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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 4, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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developments. mueller and colin and rudy, it goes on and on. news didn't break totally before your show. >> appreciate that insight, thank you very much. michael:was not wiretapped. a register or log of phone calls. debating the political fallout and and henry with rudy giuliani, the inside scoop with the call from the atty. gen. and his surprise about the stormy daniels payments. tensions flaring, the pentagon, having ways is to enter two us pilots over the skies of africa. welcome to fox news at night.
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new tonight, rudy giuliani calling on jeff sessions to step in on the cohen investigation. and henry just attended an event with the newest member of the legal team. what can you tell us? >> i was just with rudy giuliani at at 9/11 event and he was very upfront about saying he had another conversation with the president two hours ago and the president despite all the media chatter about really giuliani having disastrous interviews the pres. is very happy with the tone giuliani is pushing, he confided to me when one conversation with the president he joked he is so pleased with giuliani's performance he is thinking of sending him to those talks with kim jong un to work out peace talks with north korea because he like the tough line giuliani is taking.
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last night we talked about the president moving from cooperation to confrontation with robert mueller and all the other investigations on the hill, that michael cohen probed, his attorney, rudy giuliani, tonight, demanding, he mentioned it to me again, atty. gen. jeff sessions finally step up to the plate and shut down the michael cohen investigation perhaps as a precursor to reining in robert mueller, this kicked off by an nbc news report, that they jumped the gun based on anonymous sources claiming his phones were tapped by federal investigators in the weeks prior to those extraordinary fbi raids of his office at home and there may have been one call with someone at the white house. rudy giuliani had shaken things up last night by revealing the pres. had reimbursed cohen for the $130,000 payment to a porn star, jumps on this report to
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demand sessions with the investigators under investigation themselves for government overreach, giuliani earlier telling the hill newspaper this was blatant disregard for attorney-client privilege saying i'm waiting for the atty. gen. to step in in his role as defender of justice and put these people under investigation and when the president learns the extent of all these tools he's going to say to me isn't there an attorney-client privilege and i will tell him no, the department of justice seems to want to travel all over the constitution of the united states. furious debate about whether the president reimbursed cohen for the payment with an illegal campaign contribution, giuliani told me it is not a problem and earlier on "fox and friends" he noted cohen was merely helping his client deal with what they still maintain the pres. did not have, did not have an affair with stormy daniels or know about the allegations during the campaign that basically cohen acted on his own to make what they claim to be a false
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allegation go away. >> imagine if that came out on october 25, 2016, in the middle of the last debate with hillary clinton. >> to make it go away -- >>:made it go away. he did his job. >> how does sarah huckabee sanders go to work every day if she was sent out to mislead the american people. i believe she said what she was told to say and somebody obviously wasn't telling the truth. >> sarah sanders defended herself at the podium saying she only learned of the pres.'s payment last night from the fox news channel and she gave reporters the best information she had the time. they issued an editor's note saying 3 us officials dispute:'s phones were tapped, fox news learning independently cohen was under surveillance but his calls were not listened to. one point rudy giuliani made, feels like when the access hollywood tape came out in the heat of the campaign, the president and a lot of hot water
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had to apologize. a lot of his surrogates ran away except when, rudy giuliani who took the heat, went on television, was the pitbull, defend the president again and again, rudy giuliani told me it feels a little bit like that moment, the access hollywood moment, a lot of people criticized the president and think he is in desperate trouble, rudy giuliani said we are fighting back and fighting back hard. >> seems to be quite a confidant to the president, something he has once are needed with respect to his legal team. thank you for the insights. what does it mean that investigators were tracking calls to and from michael cohen, deputy assistant attorney general under george w. bush with some analysis. there was, early in the day report of wiretapping, a be even phone calls with the president, concerns about attorney client privilege and a pen register
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where they look at the phone calls to and from, how long they lasted. who would have to approve that, two different tracks or would they both have to go down the same track? >> to get something like this you need approval independent of justice at a fairly high level and federal judge to sign off. what strikes me is even though we are finding out his actual conversations were not listened to, the fact they are tracking is calling and receiving calls from is anomalous in this context. these are investigatory tactics you usually see when they are going after a drug baron or something. unusual for a lawyer and unique to do it for the president. >> judge and napolitano earlier tonight thinks they may have done more. here's what he said. >> do you think the justice department is going to admit they listen to phone calls from the president? they may not have recorded but they are listening. if they are listening they can't use anything we hear as a basis for an affidavit of probable
