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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 4, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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attachments, that might explain a lot. [laughter] >> kimberly: there is a therapist. >> dana: have a great weekend, everyone. "special report" is up next, john roberts is up next, we are seeing too much of each other. >> john: we will get people talking, but that's okay. rudy giuliani preaching to the choir at the nra convention and a date and location set for kim jong un, he is not sharing it. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington, i am john roberts in for bret baier this friday evening. president trump took the time to speak with reporters today, a number of times prayed he praised and corrected his newest rudy giuliani and wants to speak to robert mueller. but it was a virginia judge who earned the most attention from the commander-in-chief over his statements about the russia
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investigation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here with the latest, and wow, what a bombshell this one was. >> it was quite a day, john, thank you. the virginia judge questioning the legitimacy of the investigation and the former trump campaign manager paul manafort, going to discredit the entire russia probe. >> all we hear about is this phony russia witch hunt. that's all we hear about. [boos] >> speaking to the nara and texas, and went off, speaking about paul manafort facing tax fraud and money laundering charges. >> just when i walked in and wanted to say, a highly respected judge in virginia made severance. it says "wall street journal," it says judge questions mueller's authority to prosecute paul manafort. >> reviewing robert mueller's team and may have lied about the
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scope of the investigation. you really do not care about mr. manna forts bank fraud. you care about what he can give you to lead to mr. trump and an impeachment or prosecution. >> how does this have anything to do with the campaign, the judge asked? let me tell you, folks, we are all fighting battles, but i love fighting these battles. >> before heading to texas, the president took reporters questions twice emphasizing that no one wants to talk to mueller more than he does. >> i want to talk to the people in charge. if they can prove that it is a fair situation. >> are the same time the president claimed that the special counsel legal team is stacked against them. >> the problem that we have is that you have 13 people that are all democrats and they are real democrats, they are angry democrats, and that is not a fair situation. >> president trump credits rudy giuliani, the newest member of
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his legal team is on a learning curve. >> he started yesterday, he will get his facts straight. >> that appears to be a reference to giuliani's fox interview where he said president trump paid michael cohen a retainer and covered the stormy daniels nondisclosure agreement. >> the president repaid it. >> oh, i did not know. he did? >> before the president took the podium, giuliani released a statement. first, there is no campaign violation. second, my references to timing were not describing my understanding of the president's knowledge, but instead my understanding of these matters. third, it is undisputed that the president's dismissal of former director comey was in the article to power. president trump singled out the media after two networks incorrectly reported trump attorney michael cowans because were listened to by the feds. the president urged reporters to listen to rod rosenstein's memo. he recommended fbi director comey's termination, the catalyst for the special
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appointment counsel. >> just read it. your viewers do not know about it. >> rosenstein said that the long-awaited inspector review of the fbi justice department handling of the clinton email should come in the next few weeks. sources close to the matter told fox news that the inspector general's team has continued to receive and pursue new leads. >> john: some other news late this afternoon, a newly released version of the house intelligence committee reports with less black ink. >> the key thing is a section about to former national security advisor michael flynn. in the unredacted testimony you see that both director comey and his deputy andrew mccabe testified that they did not see evidence of deception when they interviewed michael flynn, but his conversation with the russian ambassador. so the question is how did they get from the ads, no deception to a guilty plea for lying with the special counsel? we have a call into the special counsel tonight to ask if there was new evidence that cause them to bring that case against flynn
