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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 27, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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he was the chief advisor during the brexit movement. a brand new book out. check it out on have a great weekend. "special report" is next. >> bret: north korea and south korea leaders make leaps and bounds to peace. laying the browned ground work for a meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. and the russian investigation and what critics say is a rushed one sided report. and the president's new twitter pal is getting heated reaction. this is "special report." >> ♪ > bret: good evening. i am bret baier. an historic literal step forward in the dmz gives us a precursor to the meeting between president trump and north korea leader kim jong-un. today the president met with a
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closer ally. german chancellor angela merkel and got a boost from a republican report on whether his campaign colluded with russia to win the election. john roberts covering it all. >> it looked like a watershed moment. the leaders of north korea and south korea smiling and laughing and embasing. -- embracing. could then just another north korea deception? >> president trump began his day with the u.s. olympic team. a segue to talk about the potential break through on north korea. >> i want to express my hope that all of the people from north korea and south korea can live in harmony, prosperity and peace. it looks like it could happen. >> but the u.s. heard talk of concessions before only to get played by north korea. meeting with angela merkel today, president trump said this
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time feels different. >> i don't think he is playing. it's never gone this far. i don't think it's ever had this enthusiasm for them wanting to make a deal. the united states has been played like a fiddle. you have a different kind of leader. we won't be played. okay. we will hopefully make a deal. if we don't, that's fine. >> president trump announced the list of possible locations for a summit has been narrowed down to two. the president making it clear until he sees concrete actions from kim, sanctions will remain. >> we won't repeat the mistake of past administrations. maximum pressure will continue until denuclearization occurs. >> in the oval office, president trump weighing in today on the final republican report from the house intelligence committee. major finding: none of the interviewed witnesses provided evidence of collusion or conspiracy between the trump campaign and the
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russian government. >> the report was very powerful and strong. no collusion between the trump campaign and the russian people. as i said many times before, i said there was no collusion. we should get on with our lives and get on with a lot of things. >> democrats called it a rushed job only meant to deflect attention away from the trump campaign. >> that's a kindergarten report. >> the report cited ill-advised contact with wiki leaks by trump associates and highlighted the june 6th meeting donald trump jr. had. with a government informant for russiaia. >> what we have seen of her contacts within the russia
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government this is someone working on behalf of the kremlin. >> the president's meeting with angela merkel avoided uncomfortable moments. merkel indicated that germany is opened to reducing its trade surplus and the u.s. and acknowledging the iran nuclear deal is not perfect. more actions needed. >> this agreement is anything but perfect. it's one piece of the mosaic, a building block to build-up this structure. >> the president could not resist taking another shot at james comey. zeroing in on his interview with bret baier last night. >> did you leak other things? >> yes. i don't consider what i did a leak. i told him about an unclassified conversation with the president. >> you said i don't do sneaky things or do weasel moves.
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we could argue what a leak is but that's a leak. >> president trump tweeted james comey can't define what a leak is. he doesn't understand what he did or how serious it is. lieed to cover it up. he is either very sick or very dumb. >> president trump's personal attorney michael cohen won a victory today. a 90 delay in the stormy daniels civil suit. her attorney will appeal the decision early next week to the ninth circuit court of appeals. >> bret: john roberts, thanks. an incredible moment in the dmz as kim jong-un set foot into south korea the first north korea lead tore do so in decades. he met with south korea's president. as greg reports, the two laid ground work for a much
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anticipated meeting with president trump. >> as north korea leader kim jong-un crossed the dmz to meet the south korea president, the two nations stepped into history together. >> we confirmed that our shared goal is to rid the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons throughout complete denuclearization. >> that promise has been made in the past and not made good by north korea. kim jong-un promised this time will be different. >> we will make sure the agreement we reached which the world is watching is not fulfill the history of unfulfilled promises. >> the inspection of the honor guard and a tree planting with roots in the north and south. and conducting a lengthy and public one-on-one discussion
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with moon. not mentioned in the pledge on denuclearization any details about how the weapons will be removed or in what time frame. more details in the pledge to work to a peace treaty to end the korean war halted 65 years ago. that at any rate -- that treaty could take a lot of haggling. president trump's meeting with the north korea leader is planned for late may or early june. >> it will be a catalyst in trump's summit with kim jong-un. >> what he worked tiresly to make this happen, one person said president trump helped get negotiations to this point. >> he saw this as the most challenging global security depend. -- agenda. not just for the united states but the whole world. >> for the day and night at
