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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  May 4, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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here at noon eastern, 9:00 in the west on the couch. melissa francis in for harris faulkner. >> melissa: fox news alert awaiting the president's speech before the national rifle association's annual convention as he sounds off on the mueller probe. let's go to outnushed overtime, i'm melissa francis. later this hour, a friendly audience in dallas when the president speaks to the group that was one of his earliest backers, the nra, at their annual convention. this as the president battles controversy closer to home telling reporters before departing washington that nobody wants to talk to robert mueller more than he does. if he thought the meeting would be fair he would override his lawyers. >> president trump: negotiate wants to speak more than me. against my lawyers. most lawyers say never speak on anything. would i love to speak. because we've done nothing wrong.
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there was no collusion with the russians, nothing, there was no obstruction. >> melissa: the president also appears to be walking back some of rudy guiliani's comments about the payment to stormy daniels saying guiliani just started on the job. maybe wasn't aware of all of the facts. >> president trump: rudy knows it's a witch hunt. he started yesterday, um, he'll get his facts separate, he's a great guy. mpt peter doocy has more from the white house. "he will owe get his facts straight," wow. >> if he didn't wret, it's because he's the new guy. but president trump told me before he headed to dallas that we are going to hear from rudy guiliani soon. and told a group of us on the south lawn that we'll soon see a document about the only stormy daniels related payment president trump says he knew about before the election. right taner that he paid his lawyer michael cohen which the president says was then used to pay stormy daniels to sign a
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nondisclosure agreement without his knowledge. >> president trump: you're going to find out, because we're going to give a full list and people know. everything said has been said incorrectly and it's been said wrong. >> rudy guiliani initially said president trump reimbursed his lawyer michael cohen for the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels. president trump insists that rudy is just getting the hang of things and that's not true. the president referred us to comments he made last month on air force one to ask michael cohen about any payments to stormy, stephanie clifford, and of course this is a back and forwards that grew out of -- back and forth that grew out of the special counsel investigation. president trump wants to talk to robert muler if he levels the playing field politically. >> president trump: i want to talk to the people in charge f they can prove it's a fair situation. the problem we have is that you
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have 13 people that are all democrats and they're real democrats. they're angry democrats. and that's not a fair situation. >> and on separate subject, president trump just told reporters on air force one en route to dallas for the nra speech, that the summit with kim jong-un is going to happen very soon, he said a date and time has been selected and agreed. to but he didn't tell us, or didn't tell the reporters on the plane what the date and time are going to be. >> melissa: hmm, all right, thank you. let's bring in republican congressman john ratcliffe who sits on the house judiciary committee. let me ask you first to react to the back and forth and what's going with rudy guiliani and the president saying he needs to get his facts strashgts basically. -- facts straight. >> good to be with you, thanks for having me on, melissa. i took the president's comments earlier today about rudy being new to the team as an admonition that maybe if you don't have all of the facts you shouldn't be
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doing interviews on national television. >> melissa: i mean that, does sort of summit up. do you think it helped or hurt his case at this point, to have somebody out there making an argument that it seems like possibly took campaign finance problems off the table and then come out later and say no, we're going to have another story down the road. >> i wondered at the time when rudy mentioned that, whether or not it was a strategic move that he thought prattors were already aware of that information, it was coming into the public view, maybe he did it preemptively. doesn't sound like it given the president's explanation. melissa, what i think this underscores is how far afield we've come from bob mueller and an investigation into how russia's interfering with our election. what does this have to do with russia and collusion?
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it has devolve vd into, now -- devolved into, democrats and the media have turned the focus from collusion with russia to obstruction of justice, now to campaign finance laws and payments to stormy daniels. i think it really underscores that all of this investigation into the president has gotten far afield from what was intended when bob mueller was appointed special counsel. >> melissa: the aren't the only one who thinks that. the federal judge in the paul manafort case saying of the special counsel's office, saying this is how you guys are behaving, we said this -- we said what this investigation was about, but we're not bound by it and we were lying. that's the federal judge saying that the special counsel was lying about their intention with the -- with their investigation. those are very strong words coming from a judge, yes?
