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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 30, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> well, it went so well today we get to come back tomorrow. >> wooh! >> run to the radio if you have to run from the tv. >> bill: 9:00 here in new york city. breaking news on the showdown building on the u.s. border with mexico. vice president mike pence heads down to the border today to check in on the president's wall as hundreds of migrants are parked in tijuana, mexico, looking for asylum. how will this go? hope you had a great weekend. i'm bill hemmer inside "america's newsroom." i know you had a great weekend. good for you. i had a good weekend, too. thank you for asking. >> sandra: nice to have you back, though. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. u.s. officials telling the immigrants that the crossing is full. that did not stop some from trying to climb over the border wall waving to protestors on the u.s. side. >> bill: back in washington
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president trump emphasizing it is time to get tougher on immigration. this from michigan. >> president trump: are you watching that mess that is going on right now with the caravan coming up? are you watching this? our laws are so weak. they are so pathetic we don't have borders. we are going to build the wall. we're getting it. we've already started. >> sandra: kevin corke is live outside the white house on this lovely monday morning. what can you tell us about the vice president's visit and what it means for the administration's policy? >> bottom line in this case, sandra, we are going to enforce the law. that's what white house officials are saying period, full stop. enforce the law and that is precisely what they plan to do. the vice president as you pointed out is going to make his way down there. his visit will help to credit tallize the administration's approach to illegal immigration.
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mr. pence visiting the area to expect the construction of the barrier as the caravans are at the border. the president had the rally in michigan. he said there is a big difference between legal immigration, illegal immigration and allowing some folks to work here on a temporary basis. >> president trump: we will have strong borders but we need workers coming in. the unemployment picture is so strong that we have to let people come in. they will be guest workers. come in and work on your farms and have the h2bs come in and those things happening but then they have to go out. then they have to go out. >> that knowledgement underscoring the complexity of this issue. clearly from the white house's perspective there is a distinction and want to make sure people understand it. there is one thing to say you want to come and be part of this country but something else you want to be part of this
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country illegally. >> sandra: fox news has confirmed that ronny jackson will not return to his role as the president's primary physician. is he leaving the white house all together? >> not necessarily. he won't be going back, fox has confirmed and talked to john roberts and he said ronny jackson is disappointed that has all happened this way but it does not mean that he will leave the white house itself. the white house is telling me this morning this is a good man whose reputation was trashed by unfounded allegations. in particular those floated by a sitting senator of the united states, john tester of montana. jackson could return in a different capacity but remains unclear if he will do that. >> sandra: the president once again chose not to attend the correspondents dinner but he is talking about it a lot today. what is he saying? >> are you surprised, really? are you surprised he is talking
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about this? i suspect we'll get more tweets about it. he has been clear. he has always said this is sort of a disconnect for him. he doesn't think it's a great platform for him or his administration. he has said on the record he would hate to have to sit there for three hours and fake a smile so he has rallies instead. but as you point out he has had plenty to say on twitter including a tweet not long ago saying the white house correspondents dinner is dead as we know it. total disaster. embarrassment to our great country. fake news is alive and well and beautifully represented on saturday night. now, i want to share this very quickly. the current president for the white house correspondents association she issued a statement. last night's program was supposed to offer a unifying message about a vigorous and free press while honoring civility. not to divide people. the entertainer's monologue was
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not in the spirit of that mission. tough times for them trying to explain it as we wonder what the future of the dinner will be. but for now, back to you. >> sandra: we'll be talking about that more on this program. kevin, thank you. >> bill: five minutes past. breaking this morning knew reaction from the former f.b.i. direct or james comey. the former f.b.i. chief now down playing it as a political document calling the republican led investigation a wreck. congressman trey gowdy says that's an unfair assessment. >> did the house intelligence committee at all serve a good investigative purpose during all this in your observations? >> not that i can see. >> totally too political? >> it wrecked the committee. >> i wouldn't say it's a wreck. the witnesses we talked to no one says they had any evidence of collusion and i participated
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in almost every one of those interviews. >> bill: byron york is here to sort through this. the issue appears did comey tell lawmakers that he did not think general flynn lied originally, comey has been asked about it repeatedly over the last week and comey said republicans did not hear him correctly, right? >> this is a simmering showdown may we see resolved in the next couple days. republicans say that when comey came to brief them in march of last year this was the michael flynn controversy was very hot and comey told them that the f.b.i. agents who interviewed michael flynn didn't think he had lied. that caused a lot of confusion, of course, when flynn pleaded guilty to lying later in the year. now, james comey has been asked about this three times at least including by our bret baier in comey's publicity campaign and comey has said i didn't say it. i just didn't say it.
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now, the punch line here is there is a transcript of this meeting and the parts of the transcripts dealing with this were actually included in the house intelligence report that was just released except they were blacked out by the intelligence community. what you will see this week is a big fight to uncover those portions so we can see what james comey actually said. >> bill: the redactions in the report don't make it possible for us to make our own determination. >> it's all blacked out right now. >> bill: in the meantime there is a cross hair on james clapper. former head of the dni. president trump has been going at him and returning fire. john brennan sent out this tweet over the weekend. jim clapper is a man of in-- by your words and behavior you
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diminish the office of the presidency. the house report suggests there is no collusion and based on the timeline, byron, there is a question whether or not james clapper was the leaker to the media including cnn. >> a lot of republicans have had their questions about clapper for quite a while but there was this period in january of last year during the transition donald trump had not been inaugurated yet and you remember the intelligence chiefs went up to new york to trump tower to brief the president elect on the russia intrusion into the election and included a bit about the dossier, this sordid sex scene in moscow. now, what we know is a lot of people in the media, especially at cnn, were clamoring for a news hook in which they could report the dossier and what happened was when the intelligence chief briefed the president elect, they got that hook. after all it must be pretty
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important if these intelligent chiefs were telling the president elect. what you see in the new house report they believe that clapper leaked the fact of that briefing to cnn and by the way later was hired by cnn. >> bill: for full context it was clapper and brennan who came to new york, right, with comey and encouraged comey to have the one-on-one meeting with president trump? >> that's correct. we know from another book that clapper was urging susan rice a few days earlier to tell president obama about the sex scene. he apparently wanted a lot of people to know about this. >> bill: welcome back. byron york in washington >> sandra: fox news alert. isis now claiming responsibility for a coordinated double suicide bombing in kabul this morning. we've just no u.s. troops were hurt. david lee miller in our middle east bureau. what more do we know about
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these attacks and how they were planned? >> sandra, these attacks were especially devastating because of the timing. a little after 8:00 this morning, a suicide bomber on a motor bike entered the central part of the afghanistan capital not far from the offices of the intelligence services and foreign embassy and first responders and journalists raced to the scene. a second suicide bomber pretending to be with the media put his -- the chief photographer in kabul for the news agency afp and 25 people killed there were 45 wounded in these twin attacks. isis affiliate has claimed responsibility for the carnage saying the first attack was designed to draw people to the site for the second explosion. the u.s. embassy in kabul has condemned what has taken place
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calling the incident, quote, savage bombing. >> sandra: this was not the only attack today in afghanistan. another claimed the lives of children. what more do we know about that? >> that's right. in the city of kandahar there was another suicide bomber launching an attack targeting a nato convoy. the blast killed 11 children from a nearby religious school. 16 people were also wounded including eight nato soldiers from romania. none of the injured are american. the taliban are suspected of carrying it out. in recent weeks there has been a spike in the number of attacks in afghanistan. the taliban have rejected an offer to join the government there and to take part in the upcoming elections. and are now beginning their spring offensive. >> sandra: david lee miller thank you. all of this the latest in a series of high-profile attacks in kabul since the start of the
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year including today's events taliban and isis militants have carried out eight major attacks in the afghanistan capital killing more than 260 people and 400 others injured. >> bill: here at home a gunman on the loose this hour in st. louis, missouri after opening fire in a packed bar across from the baseball stadium. two people shot. no word -- now word one has died earlier today. so details on that and what we're learning out of st. louis, coming up. >> sandra: major developments out of korea this morning. the dictator signaling he is ready to end his nuclear program and let inspectors into the nuke facilities next month. general jack keane is here with his reaction to that. >> president trump: we're going to have a very successful negotiation over the next few weeks hopefully. we'll be doing the world a big favor. we'll be doing the world a big favor. let's see how it goes.
