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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 4, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> made it through the week, it is friday, may 4th and this is "fox and friends first" was having a 4:00 on the east coast. >> we certainly would see this as a sign of goodwill if north korea were to release the three americans. >> some new questions about the fate of three american prisoners as the trump administration ramps up pressure on the rogue regime. we are live in washington. >> i can feel the heat on. >> fire in the sky, emergency
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evacuation orders as a chemical plant explodes into flames. and what a way to spend the national day of prayer, the religious freedom group blacklisted by amazon. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> a shot of new york city and the fitting song. it is friday morning and appreciate you joining us. let's get to our top story. a lot of news this morning
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beginning with pressure mounting on fisa release american prisoners from north korea as the white house lays the groundwork for the historic summit between the dictator and donald trump. jenkins is live with the potential diplomatic breakthrough. >> things are moving forward as south korea's national security advisor in washington to meet with john bolton ahead of the pres.'s summit with north korea and all lies on the possible release of three americans held in a labor camp following reports out of south korea of a breakthrough, the state department not confirming it. white house press secretary sarah sanders not confirming it but adding this would be a positive step forward. >> we can't confirm the validity of the reports of their release but we would see this as a sign of goodwill if north korea were to release the 3 americans ahead
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of discussions between donald trump and kim jong un. >> those americans held the long-distance 2016 and tony kim, both workers in privately funded college with donations from christian groups. their release would be a major victory for the administration and a concession from kim jong un. if they are indeed in the process of being released, as the father of otto warmbier. >> it is important for our family to understand the methods north korea used as they destroyed our son. >> we will follow the pres.'s tweet on wednesday. stay tuned. >> thank you.
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the us and china are having, quote, very good conversations, steve mnuchin leading the delegation for a second straight day in beijing but breakthrough deal seen as highly unlikely. the pres. written to impose tariffs on $150 billion in chinese goods for violations of intellectual property theft. 158 have crossed into the us, dozens of people, women and children passing through the port of entry to apply for asylum, the ambassador to the us is praising this. >> in the interests of the united states and mexico to make sure where migration takes place between our countries illegal, safe and orderly. we have -- we don't see eye to eye on everything.
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we are in favor of securing borders. >> the number of illegal southern border crossing surged 233% from last year. the new statistics from the development of homeland security. the newest member of donald trump's legal team doubling down on calling for jeff sessions to step in on the michael cohen investigation, rudy giuliani facing criticism of the doj after a false report the feds wiretapped cohen. john roberts has that story from the white house. >> the latest in a day of bombshells. report due in the week leading up to the raid on michael cohen, he was subject of the federal wiretapped that may have trapped the call from the white house. presidential lawyer rudy giuliani went off on the doj saying is true, this is an out-of-control investigation into interacting like storm troopers would give me a break, they prove it every day.
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giuliani blasted the possibility of wiretap as blatant transgression of attorney-client privilege saying i'm waiting for the atty. gen. to step in and his role of the vendor of justice to put these people under investigation. he threw a hand grenade into the cohen investigation telling sean hannity the pres. paid him back for that $130,000 payment to stormy daniels. the stunning admission appeared to contradict previous statement, one from michael cohen in february who said neither the trump organization or the trump campaign reimbursed the payment directly or indirectly and another, april 5th, from the president aboard air force one. >> did you know about this? >> reporter: giuliani insists he didn't know about that. the reimbursement, said giuliani, was for expenses that cohen did not itemize and where
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giuliani insisted the payment daniels did not fit the campaign he also seemed to say it did. >> imagine if that came out october 15th. >> to make it go away, cohen made it go away, did his job. >> this is just the latest report of the so-called deep state working against donald trump. the host of life, liberty and live in, said that even as the legal battle unfolds the pres. will come out unscathed because the constitution has been on his side the entire time. >> the constitution is on the side of the pres. the department of justice's own position is on the side of the president of the united states, historical precedent is on the side of the president of the united states. legal precedent is on the side of the president of the united states. stop listening to the babbling,
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pleading the fifth, i would say if i were the pres.'s lawyer we went you to present us with an explanation of your defiance of the department of justice policy which you are required to follow as an employee of the department of justice. moreover we want to understand how you believe you can burden a president like this while he is in office. heather: a massive volcano your spewing love into the air force and thousands from their home. the national guard getting people to safety. orange ash billowing into the sky. this is from miles away. erupting after hundreds of earthquakes shook the island this week as one of the most active volcanoes in the world.
