00 am
>> i see no credible claim by any serious person that violated the law. >> no one on capitol hill who thinks this was the first and only time james comey used daniel richmond to leak information to the press. >> mike pompeo primed to take over as secretary of state the crucial vote happening today, white house issued a stern warning to obstructionist democrats. steve: "diamond & silk" will testify to the house judiciary committee over the long battle with facebook over censorship. >> the mere fact they can't face us prove they are guilty. steve: kanye west officially melted internet. ainsley: he said you don't have to agree with trump but the mob can not make me love him. >> our right to think differently. i don't know what is so controversial about the left to understand this. ♪
5:01 am
ainsley: well there is the presidential seal. there is the white house. inside the white house is the president of the united states, donald trump. brian: why would you be bringing that up, ainsley? ainsley: he joins us by phone. thanks for being with us, mr. president. >> good morning. i pick ad very, very special day because it is melania's birthday. i said let's do it on melania's birthday. happy birthday, melania. brian: hopefully there are visit in between. can you tell us what you got her. >> maybe i didn't get her so much. i got her a beautiful card. i'm busy to run to look for presents. i got beautiful card, beautiful flowers. she did a fantastic job with france. i tell you what, the people of france are just, were spell bound by what happened with their great president who just left emmanuel. he is a wonderful guy.
5:02 am
has a wonderful wife. steve: you guys got along great. >> we did and they are both terrific people and brigitte. and we had a fantastic time. much more importantly we accomplished a lot, we really accomplished a lot, more than anybody knows. you will be seeing what we accomplished. steve: give us a hint. give us a hint. >> he came to recognize the, you know, i can say it from my standpoint but he is viewing i believe iran a lot differently than he did before he walked into the oval office. i think that is important. he understands where i'm coming from with respect to iran. iran is a real problem for this country. the president made a horrible deal, when i say the president, i'm talking about past administration, made a horrible deal, giving $150 billion, giving 1.8 billion in cash, actual cash, carried out in barrels and in boxes, from airplanes.
5:03 am
it is inconceivable, $1.8 billion and all they do is scream death to america, death to america. they're not screaming it so much anymore. they were screaming it with him. they are not screaming it with me. we haven't seen their little boats circling our ships in the ocean lately. if they do circle the ships they know they wilt not be there very longer. brian: you have a big deadline coming up with iranian agreement. >> i do. i do. brian: ronny jackson, word came out from that he will no longer be a candidate to be head of va. the statement is this, allegations against me are completely false and fabricated, if they had any merit i would not be selected and promoted to serve in important role as physician to three presidents over 12 years. in my role as a doctor, i have tirelessly worked to provide excellent care for all my patients in doing so i have always adhered to the highest ethical standards. last night the report was you had a huddle.
5:04 am
is that what you decided last night? is that what all of you decided. >> i even told him a day or two ago. i saw where this is going. they are very upset because mike pompeo, first in his class at west point, top in his class at harvard law school, a brilliant guy, a great guy, somebody i get along with very well. mike got through. they thought they had him stopped. the democrats are obstructionists. it is horrible what they're doing. they're not approving people. taking them out to the maximum 30 hours. 30 hours hours to interview people to be approved. they go 30 hours and people vote. it is a disgrace. in fact they had a report the other day at this rate it will be nine years before they are allowed to come into government. you have people given up everything. they have given up their jobs. top line people, brilliant people. they want to come to help us in government and chuck schumer and the group take, you know, years to approve them, years. we have judges that are waiting,
5:05 am
top of the line people, the best people in our country, and, by the way, they're going to be approved but they take them out until the very, very end, they said over nine years, before they get approved. every little trick in the book. brian: mr. president, mitch mcconnell could keep them seven days aweek until they reach their 30 hours and make them, these men and women stay until this gets done. why won't he do that? >> he should be doing that, and i think he will be doing at that and he should be doing that. honestly republicans, we have some absolute warriors. we have, i just watched your show, jim jordan and mark meadows and matt gaetz and desantis, corey lewandoski, "diamond & silk" the warriors. "diamond & silk" have become amazing. somebody was talking about them on the internet, these two women, these two beautiful, wonderful women. i said, let me check it out. it took me about two seconds to
5:06 am
say, start them. it is incredible. "diamond & silk," these are all warriors. we have freight people in the republican party. i think that in one way it's showing how bad, how obstructionist these democrats are. it is a disgrace what's happening. >> do you think obstructionists win if dr. jackson says the allegations are baseless and they're just attacking him? these are not true, they're attacking our country, still he is withdrawing his name? do the obstruct sunnists win when your nominees don't fight back? >> i could say and say no. doc rnnny, ad myrl, highly, jon tester, from montana, a state i won by 20 points, they love me and i love them. i want to tell you jon tester, i think this is going to cause hill a lot of problems if his state. he took a man who was just an
5:07 am
incredible man an incredible man, respected by president obama, gave him his highest rating. you saw what president obama said. president bush. he was the doctor to president bush, to president obama and the family. he has been my doctor and he run as fantastic operation. they have many doctors and they run a fantastic operation and honestly i said it to him, he didn't come to me, you know, doc, you run a great operation, how do you think you would do at the va? we can talk about experience but the va, when you think about 13 million people, you could take the head of the biggest hospital corporation of the world and it's peanuts compared to the va. so nobody has experience. you know it is a big monster. and i'm really proud of the job we've done for the va because we got, we're working right now on choice and really big. but we got rid of so many rules and regulations that made it impossible. we're really doing great at the va. steve: right.
