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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 28, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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ingram angle. >> okay. >> i order a cuddle. >> five, four, three -- >> cuddlers. >> i don't want anyional cuddlers. go away. have a good week. no cuddling. shan tonight, you will hear for the first time from tonight you will hear from ambassador rick brunel operating the most important diplomatic worst in the world, negotiations over the iran deal, nato spending and trade and kristin fisher digging into an unfolding capitol hill mystery, the congressional chaplain by house republicans and is it legal to throw someone out of a bar for supporting the president of the united states? stick around for night court. welcome to fox news at night. as the koreans said a deal, and
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a deadline is -- for the iran nuclear deal the president sends in a dramatic team to work, secretary pompeo heading for a nato summit, and huddling with the german chancellor, you will hear from ambassador brunel in a moment. both. and confirmed by a senate that dragged out the process until the last minute. and henry kicksdovj%ck6o tonight. >> reporter: donald trump doubt he will get up from the table and walk out of the room with kim jong un turns out to be devious in a face-to-face talks, he took it a step further declaring he would not be played by the north korean dictator declaring pres.s in both parties have been played like fiddles in previous negotiations. angela merkel, the pres. said the big difference is he will
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keep maximum pressure of economic sanctions on north korea until kim follows through on denuclearization and the president will keep the military option on the table as well adding he is doing this for the world, that peace talks on the korean peninsula have never gone this far before, just hours npsptzuta orth korea has been whittled down to two places, the president reminding the press corps a few months ago pundits in the media and former senior officials from the clinton, bush and obama administrations warned the trump administration was bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war with hot rhetoric. >> things change rapidly from a the name-calling and a lot of other things, i will be watching
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people that failed so badly over the last 25 years explaining to me how to make a deal with north korea. i get a big kick out of that. >> secretary of state mike pompeo had a secret meeting with kim and believes the dictator serious this time of the pres.'s actions convinced of his only option is to come to the table. he says the president is serious about standing up to iran over its nuclear ambitions.kb?ñ?ñ uju)q$ráh&ikely to pull over out of the iran nuclear deal on may 12th. >> absent a substantial fix overcoming the shortcomings, the
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emmanuel mccrone said he is for pushing for secondary deal and angela merkel said it is not enough to stop iran suggesting she too is moving toward the president on a side deal to make the original agreement stronger. >> are next guest finds himself in the center of trump diplomacy. we are happy he is here for his first interview since being confirmed, ambassador to germany rick brunel, is it weird to have ambassador in front of your name? >> when i hear ambassador i look for john bolton, john negroponte. shannon: you served many years so you come with a depth of knowledge and experience but it democrats tried to hold you up including sen. merkley. i want to play what he said didn't give you a chance to respond.
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>> cannot support a nominee with a lengthy track record of tweets attacking prominent democratic and republican women. taking the russia threat seriously. >> it is upsetting to be confirmed and not very diplomatic. i wanted to talk to every sen. and show them who i was. my writings are very clear. looking at russia and the russian threat i talked about the russian threat in eastern europe for a long time, one of the first people to call attention to what was being done by the russians. there has been a long threat there and i wish people would look at surface issues. jillian: the german chancellor was meeting with the president, you were with them. let's talk about the pres.
