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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 4, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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right? they take a truck and run over eight people and wound 16. like what happened in new york and what just happened. it's happening all over. so let's ban immediately all trucks, all vans. maybe all cars. how about cars? let's not sell any more cars. i love you, too. thank you. i recently read a story in london which has unbelieveably tough gun laws, a one is like a war zone for horrible stabbing wounds, yes, that's right, they don't have guns, they have knives and instead,
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there's blood all over the floors of this hospital, they say it's as bad as a military war zone hospital. knives, knives, knives. london hasn't been used to that, they're getting used to it, pretty tough. we're here today because we recognize a simple fact, the one thing that has always stood between the american people and the elimination of our second amendment rights has been conservatives in congress willing to fight for those rights. we were fighting. [applause] pres. trump: fighting. we're fighting to defend our freedom, we need the people in washington to support our freedom. to support our candidates, to support ted, to support the
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people that have to raise their hand. you know, they say we have a majority, we have what, majority of one person, that's not really a majority. we need republicans to do it right, to get the kind of things we want, we've got to get republicans elected. we've got to do great in 2018. those mid-terms we have to do. we need judges who are willing to protect our sovereignty and oppose our american way of life, the constitution can't be changed by judges, bureaucrats or the united nations, we are appointing federal judges who will interpret the law, as written. [applause] pres. trump: in my favorite year, i nominated and senate
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confirmed more circuit judges than any new administration, by far, in history and we will have the all-time record very soon. [applause] pres. trump: president obama was nice to us, he left us a lot of judges and i said, that's a lot of judges. like, almost 140. that's a lot of judges. i was very surprised. i was very happy. and we put an incredible new justice on the supreme court, judge neil gorsuch. [applause] pres. trump: virtually every single democrat in the senate opposed neil gorsuch, just like they have consistently opposes judges who will protect your basic freedoms. and by the way, the way they're slow walking people that are supposed to be working for us in
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government. if you look at what they are doing, in the history of this country, there has never been anything like what the democrats are doing on great people who gave up their jobs and their lives to take a job as an ambassador or people working for our government and they can't get approved because every single one of them is being slow walked by the democrats and it's never happened before and you know what, i hope we have long memories, but i hope we don't have to worry about it because we're going to be there a long time. we won't have to worry. what they are doing is disgraceful. the what they are doing, humor in the group, what they are doing is disgraceful. what they are doing to the wall and immigration is disgraceful. take a look at the border, take a look. take a look at what is happening. my administration and conservatives in congress were elected to oppose your rights, to rebuild our military, which
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we are doing a great job of rebuilding. [applause] pres. trump: to restore our prosperity, secure our community and defend our borders. [applause] pres. trump: we have the worst immigration laws anywhere in the world, but i tell you what, it is not easy for people to come in, i will tell you. we have the worst laws. after years of defending the borders of other countries, we go into wars with other countries, we shouldn't be there. we go into wars to defend their borders, we don't defend our own borders. and we're going to start defending our country. we're going to start defending our borders. [applause]
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pres. trump: you've all seen on television, all over the paper, the illegal migrants pouring up through mexico, flooding the borders, many from central america, honduras, all over the place, coming up by the thousands. we're stopping them at different fronts, but we don't have laws, we have laws that were written by people that truly could not love our country. [applause] pres. trump: illegal immigration must end. illegal immigration must end. we are going to have strong borders. i will tell you, we have maxed out every law. we are going to have truly strong and going to take people into our country, but they're going to come in based on merit, not based on picking somebody
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out. we are not going to let our country be overwhelmed and we're going to demand congress secure the borders in the upcoming c.r., very soon, going to be very soon, in recent months, democratic lawmakers voted against legislation to close deadly immigration loopholes, like catch-and-release. how about that one? we caught them. oh, release them. bye-bye. welcome to america. welcome to america. that is what we have. we're going to keep violent criminals out. senate democrats like john castro, you saw what happened there, what he did to one of the finest people in our country, what he did to the admiral, what he did is a disgrace. john castro.
