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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 4, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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their test because they can't tell time. jillian: get out of handcuffs, flipping over a railing and breaking several bones. he had to go to court after skipping out on rehab. yeah. don't try that at home. have a good day. rob: happy friday. we'll see you later. ♪ ♪ >> nts nbc walking back big story that the wiretapped the phones of crump's personal attorney michael cohen. >> they can't explain how they got it wrong. they just run with it. >> special counsel has required a request for 70-blank subpoenas. >> mueller and his team of democratic thugs are acting in bad faith. >> they have nothing. do you understand mueller has nothing? you can't fabricate collusion that didn't happen. it isn't back to the future with marty mcfly. >> all eyes on the release of three americans held in the north korean labor camp following reports out of south korea of a break through. >> i actually didn't use
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that term. >> you were blind sighted. >> all due respect you don't know much about me. >> you are off to the races tomorrow kentucky derby. >> we will have 100,000 people here. the fourth favored to win. the name is justified. we are putting our money down. ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody knows anything goes on a friday night ♪ steve: it's friday morning and you are watching "fox & friends" on this cinco de mayo show midtown manhattan. ainsley: cinco de mayo tomorrow. we have breaking news to get to. brian: we do. anything goes in the south side of chicago and that is sadly the news right now. an officer fighting for his life at this hour after shot in the head after working
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undercover. steve: rob schmitt has been following the story since it broke an hour ago. what's the latest? >> this happening overnight around 4:15 east coast time. 3:15 in chicago. a manhunt after atf agent is shot in the shed head on the city's south side in chicago the pack of the yards neighborhood. we just learned another officer was also shot. we have two injured atf officers. this went down after some type of undercover mission they were doing between the atf and chicago police. you can take a listen now to the dramatic scanner traffic between the officers and the aftermath of the shooting. >> i'm coming right at you. i need [bleep] right now right now. take me to the hospital. officer hit. we need escort to a hospital now. we need an ambulance as soon as possible. find someone to meet us. he may be hit in the head. rob: neighbors hearing multiple gunshots fired. that atf agent driven to the hospital. the other officer was able to walk into the hospital on his own.
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again, this happening on the city's south side in a neighborhood that a reporter just informed us has seen a lot of gang violence as of late. and the south side of chicago, of course, as brian said, no stranger to gun violence. we're going to stay on top of this story and bring you the latest as we get it. everybody hoping this officer shot in the head will hope fromfully pull through. steve: unbelievable. brian: i would love for the president to talk with a mayor who would allow the national guard to go in there and clean that place up. because this can't go on. ainsley: rudy giuliani was at the tunnels to tower event ty have paid for the homes of families of first responders who were left behind. home depot has given them a lot of money and delta has given them a lot of money. they are unfortunately having to do this because so many police officers are getting shot in our country. brian: 6:20 they are going to come on and talk about
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it. steve: meanwhile, let's talk about this. did you see an nbc news alert the headline online was feds tapped trump lawyer michael cohen's phones. in other words, what that says is a judge approved listening to phone calls. a wiretap. it was such a big story. it was on all the channels where they were talking about it until it was discovered that nbc got the story completely wrong. brian: yeah. in fact, it was such an explosive story no one could make sense of it. the guy who figured out this story was wrong right away was this guy rudy giuliani. he said that can't be true because this can't be happening. that's illegal to look at michael cohen before he has been indicted on anything go out and start wiretapping his phones including they say a phone call at least one phone call from the white house. so this was a ratcheting up an attack on michael cohen you would expect on al capone. ainsley: it was not wiretapping it was called a
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pin register. they logged his phone calls. they came out with this correction nbc did. earlier today nbc news -- keep in mind four hours after the original false story was broke. three officials now dispute that saying the monitoring was limited to a log of calls, a pin register, not a wiretap of cohen's line. we will continue to report. steve: that's right. there is a big, big difference. so obviously that was very embarrassing. but then one of the reporters who worked on the story came out and said look we were citing two very reliable sources who have been very accurate in the past. in other words, don't blame nbc. that's what they are saying. ari fleischer had this to say about how it all unfold sod quickly yesterday in the effort to get trump and anybody around him. >> the whole velocity and direction of the press is to blame donald trump for everything. that's been a constant, laura. it's been since he became a
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candidate and accelerated since he became president. they haven't explained how and why they got it wrong. they just run with it and everybody else wants to run with it, too. it reminds me still to this day cnn, msnbc and cbs never explained how they put a source on the air saying donald trump jr. had advanced notice of the weeks. they had to retract that because the person reading the memo got a date wrong and the notice was after the weeks was aired. but they never explained how they possibly could have all had multiple sources getting that story wrong. because the threshold is so low for anti-trump stories. it's hurting journalism. it's one of the reasons america is splitting into two. brian: when is the last time you saw a headline they had to retract donald trump exonerated in the mueller probe announcement about to happen. it's always on the negative. it's always pro-the investigation and against
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the trump administration. ainsley: creating so many jobs. steve: michael, clifford's lawyer. ainsley: stormy daniels lawyer. steve: i'm not speculating. it was a fact. what he believed was investigators got information from the wiretap that mr. cohen was about to destroy evidence. and so that's why they swooped in and did the raids. of course, that was all wrong as well in the russia shah to get out bad trump news and it's not accurate. brian: rudy told the can't wiretap client. not involved in the investigation. i don't think the story going to turn out to be true. it breaks at 1:00. it took until 5:25 for there to be a clarification on chuck todd's show on nbc when michael winter says okay we have these sources but it turns out they are just monitoring. by the way as the judge will tell you when it comes to the nsa they monitor, i wonder if they can blow out
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transcripts at any moment and hoping people aren't doing that. i hope not. ainsley: president has not tweeted about this. last thing he tweeted about was national day of prayer. this is why the whole phrase fake news came about. many people complain about his tweeting but that's his way of getting the story correct in his opinion. he can't rely on the mainstream media. brian: when we started we were talking over the last three and a half weeks about this caravan coming up from central america through mexico through our border started 1400. down to 250 and looked like just a trickle were coming in as they go for refugee status and some trying to scale the fence and tossed out. now the number is scary high in my estimates estimation. steve: yesterday 70 were committed for a total of 158 from that particular caravan. there are still 62 waiting. here's the thing, in addition to the 70 from central america, there were 45 mexicans allowed in to claim asylum. that's because this is the
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way our laws are written. when people look i don't like catch and release and how easy it is to get asylum. if you don't like it, change the law. that's where congress has got to do something. they dragged their feet and haven't done anything for a long time. ainsley: how are they able to use asylum. mexico said they could stay there. they were safe. they were originally coming from honduras and guatemala, el salvador. get to mexico they said we could stay. when they get to our border how can they say they are not safe when they could say yes you are you got to stay in mexico. brian: lining up to the office and filling out the forms. think about how stupid you look. go over there, just walk up there, knock on the door and say everything they are supposed to say in order to get refugee status. it gets worse. illegal immigration has
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surged 230% in april compared to april of last year. so, illegals are coming. in the catch and release still in many cases is in play. and then have you other people just come in and knock on the door and claim refugee status. we have no control who comes in and out. steve: there are people in this world who do need to leave wherever think are living, whether it's violence or for whatever reason. but it has become so easy these days to do it. and that's why the president is frustrated. he has told us on this program and that's why he would like to see congress do something. ainsley: all right. let's hand it over to jillian who has more headlines for us? >> good friday morning to you. we have a lot of news we are following. right to this fox news alert. a mask volcano erupts forcing thousands from their home. national guard working to get people to safety near the kilauea volcano. gray and dark ash billows into the could i. erupting after hundreds of earthquake shook the island
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this week. one of the most active volcanos in the world. the nine crew members killed when military plane crashed in georgia have now been identified. the puerto rico international guardsmen have nearly 170 years of service between them. eight of them were fathers. >> our thoughts and prayers over the family members of the airmen who lost their lives yesterday. we yeef for them and with them as we try to make sense of what has occurred. jillian: unclear why the plane plunged to the ground it was on its way to be decommissioned. massive fireball explodes in the sky as a plant in louisiana goes up in flames. >> look. oh my gosh. i didn't feel it. >> i felt the heat. >> the fire starting after we have lien and flammable chemicals. it's found in things like airplane fuel, gasoline and paint. no one was hurt but several
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neighbors have been evacuated. in just a few hours, president trump will take center stage at the nra convention in dallas as he speaks to those gun supporters. his administration is solidifying plans for high stakes meeting with north korean dictator kim jong un. john bolton is meeting with south korean counterpart in washington. south korea has been working closely with the u.s. to stop the north korean nuclear program. send it back to you. steve: all right. thank you very much. the big question is when will they spring those three americans? it looked like yesterday. they had moved them from a work camp to a fancy hotel. might be today. never know. all right, meanwhile, if robert mueller pulled the trigger on a subpoena, should the president just ignore it if he is subpoenaed? our next guest is a former u.s. attorney and he says yes, ignore it. ainsley: high ratings conservative comedy last man standing was canned by abc. but now the network might be having a change of heart.
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brian: let's get this started. special counsel robert mueller's threat to subpoena president trump in the investigation according to giuliani sets up potentially
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historic clash. can the special counsel subpoena president trump or any president? here to weigh in is former assistant attorney for the southern district of new york andy mccarthy. andrew, let me ask this question, does vet power to subpoena the president and execute it? >> he certainly has the power. whether the president actually has to testify is another matter. the president, if it gets to that point, the president has executive privilege and i assume he would assert it and it would become a question of could mueller show what needs to be shown before he could coerce the president into testifying. brian: who does he show it to? >> well, in the first instance, i don't think this is something that ought to be going on between a prosecutor and counsel to the president. normally, this is where justice department leadership jumps in to sort of police these things. for example, there are certain things that the law says that you can get from a journalist in the way of information or from a defense lawyer.
