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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 1, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the gator has been released back into the wild. that is frightening. oh my goodness. rob: glad nobody hit him it would be a big speed bump, too. "fox & friends" and benjamin netanyahu on the show. jillian: have a good day. >> fox news has learned the doj has filed complaints against 11 members of the illegal immigrant caravan. >> we are a nation of laws. we have to have borders. we don't have borders we don't have a country. >> shocking revelations out of israel. >> iran deal, nuclear deal is based on lies. >> and this deal did not block them from getting a bomb. it actually paves their way to an nuclear arsenal. >> three candidates in the west virginia senate race face off in a primary debate. >> i wouldn't change a single word that i said. i'm very happy with what i said. >> when the president of the white house correspondents association said an attack on one journalist is an attack on all journalist think about this is an attack on one woman also an
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attack on all women. >> big hit that aren't so happy if you say you are a supporter of donald trump. >> oh, yeah, people are mad about that but, you know, i don't give a [bleep]. lafayett[laughter] ♪ steve: i think roseanne needs to put a quarter in the cup jar. ainsley: not a beautiful word but she made her point, didn't she? we will get to that in a minute. we have so many great guests on today. benjamin netanyahu is going to join us after that news yesterday about iran and nuclear program. big show. steve: we have condoleezza rice and soon to be retiring ice director thomas homan. it starts on may 1st, 2018. brian: border standoff. 1500 caravaners coming up
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from honduras for the most part through mexico. they stopped along the way. we got to beat on them quickly. the president has been watching them since. they arrived at the san diego border. they are demanding to get. in they are waving their country's flag, demanding the u.s. let them in. while some of the stories and some of the people are, you know, might be treacherous and might be agonizing. there is a lot of people around the world who are waiting to get in and doing it the right way. so far at least a dozen of the suspected caravan members face doj complaints accused of breaking into the u.s. so they will be thrown out. ainsley: they entered illegally for the first time. which surprised me was a misdemeanor. one out of the group deported after entering before and that is a felony. steve: apparently they didn't want to wait in line. they went four miles away from the port to an area known as goat canyon and there they were captured by
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the police. there were two salvador rans, six hondurans and three guatemala mall alans. some say they don't think they were from the caravan. at the port eight caravan members were finally admitted to ask for asylum. keep in mind it was on sunday when the port said you know what? we are all full. we can't do that right now. three mothers and four children and 18-year-old who said he was being forced into a gang so he felt unsafe. they will remain at the port until they are able to have their interview and then an initial screening that we will figure out whether or not they get asylum. ainsley: the president talked about it. listen. >> we have to have borders. if we don't have borders, we don't have a country. i have been watching for weeks as the caravan came up. we are doing the best we can with it, but we have to have changes in congress and we have to have it quickly. brian: number one what you are say something what the president has been saying whatever is there, the fencing or whatever you call
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it is not working. they are laughing at it they are sitting on top of it. don't tell me that works and doesn't need to be replaced. i don't care if you are the most liberal governor or the most conservative senator. you have to understand that if you think that's stopping anyone, you are flat out wrong. number two, i think it's important that as these lawyers have been working for these asylum-seekers, guess who is watching. thousands of people in central america and south american countries are saying i'm doing the same thing. so if you think it's about 200, you're not thinking big picture. this is about 20, 30, 40, 50,000. steve: this is different though. the government is taking a stand. just that they could say on sunday, sorry, no room. you will have to wait outside. that's why some people waiting. these images -- brian: got to begin to process them. if we process them and say our laws are broken, what can you do? then there is going to be 50,000 coming in is my
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point. steve: you made exactly the right point. that is if laws were broken. the way the law is written right now, if you come to the united states, you knock on the door and say you ask for asylum. that's part of the law. you want to change the law. that's where the president said yesterday congress has got to do something. ainsley: what does this mean for you and your family. the acting director of ice tom homan is going to join us at 8:00 to tell us what is happening on the border and what administration is doing to prevent them from coming in. brian: they want to make tom homan the head of ice. he said i gave you a year. i have private things to do for my career. i got to do it. that's what he is going to tell us today. steve: if you were watching the channel yesterday, you saw b.b. netanyahu, the prime minister of israel lay out -- this is a fox news alert. they have received 110,000 pounds of files that prove that iran lied about their nuke program. new evidence that iran maintained a secret plan to
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build a nuke program but lied about it to get the deal done in 2015 with obama. ainsley: unbelievable. israeli intelligence has gathered these documents from inside iran proving that iran lied. mike pompeo, ourselves, he confirmed that it's true, that they have been lying to us. listen to this. this is benjamin netanyahu. >> iran lied about never having a nuclear weapons program. 100,000 secret files prove that they lied. iran continued to improve and expand its nuclear weapons for future use. why would a terrorist regime hide and catalog secretly files if not to use them at a later date. iran lied again when it didn't come lien to the ira as required by the nuke larry deal. the nuclear deal is based on lies. it's based on iranian lies and iranian deception.
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steve: here is the secretary of state verifying that it is true. he said for many years the iranian regime has insisted to the world that its nuke program was peaceful. the documents obtained by israel from inside of iran show beyond any doubt that the iranian regime was not telling the truth. what we're talking about is this load of -- essentially there are archives of their program. there were 110,000 files. about half a ton of the stuff. it's interesting though because many experts from europe and the united states and inspectors as well said look, we always knew they probably had a program and these simply are the documents. big question is clearly, he was trying to say to the president of the united states, hey, mr. president, on may 12th, undo the deal. brian: it shows that the iranian nuclea nuke plan to buia bomb. they always denied they were going to build a bomb. we said are you serious? they never admitted they wanted to build a bomb.
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these papers reportedly show they wanted to build a bomb. shows much more extensive program it stopped in 2003. the operation to get it flat out. it was spotted. assad eyed it. took them in january. the preparation was done without -- benjamin netanyahu in a dramatic fashion. the deputy foreign minister of iran said. this it was a very childish and ridiculous play on a state run media. he called meth's presentation a prearranged show with the aim of impacting one man and that is donald trump to destroy this agreement. ainsley: who do you trust? we are going to interview benjamin netanyahu coming up and ask him what he recommends happens next. keep in mind, we have given this regime -- this regime has gotten $150 billion under president obama. president obama said that that deal was good. we're all curious what this administration is going to do with it. keep in mind, these are
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radical mullahs, they said death to america, death to israel. they founded wars and funded terrorism. they killed american soldiers in iran. do you trust them? do you want them to have nuclear weapons? what does the world look like when radical mullahs have nuclear weapons. brian: former obama official that was in on the team that did this deal he said as a member of the negotiating team there is nothing new in b.b. presentation. all it does is indicate the need for a nuclear deal and that is for donald trump to understand. so you have the obama people digging in actually for the most part on the side of iran on a deal that most people thought was imbalanced and their greatest leverage is the fact that they got most of this stuff upfront including sanctions relief and a lot of cash. >> steve: also, keep in mind, mr. pompeo, who says these documents are true also says that iran has been complying with the agreement. meanwhile, if you were up late last night, roseanne was on the late show, "the
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tonight show," she was asked by the host about some people not happy with the fact that she is a trump supporter. here's what she said about that. >> what about when it comes to people who aren't so happy as well if you say you are a support irof donald trump. >> oh, yeah. people are mad about that. but, you know, i don't give a [bleep]. everybody has to choose for themselves according to their own conscience who they thought was the lesser of two evils. i'm not going to play anybody down who didn't vote like me. this is america. it's a free country. and, you know, when you weigh it all together, i just felt like we needed a whole new thing all the way. bottom to top. brian: went on to tweet out about the washington correspondent dinner's comedian first rule of comedy never target someone more famous than you who is in the audience, you will lose the entire crowd says comedy comes from love not
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hate. if you hate you went get laughs. ainsley: jimmy fallon how much people watched your show? 20 million? no, no, no. 27. steve: what did you think about her comments people not crazy for b. her because she is a supporter of donald trump. let us know. meantime, news time, jillian. jillian: let's get you caught up on headlines we are following right now. at least one person is dead after 26 story tower comes crumbling down in a ball of flames. take a look at this video. people were trapped inside and heard screaming for help. [sobbing] jillian: the fire ripping through bailing in brazil. a witness says it started on the fourth floor of the former police headquarters. the building was abandoned but occupied by squatters.
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also breaking right now, u.s. service member is killed and another wounded during a combat operation in eastern afghanistan. officials say several afghani soldiers were also killed while allied forces fought the group and isis affiliate. it's unclear how they died. yesterday isis claimed responsibility for a twin bombing that killed at least 25 people in kabul. in just a few hours. the army football team will head to the white house. president trump presenting the black nights with the commander-in-chief trophy. it's given to the team with the best record in a round robin competition between army, navy, and air force. this is the first time the u.s. military academy has won the coveted prize since 18996. congrats. the president awarded the trophy to the air force last year. a look at your headlines. should be a good day. ainsley: exciting for them. brian: i predict they are all going to show. there won't be any problems. they have take attendance. 12 minutes now after the hour. michelle wolf under fire from all sides for her
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attacks at the white house correspondents dinner. >> she burns fat and then uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. like maybe she is born with it. maybe it's lies. brian: does she regret it? you will be surprised what she just said. steve: todd piro is having breakfast with friends in west virginia. good morning, todd. todd: good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. obviously a big day on the channel. a big debate coming on later today 6:30 eastern among the republican candidates vying to take on senator joe manchin. but here we are not talking to the politicians. we are talking to the real people about who they want and the main issues facing west virginia and the nation. alsalso bacon. and more when we return on "fox & friends" for a tuesday morning. >>. bacon!
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ainsley: comedian michelle wolf doubling down on insulting je'kels at the white house correspondents dinner. >> honestly i went change a single word that i said. i'm very happy with what i said. and i'm glad i stuck to my guns. ainsley: who is mitchell wolf and why didn't the white house correspondents association know what she was going to say. mollie hemingway is a fox news contributor.
