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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 6, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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that is it for this week's show. thank you to my panel and all of you for watching. i am paul gigot. i hope to see all of you right here next week. quickly start with a fox news alert. the president attorney, rudy giuliani saying that robert mueller does not have the authority to subpoena the president of the united states figure indicates he does take the step, rudy giuliani is not ruling out the possibility that the president could take the fifth amendment. hello everyone looking for a brand-new hour of "americas news headquarters". i am eric shawn. equals laura engel sitting in for arthel neville. rudy giuliani has been taking a special counsel head on.but at the same time, mr. giuliani acknowledging that the president wants to speak to robert miller's team and clear his name. garrett tenney is live in
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washington with details. >> the present legal team biggest concern about a potential interview has long been that investigators would try to entrap the president by getting him to perjure himself. despite that rudy giuliani is a unique position with the client, the president, actually wants to testify. last night on fox news giuliani says the questions of the team proposed for this it done make it clear that they are on a witch hunt and out to get the president. >> there is no collision, there is no evidence of obstruction of justice. everything the president did he have perfect authority to do. under article 2. he wanted to do mongoose do it and i'm sorry, he will not do that. >> in order for him to agree to this he said that the questions that need to be narrowly tailored to specific topics and the entry needed to be limited to no more than two and half hours.
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>> on friday a federal judge criticized the special team and now rudy giuliani is as well. what does he have to say? >> judge question the authority of the team to prosecute the case and suggested they were civilly trying to use paul manafort in order to get the president impeached. rudy giuliani jumped on the remarks and said, the fact that they robert mueller team handed this off against the presence lawyer michael cohen, they're keeping it against all metaphor suggests they may believe that paul manafort is more likely to turn on the president. today, democrat congressman adam schiff said despite arguments, his confidence that the case against metaphor will move forward. >> certainly within the judge's prerogative to ask these questions. i don't think it bears on the legal issues. and so i think bob will prevail going forward i don't think that this is really a legal
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question. >> will likely find out next couple weeks if the judge does in fact allow robert mueller scheme to prosecute paul manafort.judge ellis is given to is to provide evidence to convince him that the bank and tax board charges do in fact fall under the special counsel purview. >> laura: thank you for that. >> eric: and for more in this let's get legal advice. welcome to caroline, a criminal defense attorney. do you think that robert mueller has the legal authority to subpoena the president of the united states? >> is has the authority to do so. the question is whether or not the present will refute a subpoena and it is not a specific onpoint legal decision of course, everyone is referencing mixon, clinton, the nixon case which did go all the way to the supreme court had to do with documents. a subpoena for documents and tapes. they are the supreme court said certainly, the president is not above the law. by all indications one would assume that you could sort of
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take that decision and apply that to testimony as well. in the case of bill clinton remember, he voluntarily decided to give testimony before the grand jury via video. he did question the subpoena power but ultimately the question was never resolved at the supreme court so we don't really know the answer. >> i mean was the best gut feeling? would it follow? >> i think absolutely. i think everyone is on the same page. even alan dershowitz has agreed to likely they would know that in this instance many if not most of the questions that robert mueller wanted to ask the president would fall under sort of the purview of yes, the president, he would have to testify before the grand jury. the interesting issue here as we were talking about before is, and rudy giuliani has just said that if the president may have to take the fifth. and that opens up an interesting abby. >> eric: you have these aspects. also that the legal aspect.
