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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 4, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino and along with kimberly guilfoyle. this is the five. president trump firing up the nra convention in dallas. >> we are finally all putting america first. we are seeing the incredible results. as a result, of our massive tax cut and everybody's benefitting and everybody is happy and the
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democrats are very concerned. you watch how well how well we do in '18. get out and vote. and don't be complacent. kanye west must have power. i doubled my african-american poll numbers. it went from 11 to 22 in one week. thank you, kanye, thank you. you saw the recent poll came out razzuk 51 or 52. how does that happen with bad publicity. democratic law makers voted against legislation to close deadly immigration loop holes. how about catch and release. weigh caught them and release them. bye-bye. we will keep violent criminals out. you saw what happened there.
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what he did to one of the finest people in our country. and what he did to the admiral is a disgrace. >> dana: he went on to expound on the issue much gun right and before the supporters and thanked them. >> true american patriots of the nra who defend our rights and liberty and our great american flag. you have never stopped fighting for our beloved constitution. they said going to the nra convention and speaking is controversial. it may not be popular. you know what i say, bye-bye, got to get on the plane. because we have to do the right thing. >> dana: we'll take it around the table. he was having fun today. >> greg: yeah, like a classic rock band who does hits in front of the loving crowd.
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and like the wall is the stairway to heaven. kanye was a new song and john kerry material he introduced, which was stellar comedy roast. when you are 73, you shouldn't be riding a bike and perfect stuff. and i always find it. this to him is entertainment for himself and entertainment for other and an antidote to the news. when you listen to the news, all you get is the bad news, stormy stuff and collusion accusations. and what he does he talks about the job number and talks about north korea and the good news which is the antidote to the bad news and so it is healthy for him and his supporter and healthy for people watching at home to see the other side. >> dana: i don't know if the other networks took it live but we did. the bully pulpit is very
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powerful. if you are going to give a speech in front of a big crowd, it means more than a newscast. >> kimberly: it was a good plug for the book and this is what the good news is changing the dialogue and narrative and so he will take change. he's good with the campaign rally and in front of a receptive audience and picking up what he's dropping. he feels at home in a situation like that as well. >> jesse: i watched in a room that it msnbc and only time with utfettered accesses to communicate his message. there were cut away and times when the audience was applauding and he would stop speaking for 15 or 20 seconds. and fox news went to cut aways to the audience and showed what happened in the room. cnn no way to show the audience.
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going into 2018. it is it the base. and he talks about the enthusiasm level. you better get up. >> dana: that is a good point about the midterms that is not necessarily easy for the president. they usually lose seats even though his approval with republicans is highest. 88 or 90 percent. that doesn't always translate to enthusiasm and getting out to vote. you think that was the ploy. >> juan: if you consider the mid- term and poll numbers. they have turned in favor of gun control very strongly. and after parkland, remember the president was in the white house. we carried here on fox having a meeting and say i think we need stronger gun control to you
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guys and you guys are afraid of the nran and five days he flip- flopped. none theless, he is trying to make the case he is the man the nra poured 32 million in the campaign and after he was elected. you were with me and i will always be with you. >> dana: were you surprised he didn't talk about that. he was willing to challenge the nra, but one of the things that the president does, that makes sense. now, i understand why it energy army school teachers is not done nationally. that would be a case by case in the district. >> greg: the blessing and challenge of donald trump. he is the conversational president. he will talk about. you know that upsets me and b
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happens, well, wait a second. he went on a long tear of if one person had a gun lives would be saved. and there is a study that was not published that supports of the 2 million gun uses. and he did it. and the speech is essentially the same and then he tweaks it like for the nra. and i think that was a stock positive speech about deed the. in the face of what you get from the media which are words. >> juan: the whole gun movement and nran is on the defensive. gun sales are down. smith and wesson are the ones who are saying, you know what, outdoor brands, makes smith and wessons, their stocks are down
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and remmington is in bankruptcy and there is a republican in ofls and not driving the buyers to the store. >> greg: everybody sativated the market. >> juan: teachers are opposed to carrying guns to school. they are saying in the aftermath of parkland maybe something should change. that brought up the controversial issue with the president and vice-president pence. secret service said no guns in here. and nra, wait they don't trust the good guys with the guns, how could that be. you shouldn't have awe gun around the president. >> yeah. >> dana: talk about one other the president discussed and