3:18 am
good morning to you. >> good morning to you. ainsley: she said i'm glad i stuck to my guns like she is a martyr. >> michelle wolf this worked out well for her. i don't think people knew who she was before and now she is much more of a common name. it really isn't about whether she should apologize. this is who she is. this is who she has been. i have seen her do standup before when she opened up for louie c.k. i was not surprised by what she did on the dase there. she is a writer for the daily show. uneven political commentary attacking republicans and conservatives and protecting liberals for a decade or more. so this isn't really about michelle wolf. i think this is about the white house correspondents association and why they thought michelle wolf would be a good person to have at the event knowing her history. ainsley: maybe they knew exactly what they were getting. take a look at some of the sound bites she was a comedian on the daily show? >> before you put too much hope in ivanka, remember, she brought a brand of festival that makes her rich by exploiting the very
3:19 am
people she is claiming to hem. that's not being a feminist. that's being a trump. donald j. trump you just became america's butler. now, go fix our healthcare. make she a sandwich you [bleep] >> what do you think the back story is? do you think the president and the folks that work for the dinner itself and organize it, do you think they knew who she was and what they were getting? >> those clips are a good reminder that the big crime for michelle wolf really that she wasn't funny at an event where that was her one job to be funny. this is, again, this is ♪ just michelle wolf. this is a pattern going back many years. the white house correspondents dinner is a very ritzy, very big affair where all of d.c. journalists get together and compliment each other on what a great job they are doing even after years of doing demonstrably bad work such as missing the entire story of the 2016 election. or coming up with conspiracy theories about russia and pushing them despite evidence. then they give awards to
3:20 am
each other over their bad job. this is a dinner that's fundamentally flawed. they like to say this dinner is about giving scholarships when really anybody who observes it sees this is a dinner where they do light jokes against democrats such as during the entire eight years of the obama administration where the comedians or the talent would just afoosballly praise obama or go after republicans or when republican is president going after republicans. going after conservatives and republicans hard and personally and lightly jabbing their own people the media and democrats is just what the correspondents dinner has been known for. it is -- it's a perfect encapsulation of what the people don't like about the media right now. it was a very honest dinner about the state of d.c. right now. ainsley: this is why the president refuses to go. is she an activist or comedian? is she part of the resistance. mollie thank you for being with us. >> you are welcome. ainsley: turns out anti-trump fbi agents tried to use personal accounts for work. what were they trying to hide? a big senate debate tonight
3:21 am
in west virginia. three republicans fighting for one nomination in a race that could tip the balance of power. what do the voters want to hear? todd piro is having breakfast with friends. that's coming up next. ♪ we're family. we'd do anything for each other.
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3:25 am
mccain retiring in his new book the republican writes, quote: if i hadn't admitted that to myself before this summer, a stage 4 cancer diagnosis acts as ungentle persuasion can i speak my mind without fearing the consequences much. the 81-year-old's term ends in 2022. meanwhile,. brian: 25 minutes after the hour. here on fox news, three republican candidates in the senate race so critical face off a primary debate. in a race that could tip the senate's balance of power even more in favor of the g.o.p. ainsley: what do the voters there think, fox correspondent todd piro is live with them. he is at the diner in fairmont, west virginia. good morning, todd. >> good morning, guys. as brian said, this is a key senate race. they are going up against joe manchin actually from fairmont, west virginia. the winner of the republican primary. and obviously big debate
3:26 am
tonight on the channel amongst those three individuals to determine who is the leader here in west virginia. what's interesting about karen, karen is in the oil and gas industry. she says she is actually waiting for tonight's debate to decide who she is going to vote for. why? >> because, i'm so uncertain about the three candidates i'm not wild about any of them. i'm a republican but i actually disappoin like joe mann better than the democrats. todd: if there was a republican who would you be. >> evan jenkins. i don't like the other two. i did call a friend in southern west virginia and did he have some good things to say about jenkins. todd: wade, you are a small business owner you said you are voting for patrick morrisey, why? >> i like the work he has done as attorney general. he has been very conservative on e.p.a. overreach. he has been good on the second amendment and he has
3:27 am
been good at fighting on the opioid crisis. todd: in terms of west virginia, the issues that matter most here, you say jobs is number one. why? >> well, if you don't have jobs, then people aren't working, and, you know, jobs is important everywhere. but we particularly need them in west virginia. todd: we were talking earlier, you said government overreach, regulations under the obama administration really did hurt west virginia and you feel that jenkins, excuse me, morrisey is the guy going to get rid of regulations why do you think that? >> as attorney general, he fought against those regulations in federal court. against the obama administration and was successful. and so i think he would be a good candidate. although ultimately like karen, i think joe manchin is the man that is going to win the election. todd: that's interesting. i'm going to go to gary quickly. gary, you had a very interesting take on this election. you said you have the same feeling about jenkins that you did about donald trump.
3:28 am
what do you mean by that? >> just a feel good comfortable feeling. and feel like thoughts might improve the economy in west virginia and bring some jobs. in. todd: like wade you say jobs is the number one issue facing west virginia, why do you say that? >> i'm retired. i'm on a fixed income, so i'm doing okay. but when i drive around and see people, i know they are hurting and need help and training in something new to do maybe solar or something like that. todd: hats this president helped create jobs. >> i think he has done everything right. i voted for him. i have no regrets about voting for him. i feel like he has stand up against any world power that would threaten us. and i feel like the stock market is like booming out of creation and i feel like is he doing good for the united states and the world. todd: with that in mind, do you think the republicans will take the mid terms or
3:29 am
do you listen to what the mainstream media says and the democrats are going to take it in a land slide? >> i can't agree with that i feel as though republicans have a very good chance of making it. todd: gary, thank you very much. we are also going to settle a debate here later on. most people here are for the mountaineers of west virginia. but we hear about the thundering herd for marshall. thundering herd? >> yes. todd: debate tonight on this channel bret baier and martha maccallum. steve: watch tonight. starts at 6:30 eastern time. halfway through "special report" and then it goes an hour and then martha takes over the final half hour. steve: going to be great. ainsley: it is going to be great. steve: a lot riding. the moment making headlines. ben gentleman min netanyahu showing massive amount of evidence that thevidence that lt
3:30 am
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3:34 am
for future use. why would a terrorist regime hide and particular columbusly catalog its secret nuclear files if not to use them at a later date? brian: if you saw this presentation this afternoon, had you to be impressed, not only the way it was done but what he said. joining us right now is the man behind that presentation, who is working without notes, the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu live in jerusalem. welcome mr. prime minister, thank you for your time. ainsley: welcome, good morning. >> good morning. good to talk to you. brian: yesterday, i understand you were able to get that treasure trove, thanks to the tha masad and their great work in january. why did it take so long to present it in may? >> i won't say how we got it and who got it but israel obtained this information actually in february. it's 100,000-plus documents,
3:35 am
huge trove, as you say. it's in farcy. we had to put translater on it professional people understand these scientific and technological. so it took us a while to do it. i met the president in early march, president trump. i described to him what we have. i said that we'll move immediately all this information to the united states which we did. so we have been examining it simultaneously. here in israel and here in america. and it's taken us a while, but i think we know what we know. i presented what we know and it's pad enough. it regime, the preeminent terrorist regime of our time in which it's goons chant death to america. death to israel. this are a jail time had a secret nuclear weapons program and they are trying under a very bad deal to get a nuclear arsenal. they shouldn't get it. ainsley: tell the folks at home, just to biggie back
3:36 am
what you are saying, mullahs are saying death to america, death to israel. they have killed american soldiers in iraq. describe a world where these radical mull als mull also mull. and how serious this would be for israel and the united states and the rest of the world. >> well, ainsley, what you just described is what iran is doing today without nuclear weapons. i mean, it's gobble bling up one country after the other. it's threatening to annihilate israel. threatening to put its army in syria in the service of the tyrannical regime. it's putting precision guided moon admissions in lebanon. that means they can fire rockets into israel that can hit the office i'm speaking and everything else. they are trying to foment terrorism in gaza. they are firing reacts noahry adfrom yemen which they are also seeking to conquer. that's what they're doing now. they hate america's guts. if that's what they are
3:37 am
doing without nuclear weapons. think what will happen if they get an arsenal of nuclear weapons if this deal goes through as is. i'm very glad i have to tell that you president trump has stood so firmly and clearly on this issue. he said that will not happen. that is something that i philly back and i think it's not only in the interest of israel and the united states, that's obvious. it's in the interest of the world. this tyrannical anti-american regime should not have nuclear weapons. steve: that's one of the reasons you made that great display and presentation yesterday on television, mr. prime minister. you want the president of the united states to pull out and date certain is may the 12th. what do you say to the fact that mike pompeo and our intel people have said that the country of iran is in compliance right now with the deal?
3:38 am
>> if you have a terrible deal and you comply with a terrible deal. that doesn't help you at all. this deal right now. assuming iran just complies coms with it. they goal the distance and have within a few years president trump said yesterday, they will have the wherewithal to produce a hundred nuclear bombs. that doesn't justify continuing with the deal and i think certainly not continuing with it as structured. i think, you know, i have said. fully fix or fully knicks. fully fix, you need a major overhaul and really need a new deal. the person who is going to make that decision for the united states is one person. that's president trump. and i trust his judgment. i know that he will do the right thing and i said yesterday he will do the right thing for america. the right thing for israel. and the right thing for the security and peace of the entire world. bine brian mr. prime minister, tell me if this is true. the program shows that they wanted to build a bomb because then that shows
3:39 am
vaughn lying. they always have said they didn't want to build a bomb. it was much more extensive than anyone thought. fundamentally we go into this deal three years ago premise. is it true nothing has been done on this program since 2003? >> first of all, everything you said before the last question is true. when they did the nuclear deal with iran, it was premised on iran would come clean it would admit if it had any nuclear weapons program. they didn't come clean. they lied. one item after the other. they lied to the international atomic energy agency and they were supposed to come clean. that was the premise of the deal. so the deal was flawed from the start by many things. including on this very central premise. now, what they have done since 2003, is they took the people who worked on this secret nuclear weapons project and they embedded them in other organizations
3:40 am
and they continued what they called dual use programs. supposedly doing but geared to have nuclear weapons capability. that's what they kept. if this thing is so unnecessary, you know, you got to tell me this. why did they keep this archive. this secret atomic file so secret? why did they hide it? they hid it with extra special effort after signed the iran nuclear deal. because they knew, they lied. they lied in order to get the deal and they are still lying. they are trying to basically have their yellow cake as i say and eat it too. yellow cake is how you make president trump said enough of that not going to be hood winked or taken for a ride. would have to do a serious,
3:41 am
serious change here to make sure that iran does not have nuclear weapons. that means that this deal was a terrible deal it should have never been concluded. there is -- there needs to be a change right now. ainsley: ourselves confirmed that awful these documents and our intelligence officials have confirmed that these documents are legit and they have been lying. let's talk about the importance of what is about to happen in a few weeks. president trump has recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel. the embassy is going to open there this is something that other presidents have promised in the past here in the u.s. and have never delivered on that. seems to be very different, this relationship have you with president trump vs. your relationship with president obama. tell me about the significance and your relationship with president trump and what this means opening this embassy there? >> well, first of all, i think president trump di did historic thing and people will remember it for many, many generations. i am sitting right now in the prime minister's office
3:42 am
it's in jerusalem. right next to me is our parliament. in jerusalem. right next to that is our supreme court. that's in jerusalem, too. and the seat of our president, that's in jerusalem. so everybody knows that jerusalem is israel's capital. it's been the capital of the jewish people from king david's time. that's 3,000 years ago. and it took president trump's leadership to say something so clearly, a simple fact. put forward a simple truth but an important one. i think there is tremendous excitement in israel on the -- for the upcoming moving of the american embassy to jerusalem and we deeply appreciate it. it was a great act. my relationship with president trump is terrific. steve: absolutely. brian: do you want him to come, mr. prime minister -- >> alliance between our two countries has never been stronger. brian: do you want him to come? do you want the president to be there? >> i love to have him here. it's his decision. he has an open invitation.
