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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  May 5, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> all we hear about is this phony russia witch-hunt. that's all we hear about. [crowd boos] >> a major blow thanks to a federal judge's scathing tongue lashing. >> it's about time a judge honestly looked at the situation and assessed the surprising and refreshing two top fbi officials abruptly quitting from the agency ahead of that inspector general report is expected to be scathing. >> the nra today gave the president rock star reception at its annual meeting. >> we are all finally putting america first. i love you too. thank you. >> the face-to-face meeting
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between north korean leader kim jong un and president trump is well into the planning process. >> we are in constant contact with north korea. we have actually worked out a time and a place. >> kanye west must have some power. i doubled my african-american poll numbers. thank you, kanye. ♪ ♪ ♪ got to love this american ride abby: that is a live shot this morning of churchill downs, the kentucky derby today, 6:46 p.m. if you have have ever been and gone to this track this time of the day the sun is not out yet. you get such a clear look. ed: why would you be there that early unless you were on "fox & friends." >> great point. don't start mint juleps
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until the afternoon. pete: that was your start on kentucky derby. abby: that's true. ed: everybody thought my tie was the clouds but it's kentucky derby. abby: race for the roses, of course. pete: fresh flowers on the weekend. first time ever. abby: janice dean is down there. she will be with us all morning long. stay here if you want updates on the kentucky derby and a lot of news. ed: the president's critics have been salivating about the special counsel investigation for many months now. and the president's supporters have been saying hang on a second. you need to look at the investigators. let's investigate the investigators. whether it's perhaps crooked people like andrew mccabe at the fbi or whether the special counsel has overreach. and scope of the special -- and the critics of the president have said this is just whining, complaining,
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there is nothing to this. hang on, time out. yesterday, big deal a federal judge, ts ellis is saying maybe there is overreach here. this is ridiculous. look what he said relating to paul manafort charges. you don't really care about mr. manafort's bank fraud he said to mr. mueller's team. what you care about is what information mr. manafort could give that you would reflect on mr. trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment. come on, man. i mean, when do you see a federal judge say common, come , man. abby: he basically was saying you guys have got to give me more here. this is a stretch if you are talking about bank and tax fraud with paul manafort. ed: dating back to 2005. abby: what does that have to do with russian collusion. he has been saying what people have been saying for a long time including you, pete. pete: this is the special impeachment counsel. that's what they are going for. that's what this judge
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acknowledged. a truth spoken to mueller's brand of democrat prosecutors who are coming after paul manafort. what he said at the end of that statement also was -- because, when you turn someone in an investigation, it's known in the vernacular as singing. the witness is going to sing. he said be careful, you may not only sing, you may end up composing. meaning you are writing a song. you are building a narrative based on things you are pulling out of people in distressed situations. paul manafort is fighting. i don't know if paul man ford is innocent or guilty of what happened to him in 2006. he is fighting back. and he believes that what's happened to him is not material to the scope of the mueller probe. ed: the president's critics have been salivating that paul manafort is going to sing about who? about president trump. if he had something on president trump he would have sung by now. abby: the president yesterday was in dallas speaking to the nra. as he usually does, he uses it as a bully pulpit to talk about everything on his mind. this happened right before he went out on that stage.
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ed: he brought a copy of the news report. abby: he read it to the crowd. here is how that went. >> none of that information has to do with information related to the russian government coordination and the campaign of donald trump. how does this have anything to do with the campaign, the judge asked. let me, folks, we are all fighting battles. i love fighting these battles. it's really a disgrace. abby: allen dershowitz. he said this is not about politics. what's going on here and the stretch, he said we should all be concerned because this could happen to any one of us talking about paul manafort and others involved. here's what he said. >> what they are doing to these people, like manafort and flynn and cohen could happen to any of us. if we happen to be collateral damage. if you know somebody who they are going after, they are going to find something on you. they are going to squeeze you. this is something that has
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plagued the american justice system for many decades. they do it to get the mafia. maybe it's understandable. if they do it to get terrorists, it's understandable. to do it to get an elected president of the united states, to use that mafia terrorist tactic of squeezing people and making them testify and making them sing and making them compose endangering the civil liberties of all americans. pete: judge's larger point was what was paul manafort's bigger sin in the eyes of mueller he was trump's campaign manager. that was the sin. abby: unlucky guy. pete: that he drag his entire life through the mud. my question is where is rod rosenstein as far as confining this special counsel. ed: is he overseeing the probably. pete: he gets to decide where they go and when they go. when president trump says he likes these fights, i was in pennsylvania yesterday outside of yuengling country. they gave me these great
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yuengling logger socks. how undersiege is he unbelievable. he had he retired general flynn was mentioned by alan dershowitz. remember how some of his trouble started during the presidential transition. did he violate the logan act by undermining the foreign policy of the obama administration when the trump administration was not in yet? and you heard the trump people saying no, hang on a second. this was transition to power. he was getting ready to help the president. that's why he was conducting negotiations about russia. now relearn that john kerry, the former secretary of state, he could be in violation of the logan act what he is doing now, abby. abby: as you remember, he was very involved in the iran deal. and this is legacy for john kerry. he is concerned because is he wondering what's going to happen with this deal. the president has made it clear time and time again he is not happy with the deal and likely he is not going to continue it on. this is a quote coming from the "boston globe." it says kerry has been on an aggressive yet selfie mission to preserve it he is using his deep list of contacts gleaned during his
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time in the top u.s. diplomat to try to apply pressure on the trump administration from the outside. so he is trying to preserve everything he can. ed: of course. more than just pressure though. meeting with world leaders surreptitiously. hey, what can we do? isn't that undermining of the current administration? pete: former secretary of state is contacting officials in foreign government. ed: foreign minister of iran. pete: of iran, his good buddy to try to convince the trump administration to stay in the deal they crafted guess what, guys, there was an elections. the iran deal was on the ballot. hillary clinton supported it. president trump didn't. the american people voted for president trump. said is he going to rip it up. he has been much more measured in his approach. ed: he said that in public? pete: this is my run down for the whole show. i just ripped up the iran deal i ripped up my run down for the entire show. there is another deadline on may 12th. we will see what happens. this is interference. abby: ed, you have been in d.c. a long time.
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have you ever seen something like this happen. ed: no, i haven't. what's interesting is that critics of john kerry were on social media looks like a violation of the logan act. supporters of kerr ynsd at obama administration were saying no, the "boston globe," at the end of the story says, it's not a violation. so the "boston globe" said it okay. final. case closed. pete: are they singing you have a friend in me anywhere? that's what i want to know. abby: stay tuned for this. we have a lot of other headlines we are following this morning that i want to get right now to a fox news alert. an indiana police officer shot and killed while investigating a homicide case. officers approaching the suspect at an apartment complex. the man opened fire. causing a shootout with police. >> he got his muzzle out. he has a rifle. is he pointing it at us. abby: the suspect killed in that gunfire, a fallen officer, a veteran of terre haute police department has
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not yet been identified. president trump host south korean president at the white house this month. the main topic with moon jae-in is president trump's summit with north korea. the president revealing those new details. >> we are in constant contact with north korea. we have actually worked out a time and a place which will be announced shortly. >> where? >> very soon. abby: where? well the korean countries a step closer to unifying match the south. pete: they were 30 minutes off. abby: president george h.w. bush is released from the hospital. a bush family spokesperson tweeted this he was released from methodist hospital after treatment for an infection. doctors report he is doing well and is happy to return home. bush was hospitalized one day after laying his wife, former first lady, barbara bush to rest. that is good news for him. but they were such a close
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couple. ed: i feel bad because pete ripped up his run down. i should read. pete: i don't know what's on the show. abby: you act like you read the run down. pete: once in a while. ed: how long will the embarrassment continue? i ask you, abby. no editorial there at all. pete: well, it has been a rough stretch for me. this is my nightmare, watch. >> got a contest. you ready? ed: yes! i beat you. pete: oh my goodness. pete: sorry the better man won. >> watch it, pete. ed: oh, winner. >> best part is ed's face. now, i feel special burden today. i am carrying on my back the
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wounded shoulder of griff jenkins. who valiantly took you on. pete: he was in your stead. ed: came so close. i'm on team griff. today griff and i are taking you on. pete: what is the contest today? ed: derby related. look at that. abby: you might be riding horses down sixth avenue we don't know. pete: this is a totally rigged system. i haven't been told at all what this contest is i feel like ed has been training for it he has been conspiring with the producers about it ♪ abby: we have to ask our viewers. they will don't know what the competition is going to be. horses are involved. kentucky derby. who do you think will win this competition? will it be ed? will it be pete? send us how think
3:13 am ed: track record. pete: my moment. stop laughing. no laughing matter. ed: the winning continues for ed henry and the trump economy as well. it keeps booming but the democrats are still thanking obama for it. >> you think about what the economy was like when president obama took office, under his watch the unemployment rate dropped in half and it's encouraging to see that we're continuing to make progress. ed: wait, valerie jarrett is back. will president trump ever get the credit? pete: here is something you don't expect to see on a cruz, how a nightmare vacation had passengers swimming in the hall instead of outside. abby: that is a nightmare. ed: that is the next competition on a crew cruise ship. next week. good question.
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donald trump isn't getting enough credit. but, if you look at his twitter, and i hate to recommend that to anybody, he says 3.9% unemployment. we broke 4. in the meantime, witch-hunt. if he wants to prioritize this topic, he should try and focus at least until the end of his own sentence. ed: we can let him talk about robert mueller and whatnot. can you admit that the economy is getting stronger
3:17 am
under donald trump. >> i think what valerie jarrett said is absolutely right there. is still steam in the barack obama. we have gone down from where we were at the height of the recession. job growth has remained largely stable. but now we are starting to see concerning trends where wages remain stag napolitano. monthly job growth is starting to track below replacement, which is 150,000. ed: sure. >> we hit that a couple months in the row that rate is go going start creeping back up. ed: you mentioned valerie jarrett. we will hear from her. >> job rate lowest 3.9% unemployment rate 15 months of donald trump's presidency. do you give him credit for that? >> we have to look at it over a longer horizon than that if you think about what the economy was like when president obama took office, and we were losing 750,000 jobs a month, and under his watch, the unemployment rate dropped in half, and it's encouraging to see that
3:18 am
we're continuing to make progress. ed: max, that's all well and good. barack obama stopped the job losses big time. i was there covering him in 2009. that's a lifetime ago. i want to ask you again, sure, so barack obama staved off the job locals in 2009. does donald trump get credit now? let's talk in the present tense. >> i think it's good any time americans have more jobs. ed: does he get credit? >> i think that's a tough thing to say. ed: you want to give barack obama credit when things were going okay under him. i have given you three or four more chances now. does donald trump get any credit. >> i think if we can get to the point where job growth figures are more evenly distributed to the places hurting the most getting those jobs we can talk about that. ed: he has been president more than a year. the economy is good. combined confidence is strong. job growth is strong. you are saying it's not strong enough. barack obama hasn't been in office for 15 months. does donald trump get even
3:19 am
iota credit from democrats. >> we can say thank you for not completely tanking the longest -- ed: we are now living in 282018, for the last time does donald j. trump get any credit. >> i think donald trump has given himself more than enough credit than anybody. ed: he has cut regulations and taxes has that helped the economy. >> not if you look at labor force participation. if you are rich or own a huge business like apple. ed: companies giving out bonuses to average workers as well. >> companies spent $300 billion buying back their own stock. less than half that amount. actually giving raises which are longer term than just a bonus. ed: all right, max. no credit for the president i see. we you have back. we will try again. a breast cancer screening failure now being blamed for hundreds of deaths in the u.k. brutal story is this the side effects of government run heck or not? it could help in america. we will ask dr. nicole saphier next.
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3:24 am
evacuate. dangerous levels of toxic gas making air quality a concern on the island. last group of caravan asylum seekers are u.s. 220 members have crossed the border, many illegally. the president tweeting in part, this: he said our southern border is under siege. congress must act now to change our wake and ineffective immigration laws. must build a wall. abby, over to you. abby: thank you, pete. well, a major breast cancer screening mistake. up to 270 women in england may have died because they were not called in for their mammogram. health officials are blaming it on a computer glitch, but how will the government run healthcare system deal with the backlog and could this happen here in the u.s.? joining us now is breast cancer specialist dr. nicole saphier. always good to have you, doctor. this is a pretty unfortunate situation. lives were lost. how bad is this? >> it's a tragedy any time a cancer is not found on early
3:25 am
detection or screening programs. it's an abomination when it is due to a government computer glitch. what happened was in the u.k., under their government system, have you to be invited to undergo your cancer screening. it's not a conversation you are having with the doctor. you get a letter that says you can go and get your mammogram now. what happened was a computer error in 2009 made it so 450,000 women didn't get that letter and therefore didn't get their breast cancer screening. they are saying up to 270 women died from advanced breast cancer. perhaps because they did not undergo this screening. really, you will only see such a monumental disaster as this when you have that single pair government-run system. because patients are codified numbers on a spreadsheet. this is what happens when you do away with that doctor-patient relationship. which we are still fornghtd to have in the united states. >> you have a loft democrats calling for that here in the united states. bernie sanders is often talking about single pair. what would that mean if we implemented that here in the
3:26 am
u.s.? >> bernie sanders loves to use my face when he was unilateral debates with me about single pair. but i would love to see his positive spin on this. this is a catastrophe. and, yes, if we implement a single pair system, now, what they have in the u.s.c. a little bit different. it's called universal healthcare where not only is government in charge of the insurance, but everyone is employed by the government. all the physicians are employed by the government. their screening programs are actually very different than what we have in the united states. they have to cost cut and ration some of their care. they don't even benefit from breast cancer screening the way we do in the united states. if we are to go to any form of single pair, by the way, canada does the same thing. they don't have nearly great robust system that we have in the united states in terms of breast cancer screening. if we go to a single pair system, cost also need to be cut. and in that largely does come from preventative medicine and screenings. so that is a huge concern i have for us. abby: should women be concerned here in the u.s.?