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bill nelson and bob casey voted against case law, legislation named for case, who was gunned down by a five-time deported illegal immigrant. you saw what happened with that court case. can you believe the result of that court case? can you believe that? the same standard, along with nearly every other democrat, also voted to protect something that's actually becoming very unpopular, sanctuary cities, can you believe that? democrats and liberals in congress want to disarm law-abiding americans at the same time they are releasing dangerous illegal aliens and savage gang members unto our states. these countries send up their worst. remember in my opening speech, i got criticized for it. remember? guess what, they are not sending
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their finest, that i can tell you. we're getting the real beauties in here. but we're taking ms-13, horrible killer gang members, getting them out because our guys are much tougher than theirs, there is not even a little bit of a contest and that is the only language they understand, that is the only language they understand. these are savage killers. my administration believes our cities should be safe havens for americans, not sanctuary for criminals. [applause] pres. trump: and we believe that violent gang members must be thrown out of our country immediately, not left to stay to fester and to get larger. we get them out and we are taking them out by the
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thousands. [applause] pres. trump: we had the right laws, which we can have very quickly with cooperation, we wouldn't even have a problem, be so much better, so much easier. we believe that politicians who put criminal aliens before american citizens, should be voted out of office immediately. as we secure our borders, we're also supporting the heroes who fight crime, serve our citizens and secure our states. our brave men and brave women in blue, we love them. [applause] pres. trump: in my administrati administration, simple policy, we will protect those who
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protect us. you saw what i did with the military equipment, the excess equipment sitting all over the country in warehouses never to be used again and other administrations just didn't want to give it to the police. they said, it is too much protection, it looks too strong, it looks like military. guess what? it is now being distributed all over to our police force. [applause] pres. trump: and it is better than they could ever buy, can't buy stuff like that. today our love and prayers go out to the family of slain dallas police officer santander, who last week was murdered in the line of duty, very, very close to this arena. we ask god to help the others who were wounded and they will recover, they will be better, they will be back, send our love. so important. thank you.
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and we mourn together with the dallas police department, great police department, a police force that has lost too many heros and never lost its will to protect and to serve you. [applause] pres. trump: we're also taking very strong action to secure and protect our most valuable resource, our children. [applause] pres. trump: all of us here today are deeply committed to school safety, nothing is more important than protecting innocent lives and i will tell you wayne and chris and all of the people at the n.r.a., we speak about it all the time, these are great people, these are great americans, these people have great hearts. they know what they are doing. our entire nation was filled
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with shock and grief by the monstrous attack when a high school in parkland, florida, we mourn for the victims and families, gotten to know members of those families, these are incredible people. our hearts break for every american who has suffered the horrors of these school shootings. in the aftermath of the terrible attack, i met with survivors, parents of school shooting victims at the white house. i was inspired like all of you were by their incredible courage. we agree it is not enough to simply take actions that make us feel like we're making a difference, we must ensure that we actually make a difference. my administration has pursued strategy on community safety, we're working to improve early warning systems so that when the police are called, when the community sees the red flag, which they saw in parkland all over the place, there has never been a case where more red flags
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have been shown, swift action is taken by the authorities, law-abiding gun owners want to keep firearms out of those who pose a danger to themselves and to others. we all want that. we all want that. [applause] pres. trump: i recently signed legislation that includes $2 billion to improve school safety, including the funding for traping and metal detecters and mental health. mental health is a big one, they don't like to talk about mental health, that was the number one example. that legislation made vital improvement to background check system, which everybody wants. finally, all of us agree that we must harden certain schools at
