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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 29, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> okay and you have to be watching out for that. that is it for this week. thank you to my panel and all of you for watching. we hope to see you right here next week. >> a fox news alert. we watching a very tense situation at this hour as a caravan of migrants reaches the southern border. they prepared to request a silently the trump administration has been keeping a close eye on the group. for more than a month on the road and 2500 miles across mexico. these folks now setting up a possible showdown with authorities. >> hello everyone, i am eric shawn. the migrants face a uncertain fate? they say some have already entered the country illegally. the president while he is been tracking the caravan, he mentioned it last night during his rally in michigan.
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>> watch the caravan, watch how sad and terrible it is. included for those people because they come off and the crime they inflict on themselves and others inflict on them. it is a horrible dangerous journey for them. for them! and that, because then once they get here they come off into our country. we have the greatest people on earth and they can't do anything because the laws are correct. >> for more on this we are bringing teresa, director of immigration and cross-border policy for the bipartisan policy center. and former department from the security official. thank you for being here, teresa. >> thank you for having to request a reach the border and there standing by essentially about to file paperwork. they will walk up and start the process. how challenging is this and how difficult is it to be granted asylum in the united states? >> it can be very difficult. assignment of something very
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much misunderstood by a lot of people. it is actually very narrow the criteria for asylum. you have to have a well-founded fear of persecution on account of your race, religion, membership, membership in a social group. it is very limited. there are ways you can commence if you feel threatened due to crime.they are pretty now. yet, for a lot of people that are desperate to lead very difficult situations, they are willing to take the chance and try to get asylum in the united states. >> these seekers have been send out lawyers and advocates on the ground.they have made a long journey and we have been warned that they could be separated from their loved ones. separated from their children. the chance of success may be very slim and yet many of them still plan to get in that line. why? >> because they are fleeing what they believe is certain death. ultimately. and in the face of that, it is understandable why a small
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chance of success is worth them trying. and so, i think one of the things that they understand is all of the talks and warnings about this, this is a different kind of migrant. this is someone that is just coming to look for a job. these are people literally fleeing for their lives. get looking to the united states for refuge and in the face of that, the fact that they be told it might be difficult and heart is not enough for them to go back to what they fear more. >> i imagine these stories, true, not true. if they are true it would be very difficult to prove. how do you begin to do that when you're standing for american immigration officials? >> the people that do that are trained officers with us citizenship and immigration services. there trained to understand what kind of questions to ask people about their stories. they want to try to look for things like consistency.if we asking the same question over and over again, given get another answer? do the answers appear coached? they look for things like
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whether or not they express appropriate emotion regarding what they are claiming. those are the kind of things they look for. very threshold, the beginning part of the process instruments one of these officers that your fear is credible. it is not the full asylum. and they say neither credibility showing, then they are entitled to go before an immigration judge and plead their case. >> the trump administration has been keeping a close eye on this. the attorney general causes a deliberate attempt to undermine laws and underwhelm the system. could be a strategy arriving a group like this? >> well, this particular caravan i think is a mixture of both a public relations stunt if you will and will people seeking real help. there has been the caravan, equipping united states they have conducted trying to organize the caravans for the last several years. this year was bigger and i got a lot of attention. the entire point of doing the
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caravans, they certainly succeeded they got the attention from the president and all united states government. setting that aside, the people that they are dealing with are real people in real situations. each of them are entitled to have their cases heard. >> thank you very much. >> our william lodge -- is on the ground. he is by the fence with the very latest. hello william. >> i will tell you what, the central american immigrants are inside the building behind me. in a few moments maybe if humans we expect them to make their way from here down to the border and a port of entry itself or some 200 may claim asylum. the question is, will any be turned back and dominic in the us process? i've been told it is roughly 100 per day.
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the day is half over. they have done in the past with haitians, when they basically overwhelms the border, basically we take 20 or 30 at a time and then close it off and security at the board. then they will be processed and another local theological through. but they will not let you hundred people try to line up immediately going into the port of entry. it is overwhelming. security was shut it down and known get through. the question is right now, we have video earlier today that rally down at the border fence per se, it was approved by go cleanser. the second was by george w. bush. individuals, some did climb the fence. the last 24 hours some members of the caravan did try to enter illegally. they were caught by the border patrol. one family, a child and another with a pregnant female. two thirds of the group they say were presenting themselves for an interview later today.
