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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 6, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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that does it for us at least for now. we are back three hours from now. >> we will see you there. leland: countdown on the iran nuclear deal. may 12 is the deadline for president trump to make a major change in agreement or face a u.s. pullout. live at the white house. liz: continuing to burst out through the ground. the neighborhood on hawaii's big island destroying homes and forcing hundreds of people to evacuate. our own william la jeunesse will join us here in the hot zone. leland: minnesota education bill with permission for high schools to post in god we trust is under fire. both sides of the debate.
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hope you're having a great sunday. welcome to "america's news hq" from washington. and leland vittert. elizabeth: and i'm elizabeth prann. president trump has less than a week to make a decision on their brand nuclear deal that will begin to hear both home and abroad in attempts to sway his pick. so the hearing voices from both sides of the aisle. ellison barber life in the white house about those details and more. reporter: president trump is that unless he saw substantial changes the iran judge he would pull of that by may 12, less than a week away from the deadline. president trump seems to be suggesting that he has not been those changes when he spoke to the nra in dallas friday, he once again criticized the deal. >> we are signing that horrible deal marching in the streets saying death to america. i says who sent the deal when they are watching saying death to america.
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>> emmanuel macron and angela merkel visited president trump a couple weeks ago in part hoping him to convince him to not back out of the deal. heading to d.c. today. johnson will meet with vice president pence, national security adviser john bolton and senior in the station officials. he likes emmanuel macron and merkel pushed for the u.s. to stand with the iran nuclear deal or just a week of secretary of state suggested that is still unlikely. >> the iran deal in its current form does not provide that assurance. we will continue to work with european allies to fix that deal. the deal can not reach the president and he will leave that deal. the threat is only behaved worse since the deal was approved. reporter: the meetings in d.c. over the course of two days will focus on north korea, syria and the iran deal. the white house is telling fox news vice president pence will
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likely meet with mr. johnson monday afternoon. of course, a lot of the focus is it for president trump and his administration have been on jobs and the economy. president trump in cleveland yesterday making a big push to try and get the media attention back onto the jobs numbers than the economy. president trump sees a positive for the american people as well as the administration. elizabeth: he got some positive reviews yesterday. ellison barber, thank you very much. leland: the white house talking more and more about tax-cut in the economy. we bring in andy pazner, author of the new book the s. comeback and a close confidant of the president, once a nominee for labor secretary. nice to see you, sir. appreciate you being with us. >> as was noted yesterday when the president was in ohio, sort of rave reviews about his tax cuts and about the economy. as we were in ohio, we saw that
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from columbus through cleveland. the rest of the economy was doing really well, but even those who voted for him didn't necessarily give him the credit. where do you think the disconnect is? >> i'm not really sure. if you think about it when i come on shows like yours back before president trump was elected board president obama with the lack it, we talk about how people are dropping out of the labor force that couldn't find jobs. as many girls and hardee's at the time in people working part-time and we talk about how to create jobs. now, the situation. drink it and the coming fairness come in 2014, 2015 and 2016th, the economy was doing pretty well. unemployment was heading down. >> unemployment was heading down, the gdp growth was so slow. 725 years of two by 1% gdp growth in the last year president about ms. turner was won by 5%. we were creating the quality
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jobs you are seeing in the current era. a lot of part-time jobs, minimum wage jobs. you aren't having the quality you get now. >> whatever the reason is, how does this administration change the narrative and claim success and get the credit they think they deserve for this heading into midterms? >> you need to focus on the numbers. 45 year low in people getting unemployment compensation or 6.3 million people unemployed but not 6.3 million job openings as well. you've really got numbers you can rely on that make the case. if i hear one more story about stormy daniels i'm going to. i'm tired of hearing. >> let's try to avoid that on television right now. we won't talk about stormy daniels. we will talk about tariffs in the trade deficit with the president had on yesterday. let's take a listen.