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a massive fireball explodes in the sky as a chemical plant goes up in flames rattling a small town in louisiana sending thick black smoke into the air. >> i felt the heat. john: the containers exploded, that chemical is found in things like airplane fuel, gasoline and paint. neighbors still cannot return. no one was injured but look at the smoke. the search for the cause of the deadly military plane crashes intensifying after we learn the identities of 9 crewmembers killed. the airmen of puerto rico national guard have 170 years of service between them. eight of them were fathers. >> our thoughts and prayers to family members of the airmen who lost their lives today. we grieve for them and with them
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and try to make sense of this. >> the plane plunged into the ground shortly after takeoff wednesday. it was headed to arizona decommissioned. id cards for new program hitting the mail two month after they were originally set to go out. all honorably discharged veterans meant to prove past military service, the veteran id card program faced a series of delays and technical challenges since it's november 2017 launch. the policy initiatives next week by milania trump, she will concentrate on social media, health and addiction specifically the impact of opioids on young children. earlier this year the first lady addressed the white house on the opioid crisis saying there is
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still much work to be done. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour and a fox news alert confessions from the terrorist who sent the charlie have no --hebdo killers on the path to jihad. >> i participated, and i will dispel doubts. >> is urgent new warning about terror attacks on a fox news exclusive. this one takes the cake, a federal judge used a courthouse wedding to keep these two illegal immigrants in the country and we will show you who they are. the airline the just launched a coast-to-coast pizza delivery service. ♪ let me see what spring is like ♪ on jupiter and mars ♪ in other words ♪ hold my hand ♪
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from paying too much on their car insurance. hey, there's cake in the breakroom... what are you doing? um...nothing? marvel studios' avengers: infinity war, in theaters april 27th. now...where were we?
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heather: confessions from a former terror recruiter. the ex-extremist who helps with the charlie hebdo attack sits down with a new warning about future attacks. >> reporter: he mentored extremists to kill calling himself a close friend to gunmen responsible for one of paris's biggest terror attacks. he is working towards radicalizing potential terrorists in hopes of bringing peace to the world, recruited 2 brothers to jihad before the pair opened fire at the paris offices of the french satirical newspaper charlie hebdo in 2015, growing close with the younger brother. >> it was more than friendship. it was complicity. it was i who instilled new
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ideology. i participated in some way. i would dispel those doubts. >> now he is trying to save the 37-year-old crediting years he spent in prison for turning his life around. >> reporter: the selective building relations with other people opened my mind. the other thing that helps with assistance of my jewish neighbors when i got out of jail. >> people who feel a sense of discrimination and injustice are likely to buy into isis's ideas, he is working towards becoming a truck driver in france. heather: i remember when we covered that on "fox and friends first" is a breaking story it was very big back in 2015. thank you very much. a federal judge is bending over backwards with illegal immigrants by allowing them to get married in her courtroom.
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so the groom can ride on the asylum application. he is currently detained in ice custody after a dui arrest. the family has a better chance of staying together in the us. the tsa wants foreign airports to step up screening of all passengers, growing concerns over hidden explosives promoted the agency to act for the screening of carry on electronics and asking for the procedure to be tightened even more. security enhancements are not the result of any new threats. here is something you don't see every day but you just might think it. this road sign taunting drivers about being late for work in prince george county, maryland. it was probably hacked by pranksters, you will never get to work on time.
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we all feel like that every now and then. 17 minutes after the top of the hour. responsible for the death of two family dogs, now united is forcing american heroes to abandon their pets overseas. the new back lash the airline is facing. taking fox out of the question because kids can't tell time. carly shimkus is here with the online reaction that is pouring in. ♪
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heather: we now know it was not a fan blade that shadows the window when the doomed southwest flight. in a report revealing an engine cover hit the window and shattered it.
