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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 30, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> oh my gosh. that dolphin line backer. the dolphin smacking the man off the board as it tries to chase fish in australia. luckily he is a okay. thank goodness it wasn't a shark. >> we will see you later. >> a mass push for asylum on the southern border as a band of my grants puts tough tough on immigration to the test. >> if we don't get border security. we'll have no choice. we will close down the country. >> this week's historic summit has set the stage for a face-to-face meeting between president trump and kim jong un. >> this administration has its eyes wide open. we know the history. we know the risk. >> and i'm never really sure what the culture has to be standard. uncle tom for white women who disappoint other white women. >> poor sara huckabee sanders had to sit there and endure personal slights unworthy of a drunken
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bachelorette party ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: last day of april. and this is "fox & friends." ainsley: how do you turn dirt into dust. a wheelie and a truck in the middle of a field. brian: you should know. you grew up where the people churn dirt. ainsley: that's what they do. to do donuts: go into a parking lot and you turn. ainsley: where did you learn to ride a bike? steve: a bike? >> a bike. threw me. our driveway. ainsley: on the cement? we went to the baseball field and dad would put -- we would go -- dust that
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would -- that way if you fell off, you fell off on the dirt versus cement. steve: when you a drive a car. we grew up in small towns. we went out to the country roads and there was a lot of dust there. you probably went where to a mall parking lot cars. brian: you know where they take the baby and throw the water. we learned to drive by getting on to long island expressway. before you knew what the gas was. helped me become a better person. ainsley: after a panic attack, right? steve: anyway. thank you very much. we have a very busy monday morning. and we start with a fox news alert. the caravan has hit a wall. as you can see that's the wall right there. it's iron. and it extends out into the pacific ocean. it's at the port of entry and yesterday, 200 of the migrants who had spent 35 days on the road going through mexico, they were ready to request asylum by the american government and
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then they found out there was trouble at the border. >> we just don't have room for them. the guys down at the border working for border security, they are trying to process all these individuals, but there are so many coming in so they are all waiting. waiting inside passageways of the bridge. waiting at the gates. some trying to scale the fence. brian: two things. mexico has failed us. they were supposed to not let this happen. number two, even though they are not mexicans, they are otms. other than mexicans. passed through that country or else that wouldn't be happening. that scene is exactly what the president has been saying. we need a border that's effective that works. that is -- that is the example of a barrier not working. they are laughing at what's there now. this is what they do normally. this is how they get in always. and that's why have you got to have some of those prototypes put into play. >> this is different this time, brian. because of what the government is saying --
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apparentsly yesterday at 4:30 in the afternoon. 50 caravan members went into the ped west entrance. they said we are here for asylum they go as we were saying no room at the inn. we are reached capacity. they didn't let anybody in. because they said you are going to have to wait in mexico. so that is something new and suddenly a number of them are demoralized and how long are we going to have to wait there. in fact, four young couples got married yesterday by a pastor from chicago because they thought that would increase their odds of being kept together as a unit rather than being split apart. brian: why is that different? that backs up why you need a legitimate wall and then you let the paperwork handle it. they don't come into our country. what you should look at when you see these people are not their individuals stories. i'm sure many of them are fine people with stories that will break your heart. guess what? there are other fine people who are trying to do it the
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right way that are saying to themselves why am i paying the money. signing the guest book at the same time. they get ahead of me because they broke the rules. ainsley: you are saying this proof we need a wall in the president was talking about he was going to shut down the government at least shut down the government if we don't get this wall funded. listen. >> we have to have borders. and we have to have them fast. and we need security. we need the wall. we're going to have it all. and, again, that wall has started. we have got 1.6 billion. we come up again on september 28th, and if we don't get border security, we'll have no choice. we'll close down the country. because, we need border security. steve: this not the first time that a group has been forced to wait in mexico. thousands of haitians when they were trying to seek asylum in the united states, they went into the same port right there in san ysidro, and they said we are going to have to go one at a time. what is different about it this time?
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because we knew they were coming. they said you know what? there is no room right now. you will have to wait in mexico. obviously this does sell the president's message when you see those people and they are waiving the honduran flag on the wall. we need a wall that works. brian: president has to make sure that his message, no offense to these people, his message is there is a right way to do it and if these people get in, the president will look terrible. six minutes after the top of the hour. saturday night, the big story was not who got the first amendment awards. not the scholarship winners at the white house correspondence dinner. it was a 20 minute act from michelle wolf, a median you probably don't know anything about. all you need to know about her agenda she works on the daily show. ainsley: you were at the event. what did you think. brian: i have never seen a comedian bomb so whole heartedly as she did. she did exactly what she wanted. her agenda is the same. her point of view is correct. whoever screened her, doesn't know how to get on
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to youtube. this is exactly -- she is just high fiving stephen colbert and jon stewart and jimmy kimmel because she is saying exactly what they want her to say. steve: who screened her was the president of the white house correspondence association reporter from bloomberg by the name of margaret taliv this was the kind of thing had to looking for. had to walk it back. we will explain that. if you missed the disaster on saturday night, here is 46 seconds of it. >> if a tree falls in the woods, how do we get clean under that tree? sarah huckabee sanders, i'm a little star struck. i love you as aunt lydia in the hand made's tail. i'm not sure what we're going to get a press briefing, a bunch of lies or divided into softball teams. i actually really like sarah. i think she is very resourceful. like she burns fat and then she uses that ash to create
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a perfect smoky eye. maybe she is born with it. maybe it's lies. i'm never really sure what to call sarah huckabee sanders, is it sarah sanders, sarah huckabee sanders, cousin huckabee. what is uncle tom but for white women who disappoint other white women. steve: to sara huckabee sanders' credit she rose about it. she just sat there stoically. >> matt and mercedes schlapp didn't. they got up and walked out. steve: the woman who invited the guest speaker kind of walked it back yesterday late in the day by saying this. last night's program was meant to offer a unifying message about our common commitment to a vigorous and free press while honoring civility. this is hilarious. great reporting and scholarship winners, not to divide people. unfortunately the entertainer's monologue was
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not in the spirit of that mission. brian: peter baker of the "new york times" i don't think we advanced the cause of journalism. andrea mitchell polling owed to press secretary. sarah sanders endured the intense criticism of physical appearance job performance instead of walking out on a national television was impressed with the fact that she stayed. ainsley: not only did it cross the line and they made fun of sara huckabee looks. i thought the language was filthy. i listened to the whole speech because i knew we were going to be talking about it today. it was over the line. x rated. steve: president felt it was over-the-line he tweeted this out: put dinner to rest o. brian: backs up the president not going. he goes and does something
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for his re-election. for his party and goes out to michigan which is an area which is not only a swing state but a swing district. he goes out there and gets his message out. at the same time, you just see a political agenda here. what don rick kels did for years, for 60 years personally insult comedian. did it in a way that made him the most successful in the country. equal opportunity offender. this is not equal. this is a point of view. why the white house correspondents -- that's ridiculous. ainsley: isn't it supposed to be a roast. she was sitting as close as we are a little farther away right in front of her. kellyanne on the front row. fine to make fun or pick apart something funnely in the news. but to make fun of someone's looks is over the looks. that's over-the-line. she looks beautiful. look at her. steve: tradition singh but don't burn. the "new york times" doesn't even go anymore. it has. brian: they were there. steve: it is becoming closer
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and closer to becoming irrelevant. we have said this before on this program. when the president of the united states does attend, he will give a funny speech and it is a funny speech. that's why people come from all over the country to see the president give a funny speech. that's why it's on c-span. you don't need entertainer. they want to start over. you don't need the entertainer. president. funny speech. this president probably would come if he knew there wasn't going to be a 15-minute rebuttal to whatever he said by somebody from comedy central. brian: one guy that could do it. book him and everyone would say it's going to be fine that's jay leno. if you booked jay leno, you know it's going to be funny, it's going to be interesting. it's going to be smart. and is he going to insult both sides. ainsley: my dad said it's like johnny carson. he knew how to be funny without being insulting. steve: the president suggested greg gutfeld. ainsley: he tweeted about that. steve: he would be fantastic. hilarious as well. if you want to keep an
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entertainer that would be a good idea. i vote for no more entertainers. ainsley: email us and tell us what you have to say. isis striking in the heart of afghanistan. the terror group claiming responsibility for a double suicide bombing in kabul killing at least 25 people. including 8 journalists. police say the first suicide bomber was on a motorbike. the second pretending to be a reporter among other journalists who rushed to the scene of the first attack. the man accused of murdering a sheriff's deputy and leading police on a four day manhunt will face a judge today. police using the fallen deputy's handcuffs to arrest john williams in maine. accuse of shooting and killing eugene kohl. the 13 year department veteran will be laid to rest next week. he leaves behind a wife, four children, four grown children. we have lift off. jeff bezos private space company blue origin launching a passenger
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spaceship on its highest flight yet. >> commands engine start, 2, 1. ainsley: new shepard reaching over 350,000 feet during first unmanned space flight. pilot tested flights are expected to start later this year. the goal is to carry up to six space tourists up in to space. those are your headlines. would you all want to do that? steve: if it was really safe, maybe. ainsley: i don't think i would. steve: congressman louie gohmert has had enough. what's he doing with about it? unmasking robert mueller. do you know what? louie is in the house. louie you are next. brian: first one to be critical when he was hired. first incredible thing you will see all day a veteran who couldn't walk to his wife's grave at arlington gets a special lift ♪ an american soldier ♪ an american
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brothers. >> your facts are not all together -- >> i point out specifically. >> may i finish my -- >> point out specifically. sir, if you are going to call me a liar you need to point out specifically where any facts are wrong. >> we went to the mosque. -- boston. prior to boston. >> prior to boston. >> prior to boston happening we were in that mosque talking to imams before hand part of our reach out efforts. steve: now in 48-page report congressman louie gohmert is calling mueller out for what he calls a problematic task and calling for mueller to resign as special counsel. louie gohmert joins us live. steve: i have never seen that sound bite before. he look as little hacked off at you. >> he was. the truth hurts. you throw a rock in the pigpen, the guilty pig squeals. that's what he was doing. he said we did go to those mosques in our outreach program.
