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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 1, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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disgusting so-called joke. i couldn't believe i was hearing such disgusting garbage. i was thinking of those women who have been traumatized after having an abortion. some ugly stuff that dinner but a window into the soul of where so much trouble is in america today. we will be back tomorrow night. shannon bream and the fantastic fox news at night team. shannon: we are tracking several stories tonight. mike pence visiting the southern border as ice files charges against illegal immigrants trying to force their way in. exclusive comments from the vice president of the latest on tariffs, a midnight deadline looming but appears there is last-minute breaking news. is free-speech in danger? one conservative group think so answering for discrimination. new developments in the legal
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showdown. welcome to fox news at night. secretary of state mike pompeo telling fox news minutes ago when it comes to iran's secret efforts to continue developing nuclear weapons quotemac we are still scratching the surface. the israelis are ready to talk about the unfolding crisis. it henry following latebreaking reaction from capitol hill but we begin with connor powell from jerusalem where the israeli prime minister put the world on notice today. >> reporter: benjamin netanyahu may have had an audience of one mind making his argument that the iran nuclear deal should be scrapped. part of his effort to convince donald trump to withdraw from the agreement which the prime minister has long opposed. he said iran lies big-time as he
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laid out his case with 55,000 pages of documents based on an extraordinary intelligence achievement. the rainy nuclear files obtained by the israeli spy agency massage saying iran can't be trusted because in the 1990s and early 2000s they lied about the nuclear program. information made public in the 2011 national intelligence estimate that iran continues to catalog its past nuclear program. >> iran continue to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons for future use. why would a terrorist regime hide and meticulously catalog its secret nuclear files if not to use them at a later date. >> reporter: and yahoo implied it but did not lay out a case that iran has reconstituted its nuclear program and mattis testified on capitol hill that
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iran is in compliance with the current agreement and praise the oversight provisions of the deal. >> almost an assumption that iran would try to cheat so the verification, what is in there is actually pretty robust. >> even before benjamin netanyahu spoke, the foreign minister mocked him for his 2012 united nations gen. assembly speech rating on twitter the boy who can't stop crying wolf is at it again, undeterred by cartoon fiasco at the un ga you can only fool some of the people so many times. >> the debate over the nuclear agreement comes as tensions heat up on the ground in syria between israel and iran. for the second time in two weeks is really just reportedly bombed uranian positions in syria.
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>> donald trump says killing the iran deal could send the right message to north korea. not everyone agrees. chief national correspondent ed henry has reaction from the white house. >> sarah sanders put out a statement that initially claimed is really into shows iran as it has a robust clandestine nuclear weapons program and then it was changed to say it had the program in the past tense raising more questions about how new this intelligence. the other big question is whether this is the start of an official white house campaign to get of the obama brokered nuclear deal. to scrap the deal and certify and try to negotiate a new deal with allies like france and germany. the pres. spoke in the rose garden, would not take a stand much is renegotiating a stronger agreement and tied his threats to sink the iran deal to the
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possibility of a peace deal with north korea saying of people's out of the agreement it will send the right message to kim jong un. if partners do not go through he will keep the military option on the table whether it is north korea or iran. what he did today is not a smoking gun against iran but a smoking bomb. >> i'm not telling you what i am doing. a lot of people think they know. on or before the 12th we will make a decision. that doesn't mean we won't negotiate a real agreement. >> if we do nothing, pretend everything is fine, iran will walk into becoming a nuclear weapons state, a formal sponsor of terrorism and this deal did not block them from getting a bomb but paves the way to an entire nuclear arsenal. >> mark meadows seemed to be helping the white house billback case tweeting be run deal is and
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has always been a foreign-policy debacle but the stunning intel from benjamin that in europe who provides troubling context. all over and it was built on a controlling condition of lies, naïveté and should be shredded. you heard iran's foreign minister accusing the us of conspiring with israel to releases just before the deadline declaring donald trump is jumping on a rehash of allegations of result with by the aie a 2 next the deal, how convenient, the timing of alleged intel revelations by the boy who cries will just days before the deadline. trump's and picture business is celebrating, blue the cover. he denied the intel is old instead of this is what was known in 2015 barack obama never would have penned the deal. >> obama administration officials not taking the development lightly, seeking to protect the deal they struck with the ayatollah, some morning taking apart the iran deal with in the wrong message to north korea as donald trump has 20
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negotiations with the rogue regime. let's talk about it with a former state department official under pres. obama works closely on the iran deal and jason chaffetz. welcome to you both but i want to start by contrasting what pres. obama said in 2015 as the deal came together with what prime minister netanyahu had to say today. >> this framework would cut of every pathway iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon. >> a nuclear deal gives iran a clear pathway islamic arsenal. >> we will start with you because you were part of putting the deal together, was right and who's wrong? >> what bb said delays with us intelligence has been saying for 10 years and it will say he was right about one thing.