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when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at >> north korea has to give up basically its whole program before the u.s. begins to relieve economic sanctions. >> i think the maximum pressure campaign that the trump administration has put on north korea has, along with the political and military pressure, has brought us to this point. >> is there any responsibility that the u.s. would accept north korea as a nuclear power and allow them to keep some of
6:17 am
their infrastructure? >> i don't see how that's possible. >> bill: john bolton answering a lot of questions over the weekend in the state of affairs of north korea. word now that kim jong-un promises to surrender his nuclear program if president trump promises not to invade. that was part of what was reveiled. general jack keane. john bolton answered questions. he believes the meeting will happen. one of the quibbles where does it happen. it doesn't matter where this meeting takes place if kim gives up his nick lar program. >> i think they're looking at singapore. kim jong-un doesn't like to travel. they'll agree on a place and time because these two leaders want this to take place. i think the framework certainly from our position is very clear. there are a lot of things to
6:18 am
discuss certainly. u.s. hostages. japanese abducties and ballistic missiles and one central issue foremost on the mind of the united states, complete verifiable denuclearization, the central issue. what kim will likely do, don't know for sure. he may want to drag this out over a number of years from freeze to disarm, get economic sanctions and then if he is playing us, then he is likely to hold on to some of his nuclear weapons at the end. we won't buy into that and accept that. >> bill: i want to show you a clip of the video from last friday that i find the most intriguing. here is a man now sauntering across the border, he is young. he looks entirely comfortable. he clearly has personality and he -- he is entirely comfortable with who he is. i don't think the world has ever seen him like that before, general. >> i think there is a lot of
6:19 am
misinterpretation about kim jong-un, one, because of his youth, two, because of his bellicose nature and outrageous statement he made raining death on america. the cia has the best profile on him. the director of the c.i.a., mr. pompeo, met with him and i believe the reason why there is optimism in the white house -- not over the charts optimism. cautious optimism is this, because i think after pompeo met with him he came back and told the president look at, i think this guy is serious. he understands kim jong-un based on the intelligence c.i.a. act. he believes that kim jong-un is a rational actor and believe he is moving in the right direction. but they have to have evidence. and that evidence is not going to be there until we actually get into the meeting. look at all the steps he is taking to convince us that this
6:20 am
is real. having a meeting with mr. moon, the president of south korea. the desire to end the war. just recently over this weekend he said look at, the inspectors can come in may and look at my closed nuclear test site if they want to. so he is trying to lay one shoe after another to make certain that the united states understands i'm searous. >> bill: does that facility in the north even work? i know what he said but i don't know what they'll find when they get there. the point you make is very important, i think for our viewers as we go through this process. that isn't going to last a month, general. this will go on for months if not years, you would agree with that, correct? >> absolutely. >> bill: as we watch that process is he given a little in order to feed his people and get the trade sanctions lifted a little bit at a time where he preserves ultimately a piece, be it small or large, of his own nuclear program for himself
6:21 am
as a bargaining chip down the road? otherwise i don't know how much of it even makes sense for a guy who lived his life to build this nuclear program to surrender it and give it up. last word. >> that could be his strategy to drag it out and get something back. the united states won't buy that. we'll want to go quickly, freeze, disarm, dismantle and do it at best over a year and a half and two years. >> they changed the clocks and now they're the same time at seoul, south korea. >> sandra: we're live on the growing showdown at the border and get reaction from texas attorney general ken paxton when he joins us ahead. a key senate battle heating up in west virginia. a big debate right here on the fox news channel tomorrow night as republicans compete for a chance to flip a democratic
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6:26 am
charleston, west virginia ahead of a big fox news debate tomorrow. what are the candidates fighting for this morning? >> they're fighting over who has helped president trump for the longest time, sandra. evan jenkins says it has to be him because he endorsed trump in the primaries and in d.c. working to vote on things that advance the trump agenda. he is now trying to exploit that, jenkins is, in a new attack ad directed at the attorney general patrick morrissey. >> morrissey betrayed donald trump scheming against his campaign in west virginia denying our choice for president. he refused to support trump over hillary. >> that last frame that showed a picture of morrissey and hillary clinton didn't look right to the campaign and they explained why on twitter saying, photo shopped the photo with real donald trump and substituted it with hillary who
6:27 am
i've opposed. where is the accountability as this liar tries to deceive voters? morrissey is collected big conservative endorsements. rand paul will be here campaigning for him and senator ted cruz is telling voters to vote for morrissey as well and you have the former coal baron. he is arguing the other two has had office for years and west virginia still has problems. he think that's in with voters to elect an outsider. he continues to call himself an american political prisoner explaining away the year he jailed he served on a misdemeanor connected to the mine disaster that billed 29 people. the blankenship campaign tells me they're counting on people working for blankenship,
6:28 am
thousands across the state coming out next tuesday to support his bid. >> sandra: what is battle that's setting up to be. you can watch and catch the big west virginia gop senate debate happening tomorrow night on the fox news channel moderated by bret baier and martha maccallum at 6:30 p.m. eastern time. one to watch for sure. >> bill: joe manchin is considered vulnerable. the whole state has gone heavy for president trump in the election of 2016. that is why they're angling now to knock manchin off. a few other places in the country happening. former dni chief james clapper. new allegations of his role in the russia matter. did he leak the unverified trump dossier to the media? the judge, andrew napolitano analyzes next. >> sandra: a caravan facing an uncertain future at the border trying to make its case for asylum. texas attorney general ken paxton joins us with his take on the situation next.