5:08 am
>> but i want somebody that is going to be great. he would have a done a great job. tremendous heart. these are all false accusations. these are false. they are trying to destroy a man. by the way i did say welcome to washington. welcome to the swamp. welcome to the world of politics. steve: sure. >> for jon tester to bring up stuff like candy man and kinds of things he was saying. well, you know, these are statements that are made. there is no proof of this. and he has a perfect record. he has this beautiful record, unblemished. his son is a wonderful boy, goes to annapolis at the top of his class, one of the finest cadets for him to be doing this to this man and his family, i think jon tester has to have a big price to pay in montana. i don't think people in montana -- the admiral is the kind of person that they respect and admire. and they don't like seeing what's happened to him. steve: the admiral has
5:09 am
officially thrown in the towel. any idea who you might nominate next? >> i do, actually. better not give it maybe i do it on next call. i think we'll have somebody great. somebody that is more -- look, the admiral is not a politician, which is what i liked. steve: is your nominee in politics right now? >> somebody with political capability, yes. steve: talk a little bit about former fbi director james comey who you fired. he was on tv. last night. >> i did a freight thing for the american people by firing him. steve: he says he is not a leaker. he disputed what anderson cooper said. what is interesting we learned through catherine herridge reporting the guy he gave secret memos to, dr. richmond at columbia university, he had special government employee status where he had, he could look at secrets. he had a badge to the building and also apparently the memos were leaked to a wider group of people, or at least two, maybe
5:10 am
three including former u.s. attorney patrick fitzgerald. your opinion on what mr. comey is doing on his book tour and the fact that he had a special friend at columbia university with a fbi badge? >> look, comey is a leaker and he is a liar and not only on this stuff, he has been leaking for years. he is probably been using his friend, the so-called professor who turns out to have fbi clearance he never said, he lied about that he never said that in congress. he said he gave it to a friend. he gave it to a friend to leak classified information. it is all classified. it is totally classified. legally he did an illegal act and he said it himself in order to get a special counsel against me. so the special counsel and, by the way, intelligence committee and everybody else has found no collusion. there is no collusion with me and the russians. nobody has been tougher to
5:11 am
russia than i am. you can ask president putin about that. there has been nobody. between military and oil and all the other things i've done, aluminum tax, they send us a lot of aluminum. i put tariffs on aluminum coming in. the 60 people we sent out, 60 so-called diplomats, nobody has been tougher. nobody has been even been close to as tough as me we hear this nonsense. there is no collusion whatsoever. so comey, what he did, brian was terrible. he leaked classified information in order to try and get a special counsel. steve: he says it wasn't, classified, mr. president. he says it wasn't classified. >> it is totally classified. he leaked memos which were classified. nobody unclassified them. the memos were about me. they are phony memos. he didn't write the memos accurately. he put a lot of phony stuff. i went to russia a day or so a day or two, because i own the miss universe pageant. i went there to watch it near
5:12 am
moscow. i go to russia. everybody knows, the logs are there, the planes are there. he said i didn't stayed there a night. of course i stayed there a very short period of time. but of course i stayed. his memo said i left immediately. i never said that. i never said i left immediately. so he said, and you know the funny thing, he does these memos, fake news cnn, total fake, they give hillary clinton the questions to the debate. nobody, can you imagine, by the way, if you gave me the questions to a debate? they would have you out of business and they would have me, you better get out of this campaign. they don't even bring it up. cnn, fake news cnn actually gave the questions to -- brian: don't worry about them. >> no, think of it. how bad is that? so anyway, comey leaked. and by the way also what he did with cnn in order to placate them, you saw that whole scenario, this is a big mistake
5:13 am
this book. he is guilty of crimes and if we had a justice department that was doing their job instead of -- steve: it is your justice department, mr. president, you're the republican in charge of, you got a republican running it. >> i answer this all the time. because of the fact that they have this witch-hunt going on with people in the justice department that shouldn't be there, they have a witch-hunt against the president of the united states going on, i have taken the position, and i don't have to take this position and maybe i'll change, that i will not be involved with the justice department. i will wait until this is over. it is a total, it is all lies and it is a horrible thing that is going on, a horrible thing. yet i have accomplished with all of this going on more than any president in the first year in our history. everybody, even the enemies and haters admit that. we have accomplished more than any president in the first year by far, if you look at
5:14 am
