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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  May 2, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. "the daily briefing" starts now with dana perino. >> dana: a dramatic development at the white house. president trump's top in-house counsel for the russia investigation ty cobb heading for the exit. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." ty cobb revealing he plans to retire by the end of the month. taking his place, attorney emmet flood who handled president clinton's impeachment case. he was also the lead lawyer during president george w. bush's second term. chief white house correspondent john roberts live on the north lawn. a big personnel change, john. >> it's like the ever resolving door of people coming and going. let's lay out for you what it was that ty cobb was doing. ty cobb was president trump's in-house attorney dealing with the mueller investigation. he wasn't dealing with the day-to-day legal issues at the white house. that is white house counsel
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don mcgan. but he played a significant role and a person who is advocating for the president to do a sit-down interview with the special counsel robert mueller. after some deliberation, ty cobb decided he would retire. i haven't had a chance to talk to him yet but he told me a while ago he was looking forward to going back home to south carolina. in a statement, sarah sanders saying, "for several weeks ty cobb has been discussing his retirement and last week he let chief of staff kelly know he would retire at the end of this month." he is going to be replaced by emmet flood. let's put up his c.v. or the prominent points of it. he clerked for justice antonin scalia and was president clinton's impeachment lawyer. represented dick cheney in the valerie plame case, among other things. you knew him then, he also worked in the white house counsel's office under counsel fielding. so coming back in the white house is familiar territory for him. so why emmet flood? rudy giuliani who was just
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doing an interview with the "washington post" a few minutes ago said they needed to bring in somebody who was more aggressive than ty cobb to deal with the final, what they believe is the final phase of this mueller investigation. rudy giuliani adding a tidbit yesterday. when we told you about the 49 or 52 questions depending how they are grouped that bob mueller wants to ask the president, it would add up to hours of testimony. rudy giuliani says there is no way he will let the president sit down for ten or 12 hours with bob mueller. that if mueller gets an interview it would be in the neighborhood of two or three hours, which means that mueller either has to pare down questions or he has to ask them quickly. don't forget president clinton sat for interview in 1998 in the monica lewinsky investigation he talked for three, three and a half hours so there is precedent there. >> dana: all right, john. well, we will keep in touch with you because it's only
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2:00, 2:02. >> who knows what else could happen? >> dana: thank you, john. rudy giuliani now rejecting the idea that president trump would sit for a lengthy interview with robert mueller as john roberts was just saying. rudy giuliani telling the "washington post" shortly after we learned about ty cobb's retirement some people talked about a possible 12-hour interview. if it happens, it's not going to happen. it would be max two or three hours around a narrow set of questions. let's talk to marie harf, the former state department spokes, person. and guy benson, fox news contributor. they have a radio show coming up. it launches next week. this breaking news to me, guy, isn't that surprising because we have known for a while there will be a change here. i think because ty cobb told the president several times that mueller is wrapping up, it will be done by the summer, by thanksgiving, by christmas and now it's may 2. >> right.
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i think also with john bolton joining the administration there is only room for one serious mustache in the white house so ty cobb had to go. i think we heard a hint of that there, where the president in particular wants a more combative lawyer who is sharp-elbowed in the defense of the president. vis-a-vis bob mueller down the home stretch. i don't think it's a coincidence that rudy giuliani is coming out to set parameters saying no way, no how are you getting an open-end shot at the president, if you're mueller. >> dana: i know emmet flood from working with him. i don't think he sharp elbowed. he's aggressive but quiet about it. one thing they are dealing with now is an issue of document production. >> exactly. >> dana: he will probably be very precise about what should and should not be allowed to go to the congress. >> that is right. >> dana: or mueller. >> ty cobb had been arguing for them to be more accommodating and work more with the special counsel. that is not what the president wants and not what rudy giuliani wants. that is what you are getting
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with emmet flood. what is interesting is flood coming in at a late stage of the investigation. they have already produced thousands and thousands of documents that he will have to get his hands on, get familiar with. this is a little late in the game to be making such a big change. i'm not sure the president will be well-served by this. he needs people who know the history of everything they have given, everyone who has been interviewed. tough for him. >> dana: true. emmet flood has experience with the special counsel process. >> right. >> he is obviously a quick study and look at the people he has represented. presidents from both parties in very serious circumstances. so, he will get up to speed. >> dana: i want to play for you something that rod rosenstein, who is the deputy attorney general but he is overseeing the mueller case. there is back-and-forth he is having with the hill and he is showing frustration. he did a speech yesterday at the newseum. he talked about the department of justice. take a listen. >> there have been people who have been making threats
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privately and publicly against me for quite some time. i think they should understand by now the department of justice is not going to be extorted. we will do what is required by the rule of law and any kind of threats that anybody makes are not going to affect the way we do our job. >> dana: so those of us who love our country and love the constitution know that the three branches of government are set up for a reason. guy, what you are seeing here is a real debate between the executive and the congressional and perhaps the judicial branch. >> and what he calls "extortion" the house republican freedom caucus calls "oversight." so the piece i'm trying to figure out here as i'm watching these sort of bombs get lobbed back and forth is we just saw a few days ago headlines that chairman goodlat and chairman gowdy reached an agreement on the documents. why the house freedom caucus is going the impeachment article route as a backup plan seems to inflame the situation. rosenstein further inflamed it using the language he did.