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>> just got back from china. we will have to revert trade with china because that's been a one-way street for decades and we just can't have it happening. we have massive trade deficits with china. we have massive trade deficits of mexico. $100 billion trade deficit with mexico. who would even think that? leland: i get that it works as a talking point to throw $100 billion trade deficit. the right thing to be talking about the number or how we got there in the policy? do we need to treat change the deficit number or the trade policies enacted by these countries against the united states? >> we need to do both. you're talking about 30 years of poorly negotiated trade deals that got us into the situation we are in now. train new and economy just finished telling me how great the economy was doing how it's never been better and things are exploding conceivably that these
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trade deals are part of that. >> trade hasn't changed over the past two years. the only thing that changed was to reduce taxes, reduce regulation, focus on domestic energy. trade deals have stayed the same. who could object to negotiating better deals with their trading partners? canada, mexico, south korea, japan all at the table ready to negotiate. leland: okay as my grandmother used to say it's not necessarily what you do. it's how you do it. is the way the president going about this is roiling the markets is creating a huge amount of uncertainty. is this the right way? >> number one come you can make economic policy based on whether the stock market is up and down. do it based on the right thing to do long-term for the economy number one. number two, policies of other countries and stop treating us unfairly. you are stealing intellectual property, dumping product.
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please stop it, didn't work. somebody had to take a stance. the president has taken a stance. people are at the table. whatever deals negotiated will be better than the deals we have right now. >> are reporting while the chinese quicktime president obama they were selling stealing intellectual property. what the white house they were launching attacks. your point there. appreciate you being with us. and so much. good to see you. coming up on fox's sunday coming u.s. attorney josue digenova and white house special counsel lanny davis talk about rudy giuliani's comment about exactly what andy did want to talk about. hopefully he's not watching. we'd like you to watch that and more at 2:00 p.m. eastern right after this show here on fox news. elizabeth: the latest addition to president trump legal team, rudy giuliani says he believes the focus of robert mueller's investigation has shifted. garrett and he joins us with
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those details. hi. >> hey, liz. they have been arguing all along the special counsel investigation into collusion is a witchhunt. the argument that some fresh on friday when they argued robert mueller steam in their case against former trump campaign chairman paul manafort given that some of the bank and tax fraud charges against him go back as far as 2005 and the judge suggested prosecutors are trying to use manafort to get the president impeached. last night on fox news, rudy giuliani says it is no coincidence they decided to hand off their case against president trump's lawyer, michael cohen, but are keeping the case against paul manafort. >> the judge was rightfully confused about why they give away "good day" but not manafort. maybe they think manafort is somebody they can flip fast. the fact is this all plays into what my client, the president of the united states has been
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saying for quite some time. the judge in some substance that this is a witchhunt with a tremendous amount of government misconduct attached to it. >> lanny davis, special counsel to former president bill clinton during the monica lewinsky scandal says the judge was right to question whether or not the charges actually fall into the purview. >> i have my doubts paul manafort's attorneys have a point that there is a limit. i don't know whether the line has been crossed. there's a question to be raised about what a fraud has to do with russian collusion and that is something that needs to be addressed by the court. >> mueller steam argues they were given secret powers in the classified scope memo from rod rosenstein which describes parameters of their investigation. so far congressional investigators on the president legal team have not been given access to see a copy of the memo in friday to federal judge overseeing the paul manafort case gave two weeks to provide the memo were some other evidence to explain why they
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have the authority to prosecute manafort. elizabeth: garrett, thank you so much. but the price coming up, democrats and republicans in indiana, ohio, west virginia and north carolina heading to the polls on tuesday. some special races are considered tossup spirit for more, rollcall politics brigette bohlmann. thanks for joining us. leland was in the field yesterday in ohio and had an interview with lieutenant governor mary taylor. something caught my attention and i want to play this sound bite and get your reaction. >> in ohio we support and i support president trump to build a wall, secure borders. shut down century cities in the state of ohio and across our country. keep our people safe, keep the promises you make a not so president trump is doing. >> all politics are local. is that some up a scene we will see on tuesday as the weeks
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continue at the primaries in other states really sticking to their alliances with the president? >> that's right. his central theme of republican primaries or candidates say and i will be the strongest ally of the president trump in part because the president is popular in a number of these seats were senate democrats are on defense. president trump one and 2016. ohio, west virginia, indiana all three of them will be really competitive senate races are republicans think they can pick out the seed and democrats have really started as well. the involvement of the president is interesting to watch. he's heading to indiana after the primary. it wouldn't be surprised at the republican nominee as they are are mentioned in becomes part of this movement by the administration to say we want our people. >> you brought of democrats. i wanted to ask you. democrats are defending a number of seats.
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i'm curious if there's a division between the far left, the progressives wing of the democratic party. is that going to be a conflict? are they going to have trouble finding a common voice? >> in the senate side, democrats are on defense, pretty solid in their position. they haven't seen the farther challenge. on the house side we have competitive primaries, crowded primaries, some of this liberal more centric divide and that is something we will be watching as primaries move forward, who wins this contest. people further to the left could cause a problem for democrats general election dominated by moderate voters that remains to be seen and something will watch as primaries move forward. elizabeth: i'm also curious emily lind also brought up over the commercial a lot of people are saying outsiders, and i know we see this every time, but they are just getting nasty and ugly.
