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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 28, 2018 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> president trump on his way to michigan later today. he'll be holding a rally with his supporters in the heartland. the optics looking much different from washington media's biggest black tie event of the year. leland: and the difference between the north and south korean leaders on the dmz. the president says he's getting ready for his high stakes talks with the hermit kingdom leader. elizabeth: there's outrage in england. a baby's life comes to a very sad end, this, after the government there says it wasn't worth keeping him alive. ♪ and happy saturday, thank you
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for joining us, welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. i'm elizabeth prann. leland: great to be with you, and great to be with you at home on this saturday, i'm leland vittert. the president demanding the resignation of a democratic senator as the white house continues their defense of one times veterans affair nominee ronny jackson. the tweet comes hours before the president snubs the washington media elite and heads to michigan for a rally. alison barber, north lawn of the white house on this beautiful saturday. hi. >> hi, leland. that's right, president trump is calling on a sitting u.s. senator to resign over allegations he publicly discussed regarding president trump's now former nominee to head the department of veteran affairs. in a series of tweets, writes in part, allegations made by senator john tester against admiral ron jackson are false. they deny any of the phony
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democrat charges. tester should resign. jackson faced accusations over prescribing medication or claims that he overprescribed medication and wrecking a car after drinking at a going away party. the white house says they've reviewed jackson's driving records and found no evidence of that incident. jackson denied it as well. president trump addressed the accusations during a press conference with german chancellor angela merkel. >> these were false accusations about a great man, about a man who has a son who is a top student at annapolis, about a man that's given his life to this country and to the military, with brave man. he would have been a great leader. >> trump hosted merkel at the white house days after hosting french president emmanuel macron. a key topic for both visits, an iran nuclear deal. he said he would leave without may 12th without any major changes and merkel and macron
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want the u.s. to stick with the deal. >> we are of the opinion that the gcpoa is a first step that has contributed to slowing down their activities in this particular respect. >> we must ensure that this murderous regime does not even get close to a nuclear weapon and that iran ends its proliferation of dangerous missiles and its support for terrorism. >> absent a substantial fix, absent overcoming the shortcomings, the flaws of the deal, he is unlikely to stay in that deal past this may. >> later this evening, president trump is heading to michigan for a campaign rally. he declined an invitation to the annual white house correspondent's dinner which is set to take place tonight. the rally is set to take place at the same time in place of president trump going, this is of course the second year he's missed it. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders will attend that dinner. right now, leland, president trump is at trump national golf course and expected to leave for
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michigan about 4:00 this afternoon. leland: all right, thank you. speaking of michigan, let's bring in michigan-based radio host steve gruber. nice to see you. the president tweeting before he headed out to his golf course, looking forward to be in the great state of michigan. no argument about great, happen to love michigan as well. and major expansion of jobs in your state. and auto expanding in your state. fair assessment? >> it's a great time looking for a job no question. and what do you say about donald trump's first two years. help wanted. every place has help wanted. 10,000, roads, construction and bridges and infrastructure. that's how much michigan has come back and it's part of the
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trump economy. leland: economists will tell you though that this is is a result of the economic expansion that occurred over the past couple of years, it wasn't just january 2017 that michigan suddenly had help wanted sides. that may be the economic reality. do people in michigan give president trump credit or are they looking back to president obama. >> i can tell you the people of michigan are giving credit for coming here today. instead of canned jokes to correspondents. michigan is one of the keys to winning in 2016 for the president, it will be again in 2018, 2020. the job market here, the credit goes to the president. let's be honest. there's an optimism, not only in michigan, but in ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, the states that were key for him to claim the white house in 2016, key again this year and key in 2020. i would say this leland, is that not too many people that i've talked to, in fact, nobody says
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they wished donald trump hadn't won the presidency, they have a confidence in him, they have a support of him and you will see tonight in washington township, it will be packed. it will be standing room only. leland: all right, we've seen standing room only at a number of the president's rallies. no surprise he's coming to michigan. big senate race, one of the ten senate seats that is held by a democrat in the state that president trump won. here right now are the candidates, obviously, you have debby stabenow, the incumbent democratic senator, and then screen center, screen right, is mr. james and mr. pensler who are running for the republican nomination. how big are president trump's coat tails when it comes to michigan? >> well, we'll find out. debby stabenow has been a formidable candidate for years, 18 million i believe she has in the war chest. look at john james, worked in the military, successful business man and sandy pensler and put in money of of his own and ads for president trump, supporting him 100% across the
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board. sandy pensler i would think that he has a bit of an edge because of the finances. leland: steve, square this for me. one hand you say that folks in michigan give president trump so much credit and they love the fact that there's low unemployment and there's 10,000 new construction jobs, and all of that credit goes to a republican donald trump. how come debby stabenow would have a chance against that? >> well, michigan's one of those split states. a purple state, if you will. we often send a democratic senators to washington, but if you look at our congressional delegation, nine of the 14 are republicans. so, it's a state that can go either way, as we learned in november of 2016 when michigan was carried by the president by just over 10,000 votes. it's a close call here in michigan, but what people see in donald trump a he is not worried about short-term popularity. he's worried about results. leland: really? >> he's not governing by polling, he's worried about putting like the tax cuts, not popular to begin with, but now getting more popular every day.
