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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 27, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> wrapping up a week of diplomacy with a high stakes visit. the german chancellor not getting the extravagant welcome as the president of france. we'll break down the president's news conference with fox news sunday anchor chris wallace. major break thru or empty stalk? kim jong-un the first northern korea leader to step foot in the south, claiming he wants a peace and nuclear free peninsula. president trump is reacting and previewing his summit with the dictator. brand new questions about the infamous trump tower meeting, the russian twoern who promised the trump campaign dirt on hillary clinton reportedly admitting she's closer to the kremlin than she claimed. and calling herself, an
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informant. that's all ahead in this hour of shepard smith reporting. ♪ >> trace: i'm trace gallagher for shepard smith. president trump is encouraged after is atoric meeting between the leaders of north and south korea. he said the u.s. and its allies will not be played like a fiddle. president trump made these comments after meeting with german chancellor angela merkel at the white house today. >> president trump: we seek a future of peace, prosperity and harmony for the korean peninsula, unlocking not only a brighter fupt for the people of korea but for the people of the world. however, in purchase supt of that goal we will not repeat the mistake of past administrations. maximum pressure will continue until denuclearization occurs. >> trace: today dictator kim jong-un the first leader to step over the heavily-guarded border since the crow anbar. war.
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the two leaders announced they would move to officially move to end the war that divided the nation since the 1950s and work on complete denuclearization in the korean peninsula. we could see another historic summit two weeks. president trump plans to be the first sitting u.s. president to meet with a north korean leader. north korea not the only topic on the table with angela merkel. she followed principles president emmanuel macron's lead talking about the future of the iran nuclear deal with president trump. but as you might have noticed, unlike macron's visit no, pomp and circumstance, no glitzy state winner, just a sit-down in the oval office, then a working lunch. let's get to the chief white house correspondent john roberts, live at the white house. >> trace, good afternoon, the difference between just a typical visit of a leader coming here to the white house and then the official state visit which is what we saw earlier this week. the president has been very
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optimistic in what he has been saying about north korea because of the visit of his cia director, now secretary of state mike pompeo. these talks went very well we're told. now the talks between moon jae-in, the president of south korea, and kim jong-un, bearing the promise of fruit and the possibility that after 65 years, the korean war may finally result in peace. the president tweeting this morning, quote, korean war to end. the united states and all of its great people should be proud of what's taking place in korea. i had the opportunity to ask the president a couple of questions when we were in the oval office together with angela merkel as he welcomed her. i said to the president, successive generations of the kim family have successfully played the united states by offering to pull back their nuclear deal in exchange for some sort of concession from the u.s.
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i said how do you know that kim jong-un isn't playing the same game this time. here's what the president said. >> president trump: no, i don't think he's playing. and you know it's never gone like this, never gone this far, i don't think it has had this enthusiasm for somebody, for them wanting to make a deal. yeah, i agree, the united states has been played beautifully like a fiddle because you had a different kind of leader. we're not going to be played, okay. >> the president said, trace, he'll keep up maximum pressure on north korea until he sees concrete actions being taken by kim jong-un. the president also said early this morning that they have it down to two to throw locations for the summit. this afternoon he said they've got it down to two locations. they're playing this close to the vest as to what the locations could be. if kim doesn't want to travel very par, singapore is a viable option, maybe sweden or switzerland. we'll keep digging, trace. >> trace: i mentioned the two leaders talked about the iran nuclear deal. >> they did. and president trump talked with
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emmanuel macron about this earlier as well. the president has a deadline of may 12, to decide whether or not he wants to sign another waiver of sanctions against iran. or if he wants to pull out of what's called the jcpoa, joint comprehensive plan of action. emmanuel macron earlier said why don't we believe the jcpoa in place, we understand it's not the be all and end all, kwov got a better deal. but let's craft a second deal that links to that that takes care of iran's long-term nuclear goals. angela merkel in the press conference said the jcpoa is a good starting point but there needs to be something on top of that to deal with those issues i went through. president trump didn't give away too much today. here's what he said on iran. >> president trump: today the chancellor and i discussed iran, the iranian regime fuels violence, bloodshed and chaos all across the middle east.