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a woman was nearly sucked out and later died. the ntsb finding two pieces of the broken fan blade inside the engine. there are thousands of inspections since the deadly incident. united airlines is issuing a new pet band that could force military families to leave their animals behind. it bans 2 dozen breeds of dogs and cats along with oversize crates. united airlines is the only pet transport service for the 7000 troops stationed in guam. they are making changes to the pet safe policy following many answers like one at german shepherd was accidentally sent to japan. censored by amazon. the online retail giant blacklisting a religious freedom group on a national day of prayer. carly shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7, joining us with
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the outrage online. >> alliance defending freedom, a conservative christian nonprofit laufer was recently removed from a list of charities amazon gives money to. when amazon customers recently wanted to donate to that charity they were hit with this message. the participation agreement states certain categories of organizations are not eligible to participate in amazon smile. we rely on the southern poverty law center to determine which charities are in eligible categories. alliance defending freedom reacted on twitter saying what a way to celebrate national day of prayer, amazon relies on discredited southern poverty law programs following this story reacted on facebook, pat says southern poverty law center is considered an authority on hate. is anyone checked on this group? it sells hits on conservatives for money, all about money by spreading hate and false information.
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fox news has reached out to amazon for comment. >> up next, telling time. i have a problem because there is no clock. >> i can relate to this myself. classrooms, teachers in the uk are removing analog clocks going digital because kids can't tell time anymore. no one is wearing a watch. the association of schools said the current generation aren't as good at reading traditional clock faces as older generations. nearly everything we have is digital so youngsters are exposed to time given digitally everywhere. that means we are still young. mary says why can't schools teach them to tell time, or do we need to teach the schools? jimmy tweets how much further into the scholastic abyss must
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we plunge? leveling the academic field has produced little of which to be proud of and another twitter user says the end of analog time and western civilization, the end of the world is coming. that might be a sign of it. no one -- >> finally, a feel-good story. >> this video of iowa police says it all. the pd wrote this on facebook saying this morning at 1:00 am, an officer spotted basketball activity and progress on the simpson college campus, they stopped to investigate and ended up playing to onto for a while. rumor has it the boys in blue won. what is going on at 1:00 in the morning? kids playing basketball, they had some fun.
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it does happen. heather: it is 25 minutes after the top of the are. i was not reading an analog clock to tell you that. he ran firing back at donald trump saying renegotiations are off the table. >> the us has consistently violated the agreement, we need to outsource our security, nor will we renegotiate. heather: that threat coming one week before the nuclear deal deadline, iran is in panic mode after the potential pool out. he is live next. the brand-new add the nra that will leave you speechless. >> and ar 15, but so did i. it is not the gun. it is the heart.
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heather: number ahead of the high-stakes meeting with kim jong un.
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the national security advisor is in washington to meet with john bolton. the us asked him to talk about issues that may come up during the pres.'s summit. south korea working with the administration in an effort to denuclearize north korea. the pentagon confirming china fired high-powered lasers near a us military base, two american pilots injured when the chinese letter directed those lasers toward us cockpits was the defense department calls this a serious incident. >> a true threat to our airmen. >> we raised concerns with the chinese about that. there will be near and long-term consequences. heather: the pentagon calling on the chinese do incident division investigate these incidents. he ran firing back at donald
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trump's thread to pull out of the obama era nuclear agreement. the top diplomat in tehran sending a message to the white house, one week before the deadline to recertify the deal. >> the us has consistently violated the agreement, especially by bullying others from doing business with iran. we need to outsource our security, nor will we renegotiate or add on to a deed we have already implemented. heather: what happens now? joining me is ryan morrow. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. not entirely unexpected. iran not happy about this. the us pulling out and saying they are not going to play games. >> what else is new? the iranian regime is whining again. what their strategy was, they hope to make hundreds of billions of dollars from oil deals and other deals with international companies around the world and that is not going
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to happen because even though the deal did happen you have donald trump in there now, mike pompeo and bolton who have their eye on stopping the iranian nuclear program altogether the state sponsorship of terrorism and even killing the islamic revolution altogether so it is not the fault of the united states that businesses don't want to enter contract with the leading state sponsor of terrorism. bill: have the un, our european allies all saying, telling donald trump and his administration to stay in the deal. >> they are but also saying they want to have additional demands, supplemental agreement to the current deal. i don't think there's as much distance between the united states and europe as it appears and behind the bluster, you see
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fear on the part of the iranian regime especially with north korea, they know a lot of those nuclear secrets and if north korea is running scared the iranian regime should be as well. diane: north korea watching what is happening with the irani and deal and how that is handled, they were listening to benjamin netanyahu when he talked about spies that went in, bringing out information that confirmed they were not following through on the deal. what do you think they are thinking about this? >> i think they are trying to figure out the next move. if they don't try to renegotiate the deal, as angry as they are, they could get sanctions and are vulnerable to international sanctions even if people try to blame trump for whatever diplomatic conflict arises or make a mad dash towards nuclear weapons which would be a bad result for them because they have to realize the israelis and americans and others penetrated
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the most coveted secrets of the irani and regime and say i probably got a spy behind me watching me right now. john: the to listen to them they are not backing down. this is what a top uranian diplomat had to say. to put it in real estate terms, when you buy house and move your family in it or demolish it to build a skyscraper you cannot come back 20 years later and renegotiate the price. they are saying we are not following through on the terms when israel has proof they are not following through on the terms which was suspected all along. >> typical propaganda from the irani regime to engage in witty banter because these 1-liners happen nowadays. they are bad at it and that is what worked for them in the past. it will not work anymore.