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cause but can send them seeking other means to obtain evidence to support that. >> we talked about parallel reconstruction where he find something you're not supposed to have access to and finally the way to get back to the same information, it is just his opinion that may have happened here. >> we will find out in the months ahead. they are walking a fine line. if there were people listening in on these calls, and the justice department is going to have to do a lot of work in order to effectively erase the taint of acting on information they should have access in the first place if that is what they did. >> we had rudy giuliani, newest member of the legal team talking about this payment to stormy daniels and reimbursement to michael cohen. a lot of debate about whether that was the plan last night or if it became the plane in the middle of the interview so the pres. sent specific tweets, carefully worded legal
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definitions and things use this morning, in one of them he said despite already having signed a detailed letter admitting there was no affair, prior to the violation by ms. clifford and her attorney this is a private agreement, many from the campaign or campaign contributions played no role, he says there was no campaign money. of cohen was not one to campaign, you admitted it from your personal federal financial disclosures with appear, that is a crime and we have filed a criminal complaint. with regard to politicians, what do you make of this. people is angry giuliani did this to get out of trouble with campaign violations but it could create another problem. >> i don't know what the communication strategy is. we have seen it going different directions. proving intent in these cases is extremely difficult. you have to show the defendant
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not only did the act but knew exactly what he was doing, and attempt to circumvent federal election law and in this case there is evidence it may have been carelessness from the efforts to circumvent federal election law. in this area there is so much has not been determined by the court and punishments can range from a slap on the wrist to serious criminal sanctions so we haven't heard the last of this but prosecution based on these facts would be a challenge. >> this is separate and apart, michael cohen, the federal cases different than what the mueller investigation is doing, mueller has requested 35 sets, 70 total dealing with the manafor case. a lot of single that was standard procedure, they are being very heavy-handed. this is a different kind of case and they are targeted, making sure they, quote, find
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something. >> i agree the subpoenas, it is fairly standard prosecutorial tactic of getting the subpoenas but i will say this. i think what we have seen with mueller both as demandafor it and the referral side is an extremely aggressive prosecutor who is not afraid to play hardball. we talked about treating michael cohen is a drug lord, same with manis a before. mueller is determined to prosecute this aggressively, take no prisoners and people who are defending these clients need to appreciate that mueller is serious and playing hardball. >> thanks for stopping in. as the special counsel investigation continues a former campaign aide to donald trump who met with the mueller team yesterday says special counsel investigators know more about what was happening in the trump campaign than anybody camisa's mueller still focused on russia collusion and believes his team
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as a specific objective. >> this is a punishment strategy. we want to destroy the president, they want to destroy his family, they want to destroy his businesses, destroyed his friend so that no billionaire wakes up and tells his wife a country is broken and only i can fix it. his wife will say are you crazy, did you see what happens to donald trump and everybody around him. >> let's start with our political panel, the senior director of research and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. welcome to you both. let's talk about this. the illegal aspects, let's talk about the political because a lot of folks out there say it doesn't look good on a number of fronts. without using the words witchhunt, that is how he portrayed what he went through when having this conversation
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with mueller. what do you make of it. >> there are so many people in trump's orbit that make him seem like a complete victim. the idea that bob mueller is on a 1-year plus wild goose hunt for no apparent reason except to make sure no billionaires wake up and say i'm going to save america is ludicrous. listening to rudy giuliani, it is not believable that there's nothing going on when you consider there are three categories mueller is looking at, obstruction of justice, russia collusion and financial crimes. it does a disservice to the pres. and eliminates any sympathy for anyone except his core base who love his tweets about witchhunt, to make them out as a complete innocent. >> let's listen to more of what rudy giuliani had to say. >> patriot, extraordinarily good man, served his country, did a good job at the fbi.