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iran lies. that great slide that said iran lies, of course they live. that is why we have the deal. if they didn't lie we can trust them and wouldn't need the deal, it could be based on faith and goodwill. the reason we have the deal with intense verification which general mattis calls robust is this is a government we don't trust and have never trusted. general mattis at a great line looking at additional protocol saying this was written with the intent that iran would try to cheat and lie. that is why we have verification of 24/7 access and continuous camera access of lots of different points of entry and the inspectors have access to any site, declared or undeclared. this is a deal that is working. >> plenty of critics, including the prime minister say they have lied to inspectors, they have a number of days or weeks they may move or hide things, talks about the fact that our documents they were supposed to destroy when the deal came together in 2015
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that would have stopped the progress of their program and they did not. according to the israelis and these documents they admit they stole they say they show things were not destroyed, the program was kept at the ready so that when the sanctions on them or other safeguards expire they would be ready to wrap this back up. i don't know how you felt about this as a member of congress but you were opposed. >> absolutely opposed. if the obama administration had done this right it should have been structured as a treaty but they would never do that because they could never accomplish that. we don't know how much money the obama administration gave them. we don't have immediate access to investigate or verify. don't feed the american people that line. that is never venture and is not true today. it is a terrible deal and it
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does not give us the safety and comfort and knowledge that iran is not pursuing a nuclear program. it is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism. they have a religious zealot that once death and destruction in the united states, israel and the free world and now on a pathway to building a nuclear bomb. that is why the president campaigned clearly, donald trump's campaign clearly said he was going to dismantle this and put it on a better path. >> you have concerns this sends the wrong message to north korea because if they are negotiating a deal with this president but they know the pres. is willing to walk away from a deal with iran it could backfire when it comes to north korea. i want to play with the president said that point and get you both to respond. >> it sends the right message. and 7 years the deal will have
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expired and iran is free to go ahead and create nuclear weapons. that is not acceptable. >> let me start by saying i never understood this argument about how in 7 years the deal is done and therefore we should get out of it now. someone was saying it is like comparing getting rid of good milk because it might eventually expire, the deal is working now. the inspectors keep verifying iran is in compliance but i'm deeply concerned about the message this will send to north korea. now is not a time to show that america cannot be trusted in north korea needs to see deals like the iran deal can work because there are plenty of examples to the contrary. we see what happened with qaddafi libya when he gave up his nuclear weapons or saddam hussein after he failed to develop nuclear weapons. these wherever it seems more susceptible, didn't have a
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nuclear program. shannon: i am guessing you see this differently. >> know. thank goodness barack obama and hillary clinton -- the reason we are making progress is donald trump has the credibility, i believe in peace through strength, he has taken to the next level why we are having progress in north korea and you have to have someone willing to walk away from the deal. we are actually making progress on this and it would help to get rid of and get out of the nuclear deal in iran. it was a bad deal, always was a bad deal. shannon: glad to have your perspectives on this deal. the pres. has a deadline coming up and we will see. thank you for coming in tonight. south korea's pres. says donald trump should win the nobel peace
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prize depending on the outcome of the anticipated summit with kim jong un, saying he deserves credit for bringing about intercountry in peace talks which could be the result of the sanctions and pressure campaign against the norse. chief of staff gen. john kelly firing back at a report tonight which accused him of calling donald trump an idiot. he says i spend more time with the president than anyone else and we have incredibly candid and strong relationship. he always knows where i stand and he and i both know the story is total bs which he finds it amusing how often the media not only gets it wrong but dead wrong. the new york times reporting that robert mueller, special counsel investigating the suspected mission interference in the 2016 election has 4 dozen questions you would like to ask donald trump. the majority the to obstruction of justice and firing of former
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fbi director james comey, some revolve around his relationship with atty. gen. jeff sessions according to the times. a caravan of illegals trying to cross the border and claim asylum, you will hear from mike pence as he visits a new portion of the southern border, the fence that he says is necessary for our safety. >> it means closing dangerous loopholes in the immigration law that often create incentive for people to attempt to come into this country illegally. >> the secretary of homeland security telling catherine herridge the caravan should go somewhere else. >> it does not give you a special right to come to our country whether you are part of a caravan or not. >> controversial white house correspondents dinner, rush limbaugh speaks out and the comedian under fire response to the criticism. latebreaking reaction when we return.