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we must ensure that this murderous regime does not even get close to a nuclear weapon. and that iran ends its proliferation of dangerous missiles and support for terrorism. >> now, president trump said on tuesday, appearing with emmanuel macron, that he's not going to tell us what he's going to do on may 12. a lot of people think he may finally say no more sanctions, waivers, we're getting out. but he's heard powerful arguments in the last three days. trace, to stay in the jcpoa. don't forget months ago the president said, he held his nose and signed a waiver for iran, he wasn't going to keep doing that. trace? >> trace: yeah. and certainly didn't go unnoticed that the german chancellor's visit was a little different than the french president's visit earlier this week. >> yeah, think? maybe just a little bit. i mean it's the difference between having your best friend who you rarely see having them over to your house and the visit of a colleague you really to
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have see. there was one change, that last time angela merkel was here, march 27, the picture on the right they didn't shake hands. when they were asked to make hands it was uncomfortable, she moved to the president and the president sat there. well, today, on the left you can see they had a very warm handshake. very let's say dor alvisit but wasn't the bromance with macron. it looked like an air kiss but i think he made contact. >> trace: he may have. john roberts, thank you. i want to bring in fox news sunday anchor chris wallace. get the tone going on this, get your opinion, chris. really, you look at macron, he came in, got the state dinner, the pat on the back, the hug. and angela merkel comes in and gets really a handshake and a sandwich and that's it. your thoughts on that? >> i'm sure it was a nice sandwich. the white house kitchen is delicious. yeah, there's no question that the president has a closer
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personal relation. what strikes me about this one-two punch by the european union, first macron, then merkel, is that they seem to be giving up a lot and the president seems to be willing to accept it. remember when this whole thing started there was talk from the european union, it's the iran deal or nothing. and now, because of the hard line the president seems to be taking, whether it's macron or merkel, they seem to be saying it's going to be the iran deal plus. and when they talk about the iran deal plus, they're talking about adding a sunset clause -- they're taking out the sunset clause. the current agreement, only goes to 2025. then basically, iran can do whatever it wants in terms of developing nuclear weapons. the president doesn't want that. they seem to be saying, that's okay with us. they also want to have new limits on ballistic missiles and also some kind of a statement about regional troublemaking by iran. because this is not a treaty, it's just an agreement, remember
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it was never submitted to congress, what you could get is not any sign-on by iran or its allies and russia or china. but you could get the europeans and the u.s. saying, we're going to add these three conditions and if you violate any of those then we're going to impose sanctions. that's one way that they are able to keep the iran nuclear deal but also add other things that president trump wants and those other issues. >> trace: yeah, so the iran deal is kind of up in the air. but you go to north korea thing and you look at kim jong-un meeting with moon jae-in on the south crow an side of the peninsula. it's amazing -- south side of the korean peninsula. even if this thing erupts in ten minutes, it could, for this minute it looks like trump really is kind of the peacemaker in this whole bargain. >> i don't know i'd call him the peacemaker. i would say that he has been the motivating force in getting kim
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to launch this charm offensive. clearly, a lot of us wondered about it, clearly the combination of threats, raining fire and fury on north carolina, insults, little rocketman, my nuclear button is bigger than yours. unconventional but seems to have worked maximum pressure, tightening the screws in terms of trade and exports and imports that all of that has an impact. i promise kim has not decided to suddenly play nice with south korea or potentially the u.s. because he has had a change of heart. he has had a change of circumstance. and he now feels enough pressure that he feels he has to change what his plan is. having said all of that, and your skepticism or at least caution is well warranted. president clinton had his secretary of state madeline albright meet with kim's father in the '90s, they made a deal, the north koreans broke that. the south koreans and the north