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allies, he's talking about getting to that 2% of gdp all nato allies are expected to do. >> other countries should be paying more. we pay more than anybody else in nato is wonderful but it helps europe more than it helps us. >> they said the next budget will be 1.3% but you will be in the middle of this conversation. >> it is and important issue, donald trump was clear about trying to get the 2% top issue. he is a master negotiator, donald trump is very good at what he does, negotiating this issue, very tough, very dt?ñ?ñfe north korea south korea issue,
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he understands that having a threat of military action is not enough. it needs to be a credible threat. empowered the diplomats. it is with someone who is tough, you can avoid war, you can accomplish things if you have diplomats that are tough. watching him up carlos as master negotiator for me solidified why i wanted to support donald trump and it was a great process today. he understands we have an unbreakable bond with europe specifically germany, he complement and angela merkel many times. it was a day for the germans to see up close donald trump&kñ?ñ? the details on tariffs, tìc% allies want that to
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stay together and the president has an important date to whether or not the u.s. will s together, the tapres. has an important date to talk about whether the us will stay with that deal that even withod the tough talk, behind-the-scenes two. >> at the end of the press conference they invited angela merkel, myself and a couple other people to the residence to torrance give a specific, detailed explanation of every room. it was extremely warm. no previous president had taken her up there. she went to the lincoln bedroom to see the gettysburg address and donald trump took time with the chancellor and the entire team appreciates the fact that on an be very tough
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negotiation and very charming. yirj about the fact that you are openly gay and one of the highest ranking members of the trump ambassador is ambassador, do you feel added pressure attention because of that. it doesn't make any difference to me. in my mind i supported donald trump, nissan the upfront and up close about who i was. i have a great resume when it comes to diplomacy. >> pretty move you make a move, hit the ground running, do you feel it will take sometime to build relationships back diplomatically? >> i will work around the clock to do that. working at the un for eight years i'm reminded every day the germans and americans are on the same side on almost every issue. when you work at the un and see the world the way it is your
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reminded when it comes to liberty and human rights and a liberty and human rights and a whole bunch of issues we on the same page. i want to remind people we have difficult issues to work through jillian: it has been a long road as you go to represent the country, all of us with an important ally and wish you all the best, thanks for stopping in. mike pompeo acknowledging promises have been made, hopes for those skeptical of kim jong un of true intentions donald trump says this today. >> iin don't think he is playin. it has never gone this far. never had this enthusiasm for them wanting to make a deal. the hoover institute fellow and former policy advisor for mitt romney's 2012 presidential romney's 2012 presidential campaign and former press secretary for un ambassador nikki haley, welcome to you
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both. let's talk about this. christopher hill, the us investigator under george w. bush administration says this is a start but i'm guided by my experience, they said thele rig things but gave up a declaration that was not complete or accurate and failed to give us any verification protocol. let's talk about the next steps that come from this happy glow over what happens in korea, the two careers but getting down to brass tacks. >> there is great reason to be optimistic but the warnings matter a lot and there are some very sticky issues. the question of us presence is something that north koreans consider a nonstarter for the united states. there are questions about
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denuclearization. is kim jong un serious about ending his nuclear program? these are the tough questions donald trump is going to confront city sit down with kim jong un, the signs are hopeful and the president deserves credit for moving us to where we are but getting across the finish line is a mammoth task. >> there are plenty of skeptics whether we would even get to this moment. i want to read 2 things that have been set in the last few months. been roads, de-escalation and diplomacy becomes less possible, sen. tammy duckworth says we are far closer to actual conflict over north korea than the american people realize. george soros saying the united states is set on a course do you think any of them thought we would get to this point where donald trump saying there'she a lot to do but what we have seen on his watch?