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wifi? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> shannon: this is a fox shannon: vp mikene pence headin to the border amid a showdown of a caravan of illegal immigrants who will take asylum in the us. good evening. >> depending on who is counting
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anywhere from 150 to 220 migrants waiting on the mexico side of the border all of them exercising their right international treaties to chic shelter from persecution in their own countries but fox has learned the department of justice filed complaints against 11 suspected members of the caravan, 10 accused of entering the country illegally which is a misdemeanor, one is accused of being supported and entering the us which is a felony. those people will not have their asylum applications processed and customs and border protection tell us they are processing some of the migrants. it is unclear how long that might take. donald trump made it clear he wants to crackdown on illegal immigration. 's latest treat reading the migrants caravan that is
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defining our border shows how weak and ineffective us immigration laws are. if democrats like john tester continue to support the open borders agenda, he voted to protect sanctuary cities, we need lawmakers who will put america first with some of the migrants believe they have a divine right to go north. trend change donald trump can't stop the caravan because he's not god. only god has the last word and if god brought us appearance white of everything we suffered that we always have faith. >> even those who succeed in entering the us will face a long journey through the court system. 100 miles to the east, mike pence was on the us-mexico border touring a construction site for the border wall and praising border patrol agents. earlier -- >> it is about building a wall, upholding our laws and changing
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our immigration laws in america. that is when we will see the real change. >> after his trip to the border, mike pence and kevin mccarthy held a fundraiser to help the campaigns of some of california's struggling gop house members. two california indian tribes with huge casino operations each gave $100,000. shannon: thank you very much. terrorists are trying to infiltrate our borders. that is the morning based on new data from homeland security sec. kirstjen nielsen who spoke exclusively to catherine herridge about the challenges we are still facing after 9/11. >> people think of border security in different ways. border security is national security. >> reporter: kirstjen nielsen says this is part of a broader strategy. >> planning to travel are actually traveling to the united
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states each day means they are coming through -- they could becoming across that border. >> reporter: nielsen spoke exclusively with fox news at ground 0, the 2017 attack that killed eight on the w. side hwy.. >> we are flu blocks from the isis inspired terrorist mow down pedestrians in new york. using the internet the terrorist organizations are inspiring followers to bring your own weapons, use a car, use a knife, something you can easily pick up and commit chaos and murder. >> reporter: the travel ban affecting 5 mostly muslim countries, nielsen said the administration remains committed to knowing who is entering the us and whether the nation is at high risk. >> who is traveling here and if they plan to do is our. >> reporter: in her first 4 months on the job politics plays every homeland security should
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from congressional funding to the border wall. >> who will pay for border security, when we tried to work with them on legislation it falls apart. >> reporter: to the recent deployment of national guard troops. >> we have been in this place before to much success. >> reporter: nielsen pushes back against critics who said she got the top job because she worked for john kelly, and the administration's first dhs chief. >> worked at the crossroads of policy and operations. i bring that experience together because homeland security, i played almost every role, every player, every team. >> reporter: every homeland security secretary makes the pilgrimage to engine 10 letter 10 at the twin towers. >> it is moving, reaffirmation of why we do this, the importance of the mission, recognizing the sacrifice of our first responders who put their lives in danger to protect their fellow citizens. >> reporter: at ground 0
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catherine herridge reporting for fox news at night. chicago rolling out municipal id cards to provide a form of government identification but critics say they could protect illegal immigrants and encourage voter fraud. jeff flock joins us in the windy city with details. >> reporter: this is similar to a program in new york city, a municipal id for those who find it difficult to get identification. could be homeless folks, folks just getting out of prison as well as the undocumented. it is called city key and it is indeed valid for registration to vote. you are not required to have citizenship in the us to obtain the card and there's no one checking on whether you have citizenship, i have josé sanchez with us. how many folks so far today?
