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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 27, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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we will see. jillian: what appears to be a driverless cab crashes into a store in china. take another look. the pup pops his head out from behind the wheel. rob: happy friday, see you later. >> mike pompeo was sworn in as the secretary of state. the white house photos of him meeting kim jong un over easter weekend. >> kim jong un speaking side by side with south korea's president agreeing to end the decade's old korean war. >> did you other things. >> i don't consider what i did with mr. richman a leak. >> jim comey has a definition of the word leak that no one else has. what he says is a leak, is what the rest of us call a felony. >> 4 brand new additional pages uncovered text messages between peter strzok and lisa page. >> having a tough time
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processing tonight, liz. feeling a profound sense of loss. >> john legend trying to get kanye west to change his mind about supporting trump. tactic based on fear used to manipulate my free thought. >> you hear that? let's go gamecocks. this is where i went to college. this is the best school in the country. usc. ♪ not ♪ ♪ ♪ receive steve this is not
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espn. you are watching fox news channel. and that is the university of south korea live at 6:01 in columbia and somewhere in there you have got the keenan high school marching band and ainsley earhardt to went to the school. abby: ainsley, i think they are there for you this morning. ainsley: i love them all. i have 85 sorority sisters are here. cardboard cutouts of all of us. they really are amazing. it's great to be home, back on southern soil. my dad and my brother are going to be on the show today. my first co-anchor. i was a news reporter and anchor here at the cbs affiliate and curtis wilson who is the public information officer for the sheriff's department here he was my co-anchor. is he going to join us soon. we go to my sorority house and go to the horseshoe where my grandparents met. we go to the stadium where i grew up going to all the games.
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it's so much fun. we went to the journalism school. we also have congressman trey gowdy on the show. we have senator tim scott and we have senator lindsey graham and you know nikki haley used to be the governor here. henry mcmaster is thought governor. you can see him on the far right. he is going to join us at the end of the show. good lineup. steve: everybody from your life is right there. it's awesome. abby: i have never seen her this happy before. it's true. ainsley: when we have been to the diners, brian's favorite thing and now we are hitting the universities around the country. brian: what's amazing, as a university they all stayed in last night to get up early to be on the show behind you. this is perfect teandz. that's a huge crowd. ainsley: let me ask, brian. how many of y'all were at the bars last night and stayed up? no one. see? we have good students. steve: times have changed at the university of south carolina. steve: we have a busy three
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hours. so the program is going to be live in columbia, south carolina and here in new york. abby is joining us in the center square today. abby: although i wish i were there today party in south carolina. brian: we will get to your college. not only does south carolina guests guests perfect for what's happening in south carolina. within an hour history was made to a degree as the north korean leader walked to the south. they hugged. they talked, they spoke about peace. abby: thousand vowed to end the korean war and denuclearize the peninsula. this is huge weeks before that meeting with president trump. steve: absolutely. that is one of the two reasons that they are getting together today. one of the things that they are trying to figure out what to do. you know, there was an arm sits back in the 1950s that ended the korean war. it was a little sloppy. a lot of loose ends there. they are trying to figure that out. there you can see the two of them holding hands. also, they are trying to
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figure out. abby: holding hands. not a hand shake. steve: kim jong un said this is very emotional day for him and the south korean leader as well. listen to. >> the declaration shouldn't repeat the tragic histories of the previous agreements so we are going to work closely together for the full implementation, successful implementation of the declaration. brian: the war never ended. we lost 36,000 plus americans fighting for south korea after the north invades just years after world war ii. we quickly deploy our troops from japan over there and try to save the peninsula. and now we have 38th parallel we have a dmz because there is no peace agreement. are they doing this a little bit backwards. if it worked. talking about peace and then figuring out what the details are.
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abby: so this is the first time that a member of the kim dynasty has stepped foot on south korean soil since 1953. i was just going to say that kim jong un can now say we have built up our nuclear program. he feels like can he play with the big dogs, steve. that's why he has the confidence to tell the people of north korea i have done what my dad and grandpa wanted us to do. now we can work with the west. steve: absolutely. there you can see images inside the so-called peace house. it's interesting, as soon as he walked into south korea. he grabbed the hand of the south korean leader and pulled him in to north korea for just a moment and then they held hands and walked back. here is the statement from the white house regarding what's going on. abby: they say we are hopeful that talks will achieve progress toward a future of peace and prosperity for the entire korean peninsula. the united states preaches the close coordination our allies of korea a looks
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forward to continuing robust discussions and preparation for the planned meeting between president donald trump and kim jong un in the coming weeks. he says they are willing to walk away if they are not going to stand strong and denuclearizing that region. huge news. brian: i agree with you, abby. i cynical at a point. we didn't hear about rockets and multi-teenage missiles. we haven't heard guam is on high alert. we haven't moved aircraft carrier in the region. these are upons. did i text with somebody else back and forth. we have been down the road before. they are not buying it. in a month or so, we are going to possibly see our president meeting with kim and they will build on what they learned here. steve: that's right. because the newly confirmed secretary of state mike pompeo met with him over easter. there is something different this time. abby: what kim jong un said to president moon. steve: there they are right there. abby: he said i will stop waking up in the middle of a
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night with a missile alert. brian: i thought it was interesting it came out of our interview yesterday with the president. mike pompeo goes to north korea secret. meeting with his counterpart, and they get summoned by kim jong un to come over at which time they meet for over an hour. they take a couple of pictures. there is something unscripted about what's happening. we although that north korea might not have a choice economically. steve: something is different this time. all right. meanwhile. something was different about the "special report" program last night because james comey was the guest who was supposed to be right at 6:00. well, according to bret baier, he said apparently mr. comey is stuck in traffic. kind of looked like he wasn't going to make it, but he came in about 15 minutes late. nonetheless, we learned some interesting things. the leader of the fbi did not know who paid -- did not realize that the democrats paid for the dossier. that is hard to believe.
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brian: do you believe it? steve: no, i don't believe it. abby: i don't either. steve: here is something else, we have revealed to you as discovered by congressional investigators that mr. comey gave a number of documents, memos that he had made after meeting with the president of the united states, he gave them to that guy to leak to the "new york times." abby: gave them to the law professor. steve: that's right. abby: also two other people. he gave those memos to three people now which changes the entire narrative. steve: top secret documents. but, he's not a leaker. you got to listen to his rationale. listen to this. >> i sent mr. richman a copy of a two page unclassified memo and asked him to get the substance out to the media. >> you call him a good friend and professor but didn't reveal you had hired him as a special government employee for the fbi to work on special projects. why? >> because it wasn't relevant. he was fbi special government employee until february of 2017.
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>> did you leak other things through mr. richman? >> the reason i'm smiling, bret, i don't consider what i did with mr. richman a leak. i told him about unclassified conversation with a president. i didn't consider it part of fbi file. >> bret: you wrote it as fbi director. it was work product. >> no, it was not. brian: after a meeting with the president, you write down what you think are the play-by-play of what took place. you give it to a buddy who now is your lawyer who turns around and gives it to multiple people in the press but that's not a leak. bret was brilliant in that he was able to get him on the record on a whole bunch of things that i think are going to blow up down the line with the ig report coming forward there is a couple things that just defy logic. number one, he did not know. he knew they were opposition to donald trump. so he did not know the dnc and hillary clinton paid for it. he did not even know that. he said i knew the does way was paid for by the republicans. that's a bad talking point for democrats. does he really expect that
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to fly now? on top of that he was supposed to fbi russia and america. he didn't even know own building two of his key people lisa page and peter strzok are gossipping back and forth about their hatred of the nominee who would eventually become president. he didn't know what was going on in his own building. didn't know key document was funded by. didn't know who christopher steele was. just knew he was a dependable source. how key not know this? abby: the reason why that's important, the dossier, that was part of the evidence that led to what we are now seeing play out with the mueller investigation. steve: right. and he signed three fisa applications to go ahead and do the wiretapping but he didn't know they paid for it do you believe that? the other thing is, just the fact that i leexd the stuff. abby: no, steve, he is not a leaker. steve: okay. he gave these top secret documents to the law professor and to patrick fitzgerald and also another attorney as well, all part of his team.
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but then after he got fired, he said hey, there's some top secrets in there. abby: might want to hand them back. steve: he doesn't see anything the matter with them. trey gowdy was on last night. he said, look, what is not leaking to him would be a felony to anybody else. abby: if you have not seen this bret baier interview last night if you were tout dinner. we have them. it's worth going back and watch that whole interview beginning to end. he asks great questions you have not seen on media blitz tour so far and a lot of questions james comey could not answer. steve: how convenient. brian: he does have a great way of coming off very sincere. you you have to dial back and say what did he just not say? steve: you say sincere some people say spin. brian: could be. steve: could be. brian: very good on camera. abby: what do you think? email us steve: spin or sincere let us know. brian: president trump hosting a group of wounded
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warriors at the white house as would be the tradition and giving one of those special heroes a special shoutout. >> his name is dan nifns. dan served as infantry squad leader. i also know from personal experience that dan is a great golfer. brian: retired staff sergeant dan nivens joins us next. steve: diamond and silk join us live. abby: here is the keenan high school marching band playing with ainsley at the university of south carolina. they are going to be with us all morning long. take it away.
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get the live tv you love. no bulky hardware. no satellite. no annual contract. try directv now for $10/mo for 3 months. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit directvnow dot com ♪ >> dan served as infantry squad leader task force tacoma in iraq. while on combat mission, his vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb. dan was severely injured, ultimately losing both legs. and the wounded warrior project was there to help dan along his difficult journey. steve: president trump hosting wounded warriors at the white house yesterday and giving one of our nation's heroes a shotout. brian: all would perceive
3:18 am
the soldier. dan nevins joins us this morning. staff sergeant, what was it like to have the president call you out with all those incredible people around you at the white house. >> brian, it was a little surreal actually. i knew it was going to happen and at the same time, i didn't know what that was going to be like. it was really an honor for me for the chief to, you know, mention me by name and talk a little bit about how we met and my story. abby: tell us about the first time you met. you guys played golf together. how did that go? >> it was actually really great, abby. we were at a fundraising golf tournament at one of his properties and he was stationed at a par three and hitting shots with everybody, saying hi and taking pictures. there was a lot of pressure going up to the t box. i hit this beautiful t shot landed two feet from the pin. super excited, proud of myself. when it was his turn he hit this shot and it landed on the green but like really
3:19 am
far away from mine. [laughter] >> by then though i have to admit it was actually a brilliant shot because then the ball released and just rolled down the green right past mine and actually went in. it was a powerful mommy. steve: what you are saying is you are a better golfer than the president of the united states. [laughter] >> no spin zone. that was it. that was -- not that i'm a better golfer because -- well. i would love to find out. i would love to go find out. abby: maybe he would invite you again. >> i would love that. steve: tell us what you saw yesterday at the white house and the president's commitment to our warriors? >> what i would love to say is that it was a huge honor for me to stand on stage with 70 other warriors and caregivers. all that have -- you know, done so much for our country and sacrificed so much and have overcome so much in
3:20 am
their life just to get to that stage. and the fact that they're pushing themselves so hard. i just talked to this one guy and david brand new recent double am tee on his legs for just a couple months. he was out there crushing it and standing up and walking way more than i did when i was a double amputee. people like that inspire me and i just -- i watched that whole thing unfold. and the president just said nothing but positive, warm, supporting things about our men and women in uniform. it is -- it was just amazing to be there and be part of it. brian: dan, you lost both of your legs in 2004 in iraq. no thanks to an ied. you battled since and have you been inspiring to so many. you launched soldier ride which you originally started out here on our patio years ago with tony snow. abby: in 2008. brian: that leaves everybody to support wounded warriors. sergeant, great to see you and talk to you and thanks so much for your time.