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>> those pictures we watched were remarkable. we really are surprised by what has transpired between the two correias but there's a long way to go to work things out. all sortshe of complications li ahead from how do you put something like this in motion to a has been cruel to its own people is completely autocratic and been to its own people, another that is a liberal democracy in that is a liberal democracy in comparison with the free ra economy, completely different systems, completely different aspirations that were at war and still are at war with each other, one that has nuclear weapons, another that doesn't, one that is still at war with the united states. all those lovely pictures that look so uplifting really the lie a very complicated road ahead
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and donald trump is going into negotiations if they do happen, a complicated situation, not something you want to rush into. the tough rhetoric earlier in the year in which kim jong un even in january was excited about his nuclear arsenal and he had clinched everything he needs to be a big player on the world stage, now we find ourselves in a completely different scenario. >> there are other parties and other nations that are going to have some say whether upfront or through backdoors like china. >>hi,s absolutely. >> the chinese are critical in this discussion. they were a party to the original end of hostility or termination of hostility agreement in the 1950s, they are party to all these discussions and they are watching with a careful eye toward north korea because in a lot of ways china
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controls the levers. china is the elephant in the room when it comes to where north korea goes and a lot of ways kim jong un is not going to do anything that runs across the chinese so fundamentally the road to peace isn't in the korean peninsula. the road to peace bringing north to south together is going to largely be dictated by discussions the us has with china which is complicated further by the fact we are playing a 3-dimensional game of chess with china given the trade situation. all these factors have to be taken into account. >> hopeful to see images but a long road ahead. thank you for your expertise. paul ryan hit from the left and right for dismissing the chaplain of the house of representatives. kristen fisher is detailing what
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>> shannon: the president shannon: the pres. claiming vindication by what democrats call a 1-sided russia reports by republicans. the major find, none of the witnesses interviewed by the house intelligence committee provided evidence of collusion or conspiracy by the trump campaign and the russian government. they cited ill-advised contact with wikileaks by trump associates and highlighted june 6th meeting donald trump junior had with a russian attorney, a new revelation, she was a government informant for russia's prosecutor general. let's talk about it with the current oversight committee and fox news contributor jason chaffetz who used to chair that committee. let's start with more of what we hear, the committee found no evidence the trump campaign
12:21 am
colluded, coordinated or conspired with the russian government, they found poor judgment and ill considered action by the trump and clinton campaigns. what do you make of what was issued today and it was authored by the republicans. >> it used to be the house until committee was a bipartisan committee, they would issue and reporting two reports worship today, one by the majority and one by the minority. the majority said there is no collusion in the minority said the investigation was incomplete. the unanswered question on my mind is this whole meeting that you alluded to before, she admitted to being a russian informant and when questioned the chairman of the committee didn't know she was an informant
12:22 am
and didn't pursue investigations so there are some major questions that are outstanding and in my humble opinion the work of the committee is incomplete. shannon: the ranking committee said in part to determine if evidence of collusion reaches the level of proof beyond reasonable doubt of conspiracy we have to wait for the report of robert mueller since the majority refuse to interview the witnesses and obtain documents necessary to find out. your reaction and the last we heard she had not been questioned by the special counsel investigators. >> director mueller, it will be fascinating to see what he comes to and some people were not interviewed indifference to director mueller but the committee, 75 interviews, there were countless hours, this has
12:23 am
gone on for more than a year and i challenge the democrats, since donald trump became president saying this collusion but they have no evidence of anything and after all of these gyrations they still don't have anything, there is no evidence out there to point to so-called collusion. >> i want to read something from congressman conaway who is overseeing this investigation and get reaction from you. i'm disappointed with the overzealous rejections by the intelligence county, my team and i will challenge the unnecessary rejections with the hopes of releasing more of the report in the upcoming months. he was very disappointed he promised the american people something much more transparent than what they were able to issue today. >> i saw the report and there is a tremendous number of rejections all over the place. i would like to know more about
