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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 3, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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to the royal wedding. those are tough words. rob: don't you love family? jillian: i do love my family but that is crazy. thanks for joining us for "fox & friends first." rob: "fox & friends" starts right now have. a nice thursday. we'll see you tomorrow. >> the president's chief legal negotiator rudy giuliani speaking out on threats of a subpoena. >> this has become a witch-hunt. and if you look at those questions that are being asked, they are trap questions. i know james comey. sorry, jim, you are a disgraceful liar. >> breaking now three american prisoners being held in north korea are going to be released. >> 18 republican house members have formally nominated the president for the nobel peace prize after 108 years the boy scouts is entering a new, more, inclusive era. the organization will be dropping the word boy. >> the 6-year-old bob is finally getting his diploma
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68 years after leaving college. >> miracles don't normally happen to old men, and i guess i run into one. ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ steve: in the next three hours, we hope you'll have a good time here on "fox & friends" here on the fox news channel. we are coming to you live from the mezzanine level of studio f as in friday which is tomorrow. ainsley: we're having a good time. can you smell the weekend? what does it smell like? steve: i thought it was just the bad coffee. brian: if you saw the way the news changed overnight you realize we have a lifetime before we get to friday. ainsley: i know. brian: you cannot take a minute off. steve: that's the good thing we work at a news channel so we get to talk about it. brian: we start with a fox news alert. breaking right now, north korea may be preparing to release, get this, three american prisoners. ainsley: wouldn't that be wonderful?
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president trump hinting at some progress for the dictator kim jong un ahead of their historic summit. steve: which we still don't know the date. griff jenkins is live in washington with more details on those three guys that are about to get sprung. >> very encouraging. good morning, guys. the state department says they cannot confirm the validity of these reports. multiple south korean news agencies saying these three americans kim dong and tony kim and kim hack song have been transferred from a prison camp to a hotel in pyongyang suggested their possible release ahead of the summit with kim jong un. the president had been advocating for their release. he highlighted that goal when president abe visited. this would be a major victory for the and another concession from the rogue regime who already agreed to stop their nuclear testing and shut down a nuclear site. now, as for the timing on
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this release, well, we don't know but the president tweeted as everybody is aware the past administration has long been asking for these three hostages to be released from a north korean labor camp. to know avail, stay tuned. guys, we also don't know the location of that summit, so a lot of news coming. it's not yet friday. steve: that's right. it's thursday. ainsley: they will announce the location and the date coming up shortly. brian: i keep waiting for something to happen to show kim jong un is up to something. so far it's as things appear. this is the easiest thing to do a confidence measure. he didn't ask for anything in return. he just said these three guys are on track to be released. the president said they are going to be released. two of which were taken during his administration and one during the obama years. steve: sounds as if his release is eminent because they have been removed from the labor camp that griff was talking about to a hotel where apparently they are getting some sort of health treatment because they don't want a repeat of what happened to otto warmbier.
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if they are releasing these fly guys now. usually whenever the summit happened you would think the president might come home with them. if they are coming home now, that would suggest that the president will come home with something bigger at the conclusion of the summit. ainsley: we will be following it. in other news, rudy giuliani as you know is one of the president's new attorneys. just joined the team. he was on on sean hannity's news and covered so many different topics. we will break it all down with you. we will start with this. he says that james comey, he says, is a liar. he says he once said he didn't leak, then he said he did leak. he wants the fbi to look into that. and he says that the mueller probe should end. listen to this. >> i would say right now the odds are he wouldn't be -- i wouldn't close my mind to it. if they are objective, we can work something out. if they are not, we have to
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shake hands and basically go into litigation over do they have the power to subpoena. he fired comey because comey would not say that he wasn't a target of the investigation. he is entitled to that. i know james comey. i know the president. sorry, jim, you are a liar, a disgraceful liar. comey should be prosecuted for leaking confidential fbi information. when he leaked his report intended to develop a special prosecutor for the president of the united states. brian: what i get from rude's interview and the mayor is going to be joining us here live shortly is that the whole tone of the president's legal team has changed. not only have the people left on good terms, ty cobb and john dowd out. no longer is it hey whatever do you take your time. if you want some paperwork you can get it too. game on. ever since the michael cohen reign the president seems to have a brand new approach and rudy giuliani is the person to do it. he has the legal background and friendship and loyalty factor where he can talk to the president candidly,
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maybe in a way in which and get the president's attention in a way the other two couldn't. the introduction of emit flood. steve: during the impeachment. ainsley: america loves him. steve: given the fact we have that list of about four dozen questions the other day in the "new york times" and fox news got it people said if he is going to answer all those that would take 12 hours, two days. rude made it clear yesterday that if the president and still a big if. if the president were to sit down with mr. mueller, he would only do it for two or three hours, base it on a narrow set of questions because right now and it would have to take place after the kim jong un summit because currently the president, as rudy said is worried about the safety of the world and any sort of mueller talk would come after that. brian: as it goes back to john dowd and just paraphrase, too. he is basically understand to robert mueller evidently in last conversation you are
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getting in the way of the president's ability to run the country. and it's about time to let him focus on that on this ongoing probe. i would also add to this. on the question of if this comes down to the president refusing his lawyers refused to sit down with robert mueller and a subpoena coming, rudy says that would be unpress debted in the sense that it's clear that the president cannot be subpoenaed to a criminal proceeding about him. steve: that's right. the president of the united states has specific protections under article 2 of the u.s. constitution. rudy says he may do it, and, again, he may not. ainsley, you said rudy broke a lot of other news? ainsley: part two of that. this is rudy giuliani talking about the $130,000 that the president allegedly paid the michael -- he said the president did pay it back to michael cohen. listen to this and we will talk about it. >> that money was not campaign money. sorry, i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know. it's not campaign money.
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no campaign finance violation. >> so they funneled it through a law firm. >> funneled it through the law firm and the president repaid it. >> i distinctly remember he did it on his own without asking. >> i don't know. i haven't investigated that no reason to dispute that. i like michael a lot. you like michael a lot. >> a long time. >> i feel very bad he has been victimized by that they came up with no violations there. the payment is perfectly legal. steve: talking about the $130,000 that michael cohen paid to clifford also known as stormy daniels. what rudy said right there there was nothing illegal about it campaign violation because of these campaign funds. no, rudy made it very clear. after the election, michael cohen was reimburelsed by the president to the tune of about $35,000 per month just for various expenses during the campaign. so, what the former mayor
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makes very clear is trump personally reimbursed michael cohen which is to suggest there absolutely are no campaign violations. brian: on top of that. that is huge news because the president said on air force one i knew nothing about it the mayor says listen, it's not unusual for them not to know anything about it. he says i do this for my clients. i will take care of things. i don't inform them on everything. the way they get paid back is their retainer fee. sooner or later he gets paid back. he has seen the receipts. nothing was done with campaign funds therefore it gets rid of the campaign violation. appearing nonstop on other channels i'm rarely as you know rendered speechless. i'm speechless as this revelation this is an outrage gone on here. the american people have been lied to about this agreement. i have news for you the american people don't care about this agreement. there is a reason why the president's approval ratings are ticking up. is he effective at his job
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and this is a distraction without someone main thruls of their complaint tell their story and doing and making $75,000 an appearance now. ainsley: personal funds were used allegedly according to rudy. he didn't violate the campaign finance. no felonies were committed. he said the president didn't know specifics of it. unspecified expenses were written on the receipt. i agree with you, brian, american people care about north korea, what's happening in iran, food on their table, paying for college, border security. brian: trade war. steve: and ultimately what the mayor is doing and is he part of the legal team and this is very aggressive. this whole story might be embarrassing to the president of the united states, but no laws were broken. we're going to be talking to rudy in an hour and 10 minutes. ainsley: treating this president worse than bill clinton and bill clinton lied under oath. brian: no one care about stormy daniels and here with more on stormy daniels is
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jillian. jillian: get you caught up on a manhunt intensifying for a suspect holding his wife hostage for three days. as many as three officers hurt trying to coax him outside when a barn exploded and burst into flames in north haven connecticut. the suspect's wife did escape. unclear how she got away. police are trying to make contact with the suspect and figure out what caused the explosion. all of the injured pol officers are expected to be ay. investigators are desperately trying to figure out why a military plane took a nose dive into the ground exploding into a fireball. all nine crew members on board were killed in the crash moments after takeoff near savannah, georgia. the cargo plane belonging to the puerto rico national guard was on its way to arizona to be decommissioned. none of the victims have been identified. dozens of prosecutors and 18 judges deploying to the southern border. the justice department hoping the additional help will speed up decisions on asylum claims and discourage the caravan of central americans from breaking the law.
