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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  April 27, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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season. penguins are out but i am still in it. >> rachel: if it's not college basketball, i don't care. we are going to go do some laps and push-ups. >> kennedy: thank you so much to juan, rachel, and katie, of course. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. we await a joint news conference between president trump and german chancellor angela merkel. both leaders who have not always seen eye to eye, let's go "outnumbered: overtime," i am harris faulkner. for the second time this week, the president is hosting in the white house. it might not have all the pomp and circumstance as the french leader's but it's still very important. russia sanctions, and the fate of the iran nuclear deal. all on the table for them to talk about. counselor to the president kellyanne conway downplaying any
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concerns that relations between the two leaders are, shall we say, chile. >> i don't think we need to compare france and during germany, they are great allies to america. i see some comparison but the important part is the relationship between countries. we are very happy that chancellor merkel is making another appearance here. >> harris: john roberts joins us now from the north lawn. >> good afternoon. i was in the oval office a short time ago with president trump and the german chancellor angela merkel. it appeared things were cordial, they shook hands this time, unlike the last time they met in the oval office, when there was sort of an awkward silence and distance between the two of the them. things are cordial between the united states and germany. it's not the bromance the president was experiencing with emmanuel macron came to visit.
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a lot on the table, drilling down on trade. the president has a deadline of may 1st to decide whether or not he will extend waivers on tariffs with steel and aluminum to the united -- european union. they get about 4% of its steel from germany. that's a big issue for the germans. angela merkel will ask the president pleased to extend those waivers. the other big issue, the iranian nuclear deal. they do not want the u.s. to exit, the president said that will clearly be a part of their discussion. listen here. >> i don't know, i think we will be talking about iran but i don't necessarily expected one way or the other. i know we will have a very good discussion on iran. as i did with emmanuel, the president of france. we will be having discussions on iran and on trade.
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we will be having various discussions. >> in the meeting he had with emmanuel macron, he proposed a third way, don't pull out, what we should do is leave that intact and then craft another deal that covers three more issues, its ballistic missile program, and destabilizing behavior in the region. harris, the president seemed to warm up to that idea. we will see if there's any discussions more with merkel. who knows when the conference will actually happen. we will get a chance to ask the president some questions. >> harris: how interesting, to see you look at your watch and then put it in the air quotes tim scott of south carolina, coauthor with congressman trey gowdy of "unified:however unlikely friendship gives us
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hope for our divided country." the president doing high stakes diplomacy on iran with france and then germany. we know he didn't shake hands with angela merkel last time. we know he got two handshakes this time. >> this is good news. it's been a good week for the country. i'm optimistic about the conference that will be held with the president and germany. >> harris: why are you optimistic? what are you watching for? >> a couple things, the meeting earlier this week with france was a powerful meeting, the president wants and we should all want a stronger jail pca or jay opca. in time for inspectors to see the lack of progress being made,
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the ballistic missile testing continues even with the u.n. security council, a resolution that says it should not and frankly anyone that suggests iran in 2025 will have nuclear weapons in the jopca? that's a huge loss for the country. if you believe in world peace, you cannot believe in iran having nuclear weapons in 2025, 2026, or any year thereafter. >> harris: we saw the president with german chancellor angela merkel. our relationship with that country may have not been chilly but between leaders, the president had not previously shared the kind of warmth that he shared with emmanuel macron, who just left. we see for the first time the handshake between the two of them. we know things have tightened with conversations about nato and countries putting their percentages in. where do you put this relationship right now?