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least, things were a bit calmer on there after last year's rockets and nukes, that's probably a good thing. south korea president moon is set to meet with president trump and share notes about his summit with kim jong-un and perhaps to give him some tips. >> bret: early saturday morning in south korea. thanks. a car van of central american migrants arrived and may attempt to cross the border this weekend to seek asylum in the united states. wayne reports from the border on what will happen if they do. >> several hundred central american immigranted stay shelter to request asylum in the u.s. >> we can't live in peace in our country. >> violence alone is not supposed to be a target in the
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u.s. but it is. >> they will do a question with the attorneys. >> the american lawyers will advise the refugees on how asylum works. >> many will be detained for months. there is a long legal process. whether it's in detention. >> if you illegally enter our country, you will be referred for prosecution. >> they are not entering illegally. asylum seekers have the right to a fair hearing before an immigration judge if they have a credible fear of returning home. >> there were assassination threats from the drug cartels. they are everywhere. >> the caravan will march on sunday. the plaza is full of mexican citizens making identical claims. >> they killed our family.
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>> these mexicans waited for days for an interview. >> we have been here 4 days. we were hungry and cold. no one got in yesterday. they returned 30 people. >> lawyers say passing that initial credible fear interview is not difficult. that gets immigrants into an over-crowded detention system. women, children and non-criminals have a good chance of being released. critics say without more judges and a change in the law, scenes like this will continue. >> bret: thanks. the teen who confessed to killing 17 people in a high school in florida waived his right to a speedy trial. the june for the broward county sheriff's department gave its chief a vote of no confidence.
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>> 19-year-old killer cruz back in court. charged with 17 count of first degree murder and 17 count of attempted murder in the valentine's day rampage in a florida high school. this new animation shows the killer's path. he is represented by the black dot. the green dots are the victims. when green turns to gray, they have been shot and killed by cruz who was a thrown threat. a report surfaced that the count's suffer department never acted on cruz's erratic and dangerous behavior including threats to shoot up a school. >> i gave amazing leadership. >> 85% of the largest union for the sheriff's department voted no confidence in their boss. >> we have a lot to be ashamed
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of starting with our leader. that changes today. >> the citizens of broward county trust me. that's who i care about. what the union boss says, it's real inconsequential. >> the sheriff accused the union of playing on the tragedy because he denied their raises. >> the sheriff is a complete liar. capital letters on that. this has never been about a contract. >> governor rick scott who is running for senates is aware are thursday's no confidence vote but is leaving sheriff israel put. the matter is under investigation. after that the appropriate steps will be taken to hold people contactable. nikolas cruz is in jail without bond. he could plead guilty and get life in prison but the
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prosecutors wants the death penalty. >> bret: hard work helped detectives track down a serial killer. how a genealogy website helped police get their man. >> for 4 decades he evaded capture and stumped detectives against the golden state. now he faces a judge for the first time thanks to a dna website. >> when it comes to a cold case. dna is a prosecutors's best end. >> they matched the 72-year-old former police officers using dna stored by an unnamed relative. it was shared publicly. he faces charges for murder, rape and robbery. four decades ago his chief fired
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him for stealing from a store. >> you hate to see a police officer accused of crimes of this nature. >> investigators believe d'angelo's crime spree stopped in the mid-1980s. he lived under the radar in sacramento. this has done little to ease the fears of knowing there was a killer and rapist at large for decades. >> it shakes you to the core. you grew up with the fear of him and to find out he lives right around the corner. >> when i was 11 years old, he killed 2 people across the street from my house. we heard the gunshot. it always affected me. i am paranoid. >> the golden state killer, 10 counties could levy charges against d'angelo and he could face the death penalty. >> bret: thanks. after coming under fire for
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extravagant spending. scott pruitt decided to turn over spending approval to his deputies. he gave that authority this afternoon to approve anything he seeks above $5,000. president george w. bush will wash the houston rockets play game from the hospital. he will remain in houston methodist hospital through the weekend. he is in excellent spirit and looking forward to going to maine next mong. come up. breaking down the embryo bra-man between the president and a budding rap artist.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> bret: puzzlement from lawmakers after house speaker paul ryan forced out the house chaplain. conroy served as the chaplain sense 2011 but offered his resignation at ryan's request. reasons have not been revealed. a spokesperson said that pelosi disagreed with the decision after ryan consulted her about. consumer spending turned in its weakest performance in 5 years. however, the rate came in better than expected giving hope for a soiled rebound -- solid rebound. mixed day on wall street today.
