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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 4, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> bill: the president steps into the debate over gun rights. the white house grapples with new revelations about the stormy daniels matter and how it was handled. a big friday here. nice to have you with us. i'm bill hemmer inside "america's newsroom." how are you feeling? >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. this comes as the white house continues dealing with the fallout from rudy giuliani's media blitz on the mueller investigation.
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white house press secretary sarah sanders taking a lot of incoming from reporters yesterday. take a listen. >> did rudy giuliani do harm to the president today and last night in his conversations to fox? >> i don't believe so. >> why didn't he tell the white house press office about what was happening? >> the white house press office wouldn't coordinate with the -- >> you were blind-sided. >> you don't know much about me in terms of what i feel and what i don't. i think we're just -- >> sandra: peter doocy is live at the white house this morning. what do we know about the president's trip today? >> today the president goes to see the nra in texas. around the time the nra came to see president trump as republicans after the parkland
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shooting were trying to figure out what kind of gun control measures they could stomach the president chided members of his own party for letting the nra pressure them into not taking serious votes about guns. so the president said at the time to lawmakers you are afraid of the nra. they have power over you people. they have less power over me. president trump has attended this event before. part of the nra's institute for legislative action and the group calls that a must-attend event for anybody that wants to have political office. >> sandra: is rudy giuliani walking back anything he said about the michael cohen investigation? >> no, he is not. he took heat for using the word storm troopers to describe the investigators at the southern district of new york looking into michael cohen's activities. he doesn't regret using that
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word. anybody who says i'm exaggerating it's an out of control investigation and they're acting like storm troopers, give me a break, baby, they prove it every day. president trump confirmed that michael cohen was paid a retainer and that's where the money came from for stormy daniels disclosure statement. the attorneys have been watching to see who michael cohen has been calling and calling him. doesn't sound like any of the calls came with a heads-up to white house officials that the $130,000 to cohen for stormy came from the president. >> when did you specifically know that the president repaid mr. cohen for the $130,000, you personally? >> the first awareness i had was during the interview last night. >> now the white house is trying to shift attention elsewhere like south korea, the only word from anybody inside so far today is coming from the
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ambassador john bolton the national security advisor pushing back hard against a "new york times" report that the president asked the pentagon how to reduce troop levels in south korea. bolton says that story is utter nonsense. >> sandra: peter doocy. thank you. >> bill: president trump unleashing earlier today on nbc news on twitter this morning. the network was forced to issue a correction after it reported the feds wiretapped the phone lines of michael cohen. nbc reporting the calls were being logged and not listened to. a big difference especially in the legal sense. the president tweeting this, quote. nbc news is wrong again and cite sources that are constantly wrong. the sources probably don't exist. sad, end tweet. hugo gurdon, where do you rank this in terms of mistakes from
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nbc? >> it's a pretty big mistake and surprising one. back when this news was all about edward snowden there was a difference between logging calls and noting the times and numbers and actual listening in on calls. so to say that michael cohen was having calls listened in on rather than logged is a big difference and surprising one. >> bill: the legal hurdle is a lot bigger which should tell us more about what is happening if you read between the lines. hello? are you still with me? >> there was a mistake. can you repeat what you said? >> bill: the legal hurdle is much higher if you are going to listen to someone's phone conversations which would give you, me and others trying to piece this together on the outside an indication how serious this could be.
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>> exactly, it would. if a federal judge has given permission for you to listen in on what's actually being said, that judge would have to have been persuaded that you were expecting to hear something incriminating. that means that in the application there was no suggestion, there wasn't enough at least of a suggestion that made the judge say okay, now you can listen in. it did not reach that high a bar of listening in and hearing what was said, just you can note who is being talked to and what the numbers are. >> bill: what do you think of the rudy giuliani tour now that we've had a chance for it to settle in? he and the president had a strategy. others within the legal circle were either left out or haven't yet spoken. what is your take on it? >> yesterday's white house briefing with sarah sanders obviously demonstrated and showed quite clearly a lot of white house staff were stunned
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and blind side i -- blind-sided. rudy giuliani has made sure there is extra -- i don't think the legal ramification is very great. the president and rudy giuliani feel the repayment of these loans was going to come out anyway. there was no point trying to hide it and they wanted to bring it out to minimize it and get it out of the way. they also i think have a very strong argument that these are not campaign finance related payments. and that's presumably what rudy giuliani has advised the president they should do. >> bill: better to make a correction now than before a prosecutor, hugo. >> absolutely. it's always better in damage control and this is a sort of washington rule. that you get the information out early, get it out quickly. it is terribly embarrassing for the president to go back on this. it shows that michael cohen probably lied. i think he said that the money
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had not been repaid. the suggestion or the denials by the president that he had a fling with stormy daniels have never been believed by many people and the repayment of the loans makes it less plausible. whether or not there is a sort of thin line through all of these facts which allows a kind of technical denyability doesn't change the fact there probably isn't plausible denyability. >> bill: hugo gurdon getting hazard pay in d.c. sometimes we get these voices in our heads. thank you, hugo. >> sandra: all right. we have an update for you, fox news alert. a manhunt is underway after an atf agent is shot in the head early this morning while working undercover on a joint police operation on chicago's south side. mike tobin is at the scene. what's the latest on the officer? >> we've just got sandra from a
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federal source this agent was alert and speaking with doctors and other officers despite being shot in the head prior to going into surgery. i want to step out of the way now and show you the s.u.v. in which he was transported here to chicago hospital, the silver s.u.v. the agents didn't want to wait for an ambulance. we have for you now recordings of the radio dispatchers in the panicked moments following the shooting as a fellow agent called for an escort. >> we need ambulance as soon as possible. we need an escort. he may be hit in the head. >> that was just after 3:00 a.m. at the start of an operation in chicago's back of the yards neighborhood. a particularly troubled and violent neighborhood in chicago. it is dominated by hispanic gangs and something noteworthy
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they've gone to using rifles. a police surveillance van was shot by sniper fire a couple months ago. we can't say if this was linked to sniper fire but it was about rounding up weapons from the gangs in chicago. now, back here at the hospital, an update on the officer's condition. he is still getting surgery on his head. a serious situation. his condition is listed as critical. as for the manhunt, it is underway, that's all we can say about that right now. >> sandra: our prayers are with him. was this agent part of the surge of federal officers sent to chicago by president trump? >> there were 20 relatively young agents that were sent to bolster the manpower in chicago. not having a specific identity we can't say he was -- we can't say he was part of those 20 agents. however, the strike force that he was part of is new.
