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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 3, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> it's called "the light within me." >> we lead with rudy giuliani on the radio today. he's waiting in the studio. >> bill: good morning, everybody. braerking news at 9:00 a.m. president truck and legal team on the offensive. two major headlines at the hour. rudy giuliani answering the question about stormy daniels and laying out with parameters for an interview with bob mueller. alan dershowitz said take the subpoena and fight it. the best chance you've got and the legal strategy that's now developing. i'm bill hemmer, good morning, sandra. >> sandra: good morning. >> bill: no shortage of headlines today. >> sandra: let's get to it. i'm sandra smith the president's lawyer clarifying president trump paid cohen for unspecified expenses and did not know that money would be
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going to daniels. giuliani also laying out the conditions for a possible interview between president trump and special counsel robert mueller. the former new york city mayor saying the sit-down would be two to three hours max and would hinge on some specific conditions. >> i don't expect that we're going to have an interview with the exonerating -- >> i have a lot of questions. >> i would like to get one not under oath. i would want a videotape and -- audio taped. i want to make sure they don't misrepresent his answers. but this is an outrageous miscarriage of justice. >> sandra: john roberts is reporting live from the north korea -- the north lawn. >> a stunning revelation when rudy giuliani acknowledged that the president did, in fact, reimburse michael cohen, his personal attorney for the $130,000 that cohen paid to
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daniels for that non-disclosure agreement. however, giuliani insists the president was paying cohen a retainer for services rendered and expenses incurred and didn't know specifically what the money was being used for. giuliani said this morning that the payment was not to help the mpaign. it was to save the president's reputation. list here. >> this was for personal reasons. the president had been hurt personally, not politically. personally so much and the first lady by some of the false allegations, that one more false allegation six years old. he think he was trying to help the family. for that the man is being treated like some kind of villain. i think he was just being a good lawyer and a good man. >> the president weighing in on this with a lengthy tweet this morning. his longest ever. mr. cohen and attorney received a monthly retainer not from the campaign and having nothing to do with the campaign and entered into a private contract
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between two parties known as a non-disclosure agreement. these agreements are common among celebrities and people of wealth. in this case it's in full force and against and will be used in arbitration for damages against miss clifford. the agreement was used to stop the false and extortionist accusations about an affair. this was a private agreement. money from the campaign or campaign contributions played no role in this transaction. clearly this is a shift in legal strategy and at the core of this shift is the belief that the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york ising after michael cohen for an illegal campaign contribution. rudy giuliani told me it takes off the table the notion there was any fec violation. stormy daniels' attorney doesn't think prosecutors or the courts will buy the
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explanation. >> our case just got better in the last 24 hours. this is not about sex, this isn't about what happened between stormy daniels and donald trump in the bedroom. it's not about what happened in 2006 or 2007. i've been saying this all along. this is about a cover-up. it is about lies told to the american people. >> one big thing hanging out there is on february 13th michael cohen insisted he didn't get reimbursed for the money. neither the trump organization nor trump campaign was a party to the transaction with ms. clifford and neither reimbursed me for the payment directly or indirectly. in that statement he does not mention the president specifically. he says the trump organization and the campaign. it is pretty clear there that he was trying to suggest he paid the money himself and didn't get paid back. >> sandra: continued negotiations for an interview of the president by robert mueller. what conditions does this white
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house want met from the mueller team as far as the length of the interview? >> one thing negotiations continue. they're not sure whether or not the president will sit down with mueller at this point. rudy giuliani in a phone call to me yesterday and then on hannity's program and again this morning on "fox & friends" saying that there would have to be very, very strict conditions for an interview. the scope of questions is the central issues, russia and the comey firing. he told me yesterday everything else is tans -- he would only give cohen two or three hours. >> that's the amount of time we would allow because that's what clinton got. he got 2 1/2 hours and fought with them over discovery. we've given them over 2.5 million documents. we could have raised other privileges. gave them the complete picture of what is going on.
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they should be able to do this if they have a case in 2 1/2 hours or dispose of it. >> he told me in order to have an interview they would have to have a pretty solid expectation that the mueller team would keep an open mind that it could be comey who is lying and the president telling the truth. he also said sandra they're ready to fight a subpoena in it comes to that but he also said it is likely that any interview wouldn't happen for a number of weeks. the president is consumed by this pending summit with kim jong-un of north korea and there just wouldn't be time to prep him before at least sometime in june. >> sandra: just your average thursday morning at the white house. >> what time is it? >> bill: 9:06. john, thank you. charlie hurt, fox news contributor. good morning to you. you've been watching and listening. my sense after talking with the former mayor earlier today there is not going to be an interview. they'll fight this thing all the way to the supreme court. what do you sense right now based on what you have heard from rudy giuliani? >> i was surprised he even put
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out there the idea of two to three hours limit because i agree with you. i think the ship has been moving in the direction of not doing an interview. he makes a very good point that previously these demands for documents have been rebuffed by presidents. this president has been very forthcoming in terms of turning over documentation. i don't think we know of any examples of where the white house or the president's team has refused to turn over stuff. it really does come down the answering a lot of questions about what he was thinking at what time when this happened and that happened and that's -- as alan dershowitz pointed out it's a very dangerous thing for anybody to go into. >> bill: what dershowitz said challenge the subpoena legally. you have a better success than sitting down with prosecutors. we're taking this to another step, charlie. in talking with people close to
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his legal team, they think they've got a real good shot of challenging the constitutionality, fighting a subpoena of a u.s. sitting president. do they? >> i really do think they have a very good argument. but politically speaking the other route is to go ahead and answer the all the questions in writing. make them public if you wanted. but to answer all those questions as fully as you can and then sit down and just refuse to answer questions and say on the grounds that you don't want to incriminate yourself by stepping into a perjury trap that you can't foresee. >> bill: that's interesting. that would be a play for public opinion more than a legal front. >> exactly. but you are absolutely allowed. anybody can plead the fifth in a situation like this and certainly the president can. the reason he wouldn't do it, it would be politically damaging outside of that room.