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are we going to see that for the course of the primary season? and also will receive if the deep red states come out on top at the beginning? will that create momentum? will these factors come into play as we go along for into primary season? >> in terms of the ugliness of the ads, they certainly been called the ugliest primaries we've seen so far. i'm going to travel and talk to voters is something voters don't like, that something is effective. we see this sort of divide to be interesting to see people stray away from negative ads and if there's a pushback from voters against that. it'll be interesting after the primaries but people coalesce around the nominees even though there is a divisive primary site leading up to that. >> do you think we will see the president take the home going into the states are going to see him in campaign mode as we
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continue to this event? >> i would be surprised. he wants to be out there in the campaign trail. he's in his element at rallies. will be interesting to see if republicans in tougher house districts are more moderate districts if they will not want the president to come there. we will see how that progresses. he certainly seems willing and ready to go on the campaign trail. >> and i don't have a lot of time, but where do you see republicans running on their own platform distancing themselves from the president? >> we see that in suburban districts that democrats are heavily targeting, places that might've flipped for hillary clinton, even though they elected a republican member of congress. republicans trying to say them independent of my party even though you might have concerns about president trump, i'll be your representative in congress. >> interesting. it's going to be a long primary season if you will.
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thank you so much, bridget. appreciate it. leland: voters on saturday joined a group of state that would give states elect tour college votes to the presidential candidate who won the popular vote overall. 10 other states as well as the district of columbia have joined the group. however, the measure doesn't go into effect until enough states join the pack to have at least 270 of the provosts as you might remember from the last election is the amount required to win the presidency. that grew after both president trump and george w. bush won the electoral college vote, but lost the popular vote. elizabeth: coming up, more in the midterms. our panel looks at the president and his effect on the gop primaries and what democrats are turning to far left to fire a progressives. plus to display our national motto, in god we trust.
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minnesota education bill being debated right now, but its meaning is that the opposition by democrats. also going live to the big island in hawaii. a major volcanic eruption that's leading to massive evacuations. arwen william la jeunesse is on the ground and he has a preview. >> damage on the volcano grows as more crack forms with ash and steam into the sky. a live report coming out. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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choose by the gig or unlimited. and see how you could save $400 or more a year. xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call, or visit an xfinity store today. >> the massive volcano abruption in hawaii continues to burn homes and spew lava into the sky. the march of molten rock continues to flow down roads on the big island of hawaii. william la jeunesse on the ground now where it is now early sunday morning. hi, william. >> k., li lin. people come to the big island to see the five volcanoes here including kilauea, the youngest and also the most active, but they come to see the crater, the cauldron, but we are not there. the lob is coming out your 25 miles away. this plume that you see is from
10:22 am
the newest and the largest eruption. it happened last night around 9:00. you can see the smoke and steam risen 200 feet into the air. the u.s. expects more over the next few days. greater flows of lava as well as more earthquakes. they reported 152 earthquakes in the last two days every two to three magnitude or greater. >> the bottom line is we've got additional outbreaks of lava within the subdivision as we anticipated. it is still fairly low level output, but small lava flows are starting to form in the tens of yards away from the act of fisher. >> we visited a red cross shelter yesterday. one of two that have been abandoned with 150 people have stopped there for two or three nights in a row. it is well-stocked, but they are worried because you have a rescue or recovery rebuild. these people are in phase one and they don't know how long
10:23 am
it's going to go. the small screen will show you how these eruptions, cracks are clustered in one neighborhood of leal in. 770 homes. people are not insured there. i talked to one woman who arrived this week to buy a house in leilani estates. >> we heard at higher lava zone your insurance is higher, but we even heard before we left that it was erupting, but we didn't realize how much or what was happening. >> is this a surprise to people living there? >> it shouldn't be, but everybody kind of takes it for granted. when it happens, would you do? you're living on a volcano. it's happened before and it's going to happen again. >> you want to buy some land in leilani estates. the sad part is they couldn't get insurance because they built
10:24 am
their house basically on a river of lava. that is the downside. people could lose everything. >> certainly one big part of this is watching how the lava spreads in getting folks out in time. the video we've gotten this from drugs. we hear helicopters behind you. our emergency management folks dealing with this? >> well, they've grown adult tourism helicopters as well as drugs because they don't want them to interfere with the civil defense helicopters and so forth. however, they will tell you there are drones here and people are taking video legally and selling it and pretty dramatic stuff. i spoke to a guy a minute ago who can get in to get it because the cops won't let him. and of course he'll lose it. >> probably not much sympathy from the police.