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>> yeah, they are. and i think captured the sentiment of a lot of folks that, again, have seen this go from a discussion about how russia tried to interfere and meddle into our election into discussions to payments to a porn star. and what that has to do with the original mandate under which bob mueller was appointed. it goes back to the fact that there has to be leadership at the department of justice. bob mueller doesn't run the department of justice. he reports to the deputy attorney general, not the other way around. >> melissa: do you think that anything is going to happen to curb the investigation, i mean i don't think it matters how much, probably, any judged a monday shes -- admonishes bob mueller or what the public thinks or the president says. he's focused on the road he's going down, the only recourse you are talking about is who has the oversight over him to stop him if they wanted to, would
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that really happen. what are your thoughts? >> well, again, the appropriate boundaries or bumpers were not placed on this investigation, that's why it's gotten a bit far afield from what bob mueller was charged with doing. but it has to come to a conclusi conclusion, the special counsel is asking to interview donald trump, and he'll make a decision in consultation with his lawyers about that. but that will really dictate how long and whether or not this special counsel investigation can continue with respect to donald trump. >> melissa: what do you think is the best strategy, you know, as somebody who is close and familiar to the matter and you know given your position, and also being -- you know, judiciary committee member, what is the best road to go down for the president at this point in terms of the strategy? >> well, i think it depends if you're talking about a legal strategy or a political
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strategy. the president said that he'd love to sit down with bob mueller. i think what the president would love to do is bring an expe dooited conclusion to investigation that -- expedited conclusion to what he thinks is tremendously unfair. his lawyers are appropriately counseling that he shouldn't sit down with bob mueller because innocent people assert the fifth amendment right all the time because the government has the burden of proof in a criminal case to a high standard, beyond a reasonable doubt. bob mueller likely can't prove any charges relating to collusion which isn't a crime, or obstruction or anything else. and that donald trump shouldn't do anything to help bob mueller make a case that isn't there. i think that's part of the calculation from a legal standpoint. but donald trump is probably making a political calculation as well. i think if he's considering re-election and what his political adversaries may say about him if he doesn't sit down with the special counsel is why
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i think he wants to have the current to do that. i think there's a path for at least having a discussion with the special counsel about the issue of russian collusion. >> melissa: thank you for your time. >> you bet. >> melissa: our next guest says he doesn't believe the president should sit down for an interview, alex little served as assistant u.s. attorney in washington and nashville and a current have cripplely defense lawyer currently. explain -- criminal defense lawyer currently a lot of people are saying, but can he be forced to do so? >> i don't think he should voluntary. he may be forced to at some point if mueller were to pursue a grand jury subpoena. there is case law from the watergate era that would require the president to sit for a grand jury interview if he was compelled to do so. that may be the path in a few months. >> melissa: what do you make of the president's latest comments that we heard this morning, he came out and seemed to undercut what rudy guiliani said. >> i think the first thing to realize, if i'm representing
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some one or prosecuting some one, you look at this and just see it's a complete mess. it's a legal strategy, the first point should be don't let your lawyers make things worse. it's pretty clear that rudy made things worse. >> melissa: is it clear that he made things worse. let me stop you there. people were assuming that what happened was when they went in and raided michael cohen's office they found evidence that president trump had either repaid or hid him, the money came from him. the idea was that rudy guiliani came out and got the fact out into the open before the other side said tah-dah, and brought it out as damning. >> that's creative and i'm sure some republicans want to spin that. it was a complete bumbling of everything. he admitted to probably two felonies, even the way that rudy described it being done is problematic. >> melissa: what were the two felonies? >> why are the small amounts, was this structuring, trying to avoid currency reporting requirements and the repayment to michael cohen.
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and second, the payment of personal funds and the hiding of that from the federal elections commission to do what was done here, for hush money, what john edwards was dieted for and charged with almost a decade ago. you can't do that. john edwards was indicted for. >> melissa: if it's part of a retainer? >> i can say it's a birthday present, that doesn't make it true. the president used mr. cohen as a pass thru to use the funds to make somebody quiet in the context of the cal pain. the purpose of the campaign finance disclosures, let the public know what you're spending money on. if you're spending money, told the public i'm going to pay this woman off it wouldn't be a violation. he can't lie about it to the american public. >> melissa: it seemed the comment we're going to put out a document soon so you can see who i paid for what is terrible idea. that's going to really make things worse. >> it is. what idea do you have left. it's really grasping at straws. they have let this go down a terrible road.
