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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 4, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> i'm more stubborn. i can't remember -- the trail of passwords that extend through our lives. >> you have to change them regularly. we're rambling. bill, have a wonderful weekend. you too. "happening now" is now. >> jon: president trump telling reporters he would love to sit down for a face-to-face interview with robert mueller. those comments coming as the president heads to texas to address members of the nra. good morning. i'm jon scott. >> and i'm julie banderas. the president trump going on the record at rudy guliani arguing the meeting with the special counsel should last two to three hours and should not be under oath. the president says he wants to do it but make sure he's treated fairly. >> you have a group of
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investigators. they say i'm not a target. i'm not a target. but you have a group of investigators that are all democrats. you take a look as an example at the rod rosenstein letter, to me, prior to the firing of james comey, just read it. but it in the air. your viewers don't know about it. put that letter on the air. i'd love to see. we've done nothing wrong. there was no collusion with the russians. there was nothing. there was no obstruction. >> julie: peter doocy is reporting live for us. peter, is president trump upset with rudy guliani for saying too much about his payment to stormy daniels? >> julie, i had a chance to ask president trump how he thinks that rudy guliani is doing. the president told me he thinks the former mayor is still getting the hang of the way things go on the trump legal team. >> rudy is a great guy. he just started a day ago.
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he really has his heart into it. he's working hard, learning the subject matter. he's going to be issuing a statement, too. he's a great guy. rudy knows it's a witch hunt. he started yesterday. he will get his facts straight. >> president trump insists that nobody is changing their stories when it comes to stormy daniels. rudy guliani said that michael cohen was reimbursed by the president. the president said he should check air force one. he did. he told reporters that he didn't know about a payment and michael cohen is his attorney. we would have to ask him. michael cohen was paid a retainer for his services. the president says that he didn't know what he was doing with the money. the president would like to sit down with robert mueller as long as he knows the sit-down would
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be fair. sounds like the president is skeptical it would be fair. he's on his way to dallas to speak at the nra convention. in february when the president and republican lawmakers were trying to figure out what kind of gun control measures they could get behind, the president called out republicans. he said he thought that the nra had too much power over them, over lawmakers and congress. he said the nra had less power over him, so it's interesting to see what he says this afternoon. julie? >> peter doocy live at the white house. thank you very much. expectations building for the release of three americans detained in north korea after reports that they were moved to a hotel. this coming ahead of the meeting of president trump and kim jong-un. the president just commenting on the talks a short time ago. listen. >> we're having very substantive talks with north korea and a lot of things have already happened with respect to the hostages.
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i think you'll see very good thing. also, the trip is being scheduled. we have a date and we have a location. we'll be announcing it soon. >> julie: greg palkot joins us live. hi, greg. >> that was a breaking development on this and a couple of stories from president trump. in his words, i think you'll see very good things. he was referring to the american citizens held by north korea. that includes korean americans. kim dung chul and kim sandok. they have been accused of crimes of north korea like spying. there's been reports that they were moved from a labor camp ahead of their release. president trump referring to substantive talks regarding their release. all of this follows last friday's important summit between north korean leader kim jong-un and south korean president moon. the other major news that you
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just heard from president trump is that a date and location for his summit with kim jong-un has been decided upon. he didn't say right now when or where. a leading possibility for location for the summit is in fact the same location as last friday's meeting, the dmz between north and south korea. singapore is one of several other possibilities. as for the time, it's been reported late may or early june. finally, a lot to cover here. two final notes. one again from president trump. he basically knocked down a report that was in "the new york times" that he was considering reducing u.s. troops strength in south korea. that was a very crucial claim. but he said, maybe later on we'll take a look at it. one breaking news coming from south korea. quoting an unnamed source, the important news agency there, saying that detainee release could happen as early as saturday and could happen, guess
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what? at the dmz. back to you. >> julie: wow. no surprises. always keeping us on our toes. thanks, greg. jon? >> jon: for more on the three american detainees and the possibility they could be released, let's go to ari fleischer, former press secretary for george bush, also a fox news contributor. ari, you know that the north korean regime has bedevilled every situation since the korean war, including the one that you worked. what do you make of the fact that these detainees are set to be released from everything we're hearing? >> that's a joyous event. for the detainees and their families, a very significant event. i don't confuse with it the foreign policy break through. i'm very well pleased to see this may happen. >> doesn't trump get the credit? >> you have to give him the credit. they're coming home on his watch and because of what you might