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>> the hardest step appointment today and i don't know whether to take it or not. truthfully, after all that has happened i feel nervous and i do not know what might happen later on. >> basically at this point in time we are waiting to go to the border to see what happens there. obviously you have probably 2 to 3 times more supportive than immigrants themselves. they will be a rally like the one that you probably saw. >> people are sitting and squatting on the fence. officials say some people have gone over and have been arrested. for more on this we go to someone that has been on the front lines. the former democratic governor of new mexico. and deforming us as ambassador to the united nations. governor, ambassador woelfel. >> thank you, eric. classroom talking about will create a moment but first your
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reaction to this . >> i think we are a nation of laws and your previous guests, very sensibly talked about we are subject to an international covenant on asylum. i think we have to look at each of these cases case by case within the individually and these people are fleeing, mainly women and children. there are some activists from political turmoil and el salvador, guatemala, nicaragua. they are saying that many of their lives are in danger. i think that we are a nation of laws. what we have to do is respect each case. not overrun just because there is a crowd. i have some supportive entries in new mexico. i have dealt with the issues. think of to do with them within the law and that is what i sense the homeland security people are doing. but if there is a legitimate case, someone fleeing for political persecution or the fact that they may be targeted
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for murder, then i think that is a sensible case but there are others that do not qualify and it is a very narrow standard as your previous guests mention. >> and i have been down to some and parked there in the corner. you can see if you cannot step over you should not, it is illegal. you are told not to pay but they say that it is a political stunt. by activists maybe coaching some of these people. supporters say scott is an example that you just raised. what is your concern about those critics who think this may be too much? >> it is an annual event. and on both sides, there is activists. there activists that see this happen and some may be i guess attorneys that want to spotlight the issue. this is why i think the law has to be observed. i think that we have enough agents and technology to deal with this. the reality, i can say the
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illegal immigration has slowed down. this central america immigration is the one that is increasing. i think it is being looked at as a political football. the president, every time he gets a chance to talk about the wall or this, it just inflames things. i know you don't want to hear that but that is my concern. >> now go to another board? well this is going a prodigiously video taped you had been north korea and negotiated with them personally? what did you think of kim jong-un and the president moon holding hands? walking back and forth between the borders. you think this is genuine? you think you want to potentially surrender the nuclear program? >> well, i was very overwhelms and pleased and impressed. i've never seen that they both stepping into each other's territory, lessening tensions. both countries watching the events so closely. that is very good.
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i've dealt with the north koreans. they have something up their sleeve but so far, you have to hand it to kim jong-un alone and the south korean president. think president trump has made some good moves also. basically saying there was shut down nuclear reactor, they are ready to denuclearize. the devil is in the details. there is no timeline from the summit. there is no specificity. i'm just worried that kim jong-un alone right now is winning the pr battle but we have got to be very conscious that denuclearization for us means differently when he means paper as it means dismantling of the nuclear weapons and then they get some benefits. for the north koreans basically denuclearization means a phrase. they will carr their existing use. as a lot of issues to negotiate on the table that are going to be very difficult to negotiate. i think it's the right thing to do, the summit is good living in the right direction.
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>> what should the president do? john bolton said basically if he doesn't agree to denuclearize they possibly will not be a meeting. to the president say we have to give the support of the president meet him and then say you have to give them up? >> you know, he is not going to change his negotiating style. i had hoped that he just listened to his secretary of state and let him handle this. but that is not going to happen. this summit is good. it should happen regardless. i think kim jong-un has made enough positive statements that it is worth taking a chance. on saying is that the president and his team need to be prepared. they need to get the three americans out. we need to get the remains of our soldiers out. we need also to focus on exactly what denuclearization means. stop some of the missile tests the current united states.
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that the chemicals that come to syria, missile and other exports, nuclear experts. i think in south korea, they've done a good job in paving the way. the other ones on the front lines. 25 million south koreans facing a commercial tech to the fact that the summit took place, i know people are critics, is it going to work? as for the time being tension is used, these two cans, and her nose what kim jong-un is up to. there has to be really verification, real in any agreement, real oversight, we have to inspect all of their sites and weapons. some are hidden. actually most are hidden. so it is going to be very interesting but have to say, it has never been as good as it has. at least hopefulness. and i have been involved in this issue a long time. it is certainly encouraging. finally, auto one beer.