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the same time to police half to be able to get into those schools if there's a problem. we want armed guards. we want to be able to get him. i saw some of the craziest plans that i've ever seen. you can spend a fortune, you will spend so much, nobody knows more about construction than i do. you will spend so much, make it so hard that you can't run a d.h., you know what that is, right? through the doors, means a tractor. only one problem, if one of these maniacs gets in and it is so hard you can't get in, you have to be careful. we strongly believe in allowing highly trained teachers to carry concealed weapons, they're highly trained. [applause] pres. trump: and we want highly
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trained security guards. 98% of mass public shootings have occurred in places where guns are banned, just so you understand. tragically, as we see, there is no sign more inviting to a mass killing than a sign that declared "this school is a gun-free zone." come in and take us. 98%. you know they're cowards, you saw that in the receipt case, where he did all of his damage and sort of slinked out of the school and the police outside caught him in a different community. that policeman did a good job, caught him in a different community. but they are cowards. when they know there are guns
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inside, they are not going in. we just don't understand that, we can't get that word out. but highly trained people, at the same time, there is no stronger deterrent for sick individual than the knowledge that their attack will end their life and will end in total failure. when they know that, they're not going in. you're not going to have school attacks. we support the second amendment. not only because we believe in freedom, but also because we trust in everyday talented, wonderful people. they love our students. [applause] and by the way, these teachers, they love their students, they love their students. they understand their students. they love their students and they are not going to let anybody hurt their students.
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but you have to give them a chance. in america, we trust the people to be wise and to be good. we trust them to take responsibility for themselves, their families and their communities and that is why in america we have always trusted the people to keep and bear arms. [applause] it is fitting that we gather today in the great state of texas, a place that cherishes their rights like no other. [applause] before i left today, couple of people came up to me, good political people. they said going to the n.r.a. convention and speaking to them, that will be very controversial, it might not be popular. you know what i said?
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bye-bye. got to get on the plane. because we have to do the right thing. [applause] we have to do the right thing. [applause] this proud state would not exist, if not for a handful of determined and defiant texans who refused to surrender their rights nearly two centuries ago. you know who i'm talking about? you know. in 1835, soldiers from general santa ana's army marched into
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go gonzalez, to protect their lives and protect their homes. the texans refused. [applause] they were not about to give up their only means of self-defense. in response, santa anna's army returned with a large group of additional people. they had men all over the place, the army was big. this time they were met by dozens of texans, soldiers, settlers and ordinary citizens, who had rushed to gonzalez to defend their rights and freedom as santa ana's men watched from a distance, brave texans raced the flag for all to see. you know what it said. on the banner, they painted a cannon, along with four words that echoed through the ages. you know what it is. it said "come and take it."
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come and take it. [applause] >> usa! usa! usa! pres. trump: like those early texans, americans will never surrender, ever, ever, ever. we will never surrender.
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we will never give up our freedom. americans are born free. we will live free and we will die free. [applause] pres. trump: so again, it is a great honor to be with very special people. we truly appreciate your support. i'm doing the right thing. i'm doing it for you, we're doing the right thing. we're doing the right thing together. [applause] i want to thank again all of our friends and patriots from the n.r.a., we will never fail and we will always protect your second amendment. thank you. god bless you. god bless america. thank you all. thank you. [applause] >> president trump wrapping up
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comments to the national rifle association, the powerful lobbying group for gun manufacturers. he spoke in dallas about far more than the second amendment, hitting everything from poll numbers to the robert mueller investigation and saying, i love fighting these battles. he got in shout-out to kanye, attacked political opponents, including tester and stated democrats want guns outlawd and gave public support to texas senator ted cruz, whose wife's looks he once attacked while falsely claiming his father was involved in the assassination of j.f.k. comments come months after he said the n.r.a. has great power over congress and that lawmakers are afraid of the gun right lobby groups. those words during a round-table discussion about gun control and school safety after the deadly high school shooting in parkland, florida. today, he headlined the n.r.a.'s