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with one tweet, kanye west got the attention he oftenseahawks with president trump setting off a fire storm over politics and race. this bro-mance has some critics breathing fire and others pour cold water over it. >> social media exploded when kanye west tweeted his support. the president declared this very cool and other rap artists weighed in. >> he said it well. because you are black didn't mean you are a democrat. >> then the role reversals.
3:21 pm
conservatives never liked kanye west after this comment about katrina. >> bush doesn't care about black people. >> kanye west sees black unemployment at the lowest in the history of our country. he is smart. he is you know what trump did a better job than the democrats. >> and the liberal community cooled on kanye west. >> we have the right to independent thought. i think kanye west lost his mind. >> why wouldn't you take him seriously? that's your opinion. he is a serious businessman. >> kanye west's celebrity wife tweeted that the media are trying to demonize him. >> for kanye west's sin of speaking his mind, icons like drake and others unfollowed him
3:22 pm
on sorbed. social media. what a punishment. >> singer jon legend beg kanye west to abandon president trump. saying: kanye west said he loves legend back. but that's a tactic based on free. the president tweeting again today: , this is a hip hop mella drama. kanye west breaking the mold of black identity politics embracing a republican president. >> bret: the president is skipping tomorrow night's white house correspondents dinner. >> he will be counter programming with a rally in the other washington. washington, michigan. he will take shots at the press. he is also out with a
3:23 pm
fund-raising letter. why would i want to be stuck in a room with a bunch of fake news liberals who hate me? he is using the media to get his supporters riled up and perhaps writing checks. >> bret: thanks. up next. a look at how melania is making her mark as first lady. around the country. fox 47 where michigan voters get to vote november on whether to allow recreational marijuana. if it passes it would make michigan the 10th state to legalize the drug. fox 10 in phoenix with thousands of arizona educators wrapped up a second day of state capitol protests in a historic statewide teacher walk out hoping to get new funding for public education. similar to one held in colorado where thousands of teachers were demostrating over pay for teachers there.
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a live look at milwaukee from fox 6. an evacuation order was lifted after a plant explosion that sent black smoke into the air thursday injuring 13 people. the mayor said all indications it's safe and stable and the air consult is back to normal. that's outside of the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you're better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> a lot said about the president and his administration. this week the first lady melania was put to the test with big events. christian fisher looks at how she is doing. >> it's been one of melania's busiest weeks from hosting the prime minister of japan and his wife at mar-a-lago and attending the funeral of barbara bush by
3:28 pm
herself and executing her first state dinner. the former chief of staff to laura bush gave her an a-plus. >> for someone brand new coming into this process without having had the experience of being in politics before, she has done it carefully with great interest and respect for the role. >> for a first lady of fewer words than most predecessors. melania lets her fashion speak for her. her hat spoke volumes. >> it was a statement, absolutely. i am proud to be doing this. i am proud to be the first lady of the united states. >> something else stood out to mcbride. the first lady on the podium with the president. >> it's a position of strength. you are a partner to the presidency. in standing at that podium conveyed that. >> it also conveyed this was her
3:29 pm
event. the state dinner she planned without any help outside of the white house staff and she got rave reviews. >> first lady shined. >> so help me god. >> the media portrays melania as the reluctant first lady. waiting months to move to washington and wading into the spotlight for few events. >> like the easter egg event. >> not a chance she did one thing to set that up. >> she was criticized for making cyber-bullying her signature issue. >> she can't control that in her own home. >> melania is finding her own voice. >> this won't stop me from doing what i know is right.