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not to plead the fifth amendment, it does not mean that you are guilty. >> that's right. i'm a criminal defense attorney so i like to point that out to people. i think in the court of public opinion and the president himself has obviously spoken on the issue. only people in the mob take the 50 means you're guilty. it doesn't. but the issue here has to do with sort of the counter card that robert mueller complaint which is grant him immunity. i just think he will. but if you take away the threat of criminal prosecution and say look, and granting immunity, and likely, his operating around the office of legal counsel and learned that this indictment cannot happen. but there's this little element there pushing him towards potentially giving immunity. in that case, the president would be forced to testify. the fact is, you cannot immunity from impeachment proceedings.the answer to the questions could be used against him in any sort of --
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>> eric: so once again for the president could potentially ask for immunity. get it from robert mueller but it could then be used against him in an impeachment proceeding? >> absolutely. >> eric: what are the chances of this? >> might get instances that robert mueller will not give him immunity. i really do think that trump has a bargaining chip. when giuliani is talking about the potential of having a voluntary interview, i think it is a bargaining tool. the prospect or the threat of taking the fifth because i do not see robert mueller wanting to grant immunity. he thinks there are criminal charges likely wants to charge. >> eric: i mean you do not prosecute if you don't have a case. he discussed if the president is or is not a target. as i understand he is a target. >> that is right. and i've said this before. in this type of investigations, subject target distinction is often times a distinction without a difference. it is on the ground assessment
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at the time. and again, going back to the office of legal counsel memo. it may not be the case that he simply is not a target because there is enough evidence to pursue a case. it may simply give a case that he is not a target because robert mueller does not believe a sitting president can't be indicted. your target essentially, right before the indictment comes up. >> eric: meanwhile judge ts ellis, amazing, he, gave it to the investigators during the hearing on friday. he criticized to their face and question whether or not they were going back to the president to impeach him. that is exactly what he said. >> i was shocked for this was a bombshell. this is the first and reeling "we've ever seen any court of law, a questioning of robert mueller and his authority. ts ellis is well known in the eastern district of virginia. he says things of this nature but really, sort of unprecedented for a judge to be this candid.i do not think it is a threat the ultimate prosecution because the remedy
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in this case would be the dismissal of the indictment without prejudice. meaning another branch for another office in the department of justice could eventually bring the case. the question is whether it shall fall under the special counsel. >> eric: they were talking about russian interference, possible conspiracy and he made it clear that it is what they're doing in paul manafort case. versus the case that is the district of new york which was likely -- >> executive michael cohen the fdny investigation was a referral from the special counsel. i think their instincts to sort of the witchhunt like behavior. -- >> the judge ruled that the
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prosecutors will have to turn over an unredacted portion of this august memo. the rosenstein memo that laid out the scope of the robert mueller investigation. portions of which we've seen previously in other cases with paul manafort but it was rejected. the judge said within two weeks, the has to be turned over by the prosecutors in an unredacted form so he can review it and really see whether or not this falls under that scope. i would like to say this. we are not a chance it will be private. >> eric: and in camera means it is private. bottom line is, final question, we will not see this unredacted version. >> we should not see this but i think we are saved in the course of the mattia investigation there are some leaks. i would have to think we would at some point down the road see this. just a question of when. still getting a legal education this sunday afternoon.
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>> one of the most powerful republicans in congress offering a direct challenge to attorney general, jeff sessions. earlier today, house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes saying that he is going to start procedures to hold attorney general jeff sessions in contempt of congress. this, after the congressman nunes accused the justice department of stonewalling his investigation into allegations that doj and the fbi abused surveillance powers and their scrutiny of the trump campaign. >> two weeks ago. we sent a letter to jeff sessions, a classified letter. per usual, it was ignored and not acknowledged or just completely ignored.last week we sent a subpoena thursday we discovered that they are not going to comply with our subpoena. we have to move quickly to hold attorney general of the united states in contempt. that is what i'm going to prosper this week.
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speak to the justice department pushing back saying they replied to the congressman letter and the white house signed up on it. that way that's releasing the letter they sent on thursday last week. it reads, quote - the department has determined that consistent with applicable laws and long-standing executive branch policy, it is not in a position to provide information responsive to your request regarding specific individuals. disclosure of responsive information could have severe consequences including loss of human lives, damage to relationships with valued international partners, compromise ongoing criminal investigation, and interference with intelligence activity. >> eric: meanwhile there are mandatory evacuations still in force after the erection from the active volcano in hawaii. and multiple eruptions going on in the area. how the folks in the big island of coping with lava and
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poisonous gas. >> my neighbor came running over and said what is that awful noise? he said i've never heard a noise like that. he has been here for 40 years. someone said hey, it is right there. we need to get out. >> eric: a huge week ahead as republicans are set to pick candidacy could be critical for the party holding power in washington. we will tell you why some say more are embracing president trump and what it says about the future of the republican party.