3:27 am
>> when you go to the polls and vote for a single pair system you are saying i want to be a number on a spreadsheet. you will be separating yourself from that doctor-patient relationship. instead of your doctor saying to you these are your risk factors, you need to start your screening now, you are on a spreadsheet and you will get a letter telling you if and when you need to do something. who do you want to trust? abby: unbelievable. all right, dr. saphier, always good to have you on the show. >> thank you for having me. abby: coming up on the show, president trump promising to defend gun owners at the nra convention yesterday. >> you have an administration fighting to protect your second amendment and we will protect your second amendment. abby: dan bongino is here to react next. plus, here is something that you don't expect to see on a cruise, how a nightmare vacation had water flowing from the ceilings and what the passengers had to endure. that is coming up. you don't want to miss this.
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a cockroach can survive submergede guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow. not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. ♪ >> the one thing that has always stood between the american people and the elimination of our second amendment rights, has been conservatives in congress willing to fight for those rights, we will fight. [applause] we will never fail.
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and we will always protect your second amendment. abby: president trump yesterday in dallas speaking to the nra. someone else that was there was dan bongino. former nypd officer. former secret service agent and, of course, host of the dan bongino show and nra tv contributor. dan, always good to see you. what was the mood like yesterday? >> abby, they love this president. it was palpable. i know, commentators come on sometimes at other conventions and they say things like oh you could feel -- no, you really could. people love this president. even my wife who was with me, she came down and she came down after me and she goes my gosh, everybody is talking about president trump. i think they see him as a real defender of their second amendment rights. abby, it's important, i think they feel like their second amendment rights are under a 30 front attack here. and they see the president is standing in the way of that. pete: dan, part of that 30
3:33 am
front attack is in the courts and special counsel and show down happening there yesterday, there was a break in the clouds if you will. federal judge t.s. elio t.s. ele ripped into the mueller team, the prosecutors, of not really wanting to go after paul manafort and his misdeeds but instead targeting team trump. dan, you have been warning about this from the beginning. what do you make of this judge? >> this judge is my new hero. if i see this guy, i'm asking him for his autograph because, listen, i'm not an autograph collector either. this is the first guy to come out and say this judge and say, hey, where's the case? where's the darn case? we have been told for months that there is some big scandal to overturn an election. trump spoke with the russians. they colluded to trade all this information. nobody has produced a scintilla of evidence. the judge finally comes up and says hey, fellows, do
3:34 am
you have an actual case here? and what does the defense say in the government says well, there is a scope document but we don't think you need to see that the judge, pete, says i will decide that thanks, fellows. abby: he said let me be the judge. ed: literally. ed: dan, on that point. the "new york times" this morning massive story about a federal judge saying enough is enough here, page 8:13 at the bottom, federal judge questions counsel's pursuit of ma mann for the. hopursuit ofmanafort. he says basically, let's not give people the idea democrats want to quote, unquote, nullify an election hasn't that been what adam schiff has been doing for over a year now? >> he had ed, listen, adam schiff is a fraud. i'm sorry. is he a fraud. i say that and i mean it. i know those are harsh
3:35 am
words. adam schiff is not a stupid man. this is a smart guy. adam schiff has access to information on his intel committee as you and i don't. he has known for at least a year now, if not longer, that this collusion story with the russians is a hoax. yet, he has gone on every media channel he can. puts his makeup on and does his thing and said that trump colluded with the russians. only reason is he writing this op-ed now i believe is because is he starting to see that the american public based on polling data is catching on this is a hoax and getting frustrated. schiff is a fraud. is he not doing the right thing, he doing the easy thing. pete: you are saying the guys closest to the evidence outside of the mueller probe have starting to realize we have looked at it. it ain't there. we better recalibrate otherwise we better boomerang back at us for a false narrative. >> this was a set-up. i have been saying this for a year and a half.
3:36 am
look at the information, the trump team was set up. there were crimes committed here, pete there were leaks of highly classified information there were crimes committed with the trading of classified information in the clinton email scandal. those crimes had to be covered. they had to set up trump to keep the attention on him and away from them. this will come out in the wash. they will be horrified, the democrats at the truth. abby: federal judge in alexandria yesterday seems to have a lot of the same questions. always great to see you. ed: t.s. eliot. that is an author. abby: other stories to bring you starting on a serious note. manhunt intensifying for a gunman who shot an atf agent in the face. police conducting raids on the south side of chicago, sending the suspect this message: >> we will find you.
3:37 am
we will knock on every door, talk to every witness, watch every piece of video and analyze every piece of evidence. believe me, you will not get away with this. abby: authorities now offering $61,000 for information leading to the arrest of those responsible. the injured agent is expected to survive. also, the murder conviction of kennedy's cousin michael skakel has been thrown out. the connecticut supreme court has ordered a new trial. in 2002 he was convicted of killing martha moxley back in 1975. he was released in 2013 after lower courts ruled his lawyer did not give him a fair defense. the supreme court's decision underturning their own ruling from 2016 which reinstated conviction. prosecutors have the option to retry him. still not clear if they will. talk about a nightmare vacation. look at this. gallons of water gushing from the walls, flooding a carnival cruise ship. the company blaming it on a
3:38 am
break in the fire suppression system flooding 60 rooms on the ninth deck. ed: looks like the titanic. abby: scooping um water with buckets. impacting the guests. they will receive a full refund and option to be flown home. seven day cruise departed on sunday still out at sea. president trump putting together all star team to help america get into shape. naming bill belichick to the council on sports fitness and nutrition. also friends of the show dr. oz and football great herschel walker. others include rivera. misty train nor and actor lowe ferrigno encouraging kids to take up sports. by the way, i want our viewers to know oftentimes when i read the headlines it's the first time i'm seeing them so i'm very
3:39 am
lucky -- ed: look at her off camera and rolling her eyes. pete: belichick. abby: we have been waiting for spring. we are now in summer. what happened? rick: what do you think? did you like it. 92-degree weather. crazy hot and humid. the east coast finally getting break from the heat we had this week. a lot of days over three days in a row of record breaking temperatures first heat wave of the season a little too early. fronts changed things moving off to the east behind it much cooler and comfortable air in here. few more showers. a little bit of cloud cover today. showers move back in tomorrow and cooler back into the lower 60's. walch this system down here across parts of florida. don't see we will see any tropical development. hurricane season starts in a month. get ready for that we can see development this early in the season what we're going to see is pretty heavy
3:40 am
rain showers moving across florida today and tomorrow. pete: you just ruined my day. abby: rick, you can go home now, thank you. pete: president trump putting pressure on north korea to get them to the bargaining table. but the left shockingly not impressed. >> has been kim jong un is ready to change. i wouldn't be too trustworthy of it. >> no reason why the cia shouldn't be negotiating a meeting between the north koreaible leader and the president. pete: thank you, sir. will they be poised to give the president some praise? abby: barn table brown party celebrating the kentucky derby. don't worry, janice got up early. look how nice she looks. we cannot wait to talk to her. that is coming up next. pete: janice. janice: good morning, "fox & friends." are you ready? are you set for the 144thth kentucky derby.
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pete: president trump's tough talk seems to be having a major impact on foreign policy. listen. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. >> little rocket man, he is a sick puppy. >> do you know what gets you nuclear war? weakness gets you nuclear war. being weak gets you nuclear war. pete: the left continues to blast trump's tough rhetoric. will they ever admit that the tough talk actually works against our enemies? allege retired green beret master sergeant, also the host of hollywood weapons. >> that's right. pete: he joins me now to weigh in here.
3:45 am
full disclosure i love terry shapner. on this subject of north korea we haven't talked. >> no, no. pete: how much of the president's approach, his rhetoric should get credit for the developments we have had. >> he gets full credit as a president. it's not just a talk. because i think your enemies and you know, this we are both combat guys. your enemies will respect you if they think there is going to be action taken. we saw in the previous administration lots of talk. all sorts of talk. and it was never backed up. so, our enemies, bad guys knew that with president trump, whether you like him or not, it's safe to say that the people that are against us are not sure if he is really -- they actually believe he might reach out and hurt them. pete: that's the most important calculation. he may actually bomb us. >> if they thought at any moment that he was full of b.s. and not really willing to follow through, they wouldn't even come to the table. they obviously think this guy might just be the one to do it. and you negotiation right before i came on, i was watching the democratic strategist talking to ed
3:46 am
henry, and the guy just could not admit one bit that the president trump gets credit for the economy. it's embarrassing for the left, because they won't admit it. they won't admit it on north korea. it's going to hurt them. pete: admit the obvious and won't agree on other stuff. >> absolutely. pete: we have a clip of the president yesterday saying the date has been set. >> we have a date and we have a location. we will be announcing it. pete: we don't know where it is. where will it be. >> that's a good question. i'm not sure about that. as i was talking to you before, be prepared for some of this being a con from north or south korea. and i feel like that's not a reflection on president trump. i think they are going to go this way. what you should watch for is sudden cancellations, pulling out, conditions being put on top of it right before. so that they can say well, we tried but president trump didn't cooperate with us.
3:47 am
so, wherever they are going to do it, however they are going to do it, let's just see if we can rail them into that time and place. pete: what the is most important thing we have to make sure happens from america first what has to happen to be successful. >> that's a good question. south korea has got to know they are safe with us. they are still our ally and north korea still has to know that this is not a piece of paper. pete: yep. >> this is actually binding agreement that we are going to enforce and check up on you because they have gotten away with it. pete: terry, have you done a lot of things on the outside for vets. >> task force daggers. special operation command. a million dollars in support last year. we do immediate needs. we lost a guy in afghanistan. we need plane tickets. medical access to things like the cleveland clinic and also rehabilitative therapy. this time this year we are actually taking wounded vets and training them in maritime archaeology. we have access to dive on
3:48 am
the arizona. no one gets to do that in route to see yo. pete the websik force great to see you. >> great to see you. pete: we should hang out more often maybe not on tv. major breaking news earlier this week the feds wiretapped michael cohen's phone. just one problem, it wasn't true. is the media too blinded by hatred for the president to recover from credibility crisis. mollie hemingway has a lot to say about this one. own janice dean is off to the churchill downs. we're live at the kentucky derby with her coming up next. ♪ ♪
3:49 am
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♪ ed: that can mean only one thing. the stars are in louisville right now for the kentucky derby and the night before today's race they hit the red carpet for a big gala and guess who was there? abby: janice dean was live for us at churchill downs favorite event of the year,
3:53 am
janice. ed: abby has a hat, too. janice: you look beautiful. pete, ed, where are your hats? ed: where are the male hats? is that a thing? janice: would you wear one if someone brought it to the set. pete: i kind of hope it's not a thing but for you, janice, anything. janice: okay. i like that. let's talk about brown stable gala last night. lots of celebrities. check it out. ♪ you got stuff going on up there. >there. janice: i have lots of stuff. tell us about vegas. >> vegas is rocking. me and rocky and reba stirring it up out there. ainsley: will you come back to "fox & friends" at some point. >> yeah. bring that hat. >> who should i bet on?
3:54 am
>> janice: you are watching me "fox & friends" 5:00 a.m. this morning. >> see what the weather is going to be like. janice: you were on "fox & friends" a couple years ago. would you consider coming back. >> would love to. janice: you would? it's my birthday next week. will you sing a little happy birthday for me? >> happy birthday to you. >> oh my gosh, thank you. janice: are you betting on the horses? >> i will but i'm terrible. my first time to the derby for both of us. been on my bucket list for all my life. >> we match tonight. are you ready for this? oh, look at that rttle spar kelly. janice: if you come back again would you come to summer concert series. >> i would love to if we are able to depends if we are doing it. janice: mr. rock comes. in he never does interviews. i said hey, steve doocy's friend, he came over. >> peter doocy.
3:55 am
hi, "fox & friends." love you like corn flakes. ♪ >> fantastic. janice: yes! you know what? kid rock really truly never does interviews. he comes in and does the red carpet. he does some posing. but as soon as -- so true as soon as i said steve doocy's friend he came right over to say "fox & friends." abby: happy early birthday to you. singing happy birthday to you a dreenel. janice: so true. big event here at the kentucky derby to do gallis. barn stable brown, proceeds go to charity. main event is happening today. 144th kentucky derby. it is on, justify is still the horse to win. everyone has been buzzing about this horse. we are going to next hour train with justify's
3:56 am
trainer. you don't want to miss it. talk about derby hats and minutmint july help. pete: thank you, janice, you are awesome. ed: i live she called him mr. rock. >> tell lawmakers fbi agents didn't believe former national security advisor michael flynn was lying? >> maybe someone misunderstood something i said i didn't say that. abby: bombshell reveals that might not be true. pete: shocker. come up on the show we have showers. you know theisean spicer. alan dershowitz, mollie hemingway all here live. hi.
3:57 am
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skin problems; and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. if your bones aren't getting stronger isn't it time for a new direction? why wait? ask your doctor about prolia. all we hear about is phony russian. [crowd booing. >> kate scathing, tongue lashing about. >> time a judge honestly looks at the situation and assesses it. the surprising and refreshing, two top fbi officials abruptly quitting from the agency ahead of that inspector general report. it's expected to be scathing. >> the nra today gave the president a rock star reception at its annual meeting. >> we are all finally putting america first. >> i love you too, thank you. [laughter] >> the face-to-face meeting
4:01 am
between north korean leader kim jong un and president trump is well into the planning process. >> we are in constant contact with north korea. we have actually worked out a time and a place. >> kanye west must have some power. i doubled my african-american poll numbers. thank you, kanye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ed: training already. getting ready. pete: it might be rain? abby: supposed to rain today which is kind of a bummer. either way it's such a beautiful place. ed, you said you have been there. see these horses close up. pete, you will appreciate this. the
4:02 am
4:03 am
you don't really care about mr. manafort's bank fraud. is he talking to mueller's lawyers. what you really care about is what information mr. manafort could give you that would reflect on mr. trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment. come on, man. abby: used to saying you have got to give me more than this. this is a total stretch. now, ed, he is asking for a memo that shows evidence that led to this investigation. ed: why is the scope so wide? abby: if you cast a big enough net by the way you are going to catch everything. so the question is how far should we go and alan dershowitz, he talks about this all the time. he said everyone should be concerned about the rights. it's not about politics. ed: trample on manafort. abby: a lot of questions remain. we had dan bongino on the show as well. he has been talking from the very beginning as have you, pete about the investigation. he said finally there is someone speaking out that people might take more seriously. here's what he said.