3:21 am
abby: thanks for your service. >> likewise. i wouldn't trade a single day. see june 1st. brian: i will be hosting the event. steve: yesterday diamond and silk were on capitol hill. what happened? find out next. intimates has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample call 1-877-get-tena.
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jillian: good friday morning to you, welcome back. evacuation order in effect at this hour after a massive explosion at an oil refinery in wisconsin. flames shooting through the giant plume of black smoke in superior near the minnesota border. 11 people rushed to the hospital. the blast heard and felt miles away. >> boom. it shocked you. >> kids in school were crying nonstop. >> really? why? >> i think a couple of them
3:25 am
were hyper ventilating. jillian: the cause of the explosion is under investigation. television icon bill cosby found guilty of sexual assault. a jury convicting the man once known as "america's dad" on three counts of drugging and molesting andrea constand. >> we are vindicated. we are validated. and we are now part of the tsunami of women's power and justice. >> cosby lashing out at prosecutors yelling explicatives after they suggested he be taken into custody right away. he is now under house arrest as he awaits his punishment. he faces up to 30 years in prison. abby? abby: thank you, jillian. two of president trump's most vocal supporters addressing questions from congress about their relationship with the trump campaign. listen. >> the campaign of donald j. trump for president incorporated paid diamond and silk. >> um-huh.
3:26 am
>> $1,274.94 for field consulting. >> um-huh. >> are you familiar with that? >> we're familiar with that particular lie. we could see that you do look at fake news. we monetize our platform. there is nothing wrong with that as you as an african-american, you are not going to make us feel guilty because we're going to get out here and we are going to take advantage of these platforms just like everybody else. steve: after that exchange, some claim they lied under oath and that was the headline in a number of papers. brian: is that the case? brian: here to address that story on capitol hill are the super stars them service diamond and silk. great job, ladies. just as composed as ever. just on the money exchange, did the trump campaign pay you? do you want to set the record straight for everybody that missed the hearing. >> we have never been paid by the trump campaign. brian: where do they get this figure from? steve: what happened was, you were reimbursed for
3:27 am
lights, right, from your house to ohio. it was all on the up and up. and they referred to it in the accounting as field consulting but really it was just to get you to an event, right? >> absolutely. it was just to get us to an event. and on top of all of that the trump campaign, they put out a statement on yesterday. >> that's right. >> we hope that all of these salacious, gossip news sites and news organizations like the very fake news. >> yeah. >> retract all of their lies. >> that's right. abby: tell us about how yesterday played out. did you get what you ultimately wanted out of the hearings yesterday? where do you want this to go from here? >> no, we didn't. because, let me you something. what we were appalled and representatives signatures there as if we had no merit and no claim and they were being very dismissive. i thought they worked for the american people. why are you questioning me about a fec report? how much money did mark zuckerberg allegedly pay you
3:28 am
all? >> that's right. >> that's what we should have been questioning. why are you questioning us about that and not questioning us about how we were censored. they were totally dismissive. i felt offended as an american, born on this soil, that first black people -- that don't want us to obtain the american dream and, second, they dismissed our claim, yes, a daca person can go up there that's not even born on this soil and they listen all day. so i don't understand that. but, listen, we're not going to be silenced. >> no, we're not. >> we're going to keep talking out and speaking out against people that try censor people's free speech. >> we are very thankful to the white republican that allowed us a seat at the table to speak our truth about what's going on unlike the black men. and the reason why i say that is because we have been on the democrat plantation. we know what it's like over there they are the ones that condition black people's minds to make us think that white republicans don't want us to work, don't want us to have any money in our
3:29 am
pocket, but it was a black man that was concerned about how much money diamond and silk was making and was appalled about us making money legally. >> and it ain't nothing wrong with african-americans obtaining the american dream. that's exactly why we voted for president trump. it's time for black americans to come um and stop saying stuff like chuck listening to these black representatives. >> we want to talk about white racism. it's black on black racism. black people need to check theirself first. >> that's right. brian: what congressman are you referring to. here is sheila jackson lee in the exchange that the three of you had, listen. >> have you ever been paid by the trump campaign? >> no. we have never been paid by the trump campaign. >> have you never been paid by the trump campaign? >> we have never been paid by the trump campaign. >> not $5? not $100. >> we have never been paid. >> 1274. >> we have never been paid
3:30 am
by the trump campaign. >> let me ask a specific question. $1,274.94? >> we have never. >> thank you. >> been paid. steve: she was looking at something that said field consulting that figured you were consultants. that's not the case. it was, as you said a moment ago, it was travel expenses. >> absolutely. >> that's right. >> they didn't want to hear that. >> no. >> they wanted us up there to antagonize us about foolishness. >> that's right. >> and not talk about censorship. >> we never profited off that particular reimbursement. that was strictly for flight tickets only. >> that's right. abby: we'll leave it there. it will continue on. no doubt. diamond and silk, good to have you on this morning. >> thanks for having us. brian: follow them on facebook. steve: where they are fighting facebook. kanye west's relationship with the president is splitting the left and the right. what do college students think? we have a panel of students that are going to discuss that with ainsley live at
3:31 am
the university of south carolina. brian: ainsley has come a long way since her first tv job in south carolina bringing back someone she knows very well. she is returning with her first co-host turned cop live in south carolina next. >> i love that old footage. but, first, happy birthday to our friend sir robertson the "duck dynasty" star turned 70 years old today. happy birthday, c si. ♪ truck pulled up ♪ helped us out ♪ with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. new fixodent ultra-max hold gives you the strongest hold ever to lock your dentures. so now you can eat tough food without worry.
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♪ steve: all morning long ainsley is joining us live from her alma mater. university of south carolina, usc. brian: yesterday she took a walk down memory lane and brought us all along for the ride. am i right, ainsley? >> that's exactly right. yes, you are brian. hey abby and. steve: steve good morning. ainsley: great to be back home. so many people in my family went to college here and i have so many wonderful memories, the journalism school here taught me so much about how to be on tv every day. so i went to the journalism school and went to a few other special places. watch this. ♪ ♪ >> let's go. ainsley: did you hear that?
3:36 am
let's go gamecocks. this is where i went to college. this is where i went to college. this is william bryce stadium. i can't even describe how i'm feeling right now. this takes me back. 20 years ago i was here cheering for carolina, watching us score right here. it is so much fun. these fans are packed. even if we have never won a game, i remember i was here one season we didn' win one gam. everyone comes to support. southern football is amazing. this is the best school in the country. usc. >> when i was growing up, this was a parking lot. you could tailgate here. now they have made it beautiful. you had the opportunity at one point to buy one of these bring brix. these bricks. wayne is my dad and my brother is trent. he wanted to buy it and put the three earhardt boys' names on it because they all went to school here. this is special. this is the center of the campus, original campus from
3:37 am
1801. called the horseshoe. obviously shaped like a horseshoe. my grandparents met on a blind date. when i was in college more than 20 years ago we ran down here. all the sorority girls ran to their sorority of choice wherever they got their bids. my sorority was always planted at the very end of the horseshoe against the gate. so this is my sorority house alpha delta high. this is the beta epsilon chapter we dedicated this house in 2004. >> come on in and meet my sorority sisters ♪ ♪ [cheers] >> i would say i would not be at fox news channel if it was not for the sorority. y'all embrace it. have a lot of fun. don't take life too seriously. i graduated from the journalism school here at the university of south carolina. school journalism in communications. it was new facility built
3:38 am
three years ago. go in and meet the dean and talk to some of the students. ainsley: thank you so much for allowing us to come in and show off the university of south carolina. >> our pleasure. so happy to have you. ainsley: this is one of the premier journalism schools in the country. taught me everything. you called me when you were building the school and said would you be interested in helping out. i wanted to give back to the school that taught me so much and given me this wonderful life. >> this is ainsley earhardt office. and we appreciate your investment. >> one of my favorite professors is right in here. this is rick peterson. we are going to come in and surprise him. follow me. >> hey, y'all. hey. >> how are you? >> welcome home. >> this is your senior year. >> my advice is just keep working hard. say yes to everything. don't ever complain. work the nights. work the weekends. long hours. this profession will lead you out i --weed you out in a hf you don't love it.
3:39 am
if you have a passion for it, stick with it because you will go all the way to the top. if you are not in, get in. steve: that's great. abby: ainsley, did you ever. ainsley: great job editing that. abby: did you ever think you would be right here today on the couch after august those years? >> i prayed. i wanted to be so badly, abby and god answered that prayer. so i am just so thrilled and it's nice just to have, you know, it comes full circle. i'm back here on the campus that taught me so much and i look at those kids and gosh, that was so long ago. half of a lifetime. i look at them and know they are so excited about getting their first job. brian: ainsley, best sign of the day is behind you over your shoulder. dragon energy. that's how you must feel as you see your co-host. ainsley: dragon energy. i love that. ainsley: yes. this is my co-host. all those years ago this is curtis wilson and, hey, curtis. >> hey, ainsley.
3:40 am
ainsley: i love you. >> you know i love you, too. ainsley: my boss said you are going to be working with curtis wilson. weighs on radio for 15 years here. >> absolutely. i get this call about coming to join ainsley in the set as being an anchor. i had never done that before. i have to say thank you for, you know, cultivating me into becoming the person that i am today. she is responsible for who i am today. ainsley, she is. ainsley: i don't know about that. curtis taught me how to have fun on television. y'all don't know this. but, when i was reading the script, curtis was like this in my face like right off the camera trying to make me laugh. one time we had to do a story -- tell the story about the pig slamming into the house. >> there was a pig that was pushing up a fence but before that story, ainsley was doing a story on an adoptive mother. she sudden adopted mudder. i couldn't get through the pig story. everybody thought i was laughing the at the pig story. it was hilarious. couldn't get back on tracks.