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the student was basically tortured and murdered. came back brandon. here comes alone changes, matches the daylight savings time basically to south korea. the president bring the case to kim jong-un to prosecute the killers in north korea? >> well, yeah. my foundation tried to get him out and offered all kinds of things. not as efficient negotiations. they owe intonation. what happened to otto warmbier? why did he come back and not get proper treatment? i think there has been accountability. very good people to family, they filed a lawsuit. i think it has to go through student process and but, i think at the very least, the north koreans should make a very concrete decision never to
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apprehend another american. and there are three americans that are there right now apprehended that should be released. >> we should not forget otto warmbier and the three americans there as well as talking about the potential denuclearization of the korean peninsula to governor and ambassador, thank you for seeing us, as always. molly? >> details on how police suspected a serial killer after decades on the run. why they say he will likely never faced some charters and how ordinary americans may be helping to solve cold cases without even knowing it. plus, the president cheering a new report from republicans in the house intelligence committee even as democrats slam the conclusion now the president and others are shedding a spotlight on part of the report raising new questions over one obama official former director of national intelligence, and what they charge is his potential role pushing the trump/russia
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have fallen for this jump. russian collision. give me a break! i will tell you, the only collision is the democrats colluded with the russians and the democrats colluded with lots of other people. take a look at the intelligence agency. >> that was president trump reacted to the house intelligence committee release of the report last week. the report found no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russian government between the 2016 election. the president and others are also focusing on another section of the report.
1:21 pm
if possible role of obama intelligence community officials and pushing the so-called steele dossier. the republicans report suggest that the former director of national intelligence james klapper, gave inconsistent testimony about his discussions with the media about the unverified and largely debunked dossier for the report claims that mr. klapper initially denied discussing the dossier with the media but after he was confronted with very specific allegations, he subsequently acknowledged having discussed it with a journalist at cnn. klapper allegedly confirmed details of the dossier around the time then president-elect donald trump was elected and then he reported on the dossier last year. but here is him denying that he spoke with the media about it before january 20. >> i didn't have any contact with media until after i left the government on 20 january. i don't quite understand what i
1:22 pm
have read that somehow i leaked about the dossier. >> you did not leak anything about the dossier to any media? >> no, not -- them and i talked about after left the government. but not during that period. and certainly not between 6 january and the 10th when the president himself talked about it. >> democrats and house intelligence committee refute the republicans characterization of his actions. they say it was written to quote - smear and promote a court narrative that the former obama administration official such as klapper leaked, classified or sensitive information to this media. we have a former doj counsel, former chief counsel and on the foreign relations senate committee. and george mason university. thank you for being here today. >> thank you for having me.
1:23 pm
>> leaders for the presidency regarding collision with russia, take a look at the intelligence agency. there's a lot to unpack on that front. james comey but let's start with house intelligence committee report and accusation regarding klapper. as klapper in trouble? >> jim klapper is a pretty straightforward and straight shooting guy. certainly in the bush administration and obama administration. that being said, you cannot tell different stories to congress. if you do not tell the truth about a material fact, you can be brought up on charges. remember john poindexter, the national security advisor for reagan was brought up on similar charges. that was five counts of lying to congress. cross also among journalists who allegedly spoke with, cnn and then they allege that publication of an article reveals that the president obama and elect donald trump were briefed on the dossier. ultimately it is published by busby. the dossier had been shopped around by its creator. the former british sky that was
1:24 pm
paid by the clinton campaign. but we know the argument is that the news organizations needed a news hook. kind of the way james comey put it. to take information to press and this made it possible for klapper breaking news is that with layout. does that backup the president the overall stance that not everyone in the intelligence community as his best interest at heart? >> love, it is hard to gnocchi with the president obviously there are a lot of strong views on the intelligence community, the justice department and fbi. there is not a massive conspiracy going on as far as i can tell. that being said, people may have done things that were inappropriate. in this case it is hard to know. the dossier itself is not classified itself. that can be a separate problem. the director has authority say could declassify things in real time. so there are a lot of challenges here at the end of the day, the challenge for klapper is, it makes him look partisan when she is not a
1:25 pm
