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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 30, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> shepard: its noon on the west coast. 3:00 in d.c. on a day of dramatic developments. president trump answering questions at a joint news conference. comes after the israeli prime minister said that they have proof that iran lied about their nuclear deal. >> now president trump has to decide whether to make a move that could tank the entire deal. plus, we're monitoring developments from north and south korea. the leaders ending some psychological warfare and talking about long-term peace. but can we trust kim jong-un to keep his word?
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let's get to it. good monday afternoon from the fox news deck. benjamin netanyahu says the iranian government is lying about their nuclear weapons program and claims he has the evidence to prove it. president trump has to decide by may 12 whether or not to pull out of the nuclear deal. president netanyahu making the news conference in tel aviv today. >> from the outside, this was an innocent-looking compound. looks like a dilapidated warehouse. from the inside, it contained iran's secret atomic archives locked in massive files. they're bigger than this. okay? a few weeks ago in a great intelligence achievement, israel obtained half a ton of the materials inside these vaults. >> shepard: and has shared it with the united states.
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iran has repeatedly denied it was developing a nuclear weapons program. it has allowed international inspectors to verify as required by the deal and those inspectors insist iran is complying with the agreement. and now iran's leaders are firing back at the israeli report. the iranian foreign minister just took to twitter to accuse the prime minister netanyahu of fooling people. president trump has said repeatedly the united states should have never signed the agreement, calling it a terrible deal. if 2015 deal that the united states and five other countries signed on to gave iran relief from crippling economic sanctions. in exchange, the government in tehran would curb its nuclear program and it has, according to the inspectors. tensions between iran and israel have escalated recently over the crisis in syria. the iranian government backed
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bashar al-assad. we have team fox coverage, conor powell in jerusalem with more on prime minister netanyahu's speech. first of all, john roberts live on the north lawn. john? >> good afternoon to you. the president didn't go into detail about the evidence that benjamin netanyahu showed to the world today. the u.s. concurs that iran had a clandestined nuclear program. the president has said for months if not years that he believes that iran has cheated on the nuclear deal. now as you pointed out, the president has the decision by may 12. the president has to decide whether he's going to sign another round of wavers of sanctions against iran or if he's going to pull out of the
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deal. not tipping his hand one way or the other this afternoon. here's what the president said about it. >> if anything, it's proven right what israel has done today with the news conference. prime minister netanyahu just gave a very -- i don't know if everybody has seen it, but i saw a little bit of it. that is just not an acceptable situation. i've been saying this is happening. three not sitting back idly. they're setting off missiles which they say are for television purposes. i don't think so. we'll see what happens. i'm not telling you what i'm doing. a lot of people think they know. >> the president has said that he still is open to making a new deal with iran despite the fact that benjamin netanyahu laid out this evidence against them. saying they do have a nuclear weapons program and iran has always said they don't. when the president met with french president macron, macron said okay, let's leave the jcnoa
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and craft a second deal to address the other problems with iran, the long-term nuclear problem, which is what benjamin netanyahu laid out and the missile program. the german chancellor angela merkel said that she would be open to that as well. what you can say that the president might pull out of the deal on the 12th, there's equal evidence that he may stay in the deal as long as america's ally as agree to come to table to pressure iran to accept the second deal. >> we'll have more on iran in minutes. but first the president talked about north korea. he is suggesting holding his summit with kim jong-un at the heavily guarded border with north and south korean. the president has said it could happen in the coming weeks.