3:43 am
steve: benjamin netanyahu in the oval office in jerusalem. ainsley: wonderful to talk to you. >> thank you. ainsley: i know pastor jeffress is going to deliver the prayer there when the embassy opens. steve: president said for many years if you elect me i'm going to make sure we move the embassy to jerusalem. ainsley: big deal. steve: first time it's happened. brian: illegal immigrants at the border are now applying for asylum. do they even have a case? judge napolitano is on deck. ainsley: plus acting director of ice thomas homan, condoleezza rice, and rob o'neil the man who killed usama bin laden seven years ago is here today.
3:44 am
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3:47 am
steve: the show down at our southern border heating up. 8 out of 200 my grants traveling through a caravan allowed through the border to claim asylum. charges 11 others for illegally trying to get into the united states. ainsley: what can we expect moving forward? here to break it counsel is fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. i was surprised to find out if you come to this country illegally and get caught it's a misdemeanor. only not a felony. >> maximum penalty a year in jail. also means if you don't have a prior record, you are not going to jail. the 11 that they charged are people who entered without knocking on the door. without presenting papers to border patrol. is it legal to knock on the door. >> absolutely. once they knock on the door and say i'm a political refugee i came from honduras where my husband is being kept in jail because of political views that
3:48 am
triggers an obligation on the part of the american officials there to examine this. that examination doesn't take five minutes, it takes five months. in the obama administration. they just let you come back in five months. in the trump administration they are going to keep you confined. you have a lawyer. the lawyers are being provided by immigration groups not by the government. the lawyers will make this work a little better. there will be a mini trial before a judge to determine are you truly a political refugee. if yes, you get to stay if no they will send you out. steve: they will be held by the united states. >> the so-called catch and release was an obama administration policy that does not bind, does not bind the trump administration and president trump has rightly rejected it. brian: i'm holding in my hand bob robert mueller's questions for the president of the united states. about four dozen questions. if we tore believe this leak is real, it's a bombshell. what do you get from it, judge? what are the themes? >> it's a treasure trove
3:49 am
into bob mueller's thinking. it tells me a couple things. it tells me they already know the answers to many of those questions. they can document the answers. and they want to see if the president will tell the truth. remember, lying, even a white lie a so-called white lie in this environment can trigger an indictment like mike flynn was indicted for lying to them as well as george papadopoulos and swedish lawyer it also tells me that they wan want him to talk as much as did he with the three of you. >> the whole country was rivetted. i was right there. i couldn't even go to my office upstairs because i was so rivetted listening to him. they want him to talk like that. because when he does that he reveals things pieces of the puzzle that he doesn't know the answer yet. steve: would would the trump team leak this to the "new york times"? >> i don't know. brian bine we don't know that though. >> if this is true and i was skeptical last night until i read them again this
3:50 am
morning. i think it's real. if this is true, this was given by mueller to giuliani and company. here are the questions we are going to ask your client. i'm going to suggest to you it was not mueller's people that leaked it i don't know what the purpose of the leak is. unless it's to create an obligation on the part of the person who received the leak to do a favor. ainsley: do you think the president will go through all the questions be prepared and know how to answer them. >> i think the president will take the position he has more important things to do. steve: he is an ad-libber: ainsley: kathy griffin took that picture with a bloody mask depicting president trump. she said she was sorry. now, not so much. brian: next, baseball hall of famer cal ripken jr. join ago brand new team. we will talk baseball and a little -- ♪ swinger batter, batter ♪ swing
3:51 am
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♪ ♪ cal ripken jr. has reached the unreachable star. brian: and the crowd record. 1995 he became iron man passing lou gearing for consecutive games played. he uses that same passion and determination to teach baseball to a new generation. what can they learn from the iron man. >> the iron man is joining us live outside its hall of famer cal ripken jr. ainsley: you watch that video. what goes through your mind? >> it was a long, long time ago. it almost seems like another time frame for me. but it's cool. it brings back chills that go up the back of your
3:55 am
spine. brian: people talk about this generation not being as tough as past generations obviously world war ii being the quintessential. as the iron man, do you worry about the tough news of the next generations? >> no. i deal with kids a lot. they seem to be as resilient and they want to play. get out there and play. that's what i look forward to. steve: we are thinking friday chicken. tell us how you teamed up with roy rogers. >> i signed up with a new team. i was impressed with a streak of their own. they are celebrating their 50 year anniversary. and they are also very philanthropic. we are helping kids all over the country. brian: when you reach the pen calpinnacle playing in the l of fame. has anything reached that type of passion and high you received as a player? has this portion of your life been as rewarding as your first. >> i had a chance for a second career. i chose to use the platform
3:56 am
baseball gave me help other kids learn baseball. we got back from prague in the czech republic. and we were teaching baseball and communicating through the language of baseball. brian: also nicaragua as well. >> nicaragua, japan. i represent the state in goodwill missions and making friends through baseball. brian: do they know who you? >> yes. steve: they know who you are. when they see you in the airport. >> depends which airport. i get noticed quite often. i'm amazed how recognizable i am. it's all positive. steve: teamed up with roy rogers, what do you like on your burger. >> i like everything. ainsley: one food. >> comfort food growing up was roast beef. ainsley: mine too. my mom made it with vegetables. brian: thanks for stopping by.
3:57 am
steve: continuing on live from new york city acting ice director thomas homan, condoleezza rice. and the hand who killed usama bin laden seven years ago today rob o'neill ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me ♪ now, i take metamucil every day. it naturally traps and removes the waste that weighs me down. so i feel... lighter. try metamucil and begin to feel what lighter feels like. and try new metamucil fiber thins, made with 100% natural psyllium fiber. a great-tasting and easy way to start your day.
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4:00 am
brian: they are demanding to get. in they are waiving their country's flag. demanding the u.s. let them in. >> is it legal for these people to knock on the door? absolutely. this is what the president doesn't like. but this is the law. >> shocking revelation out of israel. >> this regime, the preeminent terrorist regime of our time had a secret nuclear weapons program and they are trying under a very bad deal to get a nuclear arsenal. >> one year since kathy griffin beheaded president trump and apparently she isn't sorry anymore. >> by the way i take the apology back [bleep]. i'm not holding back on this family. this president is different. >> i wouldn't change a single word that i said. i'm very happy with what i said. >> i think this is about the
4:01 am
white house correspondents association and why they thought michelle wolf would be a good person who have at the vent knowing. >> people aren't happy if they say you are a supporter of donald trump. >> oh, yeah. people are mad about that. >> yeah. >> but you know, i don't give a [bleep]. [laughter] ♪ ♪ ainsley: that's a good one. i got to download that. steve: beautiful sky this morning live from new york city. the first day of may. it's going to be really warm today. ainsley: i know! steve: going to get into the 80's, approaching 90 degrees in the next couple of days. heat wave. ainsley: lunch outside. dinner outside. beautiful part of new york city all these restaurants put tables out on the street can you people-watch and maybe have a little rose
4:02 am
say. steve: i just had a piece of friday chicken out on the streets. ainsley: you were eating your lunch. steve: i know it. brian: you saw an incredible impactful display by somebody who was as comfortable on the stage. benjamin netanyahu. he detailed reports how extensive iran's nuclear program was before this deal was done and fundamentally there is a lot of take away but fundamentally it shows this whole deal was done on a false premise. it was a premise in which iran told us we have a nuclear program but it's not for a nuclear bomb and then we talked. and it turns out they had a nuclear program and it was for a nuclear bomb and it was bigger, larger and more extensive than anyone thought. steve: what happened was the israelis were able to get their hands on 110,000 files. and what they did was
4:03 am
essentially show and it's taking them, according to the prime minister, a couple of months for them to translate them. and they discovered they were working on a nuke. but it was a long time ago. however, nonetheless, mr. netanyahu clearly made this presentation live on television yesterday to influence the president of the united states. donald trump, who has said by may the 12th he will decide whether or not to stay with the deal. here is the prime minister talking about the important decision our president has to make. >> this regime the preeminent regime of our time in which its goons chant death to america, death to israel. this regime had a secret nuclear weapons program and they are trying under a very bad deal to get a nuclear arsenal and they hate america. they hate america's guts. so, i think if that's what they are doing without nuclear weapons, think of what will happen when they get an arsenal of nuclear weapons if this deal just goes through as is. i'm very glad, i have to
4:04 am
tell you, that president trump has stood so firmly and so clearly on this issue. ainsley: if you are wondering are these documents real? did israel obtain from tehran. our government, our intelligence officials are saying yes, they are real. they are confirming what benjamin netanyahu is saying. the secretary of state mike pompeo said for many years the iranian regime has insisted to the world that its nuclear program was peaceful. the documents obtained by israel from inside of iran show beyond any doubt that the iranian regime was not telling the truth. brian: rob mali, a former senior negotiator for barack obama says there is nothing new in this presentation. all it does is indicate the need for the nuclear deal. this is for an audience of one and that's donald trump. i think there is something new in this negotiation. they never acknowledged they had a bomb before. they had a bomb program before even though it was assumed. steve: so they found this
4:05 am
archive and b.b. netanyahu said ohio why were they hanging on to it? what is perplexing is the fact we are a year or two -- a couple of years into the deal. according to mike pompeo and weapons inspectors, at this point iran has been complying with the deal. but, the prime minister himself said look, it was a bad deal. knicks it or fix it he said. we talked a lot about the white house correspondents dinner over the weekend. michelle wolf, you might be tired of talking about it there is new news this morning. she has now doubled down on what she said. here she is on interview with npr. >> i wouldn't change a single word that i said. i'm very happy with what i said and i'm glad that i stuck to my guns. brian: talk show come out on netflix. went from obscure reporter on the daily show to one everyone knows. i think it's going to be a win for her. i don't think she won over everybody else who wasn't
4:06 am
going to watch. ainsley: stuck to her guns something that important. she is a comedian. brian: she wanted to attack not entertain. steve: in the rubble they are trying to figure out what to do with the white house correspondents association dinner. "the washington post" said, you know, pull the plug on it, it's not working. the incoming president, a fellow by the name of oliver knox says they are weighing format changes. we don't know what that means. maybe they will do away with the entertainment. he says the dinner should be boring and focus on journalists and the work of good reporters. obviously it has strayed so far. mollie hemingway a fine journalist said this about all of that. >> i don't think people really knew who she was before and now she is much more of a common name. it really isn't about whether she should apologize. this is who she is. i think this is about the white house correspondents association and why they thought michelle wolf would be a good person to have at the event going after conservatives and republicans hard and
4:07 am
personally and lightly jabbing their own people, the media and democrats is just what the correspondents additional has been known for. it was a very honest dinner about the state of d.c. right now. ainsley: you make a good point, brian. you said she is there to attack by saying i'm going to stick to my guns. she is activist. not a comedian. >> that's what rob schneider said about alec baldwin's impersonation of donald trump. playfulness to what dana carvy did for george bush 41. there is no playfulness attack and anger where people clap and they oooh and awe. if your way of restructuring the white house correspondents dinner is come one come all, it's boring. i think you have to go to a plan b. steve: i just saw my son in that picture. i had no idea he was there that night. jim acosta blames donald trump for the dinner. he tweeted out my problem with last night's dinner is not that we had a comedian who told some really nasty jokes. he said we did not address the nearly constant attacks
4:08 am
on the press from the president. the dinner should change with the times s it sends a strong message to the world. is he blaming donald trump. ainsley: you said in the first hour. you said roseanne barr. what are some of the rules of comedy? >> number one, let me see. roseanne barr says this. first of all, never target someone more famous than you in the audience. you will lose the entire crowd. second rule, comedy comes from love, not from hate. if you feel hate, you don't get laughs. and that's what people felt. uncomfortable and hate even for people that didn't vote for president trump, you see a nice person there as a press secretary or somebody there who is a liaison with the white house and you thought a campaign manager. and you are targeting them. i hope a tree falls in the woods and crushes you. fantastic. let's get a round of applause. steve: at least get stuck. meanwhile, somebody else who has been in the press a lot for taking shots at the president. is kathy griffin.
