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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  April 30, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> and any nicknames today. >> and thank you so much senator and we are back on the couch noon tomorrow. >> we are waiting remarks from president trump at the white house as israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu is set to make a statement of his own about the iran nuclear deal. his office claims they will look at significant developments. i am melissa francis in for harris faulkner. they are set to make a prime time address about the iran nuclear deal. he will reveal evidence that iran is violating the international agreement. all of this comes as the may 12th deadline looms for president trump to decide whether to pull out of the deal. conner is live in jerusalem with the details. >> reporter: yes, melissa,
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there is a massive international effort to sway president trump about the decision on whether to stay in the iran nuclear deal. we saw french president macron and angela merkel talking with president trump. and now benjamin netanyahu is weighing in and a staunch opponent to the deal. he said it is a mistake to sign the agreement. he said it was a mistake to sign the agreement. he is along with many israelis concerned about iran's nuclear ambitions for the region but ambitions for the region and their involvement in syria and yemen and other places. what we are told from israeli officials, there is a significant statement made by israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu. about the iran nuclear activities. we are told that the masoud is in the process of briefing the united states and united kingdom and other countries in europe as well. this is new information that is just uncovered. but we don't know what the information is, we are waiting to hear from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> up until now. they say that iran has not violated the deal. there is too instances they had too much heavy water on hand that is in theory to cool down a nuclear reactor used for nuclear weapons and at that point they shipped it out in both cases. it would have to be something more than those two instances if
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that is what we are talking about. >> reporter: yeah, that is the israeli military and officials have all said and president trump has said this. iran is complying with the deal and obviously been inspections, but the question is are they continuing to comply and have they hidden something. israelis allude to the fact that iran hid part of the nuclear program. that's not what we heard from the pentagon or european officials. that's what we expect to hear from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. that would be significant. all of the president who complained about the deal said iran is living up to the spirit or the details, but not necessarily the spirit. >> melissa: one of the sticking point is the suggestions and strong wording about the
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ballistic nuclear program and that is not part of the nuclear deal. that is a sticking point to a lot of the people. and it is charged that the money used to sanction relief, they poured in the ballistic missile program and that is a huge component of this, no? >> reporter: yeah, that is certainly the charge. you hear different things not not only the united states but in the region. israelis will make the charge that the deal is fraud because it doesn't attach the ballistic missile program. and others say it is slowing down the effort by the iranians to build a nuclear weapon and one thing we've heard and this is where you hear a difference from the israel and the leadership, benjamin netanyahu and the military. the deal is flawed, but no deal is worse. it depends on where you sit in terms of political leadership
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and military leadership. there is a fear that blowing up the deal no one knows what is going on in iran. >> melissa: thank you for much. as we are waiting for benjamin netanyahu, joining me is anchor of special report. bret baier. set the stage for us. benjamin netanyahu was under scrutiny and that is against the back drop of everything going on in syria as they feel like their enemies are setting up territories to attack them in syria and that made israelis very nervous. >> bret: that is right, it is a three dimensional chest. syria, iran and u.s. and the new u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo meeting with netanyahu as you look live in the israeli facility.
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he met on sunday with netanyahu and they talked about iran. and this comes 12 days before the deadline where president trump has to make a decision whether to go forward with the iran nuclear deal or not. i think that this will factor in to some of what we are hearing inside of the white house and some of what the president said publicly in the past two meetings with european leaders, french president macron. and german chancellor merkel who is trying to get a sense of what is happening with president trump. this may be adding to the decision making that may come in the next few days. >> melissa: and israel if they come out and say they had new evidence. you heard about this before this morning? this is breaking news. but was there chatter about this and was it a surprise to you the announcement this morning. >> bret: it is a surprise the
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specific announcement itself. i had heard chatter that the israelis were anxious to do something, whether an action or announcement about what has been discovered. they have been active as been noted in syria. and some of that back and forth, you've seen play out publicly. you saw the iranians tweet out and call netanyahu the boy who cried wolf. referring back to the un statement on the bomb and enriched uranium. and the iranians are pushing back getting out of the deal and threatening if the u.s. does, it scraps the whole thing. >> melissa: does it seem like the tide is turning.
