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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 3, 2018 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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bream and he will give the response to the controversy around a particular comment rudy giuliani made about how the president repaid michael cohen for the stormy daniels payment. shannon: it is a busy night, thank you. we begin with a fox news alert, the chief legal negotiator, rudy giuliani speaking out on threats for the subpoena for the president of the united states and making major news. we have reaction live tonight in a moment. the legal team, that he is focusing on. he is preparing to sit down with kim jong un is the world leader may be making another concession, three americans in a forced labor camp. the boy scouts, girl scouts among those who are not happy
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about it. rudy giuliani, the pres.'s news legal eagle speaking out tonight signaling a new aggressive approach to dealing with robert mueller's russia investigation which is reportedly still focusing on russia collusion and another potential bombshell about the hutch payment to the adult film performer. >> every level from personnel to messaging donald trump is signaling he wants his legal team to move quickly to a wartime footing, that message being sent very clearly by the trump attorneys. rudy giuliani is taking an aggressive stance with robert mueller trying to set the terms of a possible interview with the president by saying it will have to be shrunk down because the president is too busy dealing with north korea, iran and all these important issues.
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mueller may reject that approach and try to subpoena the president for an interview which is a big reason the white house today brought in seasoned washington attorney emmett flood who worked for bill clinton during impeachment so when giuliani works on the outside, flood will be weighing the possibility of getting tougher, maybe invoking executive privilege on some documents congressional committees want to russia program. a sharp departure from the more calm cooperative approach the white house lawyer tie, who announced retirement today, from cooperation to confrontation, clashing with john dowd on whether or not the president should sit down with mueller for an interview, saying an interview was the surest way to bring this long investigation to a close. cobb had been urging the president to stop commenting on the investigations, the president clearly not listening saying a rigged system, don't want to turn over documents to congress, talking about the
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justice department, why so much redacting, why such an equal justice. at some point i will have no choice but to use powers granted to the presidency and get involved. then he quoted john dowd during a meeting with mueller, saying this isn't some game, you are screwing with the work of the president of the united states, with north korea china, the middle east and so much more, not much time to think about this especially since there was no russian collusion. rudy giuliani amplified that message by making it clear he believes the president is too busy to sit for a 12 hour interview with mueller but might be available for shorter one with a narrow list of questions. >> you can't possibly not feel as a citizen of the world negotiations with north korea are more significant than this totally garbage investigation. >> the new york times is quoting
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steve bannon saying cobb was fired for cooperating with mueller too much. fired back he doesn't pay any attention to steve bannon. i have been working the phones and cobb is going further with friends telling them in private feels liberated, liking it to the scene in braveheart when mogensen screams freedom. >> that is rather dramatic. also dramatic, rudy giuliani making a surprise announcement, made major news on the stormy daniels case. i'm not sure the administration intended to. >> i don't think the white house was expecting this. the pres. possessed aboard air force one about the $130,000 payment, he said he knew nothing about it, go ask my attorney michael cohen who previously told reporters in the federal election commission he paid for this personally. he told fox and the new york times in february neither the trump campaign nor the trump organization paid for this. that left the door open to the pres. personally paying for it. michael cohen added at the time
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that neither the trump camp nor the trump organization directly or indirectly reimburse the money, the president ran both of those entities. rudy giuliani said hang on, the president did reimburse:. watch. >> the money was not campaign money. i'm giving you a fact you don't know. it is not campaign money. no campaign finance violation. they funneled it through a law firm. there is no campaign finance. >> daniels's attorney saying this raises questions whether there was bank or wire fraud but rudy giuliani adding there was a new twist in this case. you heard him insist to sean hannity this did not break any campaign finance laws and this will spark some new questions.
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shannon: let's ask those questions. special assistant to the president, good to have you with us tonight. did you expect that the white house was going to have to answer these questions and rudy giuliani would talk about the payment tonight? >> we had no idea obviously. >> you saying the president reimbursed michael cohen for the payment, but he didn't know anything about. >> all i can say is this is ongoing litigation. i have to refer you to the pres.'s outside counsel. >> has the press team ever talked about the fact the president may know more than you have been told publicly about this? >> we have addressed this many times. what i can tell you about this instance is it is ongoing legislation.