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now it's in cleanup mode. sometimes when you clean up you don't have a lot of good options. >> melissa: that would be the best option at this point, do you think, just totally shut up and move on? >> i think there's two separate things of the congressman before, i think, is con flated. the cohen investigation is separate from the mueller investigation. cohen is southern district of new york, it's run out of that office. the white house approach to that should be, look, we're not indicted, we're not involved, michael cohen was doing things. sure there may have been payments but we did everything according to what our lawyer, michael cohen, told us was appropriate. a legal defense strategy that says i relied on my lawyer may get the president out of trouble. >> melissa: hmm. and you said he's con flating two things. what was the other thing? >> they're not connected. mueller isn't driving the cohen investigation, there's different prosecutors, a different investigationive team, four different judges. to say that's outside the scope of mueller's investigation, what is. but mueller isn't involved. that's why it's outside the
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scope. that's why morning new york is handling it. >> melissa: the feeling is that investigation in the southern district was sparked with the idea of snaring the president and whatever evidence they're trying to squeeze out of that is really at the behest of bob mueller. you think that's totally unfair? >> i think it is unfair. prosecutors of been there for life, worked under republic abs and democrats, definitely the most prestigious office in the department of justice doing that job. and i think they take the case no matter who the president was. if there was an admission like we've had. >> melissa: alec little, appreciate it. we are awaiting president trump's remarks at the nra convention in dallas as republicans look to rally their base ahead of the mid terms. amid renewed push for gun control, could this energize democrats. as the president left the white house he announced a time and date has been set for his summit. with north korean leader kim jong-un. he remarked on the three americans held in north korea. what he said and how their fate could play into the planned
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>> melissa: awaiting president trump's remarks at the nra convention in dallas. this year's gathering comes after recent massacres have reignited the gun debate. it's likely going to be an issue in the mid terms.
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we are watching for the president's remarks and will bring those to you when it happens. another fox news alert, president trump announcing today that a time and date have been set for his summit with north korean leader kim john ung. he did not give any -- kim jong-un. president trump pushed back on a "new york times" story that claims he ordered the pentagon to consider reducing u.s. forces in south korea. all this as we are waiting to learn the fate of three americans being held in north korea. president trump spoke about them earlier. >> president trump: we're having very good talks with north korea, and a lot of things have already happened with respect to the hostages. and i think you're going to see very good things. >> melissa: greg is live in london with more. greg, do we have any more details than that? >> just a few more details. we'll explain, melissa. but, yes, that quote hopeful
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coming from president trump. i think you're going to see very good things. regarding the fate of the three american citizens who have been held by north korea. korean americans cho, seized in 2015. and hak-sun and fang-duk. they're accused of crimes against the regime, reports in the last few days of their movement ahead of their release. president trump today saying there have been substantive talks getting them out. all of this follows last friday's summit between kim jong-un and south korean president moon jae-in. the other major news coming from president trump, is that he is saying there is a date and a location for his upcoming sup it with kim jong-un. he didn't say exactly, though, when or where. the leading possibility for location for the summit, melissa, is in fact the same place that the meeting happened
10:20 am
last friday, the dmz, between north and south korea. pan moon jong. president trump said he olympics the idea of having it there. sing a more is just one of other possibilities for the location of the time. it's always been said late may or early june. time is racing. probably june is my guess. regarding that "new york times" report, claiming that president trump is considering reducing u.s. troop numbers in south korea, national security advisor john bolton called it nonsense, so did the pentagon. president himself said that troops are not on the table in any discussions that he might have with north korea. he also hinted that maybe in the future it could save money and wring the troops home. one final-time note, back to the detailees, respected news agency out of south korea, saying possibly, according to sources, they could be released as early as saturday. and the kren venue would be the
10:21 am
dmz. >> melissa: we are getting word that the personal physician for the vice president, pardon me as i read this, jennifer pena as resigned from the white house medical unit. you will remember this is obviously vice president michael pence's doctor. she was at the forefront of the complaints about ronny jackson. we're getting word right now, that the vice president's personal physician, jennifer pena, has resigned. all right, turning back to our story on north korea. let's go to oklahoma republican congressman steve russell, he's a retired army lt. colonel and member of the house oversight and armed services committee. sir, thank you for joining us. what do you make of the fact that the president eldz said a date and location has been settled upon for the meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un but didn't reveal what they were. what do you make of that? >> it's positive sign and it was an expected sign after secretary
10:22 am
of state pompeo had met with kim jong-un and you still had positive actions from kim coming out after that. it was wasn't going in the opposite direction, it was going in a forward direction. so this is to be expected. it's very positive news. >> melissa: and what do you make of he's saying we're hoping to have positive news on the story about the three americans that are being held as well, airie fliescher was on the air saying not to get too excited about this but this is one of the things, one of the pawns that north korea use as lot. although obviously we'd love to see americans come home. >> well, i think the best move that kim could do is release them prior to any negotiation to start building a bank of good behavior. he has a long bank of bad behavior, the president made clear that there will not be row ward for bad behavior. and so if he wants to build positive set of conditions, this might be a way to do that.
