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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 26, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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do you want to say hi to anybody at home? say hi to dad and grandma stella. grandpa mickey and grandma d. >> sandra: breaking news at this hour on a busy morning at the white house. stinging new reaction from president trump just minutes after dr. ronny jackson withdraws his nomination to become the next secretary of the va. the president calling out obstructionist democrats for stonewalling him at every turn. i'm sandra smith inside "america's newsroom" this morning, thursday morning. rick leventhal is here. >> fascinating phone call with the president. i'm in for bill hemmer. dr. jackson withdrawing calling the accusations false and fabricated but doesn't want them to distract from president trump's mission to help our nation's veterans. the president chalking it up to politics. >> president trump: i saw where
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this was going. they are very upset because mike pompeo, first in his class in west point and top at his class at harvard, a brilliant and great guy and someone i get a long with very well. they thought they had him stopped. the democrats are obstructionists. they're not approving them and taking them out to the maximum 30 hours. that's a lot of times. 30 hours to interview people that will be approved. 30 hours and people will vote. it is a disgrace. >> sandra: it is a big day for president trump's cabinet on capitol hill. jeff sessions and epa chief scott pruitt going before congress in what are expected to be a series of contentious hearings. we have fox team coverage for you this morning. peter doocy following those hearings on capitol hill. charlie hurt standing by for reaction. we begin with chief white house correspondent john roberts reporting live from the north lawn this morning.
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when was this decision made? >> good morning to you. it was during an oval office meeting with the president yesterday when dr. ronny jackson decided he didn't want to go through the process and knew it would be something that could likely tear you apart. i ran into dr. jackson in the halls of the white house a few minutes ago. he was in very good spirits this morning and back at work at the white house physician. he did spend a week in the washington wringer. that will leave a few scars. dr. jackson this morning issuing a statement he is withdrawing his name from consideration to become v.a. secretary saying going into this process i expected tough questions how to best care for our veterans but i did not expect to have to dignify baseless and anonymous attacks on my character and integrity. the allegations against me are false and fabricated. if they had any merit i wouldn't have been selected, promoted and trusted to serve in the role of physician to three presidents.
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democrats led by -- an accusation that he wrecked a government vehicle after he got drunk. the white house insists he never wrecked a government car and jackson acknowledged he recommends all staff on air force one take a sleep aid when traveling overseas. the president and many other people on the white house staff say democrats were simply trying to destroy a good man. listen to what the president said on "fox & friends" a short time ago. >> president trump: they are trying to destroy a man. by the way, i did say welcome to washington and welcome to the swamp, welcome to the world of politics. but for john tester to start bringing up stuff like candy man and the kind of things he was saying and then say well, you know, these are just statements that made. there is no proof of this. he has a perfect record. he has this beautiful record
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unblemished. >> the president predicting that senator john tester from a state where the president won by 20 points may get a lot of blowback over this. listen here. >> president trump: i think john tester has to have a big price to pay in montana. the admiral is the kind of person that they respect and admire and they don't like seeing what has happened. >> the president spoke this morning for a first time in a couple of weeks about his personal attorney michael cohen and the case the government is building against him. listen here. >> president trump: this doesn't have to do with me. michael is a businessman. he has a business. he also practices law. i would say probably the big thing is his business. and they looking at something having to do with his business. i have nothing to do with his business. he has other things. he has businesses. from what i understand they're looking at his businesses. i hope he is in great shape. >> the president also saying michael cohen was dealing with
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this crazy stormy daniels business. the president insisting that cohen did nothing wrong in making the payment of $130,000. the president also ripping james comey insisting that he has committed crimes. the president suggesting that at some point he may jump into the fray regarding comey paraphrasing. i will wait until this thing is over. i decided i won't be involved but may change my mind at some point. a name that bubbled up around capitol hill as potential v.a. secretary is west virginia senator joe manchin. white house sources say it's not true but we'll keep running it down. >> sandra: thank you. >> as mentioned two members of trump's cabinet set to face a grilling on capitol hill an hour from now. attorney general jeff sessions and epa chief scott pruitt are both on the hot seat in
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separate committees as the senate takes up a vote for mike pompeo's secretary of state position. what do lawmakers want to here from pruitt? >> this lawmakers who control pruitt's budget on the house appropriations committee want to know if there is anything to all these stories that keep bubbling up that pruitt has not been using the money in the budget wisely. >> i think everybody is looking towards the house hearings and we'll see what happens there. but i do think that in the not too distant future that he will be over on the senate side. there is legitimate concerns and questions that we need to dig deeper and find out the answers. >> jeff sessions the attorney general will also be at the house appropriations committee later on today separately on the homeland security front. there will be a hearing about the pentagon's budget. we watched the chairman of the
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joint chiefs walk in for that and the dhs secretary will have to explain to congress what the dhs top priorities are for in fiscal year 2019 and what they need congressional funds for. >> when do we expect to see confirmation or vote on mike pompeo to be secretary of state? >> stimulates on this afternoon now that the majority leader is confident pompeo will be confirmed because there are moderate democrats and one independent who say they'll vote to confirm pompeo. the independent senator from maine, angus king says director pompeo would not be my choice for this position but agreement with him on all issues cannot be the standard. if it were every cabinet vote would be a partisan exercise. the simple fact is we need a secretary of state especially as iran and north korea as both are coming to critical decision
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points. another huge event on the hill today at the senate judiciary committee where they'll mark up a bill to protect the special counsel, robert mueller and his investigation. >> peter duesy on capitol hill. thank you. >> sandra: let's turn to charlie hurt, opinion editor for the washington times. fair to say we heard from the president this morning and he was fired up. and really pointing fingers at what he referred to as obstructionist democrats. for now ronny jackson out as his v.a. pick. >> i think that the president laid down a marker this morning with john tester. i think this is not the last we're going to hear about this. i suspect that we will see the president traveling to places like montana and around the country and bang the drum. he will talk about how a good man admiral ronny jackson got run out of town, got run out of public service or additional
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public service, i should say, based on all these unproven, unsubstantiated allegations that were floated by senator tester. i have to say the whole thing is very strange. i'm used to seeing a lot of pretty harsh accusations leveled at political opponents around here but i've never seen anything like that where a committee just openly hands out a dossier of all of these unfounded allegations against a guy who had a really excellent reputation. >> sandra: white house position three president, earned high praise from all of them including president obama. he then commented on mike pompeo and said referring to democrats they tried to stop him, too. we know mike pompeo is up for a full senate vote today. he is expected the pass. do you expect any last-minute wrangling there? >> no, i don't. i've all along suspected he
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would eventually get through. it is indefensible to block a guy like this especially somebody with so much support when he was confirmed to the c.i.a. chief but because the position he is nominated to you have all this playing out in north korea as you have partisan squabbling going on in congress over the nomination of this vitally important position as it relates to the negotiations in north korea. talking about denuclearization of the korean peninsula. something politicians haven't been able to talk about for decades and to have that juxtaposed to the quabling in congress is not a good look for congress and why the only people more loathed in america than congress is -- are journalists. >> sandra: good stuff. a lot changing at this hour. thank you for coming on and giving your reaction to all that. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> sandra: meanwhile, rick, i meant to also ask him about this. we'll have a couple senators coming on the show later. the president's approval rating to the fox news polling 44%. that's down 1 point from a month ago but sitting at a pretty healthy number. a lot more coming up on that. >> i wonder what his approval rating will do after this morning's interview with "fox & friends." even more breaking news coming into "america's newsroom." we're learning that president trump's newest attorney, rudy giuliani will be in charge of a potential one-on-one interview between mueller and the president. plus this. >> a lot of times taking your questions in a tone that is completely unnecessary, unneeded and doesn't help further the conversation. >> sandra: white house press secretary sarah sanders sparring with acosta over the combative nature of some white
6:12 am
house press briefings. does she have a point? >> we go for an exclusive ride along as marshals try to take down some of the most dangerous ms-13 gang members. >> they all believe -- hopefully it will be a one stop shop.