regulations big tax cuts, judge gorsuch. so many things and many other judges. but the big thing, the tax cuts, the regulations, nobody's done what we've done what i've done, despite what's going on. so very disappointed in my justice department. because of the fact it is going on, and i think you will understand this, i have decided i won't be involved. i may change my mind at some point because what is going on is a disgrace. it is an absolute disgrace. by the way only collusion is with democrats and russians. you take a look what is going on there. they wouldn't give the server, dnc, democratic national committee, wouldn't give its server to the fbi. what kind of an fbi. they break down doors for paul manafort early in the morning. his wife is in bed at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning and they undo the lock for michael cohen early in the morning yet they
5:15 am
walk into the dnc and they won't give them the server. we're not giving you the server he. oh, okay, we'll leave. that is not the fbi. that is a fix. brian: talk about michael cohen. yesterday through his attorney he will be taking the fifth. what is your reaction to that being that you work with him for a couple decades as your attorney. >> i do. a good person, brian, you know michael. michael has been on your show a lot. brian: we know. >> michael is a good person. let me tell you michael is in business, he is really a businessman, a fairly big business as i understand it. i don't know his business but this doesn't have to do with me. michael is a businessman. he has got a business. he also practices law. i would say probably the big thing is his business and they're looking something having to do with his business. i have nothing to do with his business i can tell you. he is a good guy -- brian: isn't his business your attorney, mr. president?
5:16 am
>> i have many attorneys. i have attorneys, sadly i have so many attorneys you wouldn't even believe it. but michael is somebody -- steve: mr. president, how much of your legal work was handled by michael cohen? >> a percentage of my overall legal work, a tiny, tiny little fraction but michael would represent me and represent me on some things. he represents me like with this crazy stormy daniels deal, he represented me. see, he did absolutely nothing wrong. there were no campaign fund -- ainsley: why is he pleading the fifth. >> because he has got other things. he has businesses. from what i understand they're looking at his businesses. and i hope he is in great shape. but he has got businesses and his lawyers probably told him to do that. but i'm not involved and i'm not involved -- i've been told i'm not involved. came out of the newspaper. i've been told i'm not involved. ainsley: we want to get to kanye west. he tweeted he loves you.
5:17 am
you are his brother. >> he has good taste. ainsley: the left goes ballistic. >> they do. i get along with kanye. i get along with a lot of people frankly, but kanye looks and he sees black unemployment at the lowest it's been in the history of our country, okay? he sees hispanic unemployment at the lowest it's been in the history of our country. he sees by the way female unemployment, women unemployment, the lowest it's been in now almost 19 years. he sees that stuff and he's smart. he says, you know what? trump is doing a much better job than the democrats did. by the way if they ever got in started putting back all of the rules and regulations where you can't breathe where businesses go out of business, our country would be in big trouble. and had i not gotten elected, hillary would have come in and she would have added more rules and regulations we would have
5:18 am
been out of business because you saw was happening. we were going down. steve: brian: couple of things on top of that, bigger picture, can yay he doesn't have personally against you in he likes you even though he doesn't agree with everything. other people in the black community, chance the rapper says black people don't have to be democrats. have republicans done a bad job ignoring the black community up until now? >> i think it was custom. people don't realize, if you go back to the civil war the republicans really did the thing. lincoln was a republican. somehow it changed over the years and i will say, i really believe it's changing back. remember i was going to get no black votes? i was going to get none? i got a lot, i got a lot of support. i should have gotten much more. now in fact i use to go around saying, what do you have to lose? i would say that at speeches, remember? i would go into a stadium and talk about the african-american vote. i said the education is not
5:19 am
good. the, obviously the law enforcement in your community, the crime is at levels nobody ever seen before. i would go through seven, 10 stats. i would say vote for me. what do you have to lose? now they voted for me. crime is way down. and really importantly, the unenemployment picture is the best it's been in the history of our country for african-americans. steve: mr. president, what does it say though about the political discourse in this country that when somebody comes out says, i like donald trump, suddenly the political left goes out and destroys them? shania twain was asked if you could have voted for donald trump would you have. yeah, i would have. she got so destroyed online and had to come out and apologize. yesterday the same thing with kanye west. people are saying the guy is out of his mind because he supports you. what happened to having a different point of view? >> i'll tell you what happened.