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that's the key to winning michigan. leland: all right. and fair. as we wrap this up, you paint a very rosie picture for president trump in the way michiganders respond to him. the question is, then, how do republicans screw this up, whether it's pensler or james, how do they not screw up the support of trump's supporters and at the same time capitalize against stabenow? >> there are things to think about. first of all, leland, you'll appreciate this. i talk to people all the time on the radio program, out in public. i don't run across anybody, not even democrats who say boy, i sure wish hillary was president. you don't hear that. leland: hillary is not on the ballot in 2018. >> i think that donald trump is going to do well as far as supporting candidates in michigan and that's why he's here in washington township today. i think that it is a solid picture for the president. it's a record of results where there's the tax cuts, the economy and what's going on in north korea cannot be understated, it's a big deal, a huge deal, a nobel prize worthy deal on the world stage, so foreign policy, domestic policy,
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this president really is hitting on all cylinders for a lot of folks here in michigan. leland: well, all cylinders has so many meanings in the state of michigan. steve, appreciate you being with us. interesting perspective as always. >> thank you. leland: thank you, as steve promised, standing room only he says during president trump's rally in michigan and if you don't want to stand up at the rally feel free to tune in here to fox tuesday channel. coverage begins 7 p.m. eastern right here, the remarks live as they happen. elizabeth: a joint declaration between north and south korea to work toward formally ending a decades long war is hailed as a new milestone today by north korean state media. president trump also tweeting this morning that things are going very well on the korean peninsula. our own greg palkot is in seoul with the latest. hi, greg. >> hi, elizabeth. it is the day after that historic interkorean summit that involved of course between kim
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jong-un and south korean president moon jae-in. probably most significant was the reaction from the north. there was coverage today of the summit in state-controlled tv and in newspapers and they included mention of north korea's pledge to get rid of its nukes, they actually used the world to their public, denuclearization. here in seoul, cautious optimism, especially that commitment to sign a peace treaty to formally end the korean war, that's gone on for so many years now and other measures to ease the tensions across the border. the meeting on friday was also seen as an important warm-up for the planned summit between kim jong-un and president trump. the president tweeted this today, just had a long and very good talk about president moon in south korea, things are going very well, time and location of meetings is being set. and also spoke to prime minister abe of japan to inform him of ongoing negotiations. here is the take of one analyst
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about that upcoming summit. take a listen. i see a good possibility of good chemistry between donald trump and kim jong-un, they're unconventional figures and prize interpersonal relations so i think there's a good chance when they get in that room, donald trump and kim jong-un can make a deal. >> we will see. just in the past couple of minutes, elizabeth, we've gotten word that defense secretary mattis has spoken with his counterpart in south korea in the wake of the summit talking about a range of issues. one more note, analyst does give a lot of credit to president trump for getting talks with north korea to this point, but he warns, like a lot of people, just beginning the process and that process, at least a few times in the past, has gone wrong. back to you, elizabeth. elizabeth: that's right, of course. thank you, appreciate it. here to weigh in, fox news national security and foreign policy analyst walid phares.
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you've heard greg palkot say that this has gone wrong in the past. my first question, what exactly does he want, and i'm speaking of kim jong-un and also, as these conversations continue, if they continue, how can we sort of decipher progress? >> that's a very good question. that's the question of the day. the north korean leader, or dictator, wants basically to protect his regime, and he's measuring how much he's going to be paying for this. stopping the missile test, he could do that. maybe start to redirect the program, he could do that. the thing, his red line, would be do not touch my regime, it's a one-party regime and that's the challenge, there could be changes on the ground. north koreans could be given possibilities and that could be a risk for him. elizabeth: there was one statement put out this morning, nuclear-free zone, peninsula, if you will. my question to you would mean that would probably include probably the 28,000 troops in south korea to leave and that's probably never going to happen?
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>> it could, but, yes, at this point in time the 20,000 troops are basically facing the military troops to the north. so, it's really the task forces that we have in the ocean, versus the missiles. so if you look at it from a balance of power, if he disarms his missiles then we could redeploy: if he would listen his military in the north, we could redeploy. the major question that i have here, how do we measure that he's going to that direction. we have the military monitoring, of course, and surveillance, very strict, but also the most important factor, will he allow his citizens to visit the south? that will be a mainly game changer. elizabeth: i can't even imagine that. i'm sort of curious on who has the upper hand going into the meetings and as we go into the meetings, would he sort of tread lightly and maybe not ask for sanctions to be released immediately? would he start sort of lowering the bar, if you will? >> normally he will ask for everything he wants to ask for
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and then, of course-- >> he read art of the deal, maybe. >> yes, maybe translated to him, but remember, there's also china behind him. he has been prepped by the china during his visits so they will be basically doing the larger negotiation with us, with the united states, and he will be part of that negotiation, basically. >> before you go, i do want to shift to sort of a larger foreign policy outlook. obviously, it was a big week with the white house, we saw the french president, saw the german chancellor. what's your take away this week on where we stand in the world? >> well, basically the two european leaders were here for one specific issue, the iran deal. they feel that the president and his administration are heading towards withdrawing from the deal. they feel there's a majority in congress and the american public who do not trust the deal. what they're trying to do, convince the president, look, we have an alternative for you, we have another deal, but do not let go of the deal before having the alternative. and i think the president's
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position is, first i'll withdraw from the deal, but i'm ready to renegotiate so it puts pressure on him at this point in time. elizabeth: he's making that decision on may 12th. >> he's making the decision on may 12th formally. i don't know if he's already made the decision. it's up to him. elizabeth: thank you for coming on. >> thank you. elizabeth: be sure to watch fox news sunday for the latest from the korean peninsula. chris wallace will talk to national security advisor john bolton. of course, check your listings for time and channel and the fox news channel tomorrow at 11 a.m. howie kirtz and his guest will talk about the coverage of the president's rally tonight in michigan. leland: all right, the terminally ill british lawyer t at-- british boy at the center of an intense battle, the life of alfi evans and his parents. >> it was a heart breaking battle, it ended 2:30 this morning british times.
