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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  May 6, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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this is america first now, folks. this is now america first. >> president trump back at the white house after promoting his accomplishments in cleveland. >> with ear doing very well, on, as you know, north korea. we have a meeting set up, the time and the place. a federal judge makes headlines by suggesting that robert mueller have yofer stepped his authority in the paul manafort investigation. >> this is a witch hunt. attorney general sessions should dismiss the whole investigation. >> president trump throwing his full support behind the republican congressman jim. >> we need your help. go out and help jim. >> we're banning kanye west muse frick this radio station.
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>> consider yourself if they banned taylor swift's music because she supports obama. they would be called a racist because they are a racist. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> man, i woke up this morning feeling good. >> i literally hopped into the makeup room. >> you did. i crawled out of bed. >> you showed up a little bit late. >> there was a bear in my neighborhood. >> if you missed what happened on the show yesterday between these two, take a listen. >> let me recap. >> here's what happened.
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winner take all between pete and ed. >> no back seat. >> ready, go. >> that's a big one mor for me. that's faster. >> pete is number eight, ed is number four. >> faster! >> if you saw there, i thought i won. >> that's what i love. let's look at the highlights. >> are we replaying it all again? oh my goodness. listen, i've been on a losing streak. i can't deny it. it's been bad. >> adam had a pushup contest and you lost that much to my surprise. >> i am the 2004 boston red sox. okay. i have a curse. i lost to adam. that's what started it. i lost three games. i'm down. you remember 2004, yankees fan.
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came back and won the series. i feel like i'm going to have my big poppy moment. bloody sock. whatever it takes >> how did your horse do last night? >> i picked com combatant. >> i didn't see her on the list. >> i have written a speech. i want to thank some people. i want to thank any parents, vice president of morning news. there's a lot of other people i'm going to thank throughout the morning. but i got a participation trophy for pete because i know how much he hates those when he hears that everybody gets them. i got him a token. >> really. >> i want fox and what do you think is an appropriate trophy. i have something hidden here on the set. >> but what should the next competition be. >> we're not doing one today.
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i wanted an eating contest because we've got a man who's eaten big macs twice a day on the show. >> is there anything that pete can beat ed in? e-mail us. we've got a big four-hour shows. >> other news? we've got lots of news. we'll move on. and yet another district judge reject what is the mueller team is trying to do. a d.c. district judge. you'll reab the 13 russians and three russian companies indicted by bob mueller. well it turns out -- there's the judge right there. turns out one of those companies got representation, got a couple of lawyers to represent them. no one expected that to happen. when you indict russians who live in russia, they're going to say we don't abide by your laws. this company came before the court, we get discovery. the mueller team asked for more time and the judge said no, you don't get more time.
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>> they're asking for more evidence. and the mueller team said we need a few more weeks to gather information. >> twhai don't want to reveal what's happening with their investigation. remember, there's a federal judge just a couple of days ago saying you have unfettered power. you don't want paul manafort. you want to impeach the president o come up with some kind of charges. this is the second rebuke in a couple of days. >> we've heard people on team trump saying this is a hoax. so andrew mccarthy says that finally someone with authority that people will listen to has been able to push back on this. take a listen. >> finally, someone is able, who has the authority and status to push back at the special counsel investigation what has been the flaw of this investigation from the beginning which is that it's an unguided missile. what happened here is they assigned a prosecutor and they
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gave him basically limitless authority to go find a crime for the first time, we've had someone who the special counsel has to take notice of, the judge previedinpresiding over a case s saying what on earth does this have to do with collusion with russian. he was not satisfied obviously with the answers that he got from the special counsel. >> the special counsel hits the judicial system. the judges can cut either way, as we've seen with the ban in hawaii and challenges. but in this particular case they're saying where's the there. >> you made a great point yesterday. where is rod rosenstein who is supposed to be the overseer to make sure this stays within the box. >> rein it is in it's going too far. >> do you think we'll hear from him at some point or he'll pull it back. >> i think as al dershowitz said yesterday, he's conflicted. it was the rosenstein memo about
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the firing of james comey. there are questions about the memo, questions about the fbi agents that started this investigation. rudy giuliani was appears on "justice with judge janine" saying whether gullian any was pushing back, he said there's no collusion, no obstruction and this is going to turn against the government. watch. >> this investigation went from russia collusion to obstruction. >> gone. >> gone. now who is chasing, you know porn stars. i mean why are we going in this direction. and why are we not ending this because there is know evidence that's been unearthed. >> you're not missing anything, we're not missing anything. we've turned over the documents. there's no evidence of any of the things you're talking about. the only crime committed here has been committed by the
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government which is why judge ellis is so outraged. pi wouldn't be surprised if he didn't dismiss this case. >> it feels like we're moving toward an inflection point with new lawyers, new approach, ongoing criticism of mueller's probe. >> what alan dershowitz said yesterday, the big question, is whether or not the president decide, his legal team advices him to sit down with robert mueller. he's never seen anyone benefit from sitting down in an investigation but the alternative is he could get subpoenaed. >> and he could fight that. yesterday the president was in ohio for an economic round table. >> on tax reform. >> on tax reform. as he often does he talked about a lot of subjects including immigration. listen to his doubling down on his approach there. >> our board ares and our laws are a mess. our immigration laws are a
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disgrace. and mexico has some of the toughest immigration laws in the world. can't just go into mexico. wu they allow these people to come up through mexico and come into our count friday. and the wall we have to build. we are fixing and building walls now but we need much more money. we're going to do a good job and we may have to close up our country to get this straight. but look at that mess on television right now. sit a tot total catastrophe. and these laws are passed by the democrats so we have open boards. we have to have borders. if you don't have borders, we don't have a country. >> don't miss what he's saying. we may have to close down the country. the government funding is running out right before the midterms. and the last time the president signed that omnibus spending bill, saying he was ready to veto it, he said folks, i'm not
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doing this again unless you clean up the spending, runaway federal spending, i want the wall, other priorities. it sets up an incredible showdown. >> and a clear warning to the lawmakers. what he said at the end, you don't have a country if you don't have borders. if you open up the borders, what are you? you've got to define what your laws are. that's what he's saying pg we've got to double down and figure out what kind of country we want to be. >> we're talked about borders, standing for or anthem. here's another issue that he might be interested in as well. my home state of minnesota. a friend brought this to my attention. the republicans brought forth a bill that said voluntarily the schools could post "in god we trust." voluntarily. a school could opt in to put a plaque or a poster up in the school. that triggered a debate on the
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minnesota senate floor. listen to what a couple of demss had to say on their feels of "in god we trust." >> i wonder if senator hall would feel the same if when students walk in, the word allah welcomed them to school. >> i don't want that motto on our money or our schools. >> i don't want that mone that r money or in our schools. is this the nature of the debate we're having as a country? remember we talked about monuments and tearing down of the monuments, do we kneel, do we stand for the anthem. if we can't agree on "in god we trust" what can we agree on. and if a bill that says that you can voluntarily put it in the school and it's paid for by somebody else, resisted saying maybe it could be in allah we trust or we shouldn't have it at
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all. >> take it off of the money now. >> it feels like that's where we're going. it comes from these types of debates saying no, not on our money. >> are these the battles we should be fighting right now? what do you all think. "in god we trust." there are so many vocal stories that you pass by. a lot of other things going on this morning. i want to bring you the headlines. we start with a fox news alert on a serious note. right now the fbi investigating a deadly isis threat here on american soil disturbing tweet from an alleged student at a a lafayette college in pennsylvania. in one of the tweets is a link to an alarming letter reading in part, i've set up several pressure cooker bombs and nail bombs across the campus and plan to inflict the most damage as possible. and this message, allah has
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graced us with these weapons of destruction to carry out his needs. no harmful items were found by the cool is on high alert. the newest trump attorney saying that the president did not violate campaign finance law. listen. >> it was for another purpose other than just campaigns. and each if it was for campaign purposes, if it was to safe his family, embarrassment, it's not a campaign donation. even if it was a campaign donation, the president reimbursed it fully. >> you remember giuliani admitting that president trump repaid michael cohen for hush money given to stormy daniels. critics saying the payment benefited his 2016 campaign. some of the headlines. remember when the left said former national security adviser mike flynn might have violated the logan act. >> not only would mike flynn be violating the logan act, but so would trump.
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>> those charges were never brought but now where is the outrage over john kerry after a report reveals he's secretly trying to salvage the iran deal. we'll debate it. she's made it clear she hates president trump. now rosie 0 didn' o'donnell is n trouble for helping his opponents a little too much. from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy.
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attorney general sessions should step up and dismiss the entire investigation. and the judge also has a right to determine. they went beyond that. even if rosenstein intended to give it to them. he has a right to determine that by government misconduct they have faintly tainted this case. >> that was rudy giuliani, part of the president's legal team weighing in on the judge overseeing paul man fot's case. who recently laid into muller's special coun counsel, accusing m
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of targeting the president. our next guest agrees adding it's time for mueller to wrap up the probe once and for all. robert charles served as assistant secretary of state under george w. bush. thanks for being here. you say it's time to wrap up the probe. how does that happen and what can be done to force that hand. >> a great question and i think mr. giuliana is right in everything he said. i would focus the attention right now on congress because there is a request presently pending that mr. rosenstein has not honored and that is a request for the fuel scope memo that would allow the american people and the united states congress to understand what this investigation actually was allowed to do. the remarkable part honestly is that this inquiry which congress has made has been rebutted by the deputy attorney general who says he's been extorted by congress. and that's quite remarkable in the context of congressional oversight power ps there are six
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provisions in the constitution, 18 statutes that validate this request. to me it's very surprising more than anything else why the deputy attorney general, which incidentally he's blocking the production of this document, which may be law enforcement sensitive but they're fully entitled to get it under the law of the land. it's the exact same document that the judge in virginia is trying to get. to wrap this whole thing up, you have to understand what this whole thing is. >> well exactly. >> and that means you need to get at it. >> you're talking about a scope memo which would have been produced by rod rosenstein which gives the authority for bob mueller, here's what you can and cannot investigate. and as judge t.s. ellis is reviewing the case in front of him, he wants to know if the charges being brought against paul manafort are within the guidelines and right now he can't see that unredacted. >> in 12 days we'll know whether he gets the memo. the united states congress has
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an absolute right to that memo. they have subpoena power, impeachment power over high-ranking officials, power of contempt. ultimately it doesn't make sense for the deputy attorney general general, a very smart guy, not to sit back look at this -- frankly start with the oversight manual. every american can google the congressional research services oversight manual. 150 pages of case law. makes crystal clo clear that congress has the right to the document. >> do you believe that rod rosenstein is conflicted? he's the one that helped recommend that comey no longer be the fbi director. a lot of people are suggesting he's just too involved to be a fair ash tor arbiter of what bor can and cannot do? >> he's in an awkward position. he's a smart guy. he has a gap in his understanding and that may be
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the role that congress plays in oversight. he's responding on multiple front to criticism. but at the end of the day it looks like he's conflicted. and i think you have to ask yourself what's the right thing to do instead of what's the politically right thing to do or what will cover mueller's investigation for some additional period of time. you have to ask yourself, is this the right time to wrap it up. >> it's interesting as the judges point out, as t.s. ellis said, it looks like you're fighting for prosecution or impeachment as opposed to going after paul manafort. thank yes for your insight on this issue. >> yes, sir. well, you remember when the left said that mike flynn violated the logan act for contacting russia during the trump transition. so where's the outrage over former secretary of state john kerry over the report that he's trying to salvage his iran deal by meeting with iran. and a world war ii veteran
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finally gets his da plo that sevediploma sevendecades later. the emotional ceremony coming up. e resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust.
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mr. elliot, what's your wifi password? wifi? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi.
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it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. 25 minutes after the hour. we're back with a few quick headlines. an illegal immigrant accused of killing two i.c.e. officials. he overstayed a work visa that expired in 2009. he's accused of hitting fbi agent carlos wolf an on a maryld highway in december. he's now charged with negligent driving. and california asking a judge to toss out a federal lawsuit over the state's sanctuary law.