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based on what we have seen in the report. >> john: catherine herridge, thanks so much. president trump is on his back to the white house this evening after spending this afternoon in texas speaking to the nra convention. it was a speech that could have been given by canada in trump and the friendly crowd loved it. correspondent kevin corke was in the room and reports tonight from dallas. >> before he left today, a couple of people came up to me, good political people. they said going to the nra convention and how they speak can be very controversial. it might not be popular. you know what i said, goodbye, gotta get on the plane. [cheers and applause] >> it was a campaign-style rally with a familiar feel. a little bit of politics, news of the day, and like the three previous speeches to the national rifle association, and heavy emphasis on the right to bear arms. >> we will never give up our freedom, americans are born
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free, we will live free, and we will die for you. speak about the president's fourth address of the powerful pro-gun group comes after polarized attitudes about grounds for lament guns across the country. in the wake of mass shootings in las vegas, at a church community in texas. and just two months ago, the horror that struck parkland, florida, and left 17 people dea dead. a tragedy that spawned several march for our lives and events across the country. in the wake of that shooting, the president challenge lawmakers to stand up to the gun lobby and said that he would do the same. >> these are great people and great patriots. they love our country. but that does not mean that we have to agree with everything. it does not make sense that i have to wait until i am 21 to get a handgun, but i can get this weapon at 18. >> we did not address it, mr. president. >> because you are afraid of the nra pray to speak of the president followed up by several listening sessions, the bump stocks, raising the age limit to 21, even advocated for
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universal background checks, today much to the dismay of democratic lawmakers, there was a much different tone. long on fizzle, but short on solution. >> the nra always likes to talk about freedom, nobody is talking about taking away their freedom of gun owners, but we have to remember the freedom of the 17 kids, the 14 students, the teachers that were gunned down at stoneman douglas, their freedom matters too. >> john, let me tell you this, mike pence also delivered a rousing address to the gathering here, in fact, he, the president and just about every other major speaker imploring the gathering to be sure to a vote this summer, this fall and in 2018 or risk the democrats taking control of congress and ultimately losing their gun rights forever. john. >> john: kevin corke at the nra convention, thank you. football coach bill belichick and retired picture headline the
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list of names to be appointed to president trump's council on sports and fitness and nutrition. other members include gold-medal winning beach volleyball star misty may trainer and personal walker who was on the general team and the short-lived united states football league. in february the president signed a direct order focusing counsel on encouraging children to play sports. the face-to-face meeting between north korean leader kim jong un and president trump is a historic idea in the process and sounds like some of the details are being nailed down. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot reports from london on the where and when of the talks. >> the upcoming historic summit involving north korean leader kim jong un and president trump is coming into focus. at the date and venue has been worked out. >> we are in constant talks with north korea. we have actually worked out a time in a place which will be announced shortly. >> one possibility for the location is between last week's
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meeting. the dnc. between north and south korea. the president suggesting that preference earlier this week, also mentioning singapore. as for the timing, report still say that it could be the end of this month or early june. meanwhile, more hopeful words about the fate of the three american citizens held by north korea, the korean american, a businessman, and two applicant mx could be released shortly. >> a lot of things have happened with respect to the hostages and you will see very good things, as i said yesterday, stay tuned. >> this as "the new york times" claimed that the president looked at the pentagon to see u.s. troops in south korea. defense officials called the report falls. national security adviser bolton, nonsense. >> i do not believe that we will do anything in south korea related to the defense of the allies or the security of the region. >> still president trump did say that at some point in the future he would look at cutting forces to save money.