3:41 am
one of those mornings. ainsley: curtis has four jobs, right -- five jobs he? just got promoted to captain. he was public information officer for the sheriff's department. we would go and speak a lot. curtis, my gosh, he is so loved. not kidding. you should run for governor here. but, he -- so he speaks a lot in the community. and this guy introduced us and he said curtis wilson and the crowd goes wild he said ainsgly. he center a picture to crestis. >> great thing. congrats to you doing all that you are doing right here for south carolina -- university of south carolina. of course for just the entire nation and country on fox. i mean, it's amazing. you coming from here and look at where you are today which is awesome. i have got to say i helped you with the personality part of it later.
3:42 am
>> ainsley wasn't loose and she was stiff. i had to help her with that you helped me become a news anchor doing what i do. we helped each other and worked through all that stuff many years. ainsley: always be my good friend. love you. >> you will always be my good friend. steve: ainsley, whoever has the brian and steve cardboard cutouts in the background, they are real jokers. [laughter] brian: ainsley, grab a pba card before you go. i know how you like to speed. [laughter] he wants a card to get out of tickets, brian does. >> gotcha covered. abby: ainsley, we will see you all morning long. this is so fun. thank you so much. steve: 17 minutes before the top of the hour live from new york. it's time for headlines, jillian. jillian: i need those cards as well. let's get you caught up on stories you are following today. a cold-blooded cop killer will walk away a free man. her man belle's release
3:43 am
failed after last minute attempt to block his parole. but a panel of judges will hear arguments to put bell back in prison next month. bell thrown behind bars for his role in the murders of nypd officers. tom brokaw is denying brand new allegations of sexual misconduct. a former ntsb correspondent and fox news anchor linda vester said the unwanted advances were made in 1994 and 1995. brokaw released a statement in part saying quote the meetings were brief, corlingsdz ancordleand appropri. despite linda's allegations i made no romantic overtures toward her at that time or any other. brian: that's one of the stories that happened yesterday. meanwhile, this next story crazy. a man find its out his man was cheating on him from his amazon alexa. kurt the cyberguy shows us how that happened but he had nothing to do with it.
3:44 am
abby: senator lindsey graham and lindsey graham and trey gouty all here live we have a big show this morning. steve: we do from new york city and south carolina ♪ ♪ it took guts to start my business.
3:45 am
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steve: technology is good. sometimes technology is tracking you for better or for worse. it's helping to catch son cheating spouses. check out this text message that somebody recently shared. says my friend found out his wife was having an affair from the amazon alexa. it recorded the man's voice. isn't that crazy? to explain how this all works out. here is kurt the cyberguy. wow. >> good morning. great story. this is happening more often than we realize. so, anyone this morning who has an alexa or an amazon-powered device that has alexa inside of it.
3:48 am
steve: that's listening. >> that's listen something going to be running to this device right now, to the app. that controls it if they have not been faithful. because if you have had some indiscretion at the house while the spouse was away, this is what's happening. alexa records every single commands that comes through. and when that command is recorded, it also records the voice clip. for example, this is my amazon alexa app. steve: yeah. >> i asked just yesterday how do you say happy birthday in mandarin. so here i have just -- i can play back alexa how do you say happy birthday steven in mandarin. steve: holy cow. >> that's my voice. i was at home. that's in the kitchen. guess what, if i heard somebody else's voice there while i'm away i would say who is that? that's what's happening and this is how spouses are catching each other. steve: apparently the man who discovered his wife was cheating on him looked at the app. and found out she said something like hey,
3:49 am
alexa, turn off the lights in the middle of the day. >> those lights are getting turned off at that house, aren't they? steve: no kidding. for openers if you don't want that kind of. >> monitoring? steve: paper trail. >> don't use the device. the fact is that's a great feature of the device that helps it understand your voice and what you actually want to say. a lot of people are not going to turn that off. the big thing is just realize what level of privacy we have given up to have these conveniences. it's all around us. steve: absolutely. it's not just catching cheaters. it's catching everything you say in the house. >> it is. it's just another reminder that our privacy is out the door. and great awareness on just these tips. own your digital footprint. steve: sure. >> everything you are doing, have you got to have greater ownership about it you have to really understand the terms and conditions. know what you are signing off on. also, be your own bouncer. ask each one of these online services that you sign up for if that's what you want
3:50 am
do you want to be giving that much power and bounce it out if it doesn't belong there. steve: quick exit question is sire on your iphone the same as that. >> no. totally different. apple is smelling like a rose right now. the reason they are, they don't want to take our information and try to resell it. or to use it to sell us more things. instead, they are using it just to sell their own hardware. on my podcast right now by the way amazing interview with a privacy expert who trains the fbi and we'll get into those privacy tips. steve: check out the >> thank you. steve: thank you, curt. caution marry tale. panel of students live from usc next. ♪ ♪ my healthy routine helps me feel my best.
3:51 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: hello, everyone. this is the university of south carolina. this is the thomas cooper library right here with the fountain. everyone goes there, does a lot of studying. it's a beautiful campus. and i'm so proud of these students here. some of y'all are seniors. you are going to be looking for jobs and it's stressful. today is the last day of school or class and then exams next week. monday is the last day. okay. say your name and what year you are. >> i'm a senior. >> i'm a senior. [[inaudible]] >> i'm jacob and i'm a
3:55 am
sophomore. ainsley: how do you know seniors. ainsley: s that watt most stressful part of my life have you gotten a job where are you going to work? >> very overwhelming, i'm going to try every day. ainsley: you will find something. >> who else is a senior. >> i'm working on it. >> do you have a job yet. >> four years gone past i'm going to graduate school. >> where are you going to go. >> university in new york. >> amazing. give me a call. i will be there if you need anything. if you need a home cooked meal or need to wash your clothes. i will do it for you. >> i'm hoping to get there soon. ainsley: you will. you will. do not stress. i promise. can you get through it you will. okay. let's talk politics, kanye west. you all probably know this story. love president trump, supports it the left is losing it john legend, his friend sends him a text and says i hope you will reconsider way too powerful. some people who love you feel betrayed. don't let this be your legacy kanye in love writes him back and says i love you, john and appreciate your thoughts. you bringing up my fans or
3:56 am
legacy is a tactic based on fear used to manipulate my free thought. okay. who wants to talk about this one? >> i think that kanye and whoever he decides to dragon energy with doesn't have that much of a affect on our political, you know, opinions. kanye isn't that important at the end of the day. i want to know his views on specific positions. not his general idea of trump. ainsley: allen, right behind you, a lot of people have these political conversations and it's gotten so -- how can we get back to where we can agree to disagree. >> i think the more important as a nation is make sure that our democracy isn't drowned out in the ignorance and the disshelved shouts of disagreement. just continuing to ensure that we listen to each other is how we are going to get there. ainsley: all right.
3:57 am
great. thank you so much for being here. god bless you all. i know y'all are going to be great. back to you guys in the studio. hi.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
representatives sitting there as if we had no merit, no claim and they were being very dismissive. >> john legend trying to get kanye west to change his mind about supporting president trump. tactic based on fear used to manipulate my free thought.
4:01 am
steve: all morning long ainsley is joining us live from her alma mater. the university of south carolina. ainsley: this is my co-host all those years ago this is curtis wilson. >> she is responsible for who i am today, ainsley. ♪ ♪ ♪ don't stop ♪ believing ♪ hold on to that feeling ♪ streetlights ♪ people ♪ ♪ don't stop ♪ believing brian: i see my bust dancing with a man. abby: ainsley, i'm convinced you went to the best school in the country. ainsley: it was a lot of fun. i'm sure we have great memories from our colleges. this special to me because i grew up going to all these football games. people in south carolina such a great state. most people don't leave. when you do, you always find
4:02 am
a way to come back. it's nice to be back on southern soil and back home. my dad and my brother will be on. they also went to school here and graduated here. and some of my sorority sisters are back here. [cheers] ainsley: we went to the sorority house. this guy right here is holding up the book it's called "unified" and the two men who wrote that book are going to be on trey gowdy and senator tim scott. they are going to sign it for you. we will make sure. we also have lindsey graham. senator lindsey graham our two senators from south carolina will be here. we have on the far right when nikki haley became the ambassador, governor henry mcmaster he became our governor. we will talk to him as well. and just take you on a tour of the campus to the stadium, to the sorority house and the journalism school. brian: ainsley, i noticed you haven't given your book away. are you making all these kids pay for it? ainsley: thank you so much. thank you for mentioning that yeah. i wrote a book it's called "the light within me" i will be in spartanburg tonight at
4:03 am
5:30 signing it. if you want to come to boiling springs baptist church. saturday i will be in my hometown saturday at the barnes & noble rich land fashion mall at 2:00. please come see me and don't leave me hanging by myself. abby: go buy her book. ainsley, we will see you shortly. brian: i can't see anybody showing up in south carolina. steve: the native daughter. we start this hour with an historic fox news alert. donald trump has tweeted just three minutes ago the korean war to end. the united states and all of its great people should be very proud of what is now taking place in korea. and what is happening is in the last number of hours, the president of south korea. with kim jong united auto workers union are shaking hands. what they have decideside later this year they will officially declare to the end of the korean war which was ended for all technical
4:04 am
purposes armistice 65 years ago will officially end it this year. brian: there is the 38th parallel because the war ended but they never signed a peace agreement. that's why they're constantly on a war footing for 65-plus years. on top of that we lost and there is a lot of people watching right now have family or actually fought in the korean war. steve: yeah, my uncle. brian: this is emotional moment for a lot of americans, and it should be. it isn't just a show called marsh. it was mash. abby: brian, that's such a good point there are some human lives that will be impacted by what just happened just about an hour ago they were speaking together, kim jong un and president moon as we have been talking about historic man shake and historic moment. let's play a little bit of that. >> and we are declare ago new eaera of peace over the past
4:05 am
decade we endured the tragedy of succession. but now we are here together because we overcame all those hardships. let us go forward step-by-step for the bright future together. i sincerely hope that this declaration can satisfy all of you who have got high expectations and aspirations for the peace and reunification. abby: this is a first time that the member of the kim dynasty has stepped foot on south korean soil since 1953. imagine that. steve: unbelievable. this would require cooperation and require the support from both the united states and also china. obviously if the president of the united states who really got this ball rolling is tweeting about in this morning, the united states is on board. china wants to see this fixed as well. this meeting today was two
4:06 am
fold. to figure out how to end the war officially but then also to lay the groundwork for the president of the united states to eventually meet mr. kim right there and try to figure out how north korea denukes. brian: a couple of things. we still have to find a place to see. the president said he has done a remarkable job of not raising expectations even though there is temptation to make history have that moment that bill clinton had when northern ireland and england have that moment where they have peace and we have had peace since. this is a hallmark moment where the president says listen, if it's not going well i'm going to get up and leave. the question is if you are going to find out what's going to happen, why are we at this spot? was it the sanctions? is something going on in the hermit kingdom we don't know? is there a next generation that's not buying in to this young leader or as some at the white house believe, it was the legitimate military plan to take out his nuclear arsenal that leaked to him, that let him know he really had no choice because we
4:07 am
intended for the first time to use a military option. abby: i think china has played a huge role in this as well. brian: in what way? abby: the president doesn't get enough credit for pushing china. steve: behind the scenes. abby: north korea shooting off ballistic missiles. how far we have come in six months. steve: no kidding. abby: china stopped sending gas and oil over to north korea. they have propped up north korea for so long. so, behind the scenes. a lot has gone on that has led to this moment. but, also, kim jong un is in a place where is he like this is a win-win for me. steve: sure. abby: i finally built up my nuclear program. this is a dream my granddad had and dad had. playing with big dogs on nuke stage. brian: will he give those nukes up? abby: big question, he says he will. brian: furious year of missile tests. historic meeting between the north and south is taking place. good things are happening. only time will tell. again, dialing back expectations. abby: as he should.