6:29 am
>> president trump: we believe that a strong nation must have strong borders. we have the worst laws anywhere in the world. we don't have borders. we are going to build the wall. we're getting it. if you've been diagnosed with cancer,
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6:33 am
tijuana with the caravan. the two sides are at a stand still. 200 migrants stuck in mexico while the u.s. refuses to admit any but a small handful of women, very young children and several transgender individuals who we're led to believe will sometime be processed. however, for the others it was a day of disappointment that began with a defiant rally at the border fence with hundreds of supporters, some actually scaling the wall but not going over it. lawyers for the group say the u.s. is legally required to hear each asylum claim. >> stop rejecting asylum seekers who try to present themselves at the port of entry. you know what you are doing. you know you turned people away. you complain they're breaking the law by entering illegally. you are breaking the law and you are forcing them to break the law. that's why we have care vans. >> from the very beginning the
6:34 am
caravan has juggled a double edged sword here. welcoming the publicity but not the scrutiny that goes with it after president trump symbolized them for lax u.s. law, posing as victims of persecution the leaders attacked the president personally as heartless and indifferent. >> the only thing i would tell mr. trump is to have a conscience and to look at all the people and the way they suffer. the people, they are coming from those countries. they aren't doing this for pleasure. they face danger and extortion and are looking for a better life. >> the u.s. claims it does not have room or the capacity right now at the port of entry to process all these immigrants. bill, if you remember two years ago we had a similar situation with the haitians. the u.s. let them trickle in and have a few dozen per day. it could happen again. the u.s. would prefer these people to file their claims in
6:35 am
mexico first and it may require a change in the law in terms of us being required to take them in at that point. so at this point in time i'm down here, the new fence going in behind me 30 feet tall replacing an old one vice president pence will be here later this afternoon talk to border patrol and us. >> bill: it will go on for some time. william la jeunesse on the southwest border of california. >> sandra: let's bring in texas attorney general ken paxton. good morning. your thoughts as you look on at these images as we are. >> good morning to you from texas. i'm not surprised it will take a while since we have a caravan of a large number of people. it would have helped if they had filed their paperwork ahead of time and been able to be processed a little more quickly. >> sandra: will they ultimately -- what are the chances of those that are seeking asylum? you heard the protestor on a mega phone saying legally the u.s. has to listen to every
6:36 am
single asylum claim. >> bill: we have to listen to every claim but they don't all have to be granted. they have to prove they're part of a protected class and been persecuted and the government is part of that persecution or they can't stop the persecution. the proof is on them to show they satisfy the conditions for asylum. >> sandra: so what happens next with all this? we know as far as events in the white house the vice president, mike pence, is on his way for his second visit of his vice presidentsy. we know the president has been vowing to stop them from entering the united states. where does this showdown go next? >> ultimately i think they'll get their hearing. they have a right to an asylum hearing. however, it will be a legitimate hearing and these people will have to show that they satisfy the conditions for asylum. i think it's good the president has talked about this because it does make it difficult as these large numbers of people
6:37 am
when they come in at the same time makes it challenging for us to process them appropriately. >> sandra: the president is talking about this and his attorney general is talking about this. jeff sessions said is caravan is trying to overwhelm our system and defy our laws. >> there is suspicion given all the people have come together and immigration groups are supporting them and two, that they probably have been coached by lawyers as to what to say and how to satisfy the conditions for asylum. i understand what they're saying. we're concerned and we want to allow people in the country that have legitimate issues and not ones that are made up. >> sandra: if you stepped back and look at the big picture and look at the president since his time in office how would you describe the changes we have seen so far when it comes to our border control policy in this country? >> for us in texas it has been a breath of fresh air. we have had no president in my
6:38 am
lifetime enforce the immigration laws and talk about improving immigration like president trump. he has allowed the border patrol people to do their job and why you see immigration numbers going down. we would love to see a wall built along with further technology used and more border agents. all those things the president is on his way toward doing. >> sandra: you heard him over the weekend telling supporters you will get that wall. it is already being built. what are the chances looking like from your view? >> i think it's really good. there has been some money put in the budget for it. i think there should be more. i also think he has added more border agents and allowed them to do their jobs. i talked to numerous agents during the obama administration they couldn't do their job and the reason they're effective now the president has encouraged them to go ahead and do their job. they're doing it. >> sandra: as far as watching on these asylum seeker and
6:39 am
homeland security saying they'll prosecute, how do you see it in the short term? >> they're trying to send a message through homeland security and president we don't want caravans of people coming in large numbers. let them come individually. it is harder to process. and also i think there are issues with legitimacy of these people and whether they really are being persecuted. that's an issue that homeland security is concerned about. >> sandra: interesting stuff. thank you for your time this morning. >> bill: i think this whole trip of the vice president will be interesting. what does he say and come away from and what's the policy? as william points out it will take time to process the group. they got the attention they're looking for. stand by for page 2. the fight of the v.a. nomination getting ugly and president trump saying john tester should resign after making false accusations. that's not all he said. karl rove weighs in on that next hour. >> sandra: the jokes at the
6:40 am
white house correspondents dinner got really nasty quick. many are defending sarah sanders and slamming the comedian at the center of it all. >> once it started becoming sort of like an east coast version of the oscars with the red carpets and what are you wearing and that kind of stuff i think the washington press corps lost track of itself. hi, i'm julie, a right at home caregiver. and if i'd been caring for tom's dad, i would have noticed some dizziness that could lead to balance issues. that's because i'm trained to report any changes in behavior, no matter how small, so tom could have peace of mind. we'll be right there. we have to go. hey, tom. you should try right at home. they're great for us. the right care. right at home. it's just my eczema again,. but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you okay?
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♪ ♪ the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> sandra: a dream come true for one lucky surfer of brazil rode an 80 foot wave in november. it took the world surf league to this weekend to confirm it was the bigger wave ever written making him -- the previous record was a 78 food wave back in 2011. >> bill: look at that. he did an interview afterwards. he said the feeling he had in his stomach when he reached
6:44 am
that point right there he was nearly swallowed up. job well done. >> sandra: you do any surfer? >> a little bit. i'm not great. >> i actually really like sarah. she is very resourceful. she burns fat and then uses that ash to create a perfect smokey eye. like maybe she is born with it, maybe it's live. >> bill: that's just one much michelle wolf's jokes getting a lot of attention after the dinner on saturday night. the president noting the routine and twitter saying the white house correspondents dinner is dead as we know it. it is a total disaster and embarrassment to our great country and all it stands for. fake news is alive and well and beautifully represented saturday night. howard kurtz, good morning to you. this is like the swampiest night of the year, isn't it?