10:25 am
william la jeunesse, appreciate it. lives. elizabeth: according to primary voters, our radio panel weighing in on how they are vying for votes in both parties. we'll take a look at the royal families latest photos of the newborn princely way. be smart do you know how to use those? nope. get those kids some capri sun!
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and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. leland: some of the most popular democrats in this year's primaries are among the most progressive and recent history. they worry the same positions that make them popular now will turn toxic come november. when we were in ohio yesterday, former bomb administration official now running for governor said the divide between reagan democrat and progressive liberal is just a media fix it.
10:30 am
>> i don't think it represents any real split party. bernie sanders has not made an endorsement in this race although senator warren has endorsed me. >> here to discuss ways at the battle of the sec going down on a sunday afternoon. robert, to you first. is he right there's not a split in this is just fiction? >> there is a split between the moderates in the party come the people around party into the ground over the last decade and progressive wing of the party which is the future of the democratic party. things like the universal guaranteed income from immigration reform, addressing police brutality, working towards issues that affect young people, student loan forgiveness will drive the party to the future. people who ran the party into the ground are the only people paid attention on the new progressive wing of the party.
10:31 am
leland: assuming that exist as robert says, will take him at face value. how do republicans exploit that? >> it's really a tough battle right now as you say in the democratic party is moving my left. republican party movie marbury. a wide opening in the middle. was able to take advantage of that i'm not sure. but jump in the white house to continues to go right in more right and it's going to go that way through 2020. as 20. his 20. his first 2018 goes, not a lot of exploiting the democrats to the right to support trump and his people. >> if you look at the special election, it was a democrat essentially running almost as a moderate republican if you listen to and with nancy pelosi and others that won the election. you may say progressives are the future the democratic party. but is that a winning future? >> imagist ineptitude by the clinton campaign that resulted
10:32 am
in campaign in states where they needed a more progressive method. district by district, what we see is people are running on a bet that president trump has a daily if not weekly scandal going on in pushing out their base. the idea that we have to play by the policy clinton steny hoyer playbook is a thing of the past. the future of the party is right now. >> as we look forward in the way this is shaping up, and it is clear how the president in the white house want to frame the services about the economy. you saw that yesterday with the president was in ohio for a small business roundtable. here's one of the members of the roundtable. >> we chose to move forward. we had contemplated that for seven or eight years, didn't feel it was the right time that we saw with your strong leadership that now is the time to reinvest in our company.
10:33 am
>> os do the same question i asked in the poster up a bit earlier. those folks on stage certainly seem to credit the president. as we went through ohio, people said the economy is doing better. they didn't necessarily give the credit to the president. how do republicans win the argument in 28 team? >> the biggest for republicans in 2018 as they have to look at what trump had done and what trump can do it with him in the white house, how is the economy turned? even if it's not him specifically, he's been in the white house. job numbers are at. more money in people's paychecks going up. for those that may not talk about, they look up money in their paychecks. for those that like president trump, they are the ones that have to support because the voter numbers are not as high in a midterm election like they will be in the presidential and they are going to support those that say we are president trump
10:34 am
supporters because they think they have to defend him from the media, the left side. >> certainly as you look at the republican primary deal, a race of who can be more trump, who can wrap themselves as a republican more in the flag of charm. robert question to you. record low unemployment. everyone we talked to in ohio says the economy is doing great. how do democrats do anything other than say thank you, president trump? president trump? how do you complain about the economy when things are doing well? >> these numbers would force everyone to run for the middle. the problem is the president had self-inflicted wounds on a daily and weekly ballots. democrats run on restoring family values to the white house. they run on the future of the country not be in a situation where talk about stars in everyday restoring the presidency people can be proud of. leland: gentlemen, appreciate
10:35 am
it. thanks for being here. the conversation was about football in the fall would be a little less subtle. thank you, boys. >> as he knew, too. leland: america is making quote, misleading claims ahead of the summit between kim jong un and president trump your gillian turner joins us now with all the latest details. >> the north korean regime is pushing back against the trump administration's claim that the maximum pressure campaign is working. they've issued a warning to the president negotiating team not to misinterpret their goodwill gestures in advance of the highly anticipated trump kim summit. a foreign ministry spokesperson saying today it would not be conducive to addressing the issue that the u.s. miscalculated the peace loving intentions the dpr cake as a sign of weakness and continues to pursue its pressure in military threat. the rhetoric comes a couple weeks after north and south korean leaders met for the first time in decades in about two