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five days after medical staff removed him from life support. his parents confirming his death through social media, his mother kate james writing, our boy, our baby boy, grew his wings tonight at 2:30 a.m. we are heartbroken. thank you, everyone, for all of your support. >> tom evans who became the fairs of anguish during the months of legal struggles. my gladiator laid down his shield and laid down his wings, heartbroken. and we heard from all over the world, including pope francis, who the father met with to pressure them to let him go for care. the pope talks about the importance of like-minded care for all of creation. >> in this situation, it is fundamental that we improve our awareness of the ethical responsibility in respect of mankind, and the environment in which we live. >> and earlier, the pope tweeted, i am deeply moved by
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the death of little alfi and hopes that god the father takes him in his embrace. he suffered from an inunnamed neurological condition. and he spent a year and a half at the doctor in liverpool. and the doctors said his condition was hopeless and he should be allowed to die. the british court system ruled on behalf of the staff. and they said the british authorities had the authority to usurp the parents' wishes. and they made piece with the hospital staff so alfie's stay could be in peace. >> bill cosby will be on house arrest as he awaits sentencing. he must wear a gps tracking device and only allowed to leave
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his house to go to his lawyer or a doctor first. he has to have permission first. the jury convicted him of molesting andrea constand in 2004. he could spend the rest of his life behind bars, but cosby's lawyers will appeal. leland: hundreds of firefighters are battling firefighters in arizona. new revelations about the woman who met with donald trump, jr. at trump tower during the 2016 campaign. we'll tell you about her alleged ties to the kremlin. countdown is on now. migrants from central america saying they're going to attempt to seek asylum in the u.s. tomorrow. william la jeunesse, tijuana, hi, william. >> leland, this is one of the many shelters in the area of tijuana, where the central american immigrants have slept last night and today will meet with lawyers about their alsylu
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working to contain the blaze. drivers are told to be cautious, there have been road closures in the area and there's no word yet on what exactly started the fire. >> that migrant carivan we've been covering plans to cross the u.s. mexico border tomorrow. as of now there are about 300 people in shelters in tijuana, mexico, where immigration lawyers are giving them advice, as they prepare to request asylum here in the united states. william la jeunesse on the border, with more as it happens. hi, william. >> well, leland, i'm about a half mile from the border and looking at the fence in zone north in tijuana, the rent is cheap and there are shelters including the one behind me, they're going to meet with lawyers today and get
9:24 am
transportation from here and having breakfast now and get advice whether or not they want to make that journey, they will be separated from the family, the women and children and things like that and have one more opportunity to decide whether or not they want to claim asylum or not. and i want to take some video that we shot yesterday at the area we called chaparral gate and this is what the port of entry looks like from the south side. where people from around the world, really, come to gather to present themselves at the port of entry and most of them you see are from where there is cartel violence, just like central america and cite the conditions of gangs and extortion, et cetera, asking them for the right and to present themselves, their case to a u.s. asylum officer. >> and they killed our family, that's why we're fleeing from our hometown. that's why we're here. >> we've been here for four days, we were hungry, we were cold. yesterday there were no asylums. no one got in yesterday.
9:25 am
they returned 30 people. >> so what is the u.s. doing to stop this group? what is the u.s. doing to stop the group? number one, it rhetorical and real and we've heard the president say they should not be allowed into the country. so they have a right when you seek asylum to a fair hearing, however, the administration has warned, if you lie, if you hire a smuggler, game the system or commit fraud, you will be prosecuted, a warning to this highly visible and symbolic group from central america, we will separate the women and children, the families for some, that's going to be untolerable and people according to homeland security will be detained throughout the adjudication process. and it could be months. >> okay. i think we should-- do you have it back? story about that, got it back. leland: you're back, keep going. >> okay, i'm sorry about that. the mic separated on me, but anyway, let me bring you up to
9:26 am
speed. they met with lawyers yesterday and today, they will be told, listen, do you want to do this? there will be pain involved in that and an unaccompanied minor, he had as family in texas and told i will be kept for a while and be released and that will will not necessarily be the case for everyone. there will be a news conference in the morning and maximum exposure and point of entry where some will have asylum. back to you. leland: we'll cover it as it happens with william's fixed microphone. thank you, sir, talk to you soon. >> coming up, she originally said that she was a lawyer and now a russian woman who met with the trump family is admitting she may have had ties to the kremlin. and president trump's nominee to head the veterans administration blows out, as allegations pileup
9:27 am
against him, and what's next with the struggling organization. >> ronny jackson, admiral doctor, is one of the finest men that i've met over the last long period of time. high quality. high quality family. i just met them. and i explained what happened. and i explained that washington can be a very mean place.
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. elizabeth: well, welcome back. >> new information about the russian lawyer who met with the trump family before the election. she sometimes is an informant for the kremlin. they release a final report on the year long investigation into alleged russian election meddling. fox news correspondent, gillian turner went through the report and also has more on this russian lawyer. >> hi, leland. so the report from republicans on the intel committee largely exonerates the trump and clinton campaigns and confirms russia did interfere in the election and roundly condemns the u.s. intelligence community and also accuses president obama's intel chief of lying, what information they shared with journalists and when. and roads in part, former dni clapper denied the reporting the
9:33 am
dossier, with journalists, but subsequently acknowledged discussing the dossier with journalist jake tapper and admits he might have spoken with other journalists on the same topic. the president was quick to embrace reports favorable to him and steered clear of the finding that both campaigns exhibited, quote, poor judgment. >> i was very honored by the report. it was totally conclusive, strong, powerful, but what we really should do is get on with the our lives and get on with a lot of things. >> washington's report reads as a rorschach test. it seems to depend in large measure on their political disposition. several democrats zeroing in on what they deemed the serious nature of the investigation. >> it's basically a kindergarten report. it was a light once-over. >> while some republicans are using this has an opportunity to underscore their own particular
9:34 am