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he filed paperwork saying he would invoke his right against self-incrimination due to an ongoing criminal investigation. another hearing for the criminal investigation is happening in the next couple hours where a judge will hear more information on documents seized by the f.b.i. from cohen's home and office this month. >> rick: rudy giuliani the newest member of trump's legal team talking to mueller about a possible interview with the president. giuliani saying the president has handed over more than a million documents while adding, quote, if anything else is needed we'll consider it. if there is an open mind as to the merits. here to talk about it is judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. so much to digest today. >> the president addressed this this morning on "fox & friends" saying you know, i would like to talk but i have a little second thoughts.
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he should have a lot of second thoughts. >> rick: first of all. rudy giuliani what kind of difference does he make here? >> he enjoys a great deal of respect in the legal and judicial communities particularly in new york and washington at one point he was bob mueller's boss. and he has a lot of respect. his days as a rough, tough prosecutor trying cases himself in the courtroom are a while ago but i think he retains that respect. >> rick: he made sort of a promise that he was going to make this move a little faster. can he do that? >> i wish he hadn't made that promise. it will come back to tease him or bite him. when the president asked if rudy would represent him a week ago rudy said i'll have it over in three or four weeks. that's an unrealistic goal unless by have this over the president's interview with bob mueller. but he led us to believe when he said it by have this over
6:18 am
the whole investigation. >> rick: it has to help he knows the system and knows mueller well. >> of course that will help. that's not the problem. the problem is no matter how well rudy giuliani knows bob mueller, this is an interview that is fraught with so much danger for the president. >> rick: that might happen between the president and bob mueller. >> it would be the president, bob mueller, his prosecutors and f.b.i. agents. when mrs. clinton was interviewed there were five different people questioning her. this is a very aggressive, rough and tumble environment in which one white lie can result in an indictment. >> rick: you know they aren't just going to ask about the possible collusion with russia. even though that may be the premise or purpose of this. >> you are exactly right. they are not his friends. they are not there to help the president. they have, for example, 20 years of financial records of
6:19 am
all of the trump organization's borrowing. they can ask by flow of money and events that seem lawful on the surface but there might be something in there he doesn't want them to know about. he may say it's none of your business but they are there either to trap him or to get him to admit to something without he is realizing he is admitting it and they're expert at that. >> rick: separate issue. michael cohen who has done legal work for the president, the president was asked this morning about michael cohen and he said i have a lot of attorneys. michael cohen happens to be one of him. we talk about him pleading the fifth in the california place because of a criminal case in new york. >> i would advise him to do the same thing if he were my client. he doesn't know what the government will accuse him of in the criminal case. to protect himself from giving
6:20 am
the government any ammunition he has to remain silent on everything even on cases that have nothing to do with the investigation in manhattan. >> rick: could the cohen situation come up with the president? >> i believe it will. when the f.b.i. seized those documents and judge wood before whom the government is appearing with michael cohen's lawyers now as we speak, said what is the basis for this seizure? the government revealed they've been listening to michael's phone calls for three months. who was he talking to every day? the president. >> rick: judge, appreciate your time this morning. >> sandra: president trump unleashing in a new interview about the obstructionist democrats stonewalling his cabinet picks minutes after ronny jackson withdraws his nomination. we'll get brand-new reaction on that. >> rick: congressional leaders mark an emotional day on the baseball field that was the site of last year's shooting. steve scalise joins us next to
6:21 am
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> this baseball field -- i think it epitomizes what makes america great. today is an emotional day but it is also, as somebody pointed out a rebirth, a renewal. >> sandra: a moment of
6:25 am
reflection as congressmen return to a baseball field in virginia the site of a shooting that stunned the nation. steve scalise on the road to recovery joins me now from his first interview since completing his last round of medical procedures. congressman, wonderful to see you this morning. these final surgeries are over. >> yes, good morning. the final surgery that was planned as part of my recovery and felt really good to get it done. it was successful. my doctors felt good about it and i feel good about it and i can focus back on recovering my physical therapy to learn how to run and walk again. >> sandra: hard to believe what you have been through. a long road to recovery. i know that i'm sure you wish you were out on the baseball field for practice yesterday. >> i really did. i was flying back from new orleans yesterday and, you
6:26 am
know, knew my colleagues would be on the ball field. missed being with them. i sent a statement to encourage them. i'm glad they went back. we aren't going to let one act of madness stop a tradition and we need to keep going. i'll be back out there soon enough and i'm glad they went and they aren't going to be deterred, either. >> sandra: the congressional baseball game will be june 14th. he hope you're well enough then to participate. meanwhile congressman, you return to a busy washington there is so much going on this morning and now we learn ronny jackson, the president's pick for v.a. is out. he blames his departure on how washington works and his letter upon his departure he wrote unfortunately because of how washington works the false allegations have become a distraction for the president and the issues we must be addressing. how we give the best care to our nation's heroes.
