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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 5, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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tonight show. be sure to tweet me at anchoring >> ingram >> ingram angle. fly your flag and enjoy your week. g g >> nobody has unfettered power. a federal judge's admonition to the special counsel team. two key comey advisor, where tracking the latest development. democrats insist they are not trying to ban guns at the federal level but what about the state level? when night court convenes high school baseball player suing his
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coach. the facts for you, the jury make the decision in the case do tonight a friday of surprises from a judge asking tough questions about the authority of the special counsel prosecution and trump campaign chairman paul manafor, two officials closing on james comey. and henry is following the latest. >> reporter: two top fbi officials abruptly quitting from the agency late this evening. a big story, so much scrutiny of that agency, the president going back and forth, james baker was the general counsel, recently reassigned, he is out, lisa page also out of. you see on the left all those text messages, anti-trump text messages back and forth with peter stzrok who was still working at the fbi, last we
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heard he was working in the human resources department. the significance is these officials are getting out ahead of the inspector general report which will be coming out in the next few weeks and expected to be scathing about the behavior of top officials at the fbi and the justice department. the other point is this comes as pressure continues to build on investigators, those going after donald trump and whether this is a tainted investigation. earlier today the president declared he and his new lead attorney rudy giuliani believe the probe is a witchhunts, quote, like we have never seen before adding he is willing to sit down with robert mueller for an interview but most of the investigators are democrat and he's not sure he would get a
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fair shake. ts ellis gave a harsh rebuke of mueller epstein over the paul manafor choices suggesting a special counsel's office lied about the scope of their investigation and unfettered power to bring down the president. this federal judge declare you don't care about mr. manis a before it's bank fraud, you care about what information he can give you to lead you to donald trump and impeachment or prosecution. also he demanded to see the unredacted scope memo about this investigation. that would was rod rosenstein overseeing the investigation. this came as the president said rudy giuliani is new to the team and getting his facts straight. the attorney clarified his comments on stormy daniels, particularly the bit on "fox and friends" about how donald trump had to make the story go away or it would have impacted the third and final presidential debate. that made it sounds like essentially a campaign contribution. rudy giuliani saying first there is no campaign violation, the payment was to provide a
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personal and false allegation to protect the pres.'s family, would have been done in any event whether he was a candidate or not, second he said the references to timing, not describing my understanding of these measures, the important clarification. third, and disputed the pres.'s dismissal of comey and executive officer is clearly within his article 2 power under the constitution. no surprise with all that swirling around the pres. was eager to keep the focus away from rudy giuliani emphasizing the comments of the federal judge the pres. spoke to the nra in dallas. >> none of that information has to do with information related to the russian government coordination and the campaign of donald trump. doesn't have anything to do. it is from years before. then, how does this have
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anything to do with the campaign, the judge asked. let me tell you, folks. we are all fighting battles but i love fighting battles. >> elizabeth? served in the u.s. navy, graduated harvard law school before being nominated by pres. reagan to us district court for the eastern district of virginia and issued 1000 decisions making his words all the more stained for the special counsel tonight. >> thank you so much, donald trump spoke at the national rifle association, his fourth consecutive visit. mike pence spoke as well stressing their pledges to protect the second amendment, the president's speech felt like a campaign event arm that rallying debate, the midterms. >> your second amendment rights are under siege that they will never ever be under siege as long as i am president.
