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tv   Watters World  FOX News  April 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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"the fox report" is wrapping up this sunday, april 28 of 2018. i'm connell mcshane. it's time for "watters world." jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. president trump speaking in washington township in michigan. president trump: some genius said we are going to sell the site and then we are going to take the money and build a new embassy. that sounds good. but you have to have money left over if you do that. they sold the site for i think -- these numbers are close enough. they sold the site for like $250 million. they think they are geniuses. they go out and buy a horrible
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location and build a new embassy. the bad news, the embassy cost over a billion dollars. so now what do we have? we have an embassy in a lousy location and i was supposed to cut the ribbon. i didn't do the deal. it was a bush-obama special. but it could have been stopped by obama. it would have been stopped by me. i said what kind of deal is this? you sold this great site. it's the best site in london. they were so happy, they got $250 million. but they spent all of that money plus lot more to build a new embassy in a lousy location. we need a whole new thinking here. we need a whole new thinking.
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we are going to finally put america first. okay? since the election we created more than 3 million jobs, including 300,000 new jobs in manufacturing. we love manufacturing. by the way, they wanted me to cut the ribbon on the new embassy, and i was all set. in the end i said i'm not going. i said i'm not cutting that ribbon. i said i'm not going. all right. hopefully we'll have many years of success with that embassy. in our country jobs are booming and confidence is soaring. we are at the top of the charts. and they are talking about us all over the world.
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they are talking about this incredible success. if i didn't get elected, if the opposition party i call the obstructionist party, that's all they are good at. if they got elected they wouldn't have cut regulations and taxes. you would have been down to a gdp that would have been negative. you see what's happening. our companies are ready to soar. wages for the first time are rising at the fastest pace in many, many years. 18, 19, 20 years. and i tell you, i would always go around and say to you strongly, people have jobs, they made more money 21 years ago than they make today and in some
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cases they have two and three jobs. african-american unemployment has reached the lowest level in history. hispanic you be employment, any hispanics in the room? not so many. that's okay. by the way, in all fairness, kanye west gets it. he got it. he gets it. cheers -- plu. people are watching. that's a very important thing he has done. hispanic unemployment the lowest level in history. women, female, unemployment, lowest level in 18 years.
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[applause] wages are going up for the first time in mani' many years. that's freight. as a result of our massive tax cuts which by the way debbie stabenow voted against. if the democrats get in they will take the tax cuts away and raise your taxes to a much higher level than you ever thought possible. that's what they want to do, so they can give the money away. millions of americans are receiving large bonuses and bigger paychecks than they ever received because they have so much money that they didn't even know they were making. you see what's happened as of february 1. and right after the cuts, the corporations gave massive bonuses and they continue.
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chrysler hand out $2,000 bonuses to 0,000 workers and announced plans for a $1 billion investment in warren creating a minimum of,5 -- of 2,500 jobs. they are now leaving other countries and coming back to michigan. remember i told you that five or six years ago. they are now coming back. and they will come back a lot faster than you have seen. you know what's even more important than that? leaving? we don't give them the incentive to leave anymore. we are giving them incentive to stay and to pay our people. [cheers and applause] but to protect our families we
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must secure our borders. the good thing about the caravan. people are watching. they are coming in from honduras. they are coming in frother places. -- from other places. they are taking this long trek up mexico. we want mexico to help us and we have to demand it. but mexico is going to help us. but there are hundreds of people out of 2,000. our laws are so corrupt and stupid, i call them the dumbest immigration laws on earth. if a person puts their foot over the line, we have to take them into our country. we have to register them. we then have to ask them a couple questions. lawyers are telling them what to say, how unsafe they are. and once they say that we have to let them go to come back to court in about a year. only one problem, they don't
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come back. welcome to the united states. this is the law. we have at the border the greatest people, the border patrol, i.c.e. agents. these are great people. the laws are so corrupt, they are so corrupt. one of the reasons they do it is because the democrats actually feel and they are probably right, that all of these people pouring across are vote for democrats. they will vote no matter what we do. so there is a theory they do it for that. a lot of times they don't even know what they are doing or why they are doing it. but we have to have borders and we have to have them fast. we need security and we need the wall. that wall has started. we are $1.6 billion. we come up again september 28. if we don't get border security we have no choice, we'll close