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and that was created in the wake of this effort to curb the violence in chicago to curb the gunfire and illegal weapons in chicago. so part of your answer is yes and it should be noted that the gunfire is down significantly here in chicago for this year. >> sandra: mike tobin on the scene on the south side of chicago. >> bill: rudy giuliani also calling out jeff sessions saying he needs to step in and intervene in the michael cohen matter. reaction from former governor of arkansas mike huckabee coming up later. >> sandra: bombshell new claims that the deep state opponents of president trump inside the government have weaponized the security clearance process against his nominees. details straight ahead. >> bill: we'll have evacuations ordered as a volcano threatens part of hawaii. what's the status of that? a live report coming up. >> my neighbor ran over and said what is that awful noise. i never heard a noise like that
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>> sandra: investigators are discovering what might have caused an engine to break apart on a southwest airlines passenger jet finding two pieces of a broken fan blade inside the engine. apparently the broken fan blade led to a piece of the engine's
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casing flying off and breaking a window. that killed one passenger and injured eight others. the ntsb is still investigating and the faa has ordered 3700 planes inspected for fan blade weakness. >> bill: a top defense department official saying opponents of the president inside the government are targeting white house nominees. security clearances are being weaponized against the white house by hostile career bureaucrats holding up or blocking appointees. the case he makes. sean bigley is the man who wrote it. security clearance defense attorney. tell me about your client and story. >> right, bill. he is a senior defense department official. highly regarded and been there for 12 years. about a year ago he began
6:17 am
exposing some corruption and cronyism with respect to contractors in a very little known office of net assessment inside the pentagon. the pentagon's internal think-tank. they are supposed to be doing as their namesake suggests net assessments. none have been done in a decade. instayed what has been happening is this office has become a slush fund for politically connected contractors praying studies if americans are a war-like people and whether we have enough coastal elites. he is now facing clearance revocation. >> bill: as an attorney who defends security clearance holder i've had a front row seat to behavior that a year ago i would have dismissed as a conspiracy theory. you talk about the deep state. where is it coming from and why in your view?
6:18 am
>> this is really symptomatic of a much larger problem government-wide, this case. you have very hostile, entrenched bureaucrats, not a fan of president trump and they have essentially decided that security clearances are the low-hanging fruit and they are using security clearances as a way to keep out trump appointees. to keep people out of the bureaucracies who will execute the president's agenda and what i want people to understand this is really part and parcel of a much larger issue. that is these senate hearings, the nominees who are being held up. the longer they're held up the more we have acting officials in these bureaucracies and more incentive to not want to give up their new-found power. >> bill: why is it different under this administration than president obama or president bush? >> it's a great question. the bottom line is it shouldn't be but what we're seeing is an effort by those in the
6:19 am
bureaucracies to essentially govern through the administrative state. the way they do that is among other things leveraging security clearances and the vetting process, and sort of weaponizing it as i say. we saw it with the case of ronny jackson. not a security clearance case but the same playbook where you throw unverified allegations against the wall and see what sticks and in the process really destroy people's careers. >> bill: one more point on this. he has a big bully pulpit. he could push back on this. do you think the administration pushback has been adequate? unfortunately to date i don't think it has. i would like to see more engagement on this issue. i don't know that the administration is aware of the extent of the problem. that's something we're trying to shine a light on right now. i would also like to see congress engage as well. there is a role here for the congress in holding hearings and in doing other things that could expose this.
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>> bill: sean. thank you for your time. the piece in the "wall street journal" got our attention. let's see where it goes. thank you for bringing your case to us today. >> sandra: breaking news on the jobs front this morning. the unemployment rate dropping to a fresh 17-year low. charles payne joins us next on that. >> bill: how low can you go? "time" magazine is out with a stunning headline. the f.b.i. is in crisis and worse than you think. the details on this investigation coming up straight ahead here. >> sandra: a prisoner takes a nose-dive while trying to flee from court. this is no ordinary coffee. it's single-origin kenyan coffee from the nyeri highlands, 6,000 feet above sea level. but how do you really know that the beans journeyed to the port of mombasa and across the pacific? that you can trust they're 100% authentic?
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the u.s. added 164,000 jobs in the month of april which brought the unemployment rate down to 3.9%. falling below 4. that big 4% marker for the first time since bill clinton was president. let's bring in charles payne, host of making money over on fbn. what should we know about these numbers? just a headline. that's unbelievable. >> the headline is huge, 17-year low. a lot of moving parts with this. a lot of things we look at. unemployment rate is the big headline here. the only real negative i saw is participation. we saw people leave the labor force. i want to see people coming back into the labor force. that being said wages were up 2.6% year-over-year. i think they should be higher and will go higher. the reason why you see pressure before the market opens here this morning is that the federal reserve thinks the economy is growing so quickly and we're so afraid they'll use their power to derail the stock market and that's why the stock
6:25 am
market is reacting somewhat negatively to what would otherwise be a good number. >> sandra: dow futures down more than 100 points. despite what would otherwise be a spectacular jobs report we might see a down open. looking at the overall unemployment numbers where is the biggest growth in jobs? >> my favorite thing. i call them dirty fingernail job. earlier in the week we said we had 53,000 a month this year. by far the most ever. i went back a few decades and couldn't find. last month according to the government 49,000. we are talking 17,000 construction jobs. remember all the rain? that was bad weather. mining 8,000 mining jobs. 2016 we lost 5,000 jobs a month in mining. we gained 8,000. manufacturing remember they said it count be done? now we're approaching 300,000 manufacturing jobs in america
6:26 am
since president trump was inaugurated. healthcare would be good because of the aging population. business, though, 54,000 are high-paying jobs. 18,000 jobs in leisure. not the best paying job it points to the fact that people are spending money on discretionary things. things they don't need but what they want. >> sandra: another number the president likes to talk about is the unemployment rate among african-american. it fell to a record low 6.6%, a drop. >> all time low. the only thing i want to see is more blacks, more hispanics and young people coming into this job market because there are 6 .2 million jobs open now. don't be intimidated by the jobs market. sending out the resume. now is the time. >> sandra: are these better employment numbers translating to a boom in the housing market?
6:27 am
the two are so closely connected. >> home prices have come back dramatically. new home sales are up. home builders that reported earnings in the last two weeks amazing. the data has been amazing. the only problem we have is not enough homes. maybe a victim of its own success. maybe the prices are going too high. the fact of the matter is housing is going gangbusters right now. >> sandra: they are softer than analyst expectations. you hate talking about that. it affects the way stock market react. a little disappointment there otherwise big picture stock market. are stocks cheap? >> stocks have become very cheap. we're in the middle of earnings season. every three months companies report card and tell us how well they've done. one of the best earning seasons ever. might be too good. last monday caterpillar said it was the high watermark. stock was up. it came crashing down.
6:28 am
ever since then there has been pressure on the market. they wonder if it's as good as it gets. i say it could get better. >> sandra: >> sandra: caterpillar is a good barometer. >> we have a serious skills gap. it's what they call new collar, not white or blue collar. you need special skills to get it done. a piece out burlington northern paying $25,000 bonuses for pipe fitters, steelworkers. if you can get the fingernails dirty you can make a lot of money. >> bill: rudy giuliani calling out jeff sessions during this week and why he says the a.g. should intervene in the mike cohen matter. >> sandra: growing questions on the fate of three american hostages being held in north korea as the trump administration continues to
6:29 am
push for their release. a live report straight ahead. >> stopping a nuclear war and helping protect the safety and security of people across the globe would certainly be the number one priority of the president of the united states.