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ahead of the summons, many urge caution of a new report of assurances from north korea that they will be nuclearized. >> after what i think will be a visibly successful summit between the president and president kim jong un of north korea, the real test will not come until weeks, months, and years after that when we see of north korea is once again lying and deceiving the way that they have always done in the past. >> another report from the region claims that the three american detainees could be released as soon as saturday. the possible venue for that transfer, the dnc. john. >> john: greg palkot in london, thank you. a good way to finish the week for wall street, the dow jumped 332, the s&p 500 gained 34, the nasdaq rose 121. today could not erase all of the week's losses, finishing the week down a fit of a percentage point. the s&p 500 a quarter of 4%. but the nasdaq was up. one and a quarter. the first friday of every month,
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the unemployment rate has dropped to a rate not seen a more than 17 years. correspondent peter doocy is at the white house where the president was happy to tap the job numbers. >> the unemployment rate is now the lowest it has been in this millennium. 3.9%. >> the big thing to me was tracking the poor. that has not done in a long time. >> 164,000 jobs were added last month even though investors and business owners are holding their breath to see what winds up happening with tariffs. >> they are waiting to see what is going to happen on trade, because we are going to have some incredible trade deals now. >> traveling in china for negotiations with their chinese counterparts, steven mnuchin offered optimism. but a bush era congressional adviser says that this is "the wrong way to get to 3.9% unemployment." writing that "the decline in unemployment rates was because the labor force fell by 30 3260
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and labor force dipped to 62.8%." when good economic news comes, the thing should be to obama. >> if you think about what to the economy was like when obama took office and we were losing 750,000 jobs a month, and under his watch the unemployment rate dropped in half, and it is encouraging to see that we are continuing to make progress. >> terms economic team refers to look at the fine print in this report, like a black unemployment, down to its lowest point since the early '70s paid a 6.6%. >> the rate went down again, that his stance to demand hispanic unemployment rate is the lowest ever, and for teens and females, the lowest ever, a heck of a lot of good news. >> job support today, 2.6% boost to hourly paid compared to last year. but the payment to stormy daniels was all that most reporters asked the president abound and that was eating away
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at him in dallas. >> the best employment numbers we virtually ever had and yet all we hear about is this phony russian witch hunt. [boos] >> i asked president trump about the jobs report, he stressed that he wants to negotiate those better trade deals with china. he says that the only reason that the u.s. and china are playing so nice right now is because he has such great respect for president xi. >> john: peter doocy, thank you. commenting on the far east policy is china's military buildup in the south china sea c. gillian turner reports from the state department on the dangerous situation that is only getting worse. >> the chinese government is ramping up its activities in the south china sea, the nuclear situation in north korea dominates the region's attention. >> we have raised concerns directly with the chinese about this. and there will be near-term and
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long-term consequences. >> in recent weeks the military installed new equipment. antiship missiles as well as jamming systems on three separate islands and disputed territory off of the coast. jurisdiction over these island clusters in the south china sea is hugely contentious. >> there are at least five claimants to a variety of these islands, vietnam, malaysia, philippines, china, and taiwan, also overnight has a claim. >> china's construction has been underway since 2014. in the landscape is shown in satellite images drastically altered because of it. the u.s. position has always been that china claims to that islands are invalid and any military installations violate international law. the trump administration made this issue a centerpiece of the foreign policy towards china part of the president himself keeping the issue front and center in his engagement to president xi but with china's latest bold moves to militarize
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the island, people are questioning whether the issue can be resolved diplomatically. >> there is a limit to what the u.s. or any country can do. because china is pretty clearly now signaling that it is prepared to use force. >> 5.3 children dollars of trade passes through the south china sea. it is one of the busiest water rates and serves as the energy transit hub. experts explain china seeking a choke hold on the territories in order to hedge against the united states. john. >> john: gillian turner of the state department, thank you so much. up next, a member of president trump's national security council joining me on the studio to discuss china policy as well as north korea and iran, first, here's one of the neck what the fox affiliates are covering this month. missouri lawmakers with the first special session to consider impeaching eric greitens. following allegations of sexual misconduct and surety
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resources for his political campaign. all top republican and democratic leaders have called on eric greitens to resign, which he refuses to do. fox 32 in chicago, where an atf agent was shot in the face in the south side of the windy city, the agent was working a federal investigation with city police officers and is expected to make a full recovery. and this is a live look at honolulu, hawaii, from fox to tran, the big story there, not in honolulu, but the big island is an early-morning volcanic eruption forcing more than 1,000 residents to evacuate. the big island volcano sent molten lava through the forest and bubbling up on paved streets, the governor is deploying the national guard to help with the emergency response. officials cannot predict how long the eruption may last. incredible. that's the live look outside the beltway from "special report," we will be right back. ♪ this is a story about mail and packages.
