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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 30, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> set your dvr. and special report up next. hey, bret, how are you doing. >> bret: i didn't buy into that when you told me what you are doing. fair and bankruptcied. >> and squeeze if it. >> look at the ears, so cute. >> bret: welcome to washington, i am bret baier. the countdown is on. in just 12 days, president trump will have to decide whether to reup the iranian nuclear deal. last week he was pressed by two allies to stay in the deal. today, a shot in the arm as the israel's prime minister laid out evidence of what he said is iran putting one over on the world with their nuclear ambition. >> reporter: israeli prime minister netanyahu may have had a audience of one when he made his argument tonight that the
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iran nuclear deal should be scrapped. it is part of his effort to have president trump to withdraw from the agreement. netanyahu said, that iran lied big time and laid out his case with 55000 pages of documents and based on extraordinary intelligence achievementes. they say that iran can't be trusted because in the 1990s and two thousands iran lied about the nuclear program. and it is a estimate that iran is cataloging the past nuclear program. >> even after the deal, iran continued to preserve and expand the nuclear weapons for future use. why would a terrorist regime hide and meticulously cat log
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its secret nuclear files if not to use them at a later date. >> reporter: while netanyahu implied it. he did not lay out a case of iran starting the nuclear program. the secretary praised the overall deal. >> it is written with the assumption that iran would try to cheat. so the verification much what is in there is pretty robust. >> reporter: iran's foreign minister mocked netanyahu for the speech writing on twitter. the boy who can't stop crying wolf is at it again. undeterred by the cartoon fiasco. you can only fool some of the people some of the times.
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>> the debate over the nuclear agreement comes as tensions are heating up between syria and israel and iran. israeli jets struck at iranian targets inside of syria. >> bret: thank you. president trump appears to have a banner day after one of the closest allies laid out evidence and what the president has been says about the nuclear deal. and another leader said president trump should get the nobel peace prize for the developments in north and south korea. >> reporter: president trump insisted that iran is not in compliance with the jcba. and that is why despite loud criticism he decertified it and
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despite the u.n. and james mattis certified that iran is in compliance. speak nothing the rose garden with the president of nigeria president trump said the evidence revealed by israel. i told you so. it is not acceptable. they are not sitting back idly. and they set off missiles for television purposes. i don't knowing so. >> reporter: president trump faces a may 12th waiver. >> i am not telling you what i am doing. people think they know. we'll make a decision. >> reporter: president trump indicated he may be open to leaving the nuclear deal in place if the u.s. and allies can address iran's long- term ballistic program and destabilizing behavior. >> we'll see what happens.
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and i think if anything what happen today and what we have learned has really shown that i was 100 percent right. >> reporter: on north korea. tweeting that his pending summit with kim jong-un should take place in the dmz at the same location that the kim and the south korea president met. >> it is an interesting thought. some people don't like the look. and i threw it out as an idea. >> reporter: his advisors ruled it out on the korean president. but he loved the image of kim jong-un to walk across the board to the south korea president. and thinks it would be a more powerful statement than meeting in the third country. >> i like it because you are there. and if things work out there is
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a great celebration to be had on the site and not the third party country. and more confidence building steps. and that is on may fifth. and peyongchang was 30 minutes earlier. a small gesture and are one south corp core attaches significance. >> such measures carry out his will and will take place in a face place. >> south korea will dismantle the loud speaker system that has braufd casted over north korea. the south korean president credited with bringing kim jong-un and said he believes that president trump deserves to be recognized with the nobel
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peace prize. >> bret: there was a report today. >> reporter: there was meetings where john kelly referred to president trump as an idiot and cast himself as accident the savior between president trump and chaos. john kelly denied this and saying i spend more time with the president than anyone else and we have a candid and strong relationship and he knows where i stand and knows that the story is bs. i am committed to the president and another attempt to smear the people close to president trump. and i spoke this afternoon with an administration official who has been in all if not most of the meetings that were in question here where kelly was talking trash.