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the president wants to get rid of the deal. macron raises the idea of a better deal and incorporate this. and now you are even hearing chatter from one democrat. does it seem like the tide is shifting in terms of not renewing this, but coming up with something else? >> bret: i think that is what is coming out, and what we have heard from european leaders. and the fact that french president macron said as much when he was here in the u.s., possibly it could be restructured and retooled as you can see them getting ready for prime minister netanyahu addressing there, the reporters. you didn't hear as much of that from merkel. but europe is bending over back wards to keep the u.s. engaged in this deal as we watch live.
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>> we'll listen in here. we don't know if he will begin in hebrew or english. we'll chat among ourselves until we get the english version. iss >> melissa: we may let them get on the right page. is bret still with us? >> bret: i am. >> melissa:. what kind much evidence would he need to present here to turn the tide more. when you talk about merkel, the rest of europe needed the economic market and they have benefitted from the opening of iran and that's hard to turn
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off? >> bret: sure europe is engaged in working for something here not only security aspect of looking at iran's facility and the economic aspect as you mentioned for europe over all. now you can see the prime minister after working out the mike is she on the move with a hand held mike and start nothing hebrew as you said. >> melissa:>> melissa: two things we were promised in the beginning. there were snap back sanctions and any time inspections and that hasn't proven to be the case? >> bret: right, and so far, there is a lot of critics in the iran nuclear deal. and a lot of the questions is
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iran meeting up with all of the stipulations? and there are experts in the u.s., that are even the defense secretary, jim mattis, experts at the defense department. >> melissa: we have english now. >> you can listen to iran supreme leader. the islamic republic is never been after nuclear weapons. >> you can listen to the iranian president rouhani. nnuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction has no place in iran's security and defense doctrine and contradict our convictions. >> this is from the iranian foreign minister. >> we consider nuclear weapons irrational and immoral.
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>> well, tonight i am here to tell you one thing. iran lied. big time. after signing the nuclear deal in 2015, iran intensified its efforts to hide the secret nuclear files. in 2017, iran moved its nuclear weapon's filed to a highly secret district in southern teheran. this is where they kept the atomic archives right here. few iranians knew where it was. very few. and also few israelis. now from the outside, this was an innocent lookingly compound and looks like a dilapidated warehouse. but from the inside it contained the iranian atomic archives and
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look bigger than this. and in a great intelligence achievement a few weeks ago, israel obtained half a ton of the material inside of these vault and this is what we got. 55000 pages, another 55000 files on 183 cd's. everything you are about to see, is an exact copy of the original iranian material. you may want to know where are the originals? they are now in a very safe place. this is what the files included. incriminating documents, incriminating charts. incriminating presentation and
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blue printing. incriminating photos. incriminating videos. and more. we've shared this material with the united states and the united states can vouch for its authtensity. and we'll share it with the other countries the atomic international agency. we'll tell you the history of the material. we have known for years that iran had a secret nuclear program called project amad. we can prove it was a comprehensive program to design, build and test nuclear weapons. we can also prove that iran is secretly storing project amad material to use at a time of its choice to develop nuclear weapons. this is what project amad's
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specific goal was creating nuclear weapons. this is an original iranian presentation from the file and this is the mission statement. design, produce and test five warheads, each with ten kiloton tnt yield for integration on a missile. you don't have to read ph arsee to read this here. this is specific goal of project amad. that is like five hiro shimma bombs on the missiles. this is an original iranian spreadsheet. yellow cake. and centerfudge and test.