3:18 am
but, as a prosecutor, you can't just willy-nilly issue a subpoena to a journalist or a defense lawyer. you have to satisfy the justice department that there is a serious crime and that there is evidence that you can only get from those sources. and ivan then, it's a reach whether they will actually give you authority to do it or not. here, i think you are dealing with the president whose job, in terms of governance of the country, in terms of national security is obviously much more consequential. brian: yeah. >> they should not, at the justice department beings, allow mueller to even request an interview unless they can show there is a serious crime, that president trump is somehow complicit in it, and that president trump has information is that true special counsel can't get from any other source. if they can't show those things, the justice department should not allow mueller even to request an interview. brian: so rod rosenstein. is he in charge of it. you are saying if is he
3:19 am
executing his authority, that's where this stops. but we understand from the one-on-one session that they want the president not only to not answer in writing. they want to answer face to face and they want him under oath. >> well, that's what you would want if you were the prosecutor. that's only natural. if had you a witness in the case. who is a subject of the investigation or a witness in the investigation. i think they told him he is not a target. you would want that you would want an arrangement where you would be under oath. but, because he's the president, they shouldn't be allowed to get it unless they can shake that high showing. brian: real quick, did rudy giuliani help or hurt yesterday. >> i think it really hurts to make a big issue out of what, at most is, a campaign finance violation. the obama campaign in 2008 committed a campaign finance violation that was about 20 times bigger than the amount of money we are talking about here. and they got to settle that with a fine to the fec. i would just try to keep
3:20 am
that quiet and try to settle it and not fight it i think you fight mueller but you don't fight this. brian: right. we will see where it goes. because mueller is not backing down. the president has a very aggressive legal team and andrew mccarthy says they have a lot to stand on when it comes to repelling the subpoena request, if it comes to that andrew mccarthy, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: all right. straight ahead. tunnel to towers holds annual gala and ainsley earhardt, who i have met before, was the event's host. heroes making the ultimate sacrifice killed in the line of duty. next frank stiller and wife of a soldier whose life has been changed by tunnels to towers. before nexium 24hr mark could only imagine... a peaceful night sleep without frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day,
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all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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steve: we have quick friday morning headlines for you. south carolina following yaw's lead outlawing virtually all abortions. ban termination except in cases of rape, incest and medical emergency. the bill now heads back to the state house. the house chaplain who claims he was forced to step down by house speaker paul ryan got his job back. ryan issued an apology to reverend pat conroy saying, quote: i know this body is not well-served by a protracted fight over such an important position. conroy says several lawmakers wanted him out because is he catholic. is he expected to meet ryan in the next couple of days. and that is some of the news but not all. ainsley: last night the steven stiller tunnels to towers held next step to the future gala. brian: this was hosted by
3:25 am
ainsley earhardt and killed in the line of duty. there is ainsley. steve: more on last night's activities, frank siler, ceo and chairman of the steven siler tunnels to tower and rebecca briggs wife of sergeant briggs killed in the line of duty this past march. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: rebecca, last night was the first time you have been to one of these events the mission is so awesome what they try to do to help families like yours. >> it was amazing and amazing to watch everything they had going on. all the performances and then videos, you know, brought back a lot of memories and is very emotional. but it's an amazing, you know, cause and amazing foundation. ainsley: rebecca, tell us about deshaun? what happened to him in march. >> he was in the helicopter crash in iraq and he was with all his airmen and seven of them, you know, all
3:26 am
passed. brian: how many kids do you have? >> two. brian: their ages? >> 3 and 2. brian: you must be thinking where do i go from here? >> yes. brian: frank, that's where you come. >> in my brother on 9/11 his wife had five kids. we know the impact it has on a family. personally lived it. when we see something like that great heros protecting this great country. step up to the plate and take care of them. and we want to take care of the young families left behind. brian: how do you do that? >> we do it by raising money and pay off their mortgages. and it's one burden that they never have to worry about. and listen, a lot of these families want to stay in the homes that they have. steve: sure. >> this is where they have their memories. this is where their children are they have stability there. and this take as big burden off of their soldiers. obviously, it's just one aspect of their moving forward in life but it's posh. ainsley: you got that unfortunate knock on the door that the wife or the
3:27 am
spouse of any soldier doesn't want to get. but that very door is paid for now because of this great organization in your home. >> yes. ainsley: what did that mean to you? >> it meant the world. to try and make sure that my kids keep, you know, they are comfortable and we don't have to work multiple jobs and raising them. it's just an amazing thing that we get to stay in our home where we had our memories. steve: when you found out your husband had died, thinking about the mortgage was the last thing. >> last thing. last thing. steve: at the same time, you are like okay, now what's going to happen on the next payday? >> yeah. and, you know, frank came out and they told me what he wanted to do, and i just -- i'm forever grateful. and it's just amazing what they do and, you know, everything else that they do with building the smart homes. it's just, you know, amazing. steve: it's overwhelming. >> it's very overwhelming and i'm very thankful. i know my kids will be very
3:28 am
thankful when they can understand stuff like that. ainsley: there wasn't a dry eye in the room last night. mental and women were crying because you played this amazing video. it's an important video because we all need to be reminded of why we live in this great country. how amazing our servicemen and women are. our first responders. and they played. there was live music. performers saying last call. he wrote the song he actually is a veteran. a navy veteran. he is up on stage singing this and then in the background on all the screens you can hear the last calls of -- explain what happened. tell us about this video. >> well, we wanted to honor our first responders. we, you know, we do for all those in the military, but we also, you know, how many times have i been on this show raising money for a cop shot. brian: right away. >> right away. harrisburg, pennsylvania, ohio, and all over the united states. and, you know, people don't realize the sacrifice that's being made out there so we put it on the screen. we capture it.
3:29 am
crying. you heard a lot of stuff going on. but you know what? this is what is going on in america. we have to remind them that we have to take care of the families left behind. brian: last night raised over $4 million. how was ainsley? is she as good as reported? >> she was unbelievable. and she is so -- the way you could feel the carrying and love. ainsley: so grateful for your sacrifice and as a mother to a mother. i can't imagine what you are going through. but i do just -- i'm so proud of this organization. your brother lost his life. but look at the good that has come out of that. the whole room was packed. home depot has been so involved. delta so involved. who were some other? i want to support these companies? >> mohawk always helps. ainsley: they do all the flooring for all the houses. >> carpet one install the flooring. master brands install the kitchen cabinets. these are the smart homes we give to our country's
3:30 am
seriously injured. home depot knocked it out of the park. co-founders there last night. 40 years in business they could have been anywhere but they did it for the tunnels for towers. steve: for the folks watching who would like to help folks like rebecca, how do they donate online. >> tunnels to my brother on 9/11 ran through the brooklyn battery tunnel to get to the towers and gave up his life. tunnels to steve: frank and rebecca, thank you very much. >> thank you. brian: george washington university college students petitioning to change their offensive name. do you know what it's called? the colonials. that's their name. they call it offensive. really? named after george washington in 1926. they want to be called the hippos. good luck with that. steve: i like hippos. high ratings conservative comedy last man standing by tim allen was banned by abc. this morning he says there is hope for a come back. >> objectionable words or phrases. for instance, midget
3:31 am
warriors. >> i know what microaggressions are. latest liberal attack on free speech. a lot of fun a kitchen table or a picnic table. under a roof or a starry night. every table tells a story, we're happy to have a seat at yours. sargento. we're real cheese people.
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in -- colombia law professor daniel richman worked at the fbi forever over a year. he gave multiple interviews defending the handling the
3:38 am
clinton email case. comey defended using him to leak the materials. >> you had hired him as a special government employee. why? >> because it wasn't relevant. he was fbi special government employee until february of 2000 -- >> did have you other special -- jillian: richman was identified as a law professor and sometimes as a policy advisor to comey. is tim allen's sitcom the last man standing coming back for a seventh season? according to twitter it could happen. the actor tweeting quote they heard all your voices, people. lms might just being a reality. keep it up. who wants more #last man standing? abc cancelled despite its high ratings. many speculating it was due to politics but i knelt work denies that. how was my narration, brian? brian: well above average. ainsley: you earned a hat.
3:39 am
steve: people have hats on. get ready ladies and gentlemen to place your bets. the 144th annual kentucky derby is tomorrow. ainsley: janice dean is live in louisville, kentucky where the run for the roses takes place. she joins us now, beautiful. brian: she is not excited at all. janice: oh my gosh, this is like my favorite sporting event of all time, 144th kentucky derby churchill down, louisville, kentucky. the weather has so far cooperated. we are hoping for mostly sunny skies tomorrow. the big day. this is the race for the phillies for the lily. it's the female horses today and everyone is encouraged to wear pink for breast cancer awareness. we are going to be doing that the big thing is the bet. who do we bet on? justify is the horse that everyone thinks might win and here to tell us is my good buddy peter from the breeder's cup. it's coming this year. >> it's back for the ninth
3:40 am
time november 2nd and 3rd. churchill downs is one of the greatest hosts we have of all time. yeah. be back on the 2nd and 3rd. janice: okay. place my bets. >> we have got to look at justify as your key horse. all right? he is the key of this whole entire thing. if he wins, which i think he will, then have you got to try to hit the trifecta or super fox newsuper fecta. sometimes for small money can you win ha the love money. what you see there those are the favorites in the race. horse that won the breeder's race. back here 3-million-dollar horse what it cost at the sale. he has a big shot. magnum moon, audible won the florida derby and bolt doroo. those are the two you want to use. you are sticking with me. you will place your bets for ainsley steve and brian, too. right you? are going to tell me how are
3:41 am
going to bet on? steve: i'm going with second secretariat. ainsley: gunkowski. janice: we think this horse has the best chance to win the triple cloud. ainsley: as long as he gets out of the gate all right. janice: as long as he gets out of the gate. ♪ steve: our thanks to pats for the beautiful hats. j.d. thanks for the live report from louisville. brian: meanwhile, with the power vested in me, i'm going to tell you what's coming up next. ainsley: please do. brian: the left wants you to think it's innocent women and children croising the board. the next guest says that's not even true. he would know he worked along the border for years. ainsley: kellyanne conway, mark levin and daniel
3:42 am
hoffman. brian: fox news contributor. ainsley: all live today ♪ ♪ we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew.
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ainsley: atf agent fighting for his life after being shot in the head. brian: hunt intensifying for the suspect. >> that's right. the suspect is still at large. this is an active scene. the chicago police just put this information out not too long ago. an officer was taken to the hospital to be checked out. he was taken by the ambulance. as of right now there is no indication he has been shot. he has just been checked out. chicago fire department brought out ladder truck so the atf can access roof stops. this is south hurricane irma damage.