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the president has outside counsel. >> he talked to the press and said he did not know anything, this is something cohen entirely handled on his own. he used careful language, neither the trump campaign the trump organization paid him. does that leave room that the president may have done it? >> it is ongoing legislation i can't speak to, have to speak to the outside counsel. i'm not an attorney, just work at the white house. shannon: let's turn to a couple other things, this tweet and mentioned in his report about friction between the department of justice and white house, the white house, a rigged system. they don't want to turn over documents to congress, what are they afraid of? why such an equal justice? at some point i will have no choice but to use the powers granted to the presidency and get involved. what does that mean? is he considering firing the atty. gen. or deputy attorney general? >> the president has expressed frustration over the situation.
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he wants these documents released about the investigation because he did nothing wrong and he wants to go about the job of moving the country forward in other areas. but as the president always says you just have to wait and see. in this instance how far he is willing to do we have to wait and see. shannon: the word get involved raises a lot of questions. what powers could the president use community considering personnel changes? >> know. the pres. has powers afforded him by the constitution. how far he will go in which he will use, you have to wait and see because the president has that authority but the frustration is roiling and he has expressed it many times on twitter because you know there's no collusion, no evidence of that. he wants people to see those documents, wants to have them in rejected but as far as how far he will go.
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stay tuned. >> so let's talk about what the doj is saying in response to claims they are not turning things over. that they are providing 400,000 documents staffers on both sides of the aisle had access. and they say that has been happening on a daily basis, those documents have been provided. is that what the pres. is objecting to? >> some of those things are rejected and he wants everything out there in the essence of transparency. he wants people to see he has done nothing wrong. the conversations he had with comey early on, you were not part of this investigation, he wanted that public because there is no collusion but some of these documents go over but not fully rejected. the pres. has the ability to declassify but had no announcement whether he's going to do that or not but there are
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many powers afforded to him. whether he uses them or not is unclear but he has the ability to do that shitty desire. shannon: there is a lot of question when it comes to campaigning. a lot of folks pressuring him that you need to focus because the first thing they will do if you lose the house, republicans the house is nancy pelosi will become speaker, regardless who the speaker is democrats talking about impeachment, including the majority leader are concerned the president doesn't focus on the senate side, could lose both. what is a game plan? >> the president needs to push the message that got him elected in the first place. some of these congressman and senators are smart, they will jump on board with that. the first time in a long time we have seen taxable, people get to keep their own money, we are competitive on a global scale with tax cuts for the middle class, isis is on the run, the
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judiciary is being remade. the important accomplishments of this president in such a short amount of time is blowing people away. those who decide to run on that will benefit because all americans have benefited from these policies. >> i want to ask about the first female to be the agency, she is critics and detractors, many of come forward to say her resume and background was misrepresented. the clarifications from a number of people including her accusers, a tough battle ahead, senators who say -- democrats say she was a willing participant in one of the darkest episode in cia history. >> even people who oppose this president support gina haskell. this is an incredible pick. she has a 33 year career in the cia. people on both sides of the aisle, republican and democrat are in support of her, people who served, her colleagues have supported her.
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he has an unblemished record and has been in public service serving in anonymity in the most dangerous areas in the world dealing with al qaeda directly, counterterrorism, iran, russia. she is eminently qualified for this position and she is the first woman nominated for this post. the pres. didn't choose her because she is a woman, he chose her because she is the best person for the job, on so many levels. >> thank you for dropping in. yet another tragic military plane crash that makes 8 in the last month. was behind the alarming trend? we have a live report from the crash scene coming up and a win for donald trump, north korea releasing 3 americans held hostage, the debate where leaders should meet up. gen. jack keane has analysis.