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down the country because we need border security. [cheers and applause] so we don't have a wall, but a big portion is being bilt. a lot of it is being fixed. we have a wall with big holes in it that's being fixed. weird building new in san diego and other places -- we are building new in san diego and other places. one good thing. watch the caravan. watch how sad and terrible it is, including for those people. because they come up, and the crime that they inflict on themselves and others inflict on them. it's a horrible, dangerous journey for them. and they come up because they know once they get here they can
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walk right into our country. we have the greatest people on earth and they can't do anything because the laws are corrupt. so we have fought to secure our border. but democrats in congress, nancy pelosi, schumer, they opposed us at every stop and every step. they opposed every effort to close the loopholes to keep the violent criminals like ms-13 the hell out of our country and to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs which are pouring into our country. and we have done a great job. and the numbers are great. but part of the problem is, people are smart. and they see how ridiculous these laws are. they know if they can get anywhere near, once they touch our ground it's caldwell come ts
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called welcome to the united states. the republicans are working hard and debbie sab kno -- debbie sts one of the leaders for weak borders. i don't know how she gets elected. a vote for a democrat in november is a vote for weak borders and crime. it's also a vote for much higher taxes. it's also a vote for be careful of your second amendment. be careful much your second amendment if they get in. the open border policies of the democratic party are not just wrong, they are dangerous and they are in fact deadly. they are deadly. they make no sense. they are deadly. their policies let gangs, some of the most of vicious gangs in the world pour into our country.
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they pour into our country. you know on long island you have gang members that are so tough that we send in these incredible i.c.e. agents. but you know what? the i.c.e. agents are much tougher. and they are grabbing them. and i'll tell you what. a doctor please, doctor? take your time, take your time,
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darling. jesse: president trump speaking live in washington township, michigan it looks like in the middle of the speech a man or woman became ill. we don't know what happened to that person. people were asking is there a doctor in the house. the president has paused the speech and is showing some
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concern for this individual. as a doctor comes there he's making sure everything is okay. these things happen. we remember these things happened at some of the obama rallies where people would pass out and faint. we don't know what happened to this person. but it's obviously very serious and the president is concerned by the and compassionate by the. he is not going to speak while this is happening. he obviously cares more about the person than the speech. he's doing what all humans would do, to stop this and make sure this person is okay, attended to and taken care of.
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president trump: those are the people we love. those are great people up there. and the doctors. thank you, doctor. thank you. great job. amazing. what people we have. what people we have! so we have to keep going the way we are going. we did was called a miracle. i don't think it was a miracle. you remember on election day it was really the day before, but it was 12:00 in the evening. grand rapid.
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i said -- and it was an unexpected stop. but i heard the opponent was going out with the president and they were going out also unexpected, and they had a very small crowd. but when i heard that, we left where we were, i said let's go to michigan, grand rapids. and i got there at 12:00 in the evening. remember that? and i said, how's the crowd. we couldn't get near the arena. there were 32,000 people. i finished speak at 1:00 in the morning on election day. 32,000 people. michigan hadn't been won in many, many years. i said, wait a minute. we had 32,000 people. i got home at 3:00 in the
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morning. i said tell me, why are we going to lose michigan. we had 32,000 people at 1:00 in the morning and even beyond. nobody left. we had a great time, right? and i said, so why are we going to lose michigan? they said because the republicans lose michigan. i said wait a minute. i'm bringing the cars back, i'm bringing the plants back, i'm bringing the jobs back. we won michigan, and i think quite easily. remember that? i always said i made that speech. that was my last speech. i made that speech on election day. by the time we finished it was 1:00. election day. this november he american will
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face a choice. now, they say if the house doesn't make it -- you have great congressmen -- these are great, great people. and thank you. but we have to keep the house because if you listen to maxine waters -- [crowd booing] president trump: she goes around saying we'll impeach him. people said but he hasn't done anything wrong. oh, that doesn't matter, we'll impeach the president. so i don't think we are going to have a lot of happy people if that happens. i think it will be a little bit tough. but she goes around and some others. it doesn't matter if you are doing anything right or wrong. we have got to win the house, and we are going to win anyway. we are going to win the house.