4:08 am
brian: there is a lot of things you cannot predict. steve: keep in mind, it was the president of the united states who when he was a candidate was referring to him as little rocket man and the unpredictable nature of donald trump really kind of is what has brought us to this stage because they didn't know what to do. chinese didn't know how to react to this new president. and now look where we are. think about this. it looks like donald trump got the ball rolling. but, clearly, the koreans have taken the ball and run with it. abby: and the timing of this. steve: where it ends who knows. abby: the timing of this. yesterday, mike pompeo got through his confirmation with the senate. he just went over. we have gotten the pictures in i think last night they came to our newsroom. you can see them shaking hands. mike pompeo our new secretary of state with kim jong un. what a moment that is to see these photos here. is he now going to be in that position. steve: um-huh. abby: this is historic. a few weeks before the president of the united states meets. brian: rex tillerson did not have the support of the president and the state department had been gutted
4:09 am
and dispirited. mike pompeo has plans to build it up make it bigger and reinvigorate it he has a place with the president because they respect each other. that means the state department is going to have a lot of pull diplomacy work. steve: i was talking to mike pompeo last night, former congressman of kansas, he said i have a loft work to do. abby: yes, he does. steve: she has a lot of headlines, she being jillian mele. jillian: good morning to you. get you caught up on a story we have been following for days now. the fbi offering $25,000 reward as manhunt for cop killer intensifies in maine. john williams killed eugene kohl and stole his cruiser. the search nationwide the neighbors in maine say they are not scared. >> he probably has more to worry about from us than we have from him. everybody up here shoots. everybody owns guns. jillian: kohl was a 13 year
4:10 am
veteran of the department. he leaves behind four kids, including a son, who was also a sheriff's deputy. the suspected golden state killer facing a judge today as we learn genealogy websites helped track him down. joseph james d'angelo was accused of 12 murders and dozens of wrapsz in california in the 70's and 80's. police finding him by linking crime scene d.n.a. to genetic information that was actually uploaded by one of his relatives online. d'angelo a former police officer is charged with murder. slamming new jersey democrat bob menendez for violating federal law. the ethics panel declaring menendez repeatedly accepted gifts from his close friends. he used his position to advance his interest. the committee ordering mendez to repay gifts. the senator is seeking a third term in office. avoided conviction in a federal corruption trial last year. ♪ and brian has many questions about that. but, guys, we have breaking news. this is a fox news alert. we now finally know the
4:11 am
royal baby's name prince louie arthur charles is the third child of the duke and duchess of cambridge constituencyington. he will be known as his royal royal heinous prince louie of cambridge. i don't recall, was that on the list of guesses? steve: it has caught a lot of people off guard. where did that come from? abby: i thought it would be philip. >> arthur albert. brian: when your name starts with royal heinous fits right in with kindergarten. billy, sit down. royal heinous do whatever you want. steve: he will always be lou. louie. brian: now that that's done everything else is just gravy. abby: we can move on? brian: isis is known for horrifying videos did you ever imagine seeing those savage terrorists playing leapfrog? steve: that's appearing what it is. james comey makes a stunning
4:12 am
admission about that anti-trump dossier. the dnc and hillary clinton campaign had funded christopher steele's work. >> i still don't know that for a fact. steve: come on. congressman ron desantis is live with us to react next. abby: more from columbia as we roll on live from south carolina. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin 24 hour relief when allergies occur. day after day, after day. because life should have more wishes and less worries. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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♪ ♪ >> when did you learn that the dnc and hillary clinton campaign had funded christopher steele's work? >> yeah, i still don't know that for a fact. >> what do you mean. >> i only saw it in the media. i never knew exactly which democrats funded. i knew it was first funded by republicans. >> but that's not true. >> i'm sorry? >> that's not true that the dossier that christopher steele worked on was funded by republicans? >> my understanding was the activity was begun, that steele was hired to look into, was first funded by republicans and then picked up -- the important thing was, picked up by democrats opposed to donald trump. steve: former fbi director james comey there with bret baier claiming he never knew the dakot clinton campaign never paid for the steele dossier when he got involved.
4:17 am
is that possible? here is ron desantis. ron, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: so, what do you think? mr. comey telling the truth? >> man, i will tell you what, it's really really crazy to hear him try to say that republicans funded christopher steele and the dossier. that's been debunked 10 times over. yes, republicans did hire fusion gps to conduct opposition research on donald trump during the primary. once he won the nomination, the democrats then retained fusion who then retained steele. it started with the democrats. it started with hillary clinton. for him not to acknowledge that is unbelievable. but the second thing is, look, if he didn't really know that hillary and the democrats funded this. and he is usin using it in fisa, what does that say about his competence. steve: sure. >> as the fbi director. that would be something you definitely should have known. i think they knew it but i think comey's problem is in early 2017 when he was talking to the intelligence committee he basically repeated that same thing where he said look, i think
4:18 am
republicans started this. that was obviously not true. so i think he thinks to acknowledge that those statements were wrong would put him in further jeopardy. steve: what about the other thing that got everybody's jaws dropping? and that was when he said that essentially that he did not consider him handing those top secret memos over to his pal up at columbia university that leaked to the "new york times" to get the special counsel thing rolling, he didn't consider that a leak. what is a leak to you, congressman? >> well, if you are in a government position like that, and you have -- it doesn't even need to be classified to be a leak. if you have government documents that the public doesn't have access to and you give it to the press, that is a leak. i mean, give me a break. i mean, this is -- what the meaning of the word is type of stuff. i think it really made comey look bad. he has gotten pretty kid gloved treatment because people like the fact is he criticizing trump. i think bret baier just zoned in. steve: he did. >> bret clearly knew all the
4:19 am
facts and i don't think comey had answers for a lot of these key things we have been talking about for months now. steve: president of the united states tweeted on this. is everybody believing what's going on? james comey can't define what a leak is he illegal leaked classified information he doesn't understand what he can or how serious it is. he lied all over the place to cover it up. he is either very sick or very dumb. remember sailor. there he is talking that b. that sailor christian so the yea. >> that sailor did not leak those photos. he took them. he shouldn't have done it of the sub. that was for his personal use. comey was taking it, malicious leak designed to create a special counsel. that is a total abuse of his power. steve: quick conversation about the strzok-page text messages. apparently your committee has got 49 pages of text messages yesterday. they were very prolific tweeters and texters. it looks like a lot is missing. >> big gaps. no doubt about it i think
4:20 am
their average texts from the other periods were almost 12 text as day. from the production we got over a key six month period it was less than two texts a day. unless they just magically had radically different texting habits for that particular six months, there is a lot more that needs to be received by the congress and we're going to have to go back to rosenstein and go back to these guys and say produce the goods. steve: i know some members of congress are talking about maybe they should try to impeach him or hold him in contempt. what are the chances of that? >> well, if you are not willing to do things like that, then you're going to keep getting stonewalled. the fear is that they try to string this out past the election and if the democrats take over, which i hope not, then they don't have to worry about doing this anymore. steve: interesting stuff. all right. ron desantis from the great state of florida, congressman, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: all right. 7:20 now in new york city. could kanye west' support for the president actually make a difference and make the black community think twice? that is next. and ainsley earhardt returns to her alma mater, the
4:21 am
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♪ abby: welcome back. asylum seeker arrested in italy for plotting to carry out an attack in the name of isis. italian police nabbing the gambian national near naples. he pledged allegiance to the terror group and the attack was quote, highly probable. listen to this. isis is known for horrifying videos but this one, a little different. here you can see the so-called savage terrorists playing leapfrog and bo bunny hopping.
4:25 am
the video is among propaganda seized during a u.s. military raid in afghanistan. brian, not even sure what to make of that. brian: i'm not sure either, a 1970s gym class? kanye west and chance the rapper taking twitter by storm breaking the so-called liberal narrative for quote free thought. kanye west adding this we can't add element pealt with maga by hating. hearing all sides. chance the rapper posting black people don't have to be democrats. is this a watershed moment that could turn the black community away from the democratic party or open the door for the republicans? here to weigh in is pastor of new revival center and coalition for trump dr. darryl scott. darryl, great to see you. >> great to see you, too. thanks for having me. brian: put this moment in perspective. are we overreacting to the interest and exchange between these guys? >> >> i don't think so. you know, kanye west is his own man and long relationship with the
4:26 am
president. he has told himself i'm not going to allow my viewpoints and opinions to be suppressed by the left. i really don't think that he thought when he initially engaged with candace owens that it would create this backlash and receive this criticism. he is his own man. is he not backing down from it. african-americans are not going to punt me. brian: kanye west doubled down when john legend went after him last night. kanye west said this about chicago. obama was in office for eight years and nothing in chicago changed. interesting because that's where it's library is going to be. number one, was that his fault and what could president trump do different? >> well, right now, president trump is behind this urban revitalization initiative that we are going to be rolling out very, very soon. chicago is going to be very positively impacted by it. there is a very ambitious urban revitalization plan
4:27 am
focuses on opportunity zones included in the tax reform bill. we have public/private participation in it. it's going to be great for the urban communities. kanye west is absolutely right. president obama has done nothing for chicago it actually got worse under his watch. and his lack of comments, his lack of seeming interest in the issues in chicago to me is disheartening. because, you know, that was his base. that was his place of origin which he emerged on the political scene. he really has nothing to say and he is not active or involved in the dynamics of chicago right now. very disappointing. brian: in the big picture, if the african-american community, many people are saying tactically, should do what the hispanic community has done. what women have done and say, listen, earn my vote. >> yeah. brian: if republicans want to earn the black vote, to their detriment, they didn't try for it, really, since the 1970s. we are not going to win that area because it's urban. we will not get that because it's mostly african-american. what could they do to show sincerity and put together something that will be
4:28 am
effective? >> well, actually, i'm engaging with the republican party. i was with ronna yesterday, the chairwoman of the republican party. we have a meeting scheduled to discuss the party's interaction with and the party's engagement with the african-american community. so, that is something that they have been made aware of. i know that for a fact because i made them aware of it and we are having these discussions and we are going to have some very proactive initiatives going forward to engage the african-american community to know -- to let our community know that the vote is desired. it's appreciated and that we can work together and affect positive change in america. brian: so far there are some numbers that are promising. we have not seen the public display in terms of the programming and hopefully, darrell, you will have that announcement shortly. dr. darrell scott, pastor, a man that the president is going to be leaning on to get things going for the urban community. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, thanks, brian. god bless you. brian: sigh you soon. the picture is incredible.
