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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 1, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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who entered the process, paid and waited years to have the honor to be u.s. citizens." i second that motion. a great point. shannon is up next. and rob rosenstein. shannon, take it away. >> we're going to talk the i word, impeachment tonight. there's a showdown over daca. plus, new reaction tonight to fox's exclusive senate primary debate in west virginia. that is ahead. and she a six-time olympic me l medallimeda medallist that's saying california is making it nearly possible for her to train. >> with talk of a presidential subpoena and questions allegedly for the president leaking out
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through the new york times. a former attorney to the president saying, "this isn't some game. you're screwing with the president of the united states." rosenstein facing potential impeachment. >> the department of justice is not going to be extorted. i just don't have anything to say about documents like that that nobody has the courage to put their name on. >> let's bring in chief national correspondent. he knows what's up. >> you know better than anyone. it means this showdown could go to the supreme court. mueller raised the possibility to use the subpoena compelling the president to testify.
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he said to mueller, this is not a game. you're screwing with the work of the president of the united states. since this story, like the new york times report you mentioned last night about mueller's prepping four dozen questions for the president, cast out in a very heroic life, as if he put it out there. there are others saying maybe the president himself wants these leaks out there. but also it allows the president to make his case publicly that mueller is overreaching and this is a witch hunt. it's unlikely mueller is leaking this. he does not want his cards revealed in public. it could put the president in legal jeopardy if he sat for an interview. these two leaks are seen as an
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attempt to sabotage an interview. it was not white house lawyer or the new outside lawyer who replaced him. the list suggesting that mueller wants answers about the president's interactions with james comey, flynn, and sessions. plus questions about whether he communicated with michael cohn about real estate details in russia, which crosses that red line the president established about his business. so disgraceful the questions concerning the witch hunt were leaked to the media. you have a made-up phone crime that never existed. nice. meanwhile republicans are probing comey's leaks, sending a letter to session and rosenstein, seeking documents on a comey friend who was used to
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release some of him memos. rosenstein fired back at house republicans for not producing other documents quickly enough. rosenstein said the department of justice is not going to be, his words, extorted. meadows fired back that rosenstein should stick to facts and not rhetoric. >> all right. we are joined now by a member of the house, freedom caucus. the republican congressman from florida. good evening. okay. so you probably heard a little bit from the deputy attorney general responding to this. i want to play more of what he had to say today when this topic came up. >> different people who have been making threats privately and publicly against me for quite some time. and i think they should understand by now, the department of justice is not going to be extorted.
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we're going to do what's required by the rule of law. >> what you make of that? you're not going to be extorted the doj. >> well, earlier you played a clip where rosenstein said no house republicans would put narrow -- their names of these articles of impeachment. rosenstein himself signed the document to spy on an american citizen with no justification. he also put his name on the pleading to silence the whistleblower in the uranium one case. the definition of extortion is forcing someone to do something that they have no legal obligation to do under some threat. rod rosenstein has an obligation to follow the law. that's all we want him to do. and what's most telling about
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his viewpoint or his most recent comments to the new york times where he said he doesn't believe that the congress has a constitutional authority to conduct oversight. and then of course ensure that those funds are used in accordance with the law. here the fbi and department of justice departeded from the law. they did so because they were out to get donald trump. >> let's talk about chairman goodlatte. it sounds like there's progress on some of these fronts as far as cooperation with the doj. why is that not enough? >> we're not getting the documents fast enough. we've requested 1.3 documents and we've received only a few thousand at a time. that's entirely inappropriate. now rosenstein has shown his cards.