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>> we're sending a message worldwide don't come illegally. make your claim to enter america in the lawful way and wait your turn. jillian: so far at least 88 asylum seekers from the caravan from crossed into the u.s. from the sa. sandra: heed degree point of entry. - awarded national teacher of the year. >> teachers like mandy play a vital role in the well-being of our children, the strength of our communities and the success of our nation. jillian: manning teaches english and math to immigrants. she gave the president handwritten notes from those teens about what coming to the u.s. means to them. that's a look at your headlines and big congrats to her. steve: apparently she works 80 hours a week with those kids. most of it off the clock. ainsley: love the dress,
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jillian. beautiful. brian: i like it, too. but i will tell you in the break. steve: remember when president trump's supporters chanted this at his michigan rally. [chanting] >> that's very nice, thank you. steve: no bell. what they were chan. brian: boycotts dropping the boy. ainsley: men scouts? brian: just scouts. johnny joey jones is here to react ♪ i want it all ♪ i want it all ♪ and i want it now ♪ instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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3:18 am
effort. he calls for the chairman of the house republican policy committee. and candidate for senate in indiana he joins us from indianapolis. luke, good morning to you. >> hey, steve, great to be on. steve: why do you think the president of the united states should get the nobel peace prize. >> you know, events on the korean peninsula. the leader of north korea and south korea coming together would have been unimaginable just a few weeks ago. frankly the response from many in the media has been muted and i think president trump is showing that peace through strength is working and the only reason that the evil dictator from north korea is coming to the table is because this president has stared him down. and as peace comes to the korean peninsula, do i believe president trump deserves the nobel peace prize. steve: chairman, it does look as if there are tangible rules that he is getting things done, because not only will the location of the summit and the time be released shortly but the news this morning, our lead
3:19 am
story is the fact that it sounds like the north koreans are about to release those three americans, just to show that they want to wheel and deal with this president. >> absolutely. as the president has said, listen, we are a long way away. this north korean leader is a ruthless guy who has lied to people before there are tangible steps already happening. have you both leaders talking about a united korea, talking about ending those nuclear programs. the north korean leader has already ended his testing program. there are major steps happening and, again, the only reason it's happening is because of this president's strong leadership. frankly, the south korean president has even said as much. and, you know, you can't help as you watch all this just wonder how do you think folks on the left would be responding right now if this was happening under president obama's leadership. i mean, they would be melting with joy. steve: sure. >> instead, they are, of course, kind of saying let's wait and see. we do want to wait and see and there is a lot more to
3:20 am
get done but what has happened already is extraordinary. steve: keep in mind, president obama got the nobel peace prizeefore he actually did anything. at least with president trump is he getting some numbers up on the board. >> yeah. president obama got a nobel peace prize little more than running a glamorous campaign. the critics on the left for this president's policies on north korea have been width they'res. i'm running in indiana against a guy named joe donnelly who spent much of the last year and a half criticizing president trump for his twitter diplomacy and strong posture he has taken against north korea. seeing extraordinary results. not just north korea. isis on the run, the economy is going great. listen thrnks is a lot going on under this president's leadership. steve: running for the u.s. senate out of indiana. he has a big primary on tuesday. luke messer, thank you for joining us live from minneapolis. >> great to be on. thanks, steve. steve: what do you think about that? canadian prime minister
3:21 am
justin trudeau said he would open his borders to refugees? well, now he has a big immigration problem and he is blaming the united states. and don't call them boycotts anymore. the group dropping the boy from scouts joey jones is next. a. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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3:25 am
community. the legislation now goes onto the house. brian? brian: thanks, ainsley. boycotts making a major change dropping boy from their name. we wanted to land on something that evokes the past but also conveys the inclusive nature of the program going forward. trying to find the right way to say we are here for both young men and young women so they are going to be called just scouts. here to react is johnny joey jones. the fact is, johnny, the people you serve with, a lot of them go through the scouting program and a lot of navy seals go through the scouting program. >> the skill sets you learn in boycotts important. you learn to be tough. learn to make it through something, to sleep outside and do things with your hands by all means little girls are very capable and have that opportunity as well. we live in a culture being masculine using the term boy in your name is wrong because it's toxic. to me it's toxic to not teach my 9-year-old to be
3:26 am
tough and not cry every time he is hurt. we inch a little bit further every time you hear a headline like this to tell our kids it's not okay toes masculine regardless if you are a boy or a girl. brian: merit learning certain things do you with scout masters and young men as opposed to co-ed environment. and there is girl scouts. there is fraternities, there is sports. what is wrong with girl scowdz scouts who do incredible job and boycotts. >> listen, there is no doubt in my mind my two fees can do everything my boy can do. no doubt whatsoever. they also like to dress up and have tee time and do thetea friend gets attat week for writing a book called the warrior kid, we live in a culture where you can't ask kids to be tough. you can't ask little boys toable masculine and don't understand what we would gain from a society by continuing to push this way. brian: right. because if you don't learn
3:27 am
these things early when you are in single digits by the time you get in the 20's and 30's live is not going to ease up on you. you have to build that toughness. >> i never saw my dad cry. that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. when i was old enough to understand he didn't have super hero powers. as a little boy i needed to know my dad was that symbol of strength. that bring mason that no matter what happened that day would be there for me and pick me up and tell me that's okay. that's masculinity and very positive thing not a toxic thing. brian: could be flat out money. their enrollment was 2.3 million in 2013 -- excuse me, it's now 2.3. it was 2.6 million in 2013. this is a way to bring in more money. >> absolutely. we are talking hundreds of thousands of kids that are deciding to play x box now and do something virtually. i had the same problem with my little boy. just as smart. nerdier version. hey, do you want to go outside and play baseball. for years it's been the x
3:28 am
box. that's been his hobby and what he likes to do. that's a symptom of our generation. as a kid grew up playing with spoons and forks in the dirt i hope kids understands the relevance of being outside in nature. brian: often stuff do you with your dad and parents if you are lucky enough to have them. on top of that i keep on thinking about the story we did last week with the texas college that now has a course in toxic masculinity as if showing masculinity is a toxic quality to have. hey, johnny, i have news for you. stick around because at noon right around this area. put up a couch, flip the rug, put up bookcases and you will be the star of outnumbered. is that okay? >> i think they bumped me off today. i think i'm going to come back in two weeks for memorial day? brian: really? >> yeah. brian: joel, i did not know this. it we find somebody? you will eventually be good? >> good luck tonight tunnel for towers fundraiser which ains solid hosting. brian: president trump's legal team preparing for a
3:29 am
show down with robert mueller. what would that look like. judge napolitano put on a suit and own tie and standing looking with his hands open like most italian people do. this world war 2 veteran getting an honor he deserves nearly 70 years later. >> miracles don't normally happen to old men, and i guess i run in to one. brian: the story that will have you sphilg smiling all morning. first happy birthday to eric church he is a country music star and 41 years old today. can we make this louder? ♪ my old jeans ♪ think about the stars in the sky ♪ funny how a mellowed sounds like a memory ♪ like a sound track ♪ july, saturday night ♪ springsteen ♪ what are you doing?
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>> i would say right now the odds are he wouldn't be interviewed. i don't close my mind to it. >> what are the parameters you would insist on for any interview with mueller beyond 2 to 3 hours? >> never beyond 2 or 3 hours. i'm not going to have my client, my president, my friend i'm not going to let him be treated worse than bill clinton who definitely was a liar under oath. steve: there you have got rudy giuliani who is going to be with us 60 minutes from right now. right now on the couch is judge andrew napolitano fox senior judicial analyst. what did you make of rudy had a wide ranging interview. we will get to the stormy daniels stuff in a minute. the fact as it looks as if the president were going to sit down it wouldn't be for two days or 12 hours. if he sat down it would be for two or three hours, tops? >> i don't know as much about this as rudy does, obviously. and i have great respect for him anhim and have known him for
3:34 am
years and fantastic prosecutor in his era. i don't think it's wise to be negotiating in public or on television. it sometimes insults the other side. you want to cut a deal with bob mueller. bob mueller wants him for 12 hours. you want him for three. i don't think you set those parameters out in public. that's the type of negotiation you do in private. you think that jim comey is a liar. a lot of people think jim comey is a liar. that's the kind of argument you make to your adversary in private and you demonstrate why you think that is. you don't necessarily go on national television and say it. rudy has a client with two sets of problems. a legal set of problems and a political set of problems. the political set of problems is he believable as a president? are people trying to undermine his presidency because they didn't want him to win in the first place? the legal set of problems is, key actually be indicted for obstruction of justice? steve: did he break the law? >> did he break the law and
3:35 am
building buildings and then after he became president? so i think rudy, to his credit. you will ask him this in an hour is, trying to straddle both issues. he may actually be. the perfect person to represent donald trump because he, himself, is not only gifted lawyer, he is a successful politician as well. ainsley: he said that rod rosenstein should ends mueller probe because there is too much government misconduct. reminded all of us there is no collusion. why is this investigation even happening? >> that is a dangerous argument to make. 90,000 people work in the justifiable department. 8,000 fbi agents. these people are doing the work of protecting our lives, our liberty, and our property. for him to say that the justice department is out of control or that the government is corrupt. brian: right. >> an argument used by criminal defense lawyers in legitimate prosecutions as if to say don't believe the government anymore. brian: right. looking at those questions, they don't believe collusion. the book is closed on collusion or obstruction.
3:36 am
>> the book is not closed on co-question on paul manafort. the question is are you aware of efforts by your campaign. paul manafort to reach out to the russians for assistance? there has to be a good faith basis for that that means someone told them it happened and they believed that. brian: president remembers what that period was like. what everyone is talking about is rudy giuliani intentionally coming out. later confirming a "the washington post," "new york times" wasn't a misquote or he didn't misspeak that the president didn't use campaign funds but the money eventually came back to michael cohen from him of $130,000. he says because michael cohen got a retainer of $35,000 a month. he doesn't tell his client, michael cohen doesn't tell his client everything about his payment. >> that is -- if rudy wants the public to believe that donald trump reimbursed michael cohen $130,000 and didn't know what it was for,
3:37 am
didn't know that it was going to see you lens stormy daniels, that is unworthy of belief. it is hard to believe that donald trump, a man who knows where every one of his nickels has gone. ainsley: was it possible that the michael cohen could have said don't ask questions, i have got it covered? >> it's possible but that would be ethical problem. the good part is if the money came from the president's personal funds, then there is no election issue. brian: he says he saw paperwork it's not from -- >> that diminishes a little bit of the reason for the raid by the federal prosecutors and fbi agents in new york of the four michael cohen places his home, his office and the hotel room. but, it does create a problem because the president has said he knows nothing about this. this is a problem between the president, his personal morality, his wife, and his base on one side and the president and the law on the other side.
3:38 am
steve: michael cohen has said he had used his own money. judge: that he was never reimbursed. steve: and apparently rudy said last night. we have rudy and talk to him about this in 45 minutes is the president didn't know about it probably until right now. because michael cohen was the fixer and he tended to all sorts of issues. and it sounded like eventually the president repaid him to the tune of half a million dollars. this was just part of it. he has the receipts to prove it. >> this would be no one's business if he wasn't the president. but because he is the president it's up to the american public to believe. not just like donald trump would pour money down a hole. without asking to whom the money was going and for what purpose? how would michael cohen know if stormy daniels needed to be silenced. steve: if this is true and the president used his own -- wrote checks out of his family finances, no laws were broken. >> absolutely correct. ainsley: might be
3:39 am
embarrassment personally with his wife, but no felony and what about this case in new york, this judge in new york. judge: you believe that the government is after michael cohen for other things, many of which have nothing to do with donald trump. judge: payment on taxi on taxis and that the president got swept up in this because a lot of the material that the fbi seized from cohen referenced the president. brian: do you think this helped or hurt the president last night. >> rudy is very combative and persuasive and helpful to get the president's argument out there. brian: new tone judge they could subpoena him before a grand jury and rudy for all of his devotion to the president cannot control that. brian: rudy has to get rest and ready for his
3:40 am
appearance. >> judge: going to be on a train in a half an hour wish i could be here when is he here. brian: sorry. you don't have access -- [laughter] judge: where is jillian? there she is. jillian: hi? >> golf this afternoon? jillian: i would love to. you want to play? judge: no, i will be on a train. jillian: good morning to you. good morning to you. get you caught up with they had lines. investigators not sure how a window cracked on a flight mid-air. plane heading to chicago making emergency landing in cleveland. luckily no one was hurt. passengers reliving the chaos on board. >> i heard a pop like someone had thrown a rock at the windows if you were driving and looked over and realized there was a crack all around the window and flight attendant and unbuckled and ran to the back of the plane. ainsley: this came weeks after a engine exploded and hitting a window and sucking
3:41 am
a window out of it and she nearly died. remember when justin trudeau tweeted this more than a year ago. those fleeing for war canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith. diversity is our strength. #welcome to canada. now, canada has a big immigration problem. 26,000 illegal immigrants followed his word. crossing into canada from the u.s.s. in the past 15 months. and trudeau is blaming the u.s. he says negotiations with the trump administration for an invisible border wall from have failed. that would force immigrants to a sig asylum. world war ii vet is getting his will will will will diploma. oldest graduate ever at the university of toledo on saturday after reviewing his transcript, the ohio school discovered the former navy pilot actually had enough credits for an associate's
3:42 am
degree. >> miracles don't normally happen to old men and i guess i run into one. >> he left school after he returned home from the war, career and started a family. steve: it's never too late. jillian: i know, i love it. steve: still had the ambition. brian: let's go back to janice. steve: red on map again. janice: day four of severe weather outbreak and another outbreak of tornadoes as well as hail, damaging winds and flooding rainfall is going to exist throughout the day today and in through tonight moving a little bit more to the east. these areas have been pounded by severe weather over the last couple of days. but now you can see the future radar is going to move more towards the east, ohio, tennessee river valley. severe weather through this evening. from the big band of texas through the great lakes. and now extending to the northeast. 90-degree heat. this is going to break it a little bit.