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we'll see how it ends up going but i don't love the ratcheting up of the rhetoric. >> dana: i want you to take a listen to victoria townsing. a lawyer who was married to joe geneeva. they were going to come on board and it didn't happen for the president's legal team. she is talking about it on-air. listen to this. >> there is even more important issues at play here. and that is the the president, so many questions are challenging the president's authority and article ii. the president is the chief executive. he hires and fires people. he can do so and he is not to be questioned in anyplace for having done so. >> dana: all true except for when then president trump did the interview with lester holt and talked about the reason that he said he fired james comey. >> exactly. that is part of the issue here. donald trump's own shifting stories, whether it's about why he fired comey or whether it's russia or other issues, that is part of why he is in the mess he is in. he hasn't behaved with a
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consistent story like he has nothing to hide. the challenge for him will be if, in fact, he goes and sits with bob mueller he has to tell the truth. it can't be the spin that he and many politicians often put on the ball when they are giving interviews or in the campaign rallies. this is no kidding. what happened? why did you do things? when you look at the list of questions, they are very straightforward and factual. i think the american people have a right to know the answer to them. >> dana: i don't know if everyone thinks the questions are straightforward. i think they are open-ended. >> how are you feeling when it happened? what were your thoughts? >> so answer the question. it's not a trap. it's just a factual question about how he was feeling at the time. >> dana: i will guess -- i don't think that the president -- i don't think he will do an interview. i even don't think it's narrow. we'll see. that is why we have you coming back. before we go, i mention at the top. big news for you. be sure to listen to guy and marie's new weekday talk radio show. it debuts this monday may 7 at 6:00 p.m. eastern and it will
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air on siriusxm channel 450 and the local radio station. find out which one by longing on to not the same as benson and hedges. i'm sure i'm not the only one who comes one that. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> dana: fox news alert, two people are dead following the crash of a military cargo plane. lucas tomlinson standing by at the pentagon. horrible news. >> in the last few seconds the air force is now saying at least five people aboard the cargo plane were killed in a crash outside savannah, georgia, outside the savannah hilton head airport. this plane was actually wc-130 weather aircraft but used by the puerto rican national guard. the 156th air lift wing out of the puerto rico air national guard that was flying. we are not sure right now, it's not clear if the plane was trying to land or take off from the savannah hilton head
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airport. typically the plane has a crew of five. local reports say more have been killed. the plane crash took place on highpay 21, outside the airport. this is the eighth u.s. military noncombat aviation crash in the past month alone. killing 12 service members. in the past year 16 u.s. military service members have been killed at this point this year. that is a huge spike over last year when only four u.s. service members were killed. the biggest stat is the difference between 2017 and 2016 in terms of crashes. in 2017, 37 service members were killed in plane crashes just in training. that is compared to just 19 the year before in 2016. after big part of this is last summer a marine corps kc-130 cargo plane crashed in the delta in mississippi killing 16 people and that was a big
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reason for the spike. >> dana: lucas, thank you for the report. seven states going to court looking to overturn daca. as a caravan of migrants at the mexico border seeking asylum in this country. mike gonzalez is on deck to tackle both topics. a1c, then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. she told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease, victoza® is also approved to lower the risk of major cv events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. while not for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. (announcer) victoza® is not for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history
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>> dana: fox news alert. southwest flight making what the airline calls an unscheduled stop after another broken window. the plane was en route to newark, new jersey, from chicago, when passengers reported a broken window. the f.a.a. says there was no depressionization in the cabin and the plane landed safely in cleveland. southwest has taken plane out of service for maintenance review. this is after a southwest passenger died more than two weeks ago. jennifer riordan was partially
11:15 am
pulled out of the plane when the engine failed and the debris knocked out a window. texas leading a group of seven states that are suing to overturn daca. state attorney general paxton arguing former president obama looked authority to enact daca by executive order. i'm joined by mike gonzalez, senior fellow of the heritage foundation. the states have tried to sue before and i do think this gets back to because congress has not acted, the states are looking for some sort of certainty and determination, some relief from the courts. do you think this time they will be more successful? >> yeah, i don't think many people dispute that president obama looked the authority to do what he did. inability, we know that from president -- in fact, we know that from president obama who himself said he could not do it and then he did it. i do not understand why democrats in congress never took up what really generous terms by the white house and they just let it go. i don't think it's possible now. >> dana: well, i guess the
