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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 5, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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that is it for this week's show. thank you to my panel and all of you for watching. i am paul gigot. i hope to see all of you right here next week. >> nelly fox news alert.the present arriving back in washington just moments ago after spending the day in ohio. a battleground state as the midterms heat up. hello everyone and welcome to our inside "america's news headquarters". >> the president of this roundtable small business leaders a few hours ago. we criticize policies and tax lot at ohio. >> how was today with the president?
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>> it was terrific in the central highlands really are really dialed into this whole politics thing. it is not just the presidential elections. they were very excited he was here for both supporters and some others. we did see some protesters out there in the distance. as far as the tax roundtable, he was very clear. the tax cuts work. not only do they enhance businesses and encourage them to get back to individuals and make it clear that cleveland in particular has benefited with more than 3300 manufacturing jobs. since he took office. this is the present earlier today. >> i'm very honored to have been able to do the tax cut plan because it has led to a long jobs. it has led to better jobs, it
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has led to increased salary but also not only the increase but you have a lot left over which is more than most people certainly would probably most people in the audience didn't expect to see or have. >> very interesting. he spoke about a specific ohioan. she said to the president in a letter, and getting $300 every couple of weeks. in addition to my old pay in part because of tax cuts. to a lot of people $600 is an awful lot of money each month to see as terms of a bump in pay. that was part of the idea of benefiting small business with tax cuts. we have been talking at length, you and i and a number of our colleagues about rudy giuliani. the latest addition to the trump legal team. in the way he described the president knowledge of the
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payments to michael cohen. let me show you his statement which sort of back panels a bit. i do not want to oversell but i want to say what he had to say. there is no campaign violation. the payment through michael cohen to stormy daniels was made to avoid false allegations in order to protect the presidents family. what happened in any event whether he was a candidate or not. my references to timing were not describing my understanding of the presidents knowledge but instead, my understanding of the matters. did the president know or did he not know? on air force one he said he did not know anything about the payments. rudy giuliani seemed to suggest that it was just sort of part and parcel to this idea, my lawyers on retainer i give him money over time. i may not know all of the details.all of this by the way is also happening as we continue to follow the paul manafort story. the former trump aid that ran
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into a ton of trouble in terms of finances and taxes and possible bank fraud. a judge that has been handling that and also overseen part of the special probe into the alleged collision with the russians, the whole special prosecutor of special counsel robert mueller. let me a little about what the judge said. he spoke to them and said you really do not care about paul manafort bank blood. when you really care about is what information that he could give you that would reflect on mr. trump or link to his prosecution speech meant. he wrapped up by saying come on man! heavy stuff there by judge ellis. all this is happening as we also continue to follow the story of lisa paige. the former fbi official who is now out of a job. she has stepped away. her electronic communications within a fbi employee drew accusations of political bias.
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she apparently resigned on friday. never a dull moment my friend! even on a weekend here in the beautiful city of cleveland. for now, back to you as we await the cabs tonight! >> you had to throw in king james, right? so much, so many talking points. you are talking about rudy giuliani, the presidents attorney. he will appear on judge jeanine tonight at 9 pm right here on the fox news channel. a lot of people will be watching. good to see you. >> you bet. thanks to request more on the presidents trip to ohio, let's bring in erika, thank you for joining us. the presidents visit to ohio comes as republicans face increasingly challenging midterms. republicans won ohio in the presidential election. the question is will the visit this time and help the party have the same outcome? >> right, the presidents taken message of tax sets to ohio. it matters because in our
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analysis shows that 65 to 70 percent of ohioans have seen the task. it is working and who has the presidents endorsement, elect me to keep upholding things. >> he received wide praise. many talked about the extra money. one said he has another extra $130 a month to help me change a better childcare program or daycare. how much of the presidents tax cuts will affect the way ohioans vote? specifically those that may be lagging in the polls? >> there is no telling. the reports still have ohio leaning democrats and whoever wins the primary has to beat out sherrod brown also has kind of "the new york times" top
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reports a populace message that has resonated with voters the way the president did. the message here is the tax cuts are having a positive impact. >> senator sherrod brown. against an incoming congressman who wants to be elected senator. very much mirroring the presidents campaign promise that he made money for president. because today republican candidates in the primaries were among those represented. i talked about james -- here promise that law enforcement mirrors the campaign promise from the president to put america first. but doesn't exactly fit the mold of antiestablishment. he actually aligns himself or has in the past with the old republican party. can you sway trump voters by campaigning the way he did in that state? >> he faces his key opponent is mike gibbons who is using that
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strategy. he shows himself as not kind of candidate as well. in the campaign as we see a definite departure from how we used to be ohio first. >> the president by the way, to necessitate obviously fair and takes some assent to help fundraising and campaign for the local election? >> you are right. the president is in his natural, his most comfortable state and he is in front of these crowds. even at the roundtable today, speaking on message and this has rallied voters in every state throughout his term as president. >> erika, thank you very much .