3:43 am
there is your threat through tonight. and again, the flooding rainfall is also going to be a problem. so flash flooding is going to be a concern. know what to do if it's a watch or warning in your area. there is your forecast today. want to make mention. we broke a record in new york city yesterday in the 90's. 91 again today. two round of applause two days in a row. >> it was beautiful yesterday. a little hot. janice: how was your tennis, good? steve: it hurts right there. ainsley: tennis elbow? steve: i'm not complaining but it hurts right there. i have already had two aleve thanks for asking. thank you, j.d. ainsley: urgent manhunt after standoff massive explosion. at least 8 police officers were injured and we are live on the ground next. steve: plus, nancy pelosi predicts she will be the next speaker of the house. some democrats say nancy, time for the check. time to go. what direction take a debate coming up. ♪
3:44 am
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3:47 am
brian: back with floor fox news alert. manhunt intensifying for a suspect accused of holding his wife hostage for at least three days. ainsley: as many as eight police officers were hurt in massive explosion following hours long standoff. steve: what was going on. amanda raus is live from fox affiliate in north haven, connecticut where that man is nowhere to be found and man hunt is on. amanda? >> well, steve, brian and ainsley, we are still waiting for answers to that question because we don't know where that man is state police told us early this morning that he was still at large and they haven't given us any idea of even who he who this man is this all started when police arrived to the scene. they were talking about a
3:48 am
man who is bar barricaded inside of a house. all part of a domestic disturbance. police say the officers arrived there they were trying to talk to that man and that is when there was a huge explosion with the barn nearby. that is where we had as many as eight officers injured. we are hearing from the first that the man was holding wife hostage three days inside his home. and also that there was a woman victim who came to police and told them about the domestic disturbance. we are still trying to figure out if that was the same person if that was the man's wife. just in the last few minutes here, we had a lot of state police cruisers as well as a tactical unit leave the scene. we are wondering if we will have any updates in the next few minutes. people here in the neighborhood have been shaken. their homes were literally shaken by that explosion. they were told to shelter in place. but even they are getting out and about this morning and this road has just been reopened. we are hoping to see a little bit more developments from the scene. for now we are live in north
3:49 am
haven i'm amanda raus. brian: hey, amanda if anything breaks let us know and we will come back to you. >> thank you. brian: just when you thought the list could not get any longer, hillary clinton has another excuse for losing the election. let's listen together. >> i'm capitalist i say yes with appropriate regulation. that probably gets wrong oh my gosh she is a capitalist. brian: are you buying that? we will debate it coming up. ainsley: plus, millions of americans will observe the national day of prayer. today the president of the national day of prayer, the task force, he is going to join us live next. ♪ ♪ amen ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
♪ ainsley: millions of americans across the country today will gather together for the national day of prayer. this year's prayer request, unity in america. wouldn't that be nice. the president of the national day of prayer task force, dr. ronny floyd, he joins us now with more on the meaning of today's event. dr. floyd, thank you for being with us. >> good morning, ainsley. thank you for the privilege to be with you today. ainsley: you are welcome. i was rewatching shannon bream's show this morning i saw you on her show and you were with her last night. i was in the bathroom and saying okay, god, i'm praying for our country and our leaders. thank you for that reminder. tell us why it's important today and what we need to do as a nation. >> we are so very grateful that each first thursday in the month of may maybe deemed as the national day of prayer. we are really grateful that we live in a country that is free and encourages people to pray. so today, literally already beginning around the country, depending on time
3:54 am
zones, there will be thousands upon thousands of gatherings and observances in all kinds of settings. and they will be coming together to pray for america. you know, ainsley, people do love america, and they may not always understand this or that. but they do love america enough to pray for america and we are calling people and encouraging people to forward and advance and to pray for unity in our nation this year. ainsley: we need that. i know the theme is based on ephesians 4:3. making every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace. why that message this year in particular? >> well, ainsley, when we began to understand what we believe god wanted us to lead in, we really believe that he wanted us to call and forward the theme of unity in this nation. and we determined that last october, released it in november, and obviously we have seen this unity
3:55 am
continue even many believe at an all-time high. and we believe that one of the greatest needs in this country is for us to come together and one thing that we can do in prayer is that prayer permits us to come together. that's where everyone can enter into that space with them and god and they can talk to god about their nation. and that's what we're asking people to do today all over america. ainsley: tell us what you are doing in statuary hall tonight at 7:30 and who is going to join you? >> we have several guests across america who will be coming in to help us forward all that's going on in relationship to this theme on unity and praying in various areas for unity. we have the brooklyn tabernacle choir coming in. ainsley: that's beautiful. >> the singers who will be coming in and they will be with us. we are so thankful that the singers will be able to be there with us. we are also very grateful that we will be having the pastor and his wife from the
3:56 am
first baptist church of sutter they're land springs that suffered that severe tragic loss of 26 of their church members including their own daughter's life. and we're going to be interviewing them and then we arin are going to let pastor frank pomeroy lead us in prayer regarding matters of security in the united states and buildings like churches as well as schools and those kinds of matters around the nation. ainsley: okay. thank you so much for bringing it to life for us. our nation needs it thank you, dr. floyd, god bless you. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein firing back at house republicans for drafting articles of impeachment against him, calling the move extortion. congressman ron desantis is here to respond in the next hour. plus, rudy giuliani, white house press secretary sarah sanders. we ask her about the white house correspondents dinner and dana loesch are all here live. ♪ i was born free ♪ born free
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> i'm not gone that have my client, my president be treated worse than bill clinton. >> he may actually be the perfect person to represent donald trump because he, himself, is not only a gifted lawyer, is he a successful politician. brian: breaking right now, north korea may be preparing to release, get this: three american prisoners. >> these three americans have been transferred to a hotel in pyongyang. steve: a group of republican lawmakers have formally nominated him for the 2019 nobel peace prize. >> the only reason that the. >> in your name is somehow wrong because it's toxic. >> jeff sessions is bringing in more help to stop illegal immigrants from coming into the country.
4:01 am
>> we are send ago message worldwide don't come illegally. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm on my way ♪ an old country lane ♪ brian: ed shearn is getting married soon to his high school sweetheart. ainsley: they have been together forever. i love that. brian: ibrian. steve: always thinking about the people he grew up with and back in the olden days. brian: my phone just answered me. it says yes, ed shearn is getting married to high school sweetheart. uld you hold thi because i can't trust my own phone. steve: why do you have the volume on? brian: i think it's good to marry someone married you before you are famous. you never know what they are marrying you for before you get famous. steve: there shouldn't be
4:02 am
rules for who can marry who. brian: i'm not saying emotional law a love law. if you have a love law, write us. ainsley: it doesn't always work out that way but i like the idea. brian: let's say you didn't date anyone before you were famous, then you are out of luck. steve: it's amazing how much have you thought about this. brian: sire got me thinking. ainsley: north korea really serious. steve: ainsley, it's a fox news alert. breaking overnight, north korea, it looks like is about to spring three american prisoners. ainsley: wouldn't that be wonderful? president trump hinting at some progress with the dictator over there, kim jong un ahead of their historic summit. brian: griff jenkins is live in washington with more on these reports. griff, it's amazing. people are saying president trump is doing the summit. why do we get these three guys out? we might be getting these three guys out. >> this would be very encouraging news, guys. no doubt. the state department won't confirm it. multiple organizations saying three americans have been transferred from the
4:03 am
north korean prison labor camp to a hotel in pyongyang. they are businessman kim dong julie sentenced to hard labor. espionage held the longest. kim habitation song and kim sang duck who goes by tony kim. both worked at pong university science and technology. only privately funded will large donations from christian groups. their release, ahead of the president's summit with kim jong un would be a major victory for the administration who has been advocating for their release and another concession from the rogue regime who has already agreed to stop nuclear testing. president hinted in a tweet yesterday. everybody is aware the present administration has been long asking for to be released. but to no avail. stay tuned. this is a physical condition of these three americans, one would guess thi it could be
4:04 am
grave. we certainly saw what happened to otto warmbier. hopefully they have already been getting some treatment of some sort in that hotel in pyongyang. we shall learn more as the day goes on. steve: we will indeed. grave, thank you very much. north korean officials are apparently reporting that the move is imminent and the reason they put him in the hotel was two fold. first of all for what they call ideological education. sounds like just some brainwashing. and health treatment. to griff's point, they don't want another situation like otto warm beer. brian: secretary of state mike pompeo weighed in yesterday. he said my goal is still verifiable, permanent, irreversible. dismantling of their entire nuclear weapons. steve: that's what we want. we had ambassador haley also weigh in i would rather have no deal than a bad deal. america is not showing any give. think are going in knowing this thing could end quickly. ainsley: it's been amazing. if the president sits down with him and they get rid of
4:05 am
their nuclear weapons. this is just historic. steve: meanwhile, talk a little bit about this. rudy giuliani, one of the president's new attorneys is going to be with us in about 20 minutes. talk about all sorts of things. first of all, we want to set the table by showing you a clip from last night's hannity where the president's attorney talks about the possibility that the president will sit down with robert mueller and answer some of those four dozen requests. here is what rudy said. >> i would say right now the odds are he wouldn't be interviewed. i don't close my mind to it if their objective we can work something out. if not we have to shake hands and basically go into a litigation over do they have the power to subpoena? he fired comey because comey would not, among other things, say that he wasn't a target of the investigation. he is entitled to that i know james comey.