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crow ans have made deals in the past, north crow ans have broken those as well. the key to my days covering ronald reagan, trust but verify. you want to accept agreements but you got to verify they'll keep their word. >> trace: and goes back to 2008 where they said the same thing, we'll pull back the nuclear weapons, get rid of them, then that lasted about a cup of coffee. pushes us forward, chris, to this summit between the president and kim jong-un. this is now pivotal, wherever it happens, in singapore or in sweden, this thing really is very important. because the president reiterated today, they're not going to be played like a fiddle. and, two, he seemed to indicate that he's kind of got this thing. >> well, we'll see if he's got this thing. he certainly is expressing great request as he does but it takes two to make a deal. the key here is going to be what
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does denuclearization mean. and the sequencing. denuclearization to the u.s. means you give up everything, all of your nukes, all of the facility to make nuclear fuel and weapons, give up your ballistic missile program and ship it out of the country or we see you have destroyed it. the sense one gets from reporting out of north korea is that they're thinking more of the denuclearization means freeze in place. you have to accept us as a nuclear power but we won't advance our program or do more testing. i'm not sure whether the president accepts that. the other question, sequencing. is it that the north koreans have to go first and do everything and then the u.s. lifts sanctions? i think that's going to be hard for the north koreans to accept. they may say we'll take step a and you lift sanctions, we take step b, you lift more sanctions. this question of what the south koreans call action for action, do you this and we respond, i suspect is going to be another e coo issue in these negotiations.
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a key issue. a lot of opportunity for huge success and a lot of opportunity for it to fall apart. >> trace: we say a lot of rehearsal, drama, but very few details out of north korea. we'll talk about that in a bit. chris wallace, thank you, sir. this week owned fox news sunday chris talks with chris kunes the democrat from delaware on the foreign relations and judiciary committee, this sunday on your local fox station. check the tv listing for the time in your areas. not everybody is cheering the bombshell peace proposal between the two koreas. why some in south korea say not so fast. and a foreign policy analyst who says the talk of ridding the peninsula of nukes raises more questions than it answers. that's all ahead as the news continues on a friday afternoon. alice is living with metastatic breast cancer,
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sore mouth, abnormalities in liver blood tests, diarrhea, hair thinning or loss, vomiting, rash, and loss of appetite. alice calls it her new normal because a lot has changed, but a lot hasn't. ask your doctor about ibrance. the #1 prescribed fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. about the historic meeting between the leaders of north and south korea. some conservative politicians in south crow a say their country is letting kim jong-un off the hosni mubarak and the promise to get rid of the north korea nukes is not good enough. greg is live in seoul, south korea. greg? >> all right, trace.
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chbls oh hard-headed thinking about the statements made. for example, denuclearization, that has been pointed about and promised by north korea in the past and north korea has gone back on it. also, the statement made on friday, was painfully short on details. the time frame, how they would get rid of the nukes and missiles and what could be verified. to that point a lot of people asking about that, including the opposition party here to president moon who thinks he's getting too close to north korea. even among the skeptics and after-glow of the summit there's the broad majority opinion is let's wait and see and hope. trace? >> trace: yes, it wasn't too long ago, greg, we talked about this, there was the name calling and north korea was threatening the u.s. and testing missiles. that was just, what, back in the latter part of last year. >> absolutely. the irony of the setting, for
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example, isn't lost on anyone. the peace house, the peace talks in pan moon jang, the joint security area, dmz, last december was a nasty shootout with the north korean soldier fleeing his own army, we've seen the bullet hole where he went down. that's where two leaders were walking and talking today. as you know, just last year, we witnessed multiple missile launches from north korea, also, that nuclear test. certainly, a lot of tough language on the u.s. side, too. trace, it is early saturday morning here. i think with the head spinning and all of the talk and all of the action, i think south korea maybe in the region might want to take a weekend off and chew on this thing and hope for the best. back to you. >> trace: and, greg, we'll hear comments from the president on north korea in about 45 seconds, i might cut you off.