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>> i think it's on the path to prosperity. in south carolina, we have 130 german businesses making south carolina a part of their home. companies from bmw, mercedes, robert bosch, our trading relationship with germany is a very important one. one that is being strengthened strengthened -- i believe -- at this very moment between angela merkel and trump. i have very high confidence that when they come out, there will be a waiver that continues beyond may 1st for europe, the e.u., and ultimately, i believe it will have a greater, stronger partnership. he's had unorthodox trading relationships with the world but it has produced better results for the american worker and the future of american jobs. >> harris: i want to talk about north korea and how we go forward from there. the diplomacy talks that are happening is also on the table. >> no question. for the first time, we saw
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kim jong un across the dmz to the south, that's a very positive sign. the one thing we have had seen from 1992 and ford, you cannot trust the north koreans to live up to their word. we are going to have to have the concept of ronald reagan, trust and verify. i'm very low on the trust side with north korea and very high on the verification side. i want to know their definition of the denuclearization and what it what it would be. so far, according to all our experience, whatever they mean is not any definition found in the webster's dictionary. that's part of the problem. >> harris: [laughs] okay. senator , sitting on the senate armed services committee, did you think you would see -- i'm going to talk about another handshake between the north and
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the south since 1953? did you ever think you would see that? is that, in itself, and accomplishments that's enough at this point? >> is not a step but a leap in the right direction. i've got to give president trump a lot of credit for the progress we are seeing with north korea. he's made some provocative comments about the size of each other's buttons but it's having leaders at the table and having the south and the north, seven decades later, having a real conversation about ending the korean war by the end of this year. having the leader of north korea crossover to the south. having a conversation about sitting down with the president of the united states of america, these are times that we've not seen in the past but we should still be cautious in our optimism. the definition we use are used
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and defined the same way on both sides. it's been a historic week. it's just not over yet. >> harris: senator tim scott, i love getting your perspective on things and checking with webster's every now and then, as he remind us to do. thank you. more on what we can expect from angela merkel's visit, nile gardiner, director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom at the heritage foundation. the diplomacy that's happening, where you think the president should be going with angela merkel, particularly on the issue of iran. >> thank you very much for having me on the show. it's a very important meeting between trump and angela merkel. germany is a huge power within europe. it's europe's biggest economy and an important u.s. ally. having said that, the relationship between angela merkel and donald trump has been significantly cool and frosty.
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very different than the relationship with emmanuel macron. today's nest discussions and negotiations, germany wants the united states to remain as part of the iran nuclear agreement. president trump is hugely skeptical with very good reason as to what is a highly flawed deal. so far, the germans have not offered anything in terms of concrete measures to strengthen the iran agreement. the united states has requested that. it remains to be seen whether she pulls out of the hat today any real concrete proposal for fixing the iran nuclear deal as donald trump puts it. >> harris: part of today's news, i'm going to break in with this now, our brand-new secretary of state mike pompeo is in the nato conference in brussels today. this word coming out of there, pompeo says no president trump decision on the iran nuclear deal but without substantial changes, the president is
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unlikely to stay in that iran deal. this then puts us in a different category. he says no decision be made but if they don't see change, he's not going to recertify. >> that's a very tough message coming from the new secretary of state in brussels, meeting with nato leaders. it's a clear message from the white house that the iran deal has to be strengthened. otherwise, the united states is going to walk away on may 12th. so far, i think european leaders have been extremely weak with regard to the threat posed by iran. we have not seen real concrete proposals coming from european allies so far. let's not forget the germans have a huge financial stake in the iran nuclear agreement. germany and iran have about $5 billion worth of trade each year, that is significantly increasing. there's a big economic dimensio
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dimension. a big economic stake in the long-term legitimacy of the agreement. >> harris: we remember right after the deal, people getting on big jets, flying over to iran and that happened within days, trying to do business. now you are talking about the solidification this many years later and what that looks like. what happens if the united states walks away? both diplomatically/politically and realistically in terms of what we can get in a better dea deal. >> first, you're going to see the repositioning of u.s. sanctions against iran. that's a good thing. you have to hold this brutal, barbaric regime to account. secondly, many leaders in europe are already saying -- i don't think you are going see any huge
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shock and horror over the u.s. withdrawing. most european leaders have accepted the u.s. is highly likely to walk away. if you aren't going to see some big disruption in the transatlantic alliance. i think they will need an effort to get a new deal with iran, holding the iranian regime to account, ensuring iran does not have nuclear weapons. with international terrorism. >> harris: you heard the threats going back and forth. the iran foreign minister says it hurts our credibility and leadership and iran say what they will do with retaliation and our own president saying if they threaten the united states, they will see a response like few other countries have ever seen before. your last word. >> the iranian regime is playing with fire. they aren't dealing with the
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weak nato u.s. the number one goal for the united states must be to prevent iran from becoming a nuclear weapons power. the iran nuclear agreement unfortunately does not guarantee that. the united states must lead on the world stage and rally the free world to confront what is it an extremely dangerous and brutal regime. >> harris: nile gardiner from the heritage foundation. an important time. thank you for that dollar figure of $5 billion between the trade with germany and iran. that sets us up. we've been waiting the joint news conference between president trump and chancellor merkel, a historic meeting between the leaders of north and south korea, ahead of president trump's planned summit with kim jong un. whether the president should get credit for kickstarting peace talks on the korean peninsula. a lot to cover the sour. stay with us.
