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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 30, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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president at the white house. the president is likely to be asked about the latest out of north korea in a press conference, talks about the iran nuclear deal and the caravan on the southern border. we'll have that live as soon as it happens. and the trump administration standing united in its maximum pressure campaign against north korea. the nation's dictator kim jong-un reportedly pledges to shut down his main underground nuclear testing site in exchange for a truce. this is "outnumbered." i'm melissa francis. town hall editor, katie pavlich. host of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy. and trish regan is here. joining us on the couch, republican senator from south carolina, lindsey graham.
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he's wildly outnumbered. thanks for joining us. nor shortage of topics. >> no shortage. >> are you going to give out your number again? >> hopefully not. >> south korean officials announcing north korean dictator kim jong-un has agreed to terminate his nuclear program in the south ends the war and the united states pledges not to invade his country. he says he will invite experts and journalists from the united states to the north to ensure transparency on the issue. john bolton touting the latest developments but indicating that he needs to see, not just words, but action out of pyongyang. >> there's nobody starry eyed around here. we've been called a number of things. naive is not one of them here. the president sees the potential for a historic agreement. a break through that nobody
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could have imagined a few months ago. the potential is there. as he said repeatedly, the potential for no deal at all is also there. we're not going to know until we have the meeting and see what kim jong-un is prepared to do. words won't way anybody. >> senator, your thoughts. >> well, we have a chance that i never saw coming. why now? trump. why is china signing on to sanctions they never signed on to before? trump. why is north korea thinking i better do something different? trump. he's made it real to north korea that if he had to, he would use military force, president trump would, to stop their ability to hit america with a nuclear tipped missile from north korea. i don't think they believed that about anybody else. long story short, north korea thought the way to survive was the capability to hit america that would stand us down, we would leave him alone and he
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would contain the threat. along comes trump. he said denial. i'm never going to give you the opportunity to hit my country with a nuclear weapon. so they changed strategy because of trump. >> can i ask you a question? when you ran for president, foreign policy was a big issue. >> nobody listened to what i had to say. >> how would you have done things differently as president? would you -- do you think you would have come to this conclusion? >> i told the chinese investor, if you don't think trump is crazy, you're crazy. crazy like a fox. he made -- let me tell you my first meeting with president trump after he got elected. he said me, i don't have your phone number. i said there's a reason for that. but i gave him my new number. so far so good. the bottom line, he asked a question early on with mcmaster. we're having lunch. he said what is my biggest challenge? i said north korea in the short term, iran in the long reason. do you give them the capability
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to hit america and if they ever music you're going to wipe them off the map or policy of denial? he said me what i'd do. i said i'd go denial. everything they build in the past they have sold. the president made the decision early on that he's never going to let north korea hit america with a nuclear tipped missile and he would go to war if he had to. they believed him. the difference is, nobody believed obama. they believe trump. i don't think -- maybe they them i'm crazy. be the bottom line is trump has convinced china that north korea is more of a problem for them than an asset. that's changed. >> you're not the only one to give him credit. ambassador bolton said something similar. let's listen. >> i think the maximum pressure campaign that the trump administration has put on north korea along with the political middle tear -- military pressure
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has brought us to this morn. everybody has acknowledged that we're at this point because of american pressure. >> it's interesting too to watch how the administration, whether it's north korea or whether it's europe and nato and going into syria have been able to rally the alleys to a common cause. senator graham brings up a very good point when he talks about the north koreans selling nuclear weapons or materials. we've seen that in pakistan. they've gotten a lot of their program from north korea. but i have questions about what the end game here is north korea. i want to know from you what do they want outside the things they're saying about not invading us? what that means is we want less u.s. military power on the peninsula and that's something that the united states said we're not going to do. >> we want to pause for a
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second. this is the president of nigeria arriving here. there's going to be a joint presser later on today. they're going to take about boca horam and the challenge that is in nigeria and weapons sold to nigeria. there's a lot of economic issues to talk about here. we're watching him go inside here. we can go back to the discussion. go ahead. >> nigeria is the most important player in africa. radical islam is moving through. we have get ahead of it. so what is unique about north korea? it's run by one man and one family. so if you can convince him that his days are numbers, he will change. he could care less what you do