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and this official insichts he never heard kelly to utter the word idiot. john kelly, there are is factions with along knives out for him. >> and iran's cheating on the nuclear deal. and we turn to israel's ambassador to the united states. >> good to be with you. >> bret: when did israel obtain the information and ha long have you head it? >> not that long. i can't tell you exactly when we got it. it is very new. we didn't have it and other intelligence agencies didn't have it. it is a huge coup for israeli intelligence. and why did they not have it years ago when they signed the deal? >> if people had the information
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in 2015 this deal would not have happened. it shows that iran has a nuclear military program and falsified all of the reports to at this time iaea. what netanyahu did, not present only a smoking gun. he presented a smoking scomboem all of the world should take notice with it. we shared with the u.s. intelligence a number of weeks ago and sharing with the intelligence aenlss around the world. >> bret: there is an effort to corob rate it. i don't think anyone would deny it is authentic. >> bret: president trump is jumping on a rehash of old allegations and to 96 the deal. how convenient with the intelligence revelations by the
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boy who cries wolf. and that blew the cover. >> the prime minister exposed the fangs of the iranian wolf. if we do nothing they will not sneak in with the bomb but walk in. the greater danger of the nuclear deal. iran will not simply need to violate to get to a bomb, but get to a bomb by keeping the deal. and in a few years, they can enrich as much uranium as they want. and they are defining the missile and what he shows today. they had an advanced weapon's program. and we do nothing and pretend that everything is fine, iran will be a nuclear weapon state. this is the sponsor of terrorism in the world. it pays their way to an entire
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nuclear arsenal. >> bret: and supporters of the deal say israel is safer now because the deal is in place. is that true? >> it is totally not true. and the prime minister of israel and masoud doesn't believe it and senior and intelligence officials don't believe it. when this deal was done in addition to the problems on the nuclear side. it paved it and it freed iran from the sanctions and money poured in iranian coffers. you can see enriched iran in syria and yemen and they are aggressive and much more dangerous. >> bret: iran got the benefits on the front side and the tough stuff happens over time with the inspections. >> i am explain why that is wrong. >> what iran got $150 billion
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ethat was the signing bonus. the real money for iran they can now sell oil. and they are now systeming over one and half million barrels a day. the price of oil is $70 a barrel. that means 100 million a day. and 3 billion a year. and 35 billion a year, that's today. more investment pours in iran, they will get more oil. and if the price of oil you may see iran get billions and go to a trillion dollars. and one thing, i would like to tell you as all of this money is coming in to iran and they will establish it for a revolutionary guard, but what they are doing is fuelling the war machine.
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and president trump was right to call attention to it early on. >> bret: you think the president is getting out may 12th. >> it is up to him to make the decision and we hope that the rest of the world will join the president of the united states. >> bret: are we closer because of that to military action in iran. >> because of what? >> bret: puming out the deal. >> no, i think the president can cripple the economic sachlgzs on iran and they are facing huge internal challenges that it hasn't had in the past. people of iran hate the regime and they see it is spending money on adventurism throughout the middle east. we can unite the world from iran getting the nuclear bomb and
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roll back the aggressive in the. >> a migrant's march for assimum comes to a halt. what is stopping the car van in their attempt at froed room. >> reporter: 200 central americans a required in the u.s. border to find a closed door. >> it time a asylum claim it is. >> we know the in our countiry is not within reach. >> and u.s. officials said the port of entreap reached capacity and those need individuals may need to wait in mexico. >> and if they can send the national gaufrd and not officers
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this imgrapgz lawyers said theus as a duty to look >> we are a nation of law and we have to have borders. >> reporter: but in an interview with fox news today, vice-president mike pence signalled that migrants could be processed. >> we have limited capacity for asylum seekers. when the space opens up we'll see to process those who are seeking a asylum. >> reporter: it welcomes the publicity but not the scrutiny. and some members made it purpose and attacking trump as incense tich and indifferent.
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>> donald trump can't stop the car van. and if god brought us up here in spite of our suffering, then we always have faith. >> reporter: the port still lacks capacity, whether that is staff or beds. we have women and children sleeping on the, bret? >> bret: william, thank you. the man who heads up immigration and custom enforcement is it stepping down. the actingly director of ice, he plans to leave to focus on his family. they told dhs and selfless that
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is a warning based on databased from neilson who spoke to chief intelligence spokesman, catherine herridge. >> reporter: -- >> it is national security. >> reporter: nelson said the wall is a part of a counter terrorism strategy. >> we see 15 terrorist traveling to the united states each day and that means they are coming through our land, port and air. coming across the border. >> reporter: in new york city, neil sen spoke not far from the attack that kill would eight on the highway. we are just a few blocks from isis struck.