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we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> a fox news alert. the white house and the president will host the south korean president later this month. as plans for a meeting between the commander-in-chief and north korean leader, kim jong-un, continues to move forward. the president sharing the details about the meeting. >> the trip is being scheduled. we now have a date and we have a location. we will be announcing it. >> just moments ago in our nations capital, rudy giuliani, while speaking at a convention about iran, says dave would release three captives in the coming days. >> there is a good chance that three longtime hostages will be released in the next several days. [applause] i pray that that happens. but that did not happen
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accidentally. just like your freedom isn't going to come about accidentally. we have seen people die to bring about that kind of thing in north korea. a prisoner who was released a year or so ago he died. mr. otto warmbier. what a tragedy that is. but he is a martyr, let the martyrs liberty inside of iraq. he paved the way to freedom. and when these people released they will have to thank him. >> rudy giuliani there it there. gillian turner joins us now with more from washington. >> the president and the south korean president will meet on the 22nd. in advance of the summit with kim jong-un of north korea. the negotiating team has settled on a location for the summit. they are not quite ready to expose their choice just yet. likely in keeping with the presidents goal of not broadcasting national security plans in advance. however, it is not keeping the president from teasing the
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event. >> we worked out a time and place which will be announced shortly. >> also in play, the american hostages being held illegally in the north. once his 2015 and the other two since 2017. they reportedly have been relocated from a labor camp to a private hotel near pyongyang. the experts say this is signed they may be released in advance of the trump and kim summit. >> we haven't very substantive talks with north korea. >> can -- is nearly one year since the death of otto warmbier an american student that they tortured to death over the course of 17 months. >> they used him as a political pawn for as long as they could. when they could no longer, when he was of no value to them, they essentially send him home
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to his family in a body bag. >> they have to release and transfer of the prisoners will happen before the meeting. in a gesture of goodwill intended to speed up the korean reunification, the north moved its clocks forward 30 minutes to sync with the south. a small step in the right direction. kelly?>> gillian turner from the washington bureau, thank you for. >> the president has one week to decide whether to walk away in the iran nuclear deal. what are the chances that the us stays in the agreement? also knew, two key advisors to former director james comey leaving the job.
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russia investigation with two top advisers from fbi director james comey resigned from the bureau. they both spark controversy and raise questions about the credibility of the russia probe. they are leaving their jobs. garrett tenney is live with more on the resignations. >> lisa paige will be familiar. she is a formal legal advisor to james comey and mccabe who
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came under fire for text messages that she exchanged with another top fbi agent which were highly critical of the then candidate, donald trump. jim baker served as the fbi top lawyer and one of james comey closest aides. he was reassigned late last year to the deirdre investigators looked into allegations baker had leaked classified information to a reporter about the trump dossier. the fbi tells us lisa paige and baker resigned to pursue other opportunities. the special counsel meanwhile continue the associated press reports. they investigated one of the presence closest friends and confidant, real estate investor, tom barack. he is a top fundraiser for mr. trump. they told the ap investigators questions included financial matters dealing with the campaign, transition and inauguration but also focused on two officials from the campaign who were already indicted by robert mueller.