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and when we analyzed what is in the archives. project amad had five key elements of a nuclear weapon's program. i will take them one by one. first element is designing nuclear weapons. this is an original iranian illustration of a weapon. again, you don't have to read ph arsi to understand. that is enriched uranium. that's the only place you find in the core enriched uranium. and that is putting all of the components together. that's the first component. second component, developing nuclear cores. this is a photoshowing the casting process and a cast metal core from the archives and here
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is a secret underground facilities the iranians are building to produce the nuclear cores. we have hundreds of documents. third component. building systems of a measuring device for implosions. and this is a simulation of a nuclear implosion. fourth element. preparing nuclear test. this is a map of five potential areas for nuclear test in eastern iran. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. we have many more such documents and fifth. integrating nuclear weapons on missiles and this is a design for a nuclear pay load from the
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archive. here is the war head. and here is the bomb. and i don't have to remind you that iran is expanding the range of ballistic nuclear capable missiles starting with a thousand kilombeters and now up to 2000 roughly and can reach ryad. tel aviv, moscow, but they are working on far, far greater ranges. they are planning much longer range missiles to carry nuclear weapons. so these files conclusively prove that iran is it brazenly lying when it said it never had a nuclear weapon's program. the files prove that. and here's what happened next. iran was faced with mounting
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pressure in 2003 following the gulf war and it was forced to shelve project amad but not the nuclear ambitions. and so iran devised a plan to do two things. preserve the nuclear know how from projecta mad. and nuclear weapon's capabilityingly that came from the top leadership of iran. this is another document from the archive. this is following the new directive of the iran's minister of defense, today he is director of the national security council and following the new directive of iran's minister of defense, the work would be split into two parts: covert and overt. a key part of the plan was to form new organizations to continue the work. this is how dr. head of put it.
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remember that name. here is his director. the general aim is to announce the closure of project amad. but special activities, you know what that is, special activities will be carried out under the title of scientific know how development. and in fact, this is exactly what iran proceeded to do. it has continued the work in a series of organizations over the years, and today in 2010 and 2018 this work is carried out by supon. that is an organization inside of the iranian defense ministry and you will not be surprised to learn it is led by the same doctor fak iriza d eh.
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iran planned in the highest levels to continue work related to nuclear weapons under the different guises and use the same personnel. i want to give you another example of iran's nuclear weapon's related activities that continued after project amad. you remember the fordo facility? it was a secret enrichment facility underground that the iranians built under a mountain. you don't put thousands of centrifuges under a mountain to produce medical iotonights. you put them one reason. enrichment of nuclear weapons. but fordow was designed for
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nuclear prospects as project amad. this is an original iranian blue print much fordow and iran continued to build years after project amaddeneded and this is what it looks like. that's the entrance and it goes under a mountain. you will also not be surprised iran insisted on keeping fordow and amazingly the nuclear deal enabled them to do it. but this came with a hitch. iran was required by the iea to come clean by the nuclear deal, to come clean to the international atomic energy agency about the nuclear program. this was a condition for implementing the nuclear deal.
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iran has to come clean. sue on december 2015 ia ea published the nuclear aspect. this is the report. this was iran's chance to fully come clean. and they could tell the truth and we have a secret program and it is over and we shelved it and it doesn't exist and we destr destroyed the material. iran said iran denied the existence of a coordinated program aimed a specific nuclear device and denied the existence of the amad plan. and the material proves otherwise. that iran authorized and initiated and funded project
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amad. and aimed at a development of a nuclear device and this is another document from the archives and it was a master plan of project amad. iran said to the iaea, no work was conducted with multipoint initiation. this scientific terminology is something that is necessary to understand the production of nuclear weapons. this is what they say. no work has been conducted with mpi technology in hem fearical geometry. this is it a fabrication. iran conducted extense itch work with mpi. hundreds of documents prove. it and iran said to the agency, that it had not expected works designed for a nuclear device.
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but the files again show it is it a lie. iran conducted metallurgical work for a nuclear device. there is plenty more in the archives. and so what i have shown you tonight is a fractions of the total material that we have. but even from this sample you can draw four main conclusions. first iran lied about never having a nuclear weapon 'program. 100,000 secret files proved that they lied. and second, even after the deal, iran continued to preserve and expand the nuclear weapon's know how for future nuclear worse. why would a terrorist reyeem hide and meticulously catalog the secret nuclear files if not to use them at a later date?