5:20 am
shania, who is terrific, she made a mystic i wish i didn't go public with it but we know how she feels. people have done that, amazed what happens to their business. we have tremendous support. we have tremendous fans. if i ever called for at that rally in washington, d.c., we would have millions of people coming into washington because they love what's happening. when i see kanye sticking to his guns and there are others, there are plenty of others, sticking to their guns, coming out saying it, you have a young lady very much in the news last three or four days. steve: candace owens. >> she is fantastic, she is the hottest thing out there now, people do that they become much more popular. remember we won the election. we won it easily. a lot of people say oh, it was close. and by the way, they also hike to always talk about electoral college. well it is an election based on the electoral college. i would rather have a popular election but totally different campaign. as though you're running, if
5:21 am
you're a runner, you're practicing for the 100-yard dash as opposed to one mile. the electoral college is different. i would rather have the popular vote because it's, to me, it's much easier to win the popular vote. brian: totally different set of goals as opposed to electoral college. >> we have electoral college. i got 306, she got what, 223. there was no way to break 270. i heard that on cbs and nbc, abc, they're all fake news. i heard that for so long and cnn but i heard that for so long. there is no way. so what they're trying to do is suppress the vote. everyone goes home and says, you know, i really like donald trump but i have watched on the news and they don't know it is fake news. i have taught them it is fake news. i watched on the news that he can't win. so let's go to movie darling and we'll come home and watch donald lose. brian: they go with the darling home, or go to the movies. let's talk about -- >> i do better than people
5:22 am
think. the economy is so strong and jobs are so good, that i think we're going to surprise. we won an election yesterday in arizona. nobody talks about it. they had these massive booths set up for cnn and everybody. they had the big booths set up they were hoping, they spent a fortune on the democrat and the republican won, lesko. great job. nobody talks about it. brian: argue the midterms will be decided on big things like a meeting you will have one-on-one with kim jong-un. how much are you looking at summit that starts tomorrow with south korea how much will be you doing when you sit down with north korea? on top of that, we know it is confidential, can you give us anymore information on the one-on-one mike pompeo had with kim jong-un? a lot of people are hungry for more details. >> i can. we're doing very well with north korea. we'll see how it comes out. i'm not like obama, you have kerry, the worst negotiator i ever seen.
5:23 am
goes in for the iran deal, never leaves. he should have left. he should have left and made a much better deal. could be i walk out quickly with respect or could be. maybe even the meeting down take place, who knows. but i can tell you right now they want to meet. they wanted to go to the olympics. look it was very, very nasty, with little "rocket man" and with the buttons and my button -- everybody said this guy is going to get us into nuclear war. let me tell you the nuclear war would have happened if you had weak people. we had weak people. this should have been settled long before i came into office. this is a much different ballgame then if they did it five or 10 or 20 years ago. this is much more dangerous ballgame now. but i will tell you it is going very well. mike pompeo did go there. he wasn't supposed to meet with kim jong-un but he did. he, you know, they arranged actually while he was there to say hello. we have incredible pictures of the two talking and meeting which i would love to release if we can.
5:24 am
i will do that not a bad idea. brian: just a hello, mr. president? >> it was more than hello. they got along. they were with each other more than an hour. they spoke. he also spoke with his counterparts in north korea. they had a great meeting. he then left. it was very, very secret. it was very quiet. had a great meeting and he left. when i watch, like i watched sleepy-eyes chuck todd the other day, why is the president giving up so much and north korea is giving up nothing? this is beginning of "meet the press." this guy shouldn't even be on the show. i said, wait a minute, just the opposite. i haven't given up anything. i haven't talked about it. i haven't given upping. ainsley: when are you going to meet? >> they give up denuclearization, testing research. they will close different sites. i'm saying to myself, wait a minute, all these things he is given up, we haven't really that much asked him but we would have asked him but they gave it up before i ask. they have this guy, fake newss he is on television saying why did i governor up something?
