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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 30, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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give us a like. and look at our new home page, heather: it is monday april 30th and this is "fox & friends first". hope you had a great weekend, happening right now at 4:00 a.m. here on the east coast. showdown at the border. hundreds of illegals on the verge of pouring into the country but border patrol says we are at capacity, so where do we go from here? >> directed the administration to try to fix it and if we can't fix it, he will withdraw from the deal. heather: tough talk with mike pompeo as he wraps up trip. president trump calls end to
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dinner over michelle wolf controversy. >> i'm not really sure to call sarah sanders, white women disappointing other women. heather: "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ heather: live shot of new york city on the monday morning for you, once again, thank you very much for joining us. hope you had a great weekend. i'm heather childers. it has been a very busy weekend as it has always been now. fox news alert, a showdown at the southern border, hundreds of
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my grants vowing to wait until their granted asylum after a month-long caravan from central america. the images really amazing, kelly wright as san diego border crossing reaches maximum capacity, kelly. kelly: good morning to you, by the way, drama continues to unfold along the u.s.-méxico border in san diego hoping to get into the u.s. but the u.s. officials say the border crossing is full, hundreds of central american migrants, many from guatemala are risking it all for a chance to seek asylum in the united states but after long journey by foot or by train defined themselves stuck at u.s.-méxico border in san ysidro border, one man was spotted saying we are fleeing the situation in our country it's
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not within our reach, within our hands to solve the problems. we are looking to safe our lives. other people stating that these people need a place to stay and to live and we as americans they argue have the resources to help them so we should, concerned about the caravan coming to america, president trump tweeted earlier, i have instructed not to let the large caravans of people into the country. if you illegally enter the country you will be referred to prosecution, that's from the homeland security secretary neilson, meanwhile in ciudad juárez, illegal aliens have been climbing over the wall reportedly to try to taunt to president, the president initiated a tough immigration policy ordering more troops to increase border security and back in san diego border agents
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telling those seeking asylum, they will have to wait until they can be processed in méxico, not in the u.s., heather. heather: kelly wright we will talk more about this later in the show, thank you for the update. also breaking overnight, mike pompeo is wrapping up inaugural overseas trip to the middle east. right now in jordan taking aim at the iran nuclear deal. live in washington, d.c. as the deadline to recertify that deal creeps closer and closer. may 129, -- 129, -- 12th right? >> mike pompeo has hit the ground running. this is itinerary that included stops in belgium, saudi arabia, jordan and israel and hanging over all of this is the possibility that the u.s., president trump may decide to back out of the iran deal next
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month, may 12th, that was certainly a topic of conversation as pompeo met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> he directed the administration to try to fix it and if we can't fix it, he will withdraw from the deal. >> mr. secretary, i think the greatest threat to the world and to our two countries and to all countries is marriage of miltant islam with nuclear weapons. >> a response from iran this morning, reuters reporting that iran says that the relationship between saudi arabia and united states is destabilizing the region and iran continues to play a big role in that region, heather. heather: as president trump weighs options on the iran nuclear tale, lindsey graham
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says decertification. >> if we get out of this bad deal with iran it will show north korea and china that trump is different than obama. iranian nuclear deal puts us pathway. under the deal iran can enrich and reprocess uranium to make their fuel for nuclear power but you just go one step beyond that and make nuclear weapon. 15 years down the road there's no regime and the arabs want power also, but we are telling arabs you can't enrich but we are allowing iran to do that, that's crazy. this deal unless it's changed will create a nuclear arm's race between iranians and arabs and that's a nightmare for the world and i hope president trump will get a better deal or get out and the north koreans are watching us when it comes to iran.