4:04 am
>> this is the first guy to come out and say this judge and say hey, where's the case? where's the darn case? we have been told for months that there is some big scandal to overturn an election. trump spoke with the russians. they colluded to trade all this information. nobody has produced a scintilla of evidence. there is a scope document but we don't think you need to see that and the judge, pete, says i'll decide that thanks, fellows but you can produce that document. i'll be the judge of that. thank you. ed: come on, man, as you said, this is becoming overreach. something president trump has been saying for a long time. his critics have laughed that idea off. he jumped on it when he at the nra convention in dallas reading news reports saying look at this, folks. look at this. what does the "new york times" say today. page a 13, questions pursuit of manafort. this is a big deal. pete: have you labeled your
4:05 am
"new york times" the failing "new york times." ed: i don't do that. pete: they fail to report offer times on the big issues. ed: up to manafort it would be all over the top of page 1. blow to president trump. three stories on page 1. abby: so quick to get out stories that aren't always accurate. like with what happened with michael cohen. just a reminder of what the role of journalism is today. the most important thing is to get the facts right. we are so concerned about getting the story out as fast as we possibly can. and to have it be a certain narrative. i think it's a reminder everyone to that works in media. press the reset button but also the reminder that the american people, i think they are wanting to focus on other stories and focus on things more positive that impact their lives. pete: there are moments of clarity inside the muck where someone speaks truth like this judge and basically says the only sin of paul manafort and he may have committed crimes, we will see. weighs donald trump's campaign manager. because he was his campaign manager, now they want him to sing. that's a term of flipping. and he said you may not want
4:06 am
him to sing. you may be trying to compose. and that's a great way of putting is that what bob mueller is doing compose ago narrative about russian collusion or obstruction, flipping people to try to turn on the president when there really is no evidence. ed: that's a bigger point the president has been saying for a long time investigate the investigators. that includes robert mueller and his team but also includes james comey out on this book tour still milking it and making allegations. he was on with bret baier a few days back. here's what he said and we will analyze on the other side. >> you tell lawmakers that fbi agents didn't believe former national security advisor michael flynn was lying intentionally to investigators? >> no. i saw that in the media. i don't know what, maybe someone misunderstood something i said. i didn't believe that and i didn't say that. abby: house intel report has been out. better version came out yesterday with some of the redacted stuff. unredacted. let me read you part of that it says director comey testified to the committee that the agents disernsd no physical indications of
4:07 am
deception. they didn't see any change in posture and tone, inelection and eye contact. they saw nothing that indicated to them knew he was lying. ed: james comey told the committee, pete, that they didn't think he was lying. and then bret baier asked about it and he says i don't remember that. pete: now he doesn't remember at all. it all further calls into question the credibility of james comey who has been singing a tune, very different than what he did when he was the director of the fbi. maybe composing a narrative. you know what else is coming ucoming? unredacted portions of the house intel committee that reveals things about comey. you have the inspector general michael horowitz at doj. he still hasn't released his big report looking at potential fisa abuses. remember lisa page and strzok? abby: as of yesterday she still worked at the fbi. pete: until yesterday. abby: she was demoted
4:08 am
because you remember those text messages between her and peter strzok talking about opinions of the president and other things. a lot of frustration of all people she was not fired from the fbi. she has been there the last few months. as of yesterday, she has resigned from her position saying she wants to move on to other things. ed: so has james baker. he had been the general counsel. he has resigned as well. they are getting ahead of the ig report. it's going to be bad. phase one of that ig report came out it was about andrew mccabe. that was tied to his firing and that report came out. a larger report we are told about fbi abuses maybe and department of justice. pete: we have been waiting for it for a while. ed: the fact that they have now resigned maybe their teams, you know, have gotten hey, here is your final comment. this thing is coming out. trying to get ahead of that. abby: how many people over the last year have been fired or have.
4:09 am
pete: conspiracy. dan bongino was talking about. political conspiracy to decertify the election of november. the election didn't got way they wanted. they used the organs of intelligence committee to spy on the trump camp. they pushed it out to the media. then they thought it was all this coordinated campaign get the dossier out there. we have clapper and comey. now it's all coming out. this inspector general report is another part of it we will see. not good for democracy. abby: it may not be over yet there is a lot of news going on this morning. also in foreign policy. john derry, you might remember when he was secretary of state, his legacy, the thing that he spent most of the time working on with this iran deal that we are now still talking about whether the president is going to continue on with that deal. i think the date is may 12th. make a decision if is he going to pull out or stay in it. so, according to the "boston globe," they talk about john kerry working behind the scenes aggressively to keep that deal intact and to
4:10 am
maybe make some changes to preserve what he thinks is his entire legacy. ed: aggressive yet stealthy mission. doing it in secret to preserve it using his deep list of contacts gleaned during his time as the top u.s. diplomat. remember, pair ren they pair rey thickly. it's america. if you want to speak out lobby congress and the president say look, i disagree, mr. president, i think we should save the nuclear deal. fine. should you be meeting with the iranian foreign minister one of our enemies to undermine this administration? raising questions about the logan act. and, remember, that's what general flynn initially the charges were oh, did he maybe violate the logan act in his negotiations with the russians during the transition when barack obama was still in power? democrats were all exercised about that. now one of their own, john kerry appears to be undermining this administration saying the logan act doesn't apply.
4:11 am
pete: of course. the "boston globe" says don't worry no logan act vitals here. we have a secretary of state, his name is mike pompeo. we'll don't need a shadow secretary of state. if we wanted him to be secretary of state, we would have elected hillary clinton. think about this. working with foreign leaders to undermine your current sitting president? abby: not just a foreign leader. foreign leader of iran. pete: of iran and other folks party to this deal in europe. this is bad stuff. ed: i wonder what the israeli prime minister thinks about that. pete: who? ed: benjamin netanyahu. pete: b.b. call us up. abby: starting with a fox news alert. indiana police officer shot and killed while investigating a homicide case u officers approaching the suspect in apartment complex and man opened fire causing a shootout with police. >> you guys -- he has a rifle. is he pointing it at us. abby: the suspect killer and -- the suspect killed in that gunfire.
4:12 am
the fallen officer a veteran of tear humane society police department has not yet been identified. the main topic for may 22nd meeting with jae-in. the president revealing new details. >> we are in constant contact with north korea. we have actually worked out a time and a place which will be announced shortly. >> where? where? >> very soon. abby: where is the question. a korean country a step closer to unifying as the north changes time zone overnight to match the south. pete saying they were 30 minutes apart. the nation's strictest abortion ban is now law. iowa governor tim reynolds signing the measure surrounded by children can you see there legislation bans doctors from performing most abortions if a fetal heart beat can be detected or around six weeks of pregnancy. bill band bans cases of rape,
4:13 am
incyst or emergency. president trump is heading to ohio to highlight how tax reform is making a positive impact in that state. he will meet with a cleveland business owner praised for giving employees bonuses and raises after receiving g.o.p. tax cuts. they will talk about tax cuts during a round table discussion. of course today's trip comes ahead of ohio's primary election on tuesday. so, good timing there. ed: we had a guest on last hour a democrat said bonuses hasn't helped them. we will see what happens in cleveland today. nbc news broke major news at least appeared to be. earlier week that this the feds had wiretapped michael cohen's phones. just one problem. turned out to be untrue. does the media now have a credibility crisis? are they too blind by their hatred of the president? we will ask mollie hem way next. pete: shocking numbers how many of your calls and texts our own nsa is collecting. you are not going to
4:14 am
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♪ ♪ ed: nbc news issuing a major correction on a report claiming the president's lawyer michael cohen was wiretapped. that didn't stop other networks from jumping all over the fake story. >> they were able to get texts, emails and wiretaps on his many phone lines and leading up to the raid and continuing. >> there is evidence of a crime. i don't care if you are the president's lawyer. you get the same treatment you i do.
4:18 am
did you go to a judge and say i want to listen to his phone. >> oops. not true. pete: does this show the so-called mainstream media is moving too fast to get a scoop on anything that could be anti-trump? here to weigh in is senior editor at the federalist and fox news contributor mollie hemingway. great to have you up here in new york. appreciate it have you covered this. how does a story like this happen what does it say about the media it happens often. >> couple problems. one the media uses anonymous sources getting things wrong. no accountability using anonymous source. i know we shouldn't trust this person. animosity toward trump that make all the errors happen in one direction. this is not the first time there has been a major correction on a story that's really gig. and they always go in anti-trump direction. that suggests that it's not just what happens sometimes in journalism, which sometimes stories get wrong. ed: people make mistakes. >> something else going on
4:19 am
here, something we probably saw in the 2016 election. inability to understand what was happening in the country and just on a very important big story. and here, this is a big important story. ed: sure, another big important story to your point when abc news brian ross got that story wrong on michael. campaign colluded with the russians. all of a sudden the narrative was true. and abc bought it hard and it blew up in heir face. >> happening throughout the media. cnn last had a series of problematic stories on the overall story of russia collusion and investigation including that they said that james comey was going to testify that he never told donald trump he wasn't under investigation when, in fact, he testified that he said it three times. and, again, no one is held accountable. no one gets fired or very rarely does anyone get fired or we see media taking it seriously. ed: rarely do we see a scoop saying donald trump is
4:20 am
innocent. >> just yesterday there was that big story about the judge saying about the mueller probe we have some serious problems here. not that it didn't get coverage. didn't get hysteria you are seeing with other issues. pete: sin of omission what they decide not to cover. new numbers from monmouth university poll of american people do traditional news sources tell fake news stories? 77% of americans say today you know what? i'm getting fake news. are they wrong to believe that? >> and i think the reason why those numbers are so high is that it is ♪ just you are seeingers like we said can happen. these overall narratives are problematic. just this week have you a lot of the people saying this is a really rough week for the white house when in fact you are seeing a lot of stories that point in a different direction. oh, the walls are crumbling around trump. that's not happening and people can see it's not happening and see things are going well. ed: great to have you in person. pete: we appreciate it president trump giving kanye west a shout out during a
4:21 am
speech to the nra. >> kanye west must have some power because you probably saw i doubled my african-american poll numbers. >> right after this. people alie people alie and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. entresto, for heart failure.
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4:25 am
and finally $135,000 records, price tag of meghan markle's wedding dress. the american actress up and down designed by ralph as walks down the aisle at london's windsor character. pete: that big mac story. bodes well for all of us. abby: you should try it. pete: bring me big macs. kanye west made big news when he expressed support for president trump. now sharing his praise of kanye. kanye west must have some power because you probably saw i doubled my african-american poll numbers. we went from 11 to 22 in one week. thank you, kanye. [cheers] abby: so could west soon be visiting the west wing? white house advisor says president trump is on board to host the rapper during a white house summit on race
4:26 am
relations. pete: here to tell us is that advisor himself. pastor of new revival center and c.e.o. of the national diversity collision for trump dr. darrell scott. thanks for being here this morning. the question really is what happened with president trump tipping point a turning point for the black community for relations with this white house. you certainly think it's an opportunity. what do you think? >> i think it is. you know, the fact that the president's poll numbers doubled in one week among african-american males as a direct result of kanye west expressing his like for the president shows that you know, that the african-american community is not against the president. you have to understand courage inspires courage fear fearlessness inspires fearlessness. there is a silent minority out there of african-americans. i remember during the campaign i called them incog negroes. they weren't vocal about it because they did not want
4:27 am
the push back. everyone doesn't want to argue and fight over their candidate of choice. but when kanye west came out, it emboldened others to say, listen, i hear what he is saying. i can think for myself and i have a right express myself and it reflects in poll numbers. once leading to the healing of this racial divide that indignation that is politically inspired. abby: not everyone agrees with you on that. one of those people on another network don lemon had this to say about president trump. take a listen. >> critical thinking is important as a journalist. and if you cannot surmise that this president, if he is not racist he is certainly racist adjacent. abby: your thoughts? >> listen, if kanye west had said he hated president trump, don lemon would have invited him on his program.
4:28 am
anything that's anti-trump, cnn tries to jump on it and so i take anything don lemon and those other race baiters on cnn, i take anything they say with a grain of salt. pete: doctor, you talked about the su summit or a meeting at the white house. what would that look like? what would be the topic of conversation? would kanye west be invited, do you think? >> these are things that, you know, i had a discussion with the president. i bromped the idea to him, and he was in agreement with it. he thought it would be great. but, once again, now we have to get into the logistics of it. we have to date, place, time, content, invitees, there is a lot more to it than just announce it and run with it. so ideally, you know, opt mist agree i would want to do it tomorrow. realistically probably take place in the fall. and once again, these are the things we are going to have to work through to make
4:29 am
sure nothing gets out of hand. that it's done decent and in order. and that you know, the principles that are involved from both sides, from the left and the right is going to be bipartisan effort. but the principles that are involved with l. maintain their respect for the office that the president holds. it's not going to be a mudslinginmudslinging, fist-thrg event. we have positive discourse. the president said he is a unifier, not a divider. a bridge-builder. this is part of his endeavor to heal this that i believe is politically inspired u. abby: always good to have you on with us. appreciate your time. >> thank you. god bless you. pete: coming up, she says she's not running for president, but elizabeth warren hot president calls pocahontas tops the wish list for 2020. what does it say about the state of the party? we will debate. abby: janice dean is live
4:30 am
for the kentucky derby. it's not just about the horse but it's about the hats as well. showing off traditional hat to the show stopper. that's next. ♪ ♪ i was a c130 mechanic in the corps, so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life.
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4:34 am
ed: no idea. surprise. had you a birthday. pete: when was your birthday. abby: my birthday was on tuesday. the day of your birthday is wonderful. the next day it's gressing whedepressingwhen it's over. rick: extend your birthday. ed: i saw the box it's from magnolia bakery which is hot. pete maneuver. abby: you got me, pete. this show is well produced. last thing we think about is forks. ed: do you want me to hold that while you do the weather? abby: that is so sweet of you. you are one of the nicest people and great friend. pete: turned 25 years old. thank you so much.