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>> they are just picking a weapon. just a dar or knife and go commit chaos and murder. >> reporter: neilson said the administration remains committed to knowing who is entering the u.s. and when the nation is at high risk. >> who is traveling here? and if they intend to do us harm. >> politics played with every issue. they say we are in pavor to the recent deployment of national guard troops. >> we have done it wo much suck sealed. >> nelson nushs back pa>>i worked in the cross roads of policy and operations and i
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bring all of that together. homeland security is a team sport and i played every role. every player and every team. >> reporter: almost every homeland security secretary makes the ilgrimmage to the base of the twin towers. >> it is it moving and reaffirmation of why we do this and the importance of the mission and recognizing the sacrifice of all first responders. >> reporter: at ground cathrein herridge. >> up next questions of the treatment of senator ronnie jackson. of it. ♪ ♪ i try so hard, ♪ i can't rise above it ♪ don't know what it is 'bout that little gal's lovin'. ♪ applebee's new bigger bolder grill combos. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> bret: president trump is calling for democratic senator john tester to resxien said the allegations against ronnie jackson is proven ron. >> tester started throwing out things he heard. i know things about tester that i could say, too. [applause] and if i said them, he'd never be elected again. >> bret: jackson dropped his name from va secretary after allegations of drunk drieching. and fox news learned that the allegations into jackson and assessing the steps in the case and also that the secret service looked into this and thorough review of documents and there is no evidence that jackson wrecked
3:24 pm
his car after drinking in the party and none of the reports of drunk driving or anything of the charges democrats levelled at jackson. what is going on here? >> it was also the case he was accused in the tester comments of drunkenly been rabanging on a woman's door that the point secret service had to get control. and the secret service has no record of a incident. what clearly happened here, tester got ahold of anonymous allegations against ronnie jackson and it is legitimate for a senator to look into them and he released them without verifying them. that is below the belt.
3:25 pm
there was plenty of reasons relating to ronnie jackson and lack of admen administrative experience. and perhaps he was not the best man for the job. and what tester did unverified allegations. and haven't we had enough of unverified allegations and their use? >> bret: is it effective? he's up for reelection in montana and a state where president trump won 80 percent of the counties and not a strong opposition candidate. and is it an effective tool of tester to squelch them? >> he did a sleazy thing and the republicans make a issue. the news cycle, bret, is so
3:26 pm
rapid. by the time the fall rolls around and campaign is on, i am not sure how many will remember ronnie jackson. they are huge and last 36 hour and then we are on to something else. it is possible they could make an issue of it. but it is not clear they will remember it in the fall. >> let me ask you about this. you listened to the embassy in israel and up on the iranian nuclear deal. combrurs thought on this. >> i think it is clear what benjamin netanyahu established today was. something that most of us expected. which is iran lied repeatedly and publicly at the highest levels about nuclear intentions. and that was the reason to try to make the deal.