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♪ >> with the potential of a north korea summit in the ongoing trade negotiations with china, the origin is a big one for the trump administration. victoria coat sitting on the council and is here now to discuss the region. what else is going on around the world? >> always good to see you, john. >> john: as far as north korea, the president talked about it on the way to the nra convention, let's hear what he said. >> we are having very substantive talks with north korea and a lot of things have already happened with respect to the hostages and i think that you're going to see very good things. also with the trip is being scheduled, we now have a date and a location.
3:21 pm
we will be announcing matt. >> john: the president announcing he has a date in a location, let me see if i can get you in trouble, where and when? >> moscow -- [laughs] no, that is where the president to announce, obviously as a staff we have been working very hard to get this organized, and we are making the progress paid to speak of the president to have it, but i'm searing that that is all well and good, but logistically might be difficult. >> i think every location is logistically challenging, that is the own unique set of circumstances. nothing is off the table or on the table, his announcement to make. >> john: how soon will we hear about that? >> sooner rather than later. >> what is the u.s. doing to make sure that this is not just another ploy by the latest in success of the regime to play the united states? >> we are trying to learn from history that we have seen a number of well-intentioned attempts to get away from the
3:22 pm
north korean regime, but not to the place that we wanted to. the president has started by allaying a strategical denuclearize asian, a terrible world word, but he wants to achieve. he has made it clear that that is nonnegotiable and we are going to work back from there. the other thing that he said today that was very important is that our troops in south korea rather are not going to be something that he is willing to bargain with. >> john: let me ask about that, and if you think nuclear is asian, try to say politicalization. "the new york times" this morning said that the president has asked for the pentagon for options about drawing down the number of troops. of the white house pushed back and then john bolton pushed back and said that is not true, but if north korea and south korea signed a peace agreement and they take steps towards is there a way to get back? >> would have to get to that point. that is a very important step, the president said at andrews
3:23 pm
that he wants to get there. but he is not going to bargain right now, he wants to get to that strategical, have his comfort, the security of the united states is taken care of. and he will consider anything like that, that is not something that we are looking at right no now. >> john: the president has said that the goal, not just the goal, but the goal has to be de nuclearization is there any way that he would take less than that? >> no, we have to get it dismantled, what we have seen from the north koreans is a real seed to change and a shift in attitude, it has been encouraging on a number of fronts, but now we need to see a material manifestation of that. yes, we want to join the international community. we do not need these weapons. that is what we need to see. >> john: we talked about this off-line in terms of the chronology, the next big thing is a may 12th decision about whether or not to renew the
3:24 pm
waivers of iran or pull out of the jcpoa, which way is that going to go? >> the president has been pretty clear about how bad he thinks the deal is, but on monday we learn from the prime minister of israel that it may be worse. >> how much did that change the calculation? >> that has been a very important factor, the prime minister's the information with the president when he visited in march, and this is something that we have had an indication for a while. we did not have all of the details, our people have been working through it as well as the israelis, it is a lot of translation, but we have seen what we deem to be authentic, and deeply troubling. whether they lied and we did not know about it, or we kind of knew it was the case and the deal anyway, it was based on a lie. that is not something that i think it sustainable. >> john: a couple of big issues on china, the trade delegation on the way back from china making demands to lower the trade deficit by $200 billion over two years.