6:27 am
what is going on here, congressman? >> i think you saw president trump yesterday just expressing how toxic this political environment has gotten where somebody is qualified as him would be tarred like this and they try to go after him and create allegations that he will get the opportunity to go and counter but it is interesting that democrats never raised these concerns or allegations when he was barack obama's physician. so it shows you there is a double standard out there. the fact that president trump is not going to be deterred. he has done so much for our veterans already and make sure we get a good, qualified v.a. secretary. more light needs to be shined on the people that will oppose and try to undermine whoever is going to be the person that takes care of our veterans. i'm glad president trump has made taking care of our presidents a top priority. we need a qualified secretary. when he appoints somebody it will be someone to run the agency the right way for our
6:28 am
military veterans. democrats need to stand up for our veterans. >> sandra: do you know who he might be considering? >> i don't know. i would imagine he would have a good list of people that want to do this job. it is somebody who will be the primary caretaker for our veterans when they come home and ultimately need to be taken care of from their injuries that were related to defending our freedom. we've increased funding for the v.a. as we've cut other areas but made sure our veterans have the money and resources they need. they need somebody at the top. it is time for the senate especially the democrats to try to make this a blood sport to come behind him. >> sandra: the vote for mike pompeo goes to the senate floor today. >> it ought to be a unanimous vote. i served with him on the house energy and commerce committee. he did a great job as c.i.a. director and a great job as secretary of state. he has great relationships with a lot of the leaders around the
6:29 am
world who are our allies. he understands our enemies. he understands them probably better than most secretary of state coming up. hopefully the senate has a strong vote. i commend president trump for appointing mike pompeo to be secretary of state. >> sandra: you would have no idea you just came out of surgery. we're happy for you and watching your road to recovery. it has been long. happy you're back and hope to see you at the baseball game in june. >> great to be back in the game. a lot of work to do. i enjoy working with this president to get things done to the american people and go tigers. >> sandra: good stuff. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> rick: nine surgeries. >> sandra: unbelievable. >> rick: the trump administration making it clear they'll fight to secure our borders. push >> we will not be discure ajds from our need to secure the border and take every step possible to secure our nation.
6:30 am
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>> sandra: the migrant caravan of central american immigrants has reached the u.s. border with every intention of crossing into the u.s. this weekend. their approach sparking a tweet storm by our president. homeland security kristen nielsen saying they stand at the ready to make arrests, ron johnson, thank you for being here this morning. what update can you give us on this caravan?
6:34 am
>> good morning, let me first say it's nothing unusual. i know they've organized into a small caravan but since 2013 over 200,000 unaccompanied children from central america have come into this country, 225,000 family units, we're looking at 750,000 children and family units that have exploited our very loose immigration laws and by and large in this country. >> sandra: what do you know about the numbers reaching our border at this point? >> i just gave them to you. those are the ones that can really exploit our laws that have lengthy adjudication process, turns them over to hhs. we've gotten good at apprehending, processing and disbursing. once you get into the country you say. less than 5% since the daca
6:35 am
law, sent a very strong signal if you get into america you can stay and they have stayed and it creates greater incentive for more unaccompanied children and more family units coming to this country because of the legal loopholes. >> sandra: how is homeland security watching the developments. >> they're watching this caravan. why isn't mexico enforcing its immigration laws? they have much tougher immigration laws than we do as we found out with that marine that accidentally crossed into mexico and was detained. why isn't mexico helping us? they're part of the problem. they're complicit in this wave of uncode children from central america. >> sandra: what's the answer to that? what is our open dialogue with mexico? they're clearly just ignoring the president's demands here. >> well, first of all from my standpoint we need to fix our own laws. through diplomatic channels we ought to ask mexico to enforce
6:36 am
theirs. we've had some success but not enough because it's still happening. >> sandra: what is this warning coming from nielsen that homeland security is monitoring the border and stand ready to make arrests. >> i appreciate that and one of the best parts of her press release she said the human traffickers, coyotes know more about immigration laws than congress. we'll enforce the law. that means we apprehend them, we process them and we disburse them including under the obama administration, we actually disbursed admitted ms-13 members. we just had the raging bull apprehensions that showed how per saysive that problem is. we have a horribly broken legal immigration system that creates incentives for more people to come into the country and exploit our system.
6:37 am
>> sandra: the president has gone on a twitter storm urging mexico and relations to improve and urging mexico to stop this from happening. what sort of response are we getting from mexico? >> not an adequate response because they haven't arrested these people under their very strict illegal immigration laws. we first need to get our own house in order. we need to expose what again too many members of congress don't realize all the loopholes and legal precedents laws that created this flow. our primary objective should be to stop or reduce the flow and that's working with mexico and fixing our legal immigration system, our broken system. >> sandra: there is a vote on the senate floor today mike pompeo for secretary of state. what are your expectations on that today? >> i'm glad a couple democrats have joined republicans and hopefully will vote yes. mike pompeo is a person of integrity, intelligence.
6:38 am
he should be overwhelmingly confirmed but democrats are playing deeply divided politics with this and it's unfortunate. >> sandra: i know you have a busy morning. thank you for your time this morning, sir. thank you. >> have a great day. >> rick: meanwhile u.s. marshals are hunting down some of the country's most dangerous fugitives and fox news went along for the ride during a round-up of ms-13 gang members. we're live in washington and an exclusive look at operation triple beam. >> the u.s. marshals are the oldest federal law enforcement agency in the nation and today they are taking on the most violent gangs. the 59 bounter hunters, the bloods, crips and ms-13. gang leaders, drug leaders, fugitives and human traffickers. >> one stop shop.
6:39 am
>> on the agenda capture three capital murder suspects. >> the marshal's job is to grab the body. we have been the u.s. government's manhunters since 1789 and we're the best in the world. >> they're running a joint effort with local police to take down gangs that proliferate along the border. houston chief of police told fox news that cartel activity on the border leads to increased crime inside his city. >> people and drugs come north and going south we have guns and cash. >> over time the strategy has produced some major results. since 2010 more than 6,000 arrests. the seizure of 1500 illegal
6:40 am
firearms. more than $1.5 million in cash and over $6 million of narcotics. they explain the mission is spread out across the country in order to route out gang members wherever they are. >> carry out court orders, which is reducing violent crime in the communities. protecting the federal judges, whether ms-13 or other gangs. they're terrorizing our communities and something we have done and will continue to do. we'll continue to go into the communities through the task forces and state and local partners to reduce that violent crime and bring relief to our communities and to insure the safe, fair, effective administration of justice. >> they strive to stay outside the fray of washington politics and after spending time with them it's clear their only priority is getting the bad guys. >> rick: thank you. you can't overstate how dangerous the work is these marshals do. >> sandra: unbelievable story.
6:41 am
meanwhile the white house press secretary butting heads with a cnn reporter in a heated news briefing. >> when people take your words out of context. i would appreciate if you not do that to the president. >> sandra: we'll play more of that and the relationship with the white house and media at this point in time. >> rick: president trump unleashing on james comey this morning why he says he did a great thing for the american people by firing comey. >> president trump: they have a witch hunt against the president of the united states going on. i've taken the position, and i don't have to take this position and maybe i'll change, that i will not be involved with the justice department.