3:19 am
they went and played patty cake and had a meal on the floor. but they never asked about the tsarnaev. that was my point. you never went out there and investigated the tsarnaevs, the russians told you twice that tsarnaev had been radicalized and he could have stopped the boston massacre if he had just done his homework. steve: that was like when kurt weldon suggest you had the cia and the fbi had the intel but dropped the ball. so many members have asked but about him. do you decided to put together 48 page op-ed that details his history that brings us to where we are today. >> yeah. steve: in a nutshell, what does it say. >> in a net nutshell he has done tremendous damage. more damage than the fbi running off thousands and thousands of years of experience purging the islamic training material. as some of our intelligence guys say we didn't know what we were looking for. he blingsded us of the
3:20 am
ability. other thing he identifies people he doesn't like and destroys them. leaves terrible destruction in his wake. steve: louie, you are making the case why he should go. there are a bunch of senators on both sides of the aisle, u.s. senators across the hall from where you work saying we got to protect that guy. >> yeah. the reason they are doing it number one they are never trumpers, they want trump out at all cost even if it helps these guys that are doing a rotten job. and actually mueller, comey, well, mueller and rosenstein, weissmann. they all participated in the russian uranium investigation. they killed the investigation, quieted it so that russia could get the sale of our uranium. and then hillary gets 145 million for her foundation. i mean, if they don't put the kibosh on that investigation, then that sale doesn't go through. steve: you say robert mueller has got to governmental he absolutely does.
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steve: we thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. always goods to be with you, steve. rosenstein too. steve: meanwhile white house correspondents dinner. did it go too far? ♪ how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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3:25 am
the card acts as a valid government issued identification. criminal background and immigration status will not be checked. good job, rob emanuel. ainsley: comedian michelle wolf facing criticism over her attacks on sarah huckabee sanders at saturday's white house correspondence dinner. listen. >> i have to say i'm star structure love you as aunt lydia in the hand made's tale. burns fat and uses that ash to make a smok perfect smoky ey. maybe she is born with it. ainsley: should all women be appalled. american university school of public affairs also a democrat capri that fara. thank you for being with us. >> absolutely. good morning. ainsley: what did you think when you heard that? >> you know, i'm frankly appalled. look, this isn't about being a democrat or being a republican. it isn't about being liberal
3:26 am
or conservative and it's not even about being a part of the press or being a consumer of media. this is about common decency. when a woman goes after another woman, it sets everybody back. >> she is a mom and she is working really hard. she is working in the administration. you might not like her politics but to attack her for her looks and then the comedian went back and said i wasn't attacks her looks i was complimenting her eye makeup that's because no one knows who lydia in hand mail's tale is if you google her, it's not a compliment. >> no, it's not. one of the few people that have not seen the hand maiden's tale, that's fine with me. not a compliment from everything i have seen. at a time when the nation is so incredibly divided and so much acrimony with the press and distrust of the press, you know, this comedian really did not do justice to the white house correspondents association.
3:27 am
i don't know anybody that room that thought this was funny. again, democrat or republican, whether you are from cnn or politico, even mika bra zen ski from msnbc hobby outspoken about the trump administration said the white house correspondents association owes sarah huckabee sanders an apology. i agree. >> mika said she was disappointed and maggie haverman from the "new york times" weighing in and saying this comedian was being critical of her appearance. have we just gotten to a point in our country where democrats are able to do this to republicans? i felt like if republicans did this to democrats, what would the backlash be? >> there should be backlash no matter what. that's why i'm here as not a democrat or republican but as a woman and an american saying it is always unacceptable to come after people personally. it's not funny. somebody says, you know, mean girls is on broadway. it's not supposed to be at the white house correspondents dinner. i totally agree with that we need to get past this sort
3:28 am
of thing. we need to install civility again into our public discourse. really setting everything back. it's sad. ainsley: women work very hard and doing the best we can to be moms, working moms. >> that's right. ainsley: as sarah huckabee sanders is doing. takes us longer to get ready than most men. hats off to all women out there. we are doing the best we can all right? >> amen. ainsley: dr. ronny jackson won't be heading up to the v.a. this morning he is out of another job. is one senator responsible in the senator thinks so. he wants jon tester out. dan bongino knows jackson well and he agrees and is he next. opening up about phone call with president trump. what she told him and his response coming up next. but, first, happy birthday to actress goodough.
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everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? ♪ ♪ >> john tester of a really great place, montana, what they said about this great american doctor, ronny jackson, an admiral in the navy. and tester started throwing out things that he's heard. i know things about tester that i could say, too. and if i said them, he would never be elected again. brian: right. steve: what are they? i want to know. brian: dan bongino, former
3:33 am
secret service agent and host of the dan bongino very successful podcast. what did you think when you heard that line? number one i know you know dr. jackson. not only is he not going to be the next v.a. secretary. not going to get a hearing and no longer at the white house. knowing that and tester came out with innuendos and allegations, what do you think the next step is? >> well, i will tell what you it should be. tester should resign, brian, yesterday. a zap, as soon as possible. the man disgraced himself. he disgraced the united states senate. and most importantly, most critically, he has disgraced an american patriot. a good man. a friend but i say this not out of a sense of friendship, brian, i mean. this i want to be clear. no one has asked me to say anything ronny jackson. not ronny, not a friend of ronny's. not his family. nobody in the white house. this was a man i knew personally. this was a man who saved my butt many times when i was sick overseas in the secret
3:34 am
service. all of these allegations, i have never, brian, i was the law enforcement guy on the ground. when there was some kind of problem on a visit with the doctor or someone in the military or anyone else, me as a secret service man i would have been notified. i never saw any of this. this is a joke and this was a political hit job of the highest order. steve: there were those two pages of circumstantially oppo research that tester apparently was relying upon. a lot of stuff was easy to confirm whether or not it was true. in fact, over the weekend, i think the white house and the secret service came out and said yeah, you know what, he never actually did crash that car. there is no evidence of that. but the insinuation that he was giving out pills like -- they called him the candy man. when you are an an overseas trip and you are 10 times zones off. i'm sure everybody in your detail probably asked for a sleep aid. >> you know, steve, let me walk this snowflake crowd through how this works, okay? this is the real world, you chumps.
3:35 am
this is not a college campus, okay? you don't get to go to a cry room and cry it out because the professor yelled at you or a conservative speaker is on campus. in the real world in the secret service in the military, when you go to a foreign hot zone to keep the president and his family alive and you can't sleep, you can't protect this guy, do you know what happens? people could die or get hurt. so the fact that you may have to take a sleep aid to get a few hours of sleep to get your butt up and keep the president of the united states alive, listen up, snokes, that'snowflakes that's e real world works. that that offended your sensitivities pardon my language. i'm sick of this case. i never seen a better man taken down by a more disgusting group of people in my life. ainsley: that's what the american public is upset about. i don't know him personally you do. and everyone who knows him have one things to say about
3:36 am
him. this is what happens to your reputation, you give out a few pills and then you have the candy man logo and start looking at your background and driving record. dan dan ainsley, he had no chance to correct it. the lie traveled around the world before ronny got to even open his mouth. i encourage everybody to read the piece in the daily caller by the special agent in charge of the president's detail. mike white, guy worked for. another american patriot. honorable guy. read about what he wrote about ronny jackson. he had no reason to put his name out there. he is not that kind of guy, mike. did he it because that's the kind of guy he was. brian: not only get the job not even be at the white house. among the people who have a hard time with john tester is especially if you read between the lines is fellow democrat adam schiff. listen to this. >> i'm always troubled when accusations are anonymous. i don't think you can rely on that kind of anonymous claim. >> did tester go over-the-line on this one. >> i imagine folks have been talking to senator tester who are going to become public and not anonymous.
3:37 am
the administration realized that and that's why they withdrew the nomination. yes, if it were on nothing more than the anonymous claims, that's a slender read. steve: whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? >> oh, you are expecting that from adam schiff? captain conspiracy theory? i mean, asking him about lies on capitol hill, i mean, that's like asking a bank robber after he is done robbing a bank for a comment about the bank robbery. adam schiff is knee deep in capitol hill dishonesty. he almost single-handedly responsible for the fairy tale. >> when he comes out and is critical of tester bringing up innuendo, i think it's significant. >> yeah. i mean, listen. i think he should have been a little bit more forceful. he is doing the dance up there and i don't spreecht it they should come out and say listen, this was flat out wrong.
3:38 am
tester should have at a minimum issued an apology. i think he should have resigned over the weekend. >> he can't attack back. if he go after the president hard he loses any would be republican. the g.o.p. is targeting him to switch that seat. ainsley: dan, quickly, what's happening with your facebook page? >> yeah. i wasn't going to bring this up on my facebook because i didn't want to be like a hey look at me type of thing. yeah, they are spamming my content. steve: what does that mean? >> it means if you share my podcast on facebook, i have hundreds of emails from people who said this post has been marked as spam. listen, you may not like my content, but it's certainly not spam. we put out one show a day. this is just, again, indicative of this social media war against conservatives. i have been hit on twitter where they discontinued my ads. it's relentless. i'm thinking about quitting facebook. really. this is a battle i'm going through.
3:39 am
brian: that's what they want you to do. >> they may. facebook makes money off people like you and me putting content on it and the minute people like you and me say oh no not today. maybe they will wake up and smell the coffee. steve: i will tell you what, dan. we will put on our facebook page your direct appeal to mark zuckerberg what would you like to tell him about what they are doing to you? >> mark, you know, 40% of america doesn't believe what you believe, necessarily. and it's not the best business plan in the world. you know, to tell them go pound sand. that's probably not going to work out in the long term. steve: check into dan bongino apparently being classified as spam because he ain't. ainsley: reach out and see what they say. >> thank you. ainsley: hunt is now on for a man who tried to kip two women in broad daylight. this surveillance video showing toyota believed to be involved in both incidents down in houston. woman opening the door toes escape after a man threw her
3:40 am
into the car. another woman says a man tried to get her inside the toyota but she fought back and got away, neither were seriously injured. the "new york times" terrified of -- terrified of retirement rumors swirling about u.s. supreme court justice anthony kennedy. the newspaper's editorial board writing, quote: every will 1-year-old, especially those who have devoted their lives to the service of their country should have the freedom to retire without worrying that the nation's future may hang in the balance. president trump would likely fill the seat with a conservative. kennedy has long played the role of a swing vote on the court. roseanne barr opening up on her phone call from president trump at this year's jerusalem post conference. the actress reveal she personally thanked him for moving the u.s. embassy in israel. >> i said and mr. pump, on behalf of my mother, i want to thank you. he said well, you know, a lot of presidents have
3:41 am
promised it but, you know, i wanted to get it done. i think it's the first step to peace in the world. i really do. ainsley: president trump announced late last year that the u.s. would formally recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. the relocated embassy is set to open next month. an american hero gets to visit his late wife thanks to a gracious volunteer. 96-year-old veteran george boone could not walk to his wife's grave at arlington national cemetery. so a worker, look at that carried him on his back. >> he was such a caring young fellow. i felt like a toy in his arms. ainsley: boone a world war ii pilot was visiting d.c. on an honor flight. the volunteer wants to remain anonymous. those are your headlines. steve: by the way, tomorrow, may 1st, the old guard, which does the ceremonial burials and things like that at arlington celebrates 70 years. proudly serving.