3:25 pm
the chinese came back with a set of demands. it sounds on the surface like it did not go very well. >> we have to raise these issues paid to the vital thing is that you have a president who is willing to work with china who has strong working relationship with the president xi, but who is also willing to say this is intolerable poet. the intellectual property is something we are and tell her role of. and nobody has been having the discussions for a couple of decades, and they got into a mind-set. i would not say that it did not go well, i would say that it was a productive session. >> john: what other issue with china, now putting missiles in the south china sea on the islands that it is basically built in the u.s. saying that it does not like that. what is the u.s. willing to do? >> this is another enormous problem that was not addressed as it was developing. so we inherited the south china sea with a series of
3:26 pm
archipelagoes, that that china is militarized, and this is not something that we are enthusiastic about. we are prepared to push back strongly which has not happened before. and we will see with the chinese are willing to do, i'm not going to predict some sort of dramatic military action, but they know that we are serious. >> john: victoria, always great to see you. thank you for dropping by appear to have a good weekend. coming up, the all-star panel breaks down president trump's statement that rudy giuliani misspoke. but up next, whatever happened to series continues with a look at a local kentucky official who shot to fame over her same-sex marriage. he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move. you might or joints.hing for your heart...
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3:30 pm
administrator for foreign affairs joins the top spokesperson, the security chief and the superfund administrator on the departure list. facing a series of federal investigations and audits over high spending. he has claimed subordinates to the problem. google is strengthening the vetting process for purchasing political ads requiring a government issued i.d. along with other key information. the internet giant will require buyers to disclose who is paying for the advertisement. the company did not offer details on how the i.d. verification will work for online ad buys and hopes that the system will be in place this summer. ♪ ♪ it has been nearly three years since kim davis, an accounting clerk in rural kentucky caused an nation ride up for when she refused to sign gay marriage licenses because of her religious beliefs. making her a galvanizing figure
3:31 pm
in the debate over same-sex marriage. this week correspondent matt finn updates us on whatever happened to kim davis. >> tucked away in the rolling hills of morehead, kentucky, today kim davis is back to her routine somewhat quiet daily life as the round county clerk. >> i thee wed. >> back in 2015 after a supreme court case made dear marriage legal, davis was a target for se and an icon to others. >> when she refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses arguing that it violated her christian beliefs pay >> my life, my past was smashed everywhere, not just here in our country, but all over the place. all over the world. >> under whose authority? >> under god's authority. >> it began when a same-sex couple recorded this video of davis refusing to issue their
3:32 pm
marriage license. the video went viral. >> i got death threats. >> davis did not budge and ended up in jail for contempt of cour court. ♪ davis was released after five days into the arms of then presidential candidate mike huckabee. >> i never envisioned anything like this pit i had that i was going to retire and to live an life. and that's what i wanted to do. but you know, the lord has something else in store for me. >> because of davis kentucky licenses were altered so that county clerks don't have to sign them. the mother of three recently wrote a book about her experience and is now running for reelection. and in november, the person that she may face is none other than david arnold. >> these people are cruel to do this to us. >> one of the men in the viral video. >> you take a stand and you can still have compassion and have respect. and that is what we are going to do. he we are to change the face of
3:33 pm
marriage in kentucky. >> returning to the county clerks office, but this time davis processed his application to run for office. davis says she has no regrets. >> if i could go back and be given the chance all over again, i would not change anything. >> standing up for what you believe in, kim davis went to jail and ended up keeping her job. now one of the democratic candidates trying to take it from her and getting offers of help from hollywood. and once again, shining the national spotlight here on morehead, kentucky. matt finn, fox news. >> john: lawmakers in kansas and oklahoma passing legislation to grant to legal protections to faith-based adoption agencies that refuse to place children in lgbt homes. both bills are on the way to the republic's gate nutmeg state governors, jeff collier supports the bill, mary fallin has yet to announce a decision.
3:34 pm
supporters argue that it protects adoption agencies to follow their religious beliefs. critics call the bill taxpayer-funded discrimination. up next the all-star panel joins me to discuss president trump praising and correcting rudy giuliani. first beyond the borders tonight, palestinian president has issued an apology over a speech that global leaders called anti-semitic. it was a jewish social function that caused animosity in europe and described israel as a european colonial project. the remarks were condemned by the united nations, european union and the united states as perpetuating anti-semitic stereotypes and falsifying history. the nobel prize in literature will not be awarded this year. the swedish academy says that the decision was made because the group is in no shape to pick a winner after a string of sex abuse allegations and financial crime scandals.