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third, iran lied again in 2015 when it didn't come clean to the iaean on the nuclear deal? and finally, the iran deal, the nuclear deal is based on lies. it is based on iranian lies and iranian deceptions. a hundred thousand files right here prove that they lied. and so here's the bottom line. iran continues to lie. just last week, they said. >> we never wanted to produce a bomb. >> again. >> we never wanted to produce a bomb. >> yes, you did, and yes, you do and the atomic archief proves it. the nuclear deal gives iran
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a nuclear path to the arsenal. it gives them the points and first unlimited enrichment in a few years. they plan to have several hundred thousand centrifuges so they can reach the core. and second completely fails to address iranian development of missile and third. it fails to address iran's secret nuclear bomb program and the advanced work on weaponization. we just did. so this is a terrible deal. it should never have been concluded. and in a few days time president trump will decide, will make a decision on what to do with the nuclear deal. i am sure he will do the right thing. the right thing for the united
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states, the right thing for israel. and the right thing for the peace of the world. [speaking hebrew] [speaking hebrew] >> melissa: let's bring back in anchor of special report bret baier. bret, he laid out the evidence they had. hundreds of thousanded of file and outlining all of the detail and existence of the amad program that was a program to build nuclear weapon and explaining that they lied about the existence of the program and ever trying to get a woman and lied to the atomic energy agency and they were supposed to come clean about the plans and at that point, they denied the
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existence of the amad program. but the times president netanyahu or prime minister marred're pardon me, shows that they shifted the program from overt to covert and renamed it and keeping all of the same people in place and kept the files, is that enough? >> bret: we'll analyze this first as astonishing to see a head of state lay out details that he said were captured and exfiltrated from iran by israelis. and a half ton much documents and digital file and he goes on to detail how this program was in the works. and is in the works and the iranians had lied about it. it seemed to me in the end of the presentation that his audience was won and that is for
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president trump to see this. and he met with mike pompeo and talked about this and laying this out. and we are just days away from the president's decision on the iranian nuclear deal. this is a mortal wound for the iran deal in the eyeless of the trump administration and president trump. it was probably on the last legs anyway and that is the decision we were thinking and after this presentation, i think there will be a sense inside of the white house that they are doing the right thing and europe is it trying to hold on to an element. deal to see if they can make something happen. >> melissa: we heard in the beginning that benjamin netanyahu said the files had been taken by israeli asset and they were not originals but they were copies and the originals are purpose safe and they were
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all vetted and verified by the united states; what do you think of that? >> bret: obviously the intelligence community has worked with the israelis and this would be part of the intel outside of the iaea process and trying to see if iran is living up not only to the letter of the law but the spirit of the law in a nuclear deal. they spoke about the specifics of the iranian deal that they believe in this administration and other elements should have been put in there to begin with. they don't believe, talking to people inside of the administration that iran deal is strong enough as is to hold iran's feet to the fire and prevent them from making a nuclear weapon in the long run. >> melissa: bret baier, thank you so much and we'll see you at
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6:00 p.m. and special report will focus on this latest development and scombrojoining scott taylor. what we are looking at on the screen here. this is a joint press conference that was supposed to start at 1:30 between the president of nigeria and our president. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. we imagine with all of the other news breaking, there will be questions about that. congressman, what is your reaction to what went by there? >> it is incredible to have a head of state to lay it out. the prime minister talked about how it was a bad deal and i agree with him. we traded short- term nuclear tablt for regional instability and giving iran money and they are creating havoc in the middle
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east and working on missile capability and eventually we have guaranteed them to be able to get a nuclear bomb. you can see the p.mlaying out why. >> melissa: in the international community who will accept those documents and who will address that? the prime minister said the americans looked at them. and i wonder who that will not be enough for? and in the atomic energy agency they will have to look at them. >> they should let them do it and let the countries do it. obviously the ia ea doesn't have
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the same intelligence aenls. but i don't think there is a question. any head of state over there will tell you of course they are trying to get a nuclear bomb. >> melissa: that is not ground breaking that they are trying to get a nuclear weapon. is it enough they lied about that and continued the file and renamed the project, is that enough in the court of public opinion or is does there have to be proof of them continuing the physical activity. >> it is enough in my mind to pull out of the deal and in the court of public opinion it would be as well. they lied about it and they can easily restart the program. you have a delay of it. and in the mean time spreading