grievances with the process. mike conway released a statement in part, i'm extremely disappointed with the overzealous redactions made by the ic. many of the redactions include information that's publicly available, such as witness names and information previously declassified. my team and i will continue to challenge the ic's many unnecessary redactions with the release of the report in coming months. what's abundantly clear, leland, folks on both sides of the island are eager to complain about the report, but none seem to take responsibility for it happening. leland: shocking, it would never would happen in washington before. >> sorry to shock you so early on a saturday. leland: we've been up for a while. thanks, gillian. >> we're very proud of the job we've done for the veterans. the veterans, we've gotten accountability approved, which is something that for years, for years, they've been trying to get and i will tell you, we're getting choice, we're putting choice in very, very strongly
9:35 am
and we have tremendous support in the senate for that. >> well, the department now is the fourth secretary in four years. they're awaiting president trump painting a positive picture made of the veterans administration and those with firsthand knowledge are not so sold. they say many of the problems still exist and without a leader, the va will continue to flounder. the one who blew the whistles on the horrendous conditions that veterans were facing, we're awaiting the fourth secretary in four years, what's your take on this week? >> well, it's been very interesting. i'm not surprised that-- given the allegations of what happened, but i would hope that they would move forward and that the president would consider other nominations. i think the best that would be to go with jeff miller, the former, the former head of the
9:36 am
veterans house affairs committee because he's very, very familiar with the va. elizabeth: that's what i was going to ask you, there has been some vocal supporters. if i'm not mistaken, he was interested in the job in the beginning and was even interviewed for it, is that correct. >> i don't know if he was interviewed, but i know that his name was certainly mentioned there. he is intimately familiar with the va and he would not be going into this job with rose colored glasses he'd be going in with a binocular in one arm and a microscope in the other. elizabeth: that's sort of what i was going to ask you. here is a thankless gig with a huge responsibility and the va continues to be plagued with issue because there hasn't been anyone at the helm in a while who has been able to focus on the task at hand so i want to ask you, what do we know about this, this congressman from florida, and how would he take the va in another direction? >> well, if it wasn't for jeff miller, you wouldn't know about this story and you wouldn't know who i was. his committee, especially
9:37 am
garri garrick, they were investigating the va long before i got into the picture. and he has diligently worked against the va stonewalling him all the time and without his efforts, again, you wouldn't know my name. elizabeth: you know, you had brought up an interesting point, you said 15 years ago there were, what, 900 va administrators. today, how many are there, sir? >> close to 10,000 and very few of them contribute to actual clinical work. the overhead is just tremendous and i would not see that in the private sector. you need more worker bees and less supervisors. elizabeth: that's sort of what-- that's what i'm going for here. with would the florida congressman go in that direction? if so, what would he be up against? >> he would be up against the va bureaucracy who has been hard on the last three secretaries to say the least. but i really do think that he could drain the swamp there and
9:38 am
get the job done and get the focus back. and in terms of, you know, the va, they still have a nationwide mismatch between their ability to deliver care and the demand for it. probably 60 to 70% of veterans like going to the va, but if you live in flagstaff and you have heart trouble, you know, it would be much better to be able to go to the heart center there, which is ten minutes from your house, rather than have to be sent down to phoenix two hours away and then another two hours to tucson, the only heart center in arizona. elizabeth: i want to end up on a personal note and you had firsthand experience and you were the whistleblower who brought this to light. how does it feel that there is no one in charge right now for all the men and women looking for care? >> the ship is floundering at sea. we need a new captain to plot a course and take it somewhere where it can be most effective. elizabeth: all right, thank you for joining us, sir, we really
9:39 am
appreciate it. >> thank you very much for having me. leland: democrats say the economic boom has left many behind. the numbers, perhaps, paint a different picture. what it means for the mid terms. plus, teachers in arizona are the latest to join nationwide protests against low pay. how they plan to fight for more public funding, what it means for your wallet when we come back. >> we want to get back in the classrooms and that's just a really big point that we want to make because we don't want to be here. we love our kids. we miss our kids.
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>> teachers across the united states are fed up. if you look green-- screen left. they're looking at inadequate funding in arizona. and in denver, governor john
9:44 am
hiken looper says they would look to repay what waste borrowed during the recession. teachers in west virginia, oklahoma are protesting low pay and lack of funding. leland: president trump tweeting this morning ahead of his trip to michigan that jobs are pouring back in and auto companies are expanding he says at a record pace. and democrats, they say that main street has been left behind. and new fox polling data shows 32% of the voters believe the economy will get better over the next year. 27% though say it will get worse. here to talk about it, chief editor of dow jones news wires, good friend glen hall, nice to see you, you guys study this at a granular level and it seems you've got to dig pretty deep these days to find bad economic
9:45 am
data. >> yeah, there's just hints of it, right? so the first quarter gdp numbers just came out a little slower than the growth we had at the end of last year and that's normal for the first quarter. it depends on whether you want to see it half full and half empty. and pullback in consumer sentiment and it's at historically high levels. and then you talk about the tax cut impact and people say on the democrats side. well, it wasn't enough, people aren't feeling it in their paychecks yet, but there is still an improvement in the paychecks for most people. so, you're fighting around the edges there. leland: you guys have reporters who are not only covering sort of the corporate side of this in the expansion and also the effect of everyday americans and how they're spending. are people acting like the economy is better or not? >> we've been seeing the consumer pretty robustly spending over the last many months. even though there might have been a slowdown in the first quarter, it's still solid. what was really interesting, we saw a big increase in business
9:46 am
spending and building up of inventory so they think there will be more consumer spending down the road. >> so, businesses are betting, essentially, that things are going to get better. >> that's right. after the first quarter, an a big spike in growth across the country, so, you know, i think it's going to be hard to counter the narrative that the economy is better now than it was a year ago. leland: that's certainly the narrative we're hearing from the president and the supporters. we had a michigan talk radio host on a little earlier giving him full credit and say that people in the state give him full credit. the reason to talk about this is essentially from a political standpoint. there are ten democratic seats in states that were won by president trump. and here are the tossups held by a democratic senator. west virginia 5.4%. national unemployment 4.1%. in all, but one of those states held by democrats the unemployment rate is below the national average. in north dakota, 2.6% they're
9:47 am