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former campaign chairman paul manafort and former deputy campaign chair rick gates. the team is facing blowback in this case against paul manafort. at a hearing in virginia the judge suggested that the team led by the scope of the investigation and worn a mission to take on the president saying quote - i really don't care about the bank for you care about what he can give you to lead you to mr. trump and an impeachment or prosecution. some of the alleged crimes date back as far as 2005. along that the campaign exist. investigators revealed some of the information is in the case against him came from a previous doj investigation. the judge argued because information did not arise of the special councils probe they may not have the authority to investigate it. he gave them two weeks to convince him otherwise. >> thank you garrett tenney. >> it keeps getting hotter. while robert mueller wants to sit down with the president about the russia investigation. reaction now from the president
1:19 pm
on the possibility. >> our love to speak. especially guest my lawyers. i would love to speak. because we have done nothing wrong. there was no collusion and no corruption. >> was bringing our panel. former dnc deputy press secretary and founder of nash strategies and the president of the independent women's voice and fox news contributor. thank you both. let's begin with ladies first. just trying to be gentlemen. >> i appreciate that. >> how do you make sense of all of this? i want to go with the president because he said, i want to speak. at least 3 to 5 times. >> i think it is in all of our natures to want to defend ourselves. especially when you know you've done nothing wrong and you want to face accusations that you have. it is natural.
1:20 pm
at the same time it is political. this is politics. i think the previous report made very clear with the federal judge, the comments really for the first am calling out the robert mueller team about what makes you happy politically here. when there is a suggestion that the team is proceeding with an end goal in mind, advise they are not allowing the facts to leave them. you have a preconceived idea of what they want to see and what they want to get. then they will find that. that is with the judge is concerned about. he said, we don't want anyone to have unfettered power. this could be the beginning of a break in that wall. the first time a federal judge has said wait, this seems to be odd. remember, this list since tina paul manafort business. i think the president should not speak to robert mueller for obvious reasons. mostly because it is the opposite of the presidency and the nature of the dynamic involving that. but we will see.
1:21 pm
>> let's bring jose. she says the president should not be speaking to special counsel, what do you say. >> i think he said love to speak with robert mueller. he should do it. and not for one or two hours. we saw this that cannot leave your comments. there are a lot of questions that will take more than two or three hours for the president should sit down with robert mueller and who should come down to a conclusion whether there was obstruction of justice by the president. whether there is collusion with the russians. the only way to find his eyes at the present does his duty. his responsibility american people that don't robert mueller and find out what really happened. >> must go beyond on and look at prospects this concerns are the american people. they are watching for not taking place at the leadership
1:22 pm
of the fbi. digesting a judge attacked the special counsel. and really make a charge, an indictment against him, if you will. things are the president saying, i will speak against revising my attorneys. when they think is going through the month. >> this is in part why the president was elected. a great discussion about law and order and the rule of law. and who their rule of law actually applies to. we've been seeing a lot of behavior that signals the american people some people believe they are beyond the law this is clear and issue the american people are dealing with. justice reform, imprisonment, the death penalty. when you have a government and people in leadership that bill does not apply to them, we have a problem. the president was elected to some degree when it comes to reforming issues and speaks to
1:23 pm
uninitiated law enforcement agencies, the irs currently lisa paige, peter strzok, others, mccabe, who at one point acting fbi director, maintenance fact face criminal charges. american people want the government. they want the city on up the federal government. they expect the president to be able to move on that. but this is that clear enough the dynamics and if there will be fairness in all things that the president should not be dragged into something that actually has nothing to do with him. >> okay you can talk tammy! >> i'm irish! , what about you, josc? >> i agree on one point. some folks in washington think they are beyond the law. the number one person that believes he is beyond the law
1:24 pm
is the president of the united states, donald trump. the president of the six probe when you know has been president, he lies time after time. it will take a few minutes for me to go on twitter and see has very little comprehension of the political arena, what is happening and what the american people are looking which is why during midterms, democrats will not only take the house, they will take the senate. and we have seen democrats win special elections across the country because the american people are tired of the drama happening in washington. the genre is being led by the president of united states and the white house. >> the presidents approval rate is now 51 percent. the american people like the tax cuts, they know the future because -- belonged to them again. >> jose say not true. and that we saw the president speaking in ohio for the roundtable on tax cuts and how it has been impacted small business. i love the summer there a lot
1:25 pm
of people applauded president and touting the plan saying that they are saving 300, $500 a month. which is big for them. what is your take on that? >> i disagree. i think majority of tax cuts we have seen. we know are for millionaires and billionaires. we need to be looking -- >> you are better than talking points. >> and not talking points. where one special elections -- -- >> we cannot all talk together. >> we have been winning elections left and right because people are tired. in places like pennsylvania where people have been winning elections that are historically been won by republicans. and -- [multiple speakers] >> for stroke unemployment, low levels amongst blacks, hispanics and women.