12:25 am
>> 550 people. by the time it is over, close to 700. >> voter registration fraud, a lot of people think this would be a door open to it. >> we say that is a mess. the office told people if you don't have the right to vote don't register to vote, does not give you the ability to vote if you are undocumented but you can use it to register to vote if you are a citizen that has the right to vote like you would be able to use a library card or utility bill. >> reporter: you must swear that you are a citizen and federal law does not require you to prove that. election officials say quotemac you do check a box that tests your citizenship, you are signing a legal document that says i am a citizen. that is the way it is with or without this card. appreciate it very much.
12:26 am
a debate about whether this leads to voter fraud but at this point the program is going forward. hundreds already applying and they will continue to do so, up to 10,000 cards, the first ones will be free. >> the midterms are heating up in west virginia. the gop senate debates tomorrow night, we have a preview. chris tire walt is on the road in his home state. more on that when we return.
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12:31 am
west virginia. how are you tonight? >> feels good to be home. >> they love having you there. let's start by talking about the folks who will be part of this senate debate tomorrow night. we have the top three. congressman jenkins, don blankenship, tell us about these three. >> this debate is so important because it is anybody's race. the paul last week shows jenkins and morrissey in the first and second place duking it out but blankenship in contention, most important part is a quarter of the voters are undecided and among those who have decided 40% said they are open to changing their mind. and intense but small electorate
12:32 am
that is quite fluid with a week to go in what is arguably one of the most important primaries for republicans the cycle. joe manchin is well-liked in the state, this has been ugly primary. if it gets too ugly and goes too harshly and expensively for too law that helps menchin and republicans are cognizant of that. >> blankenship presented himself as antiestablishment, wants to drain the swamp and that kind of thing. he and others supporting him pointing to money flowing from outside groups, $1.3 million over the last couple weeks and ads against him because the establishment doesn't want him in dc. what do you make of the report? >> national republicans are not thinking so much about joe manchin but worrying about what happens if you have somebody convicted of a crime as your
12:33 am
nominee in one state, they are concerned it could rub off on other republican candidates including vulnerable incumbents. they are not thinking about the west virginia race proper or having don blankenship in the senate, they are worried about other states. blankenship's job is to use his extensive resources and huge name identification to drive voters back to the point but he's interested in beating joe mansion and has the resources and toughness to do it. he has to put himself against the national republican party and you know who that worked for? donald trump. not like that is a model that doesn't have precedent especially in west virginia where donald trump had an 87% favorability rating among republicans. >> do not forget about us and come back and talk about this in a broader sense tomorrow night. a lot of other senate races. >> maybe, but i will definitely
12:34 am
bring you a pepperoni roll too. >> this is a verbal binding contract, it is on the air. thank you very much. do not forget tomorrow night the west virginia gop senate debate moderated by bret baer and martha maccallum starts at 6:30 eastern, you don't want to miss it. donald trump facing a midnight deadline to make a decision about a steel and aluminum tariff, latebreaking news on that front next and controversy and fallout from the white house correspondents dinner, and the reaction tonight for the real news roundup. of hotels. brrr! i have the chills! because of all those miles? and because ice is cold. what's in your wallet? i recommend my tempur-pedic to nigheverybody.ver. the most highly recommended bed in america. now ranked highest in customer satisfaction with mattresses by jd power.
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>> not sure what to call sarah huckabee sanders. sarah sanders, sarah huckabee sanders, what is uncle tom but for white women who disappoint other white women? my friend is also anti-choice, thinks abortion is murder, which first of all don't knock it till you try it. when you do try it, really knock it. you got to get that baby out of there. >> time for a new news roundup. america was treated to another spectacle between the white house and the white house press corps after a relatively obscure comedian devon to personal and
12:39 am
voter attacks like you just heard was the reaction is so negative the press course trying to save face was years with publisher of usa today had to say quotemac what followed was not reflective of our highest ideals as journalist him only to undermine our credibility. amplified a growing dangerous narrative that the news media are biased and unworthy of the public's trust. our ethical code as journalist demand better of us. there in lies my conviction the white house correspondents dinner has lost its way. last night's program said bloomberg tells us the event organizer it was meant to offer a unifying message about our common commitment to a vigorous and free press while honoring civility, not to divide people but the entertainer's monologue was not in the spirit of that is you. some conservatives are not buying the mainstream media's mea culpa. >> i tell you what the media had better be concerned about with all this, the people who watch this are no longer going to think you people are objective
12:40 am
about anything. your obvious pro-democrat, pro-leftist orgasm at this event saturday night, that is what you had better be worried about because everyone watching the student see journalism respecting itself. people proud of journalism, they saw journalism is nothing but an extension of extremist left of the democrat party. >> in interview that led to my the woman at the center of the controversy is sticking to her guns and playing the gender guard. here's a promo clip from npr. >> i don't think they expected that for me. they have preconceived notions of how women present themselves and i don't fit in that box. >> she said she wouldn't change a single word. this is a fox news alert.