6:45 am
what is your read on the fallout? >> let's start with not mincing words. michelle wolf was vile and nasty and it was an embarrassment. the president is right about that. huge embarrassment to the white house correspondents association and the media in general. you have the president railing against the media. the geniuses who thought to book an anti-trump comedian and dropping f bombs are refusing to apologize as a statement it's unfortunate, her tone didn't match the spirit of unity. that won't cut it. >> bill: some are suggesting there is hypocrisy. this is a night about the first amendment. where does the hypocrisy play in? >> the dinner has gotten away from celebrating journalism and raising money for scholarships. the people who don't like this
6:46 am
president are always railing and talking online about his insults when he calls people morons, psych owes, idiots, sick, those people say michelle wolf was just telling the truth despite the fact she was telling jokes about ivanka in tap pons and kellyanne conway should be hit by a tree. nasty stuff. on the other side you have the people who love president trump going ballistic about what a comedian did at a roast and they give the president a pass when he goes too far with his kind of speak. >> bill: if you listen to the way people are reacting peter baker "new york times" sent out this. unfortunately i don't think we advanced the cause of journalism tonight. think be the #metoo era. when someone goes after a woman's look it goes after immediate denunciation. apparently that's not the rule in trump d.c. 2018. >> you know, there is a lot of
6:47 am
selective outrage. i was there on saturday night. i'm outraged. it was so far over the line and yet look, it is great for michelle wolf because everyone knows who she is and she didn't care about burning bridges. how does the white house correspondents association defend itself? more importantly the damage is so deep now the future of the dinner is in doubt. some people say let's get rid of it with the celebrities and televised and comedians and maybe get back to having a little awards for journalism and raising money for scholarships. other people are saying we have to fix it. in this televised era and twitter era that's how damaging this was because people will remember this for years as being the symbolic proxy for how the mead thinks. >> bill: i think it went to a new level this year. you mentioned scholarships. how much do they raise? the figure i have is $100,000. but what the audience doesn't understand you have a room of
6:48 am
some millionaires and even sometimes billionaires and you only get to $100,000? pass the hat in washington, d.c. i was at an event in ohio that took place for my grandparents but we're not too far off. it seems like the priority is cloaked in trying to help young people advance the cause of journalism but my feeling is that they do not go nearly as far as they should. >> i think that's a fair criticism. 3,000 people go to this event at the washington hilton and have to buy tables. a lot more money could be raised. this thing went off the rails when it became about which celebrities would be at your table and what everybody was wearing and all of that. now it has gotten to partisan. the last quick point. a comedian would respond to the president and the president would respond to the comedian. with president trump not coming all you had was this woman
6:49 am
savaging trump and his people. >> bill: she will make money. a good promotion for her. swampiest night of the year. hope you enjoyed it. thank you, sir. see you soon. >> sandra: roseanne barr firing back at the haters explaining why her hit sitcom character is a trump supporter. >> somebody has to voice what 63% of the american population think. alright, i brought in new max protein give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't.
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought republicans and democrats together to balance the state budget with a budget reserve, while investing in local schools and career training. as mayor of la, he put more police on the streets and reduced violent crime by nearly fifty percent. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
6:52 am
>> i didn't have roseanne the character become a trump supporter because i am. i had her become a trump supporter because she is a working class person and that is the working class that elected donald trump. somebody has to voice what 63%
6:53 am
of the american population think. >> sandra: you know here. that's roseanne barr at a conference for jerusalem post. the backlash her show has inspired. and why her character supports president trump. here is carley shimkus. as you mentioned she is keeping herself in the headlines here. interesting stuff. >> you know, bill talked to howie how the white house correspondents dinner went down. that was an example. it became this vicious attack of anybody associated with president trump. couple that with award shows and espn becoming political. it is no wonder this show is so successful. you have to think conservatives watching tv in their homes are getting lectured all the time and this show presents them with an opportunity to just watch tv and feel represented and not getting yelled at. >> sandra: there is not a lot of choice. some of the trump supporters will make as far as who they
6:54 am
can watch and tolerate in some cases. but really interesting it's the working class that elected donald trump. somebody has to voice what 63% of the american population think. >> roseanne isn't a reality show but certainly represents the reality of so many americans. whether your family is divided politically or whether you are struggling to make ends meet. it represents both. it represents a large portion of what so many people are going through. at the end of the day can sit on their couch and maybe laugh about it a little bit. i think that's the key to this show's success. >> sandra: a clarification. what stunned a lot of people when this character came about when the show -- the reboot launched was the revelation she herself in real life is a trump supporter. she is making the case here i didn't make roseanne connor a trump supporters because i am. this is a working class family. >> she is a trump supporter and used to not be.
6:55 am
she has an interesting political evolution but the show at its core is one that represents not just conservatives but also democrats and in a sense it's like what kanye west is saying in a sit com. let's listen to everybody's viewpoint and agree to disagree and move on. i can understand why it's doing well. it is not angering people. >> sandra: her sister is really against donald trump. >> a lot of folks -- a lot of different types of folks involved in one show. it is doing very well. as a matter of fact we haven't talked about the ratings in a while. last week they aired a bunch of reruns and it even did extremely well in the ratings with a four episode rerun series. doing very well. >> sandra: roseanne barr. all right. >> bill: i watched the episode the other week. it was a throwback to a time in television that we grew up with. >> sandra: that's right.
6:56 am
sometimes the old ways are the best ways. >> bill: thank you, carly. fox news alert. a raging wildfire forcing mandatory evacuations. what witnesses are saying where the fire is heading next. coming up. the newly minted secretary of state mike pompeo saying there is a real opportunity for a deal with north korea. hang on, everybody. what we're now learning about kim's nuclear weapons. >> every step along the way matters. the objective remains the same. complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization. while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa
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6:59 am
>> >> sandra: fox news alert. kim jong-un telling his counterpart in the south that he would be willing to give up his nuclear weapons if the u.s. agrees to formally end the korean war and promises not to invade his country. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom" on this monday morning. i'm sandra smith.