4:35 am
rick: congratulations we are happy you were born. abby: the weather was spectacular. rick: got a little bit too hot. pete: rick, is your tie long enough? rick: yes, my tie is pretty long. my clicker is around the corner by the way. i couldn't carry a clicker and a cake. pete: past 12 hours. rick: hiding back there radar past 12 hours. did you well with that pete. i have the wrong clicker. there is two clickers back here. all right, all right. all right. rick: here it is. pete: there is two clickers back there. one works for outside and for inside. pete: man alive, weather. rick: in all fairness, somebody handed me the wrong clicker. watching this system down here. hurricane season starts june 1st, we have a little kind of something that is a little bit tropical down
4:36 am
here across parts of the bahamas, bring rain across south florida. use rain, beginning rainy season. you will get some next few days: all this heat we have had across much of the east. that has broken today. temps much cooler. going to be really comfortable. a few showers tomorrow. maybe a little too cool. 63 in new york. 63 in boston. i think i had some of that chocolate cake in my mouth. hot down across parts of the south this week and that will be a big story. all right, guys. pete: i was looking at your short tie the whole time. abby: rick, we love you. ed: i have a viewer who said comey's interview has a twiddlely thumbs and all that get a body language to analyze when he is on with bret baier. do you think we should get a body language. abby: that would be good. that's why i love our viewers. pete: good idea sometimes.
4:37 am
abby: other headlines we are following. inspector general michael horowitz widely anticipated testimony now postponed. development coming as the justice department's ig pursues new leads in his review of the hillary clinton email investigation. horowitz was originally scheduled to appear before the committee next week. so stay tuned. also this: a florida police union sending a loud and clear message with this billboard. the sign reading this: governor scott, there's no confidence in sheriff israel. it's the latest move in ousting broward county sheriff scott israel over his february parkland school shooting. this, of course, comes just one week after nearly 85% of the deputy's association voted no confidence in the sheriff's leadership: governor scott says is he waiting on independent investigation to make his final decision. and a florida homeowner getting quite the surprise finding this alligator inside of their garage. neighbors spotting the gator wandering in front of the sarasota home earlier. but noticed it was gone later in the day and that the garage was closed.
4:38 am
yikes. a local deputy saving the day. [screams] >> welcome to florida, huh? the deputy leading the gator to a body of water nearby. the gator is okay, luckily. pete: good, so the gator will come back tomorrow. abby: exactly. pete: really solved that problem. ed: thorough breads off to the races. abby: not just about the horses it's about the hat traditional to the show stopper. pete: here to tell us all about them janice dean live at churchill downs with a special guest as well, janice, good morning. abby: good morning, janice. janice: good morning. you know it's all about the fashion here at the kentucky derby. so to help us explain the fashion of the hat is christine a more. you are a milner? >> milner and the company is a millinary.
4:39 am
the best straw is from millan. millanary. janice: tell us about the hat. >> 1874 they wanted to revive the races so they wanted to market to women and they wanted to bring in better clientele, so they introduced, you know, the dress code and then here we go. janice: i love it show us your beautiful hats. you hand make these? >> we do in manhattan. it's a passion for sure. we start from scratch. and we build everything out from flat material. this is a fast sienator. feathers on a clip or head band but americans have morphed that into anything that's a small hat on your head. you always want to wear it on part side to balance it out. and then. janice: very popular these fastenators. >> the world can see you and can you move through the crowd my favorite. this is a hatinator a
4:40 am
morphing between the hat and fastenator. like a hat but sits like a fastenator. the bigger style and can you see the -- janice: i love it it's beautiful. >> men's hats. janice: they are coming back? >> they are. janice: pete and ed, men's hats are coming back. >> what's great about this. men have realized they have to up their fashion, too. we are definitely in a stage, again, where we are jent phiing and regenerating the crowd at the races the men are getting into it they are also coordinating with their partners. janice: with the ladies, i like it. this is a show stopper here. look at this thing. >> so this is -- well, the story is southern bell and florals and go big or go home. this is a good example of how you can do that you are going to see a lot of crazy big fashion at the -- today
4:41 am
and it's vast. it's amazing. janice: this is one your hats as well? >> yeah. janice: i'm hoping if i can wear it for the derby. >> absolutely. fantastic. look at this beautiful hat abby huntsman. abby: i want you to bring that back for me. i love it beautiful. janice: abby wants this hat. sold. ed: excellent. we have janice back next hour, too. janice: too.january. abby: i think the event was made for janice dean. ed: she says she is not running for president. not janice dean but elizabeth warren except she is right at the up to of the left's 2020 wish list. what does it say about the state of their party and trump derangement syndrome? we'll debate it. pete: a quarter of college seniors say they have no idea what they are doing after graduation. abby: sounds like pete. >> my advice to you is, don't go. it's rough out there. move back with your parents.
4:42 am
pete: low i feel higher than that. we have reality check for senior snowflakes coming up. kyle: mom! mom! kyle, we talked about this. there's no monsters. but you said they'd be watching us all the time. no, no. no, honey, we meant that progressive would be protecting us 24/7. we just bundled home and auto and saved money. that's nothing to be afraid of. -but -- -good night, kyle. [ switch clicks, door closes ] ♪ i told you i was just checking the wiring in here, kyle. he's never like this. i think something's going on at school. -[ sighs ] -he's not engaging.
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♪ ♪ ed: elizabeth warren says she is not running for president in 2020. that's what they all say. when you ask democrats who they would like to see in the white house guess who tops the list. warren tops the field including former vice president joe biden who is second. bernie sanders who is third. so what does this say about the state of the drank party. here to debate. democratic strategist antwon c. wright. lawrence jones, good morning, gentlemen.
4:46 am
makes them feel good antwon, what jumps out at you? >> say it again? ed: what jumps out at you at this poll. joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders won't go away. >> loud voice on the choir calling out holding this president accountable. democratic primary votes, likely voters are excited about that polls are a snapshot of the time. and i think any poll about 2020, the who specifically may be a bit premature. what can i tell you about the what and the why is the fact that democrats are excited. 18 will be a very exciting year and 2020 will be even more exciting because this president has failed the american people. >> definitely the party of old as you can see by the candidates as well. it seems like the democratic party is going more for socialist agenda. that can't win an anational election. it seems like they are going more for impeachment crowd. people concerned about the day-to-day issues of the
4:47 am
american people. considering the economy is the most thing that the american people want to see. they are going to be concerned about identity politics. that's what they tried that before. that didn't work. you would think after seeing some of the recent victories of the democratic party that they will focus more on the economic issues. the one that can get fly over nations. the forgotten men. but it doesn't seem like the. ed: what about the forgotten men. you have got the left of the left at the top of this poll with warren. you have the establishment second and biden. but third have you bernie sanders is not a democrat. is he a socialist. >> i want to say something to my dear friend over here. your president is 70-plus years old. that leaves your party. >> he is old as well. let's not talk about age of candidates. you said something very important. the fact that we are winning elections. that means we have a message that's resonating with people. conor lamb won in a district that was points pro-trump. we have won 40 plus legislative seats in places where trump won by 20
4:48 am
points. to that point, if we are going to be successful in 2020 or 2018, the message has been consistent and clear. i think democrats will continue to run that message. >> who am i to give the democratic consultant advice. >> go ahead anyway. stay in your lane. >> clearly different with these messages. they are pushing more of a socialist agenda. [talking at the same time] >> ramp up the rhetoric of impeaching the president that's only going to fire up the president's base any time they feel like the president is in defense mode, we know those voters show up. ed: last word antwon. >> you say that on one hand. this president ha>> obstructiond impeachment. >> going the way they are going into 2018. >> not approving nominees. [talking at the same time. >> truth of the matter is momentum is on our side going in it to '18.
4:49 am
ed: you guys are rocking a bit of blow. we will see if there is a blue wave or not. ed: stick around. former white house press secretary sean spicer and michelle malkin both here live. is this what your college graduate wants to do after they get their degree? >> my advice to you is: don't go. [laughter] it's rough out there. move back with your parents. ed: a quarter of them feel that way. our next guest has a wake-up call for those senior snowflakes in high school ♪ taking it to the streets ♪ take it to the streets ♪ your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
4:50 am
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oh hi sweetie, i just want to show you something. xfinity mobile: find my phone. [ phone rings ] look at you. this tech stuff is easy. [ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. ♪ ♪ >> my advice to you is don't
4:53 am
go it's rough out there. move back with your parents. >> well, it might be a funny movie scene but this relates more than a quarter of graduates or grading college seniors don't feel prepared for the job market. according to a survey 30% believe there aren't any jobs and 28% worry they have to take a temporary job. >> here with advice for these grads julie. great to have you here. off the top, your advice for graduates. how about just toughen up and go get a job? >> right. exactly. college students do need to toughen up. they need to realize they may might not be the vice president of marketing or vice president of sales. their first job. i started off as a receptionist. i know a lot of people had to schlep coffee and get dry cleaning and make coffee. and i don't know if they make xerox copies anymore. get a free internship and
4:54 am
work part time at night. it's really tough out there. and college students need to understand that that's the reality of life. abby: be a what's changed in the last few years. you talk about entry level jobs. that's the way it used to be for everybody. go out and get a job. not glamorous. don't get paid anything. you learn and how to figure out the real world. what's changed that people aren't willing to do that. >> so much has changed. the parenting culture has changed. parents coddle children, overprotect them. often parents do instead of teach. detrimental to kids. go to college and protected from anything that might offend them. instead of rigorous debate, they are offered safe spaces and speech codes and trigger warnings. employers are not going to stand for this. they are certainly not going to care about your feelings. and so, i think college students really are in for a bit of a culture shock when they get out of college. pete: besides joining the
4:55 am
military which i would recommend good way to get out of this whole thing. have you helicopter parents and then have you safe spaces. what could a parent do right now realize who, i didn't prepare my kid for the real world. how do you pull it back and get them prepared? >> very simple thing. look, teach your kids how to make a simple meal for themselves. teach them how the to do laundry. give them chores where they earn a small amount of money. let them walk to the store by themselves where they can purchase something that they want. let them walk to school. give them more freedom to make decisions on their own. abby: also, teach them how to use social media. pete and i didn't have instagram when we were in college, probably for the best. you don't think about when you are in high school and college the things you are posting that that might impact the job that you will get when you graduate. >> very good point. keep your social media clean. thankfully there were barely computers when i was young. i was able to avoid. that is very important. employers are increasingly looking at people's public profiles and their social
4:56 am
media profiles. good important point. pete: you are part of something called the culture alarmism project. i think i know what it means. explain to our viewers what it means. >> parents are told part of the reason we have helicoptering parenting. parents are told there are dangers around every corner. that's not true. we live in safer times. more access to healthcare and products before. safe products. i try to tell parents not to be so worried. let your kids go out there and explore. pete: basically the quit freaking out project. >> that's far better name. pete: i love the approach. abby: good to have you on. >> thanks for having me. pete: white house reporter april ryan firing back about relationships with president trump's press secretary. listen. >> i have had relationships with press secretaries. i just don't seem to understand why these last two press secretaries like to point me out. abby: one person she is talking about is sean spicer. is he here to respond top of the hour.
4:57 am
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to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? >> all we hear about is this phony russian witch-hunt. that's all we hear about. [boos] >> virginia federal judge t.s. ellis said come on man. abby: you have got to give me more than this. >> this is the first guy to come out and say, hey, where is the case? this judge is my new hero. ed: john kerry, the former secretary of state could be in violation of the logan act. abby: he was very involved in the iran deal. the "boston globe." it says kerry has been on aggressive yet stealthy mission to preserve it. >> we are in constant contact with north korea. we have actually worked out a time and a place. >> we are all finally putting america first.
5:01 am
>> we love you. >> i love you too, thank you. [applause] >> alli vs. ed. after weeks. how long our producers say will the embarrassment continue? ♪ this is how we roll ♪ singing everything on the radio ♪ ed: america wants to know. abby: this is where it's all going down later on in the show. abby: right now you have rick won that one. later on in the show ed vs. pete. and of course we have birthdays. celebrating everything on this show. pete: your birthday was on tuesday. abby: thank you. pete. i remembered today because of the cake. ed: i'm going to let you win one of these.
5:02 am
pete: derby day. games on the plaza. ed has been practicing for the week. rick beat lawrence jones out there. abby: you are both lowering expectations for yourself. ed: basketball, golf. pete: i'm not going to win i'm going to smoke him today. ainsley: keep writing us who is going to win between ed and pete. ed: i have played a lot of parlor games in my life. a lot of bowling alleys and arcades. abby: let's bring in sean spicer. who going to win this battle? >> i think the pundits totally were in the tank for hillary clinton. the idea that pete is losing to ed henry, holy smokes. nate silver would have been rolling over say nothing way. ed: thanks, sean. appreciate it, bud. >> the army needs to up its game. pete: full bore colonel.
5:03 am
navy man himself. i will do my best. abby: well played, sean. ed: we have a lot of news. overnight we hear two top fbi officials are now abruptly resigning. the president has been talking about this for a long time. his critics have been pushing back. but i think his point has been it's time to investigate the investigators. and you saw there lisa page, mixed up in that texting scandal and then will james baker who was the general counsel. what do you think this says that they're getting out before this inspector general report comes out? >> well, that's a good thing. obviously, nibble that doesn't uphold the highest standards of the law and in pursuit of justice needs to go. the men and women of the fbi work, you know, throughout this country to uphold the law. and i think they have a sterling reputation for the most part to. see these bad eggs tarnish that reputation is not a good thing for the institution. i'm glad they are getting out of the way. further bolster's the president's point that there are people out to get him.