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this fox news alert. the leaders of north and south korea have made history. they met this morning ahead of president trump's planned visit with kim jong un. they announced they would work towards a peace agreement, a permanent peace treaty. and the elimination of nuclear weapons from the peninsula. president trump praised the summit. watch. >> i want to express my hope that all of the people of north korea, north korea and south can somehow live in prosperity, harmony, and peace. it looks like it could happen. i'll be meeting with kim jong un in the coming weeks. >> harris: love from seoul, south korea. greg. >> no more war with one of the headlines coming out of friday's summit. frankly, it was a little light on detail but very strong on message. kim jong un becoming the first north korean leader since the korean war to step foot in south korea. rushing over the dmz to greet
10:20 am
his post, south korean president moon jae-in. at the north korean leader, according to experts we spoke to in our own observation, this is the first time she's been on the international, live stage. at the end of several long sessions, the two leaders ended up calling for a complete denuclearization. still, there was no real time frame for this or other specifics. likewise, there was a dramatic call for a peace treaty formally end the korean war. as we've seen in the past, that could involve a lot of haggling. this is all a very good warm-up for the trump-kim meeting. not spelling out the details but stating the goals, and may be allowing president trump to cut to the chase. the white house, like a week, got a good sense of what this guy is about. i asked one of the experts, is
10:21 am
kim jong un somebody that donald trump could do business with? i was told "yes," maybe, harris, with a big caveat. with a big "buyer beware." >> harris: i don't know if you caught it, somewhat of the delay, senator tim scott in south carolina said yeah, we can't trust these people. we have to get their definitions and we will work to cover the facts. counselor to the president kellyanne conway is giving credit to her boss from setting the wheels in motion for this official breakthrough on the korean peninsula. watch. >> this president created the climate that allows for this. obviously north and south korea had not met in this fashion in a very long time. the people there have suffered. what we wish to achieve what so many other presidents had attempted or promised and not been able to deliver upon.
10:22 am
>> harris: let's bring in south carolina republican congressman joe wilson. senate majority whip and only two members of congress who have been to north korea. great to see you today. >> great to be with you. >> harris: first of all, you've been there, you stepped out on that soil. what you saw was a different step on the korean peninsula. your thoughts? >> it's very historic. by having kim jong un and president moon cross the border, i was there in august. the thought of crossing the border it was just inconceivable in august. i've been to pyongyang. i've seen the destitution of north korea. i've visited many cities in south korea, one of the wealthiest and positive countries on earth. this is a huge tribute to president trump and his team. mike pompeo has done such a great job. ambassador nikki haley in new york has made a difference and the national security
10:23 am
advisor john bolton, the president has the team in place to make a difference to provide the denuclearization and peace through strength. >> harris: i want to bring in some words from the president, i will put them up on the screen and read them. let's watch. >> i don't think he's playing. it's never gone like this. it's never had this enthusiasm for them wanting to make a deal. it's been played beautifully like a fiddle because he had a different kind of leader. we aren't going to be played. >> harris: no need to hear read them, we can hear the president himself. to think this will turn out to be in negotiation? >> yes, it's different. president trump is totally different from the prior president. building up our military, providing for the missile defense systems, working with
10:24 am
president xi of china come up president abe of japan, president moon in seoul. president trump deserves credit. >> harris: also your home state, south carolina, i had on senator tim scott. he said we need to get the definition, check their webster's against hours on denuclearization. they can't be trusted but we have to speak the same language. are we speaking the same language? >> that's why we have donald trump, people who are not naive. we have people who actually will provide verification. not like the iran deal. that was ridiculous. it puts american families at risk. we have a president. it would be real verification. i agree with senator tim scott.