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the state's attorney general arguing that threj las vegas protecting illegals does not violate federal immigration law. president trump's administration suing california claiming the laws violate the constitution. the left said over and over again that former national security adviser violated the logan act. >> he has a lot more serious legal liability than under the logan act. >> the president instructed mike flynn to undertake this conversation with the ambassador. if that is true, then mike flynn violated the logan act and so did mr. trump. >> leave tight the trump administration to bring out the logan act. >> now a report claims former obama secretary of state john kerry has been involved in quote unquote shadow diplomacy to save the iran deal. here to debate, rebecca heinrics
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and david dafoya. where's the outrage now. >> secretary kerry is engaging in discussions with iran. that's something former secretaries of state don't do so soon after they've left office, especially with aned adversaryf the government. i think he should be cautious. we don't know what he said. in order for this to be a logan act investigation, he has to do thing to undermine the u.s. government's current position in a dispute with iran. pe would have to know about what he said. and it's important to keep in mind that while people talked about a logan act investigation for flynn within, it's not whatd guilty to. >> remember, the logan act is a 200-year-old law that has never
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been enforced. it's a pile of bologna. donald trump had been elected, president obama was on his way out. he was interacting with the russian delegation on foreign policy. that's more understanding than john kerry acting a a private citizen now to use his position as secretary of state acting as the iranian chamber of commerce. he's done for to help the iranian economy than any person in the last several years. this is about preserving a legacy, not pursuing american interest. >> you said maybe he should be a little more careful. iran is basically saying on a daily basis, death to america. why is a former secretary of state dancing with him at all. >> we don't know what he's saying. >> we know he's trying to save the deal. pardon me. what he's saying, whether we have a transcript of the
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conversation or not, we know that president trump is thinking about pulling out of the deal. it appears at least, based on the bees don globe story, that john kerry is undermining the white house. why are you not more outraged by that? >> i don't believe he should be engaging in discussions so soon after leaving office and at a time that is so crucial with respect to iran and the iran deal. what if he's saying don't worry about what president trump does, stay in the nuclear deal if you can, try and modify it if that's what president trump does. if he's saying something like that, it's not undermining our u.s. policy. i know rebecca is upset about this because she's made arguments that are counter to the position. she said that flynn, what he did is not as bad as what secretary kerry did. it's the opposite. flynn was in a stronger position to undermine u.s. policy at that time. with respect to secretary kerry,
3:29 am
he has no influence with the administration. they know a secretary can't actually influence the trump administration. >> i think what she was saying is general flip was on his way to power as the president's national security adviser. democrat or republican, they're getting ready to take office. it would be fair for them to reach out to russia. >> that's why he was able to undermine the policy at the time. >> let rebecca get in here. >> ignore the sanctions, we're going to roll them back when we get in office. >> secretary kerry was able to score a meeting with the foreign minister to talk about the iran deal because of the power and influence that he has and the deep rolodex that he has and the people he has contacts with. he's using his former position as u.s. secretary of state not to help the united states but to undermine the current dually
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elected president of the united states. people should be outraged. and there cannot be laws that apply only to republicans and do not apply to democrats. >> appreciate you coming in april ryan firing back at sean spicer for comments he made about her. >> she starts off saying you were blindsided and then april turns that into a story itself. i think the bigger question is why can't he ask a straightforward question and ask for a straightforward answer. >> fair question. wait until you see how she responded. exposing the swamp? turns out the white house correspondent's association spends way more money on their dinner than they do on scholarships. is that true? we're going to look into that. diamond and silk certainly have something to say about that, next.
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. i turn on like, you know, one of the networks and i see, donald trump who is not very popular. i say, what are you talking about? you saw the poll come out that i'm above obama. but then you turn to fake news and they go, donald trump who is not very popular. i'm saying to myself, how do they get away with it. >> rasmussen one of the most
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accurate polls for the election and you're in that category and you get publicity. >> indictment of the media has been central to both president trump's candidacy and presidency. let's bring in diamond and silk, social media stars and trump supporters. good morning. thank you very much for being here. the trump campaign also released what they're calling an accountability survey asking people these questions. we'll put them on the screen. they say, do you trust the so-called main streen media. which issues do they do the worst job of reporting on president trump. do you feel they're too eager to slur conservatives. i would presume you agree with a lot of those. but this survey and argument, is it resonating with the american people? >> i think it is. >> yeah. >> i think people are tired of the fake news, the left wing media spread lies, r an and wang you to go on with the narrative. they're supposed to be free
3:36 am
press but they're trying to be a control press where they control the masses of people with their fake news narrative and it's got to stop. i'm so happy that the trump campaign is bringing awareness to this issue. >> that's right. >> maybe congress should call them up to the hill to see what's going on with the media and why do they keep smearing people like they do. >> absolutely. no. it's a real problem and something that's been addressed time and time again by the campaign. >> there is a new report out talking about the white house correspondent's association, saying it has been exposed that it regularly spends 85% of their revenue on annual party, not on scholarships, what it's mainly been known for. are you surprised by this? >> that's very surprising. they always point the finger on the other side. but look at them. it scol could be a slush fund. you're going to take 85% on a
3:37 am
meal and to bash somebody and only 15% on what it's supposed to be used for. what are you doing? >> that's right. >> and it looks like somebody should call them out or get rid of it all together. >> sounds like it's been exposed, ed, at this point. >> i used to be president of the correspondent's association. i ran the dinner one year. so i take issue with you saying it's slush fund. sit not a slush fund. i was there, i saw accountability for it. but i agree that a lot more money should go to scholarships. i'm on record saying that. i was president around 2012, 2013. and i think too much is spent on that dinner to your point and not enough on the money that we say we're giving to the next generation of journalists. it's not a slush fund. people are not misusing the money. but i way agree with you that it should be about the next generation. >> absolutely. that's my personal opinion. it sounds like to me. >> yeah. >> but you know what? if you're going to have an organization that's supposed to help people with scholarships,
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then use the money for that. but you're going to take 85% of it and use it for someone to eat and bash someone? that's appalling to me. >> well your point is that it feels like the swamp. we tell you we're all about the scholarships, all about the kids. always about the kids. but 85% of it is asht ou about r tuxes, speeches and the fancy drinks that's the swamp for you. >> i'm not dieting ed. indictin. rosie o'donnell, turns out she loves democrats so much that she gave too much, went over the donation limit to multiple democrats. over the legal limit. doesn't surprise you that rosie's giving would be so overly generous. >> what surprised me is nobody has called her out, like the democrats. where is sheila jackson? where is hakeem jeffries. where is the fcc to call her out
3:39 am
about overly giving of the money. >> that's right. >> i find the hypocrisy so real and so unbalanced here. if you're going to always hold a republican accountable, you're going to have to hold democrats accountable too. >> she used five different new york addresses, four different variations of her name. to her point, how did this go missing for so long. i don't care who you support, these are things that we should know about. diamond and silk, always good to have you. >> when they call her on the hill, make sure she's under oath. >> have her under oath to explain why she's using these different aliases. >> she'll probably get the hillary clinton treatment. thank you both turn now to other headlines we're following, officials warning that it is a grave mistake that people choose to stay on hawaii's big island. several vents opening up spewing lava and deadly gases into
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residential neighborhoods two days after an eruption of the kilauea. this could continue for weeks. senator john mccain does not want president trump attending his funeral. he's requesting vice president mike pence show up instead. senator mccain is battling brain cancer at his arizona ranch. he also regrets choosing sarah palin as hi running mate. the 81-year-old writing in his book, he wishes that he would have chosen his close friend joe leiberman instead. and reporter april ryan firing back at sean spicer for comments that he made on our show yesterday. the former press secretary responding to the journalist after she accused him and sarah huckabee sanders of signaling her out during the press briefing. >> when you look at the nature of the questions she asked, she
3:41 am
literally starts off saying you were blindsided and then april turns that into a story itself. i think the bigger question is why can't she just ask a straightforward question and ask for a straightforward answer. >> tweeting back, i think sean spicer created more viral moments in that room than anyone. sean, just stop. your book is coming out in june. great way to push it. a world war ii veteran finally getting his d diploma 86 years after leaving college. 96-year-old bob barker is now the oldest graduate ever at the university of three do. after reviewing his transcripts, the ohio school discovered that he had enough credits for an associates degree. he never finished because he was busy with a jb and raising their family. good for him. >> pretty solid reason. i love these kids, they faked their age, went in and 16 and 17
3:42 am
to go serve overseas. >> hears. >> you got to watch the school ifer day. >> battle for the democratic nomination for ohio governor getting ugly. our old friend is getting attacked for his fox news appearances. watch. >> he knows the game he was playing. he's brought on to that they can say he's fair and balanced. he's the house poodle. that's what it was, me played the game, took their money, made his choices. >> house poodle? that's coming from a guy who's been seen as a poodle for elizabeth warren. reaction next. dr. sebastian gore ga, devin nunes who might make the news for us all here live on the sunday edition o.
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president trump in cleveland yesterday ahead of tuesday's primaries which have former u.s. congressman dennis kucinich head to head with elizabeth warn for the gubernatorial nomination. this as corduroy attacks his 0 opponent's fox news appearances mple he knows the game he's playing. he's brought on so they can say he's fair and balanced. he's their house poodle. he played the game, took their money, made his choices. >> here to react, 2008 democratic presidential candidate dennis cu kucinich. great to have you here this morning. your reaction to the attack ad that you are fox news' house poodle. >> let's put it this way that
3:47 am
mr. cordray was the watchdog at the consumer protection board but the catch dog walked away from his post and cost millions of consumers billions of dollars. i think if he's going to stay making canine comparisons, we have to look at the fact that when he left his post, he turned the keys of the finance protection bureau over to the trump administration. so you know, i think he has some accounting to do on that. >> all right. so richard cordray backed by elizabeth warren. the primary is this coming tuesday, a state that people are watching closely. the president there yesterday touting tax reform. what is your sense of where the democratic party is in the state of ohio. you look at cordray clearly with liberal policies policpolicies.what do you thino
3:48 am
happen on tuesday? >> elizabeth warren is opposed to assault weapons in her state of massachusetts but apparently is for them in the state of ohio because mr. cordray is full on with the nra on that. it's a contradiction there. but as far as the other issues, democrats are going to have to give the people a real choice, whether it's unemployment or full employment economy or rising student debt or free college, for-profit health care, not for profit health care. assault weapons or a ban on assault weapons. i'm trying to help the democratic party define itself so it can win in november. if not, it's going to be the same old same old. we have to offer the americans a real choice. >> there's a democratic pollster warning that the blue wave has stalled. he says democratic momentum has stalled in the last few months. democrats have appeared less
3:49 am
focused on the issues that engage the president trump voter, at the same time, white working class men could point to a conservative policy achievement. what do you make of that statement coming from a democratic pollster being concerned about the democrats loozeing their momentum. they're no focused on the issues that americans are focused about. >> it's not just white folk that are concerned. we have to turn out working people, whatever their color and to respond to their practical aspirations for good paying jobs, for not just better wages but for benefits. you know, the democratic party lost touch with the people years ago when it went with these trade deals that took jobs out of our country, when they continued to fund the wars, when they bailed out the banks on
3:50 am
wall street. people are looking for the real democrats to show up. and i'm a real democrat. the democratic accomplishment wants to win control for themselves, not for the people. and both party establishments are locked into yesterday. so you know, i think that there's another shakeup coming in 2018 in both party establishments better watch out. >> we will see. tuesday is a big day, congressman. great to have you on this morning. >> thank you. still on the show, dr. sebastian gorka is joining us live. and the man with the world record for eating the most big macs. no it's not pete. this man has reached a new milestone, his 30,000 big mac. here live. we've got so many questions for this man. stick with us.
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we wer back with the best story of the day. the man, the gi guinness world record, ate his 30,000 big mack
3:55 am
on thursday in mac. >> donald gorske has eaten two big macs a day since his first taste of the sandwich in 1972. >> and he joins us. since 1972. the first question off of the top. at what point do you realize you want to eat two big macs every single day for the rest of your life? >> i kind of knew that from the first day. when i bit into the first big mac, it was just so good. i knew i was going to keep eating them all of the time. at the first sitting i ate three big macs and threw the cartons in the back seat. >> you say your second favorite food is lobsters but you haven't had it since the "90s. is that all you eat every day? >> it's not all i eat. but it's most of what i eat. the only other thing i eat every other day is parfaits. when they came out in 2004, the wife made me promise to eat a
3:56 am
parfait every day, she wanted to make sure i ate some fruit. >> the wife. >> what does your wife say. what does your doctor say. how is your overall health because people assume maybe wrongly, two big macs a day, you look relatively skinny but there's a concern about your heart. what does your doctor say? >> i really don't have a regular doctor. my wife is a nurse practitioner so if i had any problems, i could always confide in her. but i do get a checkup once a year because my health insurance pays for it. and my last checkup was september 29th. they said my cholesterol. >> we got to leave it right there unfortunately. we're sos. sorry. we're eating big macs in your honor. and your ancestor was a fisherman. with blue eyes.