3:46 am
no atf fired any shots. this is a joint mission with the atf and joint task force. we know the suspect shot the atf agent once in the head. the agent is in the hospital in critical condition right now. you said it, clinging on to life. we know the atf agent was put in a police car after being shot but we don't know what led up to this. the manhunt continues right now for the suspect. that is the latest information that we have here in chicago. make sure that you send some prayers up. send your hearts out to chicago right now. we certainly need it. live from the back of the arts neighborhood. fox 32 news. ainsley: great reminder. we are praying for them now, tia. thank you. steve: meanwhile, reported gang members and members busted during immigration arrest on the texas border. what should be done to help end the problem, criminal illegal aliens trying to get in the united states? ronald coldburn is a chief of the border patrol and the president of the border patrol foundation joins us from d.c. i don't know, good morning
3:47 am
to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: you hear these stories about and you look at the caravan and you hear these heart breaking stories. they are women and children trying to escape violence and drugs where they live. that is the case of a number of instances. but there are a lot of people who are trying to sneak through, aren't there? >> yes. the family units and the unaccompanied children stories tend to make a very heart wrenching appeal to the public in general. however, just beaten neath the surface are those that are mixing amongst those that enter. many of them adults trying to pass as juveniles to get the benefits of the unaccompanied children program started with the last administration. these are dangerous criminals. ms-13, 18th street gang el salvador, honduras, mexico. steve: that's right. the president by the way has just tweeted in the last 20 or 30 minutes -- our southern border is under siege, congress must act now
3:48 am
to change our weak and ineffective immigration laws. must build a wall. mexico which has a massive crime problem is doing little to help. you know, so many people have talked about well, you know, the president is trying to deport the criminal illegals, but what -- when he does, and when they are deported, in many cases those are the people who are trying to, you know, come back across the border. >> yes. i have been following this very closely in the open source information and intelligence community. i still follow this and consult with the government as well as with private sector on this threat. there are a number of criminals that are returning after having been deported. they were located in the united states after serving time in federal prisons for violent crimes. deport wanted and now they're coming back. coming back in droves. steve: ronald, one of the reasons they are doing it is because our immigration laws have been a joke in the past between, you know, how easy
3:49 am
it is for some to get asylum and then you cross the border and then they have the catch and release, the border patrol agents are told to do that from d.c. why not try? >> absolutely. ironically, it's the federal government that is funding the criminal organizations that are guaranteeing delivery to the united states. the benefits, including cash moneys that those that are coming under the current release program get cash moneys in other social welfare support and they use that to pay the smugglers that brought them to the border. steve: the last point is, ronald, just the fact that given there are so many gang members who are trying to just, you know, meld in with the women and children trying to come into the country. every time one of our border patrol agents apprehends one of those guys, you just never know. they are putting their lives
3:50 am
on the lines. >> yes, every border patrol agent suits up as they say to go in to the field and work wondering if they are going to come back to their families at the end of their shifts. it's dangerous work. at least one in ten of the entrants historically had criminal records. when you a add those that are fugitives from their own countries and villages especially pedophiles being driven out of their countries but finding sanctuary here in the united states, you are talking one in five violent criminals that will take on a border patrolled, kill or seriously injured. can't be reinforced more than the mention of the atf agent fighting for his life today another federal aghtd. steve: indeed in chicago. >> our hearts certainly are with him and his family as president of a foundation that supports families of fallen federal agents. i truly feel their pain and we wish we can do anything we can. steve: right. you know what, ronald, we are out of time.
3:51 am
i'm sorry we promise to book you back real soon. right? ronald coalburn. >> i would love to come back and talk about wall. steve: indeed. take time out from bank robber to shaking hands with the president. their story next. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
3:52 am
i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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3:54 am
>> in and out of jail for bank robbery. he soon ended up in prison relegated to solitary confinement. that's where god found him. ainsley: that is the story of our next guest, president trump introducing john ponder a reformer. he joins us now. good morning, john. >> good morning.
3:55 am
good morning. ainsley: what was that like yesterday meeting the president. >> oh my goodness, what an amazing experience to have the president of the united states to acknowledge the call of god on my life and also validate the tremendous work gods is doing through our ministry. ainsley: you are member perfect person to talk about god's redemptive qualities how amazing he is, how he forgives us. have you been through it you robbed banks, you wound up in prison, and you found god there what led you to christ? >> you know what? i remember one time i was in a prison cell in solitary confinement. and i had a little transitional radio. in that transitional radio i heard a billy graham sermon. i woke up in the middle of the night and he was sharing the story of the prodigal son. at the end of that message he made the call to surrender your life to the lord and i invited jesus to come into my life. and my life went in
3:56 am
180-degree turn. ainsley: you are founder and ceo of hope for prisoners, what's that about. >> we provide reentry services men, women and adults the judicial system. we provide the supportive services not only help them get acclimated back into the workplace but make sure there are mechanisms in place to make sure they can thrive and agree and afforded opportunities to succeed and address needs to get acclimated back in their family mismark of reentry forever. no one has ever given the particular close attention to the men and women that need to go back home to wives and husbands and particularly to their children. so we make sure that the mechanism is in place to help with that family reunification piece. then on the back end of the process because it's a long-term 18-month journey where we walk with folks wanting to do everything we possibly can to ensure they are being successful. ainsley: john, thank you so much for what you are doing
3:57 am
to love other people. i know when they get out of prison and you see conviction on their resume when they are applying for jobs it doesn't look too favorable. thank you for being there for them and teaching them about christ. john, god bless you. >> god bless you. in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement.
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♪ >> i'm coming right at you. i need [bleep] right at you. take me to the hospital. brian: atf agent in chicago fighting for his life at this hour after he was shot in the head while working undercover. steve: nbc news alert fed tapped michael cohen's phone. they got it wrong. >> they haven't explained how and why they got it wrong. they just ran with it. the threshold is so low for anti-trump stories. brian: subpoena president trump and russia investigation sets up potentially historic clash. >> i don't think this is something that ought to be going on between a prosecutor and counsel for the president. >> all eyes on the possible
4:01 am
release three americans held at north korean labor camp following reports out of south korea of a break through. >> it is off to the races tomorrow at the kentucky derby. >> we will have 100,000 people here. the favored to win. the name is justified. so we are putting our money down. ♪ anything can happen ♪ anything can happen ♪ anything can happen ♪ ainsley: steven and brian, that is true of this show. anything can happen. steve: youner know what can happen. you missed a little, you missed a lot. welcome to the show for this friday. brian: i was thinking yesterday around 1:00. i can't believe it. it's happening again. another major story has broken. wait a second, for weeks they have been listening to michael cohen's phone calls. they have been wiretapping michael cohen. steve: are you saying the ntsb story that apparently the feds were listening in on the president's private
4:02 am
attorney's phone calls, that is a story that should melt a switch board. ainsley: we heard that story, we could not believe it really, they are listening to his phone calls? have we come to that point as a country? it turns out they had to make some corrections. that story was fake news. brian: do you know who picked it up? rudy giuliani. four and a half hours we thought was fact because they said they had two reliable sources. he said we think it's going to turn out to be untrue. it's totally illegal. you can't wiretap a lawyer and can't wiretap his client especially when he is president of the united states. guess what happens around 5:30 on msnbc. chuck todd has word he has to change his format. here is tom winter the guy who broke the story, correcting the story. >> we have a correction via nbc earlier today nbc news reported there was a wiretap on the phones of michael cohen. we have a correction to that now. it's not a wiretap where they are listening in to the phone calls, explain what we
4:03 am
reported and what we now know. >> we reported that there was a wiretap on michael cohen's phone, meaning that they were able to listen in to conversations from phone lines associated with michael cohen. now three senior u.s. officials are telling us that this is a -- it was not a wiretap. instead it is what is referred to as a pin register. in plain english it means a log of phone calls that were made. steve: so the big question is who were those two sources that nbc had? did they really believe they had the inspection or were they flat out wrong or trying to stir the pot? whatever. nonetheless, nbc, you know, pretty yes, ma'am bare wassed they don't have a little egg on their face they have a whole omelet. ainsley: those sources probably just heard they are logging his phone calls. they probably thought that means wiretapping and didn't really know the definition. brian: i want to look back all the times they got the story wrong and helped the president if you don't mind. they never have gotten a story wrong to help the president.
4:04 am
it's always negative and they have to walk it back but no one -- the damage has already been done. so i just find the whole thing astounding that it changed. by the time i hopped on the train it was one story. got off the train a totally different story and we just moved on. steve: well, because there seems to be such an appetite for new stuff about how the salacious angles to the trump presidency, as soon as somebody had something, they run with it sometimes it turns out not true. we have seen that a number of times and yesterday was the day for ntsb. brian: yesterday we were also talking to rudy giuliani, who is now heading up the president's legal team as you know and has not done much up until two days ago. and the whole scenario plays out like this. the president, they want to sit down and talk to the president, the mueller group. and rudy giuliani goes yeah, maybe for two hours there is a 50-50 chance i will do it. not do fund oath and just do some questions. they are going back and for the. they say if you decide not to sit down i'm going to subpoena you, this is robert mueller coming.