6:42 am
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6:45 am
watch this. >> rough trying to say this administration is a champion of a free press? >> i certainly -- as i stated a moment ago, we support a free press but we also support a fair press. there is a certain responsibility by the press to report accurate information. i think a number of people -- i'm not finished. i think a number of people in this room do that every single day. they do their best to provide fair and accurate information. certainly support that and it's one of the reasons i'm standing here taking your questions. and a lot of times taking your questions in a tone that is completely unnecessary, unneeded and frankly doesn't help further the conversation or help the american people get any more information in a better way, which is your job and my job and that's what i'm trying to do. >> rick: jessica tarlov is the senior director of research and a fox news contributor and steve hilton the host of the next revolution with steve
6:46 am
hilton. thank you to you both for being here. sarah sanders talked about tone. steve? have you noticed a difference in tone? >> i think honestly i have never seen such a bunch of ridiculous snowflakes as the washington press corps. let me spell it out simply. criticizing the press is not the same as trying to close down the press. these vain, pompous, self-regarding elitist journalists like jim acosta seem to think they're the only part of our political system that should be above criticism. nobody is trying to make the press less free. we just want it to be less biased. what is it about that they don't understand? >> rick: it strikes me there is thin skin in the white house press room and not used to being called out by the spokesperson or the president. >> i think the press having
6:47 am
trouble grappling with this and the administration and sarah huckabee sanders is having trouble with what's going on here. what steve said about whether we're having a less free press. we slipped to 45th in the world as a free press. i think we should be ashamed about that. the questions about dr. ronny jackson turned out to be legitimate since he just withdrew from the nomination. the 24th nominee from president trump that has had to withdraw before going to committee hearings. so there are important concerns there. i think the jim accost to and his relationship with the administration is tenuous at best and i understand the accusation of it being whiney and all of that is legitimate. but at the end of the day sarah huckabee sanders doesn't want to take questions about issues that are difficult for her and difficult to answer in light of decisions that the president has made. >> rick: again the tone of the questions. steve, the president this
6:48 am
morning on "fox & friends" talked about a witch hunt against him and oftentimes it seems like during the daily press briefings that's where the questions are coming from is all sort of angry directed at the administration in ways that perhaps -- the administration obviously doesn't like. >> you're completely right. the press are part of that witch hunt. they're part of the establishment that can't believe that donald trump won the election. still can't get over it. don't think he is a legitimate president. they can't stand anything about him. they can't stand the way he looks, behave, speaks and they will hound him until his last day in office because they just hate him so much. and it is not just the press, it is all the elite establishment throughout politics not just in the democratic party by the way and republican establishment too. they can't stand donald trump and can't believe he won. that's what this is all about. >> rick: cnn's jim acosta has been criticized for calling out trump supporters saying mean
6:49 am
things about them and he also likeened sarah sanders to a city council spokesperson. city council speaks people will be upset with people. >> we know the relationship between sarah sanders and the administration and jim acosta is not a good one. he was saying he was taken out of context with the trump comments and she was right to push back and see it doesn't feel so good when that happens. looking ahead we'll have a press briefing today for instance and if sarah sanders says the questions about president trump admitting that michael cohen represented him with the stormy daniels case are not legitimate that's not going to fly well. that's something the press should be talking about and can't say your tone is bad. >> rick: one thing we do know there will be more fireworks in the press briefing room on a daily basis. jessica and steve, we appreciate your time. >> sandra: interesting stuff in the white house press briefing
6:50 am
room. >> rick: must-see tv. >> sandra: that's almost every day. we're just hours away from a major summit on the korean peninsula. both north korea and south korea preparing for a big sit-down as president trump reveals information about mike pompeo's sit-down with the north korean dictator. kanye west's embrace of president trump. he sent twitter into a tizzy. carly is following it all for us and she joins us next on that. >> i get along with kanye. i get along with a lot of people. really important the unemployment picture is the best it's been in the history of our country for african-americans. keep your most valuable insights hidden from your competitors. the ibm cloud.
6:51 am
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6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
carley shimkus is a fox news headlines 24/7 reporter. you saw this happening yesterday and said oh, this will get good. where is it now? >> it happened over the course of an entire day so you got to slowly watch this whole thing unfold. it didn't entirely come out of left field. he said he would have voted for president trump if he voted and went to trump tower all of a sudden and he spoke to then president elect trump about multi-cultural issues. it surprised a lot of people
6:55 am
when he tweeted out the make america great again hat. it seals the deal he is on in on president trump. some people are saying it's a publicity stunt. others are saying he is crazy and his behavior is erratic. the president said it makes sense for him to support me because i am bringing back jobs to people who need them. >> sandra: it is really interesting. kim kardashian is kanye west's wife. he clarified something. >> that is probably one of the most relatable tweets in the entire thing. he tweeted you know, let me just -- my wife just called me and wants me to clarify i don't agree with everything the president says. so proving that no matter who you are the wife rules the roost. really let's step back and look at what kanye west is actually saying. all he is saying he is encouraging people to formulate their own opinions and keep an open mind. we live in a time where there
6:56 am
are protests on college campuses when conservatives speak. earlier this week we talked about shania twain apologizing saying she would support the president. kanye west is saying let's step away from that and foster an open exchange of ideas. >> sandra: apparently kim kardashian got flak from her fans. he is a free thinker, is that not allowed in america because you have to throw in the mental health card? that's not fair. he is out of the sunken place when he is being himself being himself. >> he sent over 80 tweets yesterday. >> sandra: hundreds of thousands of likes, tens of thousands of retweets. >> he have has an album coming out. that may have something to do with it. >> sandra: that's a fair point. money is always behind everything, right? thank you.
6:57 am
>> rick: james comey appearing to try to psycho analyze president trump on television last night and the president responding this morning. we'll talk about it with bret beret head of his interview with the former f.b.i. director. who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. new fixodent ultra-max hold gives you the strongest hold ever to lock your dentures. so now you can eat tough food without worry. fixodent and forget it.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> sandra: breaking news on some major stories at this hour putting the bull's-eye on president trump's cabinet. a trio of hearings on tap for this hearing. scott pruitt, attorney general jeff sessions and homeland security kristin nielsen expected to face grilling from lawmakers all this as ronny jackson withdraws his nomination to run veterans affairs. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. good morning. nice to have you here, rick. >> rick: i'm rick leventhal. bill hemmer is off today. scott pruitt getting ready to face lawmakers. new reaction from president trump on dr. ronny jackson.