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. this is american fist now. this is now america first. >> the president was in ohio for an economic round table. >> how about the wall where everyone scales the wall. >> yet another district judge rejects what the mueller team is trying to do. >> this is a witch hunt. attorney general sessions should step up and dismiss this entire investigation. folks brought forth a bill that voluntarily schools could post "in god we trust" in the school. that triggered a debate. >> instead of the word good, the word allah welcomes students to their school. >> i don't want that motto on our money and in our schools. >> we are banning kanye west
4:01 am
music from this video station. >> what if they banned taylor swift's music because she supports obama. >> what are we doing? >> oh my god! ♪ ♪ . i love it. >> it's great. >> i was rough on him. >> you're having too much fun. we just talked to the guy that has had over 30,000 big macs. >> can you hand me another big mac? i had one and a half but in honor of this guy, he's had two a day since 1972 an 1972. >> he told us off the air that he weighed 195 pounds when she
4:02 am
started 30 years ago and he just weighed himself and he's 190. is the lesson that after 30,000 big macs you lose five pounds. >> it's the one battle that i think pete could beat you in. >> he's on his second big mac already. in great shape but he can't win i don't know what it is. >> it's the curse. >> we are getting a lot of reaction from you about what the next competition is going to be between us. it might be a big mac eating contest. we're going to get to that next hour. another judge has now rejected a mueller move. you remember those three russian companies and the 13 russian individuals that were charged for intervene in the 2016 election using their social media. so now you have one of those companies -- i a lot of people thought nothing would come of this, they're russian companies. >> couldn't compel them to come to america. >> they did their research. >> yeah, they hired a couple of
4:03 am
lawyers saying, okay, we're going to challenge you bob mueller. part of that challenge is we get discovery of what you're doing and the scope of your investigation. judge t.s. ellis also wants to see the scope memo. and it calls into question whether or not it's gone way too far. you've got some checks and balances here, nice to see. you don't necessarily love that it's russian companies and judges doing it but this is a trump appointed judge. >> they're pushing back saying they need more information. >> the federal judge in virginia is saying look why are you going after paul manafort. if you committed crimes, that's wrong. but why in an investigation about the 2016 election are you going back to 2005 with bank and wire fraud. that federal judge said it's clear to him it's not about manafort, it's about trying to flip him to get to president trump. and robert charles, the former
4:04 am
assistant secretary of state under george w. bush. he weighed in last hour. watch. >> there is a request presently pending that mr. rosenstein has not honored and that is a request for the full scope memo that would allow the american people and the united states congress to understand what this investigation actually was allowed to do. the remarkable part honestly is that this inquiry, which congress has made, has been rebutted by the deputy attorney general who says he's being extorted by congress. i think you have to ask yourself at some point, what's the right thick to dthing to do instead os the political right thing to do. >> den devin nunes has been demanding more information rod rosenstein. he's going to be a live guest here next hour weighing in on all of this. this is really starting to come to a boil now about what is the scope of the investigation. it started with allegations of russian collusion in the 2016 election. and it seems to be morphing. >> now it's taken on so many
4:05 am
legs. you were saying with, you cast such a wide net out there, you can catch anybody on anything. people are questioning with paul manafort, for example, you're charging him for tax fraud from years ago and this judge is saying what does that have to do with russian collusion. and former mayor giuliani working with trump as a lawyer, he understands now or has a reason why this judge is looking specifically at paul manafort. here's what he said last night. >> he's not been able to get that from them either. they developed the whole cohen investigation and gave it away. i think the judge was rightfully confused on why did they give away cohen but not manafort. i don't know. maybe they think manafort is somebody they can flip faster. the fact is, this all plays into what my client, the president of the united states has been saying for quite some time. the judge in sum and substance said, this is a witch hunt, with a tremendous amount of government misconduct attached to it.
4:06 am
you're quite correct, attorney general sessions should step up and dismiss this entire investigation. >> to your point, it starts somewhere and then it can wind and weave until they can charge almost anybody of anything. think about the scope memo. we've heard about the dossier. we know of the famous dossier. >> open we know it was funded by democrats. >> the comey memos. pay attention to this scope memo. what it shows you is what the rules are that rod rosenstein has given bob mueller to actually investigate. and bob mueller is supposed to stay inside those 20-yard lines and there's no reason to go outside of it and if so, then rod rosenstein should pull it back in, stay focused on so-called russian collusion. are they there? i don't think they are. >> he has not wanted to turn this over to congress. they've bfn fighting that tooth and nail. you wonder why. what's in the memo. >> why would a scope memo be classified? >> there could be investigationn
4:07 am
that the intelligence community and the fbi has that could be classified. >> but don't the american people deserve to know, to know what is being investigated on their behalf? >> that's what congress has been shouting from the roof tops for months now. interesting what rudy giuliani said about jeff sessions being able to end this whole thing. can he do that? jeff sessions has recused himself from the information. >> i can't see him stepping in. it would be rod rosenstein and he's not going to end the information. judge ellis wants the scope memo and i want it in the next 12 days. will rod rosenstein defy a federal judge saying i'm not turning the memo over. >> he said give me the memo and i will be the judge. he could continue to be a big player in this investigation. >> and pay attention to the scope memo. we've heard about different memos. i get confused about the different memos, dossiers and investigationings.
4:08 am
investigations. this is a big one. that's what rudy giuliani and a lot are talking about. stay inside the lane. we didn't collude or obstruct. if that's what you're focusing on, get done. >> friday night two top fbi officials out, resigned. that's happening as well. another big issue on o on of, os the economy and the tax cuts. >> people are so frustrated because there's so much focus on the russian investigation, there are these other issues impacting their lives every day. we turn on the news and we don't hear hea anything that impacts , anything that we care about. >> so the president is left on his own to time-ou tout his sucs because no one will do that. he was in ohio talking about jobs and economy. charlene thorton took the stage, had written a letter to the white house about the benefits she got from tax cuts and tax
4:09 am
reforms. here's what he said about how those tax cuts helped her. >> my husband kevin, he worked in the steel mill and it close down in 2012 due to the company going bankrupt. he spent the next one and a half years retraining and then at the same time searching for the job. the first year of it i then became legally behind and could no longer work. he found a job january of 2014. because of the tax cuts and the job plan, they're taking out a lot less taxes, two to three hundred dollars less taxes than what they did before the plan. it really is working. >> interesting. because i had a democratic strategist on yesterday morning, you'll remember, i said, can you give the president just a little bit of credit. i'll give you one more chance. he wouldn't do it saying this is not helping real people. i'm not the judge and arbiter.
4:10 am
you are going to vote in the midterms. sit helping you or not. that woman steps up saying my husband was out of work, my husband finally got a job when barack obama was in office but now his paycheck is fatter because of president trump. >> it's a great point. while d.c. runs around talking about russia, russia. >> it's charlene thornton. those stories matter. on a serious note, a fox news alert right now the fbi investigating a deadly isis threat right here on american soil. disturbing tweets from an alleged student at lafayette college in pennsylvania no, sirings authorities to do an intense search overnight. an alarming letter reading this in part, i have set up pipe bombs, pressure cookers and nail bombs across the campus and plan to inflict the utmost damage possible. allah has graced is was these
4:11 am
weapons of destruction to carry out his needs. no weapons were found but the school remains on high alert. an indiana police officer killed in the line of duty has been identified. patrolman rob pitt, a 16-year veteran of the terre haute police department was killed on friday night. so officers honoring his bravery. >> people are engaging with law enforcement and we are losing our lives. hi's a fine officer who was going towards danger. >> officer pits will be laid to rest on wednesday. and all eyes are on four states this week with primaries that could give us a better look at how the midterm election could turn out. republicans trying to hold control of the house and the senate. they have a 42-seat lead in the house and a two-seat lead in the senate. watch that closely. justify makes history taz
4:12 am
144th kentucky derby. >> justify has won the kentucky derby! >> the 3-year-old winning the wettest kentucky derby on record. the first colt in 136 years to wear the roses after not raising as a two-year-old. he will enter the preakness stakes the. it is the second year in a row that she had been winning. last year she spoke to the derby winner always dreaming before race day. >> you want to win, you talk to janice. clear lesson. >> how did your horse do? >> he's on a losing streak. nice job reading the headlines while pete was having another big mac. >> and you were taking a picture too. these guys distract me.
4:13 am
how do you feel, pete? are you nauseous? >> i'm full. going on 2000. a new report claims john kerry is involved in shadow diplomacy. he is colluding with the biggest states of terror? dr. s sebastian gorka is weighig in next.
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
the president instructed mike flynn to undertake this
4:17 am
conversation with the ambassador. if that is true, not only would mike flynn be violating the logan act but so would president trump. >> leave tight the trump administration to bring out the logan act. >> well, democrats up in arms when accusing mike flynn of violating the logan act during the transition for his contact with russia. >> so where is the outrage now over john kerry as a new report claims he's trying to save his iran deal. >> here to react, dr. sebastian gorka. good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> what say you? you know better than anyone that general flynn was tarred and feathered during the transition, even before what happened with the bob mueller investigation. he's violating this law. he's violating the logan act by talking to the russians. now john kerry is talking to the iranians and not a peep from democrats. >> well, look, ed, i worked with general flynn in transition. that is a position that is not
4:18 am
congressionally confirmed. the national security adviser. he was doing his job the second we won the election and rightfully so. any charges against him are bogus. i want to know after this report came out after kerry colluding, this is real collusion, i want to know when our fbi agents with guns drawn are going to raid his house in than tucken, in boston and georgetown, because this is the largest state spon store of terrorism. it still is. iran is the largest state sponsor. and this man without any official title, no mandate. he's not in a transition team. he doesn't work for the u.s. government. he's meaning with the iranian foreign minister to save this outrageously bad deal. i want to see the prosecution for this occur. >> do you think this will have any impact on how the president is thinking about what he's going to do? i know your answer there. but this is coming a matter of
4:19 am
days. may 12 is the deadline. where is the president's head at? what can we expect. >> he wanted to kill it when we were inside the oval office. he's always wanted to kill it because it's bad. it's bad for america, it's bad for our friends, it's bad for israel, it's bad for global security. he wants to have the right glide path off of the deal. but as far as i'm concerned, especially after prime minister netanyahu's incredible briefing he gave a week ago, the deal is dead. >> what's the alternative though? what is the alternative to, if you don't have an iran deal wowu have to deal with a nuclear iran or go to war with iran. what's the alternative? >> that's the left when they say you've got to have this deal or it's war. really? let's have a look at north korea. what has the left been telling us for a year and a half now.
4:20 am
that donald trump is going to take us to nuclear war. is that how it looks right now in north korea? >> no, of course not. it was the threat of war, the belief that war would be waged that brought the north korean to the table. now one could argue the iranians are more radically driven by ideology, but are there also not some things worth going to war for in order to prevent say the worst sponsor of terrorism from getting a bomb? >> you are one of the few people who are allowed to ask that question and answer it as a veteran, a man who's been on the battlefield. at the end of the day, america is back under donald trump. he sent a very clear message to all of these nations and i am very happy when there are sleepless nights in tehran. >> dr. gorka, we'll check in with rod rosenstein to see if he's headed to nantucket or not. thanks for coming? one of the strictest abortion bans into the law the
4:21 am
heartbeat abortions. we're going to ask one of the lawmakerlawmakers that sponsoree bill coming up after the break. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills?
4:22 am
4:23 am
mr. elliot, what's your wifi password? wifi? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control
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every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. welcome back. time now for your news by the number. first, 74, that's how many people have been shot in chicago since monday. of those five were deadly. in 2016 and 2017 chicago had unfortunately more than 1400 homicides. next, 1600, that's how many people were arrested during anti-putin protests in russia. 1600 folks. among them, alexi who ran against the russian president in the past election. putin who won with an
4:25 am
overwhelming number of the votes will be inaugurated tomorrow. and finally, $143 million, that's how much a winning mega millions ticket sold in ohio. the winner has 130 day to claim their prize. the lump sum is worth $86 million after tax disbloos the nation's strictest abortion ban is now law. the legislation known as the heartbeat bill bans most abortions if a feetment heartbeafetal heartbeatcan be d. a senator voting for the bill is here this morning. thank you for being here. this is one of the most controversial issues that we debate in this country. looking at the recent polls in this country, there's a recent
4:26 am
survey showing that 57% of the country supports legal abortion, compared to 40% who support illegal. is this bill the strictest bill on abortion, is this what the american people are wanting? >> you know, i do. and i think the bigger thing right now from the ground up is what iowans want. if you look at the polling here in iowa, there's a shift, i believe in the state and the nation, we're over 60%. it was a great day in iowa on wednesday. i was proud of the governor for stepping up and owning the bill. a lot of good people put a lot of thought into this. life is on the march. >> it bans abortions upon fetal heartbeat detection, exceptions on rape. just a question for you for women. because i just had a child and a lot of women including myself don't even though they're pregnant at six weeks along. so help explain what this law would mean for those women who find out, let's say, at eight,
4:27 am
nine, ten weeks and they realize that there's a health problem with either the child or the mother. >> well, the first thing i think we need to realize is that this bill was put in place really to challenge the supreme court. i think that's what it is. and there's a lot of us in the pro-life movement that understand that life at conception is when life begins. to force this back to the supreme court we need that type of legislation in the pipeline. really what you saw with this, this bill being heartbeat bill at six weeks, it's the life conception bill which was the clear goal here in iowa. we wanted to put this into the court system and reload for the life movement as we now see with a republican president, trump is a game changer. and the things happening in the supreme court with justice kennedy signaling that he's going to retire. who knows, not being morbid, justice ginsberg is 85 years old. we don't know the future of her. the court is shifting and i believe we as republican
4:28 am
legislators need to put more of the bills into the system so when this court is ready to move they're going to have opportunities to move. >> you could say this is for the supreme court and i believe you that you feel it is. but what about women who say our lives are on the line. we may not find out until later on that something does need to be done in order for us to stay alive. how do you respond to that. >> yeah, and again, those exceptions were put in place. this is not a new debate. and again i think to get this bill passed, the finish line here in iowa, to put it into the courts, we knew we were going to have to make concessioning conct came to nonsustaining life abnormalities outside of the womb. we took these things into consideration. we're not under any illusion here. we know that will be challenge bed i the courts. july 1st when the goes into law the courts are going to step into it. we know this. other states are beginning to
4:29 am
become more aggressive. south carolina is loading up, and ohio. you're going to see how the other states start to get aggressive with the legislation. the time is now. the country is shifting. this is where the life movement is going. >> you know not every group in iowa is happy, you can expect challenges from planned parenting, the aclu there in the state of iowa. do you plan to com combat the challenges . >> it's the same players. people keep asking what's different between now and 2013. and again i go back to the mood of the country, number one, science has caught up with roe v. wade. we can determine when life begins in the womb. and again, donald trump, he's proven that he's a conserv cons, a pro-life conservative and i think the court is going to make a shift to the right. we're reloaded for another challenge and a bill like that
4:30 am
is a great day in the life movement. >> thanks for joining us. >> you bet. coming up, should our national motto in god we trust be allowed to be displayed in schools. that debate raging in one state. >> i wonder if senator hall would feel the same if instead of the word god, the word allah. >> the lawmaker pushing for the plan joins us to respond. plus, george washington university students petitioning their colonial nickname claiming sit offensive. if you think that's crazy, wait until you hear what they think about being named of our first president. that's coming up and much more. fndfox and friends sunday that you can trust.