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we are going to win the house. now, historically when you win the presidency, the person that wins, the party that wins does poorly in what they call the mid-terms. the reason is i guess you take it easy. something happens. 93%, 94% of the time. you get complacent. we cannot be complacent. we have got to go out, we have got to go out and fight like hell and we have to win the house and win the senate. and i think we'll do great in the senate. i think we'll do great in the house because the economy is so good. the economy is so good. and because if you look at us all around the world we are respected again.
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we are not pushovers. you saw the president of france he came in, great guy. chancellor merkel came in yesterday from germany. [crow booing] president trump: no, it will be fine. blame the people who used to stay here with much smaller crowds. blame your american president and your american representatives. but it's not happening anymore. we are respected again as a nation. we are not the patsies or pushovers anymore. by the way, speaking of not being a patsy or a pushover. do you ever watch corey lewandowski on the shows? where is corey?
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and david bossie? he also had very little experience. he only ran one campaign and he won, so he's 1-1. corey, say a few word. >> this is trump country! we love you, michigan. thank you for supporting donald j. trump as your next president of the united states. thank you very much. president trump: thank you, corey. i saw them back there and they work hard. we appreciate it. we need more republicans. we have got to get more republicans.
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they say we have a majority. one in the senate, very few in the house. we need more to get it done. we are going to get it done one way or the other. but with your help we'll elect more republicans and deliver even more. other than healthcare which frankly we got rid of the individual mandate which is the worst part of obamacare. we are doing association healthcare very soon, it's coming out the next couple weeks which will be incredible where you will buy great healthcare, highly competitive. i used to talk on the debates about getting rid of the state lines. he'll be able to buy great healthcare at a great and competitive price. we are getting rid of obamacare, to people would say essentially we have gotten rid of it. but you no longer have the
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individual mandate. that's where you had the privilege of going out and spending a lot of money so you had the second privilege of not having to buy healthcare. so you paid for the privilege of not buying healthcare. we got rid of it from the tax cut plan. big thing. that was the worst part of obamacare. we got rid of that. you see what's going on. except for run vote. remember the one vote, 3:00 in the morning. thumbs down. what a vote that was. what a vote that was. that was some vote. but despite that, it's going to come out great. so we have gotten rid of a lot of obamacare and we'll get rid of the rest. we got you the tax cuts. we want every american to know
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the dignity of work, the pride of a paycheck and the satisfaction of a job well done. there is nothing like it. together we can lift millions of americans from welfare to work, from dependence to independence and from poverty to prosperity. [cheers and applause] we are supporting job training and we are supporting vocational schools. right? vocational schools. i said to the guys, i said these community colleges, they are wonderful, but nobody knows what a community college is. when i was growing up we had things called vocational schools. i would go to a school and would be sitting next to a guy, i never looked at his papers because he didn't do well. on the other side i would have somebody note too good.
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but they could take an engine apart blindfolded and fix it. they could build a brick wall better than all of the guys in the class and gals together. they could do things nobody else could do. and nobody knows what a community college is. we are going to start using -- and we had this -- vocational schools where you learn trades, and you will do it and you will love it and you will make much more money than anything else you can do, right? those are the people we need in our country right now. we need skilled people. and when people come across the border we want to take them in, but we want to take them in based on merit, not based on a lottery. lottery, lottery. we want them to come in based on
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skill and based on merit so they can love our country, they can help our country, they can do things for our country, not come in based on some random lottery system. and that will happen. it's all happening. we'll build new bridges and airports and highways and waterways all across this magnificent land. and you know what we are doing with your locks. we are going to start that as soon as i get back. i told your congressman, write that name down. the army corps of engineers. we'll be calling them. it could be tonight depending on when i get back. it might be tomorrow. but tomorrow is sunday. can i call object sunday? your locks aren't working too well. it hasn't been fixed in 50 years.