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convention. i'm shepard smith in new york. in washington, brand-new series of words presented for our consumption. maybe team trump just shifting strategies shifting again. maybe they're trying to confuse everybody. certainly the undeniable chaos is definitely not chaos at all, they are clear on that point. what team trump said last month then changed last week, then reimagined again on tuesday, was revised and extended again this morning. and space under the bus is now at a premium. rudy giuliani found himself wedged there today when the president said his lawyer still has to get his facts straight on payments to the porn star. pres. trump: when rudy made the statement, rude segreat. rudy had just started and wasn't totally familiar with everything and rudy, we love rudy, he's a special guy, but when he made
12:25 pm
certain statements, he just started yesterday, so that's it. >> shepard: just started yesterday, that's not true. just weeks ago president trump denied knowing anything about the hush money his personal lawyer gave to the porn star so she'd keep quiet about the sexual relationship she claims she had the president. giuliani flipped the script a couple days ago and gave interviews to fox and friends and sean hannity. claimed president trump reimbursed michael cohen for the hush payoff, but said no campaign money was involved. rudy giuliani told the "washington post" that the payments happened last year. now something new. giuliani released a statement about an hour ago and said in it he wanted to clarify the views he expressed over the past few days, views clarification. he said, let this one sink in just in case this version lasts more than a few hours.
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quoting giuliani, my references to timing were not describing my understanding of the president's knowledge, but my understanding of these matters. again, my references to timing were not describing my understanding of the president's knowledge, but instead, my understanding of these matters. in other words, when he told hannity a fact he didn't already know, it wasn't a fact, but feeling of personal understanding and misunderstanding of the president's understanding of timing and understanding. whether you prefer ranch or balsamicon the words, president trump denies his own story has changed at all. the president also told reporters he would love to speak with special counsel robert mueller, said it again and again, love to speak with him as part of the russia investigation and he would override his lawyers to do so under one condition. only if he's sure he will be treated fairly.
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peter with the news on the lawn. peter. >> when i asked president trump how rudy was doing, he did excuse giuliani, he is the new guy and doesn't know what is going on with the legal team. he teased the statement from giuliani we got and there is more to it. giuliani is cleaning up the comment he made to sean hannity, president trump reimbursed his lawyer michael cohen $130,000 so stormy daniels would sign a nondisclosure agreement. giuliani says there is no campaign violation, the payment was made to resolve a personal and false allegation in order to protect the president's family. it would have been done in any event, whether he was a candidate or not. so giuliani is changing his version of the story, but president trump insists that he is not. pres. trump: you take a look at what i said, go back and take a
12:28 pm
look and you'll see what i said. >> you said no. pres. trump: excuse me, excuse me. you go back and look at what i said. this is a witch hunt. they should look at the other side where terribly bad things have happened, terribly bad things have been done. >> shepard: when president trump says go look at what he said, april statement made aboard air force one. the president said he had no knowledge of payment to stormy daniels, only one who would know about that would be michael cohen. the president maintains on twitter and referring us to a statement he made previously today that michael cohen was paid retainer and if stormy daniels was paid with money, the president's money, it could have come from that retainer without the president's explicit permission or knowledge. shep. >> shepard: what more did president trump say about a sitdown with special counsel, mueller's team? >> he would be game if republicans were among the
12:29 pm
investigators asking questions. pres. trump: i want to talk to the people in charge, if they can prove that it is a fair situation. the problem we have is that you have 13 people, they are all democrats and real democrats, angry democrats -- >> strongly advising him not to talk. shep. >> shepard: thank you, for the record, they are not all democrats and for the record, mueller is a republican. more on all this with chris wallace, coming up friday afternoon. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable
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>> fox report now in today's headlines. a man hunt underway, someone shot an atf agent in the head
12:32 pm
this morning during an undercover operation, they say the agent is in stable condition and expect him to make a full recovery. in utah, a man facing drug charges runs out of a courtroom and jumped over a balcony. security camera captured the moment. the man threw himself from a second floor. it happened in spanish fork, south of salt lake city. a spokesman says the man broke his leg and pelvis and structured his skull. meantime, camera on school bus reported another bizarre situation. video shows a man getting out of his car and climbing to the hood of the bus. this happened in massachusetts outside of boston. media reports no kids were on board and police are investigating. the news continues with shep right after this.