11:16 am
question will be if the administration will be able to push congress to get it done. paul ryan has said that they will try to do it. in this environment with the mid-term elections coming up, do you think that is possible? >> i really don't think so. it would require for the minority party, the democrats to play ball. and for some reason, as i said, you know, the white house said they were going to legalize close to 2 million people with this designation. nobody thought it would be that big. the democrats just didn't do it for some reason. you know, the head of the oldest mexican american organization in the country wrote to president trump and said i think this is a good idea, we should look into it. he was pounded for this. this is very political. >> dana: let me then turn to the other issue, this is all happening while this migrant crisis is shown at the border every day, all the images.
11:17 am
i asked condoleeza rice yesterday about the possibility of the united states doing more to help the central american countries at their store so people don't want to flee the countries. here is what she said. >> the problems are now south of the mexican border and places like guatemala and in central america where gang violence and drug warfare is so extreme that people are going to try to get out. so if you can go to the source, if you can work with those countries through intelligence, through policing, you will -- >> training. >> training, you could try to solve the problem at the source. >> dana: do you think it's a possibility going forward? i feel like the president is on a foreign policy roll. putting the united states in sort of a different leadership position than it has been in the recent past. so you have this problem at the migrant, that the migrants coming across a problem. but how do you stop it from happening again next year and the years after that? >> yeah. secretary rice has a very good point. the majority of, i guess it's like 200 of these people
11:18 am
seeking asylum. they are from honduras. honduras is a crime ridden country. obviously, anything we can do to make honduras more livable place to help the honduran government do that would be good. but the problem here is two things. one is that there is a group who have been pushing the asylum-seekers along. nobody knows anything about them. if you go to the website, it's impossible to see who funds them. the second thing is that it will be very hard, they have horrible stories but it will be hard for them to win asylum cases because asylum to be, to successfully claim asylum you have to demonstrate fear of persecution for religious reasons or political reasons or being member of a group, for being member of a nationality. it will be impossible for these people to demonstrate that. so these cases are going to have to be adjudicated at the
11:19 am
border quickly. those found not to have grounds for asylum will be sent back. again, we have to ask who is the group and why are they doing this? >> dana: we will keep on it and we will have you back to talk more. mike gonzalez, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> dana: the critics charging facebook with silencing conservative voices on numerous occasions. what the social media giant says it will do about it now. taking the boy out of boy scouts. why the organization is making a name change. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that.
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>> dana: a new report shows officials at michigan state university were warned about allegations of sexual impropriety and took no action against disgraced former team usa gymnastics doctor larry nassar. they found performance review surveys on the msu dean turned up multiple accounts of inappropriate remarks. the university's provost addressed the allegation with stampal in the review and appointed him to another term. facebook committed to a bias review after claims it discriminated against the minority communities and accept somewhered conservative opinions. the company bringing in a civil rights attorney and former arizona republican senator john kyle to lead the two inquiries. this is like another step in the attempt to try to smooth things over. >> yeah. facebook has had a really rough two years because journalists are complaining,
11:24 am
people across all kinds of the political spectrum are complaining. advertisers are complaining. developers are complaining. facebook knows it needs to make a big step toward being transparent. so one of the reasons or one of the ways that it is doing this is examing -- examining different forms of bias that may or may not be baked in the formulas. they are doing the same thing to try to uncover bias against the conservative voices and root that out. i'll talk more about that in a minute. also communities of color. it's not just one group. they are trying to keep everybody under the tent which from a business perspective makes all the sense in the world. if you have 2 billion plus users you want everyone to keep using the service. when i was at the congressional hearings, mark zuckerberg pointedly answered senator ted cruz saying we want conservative people to feel like they can share here. you have former senator jon kyl the republican from arizona now with the law firm in d.c. so he and his team are conducting an outside review.