4:06 am
i know the president. sorry, jim, you are a liar. a disgraceful liar. comey should be prosecuted for leaking confidential fbi information when he leaked his report intended to develop a special prosecutor for the president of the united states. brian: you know, that's the fear. the fear is you sit down with the best client, the most innocent client and the follow-up questions with 8 attorneys, most as rudy pointed out last night are democratic attorneys. you sit down and you get caught in something that a skilled questioner might have. the other thing is you talk about i feel and what were you thinking and those type of questions. that isn't your business. what do you mean what were you thinking when you fired james comey. i don't know. i'm allowed to do that i'm the president. why do i have to tell you what i'm thinking. i don't remember if paul manafort told me. this that's legitimate. if you saw the chaotic
4:07 am
campaign and businessman trying to become president, nobody said wow, what a traditional run forever the presidency. there were new and old faces. nobody says you have to gig ghig on every question and come u with an answer. ainsle he said mueller was trying to trap the esident. rod rosenstein should end the mueller probe because there is too much government misconduct. bill clinton did get trited better even though he lied under oath. steve: the thing about the clintons is keep in mind, james comey came out and said that hillary clinton was not the target of the investigation. right? remember that? well, why didn't he say the same about the president of the united states? if that was true? and rudy, who is going to join us at 7:30 this morning made it very clear. one of the reasons he got fired is he would not say that in public. why the double standard? also, just keep in mind, the president has the authority to fire anybody in his administration for any reason and he did. brian: why does robert mueller need to know.
4:08 am
i'm doing an investigation. final. go ask war wynn harding why he took a walk one day. it's up to a president to make his own decision. he was elected. and i don't think he has to answer it i remember looking at ronald reagan after he left office talking about iran contra. a lot of i don't knows in there. number one, i don't think he remembers because he was doing this thing called running the country. go ahead. i'm sorry. ainsley: we'll talk to rudy giuliani about that. also the stormy daniels and the money thing he was talking about. but we do want to get to other news as well. brian: i was talking to johnny joey jones with this. he wasn't a boycott. considering putting his son in boycotts. you als always saw the kid gym class wearing a cub scout or boy scout or cub or girl scout. now that is in jeopardy. steve: i was a boycott for a long time. my sisters were girl scouts. here is the big news. of course we boy scouts have
4:09 am
encouraged girls to join. boys and girls will be invited to join starting next year and also the boy scouts dropping the boy part. because they will be an organization for boys and girls so they have got to get rid of the boy part. here is part of their statement. ainsley: we wanted to land on something that evox the past but also conveys the inclusive nature of the program going forwards. we are trying to find the right way to say we are here for both young men and young women. brian: that's why you have the girl scouts. if the girl scouts are falling short i never heard about that. if the boy scouts are so attractive to girl scouts, why wouldn't the girl scouts maybe add some of the curriculum in? why destroy one organization to build up another? i don't understand the big picture. maybe it's enrollment. at 2.6 million in 2013, now it's down to 2.3. maybe they are seeing that decrease in revenue. but that's diabolical. you can't destroy one organization to build up another.
4:10 am
steve: boy scouts have certain programs that the girl scouts don't have. that's why some girls join the boy scouts. ainsley: what about when they go on camping trips though. you don't want that to be co-ed at young age. brian: i wouldn't think so. steve: work it out. johnny joey jones who lost both of his legs serving our nation had this observation about where this debate is going. >> just using the term boy in your name is somehow wrong because it's toxic. the probable i have with these movements we inch a little bit further to headline like this tell our kids it's not okay to be masculine. i have no doubt in my mind my two little nieces can do everything my boy can do. we live in a culture where you can't ask kids to be tough. you can't ask little boys to be masculine and don't understand what we would gain from a society by continuing to push this way. steve: do you know who is upset in the girl scouts. they want the boys to stay in the boy scouts. they don't want girls to join the boy scouts there is
4:11 am
a recruiting issue that i just read about in the "new york times." ainsley: let us know what you think about this. i'm sure you have opinions. my dad was an eagle scout. he made it all the way through. steve: my sister sold cookies and the boy scouts sold light bulbs. ainsley: sold enough cookies that we had enough money to take a plane and went ice skating in charlotte. we didn't have enough money after the cookie sales to fly back. we rented a van. that was my first time ever flying. brian: girl scouts joining boy scouts. selling cookies. we know they don't sell them. the parents sell them. talk about toxic masculinity, the university of texas has a course on toxic masculinity. they believe it's something that needs to be address dollars. i don't know masculinity was now toxic. steve: 7:11 in new york city. and jillian has headlines. jillian: a lot to talk about. a fox news alert. a manhunt intensifying for a
4:12 am
suspect accused of holding his wife hostage for three days. as will as three police officers trying to coax him outside when a barn exploded and burst into flames in north haven, connecticut. the suspect's wife did escape. unclear how she got away. police trying to make contact with the suspect and figure out what caused the explosion. all of the police officers have expected to be okay. investigators are trying to figure out why a military plane took a nose dive into the a ground exploding into a fireball. look at this. disturbing video showing the crash moments after takeoff near savannah, georgia. all nine crew members were killed. cargo plane belonging to the puerto rico national guard was on its way to arizona to be decommissioned. none of the victims have been identified. a teen's hard work is paying off big. jazmine airlinesson, listen up, was accepted to 113 colleges and universities. i'm not kidding. and awarded more than $4.5 million in merit-based scholarships.
4:13 am
the north carolina teen says she has always leaned on her faith. all those late nights i was filling out applications with my mom, we cannot do this. we just ended up thinking get us through the night. >> harrison will attend bennett college on a full ride. she wants to be a nicu nurse. ainsley: some questions for her. how did she have time to do that? how many essays? how did she have the money? steve: god bless her. jillian: very impressive. steve: unbelievable. hats off to her. ainsley: the time she put into that. brian: can i ask with k. we talk about this in the break? i have to read a tease. ainsley: all about brian. be quiet, everyone. brian: rod rosenstein firing back at house republicans for drafting articles of impeachment against him. listen. >> the department of justice is not going to be extorted
4:14 am
we are going to do what's required by the rule of law. brian: congressman desantis is here to respond next. and the toughest stains come with their own rewards. we've re-engineered tide because no matter what life brings, our commitment to clean remains the same. now with 10x the cleaning power. tide, america's #1 detergent. let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing.
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♪ most people come to la with big dreams. ♪ we came with big appetites. with expedia, you could book a flight, hotel, car, and activity all in one place. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> people making threats
4:18 am
privately and publicly against me for quite some time. and i think they should understand by now the department of justice is not going to be extorted. we are going to do what's required by the rule of law and any kind of threats that anybody makes are not gonna effect the way we do our job. we have a responsibility. we take an oath. that's the whole point. brian: he is meaning he also means him. rod rosenstein firing back for house republicans drafting articles of against him doj continues to slow walk document requests as well as redacting things that make some of it incomprehensible. joining us now is florida congressman ron desantis who is running for governor in that state. how do you feel about the pitch from rod rosenstein? >> a continuation of rod rosenstein showing contempt for congress and our constitutional oversight responsibility. remember, brian, we have been going for these documents for months and months and months. and what they do they
4:19 am
stonewall, stonewall, trickle some out. we say well, maybe do contempt and trickle some more out. if you remember the nunes memo people like rod were saying we can't do a nunes memo because that will devastate american national security it had nothing to do with that it informed american people about some of the conduct of people in his department. we have a right to this information. and i think that there does need to be consequences. and i think what he did really just underscored the contempt that he shows for this process. brian: what exactly are you waiting for? >> >> look. i don't think we should wait. what i have been say something we want certain documents. brian: what documents? >> we want everything from the end of the hillary case through peter strzok, mccabe, kobel, the whole lot of them. we have been dealing with these issued a nauseum for months and we need all the facts. let's give them the final date. set a contempt of congress hearing for the next day and if he doesn't comply, you hold him in contempt.
4:20 am
and then if he doesn't comply once he is held in contempt, then that's when you move for an article of impeachment. brian: congressman, could it be that some people have theory rised for some reason they are doing a delay of game, four corner's offense to some type of delay to some type of date? what would they be waiting for? why would they delay? >> if the election gist nancy pelosi the speaker's gavel, can you bet your bottom dollar the democrats are not going to want to get to the bottom of any of this. it will totally shut down and they will be free and clear. and that's one of the reasons why, you know, luke back at this. rosenstein really should be recused from. this he appointed a special counsel to deal with comey's firing that he himself recommended. and then he signed one of the fisa warrants in 2017 that is the subject of this. so he is a part of this and i think certainly jeff sessions should not be recused from this part. so, let's get the facts and let's have some
4:21 am
accountability. brian: congressman, thank you so much. there is your push back rod rosenstein. your serve. coming up straight ahead, we have rudy giuliani live on our couch. he will be live for some time. we will talk about him taking over the president's legal fight for justifiable. while the leading allergy spray relieves 6 symptoms... claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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4:24 am
steve: just when you thought the list couldn't get any longer, hillary clinton with another excuse why she lost to donald trump. >> raw capitalist? i say yes but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability, you know, that probably gets lost in oh my gosh she is a capitalist. brian: right. okay. here to debate, here to debate co-host of fox news radio guy benson and marie
4:25 am
harf. the show starves may 7th. going at it in the evening what time. >> 6 to 8 p.m. eastern. brian: do you agree? >> yes. bipartisan i love it. brian: again another excuse, guy, does it surprise you or is she telling the truth? she was running against a socialist to get the nomination and unable to get those people to support her. >> it does not surprise me although it is somewhat surprising in this case she did tell the truth about something. >> oh, zing. >> struggle and so is her party between left a leaning capitalism and sort of moderate, typical old school democrats and hard core left wing socialist leaning democrats like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and kamala harris and extended part of her party. she was never able to bring those people fully on board against donald trump in the general election. i think that's the struggle that she is talking about here. ainsley: that refresh his recollection she says she
4:26 am
thinks being a capitalist hurt her. what's wrong with being a capitalist in america? >> i don't know. ask bernie sanders voters. i have no idea how so many people ended up supporting bernie. is he first of all not a democrat. for those of us in the party it was a tough primary. but, i think his voters need to take a long and hard look where they are going in the future. and guy is right. my party is going through a bit of some growing pains, let's say. i would argue that the part of the party that is actually growing more is the moderate part. right? you saw that in conor lamb in pennsylvania? you saw that in the candidates running in the mid terms a big question will be who we nominate in 2020 though. believe me, i do not think that the elizabeth warrens of the world are the right people to carry the party forward. >> the left believes bernie would have won. >> they are wrong. steve: we heard so much about people pundits say come november a and nancy pelosi might be speaker because democrats will take
4:27 am
control of the house. marie, there are so many democrats who are sick of her because she was great for your party at the time. but that was years ago. and it's time to move on and get some new blood. >> that's what's so interesting. a lot of these candidates running this year have said they won't vote for her as speaker if the democrats take the house. brian: about 10 on the record already saying that. >> that's unusual. she clearly can still raise money and has support among the base. i think if the democrats take the house, you will see a serious challenge to nancy pelosi's leadership especially because paul rya ryan -- g.o.p. -- brian: no one told nancy pelosi. she says i'm running. i'm in. >> yeah. brian: she has the most money. republicans have a gift. >> she is good at whipping votes and a lot of support within the caucus. for republicans manna from heaven. goes to massachusetts and tells a lunch of liberals i'm not going anywhere. i will be speaker. and the republican national committee says thank you
4:28 am
from above. steve: something to put in the campaign ad. ainsley: radio brian in the morning at 9:00. you guys are going to be at night now. >> yes. ainsley: may 7th? >> monday. ainsley: congratulations. what can we expect? >> check out benson and hamp for all the details about how to listen. the way we are describing the show and our viewers will be familiar with this. kind of like the old "hannity & colmes" model but modernized with millennials. we are personal friends we will disagree all the time but we like each other for now. >> yes. see how it goes. >> and we're going to do mostly politics but tons of culture. some sports. like we are going to branch out. >> a lot of college football. we are both huge college football fans. >> this is how we bonded. >> ohio state buckeye. brian: you stream everything. >> exactly. ainsley: you can't wear jeans and sweatshirt. >> it is radio. we are excited. it's good left vs. right talking about important issues. steve: marie?