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but this is the one guy who could make the argument that look, the only reason i'm not answering these questions, i've already answered them and put them out publicly. i'm not afraid to answer them i don't want to walk into a perjury trap that i can't foresee. >> bill: maybe you get five votes on the supreme court. instant analysis. charlie hurt spoke with rudy giuliani and he has been doing a lot of interviews. he spoke to the president several times and again this morning he said. he said last night on hannity he wanted to address the mueller matter first and wanted to get the information out about the payments to the attorney michael cohen. it appears the stories could be. he said he can't remember everything, bill, when different matters come up we try to address it. reagan submitted answers in writing. hillary did a q & a not under oath. we'll fight the subpoena and take it to the u.s. supreme
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court where they think they might have the votes. john roberts says it is all changing in the past 12 hours and seems to be where we are. >> sandra: the team on offense. stunning new video from the deadly las vegas massacre from last year. they released body camera footage from the moments they stormed into his mandalay bay hotel suite. [gunshots] >> sandra: groups of officers sweeping rooms on the floor of the active shooter trying to track him down. adam housley is live in los angeles with the latest on all this. this is our first look, adam. >> dramatic. can't believe it's been almost seven months since the shooting that killed 58 and hurt hundreds more. it shows video from two cameras on two different las vegas
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police officers making their way from the casino up to the 32nd floor where the shooter was. take a listen. >> another breach, another breach. >> we got one suspect down. >> that was about 50 minutes after the shooter had killed himself. we now know later but the video 2 1/2 hours worth reminds us of so many unanswered questions. officers are yelling, a shooter. gamblers at slot machines gambling filling the casino as the team made its way through the hotel and upstairs at the mandalay bay. paddock began firing at the festival at 10:05 p.m. officers wouldn't reach his room and breach the door until 11:20. the most deadly mass shooting in modern u.s. history. hundreds injured and 58 killed.
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victims still demanding answers. >> it is like being in the desert and needing water. i've run to it. when i knew there was news coming out, i really thirst for information. and i think that just comes with, you know, we all want some answers. >> answers. this video brings a couple more questions. first of all it's a sample of hundreds of hours of body cam video. secondly the first officer that went through the door at 11:20 p.m. again significant time after the shooting had stopped we now know did not turn his camera on, which has caused a lot of controversy and questions about whether that officer will be disciplined because he is required to do so. sandra, still a lot here we don't know but it shows the massive arsenal inside the room that that killer had basically brought in there to shoot and massacre people down below. >> sandra: a lot of unanswered questions there, adam housley, thank you. >> bill: more on that coming up.
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breaking news from north korea, watch this story. there is new hope for three americans held hostage in pyongyang. will they find freedom today? former navy seal virginia congressman scott taylor next on that with his reaction. >> sandra: another tragedy for the u.s. military. all nine people aboard a c-130 killed as the aircraft plunged to the ground in its final moments of retirement. we'll speak to a former navy pilot. >> bill: also a former trump campaign advisors who spent time with mueller's attorneys are saying unprecedented attacks against the current administration they're trying to deal with. >> it's nothing compared to the death threats my family and i are getting, nothing compared to the peace of a sniper -- i'm just a witness. i can't imagine if somebody is the subject or target what they're going to go through.
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>> bill: 17 past. is there new hope for three americans detained in north korea? thremen shown here may have been moved recently to the capital city. the president tweeted this. the past administration has long been asking for three hostages to be released from the north korean labor camp, to no avail. stay tuned. former navy seal scott taylor with me now. do you have insight whether or not these men are coming home soon or even today?
6:18 am
>> i'm not privy to that inside information. this is shaping up to be a gesture of goodwill by the north koreans and kudos to the president to working to get them released. >> bill: how would you size that up? >> i do, i think there is an historic opportunity here. this administration is working dell gently with diplomatic efforts backed up by military efforts. strong sanctions and continuing to do military exercises with our allies in the region. the president has been very good quite frankly at shepherding not just our allies in the region but china and russia and the u.n. to take action. i'm writing an op-ed that could be useful as well in the summit as you know about the marshall plan where the united states financed the rebuilding of europe. he can have a trump plan not
6:19 am
the united states states to pay for it but our allies if there was war it would be more costly in treasure and lives and could come together to create a fund to bring north korea into the century in exchange for denuclearization. he seems to be serious about it. >> bill: you would help north korea rebuild its country. >> i think the president could shepherd -- >> i don't see this leader going for that. he lives in the most closed society on the planet today. with the exception of cuba, perhaps, he is the last hold-out for that type of life. >> that's true. as you saw in south korea, he was making remarks on the infrastructure and how theirs was much better. this could be a carrot, if you will, via our allies in the region like taiwan, south korea, japan who would stand to lose a lot if there is not peace on the korean peninsula.
6:20 am
president trump could have a trump plan for them to finance that. much more costly if there was a war. >> bill: mike pompeo was just there. he wasn't sure if he would meet with kim jong-un and called across the street to have that meeting. do you meet at the dmz? president trump seems to favor that. that would be the logical location. final thought on that. >> it was good that secretary pompeo went there, number one. number two historically symbolic to do it in the dmz. why not? >> bill: let's get these americans home. i don't know what kim's calculation is here but he has taken people hostage in the acts and accused them of hostile acts trying to overflow their government and no evidence of that. let's get these men home. thank you for being here today. >> sandra: iran answering u.s. threats to pull out of the iran
6:21 am
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6:25 am
a crack around the window and talk to the flight attendant and ran to the back of the plane. >> bill: some of the crew members on board a similar flight were at the white house this week. >> sandra: authorities in georgia are saying there are no survivors from yesterday's military plane crash onto a georgia highway. the plane was making its final flight before retirement before crashing. military officials saying a combination of things contributed to this accident. former navy pilot and fox news correspondent lea gabrielle joins us now. we know this was 60 years old, this cargo plane. >> first, thoughts and prayers to the families of the service members that were killed. a tragic accident. it looks very apparent that plane somehow became unable to be flown. there are several things that could have caused that. it was a plane's last flight
6:26 am
flying it to the boeing yard in arizona where aircraft that are old are stored. it cast carrying a cargo load of some sort. the load could have shifted. if you have something in the front seat of a car and hit the gas hard and the package goes to the back. something like that could have happened that would cause the plane to become unflyable. it's called a load transfer. there also could have been a flight control problem that caused the aircraft to pitch down. or even some sort of power issue which on an airplane with four engines like the c-130 but unlikely but something like you have a loss of power and the pilot is trying to keep the plane flying and goes into a turn and it could have stalled. something happened that caused the plane to become uncontrollable and a tragic situation. >> sandra: when you look at the history of military crashes it
6:27 am
is raising eyebrows. the last military crash the pentagon was asked about it and they said no, we're not at a crisis point with this. here is the latest stats. we had our brain room pull them up out of all the branches of the military 2018, 10 crashes so far this year. last year 22. the numbers speak for themselves and clearly there is a trend, a rising number of military crashes. >> our military leaders will never say we're in a crisis because the face of our country to the rest of the world needs to be a position of strength. but i don't think there is any denying we're seeing a huge spike in the number of incidents. the military times reported there was a 40% spike in manned aircraft, military manned aircraft incidents since the budget control act went into effect and since mandatory military spending cuts went into effect in 2013. they're saying at this point the secretary of the navy has said they can't -- there is not
6:28 am
data to support a direct correlation. i spoke with a senior navy official who tells me folks deploying are having what they need at the expense of those at home because of the way the military has been funded over the past eight or nine years in terms of making sure that those who are deployed are getting what they need but then you have to consider how the military planning is done and training is done. if people don't have the training that they need they aren't proficient enough to handle emergencies when they happen. it's a matter of maintenance, having the right parts and also having the right pilot hours and the right training for our maintainers and air crew. >> sandra: the southwest flight you can weigh in on as well. another incident with a southwest airlines plane. another cracked window. this flight was taking off from chicago headed to newark made an emergency landing in cleveland. what do you know about this? >> first of all i want to mention they did not actually declare an emergency.