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dates, their heading to the poses to executive primaries. as the midterm battle begins to heat up. the present won all of the states in 2016. and they are jockeying for position to propose the most conservative credentials in the primary. the question is how that stands might impact the general election in november. briana has more of what we can expect. >> know donald trump won all for the states and 2016. the republicans are trying to buy for the book. democrats said help the most far right and probe from candidates emerged as winners of republican primaries because they believe it will sway moderate voters translated to
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democratic wins come november. in ohio it is a five run race pitches a winner will face brown in november. but then they have the front runner. >> everyone knows in ohio the president endlessly last week. he supported me. >> his challenger is mike gibbons who this week sued them for defamation falsely accusing him of being anti-trump. in indiana very republicans are vying for the party senate nomination.the winner will face democrat joe donnelly get republican see him as the most vulnerable. all are trying to appeal to trump voters. >> the president knows i have his back when he needed it most against quicken hillary clinton. >> they want to divide us from the president of the lenses. i want to focus far more on places where i agree with the
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president to request the present was an outsider, a businessman. his normal people from the swamp career politicians. >> in west virginia three republicans are in a tight race for the party senate nomination on tuesday. this represented evan jenkins was previously a democrat west virginia attorney general patrick morrissey and don blankenship was recently imprisoned for one year.the winner will face the incumbent seeking reelection for republican think that this seat is right for to complete each of the 13 states in the us house of representatives is up for election. republicans hold 10 of the 13 seats at least for now. >> it will be an interesting night. we will follow that all here. >> laura: meanwhile, 48 hours to go to the polls open, president trump may have the wind at his back. polls show his approval rating moving up. look at this for the presidents approval rating is now 44 percent. that is up seven points from
1:19 pm
right after the election. in an op-ed in the new york post to suggest looking beyond the numbers, and media abscesses of the future demise of the present they're not pausing to consider the strength and durability of the coalition that swept into office. they are not asking why people in the counties who voted for the former president barack obama to times seven switch to donald trump but they should. shannon, in his desk reported for axioms joins me know if you're looking to the program thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. steve too many consider this contest the beginning of a consequential. of the primary season. what more voters in indiana, west virginia and ohio really hone in on right now? he said he knows a couple of trends for people to pay attention to. >> exactly. in light of the candidates right now in the gop primaries this week have been focusing on having a little bit of a competition between everybody
1:20 pm
in terms of who is the most loyal to donald trump, who is there debate graham, who is most conservative, is the most immigration policies and second amendment policies. it is actually interesting because normally in an election year after the presidents approval rating has been below 50 percent, we know that a lot of the party will lose out. but this year the candidates are breaking that mold. >> republican nominees in the states were those that trump won in 2016. the melody working to keep the momentum but also prepared to be running as if the primary was a test of loyalty to him. is that how it appears to you? >> it does actually look like it is loyalty to trump it also is a smart move because his job approval ratings has been picking up recently. in particular with republicans that plays really well. in terms of getting republican voters out to vote this year and might actually make a lot of sense. the concern is when she gets in november after this week, the nominee comes out for these four states. the question is how the
1:21 pm
candidates go after they've been touting how close to terms they are, how much they are supporting him and whether they can actually win over a little more of the voter, democratic voters. >> it is hard to predict. we don't know what happens from the weeks to the months as relived on the road. but as we looked on this order but how do you think all of the positioning will impact midterm elections in november? it is something we are looking at. the poll numbers for mr. trump have gone up but if they go the other way they can hitch their wagon to him, then what? >> it is very possible that there is one downside here. if all the candidates unlinking themselves to trump in terms of approval rating, they may go down with him. on the other hand, they seen his playbook. they have seen that it works and they've also seen over the last year a lot of the approval ratings haven't shifted that much except in the last week or so where has picked up about seven points. the fact that he may be a little unpredictable or may have some questions circling
1:22 pm
the presidency that democrats might not be so happy about. it shows that even despite all that the approval rating might stay pretty steady for the time being. >> laura: on the plan for excellent pier 1 operative was for this and that mr. trump is an expert at branding opposition candidates. that much we know. and do not want to present with his megaphone and twitter account ganging up on you. if he does go guess you have to ask how can a candidate push back in a way that will be effective? what do you think? >> this actually came up last week. a lot of the questions that were at the indiana primary debate were how are you similar or different from trump and/or the candidates seemed to be saying the way that they are supportive of him and things like that. it seems like for now, it might be to link with him for now. what we might see moving forwards one more towards middle-of-the-road but we have heard some republican operatives same might not be a good tactic. it might be the downfall of the republican party with all this excitement in the democratic party about whether they can take back the house this year.
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>> sharon, thank you so much for joining us today. great to have you. >> thank you.>> eric: north korea sending a message and warning to the us ahead of the much-anticipated meetings between the president and kim jong-un. but pyongyang, what he is saying that could put a damper on the mood and the planned cemetery plus, an idea on capitol hill gaining momentum. the power from a bipartisan group of lawmakers could help change the way business is done in the nations capital. get your groove on with one a day 50+. ♪ get ready for the wild life ♪ complete multivitamins with key nutrients that address 6 concerns of aging, including heart health, supported by b-vitamins. your one a day is showing.