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north and south korea just wrapped another historic meeting last week. kim jong-un became the first north korean lead tore step over the border since the korean war. south korean officials say kim offered to give up his nuclear program if the u.s. promises not to attack the north. north korean state media reports that the regime will also shift its time zone to align with south korea's time zone. back to john roberts at the white house. it's one thing to talk about this stuff, it's another to denuclearize. >> it is. but you start with changing your time zone and maybe the nuclear deal is the next thing on the table. what is really interesting about what the president tweeted about today and talked about in this news conference this afternoon in the rose garden, i have been told by many people in the administration that soul was off the table, pyongyang was off the
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table. president trump saw the pictures of kim jong-un walking across the border to mean with president moon and said i really like that image. i was going to try to ask the president this afternoon, would you in your meeting with kim jong-un standing there at the borderline president moon did watching him cross a walk and go into the peace house? the president likes the image of being right there on the border between north and south korea rather than being in some third country like singapore, sweden or switzerland. listen to the president. >> we're looking at countries like singapore and the dmz, the peace house. some people maybe don't like the look of that and some people like it very much. i threw it out as an idea.
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i also told president moon and through president moon we connected with north korea. there's something that i like about it because you're there. you're actually there. where if things work out, there's a great celebration to be had on the site. >> shep, you know how much of a betting man i am? i'm free-wheeling. i'll put a dollar down on about anything. i'll put a dollar down that the president gets his wish and we'll be heading to seoul. >> shepard: a fascinating thing the watch. good luck, john. >> thank you. >> shepard: more as promised on the iran deal. benjamin netanyahu says he has documents that he says prove that iran was lying about their nuclear program. the leaders in france and great
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britain want the deal to stand what are the consequence of backing out of the iran nuclear deal? conor powell live in jerusalem. what else are we learning about the files, conor? >> it's no secret that benjamin netanyahu is a staunch backer of the iran deal being scrapped. he says these documents date from the 1990s and early 2000s. at a time when iran was denying their nuclear ambitions and their nuclear program. a lot of this information was made public in the 2011 national intelligencest mitt which cataloged also iran's nuclear program. netanyahu is making the argument
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tonight this is proof that iran had lied about their program in the past and can't be trusted going forward and rendering the current agreement null and void. netanyahu did not actually say that iran has reconstituted their nuclear program. this is important because just a few days ago on capitol hill, secretary of defense mattis said that iran is still in compliance with the agreement, this is where the sort of rub comes in this entire disagreement about the agreement going forward. mattis and others say iran is complying. netanyahu and those that are critics like president trump said that iran can't be trusted. they've lied in the past and lie in the future. >> shepard: and the israelis aren't a part of the deal. this comes as the tensions are getting high. israel, syria, iran and really a difficult mix at the moment. >> yeah, this is important because while there's this huge
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international debate about the iranian agreement, on the ground there's escalating tensions with the israelis and iranians. iran last been a huge supporter of syria. the israelis in the past have launched air strikes about the transfer of weapons to militant groups. in the last couple weeks, including last night, two days ago, the israelis have launched air strikes targeting iranian foot held and presence in syria. this is significant. this is a conventional war that we could be seeing brewing before our eyes. the iranians have threatened the israelis. the israelis have said they won't tolerate an iranian presence on the border. we may get to a real hot war on the ground in syria between israel and iran before we have a
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decision around whether or not the u.s. will pull out of this nuclear agreement, this is what we're watching right now. >> shepard: conor powell live tonight in the jerusalem newsroom. ahead, israel says they have the evidence. how much of this new information? how much of this did we not already know? what about the consequences of backing out of this international deal? what then? we'll ask a former senior director of the national security council about that coming up from the fox news deck on this monday afternoon. you ok there, kurt? we're about to move. karate helps... relieve some of the house-buying... stress. at least you don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance? been doing it for years. i'm calling geico right now. good idea! get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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>> continuing coverage of our top story. at prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that he has piles of proof that iran has continued their nuclear program. they say they haven't. michael is here with us today. he served at the u.s. embassy in tel aviv and now he's at the washington institute. hi, michael. >> good to see you, shep. >> shepard: how much of this is new, first? >> it's not clear how much of it might be new. he said there's 100,000 documents. obviously some time would be required if it's not already done behind closed doors to sift through that to see what we already didn't know. a lot of it looks familiar. the idea that iran was not exactly forthcoming about their nuclear weapons program in the