11:25 am
they are coming in and they will create this project. i mean this has gone all the way to the top. we saw diamond and silk going down to d.c. house judicial committee inquiries. this is serious. so the former senator is going to be in the mix as is the heritage foundation, of course, conservative think tanks trying to figure out if there is a bias, how best to address it and how best to change it. this is going on with various groups as well. so to your point -- >> dana: they are probably not finished overseas as well. >> not at all. europe is beginning to enforce rules that if you have people who use the system in europe, even if your company is not based there, you have to follow their rules. a lot more strict than here. a lot more let's say guidelines against hate speech. the right to be forgotten. >> dana: they have to figure out how to define that. a lot to cover. we love when you come explain this to us. thank you. nancy pelosi on the prospects for the house democrats in the midterms and what she has to say about her own future.
11:26 am
plus the stakes are high for a senate race in west virginia. the outcome could play a major role in what the republicans hold the slim majority in the senate. ahead of next week's primary, the republican front-runner face off against each other. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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>> dana: all eyes on two hotly contested primaries as the democrats look to regain ground in trump territory. in ohio it's left versus left, former consumer financial
11:30 am
protection bureau chair and former congressman dennis kucinich. this is one of the most important governor races of 2018. we have fox news team coverage. peter doocy has highlights from the fox news senate g.o.p. primary in west virginia last night but first we start with doug mckelway with more on the ohio rye mare. i haven't been paying much attention until now it's heated. >> in the home stretch this is turning into a two man race. most polls have richard cordray and dennis kucinich neck in neck but most are undecided. kucinich was once the youngest big city mayor in cleveland. cordray is a five-time "jeopardy" champion.
11:31 am
he left a job to run for governor and that is something that dennis kucinich has been hammering him over. >> what you have done is hand over to the trump administration the keys to the consumer finance protection board with devastating effect for working class people. >> i can't let that pass. you created the problems in cleveland. the city did not have to go to default. that was a black eye for cleveland. >> kucinich said that cordray left the position too soon but critics say he stayed too long. others praised mulvaney for cleaning up after cordray. cordray is using dennis kucinich tenure as fon news contributor and the
11:32 am
involvement with the interview and the dictator bashar al-assad to trash his opponent. >> he knows the game he is playing. >> when i was hired by fox the management told me we don't agree with anything that you say but we know you are honest. >> cordray has endorsement of afl cio. >> dana: i'll pay attention. the republicans are hoping to unseat joe manchin in west virginia. last night the front runners had a debate hosted by fox news. peter doocy is live in morgantown, west virginia. how did it go? >> a big question heading to last night's debate. do west virginians want to elect a senator potentially who spends a lot of time at his mansion in nevada? that candidate the former coal
11:33 am
baron don blankenship said the questions miss an important point. >> i pay more taxes to anyone on the stage to west virginia. >> he is also the only one on stage who served a year in jail. but blankenship is steadfast saying that he feels he was the victim of an anti-coal prosecutor loyal to anti-coal obama administration and he believes his misdemeanor conviction will be overturned. in fact his jail time became laugh line after a question about robert mueller. >> i have had a little personal experience with the department of justice. [laughter] >> the other two on stage spent the hour hof long debate attacking each other. attorney general patrick morrisey ripped congressman evan jenkins for his his thorry of the -- history of the member of democratic party. and when morrisey pounced. >> you stood next to me ander
11:34 am
dorsed me three years ago and said i was right for west virginia. what is different now? >> evan, i didn't know at the time you were willing to lie so much and as much of your liberal background. i won't make that mistake again. >> so much of this primary in this state that president trump won by 42 points is about hashing out who has supported president trump the most and for the longest time. and while morrisey voted for trump at the convention, jenkins says he was way ahead of the competition in hopping on the trump train. >> who did you vote for in the may primary in west virginia? >> i endorse and voted for trump. who did you vote for? >> i support the president. >> president trump has endorsed other candidates in other primaries that are coming up. but not here in west virginia. that is big because his support is seen as critical to
11:35 am