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heather: they sure are, president trump has recertified the iran nuclear deal in case you're counting twice since taking office. north korea dictator kim jong un must eliminate nuclear program if he wants to sit down with president trump, national security adviser john bolton suggesting that it is the only way sanctions would be lifted. >> i think that the maximum pressure campaign that the trump administration has put on north korea has along with the political military pressure has brought us to this point. i mentioned president moon, just past week president macron, chancellor merkel, this prime minister malcolm turnbill from australia have all acknowledged because of american pressure. heather: date for summit has not been set. ronnie jackson will not return as the president's personal
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doctor, admiral general withdrew over allegations that he overprescribed drugs and created toxic workplace, jackson denies allegations and will remain in the white house, sean connolly has taken over as the president's doctor. four-day manhunt will face judge today, john williams in may, accused of shooting and killing corporal, the veteran will be lay today rest next week, leaves behind wife and four grown children. a driver is under arrest accused of stealing a tractor trailer and ramming into cars, the wild ride caught on camera, look. >> oh, my god. heather: well, at least fife people are injured including a police officer after a semicrash crashed into ten cars in
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colorado, accused of driving down another officer who was not arrested. arizona teachers bring in a power player for fight for more funding. randy winegarden, of american federation of teachers, major union will speak at the state capital today, teachers meeting with state legislators, the strike began last thursday. and we have lift off, jeff bezos private space companies, blue origin officially launching a passenger spaceship on highest flight yet. >> engine start, 2, 1. heather: new shepherd reaching
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over 250,000 feet during ten- minute in west texas. the goal carry up to 6 space tourists into space. so would you do that? i would, maybe. fox news alert for you, chilling warning of isis in america, sounding the alarm about a new threat, we told you about it friday that's getting harder and harder to stop. >> she burns fat and then she uses the ash to create a perfect smoky eye, maybe she's born wit, maybe it's lies. heather: well, president trump firing back at michelle wolf for attack at sarah sanders at white house correspondent dinner, filthy comedian. >> i said, mr. president, on behalf of my mother, i want to thank you. heather: and rosanne opening
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the post office again heather: vice president pence is headed to southern border today, customs and border protection officials will brief him on construction and give him firsthand look in work being done in san diego, second visit to the border since taking office. president trump toured the area you may remember last month. and today illegal immigrants in chicago can get their own official id cards, mobile printing stations will be set up all around the city making the city key easier to get, the card access valid government issued certification, can be used to file police reports, get married and get books at the library, criminal background and immigration status will not be checked. and president trump slamming the host of white house correspondent dinner, did you hear about this? the white house correspondent dinner was a failure last year but this year was an
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embarrassment and the filthy comedian totally bombed, couldn't deliver lines, put dinner to rest and start over. the host michelle wolf criticized for blasting sarah huckabee sanders. >> i have to say i'm star struck, i love you as aunt lydia, she burns fat and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. [laughter] >> like maybe she's born wit, maybe it's lies. i've never really sure what to call sarah huckabee sanders, what's uncle tom for but white women who disappoint other white women. heather: wolf defending her comments, quote, why are you guys making this about sarah looks, i said she burns facts to create smoky eye, i complemented her eye make-up and ungenuinety of materials, that's not the main joke that made fun of her
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appearance, the white house association responding saying last night's program was meant for unifying message unfortunately the entertainer's monologue was not in the spirit. karl rove said that it's comments like this that have kept him over the event for a decade. >> what was the leadership of the white house correspondent association thinking when they booked this woman that got up there that said nasty things? played into every stereotype that we have of the washington media and what they were thinking, look, i was there in 2006 when steven colbert went after george w. bush personal and vicious and demeaning terms with the president sitting about 5 feet away from him. thank god president trump was not there last night when this woman said so many nasty things, poor sarah huckabee sanders had
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to sit there and endure personal that were ub worthy of drunken bachelorette party. heather: e-mail us at "fox & friends first", sorry, friends first at this was the first year that i was invited that i wasn't able to attend, i'm glad i didn't. north korea vowing to shut down nuclear sites ahead of president trump's historic meeting with kim jong un. the national security adviser john bolton praising the president's tough talk. >> i think that the maximum pressure campaign that the trump administration has put on north korea along with political military pressure has brought us to this point. heather: gordon chang says the president has upper negotiations, he joins us live
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up next. ♪ ♪ heather: and carrie underwood bringing down the house with her performance of the national anthem. mr. elliot, what's your wifi password?