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i don't think he would be affected by malice or prejudice. however, i don't have an explanation for the people that he hired. >> good things to say about mueller and this is what we publicly know about attorneys who have been added to the team. none of the 16 lawyers known to work for special counsel mueller are registered republicans, there are 13 registered democrats on the investigation, 3 lawyers with no party affiliation and campaign finance records reveal 11 lawyers have been democratic donors. >> it does not seem fair, does nothing balance. all the people in the world, they couldn't find one that was either a republican donor -- it doesn't look right. the other thing, responding to jessica, you're supposed to be
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pursuing something based on probable cause. you look at the list of questions that came out earlier this week it is everything under the sun, this is donald trump, this is your life and we are going to investigate everybody everywhere, that is not what they are supposed to be doing. i think they are off the rails, out to destroy donald trump instead of pursuing a crime and figure out where the case leads them. many of these things have absolutely nothing to do with donald trump. they should be pursuing -- to say the president should be pursuing constitutional roles and responsibilities. he has a right to do these things instead of being questioned about his intent on why he would be doing his job in firing director comey. shannon: based on the legal team do either of you think the president sits down for a face-to-face with mueller or his team? >> i don't think so and i think it would be a massive mistake if he did. >> donald trump doesn't listen
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to counsel. he likes the optics, got to be narrowed focus but he will sit down at some point and answer those questions. >> come back and we will see if it happens, thank you very much. breaking news on north korea just ahead, tracking three americans held hostage by the rogue regime of the president making major news about american forces, live report. why is china threatening american military pilots? as tensions drive, we will look at that. and 100 arrests and illegal weapons seized. . we have the facts when we returned. boost optimum with 5 in 1 advanced nutrition helps support muscle, energy, bone, normal immune function, and vision.
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sure. bomom,what's up son?alk? i can't be your it guy anymore. what? you guys have xfinity. you can do this. what's a good wifi password, mom? you still have to visit us. i will. no. make that the password: "you_stillóhave_toóvisit_us." that's a good one. [ chuckles ] download the xfinity my account app and set a password you can easily remember. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. we are await >> we are awaiting word on the fate of three christians held by north korea. and make significant moves by the trump administration involving us forces in that region as head of an anticipated summit with the north korean leader. good evening. >> this is a 2 steps forward,
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one step back process, the president tweeting the administration has been asking for three hostages to be released from a north korean labor camp but to no avail, stay tuned. donald trump's lawyer, rudy giuliani seemed to confirm the release was happening. >> the president of the united states getting ready to negotiate one of the most historical agreements and we got kim jong un impressed enough to release three prisoners today. >> the state department and senior administration officials walked back the statement saying there is no confirmation of the release and still work to do, relatives count on a quick resolution and self korean media reports they have been moved to a hotel on outskirts of
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pyongyang. 59-year-old tony kim was detained in april of last year just as he was about to leave the country. he worked at the university of science and technology and accused of hospital acts against the regime. he also released at pyongyang university and was accused of hospital acts. in april 2016, 62-year-old kim jong joe was sentenced to ten years in prison for spying on behalf of south korea and there are other encouraging signs leading up to the meeting between donald trump and kim jong un. the top national security advisor made another secret visit. and and conveying the news that kim jong un met face-to-face with donald trump. and donald trump ordered the pentagon to draw up plans,
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reducing troop levels, is not a bargaining chip for the summit, if there's a piece treaty, and different soldiers to stay on the korean peninsula. >> trace gallagher live in los angeles. us officials calling out the chinese for harassing american flight crews over the afghan nation of djibouti. involves high-powered lasers. jennifer griffin talks about the incident that lost two airmen. >> the pentagon says there have been more than two but fewer than 10 incident involving chinese military personnel pointing high-powered lasers at us military planes flying missions in africa. >> these are very serious incidents, two minor injuries. this activity poses a true
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threat to our airmen. >> we raised concerns with the chinese about this. there will be near and long-term consequences. >> the chinese government, we requested the chinese investigate these incidents. >> the chinese opened their first overseas military base in djibouti last summer next to the us airbase which is home to a fleet of drones and us airplanes. it is not limited to this chinese base in africa. on wednesday marine commandant gen. robert miller said marine pilots in japan are facing laser attacks as well. >> it would be helpful if the people that lived around their didn't point lasers at our airplanes or fly kites or balloons in the flightpath because that way we would have better assurance they would be safe.