12:16 pm
past is not new to u.s. policy makers. >> shepard: and yet the united states people say that the international inspectors are getting their job done and iran is complying with the deal. what would the consequences be of backing out of that? >> just one quick point on the first part. the problem identified by the trump administration is not iran's compliance with the deal, but it's the deal itself. it's not strong enough. iran wasn't required to really come clean on this past nuclear weapons working to admit it. that's stopped inspectors from establishing a baseline for their inspection activities. if the u.s. pulls out, in a sense we're starting from scratch. we'll try to revive that economic pressure through sanctions which existed before the deal. private sector firms will have no choice to comply if it's i ran and the united states markets but we'll be doing it without the cooperation of our partners that will be upset
12:17 pm
about it. >> shepard: those partners including united kingdom and germany who were just -- and france who were just here. they seem intent okay, we can work on other things. we have to make this deal stick. >> that's right. the basic bargain in the trump administration has been driving at, we'll stick with the deal, we'll stay in the jcpoa if you guys work with us to number 1 correct its flaws and that's flaws like some of those we're talking about today and address iran's activities more broadly in the middle east. that's a pretty good bargain if we can get it. if we can't get it, it raises other questions. withdrawing and throwing all that work out doesn't seem very wise. >> the demonstration that prime minister netanyahu reminded me from the u.n. a couple years ago. if true, if whoever was got the
12:18 pm
documents and they are what the prime minister says what they are, are you impressed by that? >> well, certainly. just the intelligence feat itself is very impressive, this is a real coup. the israelis deserve a lot of commendation for that. whether or not there's anybody in this trove, which is substantially new and more importantly whether it shows any of this work is i don't know going, which would be the smoking gun is really the key question. we have to dig into that and probably follow up with international inspections as well. >> shepard: how concerned are you with tensions as relates to syria, iran and israel? conor powell is a long-time worked there, sounded from his tone like we're getting close. >> i can tell you from what i understand, the israelis are worried about it and we should all be worried about it. the iranians have been trying hard to beef up their military
12:19 pm
presence. the israelis said that's not tolerable especially because the one day that iran could have nuclear weapons and then you have a similar situation with north and south korea. >> shepard: thanks, michael. >> thank you, shep. >> shepard: just got another tweet from jevad, the foreign minister in iran. he said president trump is jumping on a rehash of old allegations dealt with by the international a comic energy agency to nix the deal. how convenient, he writes. he said coordinated timing of alleged intelligence revelations by the boy who cries wolf just days before may 12. but trump's impetuousness toe celebrate blew the cover. you heard the positive talk out
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of north korea. we'll talk to an analyst that wrote the book on north korea. he said president trump may still be in a good bargaining position even if kim jong-un doesn't mean a word he says. an explanation next. give us the work no one else wants to do. we don't just go against the grain. we grow it. give us the frontiers. the places where success is measured in pushed limits. give us the middle of nowhere. where the only map is your buddies' tread marks. this life? no one's born ready for it. ( ♪ ) get your groove on with one a day 50+. no one's born ready for it. ♪ get ready for the wild life ♪
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12:24 pm
>> shepard: kim jong-un must take irreversible steps to get rid of his countries nukes and words and promises are not enough. gordon chang is here, author of "nuclear show down." things are moving along. >> they are. >> shepard: and now the president talking of possibly having this meeting at the peace house at the dmz. >> i think that's a good place. kim will want to go there. he doesn't want to leave north korea for too long. if he does, something could happen and he might not get back. president trump likes the optics. it's south korea territory. it's not neutral. that is good for us. >> shepard: is there a down side holding this there? >> not really. if it was in beijing it would bring the chinese in. and with the six-party talks
12:25 pm