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wifi? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", a path to peace, north korea vowing to shut down its nuclear testing site ahead of its historic meeting with president trump, national security adviser john bolton crediting the president's strategy for the monumental shift. >> i think that the maximum pressure campaign that the trump administration has put on north korea has along with the
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political military pressure has brought us to this point, relieving that pressure isn't going to make negotiation easier but harder. heather: how can we expect negotiations to play out. joining me showdown author gordon chang, thank you very much so much for joining us. >> thank you. heather: you and i have talked over north korea over and over from the beginning and who would have imagined that we would be here now talking about a real prospect of peace. >> yeah, this is remarkable and what's especially remarkable something north koreans are making concessions even before negotiations start. you know, in the past where there have been six-party talks and other denuclearization negotiations, yeah, the north koreans have made concessions but only when the talking has started, now you've had in the last week north korea making two very important concessions, one just on friday saying, look, they're willing to give up arsenal as long as the u.s. does two simple things, agree to a peace treaty and pledge not to attack. if that is really true, then
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this is stunning. i don't believe kim jong un for a minute but nonetheless i think that the administration has gotten him to a place where he feels he needs to make rhetorical vows to the president. heather: would that be something that the u.s. would be willing to do, to make those concessions or those promises prior to proof that it's happened? >> yeah, i think, well, as a part of these discussions on denuclearization, the u.s. would make those concessions, no one is really going to stand in the way of the two korea ifs they want to formerly end the korean war, go from armacist to peace treaty, these are things north koreans can do once they are given up weapons, not hard task for us. heather: how unbelievable was that north korea and south korea crossing over?
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>> he does sympathize with kim jong un. heather: pictures there amazing. >> moon advisers have been north korean advocates. heather: we talked about that. >> when you see the pictures of moon, two north koreans actually talking to each other but many people in south korea are concerned about what their president might do, they believe in the united states protecting south korea and the united states can play to really the emotions in south korea to make sure that we win hearts and minds. heather: here is what mike pompeo had to say, we are going into this with eyes wide open, listen. >> i had a clear mission statement from president trump. when i left there kim jong un understood and this administration has eyes wide open, we are going to be different, we will negotiate in a different way that's what's been done before. heather: what's been different this time around? president trump has been entirely different in terms of
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the way he's approached north korea? were two things brought kim to this position, one of them threats, fire and fury, we saw china, north korea, south korea changed policies because they were afraid of war but also the president's sanction programs, u.s. sanctions and un sanctions, the flow of money to north korea, if you don't have money you can't detonate nukes and can't engage of gift f he can't buy the loyalty he can be out of power. president trump has a very important leverage over him and that's cash. heather: he has been doing things behind the scenes as we learned, pompeo's first trip actually easter weekend was to speak with kim jong un. >> yeah, that's amazing and the really amazing thing about that trip was that pompeo was not scheduled to see kim but kim we wanted to talk to him which is indication that essentially we have a north korean leader who
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realizes his hand going into this discussions is weak. and president trump can take advantage of that in the discussions which will start fairly soon. heather: yeah, amazing, thank you very much for joining us, appreciate it as always. >> thanks, heather. heather: time now 25 minutes after the top of the hour, illegal immigrant caravan in our doorstep, now president trump is threatening to shutdown the government if he doesn't get what he wants for the wall. >> if we don't get border security, we have no choice, we will close down the country because we need border security. [cheers and applause] heather: will it get to that point? our political panel to debate. >> 1,000. heather: a police officer brought to tears, emotional sign-off going viral. ancestrydna can reveal where in the world you're from.