5:25 am
i never gave up anything. people have to ask how dishonest the news is. all fairness fox didn't always trite me great but you treat me fairly. fox is not pour tech for me, they're tough but at least it is fair. look at others cnn, they will have a council of seven people, of the seven people everyone is against me. where do they even find these people. brian: i'm not your doctor, mr. president, i would recommend you watch less of them. >> i don't watch them at all. i watched them last night, tell you what. i watched leaking, lying comey last night and i did, i hated to do it. one of the reasons, people say you are still looking good, mr. president, how do you do it? one of the things i've been able to do which is something i never thought i had the ability, i would always watch, now frankly i don't have time for two reasons, there is too much, and i don't have time, but i would watch, whether it is good or bad i would always watch. i have an ability, i don't watch nbc anymore.
5:26 am
they're as bad as cnn. i don't -- by the way i made them a fortune with the "apprentice." think of that one. steve: your all. >> i made them a fortune you would think they treat me great but they treat me horribly and treat me falsely. i don't watch things. i can put it out of my mind. i never ever thought that would be possible. you know what that does? it keeps you on the ball. it keeps you, you keep your sanity. and it works very well but last night i did watch, i did watch a liar, leaker. his performance by the way was horrible. will say this, anderson cooper was surprisingly tough and he did a good job. brian: he did. ainsley: real quickly, have you decided on a date to meet kim jong-un? >> we have a decision to be made. we have three and four dates. that includes five locations. that will be narrowed down. steve: great. >> i can only say this when i came into office people thought
5:27 am
we were going into nuclear war, okay? they're saying wow, looks like that will be taken care of. i think we're doing very well. let's see what happens. steve: we're running out of time but when we came down after your first month in office, we did the big famous now interview in the east room, ainsley asked you a question to grade your first month in office. now fast forward you have been in office over a year. last year you said in the first month i give myself an a for effort and a c for messaging because you were having trouble, white house was, explaining what you were doing. how would you grade yourself now? >> look, i'm fighting a battle against a horrible group of deep-seeded people, drain the swamp that are coming up with tall sorts of phony charges against me and they're not bringing up real charges against the other side. so we have a phony dole going on and it is -- deal going on and it's a cloud over my head. i've been able to escape that cloud because the message now,
5:28 am
everyone knows it's a fix, okay? it's a witch-hunt. and they know that i've been able to message it. i would give myself an a-plus. nobody has done what i have been able to do and i did it despite the fact that i have a phony cloud over my head that doesn't exist. it was what the democrats used to try and make an excuse for their loss of an election, for their loss of the electoral college they should never lose because the electoral college is set up perfectly for the democrats and this was an absolute, total beating in the electoral college. they should never lose the electoral college and they did and they got swamped. brian: does it make you want to talk to mueller, put an end to it? does it make you want to -- >> i can but the problem, it is such, if you take a look they're so conflicted. the people that are doing the investigation, you have 13 people that are democrats. you have hillary clinton people. you have people that worked on hillary clinton's foundation.
5:29 am
they're all, i don't mean democrats, i mean like the real deal. and then you look at the phony lisa page and strzok and memos back and forth and the fbi. by the way you take a poll at the fbi. i love the fbi. the fbi loves me but the top people in the fbi, headed by comey were crooked. look at mccabe, he takes $700,000 from somebody supporting hillary clinton. he takes $700,000 for his wife's campaign and by the way, didn't even spend that money. they kept some of it, because under that law, she took s he took 700,000 from a group headed by terry mcauliffe, who was under investigation by mccabe and the fbi and that investigation disappeared. he took $700,000. and you look at the corruption at the top of the fbi, it's a disgrace. and our justice department, which i try and stay away from,
5:30 am
but at some point i won't, our justice department should be looking at that kind of stuff, not the nonsense of collusion with russia. there is no collusion with me and russia. and everyone knows it. brian: we could talk all day but looks like you have a million things to do. >> you could. brian: we hope you join us again, mr. president. >> ainsley, good luck with your book, it will be a winner. ainsley: thank you so much. steve: happy birthday to melania. brian: see you next thursday, mr. president. phone line is open. steve: call in again sometime. >> good. bye. brian: very nice to call in. steve: i think he was awake and had a lot to say. brian: he is a morning person. he already proven that to us. steve: broke a lot of news there. we thank the president of the united states. our producers have been trying to get him back on the program over a year since our first interview. ainsley: they worked so hard. steve: today he finally said i will do it on the phone. ainsley: more for example an friends coming up.