10:36 am
weeks before president trump will welcome south korean president moved to the white house on may 22nd. to date, president trump has insisted the north will have to promise complete denuclearization is a precondition to any form of negotiation. there's a lot of hope according to the chairman of the house armed services committee, but not a lot of chance. >> you can hope for the bus, but we have to prepare for the worst and that means beefing up our ability to defend against missile attack, modernizing their own nuclear deterrent. increasing our defense for ships another military capabilities in that region. >> another major issue is the american hostages being held near pyongyang. once in 2015 and 2 cents 2017. in recent days the president has treated about and discussed publicly, but they are steering the conversation away. >> the most important thing
10:37 am
going on in north korea i would argue the fact north korea and south korea have come together in north korea has agreed to certain traditions. >> lots of moving pieces that fall into place before president trump comes face president trump comes face-to-face with kim jong un. >> lots of pieces. we will be following it. thank you so much. >> from beirut to baghdad, what today's elections in lebanon across the middle east mean for the blood and treasure we spilled there. plus, more than a thousand protesters arrested across russia. imagine that. crime opposing vladimir putin. we will break that down coming up. >> people feel so pressured and frustrated that everyone is willing to come out with what they feel and what they want to achieve. get going with carnatin breakfast essentials®. it has protein, plus 21 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d,
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leland: russians arresting 1600
10:42 am
of their own partisans during protests against vladimir putin's upcoming duration. brave demonstrators throughout russia marched through the streets all chanting the same slogan, he is not our desire. can't imagine why that upset putin. inauguration set for monday when he officially began his fourth term. elizabeth: post is close in lebanon after the first parliamentary election in nearly a decade. also ending in tunisia for the first three municipal elections in the start of the arab spring and upcoming votes expected in iraq next saturday as well as later this year in turkey that could all impact the u.s. diplomacy in the region. here to discuss from the bipartisan policy center. thank you for doing this, blake. first and foremost a map of these discussions. you and i were talking the biggest focus to his people at
10:43 am
home. why is it so important especially when we talk about iraq and died dad. why is it important that these elections take place and also that we focus and pay attention to the outcome? >> sure. what's happening is a battle in seoul -- there's two adversaries here. one is to make your heart is who put in place a caliphate like ice is dead and ruin entire region and others are the iranians who basically want the same thing. they think they have a divine right that one away for a bitmap. they think they shouldn't exist. they should either be ruled by jihadist or iran. iraq is ground zero for the battle because it is also where the iranians right next door want to have the largest and so these elections are really a question for the sunnis, are we going to work within to have a national government we think will be able to protect us where
10:44 am
we going to back on extremist groups. and for the shiite, record have a national government or work with iran as an extension. elizabeth: that being said, with the elections in bag that comment these different people being represented and so they will all be part of parliament. that being said, elections held in 2014 and then we had the fall of mosul. who will come out on top of these elections? >> the fall of mosul is an important moment in the most up to mystic moment in a long time. but it could go either way. on one hand it's an achievement for all iraqis. junius, shia, kurds, to beat that this threat in to the extent there is such a thing as iraq, and national identity from a beating isis is now the core about. if they can build on that, that would be great. the bad side is a lot as the fighting was done by shia militias armed and trained by
10:45 am
iran and now say you guys os, so we get to run your country now. it's a question of who wins. i wins. i ran in their backers when boys at the national view of weary iraqis we can do this together. leland: we talk so much about the primaries and maybe we'll have a reprieve and then 2020. we had some fresh video from a polling location in afghanistan which is a different location for 14 people were killed in this blast. this is what they are up against in a totally different scenario. we may have political influence is coming to our countries. >> i think it's important to recognize a lot of the american treasure waiting to make it not possible not a lot of good at getting some iraqi seizing on that want to be responsible and want their government to work for them and want to go vote and be a regular country. we have the choice between either leave them to get
10:46 am
slaughtered as they have better help cement behind them and say you have to lead. you have to fix that, but we are here to support you and give you incentives and if you need it, we are here to protect you. which choice remake will determine whether we do this all over again. another isis, talking about it again for the next 10 years or is this conflict? >> a lot of people who've invested a lot of a lot of time and human sacrifices. thank you so much. >> after the break, should the motto in god we trust be allowed in schools? that debate in minnesota. voters in one of america's largest swings eighth, what our trip to ohio taught us about middle america's failings on the economy and president trump.