4:29 am
brian: have you on a lot if ainsley okays it. >> she is in charge. steve: president trump up and tweeting already this morning about michael cohen and the payment to stormy daniels, rudy giuliani is going to tell us all about that. he will break a bunch of news. ♪ ♪ i'll do whatever it takes ♪ you'll ask... what bad shoulder? what headache? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
♪ steve: look who is on the couch. brian: back on the couch. >> you got me here. steve: talk about stormy daniels and that payment. start with robert mueller. you are his new attorney. what are the possibilities that the attorney will sit down with him for two, maybe three hours tops. >> that's the amount of
4:33 am
time, steve, that we would allow only because that's what clinton got. fought with him over discovery. we have given them 1.2 million documents. didn't fight with them over it could have. we could have raised presidential privilege, other privileges. we gave them a complete picture of what's going on. they should be able to do this. if they have a case in two and a half hours or they want to dispose of it. brian: judge napolitano was just on. he said you don't want to aggravate the investigative committee. they don't like limitations and putting out parameters. what's your reaction to that. >> tough luck. the cards have been dealt. if you do it for clinton, i'm sorry. maybe give us all the things cloint got. like the memo written before the interview. like no under oaths. like making up his mind before he ever interviewed her. and your lawyers in the room, all of whom are witnesses sitting there making signals at you. steve: and they all got deals. we are asking for only one thing. president of the united states. he is getting ready to
4:34 am
negotiate one of our historic agreements since opening of china. brian: and nixon. >> and we got kim jong un impressed enough to be releasing three prisoners today and i have got to go there and jay sekulow and rasmussen, we have to go there and prepare him for this silly deposition about a case in which he supposedly colluded with the russians and there is no evidence of that everybody forgets the basis of the case is dead. sessions should step in and close it. and say enough's enough. brian: mr. mayor, you look at the questions, they don't think collusion is dead if you look at 5 it 2 questions we saw. >> ridiculous questions like what did you think? what did you feel? what were you dreaming? did you have any dreams i thought freud. ainsley: we had dan bongino on. what was interesting when he was a federal agent he said if there was a crime we would investigated who was involved. >> here we feel like they're targeting the president and trying to find a crime.
4:35 am
>> right on target. this started as collusion with the russians: now. justice collusion among the players. so let's talk about -- we're not suckers. brian: right now still up in the air. steve: ask one quick question. what are the chances like 50-50, 40-60? >> before they raided a lawyer's office, which will turn out to be an outrageous violation the attorney-client privilege. before they put out the questions, and completely soil the atmosphere, the chances were pretty good. now, we're going to have some convincing to do. have to convince us they can be objective and not out to get. steve: 50-50? >> i don't want to put a percentage on it not a as- brian: ultimately up to the president? going to go with your recommendation. >> yes, he will, i think. he might not.
4:36 am
a lawyer has to be in a position to make a recommendation and then go either way. you will. brian: made a lot of news. haven't seen new a while and now made this prominent position a new lineup out there you said about michael cohen and the private money. the stormy daniels got paid $130,000. michael cohen said i took a loan out pay it the president says i didn't know anything about it you came out last night and said i looked at the receipts. this was done through private. nothing to do with campaign funds. it was done through a retainer. >> that's clear as a bell. brian: done through a retainer fee and eventually got paid back. just found out about it just now and you going through. this so the president -- so the president tweeted out in this morning, to further explain because this ends up being the biggest story of the day and the night. mr. cohen, an attorney, received a monthly retainer not from the campaign and having nothing to do with the campaign from which he entered into through reimbursement. a private contract between two parties known as a
4:37 am
nondisclosure agreement or an nda, these agreements are very common among celebrities and people of wealth. in this case, it is in full force and effect it will be used in arbitration for damages against miss clifford, who is stormy daniels. the agreement was used to stop the false accusations made by her about an affair despite already having signed a detailed letter admitting there was no affair, violation by ms. delivered clifford and her attorney. private agreement. money from the campaign or campaign contributions played no role in this transaction. >> i don't think there is any contradiction of that. that's what i said last night. people were indeed surprised which is why i think this is a tweet very valuable. the president indicates he understood it he didn't know the details until we knew the details of it which was a couple weeks ago. maybe not a couple weeks, 10 days ago. remember when this came up,
4:38 am
october 2016. i was with him day in and day out then. i can't remember the details of what happened. and -- i know 1,235,000. i don't want to demean anyone. it sounds like a lot of money. it's not when you are putting hundreds of million in your campaign. it isn't pocket change. ainsley: last night on with sean watching the interview. i feel sorry for melania in all of this. it's humiliating and embarrassing. i don't know if we will ever really know what happened there. if it's any of our business to be honest with you maybe it is since he is the president. something that did stand out to me. i remember when michael cohen was interviewed about it. it seemed like he was saying that he was never reimbursed that $130,000. now it t. sounds like the story is changing. >> he was definitely reimbursed. there is no doubt about it. ainsley: why did he say he wasn't? >> maybe, maybe first of all, if we had to defend this not being a campaign
4:39 am
contribution. we could do this. this is for personal reasons. the president had been hurt personally, not politically, personally. and the first lady. by some of the false allegations that one more false allegation six years old i think he was trying to help the family. for that treated like aville van. i think he was being a good lawyer, good man. steve: no campaign violations because it was out of crump's pocket. >> that makes nice and clear. it wasn't for the campaign. it was to save their marriage as much as their reputation. steve: let's go into that why was the $130,000 payment given to gifford? what was she alleging? >> she was alleging although contrary letter that she signed that this never happened. there was a one-time affair and i think when cohen heard
4:40 am
130,000 he said my god, this is cheap. let me get the thing signed up and signed off. steve: so, in other words, to make it go away rather than fight this allegation? >> don't you think a lot of these people would pay that when they can? i represented -- i can't disclose. i represented clients who paid substantially more than that. ainsley: does this happen a lot like you said when you are wealthy. >> if you are wealthy, you are a target. we had a case very famous person, this woman was a professional. did a movie about it professional hit on rich guys. older ones and then shake them down for a couple million bucks. steve: you are saying that stefanie clifford made these allegations told donald trump's lawyer. >> and denied them said it wasn't true. imagine october 16th, 2016. last debate. steve: make it go away, they
4:41 am
need this. >> cohen didn't ask. cohen made it go away. he didn't d. his job. brian: michael represents stormy daniels, he wants to get a tv show or something. he watched your interview last night. >> tv show he could get is -- well, ambulance chaser. brian: he evidently asked ntsb for one and they laughed. >> even ntsb laughed? brian: yes, they did. i'm rarely as your viewers know rendered speechless. but i'm rendered speechless at this revelation. this is outrage what has gone on here. the american people have been lied to about the $130,000. >> the whole investigation is about that. brian: consistent what we have been saying for months. this is ultimately going to be proven and ultimately going to come out. he went on to say the president will not finish his term. >> i don't get any of that it proves what we have been saying from the beginning. campaign it was a personal matter. it proves that they are sycophants. i don't believe he was the attorney back then. he is trying to make up.
4:42 am
trying to make money. turned out when you think should have been more than 130,000. is he going to give up that money? he will take the money and jump in the next ambulance. steve: james comey, former fbi director. you are at loggerheads against him. >> did you have to say that? president keeps saying that didn't you inflict this guy on us to begin with? steve: you were saying he was a liar and essentially a terrible person. >> a terrible person i think is he a liar. mccabe lied. three times. ainsley: under oath. >> he lied three or four times. say the president wasn't a target when, in fact, he had done that to hillary clinton completely botched the clinton investigation. there is nobody that doesn't
4:43 am
think he -- his handling that was disgraceful. how he can be put up as a model of credibility, i mean, never get in court and rip him apart. brian: one thing mccabe has said i told comey i'm going to talk to the "wall street journal" and tell the story. and say they do that comey said he never told me anything. so mccabe and comey are at loggerheads now. that's what this is. >> so i'm going to bet. mccabe is not telling the truth. why wouldn't he go to his boss who is the leaker in chief. another -- illegal by the way. i contend the only crimes committed so far in this investigation are the ones they committed. the government committed. comey leaked no to get a special prosecutor. why wouldn't mccabe go to him and say can i do what did you, boss? can i leak, too illegally and unethically. brian: what did the president say after your appearance last night. >> president was quite pleased we are making progress and moving along. brian: much more aggressive
4:44 am
than had been. >> it's not going to get any less aggressive. ainsley: why did you decide to join the team. >> i believe he is one of the best presidents we have ever had. i don't think we would be sitting here talking about north korea, maybe a peaceful resolution without donald trump. i think these miserable people who oppose him do not want to give him credit. i wish they would give him credit as americans. i don't care if they are liberal or conservative. steve: all right. rudy, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. brian: personal note we miss seeing you on the couch. ainsley: glad you are feeling better, too. brian bine we love having you. steve: sarah sanders is going to join us live next at 8:20. ♪ ♪ ♪ (electronic dance music)♪
4:45 am
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steve: we are back with a fox news alert. a man hunt is intensifying for a suspect accused of holding his wife hostage for at least three days. ainsley: as many as eight police officers have been injured in this massive explosion following an hours' long standoff. steve: amanda raus is live with our fox affiliate in connecticut. amanda, this man was holding his wife, it sounds like, and then the house blew up? what happened? >> yeah. so, police were trying to talk to the man. there was some type of barricaded situation going on there. and that's when a barn in the back of the house exploded. and that is what in turn injured those at least 8 police officers who were responding to the call about this man. as you had said, the reports are that this man could have been holding his wife hostage inside the house for three days. now, we were told by an official here in north haven that there are reports that she was able toes escape. we are also told by state police that there was a
4:49 am
woman who came to the north haven police department reporting a domestic disturbance. we are trying to figure out if that was, in fact, the wife. we are actually waiting for a state police update right now. we will be asked point blank when a state trooper came up to tell us that an update was coming if they had this man caught and the trooper would not say. he said we have to wait for the press person. so, of course, we are waiting for that again, eight officers injured. a lot of them are at a nearby hospital just nearby new haven and we are waiting to see where that suspect could be or even if they are going to give him an id right now. steve and ainsley. steve: all right, amanda thank you so much. crazy story out of connecticut. still to come we have all sorts of guests. ainsley: white house press secretary sarah sanders. dana loesch and bob massi. they are all here live. steve: don't call them boy scouts anymore. ainsley: the group now dropping the boy part of
4:50 am
that our next guest says he is going to use this moment to teach his sons a lesson about truth and reason. ♪ ♪ what are you doing? (driver) i can't believe that worked. i dropped the keys. (burke) and we covered it. talk to farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing.