4:29 am
a group of students bowing their heads to pray before prom. but, believe it or not, it's caused a whole lot of online outrage. what's wrong with this? and ainsley is catching up with students at alma mater. ainsley, taking incoming freshman? ainsley: hey, bribe. brian. yes. you should apply, brian. brian: i'm thinking about i it. ainsley: here at the university of south carolina, 34 in total if you include the graduate students. i wanted to ask some of these students what they thought of politics about campus and if the president is being treated fairly. let's start down there on the end. this is luke. luke has the microphone. luke with this growing political divide that we're seeing around the country. what does this say about our country and the direction we are going? >> interesting concept. our generation is really going to be the one that it's okay to have conversations and we have to be able to agree and compromise and not just be so partisan that we can't
4:30 am
move on. ainsley: do you want to pass the mike? college students support free speech unless it offends them i'm hearing on campus is that true? >> i personally think that's an overblown issue. i have always been felt very free to speak my mind. ainsley: okay. thank you. we'll have more on this right after the break. ticks as through contact. no biting required. [ director ] cut! i'm not feeling the no biting required line. bah. [ growls ] somebody get this guy a muzzle. k9 advantix ii from bayer. wise choice. you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though.
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♪ ♪ [cheers] ainsley: usc. usc. hey, everyone we are at the university of south carolina. this is where i graduated. we are talking in front of some of the students in front of the thomas cooper library where we spent many hours studying. i will start with you back in the back. you are part of the college republican group here. are you president of the group? >> i'm vice chair. >> what is your full name.
4:34 am
>> i'm jacob varney. >> where are you from. >> i'm from lexington, south carolina, just down the road. ainsley: we have been talking about politics and what you are facing on campus. you were saying you wanted to talk about whether or not the president is being treated fairly by the press. >> an issue obvious to see. there is media bias obviously. i think the president has navigated around that with his use the twitter how fdr has used radio and reagan used television. i would love the president to use twitter to talk about issues is he doing well on that maybe the media won't cover. that's a powerful tool that he has used and continue to use to push his agenda and move it forward. ainsley: will you pass the mike? >> i think we're in an interesting time right now because president trump is not like any other president we have seen. i actually would like to see him use twitter less. i think that he is kind of explosive on there and says a lot of things that maybe he shouldn't. and i think it would be a good idea to be more
4:35 am
presidential. ainsley: do you think the left would like him more if he would stay away from twitter. >> possibly. i think if he was more presidential on twitter that he would be liked more by the left, yeah. ainsley: would you pass the microphone to the back please, tell me your full name. >> allen devlin. >> where are you from. >> atlanta, georgia. ainsley: what do you think about this issue? the president is using twitter. he says i have to use social media because of all the fake news out there. >> i believe it is impossible to be unbiased, 100 percent unbiased when it comes to trump using twitter. i think he is free to use twitter if he uses it correctly. as the president of the united states i feel like sometimes he can get kind of outlandish with his tweets and like you said earlier i think the left would be happier and the right would be happier too if he calmed it down sometimes and remembered where he is and what kind of position and how much power he has as the president of the united states. ainsley: okay. will you pass the microphone up here to the front. introduce yourself, please. >> my name is taylor. i'm with the college democrats of south carolina. the president really needs
4:36 am
to calm down on twitter. but, mostly it's every tweet that is so egregious and every tweet where he is attacking somebody, i do truly think reduces the office. ainsley: okay. >> and i'm not saying i would vote for him if he stopped going on twitter but i do think he should stick to the issues more rather than ad hominem attacks on people. ainsley: back here. what's your name, please? >> i'm -- have. ainsley: where from you from. >> i'm from myrtle beach, south carolina. ainsley: beautiful area. he gets a lot of backlash. what's wrong with kanye liking the president? why are some in the black community? john legend so say some people who love you feel betrayed. what's your reaction? >> i think that kanye west is volatile and erratic with his behavior. is he all over the place and really hard for him to to be concise and have con session. you never know where he stands. that's the problem he jumps back and forth so often. very fickle-like hard to
4:37 am
understand where is he coming from and have trust and faith in him. ainsley: introduce yourself what's your name. >> i'm maria. ainsley: maria, do you feel as far as free speech is concerned on college campuses, do you feel like you are able to say what you want to say in this p.c. culture? >> i think that you definitely have to have a backbone because you will get backlash for everything you say. i don't feel like it's been constrained. if you want to be brave and speak up, you can. ainsley: is that discouraging people from really speaking their mind though in a civil way? >> absolutely. yeah. i know that maybe like some of my meeker friends wouldn't say what they feel. maybe behind closed doors they do but not in the open. that's tough to see. ainsley: i want to hear some on the very end pass the mike and introduce yourself. what do you all think about free speech on campus. >> i'm steve corbett from ashland, kentucky. south carolina, i have always felt very able to speak my mind. and i think that that's just the corner stone of democracy. we need to just keep working towards, you know, everybody
4:38 am
getting what they need to say. ainsley: how did we get to this place in our country though where you really, if you don't agree, then i hate you. >> i think, you know, it's really up to our generation and we can't stay where we are. we have to be able to compromise and not stay so partisan we can't agree to disagree. we have got to work together and know we might not have the same political views and know we might not believe in the same things. if we can't work together, we are not going to get anything done. ainsley: yeah. will you pass the mike back? ronald reagan's best friend was a democrat. they would have drinks together and have lunch together. we have gotten so far away from that everybody is so divisive if you don't agree with the other person. how do we get back and fix that problem in the country. >> it's being open and talking to people us as college republicans and dems have great relationship on campus. we work together on a lot of issues. we are planning on doing a big voter registration drive in the fall for the midterm elections. at the end of the day they are still people, you know. we are all still gamecocks.
4:39 am
we are all still south carolinians. we all want what's best for the country anyway. there is no need to be divisive and even better we can talk about issues that we all agree on like infrastructure, veterans healthcare reform. if we come together and talk on those things eventually easier moving towards issues that we maybe not agree on but compromise on. ainsley: thank you so much. send it back to new york. such smart students. steve: that was great. it is so refreshing to see a university where they have both sides of the dial. abby: they can actually have a reasonable conversation. brian: no kidding. well hosted by a fine anchor who made a lot of herself ainsley earhardt. abby: starting there. brian: hey jillian. jillian: how are you? steve: headline time. jillian: would you like that? no problem. get you started with your headlines starting with this parkland shooting suspect nikolas cruz heads to court today. charged with shooting 17 people at majorry stoneman douglas high school in
4:40 am
february. his lawyers says he will plead guilty if he is guaranteed a life sentence without parole. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. this as a union of florida deputy annoyances it has no confidence in broward county sheriff scott israel. he is under fire for the shooting response. some democrats now calling on congressman steny hoyer to resign over a secret reporting. colorado candidate for congress levi tillerman recorded the maryland representative urging him to drop out of the primary against another democrat, jason crow who is supported by the democratic national campaign committee. >> i'm running a campaign against crowe and against you and against the dccc because you are on crow's side. >> yeah, you know, frankly that happens in life all the time. jillian: house minority leader nancy pelosi is standing by ohio river saying hhoyer saying didhe noth. a journalist sharing this photo of the pre-prom prayer
4:41 am
given to him by the mother of one of the girls. one critic commenting online saying, quote: saying grace over your food says nothing of your moral compass, integrity or character. the teen's mother says the kids are great and she is fofocusing on the positive messages. security cameras rolling when a three wheeler cab crashes right through the wall of a business. now, it actually appears to be driverless, right? doesn't it? guess what? that's a dog. it pops its head up. the cab driver says he left his dog alone in the vehicle with the engine running, the canine knocking it out of park and right through the store in china. is that not insane? abby: only in china. jillian: that dog, that's crazy. steve: that's going to be like that farmer's insurance ad yes we have the exhibition right over here the time the dog ran the three wheeled cart. crazy. abby: thanks, jillian. steve: coming up on our friday telecast. sends is i graham, kellyanne conway from the white house.
4:42 am
trey gowdy and senator tim scott all down in south carolina. abby: alfie evans story striking outrage around the world. dolls it show the real horrors of socialized medicine? stuart varney is fired up about this story. is he joining us live on the couch next. as "fox & friends" rolls on from new york and south carolina. stay with us. ♪ ♪
4:43 am
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severe stomach pain or tenderness; severe nausea or vomiting; extreme fatigue; constipation; excessive thirst or urine; swollen ankles; loss of appetite; rash; itching; headache; confusion; hallucinations; muscle or joint pain; flushing; fever; or weakness, as this may keep these problems from becoming more serious. these are not all the possible side effect of opdivo. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, including immune system problems, or if you've had an organ transplant, or lung, breathing, or liver problems. a chance to live longer. because who wouldn't want...that? ask your doctor about opdivo. thank you to all involved in opdivo clinical trials. abby: resolving to find comfort for his son days after he was taken off life support. >> together we recognize the strains and recent events we
4:46 am
now wish -- grown brian the family losing every legal challenge to seek outside medical care for little alfie like a trip to italy. including traveling there for doctors willing to treat him. steve: does this case show the real horrors of socialized medicine? stuart varney, host of varney and company says yes. >> yes. it's certainly part of the story. item number 1 in a socialized medical system, the government does indeed have the power of life and death over patience. and that's shown in this case. but, i find even more extraordinary and incredible is the decision of the judge to stop the parents, taking the child to another country for the treatment which they think the child needs. i find it inconceivable that a judge should actually prevent the parents from getting the treatment for
4:47 am
their son that they think he needs and can use. how they can do that, i don't know. i don't think that would happen in america, because we have a constitution, and our constitution says you may move freely and can you go to court to make sure that that happens to you. britain has no written constitution and that child is, in fact, a ward of the state and the state is saying you can't treat him any longer and you can't move him. brian: worse thing to happen is for the british government is for him to survive after they get him off the ventilator. they say is he going to pass away in the last few minutes and he survived. >> he has survived. that is true. it just points out the whole problem of life and death in a socialized medical community. like britain. steve: stuart, this is a death panel. it is a death panel. >> in many ways it is. to be clear about it, yes, it is. this judge has passed a death sentence on that child. that's an extraordinary thing.