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liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> shepard: continuing coverage of this week in washington, let's turn to chris wallace, anchor fox news sunday. preparing for the sunday broadcast i'm looking forward to. great to see you, chris, how are
12:35 pm
you? i wonder where we are on explanation of campaign finance issue and payments to stormy daniels? >> first of all, rudy giuliani came out on sean hannity on wednesday, not because he was in a great hurry to tell the president reimbursed michael cohen, but in that raid that the f.b.i. conducted on cohen's offices and home, the investigators had come up with documents that showed that. so the feeling by the president and rudy giuliani was better to get it out on their own terms, than to let prosecutors get it out in a big revelation in court or by leaking to somebody in the media. having said that, and that was the reasoning behind doing this in the first place, when giuliani went on hannity wednesday night and thursday morning on fox and friends, he made one serious mistake and that was at one point he suggested -- well, look, this
12:36 pm
wouldn't have been good if it would have come out in the middle of the campaign, just before the third presidential debate, all the allegation by stormy daniels. that seemed to indicate perhaps there was political motive this was involved with the campaign and raises issues about campaign finance. that is why you got that clarification today by giuliani saying this was purely personal and purely trying to rescue or salvage his reputation on a claim they maintain was completely false and that was the damage control that rudy giuliani was trying to do in the statement today. >> shepard: but it is my understanding from a number of different sources down there, it was the president and rudy giuliani who worked out this strategy by themselves, away from the white house strategists and away from the legal team they worked this out and he spoke to hannity before and after and that this was a plan, a plan that just i guess didn't go as well as they hoped it would go. >> as i say, that is why they
12:37 pm
decided to announce on hannity in the first place, the president and giuliani decided to get the information out. >> shepard: because it was coming anyway? >> on their own terms first before the prosecutors did. as far as it being done outside of the white house staff, communications office, chief of staff, absolutely. they were as shocked as sean hannity, viewers who watch seem to be. this is the president and rudy giuliani that made the other members of the private legal team involved, but folks inside the white house said, no sense at all. no heads up at all this would come down. >> shepard: it didn't feel real lawyered, if you know what i mean. what we heard today felt lawyered. i'm enjoying the sentence, my understanding, my references to timing were not describing my understanding of the president's knowledge, but instead my understanding of these matters. >> yeah, and that came when giuliani seemed to suggest that
12:38 pm
president trump didn't even know about the payment to michael cohen until a week or even just 10 days ago. now giuliani is saying, i was the one who learned about this a week or 10 days ago when we saw documents seized in the michael cohen raid, not that the president only learned about it then. you are right. it was much more careful and precise and giuliani's statement than when he was on the air wednesday and thursday. >> shepard: in the big picture, first there was the rudy giuliani talk to bob costa from the newspaper. then the series of utranss on television programs and behind the scenes talks with reporters and more aggressive, defense of the president seems to have been mounted this week and largely through the auspices of rudy giuliani. >> president trump apparently decided he's going to go offensive and he's going to go political on this.
12:39 pm
very interesting to note in his speech to the n.r.a. a few moments ago, he bashed the investigation, said it was a witch hunt, talked about how unfair it was. you get the sense the president and giuliani have made a calculation that the special counsel is gunning for him, could end up as impeachment fight and he has to martial his troops to say this whole thing is over the line. now, i got to say, they got something of support today from that judge in alexandria. >> shepard: for sure. >> basically said you are going after manafort on things that have nothing to do with your charter in investigating donald trump about russia, about obstruction of justice. this was a prior investigation of manafort's finances, the only reason you are doing this, federal judge saying this, flip manafort to get that information about president trump. >> shepard: which they did. >> even hypochondriacs get sick.