6:29 am
it was considered an emergency landing. if the pilots felt as they they needed to declare an emergency or needed priority handling to get prior or to the runway. things happen. cracked windows are not that unusual when it comes to airlines. they have redundant systems. it's very different from a blunt trauma that what happened when the piece of the engine came through the window a couple weeks ago. this isn't as scary as it may seem. >> sandra: no injuries and passengers got back on scheduled and got to where they're going. >> bill: three years ago two brothers stormed the office of a french newspapers and gunned down 12 people inside. we get a rare interview with a muslim preacher who radicalized them. what he is telling us straight ahead. >> sandra: president trump's legal team dishing out strong
6:30 am
words for the mueller investigation. what it means for the chances of a potential face-to-face interview. >> this has become a witch hunt like the president said. if you look at those questions that are being asked, they are trap questions. first year prosecutor would do better than that. h other. but this time... those bonds were definitely tested. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these? since i'm active duty and she's family, i was able to set my sister up with a sweet membership from navy federal. if you hold it closer, it looks bigger. eat your food my big sis likes to make tiny food. and i'm okay with that. open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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you promise? you promise? you promise? i promise. >> sandra: president trump's attorney rudy giuliani going on offense against the mueller investigation arguing leaked questions show the special counsel is desperate to make a case against the president. they're still considering a sit down interview with mueller it should be a non-starter. >> we have to go there and prepare him for this silly deposition about a case in which he supposedly colluded with the russians but there is no evidence of that? everybody forgets the basis of the case is dead. sessions should step in and close it. and say enough is enough.
6:34 am
>> sandra: let's bring in tom dupree former assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. tom, if i could get your thoughts this morning. a lot has been changing on this front and clearly you're seeing the president's legal team on the offense. >> it has been a fast-moving evolving situation over the last 48 hours to say the least. i think we're seeing a new approach from the president's team. what they're doing now is taking that list of questions that mueller gave them and really trying to narrow this thing down to keep on the table the possibility of an interview but an interview with a carefully circumscribed boundaries. they don't want to open the president up to two or three days of open ended questioning by bob mueller. >> sandra: rudy giuliani said give us all the other things you gave everybody else previously. >> maybe they would like to give us all the things clinton
6:35 am
got. memo written before the interview. no under oath. like making up his mind before he ever interviewed her and lawyers making signals at you. >> sandra: he is going as far as to say they're desperate to make a case out of this here and he went as far as to call on sessions to end this, enough is enough, he said. >> i think it is unlikely that sessions assuming he weren't recused, anyone at the justice department will pull the plug at this point on bob mueller. my guess what we'll see over the next few weeks, negotiation, some carried out behind the scenes, some carried out publicly both sides trying to discuss the ground rules for an interview of the president, which i do think is going to happen. >> sandra: do you think it's unusual they're going as far as to discuss the parameters of a potential at this point interview and put a time limit on it? >> it doesn't strike me as that unusual. i think that from the
6:36 am
president's lawyers' perspective they need to draw certain lines in the sand about mueller cannot go this far. he can't have a full day of the president's time. he can't go into certain topics. what we're seeing now is an attempt to win the battle in the court of public opinion to show the demands mueller is making are way over the top and need to be scaled back. >> sandra: it's interesting he is trying to push this to happen after this upcoming summit with north korea and kim jong-un. giuliani made it very clear we as lawyers cannot effectively prepare the president over the next two to three weeks so they want to push it out until after this meeting with north korea. >> yeah. giuliani has a fair point. this is not an ordinary litigant or ordinary deupon tent. it's the president of the united states who has a lot going on besides the possibility of preparing for a deposition. any time you are talking about litigation involving the president we saw this back in the bill clinton days. you need to be very mindful and
6:37 am
respectful of the president's schedule. you have to keep in mind he has a lot of higher priorities than answering these questions. >> sandra: is there a risk to his legal team so publicly discussing all this including the parameters of the potential interview? >> from my perspective i think the danger is that they are going to get potentially locked into some sort of public position that would be tough to back down from. if they say publicly the president will never do this or that, it harms you in negotiate and prevents you from walking back if you've taken an iron clad position on something. >> sandra: you say a lot has changed over the last 48 hours. the last two hours things are changing on the front. >> check in later today. >> sandra: we'll check in with you soon. >> bill: it has been more than three years since two brothers carried out deadly attacks on the offices of the french
6:38 am
satirical newspaper "charlie hebdo". this is a scene from that day. stunning stuff. 12 people killed inside, 11 others injured. the attackers managed to get out of the office and continued firing shots in the streets outside of paris and now the man said to have helped radicalize the brothers is speaking out about his past to deradicalization and how he is hoping to help others do the same. interesting twist. amy kellogg has the story live with us now. what did you learn? >> it is rare to get insight into the mindset of a jihadist and extremely rare to hear one repent. a lot of people will doubt the sincerity. others say people who have lived and been disillusioned are the most respective tools to debunk the isis propaganda despite the fall of isis territory is as out there as ever.
6:39 am
a frenchman of algerian descent has been working with the deradly indication experts to get french extremists off their ideology. he was a lost soul and it led to a career as a preacher and recruiter of young frenchmen to go toir act to fight. the brothers who murdered 12 people around the offices of "charlie hebdo" in paris were his disciples until 2005. he was close to one brother, sharif. they were arrested for their activities. they didn't do much jail time. oddly in jail they managed to deradicalized while one more hardened. he feels a sense of responsibility. >> it is i who gave him the ideology and encouraged him at a time to go to iraq. when he had doubts, i helped
6:40 am
dispel them. i participated in some way. >> it's interesting he says the fact that he was not hanging out with other people in prison helped him deradical eyes and long-time jewish neighbors embraced him when he was released from jail knowing what he went to jail for helped him understand there was a way out of all this. perhaps that's a lesson to the prison systems. the bottom line now there are 19,000 people said to be radicalized in france. 2000 very dangerous. >> bill: still a problem for them certainly, and others. fascinating report there. thanks. >> sandra: the largest gang crackdown in california this year getting dozens of guns, pounds of drugs and nearly 90 accused gang members off the streets. investigators calling it merely a drop in the bucket. what we know about the threat of the so-called mexican mafia.
6:41 am
>> bill: former trump campaign advisor michael caputo questioned for three hours by mueller's team. listen how he describes his experience. >> they are looking down th enues of all the evidence that they are putting together. i'll tell you, they knowmore about the trump campaign than anybody that worked there and they know more about what i did in 2016 than i do myself. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish. but those days are over.