12:24 am
that. the connection is troubling. i'm hoping the senate intelligence committee which is acting in a bipartisan manner will continue to run this town with robert mueller and i would say i hope we speed to a conclusion on this but more injurious than continuing this investigation would be not answering these very important questions. >> the intelligence committee does not make the decision about what is rejected or not. this is a systemic problem across every department and agency. 5 too much is rejected. if members of congress on both sides wanted out there they should put it out there. shannon: current congressman on the same committee, thank you
12:25 am
for being in today. questions tonight on capitol hill from lawmakers wondering why the generally regarded house chaplain was dismissed by paul ryan and kristen fisher has been investigating this, what have you uncovered. >> reporter: quite the mystery on capitol hill. the speaker's office won't say officially on the record why he was asked to resign. republicans say it was because he wasn't doing a good job but the leading theory among democrats is that he fired him over something he said in a prayer in november in the middle of the heated debate on the gop tax bill. here it is. >> may all members be mindful that their efforts be these days guarantee their are not winners and losers under new tax laws but benefits balanced and shared
12:26 am
by all americans. >> reporter: that winners and losers line is the line democrats and some republicans say speaker ryan had a problem with especially when you consider what rev. conroy told the new york times, that shortly after ryan warned him to quotemac stay out of politics. >> the speaker may have fired him for political reasons because he didn't like the words. >> even some republicans are upset, i'm not aware of any discontent or criticism, the first house chaplain to be removed in the history of congress in the middle of the term, raises serious questions. we deserve more of a nation and why. was there political pressure? joe crowley introduced a bill calling for a new bipartisan committee to investigate why ryan did this. >> the lack of notification of
12:27 am
his forced resignation are adequate explanation by speaker ryan is reflective of the integrity of the house of representatives. >> no surprise the bill was rejected. rev. conroy is a catholic priest to serve as house chaplain for 7 years, counsel lawmakers and open each day with a prayer, something he did today, a little awkward. his last days a month away. it would be the first force out of a chaplain in the history of the house, a big deal. >> there will be statement a little more forthcoming and explanation from people jumping to conclusions. good to see you. conservatives under attack on social media from candace owens to diamond and silk, even a group of high school students, prayed in public before a meal.
12:28 am
a new twist into sexual misconduct allegations against tom brokaw, could this be the end of the iconic news man's career.
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gotta love more... right, honey? yeah! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> shannon: social media outrage may have reached a new low. high school students pausing to pray before a meal in public. >> social media rate reached a new low. high school students praying in public and some went into meltdown mode. >> it took 6 days but jack dorsey has apologized for describing conservative activist candace owens as being far right after kanye west praised in the twitter headline, he likes the way far right media personality candace owens thinks lucy fired back, far right, allow me to
12:33 am
clarify, the black community can do without handouts, democrats have strapped us to our past to prevent us from our futures and i won't stop fighting until all black americans see that. i'm not far right, i am free. deck dorsey wrote i want to apologize for our far right, the team completed a full review how this was published and how we corrected it far too late. on the subject of social media frank sommerville, a fine and long-term news anchor in the san francisco bay area shared a photo on his facebook page of teenagers saying grace before the prom. it was sent by the mother of one of the teens with the quote with stories about teenagers, tide pardons condoms gathering headlines this picture speaks for itself. that set up a debate among followers writing grace over your food says nothing of your moral compass, integrity or character and this, my guess is there opinions on gay marriage, interracial families, equal rights and other things we hold
12:34 am
dear might not thrill you. many others defended the photo saying not once did anyone say these kids are better than non-christian kids. frank sommerville was surprised how many people took offense and he encourages honest discussion about his post. trump supporters and bloggers, better known as diamond and silk went before the house judiciary committee, suppressing conservative videos by labeling unsafe for the community. >> when the black lives matter people complain about it, everybody is up in arms. >> mark zuckerberg says this was due to when enforcement error. and a default into a shouting match.