5:04 am
i think overall it's a good thing that they're getting out of the way. i think that justice still needs to be served and we look forward to seeing what the ig says. abby: nbc news was in some hot water earlier this week for reporting on a story that michael cohen, the president's attorney was wiretapped. that turned out to be not true. here is the tweet. they said a great public servant -- can we pull that back? pete: that was a tweet from comey. abby: that was a tweet from comey. we are talking about -- sorry about, that sean. >> sean: that's the baker one. >> your response to how the media is -- they jump so quickly to report a story. how often we have seen so far this administration they have had to retract and had to apologize. >> well, it's fascinating to me when the media screws up and in this case they screwed up big time in their pursuit of going after president trump. their instinct after they view up to say the story has been updated. when the situation is fluid at the white house and facts are coming out and sarah or myself back in the day went
5:05 am
out and tried to give them the best we could at the time we are called liars. when they do it it's called an update there is no apoll, there is no regret. i think that's a very interesting double standard by which they do their job. somebody else updates the facts as they come out, they are a liar. if they do it themselves it's called an update. i think this is embarrassment for nbc as it has in the past for other news organizations that have jumped the gun. pete: such a great point. semantics matter. if a politician does something they are lying. if a journalist does something think update or correct. that's what chuck todd and tom winter said. listen to what they said in their correction. >> earlier today, nbc reported that there was a wiretap on the phones of michael cohen. we have a correction to that now. it's not a wiretap where they are listening you in to the phone calls. >> we reported that there was a wiretap on michael cohen's phone, meaning that they were able to listen in to conversations from phone lines associated with michael cohen. now three senior u.s. officials are telling us
5:06 am
that this is a -- it was not a wiretap. instead, it is what is referred to as a pin religion register. in plain english a log of phone calls made. pete: always three anonymous u.s. officials. no accountability on where the information comes from as well. >> correct. well, further, there is no accountability. as we said when they screw up, it's just they say that we are updating the story and they move on. when somebody else does it, they continue to question their integrity. although, they may have gone out with the best intentions to give the facts that there were available at the time. so, i do think it's fascinating the double standard that exists. ed: sean you have been in that briefing room and sarah sanders. pete: you have been in there too. ed: sarah sanders went back and forth with someone that you had exchanges with as well april ryan: let's listen to. this you said yourself blindsided. >> i actually didn't use
5:07 am
that term. >> i said it you were blindsided by what was said. >> sarah, with all due respect you actually don't know much about me in terms of what i feel and what i don't. ed: april ryan, i don't want to drag this on, but look at what she did with that, seemed to take it to a whole another level, watch. >> it was not personal. what it shows me is that she was feeling that she was in a vice. you know of sorts. she went straight to me. to say something like you know, you don't know me. in certain sections of it nation, people understanding what you don't know me means. it's very street. it leads to a fight. a physical fight. so i'm not there to fight. i'm there to ask questions and doing it for 21 years very well. and i have had relationships with press secretaries. i just don't seem to understand why these last two press secretaries like to point me out. ed: sean, what say you?
5:08 am
she is suggesting there is something between you and april? abby: a street fight, sean. >> we're going to disarm here. look, i think that both sarah and i have shown april a ton of respect. one of the things that i did when i went into the briefing room was that i increased the number of journalists that i called on. going in the back of the room going to niche plucks and ethnic publications. i believe it was important you for the american people through the briefing to hear more questions from different background that represented different constituencies from america. i think it's interesting that april, who is probably my guess has been called on more in the last by myself and sarah than any previous press secretary is looking at that as an insult. in fact, i think it's a compliment. i think when you look at the nature of the questions she asks. she literally starts off by saying you say you were blind sided. sarah never said it and april turns that into a story in itself. i think the bigger question is why the can't she ask a straightforward question and ask for a straightforward
5:09 am
answer. abby: sean, why do you think she wants to start a fight. >> i don't think she wants to start a fight. she has been in the briefing room 21 years. not just her but a lot of other reporters because of the attention the briefing gets now have gotten new found notoriety. suddenly after engages in back and forth she gets cnn contract. as have other reporters who have greated youtube viral moments not because of the reporting but because back and forth. they are more interested in personal fame. pete: sean, this is honest question, you have been in this briefing room as ed mentioned. do they still believe there is arbiters of fairness and balance and truth. or set in at all that they may be biased or extremely biased against this white house and comes out in the way they question? >> well, there is some that definitely fit that bill. i wouldn't paint it with a broad brush. there are journalists in there that are really committed to doing a great job and focusing on the
5:10 am
facts and solid journalism and story-telling. i think there are several that have realized that they can get new found fame. two things going on in the briefing room. one is there is definitely people with a personal agenda against this president and against conservatives. second, i think there are several of them that, regardless of their personal bias, ideologically, realize they can make more money and more fame by being obnoxious and creating viral moments in the briefing room. i think those combination of things have really change the nature of the briefing room. abby: sean, i think it's a great point. for some people less about the story and more about them personally. it's unfortunate that has to happen. always good to have you on the show. ed: looking forward to the book. >> thanks for the plug but, pete, during the break have you got to do some pushups or something. pete: do them for you right now, sean. doing them. ed: people can't say. pete: sean spicer says he wants pushups he gets a few
5:11 am
mushups. >> thank you. abby: thank you, sean. we have other news we are following closely this morning. starting on a serious note with a fox news alert. an indiana police officer shot and killed while investigating a homicide case. officers approaching the suspect at an apartment complex when the man opened fire causing a shootout with police. watch. >> you guys -- he has a rifle. he is pointing it at us. abby: suspect killed in that gunfire. the fallen officer a veteran of the terre haute police department has not yet been identified. we will keep a close eye on eyen one. vice president mike pence's personal physician is stepping down. jennifer pena resigning after raising concerns about white house physician ronny jackson's. pena accused jackson of violating privacy protections vice president wife. karen pence according to memos. she claimed she was being intimidated by jackson during angry confrontations over the incident.
5:12 am
her claims were proven to be unsubstantiated. and while you were sleeping, nasa launching historic mission to mars. >> 3, 2, 1, 0. abby: rocket blasting off from california's space west coast. the rocket is carrying the insight lander which will dig into mars. measuring the red planet's quakes and temperatures. expected to touch down sometime in november. how cool is that? ed: past the mid terms. pete: always gout that midterm. what is that like six months? i feel like it would take longer. getting close. might be true. all right. well, the sitdown is set. president trump says he now knows when he'll meet face to face with kim jong un as he prepares to host south korea's president at the white house. we are live at the white house with what we know now.
5:13 am
ed: plus, michelle malkin is here. she is live coming up ♪ ♪ any way you want it ♪ that's the way you need it ♪ any way you want it ♪ any way you want it ♪ that's the way you need it ♪ any way you mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how.
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5:16 am
historic summit with north korean dictator kim jong un. our own gillian turner is live in d.c. with the latest. >> good morning, guys. president trump will host president moon of south korea on may 22nd. in advance of the hotly anticipated summit with kim jong un of north korea.
5:17 am
slated for the end of may or early june. the negotiating team has settled on a location for the summit. not quite ready to disclose their choice just yet. this likefully in keeping with the president's stated goal of never broadcasting national security plans in advance. however, this isn't keeping the president from teasing the event. >> we are in constant contact with north korea. we have actually worked out a time and a place, which will be announced shortly. >> where? >> very soon. >> status of three korean american hostages being held legally in the north. where the regime refers to them as prisoners of war. kim jong un has long been detaining american citizens to use as bargaining chips or leverage in his dealings with the international community. but, now, three of them may be released in advance of the trump-kim summit according to the administration. they have reportedly been relocated from a labor camp to a private hotel near pyongyang. the ideal scenario for the
5:18 am
trump team is to complete the release and transfer of these hostages before the start of the trump-kim summit. sources say they don't want the president to have to negotiate their release in his direct conversations with kim. they want the two leaders to focus exclusively on the nuclear issue. pete? pete: all right, gillian, thank you very much. we appreciate it. abby: a lot on the table. pete: good information. is former secretary of state john kerry engaging in shadow diplomacy? a new report says he is working behind the scenes to save the iran deal. michelle malkin is fired up about that and other issues and she is coming up next. abby: plus a nightmare vacation on the high seas. passengers swimming in the hallways on a cruise. have you seen this? and still at sea. ed: they were supposed to swim in the pool, not the hallway? abby: stay with us.
5:19 am
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♪ ♪ >> out to right field ♪ number 3,000 for albert pujols. ed: historic night. angel's star albert pujols joining the 3,000 hit club. single in the fifth inning against the mariners. 32nd player in major baseball history with 3,000 hits. congratulations pujols. and l.a. dodgers throwing a combined no hitter against the. pete: therey no snits. ed: one guy had to leave the game. happened in mexico. going the first six innings, three releefers teaming up to get the final nine outs. first no hitner canada and the u.s. it's cool. starter goes all the way. one of our top producers --
5:23 am
got to go the whole way. a no hitter is one guy going the distance. pete: how do you pull the guy in the sixth inning? pouring rain in mexico. wha call the wambulance. pete: president trump calling out the problems with our country's immigration laws. >> we have the worst immigration laws anywhere in the world. pouring up through mexico. flooding the border. illegal immigration must end. ed: this as the last big group of the vary canal asylum seekers about 70 strong cross into the u.s. as recently as friday morning. abby: joining us to react is hoist of michelle malkin investigators on crtv michelle malkin. good morning. always good to see you. >> you too. hi, everyone. abby: this the biggest issue the president president campaigned on. doubling down at the wall.
5:24 am
the question i have is seeking asylum. all of them coming over that border and the caravan is completely over that border in california. they want to seek asylum. how do you differentiate those that really do need to seek asylum to those that don't? >> well, there's a process for that. the issue here though is that this was a concerted effort to make a circus at the border. and so the asylum claims on their face of it are questionable. especially since mexico offered asylum to almost all of the people in the caravan. so if they had been offered asylum and refused to take it there, what are they doing here? it is for economic reasons that most of these migrants are trying to border and being exploited by open borders lobby that has a special interest in making sure that we can't control our borders. here's the thing. and i have reported on this for the last 25 years. there is a saying in open borders community and it goes like this. it ain't over until the
5:25 am
alien wins. they have know that once these migrants are able to infiltrate the immigration system, it is a litigation lottery and litigation bureaucracy and they are going to inevitably win. this is the understanding now. it's not just a physical border. it's the fact that you have entire immigration system that has been set up separately from immigration enforcement agencies. it's called the executive office for immigration review. it's very little known. i know people's eyes are going to glaze over. the fact is once you get into this lottery, you know what? illegal aliens have more fights at the judicial and court and legal apple than american citizens do. they can appeal this all the way up to the supreme court. be rejected over and over and over again. evade deportation. evade judicial orders to leave the country. and it never ever ends. pete: michelle, briefly, we are going to move on to another topic. >> before we do so, did this caravan back fire? did the president exposing
5:26 am
it wake a lot of americans up how this border is. >> i think it's been successful. talking a minute talking about something no one talks about on tv. well known immigration lawyers. it's not just the wall. it's the entire system. in that sense it was a success to open people's eyes. ed: michelle, what about this story in the "boston globe"? it's really remarkable. john kerry quietly seeking to savag salvage the iran deal. it's secretly trying to undermine the trump white house. >> yeah. there's a word for this. it's called treasury. i believe that john kerry should be prosecuted for failing to register as a foreign agent of which he has been acting for many years, ed. now to be meeting with foreign leaders and especially the leader of a country whose operating motto is death to america? this is amazing. and, fiferl first of all, it's t
5:27 am
just the iranian mullahs he has been meeting with. he met secretly and privately with macron to talk about salvaging the iran deal. there is an entire network of people all of these left wingers, progressives under it obama administration who are trying to salvage his quote, unquote legacy. have formed this group called diplomacy works. who are the real colluders? they are right here in front of us. who are the ones who are trying to get foreign governments to meddle to undermine our president. hello john kerry. ed: let me add one other thing. i keep hearing whispers in washington john kerry secretly talking to allies about running for president again. i saved the iran. >> really? ed: yep. >> i wish he would go back to parasailing in the hamptons and not come back down. ed: that will have to be the last word. abby: i have haven't heard that, ed. add that name to the list.
5:28 am
ed: kanye west. abby: maybe he will run too. ed: west wing in the kanye west wing? one advisor trying to make it happen. abby: our own janice dean is live at the churchill downs. >> the trainer of justify, which is the favored to win mike smith takes me back stage to train on how to be a jockey. oh, it's happening. this doesn't happen very often. so you want to stay tuned. it's coming up at the 144th kentucky derby here at churchill downs. here's the official program. join us next. ♪ woo!
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
>> contest. going to shoot. are you ready? ed: a little bit. yes! yes! pete: yes, sir! >> oh my goodness. ed: sorry, the better man won. [laughter] ed: pete wants a shot at redemption. go. pete: do i have to make this? [laughter] ed: watch it, pete? [laughter] winner! abby: shot of the morning.
5:33 am
ed: the pressure builds on the putt. abby: pete is clearly the underdog out of all of this competition. ed: i'm so calm and confident right now. pete and ed are going to compete in our own derby out on the plaza. rick: i don't need practice. pete: playing alone. is he practicing. abby: asked our viewers who they want to win. i love both ed and pete. ed has to keep winning. it's so much fun to see ed henry's face when he wins. pete: play that video every time. you tweeted this thank you very much. i'm always rooting for the underdog. pete, thank you. i will redeem you today. abby: nice. pete, look what happened to griff jenkins when he tried to compete with pistol pete. ed: love you pete hegseth got to go with ed henry. the dude has skills. on twitter we ran a poll. pete: scientific. very scientific. ed: will pete final be
5:34 am
victorious or will ed go on. 65% for pete? pete: my team is still with me. your captain will right the ship today. abby: feel sorry for you. pete: empathy vote? ed: what sort of participation trophies do they send pete when you smoke him once again like a bad cigar. ed: ed was watching videos on youtube how to win that game. ed: i'm consumed by this. abby: email your thoughts who is going to win will it be pete or ed? ed: it's going to be he had. abby: we do have other headlines to bring you this morning. michael flynn's brother lashing out against james comey. report says comey and andrew mccabe testified that they saw no signs of deception during their interview with flynn contradicting what comey told bret baier a few
5:35 am
weeks ago. >> did you tell lawmakers that fbi agents didn't believe former national security advisor michael flynn was lying intentionally to investigators? >> no. >> i saw that in the media. i don't know what -- maybe someone misunderstood something i said. i didn't believe that and didn't say that. abby: michael flynn's brother joe flynn is releasing this statement saying quote i have said publicly and social media throughout the whole ordeal my brother is a patriot who served his country with honor and distinction for over 33 years. he is not a liar. and a manhunt intensifying at this hour for a gunman who shot an atf agent in the face. police now conducting raids along the south side of chicago, sending the suspect this message. >> we'll find you. we will knock on every door, talk to every witness. watch every piece of video and analyze every piece of evidence. believe me, you will not get away with this. abby: wow, authorities now offering $61,000 for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.