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. here's what happened. winner take all between pete and ed. uh-uh. >> no back seat. >> ready, go. >> that's a big one for me. that's faster. >> so pete is number eight, ed is number four. >> come on. faster. >> oh! >> okay. so i didn't think my victory could be sweeter until i came in this morning and saw the video for the first time. i didn't see you. >> i rolled and backed awap. away. it's in.
4:35 am
>> he celebrated and thought he won. he mixed up the numbers of our horses disbli was feeling sorry for you. >> america should feel sorry for me. i don't want a pity party. i'm going to get up. we're going to get after it. >> what do you get for a guy who has everything but a victory. >> look at that shiny trophy. >> i went to times square, a $45 bill with donald j. trump on it. there's nothing you love more than the president. >> count me a loser. look at this beauty. i don't know if he can get in on this it's 45. >> on the back it says says repeal obamacare, build the wall, drain the swamp, r.i.p. isis. i love it very much. >> you should frame it, pete. >> this is staying in my wallet. >> we asked this morning, what should the next battle be between these two. is there anything that pete would win. you eve been e-mailing your
4:36 am
thoughts. keep sending them. this from joe, ed has won too many times and we need pete to win something. i suggest an obstacle course. anything else, ed will keep on winning. >> pete, maybe you can beat ed henry in a hot dog eating contest. >> i love it. let's do it. >> how about this one, he said pete should race ed in a fies race he will smoke him. >> everyone thinks he will beat me. this guy tweets want eating contest go pete or tap out, man. don't be like hillary, admit defeat, lol. >> i don't want to be on the excuses tour. i just lost. he beat me. >> what happened. >> the russians. i'm going to bring you some other headlines that we're following closely. officials are now warning it is a grave mistake if people choose
4:37 am
to stay on hawaii's big island. several vents spewing love la va and deadly gases into the neighborhood two days of an eruption of the kilauea volcano. five homes have been destroyed. scientists warning that the quakes and lava flow could continue for weeks. president trump flying to london this summer. the members of the house of lords are looking to nix their anti-trump speak ner the house of come mons. the speaker opposing an address last year in protest to president trump's travel ban. a the two spoke many weekend on issues facing both countries including the iran nuclear deal. and michael moore is at it again, this time bowing down to communism creator carl marx tweeting, happy 200th birthday charl marx. we believe that everyone should have a seat at the table and the
4:38 am
greed of the rich would bring us down. you believed that everyone deserved a slice of the pie. more going on to compare marx to jesus christ and called capitalism cruel. >> all right. >> okay. >> we are now seeing the first official photos of britain's newest prince. take a look at prince louis sharing a sweet moment on princess charlotte's third baitertbirthday. louis is fifth in line to the throne. that's the best place you can be. you can chill out. like prince harry. now he's got the weather. >> hey, adam. >> yeah, guys. warming up in a big way in the middle of the country today. heating up just like these challenges have been. temperatures in the middle 80s in the middle of the country. pay attention to what's happening in the desert
4:39 am
southwest, these temperatures triple deserts. heat warnings for phoenix, arizona, back down to you ma. there's all of your daytime highs, 106 in phoenix, some spots as high as 107. for the rest of the country, the western half of the country, it's going to be dry. rain moving across portions of the east coast. good idea to have the umbrella if you're going to be in those spots. what do we have here. we have some candy. >> come over. >> today is national. >> i didn't know it was a day. should be your favorite day. no diet day. >> in celebration we've had big macs and now we're ready to ditch the diet for real with some candy. >> here is kelly the candy man jamey from the sweet shoppe. >> nice to be here. >> what does the candy man like the most? what's your special here?
4:40 am
>> probably my favorite thing is the ice cream and the snocones. >> i notice you have the band-aids that are kind of fun. >> yeah, they come in chocolat. >> i've never had a gum my aid. >> we get a lot of the doctors and pediatricians. >> this is what's sold at the sweet shoppe. >> this is a good cross section. >> when the kids come in, what do they. >> sour stuff, sour gum any bears, sour worms. they love the pop rocks still. >> i love gummy bears, sour gummies. i would ask for the gummies to be shipped to me overseas and they would melt into a gummy ball. >> what's the top seller these days . >> right now, ice cream, cookies. >> doing back the candy and the milk dids. >duds.>> do people buy these ano
4:41 am
a movie theater? now you're watching netflix at home. >> they still come to us before going to their movie house. a lot of what i've noticed over the last five years when we opened the show is people are going away from the packaged stuff to the hand made artisan stuff. >> this is awesome. thank you so much. made our day. >> we're on 73rdstreet between 1st and york avenues here in the city of new york. >> check out the candy for national no diet day. >> more cheeseburgers. so i'm told. george washington university students petitioning to change their colonial nickname because they think it's too offensive. so do they think the name of the first president should also go? listen. >> it's not to say that he
4:42 am
wasn't an important man back then. but in this day and age it's not as important. >> well the film maker mind that video here with what else he found next. candace owens, steve ka lease and maria bartiromo all here all exclusive coming up.
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
. good morning. hehere's some tech headlines. goog's update may allow government official to cover their tracks. the self destruct feature allows users to e-mail what they've already sent
4:46 am
and he makes electric cars, rockets and flame throwers. now tesla ceo elon musk wants to make sweets, tweeting, i'm starting a candy company and it's going to be amazing. the announcement appears to be in response to warren buffet who said musk wouldn't want to take him on in the candy business. buffet owns the chocolate company see's candies. students at george washington university, they're ppetitioning to change their colonial's nickname claiming it's offensive and preferring a name like the hippo. >> a film maker visited the campus asking if the school should keep the name of our first president. watch how that went. >> would you change the name if you could do it? >> yeah. >> yeah, sure. >> 2018, i think it's important that we realize and reapollster the system that supports u us.
4:47 am
>> we should change the name. in this day and age, it's not as important. >> wait a second. here with more, film maker horowitz. i'm not saying he is important but this is george washington. >> back in the day. might have been important then. >> not important now? >> sometimes i'm in a cave and coming up with an idea. when i came up with this one i thought there's in way. there's no way they're going to want to agree to change the name of the university of our first president, the man who made sure this was a state of republican anof republic anddid not become. there's no way they're going to do that. >> a petition to change the nickname, the use of colonials is received as extremely offensively affiliates by the university and the nation and world of large. the colonial has too deep of a
4:48 am
connection with ca -- so let's change tight hippos. >> what does this tell you about the nature of the left today. is it too far to say that the left is over america? we're not -- america is just yesterday. >> no question about it. they're over nation states in general and if you ask leftists a list of who the worst and most oppressive countries in the world are, the united states will always top that list. first of all, they're into historical revisionist. let's start with that. second of all, the truth is it's our fault. the professors, their parents, they've never talked about fidelity of the con trict const. they don't have the relevance to them because it hasn't been taught to them. they've been taught garbage by
4:49 am
the professors. this is the end result. >> did you find a balance at all on campus? you went there on the ground to get a sense of how the students were feeling. did most of them feel this way or were otherrings appalled. >> 75% wanted to change the name and 25% did not. >> were you surprised w by that? >> i was shocked. in another sense, the president when he was talking about the slippery slope starting with, you know, the confederate generals, there's a slippery slope. people laughed at him like he was an idiot. this is the bottom of the lope. slope. >> he said they're coming after thomas jefferson next. coming after george washington. >> it's amazing. thaip ear coming after the core of what has made america, including the general who led our army to defeat. >> on purpose. this is a great way to undermine the america experiment. >> thank you. to another part of our
4:50 am
american experiment, should our national motto "in god we trust" be allowed to be displayed in schools. that debate ranging in minnesota. >> i'm wondering if senator hall would feel the same if students walk in and instead of the word god, the word allah. >> i don't like the not on the on our men and i don't want it in the schools. >> the state lawmaker sponsoring the amendment is here with us liveve next. to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ )
4:51 am
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mr. elliot, what's your wifi password? wifi? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. well our nation's motto "in god we trust" igniting a debate on the minnesota state floor over a bill that simply allowed schools to voluntarily display posters with the saying on it. but some lawmakers, democrats, argued the motto doesn't belong
4:54 am
in schools and it's offensive. listen. >> i'm wondering if senator hall would feel the same if students walked in and instead of the word god, the word allah which is the word for god in the muslim religion welcomed students to their schools. >> so god who spoke against money and the money i carry in my wallet has to say "in god we trust" i think that's offensive. >> he thinks it's offensive. two senate democrats from minnesota. our next guest authored the bill that did pass the state senate. minnesota state senator dan hall joins us. thanks for being here. >> you bet. >> tell us what your bill duh did, what your amendment does and second of all, did you abtis pate this kind of reaction from democrats? >> well the amendment is pretty simple. it allows a school to put up the national motto in the school on a wall, wherever they want, except in a conspicuous place and there's no cost to it.
4:55 am
the cost would come from the community if they wanted it. >> it's voluntary and not on the taxpayer dime. the schools can choose. and yet these democrats get up -- you introduced this, thought it would be largely not controversial because because . what did your think about the response, i don't want it on my money or in any schools. >> i figure the opposition would be short. when i started hearing more of this i thought really they don't want it that much in their schools. i can't imagine that. that's not how i grew up. and my whole premise was how about bringing respect back in the schools. we've lost a lot of respect for those things in life that we should be respecting. >> why is god, the mention of god in our schools controversial for the left today? >> you know, there seems to be an anti-faith movement in our country to suppress anything that is religious in any way.
4:56 am
and wipe it out of government. i only assume that if you take those things out of government, if you take the things that are respectful out, you're going to put in something different. and i hate to say what that could be, but i'm here to tell you, we need to bring respect back to our country and religious freedom. we are one of the great countries of religious freedom. that's why people come here. so why couldn't we put our national motto "in god we trust" back in the schools. >> a great point. when we stripped god out of the schools we replaced it with something else and we're seeing the fruits of that right now. senator dan hall from minnesota, keep up the fight. we'll follow the bill to see if the governor signs it. appreciate your time. >> thanks, pete. >> you got it. well, president trump meeting with workers from ohio industrial sales who got $50 tax reform bonuses. well the founder of that company says his employees sure appreciate the so-called crumbs
4:57 am
as nancy calls them. he joins us just ahead. plus, we ef got congressman devin nunes, congressman steve scalise and maria bartiromo all here live coming up. try align, the #1 doctor recommended probiotic.
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4:59 am
5:00 am
the wall we have to build. flexed another judge has not rejected a mueller move. quick still question whether or not it has gone way too far. class this is a witchhunt. >> up in arms when accusing mike flynn to request any report saying john terry stickley trying to save the iran deal. >> this is collusion. with guns drawn rating the house. i want to see the prosecution.
5:01 am
>> we are banning kanye west games that radio station. >> challenge yourself to say they've been careless with music because she supports obama. it is racist. call it what it is. >> the big mac, 30,000 big macs on friday. >> it was just so good and i just knew i'm going to eat them all the time.♪ ♪ [music] ♪ [music] >> we don't know any fake news greatest in big mac, a guy eight 30,000. he said the first time he ate when he was addicted. i will tell you i am kind of a whopper guy. >> i have never heard you say
5:02 am
no to meat. >> i can save in florida i have a friend that said he will host us in a golf show done. stick your club. if anyone is out there that belong to a fancy club and would like to invite us for a friendly competition. >> it really is rigging the system. as i was thinking about that because i originally thought a food eating contest would be good. i don't think there should be anything that helps them because me to win. >> there is a bike race going on behind us on sixth avenue. >> what do you think? should we let him win? >> it is a nice consolation. >> how good is that? >> people are really trying.
5:03 am
>> all right. we have a lot of news this morning as we do every weekend. we are all over it. we see this now in the robert mueller investigation a turn. really start with a federal judge ts ellis. we have unfettered power, this is getting out of control he said i want to see that memo, where this is all going and why paul manafort is facing charges from 2005. >> on bank fraud and tax fraud. he says what does that have to do the russian collusion? so now another judge is questioning the spirit. >> yes her name is frederick. there she is. a district court judge nominated by the president. she is overseeing the case being made against, do you remember the 13 russian individuals and their companies that oversaw the meddling action? they were all brought to court and if you think about it, robert mueller steamer but never thought anyone would
5:04 am
challenge this. these guys were in russia, not subject to our laws necessarily. >> but they did! >> they said we are challenging the process, we want to see what you are doing. and the entire investigation. >> robert mueller said we need extra time to figure this out in the judge said no! you do not get time. >> that has been the biggest question through the process. ultimately, what was the evidence that led to the investigation? and is there enough evidence? there are so many legs. you cast out such a wide net that you can't catch anyone for anything now paul manafort, question is, i am not supporting anything but what connection does not have with this russian investigation? and what does ron rosenstein, what role does he play? they know the memos that came that created sort of a barrier. >> on all of this we have national review, and he was on last night filling in for jesse watters this is what he said. >> finally, someone is able,
5:05 am
who has the authority and status to push back on the special counsel investigation. what has been from the beginning, which is that this is an unguided missile. what happened here is a sunday prosecutor and gave him basically, limitless authority to go find a crime. the first time we've had someone with special counsel, they had to take notice of. the judge presiding over a case saying, what on earth does this have to do with collusion with russia? and he was not very satisfied, obviously, with the answers he got from special counsel. >> you know alan dershowitz has been such a strong voice through the entire process. if you days ago he said everyone should be concerned about the way this is being handled because anyone can be in trouble. anyone can be charged for something like this. how far can this investigation go? it seems like it is beginning to lose some steam. >> it is shifting.