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to his people. putin is about his people. and unlike america where it's about an idea, not one person, we can convince -- >> even now? >> even now. if we can convince kim jong-un that his regime is more at risk by threatening america then he will stop. how does this end? a peace treaty, a promise we won't invade and a give up of a nuclear program and do away with sanctions over time is how this ends. >> here's the question. you mentioned the military being sort of the driving force -- >> the threat of. >> the threat of it. what about the economic sanctions? >> very important. >> as you started, you said the president brought china to the table to discuss this tariff issue in a more meaningful way. they have gotten sanctions against north korea from china, from russia. how much of that -- before we
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jump to the military option has played in the decision? >> i can't think of a time where sanctions have taken a brutal ruthless dictator and alone changed their behavior. he has mass rapes of women, he killed his uncle with an anti aircraft gun. remember what you're talking about. i think economic pressure matters but he can live well ant couldn't care about other people. the sanctions have been applied in a way never before and they hurt. china does 90% of the trade with north korea. they have turned off the spigot. what has changed his attitude is he believes if he had to, donald trump would take him out. >> that's true. it just goes to show when kim jong-un through president moon talks about denuclearizing, he's specific saying the united states has to seen a treaty saying the war is over and promise not to atake the north. it's that fear of military
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aggression from the united states. i think that coupled with the sanctions. you know, north korea has done the same thing. they have always with very silver tongue gone to the united states and say we promise we're doing this and you can see. they did this between the bush administration and the obama administration. within a year, they said they were giving it up and in 2009 launched another nuclear missile test. >> so what is different? >> yes. >> trump said they played everybody like a fiddle. they're not going to play me. here's the calculation north korea has to make. what is the risk of meeting with donald trump and playing him like a fiddle? i think you're a nut if you do that. the best thing they could do is not meet with trump if they intend to play him down the road. if they do that, we're going to have a war and north korea will lose it. a lot of people will die. it would be terrible to have a war with north korea but donald trump won't be played. north korea is playing with
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fire. if they do that, they're going to get fury. we're going to have peace or war. there's no in between. >> president trump calling out a sitting democratic senator whom he accuses of infairly taking down his pick for veterans affairs secretary, ronny jackson. >> why john tester shouldn't be re-elected. and vice president mike pence said to be headed for the u.s.-mexico border. this as hundreds of my grants wait for their chance to apply for asylum in the united states. the ongoing show down and why border experts say this is difference. >> under the obama administration, we just let anybody and everybody that came with to the ports of entry, we would take them. but this time the president has said no. dn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it.
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their asylum claim. yesterday some could be seen scaling but not going over the fence. big teases. yesterday the border patrol informed the caravan that the facility near san diego didn't have enough space to accommodate them at this time. here's how an attorney for the migrants responded. >> the message for customs and border protection, stop rejecting asylum seekers that are looking for entry. you know what you're doing. you're turning people away. you complain they're breaking the law by entering illegally. you're breaking the law and forcing them to break the law. that's why we have caravans. >> such a large group arriving at the same time can make processing difficult. >> it does make it difficult as these large numbers of people when they come in at the same time make it challenging for us to process them appropriately. ultimately they will get their
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hearing. they have a right to an asylum hearing. it will be legitimate and show that they satisfy the conditions for asylum. >> senator graham, sometimes there's strength in numbers. perhaps it makes crossing treacherous countries and canyons a little bit safer, but at the same time, it put so much pressure on some of those border facilities that they can do more harm than good. what should the president and the administration do here? >> it's all around a sad story. clearly we need a better wall because they can climb this one. so the three triangle country, are bat. but our laws are stupid. trump is right about this. if you come to canada on the border and ask for asylum, they don't put you in a detention