having trouble finding anybody to do anything. you've got to pay bonuses to get people to work at mcdonald's. you know, if president trump gets on the stump you're better off two years ago than now, if you're better off vote republican, i'll do more for you, how do you counter that? >> just on the historical battle front, the democrats have 25 seats in the senate to defend and the republicans only have eight so the odds are stacked against them. it's not likely. in the house we historically see as the new president comes in in the first term losses in the house. if not, guaranteed there have been times it goes the otther way. if the economy is feeling good, the consumer is feeling good, do you rock the boat? >> the other time it went the other way, post 9/11, 2002. and you had the republicans keep the majorities post 9/11 and that was sort of a negative shock that sort of brought people over to george w. bush's side. if the economy continues to be
9:48 am
on fire and there's a positive shock, any reporting or historical data that they give republicans credit for that? >> it will come down to the districts in a lot of ways. and there again, largely they're stacked in favor of the republicans in the house so the democrats are unlikely to pick off 24 seats they would need to claim the house, but the house may lose its majority. it's tricky for the republicans, it's tenuous how to get that in their party and to get the job done. leland: how cohesive has the republican messaging been on it's the economy, stupid. the economy is doing really well. reelect us? >> that's been tenuous as well. i think you'll see as the economy improves. it's likely to see faster growth in the coming quarters and that's been the pattern. when you see that you'll embrace that because that's a good talking point in an election cycle. >> we certainly think that president trump, when the stock market was running up, he was
9:49 am
tweeting a lot about it and he's tweeting less about the stock market now and a little more about unemployment rates. glen hall, dow jones jones news wires covering it all. elizabeth: the golden state killer awaits a second hearing after outsmarting authorities for nearly 40 years. how dna from family members helped solve this case. plus, archaeologists in peru make a very gruesome discovery. it may be one of the largest of its kind. ♪ napoleon is duping us! all around louisiana... you're a nincompoop! (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one. so you won't miss a purchase
9:50 am
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9:53 am
>> not exactly uplifting on this saturday, but scientists in peru have made a major discovery and we emphasize this is from 550 years ago, but they have uncovered what they describe as a mass grave. archaeologists believe it may be the largest sacrifice of children in the world. the remains of 140 children and 200 llamas lead experts believe they were offered in a ritual some 550 years ago. and thought the children were sacrificed as floods ravaged the peruvian coastline. the children range in ages from six to 15 years old.
9:54 am
>> the suspected golden state killer sits in a psychiatric ward on suicide watch as he waits for his next court hearing. clauda cowan joins us from the l.a. bureau with more on the man accused of multiple rapes and murders and spending 40 years on the lam. >> prison officials are monitoring the suspected golden state killer after he made a court appearance. deangelo went into a packed courtroom and brought in an a wheelcha wheelchair. addressing the court in a whisper, he requested a public defender. and everybody r everyone is back may 14th. and detectives connected him by dna by a relative on a geology
9:55 am
website. this is shared publicly, there was no need for a court order. and investigators continued to comb through his past and property, hoping to find specific items that the golden state killer stole from his victims. >> he would take single earrings out of a set. he would take, obviously, items that had some monetary value, rings, some class rings, a variety of items like that. >> investigators believe deangelo's alleged crime spree stopped in mid 80's and then he worked in a grocery distribution center and lived with his daughter and granddaughter. he spent a lot of time tending his lawn and he would fly into a rage at the slightest annoyance.
9:56 am
i was at the home this week and her kids would go trick-or-treating there on halloween. she was visibly shaking as she told me the story. and now law enforcement agencies are up and down the state are reopening cold cases to see if deangelo could be responsible for them. he's currently facing eight counts of murder and that number is expected to multiply. back to you. elizabeth: what a story. clauda cowan with the story, leland. leland: the president snubbing the media for the second year in a row and his message to the heartland in a key senate race there. plus, a carivan of migrants arrived at the mexican border. william la jeunesse with what's next for the 300 people.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
>> leland: welcome to america's. >> leland: here's what's making his right now. the president versus the press. heading to michigan to rally supporters inside the beltway. saying in a fund-raising letter quote why would i want to be stuck in a room with a bunch of fake news liberals.
10:01 am
>> leland: a day after the historic talk between north and south korea, congress weighing in. republican congressman, joe wilson on the president's possible big summit. wilson once traveled to that kingdom. >> elizabeth: we will head south of the border were more than a hundred migrants want to cross tomorrow despite warnings from president trump. >> elizabeth: president trumps kickstarting the weekend with a rant aimed at the veterans affairs committee calling for his resignation. he skipping tonight's whit white house correspondents dinner opting to hold a rally in michigan. >> president trump says that montana senator john koester should resign over allegations of the former nominee to be the secretary at the department of veterans affairs. he wrote, allegations made by senator john koester against ron jackson are proving false.
10:02 am
the secret service denies any of the phony democratic charges. jackson was sick accused of overprescribing medicine creating hostile work environment and wrecking a car after drinking at a secret service party. jackson denies it. documents provided to us by the white house there is no evidence that he wrecked his car after drinking. he was involved in three minor traffic accidents over five years but none of the report suggests drunk driving. president trump address the acquisitions. >> these were false accusations about a great man. about a man who is a son who is a top student at annapolis. about a man who is given his life to this country in the
10:03 am
military. he would've been a great leader. >> the reports we heard as he treated those above him well, he treated those below the very poorly thus creating a toxic work environment. it's not surprising the president and those who that's from the president with think he's doing a really good job. once again, we need to get to the bottom of it. >> koester has not responded to the tweet. mr. trump is at the trump national golf course. not clear what he's doing but he was seen in a golf outfit. later he's heading to michigan for a campaign rally that said to take place during the annual white house correspondents dinner. president trump declined to attend the dinner for the second year in a row. his press secretary will be there in his place.
10:04 am
>> elizabeth: thank you. we have a white house columnist for the hill joining us for the hill. never a dull moment. what's your take away? >> the jackson nomination and with the withdraws historic. it's terrible that they can have the reputation ruined by anonymous allegations. it's a very mysterious episode. i don't think we've got to the bottom of it yet. >> elizabeth: i want to get international headlines, but along with mr. jackson withdrawing we saw scott pruitt heading over to the hill. what was your take way from that? he was grilled hard. >> he was and he survived that. the long-term first cap route is not good. president trump was elected entering in the swamp. a lot of the behavior around scott pruitt is pretty swampy.