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after spending all that money in the middle east. we can't fix a lock? we'll put new steel into the spine of our country and breathe new life and hope into our beautiful communities. and in everything we do and every decision we make, we'll stand up and -- we are going to be proud. we'll be proud of america again. we are going to stand up for america and we are not going to apologize anymore for america. i told you before, we have done a lot. we have done more than anybody in a year. honestly it feels like we have been here a long time together. the fight has been a long fight. did you ever think we would have blaished we accomplished in this short period of time? part of the problem the country
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had and one of the reasons our jobs are doing so well and our companies are doing so well and wages are going up because we had regulations which were staggering. it would take 0 years to get a highway or roadway approved -- it would take 20 years to get a highway approved environmentally. it would take years and years to get a simple highway. i got rid of those regulations. and we'll have crystalling clean water and clean air. we'll reject people if they don't have the right project. but projects aren't going to take 18 years to get approved. then in many cases it's thumbs down after working 18 years. we'll stand up for places like detroit that need help. we'll stand up. and we'll stand up for great states like michigan. and we have done that.
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this is the state where henry ford invented the assembly line. this is it. it's the state that gave us motown, the mustang and the might of the american midwest. it's a great state. it is where generations of proud workers at general motors and chrysler and kellogg transformed our nation and changed the entire world. we were the leader. and now we are the leader again, and everybody is seeing it. and don't forget this. we have increased the values the last 16 months tremendously. we are almost twice the size of the next largest economy. remember that. don't forget that. don't forget that. and we are going to be growing very fast.
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it's time to look past the old divisions, tired thinking. the steal debates of the -- the stale debates of the past and finally come together as one nation under god. [cheers and applause] we are one people with one home, and one great american destiny. remember what i said, they are look at us all over -- they are looking at us all over the world. when chancellor merkel came in to see me, she said congratulations, mr. president. what you have done with your economy is even credible. when president macron came in to see me, emanuel, we like shaking each other's hand. she's terrific. she is for germany, i am for france. i'm for the u.s.a.
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does that make sense? emanuel came in and angela came in. they said, amazing, congratulations. what we have done in a short period of time of is incredible. regulations. we have cut more regulations in 15 to 16 months than any other president has cut in four years, 8 years or fdr in one case 16 years, and it's not even close. we inherit the legacy of the
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great americans who constructed the railroads, caused out the panama canal and put a man on the face of the moon. by the way, excuse me, did you see how our space program is going? a little different. and we are letting those rich guys that like rockets. go ahead, use our property, pay us some rent. go ahead. you can use cape canaveral. you just pay us rent and spend that money. pretty amazing. how about when the engines come down. they come down and land so they can use them again. that looks like futuristic beautiful stuff. we have reinvigorated our space program to a level that nobody thought possible in this short period of time.
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nasa is back. nasa is back. and mars is waiting for us. you know that. great. you know what it is? it's great, it's science. it's important. very important militarily. we had the best military. we have the best military in the world. we are going to have a military the likes of which nobody has ever had. the best we have ever had by far, and these are the times when you want to have a very powerful military. you don't want to have to use it, but you have to have it. we stand on the shoulders of patriots who poured out their sweat and blood and tears for our country, for pour flag and for our god.
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as long as we are proud of who we are, and what we are fighting for, there is nothing beyond our reach. there is nothing. look what happened to us. here we are. look what happened to us. you know, a poll came out the other day, rasmussen. i was at 51%. you don't read about that. you never hear them talking. you watch the fake cnn. you ever notice? ever notice cnn, well, you know web's not very popular. they were saying that before the last election victory now we are much higher than that. but they said 51%. then some genius analyst said but he's got at least 10% of the people that don't want to say they are voting for him. you know what i say to that? we'll take them anyway, whatever it takes. i don't know if it's an insult
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or not. but you know what? we love those people because they came out in the last election and they said don't talk to us. we want to know how you voted. don't talk to me. they go in trump, they come out. remember the exit polls? they come out, who did you vote for. none of your business. 100% those people are for trump. we love those people, we love them. we love those people. there was a mayor of a certain city -- by the way, is this better than that phoney washington white house correspondents dinner? [cheers and applause]
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president trump: i could be up there tonight smiling like i love when they are hitting you shot after shot. these people hate your guts. then i'm supposed to -- and you know, you have got to smile. if you don't smile they will say he was terrible. he couldn't take it. if you do smile, they will say what was he smiling about. we are proud to be american, and the future belongs to us. remember that. the future belongs to us. the future belongs to all of you. this is our moment. we never had a moment like this. the economy is raging. our military is strong and getting stronger. er single day. we are ordering the greatest equipment in the world. we make the greatest military equipment in the world. look at what happened in syria.