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elizabeth: minnesota lawmakers passed a bill that would allow public schools to the way the national motto in god we trust. the billets getting some
10:51 am
pushback by some lawmakers. adam housley joins us now with more. >> this has been a debate in recent years to sign back in 1956 into law by president eisenhower to make in god we trust the official motto, which either replace or maybe also could be used as an option according to the lawmakers back then to e pluribus unum, which is adopted in 17. louisiana senators voted in favor and then requiring public schools. now bill introduced in minnesota would require the school boards to post a durable poster framed copy of the motto in god we trust in every single school building. administrators could solicit to help pay for that as republican state senator dan homa chu sponsors at its most about american history as it is about religion. >> congress as recently as 2011
10:52 am
did a resolution reaffirming in god we trust is the official motto of the united states in supporting and encouraging the public display of the national motto in all public domain public schools and other government institutions. >> not everyone's happy about the possible requirement to minnesota. say it would violate the establishment clause of the first amendment. >> i think it would send a fairly strong and escapable signal to young people of a variety of different religious views and beliefs that their income in their beliefs and their beliefs, their presence in that particular building when they are greeted as not to tolerate it. >> a couple interesting notes when i talk about in god we trust. when it was put into place by president eisenhower in 1956 it
10:53 am
wasn't controversial that they were anti-communist at that time. a very pro-positive things to do and how times have changed in more recent years. in god we trust that the u.s. instead of florida in coincidently comes from the fourth stanza the poem by francis scott key of course the star-spangled banner is the first stanza in the fourth stanza he says in god is our trust and a lot of people believe this stems from there. elizabeth: adam housley, thank you so much. really interesting. leland: we are back -- and after that information we are actually back from her trip to ohio as president trump was in cleveland yesterday. we were within their as he stumped a little bit for one republican in the senate primary there. their primaries on tuesday. also down in columbus.
10:54 am
one of the big questions we have in the buckeye state is which voters are looking here for the president and more importantly exactly how big the coattails of the president are for midterms. take a listen to what we found. >> i'm not a strictly partyline voter. >> 's endorsement of anybody mean something? >> not really. i think if everybody -- funny everybody's a conservative for trout. everybody wants to associate themselves with the republican party's >> they see that the incumbent, the republicans but it's such a hot topic good energy talking to so many people is that trump policy and immigration when it comes to the tax bill. all of it is affecting people
10:55 am
right now and they are talking about it. leland: they are definitely talking about it. you're in ohio. 18 months apart, which was a fascinating juxtaposition. you back in november, the saturday before the 2016 election talked about how divided ohio was any talk to people in the level of anger. i felt as though it was only more so now in the division. we see that played out whether an cable television or anywhere else, the one possible exception is the ohio state university where we interviewed republicans and democrats got along. >> we talk about the ads, too. we see that every year, but they are older almost in some places. leland: a new hire at new low depending how you look at it. right after the break, the newest photos of little prince louis. leland: one thing everyone can agree on. elizabeth: i can't wait to see him. he looks adorable. stay with us.
10:56 am
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vo: gopi has built her business with her own two hands.
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each unique piece comes to life in the same way... but now she's found a way to keep her receipts tidy, even when nothing else is. brand vo: snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings. smarter business tools for the world's hardest workers. quickbooks. backing you. >> if you don't think this is
10:59 am
cute, princess charlotte hard at work being a big sister to prince louis. photos released by the royal family show charlotte cuddling with her newborn brother just three days after he was born. the photos snapped by dutchess kate at kensington palace. her brother george however, was not in the photos. i may have to add a picture of dane.
11:00 am
>> there is dane. where's claire being equally as loving and doting? >> thank you for joining us. >> have a great weekend. >>chris: i am chris wallace. new legal troubles for president trump. after rudy giuliani revealed president trump reimbursed his attorney that he paid to a pornography actress. >> that money was not campaign money. >>chris: new questions about whether the president will sit down with special counsel robert mueller. >> i would love to speak. i would love to go. nothing i want to do more because we did nothing wrong. >>chris: how strong is the case against the president. we will ask former u.s. attorney, joseph digenova. a strong supporter.


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