3:42 am
congratulations. ainsley: we thank them. brian: 19 minutes before the top of the hour, a fox news alert now. get. this. the migrant caravan parked at the border. it got there hundreds now trying to get into the u.s. and they are seeking asylum. brandon judd works on the border and says they don't have a case. he joins us next. ainsley: plus, jonathan turley, michelle malkin, congressman kevin brady and jason chaffetz are all here live. ♪ ♪ dear foremothers, your society was led by a woman, who governed thousands... commanded armies... yielded to no one. when i found you in my dna, i learned where my strength comes from. my name is courtney mckinney, and this is my ancestrydna story. now with 5 times more detail than other dna tests.
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3:46 am
brandon, a lot of people say look at these poor people, don't you have a heart? just let them. in what's the danger of letting them in? >> well, first off, we have laws and you have to act by the rule of law. what they're doing is they are coming to the ports of entry and saying i want to claim asylum. the port has the right and under the law the port can say we can process only some people per day. amend so they can turn them away and say come back at a later date. but, if somebody comes to the port and says i'm here for admit tans. i'm legal, i can come, in then you have to take them into custody and you have to process them. but these left leaning groups don't want them to break the law because your show has been great and out front in saying these people are going to come here and break the law. so, the left-leaning outlets, the fake news if you will, what they are trying to do is trying to portray this as a legal process. well, if you do it legally, the united states has the
3:47 am
right to say well, no. don't come in this way. steve: okay. this is different. this is a change in policy from border protection because in the past they have just said, okay, next, next, next. this time suspects like nope, stop. wait in mexico. clearly they are trying to send a message. >> yes. under the obama administration, we just let anybody and irving -- everybody that came to the ports of entry, we would take them, we would process them. then we would release them under the catch and release program which, of course, was the magnet that caused people to come to the united states and make illegal entries. but this time the president has said no. if you come to the port of entry, it is the united states' government's right to tell you we can't process you right now. come back tomorrow. brian: guess what. thousands of people are going to say if these 400 get in, or 100 get in, i'm coming, too. that's going to be the message. you are going to have a country emptying out coming to our border. what does it say, brandon, when can you scale that fence and just mockingly, as
3:48 am
if there are steps on it, you sit on top of it as if you are enjoying the day. that shows that barrier is totally ineffective. >> what that also shows is it shows that these people have absolutely no regard for our laws. them sitting on our fence, they are in the united states, so they made an illegal entry into the united states, they are sitting on our fence, this is a fence that we have to maintain, they have absolutely no regard for our property. they have absolutely no regard for our laws and a picture is worth a thousand words. thank goodness that everybody is now seeing how these people act and it's back fire on the left leaning democrats. steve: it is back firing. ultimately, bribe, it's making the president's case, that border wall we have right now it don't work. >> we have to have a wall. what the president has advocated for is going to stop illegal immigration. what's funny is you would think of anybody that would want to stop illegal
3:49 am
immigration would be the democrats. because if they would stop it, then the republicans wouldn't be able to use it as a platform for re-election. but the democrats continue to allow it to happen. and the republicans are going to continue to be able to say this is what happens. these are the democratic policies. and it's going to help them. brian: brandon judd, thank you. >> thank you. brian: straight ahead a shocking act of disrespect you might have missed over the weekend to andrew jackson's grave site. vandalized. hateful gravity present. next guest says this should matter to every american. steve: plus, james clapper claims he didn't leak information about that dirty dossier. a new report says that's not true. law professor jonathan turley on the potential legal trouble for the top five. ♪ homecoming queen ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn,
3:50 am
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brian: a shocking act of disrespect to the grave site of andrew -- president andrew jackson. the grounds crew of our seventh president's home finding the tomb spray painted with profanities on friday. it's the first time jackson's grave has been vandalized since he was buried in 1845 beside his wife rachel right near jackson. the coo of jack's home hermitage: what is your reaction, howard? >> well, when i learned. vandalism or desis he creation, really, on friday morning, i was stunned. saddened, clearly, and angered, which has been the reaction of the majority of our guest who have been there since friday.
3:54 am
brian: the reaction locally and nationally, this is the third most visited historical site in the country. when this happened, you didn't even have cameras set up back there. you never thought this was going to be a problem. >> that's correct. we have security cameras other parts of the property. not around the tomb. we will very soon have security cameras there. brian: this is not going to be easy to get rid of it, is it. >> it is not. it will take very careful cleaning so we don't damage the stone or discolor the stone but we want it erased because it's so disrespectful to president and ms. jackson. brian: howard, the main reason is, this is horrible. but this isn't the first. some -- seems the america's history is being attacked pretty consistently over the last few years. take a look at some of the places from robert e. lee to jefferson davis to christopher columbus. we're seeing more and more of these attacks on these american icons because they lived less than perfect lives.
3:55 am
why? >> well, i think how people, many people today view history is looked at from a different lens or a different context. and without a clear understanding of the complications of the lives people had back then. brian: and the lives they had back then, which is very much a part of america, now i remember you were touring the president of the united states through the hermitage. we know that ronald reagan was there the 200th anniversary. do you think a lot of this comes back to people not liking president trump and president trump liking andrew jackson? >> there is a certain amount of that, i think. the two are seen as very synonymous with one another. and just a general attitude of people today about parts of our history. are complicated just as we are complicated today. brian: it doesn't mean they weren't great people. it means they were people of their times. why do we suddenly not understand that? >> i think we're trying to
3:56 am
look at -- we're trying to put history in too many little boxes without all the gray areas in between. the gray areas are where history happened. brian: you also ran monday month monticeloo. -- let us know what's going on there and i should mention i'm a board member at the hermitage, so especially concerning to me personally. especially because you study andrew jackson so much you almost feel like you know him. >> we're proud to have you, brian. brian: howard, i wish you weren't going through, this but thank you so much for telling your story and hopefully it stops. >> thank you. brian: pretty bad whether you have got to put security cameras up at mt. vernon and the hermitage. jonathan turley will be on with us talking about what done n case. michelle malkin, kevin brady, chairman of ways and means and jason chaffetz, former chairman of oversight
3:57 am
on where the investigations are going and what james comey has done to this case. don't move ♪ in your noise cancelling trheadphones?ry maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪ whoamike and jen doyle?than i thought. yeah. time for medicare, huh. i have no idea how we're going to get through this. follow me. choosing a plan can be super-complicated. but it doesn't have to be. unitedhealthcare can guide you through the confusion, with helpful people, tools and plans. including the only plans with the aarp name.
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♪ steve: the caravan has hit a wall. that scene is exactly what the president has been saying. >> what they're doing is making a mockery of our system. brian: not only is he not going to be the next v.a. secretary. he's not going to get a hearing and no longer going to be at the white house. >> never seen a better man taken down by a more disgusting group of people in my life. steve: congressman louie gohmert is calling for mueller to resign. >> he identifies people he doesn't like and destroys them. >> i'm never really sure what to call sarah huckabee sanders. but what's uncle tom but for white women who disappoint other white women. >> i'm appalled. this is about common decency. when a woman goes after another woman, it sets everybody back
4:01 am
♪ the simpsons. >> the simpsons breaking the record for the longest running scripted show in prime time history. >> woo hooh ♪ ♪ it's going down. you better move, you better dance let's make a night you won't remember, i'll be the one, you won't forget. brian: that's a drone. we have a drone. steve: congratulations to our friends at the simpsons because they have now 350 episodes. for decades number one show which was gun smoke. and apparently in the episode, of course, stars matt dillon from dodge city and lisa simpson because they clashed of the titans again pulled out a gun and shot him. shot him dead.
4:02 am
right there. brian: third place on the list mcmillan and wife. it was very successful. ainsley: lots of news to talk about this morning. let's start at the border because this is a fox news alert. border showdown. members of that migrant caravan they have arrived there at the border. that's in the san diego area. and look at that they are crossing over this fence. it's a dilapidated fence. it's got holes in it. look at all the rust on the right. this proves according to some republicans and the president that this is why we need a wall. brian: i guess so. mexican government failed us. they were supposed to handle this diplomatically and find a way not to have this embarrassing scene take place. instead some way, somehow. the diplomacy has fallen away to the point where they have hundreds still together and doing things like getting married and getting the lines down that they think that will put them into our country. they will get a summons to come back and never be seen again. steve: here's the interesting thing. notice those people are sitting on the fence.
4:03 am
they are not going over. because they -- a number of them did and promptly got arrested. and they are in big trouble and they are going to be promptly deported. ainsley: that's illegal to sit on the wall and try to scale it. steve: yesterday at 4:30 in the afternoon. 50 caravan members went into the port and said we are here for asylum. the port says you know what? we have reached capacity. here is a statement from the cpb chair. he says capacity at the port of entry for cpd officers to be able to bring additional officers traveling without bringing appropriate port of entry for processing depending on port circumstances at the time of arrival those individuals may need to wait in mexico. and essentially that's it. you have to wait in mexico. this is a complete change from the way they did it during the obama years according to brandon judd, the president of the national border patrol council. >> the obama administration, we just let anybody and
4:04 am
everybody -- everybody that came to the ports of entry, we would take them and process them and release them under the catch and release program which, of course, was the magnet that caused people to come to the united states and make illegal entry. but this time the president has said no. if you come to the port of entry, it is the united states government's right to tell you we can't process you right now come back tomorrow. brian: you have 1.6 billion that put aside to build the wall. they are starting in the el centro area. the vice president is going to be there today to highlight. they are making some progress, but san diego is considered proof that the wall worked anywhere on our southern border. don't bother, you are wasting our time. obviously illegals have no problem with it. when the vice president wept down it the border the first time. this would be the seconds time he was in texas. we had the pleasure of going with him and interviewing him there on the border.