10:23 am
to build a little goodwill prior to any negotiations at the table. >> melissa: "new york times" making a lot of news this morning with the report that the president is going to scale back the number of troops in south korea immediately. you heard the pentagon come out and say that is absolutely not true. it's not a real story. what do you believe? >> well, i don't believe that we will do anything in south korea related to the defense of our allies or the security of the region or our commitments to south crow a that is not driven by our treaties. that's not driven by our allies. it's most importantly, not driven by the reality on the ground and the security of our forces. that's what is going to drive any troop levels, not some negotiation. >> melissa: what would be sufficient in order to have that come true? obviously, that's something that north korea really wants to see happen. what kind of evidence and actions would we need to see to justify that pullback? >> well, if we look at history, if when we had large forces, a
10:24 am
million at one point, then reduced down to 400,000, now hardly any, our troop concentrations in germany, there you had a divided east and west germany. you saw reunification, you saw a posture of defense totally turned on its head and the need for large bodies of forces were no longer required. we reduced the troops. now, that's probably going to be a generation or two away with the behavior that we see of north korea. but it would take something drastic like that before we would pull out. look, we have to have troops on the peninsula. we want the united states on the peninsula. because if we're not there, you could have nuclear proliferation by japan, south korea, by others that are trying to defend themselves. so having that there is a guarantee that china has somebody that they can read and know how to work with as well. >> melissa: so much progress, it feels like, in a place that many of us didn't think possible. what are the chances that we end
10:25 am
up disappointed that, we have gotten ahead of ourselves that we doesn't mean it. obviously there's a history of going back on these things in the past. >> sure, like lucy with the football. taking a kuk at it for several -- kick at it for several decades. here's what i think might be on the table that could be realistic. i think for north korea's part they would want an end of the war in a formal declaration of its end. okay, since 1953, it's probably time. then they hold the keys to it, to much of that in terms of their behavior. the other thing is normalized relations. where they have embassies and state craft, they're treated like a responsible nation. will they continue to be irritants, quite certainly. but these are things that we could certainly discuss and have on the table. for their part, we've got to have an end of their nuclear proliferation and end of nuclear capacity. how would we get at that? thif achilles heels.
10:26 am
rocket engines, they don't produce them there. you can't fly a rocket without an engine. that's one thing we can control. the other thing in the plutonium enrichment, certain key mechanisms that we can remove, we can track. all of these things need to be in the discussions. those things are possible. >> melissa: congressman steve russell, thank you for joining us. we are awaiting remarks from president trump at the annual convention in dallas at the nra as republicans look to rally their base coming into mid terms. it brings in renewed push for gun control. we'll talk to one who represents park land, florida about what he hopes to hear from the president.
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>> melissa: awaiting remarks from president trump at the annual nra convention in dallas. coming two months after the high
10:31 am
school shooting in pork land, florida -- park land, florida that reignited the national gun debate. kevin cork? is in dallas. >> melissa, always good to be with you. they are having the invocation behind me, i'll try to keep my voice down a bit. [ applause ]. [now you get a lot of noise, music, it just wrapped up. a chance for the tonight speak not just to an important constituency and chance to push back against a group he has said previously he's not afraid to fight against. you may remember, the president has spoken to the nra before, in fact on several occasions, and he enjoys this. use the old baseball expression, this really is right in his wheelhouse. now, in previous speeches, he sort of got the crowd going. white house officials telling us they expect the president once again to focus his remarks on the constitution, on freedom, and the rights to bear arms which of course is established by the second amendment. as you also pointed out this visit comes at a sensitive time in the gun debate nationwide.