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1:28 pm
from it. >> the key question is okay, now we are where we are. what happens next if the us pulls out? secretary james mattis talked about the inspectors that are in their pure desire and kick those inspectors out so that we lose what visibility we have there? europeans will not reimpose sanctions. so where does that leave us and iran? >> eric: those are some of the questions and concerns. ellison barber is live with more. >> emmanuel macron and angela merkel visited d.c. and the president a couple of weeks ago hoping to convince him to stay in the iran nuclear deal. britain's foreign secretary expected to be in d.c. to make the same push over the next few days for justice said to arrive in d.c. ticket according to the secretaries office to meet with the vice president mike pence, national security advisor john bolton as well as other administration officials senior
1:29 pm
administration officials to talk about the iran nuclear deal. the presidency he will go out of the deal by may 12 unless there were substantial changes. the deadline is of course less than one week away and publicly the president seems to be suggesting that he has not seen the changes that they wanted to see.i spoke to nr in dallas friday he once again criticized the deal and the people who made it. >> we have the former administration. as represented by john kerry. not the best. he never walked away from the table. accepting the bicycle race. >> laura: mike pompeo suggested more than once the us has not seen the changes they feel are necessary to strengthen the deal and prevent iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.
1:30 pm
the us would likely leave the deal in may on capitol hill summer suggesting that the president think about extending the deadline. >> i was opposed to the iran deal. i thought it was a bad deal. i ran got most of the benefit upfront with relief of sanctions and a plane load of cash of president obama sent over there. so we lost a lot of our leverage. maybe the best things for the president to delay a bit more, his deadline of this month. and put the french and the british up to the test about whether it is possible to get this other agreement. >> as for the british-born secretaries, the british officials say most of the meetings will focus on the iran deal, north korea and syria as well as some other topics but those three will be the primary focus. we are hearing from the white house that the vice president will meet with the secretary
1:31 pm
monday afternoon. >> eric: thank you so much.>> laura: turning to the hotspot overseas. north korea warning the us against misleading the public ahead of an upcoming historic meeting between the president and kim jong-un. the regime slamming the rest for when it caused false claims made about his reasons for going to the negotiating table. gillian turner reporting on this from our washington bureau. >> doctrine regime is punching back against the trump administrations claim that the maximum pressure campaign is working. they have issued a warning to the presidents negotiating team not to misinterpret their goodwill gestures in advance of the highly anticipated summit. the foreign ministry spokesperson saying today quote - it would not be conducive to addressing the issue if the us miscalculate the peaceloving intention of the dprk as a sign of weakness. and continues to pursue its pressure and military threats. this writer comes and compliments at the north and structuring leaders met for the first time in decades and about
1:32 pm
two weeks before the president will welcome the south korean president to the white house on may 22. to date, the president is this the north will have to promise complete denuclearization as a precondition to any formal negotiations. there's a lot of hope according to the chairman of the house services committee but not a lot of chance. >> you can hope for the best but we have to prepare for the worst. and that means beefing up our ability to defend against missile attacks. modernizing our own nuclear deterrent. increasing our defense for ships and other military capabilities in the region. >> another major issue in place this week was the fate of the korean american hostages being held near pyongyang. once his 2015 and two since 2017. in recent days the president himself has tweeted about and discussed the status publicly but of his key advisors are now steering the conversation
1:33 pm
elsewhere. >> what you think is the most important thing going on? >> out art was the fact that north korea and south korea have come together. north korea has agreed to certain conditions. lots of moving pieces before the present missive comes in. >> laura: thank you gillian turner. >> eric: foreignness must bring in the chairman of the consulting firm american defense international. a former deputy assistant secretary of the -- always good to see. go back to frederick. main -- .2 of the pushback on the potential eve of a historic senate? >> and a surprise. i think is a negotiating tactic like kim jong-un. he is playing to the home team. this is designed for consumption by the north korean people and at the same time he said this, the north korean government issued a statement to the people saying that the
1:34 pm
reason the summit is taking place is because kim jong-un loves the north korean people. i think that's what's going on. and don't forget, where do we hear this phrase, maximum pressure? it began when the national security advisor for south korea was at the white house and made the announcement that the summit was going to take place. he thanked president trump on behalf of the south korean government, saying his policy of maximum pressure was working for the international community for the sanctions were working and he said we have got to stay tough. keep the maximum pressure going on and until we see that kim jong-un wound, his words match his actions. we do not see kim jong-un today attacking the south korean government for saying that. by just thinking this is a negotiating tactic and he is playing to the home team. >> from 1994 we had an agreement under the administration that did not basically work. the bush administration, took north korea off of the
1:35 pm
state-sponsored terrorist list for the state department hoping to give the carrots but you know we just got kicked in the rear end overtime. what has changed now? you think that it directly is the president of the united states and his rhetoric? when he has said about "rocket man" and their need to destroy north korea? that some saw as being responsible? >> i think he did get in the head of kim jong-un. i think for the first time we have a president who is actually dealt with the north korean threat. the problem is, in the past we have had presidents i believe in both parties who kick the can down the road. this president has conflict of the situation and he has got some sanctions that have worked. i will tell you, i think the one that has probably had the greatest impact getting us to this point, one sanctioning the chinese complied with, that was shutting off the money laundering that was taking place with the iranians laundering money through chinese banks to help pay for the north korean ballistic and nuclear development programs.