7:01 am
placing the blame for his withdrawal squarely on the democrats. >> president trump: the democrats are obstructionists. it's horrible what they are doing. they aren't approving people. taking them out to the maximum 30 hours. these are all false accusations that were made. they are trying to destroy a man. by the way, i did say welcome to washington, welcome to the swamp, welcome to the world of politics. >> sandra: we have fox team coverage. bret baier is standing by and we begin with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge this morning following the session's hearing live in washington >> good morning. the attorney general is back on capitol hill for a second day of testimony. yesterday pressed by senators about deputy attorney general rod rosenstein sessions saying he stands behind his work. taking questions on the investigation of the president's personal attorney, michael cohen and whether sessions will take himself out of the decision making.
7:02 am
>> are you recused from the federal investigation of the president's attorney, michael cohen? >> it is the policy of the department of justice that those who have recused themselves not state the details of it or any -- or confirm the existence of an investigation or the scope ornate you are of that investigation. >> former new york city mayor and legal advisor to the president rudy giuliani has met with special counsel robert mueller. the president expressed disappointment with the justice department about the handling of these issues and tafrmd down expectations that he would do an interview. >> president trump: i'm very disappointed in my justice department. because of the fact it's going on and you'll understand this, i have decided that i won't be involved. i may change my mind at some point because what is going on is a disgrace. >> on the hill the epa
7:03 am
administrator scott pruitt is likely to face hard ethics questions as well. >> sandra: there is more evidence that director comey gave those memos to others? >> that's right. after he was fired last june he testified under oath to the senate intelligence committee he gave the memos to his friend and columbia law professor daniel richman. the comey memos documenting conversations with the president were more widely shared than previously known. former u.s. attorney, special counsel and comey friend patrick fitzgerald as the likely recipient of the comey memos and didn't rule out a third individual in addition to daniel richman who shared contents with "the new york times." richman was also a special government employee at the f.b.i. for director comey assigned to special projects. republican lawmakers want more information. >> in front of members of the judiciary and oversight committee. nice to have a full understanding of the full relationship that mr. comey had
7:04 am
with the guy who orchestrated -- >> fitzgerald is also comey's personal lawyer now and he did not return fox's emails or phone calls requesting comments. the emails are the subject of a justice department inspector general review because some contain classified information, sandra. >> sandra: catherine herridge, thank you for your reporting on that. >> rick: the senate is on track to confirm mike pompeo today as secretary of state. that will happen this afternoon we're told. meanwhile epa administrator scott pruitt set to testify about his budget but expected to face tough questions about alleged ethics violation. any drama expected at this stage, mike? >> i definitely expect dram why with scott pruitt in front of the house energy and commerce committee. that hearing should be getting underway any moment now. questions about his ethics and about his spending as epa
7:05 am
administrator and whether he was the confidence of president trump and top leaders at the white house. plenty to watch for there. elsewhere in the trump cabinet it appears mike pompeo should have enough votes to be confirmed the next secretary of state today. several democrats in states president trump won say they'll vote for mike pompeo. heidi heitkamp, joe manchin say they're a yes on mike pompeo. maine independent angus king and alabama democrat doug jones say they're yes. mitch mcconnell said pompeo deserves overwhelming support. >> should have been a lot more. this nomination really shouldn't have been so contentious but nevertheless we have the votes and he will be confirmed tomorrow and be able to get started representing our country abroad. >> procedural vote should take place in two hours on the senate floor and final confirmation should come around 1:00 eastern time.
7:06 am
>> rick: they're typically bipartisan. why are some democrats still rejecting pompeo. >> he was also confirmed to be cia director 66-32. he had plenty of democrat support the first time around. key democrat explains some of his issues with the pompeo nomination. >> democrats on the committee have said the things that he said and did as a congressman and as a candidate in terms of statements about muslim-americans, about the lbgt community, how he conducted portions of benghazi inquiry left many of us troubled how he would be. >> after the votes on pompeo the senate will take up the nomination of rick purnell to be the u.s. ambassador to germany. the timing is perfect with angela merkel heading to the white house tomorrow. >> rick: thanks very much, mike. >> sandra: and a fox news alert ronny jackson is out
7:07 am
withdrawing his nomination to be secretary of veterans affairs and allegations of misconduct. he made the announcement in a letter this morning saying in part in my role as a doctor i have tirelessly worked to provide excellent care for all my patients. in doing so i've adhered to the highest ethical standards. unfortunately because of how washington works these false allegations have become a distraction for this president and the important issues we must be addressing. how we give the best care to our nation's heroes. bret baier, breaking news this morning. he is out and we now await a possible another naming of this president for the v.a.. he is blaming obstruction from democrats. >> you heard the president on "fox & friends" saying he has another name in mind. someone who is more political perhaps. someone who has worked the swamp in the president's words. and has some history here.
7:08 am
it was not a surprise, really, once you heard the president in that press conference with the french president say i wouldn't do it. saying to dr. jackson, i wouldn't continue because you are getting attacked like this. it kind of did open the door or give him an exit ramp to do that. we've followed all the allegations, which jackson vigorously denies and the president denies. now jackson goes back to being the white house physician. i will say senator tester and others on capitol hill say they'll continue their investigation into some of these allegations so it may not be the end of this. >> sandra: you heard a fired up president this morning when he appeared on "fox & friends." he had a lot to say, bret. but that is one area where you did hear a great sense of frustration. >> i think so. there is a frustration. this is washington and this is why people hate washington but there are choices made.
7:09 am
there are choices made how the nominee was brought forward and the vetting before that point and choices made by the democratic leadership of those committees, including senator tester, to put it out to the press as opposed to going to the white house and saying we have this. these are allegations unconfirmed. and what are you going to do about it? there were choices on both sides that critics would say is what washington is ugly about. >> sandra: meanwhile you have got a huge moment coming up tonight where you'll be getting your chance to sit down on this network to talk to james comey, the former director of the f.b.i. last night, bret, he referenced that upcoming interview when speaking to anderson cooper. listen to this. >> you lauering up? >> i should have said this before. the facts matter here. i'll be on another network tomorrow that thinks i should be in jail. >> that was quite something. first of all, we ask questions.