whoever wants to try to unseat the democratic incumbent joe manchin. >> dana: i'm sure they are checking the twitter feeds anxiously all the time. peter, thank you. >> please raise your hand if you would support mitch mcconnell for republican leader in the senate. [laughter] [applause] >> okay. we noted that. got that. >> i don't have any doubt about it. >> dana: one of the headline moments from last night's debate where the republican candidates refused to raise their hand in support of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. joining me now is the politics editor at the national journal. i want your take on that. going against whoever is in power is the thing to do. we will talk about nancy pelosi in a moment. i wonder about the mitch mcconnell piece. if you are supportive of the president agenda on the
11:36 am
economy and confirmations, especially with judges, mitch mcconnell has actually been quite instrumental to help support president trump's agenda on that. >> yeah. one of the big questions in this primary is what does it mean to be a republican in the trump era? it was notable that none of the republicans running for the senate in west virginia said they would endorse mitch mcconnell as the majority leader. jenkins and morrisey kind of caveated their responses and said they could support him later on. but it tells you that trump is the leader of the republican party and all three canaled dates were trying to -- three candidates trying to be closer to trump than mcconnell. >> dana: you have to wonder if president trump would come out and be supportive of mitch mcconnell. but then again if this is what is important for republicans to be against the establishment in washington, d.c., maybe he will take a hands off approach? >> one thing that is interesting. one of the big debate points that peter talked about is the attack lines that morrisey and jenkins used against each other. the line that jenkins used against morrisey is he didn't support donald trump in the
11:37 am
west virginia primary in may. that is going to be a big attack line that jenkins has been using in the campaign. the line that morrisey using against jenkins is he used to be a democrat five years ago. so this race could come down to whether it's more damaging to be a democrat, former democrat at least in recent years or whether it's more damaging not to have supported trump in last year's primary. >> dana: let me take you to the house side. nancy pelosi. she was in boston yesterday. she said this --" "we will win. i will run for speaker. i feel confident about it. and my members do too." she has become certainly a lightning rod with all the house races coming down to will you or will you not support nancy pelosi? interesting to me she was in one of the antagonist's backyard who said he would like to challenge her. >> yeah. i mean nancy pelosi definitely wants to run for speaker again. especially if democrats win back the house. but it's not clear that she has the support within her own
11:38 am
party to win that leadership fight. you have 63 democrats vote for tim ryan in the 2016 leadership battle, which is a really significant number for a guy who wasn't mounting too serious of a challenge. if the democrats take back the house, you will have a lot of the democratic members from conservative parts of the country. many of whom said i'm not voting for nancy pelosi. i don't want to have anything to do with nancy pelosi if i get to washington. so if you combine the votes that tim ryan got with the votes of some of freshmen that could come in and don't like nancy pelosi a lot it would make it hard for her to win leadership fight in the democratic party. >> dana: i want to get a take on harry hinton at cnn. he wrote yesterday that the republicans could maintain the house majority, that the democrats would probably be a 50/50 proposition. basically what he is saying there, josh, is that people shouldn't really think that this is in the bag for the democrats so far. do you agree? >> i always trust harry's numbers. he is right to a point. democrats haven't shown what
11:39 am
it is they stand for other than being opposed to president trump. we republicans have a challenge. you already have a lot of retirements and you have a lot of seats that are leaning in the democratic direction. so the fundamental, the generic polls we are looking at, we look at the polling in each of the individual districts. but the republicans are down in ten or so races. then they can't afford to lose many more seats than that. i think the democrats have an edge for house. this race is far from over. >> dana: indeed. i think it's like six months from next week or something like that. all right. josh, thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: the boy scouts of america announcing today they are dropping the word "boy" from the name now that girls are joining the ranks. more than 3,000 girls are part of the iconic american group. that is likely to increase this summer because of a nationwide recruitment campaign called "scout me in." the name change to "scout"
11:40 am
takes place in february. we had reports yesterday that mike pence was behind the decision for ronny jackson to withdraw from the veterans association. the report found that the vice president's doctor raised red flags about jackson. our graphic was wrong and we apologize. the website to help search for your ancestors helped the police find a serial killer. how the popular d. nbca. kits could be use -- popular d.n.a. kits could be used against you. the story of how i got this black eye and what it has to do with an upcoming election.