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>> we want to take you to an active scene in connecticut where references have been negotiating with a man that took his wife and family hostage. a barn burning behind the house exploded during the negotiation,
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four offices were taken to the hospital. none of them have life-threatening injuries. police are evacuating homes in the area. this started with what they call a very violent domestic call. police were trying to coax the man out of the house when that barn exploded. we are keeping an eye on that situation. and another fox news alert, we are learning tonight the c-130 that crashed near savannah was on its final flight heading to davis air force base in tucson where hundreds of planes i left in the desert scrapheap. live from the scene of the crash, the latest. >> puerto rican officials say the c-130, the giant military cargo plane was 60 years old, the oldest c-130 still flying. a quarter-mile behind me, the tale, the rest of the plane largely incinerating, smoke was burning through the day and
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there's video the plane crashing shortly after takeoff from savannah airport. you see the plane in the sky, the nose dipped and it swirled and hit the ground, the noise was just thunderous. the giant fireball, then black smoke. it landed in the median of the highway, highway 21. might have been the heroic class-action of the pilot to steer to the medium but it is miraculous more drivers were not injured by this crash. >> the c-130 dropped out of the sky and blue up on the street. all right, time to get out of here. >> this was a routine mission for the puerto rican national guard. they are off to an air force base in arizona and it is not clear what caused this crash. investigation will be led by the military but the effects locally will be felt for some time because of the debris,
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investigation, jet fuel, hazardous materials, officials telling us it could be weeks before the highway is open for traffic. >> north korea moving 3 americans detained in a hermit kingdom as a sign of goodwill. is a summit between donald trump and kim jong un. it is live to kristin. >> the state department will not confirm these reports, south korean activists said these 3 americans were transferred to the north korean prison camp where they could be released ahead of the summit between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un. national security advisor john bolton calls this an opportunity for the north koreans to demonstrate their authenticity. >> these 3 americans are at the top of the pres.'s mind. exchanges between normal nations these people would not normally be held so north korea should look at this very seriously.
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>> a south korean pastor arrested for spying and sentenced to 10 years hard labor. they were working at a university in pyongyang founded by evangelical christians when they were detained on suspicion of hostile acts. the trump administration has it been advocating their release ahead of this, mike pompeo discussed it when traveling to pyongyang last month and two weeks ago donald trump made a point to lobby for the release while standing alongside shinzo abe at mara lago. >> we are fighting diligently to get the three american citizens back. there's a good chance of doing it, we are having very good dialogue, we will keep you informed but we are in there and working hard on that. >> if it happens it would be a
12:21 am
major victory, for the north koreans, they agreed to stop testing nuclear weapons and shutdown a nuclear test site. the location of this historic summit is being worked out. >> announced over the next couple days, location and date. >> is for windows detainees may be released, donald trump said on twitter they do. >> a favorite phrase at the white house. shannon: can for pres. juggle the federal council probe with denuclearize in the careers and making a decision about the iran nuclear deal with the key deadline? let's talk about it with senior strategic analyst and 4-star gen. jack keane. what do you make of this. the pres.'s legal themes is one of the reasons he can't fit down with special counsel is this is a serious time of preparation as they talk about getting to the
12:22 am
table with kim jong un. how does the president go about preparing for this? >> he has very good advisors around him to prepare for it, secondly, he has been on this ever since he became president in january of last year so he is totally focused on this and those suggesting this pres. didn't have enough time to prepare for a summit don't understand for almost a year and a half he has been focused on this as the major crisis he has been facing which exiting pres. obama told him this would be your number crisis to deal with and turned out to be the case and he has lobbied for the release of these hostages as has pompeo and bolden as you pointed out and kim jong un has been absolutely racing over the last
12:23 am
90 days to convince this administration by pulling out all the stops and making one concession after another that he is serious about denuclearization and serious about having some talk with the president and that is where we are heading. >> 20 of skeptics out there include condoleezza rice, bush administration, had to deal with it as many other administrations have. here is her take on where this goes. >> the north korean playbook is that you get into trouble because of sanctions, things get tough and you go to the table and go on an offensive, make a bunch of pronouncements and make some obligations and then don't keep them. >> how do we know things are different this time? >> i understand all that and the administration understand what has happened in the last few decades with the grandfather, father and kim jong un. there's something different, it has to do with the president. he put maximum pressure on this