10:25 am
>> harris: maybe you can see it, the white house has released a picture of newly confirmed secretary of state mike pompeo and kim jong un during pompeo's secret trip to north korea over the easter weekend. you talk about advancing forward. what is the end game for north korea? do they really want peace? they find a little agreement today. did they really want peace or is it something else they are looking for? >> because we have a president was serious by sanctions, they stopped the ships with oil coming into north korea. over and over, we've cut off banking to north korea. donald trump has made an impact. he's real. sadly, we've had presidents who have simply offered aid. peace through strength. >> harris: offered aid almost like a ransom. i'm writing that down. >> we are providing billions of
10:26 am
dollars to a totalitarian, despotic regime under the hope that they would change. they would not change. >> harris: representative wilson, thank you so much. >> a historic day around the world. >> harris: you are only one of two in congress who have seen it. we appreciate your perspective. president trump is set to speak to reporters a short time from now. we are awaiting a joint news conference with the president and german chancellor angela merkel. we will bring it to you live as it happens. the president is now slamming james comey after he denied the release of his memos was actually a leak. he says it was not. growing questions over whether those memos contained classified material. we will talk with a top house lawmaker. >> you said i don't do sneaky things in those memos. you said i don't do weasel moves. we can argue what a leak is. that's illegal, isn't it? >> it's not.
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>> harris: fox news alert fox news alert. awaiting a joint news conference with president trump and german chancellor angela merkel. when it happens, we will bring it to you live. the president greeted the chancellor earlier at the white house. what we've been talking about this hour, leading up to their news conference, we intend to be at the table. we will bring it to live in about 50 minutes. >> i told him about an unclassified conversation with the president. let me answer your question -- i gave him nothing else ever. to share with the media. >> harris: what is the definition of a leak? former fbi director james comey defending his decision to share his memos with his professor friend, daniel richman. confirming he also shared those details of its his interactionh president trump. the president tweeted this...
10:32 am
is everybody believing what is going on? he doesn't understand what he did or how serious it is? he lied all over the place, he's either very sick or very dumb. house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy reacted this way. >> comey said he doesn't do sneaky things are weasel things and then his leak, it's if you and i have an expectation of privacy in a conversation and then i go and disclose the contents of it. >> harris: peter. >> lawmakers are scratching their heads wondering how exactly the former fbi director james comey came to the conclusion that a private conversation with president trump was appropriate to write down and then be shared with a reporter. >> a lot of what the fbi director writes as memos is
10:33 am
classified for the moment, put down on paper. i think comey knows better than that. he's been in the fbi and the u.s. attorney for a long time. >> comey says writing about a private chat with the president was like writing in a diary, a diary he shared with three people. columbia university professor daniel richman, as well as to lawyers. that comey says represented him. republicans, meanwhile, who conduct oversight of the justice department insist content of conversations behind closed doors like the one that comey got to reporters through a third-party are privileged. democrats say they are not all ready to make a determination yet. >> the committee did not use that subpoena power for bank records, phone records, other things that would have verified but was told to us.
10:34 am
it wasn't a serious investigation. >> that was congressman castro talking about a russia investigation report that was out today. he told us separately that he's not ready to make the determination about whether or not comey leaked or not. he wants to wait for an investigation. comey also said he never saw any bias in the publicly available text messages between peter strzok and lisa page, the fbi agents who were actually removed from the mueller probe, from the special counsel's office for anti-trump type messages. investigators released 49 new pages of text messages the fbi had previously said were not available because of the problem with samsung but many of the text messages are difficult to decipher because when they were recovered, certain letters were replaced with characters and that makes it really hard to read and figure out what's going on. it harassed. >> harris: peter doocy, thank you very much.
10:35 am
chris stewart of the house intelligence committee joins us now. you are the perfect person to talk to. the conversations between james comey and president trump, did the president have an expectation of privacy? >> of course he did. he is the president of the united states but any american citizen expected. do you know what this remind me of? bill clinton parsing through the word "is." now we have director comey saying "oh, it depends on what the definition of the word leak is." he needs to look up the definition of the word. every time he speaks, he's drawing more and more attention to his credibility. many of us have questions about that. >> harris: could many of the questions many of you on capitol hill say you have regarding director comey, does it have to do with legality? >> it's not just this, we know
10:36 am
the director was not consistent in the testimony that he provided before our committee and some of his public statements. there are some other issues i think the director will have to answer to it he should answer to them. oh, my heavens, harris, if there's anyone we expect to be ethical and honest, it's the director of the fbi. instead he's turned into what many of us believe is a political activist. >> harris: we don't know contemporaneously but it looks as if there were -- you may have been writing that book before he left the fbi. criminal, maybe not. ethical? that's a conversation we could have all day long on capitol hill. you talked about lawyering up. the person that james comey leaked to, now we know was a former special project agent for the fbi, working for james comey. a special projects employee. which would have meant he would have had top-secret clearance.
