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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 3, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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motorcycle. the electric powered motorcycle sitting between the driver and passenger seat, the driver would open a hatch and out pops the bite -- bike. that would be really cool. wouldn't you like one? that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now and i will see you at 11 am today. goodbye. jillian: thursday, may 3rd. barricade, a dozen officers injured after an explosion ripped through a bomb rigged barn in connecticut. police are still trying to get the barricaded suspect out. >> i know james comey and the president. sorry, jim, you are a liar, a disgraceful liar. every fbi agent in america has his head down because of you. rob: rudy giuliani demand justice, donald trump's new
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attorney railing against robert mueller's tainted investigation. why he says james comey needs to be prosecuted. jillian: scouts honor, they are changing the name of the program, the debate sparked as boy scouts become more gender inclusive. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ a beautiful morning ♪ ♪ i think i will go outside ♪ just rob: a beautiful morning for a lot of people on the east coast. it will be a hot day. jillian: don't complain it is too hot. rob: very warm and we will get 90 ° today in early may.
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that is crazy. good morning to you, you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. a fox news alert, man is believed to be barricaded in a bar after it explodes and burst into flames. as many as eight police officers hurt in the blast that rocked the quiet neighborhood in north haven, connecticut. investigators tried cutting the man out in an explosion the lasted several hours. he held his wife hostage for more than 3 days. she is now safe but it is unclear how she got away. rob: bizarre story, trying to figure out what went on. police trying to make contact with the man at this hour and figure out what caused the explosion and they don't know if this man is armed or what his motive might be. all of the injured police officers are expected to be okay. jillian: also breaking
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investigators desperately trying to figure out why a military plane took a nosedive into the ground, exploding into a fireball. all tween 9 were killed moments after takeoff near savannah, georgia. the cargo plane belonging to air national guard was on its way to arizona to be decommissioned. none of the victims have been identified. rob: the newest number of donald trump's legal team taking a stand against the mueller investigation saying special counsel may be setting a trap, this as some new details in the stormy daniels payment saga have been brought to life. griff jenkins has more on all of this. >> reporter: all signs the pres.'s legal team shifting to more aggressive and combative approach on full display on hannity as rudy giuliani unleashed. >> if their objective, we could work something out. if they are not we have to shake hands and basically go into
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litition over do they have the power to subpoena and i think they lost that power. this is a completely tainted investigation. rob: giuliani wants to shrink the term saying it would be two or three hours backs and the pres. cannot afford more time with pressing issues like north korea and iran and a narrower set of questions, quite a departure from what mueller originally requested. giuliani taking a hard shot at james comey. >> i know james comey and i know the pres. sorry, jim, you are a liar, a disgraceful liar. every fbi agent in america has his head down because of you. rob: there was a revelation few saw coming, the pres. reimbursed his personal attorney michael cohen for services that include the $130,000 to stormy daniels.
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>> having something to do with paying some stormy daniels woman $130,000 which is going to turn out to be perfectly legal. that money was not campaign money. i'm giving you a fact you don't know. it is not campaign money. no campaign finance violation. >> reporter: the white house has not commented on that payment yet. in another sign the legal team strategy is changing, tie, replaced by former impeachment attorney, a seasons washington attorney known for tough aggressive tactics in better position the pres. should mueller issued the subpoena and defend the george w. bush in executive privilege matters when congress wanted things, we shall see what happens. rob: nice time to be a lawyer in dc. everyone has a job right now. thanks so much. jillian: north korea reportedly moving american prisoners to the hotel ahead of the landmark
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summit with donald trump. two are academics, the third this man, all punished for espionage for hostile acts. donald trump hitting about the release tweeting, quote, the past administration has long been asking for 3 hostages to be released from north korea labor camp but to no avail. stay tuned. rob: the us trade team arriving in china. donald trump tweeting the delegation led by steve mnuchin is, quote, trying to negotiate a level playing field on trade. the pres. has threatened tariffs up to $150 billion of chinese goods and retaliation for alleged violation of intellectual property theft and china has out to fight back. jillian: a lot of panic on a southwest airlines flight when a window breaks in midair. the pilot making an emergency landing two weeks after one was nearly sucked out of the plane window on the same airline.