1:36 pm
that cash supply has started to dry up. i believe iran and the evidence is there that they've outsourced over the years so much of the nuclear program to north korea. and so, this is one of the sanctions that even our treasury department has said that china is compliant with. >> other city in the sanctions against office 39 supposedly the secret unit that provides a high-level officials and mercedes-benz is in everything. that is definitely taking impacted also something else happen. the former governor of south carolina, they had deals in the past but why is the potential visit upcoming to north korea some significant? >> was a big deal. this had been planned for some time. as you point out, what's interesting is that senior leaders at the white house and senior leaders north korea last
1:37 pm
week basically gave the thumbs up and allowed for this visit to go forward. david beasley is not a un democrat. he has brought reforms of monthly program, he is actually called out europeans saying that we have got to get tough with radical islam escrow using this as a recruiting tool. and here is what, why i think this is so important to the present strength to pull off a deal of all deals. he needs at ground truth. he needs to know all of the cards. not only will the governor be there you have experts from the world food program. certainly they will spend half if not more than half of their time in the field to see is it really working gettis the people state this summer for the president and the ambassador nikki haley recommended to the united nations.
1:38 pm
i think he'll get the unvarnished truth as to what is really going on. >> eric: it has been such a horrible situation there. many people that have since been starved to death. thank you. you must not forget otto warmbier and cause to prosecute his killers. maybe that will eventually come up on the agenda. thank you. >> thank you. >> laura: term limits for congress. an idea often talked about. now a bipartisan group of lawmakers are looking to make it a reality. and, they're getting some high profile support. republican congressman will be joining us next.
1:39 pm
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1:43 pm
announcement i'm going to make today as part of this. to drain the swamp. if i am elected president, i will push for a constitutional amendment to oppose term limits on all members of congress. they been talking about that for years. decades of failure in washington and decades of special interest. it must and will come to an end. >> laura: that was then candidate donald trump discussing congressional term limits on the campaign trail. an idea long floated on capitol hill now a group of young lawmakers are reviving the pressure term limits taking their cause directed to the white house. a few weeks ago the president
1:44 pm
tweeting this. i recently had a terrific meeting with a bipartisan group of freshmen lawmakers. we feel there is strongly in favor of congressional term limits. i give them my full support and endorsement for their efforts # drain the swamp. we have heard it before. it is not appropriate. our next guest is leading the charge and he met with the president at the white house while -- thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> is something everyone is on the same page with the issue. you have said in the past wanted to bring wisconsin comments into washington d.c.. how do you feel that it went? >> bill went extremely well. the president seem highly supportive. he pledged his support and obviously the campaign trail i talked about term limits as part of the drain the swamp fsp also said he was genuinely impressed with the enthusiasm of the group.