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4:53 am
ainsley: the boy scouts of america making a major change dropping boy from their title. opting for a more justice center neutral name scouts bsa and that starts next year, brian. brian: sounds like a joke, doesn't it? our next guest says he won't let his sons anywhere near the organization now and instead use this to teach them a lesson about truth and reason and logic. matt walsh is with the daily and author of this book "the unholy trinity" blocking the left's assault on life, marriage and
4:54 am
gender. some say hey, what's the big deal? matt, i think this is a big deal because there is this thing called the girl scouts that are going to suffer from that and i think there is a reason why the curriculum is different. do you? >> yeah. because this is a curriculum for boys and boys are different than girls. i know this is a truth that upsets people these days because eye obvious truth does. boyboys are different than girls. concerned about the moral formation of boys and making boys into men. well then you need to separate them from girls and give them a different sort of experience and so it is a big deal. have you this iconic american organization which is now destroyed itself bending to the whims of the p.c. lifteddist mob and this is a lesson for everyone. i will use this as a lesson for my sons to show them, you know, if you are standing on truth and standing on a firm ground of moral truth, and you start giving up inches and start surrendering, then before long there is nothing left. that's what's happened with the boy scouts at this
4:55 am
point. ainsley: our producers were telling us during the commercial break writing in this is the end trough addition. most of our viewers are furious about this saying men need to learn how to be men in order to learn how to treat a woman correctly. you say you are keeping your sons away from it now? why is that? >> completely sacrificed their identity. i don't want my son -- this is a wrong example. i don't want my son to be associated with an organization that would give up its identity and its mission which was a good, positive mission just because people are upset. that's the wrong message. i want my sons to know something different. ainsley: i can understand if we didn't have a girl scout. if you are a girl and want to be part of the scouts, then you join the girl scouts. if you are a boy, you join the boy scouts. there is one for each. >> exactly. always seems to kind of go this way where we take away all the spaces that are for boys and we still let girls have spaces. so it's like in rec leagues while the girls can play with the boys they also have softball team. boys can't play on the
4:56 am
softball team. girls can have their space and boys can't have theirs. we are depriving something, taking away from boys they don't need. brian: lot of military comes from scouting. they have that background and learn some valuable lessons there at love people don't like sports but want to be involved in extracurricular activities and time to bond and form that team. do you think this could be just about enrollment since enrollment is down from boy scouts going to try to suck them from the girl scouts? >> i think that's certainly part of it. why is enrollment down? enrollment is down because they starting giving up who they're. they started getting away from fundamental mission which originally was this was for boys. iit is a christian organization. the more they get away from that, the more they lose people. ainsley: matt walsh, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead. ainsley: president trump hinting at progress for the three americans held hot damage in north korea saying stay tuned. rudy giuliani said possibly today. we will ask white house press secretary sarah sanders about that coming
4:57 am
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♪ steve: one of the possibilities that the president will sit down with robert mueller? >> before they completely soil the atmosphere, the chances were pretty good. now we're going to have some convincing to do. they have to convince us they will be oak jibbing tiff. brian: breaking now. north korea getting ready to, get this, three american prisoners. >> the americans have been transferred to a hotel in pongyang. ainsley: millions of americans will gather todayal together for the national day of prayer. >> they will come together to pray for america. >> 17 other republican lawmakers, officially nominated our commander-in-chief for the nobel peace prize. >> only reason that the evil dictator from north korea is coming to the table is because
5:01 am
of this president. jasmine harrison was accepted to 113 colleges and universities. the north carolina teen says she always leaned on her faith. ♪ steve: didn't it look like they were doing the wave in the control room. can we zoom back in. zoom back into the control room. ainsley: can i go in there. i'm ready for a concert. ready for the weakened. steve: they're doing the wave in the control room. ainsley: that's awesome. steve: it wasn't a wave. it was happening at once. three, two, once. ainsley: whoo! brian: you were supposed to stand up. do it at one time. ainsley: do it again. steve: three, two, one.
5:02 am
[buzzer] brian: that is how you do the wave at the end. ainsley: anticlimactic. brian: talk about what you saw 30 minutes ago, rudy giuliani was just here. part of the president's legal team. we had not seen or heard from him in a while. recovering from a knee injury. he was offered the attorney general's position. he turned it down. he told sean hannity last night he regrets that. did he make news. president's private challenges legally and the ones with robert mueller. ainsley: start with the robert mueller thing. ty cobb who is now out, emmett flood is the new attorney, ty cobb, said it is not off the table, that meeting or interview mueller. rudy giuliani says if they have this, they will give him two or three hours, the same amount of time bill clinton got. we'll not drag it on for 12 hours. he thinks it is going to be a trap. listen. >> before they raided a lawyer's
5:03 am
office which will turn out to be an outrage just violation of the attorney/client privilege, before they put out the questions and completely soiled the atmosphere, the chances were pretty good. now we're going to have some convincing to do. they will have to convince they can be objective, not out to get us. steve: 50/50? >> i don't want to put a percentage on it. not as good as it was when i first came into it. steve: exactly. this conversation got started a couple days ago when that list of about four dozen of the questions that mueller might ask the president came out. and you look at those questions, and it would take two days. rudy said, no, two hours, three hours, tops. bill clinton had to do it for 2 1/2 hours. nonetheless, give the fact now the president has a very aggressive legal team, and for rudy to say less likely, it looks less likely.
5:04 am
brian: they have not talked to anybody in the trump family yet. so you can't say they have done everything that they had to do. one thing is pretty clear. this is a thorough investigation. they're trying every single angle. if you look at the questions, you can not rule out collusion or obstruction even though there is a couple collusion questions there. that means it is still in play. you have no idea what the follow-up questions will be. they do not know, i get the sense they really don't know if they will sit with them or not, and would be unprecedented. mueller would come with a subpoena. it would be extended for another year and you have a thing called the midterm elections coming. this next story i think it is important, but i don't think it is important to the average american. while the stormy daniels story fomented, not gone away with opportunistic attorney, you have a president's approval rating ticking up. you have things changing on the world stage rapidly and
5:05 am
consequential summits and treaty, front and center in two weeks and we'll find out about a north korea summit. michael cohen was asked about the 130,000-dollar payment. i took a loan on the house. i paid it. president didn't know about it. president said on air force one said didn't know about it. that story change ad little bit. steve: president sent out three tweets. then we'll explain what it all means. ainsley: he wrote in the tweets this mornings, mr. cohen, an attorney, received a monthly retainer, not from the campaign and having nothing to do with the campaign he entered into through reimbursement a private contract between two parties known as a non-disclosure agreement or nda. these agreements are, dot, dot, dot, very common amongst celebrities and people of wealth. in this case, it is in full force and effect and will be used in arbitration for damages against mrs. clifford, or stormy
5:06 am
daniels. the agreement was used to stop the false and extortionist accusations made by her about an fair dot dot dot, despite already signed a detailed letter admitting there was no affair. prior to its violation by mrs. clifford and her attorney, this was a private agreement. money from the campaign or campaign contributions, played to roll in this transaction. brian: that is key. what they wanted to disseminate. steve: that made up the president's defense. look, this stormy payment to storm any daniels was illegal because they used campaign funds. mr. giuliani and president made it clear that it was money out of donald trump's pocket. ultimately why did they make the payment to stephanie clifford? well rudy giuliani side this about that. >> i don't think there is any contradiction of that. president indicates he understood it. he didn't know the details of
5:07 am
this until we knew the details of it, which is couple weeks ago. maybe not even couple, paying 10 days ago. remember when it came up. october 2016. i was with him day in, day out then. i can't remember the details of what happened. sounds like a lot of money. it is not when you're putting 100 approximately dollars into your campaign. it isn't pocket change but pretty close to it. when cohen heard 130,000, my god this is cheap. don't you think a lot of people with pay that if you're a target. imagine if that came out on october 15th, 2016. cohen made it go away. he did his job. steve: in other words, what he is saying, stormy daniels, that is the professional name in the business, she made it clear to michael cohen i have allegations about the president of the united states. they're rather, candidate for president of the united states. and michael cohen said, you know what? w much will that cost to make
5:08 am
that go away? had her sign a non-disclosure agreement. donald trump won. that is where we are today. it was very clear from rudy and the legal team and the president's tweets, the money was not campaign money out of his his own pocket. ainsley: why rudy sided to come forward. we need to get it out in the open. need to make sure the american public knows. there was no felony, or crime committed. you might not agree with it morally. you have your own opinions what actually happened. what i asked him, i didn't understand why michael cohen who is the attorney giving stormy daniels 130,000, why he said he was not reimbursed before. now rudy is coming out saying he was reimbursed, that the president paid him back $35,000 a month retainer fee. the president he is saying didn't know what the $35,000 was for. that it would pay off the stormy daniels stuff. looks like michael cohen has two different stories, capping off
5:09 am
at 470,000. we'll see what that does for cohen's case individual isly. the president is looking to solve the mueller and private situation at the same time this is brand new approach for fighting for the president legally. steve: rudy makes it pretty clear he is off the hook. brian: who is not off the hook jillian to tell us the news. jillian: fox news alert. a manhunt intensifying for a suspect accused of holding his wife hostage for three days. as many as eight police officers were hurt after officers tried to coax him outside after uplocks shun in. >> the house shook. my wife fell down. the fire was engulfed at that point. you could hear rounds popping off. it turned crazy. fire trucks, police cars. jillian: the suspect's wife was able to escape. it is unclear why she got away or why the barn exploded. all the injured police officers
5:10 am
are expected to be okay. investigators are desperately trying to figure out why a military plane took a nosedive into the ground exploding into a fireball. this disturbing video showing the crash moments after takeoff from savannah, georgia. belonging to the puerto rico national guard was on its way to arizona to be decommissioned. none of the victims have been identified. president trump all but decided withdraw from the nuclear deal according to a reuters report as the may 12th deadline approaches. if the u.s. decides to it would mean backlash from iran. president may listen to the advice of french president emannuel macron for alliance maintenance. that is your headlines. steve: sound like au revio were.