12:35 am
and whether they are silenced. >> >> accused of sexual harassment by fox reporter linda bester. he doesn't want to be a distraction on graduation day. nbc news chairman amy lack telling them they take the allegations against brokaw very seriously. he denied them, promising they will act quickly and decisively when the facts dictate. 60 women including rachel maddow and maria shriver are forcing support for brokaw. taking brokaw's place will be a member of donald trump's cabinet and fellow connecticut linda mcmahon, head of the small business administration was an iconic pop group making a come
12:36 am
back, they live up to the legacy. an update on baby alfie. last we checked he is still fighting even the doctors stopped feeding him days ago. we talk with dr. steagall when we return. the next big thing in food was once a little paper box. now we can easily take out food from a restaurant. let's stay in and binge-watch the snow. genius. now, the next big thing is the capital one savor card. good choice babe. oh, wait, hold on. earn 3% cash back on dining, 2% on groceries, and 1% on all other purchases. what's in your wallet? ♪ most people come to la with big dreams. ♪ we came with big appetites. with expedia, you could book a flight, hotel, car, and activity all in one place. ♪
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12:40 am
hospital authorities said he had no chance for life so we are taking off life support, he is not getting food but water and some oxygen. they want to take him out of the country for alternative care but have been stopped by the government. dr. mark siegel joins us for this tough case. thank you for being with us. what do you make of where we are in this case. >> this is a shocking case. so many are conflicted but it is not just a rationing case, not just a case where the national health service is not surprisingly very unpopular coming out of a recession with rationing going on they could decide to save money by cutting back and saying what about quality of life, the child had so many infections, seizures, that is the rationing part but parents are saying we want to take the child out of the hospital, taken to another country which accepted.
12:41 am
notice a moral issue where the government is superimposing their judgment on the parents, the child and using a 1989 child abuse act designed to present -- prevent parents from abusing children which is clearly not the case here. the legal aspects of this are fouled up in the medical aspect. in my entire career i never had the government ordering me to stop taking care of a patient, not once. shannon: aisha king, the nhs was treating him for brain cancer and he wasn't getting the care his parents thought he should get. they took him out of the country without permission, they were arrested in spain, they celebrated 3 years cancer free. there was another treatment, another place willing and in their case it worked.
12:42 am
in texas what people don't know is hospital administrators have the ability to go to court, a father years ago got in trouble because his son was there after suffering a stroke, doctors want to take taken off life support, he took a gun to the hospital and said he would buy whatever time he could with his son, there was a big standoff, he served time in jail but his son is fully recovered. is it fair to say doctors don't always know what is going to happen in every case. >> those laws in existence in tennessee and connecticut, a very point, not just the uk but we don't always know. what bothers me about alfie evans as we don't have a diagnosis. we haven't seen the image or jamming the patient but doctors can't tell us what he is suffering from, just that he is getting worse so of course we
12:43 am
want another set of eyes, other hospitals involved. how can you turn down another hospital without knowing what the child is suffering from. with charlie gard, an expert who over from the united states and said i can't help this child. we don't even have an answer. that is disturbing to me. my role as a physician is to prolong life and decrease suffering. we don't have evidence this baby is suffering but we have evidence the government is trying to shorten the child's life. shannon: you have always given me good medical advice, thank you for weighing in on alfie's case. there is a member of the european parliament trying to introduce alfie's law to help him out. mexicans marching out against donald trump but forced
12:44 am
disappearances. the mexican government says 15,000 people between 13 and 29 years old are missing, not clear where they are and that is the problem for marchers who perceive lack of justice in mexico for those who may have been kidnapped or killed by the cartel and lack of interest in finding people who are missing. sexual assault after a court hears that is 5 men allegedly getting raped a teenager, dubbed the wolfpack, they filmed holding on their phones were convicted of much lesser crimes the rape. protests continue in several spanish cities. we are learning about a massacre in northern china. a man arrested for killing 7 students and wounding 12 others with a knife as they were leaving school was the swedish pop group will release 2 songs. and 375 million albums.