4:05 am
andrew mccarthy is a former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. he says this probe does not have the ability to subpoena the president. >> you are dealing with the president whose job, in terms of governance of the country, in terms of national security, is obviously much more consequential. and they should not, at the justice department, allow mueller to even request an interview unless they can show that there is a serious crime, that president trump is somehow complicit in it, and that president trump has information that the special counsel can't get from any other source. if they can't show those things, the justifiable department should not allow mueller even to request an interview. brian: 1-800-rod rosenstein, step up and do something. that's what andy mccarthy is saying. steve: the president has special protections under article 2 of the u.s. constitution. it's called the presidential privilege against
4:06 am
prosecution is what it is known as. the sitting president of the united states cannot be indicted. he has to be impeached first. and then he can be indicted. so you can't do what is being suggested. i mean, there are legal minds arguing both sides, but it does appear the president, if a subpoena were served, it would wind up in court and ultimately, somebody would say, you know what? you can't do that with a sitting president. ainsley: let's talk about something. brian: go ahead. one of the few things thomas jefferson and john adams agreed on when it comes to the presidency and protecting it. it looks like rod rosenstein might be sitting on his hands again. shoppinger. ainsley: we know what kanye has said about the president. he loves president trump. they have been friends for a while. now there is talk that he is going to be going to the white house to talk about healing the racial divisions in america. and there is the famous pastor out of cleveland, pastor darrell scott who has been one of the president's most prominent black allies. he confirmed. this was watching tmz and he
4:07 am
was on tmz in the airport and he said yes, kanye west has been invited to the white house to talk about this issue. and we have also invited kaepernick. steve: the president wants to host a summit on race to try to heal racial divisions in this country. the president would invite artists and athletes as well. this all came down, the comments that we heard were yesterday during the national day of prayer when darrell scott said the president is 100 percent behind this idea. brian: you know, kanye west probably could have put it more artfully. trying to say over the last few days even if you don't aagree with the president, at least don't let people tell law to think and put you into boxes to say if you are white you vote this way. if you are hispanic you supposed to vote this way. you are spoifsed to think this way. open up your mind. let people earn your vote. understand what's holding you back. i think an open forum is the best way to go because it
4:08 am
isn't about kanye west. it's about what he is trying to get across is let people earn your vote and, you know what? take responsibility for your life. i think this is an awesome idea. i would hope it would be televised and i hope not everybody in there agrees with kanye west with or darrell scott. all sides can air it out in intellectual way and move the ball forward. right now all we do is sit in our corners and wait for the next election day to reverse to your way of thinking is not working. ainsley: ben shapiro hosts the ben shapiro show and he had this to say to kanye on the importance of speaking out. listen. >> what kanye did by saying think for yourself, if that's such a threat to the left it demonstrates how the left has to use identity politics to shut down any real debate. i don't think kanye west ought to be head of the heart damage foundation.
4:09 am
what he did say here which is simple. i'm not just a black guy and i'm not just a hollywood celebrity i'm an individual with thoughts and feelings and get to formulate my own logic and figure out what i believe. if everyone else thought like this perhaps we should be able to have these conversations we haven't been able to have so far. >> good for kanye west for beginning the conversation. steve: apparently the president's idea is he wants these artists and athletes and to vent to him. brian: before the president ran has professionals looking a what kind of candidate would he be? the greatest asset is the ratings he got and various things he has done with minority communities. and apprentice rated off the charts in hispanic and for instance and he thought wow, can you imagine a republican running who has a shot at those communities? and now because if maybe some things with charlottesville and beyond some things he has done and just by being a republican he has been shot off from that fundamentally people like what made donald trump
4:10 am
donald trump on all walks of life and maybe he can tap back into that. steve: i think this is an effort to try to you changes that particular narrative. meanwhile after the riots we saw at berkeley. berkeley commissioned a study to figure out what went wrong. you know, keep in mind, conservative speakers invited on and then there was violence that broke out. berkeley has come up with figuring out what the problem was. the problem was so, so simple. they blamed the violence on the conservative speakers because they were trying to incite the far left to violence and make the university look bad. brian: listen to this quote. some of the events can be seen to be part of a coordinated campaign to organize appearances on american campuses like there to advance universal narrative not tolerant of university speech. commitment to anything other than the pursuit of wealth and fame through the incity gafings anger, fear and vengefulness in hard right
4:11 am
constituency. now, there are some out there, maybe, i don't know, because you have a certain belief that means you have violence? ann coulter insta gates violence? ainsley: ben shapiro says look at me i do incite violence? we expect this at berkeley it makes you laugh. steve: correct answer from berkeley and its commission would have been simple. there is no excuse for left-wing violence, period. free speech. something that: ainsley: can youing conservative? why did you pay to go to this school? brian: conservative like john u type ofs at berkeley and he worked in the bush administration and came up enhand interrogation. steve: jillian joins us with more from chicago. jillian: the search for a gunman intensifies as an atf agent is shot in the head. went down on the south side
4:12 am
of chicago after undercover investigation between the atf and chicago police. >> i'm coming right at you. i need [bleep] to the hospital right now. i'm coming at you. take me to the hospital. officer hit. we need escort to a hospital now. we need an ambulance as soon as possible. find someone to meet us. he may be hit in the head. jillian: neighbors hearing multiple shots fired. that atf agent rushed to the hospital is now listed in critical condition. a police officer was also taken to the hospital just to be checked out but at this point there is no indication that he was shot. to another fox news alert. a massive volcano erupts spewing lava into the air forcing thousands from their home. the national guard working to get people safety near the kil kilauea volcano. erupting after hundreds of earthquakes shook the island this week. one of the most active volcanos in the world. a look at your headlines and we will certain you keep you updated on those stories. steve: all right, jillian,
4:13 am
thank you very much. brian: what makes mike pompeo the perfect man for this job? i put a question mark at the end of that our next guest is a former cia station chief and he will explain. ainsley: press briefing showdown. watch this. >> i actually didn't use that term. >> i said it but you were blindsided from what you said. >> with all due respect you actually don't know much about me in terms of what i feel and what i don't. ainsley: reporter april ryan is in the news again. her outrageous response to that exchange with kellyanne conway live. ♪ of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee.
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4:17 am
brian: brand new secretary of state mike pompeo settling for nothing else than north korea dismantling entire nuclear arsenal. steve: as negotiations ramp up president trump's summit with kim jong un what makes president trump front man on north korea? brian: services officer and vice president of spg daniel hoffman joining us for the first time as a full time
4:18 am
fox news contributor. making him eligible for our christmas party as of today. daniel, congratulations. thanks. we think aboard. >> thank you. brian: why do you think the profile of mike pompeo is perfect for this mission? >> you know, before i retired from cia last year i had the privilege of meeting mike pompeo. i can tell you it was a fantastic decision by the president to send mike on that exceptionally important and challenging mission to north korea back over easter weekend when he held that meeting -- presume mitt meeting with kim jong un. mike pompeo understands intelligence by virtue of his time in the congress and service as director of the cia. intelligence is a key component to navigating what are going to be extremely challenging diplomatic negotiations. we have years of failed policy on north korea. now we are looking at trying to solve this. but, intelligence is going to be critical to doing it right. mike pompeo has got that background that's so important. steve: daniel, we don't know what went on behind the
4:19 am
scenes. but north korea has done a lot since mike pompeo left north korea. >> they absolutely have. and they reportedly have moved the three americans who were in labor camps to a hotel in anticipation of releasing them before the summit between president trump and kim jong un. i would also highlight, mike pompeo is really the president's conciliary and he is the one who met kim jong un. he is the one that is going to be able to write a leadership profile so the president can step out smartly and understand what makes kim jong un tick. brian: state department never had so much power in this white house has it has now. gina has kill on tuesday will begin confirmation process. some say it will be uphill battle if any in enhanced interrogation. what would mean to the agency to have someone who has spent so many years in the agency lead? >> let me highlight a couple things. i served with gina a couple of years. and think highly of her.
4:20 am
if there is one thing that intelligence officers from across the political spectrum agree from john brennan to mike hayden it's that gina has kill should be the next director. i just believe she is a tremendous professional. she served in the agency for over 30 years. she understands the art of intelligence. she has done the hard work on the hardest of targets. russia has demonstrated outstanding leadership and led the fight on counter terrorism. she is ready to, i think, address the past issues of enhanced interrogation techniques. absolutely has no intention of restarting the program but has learned the lessons. steve: all right. let's see what happens. daniel hoffman brand new fox news contributor. thank you and welcome to the family. >> thank you very much. brian: straight ahead. steve: 7:20 in new york city. is the online giant amazon targeting religious freedom groups. the evidence and the woman who is fighting back coming up next. brian: he almost got away from police until there someone tripped him up,
4:21 am
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4:25 am
receiving unemployment aid is the lowest since 1973. great. the official jobs report is due out later this morning. we will cover it i have one more story to read and it revolves around the airlines. 2800 miles. that's how far jetblue will fly just to deliver you an authentic new york pizza from may 9th to the 11th. you can order fresh pies from new york city. there it is. to los angeles for less than 20 bucks. for ainsley, it's about one block away. because every block there is a pizza place on new york city. right, ainsley? ainsley: is it so hot? brian: no. that's why you have a microwave. ainsley: thank you, brian. is amazon targeting online religious groups. the removing the online from charities on amazon smile. when they went to donate they told certain categories are not eligible to participate in amazon smile. they say we rely on the southern poverty law center to determine which charities
4:26 am
are in certain ineligible categories. joining us now to respond from alliance defending freedom is kristin wagner. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. so they removed from you amazon file because they say you are a hate group. what's your response? >> well, my response is that when we reflect on yesterday being the national day of prayer and president trump's strong support for free speech and religious freedom and compare that with what ceo jeff bezos and amazon is doing right now, it's a polar opposite. alliance defending freedom is successful supreme court advocacy group and splc is essentially a group that's designed to slander other groups and it's a direct mail marketing scheme designed to pocket millions and millions of dollars offshore. so we are very concerned. and appeal to amazon's sense of fairness and tolerance. ainsley: i know they also removed the family research council from the list. what exactly is the southern poverty law center? >> well, it's a group that
4:27 am
has been discredited by not just the right but those on the left. they do direct mail marketing and they essentially slander groups that they disagree with. they publicly stated that they are not a neutral watchdog group go after those on the right and destroy groups that disagree with their leftist ideology. ainsley: for hec folks at home that aren't familiar with amazon smile would you explain what it is. >> incentive program that amazon provides to its customers to allow customers to designate charities to donate some of the charities of the sales to. it benefits a number of charitable organizations. by excluding groups like alliance defending freedom. amazon needs to realize it's marginalizing not just those of the christian faith but those of the judicial, islamic and catholic faith who share similar believes. we stand for the fundamental freedoms of all americans, even those we disagree with and those from all walks of life. ainsley: are there some online companies that are supporting your group where
4:28 am
our viewers could shop once they hear this story? >> well, for viewers that want to support us, we would recommend they go to adf we have done more than any other legal organization to protect and litigate the rights of students on campus, which you discussed earlier, as well as to protect the rights of all americans to be able to speak and live consistent with who they are. that's tolerance. ainsley: kristen, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. ainsley: we did reach out to amazon and we haven't gotten a response yet. did hillary clinton tell dmz to keep bernie sanders out of power? the shocking claims coming up. when will we know more about that summit between president trump and that leader kim jong un. we will ask kellyanne conway when she joins us next. ♪ ♪ i said yeah, yeah ♪ [burke] vengeful vermin.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
♪ going to rock this town ♪ rock it inside out brian: i wouldn't really link with the white house although is he from massapequa originally former stray cater. steve: music for this friday. kellyanne conway i is linked to the white house. she is standing in front of us now. brian: kellyanne, i understand have you expanded role with the administration. that's the story on axios today. is that true? >> what does it say? [laughter] brian: are you worried? >> i'm here to talk about north korea, china. brian: if you are going to be busier than ever before. ainsley: brian says you need a pay raise. >> that's okay. i don't need a pay raise. i'm happy to be here. i'm here to serve the president's agenda as counselor to the president. takes on many different
4:33 am
aspects. i'm sorry i'm not familiar with that report. what i want to tell you what really -- okay, go ahead. what really struck me on axios. lost in the shuffle the fact that nbc news had a corrected bombshell of a report ended up being a bomb that there were wiretaps not so much. 110 religion pin register no one taking number listening to o just taking numbers. they confirmed the wiretap story deleted it and replaced it with a tweet. brian ross is no longer there. someone else is doing that this is just a rush to judgment. the presumptive negativity all of the time. and the lack of coverage of the agenda. look at the media polls and what measures are telling media polsters is important to them versus what the media actually covers. this president getting so much done for the american people. look what's happening in north korea? we are on the verge of a summit if the conditions work out and president is pleased with them.