5:36 am
the injured agent luckily is expected to survive. also this: kanye west making major headlines after expressing his support for the president and now the president is on board to host the rapper during a white house summit on race reels. white house advisor dr. darrell scott joined us earlier in the show explaining why this should happen. >> the african-american community is not against the president. you have to understand courage inspires courage. fearlessness inspires fearlessness, there is a silent minority out there. abby: a date for that event has not been set. stay tuned. talk about a nightmare vacation. gallons of water gushing from the walls flooding the carnival cruise ship the company blaming it on the fire suppression system flooding 50 rooms on deck 9. crew members frank particularly scooping up water as you can see there with buckets. and guest also receive a full refund and option to be flown home.
5:37 am
seven day caribbean cruise departed on sunday is still out to sea. can you imagine? have you guys done a cruise? pete: i have -- they are -- meh. ed: rick has been out there practicing the game. rick: i don't need practice. i'm a master at that. i know you think you have a competition. charlotte, welcome from florida. >> thank you. rick: here your your birthday your grandma takes all the kids. we have met her many times with all your other cousins. do you think this is the best time of all the cousin trips? >> yes. ed: very good. charlotte coming here for the big apple. thank you for the sign. if you make a sign you are on the show. that's the rules. here is your temperatures, feeling much better across the east. we complained all spring long about the winter. went straight to summer this week. now we are back to spring finally it's going to feel very, very nice. little bit of cloud cover. here is the forecast 70's pretty much across the board. beautiful conditions. we will see some rain over across parts of the central
5:38 am
appalachians. down across the south. nice day. the severe weather we had this week. incredible severe weather that is gone. just some scattered showers. florida seeing heavier rain showers especially southeast, florida. plains spring like day and finally across the west tons of sunshine and heat building across the southwest. pete: rick, you have been playing that game what's your tip? rick: i'm not telling you. only been to the county fair, pete? pete: i have, too. rick: we are counting down to what they call the fastest two minutes in sports. while the horses are getting ready for the race today, so is our own janice dean. she is live right now from churchill downs. abby: janice dean, the weather machine, i hear have you tips on how these horses train. janice: yes. so smik smith who is the jockey today for what we think could be the award-winning horse justify, this is mike smith. he is the jockey. it's not often he will take people back stage to show
5:39 am
his magic on the horse. also, i talked to keener mclaughlin trainer for entice. let's take a look at why my thighs hurt this morning. ♪ ♪ janice: this is mike smith. you are going to be riding -- >> justified kentucky derby. >> what's the magic behind him. >> talented. everything he does seems to be well-above average. we are excited about our chances. janice: i was hoping you could teach me a few of your tricks on how do you prepare for riding the horse? >> sure, no problem. we will start by adjusting you up here. janice: what do you think, mike? i like these colors? >> we don't have a helmet on yet because. >> jockeyys have littler heads, i guess. janice: don't tell anybody i have a big head. they already know that. >> i will let you put these on.
5:40 am
you have got to start by putting your feet in the arms, if you can get them there. this is called a cross. you want to be able to hold this other reign there. with the whip. tighten just a little bit more. what do you is slide your hands. slide it together. janice: yep. >> push nice and easy. >> this is easy. this is like when i'm a kid and i have a rocking horse. >> now what you are going to try to do is lift yourself up just a little. janice: oh, no. look at me. look at me go. >> you are actually doing pretty good. janice: really? >> and they're off. >> visualize winning the kentucky derby. >> coming down the tracks. >> th the horse is moving to the final turn. >> doing good for the first timer. janice: i'm inspired having trained with justified's
5:41 am
jockey. find my buddy karen mcglaughlin. >> this is exciting. entice is right behind us, running in the derby, i mean do some trainers get a little bit weirded out if we are back here with the talent? >> yes. sometimes horses get a little spooked. but is he a classy horse. janice: what do you do to prepare him for the race? >> we don't do much today. keep him loosened up and in a routine. descran january you saw me on the mechanical horse. what advice would you give me the performance? >> keep your day job. it's very difficult to be a jockey. and the moving around. you have to be still and communicate with the horse. it's hard. janice: what do you think? do you think i could be your jockey? do you think that would work? we could ride into the sun set and the derby here at kentucky? what do you think? okay, man not. this is more my speed.
5:42 am
just feeding the ponies, not riding them. [laughter] all right. so there you have it. that's why i'm in pain today. because i was riding that horse and even mike smith said i was doing a great job, abby, pete, and ed. what do you think? abby: no surprise. i agree you should keep your day job, janice because we can't lose your smiling face every morning. pete: you could do both. your form is good enough i could see you on the track at some point. janice: like a part-time job. pete: like a side gig. janice: you know what will help the pain is next hour going to be sampling some mint julep, of course the official drink of the kentucky derby. abby: best part of the derby. ed: love it see you next hour. janice: it was an hour. i have to tell you mike smith doesn't do that very often. that's very fortunate. we are very fortunate to have "fox & friends" back in the saddle. pete: might be good luck.
5:43 am
abby: thank you, janice, see you soon. pete: free speech report from the university of california, berkeley blames conservatives for those anti-free speech riots. we're serious about that. coming up. we have the executive vice president of the u.k. berkeley college republicans here to respond. ed: plus, unemployment just plummeted to 18-year low. good news doesn't stop there. charles payne joins us with what this means and whether or not he is tired of all the winning ♪ where were you ♪ oh, oh ♪ you make my dreams come true ♪ oh, oh ♪ -oh! -very nice. now i'm turning into my dad. i text in full sentences. i refer to every child as chief. this hat was free. what am i supposed to do, not wear it? next thing you know, i'm telling strangers defense wins championships. -well, it does. -right? why is the door open? are we trying to air condition the whole neighborhood? at least i bundled home and auto on an internet website, progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto.
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enbrel. fda approved for over 15 years. at a comfort inn with a glow taround them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at pete: welcome back. president trump touting the historic april jobs report. >> look at our economy. today we broke 4%. 3.9% we hit today for the first time in many, many years. we are really proud of it. abby: since 2000, the overall unemployment rate fell to 3.9% as i said, the first time in over 18 years.
5:47 am
black unemployment rate just fell 6.6%. the lowest on record. ed: here to break it all down for us fox business network charles payne. we had democratic strategist on earlier in the show and he would give the president no credit at all. >> i don't know how he can continue to do it. these numbers are remarkable. not perfect. difficult situation with a lot of extenuating circumstances. we have got to celebrate what's going on here. that 3.9% number. black unemployment 6.6% the lowest ever. some of the other major milestones. i dug deep into this thing that i thought were great. people working part time for economic reasons that came down. long-term unemployment. people unemployed 27 weeks or lower 3.3 million people. that peeked at 7 million. 7,002,010. so, good producing. i talk about this everywhere i go. this is folks in the heartland, prosperity coming back to the heart land. these are the great jobs where you worky your hands.
5:48 am
i call them dirty fingernail jobs. construction, mining, manufacturing, 49,000 jobs last month. that is unheard of. abby: i talk to people who work in small businesses. they say for them in particular, it has been a huge boon. they are able to bring in more people to help deliver their product. >> if you were to boil down what's happening in this economy, no niche in this economy is more excited about what is happening than small businesses. in fact, small business optimism surged after the election and has remained high in translating into jobs. pete: charles, the state of maine in 2014 began requiring able-body deed people and childless adults on foot stamps t food stamps. what has been the approach? >> beyond mind boggling 80% of the case load vanish you had. had to do three things, get a job. whole lot of jobs up there. particularly lower paying jobs. you have to participate in the work training program or do community service. if you balked at the community service or balked
5:49 am
on any of those then you stopped getting food stamps. people went out and got jobs or simply didn't get food stamps anymore. one thing interesting about this report is how the money was wasted. for instance, over 50% of these able-bodied adults without dependents smoke cigarettes. that came out to $111 a month. by the way, in new york city, that would come out to $3,200 a year. a year that someone that a taxpayer was subsidizing on $3,000 a year to smoke cigarettes. so, the bottom line is, sometimes if you nudge people, sometimes if you just kind of say hey, no more. they find a way to do it themselves. pete: catch on at the federal level? do something like this? >> yes. by the way this was done with bill clinton. in fact, the same results were seen under bill clinton took three years. same thing. able body deed adults able to work but didn't work and getting food stamps, force to get a job, go to work training and do community service end up going back to
5:50 am
work. abby: better them too. gives them a purpose. >> actually unlocking potential talents in people. gives you better purpose for life. i think it's the kind of tough love that americans should appreciate. ed: charles payne. appreciate it. pete: federal judge ripping into bob mueller over the scope of the special counsel. is it enough to put the collusion theory to rest once and for all. we will ask allen dershowitz at the top of the hour. abby: the studio smells amazing. rachel campos duffy and her adorable daughter are cooking tacos. it is cinco de mayo. so much to celebrate on the show today ♪ hot, hot, hot ♪ but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
5:51 am
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abby: it is cinco de mayo. what better way to celebrate than with delicious tacos. ed: here with her favorite recipe rachel campos duffy and her daughter margarita, duffy. rachel: can't have tacos without a margarita so i brought her. these are so easy to make. all of these ingredients, in there. mix it up. marinate this pork shoulder overnight. or even if it's just a -- yeah, lime juice or orange juice. have you your chili powder. garlic. or oregano. do you all this stuff. recipe is online. abby: so good for a big family. everything in. >> do it the night before or the morning of. put in slow cooker. comes out super tender. crisp it up a little bit. get your grill ready let it
5:55 am
crisp up in there assemble your tacos. abby: you call her maga for surety? rachel: her siblings call her maga. make america great again. rachel: you look tacos? you are shell shocked here. >> you should have given her makeup done. >> you look beautiful. >> amazing. >> have your fixings, your cheese, avocados, salsa, onions. especially, pete, the meat is good, isn't it? it's super good. ed: never crisped it before. >> should warm up tortillas as well. rick: sorry, i went ahead with that? rachel: this guy knows mexican food. abby: where does this come from? rachel: i needed something easy. there is other ways i make lamb tacos. they are a little more
5:56 am
involved. i just need to find a good easy simple recipe with lots of flavor in the meat. what's great too is leftovers are awesome. put this over salad. make sandwiches with it. abby: or breakfast even? >> absolutely with some eggs. rick: or just make more tacos. >> or just make more tacos. abby: someone said how much does pete spend on his food? pete: not a lot. rachel: at the white house celebrating cinco de mayo. i know you had charles payne talking about black unemployment. just as good for hispanics. lots to celebrate on cinco de mayo. easy to do. abby: rachel, great to have you here. we love your family. maga give us one smile. rachel: yeah. can you wave to the camera? say hi to your grandma. she is watching. >> she looks beautiful. pete: got to move on great
5:57 am
to have you on, rachel. ploy to get to the president? what does it say about the justice system? a guy who knows a lot about it alan dershowitz. ♪ get out of my dream ♪ well good news, the esurance app lets you keep an eye on repairs when your car is in the shop. it's kinda like being there, without being there. ...
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
president trump: all we hear about is this phony russia witch hunt. that's all we hear about. >> booo. pete: virginia federal judge t. s. ellis said come on man. abby: he's saying you've got to give me more than this. >> this is the first time to come out and say hey, where's the case? this judge is my new hero. ed: john kerry the former secretary of state he could be in violation. abby: he was very involved in the iran deal. the boston globe says kerry has been on an aggressive mission to preserve it. >> i believe that john kerry should be prosecuted for failing to register. >> there's a word for this. president trump: we are in constant contact with north korea.