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call glasnost between north korea and the united states. i'm weary. this is out of the north korean playbook. this is not the only hostages they've taken to release and used as chips to get international credit. they do this about every ten years, jon. they enter into agreements with the west, principally with the south and the united states. they did it with president bush. they promised to dismantle all nuclear materials and infrastructure. they allow u.n. inspectors in the country. as soon as this happen, they lie, they deceive, cheat and swap what they were doing and do it a different way of producing nuclear weapons. that's what they've done every time. i think they're going to do it again this time. so i'm very cynical about the broader movement here. it's worth testing, but president trump needs to remember history. >> jon: you described it as glasnost, but also the screws to
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north korea from economic sanctions and also through china. is it possible the economic pressure is causing kim to crack a little bit? >> we don't know. i hope that it continues, the severe economic pressure. that's the only leverage we have short of military. we should increase the economic pressure on north korea as perceived unless and until they verifiably do the thing they say they're going to do and stick to it for years. the problem is not reaching an agreement with north korea. previous nations and administrations have done that. the problem is that after an agreement is reached, north korea doesn't abide by it. so even after what i think will be visibly successful summit between the president and president kim jong-un of north korea, the real test won't come to weeks, months and years after that until we see if they're lying like in the past. in the 90s, what they did is they promised they would give up
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plutonium for nuclear weapon development. they gave it up. they swapped. instead, they used enriched uranium. we caught them. gave up one, used the other. accomplished the same goal. >> jon: it's not a case of watching their deeds -- i'm sorry. not watching their words but watching their deeds. >> exactly. that will last year. that's the point. even the visibly successful summit that i think will happen is not the right measurement of progress with north korea. the only right measurement of progress of north korea is over time. did they live up to the agreements they made. history says that they take this playbook out every ten years, they lie, cheat and deceive. >> jon: we've heard in a tweet from the president and also a statement from rudy guliani, that this is coming, the prisoners are to be released. we haven't heard that from the north koreans themselves as far as i'm aware. does that concern you at all?
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>> no, because i think this is one of those issues where people in the west talk too much. you have to let events unfold. there's a history of north korea releasing these prisoners. the only reason they have them is because they took them in the first place. that's why i'm pleased for the families and the individuals. i don't confuse this to be a foreign policy success of any high order. >> jon: when they want to look heroic, they let them go. ari fleischer, the former press spokesman for george w. bush. thank you. >> thank you. >> julie: breaking news from capitol hill. house intel members issuing a subpoena for records on the fbi's trump investigation. they had a deadline. it was yesterday. they missed it. congressman louis gohmert joins us live. hundreds forced out of their homes as lava flows into residential neighborhoods. >> since it's right there behind
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watch me. for less joint pain and clearer skin, ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> jon: sometimes escape doesn't pay. a handcuffed man tries to run out of court where he was appearing on drug charges and falls off a balcony. security cameras show the defendant, christopher rudd, running out of the spanish oaks courtroom. he falls to the ground after slipping over a railing. a bailiff tried to break his fall. he was bleeding from the head. rudd broke his pelvis and fractured his skull. >> julie: fox news confirming the house news intelligence committee send a subpoena to the justice department looking for records. the justice department did not comply with a thursday deadline. that was yesterday.
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so now what next? republicans also, by the way, demanding the fbi declassify a report on former fbi director james comey's briefing about michael flynn. let's bring in louis gohmert. i don't think it's a surprise that they didn't meet the deadline. you're not surprised, are you? >> i'm extremely disappointed. >> julie: disappointed, yes. >> it's another reason that rosenstein ought to step down. he's covering up the misdeeds when they investigated russia and uranium before and are engaging so improperly in an investigation here. it needs to be understood that when the warrant was obtained from the fisa court to go after carter page, one of the
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requirements of the law is that they have to knowingly certify that they're getting information regarding to foreign intelligence and they couldn't get it any other way. if they're violating the law intentionally like that, knowing that they're on a witch hunt after trump, they're not doing anything legally. they're nothing but sadistic voyeurs that ought to be punished the same way. that's why you're seeing so many redactions from what the intelligence committee is asking for. they don't want to show themselves to be violating the law. as devin has said, just because something will embarrass the justice department or mueller or rosenstein is no reason to keep it redacted. so they're covering for themselves. rosenstein has to resign or be fired. it is that desperate right now.