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>> sandra: rudy giuliani calling on jeff sessions to intervene in the investigation of michael cohen weeks after the f.b.i. raided cohen's office and home. giuliani telling the hill i am waiting for the attorney general to step in in his role as defender of justice and put these people under investigation. let's bring in mike huckabee, a fox news contributor. good morning, governor. nice to see you this morning. >> thank you very much. good to be here. >> sandra: you've heard a lot from giuliani the past few days. he is calling on sessions to step in the on the cohen
6:33 am
investigation. investigate the investigators. >> the reason it's important, it is not just about protecting the president but the country. the president has a real legitimate job to do and doing it well. he is like the guy that used to be on ed sullivan spinning the plates and has 10 plates being spun at one time and it is really an intense job dealing with north korea, syria, with the opening. embassy in israel, with russia. and then dealing on the home front. getting people back to work and getting jobs and all the time he is constantly under this intense pressure to answer all these questions about something that so far has not produced one shred of evidence with russia collusion. i don't blame the president for being frustrated. i think rudy is absolutely right. it is time to put up or shut up. let's end this stuff and let this president do his job. >> sandra: what do you make of this giuliani media blitz that we've seen the past couple of days? what are your thoughts on that? >> i think in many ways it's an attempt to try to push back
6:34 am
against all of the -- let me use the term fake news. nbc rolled out a report the president's phone had been tabbed because the conversations being tapped and they walked it back and said they listened to the conversation but they had a pen record. which meant they may have had all of michael could hen's numbers he called or had a phone call from. the media is in a feeding frenzy like sharks behind the boat that's chuming bloody bait out and more interested in being first than right. it is really a fundamental fault of the news media that is not practicing legitimate journalism when they are not concerned about getting their facts straight and depending way too much on anonymous sources rather than having people step up and say yeah, i said it. put me on the record and i'll stand behind it. >> sandra: there is some concern out there, though, that giuliani and these many media
6:35 am
appearances he has made so far, radio, print, television, just about everywhere, he has perhaps exposed the president to new legal and political peril. do you see that? i know that sarah sanders, the press secretary was asked about the same thing in the briefing yesterday. >> whether that's the case, i don't know. i'm not a lawyer and i don't play one on television so i won't go there. his other lawyers i'm sure will have to weigh in on that. i think what rudy has done was to try to point out -- i think he has done this very effectively -- is that what is happening is that people who just can't accept the results of the election are grasping at anything to try to bring either discredit, dishonor or maybe even an ill legitimacy to a president who was legitimately elected by the majority of the american electors. if there is something that
6:36 am
disrupts the country and the president is involved in it that's legitimate but if this president hasn't done something and no evidence he has, then step away from it. let him do his job. if it's something that is -- go after him out of office when he is a private citizen. let's let him be president of the united states. we need a full-time president, not someone who has to spend half his time talking to attorneys and answering ridiculous questions incessantly from a bunch of people who can't accept he won the election in november of 2016. >> sandra: a few seconds left. talking about the chances of a mueller sit-down with the president is about 50/50 the chances of that happening but i have to prepare for that 50%. >> he does, but i don't think there is a lawyer in america who honestly thinks that's a good idea for the president and hopefully he won't and hopefully mueller doesn't push for some kind of forced subpoena. i think that sets up a
6:37 am
constitutional crisis. we don't need that right now. >> sandra: governor, great to see you this morning. happy friday. thank you, sir. >> thanks, sandra. >> bill: overseas now fox news alert we await the fate of three americans being held in north korea and apparently their future continues to be negotiated. expectations building over their release. administration officials continue to press to bring these men home. state department now making the effort a priority. have a listen. >> we want to see our american citizens brought home. we have been asking that and calling on that. the north korean government for that for quite some time. we certainly think it would be a very good sign if north korea in a wonderful gesture of goodwill if they were to release our three americans detained there. >> bill: greg palkot live in london. we thought maybe this would happen yesterday. what more do we know about the detainees?
6:38 am
>> all is quiet on friday, today, on the detainee front but there has been a lot of talk about the fate of these individuals. they are korean americans, one was seized in 2015 and two others, they were taken last year. they have been accused by north korea of crimes against the government like spying. there had been reports in recent days of them being moved from a labor camp to a hotel in pyongyang ahead of their release. the white house late yesterday told fox news that there is still more work to do. all this, of course, as you noted, bill, last friday's summit between kim jong-un and south korean president moon. most importantly in advance of the critical summit between kim and president trump. most experts see the release of these americans as a sweet ener, a confidence builder in advance of that summit.
6:39 am
perhaps a little more time waiting to see what happens. >> bill: we could take the good news. thank you, greg. we're on stand by. >> sandra: the race for control of congress kicking into high gear in states like ohio. republicans are looking to flip a democrat's seat. hopeful congressman jim renacci has the president's endorsement and joins us next. >> bill: meanwhile president trump calling on mexico and congress. illegal immigration has surged by more than 200% at the border last month. >> sandra: talk about the right place at the right time. how one man's quick thinking helped police nab an armed suspect. >> i could see he was holding something while he was running but he had a good lead on you. he was coming my way so i got in his way. e sugar you don't. i'll take that.
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>> bill: i guess it's fancy
6:43 am
footwork now. good samaritan helping police nab their man. watch here on the sidewalk. >> gun, gun, get on the ground. >> columbus, ohio chasing a man. watch a man backup seeing cops in pursuit and there he goes, trips the suspect. allows police to catch and arrest him. as they say, whatever it takes. there is the man, there is the body cam and there is the leg. >> sandra: why, quick thinking. meanwhile this was the scene in a new york courthouse. a prisoner calmly gets up during his hearing, then suddenly makes a run for it and things get interesting. when he decides to speed up his escape by flipping himself over a second floor railing. he doesn't stick the landing and broke his leg, pelvis and fractured his skull. that's a long drop, wow.
6:44 am
>> bill: unbelievable. he will be okay i would assume but that's -- >> sandra: all we know at this point. >> bill: how about the little footwork there? it's one way taking him down. better than handcuffs. >> sandra: i think the guy who did the tripping was on a cane, too. >> bill: i would suggest it was rather smooth, too. props for the police in columbus, ohio. 16 minutes before the hour. going to move to what's happening on the west coast. the eruption of hawaii's kilauea volcano prompting 1500 people evacuating the area. the eruption following several days of seismic activity. adam housley is watching it. what's the condition now? >> some spectacular video coming in. the big island, a stunning view.
6:45 am
a very dangerous view at the same time. as you see mother nature erupting right now the kilauea volcano it is threatening homes. more than 1,000 people are evacuated and shut down a road. one of the craters collapsed. they had a 4.6 earthquake yesterday. it is caused by this seismic activity that helps push this eruption to a much larger level. kilauea even up until a week or so ago had been accessible for tourists to come see. now as you can see the ash is flying into the air. the lava itself has gone onto a road and into a residential area in puna. the puna road has been shut down. mandatory evacuations are there. state of emergency has been also declared as well. amazing when you look at people's homes and in the distance you can see the steam coming up out of the ground. so if you live in the area you are used to this kind of thing
6:46 am
but for those of us who don't live in hawaii it's amazing to see mother nature creating more land as the lava will eventually still into the sea depending where it goes through. evacuations are going to be going on for some time. no idea when it will stop. we know this, that at this point there has been -- the quakes aren't large enough to have tsunami warnings and consistent earthquakes in the area. you can see it is spewing in the air. creation right in front of you. amazing to see it. when it comes out we show you amazing video. everybody is safe. >> bill: it creates more land in the end when everything cools down. watching that from hawaii. >> sandra: president trump preparing to leave the white house this morning as he heads to dallas for the nra's annual convention just months after going back and forth on gun control in the wake of the parkland school shooting. a live look there at air force
6:47 am
one, joint base andrews, quarter to 10 in the morning. we expect to hear from the president at the nra convention a short time from now. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. i'm the one clocking in... when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. i can also help with this. does your bed do that?