7:00 am
>> bill: i'm bill hemmer. slowly as we go, good morning, sandra. the north pledging to shut down its nuclear testing site by next month and open the doors for inspectors to verify. let's see how that goes now ahead of an anticipated summit between the president and kim jong-un. top administration officials not letting their guard down. >> they haven't conducted any recently. that's true. that could be a positive sign or could be a sign they've reached a level of development where they don't need testing now. >> the administration has its eyes wide open. we know the history and risks. we'll be very different and negotiate in a different way than has been done before. we'll require those steps that demonstrate the denuclearization is going to be achieve. we won't take promises or words. >> they've halted building a nuclear facility and stopped missile testing. at the end of the day this is some of the steps that need to
7:01 am
be taken. we're cautiously optimistic where it will go with north korea. >> bill: senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot watching this in london. just got out of seoul, south korea again. i think you are setting up office there. what is the latest on the possibility of locations, if this were to happen? >> there have been a lot of developments in 24 hours since we got back from seoul. first two that planned trump/kim summit. the hardest indication of where it might be. we heard it right from the president in a tweet a short time ago. he wrote numerous countries are being considered for the meeting but would freedom house on the border of north korea and south korea be a better site than a third party country, just asking. the president is referring, bill, to the venue for the summit that we watched on friday involving kim jong-un and south korean president moon that was right there on the dmz.
7:02 am
as for the timing, the president over the weekend at that rally saturday night saying the meeting could be happening in three or four weeks. that's a little bit earlier than had been discussed before. most people think it might take a little bit more time than that, bill. >> bill: what about the offer to shut down a nuclear site in the northern part of north korea? do we know if that site is even operational, greg? >> that's the thing, bill. this was the offer revealed over the weekend to south korean president moon saying that kim offered this at that summit to shut down the one and only nuclear test site that we know that north korea has. and to invite international observers and media in happening in the next couple of weeks. experts just in the past couple of days, bill, as you hint at, have recently said that the place has collapsed and contaminated. kim reportedly told moon there are functioning tunnels in the complex.
7:03 am
another gesture from kim in the last day he will shift north korean time back in sync in south korea and the gesture from south korea, they will be taking the loud speakers along the dmz that they use the blast propaganda into the north. they will take them away tomorrow. the north does the same blasting down and finally a lot of developments here, south korean president moon, bill, getting on the nobel peace prize wagon telling his aides reportedly this morning that perhaps president trump deserves one for bringing peace here. i think a lot of analysts are saying let's slow things down and watch how this goes. >> bill: welcome home. we'll see you soon. greg palkot live in london. >> sandra: more breaking news this morning as the showdown on the southern border comes to a head. a caravan of central american migrants has reached tijuana in a mass push for asylum in the u.s. with some members already climbing the border wall.
7:04 am
ken paxton telling us moments ago president trump deserves credit for his handling of immigration. >> we have had no president in my lifetime enforce the immigration laws and talk about improving immigration like president trump. he has allowed the border patrol people and customs enforcement to do their job. that's why you see immigration numbers going down. >> sandra: katie pavlich is a fox news contributor. good morning to you. and that was the attorney general of texas giving the president a lot of credit for his handling of these immigration issues. >> this is the reason why president trump sent the national guard to the border the try to act as a deterrent for these types of illegal immigration crossings. people will argue asylum seekers have the right. attorneys representing these people have a right to seek asylum in the united states and deserve a hearing beauty wanna is on the california border, a sanctuary state. that would be more friendly to their cause. when it comes to what this administration has been trying to do about asylum seekers like
7:05 am
this they've called on congress to change the laws. it is true if someone comes from a country that's not mexico or canada they're entitled to a hearing and the log system is long. immigration judges and ice agents to do their jobs of enforcing these things. they've called on the enforcement of tougher requirements for proving that you are an asylum seeker. it is important to note the people in the caravan will have to prove whether they're being persecuted. lying on an asylum application is also a crime. a lot of legal implications here. >> sandra: this isn't the first of the caravans we've seen. we've seen several others in recent years approach the u.s. border in a similar way. this time is different, right? the president has been tweeting about this and he has brought an extraordinary amount of attention to this particular caravan. >> it is different because he has pressured mexico to handle it. the caravan is in tijuana being
7:06 am
processed there and waiting and sleeping. they have not crossed over into the united states yet. the president has put nafta on the table for negotiation in terms of enforcing these caravans. mexico said they had broken the caravan up. that's not necessarily true. a number of them are now at the border. the president has put a lot of pressure on mexico to handle this problem rather than allowing them to pass through into the united states and saying it's in mexico's interest to help us with border security and put the pressure on them in a way they haven't seen in a long time. >> sandra: the president continued his tough message on immigration over the weekend. listen to this. >> president trump: nancy pelosi and her gang, they have to be voted out of office. senator debbie sab noh voted against kate's law, voted against tax cuts. she votes against borders. she wants people to flow into the country and you people just keep putting her back again and
7:07 am
again and again. it's your fault. you have to get to the polls. >> he is at a political rally. illegal immigration is why donald trump won in 2016. there are a lot of people in districts who -- republicans, too, who haven't taken on this issue in congress and the white house has been clear saying we can do executive orders bust when it comes down to it stopping things like the caravan from a massive amount of asylum seekers coming over the border not being candidates for asylum is something that has to be changed within the law and up to congress to do. that's a congressional issue for people up to seats. >> sandra: bringing us to this moment today where the vice president will be visiting the border for a second time since his -- this is a huge issue for him as well. >> i think he will ask what the border patrol agents need and talk about the things that they are doing.
7:08 am
what the federal government can do and again putting that pressure on congress as the white house has been doing for months to try to get something on the table for the law to change. i'm not so confident that congress will take up any kind of immigration bill or enforcement bill before the mid-terms but they will go there to amplify the things agents are saying on the ground and what they're seeing and the kinds of resources they need from the federal government. >> sandra: katie pavlich. good to see you. >> bill: animation, right? just hold it, hemmer, hold it. the white house correspondents association facing fire over the nasty monologue at saturday night's dinner. organizer said it was meant to offer a unifying message about our common commitment to a vigorous and free press. not to divide people. unfortunately the entertainer's monologue was not in the spirit of that mission. mike emanuel at the dinner. i believe he was in washington
7:09 am
on saturday. what's the reaction from the white house, mike? good morning to you. >> president trump continues blasting away on twitter writing this morning the white house correspondents dinner is dead as we know it. a total disaster and embarrassment to our great country and all it stands for. fake news is alive and well and beautifully represented saturday night. colleagues of press secretary sarah sanders say comedian michelle wolf went way too far. >> going after sarah's looks, her job, making false allegations. it was so incredibly disrespectful, shameful and disgusting. >> the president said the filthy comedian totally bombed and is calling for putting the dinner to rest or starting over. a number of prominent journalists say sarah sanders is owed an apology. "the new york times" tweeted press secretary sat and endured
7:10 am
intense criticism. instead of walking out was impressive. peter baker wrote i don't think we advanced the cause of journalism tonight. andrea mitchell tweeted an apology is owed to the press secretary and others grossly insulted by michelle wolf. mike allen. watch for big debate to end the dinner and some news organizations anous they will no longer attend. defenders note it funds journalism scholarships. some are suggesting it is time to do away with having a comedian there. >> bill: thank you, the fallout continues on a monday. nice to see you, mike. >> sandra: another big story fire crews battling a raging wildfire in arizona. >> we're worried about it for years. you always worry about the fire up here. this is the closest it's ever been. >> sandra: mandatory evacuations in the southwest as flames scorch thousands of acres. we're live with the latest on that. >> bill: president trump doubling down on his defense of
7:11 am
the former v.a. nome knee ronny jackson, the doctor targeting a top democratic senator. how far does this nasty feud go from here? karl rove will talk about that coming up and plus this. >> only a few people would have had access to these facts and conclusions and it was leaked against the "washington post" and as far as i know no repercussions over that. >> sandra: congressman pete king is raising new questions over former obama director of national intelligence james clapper. did he break the law in pushing the jump/russia collusion narrative? we'll ask that of judge andrew napolitano. he joins us next. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance,
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>> sandra: the house intel report on russian election meddling accusing former director james clapper of lying to congress about leaking the infamous steele dossier. congressman pete king on sunday morning futures. >> brennan was head of the c.i.a. clapper is director of national intelligence. do they launch an investigation? only a few people would have had access to these facts and conclusions. brennan and clapper are the people at the top and the ones responsibility. whether they did it or not are responsible. they have the nerve to criticize president trump when they allowed the worst leaks in the history of intelligence. >> sandra: judge andrew napolitano is fox news senior judicial analyst.