helped north korea more than us. it's a good idea that we hold it away from beijing. >> the president talked about how there could be a celebration there. is it your view this will be the beginning of a negotiation or the end of a long event? >> it's going to be the beginning of months and maybe years of talks. largely because most presidents would do it the other way around. have years of discussions with the north koreans, have a summit and sign a deal. you can't get through details necessary. secretary pompeo said there's a lot of sequencing discussions that have to be held. who does what went no and verification, inspection. making sure the north koreans are doing what they want to do. people are going in, like you said, months or years. you wonder if there's patience
12:26 pm
for that. >> there's got to be. president trump has created markers that he's not going to make mistakes in the past. the biggest mistake is not not verifications on the promises and like in this 1994 frame work and in 2005. there was no verification. this has to take a long time. the in order koreans are not going to say on the first day, yeah, you is have any time, anyplace inspections. >> there's times that things have been accomplished. if you look closely, it's just talk. what has kim jong-un given up. sounds like his testing facility collapse under the weight of another test. aside from that, he's had photo ops have been good for him. >> he's made concessions which are all reversible. we haven't seen this before. in the course of those discussions in the six-party tax, the north koreans gave us stuff but that was after the
12:27 pm
talks began. what we're seeing now, kim saying some things before he even meets trump. he said -- and this was stunning -- friday to president moon, i'm willing to give up all my nuclear weapons for two things. the pledge for the united states not to attack and to end the korean war. that's his opening position. this is what kim's view is before going in. so this really is startling right now. >> shepard: and if he has a bridge to sell, that would be something, too. doesn't mean we would get it. >> and kim isn't telling us the truth what his plans are. this is an issue what president trump will do to utilize person power to force the north korean to do what he doesn't want to do it's an american question. not what north korea wants to do. >> shepard: thanks, gordon.
12:28 pm
>> thanks, shep. >> shepard: an update on the health of former president george h.w. bush. he's staying in the hospital for now. his spokesman tweeting today george h.w. bush will remain in methodist hospital to continue regaining strength. 41 is in great spirits and looking forward to going home soon. the 93-year-old checked in last sunday, a day after the funeral for his wife, barbara bush. his spokesman said he had an infection and spread to his blood. neil bush said his father is continuing to get better. >> he has a strong design to live. life goes on. it does. we're excited as a family. i know many of his friends are excited that he's going to maine and live and full life as long as he can. >> shepard: when he says main, that's the bush family he in
12:29 pm
kennebunkport. he hopes to travel there next summer in maine. ahead, we'll go live to west virginia to check out a key senate race that could help decide the balance of power in washington. and a look at the republican strategy for the mid-term elections. the detail to spend tens of millions to head off democrats in november. the dollar amounts and the strategy. mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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12:32 pm
in arizona, teachers are protesting at the state capitol asking lawmakers for more education finding. and in toronto today, thousands of people gathering for a vigil to remember the victims of last week's deadly van attack. justin trudeau was there. he will set up a makeshift memorial where ten people died. news continues with shepard smith after this. ry way. so they're starting this year's garden with miracle-gro potting mix and plant food. together, they produce three times the harvest to enjoy... and of course, to share. this soil is fresh from the forest and patiently aged to guarantee more of what matters... every time. three times the harvest. one powerful guarantee. miracle-gro.
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12:35 pm
channel as they try to flip a senate seat in west virginia. president trump won the state by more than 40 points. joe manchin is running for his second full time. he's a very conservative democrat. he opposed some of president's obama's energy policy and supported gun rights. half a dozen candidates are looking to challenge joe manchin. evan jenkins and the state attorney general there, patrick moresy are neck and neck. they say the former coal ceo, don blankenship was up there with him but now solidly in third place. other democrats are gaining ground. if they can hold on to west virginia that i have a slim
12:36 pm
chance of taking back the majority in the senate. peter doocy has more. >> this republican primary is about trying to appear the closest to president trump that you can. the latest effort by one of the candidates to come across as the most authentic trump supporter comes with this ad from the congressman evan jenkins campaign. >> pat morisy denied our choice for president. he refused to support trump over hillary. >>s that an official campaign ad that has a phony photo. now the morrisey campaign is calling out jenkins by publishing the original and tweeting this comment. he said my picture was photo shopped with hillary and substituted it with hillary who i have always supposed. will the media calling out jenkins for his lying? where is the accountability?