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they are trying to figure out what to do now that we have been exposed as weak clowns was all do respect -- they are a threat, but let's not overestimate it and appreciate our position of strength. heather: as north korea seems to be doing with the release of these three hostages going on right now. thank you very much, eyes on a lot of things developing, thank you. teachers in arizona heading back to the classroom after a walkout shut down schools across the state for six days. arizona's governor signing a budget bill that includes $273 million for teachers, a 20% pay raise by 2020. the arizona walkout the latest in a nationwide went over low teacher pay. get ready for pie-in-the-sky from may 9th until the 11th,
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jetblue will deliver cheese and pepperoni pizza from new york city to los angeles. you can order pies from thousands of miles away for $20 but you have to get your orders in quick. jetblue is delivering 350 pizzas a day. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. emergence warning from twitter, 300 million users, why they say you should change your password immediately. [chanting] heather: scenes like this on college campuses across the country. how biased is higher education? new numbers will shock you. we are off to the races for the kentucky derby. that time of year, there she is looking beautiful with her hat
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beside the track. james dean live from churchill downs up next, looking fabulous. ♪
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>> back with a fox business alert, every user to change their password as soon as possible. the glitch affecting 330 million users. >> reporter: twitter saying, the abundance of caution. the glitch caused all the passwords to be stored on internal servers. they are visible. twitter saying they fixed it. there is no evidence passwords have been misused, but they will take care of that every day. this is the message most twitter users did the on their feed, and not only for twitter, and you
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should change it there. >> i was reading about it yesterday. this family, they are looking for answers. >> that little french bulldog, the flight attendant put the dog in the overhead bin, the family is considering a lawsuit, they don't believe united that enough to make things right even though the airline said we take responsibility for this tragic accident. understandably so. they want to know the name of the flight attendant placing him in the overhead bin. heather: thank you so much.
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heather: is off to the races at the kentucky derby. janice dean is life for all of the festivities. i'm there in spirit, my kentucky derby hat. >> you know what to expect at the kentucky derby, the 144th kentucky derby. we have 100,000 people here. today is the phillies run, the horses that are running and people are encouraged to wear pink for breast cancer awareness. the horse that is favored to win, the name is justified. everyone is talking about this horse. bob baffert is the trainer, and he trained american pharaoh three years ago. american pharaoh won the triple crown, first time in many years. here are the 5 pics to win.
1:43 am
justified, mendelson, audible, that is my favorite and we are going to be talking to the co-owner of justified in the 8:00 hour but that is the horse everyone thinks is going to win. the favored, more often than not, wins the race. that was last year. it is happening. the great part of this is it hasn't started to rain. there is rain in the forecast. that friend is on louisville. we are expecting potential for rain, we have a cool breeze blowing through my hair, a great day at the derby and i am going to try to forecast a perfect forecast. heather: if anybody can control that, you can, right? >> i will do my best, i wish you were here. heather: did you have a chance
1:44 am
to tour the stables in the back? you have done that before. >> reporter: we will be doing that. last night we went to taste of the derby. you know the show top chef, they had the top chef of top chefs looking for us, we have pictures during "fox and friends". you know it is happening. heather: thank you so much, have fun. she always has fun. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. get out your hat, donald trump taking center stage at the nra today. >> there is no bigger fan of the second amendment than me and the bigger fan of the nra. heather: his speech will play a major role in the midterms. ♪ mom you called?