10:05 am
were seen republican support a row. and the white house hasn't been robust in supporting him. >> elizabeth: the president has been every supporter. will we see that wayne? >> it's more the staff level in the communications level were seen some of that waning. the longer goes on with new investigations going on it's sort of a drip effect. >> elizabeth: we had a lot of romance headlines, maybe not quite as warm with the chancellor germany. what is your take away from a form policy standpoint. today thing surprise you this week with them? >> i think the personal warmth was quite striking.
10:06 am
it seems to me that macron is pushing himself as a lead figure in europe. because the relationship between trump and merkel is frosty at the least. >> he's seem to be criticizing nationalism in isolation relation. >> elizabeth: he has spoken to reporter shortly after into an active indication on if the president would decertify the iran deal a may 12. it wasn't a confident statement. did they leave with their tail between their legs or was it a success from what you gather? >> from what i gather they hope to get more than what they got. they hope to push the president more toward a somewhat accepting approach on iran. i don't think that happened by the time he left.
10:07 am
it seemed like there was a acceptance that the iran deal -- >> elizabeth: my question with the president from what you learned maybe he doesn't make decisions like that immediately. says something that could change? >> it is something that could change. he prides himself on flexibility. he can zigzag in ways that experts are sometimes taken aback by. >> elizabeth: the optics of this evening, you better washington for quite some time the second year in a row where we don't see the president at the white house press. >> i think that's a smart decision for mr. trump. i think it is easily cast it's much better politically for him to be in michigan speaking to
10:08 am
those who elected him and proving he's there with them. >> elizabeth: i agree with your argument but it's more fun with him there. we will have live coverage of the rally in michigan at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here. stay tuned. >> leland: internet rare move north korean state media help the summit with south korea as a quote milestone after the leaders pledged to ended decades long war and rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons. present trump tweeted things are going very well with negotiations and he set up his own summit. it's already early tomorrow morning over there. >> an important callout from the historic summit that evolved kim jong-un and south korean president. probably most significant is
10:09 am
that coverage coming in north korea on the government running dominated to be a newspaper outlet. they even cited the important pledge of tunic colorization. i call a cautious optimism especially to sign a piece train be which would formally end the korean war. another way to ease tensions along the order. the meeting is seen as a crucial warm up to the summit. president trump tweeted that the time and location of that meeting is being set. the thought maybe one happened till mid june. here's more from the top analyst about what we might expect. >> frankly for donald trump you want to make this deal.
10:10 am
the nuclear deal is a deal only the united states can negotiate. donald trump gets credit, this is not strategic patience. >> leland: a reference to the obama administration policy towards north korea. the analyst added that he thinks it could be good chemistry between president trump and chairman kim. >> leland: the deals on this have been made many times and broken many times by the north koreans. safe travels home to. coming up will get reaction from south carolina congressman joe wilson. the congressman has been in the hermit kingdom and has some unique perspectives. >> elizabeth: a migrant caravan from south korea's preparing to cross the u.s. mexico border. they is set up shelter in tijuana, mexico. william has more.
10:11 am
>> it started out with about 1500 immigrants from central america, honduras, el salvador and guatemala. that's been paired down to about 340. we expect 200 to claim asylum tomorrow. there are three different groups of three different locations to get legal advice. they're in a seminar behind me. so what is credible if you're really mean and what evidence do you need to present. also do you want to go through with this? these families are likely to be separated. they could be in detention from weeks to months. they could be prosecuted if they lie or commit fraud or present false evidence. this is what we're told what they heard from the lawyers yesterday.
10:12 am
>> they are informing us on what we have to do before surrounding ourselves. i think it's fine. if we go without information it will be worse. they're telling us what we have to and what not to do. >> remember, they're not going through the border over the fence. they're presenting themselves legally at the port of entry. they will not have a lawyer with them at the time. they're trying to get their story state straight on what to say and what evidence might be accepted. it's been high-profile and symbolic of the amount of illegal immigration coming out because of violence. i have some statistics all share. this group of 200 or 300 is a drop in the bucket. these are numbers from october today. guatemala 9000 immigrants.
10:13 am
unaccompanied children and families. 5000 honduras, 2000 from el salvador. a continuing problem. one reason they want to make an example is to send a message south that this will not continue. where expecting a news conference in the morning. then they'll go to the port of entry and ask for silent. we don't know how they will do its, we are told they can handle about 100 asylum claims per day. >> elizabeth: thank you. >> leland: it's been hot but political issue here. working to bring in a policy analyst at the heritage foundation. the question is what william brought up. how does the government separate those from those who want a better life and come here from
10:14 am
jobs versus those who are in places like el salvador and honduras with real fear of gangs and violence, kidnapping and everything else. >> the main issue at hand is the precedence it was sent if we were allow. >> the presidents talk about 15000 people lead and in the past year was another 300. >> regardless of the number we cannot set it as precedent regardless even though it's a smaller amount it's still a number that should not allowed into the country. if they do meet the claims of credible fear or qualifying for silent than shirt. but if that's not the case they should be letting. >> are people lead and that don't meet those criteria?
10:15 am
>> custom importers protection and homeland security officials determine the. >> here saying if they have credible fear they should be let in. >> the group that organize this migrant caravan was originally 1500. they wanted to overwhelm our border officials. by their sheer volume. the numbers dissipated because president trump in the mexican government cooperated and started repatriating many of them back. now the remaining number of people don't meet the criteria of entering the country whether they have of user not they should not be allowed in. >> is anybody advocating those that don't meet the criteria should be met in. >> of course. there's very few conditions in which people should enter.