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leading conservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again. >> sandra: president trump signing off on an executive order aimed at getting religious groups more involved in providing federally funded social services saying the new white house faith and opportunity initiative will ensure faith-based groups have equal access to government grants and other funding. >> my administration has spoken out against religious persecution around the world and the persecution of many, many christians.
6:51 am
what's going on is horrible. and we're taking action. we are taking action. >> sandra: powerful moment yesterday at the white house. >> bill: we're waiting on the president to leave the white house heading to dallas for the nra conventions. he may take questions. stay tuned. we'll bring it to you if it happens from the white house. in the meantime. we're keeping a close eye on three critical republican primaries. tuesday of next week republicans in ohio, indiana and west virginia will pick their candidates for congress. in ohio house ways and means committee member jim renacci is going against gibbons. it will be an interesting race no matter how it turns out. congressman renacci is with us. give us the state what's happening in your home state of ohio. the president won by eight points in ohio in 2016. where is your guess where that comes down today, that vote?
6:52 am
>> good morning, bill. look, as i travel the state i'm hearing the same thing. the first question everybody asks is how is the president doing? they love the president here in ohio. from a republican standpoint high approval ratings but overall there are outside polls that show him with 55% approval rating in ohio, which is very important as i travel the state. people want to see the state move forward. they see a president who is moving things forward and very happy here in ohio. >> bill: we were watching this west virginia primary on tuesday that we broadcast live. those three candidates were trying to out-trump each other. is that what you're doing with your opponent mike gibbons? >> there are five people in the race. all but one are saying they're with trump and trump is with them. the president is powerful here. everybody knows in ohio that the president endorse t me last week and supportive of me because i've been supportive of him starting even in the ohio
6:53 am
primaries and he has never forgotten that. i've been supportive of his agenda and people realize that. as i get around the state they understand who has the president's support. >> bill: 10 days ago he sent out a tweet for you on this screen. jim renacci has worked so hard on illegal immigration, tax reduction. i need jim to help keep making america great again. he will be a great senator and has my full endorsement. you are well aware of it. mike gibbons is on outsider not from the political class, a businessman. you wonder in this climate if republicans favor that at the moment, sir? >> bill: everybody loves to be an outsider. i was one, too. i was in business for 30 years. i ran for the office because the federal government took my car dealership in the general motors bankruptcy. gibbons and others want to talk about being the outsider and say i'm the insider. look, i'm a business guy.
6:54 am
i've been in business. i'm still a cpa and i'm pretty much bringing my 30 years of business experience to washington i know that's what the president likes and i also know that's what the people like. i do have now a couple years in the house to understand how washington is broken to get a head start on it in the senate. >> bill: if you win on tuesday you'll go against brown. you characterized him as a liberal democrat. he seems to have stabilized in his numbers over the past two years. why do you think that is? >> people in ohio don't realize he votes very much -- one of the three most liberal senators in the country. he votes with elizabeth waern. people need to see that. he is a nice guy. i have gotten to know him over the year because i fly back and forth with him. nice guy, bad policies, bad votes. in the end we'll have to talk about our differences. i'm a business guy and created over 1500 jobs. the only job he has created is
6:55 am
the one he has been elected to. he continues to be elected. been around for 44 years. i've been around for seven. those seven years prior to that was 30 years in the business world. big differences. i've employed 3,000 people. >> bill: we'll reach out to him before tuesday. i know your name recognition is not great in southwestern ohio because you're from the northeast. it could be interesting how you are able to work that come the general election. advance to one last point here. how do you handicap the stakes on the republicans holding the house in november? >> i believe the republicans will hold the house. look, there is no reason why we shouldn't. we're getting a lot of things done with the tax bill. i think in the end people will look and say we need to continue to push the president's agenda forward. they don't want nancy pelosi as speaker. they want to make sure the agenda continues forward. the house is moving, bill, the senate is not. over 500 bills were sent to the
6:56 am
senate. over 400 are just sitting there. in the end people will realize the house is moving things. the senate is where these bills go to die and the place we need the change. >> do you think you have head winds coming into november? >> i'm not sure. sometimes you have head winds and tail winds. i'm a pilot. some winds you have head winds and tail winds. you take what you've got. >> bill: thank you for your time today. >> thank you. bill. >> sandra: "time" magazine hitting news stands with a stunning headline today. the f.b.i. is in crisis and it is worse than you think. catherine herridge will have a live report plus the white house facing new fallout over rudy giuliani's media blitz on the mueller probe. "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace will join us to weigh in next.
6:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert as
7:00 am
the trump legal team baton town the hatches, "time" magazine hitting news stands with a cover story the f.b.i. is in crisis. it is worse than you think. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: how are you hanging in there? >> sandra: doing all right. happy friday. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. the magazine potentially putting the f.b.i. on its heels. as much as the bureau's roughly 14,000 special agents might like to tune out the news, internal and external reports have found lapses throughout the agency. long-time observers looking past the partisan haze see a troubling picture. something is wrong at the f.b.i. catherine herridge picks it up from there. good morning. what do you take from this piece? >> good morning. the former f.b.i. director seemed to play down "time"
7:01 am
magazine's assessment telling cbs news this morning the tough decisions he had to make on the clinton email investigation and comey said he stood by his decisions but were informed but f.b.i. senior leadership. >> i have a great sense of pain over a lot that's going on. our being stuck in the middle of the election but i'm at peace with the decisions we made. i'm accountable for the decisions but it was a large group of talented people who made those. >> critics point to the fact that a half dozen senior f.b.i. executives who worked under comey have since been fired, reassigned or chosen to retire including his deputy f.b.i. director andrew mccabe fired for lying to federal investigators about his role in a media leak about the clinton foundation. f.b.i. agent peter strzok and lawyer lisa page were removed from the russia investigation after their personal texts revealed bias against the president and james baker left the position along with his
7:02 am
former chief of staff. if you add the head of public affairs to the list you see over a half dozen senior executives who have left the bureau since comey was fired. >> bill: i'm hearing the president talking on the south lawn. when we get that tape on camera we'll play it back for our viewers. first the inspector general doing that long investigative report on the bureau right now and expected to testify next week on the hill. is that still happening? >> it's important to remind people when the justice department inspector general tasked to look at the clinton email investigation it was very bipartisan. republicans and democrats. the expectation is that report would probably be ready earlier this year but all of the deadlines or timelines have seemed to shift. the best day we have on the calendar is for next week when horowitz is scheduled to testify before one of the house committees. but our understanding is that that could also shift in terms of the timeline because he has continued to receive new leads he has pursued on the handling
7:03 am
of the f.b.i.'s investigation into the clinton emails and also the justice department's response, bill. >> bill: this is a moving target as we speak. >> it still is. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring in chris wallace, good morning to you. happy friday. you just heard catherine's report the f.b.i. in crisis, "time" magazine, america is paying the price. what did you make of that? >> well look, you didn't need "time" magazine. it's a powerful piece but you didn't need them to tell you that the f.b.i. under fire. there has been a lot of criticism of the way they handled according to clinton supporters mishandled the clinton email investigation and obviously you have a lot of trump supporters who say they badly mishandled the trump investigation and one of the few issues that clinton and trump people agree on. they all hated the f.b.i. under james comey. on the other hand we should point out the person leading
7:04 am
the investigation now is not the f.b.i. director, it is the special counsel, robert mueller, a lot of the criticism that's been directed at the f.b.i. hasn't been directed at special counsel mueller. >> sandra: you assume a lot has to be done to restore the faith of the american people in the f.b.i. and when it comes to the d.o.j., there is a powerful piece why the justice department is defiant. it's hard to have any faith in the necessity of the more than 300 redactions in the house intel report which republican committee members say are bogus and should be removed. every occasion that justice or f.b.i. has claimed material must be withheld for the sake of national security or continuing investigation it has later come out the only thing at stake were those institutions' reputations. another scathing review, chris. >> i think there are two things
7:05 am
going on here. one i think it is certainly the case that the f.b.i. and the justice department have slow walked and some would say for political reasons not security or intelligence reasons have slow walked the release of documents to the congressional investigating committees and this certainly would not be the first time a government bureaucracy is primarily concerned with protecting their own reputations. because there are all those holes of redactions. on the other hand there are cases where particularly the house intelligence committee has seemed to be demanding documents of the f.b.i. or the justice department that have been conceivably of considerable use to the white house and there have been concerns that have been raised that perhaps some members of the house intelligence committee are working hand in glove with the white house. for instance, one thing that the house intelligence committee wants is a very sensitive document on the scope of the mueller investigation. this is not something that is
7:06 am
routinely turned over. the special counsel is resisting turning it over and there is obviously a concern on the part of the special counsel as to whether or not you turn that over to the house intelligence committee, it ends up at the white house and use it to try to undercut the special counsel. two things could be true. one, the f.b.i. and justice department are not cooperating in an effort at bureaucratic self-preservation but in some cases may have legitimate concerns that members of the house are doing the bidding. white house. two members of the house have talked about filing articles of impeachment against rod rosenstein who oversees the special counsel investigation. >> sandra: i have to ask you about the media blitz that rudy giuliani has been on. john turley was looking back at the interview that giuliani did with sean hannity. he referred to it as not a
7:07 am
particularly stellar performance and suggested that maybe he is doing more harm than good to the president. >> you take these interviews under type of legal oath, the first do no harm. i do think that he caused some damage for the president and much of it is not necessarily the defense but the delivery in these two interviews. >> sandra: chris? >> i don't think that giuliani made the president's troubles go away with regard to the hush payment but i've talked to some people high up in the president's legal team who indicate look, this was the fact that when the f.b.i. raided cohen's office they came up with documents. the documents indicated that, in fact, the president trump had reimbursed michael cohen for the payment to stormy daniels. it was going to come out. a calculated decision was made by giuliani, the legal team and the president better to get it
7:08 am
out on their own terms than let the prosecutors put it out as a dramatic revelation or leak it to somebody else and put their own spin in it. according to that argument it was a bad fact. they had to get it out. better to get it out on their own terms. >> sandra: we'll be watching this weekend. who do you have this weekend? >> we'll have the former u.s. attorney briefly a member of the president's legal team. strong advocate for the president on all these issues debating somebody not so favorable to the president. we'll try to drill down on the issues, did giuliani do good or harm to the president? can the president be -- any president be subpoenaed or indicted? a lot of legal issues people are wondering about. we'll try to get to the bottom of all that on "fox news sunday". >> bill: president trump is concluding a conversation with reporters on the south lawn.
7:09 am
now on board marine one and jumps to air force one at joint base andrews and travel to dallas where he will give a major speech to the nra. a convention underway now in dallas. just wrapping up with reporters and i'm hearing that he told reporters that yes, he would like to sit down with bob mueller when asked about that a moment ago. once we get the video played back from the south lawn we'll turn it around and listen to it together. sometimes it's hard to hear the back and forth with reporters and the context sometimes gets lost. we'll see what quality we get. >> sandra: he said something said like that if my lawyers decide. we'll wait to hear what he said moments from now. stay tuned for that. an update on the atf agent shot overnight in chicago. state police say he will be okay. the agent was working undercover on a drug investigation on the city's south side when a gunman ran out of the building and shot
7:10 am
him in the face. he is critically injured but expected to survive. officers returned fire but unclear if they got the shooter. so far the suspect has not been identified. no arrests have been made. a manhunt underway right now and we'll bring you more information as we get this on this breaking story. >> bill: mike tobin was with us last hour. a massive surge of illegal immigration wiping out the gains made after president trump took office. we'll tell you what is going on today at the border. >> sandra: the israel/gaza border in crisis as palestinian protests turn violent. a live update ahead. >> bill: south korea's president saying president trump deserves the nobel peace prize. what's that about coming up?