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facility. you stay on the canadian side and we process you. we have an asylum program but there's a hole in it. if you can get to the border and make a claim that you're oppressed, once you step foot in, you can stay in. it's a magnet. we should have an asylum program in their country, not on our border. >> they say they're under threat of harm during that period and it takes too long. you could die in the meantime. is there a humanitarian why. when they stay on the canadian border, where are they stay something. >> in canada. all i can tell you is come to the congo with me. if you want to see people in a bad spot, the world is full of people in bad spots. we can't take everybody in our country who has had a bad hand dealt. i'm willing to invest in the root cause of it and improving the economies of central america. if mexico stabilizes, you'll get
9:18 am
less aliens. now it's moving down. the magnet of asylum is creating this program. it's terrible to watch. trump is right to say we're going to change our laws. we don't want to entice mothers to take that 1,000 mile walk. if they think they can get here home-free, that work work anymore. >> so what are you wanting to do? >> three things. we put $750 million for the triangle countries to deal with energy. they don't have affordable energy. >> how do you know it's not going to drug cartels? >> and we trillions in debt sending money to others? >> you deal with the problem down there or at the border. in terms of what drives the
9:19 am
dead, the medicare, social security and medicaid make up 75% of the department. you can eliminate department of defense and not move the debt needle. $750 billion invested in a better economy would make it less likely they need to leave their country. do two things. help them where they live and security your border and change your laws to stop them believing if they get to america they're home free. >> moving on. the president in a rally over the weekend threatening government shut down this fall if congress does not provide more funding to build his border wall. >> we have to have borders and we have to have them fast. we need security. we need the wall. we're going to have it all. again, that wall has started. we have 1.6 billion. we come up again on september 28. if we don't get border security, we'll have no choice. we'll close down the country. we need border security. >> peter king warns a shut down
9:20 am
over the wall could backfire with the critical mid-terms this fall. >> i don't believe we should shut the government down. it's never worked in the past. with elections coming up a month after that, that would enable the democrats to do. the first thing they will do is impeach president trump. >> kennedy, the president felt like the omnibus bill he got was misleading and he didn't get everything he wanted when it comes to border security. it's far out to be talking about a government shut down. maybe it's something to get them working on now. >> yeah, we are far out but it's not a surprise that this is something is president is passionate about. he has to be very careful about the timing. people still -- there's optimism but some of those economic optimism numbers are eroding. people still think the economy is doing good, not as many of them think the economy is doing great. so republicans are much better served if they focus on the
9:21 am
economy, creating jobs, allowing small businesses the borrow money so they can either start or expand and that's how you have optimism because reality for those critical voters that are still very much on the fence. >> and when it comes to government shut downs, there's mixed reviews on what that means and how it affects the everyday person outside washington d.c. september is pretty close to the mid-terms. that might play so political by well. >> you're right. but the republicans will get blamed for it. the president will be blamed for it. government shut downs usually cause some hostility, shall we say, among those that are voting for those people. they say what the heck? goodness, you're not doing your jobs. the government had to shut down because of you. i don't think it plays well for republicans. they have to be careful about this. i think he will get the money. i think he will. i sure hope we're not looking at
9:22 am
a shut down. >> senator, do you want to give the president the wall he wants? >> i hope so. here's what i would do. i would put on the table a deal. i want $25 billion for a wall. we're in debt. we can afford that. we can't afford not to have a wall. as you saw the wall didn't stop the people from coming from the triangle countries. the wall doesn't keep them out when you have asylum laws that let them in. if you don't change your laws, the wall won't do any good. here's what i would make do if i were the president. i want my wall money and i want to change these stupid laws that attract people to come here. for that, i'll give you 1.8 million dream act citizens a pathway to citizenship and make the democrats say no. i don't think they can. >> the president has offered democrats allow and they don't want to go along with it. >> and i think people have been immune to a shut down.
9:23 am
they've heard it so many times and it doesn't cause things that are tangible to the average american. i think the american people just sort of roll their eyes at it. >> well, moving along. a new back and forth between president trump and james comey as the fired fbi director continues his media blitz. the president says comey is not being honest about something. and more about the future of the iran nuclear deal. is it fixable or be scraped? we'll debate. >> i think this is a terrific opportunity for the president who made his reputation as a builder to build on the iran nuclear deal. oh! my wallet! card lock from capital one. instantly lock your credit card. in case it goes... arrivederci. mona! that smile. technology this convenient... could make history. what's in your wallet? i just want to find a used car start at the new show me used trucks with one owner.