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he doesn't believe that we have a constitutional ability to conduct oversight. i think the department of justice and the fbi know they did wrong in these fisa warrants that were based on false information where they were not disclosing the facts to the court. they're hoping if this takes long enough and this survives to the november elections, there's a chance democrats will take control and there will just be a witch hunt of the president. time is not our friend. >> quickly on this idea of the fall elections, which you mentioned jennifer ruben says this, these people, meaning you guys, talking about impeachment are nuts and unfit to hold office. enough. vote them out. how does this factor in? >> well, she has one vote just like everybody else. the folks in my district and across the country are fed up with the mistreatment of our president. we've got a president who's out there trying to denuclearize the
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korean peninsula. and he has to deal with this. if there even was a prosecution, rosenstein would be a witness based on the questions that were released about comey's firing. so you can't oversee an investigation when you could potentially be a witness in that investigation. these aren't things that are nuts. we just want the law to be followed. >> keep us up to date. we know that we'll be watching as well as the deputy attorney general. many are suggests it was the president's own legal team who leaked those questions. if so, what was their motive? welcome to both of you. >> glad to be here. >> the president had a tweet saying that it's so disgraceful
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that these questions were leaked to the media. but a lot of people think it's his team, either current or former, who leaked them. howard, i'll start with you? >> you want to start with me? >> yeah. >> i don't think it was mueller. he has been largely touted as the most leak-free operation in washington history. it stands to reason that somebody on trump's team, because that's where the leaks have been coming from in general. you want to ask why, and i think probably to try to set up an argument that mueller is aiming very broadly, that he's overreaching, and to try to pave the way for not cooperating fully. that would be my sense. no evidence that trump -- excuse me, that mueller has leaked a single thing since the probe started. >> and a lot of people think that it was the president's own legal team, either past or
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present, who leaked these questions. we're told he was furious. is this his own team warning him as he continues to say he wants to sit down with a special team and talk to them. is there their way of warning him of saying, "by the way, just get a look at what you have to answer." >>well, it's definitely possible. i would note that today they filed with the court noting the long history of mueller leaking in this case. but i concur that in fact what these questions do is embarrass mueller because they expose the complete lack of evidence of collusion. 95% of the questions have nothing to do with the campaign at all. and it's embarrassing because it's a contrast between how hillary was treated.
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she was given the opportunity -- her interview was done after the clearance and closing letter had been done, immunity given out to all of her key people. and here you have mueller threatening to issue a grand jury subpoena for the first time in history to a president of the united states. exposure to these questions definitely helped the president. >> you mentioned the subpoena report. president trump's lawyers insisted he had no obligation to talk with federal investigators, probing russia's interference in a 2016 presidential campaign. he had another option if trump declined. he could issue a subpoena to the president. i want to get reaction from both of you. harry, we'll start with you. >> sure. i don't doubt it at all because
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eventually he's going to insist on some answer of questions under oath. and if trump absolutely refuses, that's his path. i think robert's wrong. a subpoena has issued before for the president's testimony. that was in the clinton case. clinton voluntarily complied with it, but it had been issued but that's just sort of the straightforward tool that he has. i tend to think that the trump team will have some more arguments than others. i want to say quickly, no evidence, no evidence of collusion. and that just strikes me of very puzzling because we know that mueller by his charge has not come forward with his case yet. we have much reason to believe he's gathered all kinds of evidence. >> the reality is there's no
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evidence of collusion. independent of that, there are serious constitutional questions with any grand jury subpoena. the ken starr subpoena was withdrawn. there are both scholars on the left and right agree there are serious constitutional problems and questions, particularly from a rogue prosecutor like mueller. >> we've got to leave it there. thank you both. come back soon. a respected foreign policy voice may be giving the white house cover tonight. former secretary of state rice surprising them with her statements after the government of israel unveiled intel it has on iran. >> we're not 11 days away from this deadline. what we're seeing are the closing arguments from leaders all over the world as they try to persuade president trump to
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either stay in or get out of the iran deal. >> one day after, he made his case again on fox and friends, claiming that those plans stolen by his country spy agency are proof that president trump should pull out of the the iran nuclear deal. >> it was premised on the fact that iran would come clean and it would admit if it had a nuclear weapons program. they lied and they were supposed to come clean. that was the premise of the deal. so the deal was flawed from the start by many things. >> rice, the former secretary of state says the plans confirm what we already knew, that the iranians were lying about the extent of their nuclear program. >> frankly this deal doesn't
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have very strict verification. >> i think if we pull out now, it won't be the disaster. i wouldn't have signed this deal. i don't think it was a good deal. >> but former obama administration officials are accusing them of making of intelligence. "after years of bashing u.s. agencies, trump is now cooking up intel with the israelis." >>former secretary of state john kerry has also been tweeting about it tonight. he points out that the evidence comes from an early 2000, a time when the world had no visibility into is iran nuclear program. he says, blow up the deal and you're back there tomorrow. we've go 11 days to go. >> it was wild and wonderful
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and it was only right here on fox news. the gop debate for the west virginia senate primary. find out who ducked for cover literally. we mean that. and actually who landed punches. not literally. >> did your mom ever tell you that we should wash your mouth out with soap with those lies? >> still fired up. he's standing by in west virginia to break down the debate for us when we return. keep smiling. keep laughing. e winter of '77. i first met james in 5th grade. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop. but thanks to our forester, neither did our story. and that's why we'll always drive a subaru.