5:11 am
for the deal. ainsley: texas attorney general ken paxton is leading the charge and will join us live next. steve: this police officer is on the beat, literally. the new music video. it's going viral. we'll tell you the story. ♪ here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family.
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♪ steve: texas now leading a number of other states with a new crackdown on illegal immigrants by suing the trump administration to force an end to daca. texas attorney general ken paxton joins us now from addington, texas. good morning to you, ken. >> good morning. steve: explain this to me. daca was never a law. it was just an executive order. yet, because it is caught up in the courts, it is in legal limbo. why are you suing the federal government? >> so, when we sued initially over daca, was successful during that process, we discovered what president obama told us this was not a pathway to citizenship was actually false. there had been over 1000 daca recipients given citizenship. 39,000 at this point who are on a pathway to citizenship.
5:16 am
steve: right. >> we got inaccurate information. we believe like dapa is unconstitutional. steve: what is interesting about the case, ken, the president wants to put an end to it. the attorney general wants to put an end to it. by virtue of you suing the department of justice has to decide are they going to defend daca in court or say you know what? we'll take a pass. >> yeah it is a very interesting case. you're right. president trump tried to rescind this, three federal judges we believe have stepped in unlawfully stopped it. this is our way of pushing that forward. hopefully, having the opportunity to stop this from happening. steve: some of the states, we have a big map over there, that shows states suing to end daca. they include your state, the big one, texas, nebraska, arkansas, alabama, louisiana, south carolina and west virginia. all the attorney generals are on the same page with this? >> absolutely. we've been fighting this for years.
5:17 am
this case is so similar to the one we were successful in couple years ago. we believe these are the same, basically the same facts, same law that will apply to this case. steve: okay. there is one other topic we want to talk to you about, mr. attorney general. that is the fact we've been covering the caravan at the border between mexico and southern california for about a week 1/2 now and there is some images from sunday where some of the people who were apparently trying to get amnesty climbed up on the wall. didn't jump over it, because then they would have been arrested. one of the problems right now, there is such a backlog and the attorney general is apparently sending more u.s. attorneys, more judges, to our southern border to try to get this done because right now over one million delayed deportations because we do to the have enough personnel down there. >> yeah. i think that is exactly right. this is one of the problems with the obama administration. this backlog occurred during their time, on deportations and
5:18 am
hearing cases. people would come to the country. come in illegally. they're supposed to have a hearing. ultimately they end up staying because our government is not doing its job either on the border, stopping people from coming in, or when they get in, not dealing with the cases or deportations. steve: people have to understand, all these people are, things have changed right now under the trump administration. and that is, rather than just come on in, fill out this paper and you know come back in six months, with we will hear your case, they're holding people there at the border until they figure it out, right? >> this is drastic change under the trump administration. first of all, they're letting border agents do share job, stop illegals coming in. once they're in, there is the process of speeding this whole deportation hearing thing up. in texas we're grateful. we're border states, we have to deal with the problems of the border. we're grateful the president is actually doing something about
5:19 am
this. steve: we're grateful you would stop by today. ken paxton, the attorney general for the great state of texas. thank you very much. >> thank you. have a great day. steve: 8:20 here in new york city. coming up. white house press secretary sarah sanders joins us. lots questions. she has a lot of questions. when prime minister trudeau opened up his border to refugees, now he has a problem and he is blaming, america. ♪ we're inspired by color, driven by clarity and dedicated to improving your view, no matter your vision. our prescription sunglasses are the most technologically advanced available, and are ten times more accurate than those produced by conventional labs. our polarizedplus2 technology
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♪ steve: we have some quick headlines for you right now. a group of muslim men can once
5:23 am
again sue after being put on the no-fly list. the men claim they were given the designation after they refused to become fbi informants and say their religious rights were violated. appeals court ruling their original lawsuit was improperly tossed by a lower court. the company at the center of the facebook privacy scandal is shutting their doors. cambridge analytica is filing for bankruptcy. the political consultancy firm claims it has been vilified for legal activities after collecting data from up to 87 million facebook profiles. this however will not interfere with those pending investigations and there are plenty. also -- ainsley: earlier on "fox & friends" rudy giuliani is firing back as he prepares the president for a potential mueller sit-down. >> this started as collusion with the russians. no. now they go to obstruction of justice, collusion among the
5:24 am
players. what they are really trying to do trap him into perjury. maybe they want to give all the things clinton got. this is president of the united states. he is getting ready to negotiate probably one of our most historic agreements. we have to go there to prepare him for this silly deposition? brian: here to react, white how press secretary sarah sanders. great to see you. >> good morning. brian: your response to rudy giuliani, new to the legal team but heading up things, how much of a distraction is it? >> look when we come here every single day we're focused on the task at hand whether it is in negotiations and conversations with china on trade. whether it's getting prepared for the summit to take place with north korea. whether it is focused on growing the economy, creating jobs, that's what we're certainly focused on. that's what we would like the media to be focused on. i think this is a distraction
5:25 am
and a distraction to the american people and it's a real disservice to them about not hearing a lot of great things taking place in the administration. a lot of things with global impact taking place over next couple months. steve: tell you what, sarah, i have a feeling although we've been busy doing this sew for 2 hours, 25 minutes, on other shows the fact that rudy giuliani was on with sean hannity tonight and on with us today, how the president personally reimbursed his attorney michael cohen for that payment to stephanie clifford to have the story essentially disappear before the election. what would you like to say what we have heard from the former mayor of new york city the last 12 hours? >> look, mayor giuliani is part of the president's legal team. he has got visibility and insight into this issue. he has spoken about this at length both last night and this morning. i would refer you back to his comments, particularly given the fact this is on going
5:26 am
litigation. this is something we at white house can't comment on and i would refer you to his comments and president's tweets from earlier this morning. ainsley: definitely something in the news. we have to talk about it. let's get on to other things, hot topics, big topics that do affect the average american. we're talking about north korea. this would be unbelievable if the president sits down with kim jong-un and the kim jong-un gets rid of their nuclear weapons. we're concerned about the three americans there in north korea. we're being told some of the hostages could be freed. what is the latest on that? >> that could be an incredible step and a sign of goodwill moving into the summit, moving into the discussions with north korea. i can't comment any further at this point that would be a great example of goodwill and certainly another step in the right direction and really good step in part of the process that we're working towards leading up to this summit. we again are cautiously optimistic about where this will go.
5:27 am
as the president has said we'll see what happens. he has been extremely tough on north korea. he has had the ability as a strong leader to bring in our allies and partners in the region to get them to step up to put pressure on north korea like we haven't seen in the past and they're starting to feel that pressure. you can see by the movements that they made, by the concessions they're beginning to make and the comments that they made publicly that they want to have this conversation. again they are feeling the pressure that has been put on them by the president's leadership and we're certainly moving forward in this process but we remain again cautiously optimistic about everything leading into these talks. brian: would you be surprised if something happened today. >> i wouldn't say that we have announcement. certainly right in this moment but again we are seeing signs of progress and certainly this would be a huge statement by the north koreans and something that would certainly be a great sign of goodwill prior to a sit-down
5:28 am
with president trump and kim jong-un. steve: let's talk a little bit about that sit-down. we know it probably will be in the dmz betwixt north and south korea but what's the timetable? we heard from rudy on the couch, he doesn't want the president to even consider sitting down with mr. mueller until after this happens. the north korean summit. so when is the north korean summit going to happen? >> as you know i'm not going to be able as much as i would love to make announcement on "fox & friends" -- steve: this month? this month? >> put information out this morning on either the location or the date, but certainly things are moving forward and moving forward quickly. as the president said earlier this week we expect something to be out soon and more details revolving that meeting. brian: so every one is looking forward to see the next director of the cia. acting director gina haspel has been nominated. she spent her entire career at
5:29 am
the cia. people at the agency are over the moon about a chance to have somebody who grew up in the agency run them, however, huge headwinds are straight ahead for some reason because of her alleged role in black sites and enhanced interrogation. both are resume' builders, if you ask me, it was approved by the department of justice. tell me about gina haspel's path to success. >> look you have one of the most-ly-qualified, most-capable individuals that is being put up to to be director of the cia that we probably er had. there is reason she has widespread support from people all across the spectrum, that worked at cia, that led the cia, both republicans and democrat administrations. this is somebody who could not be more qualified to lead this agency. she has got the confidence of the rank-and-file within the department. because shes has been part of it, as you said, she grew up in
5:30 am
this department. she is prepared to step in and lead on day one and we feel very good about the fact that she's probably one of the most qualified nominees you could find across the board in this country to lead this agency. we're excited about her confirmmation process and know that she is going to be a great cia director. brian: rand paul is not. >> rand paul doesn't always make the right decisions right away but we hope he gets there because it is definitely the right decision to support somebody who has such in depth knowledge, such preparedness to take this job on and somebody that is so qualified to lead this agency. ainsley: sarah, i have to ask but the white house correspondents' dinner. you haven't talked about it since this happened. you haven't on our show. we're sorry that happened. there is no excuse for that. women should support other women. i wanted to get your reaction because i thought you handled it with grace and with class.
5:31 am
>> thank you. look, i think that evening says a whole lot more about her than it does about me. the people that were my friends before that evening are my friends today and i'm going to continue doing the job that i came here to do every single day. i'm very proud of the fact that i work in this administration for this president and we're going to keep pushing forward and doing everything we can to make america better and i think we've had a great first year-and-a-half at doing that a huge success story we're proud of. i hope that she can find some of the same happy fess that we all have because i think she may need a little more in her life because the rest of us here are doing great. steve: sarah huckabee sanders, joining us from the north lawn. >> thank you very much. thanks for having me. brian: i saw her after. she was just the same. did not affect her at all. ainsley: one tough cookie. working hard. a working mom. doing the best we can. the president is set to
5:32 am
speak at the nra convention tomorrow. what can we expect? nra spokeswoman dana loesch is here with a preview coming up next. best fitting diaper. pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom with up to twelve hours of protection for all the freedom to move their way in pampers cruisers only pampers diapers are the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents.