7:11 am
♪ (electronic dance music)♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:12 am
>> sandra: president trump departing the white house a short time ago answering
7:13 am
reporter questions. let's listen. >> president trump: he is going to be issuing a statement, too. he is a great guy. he knows it's a witch hunt. that's what he knows. he has seen a lot of them and he said he has never seen anything so horrible. as an example, 33,000 emails requested by congress with a subpoena and they get burned. they get deleted and nobody says anything. give me a break. rudy knows it's a witch hunt. he started yesterday. he will get his facts straight. he is a great guy. but what he does is he feels it's a very bad thing for our country. >> when did you find out -- >> president trump: we'll give a full list and people know and virtually everything said has been said incorrectly and it has been said wrong or it's been covered wrong by the press just like nbc and abc yesterday
7:14 am
covered the story wrong. you'll be finding out. wait a minute. it is actually very simple. it is actually very simple but there has been a lot of misinformation. really people wanting to say -- i say you know what, learn before you speak, it is a lot easier. we're having very substantive talks with north korea and a lot of things have already happened with respect to the hostages. and i think you will see good things. as i said yesterday, stay tuned. i think you will be seeing very, very good things. and also the trip is being scheduled. we now have a date and we have a location. we will be announcing it soon. >> have you changed your mind about being willing to sit with robert mueller >> president trump: well, the problem is you have a group of
7:15 am
investigators and they say i'm not a target. i'm not a target. you have a group of investigators that are all democrats. in some cases they went to the hillary clinton celebration that turned out to be a funeral. so you have all these investigators, they're democrats. in all fairness bob mueller worked for obama for eight years. you look at the statements that were made, you take a look as an example at the rod rosenstein letter to me prior to the firing of james comey. just read it. put it on the air. your viewers don't know about it. put that letter on the air. it very much speaks very loudly and that is just one thing. so i would say this, if i could be -- i would love to speak, i would love to. nobody wants to speak more than me against my lawyers. most lawyers say never speak on anything. i would love to speak because we've done nothing wrong. there was no collusion with the
7:16 am
russians. there was nothing. there was no obstruction. very funny, if you fight back because you people say something wrong or they say something wrong or they leak, which they've been doing, if you fight back they say oh, that's obstruction of justice. somebody says something wrong, you fight back they say that's obstruction of justice. that is nonsense. let me just -- wait, let me just tell you. so i would love to speak, i would love to go. nothing i want to do more because we did nothing wrong. we ran a great campaign. we won easily. we won that easily, 306 to 223. we one it easily. it was a great victory, a great day for this country. we just had new job numbers out. you saw we broke 4, 3.9%. i would love to go and speak but i have to find we will be treated fairly. wait, wait. i have to find that we will be
7:17 am
treated fairly because everybody sees it now and it is a pure witch hunt. right now it's a pure witch hunt. why don't we have republicans looking also? why aren't we having republican people doing what all these democrats are doing? it is a very unfair thing. if i thought it was fair i would override my lawyers. >> are you sure michael -- >> i thought the jobs report was very good. it hasn't been done in a long time. we're full employment. we're doing great. the stock market is doing i guess it's up 35% since the election. and now i think really they are waiting to see what will happen on trade because we'll have some incredible trade deals announced. my people are coming back right now from china. and we will be doing something one way or the other with
7:18 am
respect to what is happening in china. let me say this. i have great respect for president xi. that's why we're being so nice and we have a great relationship. but we have to bring fairness into trade between the u.s. and china. and we'll do it. >> sandra: that's president trump speaking to reporters on the south lawn of the white house a few moments ago on his way to marine one and now you are seeing a live shot of marine one landing at joint base andrews where the president will then board air force one and head to dallas for the nra event, the convention he'll be speaking a short time from now talking about the robert mueller investigation saying nobody wants to speak the special counsel robert mueller more than me. i would love to talk to him. i've done nothing wrong. he went as far as to say i will do so if i know i'm going to be
7:19 am
treated fairly. if i thought i was going to be treated fairly i would override my lawyers. some big news there, bill, as the president is just touching down at joint base andrews. >> bill: he has been in route to dallas for the convention of the nra. he said several times i would love to speak with mueller. as you rightly point out if i thought it were fair i would overrule my lawyers. he says a date and location for talks with north korea has been established. don't have details on that but if the negotiations have gotten that far, that's going to be a major headline throughout the day today and the jobs number cracking 4, to quote him. it was very point. 3.9. >> sandra: going back to north korea. when will the americans be released? we're having substantive talks. things are happening. very good things. we will be announcing dates and locations. >> it will be a public announcement before that
7:20 am
happens. >> bill: the first questions about rudy giuliani in the last 36 hours. the tour we watched in new york city sounded like he said he will get his facts straight. i don't know what that's in reference to. the president inferring repeatedly and rudy giuliani knows it's a witch hunt. >> sandra: he said he is a great guy, started a couple days ago. he said rudy knows this is a witch hunt. he will get his facts straight. we're wondering what he meant by that. >> bill: in conversations with the former mayor yesterday he made it clear, i felt, about what the legal strategy was. and that was he was coming to new york to sit down with sean hannity first and go on offense with regard to the mueller matter. at the same time he is the one who brought up the stormy daniels payments to sean without being prompted or questioned on that and he says that was deliberate also. he wanted to get that
7:21 am
information out there and that may, sandra, go back to the michael cohen raid of a couple weeks ago and what they did or did not find inside the raid that changed the legal strategy and his new lawyer team. >> sandra: the corrections being made by other networks in the last 24 hours the president also addressed that on the ground on the south lawn of the white house saying some things were gotten wrong by the press, nbc and abc, shameful. a lot of misinformation out there. the president as he just left the white house a few minutes ago and he is on the ground at 10:21 a.m. eastern. >> the giuliani trip seemed to turn a lot of things upside down this week it appeared for some. he made it clear that you cannot prosecute a sitting president. you can't do it. you can do it when you're out of office but not while you're
7:22 am
the commander-in-chief. if it comes to it and he is subpoenaed, they'll fight the subpoena. giuliani made it clear they'd fight it to the supreme court and not justified based on the constitution and factions within the government working against them and they will try to put those factions of the government on trial. you did a segment on the f.b.i. just a moment ago in talking with chris wallace, front page, "time" magazine. there are questions about how people acted, how people behaved. and if you get this inspector general before a house committee sometime in the next several days or week or two, who knows what he has found on the inside that would support the argument that the former mayor is now making? >> sandra: as far as the possibility of a subpoena, rudy giuliani said he projected a 50/50 chance that might actually happen and as far as his job is concerned, i have to prepare the president for that. and the president has continually made the point i
7:23 am
have a lot of important things on my plate like this upcoming summit with north korea. >> bill: it is dallas, texas today. an election year in six months, talking about the primaries happening next tuesday in ohio, indiana and west virginia. yes, general kelly to his left as well. and the winners of these primaries are going to have what the republicans would argue a good shot of overturning some senate seats in indiana, west virginia to a lesser degree the state of ohio. so we're keeping a close eye on that. i thought it was interesting on the tuesday debate in west virginia is how trumpian all three candidates on stage sounded. they would pivot to president trump on just about every answer. in the state of west virginia you understand why. he won the state with 68% of the vote. >> sandra: it was a race to embrace donald trump as much as humanly possible in that state. where see where all that goes. here is the president with his chief of staff john kelly on the ground now heading over to
7:24 am
air force one where they'll board and make their way down to dallas, texas on a friday morning. >> bill: we might be too far away for audio. we'll be drowned out by the jet engine there. who knows what is being said? we'll get this turned around for you also. i mentioned the nra, second amendment, president said he supports that amendment. he will not waiver. he will stand and defend it and that is evidenced today with his trip to dallas, texas. and tomorrow with regard to the mid-terms he will be in cleveland, ohio to support jim renacci. do we have it? bring it up. >> president trump: we're about to have a breakthrough with north korea. the jobs report. everything is going well. attacking the opioid crisis. [inaudible] >> why did you change your story an stormy daniels? >> i didn't change any story.