3:35 pm
the 2018 prize will be awarded next year. it will be the first time since 1949 that the prestigious award has been delayed. more than 100 people are dead following the powerful dust and thunderstorms in india. workers have tried to restore power after extensive damage to electrical poles and transformers. hundreds of homes are gone and livestock and crops have been damaged. the situation is expected to get worse as a another dust storm is expected to develop this weekend. just some of the other stories beyond the borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness
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with dell small businessout your technology advisors you get the one-on-one partnership you need to grow your business. the dell vostro 15 laptop. contact a dell advisor today. ♪ >> rudy is a great guy, but he just started a day ago. he really has not finished. he is working hard, learning the subject matter. he will issue a statement. rudy knows that it is a witch
3:39 pm
hunt. started yesterday. he will get his facts straight. >> john: president trump on his way to dallas, talking about rudy giuliani, offering him praise and a little bit of a correction as well. let's bring in the panel now. charles hurt, opinion editor for the "the washington times," susan page, and jason riley, wall street journal columnist and senior fellow at the manhattan institute. we got a clarifying statement from rudy giuliani not after at the president spoke. he said there is no campaign violation. in the payment was made to resolve a personal and false allegation in order to protect the president's family. it would have been done in any event whether he was a candidate or not. giuliani seeming to be walking back or clarifying the statement he made on fox when he said if that had come out in the debate against hillary clinton. spee >> he might have just extended it. i don't think it was a slip of the tongue, i think it was a
3:40 pm
strategy. they seem to be walking a back a little bit right now. but politically, what it has insured is wall-to-wall coverage of the president and the porn star through the weekend and beyond. that is a problem politically. we're not talking about these great job figures or -- some of the lowest unemployment numbers in the post world tour somatic -- world war ii era. we are not talking about that, if you are a republican, a republican up for reelection, this is not what you want to be talking about. >> john: we were talking about the russia investigation earlier in the week, because their seem to be a new momentum, but this kicked it in orbit. >> i would disagree that giuliani was brought in to bring mueller investigation, brought into change that kind of campaign against the white house. i think that ty cobb had a view that you dealt with the investigation and he tried to cooperate.
3:41 pm
you agreed to testify. and then the giuliani approach seems to be let's fight it in the streets and not in the courtroom, let's fight it out on cable tv and public opinion. i think that they are laying the groundwork for if there is a very negative report by the special counsel or an indictment, that they are going to try to underline the credibility of the fbi of the court to the investigation. >> john: i spoke to him about this midnight on wednesday after he made the comments, i said, why did you do this? i said to you have some reasonable expectation that prosecutors rated michael cohen's home have evidence? >> he said, no, nobody knows what was received from michael cohen's office, but cohen knows. you have to wonder if they have bank records. >> obviously political speaking it is a firestorm right now, but we are not talking about politics. i think that we are talking about a legally, and clearing that up from a legal standpoint was very important for the president. in the president's team.