3:30 pm
>> keep in mind the first lady still has not announced her platform. when she does, her spokeswoman said it will include children's issues more broadly. maybe this week of good reviews will expedite that announcement. >> bret: a busy week. thanks. former nbc news anchor tom brokaw was accused of sexual misconduct by a woman. she said tom groped her twice and tried to kiss her and making inappropriate overtures in an attempt to have an affair. she also worked at fox news and said it happened in the 1990s. brokaw admits meeting with her but denies anything inappropriate. the pennsylvania republican sent a letter of resignation today. he is resigning to end the ethic
3:31 pm
committees investigation into allegations he sexually harassed a former staff and will pay back the money paid to settle that case. whatever happened to? atlantic city given up for dead a few years ago. odds for a comeback are in its favor. here's rick. >> once called the 8th greatest wonder of the world. the trump was the last of 5 casinos to give up on atlantic city. many predicted the end was near for this once booming town. but the boom is back. 2 shirted casinos are reopening this summer. 7 others have stabilized earnings and all were in the black last year. one turned a $300 million
3:32 pm
profit. high end apartments are under construction and thousands of jobs are waiting to be filled with military veterans getting an extra look since vet unemployment is higher here. >> i hope to get a job in business or accounting. >> and you? >> just open to different possibilities. >> we realize this is our best second chance. we won't get this again. this is an energy in the industry and government realizing we have to make it right this time. >> i like to call it the rebirth. >> the mayor said the key to the come back is making sure locals are involved. >> without employment, you can't have a clean city. without a clean city, you won't have investors interested in coming to the city. >> everybody wants to be in the at bottom. but at the bottom it looks scarey. >> joe is part of the team rebuilding the hard rock hotel
3:33 pm
and caseincasino. investigating $500 million. offering 300 live shows a year. >> we have throws to 30 million people within a 3 hour drive of atlantic city. you have the world famous board walk and beeches and we can re-energize that. >> the hard rock's grand opening is june 28th. they are cautiously optimistic. people say the town is ready. there are no sure bets. there is a lot riding on this latest roll of the dice. >> bret: thanks. big moments in the dmz. a call for ease of tensions along chine's border with india.
3:34 pm
china's president today calls for cooperation. there was a tweet that the leaders will review the developments. weekly protests along the gaza border with israel turned deadly again today. 3 palestinians were killed by israeli gunfire trying to breach the gaza border. protestors rally there every friday. since it began, 35 palestinians killed and more than 1500 wounded. great britain's newest prince has a name lou. now. louie arthur charles. his full title is his royal high ness. congratulations. some of the other stories beyond our borders. we'll be right back. for the best deals on travel,
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> the u.s. has been played beautifully like a fiddle because you had a different leader. we won't be played. things changed radically from a few months ago. we are setting up meetings. down to two countries for a site. >> irreversible dismantling of north korea's weapons of mass destruction without delay. >> it's something i hope i can do for the world. >> bret: a big moment with north koreas leader and south korea president coming to the dmz stepping over into each other's territory and talking, laying the ground work for a possible peace and also laying the ground work for president trump's meeting with kim jong-un. this follows the cia director
3:39 pm
mike pompeo's visit to north korea over easter weekend. a picture of him shaking hands with the north korea leader. a lot to cover today. our panel. byron new york, amy and jason a "wall street journal" columnist. jason, your thoughts on what we heard from the president today? >> well, hmmm, i didn't see a lot of warmth there. [laughing]. between merge and donald trump. >> bret: different than the french visit? >> a little different. france and germany are wary of the u.s. pulling out of the iran deal. they don't like trump's talk of tariffs on aluminum and steel.