10:37 am
if comey gave him anything classified, nice cover to learn that now. right? maybe he didn't leak it to somebody who wasn't cleared to see it. the other thing is, he's a lawyer. >> to comments on that, just the fact that he might've had a clearance doesn't make it and unauthorized leak. if you don't share everything with them. there has to be a reason for sharing this information. he was clearly acting as a private citizen. he wasn't acting in his capacity of any official of the fbi when he leaked this information to the media. he says they were his member ours, his diary. no they weren't. he kept them in a locked file, and a lock box the fbi. we know more than half of them have since then been considered classified. there is no justification. it doesn't matter what he says, he can't justify what he did. >> harris: my dad served in the military. we have these conversations around the dinner table.
10:38 am
most people don't talk about intel, but we do. some contents are born classified. some things are just that way. they might get a marking at a later time but there born classified. speak to that issue. >> if i wrote down the nuclear clothes to launch nuclear missiles, that's classified. then you have conversations, conversations with the president of the united states. it would be impossible for him to do his job if there wasn't an expectation of privacy. an expectation that the media would not have access to those conversations. a really good example at that, look when they leaked his conversations with foreign ministers. presidents or foreign ministers of other countries, will they speak openly with our president or are they less likely to speak openly? it hinders his ability to have an open dialogue with foreign ministers. it was a terrible thing to leak the people do it and apparently
10:39 am
our former fbi director did it. >> harris: if he doesn't go home and count that money and stop talking, he could have problems with some of you on the hill. congressman chris stewart, of utah. president trump ditching the correspondents dinner and hosting a rally in michigan instead. is this a good move ahead of the midterm elections for him politically? should the commander-in-chief try to make peace with the medi media? kayleigh mcenany is with me next. again, watching inside the white house for that joint news conference with president trump and german chancellor angela merkel. we are learning a lot this hour from tim scott, senator of south carolina, about the billions of dollars like a traitor between iran and germany and why and a randel is probably a hot topic for those two right now. stay close.
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> harris: as we wait president trump's joint press conference with german
10:44 am
chancellor angela merkel, we are also following president trump's decision to ditch the white house correspondents dinner this saturday for the second year in a row. instead, he plans to head to michigan to hold a campaign-style rally where some 10,000 supporters will attend. in a campaign fund-raising email, the president says good i'd rather not be stuck in a room with fake news liberals." is this a good move? kayleigh mcenany joins me now and she's already laughing. she's very, very blonde. talk to me about the politics with attending the dinner versus not. she's very, very blunt. >> they lose corporate sponsors. we saw that happen last year. it's a good decision on the part of this president. i went to this white house correspondents dinner last year. i found many of the jokes, the anti-trump jokes were to be very mean-spirited and rude. while these jokes are being told, i found it really interesting that a member of the white house correspondents press
10:45 am
corps, someone known for her notoriously very hostile questions to sarah standards was giving standing ovations during these jokes. it was quite ironic that bob woodward said a journalist should not have a political dog in this fight, they should try to get the best obtainable version of the truth that many of their -- many of these journalists had their politics on display. >> harris: we just saw him call a question "stupid" at another follow-up with the president macron. he's very blunt with the press. what does that do for what you are trying to do to get people elected? >> there's no doubt it would rally their base. it's not just our base, harris. we seen a really interesting trend over the last year where
10:46 am
we've seen polling that says three fourths of the american people believe mainstream media institutions report fake news, a really interesting poll from politico, 46% of people literally think the media makes up things about trump. they are rejecting it. it is pointing it out it makes people see the truth. >> harris: the political one, 46% of people thinking things are made up is particularly troubling. people don't have time to vet with the media are telling them all the time, that supposed to be our job. real quickly, the president going to washington michigan where they expect a very large crowd. his message will be what? >> i'm working for the american people, i'm not hobnobbing with the elite in d.c. at this dinner. i've delivered for you, the economy has better. you can breathe life,
10:47 am
unemployment rates at historic lows. it's an exciting time to be an american. he will deliver the good news to those people. >> harris: kayleigh mcenany, great to see you on this fine friday. have a good weekend. we are awaiting the start of the joint news conference and now we can take you there inside the east room as they wait for the president and german chancellor to step up. as that happens, we will take you there. stay close. okay folks! let's team up to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of (great tasting) ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you.