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rob: jackie ibanez mandates more inspections for southwest. >> reporter: another major scabbard flight. southwest passenger jet pact with 80 people heading from chicago to newark forced to land in cleveland less than an hour into that flight, passengers taking photos of the damage, left the window shattered with splintered gas remaining, no one was hurt. many reliving the horror and chaos on board. listen. >> i heard like a rock on the window, looked over, realize there was a crack around the window, the flight defendant unbuckled and ran to the back of the plane. we saw people starting to freak out. we turned around and the flight attendants were running down the aisle. >> you couldn't get the seatbelt off of me for anything. jillian: southwest denies an emergency landing was requested
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and said the plane was taken out of service for, quote, maintenance review. investigators say it is not clear what caused the window to crack but it did not cause oxygen masks to fall unlike the incident last month on a southwest flight forced to make an emergency landing when an engine exploded causing a window to break nearly sucking a woman out of the plane as you may remember. jennifer riordan, mother of two, died from her injuries. since and the faa has ordered inspections of thousands of jet engines. southwest indicates drop in sales since the first incident will cost the airline 50,000,0052 $100 million. rob: another situation like this, couldn't believe it. rob: donald trump has all but decided to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal according to a new reuters report, the may 12th deadline approaches ever closer. the us decides to end sanctions relief that could trigger
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backlash from iran. the un secretary-general warns that could mean a war but donald trump may decide to listen to the advice of french presidency manual macron and stay in the deal for alliance maintenance. the white house bracing for heated deal for a cia director, to testify before a congressional committee as part of the confirmation process, the trump administration anticipating a close vote as democrats will grill her over past involvement with enhanced interrogation techniques, waterboarding and things like that. she would replace secretary of state mike pompeo. jillian: more illegal demand asylum at the southern border the doj is dispatching an army of lawyers, 35 additional attorneys and 18 immigration judges deployed to control the influx of migrants from the caravan.
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jeff sessions says he means business. >> sending a message worldwide, don't come illegally, make your claim to enter america in the lawful way. jillian: 88 asylum-seekers have crossed into the us from the deck of entry. rob: donald trump participating in the national day of prayer, the focus is unity. jillian: he will be joined by pastor frank pomeroy of the baptist church of southern springs whose daughter and 25 other churchgoers were killed when a gunman opens fire inside the texas church in november. rob: ten minutes after the our. rudy giuliani railing against what he calls robert mueller's tainted russia investigation. >> in this investigation. rob: giuliani says it is time for the investigation to end. does jason chaffetz agree with that?
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the former utah congressman is live next. jillian: first it was james comey, vladimir putin, don't forget the leaks in russia, hillary clinton making room for just one more excuse, wait until you hear what it is this time. ♪ ♪ he eats a bowl of hammers at every meal ♪ ♪ he holds your house in the palm of his hand ♪ ♪ he's your home and auto man ♪ big jim, he's got you covered ♪ ♪ great big jim, there ain't no other ♪ -so, this is covered, right? -yes, ma'am. take care of it for you right now. giddyup! hi! this is jamie. we need some help. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee.