7:16 am
you heard congressman pete king raising important new questions on all this. >> i understand his anger and i don't blame him. this is almost like made for television. so the house intel report had a lot of top secret information redacted. basically said when jim clapper, who was the head of the director of national intelligence in the obama administration is the boss of the c.i.a. and the n.s.a. was interviewed by their investigators and said he did not tell reporters about the existence of the dossier. that interview allegedly took place in july of 2017. he then goes to cnn. after he leaves the government he tells him he did release it. did he lie to the committee or cnn? it's none of the committee's business if he lied to cnn. they are free to line to their own anchors but not free to lie
7:17 am
to investigators. in regard to what he said on cnn they'll open an inquiry whether he was truthful when he told investigators from the house intelligence committee he released it. >> sandra: did he break the law? >> if he did release it, i don't think he broke the law because it's garbage. i don't think there is anything classified in there. but if he lied about whether or not he released it, he did break the law. but he has a history of lying and not being prosecuted. he is the one of the infamous q & a with senator widen before the senate intelligence committee is the government spying of hundreds of millions of americans? answer no. the senator knew the answer was yes because he knew it from a confidential briefing. gave him a chance to change the answer and he didn't. that's perjury. the statute expired last month
7:18 am
and no prosecution. >> sandra: i want to show you this tweet from former c.i.a. director john brennan accusing the president of hypocrisy. he writes mr. trump your hypocrisy knows no bounds. jim clapper is a man -- he served his country for over half a century including in vietnam. you did not. by your words and behavior you are diminish the office of the presidency. >> that's a political statement and he is entitled to make that. how he can say that jim clapper is a person of honesty and ethics when he lied on national television under oath. he misled congress and lied. for some reason, perhaps the gutlessness of the justice department, they didn't insight him and prosecute him and now it's too late. he can admit to the lie now because he can't be prosecuted. >> sandra: for those of us following this some of your words hit home with me. the case of james clapper just
7:19 am
gets more curious. where does it go? >> this is the same justice department that prosecuted roger clemens, the yankee and houston astropitcher -- i'll be candid here. for lying about the contents of his urine in a urine test and they won't prosecute the director of national intelligence for perjureing himself on national intelligence? political justice. that's what we saw in the obama justice department, we're seeing a little bit of it now. they could have indicted clapper as well. i share pete king's anger not because we went to notre dame together because he is on the committee. but because he is on the committee that he thinks these lies were told to. happy monday morning. >> bill: to the white house now and honor the crew members on the southwest flight.
7:20 am
one woman died. without the pilot and crew the situation could have been more tragic. also newly minted secretary of state mike pompeo sure is a busy man. embarking on his first trip in the middle east before setting foot in his new office. his message to tehran as a decision looms on the iran nuclear deal. >> we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerouss collation of threats to israel, region and their ambition to dominate the middle east. united states is with israel in this fight.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
sending a warning to tehran as the deadline to re-certify the iran nuclear deal approaches. >> we remain concerned about iran's threats to israel and the region and their ambition to dominate the middle east remains. president trump has been pretty clear. this deal is very flawed. he has directed the administration to try to fix it and if we can't fix it, he will withdraw from the deal. it's pretty straight forward. >> sandra: pompeo is on his way back from jordan, his last stop of the trip. >> bill: fox news alert in this country firefighters in arizona fighting a massive fire north of phoenix burning more than 8,000 acres forcing the evacuation of several small communities in that state. >> a lot of smoke. we can see the hot shots creating a fire line to try to keep the fire. at about 9:00 this morning i called and said there is no danger for your area.
7:25 am
>> bill: jonathan, good morning. how is it shaping up with the fire in arizona? >> a tough one, bill. 8,000 acres, as you said. it was only 500 acres on friday. but then exploded over the weekend and today the same weather conditions that drove that explosion. it is very dry in this part of arizona and the wind gusts today are going up to 45 to 50 miles per hour. that makes it really tough for the 500 firefighters who are on the front lines there. seven of them hotshot crews. homes, as you mentioned, having to be evacuated and the red cross is on hand to help those evacuees. listen here. >> many people don't have a place to go if they get evacuated. we're here and can he quip over 100 people and put 200 people. we have two trailers set up for this emergency. >> tough weather conditions
7:26 am
today, bill. tough weather conditions tomorrow. not until wednesday until there is a chance of rain in the area. firefighters have a battle on their hands. >> bill: terrifying experience for those in the path, too. >> yeah. you aren't looking at a heavily populated area of arizona northeast of phoenix but that don't make it any different for those who do live there. about 1,000 homes have been evacuated in all and if you're one of those, even though you know you live in an area that is known for this kind of fire danger, still terrifying when it comes towards you. listen here. >> this one is not looking good. we worried about it for years. you always worry about the fire up here. this is the closest it's ever been. a heartbreak. it's terrible. >> expecting more information from firefighters in the next hour or so, bill. we'll keep you updated on how they are doing down there. >> bill: best of luck to them. thank you, jonathan hunt in
7:27 am
l.a. on that. i was just in northern california a little bit of work, golf and a little bit of work and you can see the devastation in the santa rosa region that we covered six months ago and how much the communities are changed forever because of these fires. it was devastating for so many who lost 2,000 homes and so much more. still recovering for some time. >> sandra: meanwhile brand-new details coming into the newsroom as isis claims responsibility for a double suicide bombing in kabul. the latest details on that we'll have for you straight ahead plus this. >> president trump: what john tester did to this man is a disgrace. admiral jackson started studying and he was working so hard. >> bill: president trump targeting democratic senator tester for attacking the doctor's reputation. that's just one of the topics we've got next with karl rove. his reaction next coming up. getr that you can trust.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
>> sandra: fox news alert a double suicide bombing in the afghanistan capital today killing at least 25 people, dozens of others injured. the coordinated attack in kabul close to the u.s. embassy and nato buildings. several reporters and photographers were among the fatalities. the journalists were killed when a bomber disguised as a tv cameraman detonated the second bomb at the site of the earlier explosion. isis claiming responsibility for both attacks. >> president trump: this is a high-quality individual like they would love in montana and tester started throwing out things that he has heard. well, i know things about tester that i could say, too. and if i said them, he would never be elected again. >> bill: president trump blasting the democratic senator john tester after the both the secret service and
7:32 am
administration said they found no allegations to back up allegations of his conduct. karl rove is here with us. how are you doing, karl? are you ready? is tester a target of opportunity in november? does that explain the strategy from the rally in michigan? >> he is in a state that donald trump won by 22 points. the president is furious tester threw out allegations without having evidence or proof and helped -- i think the people of montana and americans would consider more straight up and manly if tester had brought the issues forward in a committee hearing and had offered support and evidence for his accusations rather than hiding behind a paper news release handed out with anonymous items in it. the president would be ill-advised to say things about tester that are not true.