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it's out of control. >> julie: i want to move on to rudy guliani and the subject of attorney client privilege. guliani says when it comes to michael cohen and the president, there is none when it comes to those two. saying the department of justice wants to trample all over the constitution of states. >> he's right. >> julie: you believe jeff sessions should step in in the michael cohen case? would the attorney general ever intervene in this kind of mess and do you believe that jeff sessions would ever take that step? >> well, normally supervisors and the fbi hesitate to step in and make subordinates look bad. but we're talking about the greatest experience in self-government in history. it is that critical. where you have such a breach of the balance of powers between the three branches and just an
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ongoing overrunning of the law. i mean, it's just outrageous what is going on. i think he may be right. there's a lot of people saying oh, that there's information now that trump lied. if trump says i didn't know that he made the payment, that sound like he's saying he didn't know he made the payment when the payment was made but obviously he knew about it when he asked about it. he learned about it later. there's nothing inconsistent with him finding out later and repaying the attorney, this is very different from a prior prosecution. you didn't have somebody making a gift on behalf of the president. this is the president, he paid for it himself. he repaid it. >> julie: so there's a myriad of problems here. the raid on cohen's office and home were down in part to seek evidence of his role in paying for stormy daniels' silence
8:19 am
prior to the election. that was made october 28. it would violate campaign laws if campaign money was used. guliani contradicted president trump who on board air force one who explained he had no knowledge of cohen's payment and guliani said that not only did he know about his attorney paying hush money but he paid the hush money back. the question is when was the payment made. when you bring guliani in the fold, does he expect that explanation will convince sessions to get the doj to lay off of cohen? >> you have a number of questions there. >> julie: a nobody of issues. i don't have enough time. >> there's no -- that's not inconsistent if the president was saying i didn't know that he made the payment when he made the payment. that's not inconsistent with him learning the payment was made
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and he didn't then thereafter pay it back. it's not a violation of campaign finance laws when somebody does something to support a business which cohen was involved in. and then paying it back. that's absolutely not a violation of campaign finance reform laws. and to violate the attorney client relationship, guliani is right. they're trampling all over the constitution. this required mcmaster approving what went on. of course, we know mcmaster, thank god his been fired but he's in with mueller and rosenstein and those that want to see trump run out of office. >> julie: i want to get to your op-ed piece. a couple of media bomb shells. nbc running with the story that michael cohen's phones were
8:21 am
tapped. >> we don't know that for sure. >> julie: okay. so we're going to wait and see. then they retracted the story and said it was not true. i'm not sure why any news organization would not go and make sure to get their facts straight before reporting it. that's not the point. the op-ed piece that you write about mueller wasting millions of dollars, let's throw it up on the screen. millions of tax dollars and endless hours of time. let's start with a few on the present run-away railroading of the president and looking back to prior instances only same sorted behavior but mueller. care to expand? >> yeah. mueller has a history of not being a man of integrity but of using and abusing the law to go after people he didn't like. he finds somebody he doesn't like and goes about trying to find a crime. that is completely against the american juris prudence. we don't do that. you have to have probable cause
8:22 am
that a crime was committed. if it -- >> julie: we have to go. i'm sorry. we're out of time. >> that's not probable cause -- >> julie: i'm sorry. i hate to cut you off. we have to pay our bills here. thanks, congressman gohmert. we'll be back after this. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at
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yeah! now business is rolling in. mr. elliot, what's your wiwifi?ssword? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> jon: mandatory evacuations in hawaii. the kilauea volcano has erupted. many scrambling for safety. >> i put the dogs in a car. i just grabbed up an arm load of clothes. here we are.
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yeah. we move from california to get away from forest fires. >> adam housley from our west coast bureau now with more. adam? >> yeah, john. the pictures are spectacular. this latest volcanic activity has continued on. about 200 earthquakes have been going on over the last few days, including one of them, a 5.0, a precursor to the volcanic activity. the eruption has been allowed to spew ash and lava. lava poured out of the streets. 1,500 people live. lava fountains shooting 150 feet in the air. the molten lava spread out about 200 yards behind one house in particular. scientists said there's no way to predict how this would go.