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we want everybody to be safe. >> reporter: adding to the dramatic tension between the us and china come in the past 30 days us officials say the chinese military has positioned anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missiles on three of their fortified outposts in the disputed islands claimed by 6 specific nations. china added radar jamming equipment recently as well. >> very vocal about concerns about militarizing and these artificial islands. >> $3.4 trillion in trade passes through the south china sea every year. now china can strike any ship passing within 300 medical miles with newly installed cruise missiles. shannon: jennifer griffin, thank you very much. fox news alert, video justin from beijing of the us trade delegation during the second and likely filed a of trade talks in china. steve mnuchin, commerce sec.
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wilbur ross and peter navarro and robert lightheiser are all there. high-level meeting face-to-face with the chinese, over technologist taking the us and china the closest they have come to a full on trade war. back here at home a teenager has been arrested and accused of planning and isis inspired mass shooting in a shopping mall. he was charged with making a terrorist threat. officials say plans to release a message to america explaining the attack and allegedly spent $1400 buying weapons and tactical gear. a major drug ring crackdown hurting the so-called mexican mafia and their operations in the us. the culmination of a 3-month investigation taking guns, drugs and dangerous colonels, 85 of them off the streets. casey steagall has more for us. >> it was the largest crackdown on gang activity so far this year. take a look at these pictures, a huge cache of narcotics also
12:26 am
seized, 14 pounds of methamphetamines to be exact, 3 pounds of heroin in orange county, south of los angeles. they also found 36 firearms, 2 of which happened to be stolen. in all, 85 were arrested in this bust and investigators say out of those 85 individuals, all are considered to be middle-management leaders of the infamous criminal gang the mexican mafia. a stark reminder says orange county's undersheriff how powerful the organization is in the us. >> these are significant but a drop in the bucket compared to the widespread control the mexican mafia has with gang activity throughout southern california. >> as you saw, a large amount of cash also seized, a sizable dent in california and here in the
12:27 am
homeland. >> stick around for a closer look at impeachment and how democrat candidates are trying to capitalize on left-wing further for the i word. a warning for a top democrat strategist, highly anticipated giant blue wave maybe hitting the wall. the latest midterm power plays. that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high-quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave every time. invented in boston, made and sold around the world. now starting at $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get.
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>> shannon: spew on top democras discouraging talk about impeachment of president trump. many upstart challengers are not sticking with that party line. doug mckelway takes a look. >> what was our founding fathers want us to do about this president? i am tom's tire. >> san francisco billionaire tom steyer lays out the case for impeachment of president donald trump in a $40 million ad campaign. he has garnered over 5 million signatures claiming trump has "brought us to the brink of nuclear war, obstructed justice, and take money from governments. "in washington the impeachment
12:32 am
drumbeat resonating among some of the democratic caucus. >> resolved that donald john trump, president of the united states, is unfit to be president. >> 66 house members voted on the resolution, eat more than voted for impeachment the previous month. with midterms lurking next november, the impeachment clamor is mostly quieting in d.c. party hierarchy urging calm. >> mueller brings forth the clear evidence there was collusion between the term campaign and the russians, i think you have grounds for impeachment. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi was more direct impeachment is not the place i think we should go. senate minority leader chuck schumer "you might blow your shot when it has a better chance of happening." that thinking is exposing a rift in the party. a poll found 70% of democratic voters would definitely vote for congressional candidate who would move to impeach the
12:33 am
president. richard painter hears the message loud and clear. >> i think president trump has demonstrated through his conduct and his rhetoric that he is unfit for office. >> california senate candidate kevin de leon running against senator dianne feinstein, also pushing for impeachment. also is beto o'rourke. so is florida democrat running for the open house seat of retiring republican ileana ros-lehtinen. republicans hope to benefit from the impeachment talk. committee telling fox news "that extreme rhetoric is going to have dire consequences for 2018 senate democrats up for reelection in states president trump won." why they believe the midterm momentum lies with democrats but the last thing they want to do is re-inspire the republican base with impeachment attacks that many see as premature and unfair.