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the influence and working on the missile deliveries and soon as that time runs out. and they restart the program and have way more advanced in terms of delivering them around the world including our home lan. it is enough in my mind. it was weak and did not address properly how to stop them from getting nuclear weapons. i understand your european friends want commercial activity with iran and some of our companies probably do, too. and that's fine. but perhaps what happened today and what the president will speak about will launch a restart to make sure it is verified that they tonight have nuclear weapons. >> melissa: those in favor of the deal and part of the obama administration, they said in defense that it stopped iran on the path to get the weapon. and conceded that they were trying to get the weapon and
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they say it stoppeded them in the program. yes, they were on the way and they stopped and put it on hold and maybe they kept the plans, but they stopped at the time and does that argument work? >> i don't believe so. yeah, they stopped. but in exchange for stopping the time, they a lowered iran to become stronger in the region and financially stronger and delivery capabilities. they punted the problem down the road. and when they were able to get nuclear weapons, they would have been in a stronger position and way more determines for the region and wormed. they were trying to get a deal at all costs and that is a bad way to negotiate ponegotiate from a position of weakness. >> melissa: and multiple things to do on the way to nuclear
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weapon. the ballistic program, recommended to be held back. but it was not told they cooperate go ahead to the program and poured the money that came from the relief of sanctions in the ballistic missile. and they mutualed from working on one way of getting the weapon and to a different part of it. is that accurate. >> i believe so, yes. they used the money to make sure they are in yemen and iraq and syria and all the way working on the program. and that is big problems down the line. it was a bad line from the get go. and bad deal for our country and wormed. and i don't support it.
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and think what the president is about to to is the right thing. >> melissa: we are looking at the white house. they are foc ughs on the doors. we are waiting for the president to emerge with the president of nigeria as well. >> the other thing look at north korea, i apologize. we are about to negotiate a peace deal on the korean peninsula and denuclearize the korean peninsula. we want to show when we have a deal to the international community it is it a strong one. there are verified steps to insure they don't have a program. when you look at the iran deal it doesn't have that and certainly doesn't from the future. i think that the move the president is probably about to make has implications in the deal with north korea.
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>> melissa: thank you so much. we'll bring in our power panel right now. jeanie is here. and katie pavlich editor of town katie, i will start with you, how compelling did you find the presentation from prime minister netanyahu. >> he said the documents were backed up by the united states. and the president talked about the relationship with netanyahu and we have a strong alliance. and i see the president coming now. back to you melissa. >> melissa: we'll have our panel stand biechlt the two leaders will talk about their relationship andment potential between the two countries. >> today, i'm honored to host the president of nigeria at the white house in the beautiful rose garden. i want to thank you very much for travelling to washington for the important discussions and
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a true pleasure to welcome you to the nation's capital. nigeria is it the largest democracy in afray can. and as i convey to the president the united states deeply appreciates nigeria's role as a strong democratic leader in the region. the united states is working to expand commercial and trade with african nations including nigeria to create wealth in all of our countries. we hope to be the economic partner across the continent and world and you can see what is happening with respect to trade and the united states. we are being respected again i hope all african countries we will be supporting you and they will likewise support us in our bid along with canada and mexico
10:41 am
for the 2016 world cup. we'll be watching very closely and any help they can give us in that bid we appreciate. i am pleased that nigeria is one much our largest trading partners in that region and look forward to growing our trade based on fairness and resi prosity. but we give nigeria over 1 billion in aid every year and we have already started talking with the president about taking down the trade barriers. very substantial barriers to the united states trading with nigeria. so we think that we are owed that. the president has taken several states to fight corruption and improve the nigeria business climate and most of all to me again, ripping down the trade barrier and these measures will
10:42 am
make it easier for nigeria and the united states companies to invest and we'll invest substantially in nigeria if they can create that level. and i thank him for his fight in terrorism. heap's been a leader. nigeria was one of the first avprican nations to join the coalition to defeat isis, and nigerian forces are leading regional efrpts in west africa. and doing well as we have. and nigeria is landlording african nations in the fight against boko haram another ruthless jihaddist terrorist group. we have been reading about them. they kidnapped the young girls and young women, many of whom