1:45 pm
that it was a bipartisan group and the fact that it was coming from a quick question lawmakers and what is unique right now is that we propose to phases in overtime and overcome the objections of many that have been there for a while. and that the new system will face and. >> back in october 2016, then candidate "the journal editorial report" they would do this. you put ideas and sites to present to the white house. but you still need to settle on some of the language. can you give us some of the specifics on that? >> we are hoping to finalize the agreement this week. we want to maintain a bipartisan group. we having a debate on the appropriate split. which document 12 on 12 right now. it would phase in overtime. we think it is a unique proposal because our class is stepping up to lead on this. i believe it is an idea whose time has come. 80 percent of the american people support term limits. i understand that there will be opposition from colleagues but i'm not exactly sure how you
1:46 pm
can defend the status quo. he referenced my service. spent a lot of time in the marine corps where i saw something remarkable. young men and women across the country willing to work together despite the different backgrounds to get a difficult job done. in d.c. i see the opposite. i see people putting their careers ahead of the country or worry more about reelection than they do about getting stuff done. i think we need a change. i think term limits are way of getting us back that model of the city solicited that the framers had in mind and forcing everyone in congress to treat their time here like it is appointed not like a career. >> you talk about the percentage. how will you know the first time lawmakers deal with what will be fierce resistance from the old guard in washington? what do you say to those who are opposed to term limits and say we have an election process, why does it have to be a term limit? and by the way with the change the constitution to do this. how do you fight back on that? i would say if that is the case, if elections are natural term limit then why is it
1:47 pm
congress has a 96 percent incumbent reelection rate and at the same time congress is agitation is a 12 percent approval rating? more than cockroaches and colonoscopies. those two things don't add up because of the incumbency and because we have strayed so far from the model that jefferson talked about what he said he step up for a season of service and then go home. and he wouldn't use the office to enrich yourself. if you don't believe that that harry reid has real estate in nevada he wants to sell to you. it might sound like a lost cause. he seems a self-evident truth and retrospect. >> is a bipartisan effort. how do you see this playing out? do you think that you'll be able to move the needle anytime soon as we mentioned before as well, this is the proposed for a long time. >> the bipartisan nature of this i think is critical. i wrote an op-ed here go with another freshman member of the democrat in silicon valley who supported bernie sanders.
1:48 pm
the two of us don't agree much but weekly on this. you agree and other elements of congressional reform and draining the swamp. i continue to get asked about that from people across the spectrum back in wisconsin who really support the idea of having the president support, it is crucial but it will not be easy so we will have to make an argument to house leadership that the proposal was to finalize the agreement deserves its day in the sun. it deserves a vote on house for. >> i appreciate your enthusiasm and i'm hoping that you promised to come back and tell us how it goes after you submit the proposal. >> anytime you want! i will come back and talk term limits and draining the swamp. >> and what was it cockroaches and colonoscopy? >> you can quote - me on that. >> thank you very much. i appreciate this and i will check it out. thank you. >> have a colonoscopy even if it is not that popular. thank you represented gallagher. lama continuing to shoot up
1:49 pm
in hawaii. taking a big toll on the island destroying everything in its path. have a live report from the big island on this important crisis. >> happened really fast. it is the gamble that you take. and it is a volcano. managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress.
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leading tconservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again.
1:52 pm
leading conservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state.
1:53 pm
and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again. >> eric: it is continuing, the kilauea volcano on hawaii. the molten rock destroying nine homes so far. as more vents open up in the earth. >> after all large earthquakes will be a sequence of aftershocks that go on for days and even weeks.we should anticipate more quakes and some could be large and potentially damaging. >> eric: where continuing our coverage with william. >> there is conflicting information.was happier now plays alone and some residents
1:54 pm
to return to neighborhoods. there being very strict about identifications measure those going and are the people who say that they are. and where they live. there are two things. they're letting people in to part of the neighborhood where it is safe but those below a certain line where there are still elections and the gases they are they are not allowed in. where some video from this is of the largest and longest we are told of the nine elections underway so far. when people think of a volcano, they think a crater but beneath that is an underground network of tubes and chambers with molten rock and following an earthquake earlier this week, geologists and novel levels in the volcano felt mildly. >> the bottom line outbreaks in the subdivision is sophisticated. it is a fairly low level of
1:55 pm
output but small lava flow list or form has is yours away. with this is day number four of this event. people are anxious, they are frustrated. they want to get together. this is a community with air sharing information and contacts. the latest information is well, that the people are getting and we are finding out now how many are coming out and what is left. 800 homes in this neighborhood. because of these on an active volcano many cannot afford insurance and some lose everything. >> never thought about it that way. but i would have thought the law was up there. never thought it would travel underground and pop up for my houses. there is love on it. it is definitely hard to sell.
1:56 pm
like a tornado or hurricane has an end date and people begin to rebuild and recover, this is not over yet. it makes it difficult for people because it could go on for weeks or even longer. >> eric: just incredible. those images are astounding. thank you. >> laura: coming up next hour, the newest addition to the presidents legal team offering new insight into the presidents defense. plus, a preview and retrospect tonight on life, liberty and -- >> join my special guests as we tackle mueller, rosenstein and comey. >> you can catch that nighttoni.
1:57 pm
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