4:09 am
remember, she held up that decapitated donald trump mask covered with ketchup and she wound up severing ties. cnn and all those other outlets cut ties with her. she did apologize. now as we have learned from theview. she takes it back. >> i can't believe it's been a year. >> i know. >> a year in month that picture was released. >> by the way i take the apology back [bleep] ainsley: why because her career is thriving again. brian: did i talk to her for a while. remember, steve, she used to come on. steve: all the time. ainsley: you talked to her after that. brian: i talked to her before that comment. i talked to her at the correspondents dinner. she is coming back with a new attack trump program. there is no contrition. she is going to talk about how the fbi. how everyone came to her house because it was a threat on the president and what she went through.
4:10 am
steve: she is going to do the stephen colbert show. ainsley: she was sorry until she got a gig. now she is working again she is not sorry. brian: has a revelation she shouldn't have said she is sorry. steve: on "the view" the reason she said she was sorry was because she thought of daniel pearl's mother, you know, daniel pearl was decapitated by the bad guys over there she said i was thinking about the mother so i apologize so now she takes it all back. brian: i will say, this michelle wolf deleted thousands of her tweets, some of which are abhorrent and not even attempting to be funny like serena williams is a man and talks about racists and talks about horrible things. magically deleted. i don't know if it will address her netflix deal or not. steve: anyway. that's what's going on in the world of entertainment and politics now some news with jillian. jillian: that's right. good tuesday morning to you guys and to you at home as well. let's start with a fox news alert. one person is dead after a 26-story tower comes
4:11 am
crumbling down in a ball of flames. look at that video. people were trapped inside and heard screaming for help. [crying] jillian: fire ripping through the building in brazil. witness says it started on the fourth floor of the former police headquarters. the building was abandoned by occupied by squatters. also breaking right now, a u.s. service member is killed and another is wounded during a combat operation in eastern afghanistan. officials say several afghani soldiers were also killed while allied forces fought the corzine group. isis claimed responsibility for twin bombing that killed at least 25 people in kabul. we now know what special counsel robert mueller wants to ask president trump in the russian probe. the "new york times" obtaining a list of almost four dozen questions range
4:12 am
from the president's motivation for firing fbi director james comey to contact the trump campaign has with russians. judge andrew napolitano joined us earlier to react. >> it tells me they already know the answers to many of those questions they can document the answers and wants to see if the president tells the truth. jillian: so disgraceful questions concerning the russian witch hunt were leaked to the media. i see you have a phony made up crime collusion that never existed and an investigation begun with the illegally leaked classified information. nice. >> former president george h.w. bush is gaining strength in the hospital. the 93-year-old was admitted for a blood infection last week a day after wife barbara's funeral. a family spokesperson says quote 41 is in great conspiracy and looking forward to going home soon. he wants to spend the summer at the bush compound in
4:13 am
kennebunkport maine where a memorial for barbara is growing. steve: very nice. good to hear is he on the mend. brian: 112 minutes after the hour. first wave of immigrants from that program applying for asylum. we will ask border patrol agent on the ground next. ainsley: ronext.ains roseanne ig back at critics. >> oh yeah, people are mad about that but, you know, i don't give a [bleep]. ainsley: what do you think about that? we are reading your emails. brian: it was redacted. ♪ we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig.
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♪ we have to have borders. if we don't have borders we don't have a country, i have been watching for weeks as the caravan came up. we are doing the best we can with it. but we have to have changes in congress and we have to have it quickly. steve: there have you president trump doubling
4:18 am
down on the need for a border wall as the department of justice has charged 11 suspected caravan immigrants for illegally trying to enter the united states. another 8 migrants are getting through the border crossing to apply for asylum there in california. here to weigh in is the president of local 1613 of the national border patrol counsel kerry sheg. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: what's different this time is apparently at the direction of president. the department of homeland security and the border patrol, the people who slowly but surely get into the system to ask for asylum, rather than just fill out a form and say okay, come back in three months or whenever when your investigation is done, you are actually holding them there at the border. why are they doing that? >> well, i would like to give credit to the administration and to the department of homeland security and cbb in general for setting up this type of
4:19 am
program they have been proactive and set it up with lee a zon in mexico so they won't overwhelm the system. there is only so many resources and so many agents available to process the we know how many there are we will basically give them a number and process as many as we can per day and schedule them as we can rather than allowing them to come all at once and overload the system. steve: sharier. this is different. i'm sure when they started this vary can she figured okay. we will get to the border. we are going to apply for asylum. we will all get to do it together as has been done in years past. but clearly this administration is trying to send a message there is a new sheriff in town and it's not going to be a cake walk to get in anymore. >> yes. and that's one of the things that our agents on the ground appreciate that they have done something that has said okay, this is the way that it's going to be done and dictated how this will
4:20 am
apply so that we could use our resources to the best that we have. the best ability that we can. and to make sure that those that don't comply with that will be prosecuted. steve: all right. also, the 11 suspected members of the caravan who were arrested for trying to get into the country. now they are going to be criminally charged with a misdemeanor. but that's different, too. >> yes. that's another one of the proactive steps they took this time okay we will dictate this is how it is going to be done as opposed to waiting and reacting to whatever circumstance comes up. if you don't have a plan like this. it takes away from the limited resources we have. there is a way to do this at the ports of entry. steve: sure. >> as opposed to coming in between the ports of entry as you saw the demonstrators and the protesters in high area in san diego. that's in the border patrol's area of operation not the port of entry. that takes our guys away from protecting the country. steve: we thank you for joining us today to tell us what's going on behind the
4:21 am
scenes. thank you, sir. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, president trump standing up for christians calling on nigeria's president to stop the killing in his country. why is nobody talking about that? we will next. 've seen almost evg so we know how to cover almost anything. even "close claws." (driver) so, we took your shortcut, which was a bad idea. [cougar growling] (passenger) what are you doing? (driver) i can't believe that worked. i dropped the keys. (burke) and we covered it. talk to farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
4:22 am
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get your groove on orwith one a day 50+. badda book, badda boom. ♪ get ready for the wild life ♪ complete multivitamins with key nutrients that address 6 concerns of aging, including heart health, supported by b-vitamins. your one a day is showing. mr. elliot, what's your wiwifi?ssword? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi.