12:24 am
regime, 80% to 90% of the revenue has stopped going to north korea and that but as for we started this. he let his be. for before. that isn't the only thing that is happening here. also the fact that there is incredible military option on the table. he thinks about it this way. this president is going to come for me, that is what he is thinking about. >> connie west said save it. that donald trump is crazy enough to do where he didn't think pres. obama was. can i ask what you make of deciding a location for this thing because a lot of folks say they don't want our president to go halfway around the world to meet this guy, they feel there needs to be a more neutral site that is more equal between these two world powers. >> that is largely not a major
12:25 am
issue. the summit being held in panmunjom where the armistice was struck and if we are going to end the korean war as they are suggesting, before the end of the year that is the likely place that will take place. we have already had one summit there. it is an ideal spot. the others are switzerland, singapore and mongolia as i understand it. also from the pres.'s security aspect this is a secure military base that he would be going to so i think the secret service would be comforted by him being there. i don't think the geography and who is traveling the most is an issue here. >> the pres. says within a couple days the plan moving forward, great to have you, thank you, sir. count me in, the soon to be formerly known as the boy
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>> shannon: 180 years, the boy scouts of america have promoted the ability of boys to do things for shannon: for 108 years the boy scouts of america have promoted the ability of boys to do things for themselves and others but now the boy scouts are changing their name to scouts bsa and that is during a lot of controversy. >> the parent organization will remain boy scouts of america, program for 7 to 10, will accept girls but 11 to 17-year-olds will just be called scouts bsa. it is meant to appeal to girls but apparently girls don't like it, at least girl scouts's ceo said we are and will remain the
12:31 am
first choice for girls and parents who want to provide the girls opportunities to build new skills and going to happy successful civic we engaged adults. girl scouts has added 23 new merit badges focusing on outdoors and science, technology, engineering and math. boy scouts of america chief executive responded saying, quote, as we enter a new era for our organization is important that all you can see themselves scouting in every way possible. conservatives are baffled by the name change, ben shapiro tweeted there's something sad about a society that presses for the boy scouts to stop being the boy scouts and there's something hilarious about the girl scouts complaining the no longer boy scouts will accept girls and former boy scout and arkansas governor mike huckabee said this. >> gave them an identity,
12:32 am
something to grow into in, rotterdam fellowship. for the same reason you have fraternities and sororities and they are not mixed in the college campuses. this will come as a real shock to a lot of modern people that there really is a difference between boys and girls in the way you think. >> a former girl scout weight in sanghereation of scouts a is bad for girls but not the reason the right thing saying rockclimbing lessons and practices with the rugby team helped me understand from a young age even where women are the minority they can find community and thrive. there are 1.8 million girl scouts and 2.3 million boy scouts. the past 5 years boy scout numbers have fallen 12% and one critic argues the name change is simply a business decision list they be called bankrupt scouts.
12:33 am
>> gender neutral scouting, progress or progressive tomfoolery. syndicated radio host leslie marshall and radio host mary o'connor. welcome to you both tonight. both the boy scouts and girl scouts experienced a decline in membership, fighting to attract new people. i girl scouts feeling boy scouts are trying to raise their territory a bit? in a letter that was written last year from girl scouts to the boy scouts when they heard this conversation was going on they said it is in settling bsa would seek to append a paradigm that has served boys and girls so well by moving forward with a plan that would result in fundamentally undercutting girl scouts of the usa. we are confused rather than working to appeal to the 90% of boys not involved in these programs you would choose to target girls. >> is a former girl scout, my
12:34 am
daughter is a current girl scout, i agree with the girl scouts on this. don't fall over and fall in love with me yet. shannon: he's in love with you already. >> inclusion, you have the inclusion of the boy scouts, not only the members, the children but the leaders whether they are trans or gay, that isn't the issue. the issue feminists are going to be angry with me even though i'm a feminist is eagle scouts get more opportunities. the problem is it is a male getting more opportunity over female, changing the name does not change the issue which is a societal problem, not just us got problem. shannon: the cub scouts, 3000 girls has joined that, the boy scouts, the programs that are 11 to 17 are going to start