partisan die to be honest. he obviously has his own views he served the first demonstration and a bonnet ministration. he was known as a truth teller and honest. and this undermines that peers that is a challenge for him i think in the big picture. >> there is overall conversation going on about various peoples motivations. the former fbi director james comey title of his book tour a higher loyalty. in this he hits the president on interactions. he paints the president is a bully demanding loyalty. because the president had a reason to be paranoid. the president had been critical of the former deputy director andrew mccabe here he's facing a lot of links that were starlings efforts and then, james comey takes these notes with private conversations he had with the president of the united states between the head of the fbi at the time and ensures that they get published. did the president have a reason to be suspicious to try and figure out who could be trusted? >> i think it is an issue that james comey doesn't seem to think him taking notes out of the fbi with him and giving
1:26 pm
them to the press three cut out is not leaking in the traditional sense of the term. i think the average american if they heard that rectum that we would think of themselves as leaking. it is kind of a silly thing to say. and again, he prides himself, on being sort of the man above all of the politics. yet here, he's clearly is another person and even told the american public incident in order to get special counsel appointed. once we front just say you did it and you thought you were doing the right thing. don't say i was not a leaker. the reality is he took something that was not him and he gave it to the media which you know you should not do. that is the issue. >> i think the overall question when we see things that they are willing out every day. should the president be suspicious of the people that are serving him? he has asked a lot of questions about loyalty. are these reasonable questions given everything that we have
1:27 pm
seen? >> at the every present was his political appointees to be loyalty that being said, if you are not political plaintiff assume government officials are doing the right thing and trying to do their jobs effectively. at my time the government always in the justice department, fbi and the community are serious professionals trying to do the job and they are not having political motivations be they might be bad apples but it is not reason to attack the justice department for the fbi and generally. that is what concerns me about our approach this market the president is going after institutions. it really is i think, not fair. >> thank you for your insight. >> thank you molly. >> the caravan has arrived. they are about to apply for asylum. hundreds taking huge risks at the southern border. coming up will have more and the questions. plus, also coming up, more than 30 years after the case went cold they caught a former
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we work for them. quickbooks. backing you. >> new reaction to the
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president doing some programming of salt lesson. he held a campaign style route to compete against the annual white house correspondents dinner. the committee and the headline they event is facing mounting criticism. specifically among other things over comments about the white house press secretary sarah sanders. andrew mitchell tweeting today apology is owed to the press secretary and others grossly insulted by michelle wolf. at the white house correspondents association dinner was done uplifting speeches. this was worse since -- washington is a tough town
1:33 pm
especially after last night. >> right. and this is all anyone is talking about. they're talking about this dinner and some journalist say that they feel like this comedian, michelle wolf, went too far. particularly when it comes to the comments that she made in regards the white house press secretary, sarah sanders. the comedian is responding on twitter. in response to a tweet from michelle, criticism from the msnbc, she wrote quote - why everyone is making is about sarah's looks i said she burns facts and uses the ash to create a perfect smoky eye. a complement in her eye makeup and ingenuity of material. another tweet she suggested that the jets were not at all about huckabee sanders looks and said that she said they were about quote - despicable behavior. this is a little bit of what was said. >> everything i said since aesthetic to the podium,
1:34 pm
mashable will get. a press briefing a bunch of lies were divided -- its church and skins this time don't be such a little -- i think she is very resourceful. like she burns fat and cheeses that ash to create a perfect smoky i. maybe she is born with it, maybe it's lies. probably lies. >> here is how the president of the association is responding to some of the criticism. >> my aim and the way i sought to put together the program was to build the spirit of unity in the room. to rally around journalism and is important. my only regret is that to some extent, the 15 minutes are not defining four hours of work we did in one unifying night. >> sanders attended the dinner in place of the president for the second year in a row for the president declined an
1:35 pm
invitation to attend the annual dinner and instead held a rally of his own. this time in washington michigan. >> a vote for a democrat in november is a vote for open borders and crime. it is very simple. >> some defenders of michelle wolf say that the criticisms are hypocritical. they say if people were offended by some of his comments and if they thought the comments were directed at sanders looks than they should be equally offended and also demanded an apology from the president for some derogatory comments that he has previously made in regards to women. for example, the longtime feud with rosie o'donnell where he criticized her weight. eric? press enter heaven, behind you probably tomorrow sarah sanders at the white house briefing will probably have the last word. molly? >> new details on the top
1:36 pm