10:43 am
are never seen again. it is tough stuff. this sum i, it was my honor to meet with two brave young women. joy and liddia, who were kidnapped by boko haram in april of 2014 at the secondary school in nigeria. i was deeply moved by their inspiring stories of courage and resilience and survival. they were really were two amazing young women. i told joy and lydia my administration is committed to combating terrorism and human trafficking and smuggling. in the world today there is more human trafficking than ever has been. they use the internet better than almost anybody is able to use the internet. think of it in a modern world, this world. there is more human trafficking and slavery than at any time in
10:44 am
the history of this world. it is it hard to believe. to protect americans from these menaces, i called on concerning to close deadly immigration loop holes that are exploited by terrorist and traffickers and criminals. and look at our southern borders. they are obsolete and they are weak and they are pathetic and there is no country in the world that has laws like we do. they have to change and they have to change now for the safety of our country. we are also helping our nigerian partners by facilitating intelligence and cooperation and providing training and military equipment to nigerian forces. for example, we sold nigeria 12, us 829 super aircraft. it is great aircraft in the first ever sale of american
10:45 am
military equipment to nigeria. that will improve nigeria's ability to target terrorist and protect civilians. we are deeply concerned by religious violence in nigeria including the burning of churches and killing and persecution of christians. it is it a horrible story. we encourage nigeria and the federal state and local leaders to do everything in their power to immediately secure the affected communities and protect innocent civilians of all faiths including muslim and including christians. mr. president, thank you again for visiting the white house and being with us today. nigeria is a value would partner and a good friend. i look forward to working closely and deepening our cooperation and forging a deeper partnership. the united states is committed to working alongside nigeria as
10:46 am
we seek a future of strength, prosp prosperity. and peace for both of our countries, mr. president, thank you. [applause] >> mr. president of the united states of america, ladies and gentlemen of the media, it has been a pleasure and honor to visit washington d.c. at the kind invitation of president donald trump. nigeria and the united states share a long history of close and cordial relation and political, economic and military and social cooperation. our two countries maintain a cooperation of peace and security. and a global fight against
10:47 am
terrorism. we also share common and the federal states and similar model of governors and committed to international values of fundamental human rights and the freedoms. free enterprise and social justice and the rule of law. president trump and his team and myself and the nigerian team discussed issues related to security and trade and governments and human right and crisis. we congratulate the leaders of the north and south korea on that historic and applaud them for the full commitment they have made toward denuclearization of the korean
10:48 am
peninsula. president trump deserves a great deal of credit for his interest in the course of the events in that region. we also congratulated the united states government on the important role it played in the defeat of isis, although some of the remnants have found their way to the region. we have a fight against terrorism and appreciate very much the united states agreement to sell 12 of the war planes and weapons to nigeria to effectively fight terrorism. to continue in nigeria, the federal government has adopted a multisectarian approach
10:49 am
involving related government agencies to address issues. the armed forces of nigeria to provide security and maintain law and order. as such of the efforts to address the cases in the country, the nigerian military adopted counter terrorism approach code name operation safe corridor deradicalize and rehabilitate and reintegrate boko haram members in the society. this program, is current leap embarking on a number of products including centers and integrated farms comprised with
10:50 am
greenhouse and among others. and a number much international partners include organization for migration have contributed to the operation safety corridor. and we indicated we appreciate the support we can get in the united states. we express gratitude to the united states support in the reconstruction and reha pillitative efforts in northeast nigeria and humanitarian assistance to the displaced through agencies such as united states agency for international and other partners. the united states of america, has been to date the biggest contributor to the humanitarian and last year i gave appropriately half billion
10:51 am
dollars in cash and in kind contribution through the united nation and other other organizations. these are supported for protection activities. and health and food assistance and shelter. we are doing all we can to secure. in this contest, we will work with intelligence gathering and hostile negotiations and information sharing. and the the government is taking the necessary steps to promote a peaceful co- existence and enforce the legalization to guarantee borders. i extend congratulation to
10:52 am
president trump and his government on the performance of the united states economy under his watch. and our aim is to diversify our own economy by focusing on agriculture and food security. and power and infrastukture. we have importation rice 90 percent. and there by saving a significant amount of money. we are very much welcome increased united states investment in the nigeria economy especially the nonoil sector. the they have by nation and commission. trade and investment and framework agreement and agriculture growth and opportunity and the commission in particular comprising by later political economy. and governmental and