12:19 pm
while i have you still, i want to get a feel. this still has to be very hopeful for the people of south kree, a it has to buoy them. it could fall apart in 10 minutes. but they have to feel good about the steps in the right direction. quickly, greg. >> absolutely. they are thinking that it is a good step in the right direction. they want it to work. they a are hoping for the best. they live in shadow, not just of the nuclear threat, the missiles, but also artilleries placed just about 30 miles away from here in seoul. r with a, the military -- war, the military options, not an option for these people. back to you, trace. >> trace: thank you. greg we have to go, to the president on north korea. here he is. >> president trump: hi, everybody. congratulations. >> thank you. >> president trump: congratulations.
12:20 pm
they want to be reporters, can you believe it? see if you can hurry up to replace them. [no audio] >> trace: this is the president talking with scholarship winners at the white house. these are people who want to be journalists. if you didn't hear him, he said maybe can you hurry up and replace the people behind me who are trying to cover this. we are anticipating that he is going to speak, or he does apparently speak about north korea after this. but we're unclear exactly when he turns around or if it's just
12:21 pm
we're overhearing him speak. then he was asked a couple of questions about the robert mueller probe and did not answer that. are we going to listen back in for the president here? or are we going to move on? well, while the president is talking, if he answers more questions we will of course eavesdrop. in the meantime, michael o'hamolan from the brookings institution, specializes in u.s. defense strategy and the use of military force. as you watch the president there, mike pence over there, the vice president, this whole idea of what's happening on the korean peninsula, is really historic. as journalists we are clearly skeptical. this whole thing could fall apart. i notice throughout the whole thing, michael, that there was a lot of people, if the president says something on north korea we'll jump in. a lot of people had the same take-away, a lot of drama, a lot of rehearsal for this moment,
12:22 pm
very few details. >> yes, i thought president trumped tweet on this was good. a good way to think about it. he said great day for peace. time will tell. simultaneously, express something hopefulness and bride that his strategy has produced at least a moment of opportunity. but of course not taking anything to the bank. as you pointed out earlier, there have been previous agreements like this. frg ho frg. >> trace: let's listen to the president. >> president trump: i think it's going to work out just fine. let's see what happens. but i think it will be very good. thank you very much. [calling out questions] >> trace: the question that was about north korea, clearly the next step will be the summit between president trump and kim jong-un. president trump said this, right now, the same thing he said earlier when he was with angela merkel, at that press conference, he thinks it's going to work out just fine. the last question if you didn't hear it, about the mueller probe and he didn't answer it, turned and walked back in the white
12:23 pm
house. back to michael. you go forward with this thing, and the definitions, right, of what freezing your nuclear weapons or getting rid of nuclear weapons seems to be a sticking point, or at least it will be in the weeks ahead, michael, is that a fair assessment? >> absolutely. i think you can go further, north korea isn't going to give up all of its bombs any time soon. that is something that almost all north korea analysts, whether conservative or liberal, democrat or republican, academic or think tank, almost all would grow. the kims haven't spent so much time and money building this arsenal to give it up at the first moment of pressure or the first offer of some degree of diplomatic or economic generosity from the rest of us. they are going to be tough negotiators. they'll give away the least they can for the maximum gain. i think the more realistic goal is what kind of a freeze can we first put on their nuclear and missile programs. not just testing, president
12:24 pm
trump is right, testing bans are not enough. they have to freeze and stop the production of nuclear material. and we have to be able to verify that. and then the question would be how much can we give them for that kind of an interim or partial deal. that's where the hard work has to happen between this moment and when president trump has his summit with president kim. >> trace: yeah, and we just saw the video, you watch these two leaders, watch moon jae-in and kim jong-un walking together. four months ago nobody would have thought it was possible. i mean, really, two weeks ago the question i have, in the early going this is very good for south korea because if nothing else it means that north korea will not be attacking them any time soon. >> that's right. i think the chances of war in 2017, were growing high enough that frankly the risks of diplomacy are worth tolerating as opposed to the risk of crisis or war. we could still wind up back in the risk of war business. but i think right now, it's
12:25 pm
getting into a negotiating game. what is kim going to offer, what should we offer back. we should dilute -- we should get out of our minds he'll give everything away right off the bat. he isn't going to give up all of his nukes right off the bat. he may be willing to engage in a process that could achieve that goal some day. but we need interim agreement that stops him from building more bombs and more missiles. to me -- that's because the dilemma or the challenge, not unfamiliar. we have had that problem in the past with kim's father and grandfather. previously the north koreans made deals and violated them. we need good verification. hopefully as he looks over his future and probably planning to run this country for half a century if he can, he has to make a choice whether he wants to build up his weapons but watch his economy get destroyed by the sanctions. or if he wants to make xroe mizs on the weapons and restore economic growth. that's why we have a chance. it has to be a smart deal.