5:31 am
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that will win them over. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. ♪ steve: all right, after the interview with the president we have lots to talk to dana loesch who joins us right now from dallas, i believe. dana, the president talked, our lead story was the big story and that is admiral ronny jackson has thrown in the towel. he will not go through the confirmmation process to be the va head after these two pages of unsubstantiated allegations came it light via senate democrats. what is your reaction? >> well, good morning, thank you all for having me this morning. at what point did they know about this concerning ronny jackson? apparently wasn't concerning for them to do anything about when serving on staff for former president barack obama. suddenly a new president is in the white house. they have to what, make up for
5:35 am
looking the other way all of this time? really reflects poorly on the character of the previous administration if only now they suddenly have an objection over this individual who served with the previous president. i think that is what the bigger question is. i mean this administration showed if there is a problem, they are going to handle it. this also, you mentioned unsubstantiated allegations, that is all that we ever seen democrats have, unsubstantiated allegations. i will remind everyone which were promised weeping and gnashing of teeth, we were promised trump and putin were basically the same person. we promised we would all die from tax reform, net neutrality, none of these things happened. i have yet to see anything substantiated i'm waiting. ainsley: president said obstructionists were trying to discredit ronny jackson's reputation. i wish he would have stick it out that he would not cave. kanye stuck it out. candace owens stuck it out. this is what the president says
5:36 am
about senator tester in montana who came out with all the allegations against ronny jackson and reason ronny jackson had to step down or decide to withdraw his name. look listen to the president. >> doc ronny. here is an admiral highly respected, a real leader. i watch what jon tester montana, a state i won by over 20 points, they love me and i love them and i want to tell you that jon tester, i think this is going to cause him a lot of problems in his state. he took a man who was just an incredible man, and an incredible man, respected by president obama, gave him his highest rating. you saw with president obama said. president bush, he was the doctor to president bush, to president obama and the family. he has been my doctor and he runs as fantastic operation. you know they have many doctors and they run a fantastic operation and honestly i said it to him, he didn't come to me,
5:37 am
you know, doc, you run a great operation, how do you think you would do at the va? now we can talk about experience but the va, when you think about 13 million people. steve: sure. >> you can take the head of the biggest hospital corporation of the world and it's peanuts compared to the va. so nobody has experience. you know, it's a big monster. steve: one thing he did say, dana, he does have a name in mind who the next person would be, that he would nominate. sounds like they're from politics, that was the problem. so many people said, well you know, he hasn't been if politics. he hasn't run anything big. so jackson is out and new person is coming up. >> well, we'll look forward to seeing who the new individual is but honestly i still maintain former president obama didn't have a problem with ronny jackson so why should president trump have a problem with ronny jackson. maybe democrats can explain that to us. steve: want to talk about the case if great britain, alfie
5:38 am
evans, the little boy who is clinging to life. the courts over there said the national health service could disconnect him from any sort of oxygen. he was expected to die immediately. but he didn't. his parents have been in the room, giving him mouth to mouth to keep him alive. they simply wanted the opportunity to take this little boy to italy where they would care for him. but the national health service there said no. >> this story breaks my heart. i see, you see your kids in everybody else's kids. i see my boys in this little boy and it is amazing a tale of two indicates. duchess of cambridge who the other day, welcome ad baby boy. you have this mom, kate james, who has toddler who is in the hospital and they have very different stories. can you imagine if this was the duchess of cambridge's son? i think outcome would be very different. two things involved here. first off, people in britain are not free, they're subjects. when you are a subject you lose
5:39 am
all autonomy. these parents are not even -- they want to have their son transferred to an italian hospital, vatican children's hospital. already covered by private donations. cost the nhs nothing but pride. this is all about ego for the socialist health care system in britain. it is absolutely monstrous that a country could purred a child as opposed to allowing their parents, no expense to nhs, to take this child somewhere else to receive treatment. and they even were blocking, using apparently security in the room, they were blocking the parents from giving this child, once he was pulled from the ventilator, giving him any kind of nourishment or water whatsoever. doctors said he was going to die the moment the ventilator was removed. terp wrong. they have been wrong about a lot of things. they're wrong about how they are treating this family. ainsley: why wouldn't they give the kid a shot? you look at images. it breaks your heart even if you're not a parent. i have a two-year-old, that is