12:35 am
accepting girls next year. the programs are divided along gender lines, single-sex units. girls can get in but almost sounds like girl scouts within the boy scouts. here is what a leader of one of the groups says, not the main organization, he says get over it, the scout program is the finest youth program in the world and there is no reason not to be collated every reason to be covered. there is no valid reason not to be coed. unless i misunderstand they're going to become it in name but the girls are going to be in a track and the girls will be in a track. >> they have some coed events they are doing but it does look like a marketing ploy, the precipitous decline in membership put them in financial problems. let's not overlook what brought
12:36 am
on the precipitous decline. for the past few decades there have been outside left-wing activist groups trying to force change. boy scouts were perfectly happy pledging allegiance to god, asking all the members to be faithful and reverent and they had to throw that out because it was mean to the atheist did than they needed openly gay scouts and scout leaders and that is why many families were pulling their kids out of this group. i don't understand two things about this, why are feminist groups happy about this wednesday have got an organization created for women by women about women. you would think they would want to support that group, the girl scouts are going to be hurt by this and if all these left-wing activist groups want this agenda, they want children to be in a group with all the social agenda they want to put through why don't they just start their own scout group, but the boy scouts be the boy scouts and then they can start their own group, the unicorn group, unicorn scout, rainbow uniform and they will attract a lot of
12:37 am
kids. and everything will be wonderful. this what we do we compete. >> i want to know who will have the best time. >> i want some does he gos. >> we will put in our borders. in the meantime, thank you both. planned parenthood goes to court. the organization is angry about changes to the government-funded but pro-life groups say they are angry those groups are getting any funding at all. both sides make their case coming got. the sanctuary city mean a full on open-door policy? a man puts jerry brown on the side crashing the mansion. an update on the connecticut standoff, the barn blowing up injuring law enforcement officers, what we are learning about what is happening, live. and to keep up this pace, i drink boost optimum. boost optimum with 5 in 1 advanced nutrition helps support muscle, energy, bone, normal immune function, and vision. boost optimum.
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12:42 am
exploded. authorities updating the media the suspect has not been apprehended yet. we will update you as we learn more. 3 national pro-choice groups doing the trumpet ministration trying to block a shift in federal funding including a new policy effort to include abstinence education. >> planned parenthood fighting back against multiple efforts to cut off millions of dollars it received in federal funding. the trumpet ministration putting abstinence over contraception. earlier this year the department of health and human services announced new criteria for the grant program to favor the richest based organizations and hospitals over groups like planned parenthood. tens of millions of dollars in federal funding. today the group sued the trumpet
12:43 am
ministration in an attempt to block the changes arguing it would restrict access to birth control and reproductive health care for millions of women. >> are concerned with these changes as it would limit women's options and keep them from having the best health care available and in fact in some cases it goes so far as to have the government pushing certain kinds of birth control over others. >> this lawsuit is donald trump is conferring plans to block abortion providers like planned parenthood from receiving any funds. he is facing growing pressure from conservatives to do that. just this week dozens of pro-life groups, 200 public and lawmakers sent letters to the administration urging it to take additional steps to cut title x grants for abortion providers. on the campaign trail donald trump made federal funding for planned parenthood of campaign promise and in january became the first sitting president to address the march for life where he touted his administration's progress. >> i have just reversed the previous administration's policy
12:44 am
that restricted states efforts to direct medicaid funding away from abortion facilities that violate the law. we are protecting the sanctity of life and the family as the foundation of our society. >> reporter: for years republicans promised to cut funding for planned parenthood and with control of congress and the white house they would be able to do that in the recently passed omnibus spending bill but in the end the bill included 0 cuts to the $500 million planned parenthood received in taxpayer dollars each year. >> thank you very much. a pro-life group, planned parenthood will have a new funding headache on their hands, new pressure on donald trump to direct federal funds away from clinics that do abortions in favor of qualified health can except provide medical care but do not perform abortions. let's discuss that with our panel. the ceo and president of concerned women for america, dr. ronnie boyd, president of the national day of prayer.