12:45 am
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>> shannon: time for what we call the nerd prom. here in washington shannon: time for the nerd prom, the white house correspondents dinner is slated for tomorrow night and donald trump turned down an invite to hold a competing even for his supporters knowing they will be a friendlier crowd than members of the media. >> reporter: in case anyone thinks donald trump might be mellowing on the media, his "fox and friends" interview with another jab at "fox and friends" - mediator mc todd. >> i don't watch nbc anymore, i made them a fortune with the apprentice. >> reporter: for the second straight year the pres. is skipping the white house correspondents dinner breaking with a long tradition. and the other washington, washington michigan. the annual journalist gathering
12:50 am
a year ago. >> the media is not fake news. >> they are gathered together with the white house correspondents dinner without the pres. because as you know they are a disgrace. the washington media is part of the problem. their priorities are not my priorities and they are not your priorities. >> reporter: trump isn't only dissing the news business but using it as a foil to you make money. why would i want to be stuck in a room with a bunch of fake news liberals who hate me? hate is a strong word, not all journalists hate the president but studies have shown an unprecedented level of negative coverage in trump place to his base which distrust the press when he gets in front of a crowd as he did last month in pennsylvania. >> i am on meet the press, a show headed by sleepy eyes chuck
12:51 am
todd, a sleeping son of a -- >> reporter: he held off the record meetings with todd at the white house. the pres. has been unloading on a new york times correspondent after she wrote a piece saying trump hasn't always been kind to michael cohen. and a crooked flunky who i don't speak to and nothing to do with. but trump has granted her several interviews. this picture posted by a colleague shows this is not someone the president has nothing to do with. she shared a pulitzer prize, and other side of the gap between the pres.'s viewer the media establishment. that will be on display saturday night. white house correspondents are receiving awards and the pres. will be accusing them of peddling fake news. shannon: thank you very much.
12:52 am
night court, meet greg in his make america great again hat. he claims after he wore that hat to a bar last year he was told he was not welcome. he sued the happiest our. a manhattan judge tossed his case. and criminal defense attorney david brunel, and welcome tonight. it has been all over the place. i have a statement from the plaintiff. he claims the staff told him anyone who supports trump or believes what you believe is not welcome here and you need to leave because we won't serve you. >> assuming that is what is said that is okay within the law.
12:53 am
under federal law there are certain classes that are protected for example religion, age, gender, things like that. political affiliation is not one of them. if it is not protected under federal law is it protected under state law? under new york state law it is not. it would be okay and that is why the judge ruled as he did. shannon: the owner of the bar says that the happiest our we support women's rights, marriage equality, gun control, the environment in regard to the truth, we don't discriminate. he was not picked up because he was wearing a trump hat but he was verbally abusive to our staff which we don't tolerate regardless of who you are. >> if that was the case then if a patron is not complying with rules and regulations of that establishment then they can be kicked out. of those rules i don't verbally harass our staff which is
12:54 am
conducive but this isn't seattle where political affiliation is. the standard the judge employed was whether it was outrageous and i feel it is outrageous to kick out a patron as he claims for wearing the campaign slogan of the now elected president. in a coffee shop in oakland, refusing service 20 uniforms police officer, i am not a public moralist. why don't they say this is on me to you, i would like you to tell the why did you vote for this person or the cop in oakland, why don't we give you a cup of coffee for free and sit down with our community and foster a discussion to bridge that gap rather than inflame the same ugliness that it stands for. >> the story, the barkan reviews service to a trump supporter wearing the m aga had, a great
12:55 am
officer, gabriel maller, bake the cake, referring these cases, waiting for a big one from the supreme court whether or not people who run a bakery can decline or photographers for a wedding and that kind of thing can decline to lend their talents to something if they don't agree with. what do you make of the tweet? >> out of the supreme court it is a little different. they are relying on the first amendment to say it is a violation of their first amendment expression of religion. it is not comparing the same thing. >> it has to do with whether they can express that on their own. it goes back to that protected class. the standard if it is not protected is outrageous or doesn't sit well. >> can't we all just get along?
12:56 am
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works. judge jeanine is filling in for hannity. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ >> judge: welcome to this special edition of hannity. trump the. i'm jeanine pirro in for sean. for the hour we will highlight how president trump is challenging the political status quo, calling out the aabusely biased press breaking down walls and dismantling the deep state brick by brick. and breaking tonight the house intel committee just released a full length report on its russia investigation. and, guess what? the committee found absolutely no evidence of trump-russia collusion. here is how president trump reacted to this


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