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>> shepard: shepard smith on the fox news desk. now we heard it. don't expect a marathon interview between president trump and the special counsel if it happens at all. suddenly and out of nowhere, trump's lawyers are speaking. rudy giuliani told the "washington post" that today. we reached out to giuliani, waiting to hear back. we will break down a very busy day in the investigation at the white house. top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting."
11:44 am
see you then! >> dana: the sacramento police department releasing the autopsy report for stephon clark part of which contradict the earlier autopsy performed earlier. the officers shot him in the grand mother's backyard and officers say they mistook the cell phone he was holding for a gun. the sacramento police autopsy calling information from the private exam face erroneous and stated that clark was hit by seven bullets not eight claimed in the previous report. police are still investigating clark's killing. now take a look at some stories you may have missed from the guy who threw his shoes at president george w. bush giving me a black eye to a new presidential beer with a century's old recipe. find for "more to know" with bin brine. host of the brian kilmeade show on fox news radio from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon eastern. you never stop working. >> you are a frequent guest. you often excel. fresh off a workout sometimes or about to workout. >> dana: that is why i look so good. >> no. >> dana: hair in a ponytail.
11:45 am
>> do you know this name? al sade. >> dana: i do know who he is. yes. >> he is a man that took nine months in prison for deciding on the bush farewell tour in iraq a place you were present to pick up the shoes take them off the feet and throw them at the president. the president showing great reactions. by the way, the worst reaction of any prime minister i know. but during that time this guy goes to prison, good behavior. gets out of prison. he is now going to be running for office. he is running for the counsel of representatives and he wants to be part of the iraqi solution ten years later. >> dana: well, isn't that special? you know what is interesting about that? i got a black eye because when secret service lunged to protect the president, the interpreter was using a boom mic. the steel arm swung around and hit me right in the eye. i slept on the plane from iraq to kabul. i didn't know you are not supposed to lie on your side so i ended up with a black eye. this is what i would say about this. that guy posed as a journalist
11:46 am
at the press conference. when he threw the shoe, the president didn't say we have to get out of here. once he left the president said we are finishing the press conference and he said this is more important than that. >> two things, cool under pressure. you can't teach that. understanding the big picture. >> dana: incredible reflexes. right? imagine if he had been hit. >> i know! that would have been worse. but you know what? he probably would have still done it. i'd say this. ducking and expecting the other. some part of him -- >> dana: i asked about that later. the president said he was -- i said why did you look so bemused? he said i couldn't believe somebody was throwing shoes. >> by the way, " bemused" in a sentence, i haven't seen it yet but glad it's on dana show. golden state killer, this guy who they have been looking for has been charged eight times. 45 rapes, 120 burglaries since the '70s. they couldn't find him. they have a cold case. so how do they end up getting joe deangelo?
11:47 am
they went to this civilian site ged match like 23andme. they started to run the tests and put d.n.a. which was in the crime scenes and they went back to the 1800s. they found his great, great grandmother and went forward. knocked it down to two californians and they realized it matches this one guy. they went and got him. how amazing is that? >> dana: it's amazing. you have to wonder if this is the beginning of a bunch of the cold cases or if you have cases that are in dispute you might see resolution. >> slippery slope? i will bring you some place. say you look at the tests and you put it online and want to find out who your relatives are. company wants to insure you. you have a long history of disease and cancer and maybe you get dropped. what about the use it for sales? she needs dialysis. give her the 10% off the dialysis machine. extreme example but you have to watch and put parameters on this now. >> dana: right. heading in crazy territory. what about the third one that is interesting? >> this is fantastic. by how multi-dy men shall
11:48 am
of -- multidimensional are the founding fathers. they had fallback occupations. george washington is like i'm good at making beer, why don't i share the recipe? he jotted a beer recipe down. the washington actual beer recipe on a piece of paper. mount vernon got it. budweiser is going to mass produce it with the proceeds going to the foals of honor. >> dana: that is so neat! have you tried it? >> no. >> dana: one ingredient is molasses. >> i love this. three gallons of molasses while it is boiling hot. you let it stand until it's blood warm. that is washington's words. >> dana: we don't use "blood warm" anymore but i might. >> i found a reality show you want to watch. housleys are getting hgtv show. adam and tamara. they are handy and they like to redesign and do for people in need.