4:05 am
what happens is when you drive through, if you have ever been up to canada or been down to mexico, when you drive through the port of entry. they have all these lanes, it's kind of likes a drive-thru or like the toll on the highway. so you drive through. a lot of people are walking over the bridges and can you see here some video. i assume i guess this is down in mexico. can you walk over the bridges as well. people are stopped right there on the passage way because, when they get into the area where there is this big room, right beside the area where those cars drive through, where people are walking through, have to go and get checked in. there are little offices within that building and did you go into those offices and sit down with the border patrol agents and explain why you are seeking asylum. and if you get checked off and you feel like your life is in jeopardy and can you prove it, you get to go into the country and then you wait for your hearing and a lot of those people never show up for their hearing. that's one of the problems. steve: that's what's different this time is the border patrol people are sayinsaywe are full, sorry, youl
4:06 am
have to come back. that's what's different about the way that the homeland security is handling it this time. brian: white house correspondent's dinner took place saturday night. ainsley: you were there. brian: it was tacked. president not there doesn't have the same buzz. converted. used to be a place go awards given and president would speak. now there is red carpet. it's like a mini oscars. and this was the highlight. people thought, because the president wasn't speaking. the rest was all awards. now mitchell wolf if you watch her if you see her on the daily show the fact that she is on the daily show you know the point you are going to get. way to the left. how do the daily show and others feel about the president? dislike him and everybody who works for him. many surprised to hear michelle wolf have this style comedy and this attack dog style. listen. >> we have sarah huckabee sanders, i have to say i'm a little star-struck. i love you as aunt lydia in
4:07 am
the hand maid's tale. every time sarah steps up to the podium i'm a little excited. i'm not sure what we're going to get, a press briefing, a bunch of lies, or divided into softball teams. i absolutely like sarah. i think she is very resourceful. like she burns fat and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. like maybe she is born with it. maybe it's lies. i am never really sure what to call sarah huckabee sanders. suspects it sarah sanders, sarah huckabee sanders. what's uncle tom for white women who disappoint other white women. >> good for sarah huckabee sanders, she rose above it she did not give wolf any sort of reaction. she just sat right there. look, this is a problem. the woman who was the president of the association margaret, a reporter from bloomberg, she knew what she was getting. she said i invited her
4:08 am
because i thought she was a talented comedian with a message to deliver. oh, she delivered a message and now people are distancing themselves from the white house correspondent association. "the washington post" today says you know what? get rid of it. it's done. stick a fork in it. ainsley: you know, the comedian later said i was complimenting her eye, her smoky eye. brian: she was mocking the critics. ainsley: chelsea handler keeps talking about her eye mikeup. it's fine. i don't understand that it's not funny. aunt lydia and handmaid's tale. that's not funny. sarah huckabee sanders looked beautiful. she was sitting 5 feet from her right there on the stage. you know, and she handled herself gracefully. look how pretty she looks. she looks amazing. do you know how long it takes for us to go when we go for a fancy event for us to find a dress and get our hair and makeup done find the perfect earrings. she looks glamorous.
4:09 am
steve: entertainer attacked her. ainsley: she is a working mother it takes a lot of work to do it. she is doing the best job she can. brian: i met her husband for the first time. after she went up. the woman from bloomberg divnts even say thank you, michelle, have a great night. it was that's it, we're done. you sense something terrible had just happened. in the room, it was just a -- there was no laughs. she was just pouring through it the only thing you saw was like rob reiner laughing and mimicked some of the support. here's the support. jimmy kimmel, dear media, michelle wolf was funny. hire a juggler next year. judd, this is the moment when people are supposed to call out the madness, cruelty and corruption. blanket niceties. michelle wolf was brilliant and all other targets deserved it that's the attitude.
4:10 am
she is high fiving. she will get more famous from this. ainsley: listened to the whole thing language x rated. capri senate minority leader she was on our show earlier, keep in mind she is a democrat. >> i'm just frankly appalled. this isn't about being a democrat or being a republican. it isn't about being liberal or conservative. and it's not even about being a part of the press or being a consumer of media, this is about common decency. and when a woman goes after another woman, it sets everybody back. at a time where the nation is so incredibly divided, this comedian really did not do justice to the white house correspondents association. i don't know anybody in this room who thought that was funny. steve: is that true reason donald trump didn't even show up. he went to washington, michigan and delivered a speech that received arousing reception. what is the message that middle america is getting or any of america? washington, d.c. is filled
4:11 am
with these elitists who thought that was a good idea. and those are the people who cover the white house. so what kind of a fair shake does the president ever get if that's the white house correspondents association and that was their entertainer. they are trying to walk it back but a terrible judgment call. ainsley: this is going to back fire. let's read you the headlines this morning. isis strike not guilty heart of afghanistan. the tear group claiming responsibility for a double suicide bombing in kabul. killing 25 people including 8 journalists. police say the first suicide bomber was on a motorbike. the second pretepidding to be a reporter among all the other journalists who rushed to the scene of that first attack. president trump expected to speak at the nra convention in dallas this week. the annual meeting starts on thursday and sources tell fox news that they believe the president will speak on friday. his speech would come nearly two months after unveiling a series of proposals on gun restrictions in response to the school shooting down in
4:12 am
parkland, florida. president trump has delivered remarks at the last two nra conventions. the mystery of the missing tree now solved. eagle eye photographers noticing the sapling that was given to president trump by the french president emmanuel macron disappeared from the white house lawn days after it was planted. it turns out the tree was removed. it had to be put into quarantine. this is mandatory for all living organisms imported into the united states. it will be replanted soon. and those are your headlines. steve: that's like when you come back from hawaii do you have any fruits or vegetables. because you don't want to introduce. ainsley: you would think that one tree they might let it go. steve: they should have brought it in a month early. ainsley: quarantine it right there. steve: boy in a bubble. brian: james clapper claims he didn't leak information about the dirty dossier. turns out that's not exactly true. law professor jonathan
4:13 am
turley on the potential legal trouble next. steve: senior prank gone too far? high schoolers spraying the american flag. how one group taught them a lesson they will never forget. >> michelle malkin is going to join us live on the curvey couch. come on up, michelle. she is coming up. ♪ ♪ here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters.
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4:17 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> limited contact with media until after i left the government on the 20th of january. so you didn't leak anything about the dossier to any media? >> not, nothing. brian: really? okay. new congressional report says otherwise suggesting the former director of the national intelligence james clapper leaked information about the russian dossier and lied about it to congress. here to weigh in, george washington university law professor jonathan turley. jonathan, clapper has a little bit of a problem with truth because we know he has lied to congress before. is he doing it again? >> well, that is indeed the question. you know, clapper most certainly did lie to congress. he was not indicted. in fact, the statute of limitations ran out not long before he took the job at cnn. there's a serious issue here. you know, clapper has already admitted that he did
4:18 am
speak with cnn. now, he is insisting that he didn't speak to any media until january 20th, but he indicated. interesting comey, the former fbi director said the cnn was looking for a hook in order to run the story of the dossier. he said that to trump. that hook ultimately became that briefing with comey will. that was used as the hook. cnn reported that high level people had confirmed this information with him. if one of those individuals is clapper, then he has a serious problem. he could be accused again of perjury. brian: by the way, they seem obsessed with attacking the president. john brennan, too. here is the quote. this happened to jake tapper. in january of 2017. now, you point out the inauguration took place in late january.
4:19 am
what day, we don't know. he said this. clapper subsequently acknowledged discussing the dossier with cnn journalist jake tapper and admitted that he might have spoken with other journalists about the same topic. clap per's discussion with tapper took place in early 2017. early january 2017. now, came january 21st or 23rd, technically he might be right. but, man, he gets a job at cnn right after? >> i think the public has a right to know more about these dates. i think the committee was correct as it stands clapper's testimony at a minimum is inconsistent. it could be much more serious than that. and i thinks public has a right to know. you know, there is a troubling pattern with both clapper and comey. both of them in the best case scenario talked about nonpublic information soon after leaving office. even if that's not illegal, it's highly unprofessional.
4:20 am
there seems to be a lack of attention at the conduct at both of these individuals, they released this information for personal, perhaps political, but for the public interest. brian: the whole premise of james comey briefing the president-elect, hey, we got this stuff. it's unverified, salacious. but i'm going to read it to you. the president-elect is horrified, says i can't believe where did this come from? to this day he is not sure where it came from. he doesn't know who paid for it that's not logical. >> i was flabbergasted when comey said recently in a an interview he still thought republicans had funded the dossier. my high school children know that fact. one would have hoped that comey at this point would be aware of that that it's not true. brian: anybody raised by jonathan turley would know all the facts of this case i would imagine. >> i hope my boys are watching. brian: all right.
4:21 am
jonathan, thank you very much. good to see you. straight ahead. one of the most powerful pictures you will see two siblings reunited, after horrific crash killed their parents and baby sister. how you can help the family next. stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
4:22 am
4:23 am
mr. elliot, what's your wiwifi?ssword? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi.