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we are seeing the incredible results. is the results of our massive tax cuts, everybody is benefiting. the democrats are very concerned, watch how well we do, you watch. kanye west -- you probably saw, i doubled my african-american poll numbers, went from 11 to 22 in one week. we have the best employment numbers we ever had and yet all we hear about is this phony rosa witchhunts, that is all we hear about. federal judge fridays questions special counsel robert mueller's authority to bring tax and bank fraud charges unrelated, nobody knows that. unrelated to the 2016 election
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against former trump campaign manager chairman paul manafort. he is a good person, really believe that. let's talk about guns, shall we. in recent months democratic lawmakers have voted to -- close deadly immigration loopholes like tax and release, how about that one? we caught him, release him, goodbye, welcome to america. let me tell you, we are all fighting battles but i love fighting these battles. >> democrats were offended by the pres.'s insistence that the second amendment is under siege. >> talking about taking away the freedom of gunowners but you have to remember the freedom of the 17 -- the 14 students and teachers gunned down at stoneman
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douglas, their freedom matters too which is why the president supported raising the age to buy gunned to 21 which could have saved their lives. >> there have been calls by democratic congressman eric small will to ban and buyback ar 15s and prosecute those who refused to turn over their guns, democrats don't control capitol hill meaning they are increasingly looking to the states for new ways to limit gun rights and given creative ways. >> after the massacre there were numerous calls for gun control on the federal level, not much has changed, things are changing in other ways. the most notable movements seem to be taking place in the financial world, citigroup, one of the largest banks in america announced they would require their retail clients to restrict the sale of firearms to individuals under the age of 21, stopped selling bumps stocks and
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high-capacity magazines. bank of america announced their intention to take action as well. >> it is not our intent to underwrite or finance military style firearms. >> are you going to get out of lending to companies that manufacture military style weapons used for civilians? >> yes. >> reporter: last month new york's comptroller urged companies to follow that lead. according to a report, letters were sent to 9 companies and asked them to explore whether gun transactions should be classified with restricted high-risk purchases, illicit drugs quote to currency. oversees the new york state retirement fund, the third largest public pension fund in the us with roughly $209 billion in assets. >> the private sector has a responsibility. >> second amendment advocates say his letter is extortion.
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>> the left now is going for private companies, for gun control, instead of going through the government can you can't vote out your big bank. >> reporter: four states of made changes to existing gun laws or enacted new ones. >> as to whether or not it is going to have a large impact on gun violence is debatable. haven't seen a lot of additional violence in states where they are not enacted. >> reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo signed legislation to prevent anyone convicted of domestic violence from owning a gun. >> i live in charleston, south carolina, my friends, mentor and client was killed in a church with eight other people and nothing has been done. we can't depend on washington dc, dysfunctional city, to get things done so the power rests
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with we the people or in very local governments. >> we reached out to the comptroller's office to ask about his letter to credit card companies, so far we have not heard back. >> time for the political panel, former special assistant to donald trump and press secretary to mike pence and juan williams part of the train from new york city stopping in. thank you both for being here. let's start with guns. the pres. used this in the context of the midterms. here is what he said. >> you know what is happening. it seems that if we are going to outlaw guns like so many people want to do, democrats, you better get out and vote. >> this is something we talked
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about. this works better for as a campaign issue. what do you think? >> look at the poll numbers the last few years but especially after parkland is the numbers calling for stricter gun control have gone up. it is 69% in the latest ap paul and the specific concerns while people say democrats don't have power as you pointed out, the fear is these people want to come and take your guns and that is being used, don't get complacent, midterms are coming, you have got to get out and vote but concern is people like rick scott, the governor of florida, someone who is being sued by the nra because he put in place stricter gun controls in terms of raising the age limit from 18 to 21, and outlaw bumps stocks, looking at stricter background checks, you see this in other