10:32 am
not long after the devastating mass shooting at the high school in parkland, florida. that shooting you recall spawned a nationwide anti-gun, assault weapons ban movement, culmina culminating in the march for our lives that took place across the country. in the aftermath, the president did act, he pushed forward pump stock ban. while some argue that enough, it points out the independence in the huge lobbying force along the most vested during the campaign from the outset. the vice president to speak first, president introduced by another speaker. it is a really, so we expect a great response to what the president has to say. but the real question is, melissa, will he push bang like he promised, say something about limiting the right to bear arms, or specific arms. we will be watching, bring it to you. for now, back to you.
10:33 am
>> melissa: and we right now as you say this, the president has just landed in dallas. no doubt we'll see him soon. thank you, kevin cork. joining me for more on this, democratic congressman ted joich represents parkland, florida. thank you for joining us. do you think the president should go down and make this speech at this time? >> well, if he's going to make the speech i hope there's a few things he keeps in mind. one, there are a lot of nra members who aren't there because they're wholly alienated by this organization. at this point, seems to put the interests, clearly puts the interest of gun maker profits ahead of legitimate gun owners. every responsible gun owner in america could pass a comprehensive background check. that's why the majority of nra members support comprehensive background checks. as did the president of the united states. i hope he will remind them of that since he's there anyway. and i heard in your lead-in to
10:34 am
this, more talk of freedom. the nra always likes to talk about freedom. no one is talking about taking away the freedom of gun owners. but you have to remember the freedom of the 17 kids, the 14 students, teachers that, were gunned down at stoneman douglas, their freedom matters, too. why the president supported raising the able to buy a gun to 21. could have saved their lives. all of those -- >> melissa: he did support that. i don't mean to interrupt, i want to tell people what they're looking at, we're watching the president come down the steps of air force one as he arrives in dallas. he's getting ready to xoe to that -- go to that nra convention we just saw. it's raining, they have the umbrellas out, as he goes to get into the car and move to that convention center. you talked about the things that the president did that went against what the nra, their stated wishes, right? >> no, no. >> melissa: you were talking
10:35 am
about raising the age to 21. >> i talked about the things the president said that we need to do because he recognizes that the overwhelming majority of the country understands that we need to take these common sense actions. including the cleave clear majority of nra members. he has not done them. if all he's going to do is go to the nra and resort to their talking points, rather than actually -- >> melissa: isn't it in your hands to do a lot of those things? what about enacting laws on a national level? the response that we saw in florida came -- >> yes, yes, 100%. >> melissa: why haven't you done more on that? >> are exactly right. and let me tell you, to be perfectly clear about this, when more than 90% of the american people support universal background checks it says if you're a responsible gun owner you'll pass that check. we ought to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. >> melissa: why aren't you doing that. >> make sure everyone gets one. >> melissa: why aren't you
10:36 am
changing it a at a federal level. >> i'll tell you why, if we had a vote on that it would pass. the reason we're not voting on it is because the speaker of the house and the senate majority leader will not put them on the floor. why? because they are beholding to the gun lobby. this is not, this shouldn't be a partisan issue. but because the gun makers have chosen to align themselves with the mub an leadership in the house and senate, they prevent us from having a vote. we can't -- we have not even been able to have a debate on the house floor about gun safety. >> melissa: you can't filibuster your way through this. with respect, sir, americans watching this thinks this is what politicians always say. they blame other politicians for stopping them from getting things done in washington. and it's frustrating. >> no, no. >> melissa: hang on. at a local level in your state people went to tlas, and got things -- tallahassee to get things changed. is it more effective on the state level? >> we did. >> melissa: this is an mondayest
10:37 am
question, is it effective state die state. >> no, it's not more effective. when you have states with lacks gun laws all that does is invite people to come to those states, buy guns, and take those guns to states that have tough gun laws. what the evidence shows. i'm not blaming anyone. i simply am stating the fact, the fact of the matter is, i would be happy -- we ought to vote monday when we go back to d.c. on universal background checks, it was passed. i'm not blaming, i'm simply telling you how it works. the speaker of the house, paul ryan, and the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, they decide what we're going to vote o i'm not blaming anyone. the fact is, they refuse to let us vote if they let us have that vote it would pass because 90% of the american people know that this is the sensible thing for us to do. >> melissa: we're out of time, appreciate your passion. thank you for coming on today. >> i appreciate it, thanks for having me. >> melissa: president trump
10:38 am
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>> melissa: fox news alert we're awaiting president trump's remarks at the national rifle association annual convention going on in dallas. as the president is once again stepping into the national debate over gun rights. we're going to bring that you speech live as soon as it happens. but now back to the top story, president trump insisting that he'd love to speak with special counsel robert ruler and override his lawyers if he thought the interview would be fair. the president also appearing to walk back rudy guiliani's comments about the stormy daniels payment, saying guiliani just started on his legal team and needs to, quote, get his facts separate. our power panel, jake mcafee, former speech writer for eric holder and loretta lynch.