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6:45 am
accusations calling them unfair and inaccurate. >> we're still looking at russia collusion, still looking for it. while i wouldn't be asked about charges of obstruction or asked about, you know, financial crimes, i was there during the time when they believe the russian collusion was initiated. that would be the only thing they would ask me about. that certainly is the only thing we talked about. >> bill: that is former trump am cain advisor michael caputo speaking to tucker last night. he spent three years yesterday with mueller's team. little discussion about anything but the alleged russia collusion throughout the campaign. doug schoen, fox news contributor and scott hilton, you saw the transcripts and watched. here is a clip about what the ultimate intent is out of washington fascinating stuff. his take from yesterday. >> i think they want to destroy
6:46 am
the president. they want to destroy his family. they want to destroy his businesses. they want to destroy his friends so that no billionaire in 15 years wakes up and tells his wife the country is broken and only i can fix it. his wife will say are you crazy did you see what happened to donald trump and everybody around him? >> bill: that was just part of it. what was your reaction, steve? >> when i saw that this is what it's all about. he is exactly right. what you've got going on now with the mueller thing is not a legal case anymore. it is a political counter revolution. the establishment in this country, this is not a republican or democratic thing. the establishment is saying to the people you made a mistake in 2016 when you voted for an outsider. we'll get rid of the outsider you voted for because we can't have someone coming in who isn't one of us and we have to make sure we don't allow this mistake that you the people made ever to happen again. that's what this is all about. it's a real threat to democracy
6:47 am
and the rule of law in america. that's why this whole mueller probe has to be fought back and resisted and beaten because the people in this country get to decide who their president is, not the establishment. >> bill: legal strategy has changed in the last 12 hours. play the clip on campaign politics from caputo. listen here. >> i'm never going to work on a republican campaign again unless somebody indem any files me. it's the new democratic strategy. when you lose you still win. i don't think anybody should work on a republican campaign again unless you're legally indemnify. >> we have the criminalization of politics in this country. i saw it in 1994. people who were innocent of anything working for bill clinton were bankrupted because of the investigations post
6:48 am
election. it does go on both sides. my other reaction was frankly, i was gratified that the questioning was about collusion. i feel badly for mr. caputo and i think it's rotten for our system but we really need to see if there was collusion and if there wasn't, that's what should be established. so far steve is right, i haven't seen evidence of collusion. the investigation is still running its course. >> bill: 125,000 in legal bills is what caputo said. >> more money than he makes in a year or anybody else in his hometown back here in new york. >> the whole thing is completely outrageous. they're going after any possible evidence that they can find to back up this invented theory of collusion. remember, it was invented by the democrats as an excuse for losing the election that everyone thought, including themselves, they were going to win. they invented the theory of collusion. they haven't got proof.
6:49 am
in the process they aren't just destroying people's lives like michael caputo, they're destroying our democracy. that's what they're doing is completely outrageous. >> bill: doug, you were there during the clinton years. so he was subpoenaed and he fought it and relented to have the one-on-one interview with ken starr's prosecutors and lasted for about four hours. in talking to rudy giuliani earlier today i don't think there will be an interview. i get the impression we'll take the subpoena and fight it all the way to the u.s. supreme court where they think they have a shot of winning with the makeup of the court. do you see that strategy? >> i think you're correct, bill. the only caveat i would offer is if mueller and his team agreed to a limited interview, limited time, limited questions, limited scope. i think there is a chance we could get an agreement for an interview. but barring that i think that
6:50 am
rudy giuliani is indicating they're on the offense and that they are going to litigate. >> bill: thank you, doug and steve. gentlemen, good to have you both on today. >> sandra: the historic boy scouts of america now dropping the boy in boy scouts. next we'll tell you what the girl scouts are saying about that. ♪ ♪ build your next big thing to run in more places, without recoding. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
6:51 am
the ibm cloud. leading conservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again. we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought republicans and democrats together to balance the state budget with a budget reserve,
6:52 am
while investing in local schools and career training. as mayor of la, he put more police on the streets and reduced violent crime by nearly fifty percent. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
6:53 am
leading conservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again. >> sandra: boy scouts of america are dropping the word boy from their name. a spokesperson saying inclusiveness is the goal, quote, as we enter a new era for our organization, it is important that all youth can see themselves in scouting in every way possible. that is why it is important that the name for our scouting program for older youth remain
6:54 am
consistent with the single name approach used for the cub scouts. we're joined by carley shimkus. everybody is talking about this. what do you think? >> the organization itself will still be called the boy scouts of america. cub scouts will remain the same but boy scouts for kids age 11-17 will now be called scouts bsa happening in february because they want to be gender neutral because girls will be allowed into the organization. >> sandra: what do you think is driving this change? >> i think it's throwing people for such a loop because the boy scouts are all about tradition. they're all about sort of a more simple time. this really is a progressive move. you could debate the politics of this but i think it's all about dollars and cents. they need new members. they need more members and they're trying to cast a wider net here. >> sandra: interesting stuff. the girl scouts have responded and they are saying, quote, girl scouts is the premier leadership development
6:55 am
organization for girls. we are and will remain the first choice for girls and parents. >> they're also pushing some new merit badges with outdoor activities more catered towards girls. but this is not a neighborly move br the boy scouts. girl scouts membership is down. 3,000 girls have now entered the cub scouts. it is pulling from their membership. so there is a bit of a turf war in the scouting community. >> sandra: there are differences between the two groups. it will be interesting if the boy scouts is able to attract more. >> they already are. they already are. i don't know if it will ever be at the level it was in the 1970s where there were five million scouts. now down to 2.3 million. whether the boy scouts meant to or not, people do see this as sort of an attack on
6:56 am
traditional values where, you know, girls can't be girls anymore. boys can't be boys anymore. everybody has to be the same. i don't know if that was actually their intention but that's what people see this as as well. there is a lot of anger there. >> sandra: we'll see where it all goes. everybody has their thoughts on this one. >> absolutely. >> sandra: just the scouts now? >> scouts bsa. absolutely. i just want to know will they be serving cookies? >> sandra: that's a good question. >> bill: i do eat those cookies, awesome. thank you, carly. here we go right now. president trump's attorney rudy giuliani laying out a legal strategy unleashing a flurry of attacks against james comey. why he argues the former f.b.i. director should be the one who is prosecuted. >> i know james comey. i know the president. sorry, jim, you are a liar, a
6:57 am
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always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at >> sandra: fox news alert. president trump's new top lawyer in the russia investigation going on offense as rudy giuliani slams fired f.b.i. director james comey saying he should answer for leaking classified information in a court of law. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith on this lovely thursday morning. >> bill: indeed it is. i'm bill hemmer. listening to the former mayor's interviews with sean last night, with maria this morning and "fox & friends" fascinating stuff to see how it's moving from a legal perspective. former mayor taking direct aim at comey's conduct and character and calling him a liar and the one who should be indicted. >> he should be prosecuted for leaking confidential f.b.i. information.