4:34 am
they are on the verge of verifiable irreversible denuclearization of north korea potentially. big news. steve: it is big news. you know, reporters, every reporter from time to time gets something wrong. i get that ntsb said they had two sources and apparently. >> anonymous sources. steve: right. >> exactly. >> their favorite. steve: and they were wrong. rush to judgment. their hair is on fire if they have new news about donald trump that makes him look bad. >> they also don't realize how easily baited. someone will put something on twitter and then they presume what it is supposed to say and what it doesn't. have you got to work hard on that, folks, respectfully. you are here to report and not react. i do think in some ways the president has made many people a little soft and sometimes a little bit left active than perhaps they should be in trying to get the story.
4:35 am
they're not here to get the president. they are here to get the story. as the president and our press secretary make very clear is he among the most available transparent presidents people say oh he doesn't have a formal press conference. this is someone who speaks out on the south lawn who answers questions each when they are off topic during bilateral appearances with the heads of other countries. the foreign press is often asking a question that actually relates to the relationship between the two countries. our president is usually question that doesn't and the president answers them anyway. the president is on twitter daily. he sent out three tweets in a row yesterday. i think clarifying and expanding on the conversation through the first person here, the president who would know what was happening, but you have to go beyond twitter. you have to go beyond social media when you are covering this president and really try to report the story. the rush to judgment, the presumptive negativity has really been -- it's been a
4:36 am
staple of the way this president has been covered since day one. this isn't about bias. this isn't about incomplete coverage things people care about. look at the national day of prayer in the rose garden yesterday. thank you for having the gentleman on who reformed his life and found christ and was exalted by the president yesterday along with the agent who had arrested him originally. that is a story of redemption and mercy and somebody who overcomes. that is the american spirit. this president loves to highlight stories like that in the rose garden and elsewise. you had sixth faith leaders representing very different faiths yesterday offering prayer. you had much of the cabinet there, the vice president. very little coverage of it i would commend americans to cut out the middle manual when they want. go pull up the clip and treat yourself to 30 minutes of the national day of prayer yesterday. really see the beauty of your country in action. brian: we only have four and a half hours of stories that they said michael cohen had his lines wiretapped. that was walked back 5:30 on
4:37 am
msnbc. >> people do make mistakes. at the trump white house our mistakes live forever, right? i think those, just like -- that's the problem here, isn't it in the media protect each other oh, well they corrected it. they said they were sore. >> excuse me even after saturday night i told people those are seeking mercy and instant absolution ought to demonstrate the capacity to offer some over the last 16 months. brian: it's not axios. it's playbook that tells you, kellyanne, you now have an expanded role temporarily taking a more active role in communications strategy at the white house. would you say that's true? >> what i would say is i'm very happy to help in that regard. and i want to say something about the communications job here. there are and the press job. there are dozens of men and women who work incredibly hard who are not household names. who aren't part of the public of this duration. they are here every day working hard to advance the
4:38 am
president's agenda. the shear volume and velocity of issues that this president puts forward, he is a man of action in a town of talk. and wants to keep pushing forward. look what he has doing domestic agenda? this is important. this is 2018. the way you can communicate with the public through different social media platforms, through different tunts is so much more diverse and plentiful than it's been for any past president. also, president donald trump is very unique and unconventional in that he prefers the itemization of information. he prefers to go directly to the people. tweet out, use instagram and facebook and different social media platforms to connect directly. 2018 with the social media savvy president and ways to communicate we don't need the convention that the structure that the other white houses have had. our digital team and social media team, he is like a
4:39 am
one-arm paper hanger. that's what he does. they are elevated in this white house because that's the way we are communicating with america. our director of strategic communications. we have lots of people. i want to correct subject matter experts. people on trade on immigration on opioids to come forward. make sure press and coms and separate. press sarah and her team worried about next day. peeking around the corner next si -- ainsley: april ryan accused of sarah huckabee sanders not making pecan pie. yesterday april ryan was taunting the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders accusing heller of playing street politics. listen to this and we will get your reaction. >> you said yourself you were blind sided. >> i actually didn't use that term. >> i said it but you were blind sided what you said.
4:40 am
>> with all due respect you don't know much about me in terms of what i feel and what i don't. >> what it shows me is that she was feeling that she was in a vice of sorts. she'll went straight to me to say something like, you know, you don't know me. in certain sectors of this nation, people understand what you don't know me means. it is very street. and it leads to a fight. a physical fight. so i'm not there to fight. i'm there to ask questions. ainsley: in a vice of sorts. and if it says you don't knee me that means you are going to get in a street fight? >> april approached me at a post white house correspondents dinner event i won't disclose that conversation because i think she meant it to be private. i will tell you that we try to engage with each other as, you know, women to women, people to people, everybody knows that there is a person behind the positions here on counsel to the president during the
4:41 am
white house press corps. people like to have conversations with your family and hobbies. april is one of many people who approach me after that dinner on saturday night and not pleased with what had happened at that dinner. i'm going to leave it at that. the reason i mention that at all is, i prefer when these conversations are about information and not confrontation. i have to ping for my colleague sarah sanders there. folks, you don't know us. that's not anything other than a pedestrian term you don't know us and everyone should think about the difference of going viral and starting an argument and trying to get information. your job is to get information not confrontation. brian: right. >> i will tell you, a lot of this has nothing to do with april ryan. i'm making a more general statement. a lot who dish it out can't take its that watt point in my sunday show a couple weeks ago. be careful if you would be very thin-scinsd on the receiving end and the kind
4:42 am
of stuff that is on our shoulders like boulders every single day here. let's dial down the temperature in the furtherance of information. sarah goes to that podium every day that she breathes. and she is trying to provide information the best she possesses it and the best she knows it at that moment. things here move so fast that volume and velocity looms and the press corps will tell you that people who have worked in coms and press will tell you will they have never seen anything like it. steve: it ising is just like every time you are on tv the guy with the leaf blowers. >> we're friends. there aren't any leafs here by the way. how beautiful is the white house? look at this? steve: it looks beautiful. brian: why can't you do it during outnumbered at noon? >> i'll be back. steve: clearn, thanks for joining us. >> take care. have a great day and great weekend. brian: what do democrats want in the white house in 2020? you are are looking at her. take a look.
4:43 am
elizabeth warren says she is not running so i don't know if i believe that or not but she is on top of the list in terms of popular democrats. ed henry on deck to explain. steve: janice dean live at the kentucky derby. today she is the racing machine janice: yes. we will learn how t savor this campaign and taste the official drink of the kentucky oaks. stay with us the kentucky derby is here on "fox & friends." olay ultra moisture body wash gives skin the moisture it needs and keeps it there longer with lock-in moisture technology skin is petal smooth after all, a cleanser's just a cleanser unless it's olay.
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4:48 am
>> democrats r. democrats feel like they have this blue wave. but it's the left of the left in some of these house and senate races in these primaries that are pulling the party further, further left into the elizabeth warren camp rather than trying to appeal to middle america. ainsley: it isn't just new hampshire. does it surprise that you biden is number two on this poll? >> i think it's name id early on. joe biden has indicated that maybe he regrets not getting in last time and letting hillary clinton kind of, you know, clear the field, if you will, other than bernie sanders. and so you have got some
4:49 am
leftovers there. and it's unclear whether biden will run or not. again, this is something that when you talk early on about president trump is in so much troubling. wait a second. the democrats can't get their act together number one, and number two, when poll after poll shows the issue people care about more than anything is the economy, that's one the president's -- steve: what about the fact that apparently in that new book about hillary clinton's campaign bill clinton essentially told the dnc keep the bernie people out of it and the democratic politics which makes sense because is he not a democrat. >> jonathan allen co-author of a couple best sellers on clinton things. saying that bill clinton is still doing that basically, trying to tell party officials keep the bernie people out. as you can see from that poll in new hampshire i forgot to mention, bernie pretty strong in there as well. obviously he is from vermont. that helps him in new hampshire. bernie sanders is not going away is the point. and the clintons don't appear to have learned anything from 2016 which is kind of rigging the primary against bernie sanders. these people are not going anywhere.