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>> the newest addition to the legal counsel ruby giuliani taking aim at robert mueller's special counsel investigation. >> if they are objective we can work something out. right now a lot of things point in the direction they made up their mind comey is telling the truth about the pres.. this is a completely tainted investigation. rob: the question anybody wants
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to know, will we see this wrapped up anytime soon or will we talk about this forever? to weigh in his former utah congressman now fox news contributor jason chaffetz. thanks for coming on. rudy giuliani before he was a great mayor for new york city and a tough time was a fantastic attorney for the city of new york, very well focused on this case i would believe. what do you think of the new addition to the team? >> sean hannity had a fascinating interview with him but he has a decades long relationship with donald trump and makes a good point. i don't think there was probable cause to start this program the list of 50 questions is so broad, the department of justice is supposed to be pursuing something that was the crime. see if we find something to draw. not the way it is supposed to
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work. >> in the next couple weeks perhaps we will know, we will answer, donald trump will answer a couple questions, have it be a couple hours long, where do you see this going? >> donald trump believes i haven't done anything. most legal experts will say you don't fall into that trap. i think the president will because his gut once to be there, answer some questions in limited scope and i think that would be a good, fair balance if the president hasn't done anything, should answer those questions and ultimately will, not in 12 hours. rob: look at these questions, 40 or 50 questions, you don't learn a lot when you read the questions was a lot of people expected to learn a lot about what they have been finding through the questions and if you ask a republican that says a lot
2:17 am
and if us democrats doesn't have to convey anything through the questions. what do you make of the questions? doesn't seem they don't have much of a case? >> they were in part silly and somewhat childish. a lot of questions surround what the president already has, constitutional authority. for them to say what were you thinking and what are you feeling, that is not against the law to have feelings so the scope of this is did you actually commit a crime. we are into mac, the year after and i ask a democrat give me your single best piece of evidence the president did something illegal and they have nothing. heather: rudy giuliani saying i will give you a piece of information you don't know, the fact that donald trump had back michael cohen involving the stormy daniels situation, what do you think of how it came out? >> it should come out when it
2:18 am
happens. the trump administration is open open and transparent as possible and they wanted to drop that up and i don't think it means -- rob: wait for the inspector general report, we will learn a lot about that, people are still not talking about that. michael horwitz and that ig report should be out, the most telling thing we have seen today. >> a terrifying terror scheme, the isis inspired team planning a mass shooting at a mall, details of his disturbing plot just uncovered. >> boys won't be boys, massive debate sparked as troops drop the word boys to become more gender inclusive, talking about scouts, comments.
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choose by the gig or unlimited. and see how you could save $400 or more a year. xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call, or visit an xfinity store today. rob: a historic name change sparking controversy, boy scouts of america dropping the word boy from its namesake to be more gender inclusive. they will now just because scouts bsa. the girl scouts responding in part we are and will remain the first choice for girls and parents which we wanted to know what you thought about this. johnson you have boy scouts and girl scouts, what more kind of inclusion could you possibly ask for. robert says i think the new name should be scouting usa and never scouting bsa. that has the boys name and it
2:23 am
because scouting should be for everyone regardless of race or gender. next that is it has been their name for 108 years, like renaming the yankees. jillian: superstar tyron has won dozens of awards for his hits on but humanitarian word with the lb gt community is passionate about. with senior vp of marketing who sat down, doing a lot of work for a lot of people. >> 5 million albums sold and this incredible journey. thank you for stepping in the fox side, 20 top singles on billboard, 5 million albums to come by and say hi. >> you get all those accolades. i have been successful in
2:24 am
country music. >> you came out is the first openly gay country star. what was the reception you received and the impact on your career before that? >> 4-man completely prepared to walk away from country music because i wanted to live authentically and make a difference on this planet, country fans amazed me and so did national on the business side. >> you continue to give back including this concert. >> the fourth year for love and acceptance in nashville, we partnered with glad over the last four years and doing a lot of work to change it. these guys are going into all kinds of communities in the united states and discriminating
2:25 am
against lgbt people just because they are game. these are families, american families. just to raise awareness around that, doing a great job and working with him as well. for tour dates and all the good stuff. >> two highlighted the white house correspondents dinner. a guest of ours, performed god bless america at the beginning. >> that really impacts them. >> the love and acceptance. >> donald trump's attorney railing against the russia investigation. >> they lost that power, this is
2:26 am
completely tainted investigation. >> is robert mueller setting a trap for the president? really giuliani -- rudy giuliani think so. the interview will only see on fox news. how do you feel about people flavored ice cream? what about a scoop of ham? carly shimkus with brand-new flavors turning heads this morning. ♪ between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. they're like a friend of the family. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life. save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance. get a quote today.