7:25 am
i'm telling you this country is growing so fast and to be bringing up that kind of crap and witch hunt all the time. that's all you want to talk about. you take a look at what i said. you go back and take a look and see what i said. excuse me, excuse me. take a look at what we said. this is a witch hunt like -- >> bill: our apologies on that. i'm seeing in the other monitor. think we've got it? >> president trump: look at our economy. 3.9% we've hit today for the first time in many years. we're proud of it and we'll talk to you folks later. i will tell you this, when rudy made the statement. he is great. he had just started and wasn't totally familiar with everything. and rudy, we love rudy, he is a
7:26 am
special guy. what he really understands is this is a witch hunt. he understands it better than anybody. excuse me. rudy understands this better than anybody but when he made certain statements, he just started yesterday so that's it. so bottom line is -- bottom line is i want to talk to the people in charge. if they can prove that it's a fair situation. the problem we have is that you have 13 people, they are all democrats and they are real democrats. they are angry democrats. and that's not a fair situation. thank you very much. we have a chance to bring in -- we're doing very well with the hostages. we're in constant contact with the leadership. we are in constant contact with north korea and worked out a time and place, which will be
7:27 am
announced shortly. and -- very soon. i figured you would ask that question but wait a minute. >> [inaudible question]. >> president trump: i have to tell you at some point in the future i would like to save the money. we have 32,000 troops there but i think a lot of great things will happen but troops are not on the table, absolutely. thank you very much. >> bill: a lot of news being made there. 32,000 troops in south korea is not on the table. time and place. you asked why change the story on the stormy daniels matter? >> president trump: he said it's too important to be bringing up that kind of grap. >> rudy giuliani said you find new information and have to
7:28 am
react to that. that was the defense he gave anyway when he was in new york yesterday. >> sandra: he said rudy knows it is a witch hunt and he will get his facts straight. president went on to further answer questions about him just now saying rudy understands this better than anybody but he just started a few days ago. >> bill: a lot of news there. fox news contributor marc thiessen, you were listening, right, marc? good morning to you. i guess what strikes me in addition to what's happening in the news on north korea that i can talk about in a moment here, several times he said i would love to speak to bob mueller and there is a little back and forth. what is your take? >> he would be crazy to talk to bob mueller but i understand why he wants -- he probably thinks that he should talk to bob mueller because the president is confident in his ability to handle those kinds of situations and look, he has
7:29 am
testified in front of a bunch of prosecutors over the years and attorneys over the years. he thinks he could do a very good job. no up side for him speaking to bob mueller. >> bill: giuliani's message to me was if you get a subpoena we'll take you to the u.s. supreme court. they can probably make an argument they might have five votes now that stands up for the executive branch. do you think that is where we are headed? >> it's entirely possible. it will be interesting to see whether bob mueller tries to force him. quite a situation to subpoena the president of the united states. but he also -- i'm not a legal expert but we have a constitutional right against self-incrimination and people can't be forced to testify against themselves in this country. grand juries are a little different. particularly a sitting president of the united states is a higher level of animal. so we'll see. it could go to the supreme court absolutely. >> bill: on north korea, date
7:30 am
and location set, time and place has been set, not announced right now. this is very interesting. not to get ahead of it, marc, but you may be looking at a significant international diplomatic breakthrough. >> it's entirely possible but what the president just said there on the tarmac troops not being on the table for the negotiations is hugely, hugely important. that is north korea's goal. they don't want to get rid of their nuclear program any more than that he did when he promised bill clinton in 1994. they come to the table for one reason. they want to get the united states out of the korean peninsula and push out the troops. the president said the troops don't give us any value and now he has learned the value of our troops over there. they think that they've got an open door to push on in terms of getting american forces out of there. they want to reduce both the
7:31 am
nuclear and conventional guarantee that the united states has to south korea's security and so they will lie, cheat, steal, say whatever they can in order to get the president to agree to that. and he has to be very firm in saying that troops are not on the table in any negotiations in north korea. >> bill: he just did again. marc, thank you so much. good to get your instant reaction. you brought you in for a different topic but job well done. >> sandra: the border patrol reporting a large spike in illegal immigrants crossing our southern border. the worst since president trump took office. more on this with the border patrol deputy commissioner next.
7:32 am
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7:34 am
>> sandra: a brand-new report finding a massive surge of illegal immigration along the southwest border. up 223% in april compared to april last year. more than 38,000 were detained by the border patrol last month.
7:35 am
the worst month since president trump took office. the president starting the day off tweeting this. our southern border is under siege. congress must act now to change our weak and ineffective immigration laws. must build a wall. mexico, which has a massive crime problem is doing little to help. ron vitiello joins us now. this is a huge problem that you are tackling. where do things stand? >> the numbers came if for april and we saw another over 200% increase versus last year. we have a renewed commitment about recorder security. we're seeing the rises in numbers because of what exist the way immigration law is enforced in the united states. we have to close the loopholes. we have to add wall and the deployment of the national guard and trying to hire agents and adding capability with
7:36 am
technology and access to the border. we need some of the laws to be changed so when people get arrested they're quickly removed back to their country. >> sandra: you have a meeting today with the secretary. what are you asking for as far as resources to fix the problem? >> we want to deliver on action plans that the president's commitment to build the wall on the southwest border. we're building new wall in two places. we're talking about resources for the rest of this year to add capability in san diego with border wall there and in the rio grande valley. the most volatile part of the border and monitoring what is happening with the folks on the south side of the border. monitoring that traffic as it comes in and giving her reports on what is happening to those people once they come into our custody. >> sandra: i want to get an update on the caravan. dozens more asylum seekers have been let into the u.s. from
7:37 am
mexico. caravan organizers 150 people have been left in from the caravan seeking asylum. >> they're reporting at the port and they are claiming asylum. under the way the law is executed, they are allowed to come in. interviewed, set up for removal and put in this credible fear assessment and so while that happens we are under restrictions under some of these loopholes to release people after a certain amount of days if they are with a family unit or unaccompanied minor and why you see the increases. people are attempting to come to the border and eventually released into our society and so that draws more people toward the border and toward this situation. those that have crossed the border illegally between the ports have been set up for prosecution. we have a lot of assistance from the justice department to help prosecute those people who come in illegally. >> sandra: what is secretary nielsen's message? >> she is asking for help. we're doing everything we can on the operational side and
7:38 am
doing everything that she has within her discretion to help secure the border. we're asking congress for help to shore up some loopholes and change the way the law is executed in immigration enforcement. >> sandra: 158 have been let in since last weekend. another 62 migrants were still waiting for the chance to begin the asylum process. >> they'll wait. when we have capacity they'll let the folks in and put them through the process and they'll let them in. we expect to be done with that sometime through the weekend. what the secretary knows is that securing that border brings more homeland security. this is a distraction to the good work we do on the border to prevent drugs from coming in and to help secure that border between and at the ports. >> sandra: you have a big job to do. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: very interesting there. 22 before the hour. back to the top story of the day. moments ago president trump wrapping up his impromptu q & a with reporters twice. first on the south lawn and then the tarmac before he boarded air force one.
7:39 am
he says rudy giuliani knows the mueller investigation is a witch hunt. he says he would love to talk to the special counsel bob mueller but is not sure it would be a fair sit-down. our panel will take all this on and we'll tell you what the president had to say a moment ago on that and more coming up. >> president trump: a great guy. he knows it's a witch hunt. he has seen a lot of them and he said he has never seen anything so horrible. fight security threats 60 times faster with ai that sees threats coming. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business. the ibm cloud. i had a very minor fender bender tonight!