4:50 am
he is not going anywhere. let the process play out. brian: right. i actually agree with bill clinton on this. unless he is going to register in the democratic party, shouldn't put him in a democratic primary because he gets all the benefits of the operation. >> they let him in last time let him into the debates even though he was not a democrat. it feels like that horse has left the barn. steve: he keeps pulling the party further t left. ainsley: he is too far to the left, right? >> in a general election. people argues just as donald trump has this strong base that's with him no matter what that bernie sanders has a strong base on the left no matter what. you would have a real clash in the general election. you heard the president back in 2016 saying i would love to face bernie. brian: are you going to bring your base to "fox & friends" this weekend. steve: eight hours. ed: you have it easy. three hours. four hours a day. and ainsley and i shared the duties last night at the tunnels to tower organization. great charity. she had to get her beauty sleep so i took the second
4:51 am
half of the program. ainsley: he did the first half i did the second half. i didn't know had you to get up early. thank you. janice is going to give us the 44th annual kentucky derby live from louisville. speaking of the horse leaving the barn.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ ♪. steve: we are sitting in new york an tis paghts the kentucky derby. look who is lucky enough to be enjoying the sights sounds and week of derby week. brian: i don't recognize her. oh it's janice dean at churchill downs. ainsley: we're jealou gel. janice: i would be jealous of me too. last night we were at the taste of the derby. we got to meet the top chefs with all the wonderful food. we are learning this is the official drink of the
4:55 am
kentucky oaks which is happening today the philly for the lily, the female horses that are racing. and now i'm a little nervous, we're going to bring elise in with the official sham page of the derby. >> we are the preferred champagne of the kentucky derby this year. gh so happy to be a part of it. >> elise is going to teach me how to savor champagne. you are going to teach me how to do this. >> yes, i am. it's a lot easier than it looks. i promise you. janice: you are going to step me through this. >> yes. the first thing you have to do -- janice: did you have to go to school for this. >> did i not go to school for it but i had wonderful teachers on my team. every once in a while you can be nervous about it in terms of the implement it's a lot easier than it looks. janice: what is this? this is a saber. they come in different forms. dates back to napoleon's
4:56 am
time wanted to celebrate on the battlefield. you are holding it perfectly. aim it right over this way. janice: okay. >> keep it nice and flat. break it right there. >> give it a nice 1, 2, 3. >> janice: i never have done this before but i will be bringinbringing this bottle of m payment. >> yes. >> perfect. look at that? janice: i am a pro-at saberinsabering do you need part-timers? steve: part-timers. steve: you didn't break the bottle. awesome. kids are watching. janice: see you later. ntsb walking back a report the president's lawyer michael cohen was wiretapped. is the media moving too fast to get a scoop on anything that can be anti-trump?
4:57 am
brian: geraldo rivera is here. if i can get him to weigh in on this that would be great. ♪ i would love to work at nothing all day ♪ and i'll be taking care of -- . .
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terminix. defenders of home. >> i'm coming right at you. i need to escort [bleep] right now. take me to the hospital. brian: fox news alert. atf agent in chicago fighting for his life after being shot in the head after working undercover. steve: nbc news alert, was michael cohen's phones. nbc got the story really wrong. >> they haven't explained how and why they got it wrong. the threshold is so low for anti-trump stories. >> the media protect each other. they corrected it. they said they were sorry. excuse me. irk special counsel robert mueller threat to subpoena president trump in the mueller investigation sets up historic clash. >> this is not something that should be going on between
5:01 am
counsel and president. >> you said you blindsided. >> with all due respect you don't know much about these. steve: place your bets. the 144th annual kentucky derby is tomorrow. >> we'll have 100,000 people here. the horse that is favored to win, the name is justified. so we're putting our money. ♪ brian: one much their most successful songs. they have a lot of songs. steve: he sang it here on the show. look who joins us every friday. it is geraldo rivera. author of that great new book. called "the geraldo show." last time you were here in the studio. we were all praying for your money on hospice care. how is she? >> a miracle happened, steve, she is 96 and six months.
5:02 am
we were told she could measure her life, 24, to 48 hours. i keep in the apartment in sarasota, florida. my sister sharon lives wither had. my other sister went down there to say good-bye. giving her comfort quality of life kinds of drugs. and weirdest thing happened. the inflammation that was growing in her lungs disappeared. the kind of moroseness and very low blood pressure and very slow heart beat all reversed itself. she perked up when she saw us. we thought it was temporary respite. steve: hospice people have gone? >> we sent them home. a doctor giving regular meds. she had a physical therapist come in to get her moving. my mother said to her, you look vicious. [laughter] brian: that's great. ainsley: i never heard of hospice being sent home? >> i never heard it either.
5:03 am
thank you for your prayers. it really worked. it's a miracle. she will out live -- ainsley: what would your mom say about brian pushing you around. >> my mother likes you. she likes this team. ainsley: hey, mom, we're pulling for you, praying for you. >> she is watching right now. brian: hope your mom approves on latest news on the mueller probe. at 1:00 in the afternoon story breaks doing something unthinkable. michael cohen has lines tapped. nbc had two firm sources on it. 5:30 chuck todd has to interrupt, say we have to walk this back, about metadata, collecting where the calls are but not what they're saying. major distinction. >> i think nbc made a terrible mistake. corrected it four hours later to their credit. my goodness to go with the story. first of all to get the wiretap you would have to have probable cause a crime was being committed. brian: on going. >> before the other stuff.
5:04 am
you know that president trump wakes up every morning with 20, 30, 40, of the best reporters in the world out to kill him. every single morning, those people get up. they are cognizant of what their competition is doing. all hitting a lot of them hitting the same sources multiple times. this is one of those cases ambition to be first with salacious and sensational story, who told us there was wiretap in trump tower prior to inauguration? he did. president trump. right. so i said, oh, my god, he was right. what do they have? they have been doing this since january 2017. turns out they were wrong. as you suggest, collection of the metadata. more of a edward snowden kind of mess. and they embarrassed. i was watching when chuck todd retracted the story and it seemed to me they tried to low-ball it, you know to not emote bit, not, woe is me. get it out there, so they could
5:05 am
say they corrected it and move on. steve: it was so salacious because the suggestion, there was one call supposedly from a white house number. the suggestion was, can you imagine if the president is on the phone talking to michael cohen about stormy daniels? >> you know i would submit if they had that, it would be inadmissible. anything that came, result of that, the fruit of the poison tree would similarly be inadmissible. that is why i was perplexed. unless they got a warrant. even if they had a warrant the warrant would have to specify a time where the lawyer-client relationship is criminal. that is really high bar. brian: cnbc is running with this story that the robert mueller probe is focusing on roger stone and his relationship with rick gates. >> to me that relieves pressure on the president, roger stone, all due respect, flamboyantfy, known him for years, he has never been close to the boss to
5:06 am
the extent he was taking orders from the 45th president to do some official duty for him or, i never known roger stone to really cary heavy weight with donald trump as long as i've known him this would indicate to me roger stone and gates were concocting something of interest to the special prosecutor. but it is not, it is not about the president. it is about roger stone and richard gates seems to me. steve: you also were busy on twitter yesterday, in addition to talking about your mother, how there is is a double standard. there is the talk about stormy daniels, when 2008 obama campaign was fined 375,000 for essentially the same thing. >> say that number again. the fine was $375,000. in this, in the president's case, the whole payout is 130,000. 1/3 as much as obama paid as a
5:07 am
fine for failing to list donors in the 2008 campaign. they didn't get him to pay it until 2013, five years later. he paid the $375,000. here the president made a payoff, $130. not only insignificant compared to the fine that president obama paid, $130,000 in the context of a election that cost $2.5 billion, 1/10 of 1%? you have to recognize, when i hear trump haters say the number, $130,000, like it is, like you raided the vaults in fort knox. steve: al capone. >> al capone. would i have taken 130,000. 1/3 as much as the fine president obama paid in it 2013100th of spent on total federal election. i'm submitting, if that what is it is, if it comes out to
5:08 am
federal election -- why are you smiling. brian: cracks me up. steve: al capone. >> if comes out to be $130,000, if the appropriate penalty imposed any other $130,000 hush-money should have been declared as a contribution in kind or campaign donation for the president, i would say it is relatively insignificant, slap my wrist. tell you what, i give you the 375,000 that obama gave when he failed to list his donors in 2008. treat 44 and 45 the same. brian: you don't think rudy did anything that bad. the president is happy with it. were you happy when rudy giuliani brought that up? >> i was watching sean's show. held my breath. i didn't know where it was going. i didn't know how it turned out, came around to saying what happened, i don't know when the president actually found out about stormy daniels. i find it very difficult to believe he found out 10 days
5:09 am
ago. let's take sarah huckabee sanders at her word and rudy giuliani at his word, he only found out how he was paying back michael cohen, who was getting paid back in the form of his legal retainer, with extra to pay back michael for the money he lent for the stormy daniels settlement, i still believe that is relatively insignificant election finance violation, not criminal. and i think, if that is all it is, with no real evidence of collusion, other than what you have here with roger stone and rick gates, all these other minor characters -- brian: paid out of private funds. >> paid out of his own money. you are allowed to pay anything you want to in your own election campaign. you don't have to declare it. you want to spend money on stuff, you can fly -- remember he was flying his airplane. ainsley: why did michael cohen say the president didn't reimburse me and he did. >> he lied. ainsley: michael cohen. steve: wide-ranging interview.
5:10 am
geraldo, once again we're all praying for your mom. >> thank you. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: good friday morning. we're following breaking news out of chicago. well get to that in couple minutes. let's start with this fox news alert. a massive volcano erupts spewing lava in the area thousands fleeing their home. near the kilauea volcano on big island. kilauea erupting after hundreds of earthquakes shook the island this week. it is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. massive fireball in the sky as chemical plant in louisiana goes up in flames. >> oh, my gosh. i didn't see that. >> i felt the heat. jillian: the fire starting xlene
5:11 am
exploded. several neighbors have been evacuated. president trump will take center stage at the nra convention in dallas. the event comes as the gun industry receives a wave of recent backlash. the president becoming the first sitting president to speak at the event since ronald reagan in 1983. about 80,000 people are expected to attend the convention. as we mentioned we are following breaking news out of chicago. we'll have more coming up in the next few minutes. steve: thank you very much, jillian. straight ahead, could kanye west headed to the white house, not as president but to visit? we have details coming up. brian: i have a chance to go one-on-one with the great one. he goes by mark levin. he has a show on sundays but first with us. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester.
5:12 am
a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. an atf agent in chicago fighting for his life this hour after he was shot in the head. steve: there is a desperate manhunt going on for the suspect right now. it is intensifying. brian: rob schmitt is following the story since it broke this morning and has the latest. reporter: happened 3:00, in the morning. the search on for a gunman after an atf agent was shot in the head. this went down on 3:00 a.m. on south side of chicago, 3:00 a.m.