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>>fox news live in morgan town, west virginia tonight. republicans there are trying to turn a democratic senate seat red and it's getting very hot in there. >> i'm up in washington actually working with president trump. i have been fighting the establishment. i feel very fortunate that i'm one of the folks up here who moved to the state by choice. i love west virginia with all the fiber in my being. >> what are new jersey values and what's wrong with them? >> you need somebody representing our values. you can't change your values because you change your zip code. >> if he comes after you for
8:21 pm
living in nevada, what do you say? >> that he's lived in d.c. too long. >> if you would, please raise your hand if you would support mitch mcconnell for republican leader in the senate. >> i won't be the majority leader. but let me clarify that both of these guys are right. they're both lying. >> if you want to see what the problem is, it is the pill pushers. and he's represented those people for years and made millions. >> there he goes yet again. did your mom ever tell you that we should wash your mouth out with soap for those lies? >>they sent me to prison for a misdemeanor. >> all right. what do you make of this primary tonight and what it would tell
8:22 pm
us possibly about how these guys could survive? >> well, there was a time he was extraordinarily popular. that's why republicans are so optimistic that this is the year that joe mansion can't run out the clock. the amount of anger, the amount of real hostility that you saw between evan jenkins and patrick morissey tonight was uncomfortable. that gave blankenship the
8:23 pm
opportunity to stand back. i'll just stand down here and drop in a couple of one-liners here and there. and i think it worked well for him tonight. >> in a lot of states we see potential candidates backing off and not wanting to be too tighttight ly aligned with president trump. i heard a lot tonight of trying to out-maga each other. >> there is no problem for associating yourself. and also in the general election, remember a lot of democrats in west virginia voted for donald trump. that's what blankenship is trying to tap into. i'm an outsider.
8:24 pm
i'm not a typical politician. that makes it hard for jenkins. if there's a net loser tonight, it's morissey. he needed blankenship to go down. he didn't get that tonight. he was focused on jenkins, but he really should have been focused on blankenship. >> can we take a look at the power rankings map? can you walk us through what's at stake? >> we've got chose seven states that you see right there. and that's where this battle comes down to. the republicans have one seat advantage in the senate. and of those senate seats are four of these very vulnerable red-state democrats. that is joe mansion in west virginia but also missouri and north dakota and joe donnelly in indiana. in each of those cases, it's a
8:25 pm
catch-22. it's bad because you get all of the crows come picking in your corn field when you get to the primaries. and the test for republicans in west virginia, in indiana, a lot of other places, can they avoid doing too much damage to each other in the primary so they stay viable in the general? >> yeah, it's always the story. everybody comes out bloodied and bruised. great to have you with us live from west virginia. >> all right. california's strict new gun and ammunition control laws were supposed to be the gutting edge in progressive gun control. we'll stick around to meet an olympic medallist. she's won six olympic medals. she is here to tell her side of the story next. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band.
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>>the national rifle association announcing a new lawsuit against the state of california. but this time they've gots a high-profile ally. >> hey, shannon. this is all part of proposition 63. the law, among other things, bans large-capacity magazines and requires ammunition purchases to be made face to face. the nra and the california rifle and pistol association call it unprecedented and an overreach, saying california gun owners are tired of being treated like criminals. >> why i don't understand is why i need one permit to buy a firearm and another to buy ammunition. i just worry the state is going to keep going until they make it inconvenient to just buy guns. >> he says the law was written
8:31 pm
on solid ground and he's willing to fight the nra. this all comes amid the national debate over gun control. the father of a parkland shooting victim tweeted, "this is why i say the nra is the problem. the citizens of california voted and now the nra is suing to overturn the will of the people. they must be defeated." advocates are pushing back. the truth is that no amount of gun control will satisfy in the california legislature. they're seeking to set a standard for the rest of the country and must be defeated. meanwhile, students that are frustrated and planning their own school walkout tomorrow called "the stand for the second." a student says his generation is
8:32 pm
generalized and, "i think we have an obligation to define ourselves." the 16-minute walkout recognizing each student murdered. shannon. >> all right, trace. we'll be watching that. we know you will as well. thank you. more now on this lawsuit challenging prop 63 in california. a six-time olympic medallist. she's one of several plaintiffs challenging the law. kim, welcome. great to have you with us tonight >> thanks for having me. it's a pleasure to be here. >> and by the way, folks, she just got back from south korea where she broke her own world record. she's joining us tonight to talk about this.