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it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ ♪ brian: going to give you headlines. i hold in my hands papers that have nothing to do with this, i just forgot to put them down. student activists will walk out today to pressure school administrators to declare their campus a sanctuary campus. belief that? in a so-called may day manifesto, the group also demands a $15 an hour wage for all campus employees. a fascist free campus environment and end to tuition increases. what fantasy are these people in? i will stop walking now. illegal immigrants in that
4:25 am
sanctuary state could soon hold office. democratic state senator proposing a bill in to putting illegals on local board commissions in california. wouldn't that be a natural evolution. he says it would allow the government to better serve its diverse communities. talking about diversity. here is a very diverse ainsley earhardt. ainsley: thank you very much. brian. president trump standing up for christians in a meeting with a nigerian president. >> we're deeply concerned by religious violence in nigeria, including the burning of churches and killing and persecution of christians. we encourage nigeria to do everything in their power to immediately secure the affected communities and to protect innocent civilians of all faiths. ainsley: the killings of christians, christian persecution getting virtually no coverage on the mainstream media. here to discuss this, co-host of the christian broadcasting network faith nation david brody and jenna
4:26 am
browder. thank you so much for being with us. what's the story here? what's hang to christians in nigeria and other countries that are dangerous. >> it's horrible. 62%. in top ten christian persecution worldwide. 215 million christians overall persecuted around the country or excuse me, around of the world. and so what's happening in nigeria and some of those stories are horrible. >> they atrocious, ainsley. babies being thrown against rocks. terrorists going through towns slight soliciting people's throats. >> are christian missionaries going in this area. >> they are. samaritan's purse very important there you have all of that what's really interesting is the evangelical leaders that have partnered if you will with these missionary groups. so you have whether it be the tony perkins and many others, a lot of these folks are going overseas and really having some personal meetings that are very important that will really
4:27 am
influence the dialogue and it's all because of the close ties with the trump administration. ainsley: somewhat president doing. >> we saw him yesterday take a strong stance and put the leader of nigeria on notice if you don't do something about, this we will. also a lot of religious freedom things is he doing in terms signing that executive order and that really set the tone for this what this administration will stand for. religious persecution. religious freedom is a top priority in this administration. ainsley: you know, we probably wouldn't be talking about this today if the president weren't talking to the president of the nigeria yesterday in the rose garden. what have you noticed? you were telling me in the break there are rasmussen poll about what americans really care about. >> jenna has some of those numbers but can i tell you this real quick. on the media i was looking at the "new york times" website, "the washington post" website. this does not make it at all. think about it for a second. president trump called nigerian leader right there in the rose garden and
4:28 am
nothing in the "new york times" or "the washington post" and yet, it's just fascinating to see this and yet we have this huge moral dilemma. and problem in our country. ainsley: tell me about poll? >> the poll by was houston show democrats care more about muslims who are mistreated here in the united states than christians who are mistreated in islamic countries. and of course we know more journalists are democrats than republicans. so it's really no wonder there is such a lack of reporting on an issue like this. ainsley: i think we should care about both issues. thank you we appreciate it v.a. hospitals rund fire again. photos of a dirty room where a veteran was sent for treatment going viral. that outraged veteran is going to join us live. todd piro having breakfast with friends in west virginia ahead of the big election there hey, todd. >> hey, ainsley, good morning to you. a lot of people are saying that this senate seat that joe manchin seat could switch from democrat to
4:29 am
republican. i'm going to talk to a young lady here who herself switched from democrat to republican. what's even better than that? she is playing her today. she is a gamer. more "fox & friends" right after this.
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
>> how could have you voted for him, rose van san. >> he talked about jobs, jackie. he said he would shake things up. this might come as a complete shock with you we almost lost our house way things are going. >> have you looked at the news because things are worse. >> not on the real news. >> oh, please. steve: this was the premier episode of roseanne during the launch. which she pointed out not 20 million viewers, jimmy, it had 27 million viewers. brian. ainsley: she was on last night with jimmy fallon of course he asks her.
4:33 am
they this full funny exchanges he asked her do you support the president and a lot of people don't like that but. this was her response. >> what about when it comes to people who aren't so happy as well if you say you are a supporter of donald trump. >> oh, yeah. people are mad about that. but, you know, i don't give a [bleep]. everybody had to choose for themselves, according to their own conscience who they thought was the lesser of two evils. eighi'm not going to put anybody down who didn't vote like me. this is america. it's a free country. when you weigh it all together, i just felt like we needed a whole new thing all the way. bottom to top. brian: and they talked about how he appreciated when the president called her she revealed a couple earlier she said mr. president thank you more moving the embassy to jerusalem, a lot of people talked about it and did you it. she is talking to somebody jimmy fallon who did this thing called traditional late night where he had fun
4:34 am
with both sides. he actually did a funny thing for president trump and had to apologize for so-called normalizing him. is he looking at her saying where do you get that courage from, essentially. steve: also, they were talking about why has this show been a run away hit? she said people just miss the family. they missed her approach. we were talking about she has such a simple delivery something very endearing about it. ainsley: lesser of two evils. if you talk to people, we weren't electing a pastor. we were electing a president. they both had hillary clinton and president trump, they were things that imperfections on both sides and americans got to go to the polls and choose. it doesn't mean you have to hate someone because they didn't vote the same way you did. you can have dialogue. brian: we asked about this. and roseanne' stance. melissa says this. i love she has the backbone to stand up for what she believes and thinks and doesn't care who it makes mad in hollywood.
4:35 am
steve: roseanne is a refreshing change she doesn't care what people think about her support of president trump. people are growing bored of democratic whining. ainsley: another viewer writes roseanne was not defending her state. she was stating a fact. she felt we needed a complete change. brian: we got change. [laughter] steve: meanwhile, it's 7:35 in new york city. and 735 in fairmont, west virginia. and that is where todd piro is, he is live at dj's 50's and 60's diner. when you look up, what does a quintessential diner look like in wikipedia? it would look exactly like the place you are at right now. >> you nailed it, steve. we had dinner here last night, producer matt and i and the food as well is quintessential 50's, 60's diner. the decor is all 50's, 60's artists. we are having a great time. we are here in west virginia because as you know tonight 6:30 big debate on the fox
4:36 am
news channel. bret baier, martha maccallum and republican primary debate the three main candidates there in the debate going to be on the sage. what is interesting about cheryl she is a retired police worker if you will because she worked in dispatch. she is also a pastor. she is one of the individuals one of those democrats who says the democratic party left me. i didn't leave them. you are an independent. why? >> i just don't agree with their policies. i have find that they are totally against anything that president trump wants to do. i'm definitely a president trump supporter. todd: you said you are undecided as to the primary. you will be watching the debate tonight. you said the number one issue is jobs. why? >> because there is a lot of poverty in west virginia. it satisfiedens me to see that i think because of the poverty, we also have drug problem in west virginia.
4:37 am
i want to see jobs come. and i see the president trump is making jobs available to the people in the united states. todd: cheryl, one thing that really got you fired up is the lack of civility in the country. the divisiveness. and you said you looked at the white house correspondents dinner as a prime example of what is not right with our country. why do you say that? >> it breaks my theater see the meanness that's in people. the -- they are just so full of hatred and bitterness. and the comedian that thought she was to be funny, i feel very sad for her because she wasn't funny at all. she was full of a lot of hatred. that's what is dividing this country. i want to see this country come together in unity, being one together, that's what will help us get to where we need to be. todd: cheryl, well-spoken, thank you so much. nic? nic is a developer and independent. he doesn't have a horse in
4:38 am
this race. let me ask you about a bigger national issue. what is the bigger issue facing our nation right now. >> right now we have a drug crisis need to put forth a unified effort to try to solve. it's contaminating our workforce and contaminating our schools and ruining our culture. at some point we need to take it seriously and so far we haven't done that. todd: so far in west virginia you find it's an huge issue arrests well recommendation use the university more seriously few more steps to go. todd: i will go over here to my friend john because it's written right there on his shirt. john is a retired judge and a trooper. and, john, when i sat down with you, you said here in this west virginia senate race, your words, joe must go. why do you say that? >> joe manchin doesn't reflect the feelings of west virginia. he is a self-ingrateiating individual. runs commercials like he is the boy next door.
4:39 am
west virginians want a change in washington. we supported donald trump overwhelmingly in this state. and he has done nothing but play games with that. and, other than the gorsuch vote, i can't think anything he has done to help the president. todd: let me ask you this, you voted for patrick morrisey in the primary because you said he stood up to president obama. what do you mean by that? >> he brought several suits in court against the obama administration. they were trying to kill coal. they were enacting rules that really shouldn't have been enacted. he had the guts to go in and file suit and actually prevail in a number of cases. todd: john, thank you very much. that's what the voters here are saying. it's john because it's on his shirt. we will send it on out to new york city. steve, ainsley and brian.
4:40 am
steve: all right. todd. thank you very much. make sure you are watching tonight 6:30 eastern time. martha maccallum and bret baier will moderate. ainsley: how do you know that's their names. it's not on their shirt. steve: that's true. it's actually written down at the bottom of the screen. bret baier and martha maccallum. brian: does anyone know what jillian mele is doing right now? steve: i think the news. jillian: is that really my name? brian: jillian said at the white house correspondents dinner. can you call me jill. ainsley: if you should have twins some take name them jack and jill. >> most of my friends call me jill. you can call me jill. steve: thank you jill. ainsley: can i call you jill, too? jillian: absolutely. of course. let's get you caught up on some of the headlines we are following. newly released text messages between fbi lovers peter strzok and ladies and gentlemen show the two anti-trump agents were using
4:41 am
personal accounts for work. last april strzok asked page caa work? he told her to release her personal email sent something to your email work related. the two repeted live express evidence concerns where too tough on hillary clinton during her email. shamed over prom dress that some are calling racist. posting photos wearing traditional chinese dress. the 18-year-old sent hundreds of angry comments on twitter. she is standing um to those critics i'm simply showing my appreciation to their culture. i'm not deleting my post because i have done nothing but show my love for the culture. take a look at your screen. this little leaguer getting all the big laughs. his coach telling him to run as fast as he can but he likes to do things his own way.
4:42 am
>> good man. you're almost there. ♪ i will j jill that's 3-year-old len no, running in slow motion to home base in california. even brushes off dad. and there he makes it. those are your ned lines. ainsley: did you see a celebritying doing that. brian: probably likes 6-million-dollar man. steve: next time you run it would you run chariots of fire under it? jillian: oh, good. steve: janice dean has the "foxcast" and it's going to be a beautiful day in new york city? janice: it is going to be a beautiful day. people are going to be enjoying the 80-degree temperatures. warm temperatures ahead of a cold front across the plain states. warm across the eastern half. because of that composite and jet stream we have the
4:43 am
potential for severe storms. low pressure ejecting from the frox, warm golf moisture and severe weather outbreak including tornadoes, perhaps many across the complains to the only today but into tomorrow. risk hatched area for large very damaging tornadoes. wednesday's threat is even bigger. extending from the big bend of texas all the way up to the great lakes. we will keep an eye on it. this could be our biggest severe weather outbreak of the season. certainly maybe in the past couple of years. so would need to watch it. know what you are going to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. steve: absolutely. thank you very much for the heads up. janice: you got it. steve: v.a. hospitals under fire yet again. photos, look at this, of a dirty room where a veteran was sent for treatment. they have gone viral. that outraged vet joins brian next. how do you become america's best-selling brand?