10:53 am
humanitarian partnership is a framework for engagement between our two countries. nigeria's trade with the united states is stood at 6.7 billion usd according to the 2016 statistics and comprised billion of united states dollars export to the united states. and 1.6 billion exports to nigeria. we'll have an effort to increase this substantially. we thank the united states government very much for cooperation we have riched in our efforts to recover and fund. our two governments put machinery in place for the respective area to collaborate
10:54 am
and ensure nigeria and 500 million usd and funds siphoned in banks around the world. we congratulate the united states government on launching a recovery which was spearheaded by the united states department for the fut and you are money laundering. and we hope we can continue to count on the united states support in this area. and the government of nigeria remains deeply committed to the principles of human rights as well as the motion and protection of people's freedom even in the forces of fighting terror. we commit to insure that all documented cases was human right abuses are investigated and those responsible for violation
10:55 am
are held responsible. i thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. steech miller of the washington times, washington times. thank you, steve. >> mr. president, thank you. two- partner on immigration. last week in the supreme court case of the travel ban, the lawyers for the opponents said that if you would simply apologize for some of your rhetoric during the campaign the whole case would go away. >> i don't think it would number one. and there's no reason to apologize. our immigration laws in this country are a total disaster and laughed at all over the world. they are laughed at for their stupidity. and we have to have strong immigration laws. and so if i apologize it would not make $0.10 difference.
10:56 am
there is nothing to apologize for. we have to have strong immigration laws to protect our country. >> and looking at the caravan. >> we have been watching it. >> in your opinion and estimation what percentage of those people are deserving of asylum in the u.s. >> i will moment get in to percentages. we have border and ares a nation of laws. we don't have borders and we don't have a country. i look at mexican laws that are tough on immigration. and it started out with way over a thousand people. it is it down to about a hundred going all through mexico. people don't realize what a big country mexico is. it came down a lot and working on the border with the worst laws. any country all over the world they can't believe it and we are doing the best we can with it.
10:57 am
we have to have changes in congress and have it quickly. we on need a wall. where they are. even thoep it is not a good wall, even thoep a small percentage and climb to the top. they have to be in good shape. a small percentage can climb that wall. if you didn't have that. you would have thousands of people pouring in our country. you have to have a wall and we need border security and we will have border security. we are sending many, many national guardsmen down to the border, most of them are already there and that is it having a big impact. but we need a change in the law. catch and release is ridiculous. if they touch our property or our country, essentially you catch them and release them in our country. that's not acceptable to anybody. and so we need a change in the
10:58 am
law. >> mr. president, when you were sitting down in the oval office with president trump who ran on not wanting to be the policemen for the world. what kind much arguments did you make that continued military presence of the u.s. in your country and what arguments did you make? >> i don't know what you mean by united states presence in my country. they sent a training team and they train our training institutions and move to the area to see how we are performing. this is one of the best things the united states can do for us to stableizes the country. >> you agree with that? >> i do very much and i thank him for it. >> that is a fair question. we are not wanting to be the policemen of the world.
10:59 am
and we are spending tremendous amount of money for decades on policing. and we want to rebuild our country and the president understands that and they have come a long way and doing a great job. we contribute to that job. but what we want to do is open nigeria and other countries up to trade. because we have spent over the last decade a number that is so large you wouldn't believe it. and i think we'll be treated in a reciprocal fashion as of dead and i have great respect for the president. where is jordan fabbian. the hill in >> thank >> i want to ask you about iran. the israeli prime minister just gave a speech very critical
11:00 am
about their nuclear program. have you made your mind to pull out of that deal? if you do pull out of that deal, are you worried that sends the wrong message to north korea as you seek to enter nuclear talks with kim jong-un? >> it sends the right message. in seven years that deal will have expired and iran is free to go ahead and create nuclear weapons. that's not acceptable. so if anything, it's proven right, what israel has done today with the news conference. and prime minister netanyahu just gave a very -- everybody's seen it. i got to see a little bit of it. that is just not an acceptable situation. i have been saying that's happening. they're not sitting back idly. they're setting off missiles which they say are for television purposes. i don't think so. so we'll see what happens. i'm not telling you what i'm doing. lot of people think they know. and on or before the 12th we'll make a decision.


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