12:34 am
shannon. >> shannon: all right, thank you very much. republicans have been bracing for the so-called blue wave in this fall's midterm elections but there are no new warnings tonight for democrats. let's talk about with fox news politics editor chris stirewalt, fresh back from west virginia. >> fresh as a daisy. i'm sorry i gave away my pepperoni roles. >> shannon: you have to feed your children. it's a priority. let's talk about the report. saying that democratic momentum has stalled in recent months because the party has failed to focus on economics and health care battles most engaged anti-trump voters and because republican base voters especially white working-class men could finally point to a signature conservative policy achievement in the new tax cut law. does this mean the blue wave is slowing down? >> no. first of all, we should remember the democratic pollsters and strategist making this argument
12:35 am
are saying that because that's the message they think they, a more moderate stripes, they think that's the right answer for them. obviously liberal democrats think other things. there is a debate going on within the party. i would say this. it's not so much the democratic momentum has stalled. it's that it wasn't ever quite as high, really, as it was reputed to be. this is a climate, i'm sure if the elections for the house of representatives was held today, it would be close. it would be very close. but it has not been so far the kind of enormous blue wave that's 100 seats or 85 seats, a giant reversal. what matters here, and i think this is a good take away for both parties from the advice of those pollsters, which is the policies you pursue, the things you do will matter. the people who do vote in midterm elections pay close attention to what's going on. if you are bringing forward policies that people like, if you are doing things voters think are a good idea, then it's a good thing. but to doug mckelway's point,
12:36 am
the voters democrats most need to win the election are moderate suburbanites, college educated folks, former republicans are people who are republican leanings. democrats need to convince them that all they want to be as a check on president trump, not crusaders. see what i want to take you through a couple things that cod be beneficial to the base. let's talk about guns. we're going to talk about eric swalwell who says, it's time to take away guns. who does that turn out to the polls? >> 20 and 20 on either side. we have seen the money that's been raised by the nra. we see all of the organization taking place on the left side. it sort of like with tom steyer. he is not selling impeachment. he is selling "please sign my list" so on my run for president in 2020, i have a ready-made organization. something like guns helps
12:37 am
organize on both sides. >> shannon: senecal. >> never. >> shannon: this idea that nancy pelosi says "we will win." i will run for speaker. i feel confident in my members do too. the g.o.p. has to love that. there are a number of people running. democrats think i'm not going to vote for her. i have to think the g.o.p. likes it because then immediately the next step is hey you, if she wins, you have speaker pelosi, u of impeachment. >> there been no sanction so far for democrats who say they won't support her. groups on the left of said we don't care if you are in voting for nancy pelosi or not. the reality in washington is nancy pelosi is not going to be the democratic leader anymore, whether she's going to fail and be the minority again or whether the democrats are going to retake the majority. i think it's highly unlikely she's going to do it. the question is can enough democrats use that to their
12:38 am
advantage and say i'm standing up against her? i'm going to vote against nancy pelosi and that gives them something they can stand on. they can say i am an independent minded democrat and i am tough and i'm not going to be a rubber-stamp. >> shannon: if they retake the house, the talk of the i word is out there. either side can use that to their advantage. >> and they will. >> shannon: if you go to west virginia this weekend. >> pepperoni roles. i promise. >> shannon: on this national day of prayer, drama in the house has a house chaplain withdraws his resignation. what speaker paul ryan is saying about the controversy. the twists and turns. a prominent democrat says it's time to get serious about taking away your guns. dramatic proposal. we will be live from dallas on the eve of the nra convention, with emily miller. with emily miller. she has answers this scientist doesn't believe in luck. she believes in research.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the embattled chaplain of shannon: the embattled chaplain of the house of representatives is drying his resignation. in a letter to paul ryan rev. patrick conroy accuses ryan's staff of forcing him out. allison barber has more on the national day of prayer as well, the story of a convicted felon and his faith.