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greg's favorite part about north korea. >> the last administration had a policy of silence. don't talk. you may make them and kim angry. don't talk. if a horrible at the same time is made about the united states, don't say anything, we have no comment. please, please, oh, my god. and we have the former administration, as represented by john kerry. not the best negotiator we have seen. he never walked away except in the bicycle race where he fell and broke his leg. at 73 years old, you never go in
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a bike race. just saying. this is going to be nuclear war. no, what gets you nuclear war, weakness gets you nuclear war. being weak. >> dana: one of his strengths, jason s. humor to make a point. being strong against your enemies will bring them to the table. >> remember barak obama was big in skeet shooting and john kerry supposedly hunting peasant. but donald trump has the connection with the people. >> dana: he doesn't pretent to do. that>> kimberly: this was great for him. he gets back in his element and groove and this is coming in the aftermath of the parkland
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shooting. a lot of people trying to get after the gun and abolish the second amendment. he invited people to the white house to have the discussion, too. he's listening to both sides. people who are concerned about gun violence and then to the group trying to protect the second amendment. it is in your face and gets to the issues. >> juan: you have to do something with republicans. you look at what happeneded in florida. some with republicans. hope he, and vermont and oregon. more and more republicans, yeah, we buy into the fact. we want a reasonable gun control. i don't think they are talking about. >> dana: they are talking about it. abolish the second amendment and it is it excessive. there is laws. >> juan: i think former supreme court stephens said that. but it is it not the kids and
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not the parkland kid and said most americans. what you are seeing in the 60 percent of gun control is better background checks. >> and hardening. targets. >> greg: it is nancy pelosi in charge they will try to take away the guns. >> dana: just politically that would work agains. nancy pelosi may want to do that, we are talking about the general election after the midterm. how do you want to make sure republicans turn out in 2020, nancy pelosi should try to pass gun control. >> greg: can i return to him the panic. he did the panicky man impersonation. it is a lesson for all of us. it is not specific to any particular person. heap does that.
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>> dana: is that the same thing. >> greg: pretty close. >> dana: before taking off to dallas, the president will speak to republicans about whether he will sit down with mueller, next. as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro.
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xfinity. the future of awesome. >> dana: another new twist on the stormy daniel's saga president trump weighing in. >> ruddy know its is a witch hunt and started yesterday. he will get his facts straight. he's a great guy what he does, he feels it is a bad thing for our country and he happens to be right. >> kimberly: he said references to the timing of the payment do not represent the president's knowledge but his own understanding of the matter. trump indicated he may be willing to sit down with special counsel robert mueller. >> i would love to speak and nothing i would love to do more. i have to find that we are
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treated fairly. because everybody see its now and it is a pure witch hunt. if i thought it was fair i would override my lawyers. >> dana: and a federal judge rebuked mueller's team for paul manafort suggesting that overstepped authority for charging bank crime fraud. congressman, i know you are up on this and interested to talk about it. >> this scope memopen would be the most said word and phrase across the country. scope memo. he's challenging the authtisity of what the if prosecutor is doing to provide a memo and a memo that congress is asked for and denied and a federal judge gave him a two week time line and mueller's team pushed back and said you can't look at
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this or that and the judge said i will be the judge of that. they are on clock. >> kimberly: now the sealed doszier. >> dana: i don't know if there is a good win. it was the judge saying to the government lawyers, basically brushing them back and saying you have to do better than this. and apparently the judge is known to be toughest on the lawyers for the lawyers he ultimately rules for. i don't know what the judge will decide. it was a good day for the trump or manafort. you think he wasn't the swamp in he was absolutely the swamp. >> they are using the idea of russia in the election and go
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back and surf who knows where. >> dana: we kind of know what the surf memo said. matters of russia and other things that are lies. and they happen to find all of this stuff with manafort and that's why the grand jury returned the indicksment. >> kimberly: it was a wide net, greg, and that's why there is distrust by the american public. and if you don't have going to hide and nothing nefarrious and not trying to unseat an american president and undo an election result why will you not show us. >> greg: it is like black mold and this investigation is spreading and spreading. and the questions were drafted with trump's lawyer and all about feelings and thoughts. and what did you think and feel? and more like a,
2:21 pm