4:44 am
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brian: you see these pictures? disturbing photos going viral for all the wrong reasons. it's a salt lake city v.a. hospital that placed an army veteran in this room to be treated. army veteran christopher wilson who took these photos saw a trash can overflowing with garbage. in fact, his dad did. sink splattered with dry cast and blaster and counter in complete disarray. soda cup there, too. wilson's dad shared the photos tweeting in part, quote: this was the condition of the room he was seen in very unprofessional and unsanitary and disrespectful. the photos prompted the v.a. to apologize for the dirty conditions. is apology really enough? christopher wilson who served two tours in iraq joins us now. chris, first off, thanks for your service. were you expecting better service from the v.a. or was it just a dirty room?
4:48 am
>> i have been dealing with the v.a. for about 10 years. they are normally pretty clean but, this was pretty disturbing. brian: you took those pictures. why did you put it out there? why did your dad do it? >> i just posted them on facebook at first. my dad saw them and he decided to post them. i took them to show my wife. brian: he posted it and obviously president trump ran on fixing the v.a. does it seem like it's getting better. >> it does not. it seems like it's stagnating. appointment wait times seem to be getting locker. service seems to be getting worse. brian: how long was your wait time? >> months at a time. i have a follow-up appointment but first available for the clinic i'm being seen in is
4:49 am
february 7th of 2019. brian: really? these your next appointment? >> yeah. it's supposed to be a six month follow-up but it's 10 month follow-up. brian: on a six month follow-up. so, chris, when i see that room, it's discouraging. it's unacceptable. but you think it's also indicative of what you have been seeing, falling short, long wait times. no improvement over the last few years? >> yeah. and seems to come from the top down. i don't know if it's a lack of leadership or just bad leadership. but, it feels like there is pretty deep issues with the v.a. in general. brian: i also know there is hundreds of positions, thousands of positions still open. when you complain or when you bring up the fact that wait times are too long and wait rooms are too dirty, what do they say? >> you can post it on social
4:50 am
media and get thousands of veterans with similar stories. i have gotten pretty much entirely support from veterans from who have been thanking me for speaking out against the conditions that they are facing with the v.a. brian: lastly, chris, real quick. if i could do something to fix it right now, with you being allowed to go to your own physician fix it right away? you aallowing the same funding to be private? >> choice would be very helpful. it would take the stranel off the v.a. system. it would give veterans more options to get their treatment where they would like to closer to their homes. people have to drive 150 miles to be seen in the salt lake clinic. it's a mess. brian: the word is huge push back on that to me would solve a lot. thanks for your service. glad you are speaking up and still serving your country by speaking out, chris
4:51 am
wilson, thank you. >> thank you. condoleezza rice condoleezza rice former secretary of state condoleezza rice joins us live. great new book. great new gift for mom's day? stick around. how about earning earrings for 79% off. i'm not killing. mega deal and ains limb is here. yo well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? you won't find relief here. congestion and pressure? full-bodied. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d.
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4:57 am
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the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. looks like we have a couple seconds left. let's do some card twirling twirling cards e*trade. the original place to invest online. ♪ brian: they are waving their country's flag, demanding the u.s. let them in. >> we know how many people there are. we'll basically give them a number, rather than allowing them to come all at once and overload the system. steve: benjamin netanyahu unveiling a massive pile of evidence showing iran lied about their nuke program. >> we'll have to do a serious, serious change here to make sure that iran does not have nuclear weapons. >> been one year and apparently she isn't sorry anymore. >> i take the apology back. [bleep] i'm not holding back on his family. ainsley: va hospitals under fire. photos of a dirty room where a veteran sent for treatment going viral. >> i've been dealing with the va
5:01 am
for about 10 years. it is pretty disturbing. service is getting worse. >> people are not so happy as well if you say you're a supporter of donald trump. >> yeah, people are mad about that. >> yeah. >> but you know, i don't give a [bleep] [laughter]. ♪ is ♪ brian: we take that road a lot. every one has traveled down the road. >> it served you well, it served you well, brian. steve: we have tom homan the acting director of immigration customs enforcement. has a big announcement. came out. you're retiring. >> the secretary made announcement yesterday. i made the announcement at awards ceremony. taking opportunity after 35
5:02 am
years with law enforcement to spend more time with me family. they deserve it. brian: you had to be convinced going out another early year early. >> i did. i retired. december 27th. i was in my hall with my wife shaking hands, to the call from john kelly, secretary, american hero. president would like you to stay around the agency. steve: wait, i'm leaving. >> exactly what i said. ainsley: happened at your retirement ceremony. >> happened at my retirement ceremony. the first words out of his mouth i know this is bad timing the president would like to stay to run the agency. i need to talk to my family. i will call me monday morning. here is the thought he left me with, before you hang up, i want you to think about this. the president of the united states is asking you a career law enforcement civil servant to serve your country a little longer. have a great weekend.
5:03 am
ainsley: a guilt trip. >> i had something set up with the private sector with making a lot more money than i am now. he is doing the right thing for this country. i want to come back to help him. steve: tom, there are rumors, he, you weren't getting along with the secretary of department homeland security. >> i heard that kristin neal send. she is patriot in our own right. she has been very supportive of knee and the men and women of i.c.e. i had daily conversation she was fighting for resources, fighting for money. i'm leaving for the right reasons to spend more time with me wife and kids who sacrificed as much as i have. ainsley: where do you they live. >> i'm from d.c. area. i'm a native new yorker. despite what governor cuomo thinks i love the state of new york. brian: i heard about that he says he doesn't have his papers
5:04 am
together. hope you follow up on that as civilian. talk about the caravan we've been tracking for the last 2 1/2 weeks. started with 1500 people. now they're down to 200, 250. they're asking, waving honduran flag in many cases. sitting on top of the fence in other cases. knocking on the door in other case, asking to be let in as refugees. what is your answer to that? >> i think it is an attack on the sovereignty of this nation. look, do i think some of these people have a credible case? do some of these folks are they escaping fear and percent using? yes, some are. i know many aren't. many are taking advantage of a system with loopholes in it. it is just not my thought after 34 years. if you look how many initial interview, they are coached to what to say. when they show up in immigration court, if they show up in immigration court, the judges find very few, last number i looked 30, 40% would have a
5:05 am
incredible fear find which means all the rest -- brian: made up. >> yeah. brian: they see the attraction of america, i get it. we just can't open up our doors to every one. we have to have a country. >> i can't blame anybody for wanting to be a part of the greatest country on earth. there is right way to do it, wrong way to do it. you can't want to be part of the greatest country of earth and not respect the laws. you can't have it both ways under this president. which is the right thing. ainsley: mexico offered them asylum. of the mexico said you can stay here. we'll offer you asylum? why are they continuing to come to our country. they can't plead that they stay there because mexico allowed them in. >> excellent point people. we don't have tens of thousands of people in mexico asking for a aisle lump. these people have been in mexico couple weeks. they didn't try to enter illegally because they're fear of their lives. some may have a good case but many don't. steve: sure. >> if they're escaping
5:06 am
guatemala, honduras, and in they're in mexico, is it about escaping persecution or getting into the united states. brian: are they important than syrians, yemenis, danes or czech republic. there are other people in line doing it the right way. >> exactly. when you have, for that population of folks with that population taking advantage of the system committing some sort of fraud there are people in world really need to come to this country. they are really escaping fear and persecution. when you clog the system you denye the people that really need our help. steve: department of homeland security and i.c.e., you're changing the rules. under this president you're changing the rules. the migrants have been lawyered up. but now that they're here, on our southern border, those who are being allowed to apply for asylum they have to stay there. you're not letting them back into the country in general. they will have to wait until they get their hearing. the 11 who jumped fence didn't want to wait, they have been
5:07 am
arrested. it is not catch-and-release this time. >> we're changing some things but one thing we got to remember this president hasn't changed an awful lot. this president is simply saying you will enforce the laws on the books which we haven't been allowed to do in the long, long time. people ask me all the time the way this president is attacking immigration enforcement. i worked for six presidents. i was hired under ronald reagan. i worked for six different presidents, none of them has done more than donald trump has for border security and law enforcement. this president has done more for us than any president. i have worked for six of them. i respect all of them. no one has done more for border security and law enforcement than this president. brian: i want you to hear the counter side. a lot of caravaners most of them from honduras have lawyers. here is the lawyer complaining about the system. they're not budging. listen. >> the message for customs and border protection, stop
5:08 am
rejecting asylum-seekers who try to present themselves at the port of entry. you know what you're doing. you know you turn people away. you complain that they are breaking the law by entering illegally. you are breaking the law and you are forcing them to break the law. that is why we have caravans. brian: do you agree with that logic? >> no. look, we're sovereign country. we have to right to deed who comes in the country, how at the come in. we're following the laws. we're not doing it on tear time frame. do it on the government's time frame. make sure they're vetted properly. maybe sure they have a claim to come to the united states, credible fear claim. we're playing by the rules. you hear the rule of law, the rule of law, i hear this all the time we follow the rule of law. i had an issue with governor cuomo last week, calling off i.c.e. officers saying they're breaking law, they're violating constitution. no, they're enforcing the law. if you don't like what we do, tell congress to change the law. 20,000 men and women of i.c.e. i
5:09 am
love dearly, they come to work every day, strap a gun to their hip, risk safety of their homes to defend the nation. other politicians call them nazis, racists, they're enforcing laws. they're american heroes. they need to be identified as such. ainsley: you're from new york as you said, the governor from here, bill de blasio and our mayor they want to make this sanctuary city, they want to protect illegals, care more about the illegals some people say than the legals. look what is happening in california. cities are breaking awearings siding with you and not their governor. you see on the front lines what the people are really like. what the story is. you have a heart for them, i understand, but tell the american public what you see and what is the message for the democrats that want to support illegals versus the legals? >> there is right way and wrong way to come to this country. we need to do it a legal way.