8:27 am
the activity has been going on for 100,000 years here. we know volcano national park, you know the area has been shut down. this goes on. the governor signed an emergency proclamation providing state money. some residents get out right away. others say they're going to wait and see. >> there's a crack in the road. it's cracking. helicopters. smell the sulfur all around here. we're one street over from the lava right now. >> if this opens up, i'll leave. unless they force me to leave, i'm not planning to leave. whatever happens happens. >> truly spectacular when you take a look at it. you can see the video coming in from the air, the steam going up. obviously very dangerous while beautiful at the same time. it's creating land as it spews the lava out of the ground.
8:28 am
they had the 1924 eruption. it's becoming quite common there. a spectacular site to see as this comes up from the center of the earth. no idea how long it will go for. the earthquakes give us an idea. they've been ongoing since monday, jon. >> jon: i flew over it in a last flight a couple years back. it's an awesome sight. >> very cool. >> jon: thanks, adam. >> julie: his dismissal sparked a huge controversy on capitol hill. father patrick conway is back in his job as house chaplain. the big question, how did this become a political battle in the first place? a federal agent is shot in chicago. the latest from the scene next.
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>> jon: this fox news alert. a massive man hunt continues in chicago after an atf agent was shot in the face. mike tobin is live outside the hospital in chicago. mike? >> the update is good news. that agent confirmed by the atf is in stable condition. the initial reports were that he was shot in the head. we're hearing from federal sources that you mentioned, he
8:33 am
was shot in the face. one source says specifically he endured a broken jaw. they belief he's going to be okay. i'm going to step out of the shot. this agent was brought here to the hospital. he was brought in that s.u.v. because his fellow agents didn't want to wait for an ambulance. we have a radio dispatch from the frantic moments after this agent was shot. >> the shooting was just after 3:00 a.m. it was the start of a joint operation involving chicago p.d. and the atf. in chicago's back of the yards neighborhood. this is a troubled and violent neighborhoods. they're noted for not only using
8:34 am
handguns but rifles, oftentimes sniping from positions using the long rifles. this was a new joint strike force that was put in place after the president said he was going to surge the number of federal agents out here in chicago in an attempt to curb this playing of gun violence. we don't know if this agent was one of 20 new agents sent to strike force. he was meant to curb the plague of shootings, the number of shootings is down significantly this year. the shooter is yet to be identified at least publicly. the man hunt is underway. jon? >> the good news is that the officer is in stable condition. mike tobin, thanks. >> julie: facing backlash on capitol hill. paul ryan reversing his decision to dismiss the house chaplain accepting father patrick conroy's request to rescind his
8:35 am
resignation letter. the firing had lawmakers questioning ryan's motive. the speaker says he asked conroy to step aside because some complained their pastorial needs were not being met. conroy said it's my desire to serve in the congress to the end of my current two-year term and beyond unless my services are officially terminated or i'm not re-elected to the position by the membership of the house. let's turn to our panel. gianno caldwell is here. i'm baffled by this, gianno. in conroy's letter to ryan, he said he did nothing to be deserved to be pushed out. he said "i have never been disciplined, nor reprimanded or heard a complaint about my
8:36 am
ministry during my time as house chaplain." i'm confused. why ryan, a catholic himself, decided he needed to go. >> there's a lot of people scratching their heads. there should be a response here. i had to call a official here on capitol hill to see what was going on. what i was told is this particular pastor had became a little too political in his prayers. specifically around tax reform he was using political conjectu conjecture. i'm thankful that i came from a church in illinois where they don't talk politics in the pulpit. once you begin to do that, you lose what you're there for. you're there to give spiritual advice and guidance. this particular chaplain seemed to have done that.
8:37 am
he lost his way in that way from what i was told. >> julie: yeah, first of all, god is god. what i don't understand, antoine, how do we get to a place where there's a political battle over the chaplain at the white house? >> this is a sign of the times. unfortunately the chaplain has just been sucked up into this vacuum and this new norm that we live in here in the united states of america. it's very unfortunate, the good news is, a bipartisan ever was in place to take a deep dive and find out what happened so it won't happen again. someone that served the house of representative seven years, just wanted to finish his team. there's no need to put he or his family through this. to my dear friend on the other side, where i'm from, churches have always had a role in this country of moving things forward. i understand this pastor had
8:38 am
some comments. he may have been reminded the republican controlled congress about their responsibility according to the bible. this tax proposal that the gop passed really was not beneficial for middle class americans, some that consider themselves the least of these. >> i'd hate to see religion and politics missed here especially if there's no wrong doing. and jonathan burkes approached ryan looking for his resignation. maybe they were looking for a non-catholic to fill the post. here's ryan on behalf of his reasoning for requesting that resignation letter.