story. earlier we heard that there were positive signs coming out of north korea. this after south korea says that kim jong-un is pledging to shut down the nuclear sites by next month. that's the head of an anticipated meeting between kim jong-un and the president. meanwhile the national security advisor, john bolton credits the president for the latest commitment from pyongyang. >> i think the maximum pressure campaign that the trump administration has put on north korea has, along with clinical military pressure has brought us to this point. relieving the pressure is not going to make negotiations easier, it will make it harder. >> gillian turner has more from washington. >> the presidents new national security advisor is not getting swept up in the hype surrounding his bosses pending face-to-face meeting with the north korean dictator kim jong-un. while the media has been endlessly carpet speculation about the practical elements of the trump campaign encounter, where and when, he is giving is
1:37 pm
either bigger prize and not getting distracted by the playbook. >> if in fact, kim has made a strategic decision, to give up his entire nuclear weapons program, then i think the siding on the place would be fairly easy. no one is starry eyed around here.we've all been called a number of things. nacve is not usually one of them. i think the president sees the potential here for historic agreements. >> groundwork for the summit is already being led by north and south korea leaders half a world away. it culminated to complete the denuclearization of the peninsula. and now in another strategic gesture, north korea says them shipped on nuclear testing site in may and invite american and south korean journalists and experts in hill country. brand-new secretary of state, mike pompeo is cutting the development as a win. >> i think is a big deal. it is important. every step along the way matters. >> but some democratic lawmakers, while optimistic
1:38 pm
about progress being made, are still urging caution. >> we have been here three times before as you know under previous administrations of both parties. kim jong-un, his father, grandfather, the regime that rules north korea has done two steps forward and one step back strategy. >> north and south korea are now deep in discussions about how and when to open up the closure of the north nuclear testing site to international visitors. a move towards transparency that just a few weeks it would have seemed impossible. molly? >> thank you gillian turner. >> after decades of a free man for suspected golden state killer is arrested. the alleged murders and rapes from the 70s. up next, including a police used a resource available to you to help track down the suspect, joseph deangelo. >> it is disappointing that a former police officer will use what he knows to do this.
1:39 pm
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ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. >> it took more than three decades, but nothing suspected golden state killer has been arrested. joseph deangelo was accused of killing 12 people and other horrifying crimes during the 1970s through the 1980s. across the state of california. adam housley explains what police used to connect the dots. >> for four decades the stumped detectives across the golden state. another myth suspect of at least 12 killings and 50 rapes was caught things we did a website your. >> when it comes to occultist dna is the prosecutors best friend. >> the 72-year-old former police officer, the mesh --
1:44 pm
they matched his dna from a website. d'angelo faces charges of murder with enhancements for rape, burglary and robbery. for decades the chief fired him for stealing from a store. >> a police officer accused of crimes of this nature. it is terrible. >> investigators believe that deangelo alleged crimes raised stopped in the 80s. even as they continue to dad into his past, it has done little to ease the fears of knowing that there was a killer and a rapist at large for decades. >> hac to the court. it really does. mostly when you work with the fear of him and to find that he lives right around the corner. when i was 11 years old he killed two people across the street from my house. we heard the gunshots. it always affected them.
1:45 pm
i'm kind of paranoid. >> 10 counties could levy charges against him and he could face the death penalty. >> thank you. >> now we go to a former prosecutor, doug burns. dna has been used by the innocence project and others to free many people that were wrong convicted but this is astounding. how do they do this after so many years? >> what happens is, one of the defendants signed up for this site. and what happens is they obtained dna from the defendant and then they run it through this genealogy site. dna has a series of markers. and then with a relative you have some markers. so wait a minute, it looks from this that the defendant, perpetrator may be within this family and they checked every family member and they got a match. >> so they could have a cigarette but may be from 40
1:46 pm
years ago. something or some evidence that they left behind. they take that, throat and with this site. they do not need his dna to do it? >> no. they do have to have his dna. and then it turns out that it matches a series but not all of the markers. and it comes up so and so. so they look at every relative of that person that came up and they made a match. >> says he pointed out, some sites you need a court order to do this. but there are privacy concerns to request there is a distinction between this particular site where, when you go in and sign up it is understood, the languages there that you consent to the information possibly being used. but on for example, you that court order. so there has been debate. and we will see how the debate
1:47 pm
turns out. there might be legislative initiatives. reality is, police identified people looking at things for all time. here technology -- >> and privacy advocates are speaking about this. you know they had a court order another site distal could've gotten this. >> absolutely! they could have gone to report and got an order or a search warrant. lester is a hypothetically ancestry. but they may have needed an element or level of probable cause that they didn't have yet. >> back in the 70s they did not have the dna technology. for this suspect that was charged. and there were four murders so far they expect to charge him with 12. even a four-year-old child. you have 50 rapes, 12 killings and he was a police officer! >> incredible situation. real quick on the rape and burglaries, that will be closed by the statute of limitations but it will not matter.