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9:28 am
nuclear deal. national security adviser john bolton signals there's still hope the u.s. will stay in the deal. >> let me start by underlying he's made no decision on the nuclear deal, whether to stay in or get out. he said very negative things about the deal, which imply that these other steps wouldn't really address that concern. but look, it's possible in the discussions with our european allies that we'll see some possibility there. >> newly minted secretary of state mike pompeo says the deal needs some serious fixes before the president decides to renew. >> president trump has been very clear. the deal is very flawed. he's directed the administration to try to fix it. if we can't fix it, he's going to withdraw from the deal. unlike the past administration, the president has a comprehensive iran strategy that is designed to counter the full array of threats emanating from tehran. we look forward working with allies like israel in countering
9:29 am
these threats. >> meantime, chris coons sounding optimistic that the president is doing the right thing when it comes to dealing with iran. >> the iranian regime is a dangerous regime. if president trump can successfully lead an effort with our european allies to reign in or end their program, to put -- to change the outcome of the current iranian deal is there's not a sunset clause, these would be positive things that i would support. >> senator, where down come down? >> i'm shocked he said that. if the democrats will follow his lead and say the current deal is bad because the sunset clause is bad, that we should inspect anywhere in iran including their military bases, we'll have a united front in the united states that will make the europeans try to get a better deal. i would be willing to write a letter to the president if chris will do it with me and saying
9:30 am
extend is the negotiated and see if the european can get the deal that all of us say is better. this made news. >> and chris coons is very smart. the arbitrary resistant of the president doesn't get us anywhere. these are critical issues in iran and north korea. we just can't have a hawkish kill'em all approach. it can be unified. you're right. there needs to be a unified -- >> don't underrate killing them all that gets everybody's attention. >> i can't go there. >> but you're dead right. what is wrong with this deal? after 15 years, the inspectors go away. iran can enrich and reprocess without limitation. that means they can get a bomb over time without cheating. the arabs won't tolerate that. >> i have to jump in. you made news. but this is president trump
9:31 am
meeting with the nigerian present in oval office. they spoke of terrorism, trade, christians being murdered in nigeria we want to listen in. >> we have many things that we do together, as you know, especially on terrorism and terrorism-related. we have a very big trade deal we're working on for military equipment, helicopters and the like. >> julie: we have met before. we have developed a great relationship and we look forward to our discussion today. very important. again, especially as it relates to terrorism. that is terrorism here around all over the world. it's a hot bed. we're going to stop that also, we've had serious problems with christians who have been
9:32 am
murdered, killed in nigeria. we're going to work on that problem and working on that problem very, very hard. because we can't allow that to happen. mr. president, thank you very much for being here. thank you. >> thank you, mr. president, very much for inviting me. it's a great honor. i'm grateful for it. >> okay. we're going to dip back out of this. these two have a big press conference at 1:30 where they'll address a lot of pertinent issues including what we just talked about. iran. i want to go back to you on that. you made news before this. you had a suggestion on what you would be willing to do. you think democrats would be receptive to that? >> i didn't think about this until this morning. i was on brian's show when i
9:33 am
heard the quote by chris. it's a terrible deal the way it is because it ensures a nuclear arms race. if you can change the deal to say 50 years from now we'll have inspectors in iran, if they ever get within a year of a breakout, we'll reimpose sanctions that means you'll have good insight. if democrats would be willing to support president trump's idea of what a new deal would look like, i would argue to the president and pompeo to give more time before he withdraws. here's the condition. the democrats have to get behind the idea of making it a better deal. >> does that mean making sure there's safeguards in there so the lifted sanctions and the money doesn't go to hezbollah? >> that ship has already sailed. but to determine the flow of future money, yes. the deal would change in three ways. the missile problem would be part of the deal. the sunset clause would go away and inspect military bases which you can't now. >> iran is not at the table
9:34 am
either, which makes it interesting. it's the europeans and the americas making the decisions. and the new battle with the president and james comey. >> how about this guy, comey? comey is a liar and a leaker. you know, i did you a great favor when i fired this guy. did you a great favor. when you look at what was going on at the top of the fbi, it is a disgrace. >> comey hitting back saying president trump tried to undermine the russian investigation and that robert mueller should not trust the president. watch. >> i have serious doubts about his credibility. >> the president of states? >> yes. >> whether he were under oath