12:37 pm
on debate stages so far the last few weeks, morrisey and jenkins have been bashing each other while don blankenship takes it in. he's trying to cash in on the notoriety that came from the high profile case aiming the charges were engineered by the obama administration. he said his base is greater than the candidates. thousands of west virginiians have work for don and understand what he's done for the conservative cause in our state. and blankenship has been spending millions to promote his own candidacy as a republican leadership group, super pact, has spent $1.3 million on ads against the republican
12:38 pm
blankenship. they didn't think he stands a chance against manchin in the fall. they're happier with the prospects that morrisey or jenkins brings. >> shepard: you can see that debate here tomorrow on fox news channel at 6:30. that will be into the middle of martha maccallum's program. that's "the american elections headquarters" tomorrow 6:30 to 7:30 eastern time. and the new world from the reporting of axios that the national republican congressional committee is targeting these 13 markets with cash. analysts say it's a massive amount of money throw down on ads this far ahead of the november elections. it comes a couple weeks after a republican super pact announced they were spending $48 million on ads. i guess they gave you guys this
12:39 pm
dollar figure? >> they did. we have that exclusive. my colleague reported that this morning. analysts are saying it's a significant amount of money for an outside group to throw in this early. it comes after a $48 million investment in ads across the country in more than 30 different districts what we can catch is the districts they're investing in to see which they're more worried about and which are the most competitive. >> shepard: so i understand, will the ads run in the next couple weeks or is this advanced planning prior to the mid-terms? >> we can expect these ads to run in the next coming weeks. it shows how early or how important the early ground game is for republicans and democrats alike. we've seen democrats spending a ton of money. the dccc raised $105 in 2017 to help in this cycle of elections.
12:40 pm
we can see that the nrcc is trying to counter that. >> shepard: do we know the message will be or will it be tailored to specific cities? >> that's the interesting thing to watch for and you were discussing with peter about the senate race in west virginia. we can expect them to focus messaging on the economy and tax reform and healthcare and not only rely on president trump. >> shepard: in west virginia -- granted, the president trump won that state by 40 points. that's president trump territory. but sounded from hearing the ad snippet -- i heard hillary clinton's name a lot. she's not running for anything but apparently they believe that still works. the nrcc and other republican groups use nancy pelosi as the bogey woman when they target
12:41 pm
democrats in these races. they've done that for decades. >> this those more competitive races, you mentioned the economy and other matters what you're trying to do now is counter democrats that are surging. that's is what the republicans are trying to beat back. get your base out to match theirs. >> that's what we were thinking about with the trump factor. he loves to host rally. he can gather a crowd like few others can. we haven't seen the transferrable trump voter, a voter that loves trump and might not vote for the republicans. we saw that in 18 with rick saccone. that's what republicans are trying to do. it remains to be seen if it will work. >> shepard: what is your overall in the main on many republican primary in west virginia? will whoever wins this primarily
12:42 pm
easily win in the general or not so much? >> i don't know it will be an easy win for them. senator joe manchin is in a vulnerable position. there's a half a dozen running against him. they're also different. don blankenship is one example that i've heard that republicans don't want to advance to the general that comes with a whole controversy of scandals. depending on the candidate, might not be easy. don blankenship is one example of that. >> shepard: the other sides are working hard to keep him off. and thanks. good to see you. strong signals of growth in america and the markets are moving. but china still playing hardball with a record that beijing won't talk about president trump's toughest trade demand. what the president wants the most from china, china won't even have the conversation. we'll explain what that means for your money coming up.