5:40 am
how old the toddler is. why wouldn't they give him a chance? >> what is going on in britain what we had before the current administration took office, remember president trump rolled back a number of elements with regards to obamacare, including that independent payment advisory board, that ipab board, similar to what britain has, where you have a bunch of unelected bureaucrats who determine whether your life is worth of treatment. i hope everyone realizes this, we were so close to having this in the united states. if britain allows the child to go elsewhere, it is egg on their face. they will have to explain to other parents, other family members why they can't do the same with their children and their loved ones. this is monstrous. this country is committing murder. i hope the pope be gets involved. i hope the queen says something to the petition. if they kill this child, the sun has set on the empire of britain completely. brian: dana, we'll look forward
5:41 am
to hearing more on the radio. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you all. brian: mike pompeo said to be confirmed today as secretary of state. that all but confirmed. senator john cornyn here to react. ainsley: when he is not hosting his radio show buck sexton is making meals with his girlfriend claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more.
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♪ brian: final confirmation vote expected later today. moments ago president trump expressing his frustration with democrats who are obstructing. >> you know mike got through, they thought they had him stopped. the democrats are obstructionists. it is horrible what they're doing. they're not approving people. taking them out to the maximum 30 hours. that's a lot of time, 30 hours,
5:45 am
to interview people that are going to be approved. they go 30 hours, people all vote. it is a disgrace. brian: there is over 200 people waiting for the vote that most thought that would be a lay-up but it is not happening because they have to get their 30 hours of debate. is it time for them to work seven days a week, i'm talking about the senate? part of that team, senate majority whip senator john cornyn joins us in texas. senator, keep everyone if town seven days a week until they get their 20 hours. maybe democrats will snap out of it. >> it happens. what happened to mike pompeo and ambassador to germany -- brian: ric grenell. >> we threatened to say here this weekend. they caved. we're voting on those at noon and 1:45. there is another thing we need to do, jails lankford is leading effort to change senate rules compress the time frame. people don't use the time to debate the nominee and they pass with huge majorities.
5:46 am
i understand the president's frustration and we're working hard to move these nominees through. brian: senator, how embarrassing is it only five democrats are voting for him, and they had to harange senator rand paul to get him in line out of committee? have you ever seen anything like this in your life, someone qualified as mike pompeo? >> i haven't, brian. 15 senate democrats voted for him as director of the ci. one of the most important sensitive positions in the u.s. government. now they can't even bring themselves to vote for him for secretary of state. it should be embarrassing but that is high bar around washington, d.c., these days. brian: ronny jackson, about an hour ago, white house confirmed withdrawn his nomination as va secretary. we don't know if any of allegations or all of them are true. what is your reaction to what has taken place over last few days? >> i feel bad for admiral jackson, none of these accusations were proven to be true, anonymously sourced and
5:47 am
repeated by some senate democrats trashing his reputation. if the end he may have figured it is not worth it. this is a guy who had gotten glowing performance evaluation reports by president obama. so it leads me to wonder if we're chasing good people off with rumor and hearsay never has been proven. it is really a shame. it is our loss. brian: it is in a way because he didn't have a chance to defend himself publicly. what does it say about senator jon tester of montana, that he would go on national television, parrot these allegations if they are facts? >> i think it is despicable, and he should be ashamed of himself. it shows you how far people willing to stoop in the partisan wars prevail here in washington. how much people who hate this president, who are opposed to him every step of the way, what levels they will go to. i think it is sad. brian: i gather you do not know if the other nominee, because the president says he has got a
5:48 am
name. he didn't tell us. do you want to? >> i don't know. i don't no. brian: okay. senator, real quick, gene gina haspel grew up in the cia. president says this would be historic to have a female lead the organization. a massive pushback against her because of enhanced interrogation practices or black sites. she was doing what she was told to do, keep america safe after 9/11. where do you stand on this, how hard will you fight to make sure she is okay? >> gina haspel is a patriot. she did exactly what she was told to do, instructed by the highest legal authorities in the land what she was doing was entirely within the law. this idea of making her the fall person for this program that, that i know is controversial, i think it is, it is a shame. she is, she will be the first