9:35 am
not? >> correct. >> how long is this feud going to go on? what about that guy, comey? what about him. did president do us a service by firing him? >> let's put it that way. i'm glad he's not there let's look at comey's actions while he was there. the fbi investigation of the clinton e-mail scandal was a joke. the head investigator had a bias against trump, very much for clinton. they talked about creating an insurance policy to make sure trump didn't win. so this server was never gin over. they beat it with a hammer and bleached it out. nobody went to jail. she was interviewed not under oath. to me, the whole investigation around clinton was a joke. they had their thumb on the scale for her. when it comes to the dossier, that was used early on to get a warrant against carter page, comey said he didn't know it was paid for by the democratic party. that is stunning that the fbi used a dossier prepared by a
9:36 am
foreign agent who was paid by a political party to find dirt on trump in russia that could have been manipulated and he still says that to this day. >> do you believe him? we're journalists. we want to know where our information is coming from. it's a similar type of thing. >> he said he wasn't concerned. >> would you go with it? >> we're talking about a document to get a warrants. you should know where it comes from. >> and the fbi has surveillance powers of e-mail, particularly overseas if there are any -- >> so they could have found out. >> they could have. if that was something that was so critically important to national security, it speaks to his incompetence. if he didn't know that peter
9:37 am
strzok and lisa page were compromised in one direction toward a democratic presidential candidate and against another, then that also speaks to his emotional incompetence. he couldn't read people and couldn't ask basic questions about the funding of a compromised document just shows that he wasn't a competent person and he would have been fired by either administration. >> and he was asked by our bret baier whether or not there was any bias at the fbi. specifically from peter. he said no. how can you look at that and not see bias? >> the question now is moving forward. where are we going with this. we have not only seen the president questioning comey's credibility but comey going after the president. and now there's questions about mccabe, loretta lynch. this is not going away despite all the mudslinging that we see. >> he made the argument out of
9:38 am
the gate that originally it was paid for by republicans. and/or by a republican opponent. and in the end he knew it was paid for by somebody in the opposition but didn't know who. i find those things hard to believe. senator graham, do you think anything ever comes of any of this? >> i should be fbi director. i figured this out. mr. comey, in case you're watching, fusion gps was hired by the democratic party, the clinton campaign that was paid $168,000. a former mi5 agent that had a lot of contacts in russia. he went to russia to get dirt on trump. probably compromised by the russian intelligence services. he told mr. ohr that i'm going to do everything that i can to beat trump. i'm sorry you missed it. there should be a second counsel a pointed. you should have a special counsel looking at the
9:39 am
corruption in the department of justice and how a warrant was used and about two fbi agents. it's okay -- it's not okay to create an insurance policy. >> we're still waiting -- >> jeff sessions, appoint a second special counsel. there's more coming. >> until then, the gloves off are on a number of levels. president trump slammed john tester over scuttling dr. ronny jackson's v.a. secretary nomination. the president even suggesting he has dirt on the montana democrat. but now at least one republican is warning of the political risks of this fight ahead. >> tester started throwing out things that he's heard. well, i know things about tester that i could say, too. and if i said them, he would never be elected again.
9:40 am
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>> president trump slamming the ranking democrat on the senate veterans affair committee, john tester. this after the montana senator released a list of allegations against former nominee for v.a. secretary, dr. ronny jackson. the president suggesting in his rally in michigan that he's got some dirt on the senator. watch this. >> we had a very interesting thing happen over the last few days. senator john tester of a really great place, montana, what they said about this great america doctor, ronny jackson. tester started throwing out things that he's heard. well, i know things about tester that i could say, too. if i said them, he would never
9:45 am
be elected again. >> there's a threat. senator tester saying in a statement that it's my duty to make sure that montana veterans get what they need and deserve and i will never stop fighting for them. karl rove said the president's response could backfire. >> everybody has reason to be upset with senator tester, this is the worst kind of politics that makes people sick. the president better not respond in kind. he could turn this from a situation where tester's opponent can make this an issue of fairness and equity and what ought to go on in washington. if the president makes charges like he did and said i know things and i'm going to say these things, unless they're true, he could give tester a way to wiggle out of this. >> sounds like mr. rove doesn't want a tit for tat. isn't this what is so bad about politics right now? you're in the political arena.