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it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ ♪ ainsley: both siblings right there have been through a lot. they were just reunited over a weekend after surviving horrific car crash in the state of texas. it claims the lives of their parents and their baby sister that was just born a few months ago. the accident left 8-year-old angela, 5-year-old zachery and 4-year-old wyatt in critical condition. there they are. their parents jim and carissa cummings died along with 2-month-old baby
4:25 am
juliannena. a fifth child, 2-year-old nicholas was released from the hospital but his older three siblings have a very long road to recovery. the children's great aunt, theresa burl joins us now. theresa i'm sorry for your loss. you lost your niece and the story is just so hard to tell for the folks at home that aren't familiar with it tell us what happened. >> you know, they were actually -- we belong to the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. we have a temple. they were driving home from visiting the temple and they picked um their kids and they had them in the car. and there was a mediu ad me medn that had grass in the middle. they were going opposite directions. a mother with -- a young mother with two children lost control of her vehicle and actually went through down into the median and flipped over and landed upside down on top of the suburban. on top of their car and it killed jim and rissa immediately and the little
4:26 am
baby. ainsley: i'm so sorry. we are looking at this picture of two of the surviving children holding hands in the hospital. >> that was tender moment for me. they actually have kept the kids pretty separated just because of fear of infections. and so, they went in to physical therapy and they happened to -- they were to the point that they could finally reunite them. the and the physical therapist said we have got to get a camera. we are not supposed to go there as family. she snuck us in. she is delightful. have you got to see this as a family. we were so touched. that was such poignant moment for them. they are the older ones. hthey understand what was going on. ainsley: 2-year-old was released from the hospital. angela is 8. zachary broke his back. angela has severe brain injuries. how are they doing? what's next? >> you know, it's been
4:27 am
miraculous. we just can't thank people enough for their prayers. a week ago, you know, we didn't even know if angela would wake up and we didn't know what would happen to wyatt. wyatt is the 4-year-old. he is a spit
4:28 am
4:29 am
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pech powp 30eu7b. . >> i would love one. it's always good to goal home again. i feel like this is my second home. i'm actually from south jersey. somewhat
4:35 am
4:36 am
until border. matters. bribe is very important. and it needs to be reiterated over and over again. look at me. okay. i have got brown skin. my parents came here legally. and there are so many generations of descendents of legal immigrants to this country who are the most vocal proponents for making sure that our borders matter and that we have an orderly immigration system that discriminates between hermine who want to do here good and who respect the sovereignty of our country and people who are here to do worse. ainsley: october to december nearly 80% of asylum seekers passed the initial screening. i'm being told that few of
4:37 am
them will likely win asylum. how do you determine whether or not they are in danger if they go back home and we have to catch and release them into our country until they come into court? do you think that needs to change? >> here's the thing. here is why asylum system has been turned into a complete joke. mexico already offered asylum to each and every one of those people in the caravan. okay. and if you already have safe passage in that initial country, then that already delegitimizes the claim once you already get here. and we need a better vetting system for who actually is experiencing true persecution. of course we want to make sure that we consider the legitimate asylum and refugee claims of people who have nowhere else to go. but, you said it. steve, perfectly. we have limits. and that's the thing that's been missing from the immigration system debate. which is we can't take every last willing worker in the
4:38 am
world who wants to work here for a dollar an hour. we have to have limits. brian: there needs to be modernization of our legal immigration system. it takes too long. too unwe wouldy and people who can get in here. people hobby on this line 10, 15 years and they have done everything right. >> exactly, brian. one of the biggest tropes. one of the biggest mantras that you always here is well, we need a path to citizenship. there are many paths. there is an alphabet soup of visas that are available to people. and the key that you just talked about, brian, is that we need to get that legal system in order. it is -- there are hundreds. steve: talk to congress. >> there are hundreds of thousands of people who are waiting. it's a huge backlog and that needs to be fixed. ainsley: there is another topic we want to talk to you, about as a woman, white house corpts dinner. michelle wolf, comedian making fun of sarah huckabee sanders looks. she is saying she didn't do that. but she compared her to aunt lydia, hand maid's tale.
4:39 am
i googled her. not exactly a compliment. what do you think? >> i have been fighting the misogyny of the left for 25 years and it is finally erupted for people that -- they can see it. it is so transparent. dripping from people in hollywood. and journalists and i have to say it's a complete disgrace that there wasn't a single person on the day as. that interrupted that woman as filth was coming out of her mouth. i cannot tell you how proud i was to be a conservative woman to see the dignity with which sarah sanders bore those slings and arrows. i have faced it. so many people have faced. it's time for the left to reckon with it. ainsley: i watched sarah huckabee sanders. as a woman i would be having to fight back as a man or a woman. when someone is attacking your appearance and doing the best you can as a working mother. i'm surprised she didn't get up. i'm surprised she didn't cry. i don't know if i would have been able to be that strong. let's hear it if you missed it. >> i have to say i'm a little star struck.
4:40 am
i love you as aunt lydia in the hand maid's tale. she burns fat and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. [laughter] like maybe she is born with it. maybe it's live. brian: her key line was after one of her lines bombed and there were many. she said hey, guys, you should have done your research before booking me. she does this. this is what she does. she is from the daily show so you know she despises president trump. and you look at her act. that's what her act is. >> that is why we have to turn this around on the leadership at the white house correspondent's association. because, actually, michelle wolf is right. they knew what they were getting and they wanted it. and this reuse all okay because it's comedy, these liberal comedians always cloak themselves in to spew the worst kind of hatred and intolerance of people whose views that they disagree with.
4:41 am
i want to get back to this thing about conservative women again. because, i have been the target of a hate rape list along with other prominent conservative women. look at what happened to sarah palin during her vice presidential candidacy. they called on gang rape for her. they called on assassination. they use the worst kind of vile imagery of any kind of conservative woman who dares to stray from the liberal orthodox plantation. you know what this is going to inspire? a generation of independent young girls to stand up for their values. of being pro-life, of being pro-second amendment. of being pro-limited government. because that is the most empowering thing that women can do and believe in. steve: the white house correspondents association is going to have to change that show because even people on the left have said way over the line. >> you know what's a joke? they are saying now maybe we need to change the format. no, change your attitude and change your filthy mouth. steve: there is a reason the "new york times" stopped
4:42 am
going in 2000 will. it's become too chummy. brian: they were there. i saw a lot of "new york times." steve: officially they have stopped going since 2008. congratulations on your big show last night. >> thank you. manhattan film festival crusading on behalf behalf of wrongful convictions we were pleased to be able to cross the aisle on left, right and center it actually does happen. brian: by the way crtv investigates is your series. >> thanks, guys. great to see you. brian: mike pompeo wrapping up first trip as the new secretary of state. that happened overnight. as the trump administration doubles down on pressure for north korea. we are live at the white house. steve: and, remember when president trump said this after passing the tax cuts? >> we got it not only passed but bigger than anything ever passed in the history of our country. and we're now going for a phase 2. steve: phase 2. what's in that? that guy right there knows. congressman kevin brady
4:43 am
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ask your health care provider if you're tresiba® ready. covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ ♪ brian: all right. back with quick headlines now. students get a lesson in respect after defacing the american flag and calling it a prank. veterans meeting with the students after they spray painted the flag and hung it up in their georgia school. >> two of the young people w. tears in their eyes shook their hands, apologized, very remorseful. brian: that schools' principal says teens didn't mean to be disrespectful. brian: incredible tribute to america from country star carrie underwood. the singer surprising national predators fans at the stanley cup playoff game in front of her husband. ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air
4:47 am
♪ gave proof. brian: it was bring your spouse to work today. underwood's husband mike fisher beat the jets in double overtime. waffle house hero james shaw jr. honored at the game. he saved lives when he stopped the gunman right outside nashville. i believed he raised over $185,000 for the victims on the go fund me page by the way. that's a quick look what's happening in the news. ainsley: wonderful. secretary of state mike pompeo is hitting the ground running. right now he is wrapping um his inaugural overseas trip to the middle east. steve: mr. pompeo focusing on the iran nuke deal as the trump administration doubles down pressuring north korea. brian: kevin corke live at the white house with what to expect the coming weeks. this is a top story. >> good morning. let me tell you this. we are just hours away from moving into the month of may. and what that means is we also could be approaching the very month the president and kim jong un finally meet with a chance at making history and i for one cannot
4:48 am
wait to see how that all turns out. you mentioned mike pompeo, he has been very busy. we have also been talking a great deal about north korea, right, the leader there putting on a real charm offensive in the runup to the talks with the president, making concessions and promises about his country's future nuclear agenda. but, as can you also well imagine, guys, healthy amount of skepticism here within the trump administration and i would dare say for good reason because we have seen the north do this before. only to go back on their word. >> i think if he has made a strategic determination that north korea would be better off without nuclear weapons, then i think we have got something to talk about. i think the president would be eager to capitalize on the opportunity. but i think it's clear, we are here where we are today because of the pressure that the trump administration has put on north korea economic pressure, political military pressure. i think this is widely recognized. >> the pressure campaign working. so says john bolton.
4:49 am
meanwhile newly confirmed secretary of state mike pompeo continuing his tour of the middle east. continuing position on iran and that controversial nuclear deal. >> this deal is very flawed. is he as director of the administration trying to fix it. if he can't fix it, he will withdraw from the deal. it's pretty straightforward. >> one more look at the calendar, guys, may 12th. >> that's the date the president could withdraw the u.s. from the accord and vacate that deal all together. we will see what happens between now and then. be watching twitter in the meantime, of course. but for now back to you. steve: thank you. brian: 11 minutes before the top of the hour. remember when president trump said this after passing his tax cut? >> we got it passed but bigger than anything ever passed in the history of our country. now going for a phase 2. brian: congressman kevin brady, chairman of ways and means knows what phase 2 is. he joins us live next. ainsley: have you seen nrtv
4:50 am
spokesperson kayleigh mcenany battle over the big political issues of the day. now she is opening up about her choice to have a double mastectomy. she is going to join us live next hour ♪ ♪ before nexium 24hr mark could only imagine... a peaceful night sleep without frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality.