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", 4:30 in the morning on the east coast and we have fox news alert for you, brand-new terror warning. the nypd commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism says unpredictable lone wolf attacks are coming and they are getting harder to prevent. >> they are still communicating with a message that if you can do an attack where you are, do it and do it with what you have on hand f you have a gun use a gun or if you have a truck, use a truck. this is terrorist for dummies. heather: deadly halloween attack are not directly connect today anyone overseas. the hunt is on for a man police say tried to get two women in daylight, believed to be involved in both incidents in houston, a woman opening the door to escape after a man threw her into the car, another woman
1:31 am
said a man tried to get inside the toyota, you see the woman get away. neither were luckily injured. hundreds of migrants from the central american caravan making a push for asylum overnight, some of the migrants scaling the border wall after u.s. officials warned the port of entry had reached maximum capacity. nearly 80% of asylum seekers passed screening october through december and few are to win asylum. mike pence to check in on the construction of president trump's border wall this as the president threatened major consequences if more funds are not dedicated to building it. >> we have to have borders and we have to have them fast and we need security, we need the wall, we have 1.6 billion, we come up again on september 28th and if
1:32 am
we don't get border security, we will have no choice, we will close down the country because we need border security. heather: so will it get to that point? republican strategists cerverly and chuck rocha, thank you both for joining us this morning. chuck, where is your hat? >> good morning, i walked right out and forgot. i'm losing my mind. heather: i couldn't recognize you. cerveerly i will start with you on this. in terms of what's happening right now, we spent $1.3 trillion in the spending bill which trump signed last month. that will keep the government running through the end of september but now he's threatening another government shutdown if he doesn't get more funding for wall. who will be blamed for that if it happens? >> definite think democrats. for the president to threaten to shutdown, to them these are both
1:33 am
that they're banking from illegal immigrants. if we were to break it down, we spend $125 billion, american taxpayer dollars each year on illegal immigrants. say we give president trump 30 billion for a wall, think about all the money we could save that democrats would give away at a later date. heather: chuck, who do you think we will blame? do you think we will get to that point? >> i don't think we will because republicans in control of the senate and the house and they don't want to shut down the government. i have been running campaign for 20 years and shutdowns are bad for whoever in power. immigration is all-time low, what donald trump is doing and i would give him credit smartly he's ginning you have his base. heather: right before the midterm elections, kimberly, not really something that the republicans would need to happen. >> let's be honest, government
1:34 am
shutdown is equivalent to what we had in 2009-2016 under president obama, the shutdown we should be talking is of nuclear site to north korea, i'm excited to see president trump go down as a peace-maker in history and i'm excited to see him push this in september as we get closer to it. heather: chuck, what does it tell you this this would be the vice president's second trip out to southern border wall as vice president, does that tell you a direction that republicans are trying to take the campaign as we move into midterms? >> what it tells me as political consultant, there's four races in california that are held by republican incumbent and worried about the democratic base, i paid too much taxes, i want to make sure the government is not involved in my business and he's going down there to show face which is smart and political consultant i'd have him do that because i think the tenure in congress who controls it will
1:35 am
come out of california. heather: what do you think about, chuck, images from california, all of the migrants jumping over the border wall, what did you think about that in. >> look as a lot know, somebody whose family immigrated here, good for the people who have risked their life to come to america but that's probably the wrong imagery, everybody will use the imagery to people in the middle of america will think that they are literally undocumented people writing to jump over the wall and it's idiotic. they. >> saying in the statement that they want to come through legally. they were going through process of trying get asylum. heather: kimberly, what did you think? >> they are clearly jumping over the wall because they want to get here, we are at capacity at the border right now and i'm glad mike pence is going down there to do something about it. heather: you don't blame people for wanting to come into this country because this is a great country, fantastic country, people, we do welcome people but
1:36 am