5:06 am
it is now with the president has been talking about which is investigating the investigators. and saying hang on, what else happened? friday night to fbi officials including lisa paige and others abruptly resigned. why? because this is finally about to come out. and by the way, devin nunes is coming on later this hour. he will break some news later this hour. you will want to stand by because i think it is about the entire investigation. >> it gives you hope that there might be some checks and balances in the country. he did not want judges to setting elections but sometimes i need to step in and make determinations within the bounds. and this scope memo is the new memo to talk about. what did rod rosenstein really allow robert mueller to do? we will see a lot more pressure on him as a result. a guy that has conflicted himself and suggested that jim comey, he fired and now he is overseeing the entire circular
5:07 am
logic. >> and rudy giuliani this week coming in. >> and causing more questions. he was on justice with judge jeanine last night. they spoke about this but at one point he talked about the government and how the government is the one committing the crimes. >> this investigation, went from russia collusion to obstruction and now, who is chasing you know, porn stars and stuff? why are we even going in this direction? and why are we not ending this because there is no evidence? >> you are not missing anything, we are not missing anything. we turned over the evidence. there is nothing. the only evidence, the only crimes committed herewith by the government. which is why the judge, judge ellis is so outraged. i wouldn't be surprised if he didn't dismiss this case. >> interesting.
5:08 am
ultimately, all of these charges have to come before judges and decide whether they fit the scope and if there was an actual crime. there has to be a crime. collusion is not a crime and what crime are they getting these people on?they say mr. president, do not speak to robert mueller. you work into a perjury trap in if you have not lied or are not lying there trying to get you to say something that they can get you on. >> and then he can be subpoenaed. >> and they can fight that! >> but then they have been saying privately that this goes all the way to the supreme court and guess what? they may have the votes. because of the more conservative justices on the court now. on the other hand, some of those justices may say, all the facts should come out. we are not going to side with the president on the spirit of some in the trump camp might go to bat. this showdown is just starting. >> i'm really looking forward to devin nunes and what he has to say. >> it will be 8:30 a.m. eastern
5:09 am
time. >> believe it or not there are other things going on in this for the president was in ohio yesterday with a tax reform roundtable. use it as an opportunity to talk about everything on his mind. one of those, immigration. he doubled down on his stand and how he feels, what were we need to do. here it is.>> our borders are and our lawyers are a mess. our immigration laws are a disgrace. mexico has some of the toughest immigration laws in the world. you cannot just go into mexico. but they allow those people to come up through mexico into our country. and the wall we have to build, however, the one that everyone scales? we are fixing and building walls now but we need much more money. we will do the job and we may have to close the country to get this straight. but look at the mess on television right now. it is a total catastrophe. these are the laws passed by democrats so we have open borders. they want open borders. we have to have borders.
5:10 am
if you do not have borders, you do not have a country. >> this is a man understands the importance of an image. on television and what people see. people have talked in written papers about immigration and the border forever. he saw the issue with the caravan and said these folks are coming to the us, mexico could do something about it. we have to call attention to it so he does. then there is a showdown on the board. now we talk what is amnesty mean? what does catch and release mean? what is the lottery? when are we going to get the wall? maybe we need a merit-based system. we see how broken the system is. the president is very good about finding those moments. >> he said this has been and what papers a long time. people debated this and think tanks. what the president gets more than anyone in this debate is how visceral people react to the flood of illegal immigration. it is not about white papers, it is not about think tanks, it is about getting something done. >> if you do not have border walls you do not have a country. probably the line said the most
5:11 am
was if we do not make a change will shut down this country. you can take that a number of different ways. i think that was a direct line specifically at democrats that he is the power ultimately -- >> he is and i'm not going to keep it open in september when the next big funding bill, and government funding runs out. >> and it is right before the midterm. >> absolutely. >> that for the next competition. and by the way, we will have more coming in. >> we have a lot of other news to get to. now a fox news alert. right now the fbi investigating a deadly isis threat right here on american soil. a student at lafayette college in pennsylvania forcing authorities to do an intensive search overnight. and a link to an alarming letter reading in part, i have set up several pythons, pressure cookers and mail bombs around the campus.
5:12 am
and to do the utmost damage policy. and there's this tweet saying, there are great weapons of destruction. nothing has been found with the school remains on high alert. crack and a football player found dead in mexico during spring break. according to his family was murdered. the family telling them that the mexican government is not doing enough for their son and give no other details on the matter. mexican officials say the 21-year-old amherst college and accidentally fell out of the train and was electrocuted on the train tracks. we will have the story. in california they're asking a judge to -- arguing the legislation is not violating federal migration laws. the present a demonstration suing counseling saying that there was violate the constitution. >> if there is a start on
5:13 am
september before the midterms it will be, do you want the open borders or the wall? just like "in god we trust", do you want that in our schools? things like this are with -- what make the president popular. >> and a special message to take back to washington.>> nancy pelosi know that my people appreciate -- >> grateful recipient, a business owner in ohio joins us live next. >> and the man with the world record for getting the most big macs has reached a new milestone! 30,000 big macs. he ate nine of them the day he ♪ ♪ found out. ♪ will hear from him again. ♪ [music] paying too much for insurance you don't even understand?
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5:17 am
>> i want to let nancy pelosi know that my people appreciate the crumbs. we are getting the benefit as other companies. >> cyclical business owners next guest. one talking about tax benefits. anthony is joining us now with his story. anthony, great to have you on this morning. what was that like usually meeting the president? >> it was fantastic. it was quite an experience for me and something i'll never forget. >> cities and into personally? >> he really did not get the chance. he came on stage after we were
5:18 am
all seated and he went and convinced himself to shake hands with everyone. and sat down the start of the program. when he left, it was the same scenario. shook everyone's hand and security took him away. did not get really the chance to talk to him at all. >> well, you got the chance to get in quick something about nancy pelosi and other things. the reason you are there is that your head of a small business. you say you have been greatly impacted by the tax cuts. so much that you've given you 13 employees a $500 bonus. is that right? >> that is correct, yes. >> how are things going for. >> great, we are having a good year and after the tax cut was announced by the president, i talked to our accounting people and they told us that we are going to get a tremendous benefit. tax benefit from this tax cut program. over 20 percent reduction in tax exposure. that was great news for us. >> how do the employees respond when they got the bonus?
5:19 am
>> obviously, very well! they loved it. it was a fantastic thing. some of them personally came up and they thanked us for the money. they're going to put it to good use. it was heartwarming to see that. >> answer for them, those were not crumbs from their perspective. what about you and small business owners like you, what is it like to have the president come to ohio yesterday and have this more intimate conversation and in general how small businesses are doing? >> well, it was terrific. the whole scenario started off on a very small basis. when i first got the tax cut, we contacted the local newspapers. we thought we might get just a little bit of local exposure but it turned around and they contacted the congressman in the area who in turn, contacted the white house. evidently, we caught someone's eye because they contacted us. >> if you had the opportunity to speak directly to the
5:20 am
present yesterday, what you say to him? ask pretty much what i said during the program. thank him for his tax cut and his support for small business. i think i said it at the end, i speak for the small business people around the whole country and we appreciate what he has done for us. >> is anything more that you think needs to be done? >> no, keep his eye on the ball and keep supporting this type of program. i think small business will come back the way they should have. nothing more that i did not say yesterday that i would say to him personally. >> anthony triscari, great to have you on. your message has been heard loud and clear. great to see you! >> thank you very much. >> still ahead, devin nunes is here live with breaking news you do not want to miss. also check out this headline calling out quote - right-wing loser who suddenly
5:21 am
loves kanye west. one person on that list? -- she is here in person to respond. coming up, there she is!♪ ♪ [music] growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all.
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skin problems; and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. if your bones aren't getting stronger isn't it time for a new direction? why wait? ask your doctor about prolia. >> north korea criticizing the
5:24 am
others just weeks before the president and kim jong-un are expected to hold an historic summit.the country keys in us of misleading claims of the presidents pressure and sanctions drove north korea to the table. what did it then? and a dangerous attempt they call it. and the is navy reacting with a second fleet amid tensions with
5:25 am
russia. they will patrol the north atlantic. this comes as russia fits hypersonic missiles on just. they say they are invincible to defense systems. >> thank you. it all started with kanye west expressing support for the president on twitter. credit soon have a west wing visit? and a dr. joined us yesterday to share that the president is on board to host the rapper. >> the african-american community is not against the present. carriage inspires christmas. there was mrs. price pro-business.and the minority care, but with kanye west, when he came up he can embolden others to say listen, hear what he is saying. i can think for myself. i am optimistic about this. once again, leading to the healing of his racial divide. >> look at a summit look like and what can it achieve? >> in here we have a
5:26 am
communication director, with us. candace, good morning. >> it all started on this couch. the last couple of weeks has been insane! >> it has been crazy how much a seven word tweet can impact your life. it is been wonderful for me. >> 20 optimistic about me not -- what are you hoping to change? >> people have been ignored few people with biracial children and are in biracial relationships. it has been so black and white, the conversation. i blame obama. his eight years in office did a lot of damage for race relations in the country and hillary did not help much when she kept calling everyone racist and sexist. the language has changed and the rhetoric has changed and it is time to do healing. >> is the president last week said things to kanye west high approval rating has gone up from 11 percent to 22 percent.