1:26 pm
we are working, when he is coming in, the nation is blossoming. this is good for everyone across the board. that is where the president has the approval rating he does. >> will talk about that point as a matter fact coming up. jose aristimuno and tammy bruce, sometime i think you need to speak and get to an agreement. >> thank you both. >> i would like to hear you're staying together. ut is -- the president vladimir putin with 1/4 term. hawaii hit by the strongest earthquake in decades. a major volcano continues to spew lava. we will have that coming up next. >> the scope and magnitude of the volcano, what it is doing for me i really put it into the seriousness of the situation.
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hundreds of protesters including the russia's most prominent opposition leader arrested. during nationwide demonstrations against vladimir putin. this just two days before the inauguration for a new six-year term as president. kitty logan live in london with the latest. this is surprising! >> it is, but essentially the protesters are angry that he has won another term as president. that is why they are taking to the streets. we saw today in moscow, protests happily. and several key cities around russia. it was very heated as we have seen in the pictures. demonstrators shouting and waving anticorruption. police in riot gear were quick to crackdown on protests where they cleared the demonstrators
1:32 pm
in a matter of hours. hundreds of activists were arrested around the country. amongst them, opposition leader -- was also detained and is expected to be charged with organizing these unauthorized rallies. he addressed the crowd before being dragged away by police. he is one of vladimir putin is most -- he was prevented from standing as a candidate in a recent presidential election. his calling for the people to take a stand against what he says is right and influence autocratic rule. many demonstrators here today were calling on vladimir putin to resign. but he is due to be sworn in as president for that fourth term this coming monday. he was reelected with a large majority back in march. he has held office for the past 18 years. as prime minister or as president and went sworn in he
1:33 pm
will become russia's longest-serving president. >> thank you kitty logan. another fox news alert. and the organization are many communities. let's listen in. >> russia is one of the biggest armies in the world. [inaudible question] [laughter] >> it is different when he is the president of the united states. i do not miss as attorney with my foreign policy. he knows my views. i know his views. it is different, a year and and a half of history but is surrounded by really terrific
1:34 pm
foreign policy advisors. i would say that john bolton is view of this is no different today than it was one year ago. which is the disagreement is one of the worst ever reached in american history. unfortunately, the iranian regime has benefits already. i think the prime minister benjamin netanyahu did a good job in showing us how his violin. they can do the same job as effectively as the prime minister. so i don't -- i cannot predict. it would not be fair enough, and private life i would give a prediction. you know what my desire is. but i cannot give you conviction because i represent the president. and i can't, i certainly cannot speak for him. bolton or pompeo could speak for him but i cannot. [inaudible question] >> i think i am praying with everyone. no one has done more then the
1:35 pm
gemini was here before who have enormous respect. i think the less said about this right now the better. the more we pray, the better. it would be historic in and of itself. then we can have maybe, just maybe, a nonnuclear north korea. that would be unbelievable! [inaudible question] >> i guess he can't go that far with it yet. he first has to decide what he wants to do with the agreement. >> having a little difficulty there. pardon the interruption. that was rudy giuliani who is now the presidents attorney. of course, he caused quite a stir as he appears. he will be speaking tonight by the way with judge jeanine to get more clarification to the previous statements and the
1:36 pm
walk back about the president paying michael cohen $130,000 out of his own pocket. rudy giuliani put himself into a firestorm. the president still backing him saying that he does need to get on points. again, he was also talking, just in the audience and document the presidents attorney as well as speaking on north korea and the american hostages that make possibly, he is hoping and praying they will be released. the three american hostages in north korea that they would be released prior to the history of meeting that is scheduled between president trump and north korean leader, kim gently. we do not know when that will happen. the president does it will happen and of course the president will be meeting with him and may. >> legal. rudy giuliani. we will go back there
1:37 pm
momentarily. as soon as we can get that back up, we will. speak never ran for the presence deadline on the every nuclear deal is now just a week away. may 12, seven days. they claim former secretary of state john kerry will be trying. -- carlino not your name. >> i am sure you can do that. >> i am sure we rather you do it. the president not to quote - out the randomness of negotiating deal would be riding on this? >> if there is a presence leverage, right now the president is in a position where -- the uk, france and germany to fit the fatal flaws of the nuclear deal with iran. the president has been clear. if you can't fix the laws the us will withdraw. the question is, what kind of sections will he levy?