6:01 am
we've actually worked out a time and a place. we are all finally putting america first. >> [applause] president trump: i love you too, thank you. >> [laughter] ed: after weeks of losing ed, pete gets another chance at a redemption day. how long our producers say will the embarrassment continue. >> ♪ >> i don't know, she's looking pretty good. abby: so this game, ed, is that right? ed: i've been studying it. pete: throw a ball and listen, today is derby day. so we're having our own derby and alan dershowitz by the way we'll get to the professor. >> hey i played that game in
6:02 am
coney island all of my youth. i got all those little tickets. abby: how easy is it? >> oh, you could win a thousand tickets. pete: will you stick around and play with us? >> of course. ed: the winner takes on the ders h. abby: i love the. well we love having you here, professor. >> thank you. abby: and there as you know is always so much in the news and if you didn't know who judge t. s. ellis was before yesterday you certainly do now and he was the federal judge in alexandria, virginia trying to case for manafort. he's saying this is a stretch. we are talking about bank and tax fraud. what connection does this have? here is what he said. he said you don't really care about mr. manafort's bank fraud but what you really care about what information mr. manafort could give you that would reflect on mr. trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment. come on, man so he's waiting for more evidence to come through in some memo from the doj. what is your reaction to what the judge said yesterday? >> well i'm thrilled with what
6:03 am
he said because i've been saying it now for 25 years and certainly since this trump thing began, i've been saying it on television over and over and over again and he even used my phrase. he said they may not only sing, they may compose, talking about the witness. pete: i literally almost said those exact words. >> i've said those exact words and look every criminal defense lawyer, prosecutor knows this is the truth the way prosecutors operate, mostly in maffia cases and mob cases and terrorist cases you go after the low hanging fruit, you find vulnerable people, charge them with a technical crime. sometimes you stretch the law to charge them with a crime and then you squeeze them and you tell them they're going to jail for 20 years unless they testify against mr. big, this time mr. big sitting in the oval office. everybody knows this is the way prosecutors operate. i've been saying it over and over again, people have been calling me a liar, a conspiracy theorist. you name it. finally we get a judge who absolutely validates this and blows the whistle on the special
6:04 am
counsel. abby: he's saying i will be the judge ultimately when i get that evidence. when do you think he'll come down? >> you never know. he didn't rule and it's certainly possible to say this raises serious questions but it's not enough to throw out the indictment. it will depend on what the special prosecutor can produce. it really is a stretch to go back to 2005. talk about conspiracy theories these guys must have been planning this for the last 18 years and they were going to get money from the bank. it's such a stretch. pete: so the judge is pointing out that it looks like the special counsel's way outside its scope. where is rod rosenstein at this point? the guy whose supposed to be making sure that robert mueller plays within his mandate? >> well first of all he should be recused because he is the key witness in this case, as to why the president fired comey. second, you know -- pete: he recommended it. >> well yeah this is not only mueller but this is flynn. flynn i said right from the beginning i don't see the crime there. they really created a crime of
6:05 am
lying to prosecutors in order to get him to flip and i don't know whether choen committed crimes or not. they wouldn't have been looking at him unless he was trump's lawyer. what happens is the worst place to be in the world is if they're trying to get somebody one of his associates, lawyers, friends because they're coming after you ed: well you mentioned me general michael flynn and james comey as well and our own bret baier interviewed comey a few days back and asked him about this report some months ago suggesting that comey had told the house intelligence committee , fbi agents looked at this a long time ago and did not think that flynn lied. here is what comey said to that first. >> you tell lawmakers that fbi agents didn't believe former national security advisor michael flynn was lying intentionally to investigators? no and i saw that in the media, maybe someone misunderstood something i said. i didn't believe that an didn't say that. ed: and the house intelligence committee says hang on, director
6:06 am
comey testified to the committee that the agents discern no physical changes and differences that would suggest he had been lying, michael flynn during his interview with fbi agents so what do we make of first of all, counselor, that the original fbi agents said they didn't think that flynn was lying and secondly, james comey seems to have selective memory. >> well first you don't go after a distinguished man like flynn who conceivably may have had a memory lapse or may have said something you disagree with that's not the basis for going after somebody and destroying his career unless you think he can turn on the boss, and, you know it's so interesting because comey says that trump is like a maffia boss and now we know that comey and mueller are treating trump as if he were a maffia boss trying to find the soldiers , squeeze them, threaten them, and maybe they'll sing,
6:07 am
maybe they'll compose and there's great risks, because witnesses like this understand the rules of the game. the better the story the better the deal so if you can elaborate -- ed: he hasn't said anything to implicate the president. >> well we don't know and when you get somebody and you threaten his children which is what they did with flynn, i've had cases where they threatened wives, i had cases where they threatened a young man who was just about to graduate columbia law school unless his father flipped on witnesses. this is a common tactic and americans ought to know that. we ought to be concerned about it and every civil libertarian should be speaking out about this but civil libertarians have become fair weather libertarians , when they want to protect their candidate. if this were hillary clinton you can imagine what the aclu would be doing jumping up and down but it's trump and so the aclu is missing in action. pete: it's a great point so people like you who understand the process have been saying things before everybody else. the rest of us learn from
6:08 am
reports, so the house intel committee reveals more that james comey may have misrepresented his position. now, we're anticipating waiting for his michael horowitz doj inspector general report but curiously, yesterday, as it's about to be released we believe in the coming days and weeks, those trump-hating fbi lawyer lisa page and a comey confidant jim baker resigned from the fbi so they've now resigned. do you think it's because they're worried about what maybe in that report? >> well i think everybody is now worried about what honest investigators will find. look as you know, i called from the beginning for a non-partisan independent investigation of the whole connection between russia and the united states and you really have to be worried if you've done something wrong when non-partisan investigators look after you. if it's partisan investigators if it's people who want to get people you just have to pick the right side. if you pick the right side you're safe. if you pick the wrong side you're in real trouble. abby: is the president right now in more of a position of strength or do you think he still has things that he should
6:09 am
be concerned about? >> he has things he should be concerned about and he's also in a position of strength, both. he has to make the hardest decision of his presidency right now whether to testify or cooperate with the special counsel. nobody has ever been helped by cooperating with the special counsel and talking to them in 50 years of practice i've never recommended to a client to go and talk. they don't want to help you. they want to fill gaps and throw you into a perjury trap so this is a hard decision because if he doesn't agree to testify in a limited way, they'll subpoena him. then, he has the right to challenge the subpoena on several grounds. abby: do you think rudy giuliani is helping him so far? >> i think he's a very very smart guy and you can't have three people out there trying to suggest the narrative. the narrative has to be worked out carefully, it has to be true it has to be supported by the evidence and then one voice, preferably in writing, not off
6:10 am
the cuff, should explain what actually happened. i think if the president had explained what happened, clearly , without ambiguity right from the beginning he'd be in better shape well this happened that happened. pete: thank you for that transition you talk about one voice usually america on the world stage and foreign policy supposed to have one voice but we're learning today from the boston globe in an article that john carry the former secretary of state under barack obama has been as they say in the article on an aggressive yet stethy mission to preserve the iran deal, as a top u.s. diplomat to try to apply pressure on the trump adminitration from the outside. he's going backchannel to undermine this. >> well john is a friend of mine i've known him for a long long time but remember how this investigation against trump begins. it begins by the theory that people in the trump campaign may be violating the logan act, by going and speaking to people when they haven't yet been president. fortunately for everybody the logan act's a dead letter but if it were in existence, my friend
6:11 am
john kerry would be violating the logan act. he is negotiating they though he is not in the administration and there are real problems with doing that. look i would like to see the iran deal change to eliminate the sunset provisions, to have much more vigorous inspections. we can do much better than we do now and if john can accomplish that, all power to him but if what he's doing is just trying to preserve a bad deal, he shouldn't be doing it. abby: and undermine the president. ed: counselor last question last time we were on the show together the red sox had an eight game lead over the yankees last night i checked it down to one game. i know i should have worn my red sox tie. i knew you were going to ask me that. look baseball is a game of streaks and people win streaks, they lose streaks. i predict american league finals this year red sox, yankees, great great. ed: great alcs. abby: and you're sticking around with us professor to go play outside?
6:12 am
>> absolutely. abby: great to have you with us. turning now to other headlines starting with a fox news alert. an indiana police officer shot and killed while investigating a homicide case. officers approaching the suspect at an apartment complex when the man opened fire causing a shootout with police. watch. >> he's got his muscle out. he's got a rifle out and he's pointing it at us. abby: the surveillances killed in that gunfire the fallen office a veteran of the terre haute police department has not yet been identified. also this, president trump will host the south korean president at the white house later this month. the main topic for may 22's meeting is expected to be president trump's historic upcoming summit with north korea the president revealing those details. president trump: we are in constant contact with north korea. we've actually worked out a time and a place which will be announce shortly. where? president trump: very soon. abby: where, where, well the korean countries have stepped closer to unifying as the north changes its time zone overnight
6:13 am
to match the south. also, the strictest abortion ban is now law. iowa give nor kim reynolds signing the measure surrounds by children and bans doctors for performing most abortions if a fetal heartbeat can be detected or at around six weeks of a pregnancy. the bill does exempt cases of rape, incest or medical emergency. it is set to take effect on jul. and while you were sleeping, nasa launched a historic mission to mars. >> 3-2-1-0. abby: the rocket blasting off from california's air force base overnight and it is the first spacecraft to launch to another planet from the west coast. the rocket is carrying the insight lander which will dig into mars measuring the red planet's quakes and temperature. it's expected to touch down in november as ed reminds us is also -- ed: the mid-term elections. pete: very important. ed: good information. pete: yes indeed, ed.
6:14 am
all right president trump warning the democrats are worried about his tax cuts. president trump: our massive tax cuts, everybody is benefiting and everybody is happy and the democrats are very concerned, you watch. ed: all righte more fox & fries coming up. flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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pete: president trump is heading to ohio in less than an hour to highlight how tax reform is making a positive impact in the state. abby: the trip comes just days ahead of ohio's primary election ed: joining us now the man, the myth the legend kevin cork. live from cleveland. >> you know i've got to start playing your theme music, my friend. you and i know what that is. whenever you're on we've got to play, all i do is win there you go. listen the president certainly feeling like that right now all i do is win. i come here to the buck eye state of ohio and i talk about victories line not just the election victory but talk about victories and tax reform.
6:18 am
now yesterday you may have seen the president was actually in dallas, texas at aurousing address to the nra but while he was there in dallas before a standing room only crowd inside the hall of about 10,000 people the president talked a great deal about a number of issues not just the freedom the second amendment but he also talked about financial freedom and the importance of tax reform, take a listen to what he said about that as sort of a preview of what we expect him to say in today's round table. president trump: we are seeing incredible results as the results of our massive tax cuts and evidence is benefiting and everybody is happy. >> [applause] president trump: and the democrats are very concerned. you watch how well we do in 201. you watch. >> you watch. now, he talked a lot about making sure that the nra supporters were out there and energized you've got to vote in 2018 or else the democrats will take over congress and risk
6:19 am
control and stop the momentum. let me take you to twitter the president talking a great deal about the economy on twitter saying this one for example. just out 3.9% unemployment, 4% is broken, in the meantime, a witch hunt or how about this one because jobs in the u.s. are doing so well, americans receiving unemployment aid is the lowest since 1973 and indeed , that is great, for all americans now we expect the president to speak actually not far from where i'm standing of course we'll have live coverage but for now guys back to you in the cool studio in new york. ed: all he does is win. pete: kevin thank you. abby: thank you so much. is that your theme song, ed? ed: kevin and i worked together at the white house when i'd show up for work he'd start playing that song because he knew i liked it anyway, it's kind of a long story. abby: no, no, no. >> ♪ up, down, up, down ed: [laughter] pete: great song i'll take it back from ed today though. abby: we'll see, stick around. pete: stay tuned there's a horse race on the plaza.
6:20 am
but it's going to be fun. a free speech report from the university of california berkeley claims conservatives for these anti-free speech riots that's not a miss read that's true next we have the executive vice president of the uc berkeley college republicans here to respond to that report. abby: plus our own janice dean is live at churchill downs and it wouldn't be a kentucky derby without a mint julep getting a fancy one this morning one that costs oh, yeah, a thousand dollars, is it worth it? ed: oh, yeah, every drop. >> ♪ show me the billboard music awards.
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the billboard music awards knows how to party. [ cheering ] what up, dog? show me top artist. unbelieveable. i've got my whole family up here. look at my dad looking all sharp. with just the sound of your voice, xfinity x1 gives you a front row seat to the billboard music awards, including throwback clips from some of your favorite artists. the 2018 billboard music awards, sunday, may 20th. only on nbc. ed: good morning again quick headlines former president george h. w. bush is released from the hospital, good news. a bush family spokesperson tweet ing he was discharged from
6:24 am
meth o list hospital after a treatment for an infection, his doctors report he is doing well and is happy to return home we're happy as well. he was hospitalized one day after laying his wife to rest the former fist lady barbara bush. and senator john mccain is receiving a stream of visitors as he recovers from cancer treatments and an intestinal infection. former vice president joe biden, south carolina senator lindsay graham visiting him out in arizona. he was diagnosed with brain cancer back in july. pete? pete: thanks, ed well you remember these violent riots at college campuses like this one in berkeley. well, uc berkeley now blaming the conservative speakers for these riots. the university's so-called "free speech commission" saying in a new report,"some of the events can now be seen to be part of a coordinated campaign to advance a narrative that universities are not tolerant of conservative
6:25 am
speech." many are skeptical to the commitment than any other of the pursuit of wealth and fame through the investigation of independence think equation of anger, fear in their hard-right constituency so our next guest was locked in a building during one of those riots and he organized campus reform correspondent and executive vice president of uc berkeley college of republicans bradley devlin joins us so as a member of the college republicans who invited folks like ben shapiro to campus you're part of a giant conspiracy to make the university look bad. >> yes, the free speech commission was a group of individuals to author a report about the violence going on on u c berkeley's campus and they said that it was some large conspiracy that i was intentionally trying to make the university look bad and intolerant. listen i was there during the riots. i was there for countless hours meeting with the university administration to host ben shapiro on campus and i have three pages of documents showing
6:26 am
that our club members have been assaulted routinely on campus. this is absurd. pete: so this so-called free speech commission, were you involved or were there any college republicans involved and how did they determine who got to judge you guys? >> they completely neglected my e-mails and my requests to have a member of the berkeley college republicans represented on this free speech commission because we now that the university would label us and spread this misinformation. look at the cited sources, cnn, buzzfeed these are at mainstream media that is fake news and they don't do their due diligence to talk to the berkeley college republicans about the fact. pete: wait so how does it work you have a speaker, you invite them to campus, because of the size of the riots and violence to be waged against the speaker the university has to protect the students and free speech yet you're to blame? it's not the intolerant environment of a university that's hard left? >> you're absolutely right. i mean, we go into countless hours of security meetings to make sure that our guests are
6:27 am
safe and listen, we're not asking for special treatment. we're asking for equal treatment we're making sure that our constitutional rights are upheld it's their obligation to make sure our rights are protected and that's why we have a lawsuit moving forward with the young america's foundation against the uc california berkeley because they refuse to secure our rights on campus. pete: bradley what happens when a socialistic or a member of antifa speaks are there conservative riots that require police? >> absolutely not. conservatives are not there to commit violence. they're there to civilly disagree and that's why organizations like the berkeley college republicans are so important. they are exposing liberal students to an idea and to principals that they've never heard before and it is completely a foreign concept to them because they are completely indoctrinated by the leftist administration that's spine less making sure the conservative values are upheld on campus. pete: bradley briefly how many conservative professors at berkeley? >> i know of two. pete: okay, two. all right that's two more than i
6:28 am
thought. >> two. pete: [laughter] you didn't think you'd go to college and be at the forefront of free speech and ideological warfare but here you are, thanks for bringing us the ground truth this morning and keep bringing those speakers to campus. thank you very much or bradley, thank you. all right, well, coming up some democrats have been calling for president trump's impeachment since day one, but congressman adam schiff is sending them a message. don't take the bait, but hasn't he been doing that from the beginning? plus, janice is still live at churchill downs for the kentucky derby and she's getting a taste of a very expensive mint julep, janice? >> we are going to eat, drink, and be merry when we come back, fox & friends at the kentucky derby don't miss a moment. stay with us. i promise to have and to hold
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by finding them affordable coverage by impartially shopping highly rated insurers offering over 70 policies. dad, you're coming right? you promise? you promise? you promise? i promise. ♪ i get knocked down, but i get up again ♪ ed: how appropriate since pete has been knocked down a few times on the show. pete: oh, wow. there's rick, he's practicing, thank you for this virtual derby , basically, you probably played this at a county fair. i have. abby: this game has been around
6:33 am
forever and you get the ball in the hole and depending on which way you get" in, the horse goes a certain distance so these two as always are going to go at it. ed: you lost to basketball, you lost at golf, horseracing is next. pete: oh, so play it again, please. i spent a lot of time at county fares. a lot of time at state fares. fourth of july amusement parks i've done a lot of thatment abby: you were downplaying it before and now you are confident pete: i've had a bad streak everyone has a bad vehicle and i've got an image in my head though of kevin corke and ed henry. abby: can we get a clock by the way on our screen because we are 20 minutes away from this competition. ed: the heat is on and we're also counting down to the fastest two minutes in sports and while the horses are getting ready for the race today so is our own janice. pete: she joins us live from churchill downs with a $1,000 mint julep. >> oh, yes, i've been waiting for this moment, since about
6:34 am
4:00 a.m., and hears tim laird, the ceo tell us what ceo stands for? >> janice that's chief entertaining officer. >> i love it and elizabeth mccaul and tell us what your job title is. >> i am assistant master distiller with woodford reserves >> oh, my gosh that sounds very fancy and very official so we'll talk about that, but first tim we have to eat to soak up the alcohol. >> exactly, and janice we're so proud because we just released the bourbon county cookbook, bourbon country cookbook i should say and new southern entertaining so we have all these recipes and a couple items we'll give you some ideas of what we have in the book. this is traditional southern foods but kicked up a little bit modernized. for example, right here, i have pimento cheese but i've also added bacon and pecan, which is great for either crackers or vegetables or whatever you want. >> there we go. ready? >> it should be good. little sharp cheddar cheese, white cheddar cheese, bacon. love the bacon.