5:10 am
people standing in line five or six years it is not fair to them to follow the laws of this country while people break the law. sanctuary cities, i'm glad i got a few minutes i want to be clear to your viewers on the dangers of sanctuary cities. there are those politicians, sanctuary cities protect immigrant communities. there is four reasons why that is completely opposite of reality. number one, a sanctuary city, when you knowingly release a public safety threat back into the public that is danger to the community. when you're illegal alien in the county jail you get released you don't go back to the immigrant community where you live, because that is where you victimize. sanctuary cities put cities more at rick of crime because that is where the illegal i am my grant goes. sanctuary cities does if i can't arrest a bad guy in county jail, i'm in the county jail arresting bad guy, at the release them, my job is to locate them and arrest them, i'm going into that community or place of business find him and properly others
5:11 am
others that won't eastern pie on radar. with sanctuary policies done put them at greater risk of crime, greater risk at i.c.e. arrest, put my officers at greater risk. put them they are inside the county jail and know they don't have weapons. i pray for the men and women of i.c.e. they get safe, one day we wrong on door of somebody that should have gone to county jail. it is public safety threat, officer safety threat, puts immigration community at greater risk of arrest. alien smuggling organizations central american are using that as enticement. we'll get you to los angeles for this much money. you can even get arrested and not going to work with i.c.e. lastly i throw this out there, is no answer to this from politicians that want to push sanctuary city policies. go to the american community. ask them, would you rather have
5:12 am
i.c.e. agents in your neighborhood or the county jail? what do you i they will say? immigrant communities if you're here illegally you violated law. that is not good. despite them violating law, being here illegally, most are family people, want to live safe, secure life, but pretty much law-abiding other than illegal entry. they don't want child predators in their neighborhood either. >> you put it so simple that people understand. that is one of the reasons people love you. you are a straight talker, you have common sense. one of the reasons you got the award for the national law enforcement leader of the year. congratulations. >> thank you. that is biggest honor of my life because, i got presidential award, great honor. to be recognized by federal law enforcement officers from all over the country, getting recognized by one of your own who actually carry the badge and gun, last night was greatest honor in my career. brian: but you're not done yet. you indicate what you're doing next. >> i can't but i want to make one thing clear. i'm staying in the fight.
5:13 am
like i said i tried to retire year-and-a-half ago. i come back. i want to retire earlier this year but i wanted to finish the california lawsuit. i just finished my deposition in that. a long, comfortable deposition but we'll win this i wanted to announce but your governor upset me and i stayed and fight that. i am not leaving tomorrow. i want to defend the men and women of i.c.e. even when i'm on the outside i will fight for them. when you're a government employee you have certain things you can say and do. when you're a civilian -- brian: all bets are off. hopefully you can be a resource for us. steve: thank you for your service. real pleasure. meanwhile still more show to go. key senate race is in a dead-heat. democrat claire mccaskill neck-and-neck with her republican challenger, attorney general of missouri, josh howly.
5:14 am
he will join us next. ainsley: look who is in the green room. former secretary of state condoleeza rice. and the man who called osama bin laden seven years ago, rob o'neill. cause the absorb and lock technology traps dirt and liquid inside the pad. it's safe to use on all finished surfaces tile, laminate and hardwood. and it prevents streaks and hazing better than a micro fiber strip mop, giving you a thorough clean the first time. for a convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet with a money back guarantee. brand power. helping you buy better. get your groove on with one a day 50+. ♪ get ready for the wild life ♪ complete multivitamins with key nutrients that address 6 concerns of aging, including heart health, supported by b-vitamins. your one a day is showing.
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brian: welcome back. new polling puts the missouri senate race now a dead-heat between democrat incumbent, senator claire mccaskill, likely gop opponent, miss suri attorney general josh hawley. the latest "real clear politics" average is less than two points. we have candidate for the senate seat, josh hawley himself. >> thanks for having me. brian: mccaskill had two terms, 12 years in a state that has been pretty red. how has she done it? what would you do different? >> oh, my gosh. she voted with chuck schumer 90% of the time. she does not represent the people of missouri. she won't secure the border. she won't stove on shoring of american jobs. she voted to make health care more expensive. he voted to raise taxes 200 times. that tells you all you need to know. brian: todd aiken somewhat of a flawed candidate, they thought it was lay-up. what would your message be? >> my message we can do much
5:19 am
better. we need someone who will support and speak for the people of missouri, who will support our values, speak for our needs. claire mccaskill votes with her had party, chuck schumer, almost 90% of the time. she has been a partisan liberal democrat. that is not what missouri wants, not what missouri needs. brian: when you talk about this president. not everything he has done gets republicans sided. do you separate from the president on any issue. >> endorsed me in november. he won missouri by 19 points. we need better jobs, we need to end offshoring. we need to protect the bored. he is right about all those things. i will be with him on all those things. claire mccaskill is not. brian: one on your agenda is not claire mccaskill is google and facebook. you see a trend happening you don't like it? >> what i see, major companies, google the most powerful corporation in the world, collecting more data, more private information on us than any other company in history.
5:20 am
i want to know what they're doing wit. facebook, same deal. i want to know what they're doing with all the user information? who are they giving it to? they boasted during the 2012 campaign they shared it with the obama campaign, facebook did. i want to know why? what did they give to the obama campaign? brian: twitter also you dealt with cambridge analytica sold information too. >> all of these companies, here is the deal, are they telling consumers what they're collecting on us number one? are they telling consumers who they're selling it to? are they telling consumers what is with the information. i want the facts. brian: hard to hold the house. some say republicans expand the lead in the senate, that will happen with you, josh. congratulations on early success. >> thank you very much. brian: seven years ago, today, america celebrated the the deatf most wanted terrorist in the world, osama bin laden, rob o'neill, seal team six next. ♪
5:21 am
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and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> this is a fox news alert. bin laden is dead. >> the day osama bin laden's life came to an end. >> bin laden shot to death inside of a million dollar mansion. >> urgent confirmed. bin lauden is dead. multiple sources usama bin laden is dead. >> the day that he found out the sorry about the 72 virgins waiting for him on the other side, was boom, he's dead. >> the world's most wanted man. >> bin laden. >> osama bin laden. >> the leader of al qaeda. >> shot in mack stan. >> shot in the face, dead and buried at sea.
5:25 am
>> is dead. >> the united states is conducted a operation that killed osama bin laden. we can say to those families who lost loved ones, al qaeda's terror, justice has been done. ♪ steve: seven years ago today navy seals invade the compound of osama bin laden and kid him in an operation that took under an hour. how far have we come on the fight against terror since then? let's talk to the navy seal that killed osama bin laden, rob o'neill. author of the book which is out in paperback. >> good morning,. steve: steve i have seen the montage a couple times before but i still get goose bump. >> that was operate with geraldo talking about it, i was watching from afghanistan, a lot of sources trying to confirm, they confirmed bin laden was dead
5:26 am
before the president came out on the red carpets. tonight i can tell the american people and the world that united states conducted a operation that killed osama bin laden. >> you were watching geraldo on tv and bin laden was at your feet? >> powers that be, law enforcement agencies, three-letter agencies, taking test and photos i think need to be released. we were having breakfast and, fox news was on. we're watching it, when he said usama bin laden, i looked back at osama bin laden. how could a kid from montana barely swim, become a navy seal at this moment t was honor to be part of that incredible team, include every one, pilots, air crew, rangers, intel analysts that found him. honor to be asked to be a part of it. steve: i've seen the movie. i've read your book. i know things went right. some things went wrong. but ultimately you were in the stairwell and it could have been i in of those men who took the
5:27 am
shot. >> it should have been, we even sorted joked what was going to happen. is bin laden getting emergency ladder, slide up in the alley and someone outside with machine gun would get him. we were joking about it. i was never going to be a part of the mission. he was a ghost. get to the spot. delivered by pilots to get in position because of teammates in front of me. they knew the house should blow up around them at any moment. they kept the tactics. smooth is fast, and i was proud of them. then all of sudden i'm in a spot i turn a corner, saw pretty much the bravest act heroism other seen, the point man jumped on suicide bombers. i turned to the right where he went. bin laden is standing there three feet away. i saw him. recognized him. he is not a sprinter. suicide bomber. needs to be addressed as such. i need to shoot him in the head. steve: you didn't think you would come out alive? >> we thought we were going to die. it was he can to curbs fear, accepted it. said good bye tourkids.
5:28 am
it was pride so proud of my nice. at end, one or two rooms left. we have to go in there. he will blow himself up. it wasn't bravery on my part. it might have been for the point man. i'm tired of thinking about it. let's get it over with. i will get in are. steve: load up a bunch of stuff, computer intel and video disks, intel, you're in the chopper, flying home what is going through your head seven years ago today? >> seven years ago today if we can fly for 90 minutes we get 50 years. we might live, i might get to see my family debt. we're flying back. pilots doing incredible job. no one is talking, we're all looking watches. almost to a point where "miracle on ice" where americans beat the russians, can hear them flying down. twice for the first time in your lives, you will be happy to hear it, welcome to afghanistan. that is the when we pulled it off. steve: i don't know that you ever told us in public, you were so positive you were going to
5:29 am
die, you were out shopping with your girls, and you thought, you know what? i need a pair of sunglasses. i will buy the most expensive pair i could. >> i saw a pair of prada sunglasses on sale, $240. i'm a chief in the navy. i can't afford these sunglasses. i'm going to be dead next week, american express can afford them. i thought it was cool. i ended up carrying sunglasses into bin laden's bedroom. what if we live the night, can't get helicopter, steal a car to get to the embassies. i had them in my pocket as i went into his room. >> as you reflect the last seven years, how do you put it in perspective. >> almost i know the story but no way it happened. we obviously went and did it. intel found him. we were able to bring intelligence back and prosecute more targets. we found out bin laden was running al qaeda from there. life is around you when. i was going to retire at 30 and
5:30 am
smoke cigars on coronado and go to mcps and tell stories. steve: driving around with sunglass. >> they're under lock and key. steve: when people see you on the street, what do they say to you? >> a lot of thank you. i was in new york in grocery store. he mentioned he lost a loved one the now his uncle has cancer from 9/11. thank you. they don't bother pe. occasionally they want to pay for a beer or something like that. but overwhelmingly positive. in person it is always positive. steve: thank you for your service. >> my pleasure. an honor. >> rob o'neill, life story in paperback, called the "operator." you sure are. >> thank you. >> big republican senate debate in west virginia. what do the voters want to hear. todd is having "breakfast with friends." former secretary of state condoleeza rice joins us on the couch. come on in you're next.