10:43 am
christian pate, author of the book how do i tax thee. i like that. >> thank you. >> melissa: you know, he's not the only one that thinks that the mueller probe has gone astray. we know the federal judge right now in for manafort's trial has been making news in the past hour saying you don't care about mr. manafort's bank fraud, that they're interested in manafort because of his potential material that would lead to trump's prosecution or impeachment. are you surprised to hear judge say this? >> that is further afield. i think what we're talking about now should the president speak to the special counsel. there are two answers to. that one is the right answer and the other is the smart answer. absolutely he should, five of his associates have pleaded guilty to crimes and owes the american peep am full accounting. the smart answer is absolutely not. the president is the person who can't seem to keep his story straight from one day to the next. we saw it with stormy daniels yesterday and today.
10:44 am
i would imagine that no defense attorney would ever let him within 10 feet of a competent prosecutor. not because they don't trust the special counsel, but they don't trust the president. >> melissa: earlier this week guiliani laid out conditions that would need to be in place for a potential trump-mueller interview. >> they were pretty reasonable. if trump didn't collude with russia, didn't appear he did, he has nothing to hide. here's the problem, this investigation is not about collusion. this has become a bloodless coup organized bipartisan hacks under mueller to take trump down. that was made clear with the leaking of the questions that mueller wanted to ask trump. weren't really focused on collusions but the dubious claims of obstruction of justice. >> a third of it was focused on collusion, not fair to say none of it was. >> that's what the federal judge said. that that is what this investigation has turned out to be. and he said, basically, that the mueller team is lying, they were lying when they said that they were just going after russia. and they've gone afield of. that its not just sort of a partisan back and forth.
10:45 am
now you have a federal judge saying that. there are two different pieces of that, of the manafort case that's in the federal courts. the one we're talking about, you are talking about, the judge is questioning sort of how we got from the larger russia investigation to here. mvp he said smn of this information has to do with information related to russian government coordination and the campaign of donald trump. that's what he's talking about in the mueller probe. >> that case is really about connections between paul manafort and the russians. >> melissa: talking about the counsel and what they're doing. not the only one that's saying that the counsel has gone off on a tangent into another area they have no right to be. >> that's a case about sort of what jurisdiction the special counsel has. that will keep going, that's an administration consideration. it's important but it'll go o this is whether the president of the united states ends up talking to the special prosecutor, which bill clinton did, back when he was under investigation. and which this president should if he, in fact, has appeared.
10:46 am
>> melissa: you said that. kristin, now you have, it's gotten to be so divided, they're heading down this track now. you have the president coming out and saying things. rudy guiliani saying things and muddying the waters further. that was not a step forward. >> no, i think trump trusts guiliani, he's one of his foot soldiers in the swamp. but guiliani started a few days ago. they need to sit down and get their facts straight before anyone addresses the press. to jake's point, the american people know what is going on. this investigation has become an up limited fishing expedition. how many more tense of millions of taxpayer dollars do we need to spend on. this it's been a year. we don't have any evidence of russian collusion. i think most people in the country see what's going on and starting to roll their eyes. >> we have five guilty pleas. >> melissa: we will be back in a bit with more. hold that for now. any moment now, president trump will be speaking at the national rifle association's annual convention in dallas. we'll bring it to you live.
10:47 am
plus nbc news is forced to walk back its bombshell report that the president's personal lawyer, michael cohen's, phones were wire tapped. our power panel weighs in. to move california forward,
10:48 am
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>> dana: we're awaiting president trump to take the stage at the nra convention in dallas.