7:33 am
he can't reply in kind. this has to be fought on the merits of what tester said not on innuendo. >> bill: you have a key eye on montana in november. white house correspondents dinner. they said this is the tweet from the president, here it is, right? the white house correspondents dinner is dead as we know it. it was a total disaster and embarrassment to our great country and all it stands to. fake news is alive and well and beautifully represented saturday night. i mentioned to howard kurtz last hour this was the swampiest night of the year and the me too era when sarah sanders suffered -- you can take a position on that if you like. what do you think the future is for this event? >> well look, it's -- they have to find some way to recover.
7:34 am
this was raunchy, nasty, mean, vicious and unseemly. if the white house correspondents dinner had written a script of how they could make themselves look bad vis-a-vis the president they couldn't have done better than what happened saturday night. do they restyle the dinner and make certain they have somebody next year who is a comedian can poke fun at the journalists than a mean-spirited assault in an administration that many in the room did not? this did not do them any good. it has always been thought of as a prom. last night it was a prom of mean and nasty people. >> bill: humor is fair game but when it's personal it just did not -- >> i was the object of humor of 2007 and did a rap dance. i didn't enjoy it but it was good humor and it singed, didn't burn. there was a lot of burning
7:35 am
going on. sarah huckabee sanders showed real courtesy and courage by handling herself the way she did. >> bill: i think they should raise more money for $100,000. you have a room of millionaires and billionaires and as i said to howie, pass the hat for crying out loud. you can do better than that. i want your reflections on kim jong-un sauntering down the driveway last friday. it is my perspective this is an entirely comfortable confident man at ease with himself. i was thinking about other world leaders and when you think, karl, trump has taken the oxygen for 18 months and these world leaders recalibrating what decisions they make and how they engage or choose not to engage, whether it's kim jong-un or merkel or may macron from france. what is your view how they are trying to make themselves
7:36 am
relevant in 2018? >> let's divide them in two. kim jong-un is under a lot of pressure back home because the sanctions that have been existing over the years were ratcheted up by donald trump so we're now sanctioning companies that do business with companies that do business with north korea. and their economy is in ruins. so he is going the try to play this thing so that he can get relief on the sanctions. let's remember this, though. i know the administration knows this. four times in the last 30 years they said we won't develop nuclear weapons and broken its word each time. four times they said we'll give up our nuclear weapons programs and four times it's failed to do so. the administration saying we'll get rid of the nuclear test site. it was so damageed by their last underground nuclear tests expert say this if he tried one more test at the site the mountain would collapse on itself and radiation would come rushing out of that collapse. so let's be careful about
7:37 am
playing us. the administration is wise to say you have to prove it to us, verifiable. everything gets given up and we have verifiable means to detect whether or not you are violating it before we do one thing at all. smart. >> bill: interesting point. i think you're right about that. >> i think what we're missing here is that mcron and merkel and other world leaders are waking up to the fact that donald trump isn't going away and they have to deal with them. if you're concerned about the iranian deal you better find a way to deal with the president of the united states and concerned about tariffs, you better find a way to deal with the united states. if you're trudeau and mexico and worried about nafta, find a way to deal with the president. they realized he will be there at least for three more years. let's find a way to deal with him and see if we can't work the united states in a direction we want to. you saw it in korea. korea and the united states
7:38 am
came to an applicable revisit of the trade agreement between our two countries and both sides walked away happy. >> bill: the "wall street journal" column in the future on that. i can feel it. >> thank you for the suggestion. >> bill: i think it was just written. nice to see you on a monday. we'll talk later in the week. >> sandra: the pilot that landed the southwest jet landed it at a philadelphia airport after the engine failed and was one of the first ever female pilots. one passenger was killed. >> bill: a lot of heroes on board that plane. >> sandra: tomorrow at the white house should be a special one where she will be recognized by the president. >> bill: news breaking now.
7:39 am
cop killing suspect john williams captured alive after a massive manhunt. a manhunt about to make his first court appearance after the manhunt concluded. that's how they found him. details coming up on that. >> sandra: president trump gets a big welcome in the midwest. he says jobs are booming, confidence is soaring. charles payne will join us to analyze all that. >> president trump: how have you done with the tax cuts, by the way? [cheering and applause] not only the tax cuts, the jobs that have been created. let me tell you, our country is doing great. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to,
7:40 am
but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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7:42 am
>> bill: a man accused of killing a sheriffs deputy in the state of man scheduled to make his first court appearance. john williams is being held in the state's maximum security prison. arrested on saturday the fourth day of a manhunt in the state
7:43 am
of maine. >> our energies has been focused and bolstered throughout this operation by our memories of corporal cole. had another officer been the victim of this case we knew gene would have been here every day bringing his best effort to apprehend the suspect. >> bill: the story that broke in "america's newsroom." williams accused of willing eugene cole last wednesday. the motive for the killing is not clear at this point. >> president trump: wages are going up for first time in many, many years, it's great. as a result of our massive tax cuts, millions of americans are receiving large bonuses and bigger paychecks than they've ever received because they have so much money that they didn't even know they were making. you see what's happened as of
7:44 am
february 1st. right after the cuts, the corporations gave massive bonuses. >> sandra: huge cheers for the president in trump country as he spotlights the strong economy during saturday's campaign rally in michigan. charles payne is the host of making money on the fox business network. the midwest is feeling joyous over the president's policies and the economy. >> they should. it was a great speech. a classic trump speech but i looked at all the key midwest states and looked where unemployment was when president trump came in. every single state it's lower. michigan went from 5.1 to 4.7. ohio is down. ohio is down big. pennsylvania is down, wisconsin is down. can you believe wisconsin 2.9% they just brought in the big manufacturing operation out of china. indiana, iowa down to 2.8%. >> sandra: those are numbers you showed in ohio bill's home state is almost a full percentage point drop in the
7:45 am
unemployment rate. >> that's the number they're coming into is the number before economists told you would have full employment, 4%. this is remarkable stuff. >> sandra: the president is taking a lot of credit here. when you look at the stock market, which he used to tout a lot, it has moved sideways since it hit record after record. that ended in january and we've been sitting around this 24,000. >> it peaked january 26th. he told the globalists of the world i'm taking you on and the market has strum beld since. speaking of consumer spending the biggest winners last week were the rv makers. the company that sells boats stock was up 30%. pleasure craft. this is the kind of spending we do when we're extraordinarily confident and we buy pleasure craft.