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♪ >> we are announcing today that we are adding 35 assistant united states attorneys to the border to prosecute illegal entries into our country. we're also announcing that we're moving 16 or 18 actually immigration judges to the border. we are not going to let this country be overwhelmed. people are not going to caravan. people should wait their turn, ask to apply lawfully before they enter our country. so we're sending a message worldwide, don't come illegally. steve: that is so clear. that is our attorney general, speaking yesterday in washington, d.c. somebody who lives in a border
5:36 am
state is dana loesch. she is a radio talk show host. she joins you today from dallas. good morning to you. >> good morning to you all. steve: we heard so much about the caravan over the last 10 days or so. the attorney general is sending more resources down to our southern border, more u.s. attorneys, more judges. there is a one million case backlog. that's a new message that needs to be made very clear to people thinking about coming to this country as the attorney general says illegally. >> absolutely. speaking personally on this to, here in texas, having been down to the border, met with border patrol agents, spoke with border patrol chiefs i understand completely their desire to see law and order in the department of justice. they need the department of just test to back them up on this. they were thrilled when the president was sending national guard to the border because they needed the help. to see the amount of area these guys got to cover, is amazing.
5:37 am
isn't great to have a law and order attorney general back in the department of justice? because we missed that these previous eight years. someone upholding the law and respecting the sovereignty of the united states. it is incredibly refreshing. brian: the best picture president trump could have for his belief that our borders are porous, those so-called refugees sitting on top of the fence, effortlessly climbing up, knowing they can get over in moment's notice, like us stepping over a puddle. that is perfect picture that the president is not fear-mongering? >> i agree. enforcing all the lines previous administrations written out apparently. talking to people who live near the border, they have worry about this, they have to worry about this as well. their resources being used. border patrol have to worry about these incidents exploited by drug cartels, who when you have mass numbers of individuals attempting to enter illegally
5:38 am
into the united states, they use that opportunity to traffic tons of drugs across the border right under the nose of border patrol, who because of the previous administration were underresourced and understaffed. now we're finally starting to see movements towards this. i, with knowing so many people who live bit border and also, doesn't even matter if you're by the border. this is an interior problem as well. i'm so happy to see the administration address this and finally crack down, because, look, there is a process to enter the country. if you want to enter the country you have to go through the legal process just like every one else does, period. ainsley: dana, you're an nra spokesperson. you're meeting in dallas, the nra is meeting for the convention in dallas. i understand the president will be addressing the group? >> yes. he is going to be addressing the group on friday along with vice president mike pence. the president made his announcement a little later this week he was going to be joining all of these law-abiding gun owners in dallas, texas. the weather is going to be
5:39 am
beautiful. i hope people come out. i know we'll have a lot of attendees like we do every single year. members will be excited to hear from the president. you all know just as well as anyone the work that legacy media put into driving a wedge between this president and law-abiding gun owners and the president while he entertained ideas from the other side of the aisle and people who wanted to restrict second amendment natural rights he ultimately put his foot down your second amendment is your second amendment. gun owners are looking forward to hear the president address them. brian: we'll see because individual states have changed. florida passed some pretty, pretty strict gun changes but thanks, dana, appreciate it. >> thank you all so much. brian: 21 minutes before the top of the hour. here's jillian. jillian: good morning we're following a number of stories. a teenager is behind bars accused of plotting a deadly isis terror attack on a texas mall. the fbi says 17-year-old mateen iran wrote a manifesto pledging
5:40 am
his allegiance to isis but refused to talk about it in this bizarre jailhouse interview. >> because whatever i say here can be used against me. >> what is your thoughts on these charges against you? >> a bit extreme, yeah. jillian: court documents reveal he wanted to burn police officers, film the attack and recruit other people. canadian prime minister justin trudeau tweeting last year he would welcome all refugees with open arms but now canada has a immigration problem. 26,000 immigrants entering canada. he is blaming president trump. the negotiations for invisible border wall have failed t would force immigrants to claim asylum in america before crossing into canada. a police officer pulls out his baton not for protection but for a performance.
5:41 am
♪ look at those moves. that is officer pennington, showing off the baton twirling skills in sacramento. he used to be in a marching band. could not help but join in on the fun. what do you think? brian: two skills. you can enforce the law and you do something on the side that is substantial. ainsley: we're ready for summer. when i hear that i'm ready for college football, right? jillian: soon enough. brian: when i see them outside, i think to myself, what's the weather like now? >> it is beautiful here in new york city. look at this wonderful crowd. it unbelievable where are you guys from? >> new jersey. >> my gosh, new york. where are you from, young man? >> atlanta. >> what is your name? >> coleman. >> are you here in new york for a fun time? >> yes. >> okay, good answer. let's look at the maps real quick. you know we have severe weather
5:42 am
going on. central map across the u.s. if you live across the plains you need to know what you do if we have a watch or warning in your area. this is day 4 of severe weather. we have potential for flooding as well. this will expand into portions and ohio river valley here in the northeast as well. for now we have spectacular weather here in new york. are you guys on a girls trip? >> no. we sang at carnegie hall last night. >> can you give us a little sample? >> there were 200 of us. >> what do you want to sing? >> great is our faithfulness. great is thy faithfulness ♪ >> fantastic. are they great everybody. big round of applause. hey. oh, my gosh. so amazing. we love you mississippi. steve: we love you. of the jd.
5:43 am
thank you. new survey, 2/3 of americans dream opening up a small business. is the trump economy fuel tag boom? bob massi "the property guy" is here to discuss that with brian. ainsley: you saw them debating politics earlier, guy benson and marie harp are breaking bread together. we're cooking with friends. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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brian: new survey shows revealed 66% of americans dream of opening up their own small business. so is president trump's current economy helping young people achieve their dream or making it easier? here with the massey memo, bob massi himself.
5:47 am
fox news legal analyst, host of "the property man." today's economy, so much is better. do you think this is a good time to start a business? >> it is, brian. i tell you what's changed a lot. that is the energy in the country and the idea you can start a small business. the tax plan helped a lot of remark business but for small businesses, there is more people working. more money into the economy. people are not as fearful of starting a small business. brian: you're to the buying the marco rubio thing that the average american has not seen any benefits from the tax cut? >> no, i think they have. i don't represent a lot of small businesses but enough to say that there is a feeling of optimism. is there more to come? yes. is it better than the prior administration? absolutely. so, i think the attitude plays a very important role in the growth of business. brian: how do you do it? phil knight, when he told his sister, to fill out one piece of
5:48 am
paper, drop it off. next thing you know had this thing called nike. thanks have changed. how do you start? >> there is a couple of things. first of all you have to do your due diligence, brian. tough understand who is your competition. out there with big companies like amazon, we know it's a very tough to start a small business. you have to also have the proper capital. if you don't have enough money to start small business, brian, have rainy day. don't go into it because it is your dream. understand what you're getting into and know your product. brian: i know. you will have to sweat it out and make payroll. there is no glory in that. especially when money is tight. what is the memo, the massie memo? >> my memo is, do not be undercapitalized. talk to people in business and been successful. those people went in business and didn't make it an establish
5:49 am
yourself with good banking institutions so you have money in order to grow that business. brian: so it is still about personal relationships and can make a difference. >> it is. brian: in the tough world of big money and big business, even in a small way. >> yes, sir. brian: bob massi, thanks so much. we'll watch "the property man" friday at 830 eastern on the fox business network. bob somewhere is thanking me for that promo. steve: thank you for the promo. brian: you saw them debating politics together earlier. they're at each other's throats in the kitchen. guy benson, marie harf are back breaking bread together. something about important, that is how i describe sandra smith. >> thank you for that, brian kilmeade. president trump and legal team going on offense. rudy giuliani says mueller is desperate to make a case. a member of the house judiciary committee joins us. new hope for three hostages being held in north korea after
5:50 am
a meeting on the upcoming summit. president trump says, stay tuned. boy scouts dropping the word boy from their name, why? join bill and me on "america's newsroom" in about eight minutes. amd, i wanted to fight back. my doctor and i came up with a plan. it includes preservision. only preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd. that's why i fight. because it's my vision. preservision. try areds 2 + multivitamin.
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steve: they may not agree on everything politically as you hear on their brand new radio show that remears monday, benson and harf. but do they agree on cocktails, yes they do? brian: guy benson and marie harf ainsley: whoo! brian: you have invented salmon. steve: salmon recipe. >> this is salmon recipe i cook for myself all the time.
5:54 am
i don't cook a lot. i'm a bachelor. steve: you used work to in restaurant in new jersey. >> it is very easy to make. it is easy to clean up and it is quick. ainsley: were awe chef? >> no. i was a host. i charmed the guests. couple salmon fillets and mayo, country dijon mustard. steve: grainy mustard. >> thank you, steve. you make a salad of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. you put the two salmon fillets in the oven for 20, 25 minutes at 380. steve: that is beautiful. >> that is important. >> saturday is the kentucky derby. a kentucky mule, with bourbon instead of vodka. muddle mint. brian: muddle a verb. >> get it all in here. take the kentucky bourbon.
5:55 am
a nice comfy pour. steve: a healthy pour. brian: not free-lancing. >> change your beer. you finish it off. steve: it is that simple? >> that simple. finish it off with a sprig of mint. ainsley: is the moral of the story democrats have more fun. >> i'm slaving over here with my salmon. steve: this salmon is sensible. >> i think a kentucky mule goes well with anything. including 8:55 a in the morning. brian: guys you made history. we got through five people, two guests, two dishes and we have ha -- 45 seconds to spare. what do we do to fill that time? >> eat. steve: that really is good. >> takes 25 minutes start to finish. >> i'm going to kentucky derby. ainsley: do you have hats? >> oh, i have several hats. brian: congratulations on the show. >> 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. starting
5:56 am
monday. benson and brian: more "fox & friends" in a moment. steve: guy, thank you. >> it was a lot, glad to do it. >> good luck on your wonderful show.
5:57 am
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oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? >> congratulations. >> you ain't seen nothing yet. we'll be in northfield, new jersey. >> special thanks to the president for tweeting out about buy my book. >> it is on "the new york times" best seller list.
6:00 am
>> it's called "the light within me." >> we lead with rudy giuliani on the radio today. he's waiting in the studio. >> bill: good morning, everybody. braerking news at 9:00 a.m. president truck and legal team on the offensive. two major headlines at the hour. rudy giuliani answering the question about stormy daniels and laying out with parameters for an interview with bob mueller. alan dershowitz said take the subpoena and fight it. the best chance you've got and the legal strategy that's now developing. i'm bill hemmer, good morning, sandra. >> sandra: good morning. >> bill: no shortage of headlines today. >> sandra: let's get to it. i'm sandra smith the president's lawyer clarifying president trump paid cohen for unspecified expenses and did not know that money


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