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boom, boom bing. [cheers and applause] you know, after the attack -- we had to do that. people cannot use gas. frankly they shouldn't use anything. but they can't drop the gas, and it was gas. but you know, when we did it, it came out, they hit 23 of our missiles. then they said we shot 43 and they hit 43 of our missiles. we shot 110. you know how many they hit? none. zero. you know how much of our missiles hit their target? 100%. 100%. and the british and the french were great. great team. it's a great team. but this is our chance. wear in had a chance like this.
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we are take our country back. you have no idea. so many people come up to me, thank you, sir, thank you. i say for what? you are taking our country back. its true. so many people, they say thank you, sir. >> i always say for what? they say sir, you are taking our country back, and it's true. we are all taking our country back. you know the great state of tennessee, a congressman, a wonderful guy, came up to me, they had early voting. this was before the election. and the voting just started. and i was in pennsylvania making a speech. he's a friend of a pennsylvania congressman and they were together in pennsylvania and he comes up to me and goes, i wasn't president yet, we were campaigning.
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with the early voting he said, you know, mr. trump, he goes, i don't know what's happening in the rest of the country, but tennessee early voting -- i have been doing this stuff for 25 years and i have never seen anything like it. people that are great americans but they never voted before because theyer in had anybody they wanted to vote for. they work hard, they pay taxes, they are coming out of the hills and valleys. they have the red caps on, they have the make america great on. i don't know what's happening. but in places like tennessee you will win this election, mr. trump. true. so true. he said, i haver in seen anything like it. you know what? we are higher now than we were on election day. we are higher now.
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because now people are seeing the results. it's actually easier. before i said, i'm going to do this, i'm going to do that. we are going to get a tax cut. we'll get rid of the individual mandate. we'll do all these things. judges, regulations. now i have done it. somebody from the news -- i won't call it fake news because he turned out to be right -- he said trump is one of the first people ever to actually accomplish what he promised. i accomplished more than i promised, and i'm doing it for you. our great journey together is just beginning. so with love in our hearts and hope in our souls i say these words again, you have heard them before, you liked them before,
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we can't say them too much. together we'll make america strong again. together we'll make america wealthy again. together we'll make america proud again. we'll make america safe again. and we'll make america great again! thank you, everybody. thank you! [cheers and applause] [♪] jesse: there you have it, president trump adressing a
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rally in michigan. take on many of his critics including the media gathering in washington for the course interest dinner. here -- for the course responsible don't dinner -- president trump: one of the fake news groups this morning. they were saying what do you think of president trump had to do with it. i'll tell you what. how about everything. jesse: that was president trump talking about not getting any credit for helping broker the talks between north and south korea. let's bring in conservative commentator dr. gina loudon who is a member of trump's media board. and phillipe renis.
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we always struggle with your name. it's not our fault, i think it's your parents. this was an hour 20 minute speech. the rest of the media is in washington toasting themselves and patting themselves on the back. i don't think cnn is even covering this rally. what did you think of the president's counter programming tonight? >> dragon energy. this was classic trump at a classic rally. he went longer than other presidents would go. of course other presidents didn't have rallies. he outlined who his enemies are. outlined what his accomplishments are and outlined his goals. jesse: have much a campaign rally, philippe. he eked out an historic victory over clinton. i think this was paid for by the
5:44 pm
campaign. he brought up something that is making people in this country very angry. attack on dr. jackson who was nominated for va secretary. a lot of things the senator from montana said turned out to be flat-out wrong. things about crashing a car while being drunk and knocking on doors in south america while drunk. they could not find any evidence of that. the president mentioned that in the speech. president trump: what they said about this great american doctor, ronny jackson, an admiral in the navy. he served three presidents. president obama said he was fantastic. president bush said he's fantastic. i say he's fantastic. this is a high quality individual like they would love in montana. and tester started throwing out things he heard.