8:33 pm
and i heard a little bit about the fact that you may go through 500 to 1,000 rounds a day. this comes down to you being able to get the ammunition you need to to practice and train. so how does the law impact your ability to do that? >> well, the law impacts me in a very major way. a great example is, like you said, i shoot 500 to 1,000 rounds a day, seven days a week. and ammunition that i'm required to shoot in my sport is very specialized. it's not something that i can buy at any of the ranges that i train at. it's provided to me by the olympic training center. they will either mail it to me or give it to me at a shoot, at which point i would drive it across state lines, both of which are illegal now.
8:34 pm
>> i want to read something that the lieutenant governor there had to say. we wrote proposition 63 on solid legal ground. california voters said loudly and clearly that guns and ammunition do not belong in the hands of dangerous individuals. but once again, the nra has prioritized profits over the law-abiding californians. >> it's just something that i've enjoyed my entire life. i started actually when i was very young. i competed all through high school, earning letters and actually varsity letters for four years in high school here in california. and i've been able to compete for the last six olympics and i hope to compete for many more. but unfortunately with these laws, i'm going to be having more of a difficulty after 2019
8:35 pm
of even being able to obtain my ammunition to maintain that level that i'm at and compete against some in the world. it's not just me. but just every competitor out there. this is affecting just everyday joe blow that goes out and wants to shoot. it is very restrictive. and i can't even get my ammo. >> well, our hat is off to you. no matter where folks stand on this gun control gun rights issue. and we'll follow the case and see what resolution you ultimately kid. thanks for your time. >> oh, no problem. it's a pleasure to be here. >> all right. come back soon. breaking news tonight from texas. the lone star state leading a coalition this time to daca. texas attorney general joins us
8:36 pm
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8:40 pm
>> i have faith that i will get across. and the first thing i want to do is work so give my girls a good future. >> this family from el salvador can see its future less than a mile away. >> we feel bad because they didn't let us through. but i believe that we will get across to the other side. >> monday, it relented, hearing eight asylum claims from three women, four children, and an 18-year-old male. >> we are happy celebrating. these are eight families who don't have to suffer anymore. >> they wait in a makeshift camp for their turn for asylum. some will be detained. others will be set free in the u.s.. >> if they show up in the immigration court --
8:41 pm
>>even this woman admits processing the caravan could make more make the trip. >> what they're looking for a wellbeing for them where they're not in danger. >> this video shows how asylum cases are prioritized. small refugee groups are moved onto a pedestrian causeway. as of this morning, this group was next. >> we met this man from mexico on friday. he too hopes to claim asylum, though he is now pushed to the back of the line. >> we've all lived the same experiences. we're all running from the same violence. i've talked to some of them and we're all the same. we're looking for a better life. >> 28 caravan members have cleared asylum and are in u.s. detention. they will process more as staff and space allow. clearing all could take several
8:42 pm
more days. >> our thanks for that report. and this is a fox news alert. at the same time those migrants are lighting up the border, the state of texas is launching a lawsuit to force the trump administration to end daca, the program that provided work permits to hundreds of thousands of young immigrants. general, great to have you with us tonight. okay. so i think this is so interesting because you guys are suing the trump administration to get rid of daca. the trump administration's been trying to get rid of daca. three federal judges have stopped them thus far. how do you hope to get something done that the administration hasn't been able to get done? >> well, we're hoping that a federal judge will rule correctly as they did last time, that what president obama did was unconstitutional, unlawful, and therefore end daca and
8:43 pm
forcing either congress to act or not act. it should not be done unilaterally by a president. >> paxton's cruel anti-immigration agenda will rip over 124,000 texans away from their families and jeopardize our economy. they should feel safe and accepted in the only country they know to be their home. your response? >> so this is a man that doesn't understand the u.s. constitution. my job as attorney general, which he should understand, is to enforce the law and make sure that the constitution is followed. in this case, we have a president, president obama, who acted outside of his authority. if we allow that to happen, we lose the idea which our founders deeply care about, which is separate of powers. >> okay. so another state rep there in
8:44 pm
texas, rafael anchia says this. instead of wasting taxpayer funds, the attorney general should call on congress to fix a broken immigration system that denies these kids their rifle place at the american table. a lot of folks point out rightly they're not children now, most of them. it would be impossible based on the dates and who qualifies. but he says, listen, you should be using your voice to put pressure on congress because they have tried and failed even just in the last few months on a number of solutions. they can't seem to get it together on the hill. >> well, rafael anchia got it right. it is up to congress. that's where he got it short. it is not up to the president. congress has the sole authority to change the law. we can't allow the president of the united states to change the law. that's what happened here. >> we've been covering the
8:45 pm
stories of the caravan and different groups of people coming to the border. how does this work in texas when they show up at your board center >>well, it's challenging for us when you have this many people coming to the border at the same time. that's one of the unfortunate parts of how these immigration groups are operating. they're bringing large numbers of people, which makes it difficult to process. so i would say that's the biggest challenge. i wish they would do this in a more methodical way. but we'll deal with it as we get it. >> many of them are not from mexico. they've traveled through mexico to get to texas. what role to mexican authorities play in making safe passage or escort for these caravans to get to the u.s.. >> i think president trump said it right. it would be nice if mexico would guard their own border at the south. that obviously is not happening.