7:01 am
when he leaked his report intended to develop a special prosecutor for the president of the united states. i have never, ever turned over a document. you know me, sean. you knew me when i was u.s. attorney. a lot of allegations, never leaked a damn thing. i would have considered resigning if i ever did that. >> bill: we have every angle covered here. andy biggs is standing by. we begin with catherine herridge to react to everything that has happened in the past 13 hours live in d.c. what's the significance of his interview as it relates to james comey? >> good morning. the morning on fox the president's lawyer went even further saying the former director and his former deputy andrew mccabe were both leakers. the justice department inspector general found mccabe lied three times under oath in his role in media leaks about the clinton foundation.
7:02 am
he said he was authorized to speak to the media and had his case referred to the u.s. attorneys for possible prosecution for lying to federal investigators, a violation of law. >> i contend the only crimes committed so far in this investigation are the ones they committed. the government committed. comey leaked in order to get a special prosecutor. why wouldn't mccabe go to him and say can i do what you did, boss? can i leak, too, illegally and unethically? >> he confirmed to fox news in his interview he has been questioned by the inspector general at the justice department about his handling of the memos documenting conversations with the president and he at that time brushed aside allegations that he mishandled classified information in the process. fox news was first to report comey shared the memos some containing classified information with at least three other people including the columbia law professor and two of comey's lawyers, former u.s. attorney patrick fitzgerald and
7:03 am
david kelly. >> did the inspector general interview you about your handling of the memos? >> yes. has already. i expect a report from them not on the handling of classified information, that's frivolous, but did i comply with policy and my employment agreement? >> mccabe told the inspector general he believes comey is being investigated as a liar on those matters. >> bill: new information about this columbia professor did some work on behalf of james comey at the f.b.i. what do you have on that? >> according to documents reviewed by fox news the columbia law professor director comey used to help leak at least one memo to the media worked as a special government employee for 18 months and during that same time period he also appeared in the media to defend comey's handling of the clinton email case. records reviewed show daniel richman began working as a special government employee or sge as early as june 30th, 2015. he left the position according to comey in february of 2017. f.b.i. records reviewed by fox
7:04 am
also show richman's responsibilities included terrorist communications and legal questions about federal investigations into state and local courts and the records indicate that richman was sent talking points about the clinton email case from comey's staff. a review of media reporting fox found he gave multiple interviews outside his assigned his f.b.i. areas of responsibility and in those interviews he defended comey and his handling of the clinton email case. the f.b.i. declined to comment for fox news on our reporting and richman has yet to respond to emailed questions. >> bill: thank you. catherine herridge in washington >> sandra: let's bring in andy biggs of arizona who is on the judiciary committee. thank you for your time this morning, sir. if you could react to giuliani calling on comey to be prosecuted in these series of interviews. >> i agree with mr. giuliani.
7:05 am
what mr. comey did was actually wasn't just outrageous, it was criminal and an attempt to manipulate getting a special investigator and a special counsel going against the current president. that's how outrageous this is. so mr. comey is out there and he just said that it's just a trivial thing to be leaking confidential records in order to manipulate the entire system against the sitting president of the united states. i think that's actually felonous in my opinion. he needs to be prosecuted. he didn't disclose he was leaking information to his columbia professor who was an employee of the f.b.i. that's ridiculous. >> sandra: right. so giuliani is not mincing words when it comes to these interviews and talking about comey. here is how he addressed him and went as far as to point him out as being a liar. listen. >> i know james comey. i know the president.
7:06 am
sorry, jim, you are a liar. a disgraceful liar. every f.b.i. agent in america has his head down because of you. >> sandra: your response to that. >> i actually agree totally. look, mr. comey has abused his power and his authority and he has done it in a way that shows that he is a serial liar. he is out there saying things, writing memos, he is allowing investigations to go forward to harass american citizens for political reasons. he indicates that he is a man without integrity and now he is out there on the circuit making money on a book that is just filled with lies. so this is a real problem for the united states of america and it attacks the system that we revere. >> sandra: when it comes to the mueller investigation, you have been very vocal that we need to end this witch hunt. we heard giuliani this morning calling on jeff sessions to call an end to this saying enough is enough.
7:07 am
where does this go next? >> well, i've had a problem with the mueller investigation from the start because i think he has a serious conflict but i think jeff sessions has really done no one in the united states a great service here. he needs to -- he needs to have rod rosenstein who is supposed to be overseeing the mueller investigation he needs to terminate rosenstein's employment. we need to get somebody in to say to mueller, you know, if we aren't going to stop this investigation we'll get it back to the bounds it was supposed to be within. they don't even want to tell us what that scope authority given to them by rosenstein was. we need to bring it back to the scope that all of the american people thought this was about which was the russian collusion and not indicting people for crimes that are basically paper crimes from 10 years ago. this is a problem. mueller needs to have his electric plug pulled if i can put it that way.
7:08 am
if we aren't going to pull the plug right now we need to set the time limit and make it firm. >> sandra: i want to get rod rosenstein's reaction here. we have sound of him defending the d.o.j. and himself in all this. listen to this. >> the department of justice is not going to be extorted. we'll do what is required by the rule of law and any kind of threats that anybody makes are not going to affect the way we do our job. >> sandra: that was in response to the president saying it might be time for us to get involved. he tweeted this yesterday a rigged system. they don't want to turn over documents to congress. what are they afraid of and why so much redacting and such inequal justice. at some point i will have no choice of the powers used by the presidency to get involved. >> rod rosenstein is saying when we ask for accountability. congress is asking for the records. when we ask for accountability
7:09 am
he says it's extortion and threatening. it shows the temperament and mood of mr. rosenstein as he has failed to oversee the special counsel and failed to respond to our oversight. our constitutional authority and duty to oversee this executive agency which looks like it's gone rogue a little bit. i find it outrageous again. this whole thing is driving everyone crazy as you watch this thing where rosenstein is off the rails here and mr. sessions, the attorney general, has failed to bring rosenstein under heel. so this is a problem. i understand why the presiden is so concerned and basically he is outraged by this as well. >> sandra: congressman andy biggs from arizona, thank you for your time this morning. >> bill: nine minutes past. fox news alert now. there is new hope now for three americans being held in north korea. these three men reportedly moved from a labor camp to a
7:10 am
hotel in the capital city a month ago and president trump hinting they could be coming home soon saying stay tuned. gillian turner at the state department. busy place. what are you hearing today? >> kim jong-un has long been taking americans hostage to use as bargaining chips in his negotiations with the international community but now three of those americans may be released imminently according to the trump administration. president trump tweeting last night as everybody is aware the past administration has long been asking for three hostages to be released from a north korean labor camp. to no avail. stay tuned. the president's new legal counsel rudy giuliani telling fox news a couple hours ago that, quote, we got kim jong-un impressed enough to be releasing three prisoners today. and bill reports just this morning that three korean american hostages have been relocated from a forced labor camp to a private hotel just outside pyongyang in advance of president trump's face-to-face
7:11 am
summit with kim. >> bill: they're moving step-by-step. you can see that. new comments from iran on the nuclear deal. what did they say? >> that's right. iran's foreign minister insisting his country will not renegotiate the nuclear deal with the trump administration as president trump's deadline to renew sanctions waiver against the country looms a week away. foreign minister went on to accuse the united states of violating the terms of the deal it had signed onto three years ago. repeatedly and consistently. >> let me make it absolutely clear once and for all. we will neither outsource our security nor will we renegotiate our add on to a deal we have already implemented in good faith. >> all the other countries that signed onto the 2015 framework agreement remain committed to it. germany, france, u.k. even russia and china and behind the scenes they've all
7:12 am
encouraged president trump to stay put. this as the drumbeat inside the administration has grown increasingly loud this weekend courageing the president to renege on the deal. mike pompeo sees major flaws in the deal. >> bill: he is moving quickly. gillian turner at the state department. thanks. >> sandra: hillary clinton finding a new scapegoat. she is now blaming her election loss on being too capitalistic ignoring the more socialist democratic party. >> bill: a new claim from inside the pentagon. is the deep state weaponizing a security clearance against the president and his administration? former white house press secretary ari fleischer with his take and plus this from overnight. have a look. >> we're hoping for the recovery of the officers. we appreciate the community's reports and the residents in this area who had a long night. >> sandra: a body found in a
7:13 am
building after an explosion that left nine officers injured. new information straight ahead on this incredibly strange story.