4:48 am
abby: it is so heart breaking. >> it's terrible. abby: finland is going to end its universal basic income program by the end of the year. steve: what? abby: they have been paying people 25 to 5 58 unemployed $6,500 a month. brian: just to live. abby: now they are finding they are not motivated to find a job. up. >> the finns have finally realized that maybe people won't work at all. they just sit on the couch. government pair subsidized pair couch potatoes. end it. they have experiments to do that in america. end them now. as far as i'm concerned, you want money, get out there and work for it, please. brian: by the way bernie sanders are basically going to be running on that. free money, free everything. >> that's right. do you think it's a winning proposition? i hope it's not. steve: sounds like they are going to fin-ish it. >> that was weak. brian: watch stuart 9 to noon he is counting on you fbn. >> thank you very much.
4:49 am
steve: coming up on the telecast. trey gowdy, senator tim scott, kellyanne and geraldo rivera all coming up. brian: mike pompeo making first trip overseas hours after being confirmed by the senate. what will foreign relations look like under him? senator lindsey graham voted for mike pompeo. he joins ainsley live in south carolina. steve: there he is. ♪ ♪ bp's natural gas teams use smart app technology to share data from any well instantly. so they can analyze trends and stop potential problems in their tracks. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. but he's got work to do. with a sore back.
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4:53 am
57-42 vote. this, as north and south korea agree to end the decades long korean war just weeks after his meeting with kim jong un. so, what will foreign relations look like under his lead? our next guest as i just said, one of our senators here in the great state of south carolina, senator lindsey graham, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. now i know why i didn't have 8:00 classes when i came here. way too early. ainsley: that right there is the library. >> we got a library. ainsley: library for the first time. >> go to the library. it will do you go good. that way you don't have to get in politics. ainsley: a lot is happening in north korea, south korea. >> unbelievable. ainsley: you saw the images of them together. saw the news. going to end the war. >> here's the deal. it wouldn't have happened without trump. it may not happen but the biggest change since the end of the hostilities. the fact that the north korean and south korean president met and they vow to end the war, what happened? donald trump convinced north
4:54 am
korea and china he was serious about bringing about change. we're not there yet. but, if this happens, entrepreneurship deserves the nobel peace prize. ainsley: kim jong un got fearful and wondered how this is going to affect north korea? >> all the criticism of president trump on fire and fury and maximum pressure. i'm glad he didn't listen to all those who failed before him. he is convinced north korea two options. you can become a normal country or we will take you down if you keep trying to build missiles to hit the american homeland. and i think they convinced north korea and china that trump is serious. every president before him tried this. what is different about trump? they believe in north korea if he had to, as a last resort, he would stop their nuclear program. we are not there yet. if we get there it will be because of president trump. a word of warning. the worst thing kim jong un could do is play trump. to go through all these motions and go back to the old way of doing business, donald trump will not tolerate being played. we're either going to have peace or we're going to have a war now because kim jong
4:55 am
un has made a mistake if he is not serious and that's playing trump. ainsley: mike pompeo is now confirmed. he is the secretary of state. >> thank thank god. ainsley: he is already traveling now. what does this mane for us. >> i met with trump after the election. he asked me what's my biggest challenge he said north korea in the short-term and iran in the long run. this is a terrible deal. 15 years from now they can enrich and reprocess without limitation. and trump says that's a bad deal. so i think he is going to try to convince the europeans to change the deal or trump is going to get out of it, and he should. ainsley: you heard macron saying he really hopes he stays in the deal. what needs to change about the deal specifically if the president is going to stay in it? >> the sun set clauses that 15 years from now, all the inspectors go away. and they can enrich and reprocess without limitation. a good deal would say if they ever get within a year of a nuclear breakout
4:56 am
sanctions are reapplied. the arabs are wanting nuclear power. we will not allow them to enrich and reprocess make their own fuel. that's the craziest thing in the middle east. let's give the iranians our enemy a better deal than our friends. change the sun set clause. anywhere, any time inspections. if you don't do these two things it's a terrible deal. ainsley: we have to notify them and give them 30 days in advance? we send inspectors? >> you can't go on military bases. guess what? that's where they are doing all their research. 15 years from now all the inspections go await a minute have you got to change those two things. you can't tell the arab enriching and processing and let our morality enemy iran do enrichment and reprocessing. that's how you make a bomb. i think we are going to get out or we are going to change it. as to syria, if we leave too soon, it will be iraq all over again. you cannot give damascus to the iranians. mike pompeo is the right guy at the right time. ainsley: all right. thank you so much, senator.
4:57 am
>> go cocks. ainsley: go gamecocks. trey gowdy senator tim scott and kellyanne conway all live ♪ . . . . it took guts to start my business.
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♪ brian: the north korean leader walked to the south. they hugged. they talked. they spoke. abby: they vowed to end the korean war and denuclearize the peninsula. >> when did you learn that the dnc and hillary clinton had funded christopher steele's work. >> i still haven't learned that as fact. >> what does that say about his competence? >> 49 brand new additional pages newly uncovered text messages between peter strzok and lisa page. >> having a tough time processing, liz. feeling pronounced sense of loss. >> judge legend tried to get kanye west changing his mind.
5:01 am
this is tactic based on fear used to manipulate my free thought. ainsley: this is the best school in the country. usc. ♪ steve: to be young again. brian: ainsley woke up the campus early this morning. it was pitch black, the place was packed. these students are happy to see ainsley. happy that the regular sessions are over. finals start next week. abby: makes me want to be back in college again. ainsley, how fun is it to be back again? ainsley: so great to be back on campus. i feel so old.
5:02 am
awe! hey, brian. steve a cutout of you somewhere. abby, you're somewhere in the crowd too. steve: there i am. ainsley: there is steve. nikki haley when promoted to ambassador, governor mcmaster took over here. he will come and talk. her ruled dough is coming up. my brother and dad are in the crowd -- geraldo. they will talk about their experiences at the university. tim scott, our other senator who wrote the book with congressman trey gowdy. they will come on and talk about the book. and news of the day. look at brian giving me the peace sign. look at this one. brian: i know it. there i am. ainsley: how great is that. dragon energy and steve. steve: i could use many so of that right now.
5:03 am
ainsley will be there the entire final hour. brian: i'm afraid if we stay on the shot the wrong finger will pop up and i will have to apologize. steve: i don't think that will happen. geraldo rivera will join us now. >> nice to see the palmetto queen back in her environment. steve: looks after after 53, 55 years of hostilities north and south korea are officially in the next year going to declare an end to the korean war, geraldo. >> it is fantastic apparent breakthrough. i don't want to be naive about it. i don't want to pretend we haven't had false starts before but when you consider several months ago, it was little "rocket man" and threatening shooting icbms and threatening he could reach seattle and
5:04 am
northbound. he kept evolving, sent missiles over japan. look where we are now. a fantastic apparent breakthrough, i keep modifying it i was there in the early '80s when they had a reproachment not quite as tramatic like this. not crossing over the dmz into south korea. steve: that is what happened this morning. it is amazing. >> i love they're doing televised reunions of families divided by the war. formal treaty declaring end to the war. abby: look at timing, mike pompeo, we have photos coming in the newsroom of his meeting with kim jong-un but also president trump, that meeting just a few weeks away. he tweeted about this morning. three tweets what is going on in korea. after a furious year of missile launches and nuclear testing historic meeting between north and south korea is taking place. good things are happening but only time will tell. korean war to end.
5:05 am
united states and all of its great people should be proud of what is taking place in korea. finally says, please do not forget the great help my good friend president xi of china, good point, particularly at border of north korea. without him it would have been a much longer, tougher process. they mention china, they get lost in the conversation. they might be the most important piece behind the entire puzzle. >> absolutely. measured traffic on bridge between north korea and china. prime artery of supplies. it was clear that the chinese were abiding by the sanctions. as the screws tightened on kim's regime, listen i can't support people. remember the one soldier ran away, found all the parasites in his belly from malnutrition and all rest of it. could be the situation got so dire kim finally said, let's do this, or could be the most elaborate subterfuge. could be leading us down
5:06 am
primrose path. here is my nuke. i will rattle one more time. brian: inside the white house that the legitimate military option that got to north korea for the first time ever let them understand that we were serious along with the words that came out of president trump's mouth. however, i think about otto warm warm -- warmbier and his family, they are suing them. marc short, the chief legislative advisor there, he came out yesterday, had no problem saying this is hurt rouse regime. we have our ice open. if the president said i don't like what i hear i will get up. i want everyone in case you were not up a couple hours ago, this was unscripted moment between moon and kim into the south part of the korean divide. >> translator: and we are declaring a new era of peace,
5:07 am
both over the past decade we endured the tragedy of secession but now we are here together because we overcame all those hardships. let goes forward step by step for the bright future together. i sincerely hope this declaration can satisfy all of you who have got high expectations and aspirations for the peace and unification. steve: the big question, geraldo, apparently they have agreed to work together to denuclearize. the north would like some, will go along with some limits. the united states wants it to be complete. >> remember the relationship used to exist between north korea and libya. gadhafi was well down the road to developing his own nuclear weapons. he gave them up because he wanted to make peace with the west and wanted it formnallize relations.
5:08 am
gadhafi ended up dead in sewer pipe killed by his had own people. if he kept his nukes, some argue he would have been more insulated from that kind of reprisal. that is the cautionary tale from kim's point of view. does that mean he can't go forward? i think there is plenty of room there if he freezes his, already frozen, allowing u.s. military exercises in the southern, south korea, southern part of the peninsula. he has not complained. it really does seem to me this is different. this has a vibe of history. this reminds me of nixon-china, 1973. abby: quickly on a human level. you've been over there. think about the people that died during the korean war, bringing families together, what does today, what does it mean for so many people that suffered? >> let me say as a proud puerto rican, the military was segregated in world war ii. by the korean war they were integrated. the unit from puerto rico was in
5:09 am
north korea. they suffered devastating, they were decimated in terms of casualties. this has a special recent fans of people of puerto rican descent, that sacrifice of our marines and inchon, their sacrifice was not in vain. this was a really big deal. i think it is probably -- brian: mcarthur, got fired, was going to drop a bomb on china. >> four nuclear weapons, he told truman he could end the war with four nuclear weapons. steve: you're right. it feels different. keep our fingers crossed something happens. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. brian: see you on radio? >> see you on the radio. brian: jillian, if my script is right you're next. jillian: i take it from there. fox news alert. evacuation order is just lifted after a massive explosion at a oil refinery in wisconsin. flames associating the through the giant plume of black smoke at superior. 11 people rushed to the hospital. the blast heard and felt miles
5:10 am
away. it is under investigation. long time nbc news anchor tom brokaw is denying new allegations of sexual misconduct. former news anchor linda vester said the unwanted advances were made in 1994 and 1995. brokaw released statement. the meetings were brief and cordial. despite linda's allegations i made no overtures to her at that time or any other. angela merkel will be at the white house today. the leaders are expected to discuss iran deal and looming u.s. tariffs and a planned russian gas pipeline. the president is expected to press merkel to increase germany's funding for nato. those are your headlines. back to you. abby: thank you, jillian. steve: james comey once again denying he was a leaker, what he told bret part. >> i didn't consider it as a part of fbi file. >> you wrote it as a fbi
5:11 am
director. it was work product. >> no, it was not. steve: reaction to the wide-ranging interview next. plus, still ahead, kellyanne conway at the white house. steve hilton joins us live. brian: the keenansville high school band playing with ainsley at the university of south carolina. abby: they're having too much fun out there. [cheering] ♪ hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too.