7:10 am
we've been following this and investigating this. we can say the fox news network does not think that james comey should be in jail as a statement of fact. we are asking questions that lawmakers are asking on capitol hill. believe it or not after this book roll-out and the book tour, now the questions tonight we're looking for substance and there are things on the table that have not been asked. and this is special report's bite at the apple. we'll have him live in studio and we'll see what comes out of it. >> sandra: we look forward to that. there was also this moment where james comey took -- he took the moment to analyze the way the president thinks. listen to this. >> his only reference point is internal. what will bring me what i need? what will fill this hole in me? get me the affirmation i crave? that is deeply concerning because the only way you make hard decisions is by looking to the external reference points. >> sandra: that was his
7:11 am
response in answering a question about the president's leadership style. >> i think there are many questions to ask about james comey's leadership style his decisions along the way. specific substance we haven't heard as of yet. i hope to get some of that tonight. >> sandra: we should let you go prepare for that. we'll be watching bret bret baier only on special report at 6:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. i don't know about you but rick, i will be watching. >> rick: absolutely. >> sandra: i will be sitting down ready for that. >> rick: james comey saving the best for last with bret who also has dragon energy by the way. >> sandra: we're going back to the kanye west comment. >> rick: i love that he has so much to be asked that hasn't been asked yet. we know bret will do it. there is a stunning new
7:12 am
pentagon report blaming the u.s. military's shortcomings from the deadly ambush that killed four u.s. soldiers in niger. >> sandra: mike pompeo expected to be confirmed later today despite opposition from most democrats. we are talking to senator john thune about the controversial confirmation. >> rick: republicans hard to take joe manchin's seat in the mid-terms. first they have to find their nominee. we talk to one of the more controversial candidates don blankenship about his hotly contested primary.
7:13 am
7:14 am
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7:16 am
>> sandra: a massive manhunt underway in maine after a sheriff's deputy is shot and killed. police are looking for this man, 29-year-old john williams. they believe he shot the deputy, then stole the deputy's police car and robbed a convenience store. state police wasting no time issuing warnings. >> he is an ongoing public threat. he needs to be -- he is considered armed and dangerous. if people encounter him they shouldn't approach him but call 911. be aware of their surroundings. >> sandra: the police officer was a 13 year veteran. the flags will be lowered to half staff. >> when you have people voting for john kerry both republicans and democrats, yet they question mike pompeo.
7:17 am
that tells you there is something broken in the system. that this isn't just about president trump but it is about political politics of the worst kind. >> rick: sarah sanders calling outlaw makers for their reluctance to back mike pompeo as secretary of state. but today after weeks of democratic stonewalling the former congressman and c.i.a. director is expected to be confirmed and the vote coming as multiple foreign policy issues are on the front burner. let's bring in senator john thune the senate gop conference chairman to talk about this. thank you for being with us. are you surprised at the length of the pompeo confirmation process? >> they drug it out as long as they could and you heard sarah sanders say it. she is absolutely right. this is totally about politics. there is absolutely no reason that you wouldn't with all the threats that we face, the array of threats we face around the globe get our top diplomat in
7:18 am
particularly as well -- he was first place in harvard, captain in the army. head of the c.i.a., member of the intelligence committee. his resume is perfect for his position. the fact there are only a handful of democrats willing to support him when he comes up for a vote today suggests really that this is totally and purely about politics. again, john kerry got 94 votes in the senate. hillary clinton got 94 votes in the senate. this has been a battle to try and get him into a position where we really need him at this moment. >> rick: the president on our air this morning called democrats obstructionists. >> no question about that, rick. the democrats have taken it to a whole new level just to put a fine point on that in the last six presidents combined the first two years there have only been 24 times when -- there have already been 88 with this
7:19 am
president. the democrats have obstructed and fill bus terd 88. that is a staggering statistic when you think about it. >> rick: the president says what is going on in washington now is a disgrace. you've been in washington for a couple decades now. have you seen a dramatic shift in tone and process? >> you know, look, we always have our differences. that's what politics is about. most of us who get into this business realize you have to mix it up. what's happening now is really unprecedented. the level of obstructionism and just complete and utter contempt for this president by the democrats and their willingness to do anything they can to undermine his agenda is a whole new level and at least in the time i've been here. it was on display with mike pompeo's nomination. this is just absolutely insane what we're having to deal with as a result of this obstruction. >> rick: one of the confirmation hearings we haven't talked a lot about is
7:20 am
rick ronelle who was nominated last july to be ambassador to germany and right now he may be confirmed. >> it's another example of them dragging it out and making it hard for the president to get people in their positions. most of us in congress through the years try to be defer -- this is the first time i've seen in the time i've been here the level of obstructionism to try to prevent this president from getting these people in position. an ambassador to germany is another example of something that should be non-controversial which has been drug out for months and leaving a very important position and a very important country at a critical time in our world's history vacant. there is no excuse for that. >> rick: if i could get your reaction to the drama surrounding dr. ronny jackson. >> it's unfortunate.
7:21 am
and again the democrats, we'll never get a chance to know how much of this is true. dr. jackson was denying a lot of it and obviously the democrats were dredging up some of this stuff. it's unfortunate it ended the way it did. clearly we need somebody in that position to represent and work on behalf of our nation's finest and those are our veterans. i hope the next nominee is somebody we can get confirmed quickly but it is -- when you see what nominees have to go through in this process, it is a wonder that anybody is willing to serve. >> rick: we have to go. senator thune, thank you in the swamp. >> sandra: new reaction from president trump describing his historic meeting with kim jong-un. >> president trump: it could be i walk out quickly with respect. maybe the meeting won't take place. who knows? i can tell you right now they want to meet. >> sandra: the president revealing new details on mike
7:22 am
pompeo's sit-down with the dictator as we're a ways from a summit. >> rick: jeb bush saying he is as strong as an ox and his father will be out of the hospital soon. roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. i accept i don't i even accept i i used thave a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter where i ride, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
and -- but the guy is stronger than an ox. he is back out of icu and hopefully will be leaving the hospital on friday. i believe he is the greatest man alive and i want him to stay alive for a little bit longer. >> sandra: we look forward to seeing the 41st president out of the hospital. >> rick: south korea now giving president trump credit for opening the door to talks with north korea as north and south prepare for tomorrow's landmark summit. president trump earlier discussing c.i.a. director mike pompeo's recent meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. >> president trump: mike pompeo did go there. he wasn't supposed to meet with kim jong-un. they were with each other for more than an hour. they spoke and he also spoke with his counterparts in north korea. they had a great meeting. he then left. >> rick: senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is live in seoul, south korea. what can we expect at this
7:27 am
summit, greg? >> in 12 hours time this historic summit should kick off. it is happening in the dmz, the area between north and south korea about 20 miles from where we are. high security. most of the media kept away. the first time since the korean war that a north korea leader, kim jong-un, will step his foot into south korea where most of the ceremonies are taking place in this thing. it seems that south korean president moon will have his hands full. one part of the agenda we have been told not completely worked out is the important bit. how to pry the nukes away from north korea. of course, that's the main thrust of the upcoming kim trump summit as well. >> rick: we heard kim jong-un might be willing to give up the nukes. we'll have to wait and see. you spent time with a key participant in the upcoming
7:28 am
talks. any insight there? >> yeah, a lot of insights, rick. there are about a half dozen officials backing up the top person on either side on the southern side. we spoke with the foreign minister of south korea and she told us this 1-2 summit punch might present opportunities. take a look at what we heard. >> it does indicate that we have an historic opportunity to resolve the north korean nuclear and missile threat once and for all. >> while she told us there were many reasons why the talks have gotten to this point, she does give a lot of credit to president trump. take a listen again. >> i think he clearly saw this as an immediate and most challenging global security agenda not just for the united states but the whole world. >> she added, rick, that
7:29 am
president trump's messaging actually changed the minds of the north korean leadership. we will see. back to you. >> rick: key words historic opportunity. greg, thank you. >> sandra: a cold case turns red hot after a decades long search for a serial killer and rapist comes to an end. >> it is a day where they can -- especially women who were raped and survived. you have to believe that they can sleep tonight. i have to believe they haven't been able to sleep much at all. >> sandra: the suspect hiding if plain sight as a trusted member of the community. details on this stunning arrest ahead. >> rick: republicans in west virginia trying to flip a key senate seat from blue to red. we'll talk to one of the candidates vying for the gop nomination, don blankenship, coming up next. it was tough getting out there on stage.