5:16 am
local time. it was some type of undercover operation between the atf and chicago police, a joint task force. listen to the dramatic scanner traffic as police called for help in the aftermath of that shooting. >> i'm coming right at you. i need to escort [bleep] right now. take me to the hospital. officer hit. we needs court to a hospital now. we need an ambulance as hospital. he may be hit in the head. reporter: hate to hear things like that. this in the yards neighborhood on city's south side. neighbors heard multiple gunshots fired. the agent rushed to the hospital in critical condition as they work to safe his or her life. the entire chicago police department praying for the agent that was shot and wounded. they were working a federal investigation when this occurred. atf agents have been working with chicago police in the back
5:17 am
of the yards neighborhood to investigate gang-related shootings that have become more frequent over the last two years. chicago police say another officer was taken to the hospital for observation but none of their officers were injured. so he or she was fine. we'll stay on the story. bring you latest as we get it. everybody pulling for that officer. steve: absolutely. according to local media nobody yet in custody. ainsley: rob, earlier in the show we had the man to started tunnels to towers foundation. lost his brother in 9/11. they used money they raised, millions of dollars to pay off mortgages for our fallen first-responders families. it is just incredible. last night we were at an event. reporter: great event, absolutely. ainsley: listening to the families and their stories. this morning we learned two other officers in chicago were shot. reporter: steven, tunnels to tower, every year in new york. a great event. steve: rob, thank you very much.
5:18 am
brian: 17 minutes after the hour, coming to the white house, getting tough with robert mueller and playing hardball, the great mark levin says that is the approach he is has been calling for. you will hear from him next. steve: we're waiting new jobs numbers out in 12 minutes. they are supposed to be very good news for the president. live reaction from the fox business network's gerri willis. ♪ . let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing.
5:19 am
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xfinity x1 customers can "vote for the voice."g, i'm gonna vote for... unless, kelly clarkson, you're a coach, because, you know, that wouldn't be fair. [ whispering ] whatever. which artist will you vote for? vote for... ok, still know it's you. i just wanna vote! cast your vote during every live show. simply say, "vote for the voice" or your favorite artist's name into your x1 voice remote. come on! ♪ ainsley: here is some quick headlines for you. south carolina following iowa's lead voting to outlaw virtually all abortions. the senate passing a measure that would ban all terminations
5:22 am
except in cases of rape, incest, medical emergencies. the bill heads back to the state house. billionaire investor george soros is funding a smartphone app to help illegals avoid the fed, the federal government, according to "judicial watch" which says the app, notifica, allows them to alert their attorney when officials are nearby. >> if they choose to, they to after people on internet, here is prime example of abusing civil, taking taxpayer dollars. they choose not to. why? ainsley: unclear how many people downloaded that app. steve: there is app for that. who knew. brian: thursday afternoons i get a chance to talk to mark levin, if he gets up early with us, it will be 22 hour days. he is coming off pneumonia personally. if we say thursday, we have to get you to weigh in on what's
5:23 am
happening around the world especially with the legal cases. of course have a chance to promote his show. it is called, "life, liberty, and levin," a runaway hit on sundays at 10:00. we had the blockbuster story about rudy giuliani and what he has done since he came on the couch yesterday. i asked him about rudy's role as well as the mueller probe, are they overstepping. here's the interview. >> look the fact of the matter is, this is not a campaign contribution. it is not an in-kind campaign contribution. former chair of the federal elections commission wrote beautifully about it in the "wall street journal," that it is not even possible it is in-kind. there is no illegality bit. i wish rudy, some extent watch loose lips t creates a bit of a pr problem explaining for first time casually on television, see the reaction of the rabid media out there. but generally i think he does a very, very good job. brian: do you like the new
5:24 am
approach, aggressive approach? good-bye ty cobb, good-bye john dowd, let's get after it. do you like this approach? >> do i like it? i've been calling for a year. they need to go on the offense of the let me be clear the constitution is on the president's side. embrace it! kiss it! use it! run with it! take the information from the department of justice. litigate it. you don't even have to hurry. take your time. get it to the supreme court. show the supreme court the kinds questions mueller wants to ask. not about any specific crime. not about the purpose of its investigation. not about the any actual obstruction. what was your intent in firing mr. comey? what did you think when i was hired? this is so out of line and off the race. let the chips fall where they may. you hear these second-tier, back bencher lawyers on tv, he can claim the fifth. the fifth has nothing to do with any of it. well other presidents were subpoenaed. no president has subpoenaed and
5:25 am
dragged before a grand jury. in the case of clinton he cut the deal before that occurred. this specific issue never has been litigated. issues kind of around it have, the president has a very strong shot. i like the fact he brought in a new lawyer, very effective, understands the big picture. even more he needs to protect not only himself but the office of the presidency and separation of powers, or no future president is going to be able to escape this. the system will have been changed forever. steve: he is so smart about these things. keep in mind he was chief of staff for ronald reagan's attorney general ed meese. so he understands how the department of justice works in and out. brian: right. watch him at 10:00. he will have dan bongino, will be one of the gets on the show, as well as joe degenova. news keeps breaking. you will be on his radio show talking about this, your book.
5:26 am
"the light within meme." ainsley: i am delighted to be on the show. brian: he might yell at you. the great one he is very emotional. ainsley: the other great one, that is what the book is about. the light within me, god. steve: with a capital. >> exactly. brian: you were on my radio show first. we shouldn't de-emphasize that. president trump's tough talk seems to have major impact on foreign policy. >> little rocket man. he is a sick puppy. 1.8 billion in cash. $150 billion. you know what we got? we got nothing. traffickers -- brian: what does the left think about, what does the left whining about. steve: why does the left keep whining. brian: that would have been better if i said it verbatim t steve hilton on that coming forward. steve: we're waiting on new job numbers to be released in three minutes. they are supposed to be very good news for the president we hear. life reaction from that woman,
5:27 am
fox business network's gerri willis. she is the next contestant on "fox & friends." ♪
5:28 am
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steve: fox news alert. we're waiting for those brand new job numbers to come in. they were releed 16 seconds ago. we'll get them in the newsroom. another big issue for americans is wage growth. good news it is on the rise, but is it rising enough? here to break it down fox business network's gerri willis. employment number. >> should get it on my telephony time now respecting that. brian: we have to get you a staff. steve: 3.9. >> 3.9. ticks down lower than expected. expectation 4.0% after last
5:31 am
month's 4.1%. that is a surprise. markets like that. 3.9%. unless they start thinking people will get paid more and inflation will go up that could be a concern. but for workers 3.9%, full employment. it is good news. >> americans receiving unemployment aid lowest since 1973? >> this is good news again. fewer people claiming unemployment. fewer people unemployed. more people in the workforce. >> jobs number is 164,000. that is in the range? >> in the range and on the low end. frankly kind of surprising to me i'm hearing anecdotally people. we were expecting 192,000 or 170,000. keep in mind this is huge economy. these numbers are diminimus compared to the entire size of the labor force. brian: here is the other thing. i don't know if we have this number, how many people are capable of working and not? >> there is whole lot of that. participation rate has been strengthening, but still 60%.
5:32 am
so more people could be in the workforce. i have to tell you what i'm hearing from people who pet hunt, they are starting to create programs to train people for these jobs because they're desperate to pull more people into the workforce. there is so much demand for workers. the point i want to make, really, time that wages rose for workers. we've seen punk earnings gains for workers, 2.7% year-over-year. that is not great. i know it may sound like a lot. brian: whose decision is that? that is ceo's decision. that is a president's decision, not the united states. >> it is strange, jobs market getting tighter and tighter, wages have not gone up more than they have. ainsley: do you think the minimum wages should go up? >> all wages across the board, especially hourly earnings. i'm not sure if we to the those numbers in or not. that is the number i wanted to focus on of the that is critical. americans want to see wages go up. they were slow through the recovery to rebound, right? we saw that over and over again
5:33 am
in every report. they have only slowly ticked higher. people are dealing with inflation on the ground. auto numbers about, prices for cars and trucks going through the roof. anecdotally everywhere you go, if you get a haircut, ainsley, that is more expensive, right? brian: gas is going up too on top of that. >> gas is going up. they're seeing this, feeling it in the wallet. they want higher wages. steve: labor participation rate 62.8%. i don't know whether that is up or down from last time. you have to keep in mind the number of people who are no longer or working for one reason or another, a lot of people are retired. it is like, you know what any worked for the man long enough. i will sit on the beach. >> you know the good news, if you're one of the baby boomers who failed to save enough? you can work for money. they are desperate for experienced workers and employees, they can stay in the labor force. brian: if you're 80 and restless here is the opportunity. >> you will be 90 and restless.
5:34 am
brian: believe me. my wife fears the day i say i retired which will never happen. i will say this, gerri, the thing is, the market forces should be raising wages. someone hit you with the theory why the market forces are not raising wages? it doesn't make sense. >> doesn't make sense. one of the theories out there, is that prices in the economy have been kept low as well, mostly by technology. if you're buying things on amazon, you're buying it from china, right? cheaper than if you bought american-made good. that helps workers. one of the things about the discussion over tariffs and trade, right, is that it could raise consumer prices. steve: there was great article, i want to say in the "wall street journal" couple days ago, it talked about big tech. there is disparity in the big tech companies. google and facebook, i think the mean, average paycheck is about a quarter of a million dollars per year, per employee. you go over to amazon, it is close to 28,000 because those are the people picking stuff off of shelf.