we want them to come here legally, the legal way, chuck, that's what you are saying. >> i pay more taxes than most people in any neighborhoods, there's ways to do it. immigration has chamberinged over time and we need to adopt laws that way. heather: leading into midterms this will be a topic that both sides are going the talk about and making an issue. >> thank you, heather. >> thank you, heather. >> good morning. heather: tragedy off the track, retired nascar driver james hilton and his son killed in truck crash, 83-year-old was leaving super speedway in alabama when a truck slammed into a median in georgia, crew chief was driving at the time and taken to hospital with broken bones, in 2011 the oldest driver to compete in nascar at the age of 76. tomorrow president trump will meet with the crew of that deadly southwest airlines flight earlier this month he will remember a passenger killed when
1:37 am
engine exploded midair breaking a window. the pilot tammy joe schultz held as hero for landing plane safely in philadelphia, first navy female fighter pilot, still under investigation. florida police officers brought to tears tines off for the last time after 30 years. >> i wish you all well and a safe tour of duty. officer andrre -- [inaudible] heather: sarasota police officer andre jenkins getting emotional on last day of the job, touching video going viral with more than 250,000 views, just shows you how personal they take their jobs and we appreciate every man and woman in uniform. time now 20 minutes after the top of the hour, before the top of the hour i should say and two
1:38 am
blockbuster cell phone carriers now becoming one, what the multidollar merger means for our cell phone bills and president trump blasting michelle wolf calling white house correspondent act an embarrassment. >> and i'm never really sure what to call sarah huckabee sanders, what's uncle tom but for white women who disappoint ore white women. heather: foul moit performance falling flat and comments are pouring in. we will share them.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", new york times terrified of retirement rumors, the newspaper editorial board writing, every 81-year-old especially those who have
1:42 am
devoted lives of service to country should have the freedom to retire without worrying that the nation's future may hang in the balance, president trump would likely fill the seat with conservative giving them a majority on the court. president trump slammed comedian at white house correspondent dinner, the president tweeting, the white house correspondence was a failure but this year was embarrassment with everyone associated wit. the filthy comedian totally bombed. shouldn't dlif lines much like the seth myers performance. >> i'm not sure what to call sarah huckabee sanders. heather: white house correspondence association, quote, last night's program was meant to offer unifying message unfortunately the entertainer's monologue was not in the spirit
1:43 am
of that mission. we asked on social what you thought of the white house correspondence dinner and jina on twitter says, whoever hired her should have known who she was. if they were truly sorry they would have removed her from the stage. larry posting this on facebook, they knew what they were getting into when they booked her, they just never expected the tactical backlash and jody tweeting, how can be so cruel and define it as comedy, we need to redefine comedy. nick, nope, they effectively hired a twitter troll, i'm all for a good roast but at the end the roastee is suppose today get revenge. it's easy to make fun of people when you can't say anything back. i agree with all of those, it was unfortunate. fox news alert for you, there were three major phone carriers now merrging into one. tracee carrasco from sister network fox business here with the latest on the new
1:44 am
partnership, good morning, tracee. tracee: good morning, heather, t-mobile and sprint have merged. two have been in talks many times before but seems like this time it may finally happen. the two companies will add new jobs, they will also invest $40 billion into the new business, new network over the next three years and as you said, they would be the number 3 wireless carrier that's behind verizon and at&t, now, of course, all of this has to be approved by regulators. heather: all right, something that doesn't have to be approved by regulators is crazy drink at starbucks. tracee: yeah, if you were expecting unicorn, you may be out of luck. they said they are going to instead focus on other drinks like cold brews and tea, so i was looking back and there was the zonbie, the crystal moca,
1:45 am
there have been so many drinks but we may see less and less of them in the future. heather: what was the one you mentioned at the beginning? >> the unicorn frapuccino. heather: way too sweet, i didn't like that one. 15 states now unveiling plans to tax drug makers for prescription pain killers, would this actually work, dr. nicole saphier doesn't think so and she will explain why. the roseanne is getting praise by the president, what she told
1:46 am
him over the phone, that's next been jimmy's longest. jimmy (shouting): james! he's survived record rain and a supplier that went belly up. so while he's proud to have helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own. brand vo: get the most out of your money, whether you're using quickbooks smart invoicing to get paid twice as fast or automatically tracking your mileage.
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heather: welcome back, new proposal to fight the new opioid crisis, 15 states yo sue see them there, unveiling plans to tax drug makers for prescription pain killers, so is this the right move crack down on the ramping use of opioids in our country? here the weigh in radiologist dr. nicole saphier. describe overall what is the plan behind this? this is the plan to have the drug makers pay for the drugs basically, a little more? >> the opioid crisis has cost the united states over a trillion dollars in the last two decades, that's astronomical amount of money.