11:49 am
>> dana: is there anything he can't do? >> i don't think so. the family owns a winery as well. when you see adam ask for wine. he will give it to you free. beg for it and i get it. it's fantastic. they are getting their own show on hgtv. how soon do we hear about the noisy neighbor trace gallagher? these are all people from the l.a. bureau and the two i know. >> dana: this is amazing all the things you know. you did an interview this morning with michael hayden, the former director of c.i.a. and you know about the reality tv and beer. wonderful to have you. >> i get your alumni that you graduated with, condoleeza rice and michael hayden all have dana perino stories. none to repeat on air. >> dana: the black eye story is a keeper. brian kilmeade. i'm working on the articulation. >> thanks. >> dana: a storm brewing brewinn the midwest is on the move. millions of people can expect this afternoon. kanye west taking advantage of the right to speak freely on
11:50 am
tmz live and why a lot of people are saying he went too far. conservative businessman, john cox.
11:51 am
leading the opposition to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again.
11:52 am
11:53 am
leading conservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again. >> dana: a fox news alert right now. millions in the midwest bracing for another round of severe weather. starting this afternoon, people from texas up to the great lakes could experience hail, wind and tornadoes. this tornado touching down in kansas yet. it's just one of more than a dozen others spotted on tuesday. kanye west has always been controversial. now the grammy award winning rapper is at it again. we know he has been touting trump lately and on a recent appearance for tmz live he said that slavery was a choice. adam housley joins me from los angeles. the comments did not sit well with the tmz staff. >> no. i think if you watch the actual interview we will show you a clip in a second.
11:54 am
people were shocked and he was confronted. before we told you about what the tmz staff said in response. look at what part of what he said that has become controversial. >> you hear about slavery for 400 years. for 400 years? that sounds like a choice. like you was there for 400 years and it's all of y'all? it's like we are mentally in prison. i like the word "prison" because slavery goes direct to the idea of blacks. it's like slavery holocaust, holocaust jews, slavery is blacks. so prison unites us as one race. blacks and whites being one race. that we are within a human race. >> now it was called out by the reporter at tmz. wait a little bit of time because people were kanye tends to go off at times. he was going off there. and the reporter i'll say in short said he was disappointed and appalled that he morphed into something he isn't
11:55 am
supposed to be. so he was called out saying that is not really good for the ancestors and it really in some cases offends me that you would say that. in response to all of this, kanye came out with some tweets as you might imagine to fend himself trying -- defend himself and clarify the situation. he said president to make myself clear, of course i know slaves did not get shackled and put on a boat by free will." he goes on to say, "my point is for to us stay in that position and even though numbers were on our side means we were mentally enslaved." that is from kanye yesterday in response to this. i have to tell you in tinseltown there is a lot of adjectives we could use about what it has done to a number of people i know. all over the place. it's been quite the topic as you might imagine. >> dana: yes. a lot of discussion. i understand it tmz staffer was not the only one who had a problem with the comments? >> yeah. you know there has been a lot of people online, a lot of tweets coming out and people on instagram and other places. the singer will i. am, he was
11:56 am
in england on a morning show today. he put out a tweet which i want to read to you in part that says, "there were a lot of slaves." you can see in short, go with the yellow part. highlighted part. "to say it was their choice to blame it on all the ancestors disrespects their suffering." this is part of what he said. the other part there as well. condoleeza rice talked about this, this morning on "mornings with maria" and she said, "you know, we really shouldn't question --" basically, color shouldn't matter when it comes to how we go after somebody or question somebody. that is what she said in part. it brings out the question of race in this country. we had an ongoing conversation as you know, especially in recent years. this is just once again brings it back to the forefront for so many people to discuss it. >> dana: it does indeed. adam housley, thank you. wildfires in the plains putting ranchers trying to feed cattle in a bind and how
11:57 am
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>> we're out of time. i'll share the good news out of oklahoma. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: the president's lawyer talks about the president sitting down with bob mueller. it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the white house where big news is breaking now. the president's attorney, rudy guliani speaking about how long a special interview with his client would run and about the scope of the questions. the first of its kind utterance. and a new attorney for the president. we're monitoring reaction after uttering that the special counsel floated the idea of a subpoena to compel the president to testify. a story of


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