7:14 am
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7:17 am
i'm a capitalist but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability, you know, that probably gets lost in oh my gosh, she is a capitalist. >> sandra: hillary clinton still talking about losing the election. being a capitalist hurt her in the democratic primary among social lift voters. fox news contributors jessica tarlov and lisa boothe, senior fellow at independent women's voice. she took my breath away. did she just said being a capitalist is what led to her election loss? >> she is making a good point. when you look at the statistics how many people self-identify as democrats are now saying they're democrat socialists on twitter. it is over 40% and more when you look at younger voters there. i think she is making a valid point especially when you consider how big of a deal her
7:18 am
goldman sachs speechs were. they were saying she didn't share the same values as the rest of the party that want medicare for all and free college tuition. i think she is right. >> sandra: add this to the list of 100 reasons why she said she lost the election. >> it could be a new book. she has come up with so many pages of excuses now. missing the point on the wall street and why it impacted her. the hypocrisy of it. claimed to be against wall street. capitalists and taking their money. she subscribed to their beliefs. the hypocrisy was the broader problem with hillary clinton. you never knew where she was on any issue and then you add in other layers the emails and lying about that and people not trusting her, lack of authenticity. with president trump you knew exactly what he stood for. law and order and economy.
7:19 am
you go back with hillary clinton, what did she believe and stand for? i think she was incapable of motivating voters to turn out and vote for her. what were they voting for to begin with? >> the first democratic debate in 2015 that sanders refused to identify himself as a capitalist. do i consider myself the casino capitalist and -- no, i do not. >> he won't identify as a capitalist or a democrat. and continues to do that. that's part of the absurdity of the standards thing. i think hillary clinton is clear what she stands for and she got pushed and pushed by the progressive left. she stood for a free market with restrictions. what she said in the interview. she stands for a strong social safety net and equal opportunity, stands for diversity and inclusivity and stands for all the things that
7:20 am
makes democrats great and improving obamacare, not single payer. she got hurt by being realistic about what things cost and what it takes to get these things. bernie sanders continues not to deal with that. >> she was not able to communicate the beliefs the same way you did. not an effective messenger. >> sandra: i'm reminded how many times we hear the left say the right can't stop talking about hillary clinton. they bring her name into every conversation. jessica, she keeps putting herself out there and saying things like this. being a capitalist is what led to her election lost. >> president trump won the election as a pro business capitalist. i offer that to the table as well as hillary clinton saying somehow it was what lost her the election. >> if you look at her history you know that hillary clinton is someone who has supported and championed the free market. we know what good the free
7:21 am
market can do. there is a tension within our party which on the republican side as well. not like everything is all great over there. as for president trump it was clear who he was but also said things like don't worry, we'll make sure everyone still has healthcare which is not at all what the republican platform was. he actually said we'll keep all the entitlements as well. we won't get rid of that. that's not what the republican platform is. mixed messages. >> the point i'm making you could go back and very clearly articulate the three broad strokes what he campaigned on, immigration, law enforcement, economy. you can't do that with hillary clinton and you going through the list as an effective communicator, which are you, it took you five minutes to come up what she was for. you need a bumper sticker message. >> democrats are the party of healthcare. >> there you go. >> bill: a.g. jeff sessions taking new actions against the
7:22 am
migrant caravan. what the justice department is planning to do about it plus major gang crackdown on the mexican mafia. who are they operating on u.s. soil? we'll tell you in a mom -- moment coming up. millions of you are online right now, searching one topic. that will generate over 600 million results. and if you've been diagnosed with cancer, searching for answers like where to treat, can feel even more overwhelming.
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7:26 am
immigration judges to the border. we admit 1.1 million people lawfully every year and those people should wait their turn. >> sandra: the migrant caravan is camped on the mexican side of the border near san diego. >> bill: a major crackdown targeting mexican mafia operations in the u.s. a three-month investigation taking 85 dangerous criminals off the streets along with guns and drugs. casey stiegel live in dallas reporting on this. the bust was a record setter, huh, casey? >> not only the largest crackdown in the state of california when it comes to gangs so far this year, check out these pictures. a cache of narcotics seized. 14 pounds of methamphetamine to exact. three pounds of heroin. it happened in orange county south of los angeles. deputies say they found 36 firearms, two of which were
7:27 am
stolen. in all 85 people arrested in this bust that involved multiple law enforcement agencies over multiple months. >> bill: they say the arrests arlinked thmexican mafia. what can you tellus? >> they aren't saying exactly how. all they'll say is out of the 85 arrests, that all are considered to what they call considered to be middle management, leaders of this infamous criminal gang. a stark reminder of how powerful the organization is. listen. >> while these arrests and seizures are significant they're a drop in the bucket compared to the widespread control the mexican mafia has over gang activity throughout southern california. >> and throughout the rest of the country for that matter. as you saw from the pictures there, large amounts of cash also seized. so drugs, bad individuals and also a cache of money now off the streets, bill.