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states as well, local governments getting involved as well as corporations. the energy is all coming from the march for our lives, young people from parkland, emulated across the country and the question is whether that affects suburban voters, some of whom are swing voters, especially the women who may have voted for trump last time but on this issue don't feel, we got to stand up for the kids, the schoolchildren. >> the polling numbers trail off showing the idea of supporting tougher gun laws dropped by 10% since parkland, of course it will spike around an event like that and we have what we are seeing in new york about the comptroller saying to credit card companies and banks we are going to look at you if you decide you're going to do business with legal entities and legal companies and going after them in different ways. >> this is a new model for the democratic party to when they don't get what they want at the
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ballot box or from congress they are taking it to the public sector. when a news anchor says something they don't like you boycott them, demand their advertisers pool out, now they are going after companies bringing business with legal entities and it is an assault on the bill of rights, the constitution itself. what we have to remember is that polling is a national sample where you have large populations on the left and the right, that says that is what they once but when it comes to the heartland, the senate races, have joe donnelly, claire mccaskill, heidi heitkamp, have them say that. when they say you know the policies have changed, they will lose with that message in november and i'm looking forward to it. >> i want you to have reaction to the federal judge today was hard on the mueller team with regard to the manaforetaste. he summed up what he says the special counsel office is
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saying, we said this is what the investigation is about but we are not bound by it, referencing nfl announcer saying come on, this is the first one we have seen publicly, he thinks they are going to be on their. >> i don't know if he thinks that but he was very challenging to the lawyers with the mueller team and the key issue was unfettered power. he says americans don't want anyone to have unfettered power. the response from the mueller team was we don't have unfettered power. we are part of the justice department, rod rosenstein, deputy attorney general controls and in constant conversation about the scope of our powers and if we disclose to you the document that explains our powers it will interfere with ongoing criminal investigations. >> he wants to see it unredacted. >> the justice department better show that a defendant. the judge pretty much laid out right there. the charges that stem against
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paul manaford came from an investigation outside the scope of the special counsel and you better defend it or this judge will send them packing on that. >> we are setting our watches. now you can go to bed. in the midst of what donald trump calls a big battle, a big win for him, the black unemployment rate is lower than it has ever been. thompson republicans channeling their inner bernie sanders going after american ceos for how they are dealing with china. the pres. says he is not playing fair. breaking down the key issues and players when we come back. have g incredible. capital one has partnered with to give venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. all you have to do is pay with this... at
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>>outside of washington beltway obsessed with scandal is a u.s. economy that's shattering records. >> outside washington's beltway obsessed with scandal, is a us economy that is shattering record and the windfall touching just about everybody as edward lawrence reports tonight. >> overall the unemployment numbers hit a 17 year low. inside the numbers the unemployment rate in the african american community dropped to 6.6%, the lowest reported rate since records started in 1972.
12:21 am
behind those numbers donald trump said on the campaign trail to the black community in 2016 vote for him because what do you have to lose, listen to the pres. today touting his support from kanye west. >> african-american unemployment has reached another all time in history record low. kanye west must have some power because you probably saw i doubled my african-american poll numbers who went from 11 to 22 in one week, thank you. >> in april 2017 the unemployment rate was 7.9% in the black community. there has been movement with jobs among all minority groups, hispanic unemployment in april 2017, 5.2%, dropped to 4.8% matching the lowest on record. we saw the same drop in the
12:22 am
asian community from 3.2% a year ago to 2.8% this april. by far these latest unemployment numbers show the greatest jump in unemployed who are not in the workforce to a job in the black community. shannon: thank you very much, us officials wrapped up a today trade summit today with their chinese counterparts, no deals have been made it no date set for further talks, us investigators left a bold list of demands to avoid a trade war but one senator said us companies are doing their part to connect chinese economic aggression. >> don't feel under special obligation to the united states, they feel an obligation to maximize returns to shareholders and they have a good thing going over there making money, who cares if they are stealing technology and in 10 years they won't be able to compete, it is working out in the short term and that makes them look good. >> executive vice president and chair of business and finance brian bradbury, great to see you
12:23 am
tonight. there is so much to unpack with respect to china. they talked about everything from ip staff to the trade deficit. did you expect anything comprehensive out of this? >> we wondered why the us was sending so many trade delegates to china and we got the answer over the last two days and the answer was the us was going to make some big demands and wanted to show china their unified, china really thought you have a dealmaking pres. and donald trump who will want to cut a quick deal and not ask for very much and the pres. showed through his trade delegation that is not the case, he wants big changes, he is serious about it and that is why the trade delegation walked away without a statement, without anything getting done. all the issues are still on the table. this will go on a lot longer. >> a lot of critics, china and