9:46 am
you've had to deal with things. seems like they can make these wild accusations and destroy someone's career over it. >> i was going to introduce admiral jackson. a come bad hero. a very good man. i don't think president helps himself by making idle threats to the senator from montana. i don't think he should say we taped the conversation to comey. stuff like that hurts more than it helps. here's what tester did. he had a bunch of allegations and gave them to the press. let me tell you about the car wreck. it's a bunch of b.s. the bottom line is admiral jackson has been hurt unfairly. the allegations should have been done internally. but tester runs to the president. the president is not helping himself. >> and you have a press so anxious to get anything they can on this administration that they're also not checking out
9:47 am
the allegations. >> we should take a step back here. the allegations that dr. jackson was allegedly drunk on the job and giving out pills were reported on anonymous sourcing across the media. two days later, the secret service comes out with four paragraphs saying we have no incidents involving dr. jackson, he was accused by cnn of going on a colleague's door and drunkingly banging down the service and the secret service intervened to stop him because they were worried about waking up president obama. secret service denies there was an incident like that. and then they went on two paragraphs about what an outstanding professional dr. jackson is and how he's essential in keeping the president safe. they found that there were three incidents, minor incidents like a mirror getting ripped off, no
9:48 am
alcohol involved after the -- >> so you think they're malicious attacks. >> it seems like it was. but the president is that we can't become a society where you can just say anything about anyone and it gets smeared everywhere. we don't ever check these things out or both tore vet them before you run someone's life. people can say anything they want. you can have an ex-spouse, a neighbor that is mad at you. if it's been smeared everywhere before it's checked out -- >> ronny jackson is the new ken bone. i don't understand the end game. i don't know what democrats were trying to accomplish. >> lots of eyes on west virginia, a state that the president won handily. so why the gop may be breathing a little bit easier about next week's primary and who may run against joe manchin? we're going to discuss all of that. we'll see you here after this. ( ♪ ) face the world as a face to be reckoned with.
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>> welcome back. a big republican primary coming up in a few weeks in west virginia. could give republicans a good idea where they stand in the mid-terms. democratic senator joe manchin's seat has been a top target for the gop since president trump won the state with almost 69% of
9:53 am
the vote. it's a three-man primary field. these are the candidates. congressman evan jenkins, west virginia attorney general patrick moresy and don blankenship. republicans don't want another roy moore situation. don blankenship has fallen to third. are republicans breathing a sigh of relief and a chance that it could slip to red? >> if you can't answer the following question easily, you shouldn't be in the senate. have you been in federal prison recently? >> the president is too easy for some people. >> yeah. so clearly if he wins the primary, it's a contest. don't underestimate manchin. he's a good buy, a good politician. should be a state we do well. the only way we could lose is
9:54 am
nominate somebody that has been in jail recently. >> and how about those that could go for a republican over joe manchin? he's a blue collar democrat. are democrats that voted for trump going to switcher that vote from trump to a manchin candidate even if they're pro trump? >> a really good question. you have to make it about trump. if you believe in this man, president trump, he's going to give you a better life, the economy is getting better and joe manchin is an unreliable supporters, that's how you get a trump democrat to vote against manchin. >> he didn't win in pennsylvania. >> yeah. don't nominate the guys that ben in jail recently and you're probably in good shape. >> senator manchin nervous about his seat? have you talked to him? >> if i lived in a state that won by 40 points and a democrat, i'd be nervous. he's a good friend.
9:55 am
but this is politics. >> he's going to work hard. don't underestimate him but the winds are blowing against joe. don't nominate the guy in jail and we'll be okay. >> is manchin going to republican as a republican? not switching parties but idealogically? how does he appeal -- >> he has to answer katie's question. i'll be there for trump as much as i can. say no sometimes. with trump, unfortunately, the republican party has an agenda that joe hasn't sign upped for yet. >> we'll see how it plays out. don't miss the west virginia senate debate tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. moderatedpy bret baier and martha maccallum. you'll get to know the candidates that we spoke about and see the next hot contest that could be another bellwether. we have more on the "outnumbered" couch in just a moment. stay here.
9:56 am
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ask your rheumatologist it's just a burst pipe, i could fix (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. >> thank you so much to senator lindsay graham. i hope you enjoyed your time on the couch. >> it was the best hour. i really enjoyed it. >> and is it less stressful than running for president? >> oh, yes, you are surrounded by nicer people. >> and the couch is surprisingly less crowded. >> it is very nice. there were 16 of us before.
10:00 am
>> and any nicknames today. >> and thank you so much senator and we are back on the couch noon tomorrow. >> we are waiting remarks from president trump at the white house as israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu is set to make a statement of his own about the iran nuclear deal. his office claims they will look at significant developments. i am melissa francis in for harris faulkner. they are set to make a prime time address about the iran nuclear deal. he will reveal evidence that iran is violating the international agreement. all of this comes as the may 12th deadline looms for president trump to decide whether to pull out of the deal. conner is live in jerusalem with the details. >> reporter: yes,


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