10:51 am
also, vice president pence's doctor resigning, moments ago, after a fallout from complaints about v.a. pick ronny jackson. and a federal judge telling lawyers for robert mueller's team you don't really care about mr. manafort's bank fraud. interesting developments in the courtroom today. we'll tell you about them and talk about it all on the daily briefing. >> president trump: everything said had been said incorrectly and said wrong or it's been covered wrong by the bres. just like nbc and abc yesterday covered the story wrong. >> melissa: president trump shamming nbc news after it was forced to issue a correction to its bombshell report claiming the feds wire tapped the phones of president trump's personal attorney, michael cohen, and intercepted at least one call with the white house. but nbc later walking it back reporting that the calls were being logged not listened to, a big difference. abc news issuing a correction. let bringz in, back our power
10:52 am
panel. jake mack a buy and kristin tate. kristin, what do you think about this story, do you think there's any possibility in your mind they were right the first time around? >> i think this is a shocking example of irresponsible journalism. the reporters at nbc have become careless in their efforts to smear president trump. see these media outlets acting more like political organizations than news organizations. and this is why the people do not trust the mainstream media today. i think that the more careless these outlets become and the more fake stories they public the less influence they have. nbc, the "new york times," they're not changing anyone's mind, they're playing to a smaller sliver of the far left at this point. >> melissa: a lot of irony he was saying fake news and that sort of thing in the same breath he seemed to be correcting what rudy guiliani said. it's kind of feels like we've gotten to somebody says something, then we wait and see
10:53 am
if it's true or not. not a great commentary on what's going on. >> it's not. the president has a lot of chutzpah talking about fake news since he's made more than 3,000 false comments since he took over the presidency. neil cavuto talking about how can you drain the camp when you're muddying the waters. not a great look for him to push the story. having said that, absolutely, nbc made a mistake, they're embarrassed, and they should be, and they issued a correction they should do. nbc issued a correction and apologized for their incorrect story and the president hasn't apologized. >> if an outlet ran a fake story on president obama you and the other democrats would be howling over. there the main street media is busying themselves trying to take trump down the american people are happy with the job he's doing. 51% approval rating, he's killing it on the economy, we've seen historic progress on north
10:54 am
korea, he's rolled back burdenensome regulations. this presidency has been going well. >> when the president people make these decisions in special elections democrats performed about 11 points or 1 points better than they normally would in the districts they're in. when they have a chance to render a judgment on the progress of the administration, their judgment is it's not going so hot. >> melissa: they're playing into his hands by, when you put out a story and he screams fake news, you have to retract them. it does end up being one of those things he holds up for a long period of time afterwards. you would think that people would be more concerned, and careful, to not fall into that trap. >> that's true. and i think nbc is justifiably embarrassed and that's why you issue, that's why you issue, you know, a change and apology, what they did. i mean beyond that there is not a lot they can do except to be rigorous, what they've done the rest of the time, particularly in the past, we've seen it in the last week where there have been various reports from news out lets the president has denied the news then all of a sudden they turn out to be
10:55 am
right. they're rigorous. >> melissa: that is one of the things that has happened, though, we've seen these stories be untrou in the moment and way later down the road turns out there was a kernel of truth down the way, and somebody has been covering up or denying and saying that's not the case. it leaves the public scratching their head and trying to figure out who you can trust and more polarized than ever before. >> we've gotten to the point where you don't know if what you're reading is true. if there's one thing about the election, it's that it's highlighted this problem in the media. i think that's an important discussion for us to have. the media has become so flagrant in its bias, and it's really exposed a lot of journalists for who they are. >> not true. especially because there's one story that we can point to, where -- why we're talking about. >> melissa: 95% of coverage there nbc and cnn during trump's firstier was negative. >> he did a lot of terrible things. there's stormy daniels -- >> melissa: we're out of
10:56 am
control, we have to go, appreciate it. all eyes on dallas right now, where vice president mike pence is speaking at the nra annual convention. president trump is up next. we'll bring it live as soon as it happens. in an unreasonably nw fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. . gent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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mels we have breaking news. we are just getting a statement from rudy giuliani saying first there is no campaign violation. the payment was made to resolve a personal and faults accusation to protect the president's family. it would have been done in any
11:00 am
event whether he was a candidate or not. saying the reference of timing and not describing my understanding of the president's knowledge but my understanding of the matters. no doubt dana perino will have more on this. "the daily briefing" starts right now. >> dana: fox news alert. vice president pence at the podium. we await president trump's speech at the n.r.a. in dallas. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing". all this and then new fallout from giuliani's revelation that the president reimbursed his personal lawyer for payments to adult film actress stormy daniels. melissa francis told you that we have new information. we have white house correspondent kevin cork live in dallas. i don't know if you have had a chance to read the statement. it's not detailed. what is your take on it? >> listen, i t


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