7:46 am
bill buys one every other week. >> sandra: he looks good on those, too. 2.7 million jobs added that the president likes to talk about to the u.s. economy since he took office. an average of 181,000 a month. can this sort of growth be sustained? >> to a point. we'll get to a point where we're full employment and we already see where businesses have labor shortages. there is enough people out there. there are so many people who left the employment market and left the job market. we can sustain it throughout the rest of the year without a doubt. >> sandra: he said jobs are booming and confidence is soaring. democrats message is the average american isn't feeling this. what are you hearing as far as how it's playing out in the average american household? how are people feeling? >> they are feeling it. people are gun shy. we're coming through the great recession. it is hard to express it. i talk to a lot of people who are investors and a lot of individuals and talk to truck
7:47 am
drivers and these kind of folks i know. >> sandra: they stop you in the street, i've seen it. >> they do. the other day a truck driver -- we just start rapping. he wants to know where bill buys his boats. people are almost intimidated to feel great. that's holding us back a little bit. for the most part we're seeing something turn. whether you go to your local strip mall or your own job you are seeing wages go up and you can feel it. it is coming on. >> sandra: the president has plans to expand relief on the steel and aluminum tariffs to some countries. what are we hearing about that? >> a complete question mark. wilbur ross is trying to get everyone prepared for it. angela merkel didn't seem like she knew what he would do. on friday michigan consumer sentiment was out. a great amount of confidence about the tax reform and tax cuts.
7:48 am
equal amount of anxiety over tariffs. the media has done a good job of scaring the public on the tariffs. over the weekend when president trump spoke at the rally he is doing the right thing by telling people if we through with these there will be short term pain but the long term gain will be worth it if we go through with them. we may not have to. >> sandra: will the economy be enough to energize the republican voters to come out in the november election? >> headline news has nothing to do with the economy and we have also the intangible stuff. north korea's potential there. revamping the trade deals. all these things which are weighing on the market could actually be a wind in the sails for the market and gop in november. >> sandra: for somebody a business guy and stock guy your whole life you give the president a lot of credit.
7:49 am
>> unlocking something that has been dormant. the dna of the american spirit. it has nothing to do with the personality stuff or other things the mainstream media focuses on but cutting the regulations and seeing we can be great in a good thing. >> sandra: the question bill has. is the stock market still a buy? that's what people stop you on the street and ask. >> the stock i bought on weakness a month ago is up. i do believe it's a selective buying but overall you don't want to sell. listen, i'm hoping the viewers are long-term investors and keep buying the market particularly when it dips. >> bill: wait until the viewers see the shot of us on the pleasure craft. you see charles's feet. yeah. standing on the aft. there he is. thank you, charles. welfare reform on the trump agenda. that is next.
7:50 am
to move california forward,
7:51 am
we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought republicans and democrats together to balance the state budget with a budget reserve, while investing in local schools and career training. as mayor of la, he put more police on the streets and reduced violent crime by nearly fifty percent. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> i'm jon scott. the migrant caravan makes its way to the u.s./mexican border and the travelers are demanding asylum. we're live from the border and ex-f.b.i. director james comey for house words for the intel russia probe and why their report was a wreck and north korea promises to shut down a key nuclear facility. >> bill: trump administration tackling welfare reform proposing major changes aimed at reducing the number of people who depend on government checks. can they do that? doug mcelway is live in washington with the plan as of today. >> the latest attack on the
7:54 am
welfare state game last week when the housing and urban development tightened rules on housing assistance. the plan would triple the rent for those receiving housing assistance. the majority of those who get that kind of help will not experience such rate hikes. >> we know 60% of people that are on rental assistance are elderly or disabled. so they are completely exempt and in addition to that, people that face some type of financial hardship are completely exempt from this as well. that's probably a large proportion of actually the people that would be affected by this new policy. >> one component would change the requirement that landlords submit tenant rental information every year to three years sparing them from having to navigate the set of rules. the administration may incentivize renters to faint a better job. >> they can find a job and make lots of money. they aren't being charged any
7:55 am
more for a three-year period. during that time they might begin to understand you know what? i can take control here. >> opponents of the proposed plan say it fails to address the root cause for public housing assistance, the high cost of housing. >> we're in the middle of a nationwide affordable housing crisis with families and communities across the country continuing to face rent that's are skyrocketing out of control. nowhere in the united states in no state in this country can a worker who is earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour afford even a one-bedroom apartment at market rates. >> the administration says those high costs most often occur in progressive enclaves where tough zoning laws, restrictions that escalate rents. >> bill: doug mcelway today. thank you. >> sandra: a growing showdown at the southern border as
7:56 am
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>> so before we depart, we want you to see this guy going downhill. going way downhill. that is an 80-foot wave. tallest ever captured on camera, right? >> it's a guinness book of world records. the measurement came in this weekend. >> check it out. >> it's awesome. >> so how did your team do in the draft? >> no clue. >> i don't know. i want to say good. i want to say great but -- i'm a bengal fan. we're a long suffering -- i don't know. we shall see. >> why did you bring it up? >> i don't know. fox had the draft with the nfl
8:00 am
network. we didn't go to the white house corr responsible -- correspondent's dinner. >> no regrets. >> "happening now" starts now. >> jon: a caravan of migrants looking at an uncertain fate. good monday morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> and i'm julie banderas. members of the caravan forced to wait in mexico after a majority of the group is turned away by u.s. border officials. the officials say they don't have enough room at the san diego crossing to process the migrants. >> they're coming to the ports of


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