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heather: south carolina following iowa's lead in outline all abortions. the senate passing a measure that would ban all terminations except in cases of rape, incest and medical emergency. republicans want to overturn roe versus wade, the supreme court decision that legalized abortion was the bill heads back to the statehouse. the new nra ad leaving viewers speechless and thankful for the second amendment, shares the story of stephen wilber, a hero who shot the gunman following the deadly church shooting in sutherland springs, texas. >> he came out of the church shooting at me. he hit the truck in front of me,
1:49 am
hit the car behind me and the house behind me and i hit him. he had an ar 15 but so did i. it is not the gun. it is the heart. he came out of the church. heather: it was released after he wrote an opinion piece reading, quote, i am also prove the nra's familiar mantra is true, the best way to stop a bad guy with the gun is a good guy with a gun. donald trump is expected at the nra convention in dallas. the event in its 147th year coming is the gun industry faces backlash. what can we expect today? joining me to preview the pres.'s speech am a lifetime member of the nra, antonia oka for. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. heather: what do you expect to hear from the president?
1:50 am
>> i expect reciprocity, reciprocity, reciprocity, it is something nra members have wanted for a long time, something american public once as well. i think trump is going to be key to galvanizing both our base to get the house and the senate to pass reciprocity not this go around but next time and the midterms. it is important for him to fire up us, the base, make sure pro-gun candidates in november. heather: we saw the ad from southern springs to stop the gunman, the mass shooting that happened at a church. there was the mass shooting in parkland, florida, at the high school. how will the nra address those mass shootings that have happened? >> they will address it as nra members have always addressed it as gunowners, as people who love america and want our children to
1:51 am
be safe and that is the fact that gun free zones don't work. trump is pushing the right message. after the parkland shooting he talked about mental health and that is where we should be going because at the end of the day, the man with the ar 15 saving lives, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy or girl with a gun and that is important that we push that message and trump has been strong with pushing that. i am sure we are going to hear more of that today. heather: 5 million nra members across the country, 300,000 nra members in texas alone, this is we mentioned with 147th annual nra meeting going on in dallas, 80,000 people expected to attend. >> absolutely. we have 80,000 showed up in
1:52 am
atlanta last year, i am sure it will be way more after the numbers come in. in my hometown, second amendment believers of all shapes and sizes and colors and genders, great to see here. heather: donald trump, some people said there were some discrepancies in his response following the parkland shooting in terms of the second amendment and his support. you think it is important for him to emphasize his support is unwavering this weekend. >> absolutely. reassuring the base, nra members in 2016, we have a big part to play in wide donald trump is donald trump, to reassure us that he is a strong supporter of the second amendment, strong supporter of gun rights and that
1:53 am
is not going anywhere, it is going to be key for this speech today and making sure they go out in november, vote for people, donald trump pushing pro-second amendment agenda. heather: it is shaping up to be a huge issue on the national level and the local and state level as we head into elections. thank you for joining us and have a good time this weekend. it is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. raising the red flag about ice. the college actually telling students to call police if they see an agent. the campus craziness taken to a whole new level and the wild wild west, the proposal that will make your morning. ♪ whoooo.
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heather: live shot of churchill downs, janice dean is very there will be horses running around the track. that is in the distance.
1:58 am
really fast, that is what i can tell you and somebody will win. one college urging students to contact campus police if they spot ice agents. an email obtained by campus reform, the student services in western washington university address rumors of agents on campus, quote, our policy is western does not enforce federal immigration law or undertake efforts to investigate, detain or arrest individuals. how politically biased are universities? a study finds it is far worse than you may have thought. [chanting] >> was been schapiro did, forcing children against their will -- >> the state of michigan pays all these cops to protect the fascists.
1:59 am
heather: democratic faculty members outweigh republicans 10:1 at top liberal arts colleges. the report by the national association scholars finding 40% of colleges had no registered republicans on their faculty at all. high school senior saddles up for a proposal in through texas style. ♪ heather: with the help of a mariotti band, he drove up in a dancing course to ask his girlfriend to prom and made a sign saying will you ride to prom with me and of course she said yes. a special little boy saved his little brother's life, 4-year-old michael, they have a rare immune deficiency. michael says he feels like a superhero. >> it is time to go home.
2:00 am
heather: he is a superhero. ago fund me pages helping that family cover living expenses and medical bills. i hope you have a great weekend. i will see you back here. i am off next week so see you in a week, happy birthday to my dad. "fox and friends first" continues, goodbye. >> the welfare of us citizens abroad is our top issue. we went to see our american citizens brought home. rob: planning a prisoner release, the white house ramping up calls for north korea to allow 3 american citizens being held hostage to return home. the pressure for an act of goodwill being put on the rogue regime. jillian: tourists flee for their lives in hawaii, 10,000 people told to get off the island.


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