12:43 am
we will get this together. >> we will start with father pat conroy. he is reside in a letter to paul ryan saying he wants to finish his term as house chaplain writing and part, quote, i have never been disciplined or reprimanded, nor have i ever heard a complaint about my ministry during my time as house chaplain, ryan never spoke with him about resigning, chief of staff deliver the message saying the speaker was asking for his resignation writing i inquired whether it was for cars, he said maybe it is time we had a chaplain that wasn't catholic. he mentioned the prayer that some saw as critical of tax reform. ryan says he has accepted the letter and decided father conroy will stay as chaplain. his initial decision was, quote, based on my duty to ensure the
12:44 am
house has the kind of services it deserves. joe crowley is calling for select committee to look at the events leading up to conroy's initial dismissal, all of this as many across the united states observe the national day of prayer. the pres. issued a national proclamation, he then spoke in the rose garden, donald trump wasn't alone and there's one person in particular. at events like this it is normal for people to pay more attention, the leaders of the free world, the person who deserved the most attention doesn't control the nuclear codes. >> john ponder from las vegas, get up here. >> reporter: john potter from las vegas, nevada. in las vegas, many know him. >> returned to life behind bars at an alarming rate, not surprisingly returned to the
12:45 am
same communities they took in the first before she was 40. in general, found faith in part. >> peace and fulfillment. today ponder stood in the rose garden. next to the fbi agent who put him in jail. >> do you like him? >> reporter: the leader of a rehabilitation nonprofit called hope for prison. >> we provide supportive services. >> according to local reports has talked to over 1600 x offenders, skills that are necessary to reenter the workforce, society and their life at home. john ponder from las vegas, nevada. >> a great part of the ceremony. we all need retention and forgiveness at some point. great to see he is doing so much
12:46 am
to help others. congressman eric falwell from san francisco bay has a solution for gun violence writing this in an op-ed, we should ban position of military style semi automatic weapons, buyback such weapons from those who choose to abide by the law and commonly prosecute any who choose to deify it by keeping their weapons. it would not apply to law enforcement agencies. we are joined by emily miller, author of emily gets again, political strategist and expert in gun-control policies in dallas at the nra convention were donald trump is scheduled to address the event tomorrow. great to have you with us. what do you make of that? sounds like confiscation. >> it is confiscation and i hope the congressman goes personally to check everybody's house in america to see if they have an ar 15, goes over real well. i'm kidding. >> it is ridiculous, you can't, we don't have a national
12:47 am
registry, we don't have a national registry, we don't know who owns these guns and i can promise you as a gun owner coming here, tens of thousands of other proud gunowners who support the second amendment, they are not going to turn in their ar 15s. >> i want to talk about some polling, we saw a spike in those who thought we need tougher gun-control laws was after the parkland event, it was tragically young people were lost, young people are out there advocating, they have got a lot of attention. that has dropped off like it always is after the events and time goes by that 56% of people said they support tougher gun laws, 39% say they oppose them. what do you make of those numbers? >> these rare mass shootings like what happened in parkland, sandy hook, texas, they are
12:48 am
rare. generally on average, congressional research service, less than 50 people year on average. the last year has been bad, has been terrific, las vegas, parkland, these terrible tragedies. they were alone rules, they are not terrorists. this is not inner-city crime. of the 10 or 11,000 a year killed by guns, about 300 total are by rifles. the issue is inner-city gun violence and handguns. >> why don't you think that gets talked about and will the pres. address that tomorrow? >> i don't think he will get into the details, he is a big picture kind of guy, tough on crime and that kind of stuff but what doesn't get talked about because the left gets energized and you heard this a minute ago, the left is energized by the idea of getting all our guns as
12:49 am
they love the idea, bringing a gun violence, i had to mute the word australia on my twitter feed because i couldn't stand to listen to it anymore. we are not going to confiscate all the guns in america. it is never going to happen. we have the second amendment of the constitution that says we have the individual right to defend ourselves which the supreme court has interpreted as you interpreted in heller that the individual has the right to own a gun and keep it at home. >> part of what he had to say is they've been too nice when it comes to the second amendment and time for him and other democrats to control guns more, to stop being so nice about the second amendment. we will watch to see what the president has to say. thanks for the preview. this is one twitter feud you have to see to believe, for a
12:50 am
white house intern monica lewinsky battling it out on social media. the real news roundup next.