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especially when you're in accounts receivable. only one detergent can give you a sniff like this... try gain botanicals laundry detergent. one of the many irresistible scents from gain. jillian: robert mueller may be trying to trap donald trump, that is the message from the newest member of the legal team, rudy giuliani slamming the russia probe as a witchhunt. >> if they are objective, we can work something out. if they are not we have to shake
2:30 am
hands and go into litigation over do they have the power to subpoena and i think they lost that power. this is a completely tainted investigation. to be treated worse than bill clinton, definitely a liar under oath. jillian: giuliani said he paid michael cohen $130,000 for expenses and the pres. was unaware the money was going to stormy daniels. it is time -- the nuclear threat. mike pompeo says the rogue regime must dismantle its program. >> we have an unprecedented opportunity to change the course of history on the korean peninsula. this administration will not repeat the mistakes of the past. our eyes are wide open. time to solve this once and for all. the deal is not an option. the american people are counting on us to get this right. heather: the comments after pompeo was sworn in by donald trump and mike pence. pompeo sat down with kim jong un
2:31 am
when he was cia director. >> the isis inspired attack on a texas mall, undercover agents, in iran, weeks before the alleged plot, he left behind a man -- manifesto which he refused to talk about. >> whatever i say can be used against me. >> what are your thoughts on the charges against you? >> enough, a bit extreme. rob: court documents say he wanted to burn police officers during the attack. authorities say he gave $1400 to others to buy weapons, body armor and try recruiting other extremists. if convicted he faces life in prison. the us just transferred its first gitmo detainee since donald trump took office.
2:32 am
mohammed al darby serving time for plotting an attack on the french oil tanker will finish the rest of his 13 year sentence in saudi arabia as part of an obama europe the agreement. 40 detainees remain in guantánamo bay, donald trump signed an executive order to keep the prison open indefinitely. jillian: arizona teachers abandoning their classrooms for 6 day demanding more funding in their walkout. the protest at the state capital overnight as lawmakers work to finalize t budgebill washe movements could be heading to north carolina astate officials brace for math teacher absences during an upcoming protest. rob: texas to illinois, 5 million people in the path of severe storms were a fourth day in a row. jillian: check this drove video showing storm clouds swirling in the sky over kansas, winds reaching 92 miles an hour, tore down power lines and ripped off
2:33 am
roofs. rob: janice dean joins us for more on this storm. >> we have a lot of very warm unstable air and ahead of the system helping spark these storms. we have had 2 dozen reports of tornadoes in this four they outbreak. the latest reports not only tornadoes but large hail and damaging winds and it is going to be another stormy day across the central us. you can see future radar will stretch into parts of the northeast. that is going to be a threat not only this afternoon but overnight tonight. there is the threat through this evening in the yellowish orange shaded areas where you have the highest risk for strong and severe storms stretching towards the northeast because it will be hot and muggy, 90s in the northeast and the threat is ongoing. not only that but i might mention flash flooding as well. we could see downpours of one or two inches an hour.
2:34 am
we are not done yet. nasty weather. jillian: good change of the seasons. rob: hot like summer. jillian: you would think hillary clinton would have run out of excuses as to why she lost the election by now. >> i inherit nothing from the democratic party. combination of jim comey's letter on october 28th and russian wikileaks raise doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me. it bleeds over into misogyny. >> we don't do well with married white women. rob: she just found a new excuse. jillian: carly shimkus with fox news headline 24/7 serious xm 115 with reaction. >> the list of excuses just grew a little longer. hillary clinton now says being a capitalist may have contributed to her election loss.