application and we are to the point it is it like a paritty and we should stop it and realize that there is so many good things going on in the wormed it is a playpen for people who are mad he won. >> dana: look at juan's face. >> juan: i understand what happened in court was interesting. but it was not a win because nothing was decided. it was an opportunity for people who feel like hey, this is like, the federal government run amok going after a president they don't like. and the judge said, we the american people don't like unfettered power no matter who it is. and then, you get mueller's team hey, we are not unfettered. we are part of the justice department and rod rosenstein is always with us in terms of ongoing negotiations with regard
2:22 pm
to what we do. and manafort's people said wait a second. when it came to michael cohen, up sent it back to the district here in manhattan and manafort you kept it because originally the charges were going to filed in virginia. you are trying to get leverage so he sings like a bird? >> to go after trump. >> juan: i want to know about the scope and he said, the mueller team hey, we don't want to show you the scope document because it involves ongoing criminal investigations. and he does the nfl thing. come on, man, you better show me that thing. >> dana: you follow all of that? >> greg: no, it was boring. >> dana: confrontation between the trump administration and greg gets punished in the break. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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>> juan: president trump attacking the news. they had to correct a comment. >> virtually everything is sad wronger covered by the press. just like msnbc and nbc covered the store tore wrong. it is actually very simple. but there has been a lot of misinformation really. and people wanting to say and i say you know what, learn before you speak. it is a lot easier. >> juan: the president going
2:28 pm
after nbc news on twitter. and white house correspondent april ryan raising comments regarding her exchange with sarah sanders. >> i didn't use that term. >> you were blind sided from what you said. >> with all due respect you don't know much about me in what i feel or don't. >> how does it operate. >> she was blind sided. it was not a personal attack on her and her to say you don't know me. that was street. that was street politics. >> juan: what do you make of this, dana? >> dana: which part. nbc news broke in the daily briefing and on that show, we quoted and cited nbc news as breaking the tore store, no other news outlet. >> juan: abc said they matched
2:29 pm
it. >> dana: wiretapping and a pen and looking at who is calling in and on is different than listening in. it is very, very different. it is unexcusable and unnecessary to go forward with that story if they were moment locked down. it is completely necessary. and bad for journalism and bad for the trump administration for two hours until it shows that once again they had gotten it wrong. we know the fbi was looking nothing to michael cohen. and they were professional when they came in and dealt with me. and they were looking at the outside of the envelope. this is what they looked at surveillance. it is not surveillance if you are looking at who is going in and out. in is strange. watching the briefing yesterday. i was on air twice in the
2:30 pm
afternoon on my show and shepherd's show and this show defending sarah sanders. she was surprised by the hannity interview and what guiliani said. she said i give you the best information i have at the time. that's what april ryan is saying. sarah sanders is vindicated. it is the white house having rudyual joule. actually i had it wrong the day before. there is a ton of unnecessary too quick information that is not solid. and wait for a second before you put it out there. >> the initial report from nbc seemed to raise the degree of legal jeopardy was heightened and they had him talking at someone in the white house. it was not probabble cause of a crime. but there is something going on
2:31 pm
in an ongoing investigation and it is relevant and the judge grants a warrant. do you see that michael cohen, is in greater legal jeopardy with the pin reg u.ry. >> jason: i think the media undercut himself and sarah sanders is wonderful and did the right thing. cohen's problems are deeper. i have argued this for years in congress. they got probably the for tracking location. it is not only the phone call between your name and kimberly's number. >>in didn't talk to anybody. they will track your rand ifin can tell you, why you an and it
2:32 pm
is in the just the metabat data & they are able to take what he is. and>> juan: april ryan lsd -- it is all right. >> kimberly: she is professional and handles her information well. and there is no need to come at her. i am sure she's had enough, too in terms of what she had to deal with. and all right, pumps the brakes here and be professional and let's do the best job we can, including nbc that needed to get it right. that is a misstep in term was journalism. you want us to have to take it
2:33 pm
back in the fox news channel. no. up have to be careful with the information. sarah addressed it and transparent and as far as michael cohen, go to the upper east side. >> juan: can they have a moment between april and sarah. >> greg: for donald trump everything is a conversation and for the media it is a depdegrees. they want to know what your sneeze meant. and in your segment and other segments. we are doing segments about oral conflicts, but not taking about deeds. this is driving me nits. look at this year's new's cycle it is better than before trump was in office. we are not talking about isis videos and worried about a nuclear threat with north
2:34 pm
korea. we are watching job numbers are that're are>> that would be good news fors or a cad who brings world peace. >> juan: i don't know. i don't know about world peace. remember all of the violence in berkeley? last year when a conservative speaker came to campus. you will not believe who the school is blaming for that, next on the five. (vo) dogs have evolved, but their nutritional needs remain instinctual. that's why there's purina one true instinct. real meat #1. a different breed of natural nutrition. purina one true instinct.