12:40 pm
people that think people are after them, sometimes they are. >> shepard: the strategy, i got to go, the big picture strategy, trash the investigators, trash the attorneys, trash the messengers so whatever comes out later, it is easier to say, they did it, you know i'm good over here, i've been telling you they are all bad. >> yes, but i still think it is an open question whether or not the president will sit down -- >> shepard: totally. >>-- with the mueller team and that is because they know if they don't, this will end up in the supreme court and keep this cloud over the president for months. i think they are trying to pressure him or convince him to limit the scope, say well, we need to see what is fair. the limit the number of questions, limit the amount of time and see if they can settle for that, or else go to the supreme court. >> shepard: we'll see what happens, as the president might say. see you sunday on fox news sunday, you speak with former u.s. attorney joe dagenova.
12:41 pm
sparkling. this will be a good one. lanny david will be there, what a mix. chris wallace in blue and in gray. fox news sunday, not on this channel. first running is on local fox station in your local area, check your local listings. federal judge in the state of virginia going aftera special counsel robert mueller's case against president trump. chris just mentioned, regarding manafort, campaign manager paul manafort, happened during a tense hearing in virginia outside d.c. the judge said that the charges against manafort have nothing to do with moscow's meddling and suggested quite forwardly mueller's motive is to get manafort to turn on president trump. >> you know, the special counsel team argues manafort connection to russia and the ukrainian government makes the charges relevant and prosecutable. our chief intelligence
12:42 pm
correspondent is live in washington. i guess they could change the venue on this thing. >> i guess they could, the sticking point, manafort is facing prosecution in washington, d.c. and the government special counsel felt the most relevant place to bring this set of charges was also in virginia. to the hearing this morning, federal judge in virginia rebuked special counsel robert mueller's team during the short hearing and he indicated that they felt they were lying about the scope of the investigation, seeking in his terms "unfettered power and more interested in bringing down the president," and he said "you don't care about mr. manafort," t.s. ellis iii, you care more about information you can get from mr. paul manafort, that will lead to mr. trump and impeachment or whatever. a short time ago, the president responded. pres. trump: then, how did this have anything to do with the
12:43 pm
campaign, the judge asked. let me tell you, folks, we're all fighting battles, but i love fighting these battles. [applause] >> the hearing really took quite a confrontational turn this morning when it was revealed some of the information in the investigation had come from an earlier justice department probe by the u.s. attorney's office for the eastern district of new york, just ellis demanded to see unredacted scope of memo that documents the boundaries of the special counsel probe, something republicans want to see and now the special counsel has or the government has about two weeks to make it available or argue why it should be withheld from the courtship. >> shepard: you are the best, thank you. unemployment rate has fallen below 4% mark for the first time in a very long time. ahead, what it signals about the state of the economy and what we know about hundreds of thousands of americans who dropped out of the workforce last month.
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>> shepard: the percentage of americans looking for work has hit the lowest level in nearly two decades. the labor department reports unemployment rate last month fell to 3.9%, the lowest it's been since december of the year 2000. at the same time, companies added 164,000 jobs in april, those numbers don't tell the whole story, though, more on that in a moment. look at dow, stocks having fantastic day. started in the red, you can see over there. didn't last long, up by 400 points one point in the session. this is about jobs and tech? >> jobs and tech. friday fun. so if you look at that jobs report, headline was amazing, right? lowest since the year 2000. but there are couple things to take a look at. wage growth was a little muted, which means if you have a job, you can't go to your job and
12:48 pm
demand exharsh tant raise. that is something keeping muted reaction there is headline, 3.9%, that is the start number. fewer jobs, as well, added to the economy than expected, 164,000 versus 192,000 and muted job growth. that is ana annual level. most analysts to have competitive job level, you need 3.9%, we are way below that. i want to highlight some industries hiring manufacturing. mining, business and professional services and healthcare, which is probably not so much of a surprise. sum total, this is like a goldilocks report, enough to feel good about the u.s. economy, but not so overheated we think the fed will increase rates. why do we care? when interest rates go higher, you pay more for everything, more for mortgage, car loan, businesses pay more to borrow. this in many eyes, sweet spot you want.