8:39 am
am i missing something here? was conroy not giving the services the religious services to the white house that it deserved and therefore they needed to find somebody that could? >> i tell you, there's a separation between church and state as my friend alluded to about churches having a party and before removing this country, i can agree with that. i go back to my own pastor, dale winston, raising leaders for the marketplace. this is the difference. we can have a conversation about church and spirituality and jesus being our lord and savior. when you get political, that's something that you need to take outside the church. you can convolute the message. as you know in this country, there's a big division between democrats and republicans. we talk about this politics things, like a lot of churches do in chicago. that's when the divisions starts and we can no longer receive the
8:40 am
message -- >> julie: you can't dodge the political, you know, firestorm that we have. let's leave god out of it. that's just just a thought. i'm going to give you the final word, antoine. >> the scripture reminds us that we have a responsibility to take care of those in need. it tells us we must do justly and walk humbly before our god. these people put their hand on the bible to hold an oath. >> and they do a fine job in providing that service. >> sure. he should have never been in this box. he should have never been put through this. i'm glad we have a resolution. >> until his resignation comes in to effect by next year, so we'll see if he gets elected back in. >> with jesus and lord and we're happy about that. amen, brother. >> julie: amen. you got the words out of my mouth. thanks, antoine and gianno. >> jon: nbc news is forced to
8:41 am
walk back a story that the feds wiretapped the president's personal attorney. what really happened? >> nbc made a terrible mistake. they corrected it four hours later to their credit. my goodness to go with that story. first of all, to get the wiretap, you would have had to have probable cause. in your noise cancelling trheadphones?ry maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪
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>> jon: nbc news is forced to walk back an explosive story on the michael cohen investigation. the network claimed federal investigators wiretapped president trump's personal attorney. nbc then issued a major correction saying the feds were monitoring who cohen was talking to but not listening in. the president tweeting "nbc news is wrong again. they cite sources which are constantly wrong. the sources probably don't
8:45 am
exist. they're fabricated fiction. cbs new is now as bad as cnn. sad." and sarah is here with us from action yes. beverly here from the filler words podcast. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> jon: beverly, nbc says their reporting team said they had two separate sources that have always been credible that gave them the information that, you know, michael cohen's phones had been wiretapped. if you have good sources and you trust them, do you go with the story? >> i think they're making the whole claim of fake news exist. they're helping him out quite a bit. they have to make sure their sources are accurate. i'd say what is more concerning about this situation is obviously that they printed it. when they found out it was not accurate. they left it up for four hours. we should see a major retraction and an apology.
8:46 am
we have seen these mainstream media outlets where they're trying to connect and -- trying to connect trump to russia. more and more believe president trump when he says it's fake news. >> jon: sarah, did the network screw up or get burned by sources? >> at the end of the day, the networks have to report the news factually. if it's wrong, it's on them. beverly makes a good point. when the main street media reports something that is not true, it gives the president ammunition to call them out and say hey, this is not right. that's where this narrative about fake news media is coming in. every time something wrong goes, the president tweets about it and lets everybody know. >> jon: misinformation feeds to
8:47 am
public distrust, doesn't it, beverly? >> absolutely. i will say when it comes to reporters, they're human. they do make mistakes. they should offer retractions. we're in a fast paced news cycle. reporters do have a responsibility to make sure it's all factual. i also think that some of this reporting is leading to what i view as a sad division. people think things that aren't really going on. it's not leading to actual factual information and hopefully getting us to the end of the russia investigation. regardless of what you think the president did, we're all ready to know what actually happened. >> jon: we know the russians love disinformation. they're very good at it. as the next election is rolling around, sarah, we might be seeing disinformation and again, when people don't know who to trust in terms of news
8:48 am