1:50 am
however, far majority of the money lost is due to lost jobs from people who have been addicted or overdosed on illegal opioids. my concern is levying tax from the pharmaceutical industry is not going to do anything but except raise prices for those who are legitimate taking medication. i appreciate the effort, we do need to bring revenue to help with this but in the same stand should we say we should be signing or taxing any legislator that's obstruction to border security because that is exactly where all the illegal opioids are coming from, yes, taxes pharmaceutical industry may bring in revenue but that's not going to make a dent in the opioid crisis. heather: in pennsylvania, one of the proposals it would tax 10% of the purchase price of the first sale of a drug in the state, so what exactly would that mean? >> what they are going to do is when the medication is being sold srry the pharmaceutical
1:51 am
company is going to be taxed on that especially if it's a new prescription. what is the pharmaceutical company going to do? heather: how hay will make up the costs? >> increase and taxpayers will have a trickle-down effect. heather: when you take a look at the overall lobbying effort to impose, $100 million in lobbying effort by drug makers, between 2006 to 2015. >> the insurance industry by far has the largest lobbying efforts and, yes, they've already released their lobbyists to try and tackle this and i do think a large amount of money is wasted on lobbying especially for pharmaceutical companies, i do think they actually may have some point behind lobbying efforts. heather: what other options would it be other than passing price to consumers? >> physicians really need to be
1:52 am
educated. you have a large amount of physician who is are prescribing opioids that don't necessarily know what causes people to become addicted and what don't -- what does not, essentially we need to make sure they are not overprescribing opioids for pain that can be managed by tylenol, if they take it too long, the longer they take outside the increase risk to becoming addicted. physicians need to be aware and educating the fact that by shortening duration they are decreeing risk of people getting opioid addiction. heather: and i know that you and i discussed before alternative to drugs that would be so addictive? >> in intervention radiology, we have amazing technology right now that we are using with pain control, nerve blocks, infusions of different medications and by the way, ivtylenol has shown to be better, the problem is expensive.
1:53 am
heather: perhaps make the opioids more expense aif alternatives less expensive so people can be inclined to use more. >> we need to talk to insurance companies because they mandate what we are prescribing. heather: we will send you to talk to them. appreciate it. time is now 8 minutes until top of the hour. the movie that serve talking about avengers breaking box office record, the eye-popping numbers up next. and you to hear this, carrie underwood vowing the crowd with national anthem performance. ♪ ♪
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heather: welcome back, ronnie jackson will not return as the president's personal doctor. john tester released unfounded allegations that jackson overprescribed drugs and created a toxic work environment. jackson has denied all claims and will remain in the white house medical unit, navy officer john connolly has taken over as the president's doctor. president trump in the meantime wants senator tester to resign.
1:58 am
rosanne barr is opening up on this year's jerusalem, she personally thanked him for moving the u.s. embassy to israel. >> i said, mr. president, on behalf of my mother i want to thank you. he said, well, you know a lot of presidents have promised it but you know i wanted to get it done, i think it's the first step to peace in the world, i really do. heather: president trump announced late last year that the u.s. would formally recognize jerusalem as capital, the relocated embassy is set to open next month. carrie underwood surprising husband's team before stanley playoff game. ♪ ♪ heather: man, she can sing.
1:59 am
big win by underwood's husband mike fisher and teammates, taking home victory against jets in double overtime. and avengers infinity war, world wide records, $630 million at the international box office chattering last year's record by universal, the fate of the pure use at the marvel film brings together more than 20 brands super heros. >> i can't let you break my record. heather: speaking of records, the simpson breaking the records for the longest running scripted show in prime time history. the animated series topping the record held by gun smoke, the 646th episode parities the western. twenty-ninth season, so there you have that. that wraps up the first hour of
2:00 am
"fox & friends first", hopefully you had a great weekend and planning a great week ahead. "fox & friends first" continues right now. i will see you tomorrow. bye. rob: it is monday april 30th and fox news alert, ready and waiting, border patrol standing ground turning away hundreds of migrants trying to enter the country illegally overnight, the showdown at the southern border that's happening right now. >> we are concerned about escalation of threats to israel and the region and ambition to dominate the middle east remains. carley: mike pompeo sending fiery shot as he wraps up trip to middle east. how president trump's new chief diplomat is putting iran on notice. >> young people with tiers -- tears in their eyes apologized


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