7:28 am
>> bill: thank you, casey for that. he is live in dallas on the mexican mafia. >> sandra: rudy giuliani calling for the justice department to shut down the mueller investigation. >> the basis of the case is dead. sessions should step in and close it and say enough is enough. >> sandra: trump's legal team going on the offensive this morning. where does this investigation go from here? former white house press secretary ari fleischer joins us straight ahead. >> bill: a man who took his wife hostage. she escaped and things turn a turn for the worst. an update in a moment on this bizarre story. >> the explosion went through the windows and house and hit my roof and my whole house shook. i thought my life was going to end. watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. authorities in connecticut discover human remains at the
7:32 am
home where a massive explosion took place. it was the end of a stand-off with police that lasted for several hours. julie banderas joins us live. >> they're still piecing together the puzzle to find out why a man led police to that stand-off and blew up his house. here is what we know so far. one person who remains unidentified has been found dead. nine police officers are being treated for injuries after responding to a domestic incident in north haven, connecticut. officers and swat team were negotiating with a man hold up in a barn when it exploded and giant flames could be seen for blocks. last night the north haven mayor confirmed the suspect barricaded his wife for more than three days before she safely escaped and the barn was
7:33 am
booby-trapped with explosives. the police chief confirmed this was not a hostage situation and the investigation of what led to last night's stand-off is ongoing. >> as it progressed, we determined there was a need for the swat team and that transitioned into a barricaded subject. she was not in the home at the time of this incident. >> the hospital says they received a total of nine patients from last night's event. the nine patients are listed in fair condition this morning. the hospital is not giving details of the nature of those injuries and this just in. court records actually show the couple who lived at that house had just begun divorce proceedings. their names debra sayer filed divorce papers from john sayer. investigation ongoing. >> sandra: thank you.
7:34 am
>> incredible. >> the president of the united states. he has all the powers under article 2. america is one of many countries where the head of state is not to be prosecuted until after they leave office. not to be subjected to the criminal process. different if it was a civil case. this is a criminal case. >> bill: very importance there from rudy giuliani. he came out swinging last night and again this morning making his case against the special counsel bob mueller. ari fleischer, fox news contributor. a lot of developments over the past 12 or 14 hours. where do you think it sits right now? what do you think the legal strategy is? how do you believe it's changing? >> let me begin with two criticisms, frankly. one is the mayor should not have referred to the f.b.i. as storm troopers. it is not acceptable or accurate and not in the spirit how we respect the agents of the f.b.i. he should have known
7:35 am
communication-wise. he should have said at the time the president was asked the questions, the president did not know specifically what michael cohen did. in the last two weeks he learned that after the raid by the f.b.i. at that point the president knew. i think if rudy had said that from the start in the interview with sean last night it wouldn't be the massive shock to the system that seems to be to some people this morning. having said that, bill, i also want to point out people understand this about donald trump. what i fail to understand in all of this and the strange new world we're in with donald trump being the president who was elected, people not being surprised he would have an affair with a porn star or playboy bunny. i don't understand the core issue here. so what? >> bill: here is the mayor on "fox & friends" about preparing his client for what could be a deposition if he were ever deposed, okay? listen here and i'll comment
7:36 am
after this. >> the president of the united states getting ready to negotiate probably one of our most historic agreements since the opening with china and we got kim jong-un impressed enough to be releasing three prisoners today and i have to go there and jay sekulow, have to go there and prepare him for this silly deposition about a case in which he supposedly colluded with the russians but there is no evidence of that? everybody forgets the basis of the case is dead. sessions should step in and close it. and say enough is enough. >> bill: i think that last comment is very interesting. sessions should step in and close it. it's my impression from speaking with rudy giuliani earlier today that they'll take the subpoena and fight it all the way to the u.s. supreme court and as of now there will not be an interview. ari. >> that sounds like where this is heading. doesn't it? sounds like it would be a constitutional crisis over the
7:37 am
powers of the presidency. not crisis but argument over the powers of the presidency and special counsel. i suspect the courts rule in favor of the president ultimately. the fundamental question i never thought there was collusion. i've always argued against it. there is no evidence of it. having said that the only person who can declare this dead is bob mueller. i would oppose any end run around mueller to have sessions stepped in. let mueller end this where it needs to be ended which in my expectation will be an exoneration of the president of the united states. and that's why trump is a tough spot, though. if he sits down with mueller for an interview mueller could get him on a perjury rap if he makes a mistake. the politics won't look good if he doesn't sit down. it will be messy. >> bill: you think the court would rule in his favor if this were to go to the supreme court.
7:38 am
>> yeah. i'm not a lawyer but what i do believe here, bill. this gets to the core institutions of our government is that impeachment is an article 1 matter. up to the congress to impeach. not up to prosecutors to impeach. that's how our constitution was developed. in a big public brawl like this where it's unclear who did what how, when, why, divided opinions, the best place to settle it is through the political system not the judicial system. that's how we unelect presidents. we unelect them through the voters or congress impeaching and the senate convicting with 2/3 vote. anything other than that is an end around how our system is supposed to be built and accountability in the system. i think ultimately if this gets tested -- >> bill: they would argue you can't prosecute a sitting president and no subpoena against him. he has too much to do and wait until he leaves office. what they might also argue they
7:39 am
might put the government on trial, ari. they may try and prove there are aspects of the government who abused their power in order to bring this case. >> sure. this will be messy in every single direction which is another reason bob mueller has to think very carefully what he is doing to future presidents. anything he does has precedents. i get it. donald trump is unique and people hate him but we're a nation of laws, not men. any procedure established and approved with trump will apply to future presidents, too and bob mueller knows that. >> bill: do you think is your sense he would ever sit down for an interview? i don't get that sense as of today. i don't think it will happen. listening to you talk, i don't think you think it will, either. >> i would be shocked if he sat down. ultimately he will listen to his lawyers and not fall into the perjury mistake. when you see how broad that list of questions was it is a head scratcher why it would cover all those different
7:40 am
issues. no lawyer would want him to. he would have to override his lawyers. i don't think he will. when that happens you'll have the anti-trump camp say he is hiding everything. the pro trump camp will defend him and it's a mess as we have in all the controversy. i don't think it will hurt him at the end of the day. >> bill: it will be messy. great to have you back with us today. ari fleischer back with us today. >> sandra: mainstream media coverage in the age of trump coming under new scrutiny following the firestorm over kanye west tweeting his support for president trump. are reporters treating conservatives like an alien tribe? jonah goldberg is here live to explain. but for cyber criminals it's plenty of time to launch thousands of attacks. luckily security analysts and watson are on his side. spotting threats faster and protecting his data
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it's a smart way to eat lunch in peace. i had a very minor fender bender tonight! in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. >> bill: a north carolina high school students accepted into 113 colleges. jasmine harrison, 17 years old,
7:44 am