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>> hi, everyone. i am dana perino. what a week. now we are waiting for the president and german chancellor angela merkel for a joint news conference. stick around for "the daily briefing" ." >> harris: fox news alert, we await the joint news conference between the president and chancellor merkel of jan back germany, set to start at any moment. they questions about if the german leader can get trump to stick with the iran nuclear deal. without substantial changes, president trump is "unlikely" to stay in the iran nuke deal. time for the power panel, kevin mccullough, radio talk show host for salem media, doug
10:52 am
schoen, coauthor of "america in the age of trump" and former pollster for president bill clinton. inside inside the east room, lek a little bit about where we are with the president. i want to jump right into a conversation our viewers may have heard during the commercial. you've got an indiana lawmaker senator lindsey graham calling for potentially the nobel peace prize for president trump if you get the deal between the north and south korea's. >> most americans of all ideological stripes and parties would agree but it's a very big "if," we are a long way away from a north korean deal but who would've believed the president of north korea kim jong un would walk across the demilitarized zone into south korea? that's a huge step. >> harris: credit goes where, kevin? >> remember when trump came into
10:53 am
office. your north korea launching missiles, on an aggressive, hostile front. something changed along the line and suddenly, they'd become very cooperative. >> harris: what changed? >> the president's dual approach. all of it saying "don't mess with us." >> harris: we will get to iran and just a second but i want to get to the nobel peace prize. we saw obama do this very early in his tenure. something as monumental as possible permanent piece of that peninsula since 1953, the armistice. >> it was his speech at the university of cairo, extending an olive branch to the arab nations. sadly, harris, that didn't work out so well. we've had instability in syria, egypt, libya. the middle east is a less safe place since the president
10:54 am
extended that all of branch. >> harris: president obama. >> he lead from behind and i did not work out so well, either. >> there scratching his head, "why did he get it?" if tramples the off, it's one of those once in a generation peace agreements. if trump pulls this off. he gets the last meeting. >> harris: it right, that's what i was going to point out. the first word with the korean leaders shaking hands. potentially, the next round will be our president. >> it has not been because there's this negotiation. take your viewers inside, the deal will be worked out by underlings before trump and kim jong un sit down. the last thing anyone wants is the american president or north korean president walking
10:55 am
out without that. >> harris: we've heard so many democrats go after this president for not having staffing in certain places. although they block him. they say the state department, we like mike pompeo. he still has to do the job. he's at nato today. >> we still got our cia director on north korean soil over easter weekend. that underling process is probably underway. >> harris: let's talk iran. you've heard mike pompeo saying to those people at nato, i'm sure they drop their coffee and tea, if you don't substantially change something at the iran nuke deal, the president will not recertify on may 12th. what happens? >> the big if is if iranians renegotiate with their nuclear program. >> harris: a new deal, a change would have to happen. >> it's unclear to me whether the germans will go along. the question about the french. >> harris: why wouldn't they?
10:56 am
>> because they have economic ties. they have ties to hezbollah that are candidly not what we think are tolerable. we have different views and approaches. as you pointed out correctly, there are economic reasons why. >> harris: we've got to scoot. we will be right back. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9?
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how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> harris: we are just seconds away potentially from the starting, this dual news conference with president trump and visiting german counselor --
11:00 am
or chancellor rather angela merkel. you're seeing at the center of your screen the brand new national security adviser john bolton. just pointing out a few people. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: into the fox news alert. we are awaiting a major news conference with president trump and angela merkel capping off another wild week in washington. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. we have ari fleisher and chris stirewalt. but we begin with john roberts live in the east room ppl >> reporter: good afternoon. we're probably a couple minutes from the president and the german chancellor coming in. the dignitaries are making their way in. here comes the vice president. that's e typically an indication that we're just a short amount of time away. the discussions between the president and german chancellor follow along the same lines in


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