10:16 am
>> so your issue is the people that don't meet the credible fear criteria should not be let in. what happens when they show up today or tomorrow? >> it depends if they come in as a family are alone in their country fortune. is it mexico or other parts. >> as things stand right now to have an issue with how things will go tomorrow? >> my issues with this group that came in and tried to coerce officials. now they're trying to receive legal advice. >> it was interesting were being told what to say and what not to say. >> that's the problem. you're being coached to lie to border officials. rather from their home country they could go to u.s. embassy a petition for asylum. >> leland: reasonable people can agree that if your fear being
10:17 am
kidnapped by a gang and your kids are being beaten by gangs that going to the u.s. embassy in applying and spending another nine months and how you can make the argument that anyone would try to flee to the border. >> the bigger question is why is anger being directed toward the u.s. government. i think anger on what's happening right now. why are we just not opening our arms and letting people here. let's redirect the anger toward their own country and government for allowing drug cartels in the violence. that's what we should be asking. >> leland: there's a lot of questions about if the u.s. is doing enough to help these countries. i appreciate your insight. more tomorrow as it happens.
10:18 am
>> elizabeth: coming up we're breaking is automating. the massive effort to track down this texas cop killer. mike pompeo is in saudi arabia talking about everything from syria to iran. we will go live to the middle east. plus the political panel breaking down the ic language for members of congress. >> the false accusations that were made about him by senator from the great state i don't think they will put up with it. these were false accusations about a great man
10:19 am
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10:23 am
more for maine as this happens. >> the secretary of state mike pompeo begins his first official trip to the middle east with a stop in saudi arabia. were joined from the jerusalem bureau as they focus on the future of the iran nuclear deal in the conflict in syria. >> only after hours being on the job secretary of state mike pompeo was at a nato meeting in brussels. he calls on members to fulfill a pledge that they would spend 2% of their gdp on defense. he accused russia of a campaign he criticize russian support and he's criticized moscow for posing a threat to its neighbors.
10:24 am
>> through an aggressive campaign to undermined democratic institutions. in light of russians actions this is more indispensable the numbeever. >> sunday pompeo is expected to arrive in israel. his next up will be jordan. find out what the trouble do about the iran nuclear deal. some say he's going to pull out of the pack. president trump will decide on the fate of the agreement on mae u.s. will move its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. pompeo will arrive in israel days after they faced a massive demonstration. palestinians have been holding mass demonstrations demanding the right to return land they
10:25 am
say israel confiscated years ago. more than 800 were wounded when they use live ammunition. the demonstrations are nonviolent but israeli officials say they used explosives and devices to preach the border fence. this really military wants the number of airstrikes targeting the naval facilities. hamas is in control of gaza. israel accuses that group of using civilian and women and children as shields these weekly protests. they say the protests will continue until may 15. the date marking israel's founding. it's likely the protests will continue beyond. but may 15 is a significant tape.
10:26 am
the palestinians are promising massive demonstrations along the border. >> elizabeth: thank you. >> north and south korean leaders pledging to and decades long's tension. president trump wants full denuclearization. congressman joe wilson went to north korea and now he tells us about a possible kim jong-un the president trump summit. >> the north korean leader wants basically to protect his regime. the thing where we have redlined we do not touch by the regime.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
>> elizabeth: president trump ig between north and south korea leaders also raise questions about how long the positive diplomacy would last. to way and we have south carolina congress me thank you for joining us. you have been to north korea. i want your take away of this week. >> it's been a historic week. i'm grateful for the success of president donald trump. he said peace through strength will work. he has convinced kim jong-un that america is serious with the
10:32 am
leadership of secretary mike pompeo former leadership of rex tillerson. grateful for the leadership of nikki haley. indeed he understands that we have a team in place to work through peace through strength. >> we still have a long road ahead. but why peace, and why now? we've seen some of spee-04 meetings but never with the optics and theatrics that we have seen. >> to see kim jong-un, cross into south korea, i was there last september and at that time it was terrifying. we were alerted to be ever mindful of where we were in every move we make. to see them come together to
10:33 am
hug. the agreement they reach on friday does work for a peace treaty instead of a truce. an important for the people of the united states, denuclearization. >> there is a lot of positive reaction that came out. at the same time what measures came out? week talk about substance that came out of this. is that to come? >> it is to come in the future. the way is being paid now for president trump to meet with kim jong-un. and reach agreements. and he has made it clear in the spirit of -- that if there is not positive agreement and change he will step up from the table just as ronald reagan did with the soviet dictator.
10:34 am
so where will there be a compromise. what do lawmakers want to see? they don't even have a location you. what are you hearing about from other lawmakers? are they okay with troops leading the area or some type of compromise and lifting the sanctions before we see removal of these potential weapons? >> in lieu of compromise its strength. we see an individual who has made it clear that he will protect them american people. as we see the people of south korea we see that china recognizes that every effort should be made to not have conflict. and over again there's efforts to come together. it will be beneficial to the american people.
10:35 am
so proud of president trumps leadership where does china fit in in all this? >> this is really terrific that's what happened. president trump has a good relationship with him. and he seen in the united states with the sanctions being placed on north korea with addressing buyer ambassador were very proud of governor haley. were so proud she has made a difference in the un. we have opportunities to address issues that have to be addressed in a positive manner with the threats from north korea and the missiles across japan and the murder of auto warm beer, how far we have come in how positive it is with donald trump.
10:36 am
>> you talk about some of the players involved. i those really part of the puzzle that were putting together. >> he has a great team their realists. i know a besser haley is dedicated to peace through strength. he is top class. he will be working to promote peace their strength and i see a bright future for northeast asia for people of the korean peninsula and to reduce tensions. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you for your service. >> president trump calling on democratic senator to resign.
10:37 am
the senator is responding. what he has to say in the fallout, after the break. plus the media's gathering tonight for the white house correspondents dinner. it will not be the same without the presidents in attendance. howard is breaking it down for us as king midas, i expect things to last a looong time.