12:24 am
our relationship to them say they are pointing to the maned in china 20/25 plan. the us needs to wake up and look at this. what is it? >> it is basically their way to get ahead on advanced technologies, artificial intelligence, industrial robots, self driving technology, china wants to be the world leader and they will pour hundreds of billions of dollars into these investments to try to get ahead so people in the us are saying that could be a problem for us if us companies try to compete with all the big chinese backing, and unlevel playing field and that is why the trade delegation is pushing so hard on that in these trade talks. >> marco rubio is tough on people who are not cracking down on china because they are benefiting. he wrote an op-ed the talked about the made in china plan and also said too many countries
12:25 am
including the united states having ignored the contradictions of china's grand bargain on the assumption china would liberalize economically and politically. the chinese government and communist party are playing the long game and we should too. is that what we're doing? >> we are playing the long game. china is famous for saying the kinds of things that make open countries like the united states very happy but then don't follow through with action so marco rubio is right, should be playing the long game in the long game is protecting intellectual property. that is the backbone of the economy. if we don't do that we are in serious trouble but that is a long game. he wanted to go after some us companies. i don't know why he is doing that, the pres. is very clear we are trying to help us companies in china, they are not the problem, china is the problem. sen. rubio needs to listen more carefully to what the pres. is saying about what his goals in china are right now. >> we wait to see for any
12:26 am
movement, any progress on either side, thank you for joining us tonight. time now for where in the world. speaking of china, pres. xi jinping says the decision from the ruling commonest party to stick with the political theories of karl marx remains totally correct. in a speech honoring the 200th birthday of the communist manifesto's offer, he held marx as the greatest thinker of modern times. a weeklong propaganda effort by statement media featuring things like children's cartoons making marxist ideology relevant to the next generation but critics call communism the greatest catastrophe in human history, blaming marxist regimes for 100 million depths. and socialist rule for the last 2 decades of become used to blackouts the human rights group
12:27 am
say they are becoming more frequent and lasting longer. of venezuelan human rights group saying blackouts of spirit 325 street protests across the country in the first 3 months of this year. cuba's communist revolutionary government repressed homosexuality and the lgbt community for decades demonstrators are seeking to change that now that there is a new president. protesters want the constitution amended to allow same-sex marriage. a canadian man has been find for cutting down a tree he said attracted 40 peacocks to his vancouver neighborhood. after being denied a permit he is going to cut it down anyway. his grateful neighbors say they will chip in to pay the fine. primary season heating up in a key battleground state, it is getting ugly in ohio, the race between alizarin baked jeopardy champion and dennis kucinich. we will ask the former
12:28 am
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>>they're calling >> they are calling it the rust belt primary, voters go to the polls in north carolina, west virginia, indiana and ohio. we are going to focus on ohio where donald trump is campaigning tomorrow, bringing some progressive backers, the contest of the list versus the left, this story. >> out of a crowded field, two contenders have broken out front in the gubernatorial primary, the one time youngest big city mayor in the united states, presidential candidate and former fox news contributor dennis kucinich against. 5 times every champ state atty. gen. and consumer financial protection euro richard cordray. he left the job to run for
12:33 am
governor a touchy subject between these two. >> handover to the trump administration the keys to the consumer financial protection bored with devastating effect for working-class people. >> you created the problems in cleveland, the city did not have that and that was a black eye and has been ever since. >> both are fighting to be champion of the progressive wing of the democratic but with key decisions, hand-picked by was with want to head the cfpb cordray's concern reflects her views. >> economic issues that affect their lives to keep them up at night as they struggle to pay the bills, access to affordable healthcare and the peace of mind that brings, better education and training for themselves and children to secure their place in the workforce. >> kucinich won endorsement of the bernie sanders organization, favors government healthcare and college tuition for all but also embraces donald trump's america
12:34 am
first philosophy. >> in the northern part of the state we lost jobs because of trade deals that were inherently bad. we put into wars based on lies. >> reporter: he couched his endorsement by the afl-cio but he knows 49% of ohio voters went for trump. most polls have them won't but the number of undecided voters is huge, around the 50% mark. next week's primary is anybody's guess. >> one of the candidates joins us live, democrat dennis kucinich and his primary opponent richard cordray, we would like to hear from him soon. thank you for joining us. you seem like you're having a great time out there. >> it is ohio, what is not to like? shannon: you have plenty of