12:41 am
hours before his self-imposed may first deadline we are learning donald trump has made a decision on this controversial steel and aluminum tariffs. kristen fisher joins us with the latest developments. >> this decision came down to the wire making some of our allies very nervous, four hours before the midnight deadline, the white house announced a decision whether to impose steel and aluminum tariffs on the european union, canada and mexico, those countries have an additional 30 days to negotiate the pres.'s remarks on salary that is saturday or any indication he does not appear willing to back down. >> disastrous trade deals i'm straightening out and i'm not saying that there may be a little pain for a little while but for my farmers, i love my farmers. >> these tariffs were such to go into effect tomorrow, 25%
12:42 am
tariff, 10% on aluminum, the presidents of france and germany at the white house urging him to reconsider. train change it is clear we have an exchange of views on the current state of affairs, negotiations and respective assessment of where we stand on this and the decision lies with the president. >> i'm confident about the future of the relationship. is part of a broader picture where our interests are aligned. >> the white house announced preliminary agreements with argentina and brazil that will allow them to avoid the tariffs at least for now and that is in addition to the permanent exemptions on steel tariffs that have been granted to south korea. the white house is in all these negotiations, restraining imports, prevent shipment and protect national security. commerce sec. wilbur ross is
12:43 am
these countries have to choose tariffs or quotas but so far canada, mexico and the european union refused to agree to those terms. an hour ago spokesman for the british government released a statement saying we will work closely with our eu partners and the us government to achieve a permanent exemptions. they are refusing to back down but so is the president so now we have 40 more days to see if either side is going to give. we will see if there's another extension as we are making some progress. now, what does it mean? let's talk about it with scott paul, president of the alliance for american manufacturing and the chair of mrs. and finance school but thank you for being with us tonight. you said the eu in the us agree on the problem but they don't agree on the solution.
12:44 am
>> everybody knows china has been subsidizing steel and aluminum production, causing a glut of steel worldwide sending prices out but the eu in the us get that but how do you deal with it. the eu says let's go to the wto, litigate this thing and donald trump said that hasn't worked so we want to do something we think will work and is trying to push quotas and tariffs as a way to do that. to force our partners if they really think this is a problem, get out and do something about it and the only way to do that is to bring a stick to the conversation. >> you heard the president talking about farmers, they are tough and patriot and can handle this, we heard a number of nations talk about their boycotts and their tariffs they may institute on us tariffs that have a lot in the farming community word, sen. langford from oklahoma talking about
12:45 am
farmers and their fears. >> a lot of farmers are on the edge of the life because they have to be able to plan for what is coming in the future and if you don't know based on the trade policy is difficult to plan months in advance or year in advance. shannon: how much worry, is there potential for backlash? >> there obviously is a slim potential for backlash. more likely result is to restore balance with our trade relationship with china and that is something farmers and steelworkers and other manufacturers can agree on. we are not getting a fair deal, the pres. is right about that but the broad tariff strategy which includes other countries will have an impact to provide relief for the steel industry that it needs domestically and also to in effect quarantine this bad behavior china has,
12:46 am
this massive overcapacity in sectors like steel but we talked about this for a long time and doing something about it will have some cost. i'm confident this administration can look out for farmers and also look out for steelworkers at the same time. >> you think this could have implications negotiating a deal with north korea and their nuclear program. >> not surprised we saw the delay because the president has begun negotiations going on, he sees an opportunity to do something about iran and north korea. he's looking for allies in those conversations, eu member countries are those allies, he is kicking tariffs down the road a little bit here, i need your help with these negotiations. there's a lot going on, negotiation is complex, many moving parts, tariffs are one part of the overall foreign-policy picture. >> we will see this play out. i don't think the exemptions
12:47 am
should go on indefinitely. i do think we should have expectations even from the eu about taking a tougher line with china on all of this. this behavior has been costly to workers in europe, costly to workers in the united states. the president needs the support of congress and others and i'm glad he's moving forward with this policy. shannon: thank you for joining us tonight. the battle for free-speech on a college campus, uc berkeley literally making it tougher for conservative speakers to have a chance to shop and getting sued, the a america foundation, do they have a case? hear from the group have spokesman when we return live. we're about to move. karate helps... relieve some of the house-buying... stress. at least you don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance?