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>> jason: the who? i am impressed. it is a stunning determination about the violent rights. when conservative speakers came to campus, the panel said and i
2:39 pm
quote. although those speakers had the right to speak and entitled to protection, that did not need to be on campus to combz free speech. it can be seen to be part of a coordinated campaign. and organized appearance to insight inferred to have a narrative. you don't need to be on campus to exercise your free speech. conservative stay away. greg, are we raising a new generation of snowflakes? >> greg: i hoped you didn't say that. >> dana: this is where he went to school. >> greg: it is not only about speech. what did you notice about the comment. how humorless it was. you are seeing the death of
2:40 pm
humor and not only the death of thought and speech. but the death of humor. if you can't have fun with somebody you can't communicate and then you are on the road to no communication and then separate groups and war. >> dana: what? >> they feel and especially after the '16 election. they sight i cited millo and coulter intentionamly provocative right help wing statement and prompt people to protest. and ben shapiro had no problem. and in 15 there were more i don't think the right wants to tike responsibility. they see it as a free teachy
2:41 pm
think you understand that are. >> kimberly: what are the universities teaching but obsession of free speech. and they minimize the conservatives and they should be interested in and . and. those make me sick. and what about personal responsibility. is somebody making the anti- pop and stab forces and throw battles and lite on fear in and people work hard to thwack show respect. >> canin kasmir your speech.
2:42 pm
nlike don't what. to be college is quite a bummer. >> it is follow-up perform. sxch if is a professor. dpreg greg it is it a bomb maker who tried to kill people in to a. >> jason: that was not my fultum. and>> jason: flan mail friday is coming upon. respiratory clood --
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coming upon. conservative businessman, john cox.
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leading the opposition to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again.
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leading conservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again. >> greg: the whoa are overrated monkeys. this is a great question. this is from david dawkins who was your childhood tv crush.
2:47 pm
you are a kid and what was your tv crush. >> juan: i am having trouble. i dream of jeanie. >> greg: barbara eden. >> juan: that was a fascinating person. i think my crushes came from movie and like strong women like angela basset. and i can't remember people's names. siingorny weaver. that's when i was a crush. greg: kimberly. >> kimberly: you mean like the brady bunch? it was like sean cassidy. he was on tv. >> greg: he was a hardy boy. can you name the other. parker stephenson and once
2:48 pm
married to kristry alley. >> dana: then i put alex p. kea ton. >> jason: i did dig marsha brady can then farra fa wcett. >> greg: i had mrs. howell. she is on a deserted island and she had everything and put together as an older one. >> dana: we did the gill begans island. and this is better from alex. if you had to exist in a reality based off a movie or tv show, which would you choose. i kind of know what dana is going to say. >> dana: nashville. >> greg: you could live in that
2:49 pm
show. >> dana: i could live in that show. the record label. i would do pr, they need help. >> greg: i was going to say little house on the prairie. >> kimberly: no, i like running water. >> greg: jason? >> jason: lost. that is a great show. >> greg: that is not a happy existence. >> jason: no, i like to fight. >> dana: you like the show. >> greg: guy is runing for congress. kimberly. >> kimberly: in the movie. laquita. >> greg: you are thinking you want to be the character. >> kimberly: okay. >> greg: you are talking about the environment one. what kind of environment would you want to live on if you saw on the tv show. >> kimberly: i live i.t. now.
2:50 pm
>> juan: we are for a trumman show. >> dana: just trapped in here in>> juan: i think i am huckleberry hound. >> greg: i would like to live in the world of rem and stimpy. not have to breathe. and do you get frustrated about a topic you just want to walk out of the studio. >> dana: that is you all of the time. like greg today. no, you are here. >> greg: someone has to be the viewer. i used to watch the group and you are talking about real stuff. >> kimberly: what was your objection. >> greg: why is it about me? we focused too much on words and not deeds. little thingingly.