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mr. elliot, what's your wiwifi?ssword? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ ♪ steve: remember when the president teased the face 2 of tax cuts a couple of weeks ago. >> we good it passed but passed bigger history in our country. we are now going for a phase 2. we are actually going for a phase 2 which will help in addition to the middle class, will help companies
4:54 am
and it's going to be something, i think, very special. kevin brady is working on it with me. steve: well then he is the guy we should talk to. and kevin brady, the chairman of the house ways and means committee joins us now from texas. all right, so chairman, what is in phase 2? >> yes, so phase 2 about building up success of phase one. here we are just a few months into the new tax code, already paychecks are rising at the fastest rate in more than a decade. unemployment claims down the lowest since the 19760s and jobs are coming back to the united states. so off to a very good start. but we shouldn't settle for just an excellent start. we think we ought to break the culture in washington. president trump and i, where they used to do tax reform once every 30 years and just a lot of special interest provisions in between. think every year congress and the president ought to be working to make our tax code even better. more competitive and more innovative and
4:55 am
family-friendly. one of the things we have talked about now that paychecks are rising, we have got more jobs, so can we do more to help families save for retirement, for healthcare, maybe for college or technical schools for their kids? can we do more to help businesses help their employees pay off those student loans? those sort of improvements that just make us better as a nation every year. steve: right. okay. so i know you have been doing some town halls and i'm sure you have been hearing from the folks about the crumbs. but here's the thing. you would like to have a vote, obviously before the november election because you would like to pin the democrats down. look, are you for tax cuts and letting people keep more of their money or do you want taxes to go up, right? >> well, that's really it. and i will tell you this. they have been complaining about families keeping more of what they earn and main street businesses now one -- at the most optimistic level in decades. democrats want to go back to thbad old days not only do
4:56 am
they want to raise your taxes and take more from you but they want to do that for more spending. we think it's important to have a vote before november to talk about issues like permanence. we made the family tax cuts long term but not permanent because senate budget rules. we think that would be a good vote to have as well. steve: let's see what happens. thank you for joining us today from texas. >> thank you, sir. steve: i think we would all like more tax cuts. right? let us know. former v.a. secretary nominee ronny jackson will not be returning to his old job at the white house after a democratic senator spread some unfounded allegations about him. jason chaffetz says this is the worst part of politics. and, as you can see, he's coming up. ♪ anyway you want it ♪ that's the way you need it ♪ any way you want it ♪
4:57 am
. . . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
♪ >> the caravan has hit a wall. >> they have absolutely no regard for our property.
5:00 am
they have absolutely no regard for our laws. >> this week's historic summit set the stage for a face-to-face meet between president trump and kim jong-un. >> this administration has its eyes wide open. we know the history. we know the risks. brian: new congestional report that james clapper leaked information about the russian dossier and lied about it to congress. >> he has a serious problem. he could be again of cues of perjury. >> i'm not sure what to call sarah huckabee sanders. >> this was a disgrace that not a single person interrupted that woman as filth was coming out of her mouth. >> the tower on its weight. >> we have liftoff. jeff bezos private space company officially launching a passenger spaceship on its highest flight yet. ♪
5:01 am
brian: from last u 2. album i enjoyed. ainsley: a freight concert. brian: a great concert. until he lectures you in the middle and you want to leave. steve: final day of april. we start with a fox news alert. brian: yep, we have a border showdown right now. the members of that migrant caravan we've been watching for the last 3 1/2 weeks arrived at our border we were told would never happen. we have been telling them we reached capacity. they are mocking us by singing, putting, sing ising and mocking us and, literally protesting on what we call a fest, to us not, it is short of even a barrier. ainsley: look how rusty it is. the whole fence is really
5:02 am
disgusting. they are trying to cross over the fence. they are not going over because they will get arrests if they do. look how rusty it is. steve: the images are making president's trump point. the wall doesn't work. the policies don't work. congress should do something. but what happened yesterday afternoon at 4:30 right there at the ped west entrance in san ysidro this is something different. brandon judge said things have changed with this president and this department of homeland security because rather than just walking in and saying hey, we're here for asylum, let us in, yesterday the border patrol said sorry we're full. >> the obama administration, we just let anybody and everybody. everybody that came to the ports of entry, we would take them, process them, release them under the catch-and-release program which was the magnet that caused
5:03 am
people to come to the united states and make illegal entries but this time the president has said no if you come to the port of entry it is the united states' government right to tell you we can't process you now. come back tomorrow. ainsley: here is what is interesting. they were seeking asylum. they lived in central america. they traveled in mexico. you can stay there. not safe in your country. you can stay there. many continued to to north come into the united states or try to, they're seeking asylum, they're not safe in their country. merck -- michelle malcolm was here said they are safe, they can stay in mexico but still want to come into our country. brian: we were told the story would go away. the mexican government promised to handle this. that is how they handled this. that is the problem. these are not mexicans coming
5:04 am
over here. they are other than mexicans, many cases central america, it is horrific living conditions. steve: sure. brian: as bad as you feel for it. we can not accept a whole other population into our population. ainsley: how do you explain that to people are doing it the right way, have been on the list for a long time. brian: that is who we should be comparing them to. steve: here is the thing. we've been doing this way. somebody knocks on the gate. we let them in. i want asylum. we let them in. there is obviously a sea change. the difference they said we're at capacity, over the last week or so all of these migrants, largely from honduras, and have lawyered up. this is what the lawyers tell you need to say asking for asylum. if you cross the country illegally they arrest you and may not detain you and there is peril there. the new way the border patrol is
5:05 am
saying, we can't handle things. stay in mexico until we give the high sign. clearly without a change of the law, this is the way the border patrol is handling it. brian: we said we're full. we can't accept anyone. we will sleep outside the building until you have a opening. this will be solved. i can not imagine an issue so cut and try for this president. this is what he ran on, enforcing borders. we have great neighbors. sometimes the best neighbors, the best thing you can do for great neighbors have a great fence. that is what we're trying to do. have a great barrier. he says there could be a door in the wall. we can't get the point we build the door because we can't build the wall. ainsley: big beautiful door. brian: in september we'll have a chance to fund the wall. you bet i will do it or we'll shut the government down. ainsley: he was looking at prototypes. the vice president was in texas. the vice president is heading to san diego. he will be down there just to
5:06 am
observe the situation to report back to the white house what is actually happening. steve: meanwhile the white house core respondents association had their annual dinner on saturday night. if you missed it. they had a comedienne they hired because they thought she would be really funny, she was edgy, she was from comedy central. this morning, so many people are complaining that woman right there, michelle wolf went so far over the line, made her attacks so bitter and so nasty, the tradition at the dinner singe but don't burn. here is 4 had 6 seconds of it. >> sarah huckabee sanders i'm a little star-struck i love you as and lydia in the hand made's tale. i get excited because i'm not really sure what we're going to get, you know, a press briefing a bunch of lies or divided into softball team.
5:07 am
i actually really like sarah. i think she is really resourceful. burns fat and uses that ash to create a perfect smokey eye. maybe see is born with it. maybe it it is live. i'm never really sure what to call sarah huckabee sanders. is it sarah handers is, is it sarah sanders. is it cousin huck wee. what is uncle tom for women that disappoint other white women? brian: it got worse after that. after a while things got totally quiet. people stopped laughing. she powered through the material enjoying it. this is what she does. she even said at one point, she looked around and said, you should have done more research before booking me. and a lot of people say, well it is time to cut the comedian. i don't think it is time to cut the comedian. america has a sense of humor by itself. don rickles was famous. jay leno would be the guy.
5:08 am
have fun mocking both sides. >> historically the president comes and does 10 or 15 minutes. he is hilarious. what happened over eight or 10 years the president will give a speech, then the comic comes out, do a rebuttal, that is why donald trump decided not to go. if dinner only attracts liberal presidents and liberal comedians, conclusion is inevitable to the country, the white house correspondent's association it is a bunch liberal journalists. >> do you blame him for not wanting to to. why put himself in that situation. you heard what happened to sarah huckabee sanders. she is five feet from the comedienne. brian: stephen colbert did it to george w. bush. >> it was over the line. brian: he has a niche with anti-trump people. he is leading late night. this woman will gain from this.
5:09 am
margaret tavlov -- ainsley: works at bloomberg. president of -- brian: her personal story was fantastic. talked about her parents being from bulgaria. how they fought for freedom. how much they love this country. one was republican, one was a democrat. she coveted this job. that was a high note. no one is talking about that today. steve: the buck stops with her. she is the one who hired her. a lot of people are saying, she might be kind of apologizing now. really, she knew what she was getting. she issued a statement late yesterday. last night's program was meant to offer a unifying message about our common commitment to a vigorous and free press while honoring civility, great reporting, scholarship winners, not to divide people. unfortunate lit entertainer's monologue was not in the spirit of that mission. do you think? ainsley: we've all been to a roast before. they're really funny. but this speech, if you listen to the whole thing, we can only play you some sound bites because it was very vulgar.
5:10 am
it was x-rated. she went down roads you probably shouldn't go down, very controversial issues. exactly. she was making fun of sarah huckabee sanders. she said she didn't make her fun of her appearance. called her aunt lydia from "the handmaid's tale." i googled it. not very flattering image. capri cafaro had to say, michelle malkin who is republican. >> i'm frankly appalled. this is not being a democrat or being republican. notbeing liberal or conservative. it is not about being a part of the press or consumer of media. this is about common decency, when a woman goes after another woman it sets everybody back. in a time where the nation is so incredibly divided, this comedienne really did not do justice to the white house correspondents association and i don't know anybody in that room that thought this was funny. >> i've been fighting the misogyny of the left for 25
5:11 am
years and it is finally erupted for people that, they can see it. this is so transparent, dripping from people in hollywood. i can not tell you how proud i was to be a conservative woman to see the dignity with which sarah sanders bore those slings and arrows. you know what? this will inspire a generation of independent, young girls to stand up for their values. brian: you would think it is clear the verdict. it is not. jimmy kimmel came out, dear media, michelle wolf was funny. hire a juggler. kathy griffin said, michelle wolf took no prisoners. every one is focused on sanders. that was only 1 1/2 minutes. she went after every one as it should be. judd apatow this is the moment when people are supposed to call out madness, cruelty and corruption, blank the nicety. >> what the comedienne may have done give president trump a big
5:12 am
win, while, they were doing that, he was out in michigan and the comedienne was proving his point. he said, why would i want to a dinner where everybody just hates me? that comedienne proved that. right now the headline on drudge says essentially, end of the dinner. wouldn't that be ironic, this woman who completely lambasted the president and his, the people who work for him could actually be responsible for the beginning of the end of this long tradition. ainsley: next year the president will have to, the president of the organization will have to vet them differently, read their speeches. she went over to sarah huckabee sanders, rubbing her back afterward. brian: here is tweet from the president in the last 30 seconds. the white house correspondents dinner is dead as we know it. this was total disaster to our great country all that it stands for, fake news is live, well and beautifully represented on
5:13 am
saturday night. brian: okay. i bet he is not going next year. steve: what do you think. time to end it or do a comic, how do you think it could go forward? brian: do a luncheon. steve: why not? ainsley: pry an wants lunch. steve: washington is all about the big cocktail. not really easy to get liquored up at lunch. brian: ainsley is really great at it. ainsley: because our lunchtime is didnter in. steve: roseanne opening up about the phone call to president trump. what she told him and his response. brian: va secretary ronny jackson won't return to his old job after democratic senator jon tester and others spread under founded allegations about him. should the senator from montana resign? the president wants him to. jason chaffetz walks through as i read his name.