3:40 pm
trying to get him to scale that back. you see some similarities there. what i saw, strong language out of donald trump with regard to iran and how he will make sure that we provide deterrents acquiring nuclear weapons. france seemed more open that particularly with things like sunset provisions or inspections. i am not sure that merkel is there yet. >> bret: on korea, the president tweeting furiously. good things are happening. only time will tell. korean war to end. the united states should be proud of what taking place in korea. don't forget the good help the president of china gave to the
3:41 pm
u.s. they are laying the ground work here for something really significant. >> yes. look, this is all good news. the president deserves all of the credit for whatever he did to push the chinese to the table in terms of enforcement and get the sanctions passed through the u.n. that are inflicting pain on the regime in north korea. the meeting last night, it was not unprecedented that the 2 sides would talk. but the physical meeting and everything bodes well. they didn't get specific. they didn't promise to end the korean war. we don't know what -- they didn't commit to any pledges. it's hopeful. i thought it was very interesting that the president took pains to credit president xi for enforcing the sanctions
3:42 pm
and being a credible partner. south koreas and north koreas would like to separate us. the japanese are skeptical. a possibly scenario is he developed his nuclear weapons program so far he can get to the table and say, guess, what it's been great meeting with you. i might talk about a free freeze but i don't dismantle. . >> bret: then the president said he would walk away. >> yes. people say kim can't be trusted and the u.s. has to always rewards only actions and never promises. on the other hand, this is a big deal. there is one person who is more responsible than anybody else and that is president trump. the sanctions and this attitude
3:43 pm
i might be crazy enough to do something which seems to have made something happen. >> he is right. we have north and south agreements before and summits and joint declarations. the fact is the north korea constitution calls for the end of south korea. it has since 1953 and still does. we have no specifics on. that we have nothing on human rights here. the most reassuring thing i have heard is what you just referred to. president trump said he is willing to walk away. i hope the president doesn't feel if he gets into these meetings, i have to cut a deal or i will look like a failure. no. unless you get something of substance, walk away. north korea can't be trusted. >> bret: the president today on the house intel report. it said no collusion on the russian investigation. >> he was honored by the report. it was conclusive.
3:44 pm
no collusion with russia. >> the committee did not use its subpoena power for bank and phone records. it was a kindergarten report. >> bret: democrats not happy with the report. the findings of the russia cyber attacks. no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. opposition research makes its way from russia and the clinton campaign and the media. one of the other things that comes out of it is about mike flynn. i asked jim comey about that. >> did you tell lawmakers that the fbi did not believe that michael flynn was lying
3:45 pm
intentionally? >> no, maybe someone misunderstood something i said. >> if he did not remember telling congress his agents told him they didn't think flynn was lying. he needs to get his lawyers to go back and look at the transcript. we did not mis-hear. maybe he mis-spoke. >> bret: in this report general flynn pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the fbi about his meeting with the russian investigator. >> well, james comey has denied this a couple of times so far. it has been reported. i reported it not too long ago. in this meeting of march of 2017, congress demanded briefings from comey. he told them that. the key word here is transcript. that's what gowdy was talking
3:46 pm
about. his meeting was transscribed. you have to think that it's probably in this report that just got released today. if anybody looked at this report. big black sections ever things redacted. the house committee said not all of this stuff is classified. we will release a less redacted version in the near future. >> bret: quickly. even gowdy said mueller is the big person here. there were witnesses. they wanted to talk to. they could not talk to. >> yes, there are things that mueller can do that the committees on the capitol hill could not do. it was a tainted partisan process. this report is not credible. we should wait for what robert mueller comes up. >> bret: next up the friday lightning round. >> ♪
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>> kanye west looks and sees black unemployment at the lowest it's been in the history of our country. okay? he sees hispanic unemployment at the lowest it's been in the history of our country. he is smart. he said trump is doing a much better job than the democrats did. >> we should have a real discussion about the underlying policies leading to the best economy in minority communities we have seen in a very long time. >> bret: this became a thing. wednesday this tweet by kanye west. you don't have to agree with trump, but the mob can't make me not love him. we are both dragon energy, which i think is a great name for a caffeinated drink. he is my brother. i love everyone. i don't agree with everything anyone does. that makes us individuals.