12:45 am
we will talk about that tomorrow as well. welcome to you both. the issue garrett touched on that there are a lot in the base who are unhappy that not only did republicans vote to pass this bill that still contains funding for plan heard but to is planned parenthood, the president cited. this was in the west virginia senate debate last night where the atty. gen. is running against a current member of congress who voted for it. >> planned parenthood is spending a couple weeks ago, you should be ashamed of yourself for that outrageous the killing the unborn. >> you are hearing and fearful from the base. >> when the vote happened my phone was burning when i was on vacation. this is the most pro-life president in recent history, the most pro-life white house staff in recent history and he has done a lot towards that issue but there is progress to go on
12:46 am
this. there within the regulations that say in order to participate you need to be able to refer for abortion. $286 million a year of taxpayer money goes to 4000 health clinics, only 500 of those are planned parenthood clinics is what we simply said as let's go back to the reagan era regulation that was affirmed by the supreme court, it is legal, that says we are not going to entangle taxpayer money with abortion. if you accept this money you can't be located in an abortion clinic and accept the money and can't refer abortion. jillian: planned parenthood says there would be devastating consequences and dismantle the nation's program for affordable birth control and reproductive
12:47 am
health care which 4 million people rely on, the policy is dangerous, would keep women from having information and getting the best healthcare possible. >> this is the group that held up point funding because they wanted a piece of the action. this is the abortion, they want all the money for themselves, the abortion business model has grown as abortions have gone down and the rest of the country, this is about more for them. this regulation and the changes in regulation we are proposing opens the door for more people to compete, faith-based groups to compete and care for poor women and shift funding to the 13,000 community health centers that actually do care for women. >> you have spoken on this topic and say america needs some honest conversations about this. >> we really do. one of the major issues in the hearts of all evangelicals and conservatives and we need to work through this issue.
12:48 am
tomorrow as thousands of gatherings happen across america on the national day of prayer many of those gatherings will focus on matters of concern about the culture and things that are not contributing to the sanctity and dignity of human life and pray for our country in regard to that. >> what about those who say this is not a conversation we should be having, visit ministration should not be imposing what they view as religious police when it comes to federal money and access to abortion, thinking of the national day of prayer tomorrow americans united for separation of church and state say it is a vehicles for spreading religious misinformation and fundamentalist christian doctrine. >> first of all the national day of prayer mobilizes unified public prayer for americans, we can call out to god and talk to god about america and one thing we have been really just really
12:49 am
convicted of is that prayer crosses all the aisles. prayer is not about politics, prayer is about something we can do to gather because we can go to god anywhere anytime anywhere about anything and tomorrow is a day when millions of americans are going to go to god about our country and pray for our country and its future. shannon: it is spread across any denomination, any believe system to unify people and not divide them. we watch for that tomorrow. thank you. good to see you both. ancient artifacts that were smuggled into the united states being returned to iraqi in a controversial move. that story next. ♪ never drop to your knees, ♪ ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. want to update you on a >> quickly update you on a story out of connecticut where police engaged in a standoff in a violent domestic situation. a man taking his wife and children hostage. we are told the wife has escaped, no word on any children and at last check the suspects were not in custody, barred behind the home, burst into an exposure while police were negotiating with the man, we are getting reports the wife has
12:54 am
escaped, we will update you as we know more before the end of this our. thousands of ancient artifacts from iraq brought into the us and shipped to the head of the arts and crafts chain hobby lobby were returned to the iraqi government after a major legal showdown. there are concerns those artifacts will not be safely or appropriately cared for in that region where there has been plenty of unrest. time for your real news roundup, the washington post linking far left partisan claims that when donald trump asked if there were any hispanics in the room during her campaign style event the crowd allegedly booed to do that but that claim is disputed by other publications that are not friendly to the president. esq. says there were some whistles and the pres.'s question about hispanics was met with silence. the recent associated press report headlined anti-semitic conspiracy theories royal dc
12:55 am
city government coming under fire for admitting what would seem to be a key detail, detailing anti-semitic comments but initially admitted he, like most every other dc government official is a democrat. after being questioned about the omission the ap updated the article saying he is a democrat. of 50 one-year-old homeless man broke into the governor's mansion saying he did it because in tory state governor jerry brown is an open door policy kind of guy. he is now explaining from behind bars. a small step for one teenager, big step for an entire high school. the heartwarming story is next. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us
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that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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shannon: morgan suffered an illness last summer that left her mobile. she has been a wheelchair unable to walk but made about to stand and walk for her prom. c surprised her date by standing
1:00 am
and walking a few steps leaving them both in tears. she was named prom queen and is bowing she is going to walk by graduation in june. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent this evening with us, good night from washington. >> thursday, may 3rd and mrs. "fox and friends first," lots of news at 4:00 am on the east coast. explosive standoff. a barn bursting into flames rocking a quiet connecticut neighborhood and injuring several officers. we just learned about the man hold up inside who held his wife hostage for 3 days. >> everybody started moving away. >> started to freak out. >> fear takes flight when a window cs


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