5:49 am
woman director of cia, the first operations officer as opposed to political appointee or analyst in the last 40 years. this is enormously popular pick and she will do a great job. brian: the bureau is behind her. senator, thanks for joining us on a busy day. >> absolutely. thanks, brian. brian: senator john cornyn of texas. meanwhile when he is not hosting his radio show or our show, buck sexton is making meals with his girlfriend. we're cooking with friend next. we'll expose the great secret of their relationship. talk about magic, that is what sandra smith and bill hemmer create every single day, at top of the hour they take over. >> brian, thank you. it's a big day on washington and capitol hill. mike pompeo expected to be confirmed as secretary of state. in the last few minutes the president's pick to run the va is out. we're all over this for you. meanwhile the migrant caravan of immigrants has reached the border and plans to cross into the u.s. this weekend, ignoring the president. how homeland security plans to stop them. and kanye west showing his love
5:50 am
for the president. the reaction pouring in, including from the president, a few minutes ago. join us in "america's newsroom" in moments. ♪ and we'll beat the birds down to acapulco bay ♪ ♪ it's perfect for a flying honeymoon they say ♪ ♪ come fly with me ♪ let's fly, let's fly away ♪ ♪ come fly with me ♪ let's fly, let's fly away ♪ with expedia, you can book a flight,
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5:54 am
i have silica disease. i have to be careful. complete intolerance to gluten. it is autoimmune disorder. steve: you can have waffles or breakfast foods. >> i focus on eggs. i have to eat this stuff, which is gluten-free bread. i eat bacon and eggs, basically, five days a week. >> you're the man. >> people like to do eggs on side of things. i think it is bad idea. i use a paper towel, go real time. this way much less likely to getting shell in the dish. steve: learned it on youtube, right? >> i watch a lot of youtube. chef ramsey, if you're out there, you are a inspiration. steve: what do you do while he is cracking eggs? >> she cracks jokes. >> relaxing with him. steve: former spy. >> i have to watch myself. >> it's a trick.
5:55 am
brian: how -- >> i can neither confirm or deny. steve: what is special with the eggs? >> i'm trying to get the heat going higher here. it will look like this at the end. i think the problem when people cook eggs they to overcook them, gives them rubbery texture. as you're going along, you stir it like risotto, keep the movement going and heat around. the moment is congeals, gets harder i take, i like to take it off the heat entirely. i think that is really important trick. brian: you're showing off. steve: we have only 30 second. >> i thought i could get them all done in that point, honey, what are some of your favorites things. goat cheese. >> crim fresh. >> you can add it to bring the temperature down. at the end, we're cheating here with chives. looks like that which is absolutely delicious. ainsley: so good. >> like i said. don't be afraid to push those
5:56 am
eggs off the heat and -- steve: believe in yourself. >> believe in yourself. steve: recipe at fox and we'll be back with more in a few minutes.
5:57 am
hello. let's go for a ride on a peloton. let's go grab a couple thousand friends and chase each other up a hill. let's go make a personal best, then beat it with your personal better than best. let's go bring the world's best instructors right to you. better yet, let's go bring the entire new york studio - live. let's go
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anytime, anywhere, with anyone who's willing. and let's go do it all right here. ready to go? peloton.
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>> my book came out. i'm signing books after we're live at the university of south carolina. i'll drive to spartanburg and go to boiling springs baptist church at 5:30, saturday morning in columbia, south carolina that will start at 2:00 p.m. join me, please. >> she is really nice in person. >> you know what? they'll do the weather. take it away, boys. >> we have some rain for parts of the south and midwest today. don't forget your umbrella. sunny skies in new york city. >> you are hired. >> you even got it right. there is the map right there.
6:00 am
do you want to say hi to anybody at home? say hi to dad and grandma stella. grandpa mickey and grandma d. >> sandra: breaking news at this hour on a busy morning at the white house. stinging new reaction from president trump just minutes after dr. ronny jackson withdraws his nomination to become the next secretary of the va. the president calling out obstructionist democrats for stonewalling him at every turn. i'm sandra smith inside "america's newsroom" this morning, thursday morning. rick leventhal is here. >> fascinating phone call with the president. i'm in for bill hemmer. dr. jackson withdrawing calling the accusations false and fabricated but doesn't want them to distract from president trump's mission to help our nation's veterans. the president chalking it up


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