1:48 pm
further does not have a statute. what they will do is what is called, i've said this many times over the years, an insurance policy, try them on a particular murder that had a backup in case the first one might be reversed on something that is a technicality. the point is we do not want to condemn anyone but the reality is it that all of these multiple murders, that is what they will move forward on. i do not think that he will see the light of day. >> 72 years old. if he fights this the defense lawyers will question science. >> absolutely! will they get anywhere on that? >> this will be resolved. they see all kinds of arguments with dna and the dna argument is interesting because it was 20 years ago. but they will you know, they have every right to challenge it as aggressively as they can.
1:49 pm
the problem for him though is that it is not one case. if 12 alleged murders. 50 alleging rapes. once they go through that it makes it much harder. >> science has come a long way. good to see you. >> nearly 100 people are sick from the potentially deadly bacteria involving item likely in your kitchen. details next. leo, i know i'm late. oh! my wallet! card lock from capital one. instantly lock your credit card. in case it goes... arrivederci. mona! that smile. technology this convenient... could make history. what's in your wallet? that you don't think about is very much. counties it's really not very important. i was in the stone ages as much as technology wise. and i would say i had nothing.
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you become a school teacher for one reason, you love kids. and so you don't have the same tools, you don't always believe you have the same... outcomes achievable for yourself. when we got the tablets, it changed everything. by giving them that technology and then marrying it with a curriculum that's designed to have technology at the heart of it, we are really changing the way that students learn. and i can't wait for ten years from now when i get to talk to them again and see, like, who they are. ♪ >> arizona teachers will
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1:53 pm
continue their walk out on monday. teachers taking demands to the streets this week and they're not backing down and so they see change. >> i'm hoping to get more funding for the students. i'm hoping to get a lot more money for our buildings, for their books. firm support personnel. we need more money brought in. there has been $1 billion missing since 2008. where is the money now? let's get it going. >> the arizona walkouts impacting more than a thousand schools.teachers want more pay. teachers want more pay. right now to make an average of $40,000. which is much less than the national average. teachers are also calling for
1:54 pm
the state to spend more students to request an essay stringing a bacteria continue to drive a growing food poisoning outlook linked to romaine lettuce. health officials are reporting that nearly 100 people now have been second in 22 states. we are live in los angeles with more on this mystery. >> hello eric.this strain of e. coli is especially severe. 46 people, more than half of those affected have had to go to the hospital including 10 people with kidney failure. health officials say those numbers are unusually high. you can see in the map here the 22 states where cases have been reported. california and pennsylvania with the most. with people ranging in age from one to 88 years of catholic beginning in the middle of march for the most recent reported april 20 for the applicant being blamed on tented romaine lettuce from yuma arizona. while the growing season there's claimant over the cdc says they have identified the source and outbreak that second
1:55 pm
eight prison inmates and alaska early this month because the lettuce had passed the shop like officials say there's no need for a recall but they say they're still trying to pin down the source of the broader outbreak in the lower 48 states. in his checking everything from harvest to packaging and delivery. for now the fda is advising consumers to stay away from romaine including hearts of romaine and salamis containing romaine unless they know for sure it is not from arizona. >> we recognize it is really difficult for people to figure out where lettuce is grown. and they do not identify the region and lifetimes. you cannot tell chuck just throw it out. if you go somewhere and they cannot confirm that it was not grown in yuma, arizona do not buy it and do not order it. >> while no nationwide vehicle has been announced, one grocery
1:56 pm
store chain has voluntarily pulled romaine lettuce off of its shelves out of an abundance of caution. >> thank you. maybe just stick to greenleaf or boston or iceberg or something else for a while. >> right! >> and we are watching many at the us border hoping for refuge in the united states. the trump administration calling action a threat to the nation. i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new
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dead at the age of 43. the spider succumbed to a wasp attack in austria. but she outlived the previous guinness world record holder of a tarantula in mexico by 15 years. >> researchers are sad. that is it for us! watching. i'm janine, advocating forg. truth, justice and the american way. greg gutfeld is next. >> where? all right. bill, where the hell are you? greg: where the hell is bill? [cheering and applause] yes, tonight the white house correspondents dinner we are showing that crap. [laughter] i was invited and so was trump but we both said no. i think trump


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