5:27 am
what more needs to be done on the republican side to actually get the african-american community involved and feel appreciated? >> i hate to speak intimate democrats and republicans. but regarding republicans, they really gave up on blacks. he said they did not embrace the black community. when i met with some of them it was an uphill battle.i said this can be done but i think they were feeling defeated after seeing the numbers for so many years. the time is now to talk about the policies. talk about why the policies are so much better than those that have been presented. to talk about why independence is better than government dependency. it is a really unique opportunity for everyone to talk about empowering the community. >> you were here a couple of weeks ago. a couple of days later is back in the washington bureau and when my colleagues came up and said, i did not like that debate. he said, i do not agree with the black lives matter folks. and he said i felt what candace said was a bit harsh on the
5:28 am
couch. and speak to him, not me about what you hope to be positive about this conversation if say, kanye west goes the white house in a summit. the aunt all of the rhetoric here speak to that man about what you hope comes out of this conversation. >> i got that so many time. one thing i heard is that it is too harsh. it is political correctness that i can understand and something that donald trump cannot stand. people are too afraid to see the truth. i am not afraid to say the truth and i have been very bold about that. where does it go from there? having them there and being able to say listen, we have a problem here. the fact that they're talking about bringing colin kaepernick and kanye west obviously on opposite sides of the field here to have a conversation. at the end of the day it is not about left or right, republican or democrats. >> there was a headline that caught our eye. it said, a guide to the right
5:29 am
wing losers who suddenly love kanye west. definitely you are not a loser. you're not right wing and you have liked kanye west for long time so there are three things wrong. you are also hoping that this creates a tipping point where if you are black and conservative, you can say it. this is off kanye west. >> i don't think that he is conservative. as a freethinker and we want to -- he wants to feel how he feels out loud. >> you speaking to kanye west a couple of times. >> he is a tremendous individual. he has been saying on twitter that he is only bonhomie and gonzales. he cannot be saying anything. is it possible that people have such different visions and how passionate they can be to have come together and have a
5:30 am
different conversation. he really has his vision of love which is really optimistic and super inspiring. >> should kanye west go if he is invited? >> he should definitely go! >> you are not just right-wing. >> i like it, i made the list! i won something! [laughter] >> a lot of winning on this couch. >> this might just be the beginning. >> it is typical that you helped to start a national conversation that could affect culture and the way people think freely.that is what america is all about. >> thank you guys so much. >> always good to see you. >> all right, we've been teasing the house, devin nunes is here next. >> and wanted to lower the voting age to 16. should this change be made? the debates, coming up.♪ ♪ [music]
5:31 am
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5:35 am
entire investigation. >> rudy giuliani no lead attorney for the president. saying last night on fox that the attorney general should shut down the mueller investigation. i am bringing in devin nunes. you know him across, republican from california, chairman of the house in subcommittee. good morning, mr. chen series. >> great with you guys. >> i wonder if you can react to that. >> special counsel bona fide from the judge that looks like this whole investigation has gone off the rails. what we have been investigating in the house intelligence committee is the fisa abuse and a counterintelligence investigation. remember, they open up this investigation. i think it is really important to the american people to understand. this is done in a secret manner.if you have a counterintelligence investigation open as an american citizen, this is done
5:36 am
secretly. with only a few peoples knowledge. and if they go to court, the victory secret court to get a warrant on you like they did with carter page. there is a very small apparatus in congress, in our country that holds the check and balance authority congress in the executive branch.they decided to move forward on the investigation in a campaign, of all things!that is how we have gotten here. we continue to peel the onion back. and i will tell you what happened, two weeks ago, we sent a letter to the attorney general, jeff sessions. a classified letter. her usual, it was ignored. not acknowledged. completely ignored. last week we sent a subpoena. then on thursday we discovered that they are not going to comply with our subpoena. >> 20 going to do about it? >> that is very information
5:37 am
that we need. we need to move quickly to hold the attorney general of the united states in contempt. that is what i will press for this week. >> with when you specifically, holding him in contempt for? break it down what that means. >> we have asked for very important information. it is still classified. it is the problem with a lot of the investigation. because of the way the conduct of the investigation, most of the information is classified. because it is so important i will not take any excuse to say we are harming national security. how many times have we heard that argument throughout this entire investigation. we have had to technical support to get the information. we should not have had to face fusion gps to port. in order to find out that the democrats and hillary clinton campaign had paid for the 30 dossier. juror number what was used to get the fisa warrant on the
5:38 am
trump campaign? we should not have had to do that. we're just not going to take this nonsense. every time we peel something back. every time information, we get ignored, we get stalled or stonewalled. then we get accused of, we're going to destroy the nations ability to keep it secure. >> part of me, but what are you going to do that? we have them hold the attorney general of the united states in contempt of congress? walk us through what you're actually going to do. >> the next step this week is, will have to lay out and probably have to go to court in order to enforce this subpoena. we have been in discussions over the weekend with our general counsel from the united states congress. remember, we did this with learner and also with attorney general holder. but i think this will be a much different case where i cannot imagine that the attorney general, jeff sessions, will defend not providing pertinent documents. there important documents. >> this is a very big
5:39 am
far you're saying that you have heard nothing from jeff sessions and from his office. is that right? >> i'm not even sure that we heard from the legislative director for the department of justice. i do not know that the attorney general is even aware of our request. >> well, he will be now! how do you think that he will respond, if at all? >> i think we need to talk to the attorney general. make sure he understands the significance of the request. everett talked to the director of the fbi that we need this request. this just cannot continue where we don't get information in a timely manner. like i said, everything we have tried to get they tried to stop us from getting. >> i don't want to get lost in all these headlines that you released, there is a new version of your report. that got into the doj, fbi improperly using reductions to protect people like james get into that but
5:40 am
also, with general flynn, it turns out james comey told brent bear week or so ago, he did not remember the idea that the fbi agents did not believe general sin was lying. your report for something different. >> yes, this is one of the challenges again, it was shortly after the two agents interviewed general flynn. this was just a couple of months after maybe a month after. we learned, that the two agents did not believe that general flynn was lying. we all knew it was because of the felony leak of classified information to the new york times and the "washington post" regarding the call between general flynn and the russian ambassador. we know about that. clearly, there was some confusion because the agents did not think michael flynn was lying and mr. mccabe even testified they had a challenge to bring charges against that for lying to the fbi. it was under oath shortly after the interview. the information is well over
5:41 am
one year old. we put that in a report. remember, people forget that we sent our report over to the intelligence agency including the fbi and department of justice six weeks ago. it was not until friday night, that finally, we get all the black markings so that the american people can understand what actually happened. >> what is the biggest question that still remains in your mind when you look at the scope, the size now of this investigation and how many legs it has taken on. in your opinion, what is the biggest question? >> i put in a few different buckets. let me just rattle through. there is the bucket of fisa abuse and other matters we will look into the counterintelligence investigation that was started on the trump campaign. that is what we are doing on the intelligence committee. you have the ig report coming out and then you have german -- there are two buckets in the of
5:42 am
the third bucket which is the special counsel which you know, i do not know which direction they're going or if they know what they are doing. >> and new like many others are frustrated with the fact there has not been constrained. we have to leave it there unfortunately. devin nunes, thank you. you can host us on capitol hill! we can have a competition. >> i'm pretty sure that it was the russian bought that -- the russian bot that got you! [laughter] >> and should a change to lower the voting age to 16 be made?♪ ♪ we will talk about that. ♪ [music] >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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i'm your phone,istle text alert. stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? >> washington d.c. city council
5:46 am
are considering proposal to lower the voting age to 16! and they are not longer similar bills going on in georgia and minnesota to do just that. the washington examiner argued that it is difficult to find a compelling reason for further change now. we also want 16-year-old serving on juries are signing up for the military? i think not! if you look at student specific knowledge you'd hardly deem them able to do this. -- >> i said absolutely 16-year-old should be allowed to go. there have been tangible results as a result of young people interjecting themselves and the trajectory of the country. young people that were at the front line of the civil rights movement. which led to the voting rights act. young people that put pressure on government to end the conflict in vietnam and now you have young people in 2018 for
5:47 am
pushing first unreformed. many are very encouraged by the voices of these young people. i think at some point we have to stop playing this game of how low can you go when it comes to digital age to vote is quite friendly, the leader of the free world to be chosen is much different than choosing a prom date. >> it has been sparked in part by the parkland tragedy in florida and some students going to washington for that big march. what you think about whether or not 16 is too young to vote? >> i was not realizing that i was conservative and selectmen began absorbing the news not yet given by my parents. i had to delete my facebook because i was harassed by adult peers were voting for president trump. imagine being in high school and being bullied for how you look or your appearance your weight, i think changing is to put minors in harm's way. democrats like nancy pelosi,
5:48 am
they do not see a problem with changing is because like colleges, high school puts that agenda. what way better than to medically see underdeveloped mind? and keep in mind, the anti-gun activists and students believe that 18 is too young to purchase a gun.with your 16 and you vote for a pro-gun candidate, that candidate could make seller that 18 is just fine to purchase a gun. i do not think they thought this through. >> a fairpoint in a fair question. is this about the left and we get 16-year-olds in their much more likely to support democrats. then we are mining a bunch of new boats were democrats. >> i think it is a strategy that democrats could use as far as pandering. i think it would be a really big concern because they would become issue voters. i think we have to keep in mind that these 16-year-olds have
5:49 am
been given adult light responsibilities. they are able to drive a car, that is responsibility for the lives of others on the road. and some are able to get married. quite frankly, some are working full and part-time jobs. meaning they pay taxes, contributing to our society. and, putting money in the pockets of these politicians. so why silence their votes? >> the washington examiner article, they say 23 percent of those that took a civics test actually tested proficient or above. in two years i am supposed to believe a child, basically, can learn and comprehend the law and constitution in accordance with good policy? i do not believe that. i believe that americans are emotional right now. at the same time, we should not change the laws or govern based on emotions. it is like going to the grocery store when you are hungry. >> not a good idea! good points, thank you for coming in.
5:50 am
it is an annual tradition. the leatherneck ball. -- [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even "close claws." [driver] so, we took your shortcut, which was a bad idea. [cougar growling] [passenger] what are you doing?
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>> it is a time-honored tradition. the 56th annual leatherneck ball taking place in new york city. the mission is to honor marines by educating and paying for the education of their children. joining is now with the president and ceo of the marine corps scholarship foundation, veteran, marine, lieutenant general -- and recipient amanda beckett. her father served.
5:54 am
thank you for both being here. for those not familiar with the marine corps scholarship foundation, what is it and what is the mission?>> were founded in 1962 in new york city. the oldest, largest provider of needs based scholarships for military children. 40,000 scholarships worth $120 million over the last 55 years. next thursday night you had the ball. >> we celebrated a year of raising $3.1 million in three different states. >> fantastic! amanda, tells about your father and his service. and with the scholarship has meant to you. >> my dad joined the marines in 1968. he went to vietnam in 1969. he served there within a machine gun platoon. so he was in the infantry. it was a rough time for him. he was in service for quite a bit of time. just being in vietnam as many know, was just really tough to be over there.
5:55 am
it is still something that sits with him today. his service has led me to be here and eligible for a scholarship within the foundation. and being part of the foundation has really changed my life because it helped me pay for school. when i graduated i actually had an amazing opportunity for me. i just want to do everything i can to pay this back and pay it forward for any other student. >> it is such a relief for kids coming out of college to be debt-free but also the connection general, that you helped between kids and the service of the parents. and their reminder of the sacrifice. >> it is incredible. i've been here for 36 years for the kids go through anything from financial turmoil to having to take charge of other siblings and having a parent on deployment. also because of the combat deployments the possibility that the person may not come home or could be severely
5:56 am
wounded. >> absolutely. amanda you stood on stage at the event. what does this all mean to you? >> it just means so much! they have given me so many opportunities and i will forever be grateful for it. if i can get back in any way, i am a donor now myself. i am happy to be part of that and to be able to give back and to see other students that will be able to accomplish the same thing. >> it is a full cycle peer general if you want to help where do they go? >> they can go to our website and we have lots of stories with students with exactly what we do and wait people like amanda who have risen to the top. from being the daughter of a lance corporal, a vietnam veteran. it is great and we encourage you to go to it. >> okay so you can give directly and know that the money is going to kids whose parents served our great country. >> absolutely.
5:57 am
>> thank you so much for your time and your service to this country. >> very cool organization! devin nunes talked to us. and we will hear the response by steve scalise in the next hour. and also the man that has in 30,000 big macs in his life! ...
5:58 am
5:59 am
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president trump: this is america first now, folks. pete: the president was in ohio due for an economic round table. president trump: the wall we have to build how about the wall where everyone scales a wall. >> [applause] abby: another judge has rejected a mueller move. pete: it calls into question whether or not its gone way too far. >> this is a witch hunt. pete: it brought fourth a bill that voluntarily schools can post in god we trust in the school. well that triggers a debate on the minnesota state senate floor >> instead of the word god the word ala welcomes students to our school. >> i don't want it in our public schools. we are banning kanye west music from this radio station. >> it's political correctness is what i can't understand, it's not about left or right or rep
6:01 am
or democrat it's all about human beings. pete: the man with the most mcdonald's big mac consumed over a lifetime ate his 30,000 big ma c on friday. i felt good and knew i was going to keep eating them all the time . >> ♪ wheels in the sky keeps on turning ♪ abby: the theme of the day. pete: it is. think about it 1972 we get into that first one and he never turned back. abby: life was changed forever. pete: he said why would i eat anything else and so he didn't. ed: how many, 30,000? pete: 30,000 his first day he ate nine big macs. abby: he's been doing it since 1972 only eight days. pete: he's in wisconsin so there's like blizzards and snowstorms prevented him. abby: he said he drove on a
6:02 am
blizzard, actually drove to mcdonald's and restaurant was closed. pete: i love it he said my second favorite food is lobster. i would i ever eat my second favorite food when i can eat my first favorite food, a big mac. ed: by the way, from trump international in florida just contacted me and said a championship of this nature, if you've got a private club and you want to invite us to play golf i'm take on pete. pete: no cameras i'll play golf off camera. abby: happy sunday to all of you we have breaking news if you were watching a few moments ago we had chairman house intel devon nunes who says another subpoena has been ignored we are now taking the steps to hold jeff sessions the attorney general in contempt. ed: what that means basically it's essentially accusing someone of obstructing the work of congress so just as there's been all this talk about robert mueller looking at obstruction of justice you have devon nunes and other republicans in the
6:03 am
house that believe jeff sessions the president's own attorney general has basically been obstructing their work, you remember at the irs this was used in the 1,970s i was just checking. abby: and they had to resign. ed: she ended up resigning because it was a pressure tactic and what he did was he eventually turned over some materials to congress, testified if you will, i think in 76 so the point is this is a pressure tactic to put more heat on jeff sessions to act, turn over more documents help them get answers. abby: here is what he said. >> the only thing left we can do is we have to move quickly to hold the attorney general of the united states in context and that's what i'll press for this week. we will have to layout and probably have to go to court in order to enforce this subpoena, so we've been in discussions over the weekend with our general counsel for the united states congress. i can't imagine that the attorney general jeff sessions is going to defend not providing
6:04 am
pertinent documents. pete: we asked what documents he said they're classified obviously, he's trying to get the attention of the attorney general, he even said maybe the attorney general doesn't know about this. abby: they asked if he's respond ed and he said he hasn't heard anything but he doesn't think jeff sessions has seen what they've been asking for. ed: like not getting the attorney general what's on fox now so mr. attorney general if you've seen it, we have this morning reached out to staffers to the attorney general, want to get some response about devon nunes saying he's moving to hold the attorney general of the united states in indiana contempt. pete: i will say the doj hasselberg tried in recent months saying we're doing the best we can, trying to produce more and faster and this strikes me as a high enever level of thing to ask if the attorney general doesn't know about it he should and if he does and they're slow walking it it's almost to ask yourself why especially a guy whose recused
6:05 am
himself for better or for worse, let the right people with the right classification see it redact what they need to. abby: and devon nunes would be one of those people so this does not just come from lawmakers but on the heels of two judges that have taken up cases saying we don't have enough evidence to try these people. we need more from the doj that the example in alexandria, virginia that says we're trying paul manafort for tax fraud and bank fraud back years ago. ed: 2005. abby: what does this have to do with russian collusion so he's sending it back. ed: we're seeing investigators being investigated at the fbi, lisa page resigning friday night , friday night some redactions pulled back from house intel report where devon nunes also exposed the fact that maybe james comey wasn't telling the truth when he told bret baier he didn't know the fbi agents who originally talked to general michael flynn didn't believe he was lying? pete: and the credibility of these folks is being questioned because when jeff sessions recused himself rod rosenstein took over, a question that i think needs to be asked is so he
6:06 am
signed the memo, remember the memo that recommended comey be fired after discussing with the president so under mueller's theory he's doing right now that firing of comey by rosenstein was obstruction, right? so wouldn't that make rosenstein part of the, think about that, he wrote the memo that the president used to fire comey and now he's overseeing the special counsel and robert mueller that's looking into obstruction? it's all very circular and you wonder if he's doing enough to confine the investigation. we talked today about that memo what's the name? ed: about the scope. abby: that's the memo that t. s. ellis, this judge in alexandria, virginia is now asking for access to that memo. ed: you've got the deadline with jeff sessions to talk to congress, potential contempt charges from devon nunes, we'll have steve scalise by the way one of the top house republican leaders is live in a few moments we'll ask him if this will ever come to a vote or will he back up devon nunes. abby: how do these things normal ly end because you're sort of a d.c. guy. pete: look into the crystal ball
6:07 am
for us ed. abby: so devon nunes is on it and breaks this news of what's going to happen and what they're asking jeff sessions and his team to give them. where do you think this leads? jeff sessions has to respond back to them at some point. ed: i don't think that jeff sessions to be honest will ever be held in contempt of congress. i think it's a tactic, a pressure move but the bottom line is time and time again the fbi and the justice department and devon nunes was speaking to this earlier have said we can't turn over x for national security reasons. oh, gosh no, devon nunes cannot put out this house republican memo about fisa abuse or the republic will be brought to its knees. we can't see this and then the memo comes out with some redactions and says okay actually we needed to know that information so my suspicion is this is a pressure tactic. jeff sessions will not be arrested or held in contempt, but it will put more pressure on them to release the actual documents that these republicans have. abby: maybe pressure that needed to be put on these people a long time ago. pete: the more rereveal the better and the faster and the better let's move on.