5:14 am
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♪ >> what jon tester did to this man is a disgrace. tester started throwing out things that he's heard. i know things about tester that i could say too. if i said them, he would never
5:18 am
be elected again. steve: former va secretary nominee ronny jackson, screen right left his job as white house physician president trump doubled down on senator jon tester. ainsley: here to react, former news contributor and former gop congressman jason chaffetz. good to see you. >> thank you. ainsley: to the former. a fox news contributor. >> i hope there is no breaking news here on the curvy couch rough crowd here at fox. brian: all of sudden this story comes out last week and jonathan swan of axios says there is some problems with the nomination but didn't know what they were because he couldn't get them verified. so he didn't run with the story. but it didn't stop a politician, many politician, especially senator tester going on national news, yeah, we have a problem, you wrecked three cars, he is
5:19 am
called the candy man, he has a problem with other leadership around too drunk to answer president obama's call. i don't know if it is true or not. is that a problem? >> it's a huge problem. what senator tester did is absolutely disgusting. you have an admiral with amazing career. he worked for president obama. he worked for president trump. he worked for president bush. if these allegations happened during obama's watch why didn't they come up then. but the fact they were not facts. they were fundamentally wrong. and senator tester would require a moral compass that he obviously doesn't have. steve: right. >> that's a huge problem. >> jason, is this the swamp? they didn't want him in that job. is this swamp? >> it is the swamp. politics of personal destruction. the resistance movement democrats represent. take down anybody at any cost. will destroy his family. even the secret service came out with a statement said, this is not true.
5:20 am
we don't have any information of this. do you think senator tester has any information? no, but tactic of the rest. remember when harry reid stood up and disparaged mitt romney just to win a political campaign. never paid taxes. brian: said later nothing to go on with that. >> nothing to go on. i think it should be investigated. it really should. ainsley: do you think he should have stepped down or pulled his name out of the hat? >> you have to, the individual has to answer that question himself. it is a shame though because he is a good, honest american who has given decade of his life in service of this country. it is up to the people of montana now. you take care of, you take out somebody who is in the military and disparage their personal family, i don't think that will play well in montana. brian: he is not going after trump, that will lose any republican vote. he needs that to get -- steve: that man will be "outnumbered" at noon. >> not today. i think tuesday or wednesday. as long as i'm still here.
5:21 am
steve: change the graphic. ainsley: we'll watch on tuesday and wednesday and look for you. steve: now former guest on "fox & friends." >> thanks for having me. ainsley: kayleigh mcenany next.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving!
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steve: back with headlines. you can see a fox news alert. isis striking in the hard of afghanistan. the terror group claiming responsibility for a double suicide bombing in kabul which killed at least 25, including nine reporters. police say the first suicide bomber was on a motorbike. the second was pretending to be a reporter. among the other journalists who rushed to the scene at the first attack. that is terrible. the man accused of murdering a sheriff's deputy and leading police on a four-day manhunt will face a judge today. police using the fallen deputy's
5:25 am
handcuffs to arrest john williams in the state of maine. he is accused of shooting and killing somerset county sheriff corporal, european coal. the 13 year department vet will be laid to rest. leaves behind a wife and four adult children. hard to believe. ainsley: thank you so much, steve. republican national committee spokesperson kayleigh mcenany is phone to battle it out on all the big issues of the day, listen. >> you just said we can't criticize pelosi pause of her gender. do you understand what a ridiculous arguments that is. make that argument please, i promise you will lose. no, he is republican. obama is democrat. they have polar opposite agendas and president trump is getting things done on behalf of the person people. you can't say that i said, i said hillary clinton named certain groups and in doing so she missed an important group, whites who lived in generational poverty. ainsley: kayleigh is about to battle what she says is an inevitable destiny that plagued many women in her family, breast
5:26 am
cancer. tomorrow morning she will undergo a preventable, prevented double mastectomy, bringing her chances of breast cancer to virtually zero. rnc spokesperson kayleigh mcenany joins us to share her inspiring story. kayleigh, your op-ed is is very touching. tell us why you decided to do this. >> thank you so much, ainsley. my mom back in 2009 took a blood test. we had 8 relatives in our family that were plagued by breast cancer, several in her 20s. she took a blood test recommended by our doctors found out she had 84% lifetime risk of breast cancer. in 2009, long before angelina jolie came along and so many other brave women my mom decided to remove her breast tissue. she didn't have breast cancer. faced extraordinary risk. i remember looking at her, she can say she will never die of breast cancer. plagues one in eight woman. my mom because of her strength
5:27 am
made the decision and i took the test the same day and was positive. ainsley: what was that day like for you? you write a cascade of uncontrollable tears as i shared news with my family. the nurse called to say that you tested positive for the gene. what did your dad say to me. >> kayleigh, you know your weakness. every one in life has one. you know your weakness you can take it head on. ainsley, those words meant to so much. my years dissipated. it was a hard 10 years. it was a hard decision to remove my breast tissue then or undergo routine surveillance, mriss, mammograms. waited for 10 years i was hoping for a supportive husband. my husband sean gilmartin looked a the me i i love you for your heart, for your mind, i don't love you for your breasts.
5:28 am
so empowering to women who made the same decision. we're not do he fined by our anatomy. women are not just doing this, but owning it. it's beautiful and they are sell is greating it because women should be celebrated for their mind and heart and so many brave woman out there. i've seen it on twitter and facebook have done this. they are beautiful and own this decision. ainsley: i'm proud of you. you're very strong. can you carry this brac 2 gene if you don't have breast cancer in your family. >> most women who do have the braca gene have a strong family history. one in 400 women can have the braca gene. it is important to talk to you you doctor about this. some women undergo surveilance. that is decision they make. it is important to spread awareness around the blood test is out there. as one woman said to me on social media. i did this and i live without the worry of breast cancer for the rest of my life. ainsley: on tuesday morning i
5:29 am
will be put to sleep and all my breast tissue will be removed. when i wake up i will see a new, different irreversible version of myself. that scares me. what scares you more is breast cancer. i want you here, kayleigh. i'm proud of you speaking out. god bless you. >> thank you so much. ainsley: i will be praying for you. "the new york times" begging supreme court justice kennedy not to resign. the reason? the future of our country depends on it seriously. ed henry demanding from the president of the white house correspondents association. he used to be a president of that. here is taste what he got. >> my interest was overwhelmingly unifying the country. i understand we may have fallen a little bit short on the goal. ainsley: is ed satisfied with that answer? he will be live coming up. ♪
5:30 am
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>> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> i have to say i'm a little star-struck. i love you as aunt lydia in the hand hand made tale. she burns fat and use the ash to create a perfect smokey eye. maybe she is born with it. maybe it is live. i'm never really sure what to call sarah huckabee sanders. what is uncle tom but for white women who disappoint other white women? >> what happened to sarah sanders last night was disgusting. i say that as former president of the white house correspondents' association. to go after her physical appearance. obviously so far behind the line i hope and pray the association apologizes to sarah sanders. steve: ed henry joins us right now. he is the chief national correspondent for fox news and
5:34 am
author of 42 states, the rest of the jackie robinson story. there is your book right there. >> thank you very much. steve: after you made the statement on "fox & friends" weekend edition, calling for an apology, she kind of came out and said a little something. is that enough for your money. >> no. look, i'm not, drag this out make it about me or has to be apology strong enough but look, it is not enough. it is simply not enough, to say this is not in keeping with the spirit of the dinner. call it what it was. we invited sarah sanders to sit on the dais. we invited her to dinner. we treated her rudely, crudely, disrespectfully. it was disgusting. it was vial. enough is enough. and we played right into president trump's hands where he can now say this is fake news and you guys are disrespectful and don't understand the heartland of the country. guess what? after that routine we do not understand the hard land. ainsley: you were former
5:35 am
president of this organization. when you're choosing a speaker, you know, you look back at their history had, do you read their speeches beforehand? >> yeah. i picked conan o'brien. some people thought, look conan is too safe or this or that. i personally liked him. talked to him confidentially. you know what? it plays into this. i knew he had to get up monday morning look his audience in the eye monday night. i was president representing not just the white house correspondents' association and fox news and barack obama was on dais. i knew given all the tension with president obama, if i pick ad comedian who trashed him or jay carney i would pay a price, fox would pay a price. so i picked conan o'brien in part because i knew he got it. he was a professional. you know what? he got up and realized monday night he had to face his audiences pro-obama people, anti-obama people. in this case they i picked somebody i never heard of until saturday. basically a the past resistance. will make her bones and all
5:36 am
kinds of money beating up on sarah sapped is. you don't want to be in the that position. brian: margaret taley acting, this is year she is done with it. she is president. she responded to you. let's listen. >> ed henry a past president of the association, andrea mitchell saying the association should apologize to sanders. will there be an apology? >> what i told you is what i have already told sarah sanders, that i speak for myself and the association and that my interests is in the spirit of unity and in the spirit of serious journalism. again my interests, overwhelmingly was unifying the country and i understand we may have fallen a little bit short on that goal. brian: ed, i was sitting right next to you, you could sense when we were done, thank you, michelle, have a great night. she said, it's oaf, basically. >> she wanted to get out of there, margaret. i like and respect margaret. i saw her five or ten minutes after the dinner in the hallway.