12:35 am
critics on the left and the right. one of the main criticisms is that you have spent so much time with us on fox news. your primary challengers talking about that. >> he was brought on so they can say they are fair and balanced. he played the game, took their money, made his choices. shannon: house poodle, your response. [growling] shannon: credit your response. we will go with that. they were upset with you because you praised donald trump, they don't like that you are on russian television funded by the russian government, that you are not serious about calling out bashar al-assad, you have been too cozy to him and things linked to supporting him, you are outside the mainstream and you have, quote, funky baggage. >> let me address the last point
12:36 am
you made quoting one of the top philosophers bruno mars, uptown funk won't give it to you. i am straight from the shoulder. i work for peace, i interviewed bashar al-assad for fox. anyone who watches that interview will know there wasn't a game of pattycake going on. there were serious questions about chemical weapons and the direction he intended to take syria. >> do you think he needs to go? >> that is up to the people of syria. i don't think america should pick leaders for any country. the minute we start to do that we get into trouble as we did in iraq and libya and other places. >> what is the appropriate response with the use of chemical weapons? >> anyone who is responsible for this chemical weapons has to be
12:37 am
charged and put on trial doesn't matter who it is. >> you said things about the mueller investigation, where do you stand on that? that is not something the left wants to hear. >> i don't see it as a left right issue. we have to be aware that in every justice investigation there is an element of politics. to pretend there is no politics involved is to raise questions about one's knowledge of how the system works. shannon: i want to read the full quote. this comes from a democratic elected official telling the huffington post on condition of anonymity which i never think is a good way to do this because you should be a response, democrats interested in winning
12:38 am
our blanking themselves, not just baggage but funky baggage. one democrat israeli with bashar al-assad and praised donald trump's inauguration, did you expect it to be so tough from the left or you are looking to get through the primary and facing what you expect from the right to be tough on you? >> the democratic primary are to be focused on what is relayed to ohio. and healthcare for all and education for all, and to change the subject is a clue some other campaign is in trouble. my approach is to embrace the potential of this state which includes not just democrats and independents as well. they don't polarize, disrespect people because they are
12:39 am
different political party or different political philosophy. if you look at the american eagle over the canopy of the house of representatives it has a left-wing and right-wing. it needs two wings to fly. shannon: i like that metaphor, analogy, it is a good way to talk about this country. you have overcome and been an underdog in many campaigns. no one is betting against you. we will see what happens. thanks for stopping in with us. our battle with liberal media giant the new york times and nbc going to determine a dispute over a me 2 moment involving nfl cheerleaders coming up next. this is not the titanic. it is an actual cruise ship out to see right now. would you want to be on it? that story when we return.
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>> governor kim richards signed the strictest abortion restrictions in the us and a lot of a banning abortions of a heartbeat can be detected, 6 weeks into pregnancy. it is set to take effect july but a court challenge is almost guaranteed. a south carolina bill that would have banned almost all abortions was defeated in the state senate. time for your real news roundup. appellate berkeley faculty and students issued its long-awaited determination what caused those riots when conservative speakers came, their ruling it is all the
12:44 am
conservatives fault. the panel says although those speakers had every right to speak and were entitled to protection they did not need to be on campus to exercise the right of free-speech. the 2017 events can be part of a coordinated campaign to organize appearances on american campuses likely to incite a violent reaction to advance the narrative that universities are not tolerant of conservative speech. it times report about redskins cheerleaders how they were treated during a trip to costa rica for a calendar shoot. the times story alleged they were forced to escort wealthy donors to a nightclub and pose nude which two former cheerleaders who did go on that shoot denied on the today show. >> all optional, voluntary, we are excited to do those things. in terms of being an escort that was never a perception that i had. being friendly and receptive and
12:45 am
welcoming is different than being an escort. >> to put it into context they were not selected by sponsors to escort them to the club. we were always with someone we knew, always together. shannon: nbc canceled an interview with a reporter who broke the story, issuing a statement, quote, our article was based on interviews with 5 cheerleaders who were on the trip to costa rica and the two cheerleaders chosen by the washington redskins did not say anything to make us think our article was anything but rocksolid. the editor of the denver post criticizing his paper's hedge fund owner. in a picture going viral it showed how many staffers have been cut, layoffs backed by alden global capital, the newsroom cut in half. the cuts coming this summer.