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♪ >> i didn't consider it part of an fbi file, all the things i talked about. >> you wrote it as fbi director. it was work product. >> no, it was not. it was my personal aid -- >> you said in the memos i said i don't do sneaky things, i don't like, i don't do weasel moves but, i mean we can argue what a leak is, but that is a leak, isn't it. >> it is not. brian: really. that is where the rubber hit the road. steve: former fbi director james comey said last night to bret, he is not a leaker, wide-ranging interview with bret baier. brian: bret baier joins us right now with some of the takeaways. i watched some instant analysis last night, one of the most intense 30 minutes, 40 minutes i've seen.
5:16 am
bret, unbelievable job. i don't think he was expecting a lot of those questions, nor were we expecting a lot of his answers. first off, in the break between, what was that like, in the break between segments. steve: during commercials. >> first of all he got there about 12 minutes late. said he was in traffic. we were alerted about ten minutes before. so we shuffled things around. so we started off a little bit, a little bit rushed. but when we got through that, and kind of, i started with the clinton probe and got to the trump probe and started to go down leaking questions there, obviously it was tense back and forth, but in the commercial break he turned to me said, those are tough but fair questions. and then we continued on after the break. i think, listen, what struck me were a couple of things. one, was that after all this time and after all the talk about the dossier, that he did not know that the democrats, the
5:17 am
dnc and hillary clinton were funding that? that was pretty shocking, if you think about three fisa application renewals. saying that very thing. abby: we have the sound of that very question. let's play that. >> when did you learn that the dnc and hillary clinton campaign had funded christopher steele's work. >> i still don't know that for a fact. >> what do you mean? >> i have only seen if the media. i didn't know exactly which democrats, it was funded first by republicans. >> but that is not true? >> i'm sorry. >> that's not true, that the does say christopher steel on was funded by republicans? >> my understanding, being a activity was begun, steele hired first funded by pubs abouts, important thing picked up by democrats opposed to donald trump. steve: does look if he has gaps in what he was told about it by his agents. >> yeah the fact we're at this point and there is not a definitive answer there is
5:18 am
pretty shocking. brian: what is behind that? do you believe he couching it because inspector general report is coming up? or do you believe he was giving you since is sear answers? >> that is a great question, brian and i don't know the answer to that i do know i felt like he was trying to answer the questions that i asked. i was just surprised with his lack of knowledge on specifics like that at the center of an investigation. the other one that kind of surprised me, one, the fact he doesn't admit a leak, going down that leak line was really something. kind of twisting the word leak and that he thought that all of those memos were his personal, his personal diary, if you will, not work product as an fbi director talking to a president. brian: sure. steve: don't you think all those points, bret, are to protect him -- >> of course. >> from coming legal problems? >> of course he admitted he has been interviewed by the ig specifically on his handling of the memos. the fact that he handed it to
5:19 am
three different people who are a part of his legal team, one of them who works for the fbi, who was not just a columbia professor and a good friend, i think there are going to be questions on capitol hill and possibly in this ig report. abby: but another big moment that stuck out to me when you asked his intent to serve, you asked, would you still be head of the fbi if you weren't fired? he said yes, made it very clear he put all the blame on his firing sounds like on president trump? >> right. and he said, you know, that he would be there as of tonight, had he not been fired. now, just in context the reason i wanted to end and dismount if you would on that, you know, throughout this book tour there has been a lot of interaction with president trump, how he believes he is not morally fit to serve, how he basically encouraging people to vote trump out of office in numerous ways and difficult sentences he said. to see at the end he would still
5:20 am
be there tonight if he hadn't been fired. steve: i think james comey in the commercial was accurate. it was tough and fair and eye-opener. great job. brian: you laid groundwork for a lot of follow-ups. abby: well-done. good to see you this morning. steve: coming up on this friday, kellyanne conway joins us live from the white house. abby: kanye west's relationship with the president splitting the left and the right. how can the company close the great divide. a great question. trey gowdy and tim scott join ainsley live on the ground in south carolina. you don't want to miss the interview just ahead. brian: they are unified. ♪ engineered to take the crown. presenting the all-new lexus ls 500 and ls 500h. experience amazing, at your lexus dealer.
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♪ jillian: good morning to you, and welcome back. here is a look at some headlines a cold-blooded cop killer will walk away as free man. herman bell walks away after failure after last minute attempt by the patrolman's benevolent association to block his parole. a judge will hear arguments to put bell back in prison next month. he was behind the murders of nypd officers, pigatinie and jones in 1991. new display now protected by four concrete barriers. in june the original structure was demolished less than 24 hours after its installation, when a man rammed his car into it. several groups oppose the monument, including the satanic temple which plans to sue the state. that is look at the headlines. i sent it back to you. steve: thank you very much.
5:25 am
brian: we go to ainsley in beautiful south carolina. hey, ainsley. ainsley: hey, brian, steve, abby, thank you very much. james comey continuing his media blitz last night on "special report" with bret baier. here to react is congressman trey gowdy from south carolina and his good friend, senator tim scott. authors of this book here, "unified." how our unlikely friendship gives us hope for a divided country. >> absolutely. ainsley: when i read that i thought about kanye west and president trump because they have an unlikely friendship. what was your reaction to that? >> the fact of the matter, think about trump's position and kanye's position that they have nothing in common but reality, the president trump's policy direction, led to the lowest african-american unemployment in recorded history. lowest of hispanics in recorded history. more people coming back into the
5:26 am
workforce and more opportunities we see. there are a lot of differences between two of them, if you're focused moving the country together with no exclusions, you can see why kanye talking postively about president trump. abby: is kanye betraying the african-american community? that is what john legend is saying. >> hogwash. there is no way in the world is that -- anything, except standing up for folks that can not stand up for themselves. chance the rapper said it well, because you're black does not mean you're a democrat, period. we should have a real discussion about the underlying policies that are leading leaning towards the best economy and best economic activity in minority communities in a very long time. the president signed on to creating opportunity zones in the most distressed communities which will disproportionately have positive impact on the black community. so why would it be contradictory or inconsistent what is in the
5:27 am
pest interests of black males specifically, being one, opportunities for higher educational achievement, more jobs, and frankly more wealth in the african-american community? we have to look at the policies. the policies are going into the right. ainsley: how can our country be united as your book says? >> focus on things you have in common. when i heard kanye's comment, u2 had close relationship with jesse helms which makes this guy seem like a flaming liberal. jesse helms may be the most conservative senator i can recall, the lead singer of the world's greatest rock and roll band had a relationship with him, because they both cared about what was happening on the continent of africa. same with president bush, he and bono had a relationship. i'm convinced we have something in common with everyone. while we run towards the divisiveness part of, i don't understand it, i think it is tearing our country apart.
5:28 am
ainsley: we are more alike than we are different. we don't have to hate each other if we have different opinions. what about comey's media blitz? we had him on last night. bret interviewed him. >> i thought bret did a fantastic job uncovering very important information. ainsley: we've been playing your sound bite. you said, what did you say about the leaking? you said if this is a leak then, he calls it a leak. i call it a felony. >> it is. comey said i don't do sneaky things, i don't leak, i don't do weasel things. his definition of leak is to disseminate classified information. that a actually a crime. a leak is if you and i have expectation of privacy in a conversation, then i divulge the contents of it. that is not a legal issue but a moral issue. it's a leak, for him to say i don't like i'm memorializing, and leaking private conversations with president of the united states, you know, the thing with comey is, he is the hero in every story he tells.