10:38 am
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10:42 am
>> we had some response frompre. here's the tweet this morning before the president buffers golf club. allegations made against ronnie jackson are proving false. the secret service is unable to confirm. they deny any phony democratic charges which has devastated the jackson family. tester should resign. >> it's my duty montana veterans get they need and have earned. i will never stop fighting for them as their senator. here to discuss. david, there's an old adage in politics which is never get the fight with a man by zinc by the barrel. people in washington modified that was never given a twitter fight with donald trump. has john gone too far in this with so many allegations he put out? >> i feel bad for the president picking a fight with john tester. he's the best as they come. he's fighting every day with veterans. one in ten people in montana are veterans.
10:43 am
>> this is entirely about politics. >> we have 23 currently serving and retired uniform service members came forward and said they had serious concerns about his fitness for duty to leave the second-largest federal agency. i think he had a duty to investigate it. >> did he have a duty to put out a menu of unsubstantiated allegations? >> he had a duty to bring about to diligence. >> this democratic mantra of resisting for the sake of resisting is getting old. the american people are tired of it. those who oppose the president and his agenda will do anything
10:44 am
they can to stop the advancement because they hate him. this is what we've seen where we've had the senator and the allies attempt to stop the president's nominee. i feel the senator hurt himself as we see these continue to come out throughout the administration you have americans across the country who wonder when their elected officials speak are they telling the truth? the president one by more than 20 points. they had the third highest per capita population of veterans. i think you did that because this will hurt him. >> i think you don't know john tester very well. she's voted to confirm all 12 of his nominees to the veterans department.
10:45 am
>> when secretary show can was confirmed to not the vote was? it was 100 - sera. press to say that he's obstructionist is not true. >> noteworthy it was someone who had been the virginia secretary and who is a holdover. not sure that proves anything. >> democrats haven't obstructed any other nominees. >> this is a way to make his election national and to raise money. because he's in a big fight. >> you make that accusation. we'll see if he sends out any fundraising e-mails. in a way it's making an accusation before his happen. of senator john tester was a republican who made allegations
10:46 am
about jackson with president obama there would've been hell to pay. the press would've been all over him. he goes to the issue of responsibility. if the senator is willing to put out things that aren't true they said it's not true doesn't have a responsibility to come back out and say i was wrong and i'm sorry? >> your racing a point. that ignores the other allegations. twenty-three uniform members of military members have serious concern about his fitness for duty. >> you may listen to my question but you didn't answer it. if the secret service comes out says this is false does senator tester have responsibility to say i'm sorry?
10:47 am
>> if that particular allegation is false, then yes. >> to put about town and whether he'll apologize? >> doubtful. he's following the talking points of the dnc. this is what they been doing. resist the president at every move. it's why social conservatives respect the president so much and what he's trying to accomplish. he's willing to stick to his guns. he nominated an honorable man in the dnc resorts to character assassination. were talking about the senator from montana on the saturday afternoon. >> had donald trump nominated qualified person. >> i think when anyone can agree sad is if indeed someone whose
10:48 am
character has been marked in such way that was untrue. think anyone would agree to have their name drug through the mud is pretty sad especially someone who served their country. leave it there. >> while the media gather here in our nations capital president trump will be talking about them in michigan. we'll get a closer look at the battle between the president and the press. >> a lot of bad people and fake media. look at them. leo, i know i'm late. oh! my wallet! card lock from capital one. instantly lock your credit card. in case it goes... arrivederci. mona!
10:49 am
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought republicans and democrats together to balance the state budget with a budget reserve, while investing in local schools and career training. as mayor of la, he put more police on the streets and reduced violent crime by nearly fifty percent. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
10:51 am
10:52 am
>> elizabeth: as the president really supporters in michigan many will be gathering here in washington, d.c. the white house correspondents dinner. take a closer look at president trump's relationship with the media. >> case anybody thinks president
10:53 am
trump might be mellowing with the media chuck todd after fresh evidence of his resentment. >> i don't watch nbc anymore, and i made them up arch and with the apprentice. >> for the second year he's skipping the white house correspondents dinner breaking with a decades long tradition. it will draw ample attention away from the annual journalist gathering. he said happen one euro go for president, the media is not fake news. >> they are gathered together for the white house correspondents dinner without the president. as you know, they are a disgrace. the washington media is part of the problem. their priorities are not my priorities and they're not your
10:54 am
priorities. >> trump is using it as a foil to use money. here's what he says in a fundraising letter. why would i want to be stuck in a room with a bunch of fake news media that hate me. not all journalists hate him but trump tends to play to his face which distresses the process he gets in front of a crowd. >> i am on meet the press, the show headed by sleepy eyes checked. >> yet he has held off the record meetings. he's also been unloading with new york times correspondent after he wrote a piecing trump is not always been kind to his attorney michael . the new york times known as a cricket age flunky who i don't speak to have nothing to do
10:55 am
with. trump knows her well has granted her several interviews and is this picture posted, she's not someone the president has nothing to do it. >> there's a gap between the president's view in the media establishment. that will be on display when the media and the president will accuse them of peddling fake news. >> watch media buzz tomorrow for a look at the media coverage of president trumps rally. the dinner tonight. he will break down those two opposing images. >> leland: by a giant rubber duck somehow was on the lam and how it was recaptured before wreaking havoc in the heartland.
10:56 am
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>> leland: this is no sitting duck, and any other joke you want to insert. riders in des moines, iowa had to share the road with this. he got about two blocks. cracky was on display for a nonprofit annual doctor b. >> elizabeth: he just had somewhere to go.
11:00 am
>> leland: why did the duck cross the street? >> elizabeth: i don't think he was abiding by loss. i can't be that funny. i tried. >> leland: tweet us. why did the duck cross the street. and then live coverage of trumps rally later in washington. we'll see you tomorrow to break it down. >> president trump making his way to the upper midwest later today. the battleground state of michigan. talk about job creation. he's urging his supporters to turn into that. then the white house correspondents dinner being held in washington. another year. we welcome you to america's news headquarter. >> they gather any of the nations capital honors the journalists who cover the white house. the president is hosting an event to hobnob with the


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