3:27 pm
these revelations today do not establish as far as i can tell that iran has broken the deal. the criticism of the deal as the ambassador said, even if iran adheres to it, it is a bad deal and we ought to get out. but the counter argument is that iran can accelerate the situation. >> bret: stormy daniels, who said she had an affair with the president is suing for defamation. she cited a tweet in which the president made in which he dismissed the composeit of a man who threatened her to stay quiet. and up next. washington's biggest night. first beyond our borders and see the coalition in iraq and
3:28 pm
signifying anent to major combait they can call in command and formally handed over authority to task force and epiresolve. >> and a missile attack in syria, was error israeli officials had no comment on the strike and there is speck oolgz that iceeral was behind it. iranian officials are voying robber this months russian facials book the and russian gepper behind it is afrments and
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>> bret: tomorrow night, three top republican candidates face off in a primary debate in fox news chan nel a race that could tip the u.s. senate in the favor of the gochlt the balance of the power hangs in the balance. today, the candidates are fighting for west virginia votes and some cases questionable tactics. >> reporter: there are not many hillary clinton fans in coal county. and now jenkins is out accusing a primary opponent much being one of them. >> morsi refused to support trump over hillary. this is a fake picture. and now the attorney general
3:33 pm
said it is substituted with hillary and i have strongly opposed. and will the media called out jenkins. he head no regleths. >> patrick morsisey was a never trumper. >> reporter: the editors of the national review. and senator rand ball who join morrisey. and when they find out about president trump's defeat. and patrick's efforts to expand gun right and protection of unborn life they are eag tore support his candidate. and now they have spent
3:34 pm
1.3 million on ads against the republican john blankenship. >> i think it moves me up a bit. i don't think that mitch mcconnell realizes how antihelp him and the establishment west vinge virjians are. >> blankenship is trying to offset the seven figures that republicans are spending against him by spending seven manages just on the primary. and if he makes it out of the primary. the hardest part of meeting joe manchin would be having to spend time with him. >> peter, thank you. and top through candidates. and we'll bring it to you live at 6:30 p.m. eastern time and
3:35 pm
a special report at 6:00 and the story after the fwe debate with martha. all of the black-ties and beautiful gowns upstaged. the entertainer turned in a blistering performance that got a lot of attention and reaction. fox news media analyst and h howard kurtz. >> it was widely viewed atz a debacle. president trump said the dinner is dead. and many insist that the organization apologize with the targets at sarah sanders and mike pence. >> i like sarah and she burns fat and then uses that ash to create a perfect smokey eye. if a tree falls in the woods.
3:36 pm
how do we get kelly ann under the tree. she thinks that abortion is murder. first of all, don't knock it until you try it. and if you try it, really knock it. you got to get that baby out of there. and ranchy jokes about the president's sex life and tampon and f- bombs carried live on cable. bloomberg who headed the organization saying in a statement unfortunately wolf's monologue did not support the free press. it was a fiasco that was a political gift for president president. >> they don't have sources. the sources don't exist in many cases and i could be up there tonight and smiling leak i love where they are hitting you shot after shot. they hate your guts. >> reporter: it has been under fireplace since it was
3:37 pm
a celebrity studded affair seen more about movie stars than celebrating journalist. don imusgenerated controversy. and this time the format is in doubt. trump supporters are not bothed by the personal attacks or making it for the jokes. but it is it a black eye for the press corps. >> bret: could tripling the rent in the poorest house holds really transform the welfare system? wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust.
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>> bret: the dow lost 148 and nasdaq finished down 54. president trump wants to toughen
3:41 pm
requirements for people seeking government assistance. and just days ago, secretary of housing and urban development posed a big hike in rent in the poorest of neighborhoods. doug explores whether the administration's plan to reform the current welfare system could be moving up. >> reporter: the washington post headline was a head turner. ben carson proposal to triple rent for poorest hrs. holds would hurt single mothers the most. and the revised public housing assistance is not so dra connian. >> 60 percent of the people on represental assistance are elderly and exempt. >> reporter: it would require lanlords to sprerify the income every year and not every three years. >> they are not charged any more for a three- year period.
3:42 pm
during that time they might understand. i can take control here. >> they are infuriated they would spend more on rent. deductions for child care and medical cost will be eliminated. >> no state in this country can a worker with ffrl age afford a. >> unemployment is at the lowest rent than it has been. >> if is an effort to reform the >> that while congressional republicans and gop governors are moving to include work requirements for food stamp and assistance. it is a coastal liberal onclaves
3:43 pm
where cost of housing is out of each but for all but the they are battling i wild fire. the fire caused people to be evacuated. more than 500 firefighters are working to contain the blachltz next up, the future of the iran nuclear deal and our fanle weighs in on the evidence laid out. next lch insurance that won't replace
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>> iran lied about never having a nuclear weapon's program. and it is based on lies.