6:08 am
well we cover a lot of the culture wars going on. ed: what's going on in your home state? pete: what's going on in minnesota indeed. remember they were tearing down the confederate generals and they said next maybe coming for the statue of jefferson or washington and now we have in god we trust and should it be in our public schools or not. a state senator in minnesota proposed a bill that would allow schools the opportunity to put in god we trust, it's the official motto of the united states. ed: not with public funds. pete: private money if your school district chooses. abby: how did it go? pete: it actually did pass but before it passed a couple of minnesota democrats had this to say about our country's motto. >> i'm wondering if senator hall would feel the same if students walked in and instead of the word god, the word ala welcomes students to our school. i don't want that in our money or public schools. pete: we ripped god out of our public schools a long time ago
6:09 am
and polls show 90% of americans believe in god, but this is about our national motto and our country. it's printed on our money. we've always, you know, we don't get our rights from government. they're endowed by a create or we say in our declaration in the constitution so introducing this makes us wonder where is the modern left. abby: how do you even get to that point of in ala we trust. pete: trying to make a larger point why your god, why a christian god, why a muslim god? well in god we trust could say god. abby: everybody. pete: this is a country founded on religious freedom. we're not telling you that you have to worship. we had the state senator from minnesota dan hall on our program earlier and he talked about why the amendment and what it means, listen. >> there seems to be an anti- faith movement in our country to suppress anything that is religious in any way and wipe it out of government. i only assume that if you take those thins out of government, if you take the things that are
6:10 am
respectful out you're going to put in something different and i hate to say what that could be, but i'm here to tell you we need to bring respect back to our country, and religious freedom. ed: respect what a novel concept pete: well yeah when you believe in something greater than yourself you understand that you might not be the center of the universe and maybe treating peoples kindly is good. abby: respect is such a good word because that's ultimately what this country was founded on liberty but respecting. pete: give me my liberty and then i'll respect. abby: all of those differences that's what we were founded on as americans amazing today how far away we've come from that. ed: absolutely and this is firing you up. tweet says in god we trust should not be an option. it's the motto of the united states of america it should be posted everywhere. pete: i agree. if it's the motto, we should have one onset here. abby: this comes from david that says we celebrate our faith in god and country not only should we not remove the words from our schools and money but reinstate the 10 commandments in every
6:11 am
federal and state building. pete: that used to be very normal. e-mail from betty said it should not be removed from anything. our country's true blessings and history are gifted from god, a men. its never been freedom from religion. its always been freedom of religion, first amendment, i don't know how we got so far away from that that we have to litigate in god we trust is scary and why a lot of people appreciate this president standing up to that cultural assault and saying no more, we stand for our anthem and support our cops. we have a border we love our military. abby: we should be proud of what this country has. pete: we believe in god and should be proud of our founding fathers. abby: even george washington. pete: the original george w. ed: keep those e-mails coming friends at fox, and how about house majority whip steve scalise. a man whose come a long way after the shooting at the baseball practice he's live to talk about the news of the day. pete: always great to have him plus he's a grammy winner with
6:12 am
32 number one songs to his name, now christian artist michael w. smith is bringing his message of faith to a new generation, i grew up listening to his music as i'm sure a lot of you did too , he's here, live. abby: i can not wait. >> ♪ you get a strong repair that you can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. i had a very minor fender bender tonight! in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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abdominal pain, and decreased appetite. these can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. to help lower my a1c i choose trulicity to activate my within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> because this is so important , i'm not going to take any excuse to say oh, we're harming national security. you know, how many times have we heard that argument throughout this entire investigation? we're just not going to take this nonsense of every time we peel something back every time we need information we get ignored, we get stalled we get stonewalled. abby: that was just a few moment s ago house intel chair devon nunes vowing to take action as requests for information are repeatedly ignored as he says by the doj. pete: so what do house republican leaders think of this accused stonewalling towards their colleagues let's ask house
6:16 am
majority whip steve scalise. thank you very much for being here, really really appreciate it. abby: good morning. pete: you heard what your colleague had to say about stonewalling is that the position of the majority as well is that what leadership's take on obstruction and stonewalling from the doj? >> well, i strongly support the work that chairman nunes and his entire committee have been doing to uncover the truth and to hold the department of justice accountable. i have deeper and deeper concerns the more i see some of this not only the stonewalling but what's been in some of these memos. you know, we've seen from what we're trying to get the scope memo but we've also been trying to get a lot of other information from the department of justice about this investigation and everything that we uncover raises even deeper concerns about the direction as the federal judge just said the other day, you know, where are they going with this thing, is this thing turning into a witch hunt i think are serious questions. abby: why has the doj been so slow at responding to your request? you think about devon nunes they
6:17 am
have the clearances they need to see much of what is in these documents. why have they been so slow? >> maybe because some of the things that have been coming out shine a really bad light on the mueller investigation and a lot of the things surrounding what comey has done. i mean comey just recently said that, you know, initially they were saying that flynn was lying in some of these interviews and now some of the things that have come out said that comey and others didn't think flynn was lying so i think they need to be held accountable and i think the information that's been coming out really raises a lot of questions about what they were doing behind closed doors under all this secrecy saying oh, you can't see this document you can't see that document and then we find some of these documents and it really shines a negative light on the work of this entire team over there with this investigation. ed: congressman these investigations may be a big issue in the mid-terms obviously but so will the economy, the tax cuts that you helped shepherd through and i wonder when we've
6:18 am
got these primaries coming big states on tuesday, ohio, north carolina, west virginia, indiana , we've heard so much about this so-called blue wave democrats have history on their side, they believe they're going to take back the house, the president was in battleground, ohio yesterday talking up the tax cuts. what say you about where the republican party is right now? >> well we've got the economy on our side, but we know that there is whatever you want to call it, there is a lot of intensity on the democratic side and so they're going to be showing up to vote but our folks are going to be showing up to vote too. if you see what president trump is doing going around the country highlighting the fact that the work we've done especially this tax cuts and jobs about has done a tremendous job at giving hard work and taxpayers their hard earned money and nancy pelosi will saying not only will she run for speaker if they get the majority but she wants to undo the tax cuts and takeaway the money out of the pockets of those middle
6:19 am
class families finally seeing benefit from what's happening with the economy. she wants to unravel that. we can't let that happen. we need to keep highlighting not only how important these jobs and tax cuts have been creating jobs and giving people more of their money but how nancy pelosi wants to take that away. pete: and some of nancy pelosi's colleagues would like to move toward impeachment as well so is talking about national issues and that reality if the dems win the house part of the strategy to motivate people as well? >> i think it's very important to show the country just what's at stake this november. clearly as you pointed out the radical left wants to move towards impeachment. they want reverse the thins that we've done to get our economy moving again and they're seeing what a vibrant economy looks like. just friday, we had new numbers released that show that we have the lowest unemployment in america, in almost 20 years. you know, is that really the kind of success we want reverse so i'm glad that president trump is out there talking about this. we worked very hard with president trump to get this economy moving again after eight
6:20 am
years of barack obama wrecking the economy with higher taxes, with mandates like obamacare and things like dodd-frank so let's get our economy moving by getting people back to work is the best anecdote to what the democrats are trying to push. abby: i was going to say you're back to work you've been such an inspiration to our show and people all around the country surviving that shooting on the baseball field almost a year ago we hear your last operations were just two weeks ago is that right? >> that's right i had my final surgery putting everything back together about two weeks ago and it was a big success so i know we're moving in the right direction, but good to be back at work. abby: that's great to have you congressman. great to see you. pete: see you soon. appreciate it. abby: president trump says our border is a mess after the caravan of migrants crosses into the u.s. now he's threatening to shutdown the government if this wall does not get built. should it get to that point we're going to debate next. ed: a world war ii vet finally gets his diploma nearly seven
6:21 am
decades later the emotional ceremony he said he was busy raising a family and stuff like that. >> [applause] ♪ oh you're simply the best ♪ better than all the rest ♪ better than anyone ♪ anyone i've ever met ♪ i'm stuck on your heart, the best just got bigger. ♪ i hang on every word you say applebee's new bigger bolder grill combos. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to,
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ed: we're back with a fox news alert officials now warning it's a grave mistake for people to stay on hawaii's big island as the area braces for yet more eruptions today several events opening up spewing lava and deadly gasses into the air, of residential neighborhoods very serious situation two days after the burst of the volcano. at least five homes have been destroyed scientists warn the quakes and lava flows could continue for weeks. in another fox news alert right now, the fbi is investigating a deadly isis threat right here on american soil disturbing tweets from an alleged student at lafayette college in pennsylvania forcing authorities
6:25 am
to do an intense search overnight one of those tweets is a link to an alarming letter reading in part i've setup several pipe bombs pressure cook ers and nail bombs around the campus and plan to inflict the most damage possible. this tweet showing guns laid out with a message, ala has graced us with these weapons of destruction to carry out his needs. now we should say no harmful materials were found but the school remains obviously on high alert. beat? pete: thanks, ed. well president trump doubling down on his calls to fix immigration laws and build that wall. listen. president trump: we have to build, how about the wall where everyone scales the wall. we are fixing and building walls now, but we need much more money , we're doing the job right , we're going to do the job and we may have to close up our country to get this straight. pete: well should it have gotten to this point to begin with to get that border wall, well here to debate jessica tarlov and author michael knolls. jessica it doesn't look functional when you see the de
6:26 am
fact o policy, the de facto practice on the border is scaling a wall, claiming amnesty maybe it takes a year or two to be seen in that hearing and then maybe don't show up. how does that make sense vis-a-vis a merit-based system where we know whose coming into our country? >> it doesn't make sense at all and i think democrats can get on board with that that you don't want to see those you want to make sure people coming here seeking asylum from regimes and countries where they just can't possibly live with getting seen and into the court system making sure they have safe passage but those are no good for everyone and i understand why the president is frustrated. pete: michael it sounds, do you believe that it sounds like a pretty reasonable approach do you think democrats at a national level some of which have said were committed to more open borders are willing to find a middle ground and a rational approach? >> jessica's approach certainly sounds rational as do the democrats when they talk about it but when it actually comes to enforcing immigration law, they fail. they refuse to do it because we
6:27 am
know that they rely on these votes. right now in the united states, donald trump has identified a simple issue which is that illegal immigration is illegal. we know that this is a inner with the american people. we know that the majority of americans including the majority of democrats do not think that giving amnesty to illegal aliens should be a priority for congress and yet democrats rely on these votes as an electoral strategy. we know the center for american progress admitted this and we month between three and 8.75% of illegal aliens and hispanic immigrants identified with democrats over republicans, so you're going to see democrats continue to push this strategy. they push for wholesale importation of foreigners, they push for franchising felons, lowering the voting age, that's a winner for democrats if they can get it through but the american people i think can see through it. >> michael, it's sunday morning there's so many offensive thins to be saying so early. i don't understand how illegal
6:28 am
calling democratic base felons? it's so -- pete: he's referring to criminal justice reform. >> which is a good thing that republicans and democrats -- pete: a lot of them actually do and you've been leading the way doing what tim scott and newt gingrich are doing but when you say the center for american progress is having illegal alien s vote what are you talking about? there's no massive voter fraud here. >> i'm talking about a leaked memorandum that said that it it is key to the electoral strategy of democrats to provide amnesty particularly for young illegal aliens. >> but can they vote? are you saying that illegal aliens are voting in this country? >> no, but they will vote and if they do vote -- >> they vote amnesty and citizenship are different. pete: amnesty and citizenship are different. >> and a maine majority of them -- pete: most democrats would seek
6:29 am
citizenship as a result of amnesty if they could correct? >> i'm sure down the line but if you look at the programs in place and talking about amnesty for asylum seekers coming here from central and south america i think you're completely off base and just trying to scare people about this. pete: it's an honest question. if you're an asylum seeker and you're from a country where you don't want to live and you want to come to america shouldn't we ask you to go through the proper channels and do it, you know, submit that way and not scale a fence or do so in a nefarious ways? >> i think so. when you consider the fact you should be applying for amnesty in your home country 75% or upwards of 75% are denied that so then because they can't live at home any more they then carry on and end upscaling that wall. i don't think this is the right way but i don't think there's necessarily a good solution to this since we are a country that wants to help others who have bad circumstances where they're coming from. pete: michael? >> jessica, this isn't a complicated issue. illegal immigration is illegal.