7:30 am
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7:32 am
>> sandra: president trump
7:33 am
honoring wounded veterans highlighting the importance of managing mental health through physical activity connecting warriors with one another and services to empower them to live their lives on their own terms. >> rick: scott pruitt facing tough questions from the house energy and commerce committee over alleged ethics violations. >> how can the public trust your discretion to make fair decisions when it comes to those biases? >> this was an effort to insure transparency. as we do rulemaking at the agency. >> based on your record should the public trust your decision making here with hypocrisy that would exist in the system you defined. >> it is a support of trance pair see for all rulemaking at the agency. this is programmatic offices making decisions on rules based upon trance pairens. >> it boils down to an issue of
7:34 am
trust. you developed a system where you pick winners and losers, pit the public against the industry or picking favorites within the industry and there is a hypocritical outcome to it all. with that, mr. chair, i yield back. >> i thank for colleague for staying within time. we recognize congressman walden for five minutes. >> many reviews are going on at the epa. government accountability and other congressional committees about some of these concerns you are hearing about today, mr. administrator and raised in the media. my question is easy. will you commit the epa will provide the committee with all the documents the epa produces for those inquiries. >> sandra: absolutely. >> this committee is charged with legislative and oversight responsibility for the bulk of the statutes where the epa
7:35 am
implements. help me understanding your principles to determine spending money using any kind of previous spending guidance to make these decisions? >> congressman, i believe that as we are making decisions we have policy and guidelines at the agency that drive those decisions. some of them attributable to the science part of our office but they govern our decisions every day. >> similar to the guidelines that governed your predecessor's decisions? >> yes. these are policies that predated our time from travel to internal decision making on allocation of dollars to serve offices. these are predated policies that govern our actions every day. >> the issue of science and transparency. i have had a lot of constituents over the years who are very concerned about decisions in various agencies that get made by administrators
7:36 am
or the bureaucracy and so some cases they can't get access to the data that underpins the decision. the proposal you put forward this last week or so, how does that address that issue? are we going to get science that everybody gets a chance to see that can be replicated and peer reviewed so we are all working off facts? >> this is an interest of congress. there has been proposed legislation to address this very issue. it was a regulatory action taken this week, proposed rule that actually goes to the heart of transparency as i was trying to share earlier. when we do rulemaking we can't publish the conclusion the summaries and studies. what has happened historically is third party provides summaries and studies and used the conclusions as a basis of rulemaking but not published the data for methods that supported the conclusion. so those that are commenting on rules were ill-equipped to be
7:37 am
able to understand whether the conclusions were rightly concluded or not. this is an effort on our part to ensure as we do science at the agency whether it's internal at the epa or third parties as far as their find,, data, methodology and conclusions should all be part of the package. >> are you trying to make more or less information available to the public? >> more. >> you'll require every one of these decisions or whatever they're based on, the data and methodology as well as the conclusions are transparent and available to your public. how will we know this? >> it is a proposed rule and something we're taking comments on. i'm sure there will be a wide array of comment on that proposal. the objective is to insure transparency with respect to the science that we rely upon in making our decisions and rulemaking. >> as you know, last year and then i think we actually passed
7:38 am
it into law this year this committee unanimously i believe here and in the house rewrote brown peels legislation and working together to write the clean water drinking act. what are you doing to help clean up the brown field sites that litter our neighborhoods and country. >> we issued a series of grants for that program. it has been a tremendous success reclaiming polluted areas across the country to allow communities to once again enjoy those areas. congress and omnibus provided money for us to enhance that program we're seeking to partner with communities all over the country to make sure these areas are cleaned up and able to be enjoyed again by these communities. >> i want to follow up on new
7:39 am
fuel standards. mr. flores and mr. shimkus and others. >> rick: he is under fire or lavish spending and ethics violation. we'll continue to monitor. >> sandra: we continue to follow one of the senate races in the mid-terms to unseat senator joe manchin is virginia. a fox news poll shows our next guest at 16% support. he is running for senate in west virginia. thank you for your time this morning. a lot of people watching this race and the country is watching this race. what's the status at this moment? >> i think the poll is light on our side because the undecided is so high and the incumbents that have been career politicians don't total 50%. we think it looks very good. >> sandra: sounds like you're optimistic and the undecided
7:40 am
number. 24% of west virginia gop primary voters are undecided in this race and a bigger number 41% say they are currently backing a candidate say they could change their mind before they actually cast their vote. so i just wonder what makes you uniquely qualified for this position. >> well, i think the big issue in west virginia is jobs. i'm the guy that created a lot of jobs in west virginia. neither of my opponents did. so i think i'm in a better position to help with jobs. i'm also better position to deal with the opioid epidemic and so forth because we had to deal with drug issues at the company for many years. >> sandra: you have made national headlines for a couple different reasons in recent weeks and days. one of them is you decided in the middle of your campaign to take on the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's family. here that is. >> i have an issue when the
7:41 am
father-in-law is a wealthy person and there is a lot of connections to some of the brass in china. i don't have anything against his wife. i am just saying it's her father that is well-connected in china. >> sandra: you're referencing the transportation secretary and what your intention was with that target on mcconnell and his family. >> well, it's not a target on his family at all. just an observation that mitch's family is very well-connected in china in the past and that we are going to be making a lot of trade and tariff decisions with china and have a lot of other legal dealings with china so we need to make sure as we do in business or anywhere else that there is not any conflict of interest. but i also need to correct that mr. mcconnell attacked me far before i said anything. so he obviously doesn't want an anti-establishment candidate in
7:42 am
congress and he is out there spending a million and a half dollars trying to stop it but i think it will help us. >> sandra: i want to get his response to your attack on him here. >> my father-in-law is an america who lives and works in new york and i don't have any comment about ridiculous observations like that. i'm not in that race but i hope they nominate somebody who can actually win the general election. >> sandra: everybody is watching this. you are polling 16% right now, mr. blankenship. you spent a year in jail. formerly the ceo of a coal company that had a mining disaster because of some safety problems that you were blamed for. leave us off with when we watch this and we'll be watching that debate next week with bret and martha, your final thoughts as we all look on at this. >> well, nearly everything you said there is incorrect.