12:26 pm
>> trace: and fascinating that you say that this isn't an all or nothing negotiation in your assessment. you think there is some happy medium in here, even going forward with president trump. you believe there's a way to work this out where both sides kind of get what they want. >> or at least we get enough what we want that we're in a better place than we had been previously. president obama to his credit, told president trump after the election in 2016, listen, one problem i'm giving you that i reconcrete, not having had a chance to make greater progress on, where my strategy was north korea. obama tried to ignore north korea, let them stu in their own juices but it didn't work. they built a bigger arsenal. that was trajectory we had to get them off f there was anyway to stabilize the situation in the first instance, prevent a further growth. this was a bipartisan problem, happened under george w. bush as well. the arsenal was growing for 15, 16 years in a row. two previous presidents were not able to come up with a good
12:27 pm
strategy to stop that. if president trump can just arrest the further deterioration of the situation i will give him a lot of credit. >> trace: yes, a win for him if he can do that. good to see you, good insight, thank you, sir. >> thank you, sir. >> the russian lawyer who met with donald trump junior during the 2016 campaign offering dirt on hillary clinton? reportedly says she's an informant. what we're learning about her ties to the kremlin, coming up. a drunk driver busted by her own dash cam, how this wild ride ends in the bottom of the hour headlines two minutes away. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain.
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intelligence committee reliesing its final report on russian interference in the 2016 election. it shows that russia did meddle but that there's no evidence president trump and his campaign colluded with moscow. president trump tweeted his
12:33 pm
approval of the report but democrats say there's not enough evidence to support the claims. peter doocy has more, live for us on capitol hill. >> trace, i just spoke to one democrat on the house intel committee who wishes the house intel committee would have used subpoena power to find bank records or phone records to see if the things that with its were teg them were true. -- telling them were true. >> a kindergarten report. it was a light once-over. it was bringing people in, asking them their version of events, and once they gave it their version of events saying great, guys, we can close it up now. write the report. >> the report did not find any election fixing going on between members of the trump campaign and agents of the kremlin. and because of that president trump says this reason forces everything that he's been saying ever since people started talking about russia. >> president trump: the report was very powerful, very strong. there was no collusion between
12:34 pm
the trump campaign and the russian people. as i've said many times before, i've always said there was no collusion but i've always said there's been nobody tougher on russia than me. with that all being said if we can get along with russia, that's a good thing not a bad thing. . there are entire pages of the 253-pain report completely redacted. so while we have some new information there's still a lot withheld. trace? >> trace: and from the unredacted parts, what are we learn from this report, petersoner? >> there's an allegation that james clapper, the former director of national intelligence, was not forthcoming and did not tell the truth about whether or not he spoke to journal interests about a meeting where president trump was first told at trump to youer about the unverified sealed dossier. this is in the report, when initially asked about likes related to the ica, intelligence committee asensement, in july of
12:35 pm
to 17 clapper decide the dossier or or any other relationship to russia. clapper subsequently acknowledged discussing the dossier with cnn journalist jake tapper and admitted he might have spoken with other journalists about the same topic. one of the famous comey memos reported elsewhere today, deals with the trump tower meeting where the president was briefed for the first time about the dossier. comey insists, though, that he doesn't know how it leaked out to the press. trace? >> trace: yeah, peter doocy live on capitol hill, thank you. the russian lawyer who met with donald trump jr. in 2016 claiming to have dirt on hillary clinton, remember that, reportedly now says she has stronger ties to the kremlin than she previously admitted. she told nbc news she's also an informant in addition to working as a private attorney. rich edson is live at the state department. >> trace, russian attorney