2:35 am
>> are you a capitalist? i say yes but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability, that probably gets lost. she is a capitalist. >> let's get into social media reaction. ashley says the general belief that i am not him is a workable strategy. you didn't give a reason as to why anyone should vote for you. another twitter user said it was that you weren't the best candidate, that is it. the blame game continues. >> we found out who elizabeth warren has a crush on and it would be the rock. she sent him a happy birthday tweet, my favorite actor and not so secret crush at the rock. i keep this on my desk in washington. send my love to your beautiful family. that is signed copy of his fro
2:36 am
ballers. loose says i see the connection. the rock was a wrestler, wrestling is fake, so is pocahontas warren. a cherokee term, a lot of people joking about this. rob: a smash of the year. let's talk about something disgusting at 5:36. >> the weather is starting to warm up. we have some new ice cream flavors to talk about at a restaurant in new york city. now dishing out pickle flavored ice cream and the real headline is some people really like it. some people posted a picture, first time trying pickle ice cream, surprisingly tasty and unexpected but if that is not your cup of tea that is okay because in new jersey, pork roll flavored ice cream, one person who tried it said sign me up for
2:37 am
this. all my dreams in an ice cream come. rob set i work on it sparingly but will pass on pork roll ice cream. i went to say don't knock it until you try it but you can knock this. warm foods and ice cream -- i don't think so. maybe we should do a taste test. kim jong un maybe we should go. >> i would do it. rob: i will bring it and make you do it. jillian: so fun. some serious news to get to. several officers are hurt when a barn with bombs explodes. the suspect refusing to surrender. we are live at the scene. rob: american heroes in danger at home, new disturbing report about the water on military bases. jillian: boy scouts of america
2:38 am
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rob: the boy scouts of you feel? >> extremely sad, probably an
2:42 am
effort to increase, decrease in the name of inclusivity but this is what made the boy scouts what is. training young boys to be men. we have fewer and fewer places where boys can just the boys, where they are trained and starts to be younger men. boy scouts for over a century have been highly effective and highly successful to the point where the word boy scouts was synonymous with being a young man of mobile character, being above reproach but that is not the case anymore. >> look at a statement from the now scouts of america, we wanted to land on something that evokes the past but conveys the inclusive nature of the program going forward. this will not apply to the girl scouts. >> this is a superficial
2:43 am
definition of inclusivity. and boys to be men. and the way girl scouts don't include boys to be inclusive because that gives away the core principle of your organization, why we are seeing decreased numbers in the boy scouts, and increase success in the girl scouts because boy scouts is no longer relevant. deny the inherent benefits of training boys to be boys. and in your formative years. >> cub scout 7 to 10 years old will go unchanged. boy scouts from ages 10 to 17. girl scouts, and leadership for
2:44 am
girls. and the first choice, and i am not a parent, can't comment on this. send the young girls, and was once all boys. >> parents of young boys, to be responsible men. and in a different way, and the gender-neutral organization creating -- make it so that boys don't have a place at all to become younger men, they don't have a place at all where they can be proud of their masculinity and proud to be growing into a young noble man. we no longer have that for boys
2:45 am
and -- >> young girls participating as boy scouts is the reality of it. >> fox news alert, the search is on, holding his wife hostage for 3 days. standoff resulting in massive explosion injuring as many as 8 police officers. rob: amanda? >> the fluid situation, all the way to the scene. and down the street where this is happening. as many as eight officers injured when the barn exploded. and the police standoff describing domestic disturbance as really violent and police
2:46 am
were called out as barricading his wife, and talk to that man. and where that barn explosion happened. and the emergency responders and firefighters, in the early morning hours, and law enforcement, crews letting that burn, the suspect was in the area. we get an update early from police the suspect is at large, neighbors to shelter in place here. >> 46 minutes after the hour, time to check in with steve ducey for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> another slow news day, not.