5:45 pm
well, i know things about tester that i could say, too. and if i said them, he would never be elected again. jesse: philippe you have to admit that smear of dr. jackson by senator tester is pretty disgraceful. >> i don't have to say that. there is only one man that could nominate ronny jackson to be secretary of the va and only one man to undo that and that was donald trump. if he wanted ronny jackson to be the veterans affairs secretary it probably would have happened. it was donald trump thursday said he wasn't really qualified. it was donald trump who led him to water to revoke his nomination. jesse: i think he said he wasn't politically qualified before he
5:46 pm
knew these allegations against his character were untrue. >> donald trump doesn't run away from a fight. he ran away from this one pretty fast. if he's so sure, he could renominate dr. jackson monday. jesse: he could have fought that battle but you and i would agree if there was a nomination coming out of a democratic president and there were unfounded smears from a republican senator that didn't check out it would be salacious. >> a democratic president i hoped would win probably would have vetted him first. jesse: he vets with his guts. >> it's not working with his cabinet. jesse: i want to play some sound about what he said about jim comey who is on his book tour. he mentioned comey on bret
5:47 pm
baier's show on fox news. president trump: how about this guy comey. he said the other night the fake dirty dossier, he said the other night on fox, he said very strongly, no, i didn't know that it was paid for by the democrats and hillary clinton. he didn't know. how about that. they start something based on a document that was paid for by the dnc and hillary clinton. honestly, folks. let me tell you. it's a disgrace. but you watch comey, and you watch the way he lies. and then he's got the memos. i wonder when he wrote the memos. then he's got the memos and he puts them up. watch the way he lies.
5:48 pm
do you remember the liar? comey is worse, comey is a liar and a leaker. i did you a great favor when i fired this guy. jesse: it was astounding to hear the former fbi director say he had no idea hillary clinton paid for the dossier. he said he thought republicans paid for it. what's going on with that man. >> i don't know. and i'm glad the president delineated who the actual colluders are. all this time they are frying to prove a trump-russia collusion, the actual collusion was between the democrats and russia and the democrats and the media. jesse: philippe i have got to let you go, and dr. gina. trump went so long we want to get some of our other guests in
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here. but thank you for sticking around and we'll have you on soon. joining me now by phone, former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski who was actually at the rally. tory, are you there? >> hey, jesse, how are you? jesse: you are a big celebrity. the president brought you up to the podium to address the crowd. what was it like there? do we have corey? we lost corey. i want to play some sound from the rally. we have some great stuff talking about some of the ms-13 members that poured into the country across the southern border. the president addressing the need to secure the southern border. let's hear it. president trump: democrats don't care about our military. they don't.
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and they don't care about our borders, and i don't think they care much about crime. if you look at it, ms-13, they pour through. and they want it. by the way, we are getting rid of ms-13 in record numbers, okay? record numbers. jesse: the president making the border a very big issue naturally tonight. he talk -- issue in the rally tonight. he talked about how easy it was, you step foot on american soil then you go to court and you say i'm scared, then they tell to you come back to court in a year, no one ever shows up. he spent a good portion talking about the southern border and the need to secure it. you talk about building the wall, the wall is already under way. he touted his cooperation with the city of san diego to be able to do that.
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the president addressing black unemployment in michigan giving props with newly outspoken supporter co kanye west. let's hear president trump talk about kanye at the rally. president trump: in all fairness, kanye west gets it. he gets it. and he saw that. when he sees that african-american unemployment is the lowest in history, you know, people are watching. that's a very important thing he has done for his legacy. it's a very important thing. but hispanic unemployment lowest level in history. women, female, unemployment, lowest level in 18 years. jesse: joining me now communications director for
5:52 pm
turning point u.s.a. and new star in america candace owens. he spoke about unemployment being at record low and talked about his new friend kanye west. do you think kanye is throwing his support behind president trump because of his economic policies for black america? >> for sure. i think what kanye west is doing is assessing the continues between how black america is doing now versus how it was doing under obama's administration. we know that kanye has particularly cared a lot about chicago and its community and what's been going on over there because that's where he's from. they are doing better under this administration. so i'm excited to see where black america is going to head and excited that kanye west jumped on board fully and he seems to be double down and tripling down with his support. jesse: black america, 90% votes
5:53 pm
democrats. whites are evenly split. asians 60-30. why do you think as a black woman in america that there is up a monolithic group that supports the democratic party in america. >> it's simple. i come from the left i was a liberal. it has to do with the educational system. we learn that lbj was the greatest president for black america and that couldn't be more false. what he did is even slave us with the great so -- what he did was enslave us with the great society. our fathers are not in our homes because that was i season toughized by lbj's great society act. they have all of us voting for
5:54 pm
them for all the wrong reasons. we don't understand our history and don't understand the economic policies behind it. jesse: you think the education system in our country teaches america that the big government policies started under lbj are good for them, but you are saying those government policies have maybe stifled the growth of black america. >> it's not a matter of opinion. it's a matter of fact. i came up in the public school education. we also learned, the republican party is virtually demonized in our textbooks. most of blacks believe the republican and democratic parties switched in the 1970s switched. that's a myth. it never happened. something called the southern strategy. they are learning to be ignorant in the school system and once again at home via culture.