12:36 pm
natalia veselnitskaya is saying since 2013, she's had communication with the russian prosecutor general's office. this is according to a "new york times" report referencing an interview she did with nbc news. veselnitskaya previously denied working for the russian government or any government telling the senate judiciary commit she has operated independent from governments. e-mails she claims were hacked and stolen show coordination with the russian prosecutor's office. in 2014 veselnitskaya helped florida u.s. department of justice correction into a role state kept and its russian owner for money laundering in civil for ty if i tur. u.s. officials wanted government records and veselnitskaya helped the russian prosecutor's office write the response to the justice department basically denying that request. the justice department ultimately sued with that russian real estate company -- setled with that russian real estate company for $7 million. >> trace: this whole thing plays into the special counsel robert mueller's investigation.
12:37 pm
>> this is the same attorney who plet in june of 2016 with the president's son donald trump jr. at trump tower with paul manafort the campaign manager at the time and the president's son-in-law jared kushner. when she met with the trump campaign the president's son said they discussed adopts, then he later acknowledged that veselnitskaya was also offering information about the clinton campaign, trump junior said essentially made no sense. the kremlin has maintained it has had no contact with veselnitskaya even though she says she was talking with the prosecutor general's office and has been doing so since 2013. so of course this is all happening as there is that ongoing investigation with robert mueller looking into any type of russian interference into the 2016 presidential election. trace. >> trace: it gets deeper and deeper. rich, live at the state department, thank you. ananinta practices civil litigation in states and in
12:38 pm
court. tom clancy would be taking notes if he was alive, it gets layers and layers. veselnitskaya goes to the meeting in 2016, saying she has dirt on hillary clinton. then later trump jr. says, well, what she really wanted was to get rid of these sanctions from 2012. now we learn she has closer ties to the kremlin than we thought. >> the statement she gave to the judiciary committee she was acting in her private capacity no, ties to the russian government. and we know team trump also said they went to that meeting with that understanding. and they were going to get basically information on hillary, dirt on hillary. opposition research. i mean we have to wait and see who's telling the truth, who knew what. but i guarantee mueller knew about this. this meeting is part of his investigation into russian collision. lugs. -- collusion. this is probably the first time we're hearing about it. >> trace: she lied to congress, i'm acting on my own. but she could have been forthright. >> absolutely. the issue is did the trump team
12:39 pm
know that when necessity took the meeting, was this evidence of collusion by team trump and the russian government. we can't make that leap yet based on this information. >> trace: rich brings up a good point, robert mueller is looking at, this we know he's looking into the 2016 meeting, jared kushner, donald trump jr., paul manafort. this is pivotal, then we find out show wasn't just a lawyer fighting for hillary to get dirt on hillary clinton. >> the issue is did they know that at the time they took the meeting. if there's any argument of collusion the trump team would have to have known we're meeting with this woman for these reasons. according to them she was just a private individual that said i have dirt on hillary clinton. they're allowed to obtain that information, you know, in the campaign. trump would be entitled to opposition research of the mueller obviously knew about this. we haven't heard from him or anyone on that side saying that
12:40 pm