5:35 am
>> they're working in the warehouse, right? interestingly, look at city by city breakout, month to month, wages per hour, san francisco highest, 3.7%. the lowest? chicago up 0.7%. that is the lowest big city earnings gain it is also up, not down. so i think there is pressure percolating throughout that. i hear anecdotally, people at chefs at restaurants. i have the money to start a new restaurant, i have the location to pick out, i don't have the people. ainsley: where are the jobs and openings? what industry? >> across the board, transportation logistics, truck drivers in high, high demand. their hourly earnings are going up 4.5%. brian: there you go. >> see lots of jobs out there. you have to look for them. ainsley: tough one, you're away from your family. still a good job, making money. brian: right, you know what? jillian can't really drive a truck, can you? jillian: probably mess talk war
5:36 am
toss ever. steve: gerri willis, thanks so much. >> i can drive a truck forked report. jillian: my dad has a pickup truck. i can drive that. brian: i'm talking about this. jillian: we have to get to important news. let's talk about the fox news alert. exclusive interview former terror recruiter send as warning to the arrest. people are more likely to follow isis deadly ideas because of sense of discrimination and injustice. he is working towards deradicalizing terrorists after years in prison. >> translator: simple act of building relations with other people opened my mind. the assistance of my jewish neighbors when i got out of jail. jillian: he recruited terrorists behind the "charlie hebdo" newspaper attack in 2015. kanye west might be heading to the west wing. president trump planning to host
5:37 am
a white house summit on race and inviting artists and the rapper could be one of them. according to cleveland pastor darrell scott, one of the president's most prominent allies. hopes kanye shows up to the summit. he has been a vocal supporter for the president. so far a date has not been sent. wild courthouse escape, watch the guy run out of the room in handcuffs, flip over a second floor railing, taking a nosedive to the ground, breaking several bones by the way. he was appearing before a judge in utah after skipping out on rehab. might want to rethink that one next time. jillian: here is thing you don't see every day. taunting drivers, you never get to work on time. someone snapping a picture in prince george county maryland. he was probably hacked by pranksters. steve: somebody at department of transportation -- ainsley: people couldn't get to
5:38 am
work on time. steve: might have done it on the last day. ainsley: maybe. brian: can we put rob on the story? get to the bottom of it. jillian: pretty sure on the golf course by now. see steve, thank you, jillian. have a good weekend. president trump's tough talk seems to have major impact on foreign policy, why does the left keep whining about that. steve hilton has an idea. he is next. ainsley: janice is live from the kentucky derby. hey, janice. janice: you do not want to miss this next segment because one of the co-owners of justify and two other horses racing in today's derby is coming up. i think your horse will win. >> i hope so. janice: he is with us, live at theal derby whee!
5:39 am
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♪ brian: quick headlines right now, treasury secretary steve mnuchin leading the u.s. delegation for a second day of
5:42 am
tariff talks in china. the president has threatened to impose tariffs on up to $150 billion in chinese goods for alleged violations of intellectual property theft. i think we can get the word alleged out of that. china vowed to retaliate. teachers in arizona heading back to school after a six-day walkout shut down schools. the arizona governor signed a budget bill includes $273 million for teachers. 20% raise by 2020. is that enough? we'll see. ainsley: president trump's tough talk seems to have major impact on foreign policy. >> north korea, best not make anymore threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. little "rocket man," he is a sick puppy. 1.8 billion in cash. and $150 billion. you know what we got? we got nothing. brian: talking about the iran
5:43 am
deal. steve: we never had a president that talks like that ever, but the left continues to blast trump's tough rhetoric. will they ever admit it seems to be working. brian: i want to ask that to steve hilton much. the host of "the next revolution." he joins us. steve, let me ask you the question, will people start respecting the president's approach? >> what do you think, brian? look, there is a very simple thing going on here, which is that good news for america is bad news for president trump's critics in the media, in the political establishment. they don't want trump to succeed. they actually want president trump to fail, so that they can turn around and say we told you so. we told you it would be a disaster if you put this guy in the white house. but right now, based on what is going on with north korea, with china, with syria, also remember with the economy and jobs and incomes it is president trump's supporters who are the ones who get to say i told you so. steve: sure.
5:44 am
you look at some of the tough rhetoric, we played a montage, with fire and fury and "rocket man," critics say look he will get us into a war, tank the economy. fast forward, actually with this kind of unusual, for a president negotiations, he is getting to the people at the table. look at north korea. we're on the verge of something, it looks like really good regarding those three americans? >> you're exactly right and also china's really important. i mean brian mentioned as an aside just earlier no alleged about their property theft they have been doing that for year after year after year and all of president trump's critics in the establishment, foreign policy experts, they are the people who stood by while all these disasters have been unfolding, whether the situation got worse in north korea, where china's behavior has got worse. when they lecture president trump, you're not diplomatic enough, you're not going about it the right way, the way they went about it caused problems. president trump's fresh approach seems to be starting to solve
5:45 am
them. ainsley: why do you think this is all happening? why do you think kim jong-un agreeing to sit down with the president and get rid of nuclear weapons? is this the maximum pressure campaign? >> that is combination, that didn't come from nowhere but pressure president trump got china to put on north korea. it is pressure plus the realization, that you have a leader there isn't like the same old people who just did nothing. you never know what this guy is going to do. i think that kind of change to the old diplomatic ways of going bit have got them to the table, started to think, wow, we better take this guy seriously. we never know what he will do. >> not just about north korea, within the next 10 days, we'll decide on the iranian deal. could be june vladmir putin comes to town. in july there will be visit with your prime minister theresa may. those are just the main points. there will be a lot in between. that summit going on in china right now is so vitally
5:46 am
important. even thomas friedman, very vocal critic of the president is saying we have to stop china now or it is going to be too late. this is a president that is doing it. >> that's exactly right. i really notice that as well. i notice it is interesting friedman laid out, actually for the last few decades the establishment in both parties stood by while china has pursued its aim of world domination and he is basically saying trump is the first president who has woken up to that. it is starting to fight back and that is something that we should all support. steve: there is the next revolution going on the weekends, on the channel, hosted by steve hilton. thanks for joining us from california. ainsley: we're going to the royal wedding together. we'll cover it. brian: just you two? ainsley: just two of us. he is my date. we have a whole team going. it will be fun. steve: he is your plus one? ainsley: he would get invited before i would. i would be his plus one.
5:47 am
i'm live from a roof deck somewhere close to the wedding. brian: he doesn't need google maps. he grew up there. ainsley: we're taking him along for that reason. brian: plus knows a lot of stuff. 14 minutes top of the hour. almost got away from police until someone used very sophisticated method to stop him. you will love this. ainsley: janice is live at the kentucky derby with the owner of three of the horses running in the race. steve: that is coming up next. we check in with bill hemmer who will running the channel here. >> good morning to all three of you. ainsley, thanks for a great job. ainsley: thanks for being there. >> morning to all three of you. president about to leave the white house. we'll see if he takes questions in a moment. breaking overnight, an atf agent shot in the line of duty. more on that coming up. what is the fate of three americans held in north korea? big morning. mike huckabee, chris wallace, marc thiessen. join sandra and me 12 minutes top of the hour on a friday
5:48 am
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♪ steve: before we leave you, we have headlines up, a man sticks his leg out boom, to help police nab an armed suspect literally. good samaritan trips the guy running from the cops. his quick thinking likely saved the suspect's life since the cops did not have to at any point fire their guns. no word why they were chasing him, why he was running. have a hard time figuring out what time it is on traditional analog clock. >> monica couldn't tell time until she was 13. >> it is fine for some people! steve: apparently monica isn't the only one, neither are you. schools in the united kingdom
5:52 am
are ditching analog clocks, the ones with the hands because kids can't tell the time. brian: no way. ainsley: seriously? >> yes. because they don't know if they're running out of time on tests. they don't know. the big hand has got to go around back to 12 for the top of the hour. ainsley: that is sad. brian: teach the nation, starting monday how to tell time? do it for an hour. take questions. ainsley: your cell phone, look at cell phone, it doesn't look like a clock. all digital. brian: when it comes to this show, time does not matter. steve: it does. because in eight minutes and 20 seconds bill hemmer takes over. but then again i have a digital clock. brian: where is the big hand when hemmer takes over? ainsley: tomorrow there are three horses, my boy jack, justify, audible, they will run in one of the most famous horse races in the world, the kentucky derby. they're owned by the same person. brian: our own janice dean.
5:53 am
we own her. she is live at churchhill downs with someone with a big interest in the outcome of this race. am i right, janice? ainsley: you belong to us, janice. >> this is big. hasn't been this amount of hype i don't know how long, maybe 100 years? i think so. the guy to talk to is the fellow that owns three horses and a horse in this race today, the kentucky oaks which is the fillies. the girl horses race for the lilies. tomorrow the big horse race the kentucky derby. saul, get over here my friend. you're from boston. you don't have boston accent. >> i can park my car but generally i don't need it. janice: tell me about justify. every one is talking about the horse. i can remember such buzz around a hours with marion pharaoh? >> same trainer. the horse will have a real shot
5:54 am
today. he is special. big, strong horse. obviously hasn't lost yet. he will be tested. he has not been bumped around. we'll see how he handles 20 horse field and 160,000 people and cheering and we'll have to see. it is super exciting to be in a position like this. janice: have you talked to him today? how he is doing? >> we stopped by said hello. gameday on saturday. good luck and hope fully we'll hang out in the stall on saturday night with lot of roses. janice: give love to your other horses. >> audible, todd fletcher, which hasn't done a lot wrong. eight to one on the morning line. definitely has a chance to run the race. comes in the race in really good form, winning florida derby. the sentimental favorite, bought as a baby, my boy jack. with keith desormo.
5:55 am
he picked out the horse. he was the least expensive horse in the derby. $20,000 purchase. you can buy a horse for 20,000-dollars, get in the kentucky derby if you're lucky. coming out of 10 hole. named after my friend jim carrie's son jack. we'll see how he runs as well. janice: what does it take for a horse to win the derby? >> a tremendous amount of luck. a tremendous amount of luck. just to have horse here, it is super fortunate. a lot of people playing this game. you got to have a good team around you. you really have to get lucky. i've been fortunate enough with brad wiseborg managed my stable. done amazing job to put us in positions like this. we're here, we have some real shots and we hope we get lucky at this point. janice: good luck. the one thing i find during the kentucky derby, for minute 1/2? >> might be, i think two
5:56 am
minutes. janice: whole country comes together to watch the horses. truly magical moment. you feel that? >> it is unbelievable. excitement before they get into the gate, they're getting ready. every one in the place stands up. you look around. it is over in a blink. those two minutes like i never seen. janice: i'm betting on your horses. totally. this is a real pleasure. i mean this horse is a real shot to win. it could be first in 100 years in some cases. brian: has 10s horses in the race is. steve: could be in the winner circle. janice: while i have sol, will you join us if the horse wins? >> absolutely. absolutely. brian: in sports it is not about winning of. janice: can we say hi to frank that brought us the -- ainsley: more "fox & friends" moments away.
5:57 am
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>> bill: the president steps into the debate over gun rights. the white house grapples with new revelations about the stormy daniels matter and how it was handled. a big friday here. nice to have you with us. i'm bill hemmer inside "america's newsroom." how are you feeling? >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. this comes as the white house continues dealing with the fallout from rudy giuliani's media blitz on the mueller


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