3:42 pm
>> john: you think this clears it up? >> the fact that he paid for it as opposed to somebody else paying for it and feeling to file the proper documentation, yes, that is a good thing for the president. but i also think that it suggests that at least the best information that the president has is the best case they have against him is an fec violation. is this case, and if that is the best that mueller has against the president, that is not that bad. >> john: there is a little detail of okay, you are paying michael cohen a retainer, did you know where the retainer was going? in the president on the way to dallas gave us a little insight. let's listen. >> well, you are going to find out, because we are going to give a full list, and people know, and virtually everything said has been said incorrectly. and it has been said wrong or it has been covered wrong by the press. >> john: do you have to make a
3:43 pm
leap of faith, jason, to think that the president is giving all of the money to michael cohen and not getting any kind of itemized bill? >> i think that the president is taking his supporters for granted to some extent. he said he knew nothing about to these payments. he was very clear about that. his daughter was out there defending him. sarah sanders was out there defending them. and now that is change. i am worried that people may be able to trust their president on the big stuff, north korea, iran, so forth, and he is showing them that he is questioning whether he should be trusted on things like this. >> john: does this hurt them in terms of trust? >> oh, yeah, "the wall street journal" has been pretty supportive of president trump, but ran an editorial that was critical on the question of whether he is leading people to not be able to believe what they are telling them. >> john: quickly and the time that we have left, i will jump into another issue that is in the same vein, virginia judge ts
3:44 pm
ellis in the paul manafort case today excoriated the prosecution for bringing him the case. basically saying, we said that this was what -- we said this was what the investigation was about, but we are not bound by it and we were lying, come on, man. he basically is saying to mueller, why are you bringing me this case? it goes so far outside the bounds of your jurisdiction. >> that was a pretty amazing development today, because already you have sort of the executive branch is not pleased with the investigation. do you have powerful people in the legislative branch not pleased with the investigation, and now you have the judiciary branch, the guy actually accused the prosecutors of going too far. and to their to this was we have the secret powers that are laid out in the document, but we cant let you have them. and he says, no, i want to see what the parameters are. it is a very tough situation to prosecute.
3:45 pm
spend the document is -- >> that is why it goes to rod rosenstein. mueller is taking advantage of whatever rope rosenstein has given him to expand the investigation. and the bucket is supposed to stop with rosenstein. so i agree. mueller's power is not unfettered, but if you want to blame someone, it should be rosenstein for letting this get as far as i got. >> john: susan, the president took great comfort in what judge ellis was saying today, doesn't blow a hole in mueller's case if the federal judge is saying, i don't understand why you are doing this case from 2006, what does this have to do with the russian investigation? >> it should give americans some comfort that we have separation of powers, we have independent power centers including the judiciary that is going to take a look at things. so whatever happens, i think that it is a good thing when the institutions of american government are willing to stand up to each other, whatever the final outcome might be. >> john: that are happening today. to stay where you are, we will
3:46 pm
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♪ >> i strongly believe in allowing highly trained teachers to carry concealed weapons. the we want highly trained security guards. these teachers, they love their students. and they are not going to let anybody hurt their students. but you have to give them a chance. >> john: president trump at the nra convention in dallas this afternoon. at the speech supporting the idea of arming teachers to keep schools safe. it seems, charles, in the wake of the parkland shooting just outside of fort lauderdale, florida, the president was somewhat at odds with the nra
3:50 pm
over a couple of issues and was chastising people like pat toomey saying, you are afraid of the nra, and yet the president is in lockstep with them again. >> i took that more is an attack on politicians than i did any real wavering on his support for the second amendment. i took it as being sort of a shot at the lobbyist. and most gun owners in america do not think of themselves as lobbyist, but they do care about the second amendment. and what we saw today is that he clearly full throated support in the second amendment. this me when i did not mean that he was challenging the second amendment, but cutting against the grain of the nra and proposals and background checks, vetting, bump stocks, that kind of thing. >> purchased 221. >> john: there was one in particular. >> he says that we should deal with the second amendment deals later. for the transformation that people saw in the political
3:51 pm