team trump knew this woman was working for the russian government. >> trace: she downed congress, downed the trump campaign? >> possibly, we don't know. >> trace: let's get to michael cohen. michael cohen, clearly says trump, president trump came out yesterday on fox and friends, saying he did represent me in this stormy daniels thing. now you have avanatti saying i want the deposition, i want them to talk in court. >> donald trump should not be making statements about stormy daniels there's a civil case, criminal investigation. why give the other side any ammunition that they can use against you. to impeach you or say that you lied. i think it's too soon to be talking about depositions. because there is a motion for stay that they have filed, that cohen's attorneys have filed and the court hasn't ruled on it. i suspect the court will grant the motion. let's not talk about depositions yet. we're not close to that point. >> trace: the attorney is barking up the wrong tree? >> well, he's fighting the motion for stay, saying the
12:41 pm
court should grant the opportunity to go forward with the civil case. now, i can tell you i know this judge, he's likely going to grant the stay, it's routine to grant stays when there's criminal investigations pending. as is pending for michael cohen. and avenatti has known this, he's on a media tour for weeks talking about the federal investigation into michael cohen, talking about the search warrant which specifically mentioned this 130,000 dollar payment, the subject of this civil suit. michael avenatti is being a little bit misleading in his opposition to request for stay. >> trace: he is say being don't know this is a criminal investigation. >> right. but we know it's public record now, we've seen the search washed, the search warrant was for everything related to the payment, bank records, anything related to the payment to stormy daniels. he has said himself on tv that they are investigating michael cohen. how can now in court papers say there's no evidence of this. i think it's pretty disingenuous. judge otero is a great judge,
12:42 pm
he'll see through it. >> trace: cohen may call you. >> give me a call. >> trace: great to see you, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> trace: george h.w. bush will stay at a houston hospital for a few more days but a spokesperson said he's getting better. tweeting former president george hw bush will remain in methodist hospital regaining strength 467891 is in excellent spirits and is looking forward to resuming his schedule and going to maine next month. the 93-year-old checked into the hospital on sunday because he had an infection that spread to his blood. that was just one day after the funeral for his wife, the former first lady barbara bush. well, election boards across the country working to secure their systems after russia meddled in the 2016 presidential race. what one company is doing to help protect voters' information is next. where's gary?
12:43 pm
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>> trace: election officials working to keep the voting process secure in this year's primary and miss terms, comes after the s said russia enter foreed in the 2016 election. one company offers help that can row protect information. >> cyber security experts when i asked is the u.s. able to fend off attacks, their answer no. one company is stepping up,
12:47 pm
helping local officials replace outdated technology. >> we're working with state and local election election officials, providing our technology, desen friday fied technology to secure the backend voter bases pro vieting multi-factor authentication. >> the u.s. government says about 20 states were targeted in 2016. security experts think that number could increase in 2018. and kemp says there's more than one way that hackers can mess with voters in 2018. >> the hacker gets in, and just even, doesn't delete data but modifies data. take your addresses, change all zeros to 2s, so you so up with your idaho to vote and your address doesn't match what's in the database rolls. complete chaos. >> kemp says their technology is deployed in several states. his goal is to get every polling place up to date, we're only as strong as our weakest link.
12:48 pm
>> trace: now they say we're going to keep our eyes on the social media landscape this election cycle. >> i talked to a ceo of a cyber reconnaissance firm that works with the government to combat attacks. he tells me social media is becoming an increasingly sophisticated tool in the hands of back actors and no hacking is involved. >> are we making a lot of progress since the last election, yes. we're familiar with where we're at. no, we're pretty far behind. >> minder says they've taken down a number of fake accounts of people posing as election officials. their goal to spread misinformation on election day. trace? >> trace: good stuff, hillary vaughn. the accused golden state killer set to appear in court in the next hour. investors tracked him down with a dna website. that's next.