5:37 am
she looked deeply concerned about what had happened. i praised her for her speech. i think margaret has been a great president of whca, very representative. i heard you brian say her speech about her parents being immigrants, democrat, republican, was unifying and terrific. then the thing went off the rails. it simply went off the rails. this comedienne was ridiculous, absurd. look at that asked about apologizing she was sort of laughing about it. when you have andrea mitchell and mika brzezinski at msnbc agreeing with somebody what fox said, just simply apologize, move on. all i'm saying, separate this wonderful, long-standing organization, white house correspondents' association from this vial comedienne and move on. they have to work with sarah sanders. sarah sanders stands up for the press corps despite their disagreements to give us access to the president. steve: this comedienne may have killed it off. there is headline on "the washington post" and
5:38 am
drudge. half an hour ago the president tweeted this out. the white house correspondents dinner is dead as we know it. this was a total disaster and an embarassment to our great country, all that it stand for. fake news is alive and well and beautifully represented on saturday night. ed, while terp sitting in that room in at the washington hilton, the president of the united states was 1000 miles away in washington township michigan. he made the case that that room is filled with a bunch of lefty comics and lefty journalists and that couldn't more clear at people of america looked at two different views. >> steve to your point, i talked to another former president of whca, i wouldn't use his name, we had private conversation, he works at fox but an organization you know well. we played into the president's hands. we gave him the script. that is what deeply disappointed
5:39 am
the other former president. maybe they have one more shot before the briefing of the statement yesterday simply didn't fully address it. just apologize. sarah, we're sorry, and we have a good working relationship with you, and try to mend the dinner instead of end it. ainsley: she walked over to sarah at end, y'all were there, you and brian was there, she was consoling her, rubbing her back. >> maybe should have said something is at moment. i understand while you're up there nervous -- brian: you can only be so understanding. anyone from "the daily show" was not going to be fair and balanced when it came to the president. so the soon as i saw the title underneath, she said i don't look at the scripts, she goes, i'm first, about the first amendment, so we're not going to edit what she is going to say. you know what she does. >> let me tell you a quick story. when conan o'brien was retailers haing the day of my dinner, 2013 when i was president. he was doing jokes. he heard one about roger ailes, our then chairman who since
5:40 am
passed i winced because i thought it was a low blow at roger, if i get up there and tell conan don't use that joke i will look like a hypocrite as supporter of the first amendment. he used the joke and it didn't really make a big deal. i'm glad i didn't make anything of it. margaret is right, in support of the first first amendment and yu can't censor. this is absurd. save the dinner. my year we raised over $100,000 for scholarships for young journalists there. is a real mission here. get it backs to that, instead of silliness, get it back to that don't end it. mend it. steve: bam way too partisan. we'll see what they do. eddie, thank you very much. brian: jay leno will solve everything. i will try to book him. steve: leno do it twice. he did a good job. ainsley: i will read headlines. brian: i will wait here. ainsley: turning to headlines, siblings reunited after a horrific car crash killed their
5:41 am
parents and baby sister. zachary and angela clemens, they are holding hands, seeing each other first time since the accident earlier in the month down in texas. their two brothers also hurt in the crash. earlier their great-aunt told us the family is leaning on faith. >> we feel that support and that love and, and reach out. we've been so humbled and grateful for that and prayers from mothers. >> we have information how to help that family at many of you are righting to us about that story. "the new york times" terrified of retirement rumors, retirement rumors swirling about u.s. supreme court justice anthony kennedy. the newspaper editorial board writing every 81-year-old, especially those who devoted their lives to service of this country should have the freedom to retire without worrying that the nation's future may hang in the balance. president trump would likely fill the seat with a conservative. kennedy has long played the role
5:42 am
of the swing vote. roseanne bar -- barr opening up about her phone call with president trump. she personally thanked him for moving the u.s. embassy in israel. >> mr. president, on behalf of my mother i want to thank you. he said, well, a lot of presidents have promised it but i wanted to get it done. i think the first step to peace in the world, i really do. ainsley: last year the president announced that the u.s. would formally recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. the embassy is to open next month. a police officer is brought to tearses signing off for the last time after 30 years. >> i wish you all well. and a safe tour of duty. this is 616, officer an draigh lee joy jenkins, jr., for -- >> andre, good luck.
5:43 am
>> officer andre jenkins getting emotional on his last day on the job down in sarasota, florida. that touching video has gone viral. you can hear people saying good luck, andre. you served our country. steve: good man. brian. that migrant caravan we've been tracking is parked at our border. hundreds trying to get asylum in the u.s. we will take you there live next. ainsley: plus, what happens when you get a christian christian and a jew together in front after huge crowd? >> we have a tremendous amount in common. >> you're going to become a christian at some point. [laughter] ainsley: there is more where that came from. those two men, pastor robert jeffress and dennis prager join us live. ♪
5:44 am
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steve: we are back with a fox news alert and a showdown at america's southern border. ainsley: hundreds of migrants vowing to wait until they're granted asylum after a month-long caravan from central america. brian: they don't look like they're hurting there. hillary vaughn from our sister network fox business is at the san ysidro border in san diego, california with more. what is it like there? reporter: right now every one is asleep, ainsley and brian. the caravan that marched its way to the u.s. border showing up here at the san ysidro border over the weekend is camping out. immigration officials say they don't have enough room to process the 100 person program that showed up with immigration lawyers in tijuana over the weekend. some of the immigrant decided to head to the check point anyways. they didn't get you there. others decided not to wait for
5:48 am
asylum but found a way to breach the border fence. border agent rodney scott, some decided to ditch the care have ran illegally over the weekend and sending children as one as 4 years old and pregnant woman over a scrap metal border fence near san ysidro. this is the latest with showdown with customs and border enforcement who said they don't have room to process 100 person caravan headed their way. homeland secretary nielsen says they should seek asylum in the first country they arrive in mexico. a lot of people didn't want to do that they want to come here for asylum. vice president mike pence will be here in a few hours to check out border wall construction and talk with border patrol officials. steve: we'll see what happens today. hillary vaughn at the san ysidro gate, our southern border. brian: they don't look like the huddled masses. look very hello think, climbing a fence like that. steve: they have been lawyered
5:49 am
up. they know exactly how to do it. that is what they're doing. ainsley: what happens when you get a christian and a person of the jewish faith together in front of a huge crowd? >> we have a tremendous amount in common. >> you're going to become a christian at some point. ainsley: well there is more from where that came from. those two men, pastor robert jeffress, dennis prager join us live next. steve: first we'll turn to bill hemmer. >> we have a questions on this monday, did you know that? we have many. what happened to the care -- caravan? was james clapper the original leaker? will president trump meet with the north korean leader. great lineup to give us answers, guys. we'll see you in a couple of minutes. join sandra and me in ten minutes. top. hour.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> we have tremendous amount in common. >> you will become a christian at some point. >> there is a difference between scientific fact and faith. >> no. would i say god laws are even more exacting than the physical laws. >> you can have a blt every day. now that keeps me up at night. i do think we will be laughing together in heaven. ainsley: yesterday's ask a jew, ask a gentile event drawing quite the crowd. brian: those men are here. pastor robert jeffress from the first baptist church in dallas and fox news contributor. radio show host extraordinaire are, dennis prager, the author of, the rational bible, exodus. what brought you together. dennis, start with you? >> what brought us together we're both deeply interested in dialogue. as you have from the clip we have so much in common and it
5:54 am
makes perfect sense. what was beautiful, i was telling the pastor off air, this is a credit to america and to america's christians. here is a jew, a religious jew, no not specifically orthodox saying where i differ and he is saying where he is differs. the audience of christians, jews, catholics, mormons and they are just eating it up. only in america. that is, i just want to emphasize that. what ahn unbelievable country we have. >> absolutely. ainsley: pastor, you say jews and christians have a lot in common. can you elaborate on that? >> first of all we worship the same god. you say everybody worships the same god. no. the god of the koran, allah, is not the god of the bible. dennis and i agree on that. we believe in the inspiration of the old testament. we believe god has a special plan for his people, the israelites. the place where we differ is, how you approach god and have god's approval.
5:55 am
dennis believes it is through good works. i believe, christians, believe it is through faith in jesus christ. what i love about my friend dennis, i called him an honest unbeliever. by that i mean, when christians try to convert dennis, they do it all the time, he doesn't yell, anti-semite. he sees it as a sign of affection. he realizes we really believe as we do that christ is the only wray to heaven, then the most loving thing we could do is to share it with a friend like dennis in. that is why we have a great dialogue. >> i have been blessed as i mentioned yesterday. i really, i use the term with the pastor earlier, i'm sort of bilingual. i'm a committed and religious jew but i am emersed with christians and in christian life. i lecture at churches as much as synagogues. i love that community. the, when they, when they pray that i come to christ, that is not offensive. i'm not, why would someone be offended by that?
5:56 am
i'm offended by people that want to hurt me. they don't want to hurt me. they are the biggest supporters of jews in the world. >> that's right. >> that is a big deal. ainsley: dennis, pastor jeffress says jews believe you get to heaven through good works. is that true? >> yes. ainsley: who is good enough, you can't base it on that, can you? we're all sin isers? >> well, i think that god is a fair and compassionate judge as he described in the torah and the rest of the bible and he obviousry understands we're flawed beam. i don't believe we're rated on, are you perfect scale. how good were you in relationship to how good you could have been. ainsley: got it. >> i think god fairly judges us. that is why jews historically always believed that heaven is open to non-jews. >> good news everybody can be forgiven by christ. that is good news for everybody. steve: guys, thanks very much for joining us today from the
5:57 am
l.a. bureau. >> thank you so much. brian: "fox & friends," statue of liberty. give us the work no one else wants to do. we don't just go against the grain. we grow it. give us the frontiers. the places where success is measured in pushed limits. give us the middle of nowhere. where the only map is your buddies' tread marks. this life? no one's born ready for it. ( ♪ )
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6:00 am
>> well, it went so well today we get to come back tomorrow. >> wooh! >> run to the radio if you have to run from the tv. >> bill: 9:00 here in new york city. breaking news on the showdown building on the u.s. border with mexico. vice president mike pence heads down to the border today to check in on the president's wall as hundreds of migrants are parked in tijuana, mexico, looking for asylum. how will this go? hope you had a great weekend. i'm bill hemmer inside "america's newsroom." i know you had a great weekend. good for you. i had a good weekend, too. thank you for asking. >> sandra: nice to have you back, though. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. u.s. officials telling the immigrants that the crossing is full. that did not stop some from trying to climb over the border wall waving to protestors on the u.s. side. >>


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