1:38 pm
>> lsu to stand by me and then we will go back to rudy giuliani. west what has happened in north korea. because the president is so much more than the price president who was -- the president drew a line in the sand. we have to hope that this works. it will not work all the time. it will not work immediately. it's a much better clerk in the long-term. thank you. i do not know the status. you might know better than i do. it looked pretty good yesterday. i have not paid attention today. i am praying it will get done. nothing has changed. i am not privy to what they are doing. i am reading the newspapers like you are. [inaudible question]
1:39 pm
>> they inhabit. rudy giuliani speaking, basically the iran deal is very much front and center this week. with that deadline seven days a week for their input and conventions where rudy giuliani, has been speaking. they are asking questions. let me go back to my guests. recent visits by the president of france, the chancellor of germany, those were meant to put pressure on the president not to back out of the deal. and we never know until the present want to do but how much of those visits to believe might have/presidents decision? >> honestly depends on what we see at the end of the press conference i felt like the president would be keeping the deal and days and after that he is leaving the deal. but you are right, no one tells the present what did you pick the jcpoa is in agreement and the president has the right to restrict tensions pursuant to decertification decisions that
1:40 pm
ran not upholding the deal and remaining in the deal is not in our national security interest. >> the tone of emmanuel macron seem to change a bit. you hit it right there. it seemed as though they had both been on the same playing field. on the same page. then emmanuel macron made comments that he may back out. sanctions about the cake and in about 180 days. the question is, is there an impression on the iranians and the europeans and the members of the deal to give in to the presidents demands? >> certainly think the president should do things to help the europeans come more towards his weight. we know a may 12 but he has information in the documents to tell europeans, maybe more than one half-life. you know this is fatally flawed. no this? need to fix the agreement if you believe diplomacy will be the ultimate way to fix this problem. if not they need to stand with us while we find other options to address this long-standing
1:41 pm
threat. >> what happens if the europeans shield iran? if the us were to back out and then how would iran respond? >> if we get to where the president is not stay and formally withdraws, the question is if europe actually shields its own companies in its own banks and businesses with dealing with iran and against the sanctions than us would be a precarious position having to go after your and sanction those bins and businesses. likely, those banks and businesses with side with us. but european politicians would throw quite a good fit. >> thank you for coming on. >> a busy day. still want to compare the trade delegation given a list of hardline demands to beijing. petitioners arbitrate conflict between the worlds two largest economies? no one burns on my watch! try alka seltzer... ultra strength heartburn relief chews. with more acid-fighting power than tums chewy bites.
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players in the us on a hiring spree. the unemployment rate dropping down 3.9 percent. that is the lowest since december 2000. the delegation led by steven mnuchin returning to washington after holding high-level talks in beijing. the trump administration asking china to cut his trades surplus by $200 billion by the end of 2020. the s is also demanding beijing and his policies linked to technology transfers. president reagan met the sissy. a high-level delegation is on the way back from china where they had long meetings with chinese leaders and business representatives. we will be meeting tomorrow for the results. but it is hard for china and that they have become very spoiled with us trade. the enemy now or joining us know if the chair of the program in business and
1:47 pm
finance. thank you for joining us. what do you make of all this? is the employment rate below is that it has been in years? this is quite a remarkable thing. it benefits and latin americans. >> absolutely rescind broad-based hiring where you are hiring. people are able to find jobs for the employment rate consistent what it means is companies are looking around and saying we need help. even on the silence for a while get in the game, will provide training and that is exactly what people are looking for. this number is a very big number. we're talking 2000 was awesomely soft and employment rate at 3.9 percent. >> is remarkable for one thing we point out in your talking points. your talking about how this benefits people of color. black americans, hispanic and latino americans. it is huge when you consider the minority communities have been, it is been very wide and now it seems the gap is
1:48 pm
narrowing. aggressive black unemployment at an all-time low based on the records that we have here hispanic employment at tied a record low. these are very good numbers. they are not perfect and there is legitimate concern that there still a gap between white unemployment and black unemployment. want to see that come down a little bit. we also seen the answer to that, the economic growth when employers are growing, when their selling product and hiring them looking around and trying to pull people into the labor force. if you want to see a gap, if you want to see the trend continued keep growing economy. kiki putting money back in the pockets of employers of the grow and bring workers back into the game. >> well said and very wise. how does it relate overall what is going on with china? only brokered a deal for china $200 billion, would come back into our economy by 2020. that will go well for more american workers. >> the key here with china to get stronger protections.