2:51 pm
>> kimberly: greg is a frustrated producer. >> greg: tease is next. one more thing is up next. >> kimberly: that's a wrap. ♪ ♪ cleared yah dad says our insurance doesn't have that.
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♪ >> kimberly: it is time now for one more thing. greg. >> greg: saturday, "the
2:55 pm
greg gutfeld show," we have sebastian gorka. sebastian gorka, terry shaw offered and ed tyrus. and i have not seen one of these in a while, -- i hate these people! i am in a mood. in the physical world, we have stuff called litter, you know what litter is? in the social network world that is called gifs or jifs. dancing rather than responding, sending the gifs or jifs. they are internet litter, internet garbage, they are thoughtless, careless, lazy. so anticipate you will be sending me a lot. >> somebody said that to him. >> greg: they are actually litter on the internet.
2:56 pm
garbage. >> kimberly: it is because he is a little bit hung over today, he is a little bit cranky pants. >> dana: you are next. >> kimberly: mine is good and not disruptive or negative like greg. michaela lane got the shock of her life before she took off for a national cheerleading competition because her father is robert lang station halfway across the world serving in the national guard. so when the father and her teammates performed a hilarious cheer routine, hers dad was unable to join them, physically in person, however where there is a will, there is god's way, because after the dads finish the routine, her father appeared on screen with a routine of his own which is with his military team in the northeast. probably took him a month to earn it. >> dana: good for you. >> kimberly: and think your father for his service. >> dana: this is something that will not be a problem for greg or me. but it could be a problem for the rest of you.
2:57 pm
as if airplane seats weren't small enough, jetblue has just announced that they are going to decrease legroom, that's right, to make room for new seats, with bigger tv screens, they will take away 2 inches of crucial legroom for the coach class. leading other airlines, 34 inches, but now they are sacrificing for the tv screen. >> kimberly: that is terrible. >> dana: what do you think? >> jason: i am 6'2". >> dana: well, you will be 6-foot before you know it. speak to you guys remember the movie "hidden figures" three max dietitians, black women who put john glennon into orbit. but three high school girls and do you see look like they are following in those footsteps, among eight finalists for nasa's prestigious high school science competition. all 17 juniors using nasa technology to purify water coming from school water fountains with possible lead contamination. the winners will be announced this month, $4,000 stipend and a
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trip to the flight center. good luck. >> dana: all right, jason. >> jason: utah close to my home, christopher road was appearing before a judge. when you appear before the judge, actually sitting in some handcuffs. and if they show some video, it will help. because he decides to get up and leave. he goes out the door, the utah county sheriff goes after them, and this idiot purposefully jumps over the sheriff's deputy, trying to catch him and he breaks his leg, he breaks his goal in doing it and he is actually earned the idiot of the moment, forget about running and purposely jumping on the floor and thanks to the shared death had to use, they did not have to -- >> juan: he broke his pelvis? >> greg: of all of the bones, breaking the pelvis is not the one that you want. >> juan: why do you say that? >> greg: i had a friend.
2:59 pm
carty b asks what you would be doing right now if you were not on "the five." >> kimberly: i know what you would be doing, crushing pinot noir. >> greg: you would be doing it with me. >> dana: okay "gilligan's island." i would be on my way to meet peter so that we could have our weekend. >> jason: i am dashing to the airport so that i can get home. >> kimberly: don't fly delta on that plane. >> jason: delta is pretty good. >> juan: the weather is great, i would be outside, it is beyond spring. it's like we did not have spring, we went to summer. >> kimberly: yes, we jumped ahead. >> dana: what i did this morning, i spent an hour cleaning out my closet. i was good, if you need me to come over and get rid of stuff, i am ready. >> kimberly: dana, you can do spring cleaning. >> dana: i'm very good at throwing things away. >> kimberly: no clutter.
3:00 pm
>> dana: no emotional attachments, that might explain a lot. [laughter] >> kimberly: there is a therapist. >> dana: have a great weekend, everyone. "special report" is up next, john roberts is up next, we are seeing too much of each other. >> john: we will get people talking, but that's okay. rudy giuliani preaching to the choir at the nra convention and a date and location set for kim jong un, he is not sharing it. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington, i am john roberts in for bret baier this friday evening. president trump took the time to speak with reporters today, a number of times prayed he praised and corrected his newest rudy giuliani and wants to speak to robert mueller. but it was a virginia judge who earned the most attention from the commander-in-chief over his


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