12:46 am
5 days into a weeklong cruise on the carnival dream passengers found themselves wading through their rooms as water poured out of the ceiling and walls of core doors on deck 9. the flooding was caused by an issue with the fire suppression system. they are still apparently out to see. carnival promised to refund all of the affected guests. dramatic footage released by the columbus, ohio police department where offices were chasing a non-suspect near a library last month, the-year-old has a leg up on the police responding in every direction. a grandfather identified only as bill was at the library with his granddaughter. we take a peek at what the fuss was about and positioned himself and debate his move, tripping the suspect who has a lengthy committal history. officers thanks to bill saving young man's life. he was armed with a glock 9 mm
12:47 am
night court is next, we are heading to the baseball where high school player is doing his coach for telling him to slide. does the player have a case, our attorneys are prepping their cases, you are the jury, when we return. there was an idea. to bring together a group of remarkable people. to help save the universe... from paying too much on their car insurance. hey, there's cake in the breakroom... what are you doing? um...nothing? marvel studios' avengers: infinity war,
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in theaters april 27th. now...where were we?
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>>time now for night court. on the docket tonight, a new jersey high school baseball player suing his shannon: on the docket are
12:51 am
jersey high school baseball player suing his coach for telling him to slide into third. during the slide, he dug into the dirt, caused him to rollover his right ankle and he needed surgery. the player alleges his coach was negligent and carelessly supervised the game. the school board named in the case too. our legal eagles, doug burns defending the coaching criminal defense attorney, alex feuer, the legal affairs reporter, defending the high school baseball player. good to have you with us tonight. let's talk about this. what we are finding out from what we know about the player, both the school and the coach should have been more in control of the game, it was negligent and careless and when he was told to slide he wound up hurt. there was an injury, there was surgery. >> difficult case legally because sliding is part of
12:52 am
baseball and the third-base coach signaled for him to slide. you can be hurt by not sliding. the only way you could even remotely talk about negligence would be say it was crystal clear there is no play on third base, the third-base coach should signal up do not slide, gave the incorrect signal, then maybe you would have something. the other doctor would be if he was injured, unable to slide, he shouldn't be in the game in the first place. shannon: this was put out by the trial court judge, there is nothing to it, it went to the appellate level. without ruling on the merits of the case, said i'm sending this back down because it shouldn't have been so quickly dismissed, you need to take another look at the fact. does that bode well for your client, the player? >> it does, gives him another
12:53 am
chance, there was a form of reckless behavior by the coach or the school board or both. one aspects in the facts you haven't seen is the condition of the field. was in poor condition the coach should have known about where there was danger to the player yet he chose anyway to have him slide? the other interesting facts from the court documents is the team was up 6-0. usually, i'm no baseball expert but usually when i see someone sliding when they are down and trying to tie it up into home plate, the question is was it necessary? shannon: they were up 6-0, runners on second and third, he was able to advance them with a line drive to left field so was that a good judgment call by the coach to tell him to slide into third? >> i played organized baseball
12:54 am
for many years. my understanding was he hit a ball, had a shot at a triple, their base coach felt there was some type of decision so to get into third-base, very common play in my humble opinion so to make our lawsuit and say they were negligent, they breached care to him in that context and one other point is the assumption of risk. anyone who plays a sport in this case baseball assuming the risk of being hit by a ball, a player, a collision. assumption of risk. >> many of the tickets if you attend an enumeration of the risk in this audience as a spectator because those balls are flying and if you don't watch closely, people get hurt that way too. an editorial written by someone who knows more about the case said the central jersey editorial board says we can't blame coaches for looking at the headlines of this case and reading a few details and
12:55 am
wondering what they can do faithfully if anything. it is a fundamental part of baseball, what if a player told to steal a bass guitar running or picture told to throw a curveball hurting an elbow? will there be pitch counts after which coaches would be subject to claims of negligence? are you worried about the broader implication if your client is successful? >> it to be a slippery slope in terms of opening up all kinds of litigation. just when someone thinks this might be ridiculous there was previously case where the cheerleader in south carolina won $100,000 saying she was being bullied by her coach and a lot of us have been in a sport where our coach gave us tough love. what level did that enter, in a baseball situation, with care. shannon: we will ask the jury, thank you for joining us.
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let us know at fox news how you would rule in this case. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spend your friday evening with us, good night from washington, have a great weekend. i am shannon breen. because of all those miles? and because ice is cold. what's in your wallet?
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