gathering, it just -- it's sows the ground for that kind of thing. >> it's tough. as beverly mentioned, it's on you to make sure that you have good sourcing and double-checking everything out there. you make a great point. it's only going to get tougher, particularly as fake news evolved, notice just the fake stories, but videos, doctored photos. reporters have to be vigilant with their sourcing to make sure everything they put out is 100% legitimate. if they don't, it gives the president ammunition to call out the media. >> jon: yeah, because parentally in this case, beverly, they had their two sources that said yes this happened. they put it out there. start talking about it on msnbc and three sources say no, it's not that way at all. >> they need to make sure their sources are credible. they're talking about a story that is not misspelling somebody's name. we're talking about major news story that is making the public
8:49 am
think there's illegal behavior going on. so i think as a public, we have a responsibility to call out news stories or news outlets that do not give us the facts. i'm hoping that we see it. whether or not they visit those sites or turn on the stations. >> beverly hallberg and sarah fisher. thank you both. >> thank you. >> julie: a wild animal attack in a new york city suburb. a playground teaming when a coyote charges. how an off duty police officer stepped in to save the day. hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪
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>> julie: a little bear gets quite the scare. a california man was open his
8:53 am
lawn when the bear casually strolled in. when the bear notices a human, the little guy sprints behind a tree and peeks his head out to see what's up. >> first thought is holy crap. what am i going to do? i can't walk. i can't run. so they say just, you know -- through my own experience, just stay calm and do your own thing and they usually go. >> julie: and that's what happened. when the man and the bear went their separate ways. nobody was hurt. >> jon: here's a story about courage after a frightening attack at a new york playground. a coyote slips out of the woods and goes after children. an off duty police officer sprang into action. i spoke with the little girl, her mom and the officer. here with the hero police officer, angelo and mother and
8:54 am
daughter, casey and natalia. so you saw the coyote first? >> yeah, from approximately 30 yards away. it was washing into the ballpark. thought it was going in the woods and headed at us. >> jon: natalia, did you see the coyote? >> yeah, it was in the baseball field. >> jon: this is a suburban playground. >> yeah. you let your kids go free. you never think to panic and run to safety. so really, the time that it all went down and happened was so fast. the immediate reaction, you know, i have to fight this thing and take it down. this is not how the story ends. >> jon: so your put your wife and your own kids in the car and you heard the commotion? >> yeah. once the coyote made the turn and started to run through the playground at us, my wife took my son. i threw my daughter over my
8:55 am
shoulder, ran to the car. then i heard her screaming. i made a quick judgment call. figured my daughter was close enough. said run to mommy and i ran back. i saw this bunch of fur and a mess of bodies. jumped on it. >> after she kicks the coyote, what do you do? >> i got on top of it. >> jon: you tackled it. >> yeah. restrained it as best i could. it got primitive. just laid some punishment on it. >> jon: turns out it's rabid. no surprise to you guys. >> yeah, we're staying on top of that. >> i really don't want to get a shot. i don't. >> jon: but you got biten by a coyote and could have been worse. >> yeah. could have been worse. >> yeah, we're really thankful and grateful that angelo came and really saved our lives. i don't know how this would have ended or how things would have
8:56 am
turned out if he wasn't as courageous and heroic as he is. >> jon: you're all brave and happy it turned out well. thanks very much. he's an off duty cop. he didn't have his gun on him because he was working out. shorts and a t-shirt on. so he tackled it. >> julie: i hope she doesn't have to get the shot. >> jon: she does. rabies shots are no fun. but they'll work and -- >> julie: she's adorable. >> jon: what a story. >> julie: oh, my gosh. rudy guliani making waves this week. the president responding to how guliani broke the news. what the president had to say on "outnumbered." oh, sorry i'm late, sir.
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when you said you were at the doctor, but your shirt says you were at a steakhouse... that's when you know it's half-washed. add downy odor protect with 24-hour odor protection. downy and it's done. >> julie: what a difference a day makes. the sun is out in denver after a soggy may snowstorm. this storm dumping up to two inches of rain in the denver metro area. >> jon: some parts in the rock
9:00 am
can you mountains are got over a foot of snow. that's keeping the ski resorts up. >> julie: you used to ski a lot. thanks for joining us. >> jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert. new reaction from president trump to rudy guliani's revelation that president trump reimbursed michael cohen for stormy daniels payments. the news sent shock payments across the news media and putting sarah sanders on defense. now trump said guliani just started and he will get his facts straight. that's what he said. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. this is kennedy, republican strategist lisa booth. former deputy spokesperson for the state department and fox news analyst, marie harp


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