5:55 pm
they are idolizing people who are not telling them accurately what's going on in our countries. jesse: i know when i hit the streets and you ask people if abraham lincoln was a republican or democrat. i think about half of them think lincoln was a democrat. we have corey lewandowski on the phone, is that true? no, we don't have corey. okay. we don't have corey lewandowski so what we'll do instead is play some more sound from president trump, then we'll go to mike tobin, one of the reporters from fox news who was at the rally. let's hear some more sound from the president tonight in michigan. president trump: i'm tougher on russia. nobody ever thought. look how these politicians have fallen for this junk. russian collusion. give me a break.
5:56 pm
i will tell you, the on collusion is the democrats collude with the russians and the democrats excluded with lots of other people. take a look at the intelligence agencies. and what about -- what about comey, do you watch him on the interviews? what about comey. jesse: let's go to mike tobin, one of the reporters at the rally. this was typical of the trump rallies so far. he hit all the points with the border and nancy pelosi, and taking credit for the peace on the korean peninsula. what struck you as somebody who has been to a few of those. >> the discussion about nasa when he said mars is waiting. certainly very interesting. i paid attention to syria because i just got back from the
5:57 pm
middle east. the president summed it up with bakda bang. it generated arousing cheer when he said 100% of the missiles hit their target. he's haven't preaching to the choir. he got involved in local politics. debbie stabenow is the democratic nor up for reelect. he tried to mobilize people. jesse: i was struck with the mars comment. i had no idea we were that close to visiting the red planet. he bragged about charging some people like elon musk or some of
5:58 pm
these other billionaires with their private space shuttles to use cape canaveral. i didn't know we were charging a fee to use these facilities. that's good for the treasury, i guess. i don't think i ever heard anybody tout the accuracy rate of tomahawk missiles that struck some sites in syria. with the boom, boom bing, the patriotic crowd enjoyed his approach to universal affairs. reporter: in terms of dealing with the other world leaders. he kept coming back to this notion i don't blame them for taking advantage of america. he says i blame it previous presidents. he was a little bit harsh when he came out blaming his predecessors. but he indicated that's not
5:59 pm
going to happen anymore. he said america is not going to get played any more. and that met rousing cheers with a crowd that sides with him from the beginning. jesse: very popular lines. thanks very much, mike. i believe we have corey. corey, you came up on stage. i want to show the audience that quickly. let's see it. >> this is trump country! we love you, michigan. thank you for supporting donald j. trump as your next president of the united states. thank you very much! jesse: you have got 20 seconds left in the show, go ahead. >> not on were there 10,000 people inside there were 25,000 outside. this is one of the best speeches president trump has made. it was right on point. promises made, promises kept
6:00 pm
campaign. he exceeded the expectations he laid out and the american people responded with their support. jesse: he sure did. we have got to run. judge jeanine: president trump does what he does best. firing up the base at a raucous rally in michigan. welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being us. and a special thanks for making justice number one again last saturday. you know, you saw it here live, the president of the united states ignoring his critics at the white house correspondents dinner and taking his message directly to the people. mark steyn, governor mike huckabee and michelle malkin. plus my opening statement is straight ahead. but first a few


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