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tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. other side effects include upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. >> president trump: i would love to speak. i would love to. nobody wants to speak more than me even against my lawyers. most lawyers say never speak on anything. i would love to speak because we've done nothing wrong. there was no collusion with the russians. there was nothing. there was no obstruction. >> sandra: president trump speaking moments ago before boarding air force one saying he would like to sit down with special counsel robert mueller saying he has done nothing
7:43 am
wrong. our panel is co-hosting a new show benson and harf. marie harf is a fox news analyst and contributor. guy benson political editor of town you get a sample before the debut on monday. excited to have both of you. you heard the president a few moments ago addressing reporters in a couple different spots. what struck you? >> the fact he was asked about rudy giuliani and the media tour starting on hannity the other night. one of the things he said he will get his facts straight in the future tense. i think if what rudy is trying to do is get his arms around this thing and get everyone on the same page finally getting the facts straight first is probably the best course of action because it seems like maybe trump is not undercutting rudy but maybe setting up a walk-back of something. >> he is a great guy and knows it's a witch hunt and only been on the job a couple of days.
7:44 am
>> rudy came out this week with another different story about the stormy daniels payment and a lot of us thought now they finally put the truth out even though it's version number five. donald trump this morning seemed to indicate maybe it wasn't the truth. so this -- the problem for the president is the story is still in the news, another news cycle where their own team has put the story out there and the president wants to talk about anything but this. >> sandra: he said that. he wainted to the economy and jobs report and rather be talking about that. the upcoming potential mueller sit-down with the president. giuliani targeted a 50/50 chance that would happen. the president for his part says i would love to sit down with him and talk to him and if he thought it would be fair he said he would override his lawyers and do it. >> he said he would love to talk to robert mueller. and mueller would like to talk to the president. what trump is hearing from a lot of his attorneys and part of the reason we saw the
7:45 am
questions leaked likely from trump's attorneys trying to convince trump it is a bad strategic decision for him to sit down with mueller especially in any sort of open-ended setting. it's one of the point rudy has been making for days and is correct. if there will be an in-person interview the scope and time must be limited. otherwise it would be crazy to do. >> sandra: here is professor alan dershowitz he has a lack of trust for so much going on out there. listen. >> i do not trust the government. i do not trust judges. i do not trust prosecutors when they are zealously seeking to go after a particular target, in this case donald trump. nobody would have been going after michael cohen if he weren't donald trump's lawyer. >> i think those comments were pretty irresponsible because it fosters this sense that the justice system is completely broken in this country and it's
7:46 am
not. there wouldn't have been a raid on michael cohen's offices if there hadn't been enough information to -- president trump said i didn't do anything wrong. i want to sit down with mueller and answer these questions. i think it's probably 50/50 whether he does or not but he may not have a choice. we saw reporting this week that mueller is considering subpoenaing the president and you have a protracted legal battle that donald trump doesn't want. >> it's unclear and under dispute whether or not the special prosecutor could subpoena a president. even if he were to comply with the subpoena he wouldn't have to talk to mueller, either. so -- >> politically it would be disastrous if he pled the fifth. if he can't answer the question did you know your team was meeting with russians at the
7:47 am
trump tower? politically it looks terrible. >> the lawyer's job is to protect the president. >> sandra: michael caputo when he sat down with robert mueller saying things like this. listen. >> it was very clear they didn't want me to talk about this stuff and i think i can characterize what i exchanged with them but i think everybody has been cautioned by the mueller team that going out there and talking about it chapter and verse is highly discouraged. >> sandra: that's donald trump's former campaign aide. >> the mueller team has talked to a lot of current aides and they probably shouldn't be talking publicly what is happening inside the special counsel. we don't know where bob mueller is going with this. i think he probably wants to wrap it up as soon as possible. >> sandra: you get that sense? >> i think he does. until we see the report that he issues at the end of this so much of what we talk about is
7:48 am
speculation. >> it's tough to tell. seems like it has dragged on for almost a year. one other thing that caputo said and noted about his interaction with the mueller people is that mueller does seem focused on the russia issue. which he should be. that's the job. i hope that is true. >> sandra: benson and harf, what to expect? the big debut coming monday. >> 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. fox news radio. >> left and right. we can disagree but not be nasty and friends in real life and tackle the big issues of the day, sports and fun stuff. >> thank you for giving us a preview. >> bill: you guys get along. >> for now. >> check back in a few months. >> bill: good luck. what happened at twitter that caused the company to issue an apology to every one of its users. stay tuned. rgy pills?
7:49 am
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>> eight minutes away we're watching for the potential release of three american prisoners in north korea. are the reports of a breakthrough in their case a sign the president's strategy on north korea is working? ari fleischer joins us. plus a congressional chaplain withdraws his resignation in a capitol hill controversy. how did his job become the latest political foot ball. nbc forced to make a major correction on the michael cohen story. how did they get it so wrong? >> bill: see you in seven minutes. twitter users change your password. the company found a bug that stored all passwords in plain text which is a no no. it is recommending 330 million people on the app change the password now. brett larson joins me and tech
7:53 am
correspondent in a previous life. how are you? nice to see you. plain text is not what you want to have. >> plain text passwords are like you write it on a sticker note and stick it to your monitor. that's what twitter did. it's an internal discovery. it happened internally so says stwiter. as far as we know, no one on the outside has gotten access to it. a little sigh of relief. it is always a good reminder to change your password which seems to be something that is happening every couple months. >> bill: even more than that. i got two letters in the past week from major companies who said you might want to change your password. with twitter there was no breach, right? >> no external data breach. it was an internal discovery. change your password. >> they're supposed to be encrypted throughout the systems and databases they have
7:54 am
both internally and externally. we use these services to log into other services. facebook account to log into other websites and that's where it becomes a sticky issue where you want to change it. >> bill: when a a website says save your password do you advise to do that? >> if you save it locally through chrome browser, safari or on your web browser it is perfectly okay. the only problem when you start saving your passwords you forget what they are then when you are on another device you don't remember it. i also strongly encourage people if it is available enable to two factor authentication. when you try to log into something on a new computer we'll send you a code on your cell phone you've given us, insert that code and we'll let you log in just one time. here are your tips. we have some need to know.
7:55 am
>> don't use the same password for every service. i know it's what you want to do. don't do that. if somebody gets one they have everything. avoid common words, pet and street names. my password is not dexter 442. that is my dog's name and address. avoid the most common password and consider a pass phrase. we enabled the protocol at fox. you can see there we mixed in numbers and symbols so that's what -- no one will guess that. >> bill: what he is trying to say there? rose for summer 2018. i mixed in dollar signs for the s and -- trying to help you guys stay safe online and enjoy
7:56 am
your rose. >> bill: you usually do change it? >> i try and actually change them every couple months just the stay ahead of the curve. >> sandra: it's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight and password. all right. breaking news on the mueller investigation with president trump speaking out moments ago about a potential interview with the special counsel. a live report from the white house moments away. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. just another day on the farm.
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8:00 am
>> i'm more stubborn. i can't remember -- the trail of passwords that extend through our lives. >> you have to change them regularly. we're rambling. bill, have a wonderful weekend. you too. "happening now" is now. >> jon: president trump telling reporters he would love to sit down for a face-to-face interview with robert mueller. those comments coming as the president heads to texas to address members of the nra. good morning. i'm jon scott. >> and i'm julie banderas. the president trump going on the record at rudy guliani arguing the meeting with the special counsel should last two to three hours and should not be under oath. the president says he wants to do it but make sure he's treated fairly. >> you


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