5:31 am
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>> this regime had a secret nuclear weapons program and they're trying under a very bad deal to get a nuclear arsenal. they shouldn't get it. i'm very glad, i have to tell you, that president trump has stood so firming, so clearly on this issue. this deal was a terrible deal. it should have never been concluded. there needs to be a change right now. brian: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on our show 90 minutes ago talking about the presentation he gave yesterday outlining iran's nuclear weapons program that ended in 2003 but is much more extensive than anybody knew. steve: i wish we had somebody
5:35 am
here could analyze this? look who is here, condoleeza rice. ainsley: welcome. steve: under president george w. bush. has a brand new book called political risk. we'll talk about that in a moment. what did you think of his presentation yesterday? >> i haven't read the entire dossier, it confirms and reconfirms what we know, that iranians were lying about their nuclear weapons program for decades. it says to me that the 2015 nuclear deal, the real issue is verification. when you know that you have a country that has lied repeatedly, obviously -- steve: why trust them now? >> why trust them now. my concern about the nuclear deal had been the verification regime, if anything this makes it even more clear that you can't have a verification regime that gives iranians weeks to clean up the site before you can to in there. brian: good point. we haven't even talked about the verification. couple things. this is a few years old. they got a lot of stuff up
5:36 am
front, $1.9 billion. some frozen. they rethesed from all sanctions. investment hasn't poured in yet. if we pull out now, is it a different calculus because they got so much already? >> i actually think if we pull out now it is not going to be the disaster everybody is talking about. i would not have signed this deal. i don't think it was a very good deal. i think we were in a her hadry to get a deal and we left a lot on the table. as you said they got a lot up front. allies love this deal. i certainly hope in their meeting with president trump that macron and merkel talked about ways to improve the deal if we're going to stay in it. if we get out of this deal, it is going to be just fine. iranians i think will try and stay in, they do want the investment eventually to start flowing. the reason the investment isn't flowing, we still have sanctions on iran because of terrorism. that makes companies very wary of going into iran and finding out all of sudden actually terp funding the irgc --
5:37 am
steve: we had no idea. >> exactly. brian: ainsley: sounds like you're in favor of pulling out of the deal? >> i would have stayed in for alliance management purposes but i have no argument if the president -- if the president decides to pull out of the deal i have no argument with that. steve: secretary, people, the analysts on television, pundits said when donald trump was referring to kim jong-un as a little "rocket man," he will get us into a shooting war with north korea. fast forward to today, looks like we are on the verge of something impressive. >> possibly. although i will say for the koreans have tendency to do this, when they're under pressure, come to the table, make promises, break the promises. i was the last secretary of state to negotiate with the father. so we have to be careful but you have to give the administration a lot of credit for having turned up the heat on china by saying to the chinese look, we will defend the united states of america even if it means using
5:38 am
military force. steve: the chinese are helping a lot. >> the chinese are now helping. we really did isolate the north koreans more successfully this time. one of the things that people didn't notice, you remember when 20 countries expelled north korean workers. that was a source of hard currency to the regime. all of sudden we did things that were really very effective with the regime. i have to tell you former secretary tillerson really does have a lot of credit for that and i think current secretary pompeo is showing that he is going about this in the right way, planning the summit very carefully because the north koreans will exploit any loophole. ainsley: he like you, when you were secretary of state, went ahead right before he was confirmed, paved the way for the president to meet kim jong-un. what advice do you have for our president sit down with kim jong-un? >> first don't negotiate the details with kim jong-un. leave that for people who understand the nuances of this situation.
5:39 am
there are other countries have interests here. japan, for instance has interests here. south korea has interests here. so that is the first thing. really recognize that others are at stake. secondly, don't be anxious about positiving american military forces. american military forces are stablizing force, not just on the korean peninsula, but in the region as a whole. finally, never forget what the nature of this regime really is. this is is a regime murdered an american citizen just a little while ago. a regime where the leader had his half-brother murdered in malaysia using vx gas. brutal regime. human rights violation. a death camp for its own citizens. don't forget the nature -- brian: where would you have this? >> probably certainly not in washington. certainly not in the white house. there has been some talk of maybe doing something close to the dmz, demilitarized zone between the two koreas. i think that would be all right. geneva is possibility.
5:40 am
they tend to do these things. i think it is less important where they have it. obviously the symbol system an issue. it has to be very well-prepared. i think the fact that secretary pompeo, when he was cia director was able to go to pongyang and we didn't know it, that is good sound, good sign. steve: tell us a little bit about your new book. >> my coauthor and i amy seeing gert, who is a professor at sanford, we taught a occur in the business school. we didn't have any materials about political risk. businesses are facing multiplying political risk. just think about, would you have thought even a year or two years ago, because a great power is behaving badly, that would be russia, interfering in american elections, using a social media platform, now that is a political risk to those companies? so the kinds of political risks are multiplying. if you have long supply chains and we're in a trade war, that's
5:41 am
a political risk. oh, by the way, somebody with a cell phone can sink your stock for a, ask united airlines about that. brian: that is so interesting because of, now you're saying if you're a business person don't shut off your political mind. tough get resources. for example, someone comes out with documentary at seaworld, "blackfish," you're invested in seaworld as a public company, that stock dropped. if you were not paying attention what the documentary could do, you're using -- losing a lot of money. >> and a low budget film. they didn't spend a lot of money on the film and almost crashed seaworld. one of the problem with political risk, phobe ever gets praise for stopping something that didn't happen, right? so your political risk people, sometimes feel you feel like they're crying wolf, listen to them. get them into the boardroom. get them into the c-suite. be personally responsible as a ceo for fading the risk
5:42 am
environment. in this geopolitical environment, those risks are coming from multiple sources. brian: times like this, when you see the iran deal up in the air and north korean thing there, you want to be in the fray or glad you're not in the fray? >> really glad to be a professor at stanford. it is good to comments on these things, help the american people understand them. i tell you, people should recognize the pressures that folks making these decisions face every day. we need to thank them. i want to say one other thing, that montage was thrilling of that moment about osama bin laden. i was the national security advisor on september 11th, i want to say on this anniversary of his death, thank you, thank you, to the men and women who protected us for all of those years especially to those brave people who got him. brian: gina haspel has to defend her actions in the cia what is your reaction to that? >> my reaction in you were not in a position of authority on sent 11th, you have no idea
5:43 am
the pressures we faced to make sure that this country wasn't attack again. walk a mile in our shoes and you will understand some of the things that -- brian: almost offended when people are judging her? >> i am off phonedded people who were not there and didn't have to make the tough decisions now want to second-guess. i think that, look, we're an open society, people can debate, there is nothing wrong with that but the fine professionals who kept us safe deserve our praise, not our criticism. steve: check out her brand new book. it is called, "political risk." condoleeza rice, thanks for joining us. brian: talk to you more on radio. >> got it. steve: straight ahead in west virginia, todd piro is talking with people ahead of the debate on fox. he is ahead. ainsley: if you need the mother's day perfect gift, looks like pearls could be a option.
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every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road. >> good morning to you, welcome back. we have some quick headlines. a driver with a truck full of potato chips gets lefted for four days in the wilderness but doesn't eat a single chip. jacob cartwright trying to make a delivery when gps sent him wrong way, trapping him in snow and mud. he walked 36 miles in oregon, completely dehydrated and frost bitten. why didn't he eat any chips, he said he didn't want to damage property that didn't belong to him. a teenager is called racist wearing a traditional chinese dress to problem. a utah high school student tweeting her pictures and receiving hundreds of angry comments. many people were offended by this pose with her hands folded
5:48 am
together. she is standing up to the critics, here is the tweet, i'm showing my appreciate sun to their culture. i'm not deleting my post but done nothing but show my love for the culture. those are the headlines. downstairs to you. steve: jill, thank you very much. let's go out to west virginia. there is a big fox debate tonight, 6:30 eastern time. todd piro is live at the diner taking the pulse of the people. ainsley: hey, todd. >> hey, guys. bret and martha for you at 6:30. they will be vetting the republican primary candidates to run against joe manchin. we're doing a little vetting now. bob served in the marines. thank you for your service. also a retired railroad conductor. you're undecided. you will watch the debate to figure out who you like, but it has to be somebody that supports the president's agenda. why do you say that? >> because i think unification is strength. i don't think we'll get anything done which is evident already what happened with the congress
5:49 am
and house and republican congress especially not being able to unify themselves and move forward with the president's agenda. we all got to get on the same page and work together like a football team, trying to get to the goal line if we're going to score a touchdown. >> despite all of that, you are likely to vote for joe manchin, quickly, why? >> joe manchin has done a lot of good for west virginia. he is tried and true. he grew up here in marion county. he is a friend of the family. he is a good person. so, we're not going to throw baby out with the bath water, you know. >> bob, while everybody here is a friend, bob and dave disagree on this point. what's funny, david is a democrat, registered democrat. he can't vote in this upcoming primary but he says you're look aring for the person that supports the president's agenda, and who will go against joe manchin. why do you say that? >> joe manchin let us down when it comes to our tax reform. when he voted against that, i have four children working, all,
5:50 am
three of them out-of-state, and one in state. they don't, none of them know what a who hour work week is. >> they work more than who. >> work more than 40 hours. i hope it does bert with the tax reform, they're seeing a difference. that is why i'm voting against manchin. i am registered democrat. i like him. he has done a lot for west virginia. most west virginians don't want handouts. they want something to do, and people to do stuff for america. >> david, bob, thank you very much. we'll toss it back to new york city, steve, ainsley, brian. steve: and steve. todd, thank you very much. meanwhile need a perfect gift for mother's day a week away? pearls for 90% off. there are more megamorning deals you will hear next. ainsley: wonderful, let's check in with another mom, sandra smith. what is coming up in your show? >> good morning, ainsley. robert mueller questions for
5:51 am
president trump leaked to "the new york times." we'll have fresh reaction from the white house coming up. debate day in west virginia. where do candidates stand? we have a live report in moments. "america's newsroom" coming up, join us. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress.
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>> go to all this stuff click on the mega morning deals and you can get good deals. >> thank you for joining us. go catch brian on the radio. >> bill: good morning, everybody. 9:00 here in new york city and mike pompeo, secretary of state with a strong warning about iran. he says that regime is lying. this follows a day where benjamin netanyahu issued the same call revealing documents that extend for thousands of pages right now in israel. they're making their case in the middle east and the white house as well as we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer live in studio f for a special day. we have a big event tonight here on the fox news channel. sandra, good morning to you. >> sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith. on the other side of "america's newsroom" this morning right here in studio n netanyahu slamming iran's rogue regime saying it has gone


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