6:30 am
we have right now record high percentages of the foreign-born population to the u.s. population as a whole. it hasn't been this high since 1890. every single day we arrest a thousand people illegal aliens crossing on to our border and then release them into the general population. we know 60 to 80% of women and girls who cross the board illegally are raped and sexually assaulted. if the suggestion here is that all of these illegal aliens are asylum seekers, that's what we're using for people with our immigration laws and crossing illegally what percentage would you advocate we're at record high levels what percentage do you advocate? >> record high levels of asylum seekers are people staying on visas coming from countries not south of the border coming from europe, from russia. i think -- pete: usually they want to find the path of least resistance and at this moment if it's amnesty isn't that used as a tool? >> but you see a lot of resistance actually the amount of people being held in camps there. if you look at the statistics
6:31 am
about visa overstays and as i said again these are people coming from europe and russia and yes some will try to sneak across-the-boarder but a majority are getting here and coming on work visas and then overstaying. pete: that's a problem as well no one is saying there are other reasons or problems. >> scaling a wall problem but this is a much broader immigration problem. pete: well that's why i.c.e. has been bolstered as well. michael we have to leave it there unfortunately. you both made strong arguments. thank you very much. >> thank you. pete: all right, well, oops trump hating rosie o'donnell caught making illegal donations to democrats, but do you think she'll be held accountable? that is a question that answers itself and should we be worried about a trade war between the u.s. and china? one of the world's richest people says there's no need to worry. maria bartiromo joins us live, just watch. >> ♪ ♪ >> vo: they're getting more out of fe
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>> ♪ as long as you're right here next to me, everything going to be all right, if it's meant to be, if it's meant to be ♪ abby: awe, i love this song. ed: you're talking right now? abby: yes. pete: [laughter] i like it.
6:36 am
i've got my cheeseburger right now. abby: what number burger is that pete: it's my third in the morning but we've got burger inc. here. ed: you should just start wearing sweat pants on the show because you sit on the couch and eat. abby: we'll get to burgers and so much more but i do want to start with headlines coming into our news room north korea criticizing the u.s. this week before president trump and kim jong-un are expected to hold a historic summit. the country now accusing the u.s. of "misleading claims" that president trump's pressure and sanctions drove north korea to the negotiating table an official calling it a dangerous attempt to ruin the korean peninsula's improving relationships, and police following the 911 call of the deadly waffle house shooting were intentionally sent to the wrong restaurant, social media reporting that the dispatcher didn't know the call's location and officers were sent to a more popular waffle house nearly nine miles away. the shooting happened at a newer
6:37 am
restaurant which doesn't show up on google maps 90 seconds later officers were headed in the correct location four people were killed in that april attack and self-declared trump hater rosie o'donnell could be in some trouble with the law the new york post reporting she donated a combined $5,400 over the legal limit to at least five dems according to sec rules, the candidate may not receive more than 2,700 from any one person for an election on the other side back in 2014 arrested and indicted on similar charges of illegal campaign contributions. he avoided prison time. and this story is great. a world war ii veteran finally getting his diploma 68 years after leaving college. >> [applause] abby: 96 year old bob barger, he's now the oldest graduate ever, at the university of toledo, after receiving his
6:38 am
transcript the ohio school discovered that the former navy pilot had enough credits for an associates degree. he never finished because he says he was busy with a job and raising a family, which is a perfect excuse. pete: sounds reasonable to me. abby: good for him though to finish. pete: indeed. we'll toss it over to adam with weather and burgers. hey guys this is no diet day and i've got a huge plate of food sitting in front of me a ton of food, before i do that i have to earn my dinner that's what they told me so i will do the forecast really quick here is what we're talking about weather wise. rain on the east coast if we can take a look at the maps, middle of the country the western half of the country things aren't looking as bad but the real story here the rest of the day, getting into the next couple of days is going to be the heat that's piling up in the center of the country we're talking about temperatures getting up into the 80s running up closer to 90 degrees so it's a real hot one with heat warnings in the southwest but now i've done what i had to do now it's time for
6:39 am
the dessert or the main course, i've got randy lee owner of burger inc. tell me a little bit about it's kind of been a burger rebirth here in the last couple of years right? >> yes, because the photos of instagram, you know. >> glutony, and instagram i love both. >> so we like to make beautiful food that tastes just as good as it looks. >> okay two questions for you first what is your favorite thing i want to dig into one. which thing i should dig into and tell me about your shop where is it located everything like that. >> this is a bay burger which is off the menu. >> off the menu that's my favorite type of burger. >> it has tater tots, fried egg s, bacon, eggs. >> oh, yeah, with the juices running down right there? >> yes. ed: he can't talk any more. pete: run with it. >> there you go so mac and cheese poppers that's another fantastic thing that we serve, basically we love just food and
6:40 am
we like to share it with the world. >> where is the shop? >> the shop is located in the meat packing district. >> this is a really big burger. abby: you need to let pete do it pete: if there are other people there you can eat but if you're the only one interviewing, tough to eat. ed: rookie mistake. >> pete i watch you eat all the time. ed: everybody else, adam. adam: second best thing what is it? >> crew is the crew fries, we have pulled pork in there, bacon , angus beef, tater tots, cheese, fried egg on top and jalapeno. pete: burger inc. ed: people should have seen maria bartiromo coming up and watching this with horror like what is going on right now. >> [laughter] abby: maria take a bite. maria: this is a lot of food here. >> enjoy.
6:41 am
pete: no diet today. abby: it looks really good. maria: oh, mac and cheese, that looks so good. pops. ed: it's off the grill at this point. pete: america finds out what we're doing next just right when we do on live tv. abby: pete take us away. ed: should we be worried about a trade war between the u.s. and china one of the world's richest people says there's no need to worry. maria bartiromo is here to explain, next. abby: plus he's a grammy winner with 32 number one songs to his name now christian artist michael w. smith you all know him is bringing his message of faith to a whole new generation he is here, he is live, we are all so excited for this. a whole lot more on fox & friends sunday. stick with us. >> ♪
6:42 am
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pete: welcome back quick headlines for you the state of california now has the world's fifth largest economy, california's gross domestic product or gdp was more than $2.7 trillion in 2017. surpassing the united kingdom only the united states, china, japan and germany now have larger gdp's, wow. and the big mac man reaching a major milestone, don gorsky ate his 30,000th big mac on friday in wisconsin he joins us later explaining his love for the iconic burger, listen. >> when i first bit into that first big mac, it felt good and i just knew i was going to keep eating them all the time. pete: that's my absolutely favorite he's been eating two big macs every day since 1972 and vows to continue until the day he dies he's lost weight over that time eating a big mac. abby: you've got to see maria
6:46 am
bartiromo she's horrified right now. president trump using his visit to the industrial midwest yesterday to talk tough on trade here is some of that. president trump: we did a thing called tariffs and we did it on steel and aluminum and we're doing a lot of other things. my group just got back from china. we're going to have to rework trade with china because that's been a one way street for decade s and we just can't have it happen. pete: as the president mentioned his high level delegation returns from china where they negotiated the big moves and the question is what does this all mean for you and your wallet. ed: here to break it down sunday morning futures host maria bartiromo good morning. maria: good morning. ed: finally after talking burger s we finally get to talk with you. maria: yes, good. ed: but where are we on all of this because the president's critics say his team is coming home from china empty handed on the other hand we heard this business about tariffs and it's going to blow up the economy. he has gotten china to move some melissa he really has and i can tell you for sure i've spoken with several businessmen who
6:47 am
have done business in china like former ceo of aig, the first business person to ever really do business in china steve schwartzman from the blackstone group and they both said that china understands that if they cannot do business the way they have in the past they recognize that things have to change. look the bottom line is everybody gets this. everybody knows that china has been stealing from america for years and years. we have not pushed back on it. if the president and his team that just came back can actually move the needle a bit on either the transfer of technology, china participates in 10% of venture capital deals in the u.s. , they invest in american companies, force those companies to give up all their technology and transfer technology companies in china. pete: state-run. maria: and beat us at our own game and i'm talking about the industries of tomorrow like ai, robotics if they could move the needle on that and also open up the markets for certain industries so that american companies can sell to the 1.3 billion population in china,
6:48 am
then this will be a huge victory abby: you've got your show coming up i'm sure you saw our interview with congressman devon nunes. you'll have some guests i'm assuming could you ask about that business news this morning of taking those steps as devon nunes says to hold attorney general jeff sessions in contempt of congress. maria: and we know the department of justice and the fbi have been stonewalling congress for over a year right now, so i'm going to speak with the majority leaver ever can in mccarthy and i'll put the question how far are you willing to take this in terms of the contempt of congress charges and pursuing impeachment and that means impeaching rod rosenstein and mr. sessions as well. we'll also speak with michael mukasey former ag. ed: don't you dare change that channel. maria is here at the top of the hour she will get a quick bite of breakfast and brunch. abby: the mac and cheese poppers abby: we're here for you maria. still ahead on the show he's a grammy winner with 32 number one songs to his name now christian artist michael w. smith bringing
6:49 am
his message of faith to a whole new generation. he is here. he is performing live, take it away, michael w. smith. >> ♪ ♪ your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. my bladder leakage was making me feel like i couldn't spend time with my grandson. now depend fit-flex has their fastest absorbing material inside, so it keeps me dry and protected. go to - get a coupon and try them for yourself.
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leading conservative the opposition john cox. go to - to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again.
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought republicans and democrats together to balance the state budget with a budget reserve,
6:52 am
while investing in local schools and career training. as mayor of la, he put more police on the streets and reduced violent crime by nearly fifty percent. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. leading conservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again. >> ♪ ♪ ed: well he's a grammy winner with 32 number one songs to his name, what an accomplishment but also known as the one of the most influential christian music artists in the entire world. abby: now he bringing that message of faith to a whole new generation with a children's series called nurturing steps
6:53 am
that includes a book called nighty night and goodnight and a new album called lullaby. pete: joining us singer, song writer and author michael w. smith. sir thank you very much. >> thank you. pete: it's an honor indeed as i told you i grew up listening to your music as did so many folks in our audience and still listen to your music but it's usually music more or less for adults now you're doing stuff for kids, why? >> well i've always wanted to do a lullaby record and write a book for my grandkids. i've got 14 grandkids which is insane. abby: five kids 14 grandkids. >> exactly so i call it the beautiful chaos and it's just awesome so something i've wanted to do for a long time so we found a window and i'm really excited about it. my grandkids love it. and they call me g-daddy which i love. abby: amazing. ed: can you take us to break with a quick song? >> i can do that. well this is a song that i wrote with one of my children and her husband, because we wanted to
6:54 am
have a couple standards and all that. you want to hear it? abby: what's it called? >> this is called no more crying. use it to get your kids to stop crying. abby: take it away michael w. smith. >> ♪ the world is young, the day is done, the moon and stars are shining bright, and now it's time to sleep through the night, no need to see, jesus is here, rested safe in my love, no more crying ♪ so close your eyes and pray you dream of love and
6:55 am
laughter and heaven is right and hears the night, rest safe in my love, no more crying ♪ ♪ i will be here, when you wake, we'll run and play, and will
6:56 am
give you strength, resting safe in my love, no more crying ♪ rest safe in my love, ♪ no more crying ♪ safe here in my love >> [applause] >>
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
pete: look whose here us still michael w. smith. he's playing for us in the after the show show. abby: what a way to end the show grammy award winning, what was that lost song, no more crying? >> yes. abby: where can people find your new album? >> itunes. pete: everywhere. >> barnes & noble. abby: under your name? >> yes.
7:00 am
pete: america. ed: head to fox & after the show show he's going to do another song. pete: we will too we'll keep eating and not dieting. ed: all right, guys. maria: good sunday morning, president trump touts tax reform in one battleground state ahead of key primaries this week, a federal judge accuses special counsel mueller's team of lying and the president says a date and location has now been set, for his anticipated meeting with north korea's dictator as the deadline looms for a iran nuclear deal good morning everyone i'm maria bartiromo thanks for joining us this is sunday morning futures primary voters head to the polls in several states this tuesday including ohio, where president trump just touted a tax reform round table we'll talk to house majority leader kevin mccarthy coming up about the republican mid-term strategy or to get his reaction to nancy pelosi saying the democrats will win back the house,


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