5:29 am
he is the hero. and, he has, what strikes me as double standard. if this person lies he wants him to be president of the united states. if andy mccabe lies he is stand huff up guy, if president trump lies he should be impeached. that is relativism. antithetical to morals. that is what i said last night. ainsley: thank you so much for being here. representing our state. what an honor. we all love you. this guy back here, oh, brian, steve, reading your book. >> i hope they like it. ainsley: they want you to sign it. i promise them you would. >> we will. ainsley: kellyanne conway coming from the white house up next. stay with us. ♪
5:30 am
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5:33 am
brian: here we go. a fox news alert. history being made on the korean peninsula as leaders from the north and south agree to end the decades-long korean war. how about six decades plus? steve: is this a preview what is to come with the upcoming summit with kim jong-un? here to react to the developments is counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. good morning to you. >> tough act to follow with yesterday's interview. steve: by the way i know our producers were working for a very long time to set that up. thank you very much for making that all happen. it was great. >> the president wanted to do that. the president had a great time bringing his case to the american people as he does on social media and bilateral q&as on the south lawn and press pools and other interviews and president said he would like to perhaps come once a month at
5:34 am
news breaks. he will -- steve: wait, come to "fox & friends once a month? >> yes. steve: wow! brian: that would be great. >> pretty much a monthly basis. back in the private sector he was on every week, every monday. steve: he was. >> at certain times, same time every weekend, he was going through 15 or 20 minutes of his view on policy many people went back to listen to the interviews for clues as how he might governorren as the president and his issues of the day and you see consistency unbroken thread between many of the interviews and policies today you didn't even put a semicolon in there, you covered so much territory, leaves the rest of us cold in terms of our analytical, conversational skills. the president was able to cover so much ground with you yesterday and appreciated the platform because it connects him with the american people. not just on fox news but at that really was the buzz around the globe yesterday in large part,
5:35 am
because everybody had to replay your clips. that must have been delicious. abby: amazingly, with the 24 hours news cycle so much happened since that interview yesterday specifically in korea. in north korea, the war, president trump has been up tweeting this morning he loves to talk directly to the people, korean war to end, the united states and all of it is great people should be very proud of what it is taking place in korea. what is coming out of the white house this morning? timing, kellyanne, weeks away from the meeting president trump is going to have or supposed to have with kim jong-un, what do you say this morning? >> abby, it would be difficult to over state the consequential significance and rapid succession of events in short order and this president created the climate that allows for this. obviously north and south korea had not met in this fashion in a very long time. the people there have suffered for many, many years and it is this president who wishes to achieve what so many other presidents either attempted or
5:36 am
in fact promised and not been able to deliver upon. i think that the timing of cia director, now secretary of state mike pompeo's confirmation yesterday, which by the way wasn't close, the timing of his confirmation as our new secretary of state, he got sworn in by justice alito and went on a trip. this is incredibly important, because secretary of state pompeo has been over there, meeting with kim jong-un, setting the stage and it is this president who has said he is willing to come to the table but he always has an exit strategy. fit is not working for the american people. if it is not working for dip le mat tick purposes then he can just walk away. that is what deal-makers and negotiators do. brian: fascinating that he told us yesterday that mike pompeo was not scheduled to meet with kim jong-un. he was meeting with contemporary in another part of the building and he asked him to come over
5:37 am
and they had this hour meeting. what could this tell you about what is happening? this might be a different script that we've been seeing for 65 years. >> that is the point here, thank you for raising that. it is really north korea responding to what the president is making happen and what south korea is making happen. even the president was thanking china today because we know that denuclearized korean peninsula benefits everyone, not just in that region, certainly america and americans but as his wont this morning on the social media platform the president credited the american people and they should be very happy. this is democracy. they elected him to be a commander-in-chief. the president of the united states, carries with it the ability to make significant, dramatic changes in short order. i think many elements of the swamp are still not accustomed to trump-pens pace. they operate at swamp speed. when you see actions like this around the globe you recognize the difference it makes to have a non-politician who has been thinking about these issues many years in very different way,
5:38 am
bringing together a national security and diplomatic team around him that agrees and is forging ahead thusly. steve: everybody is on the same page regarding that, fingers crossed something good happens in north and south korea. meanwhile, kellyanne, the president was on with us yesterday, it was shortly afterward announced that admiral ronny jackson was going to pull his name as the next va secretary nominee. we did ask the president if he had another name in mind. he said yes. he didn't reveal it, but somebody who did have some government experience. when is the president going to be announcing this new person? >> well he is expected to announce a new veterans administration nominee on his timetable. it will be in the near future, and there are many people who would like to have that position because there are many people committed to continuing the president's agenda of progress for veterans. one thing lost in all of the mainstream media maelstrom
5:39 am
coverage, and character assassination of admiral and dr. ronny jackson who has served honorably three different presidents, has glowing recommendations, please promote him ahead of his peers none other than president barack obama, that aside, lost in the maelstrom of character assassination has been how much progress this president has made with respect to our nation's veterans. the, he says the va choice act is close at hand. the accountability and protection act, 24/7 hotline, disposition of veterans benefits, there are so many different pieces of legislation, executive action, that have happened in 16 short months that truly have improved the lives of our veterans. this president ran for many reasons but you have got to put military veterans, law enforcement top of the list, he is delivering on those promises. he is discussing that list of possibilities with folks internally. i've been part of some of these conversation the i will not get
5:40 am
ahead of the president in making personnel announcements. i hope that dr. jackson holds his head high and recognizes this can be a brutal town where people not under oath are going out on tv and saying things without, you know, anonymously and without having, letting him have a say. i hope he will have a say at some point. abby: democrats could, if they wanted to be nice bit, they could have gone to the white house secretly very with these concerns and instead of dragged himmed mud. this is national prescription drug take back day. this is something more important for many people across this country but for you in particular, kellyanne. >> thank you for amplifying it today on "fox & friends." this is non-partisan issue in search of bipartisan solutions. one of the ways we prevent misuse of opioids, prescription opioids, clear out expired, unnecessary, unused prescriptions from your medicine
5:41 am
cabinet, your pocket, your pocketbooks, your kitchen counters. some heroin users self-report that they started with prescription opioids. they were misusing their own prescription and misusing other people's prescriptions. national take-back day is put forth by the dea, the drug enforcement administration. essentially you can go to cvs, walgreens, go to local law enforcement, go back to take back find a local drop-off point. take unused prescriptions, tell neighbors, colleagues, community, grandma, grandpop, clear them out and dispose of them. take back day he talked about it, tweeted about it, did his radio address bit. we collected historic 900,000 pounds, i want to repeat, that 900,000-pounds of tiny little pills, enough to fill three boeing, 757 aircraft. clear them out. president called for 30%
5:42 am
reduction in prescribing over next three years. you cut down demand by cutting supply. folks don't hoard them. you can't flush them. they go into drinking water. can't just throw them away, they can get in the hands of pets or children, folks trying to miss use prescriptions. take-back day. lots of locations around the country. abby: not political. it saves lives. kellyanne, so important the. steve: thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> steve: breaking news at start the interview, starting in the next month or so the president of the united states will stop by fox and friends once a month. we will ask him hard questions. >> and as breaking news warrants. abby: a tease. thank you, kellyanne. steve: that is quite an event. >> is there news all the time? >> steve: there is. european union has new campaign to fight fake news.
5:43 am
steve hilt son says it is a battle they will not win -- steve hilton next. abby: south carolina governor henry mcmaster joins ainsley live at her alma mater. she knows him. ♪ that is next. hi. i'm the only bed that actually senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable... does your bed do that? i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store.
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♪ steve: the eu, the european union, unveiling a new strategy to take on fake news, reading quote, today the commission proposes to take measures to tackle disinformation online and e.u. wide code of practice on disinformation, support for independent network of fact-checkers and series of actions to stimulate quality journalism and promote media literacy. abby: how do you distinguish between disinformation and democratic dissent?
5:47 am
brian: i have to turn to steve hilton. i hope you guys are okay with that. he hosts "the next revolution." he served as strategy director for prime minister david cam mon whose idea was have a "brexit" vote and quit. steve, will the eu get on top of fake news with this method? >> anytime i hear the word eu unveil as new strategy too, you you have to assume it will end in disaster whatever it is. this won is particularly dangerous because the idea a a bunch of bureaucrats in the eu go through every article in europe and world, will decide whether it is fake or appropriate for people to see. they did an experiment, a few of the ones they picked out being fake news, turned out they made a mistake. one, because they got the translation wrong. another turned out to be a comic piece they thought was serious. this whole thing is just a disaster in the making. abby: quickly, reaction to the meeting announced yesterday,
5:48 am
president trump going over to the uk to meet with prime minister may. brian: in july. >> it is good news they're talking, that's great. i think the big thing for britain is trying to get that trade deal that will make a success of "brexit." that is the number one priority. so it is no surprise that theresa may really wants to have a strong relationship with president trump to get something good out of "brexit." that is a top priority. brian: no problem with that. we're for it. president likes bilaterals. he volunteered it. this will get done. >> exactly. i think the problem is that theresa may in fact has been less warm to donald trump than she really needs to be, the president, exactly as he said, he hates the eu, these multilateral bureaucratic organizations. he wants to get a deal done. theresa may needs to step up and greet him warmly, and get it done. steve: there is revolution coming this weekend on the fox news channel. steve hilton, host of the next
5:49 am
revolution. brian: he is not in a bad mood. abby: any hour of the day. brian: meanwhile, straight ahead south carolina governor henry mcmaster joins ainsley live from her alma mater, see her reaction to her reaction. steve: get sand's reaction to what is on her show today. >> happy friday. james comey tells our own bret baier, that the president is just wrong for calling the former fbi director a liar and leaker. what does trump's former campaign manager corey lewandoski have to say about all this? this morning we'll ask him. kim john unis the first north korean leader to cross the dmz since the korean war. we're finally seeing images from the historic meeting. babely alfie is fighting for his life. nigel farage is here to react about the a british hospital's decision to pull his life-support. "america's newsroom" begins in moments.
5:50 am
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♪ ainsley: americans across the country are benefiting from president trump's tax cuts and here in south carolina it is no different. joining us now with how his state is benefiting from the historic cuts is south carolina's governor henry mcmaster. what a pleasure, governor. >> my pleasure. ainsley: you have a lot of supporters behind you. [cheers and applause] what day is the primary? >> june 12th, tuesday. ainsley: when nikki haley the ambassador you were lieutenant governor. now you're the governor. >> we have a lot of candidates across the state for a lot of offices but it is because the economy is growing, donald trump
5:54 am
has had enormous positive effect on the spirit and hopes of people here. people and big companies are giving raises. when he announced the tax cut, big companies were giving raises and giving bonuses. enshoes am was all over the -- enthusiasm was all over the state. ainsley: you were the first politician in the country to endorse donald trump? >> that is what they tell me. it was lonely. it quickly filled up. we're delight what he is doing. i support him 100%. he endorsed me in this race. i support him 100%. he made a enormous impact on the country and just getting started. ainsley: give me specifics how the tax cuts helping south carolinians? >> giving them hope. we're on the right track. tack taxes will not keep going up. they will start going down. trade will improve. we know there will jobs. when you have prosperity, a lot of problems go away. drug problems go away. crime problems diminish.
5:55 am
domestic problems diminish. that is what is happening in south carolina. it has taken us a while to here but we're on a roll. ainsley: when jobs are good in south carolina they're good forr the entire country, tell folks at home what industry are here in the south carolina? >> samsung is here. one of the finest companies. boeing has been here. bmw came back in the '90s. can men that is here. michelin is here. bridgestone, firestone is here. ainsley: 30% of the tires are made here. >> exported from the u.s. are made here. ainsley: how quickly are they making bmws? >> new bmw popping off the line every 61.7 seconds. bmw is expanding. biggest plant in the country answer apes that is wonderful. >> this is wonderful. people of south carolina are special. all the companies that come here. executives that i speak to. they say a lot of reasons they come here. research universities, great technical college system.
5:56 am
mountains, rivers, great port of charleston. the main thing is the people. this is handshake state. when somebody in south carolina gives you ire word, shakes your hand you can counts on it. ainsley: accent is great, governor. i love the southern accent. you coming up you met my dad, my brother, my sister-in-law, my twin nephews. join us coming up. ♪ patrick woke up with back pain.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> okay, we're at the university of south carolina. it has been so much fun with the governor. you want to kiss a baby? these are my nephews graham and mcclain, my dad, sister-in-law and brother on the end. we went to the university of south carolina, did you?
6:00 am
>> i did, too. i want to thank the high school band they were wonderful. joining me today boiling springs baptist church for a book signing. >> sandra: historic moment on the korean peninsula. north korean leader kim jong-un walking across the border into south korea and shaking hands with president moon jae-in announcing a plan to end the korean war and rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons. i'm sandra smith live inside of "america's newsroom" on this rainy new york city friday morning. >> rick: a remarkable moment. the summit marks a stunning about face from last year when the north fired off a flurry of missile tests sparking fears of an all-out conflict. president trump tweeting korean war to end. united states and all its great people should be very proud of what is


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