12:43 pm
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>> shepard: the president se sending some of his economic advisers to beijing this week. china reportedly refused to discuss some of the president's top demands. china's economy is now strange enough to stand up to the united states. the treasury secretary, steve mnuchin, told the fox business
12:47 pm
network's maria bartiromo that he's cautiously optimistic about the meetings. >> i don't want to predict what will happen or what will not happen. we're going over to have frank discussion. >> shepard: the president has threatened tariffs of to $150 billion of chinese imports. beijing has promised to retaliate. deidra bolton is here. what's new? >> feel like we should have hats and guns. high noon for the two biggest economies. the trump administration has two things that they really want to accomplish. so the first is a mandatory $100 billion cut, just narrowing the trade gap. china says hey, way want to do it but we want to do it our way. which means we want to buy american goods but the goods that china wants to buy are oil, natural gas, coal and our energy
12:48 pm
infrastructure. that makes the u.s. nervous. we're concerned that there could be a military play, that will somehow weaken us in some way. it's clever of the chinese. they're saying we want to do what you want but we don't like the methodology. that is sticking point number 1. sticking point number 2 is that we want the chinese to pledge less than spending $300 billion on their own business infrastructure. you may wonder why we feel like we can dictate that. many trade strategists saying they're ripping up with intellectual property. you say okay, i'll set up there and use a local tech firm. >> shepard: explain the bigger picture for the u.s. dollar and for consumers. >> the u.s. dollar, which is rising, is more in reaction to
12:49 pm
what the fed may do. when the u.s. dollar that goes higher, if you want to take a vacation in europe or this supper, it looks good. we focus on what is important. >> shepard: thank you so much. consumer advocacy groups warning the deal for t-mobile and sprint could mean higher cell phone bills. common cause reports that this particular bid would create less competition. t-mobile and sprint are the third and fourth larger companies in america. combining them would make about the same size of verizon and at&t. we're hearing from a juror that convicted bill cosby of sexual assault. he said one piece of evidence made he know for sure that he was guilty. maybe all the other women that testified? that was not it. the details next.
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12:53 pm
>> shepard: just got new word from the supreme court, our shannon bream is reported that justi justice sotomayor will undergo shoulder surgery tomorrow morning. tests show that it's rough. she will take a couple weeks off from her duties and will wear a sling for a few weeks after that. justice sotomayor with a surgery tomorrow, expecting to be recuperating a couple weeks. a juror in bill cosby's sexual assault trial says he has no
12:54 pm
doubt at all because of something that cosby said years ago. >> it was his deposition, really. mr. cosby admitted to giving these quaaludes to young women in order to have sex with them. >> so you found it to be his words that were the most damming of all? >> yes. >> did you believe her? >> yes. >> shepard: the deposition is from a lawsuit in the civil trial. andrea constand said that she was drugged when cosby worked at temple. cosby said it was consensual. the jury found him guilty on all three counts. he faces up to 30 years in prison so he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. his attorney said they plan to appeal but this word of the specifics of how the jury acted that could make the appeal more difficult. president trump and the french
12:55 pm
president, emanuel macron planned a tree but all of a sudden it was gone and twitter melted down. folks wonder what happened to it. here you can see the two leaders with the golden shovels piling dirt on the sapling. this originally sprouted at a world war ii site in france. but these images popped up. you can see the patch of grass there. the sapling is in quarantine like other plants and animals brought into the united states. that's the mystery. officials in saudi arabia say they're sorry after pictures of women in skimpily outfits.
12:56 pm
women are not allowed the wrestle like you'd see in the united states. so saudi government officials were upset when a promotional ad featuring lady wrestlers filled a monitor in that stadium causing men to cheer. in a statement they call the women indecent and promise to continue efforts of society getting harmed. saudi arabia. we'll be right back. top of the hour headlines minutes away. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? i'm a fighter. always have been.
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>> shepard: on this day in 1952, mr. potato head became the first toy to get a tv commercial. the kid included a styrofoam head and different features kids could attach. they could also put the parts on a potato. analysts say directly targeting kids was in the commercial was a
1:00 pm
radical idea at the time. it worked apparently. mr. potato head brought in $4 million in sales after a toy company started a new tv trend. time for cavuto. >> these files conclusively prove that iran is brazenly lying when they never said they had a nuclear program. >> neil: israel says iran is lying about their nuclear program, offering 183 cds calling these archives as proof that iran has been lying since the beginning. iran quibbled with that. what iran's nuke deal is looking at an assessment.


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