12:49 pm
>> shepard: feds talked about inflation going up, today what is up is dow. what is leading this? >> apple, huge muscular stock. in the dow, famed investor warren buffet adding to his position, 75 million shares that adds to his position of 165 million and keep in mind, we heard from apple earlier this week and warren buffet made this point, worried about not enough people spending $1000 on iphone 10, you are missing the point. they have wearable business, service business, firing on all cylinders, he put his money -- >> shepard: and the charger. >> god forbid. >> shepard: $119. >> they did $100 billion share buyback, huge amount of money. biggest ever. should have neon signs, that is nice for investors. really that is helping the dow. 4% pop and contributing to the average -- >> shepard: love to finish on the up. >> that's right.
12:50 pm
>> shepard: have a great weekend. plan necessary full swing for sitdown between the president and north korean dictator kim jong-un. the president said today, ding, ding, ding, they have chosen the time and the place. and an announcement about all that will come very soon. we'll see what happens. we use our phones and computers
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>> shepard: the president says the time and place to set for his historic summit with kim jong-un is already and that the white house will announce details very soon. earlier this week the president said he might meet with the north korean dictator at heavily guarded border that divides north and south korea. correspondent is live with more on this. greg. >> that's right, president trump
12:54 pm
talking shep, a lot today about north korea. yes indeed, saying we will learn shortly where and when this summit will be taking place. the site of last friday's summit between kim jong-un and south korean president moon jae-in, the dmz, is a main contender, singapore had already been suggested. the reporting is regarding timing, still end of may, early june, but time is moving forward more likely june, we think. the president said today that the white house is in constant contact with north korean leadership and reports kim jong-un again is saying that he will denuclearization, even allow in international inspectors to watch it. also fresh warnings from experts, be careful. >> shepard: the president also talked about the possible release of the three american hostages in north korea. has that hit a snag, the timing, what do we know? >> well, president, shep, moved
12:55 pm
this thing along, twice he said it should be hope for the release of these three american detainees. they are u.s. citizens, korean americans, businessmen and two academics, seized by north korean authorities and various reports this week they have been moved in advance of them being freed. the president saying today and i'm quoting "you will be seeing very, very good things," noting "substanti "substantive" talks with the authorities from the region, shep, the three americans being released as early as saturday, again through the dmz venue. one last note, mentioned "new york times" report saying that president trump was considering reduction of u.s. troops right now in south korea. he's denying that, but saying perhaps in the future. back to you. >> shepard: on a bright friday night, thank you. we'll be back with a look at when music's biggest night got
12:56 pm
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change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. music industry held its first ever grammy awards. there were two black tie events at the same time. one in new york city and one out in beverly hills. some of the night's winners were ella fitzgerald, frank sinatra took home his first grammy that night for best album cover, not for singing. giving us the grammy nickname after music's biggest night was born 59 years ago today. should news break out we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. we started out in the red, we
1:00 pm
were over 400, but held on nicely. 29 of the 30 dow industrials are in the green today with tech and apple leading the way. "your world with neil cavuto" is next on the network that america trusts for news and information on cable. judge in manafort case says mueller's aim is to hurt trump. can you believe that? it's called the witch hunt. how does this have anything to do with the campaign, the judge asks. let me tell you, folks, we're all fighting battles, but i love fighting these battles. [ cheers and applause ] >> neil: that was vintage donald trump. i love fighting these battles, and he was waging them today. president trump moments ago in dallas praising a federal judge for taking on special counsel bob mueller. of course it was a friendly nra crowd in