landscape after the parkland shooting, not there. >> john: is it too dangerous for him to go up against the nra? >> he is not a danger of losing the nra. >> john: they seem to love him. >> they do love him, they are going to be therefore impaired what the speech was really about is making sure that they turn out in november even though he is not on the ticket. there is an enthusiasm gap out there. we have seen it, and some of the special elections and republicans are worried that the pace may not turn out if trump is not on the ticket. this is about emphasizing how important it is for them to go out in november. >> john: the other issue is north korea, the president saying the time in the place has been set for his meeting with kim jong un, this is beginning to look very real. >> yes, i really gets paid i think of the president, we saw this in dallas where he is in campaign mode, he is hilarious and unpredictable. all of the things that people like about him. but it is also that he is talking about these big issues. and if you can remember back to the campaign, there were all of
3:52 pm
these scandals that people were up in arms about, but he kept going back to those issues and when he is comparing all of the stormy daniels stuff with peace on the korean peninsula or standing up to china or talking about the economy, his supporters hear that and they love it. and it is also part of his shtick for beating the out of the press. because they keep talking about stormy daniels. and he is able to blame all of that on them. >> john: that is the story, but you notice that we had victoria here to talk about north korea on this program. do you believe, susan, that this actually will happen? >> i am incredibly, i do believe that this is actually going to happen. can you imagine if six months ago we would have said that little rocket man was going to meet with donald trump? and that there was a serious possibility that someone could reach in historic agreement. this is a remarkable development. i think that there will be a
3:53 pm
meeting. we do not know the outcome, but this is a story. >> we have seen a lot of this before. hostages were released before, communicate promising peace before. the declarations before. i think that president trump needs to go into the meeting prepared to walk out of the meeting. and to that is very encouraging. when we hear him say, if i do not get verifiable confessions from him, i am out of here. >> john: it is friday which means winners and losers, susan, do you want to start. >> ichiro suzuki moving off of the playing field, what a player in a classy guy. my loser, fans of the handlebar mustache, because they have lost ty cobb. no public figure in current times has worn it more proudly. >> john: this has nothing to do with baseball. >> the only consolation can be there brush mustache that john
3:54 pm
bolton is wearing at the white house. >> john: trading one for another. >> minus the teachers union who scored another win with a republican government are caving to the demands. the stoppages and disruptions will continue until the politician stand up to the union and say that it is not the answer. my loser is rod rosenstein who had the gumption to attack congress for actually doing its job and requesting the documents. that is the coequal branch of the government and is what they should be doing. >> the winner is below 4% and losers nbc for correcting the blockbuster story about the feds wiretapping michael cohen. >> john: nobody chose rudy giuliani. too obvious? >> i'm sure that president trump will take care of that. >> john: thank you, panel, great to see you. have a great weekend. when we come back, the best quotes on camera.
3:55 pm
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. >> john: finally tonight, the notable quotable's. >> we are not changing any story. >> that money was not campaign money. >> the president repaid it. >> oh, i did not know that he did. >> he will get his facts straight. >> week of the very best information that we have at that time. >> we bring up that kind of crap and bringing up witch hunts all the time. that's all you want to talk about. >> the department of justice will not be extorted. >> these people are not going to caravan or otherwise stampede our border. >> iran lied. >> 100% right. >> outlaw pruitt, he is flighty, the clean air act. >> for 400 years?
3:59 pm
that is a choice. >> thank you kanye. >> did your mom ever tell you we should wash your mouth out with those lies? >> the first rule is don't talk down to people. >> i would like to begin with the question that is on everybody's mind -- >> uh oh. >> how do you pronounce your last name? >> john: the sweetest words of the president and i ever hear is i am praying for you. and we hear it a lot. >> here is michelle walther. >> yes, you can groan all you want. should have done more research before you got me to do this. [laughter] >> well, here you go. >> john: that wraps up another week, we made it through, only two more working days until monday. thank you for inviting us into your home, that's it for "special report," good night
4:00 pm
from washington, tune into "fox news sunday," chris wallace's guest will include joe defendant jaw and white house special counsel lanny davis, and the service committee max committee mac thornberry, the story with martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: thank you very much, john, breaking tonight, the primary election in west virginia, now just days away. and this race gets uglier this evening. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell clashing with coal country, don blankenship who has vowed to continue his racially charged attack on "cocaine mitch and his china family." it all began with this? >> one of my goals as u.s. senator will be to ditch cocaine mitch. >> martha: asking him to back that up, for politicians it is a cruel moniker. >> cocaine o a