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>> federal judge ruling portions of a free-speech lawsuit against university of california berkeley can move forward. berkeley college republicans and young americans foundation claim campus administrators erect barriers to discourage them from bringing in conservative speakers. the national spokesman for the americans foundation of the plaintiffs in this lawsuit. thanks for coming in tonight. i want to read what the chancellor has said. she says this, last fall, the
12:52 am
right response is not platform denial. call toxic speech out for what it is, don't shout it down. in shouting down you collude in the narrative they are not open to all speech, respond to hate speech with more speech. she said they tried to work with groups because they want all viewpoints heard on campus. >> what we have seen is a pattern where what they say and what they do or two things, they claim to be the home of the free speech movement but they use their policies, some of them to shut down conservative speech. >> there's been talk about the unwritten policy and its and speakers, they say there is no such policy and i went to read part of their motion to dismiss. the university of california is deeply committed to free-speech on its campuses. the university never banned any speech. it instituted permissible restrictions on when, where and under what circumstances major
12:53 am
speaker events occur to address specific and critical security threats. to bring reasonable steps to facilitate plaintiff events while balancing competing concerns for security, the university's limited resources and its educational mission. there are security fees they have instituted with speakers coming in. >> everything they say they acted opposite of. if you look at them saying they tried to make accommodations, when we decided to bring ben shapiro they said we have no venues but that was not the case because they found a venue, gave us a venue or two weeks before the event restricted two third of the venues and you can't use two third the venue but just the lower level and they instituted a security fee at the last minute, tried to restrict the ticketing process, they've done everything with repeated speakers to prevent students on campus from hearing conservative ideas. jillian: the judge who ruled
12:54 am
allowed part of your complaint but other parts not so, didn't find -- it is a partial victory for you. how do you feel moving forward? >> that moment of justice released a statement calling a victory against uc berkeley, what we can do is get to the facts of this case. we have been arguing on the motion to dismiss for a year and we want to give them their day in court. in the first, and 14th amendments on the grounds the what berkeley did, the policies they had and how they implanted them violate first, and 14th amendment rights by denying to speech, due process, we are excited to move on to explaining this to the rest of the country. >> any future events at the center of this? >> we are coming up on the summer but in the wake of the events with dennis prager and rick santorum. we have seen this lawsuit opened up gates at berkeley a little bit where they have this attention on them they are more
12:55 am
resistant to keep blocking speeches. >> the university says they are willing to work on this and these are people -- we will keep an eye on this. keep us updated on a lawsuit and any future events at berkeley. when we return a tribute to alfie evans, we have been covering it, the english toddler finally lost his race. once there was an organism so small no one thought much of it at all. people said it just made a mess
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>> shanon: it's a story we've covered here extensively and we want to bring you this sad conclusion before we go. british toddler alfie evans passed away this weekend after a long legal battle between the >> is still we have covered e extensively and we bring you the sad conclusion before we go. british toddler alfie evans passed away this weekend after a long legal battle between the hospital and his parents over normally the decision to withdraw life-sustaining measures from the little boy but to prevent his parents from taking them out of the country for treatment. hundreds of his supporters gathered outside the hospital in liverpool to sing and release balloons in the colors of the family's favorite sports team. the hospital released a
1:00 am
statement offering quotemac heartfelt sympathy and ask the privacy of the staff be respected. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. >> tuesday, may 1, 2018, and this is "fox and friends first". right now, secretary of state mike pompeo confirmed the covert nuclear program. >> i'm not telling you what i'm doing. a lot of people think they do. that doesn't mean we won't negotiate a real agreement. >> we allied with what the new nuclear agreement could look like and why you were sleeping the first wave of migrants make it over the border to claim asylum but their freedom could be s


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