1:49 pm
intellectual property is the backbone of the s economy. it benefits millions and millions of workers. chinese companies and firms are stealing that property than the us firms are at a disadvantage. the key with this to benefit for workers and companies is better protected spirit and the president has gone in to this conversation swinging. this conversation this week was basically until china we are serious about this. if you do not shape up, we are not messing around. are not bluffing. this is important because china thinks they are dealing with the president simply wants a quick deal. in the president saying that is not it at all. we want the right deal. he is not bluffing. >> in the present i think is enjoying this. go big or go home. >> and you have to. there's so many big issues. he does not expect to get all of them but you may look at your demands on the table so you have room to make a deal. >> we have to stop there.
1:50 pm
wish we had more time. i love your energy and positivity. julie? request evacuations are taking place in hawaii. the volcano eruptions creating dangerous conditions for thousands of residents. toxic gases and lava and an earthquake has been triggered. we have a live report coming up next. and the paths they took to a new home. could their journey inspire yours? order your kit at
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leading conservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again.
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leading conservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again. >> a fox news alert.
1:54 pm
a powerful earthquake jolts hawaii. the 6.9 magnitude earthquake is the strongest to hit the area and more than four decades. this coming as the volcano continues to spew lava and molten rock forcing mandatory evacuations. we are live in hawaii. hi william. >> there are now eight cracks in the earth. much larger than the one you see here that are spewing ash and rock and steam. 100 feet into the air. where i'm standing is an old lava field created four years ago by the kilauea volcano. the cone of which is about 20 miles in this direction. the current problem areas only two miles over there but police will not let us go there because they say it is dangerous. why? because of the sulfur gas. it is being emitted. they say it will burn your lungs and irritate your eyes as well as your skin.
1:55 pm
kilauea is the youngest volcano on the islands with his latest event start on thursday. residents began to see steam in their yard. then comes the molten lava in several different locations. one of the major reasons they will not allow people back in his because of the gas to collect their things. >> we are trying to make sure they are safe. when the environment is safe we will be able to admit them back into the area. right now it is a mandatory evacuation. >> the other major disaster we talked about was the 6.9 earthquake. that is huge and yet, there was only minor damage to a post office and there checking out some of the bridges and roads right now. but the national guard has been brought in to monitor that sulfide gas. also the faa has put in a no-fly zone for drones as well as helicopters. they evacuated 1400 people as well as 2500 from volcano national park.
1:56 pm
the mayor was speaking yesterday. he said i hate to be callous about this but you are living on an active volcano. one of the most active in the world. back to you. >> thank you william. >> tough times out there. that will do it for us, however. news continues at the top of the hour. >> i hope to see you two hours from now on the "fox report". i know that you will be watching. >> i am always watching! >> thank you. we will see you then! have a great weekend. 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. all you have to do is pay with this... at 10 miles per dollar? that is incredible. brrrrr. i have the chills.
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not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >> the president landing in washington a short time ago after visiting with the supporters in ohio ahead of the highly contested primary election on tuesday. hello everyone and welcome to "america's news headquarters". >> the president wrapping up a roundtable with small business leaders in cleveland just a few hours ago where he criticized current immigration policies and highlighted his tax laws. this is the work during the reset button brings new lawyer rudy giuliani walked back comments on the story over the course of a couple


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