8:46 pm
mexico is allowing these people to across through their entire country, and it ends up being a problem for us. >> you've been involved in a number of the cases of underage minors coming across and seeking abortions in the u.s. too. you've worried that's a magnet for them. we'll keep an eye on that case and this new one today as well. attorney general paxton, great to have you with us. president trump's medical records taken from his long-time physician. was it a raid or standard operating procedure? we'll get to the facts. you can decide. and a prom dress in the spotlight. a fashion statement or cultural appropriation? is it the case of political correctness gone off the rails? we'll debate it next. those bonds were definitely tested. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these? since i'm active duty and she's family,
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8:50 pm
>>former personal doctor for donald trump says he felt like his office was raided for the president's medical records last year. the white house doesn't see it that way. >> the white house medical unit took possession of the president's medical records. >> it was characterized as a raid. >> no, that is not my understanding. >> what were they looking for?
8:51 pm
>> his medical records. they must have been here for 25 or 30 minutes. >> all right. tonight's panel, fox news political editor guy benson and isaac wright. does anyone see this as a weird story? >> it's a very weird story. there is no question about that. it's delayed. we're finding out about it now and there's this dispute between him and the white house. the white house saying, "nope, this is how it always goes." doctors saying they strong armed their way in here. there was a big guy who came in. i don't know how credible this doctor is. he's also said trump dictated that infamous letter where he's
8:52 pm
saying he was the most healthy president in the history. i'm not sure who to believe here. i'm not sure this is a story that has tremendous legs, but i could be wrong. >> i'm still going to ask for your comment. >> it's bizarre. if this were on a tv show, we would say it's too far-fetched. nobody would put this in a script. now it's coming up that a private-sector attorney and two body guards showed up and demanded the records. but it all goes back to the president having his feelings hurt over the doctor revealing that he took a drug more male baldness. get over the childishness an the recklessness and just move on. >> this is a young woman who wasn't -- went to prom in utah.
8:53 pm
she found her dress in a secondhand store. she loved it and tweeted it. she was actually surprised. an adult man retweeted her picture and said, "my culture is not your blank blank prom dress." he used some profanity there. he's got hundreds of thousands of retweets on there. it was a prom dress. the young woman was completely taken off guard. she wasn't trying to insult anyone's culture. >> i'm so glad this did not have the tv show reveal where you put all of our own high school prom pictures on air. >> no, no. >> personally my high school moustache would not be appropriate for tv. i don't know what was in the young woman's heart. i don't know about the cultural meaning and the heritage of the dress. i know it had to do in china with some female liberation.
8:54 pm
in the end it's a good thing we can have this conversation about what this means, about what cultural appropriation means. people have said it's bad and folks who said it was a celebration of culture. i'm just glad that we're having a conversation about it. >> this is what she had to say. i mean no disrespect to the chinese culture. i'm showing my appreciation to my culture. i'm not deleting my post. it's a blanking dress and it's beautiful. guys. >> yes, amen to that. a refusal to apologize. she should not. i do notice that the person who took offense had previously tweeted about himself eating mexico food with chopsticks, which could be appropriation
8:55 pm
itself. this is political correctness gone bonkers. this is what we do in america. it's a melting pot. we appreciate others' cultures. you borrow from one another, respect one another. this did not seem disrespectful at all to me and she owes zero apology and she offered none. good. >> i'm going to apologize in advance in case my prom picture comes up. >> i looked good, man. >> thank you very much both of you. good to see you. all right. president trump honors a heroic pilot and her crew, some heroic passengers too. not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter where i ride, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke
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9:00 pm
blown out window, the president paying tribute to the passenger who died on board the flight and the heroic passengers who tried to save her. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" ," why are you criticizing jim comey and andrew mccabe? tif a friend asked you it would be hard to answer that. comey was the shift he is most -- you try that. he would wind up in jail. why j criticize these guys? because they deserve it. let's say a federal prosecutor asked you the very same question using thisam language. "what is the reason for the continued criticism of mr. comey and his former deputy andrew mccabe.


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