2:47 am
rudy giuliani who electrified the political world with his revelations on hannity, to talk about those payments michael cohen made to stormy daniels. got an explanation and you will hear it right here on "fox and friends". the atty. gen. from texas, ken paxton, joins us how they are suing the federal government over daca. sarah sanders and dana loesch, and are a spokesperson. the pres. going to the big nra convention and she will talk about that and so much more. just another slow news day on the couch. rob: look forward to it.
2:48 am
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jillian: good morning, dallas. looks like fun. rob: they are all -- some of them are probably waiting. rob: fox health alert, a sickening report affecting nation's heroes, databases across near contaminated water. the department of defense is contaminants linked to cancer and birth defects. the dod inset filters without water to families on the basis. jillian: the toughest abortion
2:52 am
bill. passing a measure that 6 weeks of pregnancy with a heartbeat can be detected. conservatives hoping the heartbeat will pave the bill to overturn roe v wade, landmark ruling that prevented states from banning abortions out recommended heads to the governor's desk. >> the political consulting firm in the facebook data scandal shutting down. >> a brand-new report. >> cambridge analytical says shutting down filing for bankruptcy for criticism, and 87 million facebook users and the legal fees, they are going to shut down statement that says, quote, the siege of media coverage has given way virtually all the company and customers, and to continue operating the business. can't say i am surprised.
2:53 am
rob: i feel bad for parents using valuable vacation time to go to disney world. this could help. >> part of disney world, you can drink your way through the park. there are 18 stops along the outdoor shopping and dining area, all sorts of themes, kentucky, food and drink, fashion, sandwiches, things like that, you can get a special map and a passport that shows you what to drink at this bourbon trail. that would get a lot to go. >> the orlando airport last year, i have never seen that many kids in my life. like lord of the flies, running
2:54 am
the airport. they do it pretty well. >> the bourbon hay. jillian: 53 minutes after the hour, not too lake, that warning from megan markel's brother to prince harry putting a rift in the royal wedding plans. rob: how does this car in the up hanging from a bridge. ♪ ♪ what you made me do ♪ what you made me do ♪ look what you made me do ♪ ♪ balance. try align, the #1 doctor remmended probiotic. with a unique strain that re-aligns your system. re-align yourself, with align. ♪ with expedia you could book a flight,
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hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪ .
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♪ i'm in the for the money. rob: all right. live look at the capitol building, white house, beautiful morning in washington, d.c. going to be a hot one today. jillian: are you here for the party? rob: no. what was the todd piro song we went into the break with. i thought that was hilarious. i wanted to call him out. let everyone know his favorite song -- jillian: he sang karaoke best song at our christmas party. rob: unfortunately we don't have video of that. jillian: first up the good.
2:59 am
police officer knows how to move to the beat of the music ♪ jillian: the sacramento police department posting this video of officer pennington showing off serious skill twirling baton as the band plays. rob: a car falls 50 feet in a bridge in toronto. honda civic was blocked off with phony police tape. they thought it was left from a movie shoot and couldn't find any permits in the area and now treating this as a prank. jillian: wow. okay. now the ugly. it's not too late, that's what meghan markle's estranged brother wrote to prince harry to persuade him not to marry his sister. thomas markel jr. writes quote this is biggest mistake in royal wedding history and meghan is a shallow jaded woman. thomas has not been invited
3:00 am
to the royal wedding. those are tough words. rob: don't you love family? jillian: i do love my family but that is crazy. thanks for joining us for "fox & friends first." rob: "fox & friends" starts right now have. a nice thursday. we'll see you tomorrow. >> the president's chief legal negotiator rudy giuliani speaking out on threats of a subpoena. >> this has become a witch-hunt. and if you look at those questions that are being asked, they are trap questions. i know james comey. sorry, jim, you are a disgraceful liar. >> breaking now three american prisoners being held in north korea are going to be released. >> 18 republican house members have formally nominated the president for the nobel peace prize after 108 years the boy scouts is entering a new, more, inclusive era. the organization will be dropping the word boy. >> the 6-year-old bob is finally getting


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