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>> fox news alert, hawaii absolutely a volcano is releasing radloff into a
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residential subdivision prompting the county to order mandatory evacuations, the european concept today's earthquakes rocked the big island. the greater floor of the event collapsed causing magma to push more than 10 miles down slope toward the populated southeast coastline of the island. time for your real news roundup lose the united nations stand accused of censorship on world press freedom day. at the same time the un secretary-general was touting the invaluable role of the free press the un panel discussion on media freedom and fake news was postponed was one of the participants is the panel was postponed because the presence was planning to name countries that jail journalists. so these offering green cross by franz kline and oxidation painting by andy warhol on behalf of the baltimore museum of art. the museum is selling pieces by white male artists to make room for black and female artists
12:55 am
even if they are lesser-known or revered than white people like warhol and klein. monica linsky joining the fray against marco rubio tonight, he criticized a piece in politico for mischaracterizing his position on a tax-cut bill saying it was misleading. the sen. tweeted although written by an internet politico this article is a reminder of how difficult it can be to discuss public policy and political press. not only did i not back down on a tax-cut but doubled down. monica with he jumped in, blaming the intern is so 1990s. we know today has been a full day of news, tomorrow we expect more of the same, we are still watching developments in north korea as we await word on three american citizens who have been held there, where they are being released or in the process of being released. we will continue to track that.
12:56 am
as soon as we know more about the potential release of the 3 americans we will bring you that. the most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. people said it just made a mess until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test. they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool? and that's why exxonmobil scientists think it's not small at all. energy lives here. dray, when he was younger, he loved to smile; and we knew he would need braces because his teeth were coming in funny. that's when he had the bunny rabbits. we called him the bunny rabbit. now, those are the same two front teeth, there, that they are now. then dray ended up having to wear braces for 5 years because he never made it to appointments, because he was busy playing basketball. if he missed practice, he don't get to
12:57 am
play in the game. this is the picture that was on the front page of the newspaper. all you can notice is the braces! then, once he got to michigan state, he broke the retainer! my bottom teeth, they were really crooked, and i just wasn't getting braces again. smile direct club fits into my lifestyle so well. the liner is so great. it's easy to just grab it and go and then i can change on the road. i did photoshoots with my aligners in and you can't see them. i wish smile direct club would have been around when i was paying for them. i wouldn't have to take him out of school. i wouldn't have had missed work. it's like a great feeling to have good teeth. a smile is a first impression, that's why i think having a great smile is so important.
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>> made it through the week, it is friday, may 4th and this is "fox and friends first" was having a 4:00 on the east coast. >> we certainly would see this as a sign of goodwill if north korea were to release the three americans. >> some new questions about the fate of three american prisoners as the trump administration ramps up pressure on the rogue regime. we are live in washington. >> i can feel the heat on. >> fire in the sky, emer


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