6:35 am
>> so good. >> and of course you have to have a sweetening which is here which i have a little bit of this which is a bourbon chocolate pecan pie. >> here we go, dessert right now. elizabeth make a drink. >> okay i'm going to make this years $1,000 mint julep. we're celebrating the best of kentucky on kentucky's best day so we'll start with our kentucky mint, wipe that on the inside of the glass and leave it right in there and then we have the best two ounces in bourbon, woodford reserve to celebrate the best two minutes in horseracing. >> that's two ounces of bourbon >> right in there and then sor gum, simple syrup. it's a native grass that grows in kentucky and a great sweetener and complex to it, balances right with woodford reserve. >> my mouth is watering. now we have our crushed ice and this is limestone filtered ice from our distillery so we're going to top that off. >> love it. >> then we've got our garnish
6:36 am
of three spray roses. you can eat the roses. >> what? >> there you have it. that's this year's $1,000 mint julep and it's going to the jennifer lawrence arts fund that's where the proceeds are going towards so we're really excited about that. >> i have been waiting for this moment along with the derby of course since again since 4:00 a.m. this morning so cheers, everyone. here is to a wonderful derby. >> here we go. pete: nicely done. nicely done. abby: thank you so much for sending these all the way to new york city. ed: my hand is literally -- abby: $1,000 mint julep. ed: see that sweet woodford reserve right there? the bourbon is good. abby: it's worth it. i've got to read headlines i do want to bring you other headlines coming into the news room this morning the last group of caravan asylum seekers from central america are now here in the u.s. so far more than 220 members have crossed the border, crtv host michelle malcolm joined us earlier on the show to weigh in on why she is concerned >> the asylum claims on their
6:37 am
faces that are questionable especially since mexico offered asylum to almost all of the people in the caravan so if they had been offered asylum and refused to take it there, what are they doing here? abby: president trump putting in his two cents on the caravan tweeting in part our southern border is under siege, must build a wall. also this, congressman adam schiff is warning democrats to end calls for president trump's impeachment. writing in a new york times op-ed saying "given the evidence that is already public i can well understand why the president fears impeachment and seeks to use the false claims that democrats are more interested in impeachment than governing to rally his base. democrats should not take the base so he's telling dems they shouldn't give americans the idea that they want to nullify the election." and injecting illegal drugs near classrooms. new york city mayor bill deblasio sparking outrage among parents after revealing his plan to open four drug injection
6:38 am
centers near city schools. he says it gives addicts a safe place to do heroin amid the nations opioid crisis. the sites will first open as a one-year pilot program at already-existing needle exchange centers. i'll let you ponder on that. president trump assembling a dream team to help america get into shape the president naming patriots head coach to the council on sports fitness and nutrition and friends of the show dr. oz and football great h ershel walker also on the team, olympic volleyball gold medalist misty may trainer and the council is focused on encouraging kids to take up sports. ed: wow i didn't month that about herschel walker. pete: you did great show. ed: i couldn't resist. pete: that was mean. you have to come over to my side to this contest abbey. that was a low blow. abby: i'm not sharing with you any more. ed: rick help me out. rick: that was pretty low, abbey
6:39 am
abby: i agree. [laughter] rick: but abbey's face was also very nice. welcome what's your name? >> karen johnson. rick: you went to a really great restaurant in new york and this is a nicer event coming to fox & friends. >> coming to fox & friends is the best i've been looking forward to it for a long time. rick: or your whole life. her whole life. rick: we're so glad we can provide that for you take a look at the weather map we also brought a very nice morning for you here finally there's a little bit of rain moving across parts of the southeast right now all part of that same system that brought the severe weather this week the severe weather, however is gone in fact probably going to have about another seven days of thins pretty mild. down across parts of the bahamas little tropical disturbance there, don't think we'll see any development that's going to move to the southwest so not moving towards florida but south florida you'll pick-up showers over the next couple of days and you could use it also the beginning of rainy season and there's been pretty dry hot times there temperatures looking better today as well across parts of florida take a look
6:40 am
into the 70s across the north tomorrow even chillier the heat begins to build down across parts of the south for a lot of the coming week. all right guys back to you inside. abby: thank you, rick you're always on my team i love you for that. thank you. it's the mint julep gets to you, you know? pete: it got to you that fast? ed: we're just holding it. unemployment just plummetted to an 18 year low in april's historic jobs report so what's a true state of the economy we'll talk to the man who knows neil cavuto crunching the numbers getting ready for his show at the top of the hour. abby: and we are bringing the derby to the plaza pete and ed are going head-to-head for the bragging rights and maybe some hardware. pete: oh, a trophy? it's not even just a participation. ed: it could be like herschel walker's heisman. >> ♪ ♪ mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane.
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you're smart,eat you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. pete: welcome back a couple quick headlines check your
6:44 am
pantry, recalling some of it's tortilla chips because the items may contain milk. anyone who purchased the chips can return them for a refund unless you've already eaten them and you eat milk and the second hidden camera is found inside the same georgia starbucks bathroom. a barista spotting the device under a baby changing table two weeks after a customer discovered one in the same location. police saying the first camera recorded several people using the restroom. a surveillances has not yet been identified. abbey? abby: i haven't heard that word in a while. pete: jeepresinto abby: president trump touting april's historic unemployment numbers. watch. president trump: look at our economy today we broke 4%, 3.9% we hit today for the first time in many many years, we're really proud of it. abby: with april's jobless claims dropping below 4% for the first time in 18 years what does this say about the true state of the economy?
6:45 am
here to weigh in neil cavuto the host of kanye west suit o live which airs of course after our show at 10 a.m. neil always same to have you here with us. neil: same here happy birthday. abby: thank you, so overall what is your assessment of how the economy is doing? neil: well it's firing on all cylinders, you could argue some aren't firing as much and we're long into a recovery here some people say that worries them because it gets a little long because it was such a soft recovery, it might have longer to go, but the flip side of an unemployment number lick that abbey is that people get well the federal reserve is going to then have to tighten interest rates because the labor supply is drying up and bosses heaven forbid might have to give their workers raises or other incentives to keep them on so there's always a flip to that but there's no denying this continues here, and it's certainly the win at the econom ies back. abby: what you read from those numbers 3.9% employment, people
6:46 am
are out locking for jobs, companies are hiring how much of this has to do with the tax cuts do you think? neil: well we do know with a lot of the companies that have reported earnings, abbey that more than half of them benefited directly and it improved their numbers exponentially from those tax cuts there's no de lying it when you see rates to the degree they are you'd have to be an idiot not to make money with that so the question going forward as you maintain that momentum i tend to look at companies revenues in other words their sales that sometimes are apart from what you got" from tax cuts and those have been strong as well and a lot of people point there to the cut back in regulation that's provided a good environment for these companies but the tax cuts certainly have been very very beneficial in fact where the president is going today in cleveland a lot of the companies have been sharing the loot with their workers including one big one in the cleveland area that handed out $500 bonuses so some of that bounty is sort of being spread. abby: and the big question everyone's asking who deserves the credit for the economy?
6:47 am
valerie jared says it actually goes to barack obama under under the policies that he made during the years. what do you say? neil: i'm going to be fair and balanced and say both. i think there's no denying we came through our worst and barack obama came in and things picked up i think the federal reserve deserves a lot of credit keeping interest rates near zero this president kept it going with a slashing regulations i can not stress enough how beneficial that was to corporate america and how much it saved them money wise and he continued with the tax cuts, so i'm going to sort of duck out on that one and just say that i think both deserve credit. abby: we need more of that neil so you've got a big show coming up one person whose a great perspective former governor of new mexico bill richardson will have a lot to say i'm sure about the border and even north korea. neil: yeah, you remember he was part of that team that was negotiating the last big talk with the north koreans and the feeling seems to be that you have to watch them very closely. they might say one thing and do quite another. we've never advanced to the stage we're advancing now ahead
6:48 am
of these talks but he could be an interesting read and i'll also have a guy in new jersey, abbey whose challenging the democratic governor on this supreme court tax for millionaires the thing is he's the senate president and he's a democrat. he is afraid that you do that kind of stuff you'll chase people out of the garden state, so it's going to be a jam packed two hours. abby: and going to be a great show neil always good to see you neil: same here abbey be well. abby: have a great saturday you too. well after months of losing to ed pete finally has a chance at redemption they are practicing for the big faceoff. it is a faceoff you do not want to miss and there is even possibly a trophy involved. pete: yep there we go look at number 8. lucky number 8 all the way. come on. >> ♪ i just wanna fly you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish,
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while investing in local schools and career training. as mayor of la, he put more police on the streets and reduced violent crime by nearly fifty percent. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. leading conservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again.
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>> ♪ abby: you are looking live at churchill downs where the 144th kentucky derby will take place today and right here on our plaza we have the second most exciting two minutes in sports with team ed facing off all thanks to scott, president of absolute amusement, scott, want to get your take first before the competition starts. pete: we're doing best two out of three is what i'm told. ed: i like how we change the rules. abby: okay so you going to go now? pete: yeah, rick saccone in it too. abby: all right, 1, 2, 3, go. >> it doesn't quite work that way. we need to enable all these lanes. abby: all right, 1, 2, 3, go. >> here we go. >> this is close to 50 years
6:53 am
old and we have a couple of these in our inventory. abby: ed is number 4, pete is number 8, and depending on which hole the ball goes in, it goes a different speed right? >> correct, correct, the object of the game -- abby: rick wins. rick: hold on, you didn't finish >> in horse race there's a thing called show, you know? my gosh. pete: that is not clear. rick: it is clear. abby: a trophy for whoever wins? to solidify the deal? pete: round two. >> winner is right here on the plaza right? pete: ready, go. >> go ahead. there you go, and they're off. pete: oh, there we go, come on come on. ed: i'm doing good.
6:54 am
pete: we got off to a big lead. i'm slowing down. pete: come on. this is actually nerve racking. abby: and we have a winner. pete: you won. ed: i won. [applause] rick: why do you get a trophy? >> we do have another trophy, a smaller one called a participation trophy. >> ♪ pete: ed i don't know what to say. america i'm sorry. i'm actually testing this. abby: we didn't need a third game you lost both. pete: rick won the first one. ed: this is me against you. pete: i want a special counsel for this. abby: that will take years. >> absolutely amusements. >> actually for a first time it was pretty terrible, but no, they actually did quite well
6:55 am
thank you very much. ed: also thanks for the roses in our run for the roses this morning, but i got the roses, baby. >> [applause] rick: doesn't that feel good to have that trophy? ed: it feels amazing. pete? pete: you've got to kiss it. >> ♪ simply the best pete: there you go. >> ♪ we're family. we'd do anything for each other. but this time... those bonds were definitely tested. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these? since i'm active duty and she's family, i was able to set my sister up with a sweet membership from navy federal. if you hold it closer, it looks bigger. eat your food my big sis likes to make tiny food. and i'm okay with that. open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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>> eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the night ♪ abby: all right that is edwining it. basically stole the trophy out of my hands. pete: wow. abby: there's a lot of confusion i want to read something into our control. this one comes from hold on, that says people pete hegseth that it says pride comes first so he may win.
6:59 am
this one comes in from art that says the race was rigged so there's a lot of confusion. we're going to have the winner take all, a winner take all between pete and ed. ed: no back seat. abby: winner take all whoever wins this match is the winner of this game. all right? ed: but i've already got the trophy. wait is there a bell or what how are we do being doing this? abby: ready, go! pete is number 8, ed is number 4 ed is finally in the lead and he's the yellow. abby: it's really close. pete: come on i need to go faster. >> [applause] ed: oh! come on.
7:00 am
ed: the birthday girl right here all right? go to fox & for the after the show show. neil: when it comes to this robert mueller probe he has had it not the president whose long called it a witch hunt the federal judge who questions whether investigators are simply going too far this on the same day we learned two of fired fbi director james comey's closest confidants are going, period. meet the former clinton polster who says forget the investigation, it's the investigators who are there and you're looking live at the white house where we are learning big things could be cooking, news on the fate of those american hostages, reportedly set to be released from north korea, and the details as to where and when those big talks between the president and the leader of north korea will happen.


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