3:47 pm
it is based on iranian lies and deception. and in a few days president trump will decide on what to do with the nuclear deal. i am sure he will do the right thing for the united states, the right thing for israel, and the right thing for the peace of the world. >> bret: that is not an acceptable situation. i have been saying that is happening. they are not setting back idly. they set off missiles for television purposes. i don't think so. >> bret: the israeli prime minister with a laid out detail that they got from iran. the iranians pushing back on twitter, breaking, the boy who
3:48 pm
can't stop trying wolf undeterred by the cartoon. you can only fool some of the people some of the time. the seriousness is that the president of the united states decides whether to pull out of the nuclear deal. and that is town and hosted a new show on fox radio. congratulations on that. and we have molly hemmingway editor of the federalist. you heard the ambassador saying how serious it is with the reams of information that the israelis got about the nuclear weapon. >> what netanyahu did in simple and clear exposition with big letter and graphics is give the reasons why the iranian deal was
3:49 pm
bad. he didn't explain what happens after the u.s. gots out. but he corob greated the president's instincts. >> bret: a love of people were doing it for an audience of one. >> i noticed and i think that is disagreeing. the real conflict is with the and find a way to keep it going. learning that will and failing to be honest means that the deal is not go prvment and there is nothing that you can do bows u.
3:50 pm
and there is a falsehood in the foundation of the deal. >> right the structure said essentially that the honest statements in the beginning. and it first commri captains >> that's right. as a prerequestionsit football and the requirement much iran was to test fully and full. the iranians lied through their teeth saying they didn't have a nuclear weapon 'program and we see today strong evidence that was laid out clearly from the israelis that that was university not true. the iranians are. and since 2003 hchl. and it is still in control of
3:51 pm
the coletter. and i thought it was a powerful foreorm from internet x. p. u. and he criticized the iran nuclear which >> skwhfrment: we signed it. are're and the certificate and thrus, the, that is why we can't say we should get rid of it. we should not abandon it. without having something essential for more essential instead. >> bret: the real question is can this evidence force or push france andac. and he's going to london to
3:52 pm
>> that is the big toast and harenforcement and that is the question. it the and the inspecting. and we'll see if he will condition and emp. and that is interesting to point out they signed in the u.s. behest. it is important to be good with our word and learning that other people aren't is important. it was a mistake not to take it to the senate and have out
3:53 pm
decision and people lash and it is a good warning for dwrrm and we'll get everybody on board we we is a vet dwrvpt and here's the president on the mofbt and we are looking at veers p frvpt echt and from's something that i thoit was're efrpt and you are actually there. whm if there is soef hvpt. sdmrvrment scombchlt president punishment should wen the nobel
3:54 pm
peats f.s and x. and if it didn't work out sflovrment. sxch i am among the crowd that's are in respect. and the developments. but skeptec of the north coverup corns come xhchlt vrpt and refresh your recollection sdprrnth and sfrvrment. and not sure whoor the american it is mitt be dpbl going sflchlths. and>> bret: yeah, trust but verify. and the nuclear site that they are closing down is a nuclear site that collapsed and you have to look at it. >> the administration is good at sending the messages.
3:55 pm
we know how difficult it is and we will walk away if he have to. but the president is getting super optimistic and talks about the celebration in the dmc. he is rel. and the mfrpgz were to do it on seat, it thvrm. and then the surroundings force the enefitability to the deal. >> if we are talking about a pint rer lvrp. and fumesifying in andment and. we were ffrm ump sxch won't have put it in i fvment. and in is
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>> bret: finally tonight, and emotional goodbye as a sarasota police officer signs off for the very last time after 30 years of serving on the police force there, officer andre jenkins gave his final goodbye. >> this will be my last transfe transfer. >> 60167, current relations on your retirement. >> 31,000. feels good. >> you earned it, buddy. good job. >> congrats, andre. good luck. >> congratulations. have fun. >> bret: 30 years,
4:00 pm
congratulations. thank you for serving. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced come under framed. "the story" brought to you by martha maccallum. touching end. >> martha: thank you, bret. good evening, everybody. this is "the story." south korea's president says that mr. trump should get the nobel peace prize. that as an award given for reporting back here at home on the trump dossier raises new questions tonight on how reporters got that scoop and whether president obama's national director of national intelligence james clapper may have been one of the sources. it's a question congress says mr. clapper has been reluctant to answer directly. despite the fact he once told president trump that he did not believe the leaks were coming from within the intelligence community. now a closer look at the


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