7:43 am
i was never charged with anything to do with the explosion. i was charged with crimes totally unrelated. the obama administration required that the air be changed before the mine exploded. people know the obama establishment was anti-coal. we certainly intend to win the election and make a difference in washington >> sandra: it's something we're all watching. thank you for coming on the program this morning. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> sandra: be sure to watch what could be a pivotal moment in that west virginia race as the candidates for the gop nomination debate. martha maccallum and bret baier will monitor. another important race to watch. >> rick: former f.b.i. director james comey defending his actions over leaking the memos and the president is responding. >> president trump: comey is a
7:44 am
leaker and he is a liar. and not only on this stuff. he has been leaking for years. oh, sorry i'm late, sir.
7:45 am
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so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of preventvention. call now to learn more. >> sandra: epa administrator scott pruitt facing tough questions from the commerce committee about lavish spending and ethics violations. he has been on the hot seat for some time. he is answering questions this morning. let's listen to this from a few moments ago. >> let me be very clear i have nothing to hide as it relates to how i've run the agency the past 16 months. i'm not afraid to admit there has been a learning process. when congress or independent bodies of oversight find fault in our decision making i want to correct that and ensure it doesn't happen again. >> sandra: scott pruitt on the hot seat on capitol hill today. we'll monitoring it for you and bring you the news out of it as we get it.
7:48 am
>> president trump: he is a liar. not only on this stuff. he has been leaking for years. he has probably been using his friend, the so-called professor who turns out to be f.b.i. clearance which he never said. he lied about that. he never said that in congress. he said he gave it to a friend. he gave it to a friend to leak classified information. >> rick: president trump sounding off this morning responding to new details about former f.b.i. director james comey after comey went on defense about the leaking of memos he wrote about conversations he had in the oval office. let's bring in our panel former advisor to president bill clinton doug shown and kris wilson a former ted cruz campaign pollster. thank you for being here. jim comey last night said that he didn't leak, he gave the memo to a friend to give to the press. isn't that the same thing? >> i would think so. i mean, i have to tell you as a
7:49 am
democrat who watched comey's testimonies, his interviews, read his book, i come away deeply disquieted when an f.b.i. director effectively makes his own rules, his own laws, and his own judgments using polls, using perceptions of what the attorney general should or should not have been doing. i'm disquieted and i want this investigation to run its course to see if what the president said this morning on "fox & friends" is, in fact, the case and whether charges are warranted. >> rick: critics have said jim comey is not doing himself any favors with this book tour. >> he is not. i agree with doug. i think james comey. i also read his book. he brought a lot of this on himself. what he has done is politicized this process and doug is right. if you want an investigation to go forward the last thing you should do is politicize it. comey is acting more like a candidate for public office than a law enforcement officer.
7:50 am
somebody ought to check the bookstore and see how many stops in iowa and new hampshire. the p.r. campaign he is forming around himself is disturbing and not good for the process in general. >> rick: speaking of process dr. ronny jackson dropped out to be head of the v.a. this morning. what do you guys think about that? >> i think it was sadly necessary. he says the allegations are completely untrue. the allegations as allegations are very serious. so i think ultimately he made the right decision for himself and the country. but i think we have a process that is corrosive where people who have gotten great reports from three presidents have their character, integrity and professionalism impugned without a chance to apply. >> sandra: we're awaiting remarks from president trump as you can see there. veterans filing in for a wounded veterans ceremony at the white house this morning.
7:51 am
we will take you there live when it begins. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> sandra: a major breakthrough in a cold case dating back to the late 70s as authorities arrest a suspect believed to be the golden state killer. he is being identified as a former police officer. we have the story from sacramento this morning. >> you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief in sacramento and throughout california. victims expressing joy and gratitude that an arrest has been made after so many years. police identified 72-year-old joseph james d'angelo as a vietnam war veteran and a police officer in the 1970s
7:55 am
during the time these horrific crimes were haeng. the so-called east area rapist frequently targeted women in their bedrooms wearing a ski mask, shining a light in their face and a knife to their throat and calling them later on the phone. police took him into custody tuesday night at the home he shared with his daughter and granddaughter in suburban sacramento. neighbors say he kept to himself but go into a rage at the slightest annoyance. >> we used to call him freak because he used to have these tantrums out in the front. he would yell so loud that you could hear him yelling from inside the house. >> in the mid 70s d'angelo was a police officer in the city of auburn until he was fired for shopping lifting in 1979. soon after that rapes and killings in a pattern with reported in the bay area and southern california where he was known as the golden state killer.
7:56 am
his police training likely helped him allude capture for so many years. dedicated police work and advances in forensic science led investigators to look at dna and a discarded dna sample from d'angelo that pointed them in the right direction. it was like finding a needle in a hay stack. he makes his first appearance on multiple counts of murder tomorrow. if convicted he could be sentenced to death. >> sandra: thank you, claudia. >> rick: remarkable story. meanwhile the president's nominee for secretary of veterans affairs withdraws amid a cloud of allegations of misconduct. president trump's strong reaction coming up next.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> we've been watching for the wounded warrior's event at the white house to begin shortly. a beautiful scene there as the president pays his respects to those wounded veterans at the
8:00 am
white house. he will begin speaking shortly and we'll carry that here on the fox news channel. great to have you, rick. >> it's been a pleasure. >> a lot of news. thanks very much. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: so the president is meeting with wounded warriors at the white house right now. this is the wounded warriors project soldier ride. it's a four-day event. started in 2008 at the white house. an annual event ever since. george w. bush began the first one, hosted the first one at the white house. it has been an annual event at the white house ever since. president trump heading up to meet some of the writers that will be taking part in this four-day event. the idea is to prove to those wounded warriors that the


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