12:49 pm
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>> trace: the man once known as america's dad could end up spending the rest of his life behind bars. bill cosby's spokesman says the comedian is doing well. one day after a jury in pennsylvania found him guilty of sexual assault. >> he's feeling great, confident. he's not going -- although he has been found guilty, he's innocent of these charges. he maintains his innocence. he's going to walk around. as a man who's innocent. he didn't do anything wrong. >> trace: the spokesman said the comedian has been spending time with his wife of 54 years. a former temple university basketball coach accused him of drugging and molesting her in 2004. cosby's lawyers plan to appeal and say the fight isn't over. cosby facing up to 30 years in prison. well the former cop who police
12:53 pm
say is the infamous golden state killer set to appear in a california courtroom in the next hour. investigators say they believe 72-year-old joseph james d'angelo is the person who murdered at least 12 people and raped dozens more during the '70s and '08s. police used dna evidence to crack the decades-old case. adam housley has been following the investigation in los angeles. adam? >> trace, you know we're expecting to learn some things, maybe eight charges for sure are coming towards him at his first appearance in about half an hour, a little more than that, in sacramento. so far the suspect hasn't said anything, you have heard nothing from him publicly. we may hear his voice, may ask him some questions depending how the judge handles this. right now, really the reaction fridays his neighbors, people that knew him, people that remember the killings and the crime spree. >> shakes to you the core. it really does. mostly when you grew up, with the fear of him and to find out he lives right around the corner.
12:54 pm
>> when i was 11 years old, he killed two people across the street from my house, we heard the gunshots. it's always affected me. i'm kind of paranoid. >> his sister lives in one of these central valley towns, meeting with a pastor and is floored by the allegations. >> trace: we're fascinated, we know they matched the night stalker's dna from the l.a. area, right, then the east area rapist. but we're curious, how did they do this, genealogy website? >> dna reveals these guys, ged match, open sores website. peep km post. a relative of his posted some dna website. they can go on without a court order and obtain the sdchlt dna how they match it. detectives have to build an indefensible case, digging through his background, his house, looking at places where he worked, anything they can to find out more information.
12:55 pm
12 killings, they say, at least, maybe 50 rapes. what is crazy about this guy's reign look at the different names. visalia ransacker, golden state killer, east area rapist, and the original night stalker. >> trace: michelle mcnamara who wrote the book dubbed him the golden state killer. if you watch the news conference a couple of days ago, the sheriff say it was discarded dna, didn't say where it came from. >> could have been a can of soda, tissue. but they got it from that website, they went to the website, figured this out and matched two up. it wasn't a criminal dna case. >> trace: fascinating. adam, thank you. we of course will be right back with more coming up.
12:56 pm
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has a new name, louie arthur charles. full title is royal highness
12:59 pm
prince louie of cambridge. officials made the announcement today. prince william and duchess kate left the hospital in london with their third child on monday just hours after she gave birth. the name honors the baby's grandfather, prince charles, who has arthur as one of his middle names and his right uncle and mentor, louie mountbatton. prince louie is fifth in line behind his grandfather, father and two siblings. princess charlotte is almost three. nfl teams picking five quarterbacks in the first round of last night's draft the most in 19 years. oklahoma's baker mayfield the first pick overall. this year's heisman trophy winner heads to the cleveland browns. the new york jets scooped up. sc sam darnold. the buffalo bills picking wyoming's josh allen. arizona cardinals going with josh rosen from ucla. rosen told the rest of the teams they're going to regret not picking him. baltimore ravens drafted louisville's lamar jackson.
1:00 pm
rounds two and three of the draft are tonight. on the corner of wall and broad, pretty much no blood, dow down about, oh, 8 points or so. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. your world with neil cavuto starts right now. >> president trump: no, i don't think he's playing. it's never gone this far. i don't think it has had this enthusiasm for somebody, for them wanting to make a deal. yeah, i agree, the united states has been played beautifully like a fiddle. because you had a different kind of a leader. we're not going to be made. >> neil: the president convinced that the bromance quickly struck up by the north and south crow an leaders there's something going on. itles to the trend that the president likes and hopes to leverage off of, when he meets with the north korean leader. and just maybe a few weeks. welcome, i'm neil cavuto, fox on top of everything going the president's way. or so he says. and german


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