gpa4.0. also offers of 4.5 million dollars total in scholarship money. check it out. >> oh, this is really happening. i didn't think i would be able to do that by myself. >> bill: she says she spent hours on the application making sure they were picture perfect and says her mom and teachers were a big help, too. she has it figured out. >> sandra: nice to have some choices. >> bill: where will she go? the big reveal. maybe we should bring her on and give her a chance on live television out of 113 schools which one she thinks is the best for her. jasmine. >> sandra: i would stay tuned for that. meanwhile we have our next guest here calling out the way conservatives are covered in the mainstream media and he points to a "vanity fair" article about kanye west as a
7:45 am
per example. he made headlines tweeting his support of president trump and getting a shout-out from the commander-in-chief. the "vanity fair" suggests the red killing of west suggesting he fell under a spell cast by conservatives on the alt right. jonah goldberg joins us now. so you begin your piece looking at the "vanity fair" piece by saying this is the reporting on the right with no understanding of the right. what did you see in that "vanity fair" piece? >> i used to do a lot more media criticism than i do these days. 15 years ago i coined the phrase conservatives in the mist reporting which was a tendency you see "the new york times" magazine and "vanity fair" where they would go off into deepest, darkest real america and meet actual conservatives and they would write about them the way people
7:46 am
would write about the gorillas in the mist. they are just like us and care for their young. a condescending way of describing conservatives as not quite wholly human but a little -- also sort of surprisingly life like, too. this genre exhausts me and happens all the time. a flip side to it, the sort of 19th century version of it where the gorillas are terrible and monstrous and every conservative they meet is a clansman or neo-nazi. this "vanity fair" piece cut in the middle of it in the sense the reporter literally knows nothing as far as i can tell about the distinctions that exist on the right. so people like me, brett stevens from "the new york times," but also racists like richard spencer and crazy people. we're called the far right along with jordan peterson, a
7:47 am
psychologist from canada isn't right wing at all. you find these people who think -- all they want to do is go and prove a story line that reaffirms what people in the sort of the new york bubble or coastal bubble already think about conservatives. and i just found the piece -- i wasn't angry about it. i thought it was hilarious this woman had this thumbless grasp of this claim of this whole subject that she claimed to be an expert on. >> sandra: you get to some specifics in your piece in the national review looking at the "vanity fair" piece and the writer tells the reader that she is exposing the new right wing digital rabbit hole and how it is designed for precisely the sort of self-radicalization kanye west is going through but reads more like she is the alice who fell through the rabbit hole and the hero of the story she has no idea what's going on around her. >> there is a website prager
7:48 am
university. i've done videos and other prominent conservatives have done it. the reporter literally says my sources tell me that what unites all of these different people at prager university is that they don't like political correctness. like you needed sources to tell you that conservatives have a problem with political correctness? this is one of the main themes of conservative rhetoric for the last 25, 30 years is to talk about political correctness. it is a lot like the simpsons episode where mill house is talking about the evil kill in shelbyville. those kids in shelbyville, they love candy. they love it for the sweet, sweet taste, right? and the way this woman is talking about conservatives is trying to put a stink on conservatives without knowing anything about how conservatives talk about things or think about things and the
7:49 am
differences among different kinds of conservatives. >> sandra: i don't have much time left but if you could while you are here, we haven't had you on the program in a while. what did you think about all this with kanye west and the president? what was your thought as you saw the whole thing unfold? >> one of the things i resent the most about it is being forced to have an opinion about kanye west one way or the other. >> sandra: as i'm doing to you now. >> if forced to choose i'm with him so far. i think he is being a fool for going on alex jones today but somehow he has betrayed his race because he had a few kind words about an elected official is absurd. >> sandra: it's really great to get your perspective and it's a really interesting piece if people can get to it in the national review. thanks for being here this morning and great to see you. >> sorry for being so ranty. >> bill: well done. it was pithy, right on. big primary only a few days away.
7:50 am
why republicans are trying to flip a democratic senate seat in mike pence's home state. we'll dig into that race coming up next.
7:51 am
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leading conservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again. >> sandra: all right. so we're looking at the dow right now. a little bit of movement in the markets. down 350 points but as i always point out to you on a percentage basis, bill hemmer, 1 1/2% drop but we're about an hour and a half into the open here. it's enough of a drop to take a look at it. >> bill: my new iphone tells me that's 1.5%. >> sandra: so does the big board. >> bill: right there in yellow. >> sandra: a bit of uncertainty after a good run from the markets. taking a breather. >> bill: off from the high of 26,000 for the dow. you're down 10% over that.
7:54 am
>> sandra: apple was good. there was a run-up after that. a bit of a sell-off as we enter the 11:00 hour. >> bill: in the meantime you have a big primary happening in indiana less than a week away. three republicans in that battle. republicans hoping to flip a democratic seat just like in west virginia. all three candidates now are lining themselves with president trump. mike tobin live in indianapolis. >> it will get the support of president trump. luke messer against todd rokita and mike braun. he campaigns as a political outsider but spent time as a state legislator. whoever wins will go against senator joe donnelly. senator donnelly is one of those labeled as obstructionist. president trump will throw the weight of the white house into
7:55 am
this race to defeat donley. >> political wing of the white house is looking at this as the most important race in the country and we started and still have five blue seats that were in play. >> this primary has been particularly nasty and should shake out to be the most expensive in the nation. airwaves are full of jabs. democrats have suggested the republicans are doing their opposition research for them. in fact, race watchers have said the candidates have done so much damage to each other they've turned a right leaning state into a toss-up. each candidate defends his position. >> i am not waiting until october so that donley can stick a fork in one of my two opponents. we have to get this information out now and that's what a primary is about. >> we'll win this primary and when we do we'll bring together all the republicans to make sure we take the case to joe donnelly this fall.
7:56 am
>> they're branding themselves as the one most like the president who will support his agenda if and when they get to washington the most recent independent poll had the undecideds at 46%. it is inconclusive. the president is expected in indiana two days after the primary. >> bill: we'll be watching. thank you, sir, mike tobin live in indianapolis. >> sandra: breaking developments in the russia investigation and stormy daniels case. that will be coming up just minutes away.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> got any good ideas? that's it. can't close your computer yet. we have 30 seconds. oh, she is out. >> what have you got cooking for lunch? >> i'm hungry. rudy giuliani came to new york with a very specific message. i think that was clear. now we try to gauge what they do next on both sides here. i think rudy will be back later
8:00 am
today with neil cavuto at 4:00 given the fallout for the last few hours we'll see what happens. >> please join us then. >> a lot of hope for these three americans being held in north korea. we hope today is the day. >> thanks for joining us today. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert as we await president trump's comments on the national day of prayer. after new revelations from his lawyer about everything from the russia investigation to the stormy daniels case, good thursday morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> i'm heather childress, nice to be here. a live look at the rose garden now where the president is set to speak as he helps celebrate the national day of prayer. looks like a fantastic day outside. this is the time when americans of all faiths are encouraged to pray for our nation and this comes amid, as jon was saying, the stunning new comments from


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