3:51 pm
lightning round. jason? >> i don't look for validation to rappers and hip hop artives. i don't think the president should either. this is the same kanye west that was telling america that george h.w. bush hates black people. this is the same kanye west that traffics in the worst stereo times about black men. president trump should talk about what this economy is doing. i am not sure kanye west needs to be part of that conversation. >> bret: part of the conversation is that the left's heads are exploding on this very issue. >> well, they are exploding because he said black people don't have to be democrats. there is a serious question that you will see actual debate it. republicans want to attract more black votes.
3:52 pm
they have said that but haven't worked hard at it. interesting to see what happens. >> bret: the caravan is arrivinga the border and will be stopped and the officials are saying they are going to be stopped at the border and referred for prosecution. >> it's been such a busy week we forgot to fear the caravan. i was waiting for it to come back. this is a serious matter. president trump likes to talk about this. when he wants to distract from another conversation or feels frustrated. this new ruling enshrines daca. the judge said this policy and statements from the white house about this are unexplained and arbitrary. this is basically because nothing will happen on capitol hill and the president has been arbitrary on this. this will give a blanket
3:53 pm
protection to dreamers and take this issue off the table. >> bret: it doesn't look like it will be addressed soon. winners and losers? >> the winner is mitch mcconnell confirming president trump's nominees at a record pace. 15th done this week. that's more than any president in the last 5 presidents at this point in his presidency. there will be 6 more soon. the loser is joy reid. the msnbc anchor who more than a decade ago blogged opinions about homosexuals and another person finding it hard to deal with the record of what they wrote many years ago. >> my winner is melania trump. not because of her beautiful state dinner and everything she did, but for her beautiful act of grace last saturday. inviting a former white house
3:54 pm
and current white house usher to barbara bush's funeral. my loser is the generic scott pruitt defender. you know what you are. pretending it's the fault of the environmental lobby that pruitt doesn't play by the rules is ridiculous. >> my winner is names shaw the waffle house hero who took the gun from the shooter is raising money for victims of this tragedy. my loser is bill cosby. one of the most fame entertainers in the history of this country convicted of sexuality assault. an epic down fall in terms of his career. i am glad his accusers received some issue of justice. >> bret: my winner "special report" staff. we made it to friday. when we come back. the best things said on camera
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♪ >> bret: it is friday, you know what that means, notable quotables. >> i managed to get him with one hand on the gun and then i grabbed it from him, and i threw it over the counter top. >> it was a gruesome scene. really bad out there. i couldn't believe what i seen, man. oh, man, everybody all these people on the streets getting hit one by one. >> to be in that dugout where they still marked the bullet holes there. >> we are vindicated. we're validated. we're not shutting up. and we are not going away. >> i'm going to be on another network tomorrow that thinks i should be in jail. >> thank you for your questions. >> kim jong un was -- he really has been very open, very honorable. >> facts are facts and fiction is fiction.
3:59 pm
and a lie doesn't become truth just because it appears on the front page of the newspaper. >> it's pretty historic sending secretary of state to the floor without a positive recommendation. >> i have changed my mind. >> in the white house they call him the candy man. >> i said to dr. jackson what do you need it for? i said what do you need this for? but i said what do you need it for. i said to him what do you need it for? >> i don't even know. >> i like him a lot. we do have a very special relationship. we have to make him perfect. he is perfect. >> look how nice your parents. they are not screaming and going wild. >> i have known kanye a little bit. i get along with kanye. >> we are both dragon energy. >> bret: i'm telling you caffeine drink. watch out. dragon energy. tuesday is a big event going to west virginia, morgantown, martha maccallum and me. a big debate for the g.o.p.
4:00 pm
u.s. senate race and the primary there is going to be fun. that's it for us. fair, balanced and unafraid. and the story hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. martha, are getting those questions ready? >> martha: i am. bret, looking forward to that thank you so much. there are some stunning scenes that we are all absorbing. talk about a love week, right? kim jong un and president moon hopping over the concrete divider. brand new details on president trump's plans now for the next move in this high stakes game of global chess. but, first tonight, breaking here. the mohler probe draws ire from a prominent democrat. mark penn, a long-time clinton advisor and supporter writes this: the best way to end all this, is not to fire mueller or rosenstein or wait for them to wrap it up but to challenge this entire process in court as irretrievablyed


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